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Sandbox made for this ATT query, which discovered wicks to a work (Rebel Without a Cause) being misused as a trope. The removed wicks have been bolded for convenience's sake, and to avoid making wicks to the cutlisted redirect. Otherwise, formatting and coding have been left as-is, aside from the removal of comment markup.

Main.Celestial Bureaucracy

  • "Alleluia" by Dar Williams tells the story of a dead Rebel Without A Cause who feels out of place in Heaven, which is sort of like a school or community center, with planned activities, etc. In the lyrics of the bridge, a "guidance-counselor"-like God says, "how could this be, that's really odd / I guess I'll have to check my records, silly me, you know, I'm only God."

Main.Positive Friend Influence

  • The plot is kicked off by Max returning to her home town to attend a private school after moving away 5 years ago, shortly after the death of her best friend Chloe's father (implied to be the reason they slowly fell out of contact). In the present, Max has become withdrawn and lacking in confidence (despite her talent as a photographer) and Chloe has become a Rebel Without A Cause; both to the point of an Ambiguous Disorder. Chloe's mother, Joyce, hopes that Max will be able to invoke this trope, although it ends up being mutual (Chloe helps Max be more outgoing; Max helps rein Chloe in and gives her emotional support).


Characters.Chicago By Night

  • Rebel Without A Cause: Gengis exists solely to be a rebel for the sake of rebelling.

Characters.Dont Hug Me Im Scared

  • Rebellious Spirit: Subverted. At first he seems like the typical Rebel Without A Cause bad boy, but in reality, he wants nothing to do with breaking the rules and only wants to drink fizzy milk.

Characters.Life Is Strange

  • With Chloe. While at first, she comes across as the sensible friend (to the point where Joyce hopes that having Max back in her life might reign Chloe in a bit), she's quite annoyed and cynical towards authority figures (but doesn't really try to oppose them), finds Chloe's punk look cool and likes Rachel's outfit when she wears it (with the implication in the second chapter that she just doesn't like taking risks with her wardrobe) and happily goes along with various risky or outright illegal activities when she's given the chance (most notably in episode 3 not only does she break into school, but she abuses her powers so she can blow up a door with a pipe bomb, joins Chloe in sneaking into the pool and potentially goes along with stealing a large amount of moneynote ). In short, she has exactly the same Rebel Without A Cause streak, just with less motivation to act on it.
  • Throughout Episodes 1-3 in the original and in Before the Storm, it is mentioned several times that Chloe's rage against everything in general and Rebel Without A Cause attitude is causing her to squander her talents. Even her student file, which shows an abysmal performance, comments that she could do better if only she cared more about schoolwork and less about raving and getting high. Seems to be confirmed by Episode 4, as the Chloe of the alternate timeline has a perfect 4.0 GPA and is considered a "student leader despite her significant difficulties". Of course, when you're paralyzed from the neck down, there might not be much more to do than study...
  • Took a Level in Badass: With her being a Rebel Without A Cause, she acts tough around everyone she's connected into.

Characters.Mythril Aces Original

  • Rebel Without A Cause: Maybe?


  • Rebel Without A Cause: First appears as this, since she acts like her reasons for rebelling against Renge are to get some pretty dresses and jewelry and stop the aging in Oz again so as not to get wrinkles. Then subverted, as it turns out that the current situation has actually massively changed her life for the worse, and she's not out for superficial booty but for an end of the threat the poppies are to the people.

Characters.Sleeper Cell

  • Rebel Without A Cause: Used to be one. Now he's found a cause.

Characters.The Other Side Of The Spectrum Equus Prime

  • Rebel Without A Cause: He doesn't seem very hostile towards mankind, yet nor does he give off the impression of being so aware of the situation as a whole.

Characters.The Stormlight Archive Alethkar

  • Rebel Without A Cause: Shallan's brief encounter with him in Shadesmar reveals that he has fun being a rebel and really doesn't want to be in charge. He obeys orders, but he adds his own "flair."

Characters.Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Main Protagonists

  • Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life: After her family died she decided to hide her nature as a Blade and went on searching for a reason to live. This led her to join Torna as a Rebel Without A Cause. It is only after adventuring with Rex and his optimism that she decides her purpose is to accept her nature as a Blade and protect those she loves.

Characters.Zeno Clash

  • Rebel Without A Cause: A rebellious anarchist in a society that has already achieved more or less full anarchy. When the second game comes around and he has a cause to fight for and a person to fight against, he suddenly becomes a lot more mentally stable.

Roleplay.Survival Of The Fittest Mini

  • Rebel Without A Cause: Mina Mashall, the disgraced daughter of an officer who turned to petty crime and acting out after she got in trouble and caused her father to be passed up for a promotion within the government. She shoplifts, vandalizes, and gets in fights for no real reason other than being angry with the system, and is aware that she's only make her own situation worse by doing so.

Literature.Mediochre Q Seth Series

  • Rebel Without A Cause: Mediochre seems to dislike authority in general. Probably because it questions his dominance.


  • Rebel Without A Cause: Paul III and his pals jump into a student demonstration and fight with riot police during a drug-induced stupor.

WesternAnimation.God The Devil And Bob

  • Rebel Without A Cause: Megan will whine about the family not spending enough time together and then complain when she has to spend time with them; Rebelling for it's own sake.

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