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Galko, Goddess of Hidden Depths
She Weaponized Thickness for the Greater Good
  • Theme Song: YPMA☆GIRLS
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol:
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Nice Girl, Gyaru Girl, Team Mom, Sleepy in the Morning, Cute Little Fang, Dude Magnet, The Fashionista, Gag Boobs, Cursed Beauty
  • Domain: Fashion, Popularity, School
  • Allies: Mika Jougaski, Sanae Katagiri, Umaru Doma, Tomoko Kuroki
  • Enemie's: Junko, Libby
  • Galko, a highschool student who is into the Gyaru fashion. Gyarus are often stereotyped as being very loosed women and other unflattering traits. Galko herself has often been stereotyped as such. She far from that though. Galko is a thoughtful person with a very caring heart. And when it comes to sex and even love, she is very shy about the subject.
  • Galko is a very nice person who can become friends with nearly everyone regardless of who they are. Case in point, she became friends with the very homely Tomoko Kuroki. Tomoko didn't have the best first impression of Galko and thought she was a bitch. But her friendship with Tomoko is genuine. Galko was even shown to enjoy some of the anime and manga Tomoko has. Even if some does freak her out.
  • Despite being very attractive and with others on her world considering her beautiful, Galko is very sensitive about her appearance. Even commenting on her being tall will have her dismissing the claim by saying she isn't tall. By comparing her height with a male who is taller.
  • Happy to see a fellow Gal in Mika Jougaski. The two Gal pals often hang out like normal JK girls and share fashion advices.

Alice, Herald of Nursery Rhymes (Caster, Nursery Rhymes, The Heroine of Children, NR)
  • Theme Song
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Cover of Alice in Wonderland
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Creepy Child, Don't Call Her Nursery Rhyme, Mystical White Hair, Dark Magical Girl, Alice Allusion, Calling Herself Alice, Fond of Sweets, Empathic Shapeshifter
  • Domain: Children, Stories, Magic
  • Herald of: Mother Goose
  • Allies: Tiny Tim, Steven Universe, Alice, Alice Liddell/Kingsleigh, Barney the Dinosaur, The Puchi Idols, Mad Hatter, Chesire Cat, The Human Child, Miyuki Hoshizora, Pinkie Pie, Madeline, Eloise, and Pippi Longstocking, Erma, Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, Puss in Boots, Scheherazade, Storyteller, Lemony Snicket
  • Enemies: Flowey, Grimm, Lord Farquaad
  • Odd Friendship: Jack the Ripper, Samantha Maxis
  • Pities: Hensel and Gretel, Those who met a bad end
  • Afraid of: Drills
  • The personification of children's love of story books, Alice's magic is base around those stories. Able to use the nursery rhymes found in stories, Alice can distort reality to make people to lose their self identity.
  • Doesn't like to be refer as Nursery Rhymes but instead as Alice. This is because she cared very deeply for her former Master who's name was also Alice and who was very sickly. Not only that, but her appearance is also base on her Master. So to honor her, she took on her name.
  • There has been talks that Alice is acting as a sort of herald for Mother Goose herself as she can't fully materialize in the pantheon.
  • Became good friends with Miyuki Hoshizora who she met in Celestial Library. She was happy that there was someone else who was just as much in love with fairy tale stories. Unfortunately Alice was too enthusiastic about and trapped Miyuki in story.
  • Is actually good friends with Jack the Ripper. Atleast the one that's the manifestation of the dead souls of the London children. But despite being friends, Jack will bail during Alice's tea party which really upsets her.
  • Being the embodiment of all Fairy Tales, Alice has very close ties to many of the ascended Fairy Tale characters. But obviously she much closer to the Wonderland cast. She enjoys teatime time with the Mad Hatter and plays croquet with the Queen of Hearts. But she spends the most with her namesake Alice. Regardless of which personality she currently in.
  • As the personification of children's tales, she strives for happy stories. This out view is while she doesn't like a certain author for his sad takes. She also ran afoul with Grimm who represents Grimmification of stories.
  • Loves when people read her stories. While Miyuki sometimes do this, she enjoys stories told by the Storyteller and even Barney the Dinosaur. But maybe her favorite storyteller has to be Scheherazade who loves telling stories without fearing for her life.
  • While her House is modeled after Fairy Tale stories, especially those from Wonderland, many have comment that structurely and visually they are reminded those of the Witch Dimension found in the Madoka Universe. The resemblance brought the Desert Witch Charlotte into the Caster's domain and befriended her. Now the two host tea parties with sweets and cheese.
  • Has a innate fear of drills. Has to do with a bad day with experience with a Celtic Dentist with a big drill. She teared up when she saw the hand drill of Subject Delta and was petrified when she saw the Gurren Laggan's Giga Drill.

Tomoya Okazaki and Nagisa Furukawa, God and Goddess of Tearjerking Games
Nagisa and Tomoya

The Sailor Guardians, Goddesses of Magical Girls (Group:Sailor Senshi/Scouts/Warriors/Soldiers)
Left: Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mar, Sailor Chibi Moon. Center: Sailor Moon. Back:Sailor Pluto. Right: Sailor Saturn, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus. Bottom: Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune

Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu, Dual Deities of the Chainmail Bikinis (Kanto Vagabond, Guitar Case Drifter, Scissor Sisters With her sister, Satsuki Kiryuin, Ryuko Kiryuin (Ryuko), Broketsu (Senketsu))
Ryuko and Senketsu
Life Fiber Synchronized Form 
Senketsu-Kisaragi Form 
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess when wearing Senketsu-Kisaragi) and Lesser God (gives anyone who wears him a Rank Up)
  • Symbol: The two Scissor Blades crossed over each other
  • Theme Music: Before My Body Is Dry
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Hot-Blooded, Dark Is Not Evil, Half-Human Hybrid, Red Oni, Blue Oni, Blood Oath, True Companions
  • Domains: Heroism, Skimpiness, Hardship
  • Followers: Li Mei, Vallah.
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Black★Rock Shooter
  • Enemies: Nui Harime, Ragyo Kiryuin, Yuuki Terumi, Corset, Seija Kijin, Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse, Quan Chi, Scanty and Kneesocks, Eliza, Ryoma Sengoku, Tenjuro Banno, Black Doom, SHOCKER, Cinder Fall.
  • Opposes: Cornelia li Britannia.
  • Pities: Shinji Ikari.
  • Odd Friendship: Anna, Benson
  • Rival: Batsu Ichimonji
  • Ascended for being one of the few people to have a justifiable reason for having such a stripperific outfit; since Senketsu is a Life Fiber parasite that devours its wearer the more they cover their body, it's better to have as little fabric as possible connected to the skin. This was reinforced when she was forced to wear Junketsu and it nearly covered her entire body and made her attack her friends and sister.
  • Even before her ascension, Ryuuko was able to move on after Senketsu's sacrifice, believing that he will always be in her heart. So, she was very skeptical when she heard that Rarity was able to re-create Senketsu by using left over Life Fibers and fusing it with droplets of her own blood. After realizing that it wasn't a joke and Senketsu was truly back, she cried Tears of Joy and hugged him close to her heart, calling out his name repeatedly.
    • After being reunited with Senketsu, Ryuuko made good on her promise of never taking him off ever again. Mako once said that the two are even sleeping together. This was easy thanks to Senketsu gaining the new ability to change his appearance to other articles of clothing. Funnily enough, even though he can turn into a bikini, Ryuuko prefers to wear a yellow bikini instead. Some gods guess she wants to play with Senketsu on the beach.
  • Since Ryuuko considers Senketsu as her friend, some of the gods wonder if she has "deeper feelings" than just friendship. There is also her friendship with Mako and possible Foe Yay->Incest Yay Shipping with Satsuki.
    • The thought that people actually ship her with Satsuki makes her a bit uncomfortable . Since the two are sisters and were both violated by their mother, Ragyou, you can't blame her.
  • Many wonder if she is somehow related to Simon, whereas others wonder is she is related to Shadow or Ragna, instead.
    • In regards to her relationship with Simon, any rumor of them being related by blood have been jossed. Regardless of the lack of family ties, they are still very close to each other, almost Like Brother and Sister.
    • Her relationship with Shadow goes further, as some of her mortal followers have tried to put them and Dante (well, the other one) as the great trinity of "edginess". None of them are fond of this, Ryuko in particular.
  • Has recently become a close ally to Raiden (the Metal Gear one), mainly thanks to their similar quests for revenge against a higher-up and having songs that mesh well together. The two are known to also frequently duel with each other to test their swordplay skills, with both having a good amount of wins and losses.
  • Seems to have formed a trio with Ashi and Laura Kinney. The three had similar childhoods, which helped them bond quickly. They often hang out now and are willing to guard each other's backs.
  • Was at first okay with the Scissor Sisters nickname, thinking it referred to her and Satsuki using both scissor blades. Though that's mostly true, Mai Shiranui informed her it also jokingly refers to her and her sister scissoring. Ryuuko doesn't find it one bit funny.
  • Although the two are a bit uncomfortable with others wearing Senketsu, unless in extreme cases, Ryuuko is okay with it as long they ask them first. She gets pissed at people who take Senketsu without their permission, like Panty, who stole him to spice up her sex life. It took Ryuuko a long while before she forgave her. The two are in good terms now.
  • Though many in the pantheon are happy that Ryuuko has forgone vengeance, others are still confused as to why she would forgive Ragyo for all the atrocities she committed and wanted her to come back and be an actual mother to her and Satsuki. Even Ryuuko doesn't know why she did that. All she remembers is that she had already defeated her completely, simply told her to give up and just come back home, but Ragyo declined and killed herself in the mortal realm.
  • Really dislikes Seija Kijin due to the latter using the likeness of their hair to cosplay as Ryuuko to make fun of people at her expense. Would hate her even more due to her being in the same group as Nui Harime, but Seija has stated that she doesn't care about Nui at all and would mess with her if Ryuko would present to her a good enough idea.
  • Became partners with one of the Yin-Yang dragons, Reshiram. People were surprised because they thought she would have partnered with Zekrom seeing as both have black coloring; however, Reshiram fits Ryuuko better because the two represent truth. Also, the black and white play off in the yin-yang motif.
  • Saw Rainbow Dash's fight with Starscream, and found it weird that she sounded just like her. They later found a Commonality Connection with each other in being Hot-Blooded Determinators with weird friends.
  • When others heard of Senketsu's absolute loyalty towards to the point that he would sacrifice himself for her, many remark they never believe they would shed a tear for a peice of clothing.
  • Took pity on Shinji Ikari after hearing about his life, which sort of reminded her of her own life. Both have wondered if they would have ended up like the other if things were different.
  • Became close with many Kamen Riders in the pantheon. In particular, she is close with Gentaro Kisaragi, finding that they both have similar themes in their own universe. It wouldn't be odd to see both Ryuko's friends and Gentaro and the Kamen Rider Club members hanging out.
    • Ryuko and Senketsu have also became friends with Shinnosuke and Mr. Belt as the duos have things in common. Like the fact they are heroes with talking transformation devices and are very close with them. Ryuko and Shinnosuke also bond over that they were obsessed with their father's killer and nearly lost their way because of it. Ryuko has also sympathize with Go with his father's abuse. Also, Ryuko never judged Go for destroying Banno.
  • Good friends with Filia and her Parasite Samson, partly due to their similarities and because Filia once dressed up like her. Hilariously though, Ryuuko actually finds more in common with Samson and Filia with Senketsu than the other way around.
  • Was at first suspicious of Issei Hyodo after finding out he has the power to destroy clothing and is a pervert. She was worried that his Dress Break can destroy Senketsu despite being made out of Life Fibers (Life Fibers technically count as clothing). However, after learning he was an ok guy and that Dress Breaker was useless on those willing to stripped, she was less suspicious on the guy.
  • When it was revealed that she and Satsuki are sisters, the two started hanging out with Anna and Queen Elsa. Funnily enough, even though Ryuuko hangs around Anna more, her being a Life Fiber Hybrid and anguishing over it makes her more like Elsa.
  • Had a humorous run-in with Jontron when he thought she was a 'scissor woMEN'. He tried to 'stop' her by wrapping her in police tape that said BOO. Of course, it didn't work.
  • Ryuuko and Senketsu may or may not be into bondage play if certain rumors are to be believe. Neither one wants to talk about it as mentioning would cause both to blush very extremely.
  • A lot of people wanted to see what would happen when Ryuko met Akame, a fellow red and black sword user who fights in a skirt and whose story has kill in its title. What happened was a friendship formed between them. Probably because they were antagonized by their sisters, intentionally or not.
  • Oddly both Ryuko and Senketsu becam friends with Benson. Seems the friendship center on the fact that Benson once became friends with a super powered suit that he he had to tearfully said goodbye.

Are there any women who would have sex with Tony?

Anthony Edward Stark, God of Power Suits (Iron Man, Tony, Dennis Coles, The Mechanic)
  • Theme Music: Can You Dig It?, his MvCI theme, his MVC3 theme, Driving with the Top Down in epic moments
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His armor, of course. Also, the logo of Stark Industries.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Sometimes Neutral Good, with a possible brief dip into Lawful Evil, as well)
  • Portfolio: Atoning for Selling Weapons, The Casanova, Having a Suit for Any Occasion, Deadpan Snarker, Gadgeteer Genius Who Can be Insufferable, One of the Richest Man, Guile Hero, Honest Corporate Executive, Science Hero, Soured Hero, Jerk with a Heart of Gold
  • Domains: Mechanical Engineering, Weapons, Heroism, Hedonism
  • Allies:
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Tabane Shinonono
  • Enemies: Obidiah Stane/Iron Monger, Ultron, Lex Luthor, Vril Dox/Brainiac, Sigma, Jedah Dohma, Albert Wesker, Megatron, Dr. Gero/Android 20, Relius Clover, Starscream, Koko Hekmatyar, Roman Torchwick
  • Opposed by: Emma Frost
  • Supports: Crimson Viper
  • Followers: Elon Musk.
  • Billionaire genius playboy philanthropist with red and yellow mech suits powered by the same cybernetic implant sustaining his heart. Has lingering daddy issues, very snarky and cynical, will occasionally drown his sorrows in either booze or boobs. Nevertheless, he admires true heroes, cares about people on a fundamental level, and actively partakes in helping shape the world around him for the good. Sometimes overdoing it. This is Tony Stark. He is Iron Man.
  • Iron Man has loads of suits, and these are ten of the craziest. Among them are the Hulkbuster (of course), and Anti-Transformer suit (for taking on Decepticons), the Iron Spider armor (for Spider-Man during the events of Civil War), Mystic Armor (which is completely invulnerable as long as he wills it to), the Deep-Space Armor (when he joined the Guardians of the Galaxy once that has multitasking software among other things), the Bleeding Edge armor (which is nano-armor stored inside his body when not needed), the Phoenix Buster armor (specifically designed to take on the Phoenix Force), the Endo-Sym armor, and the Satellite armor (which he let Rhodes use to fend off the Skrulls when they tried to invade Earth), and Squirrel Girl once had a suit herself, complete with tail.
  • After ascending to the Pantheon and seeing the many powerful threatens there were, Tony has been building Buster types of all sorts. The most impressive being the Kaiju Buster which is 80 meters tall and can be controlled remotely. It can also be combined to GUAG own Mechagodzilla, which Tony himself helped improved, to be transformed into Buster-Mechagodzilla.
  • Harbors a deep scorn for those who think that he had others make all his supertech for him. He's not a Rich Idiot with No Day Job, he'll have you know. Tony made the first Iron Man suit while in a large underground chamber using only spare weapons parts.
  • Once built himself a Humongous Mecha in an attempt to challenge Starscream; due to "power supply issues" he was almost killed and ended up being bailed out by Heero Yuy, who himself was beaten badly when Megatron showed up, and only the intervention of Optimus Prime saved them both. Bears a touch of resentment towards everyone who got involved in that mess.
  • Ever so slightly prone to making evil artificial intelligences inhabiting his armor. One of which kidnapped him, took him to a deserted island, stripped him and tied him up, and tried to get him to "Get inside me". It got worse when he and Hank Pym created Ultron in an attempt to better protect the world. But instead of a protector, they created their created nemesis.
  • After the SHODAN incident, a Cooldown Hug or two, and a great deal of effort on behalf of Gadget and Doctor McCoy Tony's body was returned to normal. He is now searching for something, anything, to do to return the favor so he can forget about it already. And he still uses Extremis. Just with better virus protection.
  • As a man of (comic book) science, Tony insists that there is a logical explanation for why he is a god now. Though, he have a hard time trying to explained the going ons in the Pantheon.
  • Confronted Lex Luthor who attempted to steal blueprint for a Mark Suit specificly to counteract against Kryptonians. Though, it was designed against Zod and any other evil Kryptonians. Since Tony really hates when when someone steal his tech, especially his Armors, he laid everything he got to stop the Evil Genius.
  • With all the speeds (and ac- and decelerations) he pulls and beatdowns he's been on the receiving (and giving) end of, some people wonder if he has a superpower of not getting knocked out. Nope, it's just genius engineering (and research on woodpecker skulls).
  • Has a good relationship with Sherlock Holmes, as both share an avatar and are cunning men with sharp wits, even if Tony often assigns some of the more complicated thinking to his machinery.
  • He was utterly surprised when he learned that Tanane Shinonono managed to create over 300 Powered Armor cores, a lot more than the 42 Arc Reactors (44 if one would count the first two prototypes) he made for his Iron Man suits. His concern was that the cores were only locked for female users, and that she has a few loose screws at times. And he's still confused now after she's ascended.
  • Upon learning that Cornelia once made a There Is No Kill Like Overkill robot in a cave with some Mecha-Mook scraps as an homage to him once, Stark was quite impressed and reported feeling extremely honored, taking her on as a follower. And given his less-than-libertarian actions during at least one superhero schism, he wasn't too reticent to accept her contrition for the faults of her old "All Hail Britannia" imperialist leanings were. He affirmed this publicly followed her ascension, and Cornelia has continued to keep good rapport with Tony since.
  • Tony has expressed interest in Crimson Viper's battle suit, though some say the woman underneath it intrigues him even moreso. This only intensified when he found out she was a mother.
  • Was impressed when he observed the Rider Belts. While Tony is able to suit up with highly advence Nanomachines, having armor appear out of nowhere was amazing. He was also impressed with Samus' Power Suit that's able to evolved for nearly any situation. He was even intrigued with Issei's Hyodo's Scale Mail armor despite being mystical. Though, he might be more impressive with his desire to be Harem King.
  • When Tony heard about Koko Hekmatyar, he couldn't help but notice some similar comparisons. Not only are there charismatic people who dealt with arms dealing, but they do have desire to end war and would take some questionable action to do it. But Tony was aghast at Koko's solution of accomplishment.
  • Saying his relationship with his fellow Marvel heroes would be an understatement. His relationship with Stave Rogers can go either way; while Tony does see Cap as a friend, he admits there's a part of Tony who hates Steve. Though, that's most being compare to him by Tony's dad and being the unfavorite. Doesn't help things thanks to the whole Civil War event that nearly destroyed their friendship. Then there was the whole issues with Hulk family in which he launched Bruce into space. Then there was the second Civil War when he went to blow with Carol Denvers and cause a strain in his relationship with Kamala Khan who saw Tony as her superhero dad.
  • If it wasn't obvious, Tony is a well known Ladys Man. Jokes have been made that people can play Six Degree of Tony Stark in which any relationship in the Marvel universe will always lead back to Tony.
  • Cause Winry Rockbell to swoon over his suit as she mistook it for an impressive automail.

Mash Kyrielight, Goddess of Shielding (Shielder, Servant of Shield, Mashu, Matthew, Stray Servant, Galahad, Dangerous Beast, Mash Potato)
As Shielder 
  • Theme Song: Music Box
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her shield, Lord Camelot
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Clingy Jealous Girl, Designer Baby, Nice Girl, Living on Borrowed Time, Badass Adorable, Stone Wall, Becoming Stronger, Becoming More Confident, Shield Bash, Sacrificing Herself But Later Coming Back To Life
  • Allies: Those who have become Heroic Spirits, Shirou Emiya, Rin Tohsaka, Braum, Captain America, Reindhardt, Steven Universe, Rei Ayanami, Fu Inubozaki, Yoko Littner, Erza Scarlet
  • Enemies: Merged Zamasu, King Ghidorah, Deathwing, Anti-Monitor, The Vex, Harbringer
  • Odd Friendship: Death
  • Special Relationship: Lancelot du Lac (father)
  • Fan of: Sherlock Holmes
  • Inheritor of Lord Camelot, a shield capable of blocking nearly everything as long as it's holder's heart is steadfast. The shield is second to Artoria Pendragon's Avalon which was able to defend against Gilgemesh's Ea. It's owner, Mashu Kyrielite, was ascended to the pantheon after blocking Demon King Goetia's Ars Almadel Salomis to protect her Senpai but at the cost of her life.
  • Plenty of people have messed up pronouncing her name and how to spell it. Got so bad that some have gone far and call her "mash potato" out of frustration.
  • Got a chance to meet with both Shirou Emiya and Rin Tohsaka, the former masters of Artoria Pendragon and EMIYA. While Mashu had seen Rin's face in Ishtar, it's only seeing her with Shirou did she realized that the two resembled her Senpei. She even ask the two if they had children, causing the two to blush madly.
  • Has fought with and against many deities here who have become Heroic Spirits. She was happy to see many have made it here and is hoping to fight along side them again.
  • Has very special relationship with Lancelot du Lac in that the two are father and daughter via via her being bonded to Galahad. While the two do care for one another, the relationship is a bit shaky. It can be best described as "a daughter embarrass of her father and a father not knowing how to deal with his daughter".
  • Has look to other shield wielding deities as inspiration to further better herself. In respect, she addressed them as her senpais. Even as young as Steven Universe.
  • In one Halloween event, Mash was force into a very revealing costume dubbed "Dangerous Beast". This garner many of admirers in the pantheon with many photos taken of her. Though, those pictures mysteriously vanish thanks to a berserking black knight.
  • Has been getting along very well with Rei Ayanami as the two learned that they were each specifically design to house a unnatural being in themselves. They also bonded over that they each have a special someone that they would do anything for.
  • Seems to have a special aura that cause many Cool Big Sister types not help but fond over her. This embarrasses Mash greatly. Especially when some, like Erza Scarlet, can't help but get a bit to physical which cause plenty of "mashing"

Demona, Goddess of Ignored Epiphany (My Angel of the Night, Demon, Dominque Destine)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Tiara
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil or Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Blaming Humans for Her Own Doing, Being Alone, Being Evil Sucks, Constantly Betraying Others, Hates Humans Especially Elisa Maza, Hypocrite, Tragic Villain, Truly Loves Her Daughter, Being Turn into a Human During the Day, Evil Sorceress
  • Domain: Magic, Revenge, Tragedy
  • Allies: Koba, Shinobu Sensui, Mystique, Kars, Adam Taurus
  • Enemies: Goliath, David Xanatos, The Hunter, Geralt of Rivia, Humanity
  • Demona, a Gargoyle whose misery is her own fault. Even when confronted by the Weird Sister about it was she who betrayed everyone and wrought tragedy, she ignore that realization and continue to blame humans.
  • Despite Demona's claim of trying to protect/save her species, she has some blame for their destruction. She is the one, along with the Captain of the Guard, to betray the inhabitants of Castle Wyvern to the Vikings that got her clan massacre. She is the one who indirectly created The Hunter, hunters who dedicate their lives to destroy gargoyles. And her betrayal of MacBeth to Canmore who destroyed the last Gargoyles of Scotland. Yet she too consumed of hatred to notice these tragic mistakes.
  • Many have notice that Demona's overall behavior feels more in line to a human, at least humans to her, then she does with her fellow gargoyles.
  • Allies for Demona is very scarce. This is because Demona has a tendency to betray any allies she has. But despite that she has made some allies.
    • There's Koba who shares her loathing towards humans. Though, it might be because she is interested in a disease from his world that dwindle he human population.
    • There were those who thought she could be allies to Magneto and Mystique, especially the last one since they are so similar in personality and appearance, since they are/were part of an Anti-Human group. However, she still considers them as rotten humans even if they are mutated. The same goes for Adam Taurus who. While he isn't classified as human, Demona still sees him as one. And that his animal features just proves to her hoe monsterous humans.
    • In an ironic twist, Demona found a perfect ally in the human Shinobu Sensui because he was subjected to the evils of men and share her hatred of them.
  • Maybe one of her few redeemable quality is her love for her daughter, Angela. She was willing to set her hatred against the Manhatten Clan to save her. Also, While her current plans to wipe humanity is partially base on revenge, most often it to assure a safe heaven for her daughter.
  • It's been speculated that Demona could be less homicidal if she actually got laid. This is because her gargoyle biology makes her go in heat. And since she been alive for centuries, there's a good chance she overheating and needs a good scratch.
  • While she hates human, she developed a personal grudge against Eliza Masa, the human who became allies with the Manhatten. Atleast most of the hate has to do with jealousy of Eliza becoming the "head" female of the clan and being Goliath's new lover.

i need allies. Maybe those who love their kingdom and its people but ended up being betrayed by them. Also enemies. Maybe controlling Queen Mothers who manipulates their royal children. There has to be one from GOT.

Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, The Badly Gifted Goddess (Nero Bride, Red Saber, The Pinnicle of the Arts, Flower of Olympia, The Whore of Babylon, The Emperor of Roses, Saber of Deep Crimson, Saber Venus, Caster, Umu)
Click here  for Nero in her gown
Click here  for Nero in her swimsuit
  • Theme Song: Grand and Saber, Everything is in Your Hands. Alternatively Bright Burning Shout
  • Intermediate Goddess (Believes she's an Overdeity) Greater Goddess upon becoming Saber Venus.
  • Symbol: Herself or her Aestus Estus with rose petals scatter around
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good. Chaotic Summer as a Caster.
  • Portfolio: Attention Whore, Boobs of Steel, Thinking She Can Do Everything And Achieving It, Driven to Suicide, Hot-Blooded Even in Love, Large Ham, Not Liking Being Call Petite, Big Ego, Letting People See More Of Her Glorious Body, Umu, Umu, Umu
  • Domain: Arts, Music, Theater, Swordsmenship
  • Allies: Sakura Kinomoto, Johan "Jesse" Anderson, Emperor Calus
  • Enemies:
  • Seeing herself as the pinnacle of the arts and who can even rival the greatest of Gods, Nero's endeavors in many of them... are sub-par at best. Her worst subject, though, would have to be singing itself. She was offended at the title she was given and also for a low deity rank. She controlled her anger long enough to decide to convince the Court of the Gods to give her a title that truly reflected her superior art and a much higher rank.
  • When Nero first arrive in the Pantheon, this is what she had to say to the other deities;
    Rejoice, for I, Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, has gracefully ascended to the pinnacle of Godhood. Come and bask in glory that is myself. There is no shame to stare. For it is reasonable to be awestruck by such beauty.
  • One of Nero's most prize creation is her personal theater, Domus Aurea, which she use to perform for her subjects. She was able to rebuilt it in the Pantheon. Those who enter the theater to see her perform ever regretted it.
  • Was ecstatic that the actual Hercules was in the pantheon. She would challenge the demigod nearly everyday in combat. Hercules applauded the fiery passion of the emperor and welcomed the challenge.
  • Even though she was known to be a tyrant, Nero actually love people of Rome and showered them with gifts. This is why she is so passionate about the arts, so that she can share it to her people. Unfortunately for her, her form of love was selfish and she actually expected her people to love her in kind but didn't when there was a coup against her. It's for this reason that she ended her own life in despair.
  • While well known as a Saber in her world, it's noted that the Knight Class is actually her worst class. But she force it upon herself because it's a high quality Servent class. In actuality her best class would be Rider. But since it's so close of representation of both the Whore of Babylon and Beast VI, the Beast of Revelation, she avoids it at all as possible. She is willing to be a Caster since she does have potential of being a Mage.
  • Notice that she sounds just like a older Sakura Kinomoto. Nero bonded with the young Magical Girl, remarking on her cuteness.
  • Called the 'Whore of Babylon' during her reign of Rome, others have wonder if she was Mother Harlot's human form. Nero was offended that others would even link her to the fiend. Not only that, but she doesn't like being call the Whore of Babylon unless it's from the person she truly love.
  • Has been known to defy the laws of physics due to The Power of Love. This love has mostly been directed to the person known as Hakuno Kishinami.
  • Feeling absolutely merry in the holiday season, Nero decided to to dress up as Santa Claus. And yes, her Santa is of the sexy variety. Not just satisfy with just having the outfit, Nero also commissioned her own sleigh. Though, she forgot that reindeers are suppose to pull the sleigh as instead, she use eight regular colored Chocobos with the ninth one being red. She even gave away gifts to all the good people around the pantheon. Though, the gifts she gave out were pretty much everyday objects, but it was the thought that counts. Unfortunately, she also started to sing Christmas carols. Though, others think it's cute, no matter how bad she sings.
  • Some people still argue if she really did play the lyre while Rome burned. As it turn out she didn't watch her beloved Rome burn. Instead, she did everything thing possible to quenched the fire.
  • Every year, Nero holds Nero Fest, where teams of servants are put in teams and fight Chaldea's Master. Each servant is given a witty name.
  • She has tried her hand at livestreaming and has played Kancolle.
  • Have both admiration and jealousy for Emperor Calus. This is center on the fact both are hedonistic rulers who love their people. But one main difference was that Calus' people loved him back and would of supported him during the coup.
  • If anyone makes a comment about how revealing her attire is, her response is...
    "Fool, they are not see-through. I'm letting them see!"

    Minato Namikaze and Yoruichi Shihoin 
Minato Namikaze and Yoruichi Shihouin, God and Goddess who Overwhelm Enemies With Pure Speed (Minato: The Fourth Hokage, The Yellow Flash. Yoruichi: The Goddess of Flash)
  • Intemediate Gods (Greater Gods when using Kyubi's Chakra/Sage Mode for Minato and Using Shunkō: Raiju Senkei for Yoruichi)
  • Symbol: A black cat wearing a coat with the words Yondaime hokage cloak written and a hiraishin kunai in its mouth.
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio: Both: Speed Blitz, Lightning Bruiser, Super Speed
  • Domains: Speed, Combat
    • Minato: Fatherhood, War, Leadership
    • Yoruichi: Mentoring, Fanservice
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Aizen, Zeref, Shinnok, Quan Chi
  • Odd Friendship with:
  • They Made their ascension after Naruto and Ichigo. The former because he wanted his father to join him and the latter was invited thanks to her skills and that they would both be a great help to the GUAG. They even had a race to see who could take out the most Mooks in 30 seconds. It ended up being a tie.
  • Minato tends to visit the House of Friendship in order to make up for lost time being that he missed his son's entire life.
  • Yoruichi joined Excel Browning in teasing Ichigo, she even tried to get Orihime to wear a Stripperiffic outfit in an attempt to push them together.
    • On some occasion she'll mess with Byakuya just to see his reaction.
  • Yoruichi was surprised to see that Urahara hadn't ascended yet. He later ascended and she wonder what took him so long.
  • Yoruichi is none too happy to hear that both Aizen and Yhwach had ascended and plans to take them down with help from the GUAG.
  • Minato was glad to see that both Jiraiya and Kakashi had ascended and surprisingly enough none of his predecessors had ascended. It was then that both learned that the Pantheon was very different from their worlds.
  • Minato felt saddened at the revelation that Tobi was once a pupil of his and deeply regrets not being able to stop it.

    Tony Masters/Taskmaster 
Tony Masters, God of Combat Training (Taskmaster, Tasky, 'Captain America', Barney Toastmaster, Suck MASTER, King Of Suck (he really wishes people would forget those last two or three))
  • Theme Music: His MVC3 theme
  • Lesser God
  • Alignment: True Neutral, often with Evil leanings, but he's got a soft spot for cats and usually avoids killing
  • Symbol: His skull mask.
  • Portfolio: Training, Training, and More Training, Photographic Memory, Easily-Mastered Skills, Mundane Utility, An Ever-Obscured Face, Side Changers, Weaponry, The Voice of Steve Blum, Refusal to Kill.
  • Domains: Discipline, Illusion.
  • Ally: Slade Wilson.
  • Odd Friendship With: Felicia Hardy (don't ask).
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Wade Wilson
  • When the 501st joined the House of Defense, Cap decided to train them - they had the unity and discipline down, but he didn't like them dying. After a month or two, he realized that his schedule was ridiculously busy, and he'd like to have enough time to start sleeping or maybe make up with Tony Stark. He needed the best. He called for the Taskmaster.
  • Tasky's physically no faster or sronger than a good Olympic athlete, even as a god, but he has "photographic reflexes". He can watch another humanoids physical movements and duplicate them without practice, no matter how complex. Combined with photographic memory, the tech-assisted ability to duplicate voices, a hologram emitter, and a little thing stolen from the MIB that can spontaneously create simple shapes out of solid energy, he is a true master of hand-to-hand combat, and melee fighting as well.
  • He is also able to impersonate many of the gods with a high degree of success; he has acted in Cap's stead on a few occasions. He is supposed to be accounted for at all times, but there's not much worry when he disappears - Deadpool will bring him back sooner or later.
  • Though he could have stuck with thieving or being a standard supervillain, Tasky took up training Mooks. Able to show them every fighting style he's ever seen, he is very successful.


Lucy Heartfilia, Celestial Holder of the Magical Keys (Princess, Blondie, Lucky Lucy)
  • Theme Song: Open the Gate
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Goddess with Star Dress)
  • Symbol: The Fairy Tail mark behind her gold and silver keys. The amount of keys she has may increase over time.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Friend to All Living Things, Ms. Fanservice, Summon Magic, LUCY KICK, Summoning Ritual (surprisingly mundane), Power Copying
  • Domain: Summons, Celestials, Love, Friendship, Kindness, Spirit
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Light Yagami, Ornstein and Smough, Acnologia, Mard Geer Tartaros, Zeref, Monaca Towa
  • Annoyed with: Klefki
  • Ascended as Goddess of Magical Battle Helpers because, instead of letting her summons do all the work for her, she fights alongside them.
  • Light sees her as a threat because his Death Note doesn't affect her Celestial Spirits. Unfortunately, Lucy is oblivious to all of this information. This makes L's mission easier.
  • The Kamen Rider Club members had a strained relationship with her at first, due to her summons being based on the Western Zodiac (as their main villains are the Zodiarts). Luckily, Lucy explained the situation and now hangs out with them. It was through this friendship that she learned of "Project: Alternate Gentaro", and now she's gearing up to help stop the threat. They even taught her how to use her own version of the Rider Kick.
  • She isn't too happy at Ornstein and Smough attacking her fellow guild members because they are Dragon Slayers. She and her Celestial spirits would assist in pushing the two back.
  • Lucy and the the rest of her Fairy Tail guild had an amusing run in with Klefki. The Key Ring Pokémon stole Lucy's Celestial Spirit Gate Keys

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlesnote , Gods of Turtles (Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Heroes In a Half-Shell, Hamato Clan, Turtle Warriors. Leonardo: Leo. Raphael: Raph, Shredder. Donatello: Donny, Michelangelo: Mikey, Turtle Titan, )
some caption text

    Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat 
Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, God of Faces (Richard Blood)

    Schwarz Bruder 
Schwarz Bruder, God of Trope Pending (Kyoji Kasshu)

Rias Gremory, Goddess of Action Girlfriends (Crimson-Haired Princess of Ruin, Switch Princess, Crimson Bust Princess)
  • Theme Song: Trip -Innocent of D- (lyrics here), alternatively Crimson No Binetsu
  • Intermediate Goddess (becomes a Greater Goddess with Crimson Extinct Dragonar)
  • Symbol: A crimson king chess piece
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Foreign Fan Service Girl, Benevolent Boss, Miracle-Granting Breasts, Cool Big Sis, Chessmasters, Personof Mass Destruction, Stuff Blowing Up, Team Mom, Nice Girl, Violently Protective Girlfriends, Shrinking Breasts, Chess Motifs, recorded breast size of B99-W58-H90 cm/B39-W23-H35 in., Second Love to Issei
  • Domains: Heroes, Devils, Chess, Love, Lust
  • Herald: Sirzechs Lucifer, her older brother and one of the Four Great Satans, he is allowed free reign in the Pantheon whenever asked.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Anyone that dares to harm her peerage, especially Issei, as well as anyone who harms her friends. More precisely: Ornstein and Smough, Melona, Shinnok, Quan Chi, Zobek, Yuuki Terumi, Acnologia, Mard Geer Tartaros, the Yandere Squad (especially Yuno Gasai), Ryoubi, Tanya, Raynare, Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa, Gul'dan.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Vali Lucifer, Panty Anarchy, Gajeel Redfox (one-sided on Rias's part), Filia (only towards her Parasite Samson)
  • Ascended not long after Issei's own ascension as she played a pivotal role in his life by becoming his beloved "King". The fact that she willingly lets him use her breasts to power-up, to the point that she would even sacrifice her ample bosom to aid him him battle even if only as a temporary effect, only cemented her place in the house.
    • Unfortunately, this hasn't help her with every flat-chested goddess, as evidenced with the ascension of her counterpart, Ryoubi. In fact, it was the thing what broke the camel's back, as it cemented the shinobi markswoman's vitriolic hatred forwards Rias. If it wasn't for Issei, Ryoubi would probably shoot her breasts full of holes.
  • Due to Rias' willingness to sacrifice her breasts for the sake of victory and her loved one, even if only temporarily, she has earned the respect of many other goddesses, even flat-chested ones such as Noel Vermillion. Chichigami-Sama in particular respects her and her breasts, stating that the Oppai Dragon has chosen well.
  • She is in a relationship with Issei. That unfortunately caused the jealousy of the legions of Issei's fangirls, but such vitriol quickly died down because of Rias's kindness.
    • She and Issei would sometimes sneak into the House of Romance (aided by Scott Pilgrim, who is friends with Issei) to make out. The members of the House of Romance are slightly amused over this.
      • Akeno, however, would also sneak in the House of Romance to interrupt Issei and Rias's coitus. She wants to have a threesome, but while Issei really likes this idea, Rias at first did not approve of it, although later on she dealt with it and doesn't mind it anymore. Finally, after her ascension, Asia, being the Clingy Jealous Girl she is, would also snoop in and strip out of her clothes right in front of Issei.
      • Now that Rias is in the House of Love, there's no reason for them to sneak in anymore as Issei can visit her at anytime.
  • While she's friends with most of the Fairy Tail Guild, especially with Lucy Heartfilia, Rias is extremely wary of Gajeel Redfox, who's made explicitly clear that he intends to battle Issei. Unfortunately, with him being a dragonslayer, Rias holds nothing but distrust for Gajeel, as she thinks that he might kill Issei, similarly to what happened with Dragonslayer Ornstein. The metal-eating dragonslayer, on his part, has tried to calm down the busty red-head by telling her there's a snowball's chance in hell that he'll kill Issei, but Rias doesn't buy his words whatsoever: she's still scarred from the episodes with Gwyn's knight. The fact that Gajeel is on good terms with Issei's main rival, Vali Lucifer, has only made things more difficult.
  • Many gods have pointed out she sounds similar to Anarchy Panty. Rias is kind of flustered by this trivia, stating that she is nothing alike her. It doesn't help the fact that Panty often tries to lure Issei to have sex with her, either. Panty herself thinks that Rias is a bit too clingy towards Issei and that she could share him with her, even for just a one-night stand. Predictably, Rias and Panty aren't on very good terms.
    • On the other hand, though, Rias gets along just fine with Brief, who is head-over-heels for Panty. Funnily enough, he has once mistaken her for Panty due to their voice similarities, but Rias took it in good spirit.
  • Has gained the respect of Hungary for going to great lengths to protect her loved Issei. That unfortunately also made her a target of Yuno Gasai, who often tries to break her by telling her they're Not So Different. Much like with Hungary, however, Rias always has the last word: she says Yuno is just plain deranged and uses Yukki as an excuse to kill those who pissed her off.
  • Hates Ornstein for continuously hunting down Issei, so much she repeatedly tries to One-Hit Kill him with her Power of Destruction. She doesn't really care about Smough in one way or another, but she made explicitly clear to him that dare he ever try to eat Issei, she'll tear him a new one. The Executioner, in response, laughed, and said he did not want to mess with Issei and the rest of the Occult Research Club in the first place, following an accident involving Koneko.
  • As with Issei, she did not take the ascension of Raynare to the Pantheon all that well.
  • Negi Springfield, who is close friends with Issei, introduced Asuna to Rias some time ago. The two girls quickly became friends and formed a partnership between the Ala Alba and the Occult Research Club called "Ala Arcana". This might have been a playing factor to the induction of the Chick Magnet Quartet, created by Issei and Negi, into the GUAG.
  • Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric are honestly baffled at how her breasts can grant miracles as it goes against the usual maxim of "Equivalent Exchange" in the most pervertedly ridiculous way imaginable. They and many other gods from the House of Magic have considered doing research on her breasts but they do not want to be accused of being breast-loving perverts. Besides, Issei is rather possessive and protective over her, so much so that not even Jiraiya nor Kenny McCormick had managed to get a proper peek at her naked form, or the rest of the ladies from the Occult Research Club either for that matter. Kyubey keeps trying, what with it having no comprehension of what humans find perverted. Despite her fearsome power, Rias actually usually hangs back and lets Issei take care of any peeping Incubators, simply because the results of Dress Break on them is a real treat to watch. The little weasel is confident it'll get close eventually: it has enough copies to keep trying as many times as it takes, and Issei has to slip up sooner or later...
  • Due to an embarrassing event involving cosplay as a magical girl, Rias is reluctant to go to the House of Magic. As such, she sympathizes with Tohsaka Rin. Things have changed, however, since Asia has ascended and got a place there.
  • Many gods expressed interest in her opinion on Lucifer. Rias has described it as 'respect and fear', and overall, she'd prefer to stay out from under his feet. She has given a stern warning to Issei and the rest of her underlings to do the same: when Issei asked what she meant, Rias told him that when the Demi-Fiend went up against Lucifer, he barely managed to squeak out a win. Issei was shocked at the idea of an opponent that could give the Demi-Fiend trouble, and then Rias dropped the real bombshell: Lucifer was holding back during said fight. The color completely drained from Issei's face when he heard this.
    • Despite this, she has no problems with Luka, Lucifer's son, and not just for the fact it's not the same Lightbringer. She admires his desire for coexistence between humans and monsters and his dedication to what's right. As such, she has decided to help him try and get his wife Alice to ascend.
  • After learning from Asia that Shinnok is planning to steal Issei's Boosted Gear to gain its powers and make him the only God of Amplifier Artifacts, Rias did not take it lightly and is starting to really hate him much like with Ornstein.

Go Mifune, God of Awesome Cars (Speed Racer)
  • Theme Music: This and its English version
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Mach 5
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Steven Ulysses Perhero, Those Who Are Crazy-Prepared, So Bad, It's Good Adaptations, Car Fu
  • Domains: Competition, Racing, Pure Speed
  • Allies: Herbie, Astro Boy, Batman, Dominic Toretto, Shinnosuke Tomari
  • Enemies: Lex Luthor
  • Friendly Rivalry: Mario
  • Followers: The race cars from Future GPX Cyber Formula, etc.
  • Go Mifune is the owner of the Mach 5 aka Mach Go, a super race car created by his father, Daisuke Mifune. While the Mach 5 does have a cool design, it's what it can do that makes it shine. With a press of a the eight buttons on his steering wheel, Go can deploy a special feature of the car like buss saws to cut through obstacles, jacks to jump over cliffs, and a button to drive underwater.
  • Go goes by the name of either Go Mifune or Speed Racer. The latter is mostly use by the Japanese deities while the former is use by the western deities. Though, Speed is ok with either name.
  • Can actually handle himself in a fight as he has roughed up some mooks with his father.
  • Compare to most other anime deities with a Hollywood film adaptation, his is actually well regarded by many of his fans. It might be cause it actually looks like its source material.

Snowflame, God of Power By Addiction
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A white flame (alternatively, lines of powdered cocaine spelling out his name).
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Crazy Awesome Villains, Powered by Cocaine, Ensemble Dark Horse, One-Scene Wonder, Rooting for the Empire, A God Am I, Misaimed Fandom.
  • Domains: Cocaine.
  • Allies: Tony Montana
  • Enemies: Many of the DC heroes, CM Punk, Nicholas St. North
  • HE IS A MAN! (* punch* )
  • Being literally powered by drugs, Snowflame gain immense strength and the ability to shoot white flames after inhale cocaine.
  • Is in possession out of an entire hill made out of pure cocaine as well as an entire farm of coke in his domain.
  • Whenever there is a party at the Pantheon, many party-goers will flock to Snowflame for his newest shipment.
  • Has a tendency to run outside whenever it is snowing, since he mistakes it for cocaine.
  • Depite being the God of Cocaine, he claims that cocaine is HIS God.

Iago, God of Jealousy (Honest Iago)

Animal, God Of Drummers
Freddie Mercury has invited him for a performance of "Bohemian Rhapsody", though not necessarily with Animal singing.

    Yukari Tanizaki 
Yukari Tanizaki, Goddess of Bad Drivers (Yukari-sensei)

    Renton Thurston and Eureka 
Renton Thurston and Eureka, God and Goddess of Sky Surfing

    Batty Koda 
Batty Koda, God of Bats and Victim of Science (no relation to the Goddamned Bats)

Anyone burned at the stake.

Saint Jeanne d'Arc, Patron Saint of the Inspiring Women Leaders (Joan of Arc, Ruler, Holy Hour Dragon Knight, Maid of Orleans, Dragon Witch, Tart, Avenger)
  • Theme Song: Jeanne d'Arc Theme alternatively Joan or Saint of Salvation
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Banner
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Never Actually Killing Someone, Not Good With Numbers or Books, Good Hearted Blonde, Lady of War Maybe, Badass Female, Child Soldier, Shining Knight, Aggresive Assualt, Taking An Arrow and Still Fighting, God's Messenger Maybe
  • Domain: Religion, War, Inspiration, Faith
  • Allies: Arturia Pendragon, Astolfo, Sophitia Alexandra, Usagi Tsukino, the Puella Magi, Lightning, Xenovia Quarta, Irina Shidou, Asia Argento, Aragorn, Erza Scarlet, Clark Kent, Optimus Prime, Mata Nui, Purist Thunderwrath, Cayden Cailean, Bill and Ted
  • Enemies: Charles zi Britannia, Kyubey, Frollo
  • Teeth Clenched Team Work: Alexander Anderson
  • Rival: C.C.
  • Mentor To: Jaune Arc
  • Oppose: William Shakespeare
  • Follower: Quorra, Saskia
  • Raised as a simple farmer's daughter, Jeanne supposedly heard the voice of God to defend France against England. Heeding that voice, Jeanne joined the French army at a young age, leading the front as their flag bearer. Never once wavering in battle as she led her men to victory even when she was shot by two arrows in one of her battles, she was an inspiration to her troops. Unfortunately, Jeanne was finally captured, tried as a witch, and burned at the stake. It wouldn't be until years later that the ruling would be overturned and she be recognized as a Saint. Afterwards, because of her deeds, it inspired a specific type of character of a young woman who goes into battle for either her country, faith, or ideals and who is trying to liberate her people of oppression, becoming the Trope Namer and codifier of the Jeanne d'Archétype itself.
  • As mentioned before, Jeanne's claim of hearing God's voice is met with suspicion by many of the other deities. Some believe she's just mentally ill and those voices were only in her head. Whatever the case, all still agree that Joan is still a capable fighter and garners nothing but respect.
    • Others believe that God's Voice was actually Kyubey himself who gave Jeanne her power and made her a Puella Magi. Jeanne denies such a claim that her powers would come from a cosmic weasel like him and has nothing but contempt for him because of his manipulation of young girls to become magical girls and in turn becoming witches.
    • Recent discovers however has revealed that there is an alternate version of Jeanne who became a magical girl due to a contract with a creature named Cube. More so, this version of Jeanne learns that she will eventually become a witch early on and excepts the fact without falling into despair. Jeanne decided to follow closely into this new discover, though she already knows what the conclusion will eventually be.
  • Astolfo was the first to welcome Jeanne in the Pantheon, giving her a hug. While Jeanne was happy to see the youthful paladin, a part of her feels envious that he has more followers then she. Jeanne has been considering wearing a bikini to attract more followers.
    • Alternatively, she's been spreading her legend to many of the Japanese Deities who are willing to listen to her.
  • Was stunned when she first met Arturia Pendragon. Not only for their faces looking quite similar or that the two sound the same, but also living somewhat identical lives. It was a surprise to the French woman that she would find an ally in an English woman.
    • She also found more women like her in Sophitia Alexandria and Lightning, who to were compelled by God to save the world. She was also impressed with Erza Scarlet's own backstory of leading her fellow slaves for freedom, which had plenty of parallels to her own life.
  • Jeanne heard that there was a male who shared her name, and found that person in Jaune Arc. She couldn't help by smile at the young man's dedication to be a genuine hero, and so decided to help the young lad with training along with his teammate Pyrrha.
  • Amazingly enough, Jeanne has zero proficiently in riding. This is despite her legend making her qualify for the Saber class, who are well known to be great riders. Lightning is trying to fix that by having her ride some of the Chocobos. Let's say the experience is comical at best.
    • She is also known to be mathematically challenged and illiterate. The latter was even used against her in her witch trial. She has since enlisted the help of many of ascended teachers of the Pantheon (and thus enrolling in the [[meh Elysium Academy]]) to teach her math and reading.
  • While Jeanne is well known to have never killed a person in battle, that doesn't mean she wouldn't order an entire town to be massacred if they didn't surrender to her army. This fact was a shock to many Gods, as they had never heard that part of her legend.
  • Was shown to have the ability to summon knight type dragons. Despite this ability, she would kindly ask others not to refer to her as the Dragon Witch.
  • There has been rumors that Jeanne actually posessed a mystic gauntlet that she used to fight evil demons in France. While it hasn't been confirmed, the Witchblade has responded to Jeaane's presence multiple times.
  • Absolutely hates Charles zi Britannia, reasons being that his conquering of other nations reminds her of the Englishmen who tried to conquer France. She also found his renaming any conquered people with a number degrading.
    • Incidently, Jeanne made a rival with C.C. after the former mistook her for a Jeanne d'Arc in her past that caused her to be burned at the stake.
  • Doesn't actually fight with her sword. Instead, she used her iconic banner, Luminosite Eternelle, to do battle, using it like a spear, but never spilling any blood. However, when the tide of battle is truly dire, she would use her holy sword, La Pucelle, which can emit giant flames. Those flames actually represent her burning at the cross, and once activated, Jeanne would lose her life, and would later have to be revived at the House of Life and Death.

Sayaka Miki, Patron Saint of the Shocking Revelation (Oktavia von Seckendorff)

Homura Akemi, Goddess of Retroactive Preparation (Homerun, Homu, Homuhomu, Homurika, Homulily, The Nutcracker Queen, Devil Homura, Homucifer)
Click here  to see her Devil form.


Kyoko Sakura, Goddess of Constantly Chewing on Something (Ophelia)


Mami Tomoe, High Prophet of Early Deaths (Candeloro)

Hibiki Tachibana, Tsubasa Kazanari, and Chris Yukine, Triumvirate Goddesses of Music-Empowered Techs (Hibiki: Bikkie, Tachibana, Hibike), (Chris: Zenbu), (Tsubasa: Sakimori, Setsuna))
From left to right: Hibiki, Chris, and Tsubasa
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