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Works in Progress

    Hell's Highway 
Hell's Highway, Unholy Flaming Battlefield of the Pantheon (Highway 69)
Top: A burning windmill found along the highway; Second: Just one of many destroyed convoys littering the highway; Third: A burning train station located near the highway; Bottom: The area surrounding the burning train station, with thick flames covering the entire area.

Eindhoven, Site of Destroyed Product Placement
Top: Eindhoven being bombed by the German Luftwaffe. Middle: The destroyed Philips Electric Industrial Complex. Bottom: A burning Shell Gas Station found in Eindhoven.

    Rise Rousenin 

    König and Zaytsev 
Vasily Zaytsev and Major Erwin König, Dual Deities of the Sniper Duel
Above: Vasili Zaytsev in November 1942, about to kill Major König; Below: Major Erwin König, moments before being killed by Vasili.

    Lincoln Clay 
Lincoln Clay, God of Vietnam War Veterans (Lincoln Robinson, Jackknife Johnson)
  • Theme: New Bordeaux
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His US Army jacket, as well as the bullet scar on his head

    Omaha Beach 
Omaha Beach, Divine Site of Beach Landings
Map of Omaha Beach, as depicted in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
The American side of the beach, as depicted in Call Of Duty WWII 
The German side of the beach, as depicted in Saving Private Ryan 

    Friedrich Steiner 
Dr. Friedrich Steiner, The Deity who Represents the Worst of the Nazis and the Soviets
Steiner in 1968, working under the Soviets
Steiner in 1945, working under the Nazis 

    Khan Aitmatov 

    2nd Ranger Battalion (Saving Private Ryan) 
The 2nd Ranger BattalionMembers , War Gods of American Winners of the Second World War
Clockwise from top-left: Caparzo, Upham, Wade, Horvath, Mellish, Ryan, Reibern and Jackson. Center: Miller.
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: A collection of bloodied rifles planted onto the floor akin to a cemetery.
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:


"Hi! I'm USS Johnston of the Fletcher-class! I'm going to be a fighting ship. That means I'll keep on fighting until I run out of shells! Once again... I'll protect all of you!"

Johnston, Patron Saint of Overrated Legendary Characters (DD-557, Radio Call Sign "NIKZ", Callsign "Brasslock", Amerikaze)
Johnston Kai
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A model of the USS Johnston
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: A character with a legendary reputation who turns out to be mediocre in actual combat, Born Lucky, Named After Somebody Famous, who in this case is a man, Having been foreshadowed months prior with equipment that she uses, Phenotype Stereotype, Having several smaller historical details on her costume
  • Domains: Legendary Characters, United States, Destroyers
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Cole Phelps, Takeo Masaki
  • Pities: Suzu Hojou
  • Similar characters: Cecilia
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Yamato, Shimakaze, Yukikaze
  • Johnston, who is the personification of the Fletcher-class destroyer of the same name, is, based on her historical counterpart's own service record, a pretty legendary character. Like Yuudachi's historical counterpart, she is best known for performing well in surface combat before being sunk by enemy action. Unlike Yuudachi, however, her surface combat ability leaves much to be desired, as, despite her reputation, she is woefully average in it. So average, her firepower is actually similar to that of fellow American ship Samuel B. Roberts, whose historical counterpart was a destroyer escort that had half the firepower and displacement.
    • Despite this huge disappointment, however, her Anti-Air and anti-submarine warfare skills are still considered to be one of the best among the destroyers. If anything, it can be considered as a Necessary Drawback, allowing her to do more without being utterly broken.
  • Of special note is her costume, which has some pretty nice attention to detail to it. These include: a Medal of Honor on her left arm (which references her late captain earning the medal posthumously for his actions in combat), her ribbons spelling out her historical radio callsign (which in this case is NIKZ, or November India Kilo, and Zulu), and a bronze star and silver star on her collar (which are based on the 6 Battle stars the historical ship received).
  • Like fellow American ship girls Iowa, Atlanta, South Dakota, and even her own sister Fletcher, Johnston's ascension was arranged as a joint operation by Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, STEC's personnel, and The Admiral, as a sign of goodwill between their forces. In addition, the members of Black Cat Mantaray 5-4 and many of the WWII-era US Marines had vouched for her, no thanks to her saving their lives in the thick of battle.
  • Unlike every other KC-verse destroyer currently in the Pantheon, Johnston is, notably, alongside her sister Fletcher, the only Americans amongst them. This results in a huge contrast in weapons, equipment, and even looks.
  • Upon her ascension, she immediately begins working alongside her fellow shipgirls in fighting against the Abyssal Fleet, particularly alongside her compatriots. Despite her noticeable drawbacks, she still manages to hold her own against both the regular units and the far more powerful bosses.
    • When not fighting the Abyssal Fleet, she is often seen in the company of her sister Fletcher.
    • In addition, she's also seen hanging around with the crew of Black Cat Mantaray 5-4, who have a history of working alongside Fletcher-class destroyers during the Battle of Okinawa. Often, Johnston can be seen accompanying them in rescuing of deities stranded at sea, especially if they've been attacked by the Abyssal Fleet beforehand.
      • During on run-in with the Abyssal Fleet, Johnston saves the Black Cats crew from being shredded again by Air Defense Princess' Anti-Air fire and manages to drive the Humanoid Abomination off. In another skirmish, the Black Cats end up returning the favor with a Gunship Rescue during an encounter with the PT Imp Group, all the while Booth is telling Petty Officer Locke to "Take out those fuckin' PT boats!"
  • Isn't too fond of working alongside IJN ship girls Yamato, Shimakaze, and Yukikaze, due to their historical counterparts' role in her own's demise. Namely, Yamato's historical counterpart was among the many ships to hit the historical Johnston during the Battle off Samar, while Shimakaze and Yukikaze were among the ships that had finished the Johnston off and were witness to the American's ships demise.
  • While they are related historically, with both of them being personified Fletcher-class destroyers, O'Bannon is rather disappointed that the Johnston that has been ascended is not from the same universe as her own. Nonetheless, they both get along really well, with Johnston's anti-aircraft and anti-submarine skills complementing O'Bannon's own.
  • Is among the few ship girls to get along really well with President Franklin D. Roosevelt. It helps that the American President is hugely fond of the US Navy (having served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy during World War I).
    • John F. Kennedy also comes to respect her, due to both being veterans of the Pacific Theater. They even show each other the awards they had earned for their service.
  • Sgt. Thomas Conlin is rather jealous of her Medal of Honor. For bonus irony, Conlin's own series is named after it, despite the Marine Sergeant himself never earning one. Nonetheless, he and the rest of his squad appreciate having her around, especially when they're in need of offshore fire support.
  • Absolutely loathes Commander Masataka Shima and his allies in the Imperial Japanese Army and Imperial Japanese Navy, the Banzai Chargers and Special Naval Landing Forces, due to their attempted assassination of The Admiral. It's because of this that she also aids Pvt. Miller, Sgt. Roebuck, and Pvt. Polonsky as well as Conlin and his squad in hunting the warmongering Japanese down.
  • Is rather disgusted by Cole Phelps' past as a Marine, due to a questionable act he ordered his squad to do, not to mention having gotten many of them killed due to his mediocre leadership. This is especially true when she finds out that he had earned the Silver Star just because he was the Sole Survivor of a disastrous battle.
  • Pities Suzu Hojou's traumatic experiences During the War, much like many of the Marines and Navy sailors who had met her prior. It also helps that unlike Shima, she's a noncombatant who had no clue of what her country's military was doing.
  • Is among the Allied ship girls being targeted by General Heinz Bohm and his Ms 300 "Razor" missiles. Like with Warspite, Iowa, and South Dakota, the German General intends to film their demises as part of a Propaganda Piece that he intends to show to the rest of the Pantheon as a warning to those who would resist Johann Schmidt's new regime.
  • Makes quite a few appearances or mentions on shows from The History Channel, at least before Network Decay set in.
    • Her historical counterpart has had a major appearance in the Season 1 episode of Dogfights "Death of the Japanese Navy", with two of her historical counterpart's former crew being interviewed. Here, she's depicted performing a Heroic Sacrifice in a David vs. Goliath match against Yamato's historical counterpart and the fleet accompanying her, saving several of her fellow ships in the process at the cost of being surrounded, finished off, and sunk. In fact, Yamato was among those to score a hit on her, though not with her primary armament.
    • The ship makes another prominent mention and appearance in the episode "Fletcher-class destroyer", of Modern Marvels. Here, she's among the Fletcher-class destroyers mentioned in detail by the narrator, alongside the USS O'Bannon. And again, a former crew member of her's is interviewed.
  • Outside of the Abyssal Fleet and Imperial Japanese holdouts, two other, non-aligned, threats become Johnston's concern.
    • The first are the Plesioth and the Lagiacrus. Both sea monsters have a known reputation of deliberately sinking small ships in their wake. To no surprise, Johnston informs the Black Cats about them as well, in order for them to avoid becoming casualties to these monsters as well. Thanks to Johnston's onboard anti-sub weapons and excellent ASW skills, she can more than deter both monsters in the event that they are encountered.
    • The other, more serious threat, are the Kraeken. Like the Abyssal Fleet, these are a race of Eldritch Abomination deities that dwell in the Pantheon's oceans that are capable of threatening any ships that come their way, civilian or military. Given the significant threat they pose and the very high potential for them to ally with the Abyssals, taking them out has also become a major priority.

Fletcher, Goddess of Rare Drops (DD-445, DDE-445, Code Letter: NEBG, Fighting Fletcher, Callsign: RADISH)
Fletcher Kai
Click here to view her Kai Mod. 2 art 
Click here to view her Mk.II art 

    Miyu Edelfelt 
Miyu Edelfelt, Goddess of the Leotard of Power (Azure Magical Girl, Miyu Emiya, Caster, Miyu Sakatsuki, Child of God)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Kaleidostick Sapphire
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Ace, Leotard of Power, Brutally Honest, The Comically Serious, Dark and Troubled Past, Dark Magical Girl, The Lancer, Poor Communication Kills, Meido, New Transfer Student, No Social Skills, Not Quite Flight, Psychosomatic Superpower Outage, The Spock, Sugar-and-Ice Personality, Supreme Chef
  • Domains: Magic, Costumes
  • Allies: Illyasviel von Einzbern, Rin Tohsaka, Shirou Emiya, Lynette Bishop, Fate T. Harlaown, Nanoha Takamachi, Sakura Matou, Cammy White, Flonne, Sakura Kasugano
  • Enemies: Queen Chrysalis
  • Conflicted Opinion towards: Gilgamesh
  • The other wielder of the Kaleidosticks alongside Illyasviel von Einzbern, Miyu Edelfelt is very much the Fate to Illya's Nanoha. Whereas Illya has a lot of power but hasn't refined it, Miyu has more experience at being a Magical Girl and managed to get her first Class Card before even meeting Illya.
  • Miyu didn't expect to see Illya already in the pantheon and but she was even more surprised to find that Illya had made friends with Berserker. Miyu was very nervous around Berserker at first but Illya told him not to attack her.
  • Miyu was very surprised to find that the Gilgamesh in the pantheon is a lot more arrogant and antagonistic towards Illya. Gilgamesh became antagonistic toward Miyu as well when he found out Miyu could be used to create a Holy Grail just like Illya.
  • Even though she gets her own temple and doesn't need money for food, Miyu still insists on working as a maid for Illya, much Illya's great pleasure. If you're lucky, you can sometimes see Illya mounting Miyu with a face that can only be described as Illya as a psycho.
    • When questioned about why she does it, Illya was very embarrassed and explained that she has a maid fetish. Some deities find it cute because "Hurr durr they're both kids," and then there are deities like Sakura Matou, who were conditioned to accept rape, who are horrified by this.
  • Miyu was surprised to get to finally meet Nanoha and Fate again after the last time they met. She was glad to see that Nanoha and Fate had become friends since Illya and Miyu saw them last.
  • Miyu can't stand Queen Chrysalis because she hates the fact that she sounds like someone who frequently transforms into herself and Illya For the Evulz. Although, Miyu gets along well with Lynette Bishop because she's super-nice to Miyu and Illya.
  • Miyu gets along well with others who wear the same type of costume as her, such as Cammy White and Flonne. Funnily enough, she first heard of Cammy when Sakura Kasugano mistakenly called Miyu by her name, thinking she was Cammy undergoing a gothic makeover for some reason. That didn't last long, but Sakura is still friendly with her.

Fubuki, Goddess of Beginner's Equipment (Blizzard, Bucky, Kantai, Whobuki)
Fubuki Kai Ni 
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbols: A model of the Japanese Destroyer Fubuki
  • Theme Music: "Fubuki" by Shiena Nishizawa; alternatively, "Miiro" by Akino of Bless4
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Starter Equipment, Ridiculously Average Girl, Only Sane Man, New Meat, Underplayed Protagonist Until The Anime, Sailor Fuku
  • Domains: Gameplay, Destroyers, Protagonists
  • Allies: Admiral, all of the ascended Fleet Girls, Souji Mitsuka, Ranko Kanzaki, the Touken Danshi
  • Enemies: The Abyssal Fleet
  • Every Admiral has to start somewhere. Before they can start their careers, they are offered couple of options of starting ships. Fubuki is one of the five ships available. While she is in no way bad, there are plenty of other destroyers, let alone types of ships, available shirtly after getting her to fill out the roster. So how the Admirals choose to use her is up to them. At least she is the first of the starter ships to get a Kai Ni upgrade.
  • There were many gods who were surprised that Fubuki was so late to ascend, even though she is supposed to be the main heroine. Though most gods say that there isn't that much for her so there weren't many things she would try to ascend for.
    • Speaking of which, the Fubuki here is not directly related to the most noticeable one. Though she has bits and pieces of memories of different Fubukis anyway. For example, she is not sure if she can be the hope for Fleet Girls and Abyssals the anime Fubuki can be but she definitely wants to try her best. Though it is very likely that she cannot be turned into an Abyssal due to how Fleet Girl Fubuki and Abyssal Fubuki were formed.
  • Surprisingly, Fubuki is actually rather good when it comes to speaking Russian.
  • Fubuki struck a surprising relationship with Souji Mistuka due of sounding like Tail Red. Though Fubuki says that her hair isn't really meant to have twintails.
  • Apparently Judai Yuki honestly thought that one of his friends (Fubuki Tenjoin) was acending because of Fubuki. While he tried to justify his confusion by saying that Fubuki is not a common name, he replied that he should have checked her surname (if she had any, that is).
  • Fubuki appears in World of Warships as one of two Tier VI (formerly a Tier VIII) Japanese destroyers, the other being Hatsuharu.
    • She also has an appearance in Battle Stations Pacific as one of three Japanese destroyer classes in that game, the other two being Minekaze and Shimakaze.
  • She doesn't appreciate her or some other ships being called "potatoes".
  • As the "mascot" character, she has a close association with what can be considered the Spear Counterpart to the Fleet Girls, the Touken Danshi. While there aren't as many of them as there are Fleet Girls, she still welcomes them with open arms.

Ryuujou, Goddess of Christmas Dresses (Prancing Dragon, Asashio-class Aviation Destroyer, The Flattop, Ryujo)
Ryuujou Kai Ni 
Christmas Attire 
  • Lesser Goddess, dangerously close to Intermediate Goddess as Ryuujou Kai Ni
  • Symbol A model or a large scroll of the Japanese Aircraft Carrier Ryuujou
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Happy Holidays Dress (twice over!), Kansai Regional Accent, Onmyōdō, Petite Pride (What Turned To A-Cup Angst), Token Mini-Moe, Girlish Pigtails, Seeks for Attention For Whatever Reason, Moe Anthropomorphism
  • Domains: Costumes, Magic, Light Aircraft Carriers
  • Allies: Admiral, her fellow Fleet Girls (Naka, Yamato, Musashi, Fubuki, Akatsuki, Kisaragi, Ikazuchi and Inazuma, Bismarck, Akagi, Shimakaze, Tenryuu, Tatsuka, Ushio, I-19, Ooi, Kitakami, Sendai, Hibiki, Yuudachi), Mirai, Konata Izumi, Silica, Nicholas Saint North, Mamizou Futatsuiwa
  • Enemies: The Abyssal Fleet (Wo-Class, Re-Class, Seaport Princess, Northern Ocean Princess), Yasunori Kato
  • Opposes: The League of Flat Chests(!)
  • Ryuujou was actually rather surprised by this ascension. When she asked why, the judges said that it is rare for someone to have two different costumes for the same seasonal cerebration. She was still bit confused, but she rolled with it.
    • Due to this, whenever the holidays season is rolling along, she acts as an honourary Santa for the duration, taking a break from her usual duties.
    • Also because of this, she is almost always in her Kai form instead of her normal form, with her being able to upgrade herself to Kai Ni.
  • Some gods wonder what is up with the cat girl motif what she has in her second Christmas outfit. Some think it might have to do with her Kai Ni having some sort of cable sticking from her outfit.
  • Ryuujou has had it rough at times. Even though she seems to pride herself of her distinctive silhouette, everyone seems to think she is jealous of everyone with large breasts, and endlessly mock her for it. It has gotten to her nerves plenty of times.
    Ryuujou: Listen, it is not good to mock someone due of their breast size! And no matter how you slice it, I am a proper Aircraft Carrier, even if I might not look like the others! Got that?
    • However, some of her behaviour suggests her real problems are not her breast size itself but derive from it. Her proud stance and sometimes desperate attention-seeking makes it look like she fears that people see her as Just a Kid, and seeks to be seen as an equal to other Aircraft Carriers. Mirai immediately took notice of it and ensured that she knows what it must feel like, something what Ryuujou is really grateful of.
  • She seems to have a slight beef with the League of Flat Chests, mainly due the fact that she doesn't want to be reminded of all the times she is mocked due of her appearance.
  • Ryuujou gets along well with Silica due to sharing certain qualities.
  • She dislikes Yasunori due the fact that she uses paper shikigami to create or simulate warplanes. She seems to have some interest in Mamizou due of this trait, though.
  • Some gods are confused by the fact that she has a Kansai Regional Accent, even though Ryuujou was not built in Kansai area. Some think that the reason for the accent is that some of her captains were from those areas. Catherine seems to understand her, as she got her accent from her grandmother even if she herself wasn't born in Osaka.
  • She is not a fast-food attendant. Or a Destroyer, even if her costume resembles that of Asashio-class Fleet Girls.
  • Makes appearances in a few video games centered around World War II.

I-19, Goddess of School Swimsuits (Iku, Oyogu Juu-Hakkin / "The Swimming R-18", the Lewdmarine)

Admiral, Deity of Minor Characters Expanded Through Fanworks (Commander, Teikoku, Shitty Admiral, Shiree)
Admiral's default appearance on both gendernote 

    Katori and Kashima 
Katori and Kashima, Dual Deities of Experience Boosters (The Katori-class Training Cruisers)
  • Rank: Lesser Goddesses
  • Symbol: Scale models of the training cruisers Katori and Kashima. For Kashima though, her black Beret cap with the "UY" Signal Flag
  • Alignment: Lawful to Neutral Good
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Combat, Sea, Game Mechanics, Training
  • Direct Superior: Admiral
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Iowa (at least on Katori's end)
  • Enemies: The Abyssal Fleet (ascended: Wo-Class, Re-Class, Seaport Princess, Northern Ocean Princess)
  • The deites in charge with construction of fleet girls in the Pantheon were suprised when these two appeared, as they initially had little information as to their combat role. They later had them sent with Akatsuki and her sisters for a training exercise, and noticed that they have considerably become stronger afterwards. Realizing that the newfound role for them would be very beneficial for the rest of the fleet, their ascension was immediately recommended.
  • Their roles as Training Cruisers means that they are the go-to authorities when it comes to the basics of maritime combat. This fact allows them to set up shop at the Houses of Combat and School, for any deity who wish to learn as to how fleet girls do battle.
  • While Katori is happy to be in the Pantheon, she is not exactly confortable with having the American Battleship Fleet Girl in the House of Personal Appearance. This is probably due to her historical counterpart getting blasted hard by a full salvo from the real-life USS Iowa, with all hands lost. Nonetheless, Iowa assures that she would not be doing the same thing on her since they are allies at least in the Pantheon.
  • Kashima has been attracting a lot of male deities ever since her ascension, though she's not exactly happy that their admiration for her was rooted from "questionable" sources. She has been trying her best to prove herself as a "good girl", even by part-timing as a Convenience Store clerk.
    • Sanae apparently saw Kashima as a kindred spirit of sorts because of this, but the latter is rather more concerned of Sanae's drinking habits. Nonethess, Kashima accomodates her whenever necessary.
    • Meanwhile, Saori has been egging on Kashima to spill her secret as to how she managed to attract a lot of good-looking guys. Sensing something she can relate to with her, Kashima ocassionally invites her for some tips and tricks or two.
  • Much like some of the fleet girls in the Pantheon, Katori gains a virtual counterpart in an online Ship Combat game as a Tier-III Premium Japanese Cruiser. Like her, she's capable of training cruiser captains from other ships at a faster rate than usual. What makes the said ship unique however is that, since she could equip a certain upgrade to her main armament that is usually available to higher-tier ships, she is capable of laying down more accurate salvos at enemy ships at greater ranges. This makes the ship a bit of a Lethal Joke Character in lower-tier battles.
    • Thanks to the matchmaking system, she would never face the virtual counterpart of Iowa, who is a Tier IX battleship. She breathes a sigh of relief upon finding out about this mechanic.

    Yamato and Musashi 
Yamato and Musashi, Dual Deities of Resource Sinks (Yamato: Yamato Hotel, LOLpen, The Funeral Pyre of the Japanese Navy; Musashi: Motel, Fortress, Superfortress [care of her Second Remodel])
Click here for Musashi's Second Remodel Form 

    Prinz Eugen 
Prinz Eugen, Goddess of Gender-Blender Names (Puriketsu-chan, Pringles, Pudding, USS Prinz Eugen, IX-300)
Prinz Eugen Kai 

Bismarck, Goddess of Historical In Jokes (Biscuit, Bisko, Germany's Greatest Warship)
Bismarck Drei 

U-511, Goddess of Transforming into Drastically Different Appearances (U-511: Yuu, U Ro-500: Ro, Ro-chan, Satsuki#1)
Ro 500 

Iowa, The Over-The-Top American Goddess (BB-61, The Big Stick, The Grey Ghost, First Lady of the 3rd Fleet, Burger-Boat)

Warspite, Goddess of Surprisingly Fluent English (03, Grand Old Lady, Her Royal Thighness)

Yuudachi, Goddess of Verbal Tics (Poi, the Nightmare of Solomon, Sudden evening shower, Yuudachi Class Destroyer)
Yuudachi Kai Ni 



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