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    God Template 
  • House:
  • Rank:
  • Symbol:
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:

Adoption/Restoration drafts

    Homestuck Kids 
Homestuck Kidsmembers , Deities Who Went On A World-Creating Journey (Dave, Jade, John and, Rose: Beta Kids, Heroes; Dirk, Jake, Jane and Roxy: Alpha Kids, Nobles; Dave: turntechGodhead, Knight of Time, Elizabeth, Insufferable Prick; Dirk: timaeusTestified, Prince of Heart; Jade: gardenGnostic, Witch of Space, Farmstink Buttlass; Jane: gutsyGumshoe, Maid of Life, Barnstench Fartface, Janey; Jake: golgothasTerror, Page of Hope, J, Barfbreath Turdsmirk; John: ectoBiologist, ghostlyTrickster, Heir of Breath, Zoosmell Pooplord; Rose: tentacleTherapist, Seer of Light, Flighty Broad; Roxy: tipsyGnostalgic, Rogue of Void, Rolal)
Clockwise from topleft: John, Rose, Dave, Jade, Jane, Dirk, Roxy and Jake.Click here to see them as God Tiers. 

    Joseph Wilson/Jericho 
Joseph Wilson, God of Hand Signals (Jericho, Joey, Joe, Kane Wolfman)
  • Adopted from: Tropers/yugi195
  • House: Language (House of Quirks)
  • Rank: Lesser God by default, but rank can change depending on who he's possessing.
  • Symbol: His Green Eyes and his Hotblooded Sideburns.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (can lean towards Evil due to his disorder)
  • Portfolio: Body Surf, The Casanova, Technical Pacifist, Eye Scream, Cute Mute, Being the White Sheep of his family (usually), Having Dissociative Identity Disorder
  • Domains: Hand signs, Muteness, Possession
  • Allies: Victor Stone/Cyborg, Koriand'r/Starfire, Richard Grayson/Nightwing, Alice Liddell/Kingsleigh, Rachel Alucard, Dr. Frasier Crane, Father Karras and Father Merrin, Lars Alexandersson, Danny Fenton, Shouya Ishida and Shoko Nishimiya
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Garfield Logan/Beast Boy
  • Just Friends with: Rachel Roth/Raven
  • Enemies: Trigon the Terrible, Orochimaru and Dante, Dr. Angus Bumby, Pazuzu, The Child Abuse Supporters, SCP-682, Dark Danny
  • Biological/Complicated Relationship with: Slade Wilson/Deathstroke
  • Distrusted by: Bruce Wayne/Batman, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
  • Odd Friendship: Jay and Silent Bob
  • Annoyed by: Wade Wilson/Deadpool
  • Respects: Luke Skywalker
  • Pitied By: All deities who enjoy singing, especially Itsuki Inubouzaki.
  • Pities: Harvey Dent, Smeagol, Jin Kazama
  • Opposes: All Blood Knights, the houses of War, Weapons, and Slaughter in general.
  • Fears: The Weeping Angels, Ghatanothoa
  • Conflicting Opinion: Jason Todd/Red Hood
  • Joseph Wilson is the son of assassin Slade Wilson/Deathstroke. When he was a child one of his father's enemies took him hostage and threatened to cut his throat. While Deathstroke hit first, the blade did enough damage to ruin his vocal cords...and this led to the disintegration of his parent's marriage. He would end up joining the Teen Titans to stop his estranged father.
  • When Joseph ascended, he had difficulty communicating with others. Although he has an app on his phone that allows him to vocalize his thoughts, he still prefers to use his sign language to converse with others. It wasn't long before he met Jay and Silent Bob. Jay is a master of deciphering nonverbal communication, so he had no problem translating Joseph's sign language. As a result, Joseph spends a fair amount of time with them.
  • Kept his presence in the pantheon a secret for some time, as he was ashamed of his fairly frequent Face-Heel Turns. Eventually, he came out of hiding to assist his former teammates in a fight against his father, Deathstroke. At this point he expected his allies to abandon him, but they told him they harbored no ill-will towards him, due to the fact that his betrayals were more the fault of his mental illness then himself.
  • Speaking of his father, while Joseph's relationship with Slade is far from ideal, they do still love each other, albeit in a somewhat twisted way on both ends. Joseph is more than willing to help the heroes defeat his father when the need arises but still yearns for Slade's approval. Slade, meanwhile, will hunt you down to the ends of the earth if you hurt his son. Of course, one of the few things they agree on unequivocally is that Wade Wilson/Deadpool is extremely annoying and they don't like the comparison he has to Deathstroke.
    • To put it short, his family has issues. Not as bad as the Heihachi family, but still. And like Lars, he's the White Sheep of the group.Naturally he has zero respect for the Child Abuse Supporters.
  • Can possess anyone who he shares eye contact with (even if the eye is artificial, like Cyborg's robotic eye). If his eyes are damaged or destroyed he can regenerate them, with his sight impaired, but his power intact. When possessing someone, he can use any power they have access to, with the sole exception of their speech (unless the subject is asleep, in which case he can speak through them, but is limited by their vocabulary and any speech impediments they may have. If they wake up, then he can no longer speak through them). He cannot possess animals, and has a considerably hard time possessing aliens, no matter how similar they may be to humans (like Superman).
    • However, reckless use of this power over the years has led to a harsh price, as "echoes" of the personalities of people he's possessed in the past have lingered within his psyche, slowly but surely warping his mind and giving him a severe form of Dissociative Personality Disorder. At its worst, it can make him take on a completely different personality and alignment. It also gives him migraines and suicidal thoughts.
    • Has a hatred of Orochimaru and Dante due to the fact that they use similar powers to his to steal the bodies of others for evil purposes. He also has a hatred of Pazuzu due to being a demon that possesses people, as it reminds him too much of the time he got possessed by the evil spirits of Azarath; something so dire his own father was forced to kill him.
    • Despite the limitation, The SCP Foundation attempted to get him to hijack SCP-682. It didn't work at all. Surprisingly he managed to pull it off on a Weeping Angel, only to immediately come out screaming from what he saw. When asked if he could try on Ghatanathoa Joseph 'noped right the fuck out because of what happens if you so much as look at it.
  • He's well aware that possession is often seen as an evil power, but unless something out of his control messes with his psyche Jericho is wholly on the side of good. Danny is another heroic god who just happens to be able to "overshadow" others, and while he has a much more stable family life that doesn't mean he's not going to sympathize with Jericho's situation. Both enjoy being heroes and both have had to face against their inner evil, though Danny's takes a different form.
  • Used to be a talented singer before he lost his voice. This has garnered sympathy for him from many deities who enjoy singing, either as a hobby or a living. Itsuki is a notable example, as not only does she like to sing, but she also knows what it's like to be in that exact situation, even if she did eventually gain her voice back. Still, he is a talented musician, especially with a guitar, so he spends a lot of time in the house of Music.
  • Used to be in a relationship with Raven, but an incident with her demonic side caused him to go absolutely nuts. To prevent a repeat, they've decided to remain Just Friends for the time being. This hasn't stopped him from developing a Friendly Rivalry with Raven's other Romantic Interest, Beast Boy. He finds it difficult to reconcile the Robin he knew on the Teen Titans with his current identity, Jason Todd/Red Hood. He disapproves of the violent methods that he has developed.
  • Joseph may rely on sign language, but that doesn't stop him from getting the ladies and being someone the Persons of Desire sub-house approve of. Post-Flashpoint he's pansexual. Jack Harkness likes his charming nature and good heart. Though neither is willing to do it, Harkness wonders what might happen to him if Joseph possesses him and Jack gets killed only for his Resurrective Immortality to take effect.
  • His time in the House of Love led him to meet and strike up a friendship with Shouya Ishida and Shoko Nishimiya. Like Jericho, Shouko has speech difficulty and resorts to using hand signals for communication. Shouya was initially a vicious bully to Shouko until he himself became a victim to bullying, so he also learnt sign language to properly communicate with and reconcile with her. He's proud that Shouya grew out of it and became a supportive boyfriend. They in turn are happy to learn how he managed to generally break himself out of his toxic family issues.
  • Has a high amount of respect for Luke Skywalker due to his being able to redeem his Archnemesis Dad, a feat he dreams of one day replicating. For what it's worth Slade is more of an Anti-Hero nowadays, and rarely approaches the nastiness he did in the 2003 show. Anakin Skywalker approves of the two being friendly with one another.
  • While most of his allies will vouch for his trustworthiness, Batman and Green Arrow are hesitant to trust him. Batman due to his association with Deathstroke. Green Arrow because a version of him he met was a ruthless and sadistic person. Green Lantern doesn't particularly like him because Jericho once possessed him in order to fight the Justice League. It was only because of Hal's incredible willpower that he was able to force him out.
  • Due to being a Technical Pacifist, Joseph has high disapproval of violence in general and has come into conflict with various Blood Knights and some of the deities in the Houses of War and Weapons over these beliefs. He also hates the House of Slaughter, but then again, who doesn't?
  • Hoped to enlist the help of Dr. Frasier Crane to help treat his mental illnesses. This plan almost went terribly awry when Dr. Angus Bumby caught wind of it and impersonated Dr. Crane in the hopes of using his position to break Jericho and gain control over him. It was only through the timely intervention of Alice Liddell and Rachel Alucard that this plan was foiled. In gratitude to them, Jericho is now a fairly regular guest at many of their tea parties.
    • Afterward, he was introduced to the real Dr. Crane, and they have been having regular treatment sessions since. The effects of the sessions so far have been encouraging, but due to the extraordinary nature of his illnesses, it is not known how effective they will be in the long-term.
    • This has given him compassion for Harvey Dent and Smeagol, as he also has a very severe form of the disorder.

    Thomas Elliot/Hush 
Thomas Elliot, God of Surgical Impersonation (Hush, Tommy)
Click here  for his natural appearance.
Click here  for one of his Bruce Wayne impersonations.

    The Pink Elephants 
The Pink Elephants, Gods of Alcohol-Induced Hallucinations and Trippy Out-of-Context Scenes (Technicolor Pachyderms)
  • Adopted from: Perfect Balance
  • House: Alcohol (House of Food)
  • Rank: As mere Hallucinations, Quasideities, but as real beings, they may be closer to Greater Gods
  • Symbol: The head of a Pink Elephant
  • Theme Song: Pink Elephants on Parade
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Amazing Technicolor Wildlife, Pink Elephants, Capable of changing their forms on a whim, Having a name that describes them literally and figuratively, Disney Acid Sequence, Big-Lipped Alligator Moment
  • Houses: Alcohol (House of Food), Mentalism Other (House of Mentalism)
  • Domains: Music, Hallucinations, Alcohol
  • Followers: The Pink Elekks, The Beast of Bourbon, the Tequila Monster
  • Superior: Bacchus
  • Varied relationship with: The House of Alcohol
  • Allies: Pinkie Pie, Mickey Mouse, The Mad Hatter, The Cheshire Cat, Discord, Barney Gumble, the Council of Cloudcuckooland
  • Enemies: Fused Zamasu, YHVH
  • Feared by: Dumbo
  • Avoided by: Gowasu
  • Conflicted Feelings: Ganesha, Babar
  • It was a regular evening in the House of Food, when suddenly, bar patrons began to hallucinate an army of strange animals that seemed to keep shifting shape. It wasn't long before the hallucinations began to take physical form in the shape of Pink Elephants, who seemed to be solely interested in singing, dancing and freaking people out. They can be served as part-time workers in case the originals are busy with some jobs. Co-Godhood is accepted depending on the approval of the originals.
  • It should be noted that despite the fact that people should only hallucinate them while abstaining from alcohol, the Pink Elephants nonetheless target those who are drunk specifically. As such, they are often visitors to those in the House of Alcohol. Barney appreciates their visit because a pink elephant saved him from a nastier peyote-created hallucination.
  • As the god of wine, and in some cases madness, Bacchus (or Dionysus if you prefer) is the master of the Pink Elephants. He is undoubtedly responsible for them becoming real beings in the pantheon instead of mere hallucinations, and showing up when people are drunk. Their behavior various on Bacchus' mood, but are always chaotic.
  • Dumbo once saw them after drinking from a bucket of water spiked by champagne and he seems content to avoid ever seeing them again. Mickey Mouse often sees them [[Theatre/Fantasmic in his dreams]], though they're quite experimental with their craft here. For a while they embraced 80's rock into their style, but lately they've grown fond of dubstep as well.
  • They don't seem to have a temple of their own, content to just pop up and cause mayhem wherever they go. They do, however, have a fondness for the House of Music, often starting their parades there. They were more than delighted to accept a position in the Council of Cloudcuckooland if the fact that the following parade was more energetic than usual was any indication.
  • If Pinkie Pie hears them having a blast, she'll sometimes join in the fun as well. Considering that she's both pink and as wacky as they tend to be, they often allow her to partake in the parade as well. The Pink Elephants seem to spend their spare time in Wonderland when they're not wreaking mayhem, since the world's madness lines up with their brand of mischief.
  • Both Ganesha and Babar don't quite know what to make of them. They've both attempted to start conversations with them, but the Pink Elephants weren't interested in conversation, preferring instead to continue their antics. To this day, it's unclear if they're incapable of speech or just aren't interested in conversation.
  • As a master of Chaos Magic, Discord has grown fond of the sentient hallucinations and is more than delighted to party with them in his spare time. By contrast YHVH loathes them for being inherently chaotic beings. While even He did not concern himself with alcohol, He is now encouraging temperance to deprive them of a source.
  • Zamasu was visited by the Pink Elephants after drunkenly celebrating from the fact he can count his friends on more than one handnote , and panicked. Apparently he thought that the God of Destruction he killed, Rumsshi, had come back to haunt him with friends of his. Gowasu tends to avoid drinking because Rumsshi is rather unpleasant and he'd rather avoid another pink elephant in his life to deal with.

    Candace Flynn 
Candace Gertrude Flynn, Goddess of Losing The Evidence While Collecting Witnesses

    Wilbur Whateley 
Wilbur Whateley, God of Humanoid Abominations
His human form as depicted in the 1970 movie
His true form as he appears in Russel's Guide
  • Adopted from: Excessive Menace
  • House: Humanoids (House of Otherness)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His journal
  • Theme Song: The Dunwich Horror 1970 OST
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Literal Humanoid Abomination (Potentially With His Grandfather As The "Vessel"), Seeks To Bring His Father To End Life On Earth, Uncanny Valley, Younger Than They Look, Psychopathic Manchild, Cared For His Grandfather, Eyes On His Hips, Hillbilly Horrors, To Create a Playground for Evil
  • Domains: Eldritch Beings, Hybrids, Humanoids, Doomsayers
  • Interested in: The Flying Spaghetti Monster, Hermaeus Mora, Abigail Williams
  • Allies: Yog-Sothoth (his father) and presumably Cthulhu (technically his uncle), The Bakers
  • Rivals: Damien Thorn (more on Wilbur's end)
  • Enemies: Clara Oswald, The Doctor, his father's enemies in general, The SCP Foundation, The House of Canines
  • Evil Counterpart to: Leah (Diablo)
  • Annoyed by: Eric Cartman
  • The town of Dunwich, Massachusetts was thoroughly unremarkable until Wilbur Whateley is born. A strange, goatish-looking man, he displays unnaturally rapid physical and mental development, dogs hate him and he comes off as uncanny. While his mother never states who the father is, Whateley is actually the spawn of Yog-Sothoth itself and on his grandfather's orders seeks to bring the Earth to his father. His true form is monstrous, and seeks to help his even more monstrous brother, the titular Horror, to do so.
  • Could be considered an archetype of The Anti-Christ, something Damien noticed. Damien seeks the victory of evil and desolation of mankind, Wilbur seeks to move the Earth to the realm of his father, so they are of different minds in what their desired apocalypse would be. He wasn't too impressed with the Psychopathic Manchild, however Wilbur shot back at him due to his allegiance;
  • Was conditioned by his grandfather, who some theorize may have been used as Yog-Sothoth's vessel to impregnate his mother, to fulfill his desire to see Yog-Sothoth destroy the world. In some ways he's similar to Leah, being raised by their parental figure for an apocalyptic purpose. The different is that she ultimately had free will while Wilbur is consigned to his mission and to aid his twin. He appears too childish to get her resistance.
  • Though they oppose his actions, a number of Anti-Anti Christs like Hellboy have sympathy for him as he is ultimately a pawn in his grandfather's goals, instead of being willingly malicious like Damien Thorn. Rosemary Woodhouse pities what his mother must've went through, given her own ordeal.
  • Wilbur Whateley was overjoyed to learn of his father's presence in the pantheon, however it is unknown what the Outer Gods' thoughts are on his plan. Well, more of Old Man Whateley's plan to be honest. Some wonder why and how a being transcending space-time would mate with humans. Some believe he did so as the Great Intelligence through the Dr Simeon avatar. Whateley hates Clara for foiling the Great Intelligence's attempt to turn the Doctor's victories into defeats.
  • Trying to find acknowledgement for his role, Wilbur Whateley located his nephew Cthulhunote . For the time Cthulhu accepts his plans, as they align with Yog-Sothoth. Wilbur was disheartened to learn that Eric Cartman managed to make him work for him by being cute, as he finds the Jerkass to be really annoying.
  • He was ever interested in Abigail Williams due to her connection with Yog-Sothoth, or Sut-Typhon as the Master of Chaldea has called him. She is the Vessel of his father, although it's not exactly something she desires. The SCP Foundation wants to cut their interactions to a minimum for obvious reasons, lest he might suggest she fully embrace his father's will.
  • Before meeting his father in person, Wilbur Whateley mistook Hermaeus Mora for Yog-Sothoth. The Daedric Prince gets the confusion and they share similar traits like existing outside of linear time and possessing vast amounts of knowledge often sought out by mortals and cultists. He remains intrigued by Mora. Wilbur is also intrigued by the Flying Spaghetti Monster, thinking he is some sort of pasta-based Outer God.
  • Dunwich is a rundown, degenerate hamlet in the middle of nowhere. And the Whateley's exemplify this. For this reason Wilbur Whateley gets along well with the Bakers. Joe Baker was very worried about his family because of this, though given Wilbur is ultimately a pawn in his grandfather's posthumous goals he does feel sorry for him. He fears that Lucas might exploit him into becoming something worse, not helped by Wilbur being 15 years old despite looking in his 30s.
  • Really doesn't like dogs, and wasn't happy to learn of the House of Canines. Dogs never liked him, but despite how inhuman he is a single guard dog laid the killing blow and Wilbur's rather salty over that. After he died he disintegrated into a sticky white mass, his blood being a green-yellow ichor.

    Tulzscha and Aphoom-Zhah 
Tulzscha and Aphoom-Zhah, Co-Deities of Cold Flames (The Green Flame (Tulzscha), the Cold Flame, Lord of the Pole (Aphoom-Zhah))
Tulzscha summoned through Human Sacrifice
  • Adopted from: Tropers/nightelf37
  • House: Fire and Heat (House of Nature)
  • Outer God and Great Old One (equivalent to an Overdeity and Intermediate Deity respectively)
  • Symbol: Its own green and grey flame
  • Theme Song: Tulzscha (Full Demo) and Aphoom-Zhah (Novii Vavilon) respectively
  • Alignment: Deep And Light Blue
  • Portfolio: Eldritch Abomination, Technicolor Fire That's Cold
  • Domains: Fire, Cold, Otherness, Cosmic Beings
  • Interests: Flame Princess, the House of Ice & Cold (both), The Lich, Pugna (Tulzscha)
  • Interested in: The House of Music (Tulzscha)
  • Varying relationship with: Cryogonal (Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with Tulzscha, allies with Aphoom-Zhah)
  • Additional relationship with: Azathoth (Tulzscha's superior)
  • High Priest: Gerald Tarrant
  • Allies: Kaldr
  • The Friend That Nobody Likes to: Their own house (both)
  • On speaking terms with: Regice (both), Olaf (Aphoom-Zhah)
  • Rivals: Brand, Surtr, SCP-457 (both)
  • Enemies: The Auditors of Reality, those who might try to extinguish it, Aerys II Targaryen, Ragnaros the Firelord, Kthanid
  • Opposes: The SCP Foundation
  • Opposed by: Stannis Baratheon and Davos Seaworth (Tulzscha), Arctic deities like both Santas (Aphoom-Zhah)
  • Fire is hot, isn't that? That's just common sense. Sometimes, however, it doesn't need much to be set alight. And with these obscure Lovecraftian beings, they makes the area cooler. Manifesting as a green and grey flame, the Outer God Tulzscha and Great Old One Aphoom-Zhah cause things to be the colder. The former radiates a clammy noxious coldness, the latter freezes instead of burns whatever it touches. If you think that's a violation of physics, you haven't seen the half of it.
  • Applies to both
    • These eerie beings are disliked by their own house, and the fact that Tulzscha's Outer God status makes it the strongest member of the house only adds to their frustration. Ragnaros takes personal offense at them and finds the idea of Cold Flames to be blasphemous. Aerys, being the Pyromaniac he was, is enraged by a cold-spreading fire existing. Especially Tulzscha, who he initially mistook for embodying wildfire due to being green.
    • This baleful flame makes them competition with those who wish to spread and burn the whole world down, something they likely regard as reckless. However not everyone in their house has disdain for them or finds them to be rivals. Flame Princess, being the Elemental Embodiment of fire, is fascinated by these flames who emit cold and wishes to both study them and have the Fire Kingdom be on good terms with them.
    • Both are more welcome in the House of Ice and Cold. Kaldr considers the two particularly useful in spreading cold, and the fact they are living flame is gloriously ironic for him. Regice isn't interested in being an ally, but does find their coldness promising. After all, the Golem is so cold that air starts to condense around its body.
    • The SCP Foundation is interested in them, what with their inexplicable and anomalous nature. They'd rather they just bug off, though they seem interested themselves in anomalies like SCP-009, an ice which has inverted temperature qualities to water. The Auditors of Reality take a more serious stance in wanting to blot these flames out, as they make their job harder in classifying things when there's a flame that behaves in the opposite way they're supposed to.
  • Applies to Tulzscha
    • An Outer God, the Green Flame isn't too proactive, mainly acting as one of the courtiers and musicians in Azathoth's court. Though it consorts with the House of Music for the purposes of keeping the Blind Idiot asleep, the music is unlikely to be pleasant to human ears. He considers Dream to be very important in making sure that Azathoth still slumbers.
    • Has a literal Sickly Green Glow, radiating a clammy flame of lower temperature that poisons. While both Stannis and Davos don't have a reason to outright oppose the Green Flame(and it'd be suicide to go after an Outer God), they dislike Tulzscha because he reminds them of the wildfire that devastated them during their siege on King's Landing. Especially Davos, who lost family to it. Pugna had an interest in this, but Tulzscha couldn't care what he thinks.
    • Tulzcha may be more of a poison or radiation elemental that happens to take the form of a flame, rather than a simple fire elemental. With adjectives like "noxious" and "venomous" often attached to descriptions of the being, its manifestations in the House of Toxicity aren't too surprising. Hexxus certainly seems to like him as a sort of pollutant, but he likely doesn't fully comprehend what the Green Flame is. The Lich seems to, but takes more of a scholarly interest in him and has been muttering about the Almighty Idiot he sings to. The interest is derived from his own Sickly Green Glow and connection to radiation.
  • Applies to Aphoom-Zhah
    • The eerie Aphoom-Zhah is the scion of Cthuga, a Great Old One manifesting as a giant fireball. Unlike Aphoom-Zhah, Cthuga is a more typical form of flame. This makes him technically the son of Cuuko, who was surprised she even had a kid but has taken in Aphoom-Zhah with warmth. The Pale Flame has searched for the House of Vampires as his parent's servitors are known as Fire Vampires, but they consider them way too bizarre to count.
    • Freezing on touch, he is more at home in the House of Ice and Cold than anywhere else, even more so than Tulzscha as it doesn't seem poisonous. While Cryogonal found Tulzscha a bit noxious, the Pale Flame strengthens it. Olaf is naturally wary of the Eldritch Abomination, but otherwise appreciates being in his presence.
    • Briefly visited the planet Yaksh. Some time in the 29th century or beyond he chose to visit the planet again, now under the name of Neptune, only to be shot at by Robot Santa Claus for violating his air space. Usually Aphoom-Zhah dwells in the Arctic Circle, which has got a number of deities who live there on edge. Though its intentions aren't malevolent and it runs on Blue-and-Orange Morality, both Santas have warned it not to start something.

    Robert Reynolds/The Sentry 
Robert Reynolds, Great Herald of The Man of Steel (The Sentry, The Ancient Mariner, Blue Buffoon, The Bullet, Golden Boy, Golden Guardian, Golden Guardian of Good, Golden Man, Golden One, Groovy Guardian of Good, Insect Man, John 'Johnny' Victor Williams, Shadow Man, Silver Sentry (Robert), Angel of Death, The Chosen One, The Many-Angled One, Shadow Man, Worldbreaker (The Void)
The Sentry.
Click here  for Robert Reynolds
Click here  for the Void
Click here  for Merged Sentry(spoilers)

    The Beyonder 
The Beyonder, God of Disillusion Towards Reality Warping (Frank, Kurami)
  • House: Power Mentalities (House of Power)
  • Adopted from: Crimson Shark
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: His face and Kirby Dots imposed on a brilliant white sphere
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: One of Marvel's most powerful Deities, Reality Warper Which he isn't Really Fond Of, Blessed With Suck, Time Abyss, Superpower Lottery, Functional Omnipotence, First Showed Up In Secret Wars
  • Domains: Reality Warping, Boredom, Understanding
  • Of interest to: The Alliance Leaders
  • Curious about: The Hadou Gods, the House of Gaming
  • Allies: Mr. Mxyzptlk, Loki, Discord, Present and Future Zen'o, SCP-239
  • On good terms with: Mercurius, The Alpha and Omega, Bruce Almighty
  • Rivals: Lord Vortech, Lord Fuse
  • Enemies: Thanos, Victor Von Doom, Darkseid, Fused Zamasu, Hajun, the Anti-Monitor
  • Opposed by: The SCP Foundation, The Living Tribunal, The Protectors of The Plot Continuum
  • Feared by: Beerus, Nobuyuki Sugou
  • The Beyonder is an enigmatic cosmic being behind the original Secret Wars. Coming from somewhere beyond the normal Marvel Multiverse, the Beyonder is almost omnipotent and created a Patchwork World to see whether the hero or villain faction was stronger. Dr Doom stole his power, and soon learned that Reality Warping Is Not a Toy when you still have a human mind. Honestly, even the Beyonder has problems with his power, though they are primarily related to the total boredom that comes with getting whatever you want.
  • A cosmic being with all the power in his own multiverse, the Beyonder's ascension has all alliances seek out his power. Given he can knock Galactus to the curb, wipe out Lady Death and immediately bring her back among other achievements, it's hard to say who in the pantheon might actually beat him without some master-level trickery. When he actually wants to help, it has mixed results.
  • The Beyonder's ascension set alarm bells ringing for the SCP Foundation, who fear the damage that the Beyonder might cause. The Beyonder is Above Good and Evil (and genuinely, not a "uses it as an excuse" like most villains) and isn't malicious, but still he has the kind of danger level as SCP-239. The Witch Child likes playing with him and reading comics, which puts them further on alert. It's theorized that he could once and for all eradicate SCP-682, but they sure as hell don't trust him enough to test that out.
  • The Protectors of the Plot Continuum are looking out for him to make sure that his power doesn't threaten the stability of the pantheon. Darkseid and Zamasu are in more severe opposition, but for malevolent reasons. The former hates the idea of the Beyonder getting in the way of his domination of all things, but he also wants to hijack his power. Perhaps he can achieve it through the Anti-Life Equation. Zamasu is livid that someone so irresponsible should hold such power. You know, like him.
  • Would kindly like to remind the Anti-Monitor he is the Original Generation of a comic book Crisis Crossover that came first. The Anti-Monitor considers the Beyonder as a threat to the omnicidal destruction of everything that is not his Antimatter Universe, and doesn't even want him as a rival because, in his own words, "he's childish and immature". The Beyonder thinks the Anti-Monitor lacks imagination. Both are of such overwhelming power not only does the latter consider talking with him(read: pissing contests) is something to do, but they can fight on an even field.
  • Wiz and Boomstick want to convince the Beyonder to organize a Death Battle royale, for the entire pantheon itself; battle simulations and their budget for when the characters are in-character willing to fight to the death aren't enough to fill their cravings. The Beyonder doesn't think he'll let them, given what happened last time.
  • The House of Gaming was intrigued by the idea of a new Battleworld. Lord Fuse did something similar, though he had a more nefarious gambit. He would love to wrestle the Beyonder for his power, and has teamed up with Lord Vortech. Given the Beyonder is almost omnipotent, they are willing to perform a Fusion Dance into Fuse-Vortech out of necessity. This intrigues the Beyonder. He is generally interested in the events of the House of Gaming as a respite from the doldrum of how powerful he is.
  • Intrigued by the two Zen'o due to their incredible power and their desire to be entertained, resulting in the Tournament of Power. The Beyonder would like to help them house a second tournament, this time with gods around the pantheon. Wiz and Boomstick complained about how he can trust the Zen'o, but not them with such an effort. Beerus is absolutely mortified by this, seeing such an uber-powerful being get along with the uber-powerful beings who he fears and is subordinate to.
  • Who holds the position of Hadou God is the most powerful being in their multiverse, and their Law is a matter of fact. It reminds the Beyonder of how he is both his own multiverse and has absolute dominion over it. So the idea of a Hadou God is intriguing to him. Well, except for Hajun, given his omnicidal desires. While the Beyonder is the only being in his reality, he is somewhat bored by the fact. Hajun not only wants to be the only being in his multiverse, but the only being in all existence period. The Beyonder asked him "wait, wouldn't that get really boring?" Hajun was too self-centered and egotistical to listen or imagine such viewpoint and regards the Beyonder as "in the way".
  • By contrast Mercurius is a lot more sympathetic to the Beyonder, even if the latter has zero interest in his goals or aiding him; his drive is wanting an end because of the boredom of his omniscience and overall divinity. The Alpha and Omega relates to his difficulty in contentment with power, though he is concerned with more responsible uses of power. The Beyonder was amused and a bit impressed by Bruce's time wielding God's power.
  • A mix of arrogance and sheer idiocy convinced Nobuyuki Sugou he could persuade the Beyonder to give him more power in exchange for some means of slaking his boredom. However the Beyonder merely scoffed at him for being an annoying. No Humiliation Conga; Sugou wasn't even worth his contempt and de-atomized him. Mr Mxyzptlk says this was a good call; nobody wants him to have an Emperor Joker moment. Instead Mxy and the Beyonder chose to hang out; the latter was thrilled to have someone of comparable power to bounce off of, the former wanted to teach the Beyonder how to have more fun and tact with his Reality Warper powers.
  • You think the Beyonder is powerful? That's after a retcon weakened him. Worse; he's a child of his race. The adult members of his race devastated the multiverse before a Cosmic Retcon revolved things. Oh, and the beings in charge of the multiverse. Dead in all realities until their resurrection after the seventh multiverse became the eighth. This includes the Living Tribunal, who had to be flat-out replaced. He has warned the Beyonder to never follow in their footsteps or all the gloves are off. It still took multiple adult Beyonders to take his predecessor down, and he isn't going to be holding anything back if he needs to get rid of the most well-known juvenile Beyonder.

    Firo Prochainezo and Ennis 
Firo Prochainezo and Ennis, Divine Couple of Eternal Love
  • Adopted from: JRads47
  • Houses: Couples Archetypes (Love) and Forms of Immortality (House of Life and Death)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Firo) and Neutral Good (Ennis)
  • Symbol: A bottle of the Elixir, with Ennis' silhouette imprinted on it
  • Portfolio: Immortal lovers, Chastity Couples, molecular regeneration, sexless marriages, Romantic Asexual
  • Domains: Love, Immortality (both), Crime, Brashness (Firo), Homunculi, Guilt (Ennis)
  • Allies: Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent, Czeslaw Meyer, Van Hohenheim and his sons, Hob Gadling, Kraft Lawrence and Holo, Mister Miracle and Big Barda
  • On good terms with: Greed (FMA), Rachel Roth/Raven (Ennis), Al Capone, Jack Harkness (Firo)
  • Enemies: Szilard Quates (Ennis' creator), Father (FMA), Tenebrae, Voldemort, Vandal Savage
  • Opposes: Zeus, Eos
  • Pities: Anakin Skywalker (Ennis)
  • Respected by: Hera
  • Disinterested in: The Lust sub-houses
  • Firo was a brash and cocky brawler who ended up becoming part of the Martillo family, and his life became even more interesting after a chance run-in with a mysterious suit-clad woman lead him spiraling unwittingly into a scramble for two wine-bottles that happen to contain the Elixir of Life. Eventually he would become immortal, and fall for the homunculus Ennis. The two have remained a couple for seventy happy years.
  • Applies to both
    • Firo and Ennis are not the only immortal couple in the pantheon(and no, we don't mean respawn immortal); Mr Miracle and Big Barda are a notable couple. Then there's Kraft and Holo, though only Holo is immortal. The group helps support romance in the House of Life and Death. The New God couple themselves can relate somewhat to Ennis' desire for freedom, given their rebellion against Darkseid.
    • Van Hohenheim sadly did not have an immortal love, and for a long time regretted his eternal life. Ironically when he was about to die, he wished he could still live on. Firo managed to convince a reluctant immortal to regain his passion, and that's something he respects. He's helping protect them from whatever villainous schemes Father might find with an immortal and homunculus.
    • Hera has a lot of respect for them due to remaining a dedicated and loving couple, as they achieved what she wishes she could've achieved with Zeus. Neither of them are fond of Zeus given what a dick he is, or Eos for the fact she kidnaps men to be her boy-toys and the time she tried to make a lover immortal ended going horribly.
    • While in love with each other, the two are asexuals and still haven't gotten as far as second base. As such, their views on the lust sub-houses is a distinct "meh". Jack, though particularly lusty immortal from a Free-Love Future, doesn't hold it against them and has wished them well on their marriage. He's glad they've enjoyed their over seventy years as immortals together.
    • Enjoying their immortality, Hob Gadling respects their love and passion for life. On the other end of things Firo and Ennis are disgusted by Voldemort, Tenebrae and Vandal Savage. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has no understanding of love and rages at "mere filthy muggles" gaining a superior form of immortality to horcruxes. And with Vandal, they hate how he harvests his descendants. Plus him and the Sith Emperor are generally utterly vile, depraved figures.
  • Applies to Firo
    • An uprising Camorrista, Firo Prochainezo grew up on the streets of Hell's Kitchen before a run in with the Camorra's primo voto. As such, he has ties to organized crime; the friendly kind. He's been seen associating with Giorno Giovanna and his gang who want to make sure the kid does well. Given they come from a similar timeframe, Al Capone wishes him well. Though not much besides that; it might just be PR.
    • As the one who absorbed Szilard, he is worried that his Ghost Memory is going to negatively change him. Horrifyingly, one of the memories Szilard has was Fermet . As such, he sometimes is seen meditating in the House of Mentalism. He has come to sympathize with Android 21, who struggles with her Hunger. Her Hunger would rather just absorb him.
    • Hates rapists because when he was young he was kidnapped by a pervert who tried to rape him, particularly the Yellow Bastard for being a pedophile and Serial Killer. Said pervert mistook him for a girl, leading Firo to resent his Dude Looks Like a Lady appearance.
  • Applies to Ennis
    • Ennis is a homunculus created by Szilard Quates. Given he could kill her immediately if she disobeyed her orders, she stayed loyal to him. She was meant to be a mindless servant until absorbing an immortal going after her master. Being an Emergent Human, she likes to discuss with Data about their developing emotions. She also gets along with Origami Tobiichi and Rei, given their stoicness and growing emotions.
    • While Firo isn't a fan of Father, Ennis has a particular distaste as his goals remind her of her own sociopathic creator's quest for a sort of total power(knowledge, for Szilard), and she looks at his apathetic parenting of his homunculi with contempt. Father disregards her as being "a disobedient child". While the loyal homunculi to Father couldn't care about Ennis, Greed has a bit of a soft spot and sympathy for her prior position.
    • Asides from Father, Ennis wants to stay the hell away from Professor Hojo, who proves even worse a father than Szilard. Interestingly she seems to pity Anakin somewhat. He didn't get it, but she explained that it's because she understands he wants to atone for his misdeeds(though more severe than her own). Also, Anakin himself may be a homunculus as it's heavily implied the Force was manipulated to immaculately conceive him by Sith alchemy...and thusly, their own downfall.

Themyscira, The Land of Women (Paradise Island)
  • Adopted from: Whirl RX
  • Alignment: Generally Lawful Neutral, with aspirations of being Good
  • Portfolio: Amazon Brigade, Amazonian Beauty, Female Only, Warrior Women, Immortality, Nobler Than Their Mythological Counterparts
  • Domains: Warriors, Battle, Feminism
  • Sacred to: Diana, Aphrodite
  • Complicated relationship with: Heracles, Ares
  • Banned entry: Men from Classical Mythology, especially Achilles and Theseus.
  • Themyscira, the birth place of Amazons and the superheroine Wonder Woman. Also known as Paradise Island, it's populated by nothing but women. Fierce women who are trained warriors. Regarded as a utopia, it is governed by Aphrodite's Law, which declared that the Amazons would be immortal as long as no man set foot on their island
  • Yes, many of the Amazons are either lesbians or bi. When it's a island made up of nothing but a single gender with urges, it's going to happen. However, there are some Amazons who are abstinence. Rumor has it they reproduce by kidnapping sailors, but this turned out to be a fake. Besides, without aging the numbers don't need to be kept up as much. The original myths simply have them find willing men as their Chosen Conception Partner, though they didn't have immortality then.
  • Notorious known to not allowing any men into their land. If a man did enter their shores, their response varies; either they do let them go or they kill them. At one point, Queen Hippolyta even banish her own daughter when she brought the Justice League to the island. Nowadays, they are more lenient to allowing men on the island. Though, only if Diana is with them or is extreme emergency. However, is one type of men they will never let in; Greeks. Namely Achilles for killing Penthesilea, and Theseus because one of their sister betrayed them for him.
  • The origin of Themyscira and its Amazons are a bit iffy. Either they are the children of Ares or were the reincarnated souls of abuse women. Another version was said to been created by Zeus to help guide men. Making things more confusing was the fake Themyscira who's Amazons were more violent and fit the classic version of them. Though, the one in here is the real Paradise Island.
  • The Amazons that inhabit it are generally nicer than their legendary counterparts, and claim that the Straw Feminist depiction in myths is historical slander because of sexist Greeks. Men from Classical Mythology claim they're lying and Took a Level in Kindness instead, and they have a tendency to be misandrist.
  • Complicating matters is Heracles. DC Comics suggested he raped the queen as part of Ares' manipulation, but he did end up feeling guilty for it and tried to make up for this. Mythology claims he was either made a Breeding Slave, or both parties were willing.
  • There are many in the Pantheon who are weary of the island and its inhabitants. This is because many know that the Amazons once attack America. Nobody wants another Amazons Attack. They're embarrassed about the incident and Linkara is quick to defend them in that didn't happen.

Snowflame, God of Power By Addiction (The Man Powered By Cocaine, White-Hot Ecstasy)
  • Note: A restoration
  • New House: Sources of Power (House of Power)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A white flame (alternatively, lines of powdered cocaine spelling out his name).
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Crazy Awesome Villains, Powered by Cocaine, Ensemble Dark Horse, One-Scene Wonder, Rooting for the Empire, A God Am I, Meant To Prove The Evils Of Drugs But Became A Beloved Villain, Returned To The DC Rebirth
  • Domains: Cocaine, Supervillains, Addiction, Being Over The Top
  • Allies: Tony Montana, Rick Sanchez, Jabba the Hutt
  • On good terms with: Officers Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski
  • Headbutting Villains with: Diavolo
  • Rivals: The Galactic Federation, Walter White
  • On speaking terms with: Linkara
  • Enemies: Many of the DC heroes, Stan Smith, CM Punk, Nicholas St. North and Santa Claus, Giorno Giovanna and his friends, Alex J Murphy/RoboCop, Clancy Wiggum
  • Opposes: The House of Ice & Cold
  • Opposed by: The House of Justice
  • Being literally powered by drugs, Snowflame gains immense strength and the ability to shoot white flames after inhaling cocaine. He's in possession out of an entire hill made out of pure cocaine as well as an entire farm of coke in his domain, and whenever there is a party at the Pantheon, many party-goers will flock to Snowflame for his newest shipment.
    • Claims he is no god, but the instrument of the true god's will; cocaine!
  • He was meant to prove that Drugs Are Bad, being a cocaine powered supervillain. However this backfired as he's seen as a crazy and badass supervillain. CIA man Stan Smith finds this outrageous and has put him on America's Most Wanted list. Snowflame thinks he's being hypocritical because of the time he got addicted to cocaine, but Stan says that's the very reason he's passionate about stopping him. Of course, the actual lesson he got from his stint with cocaine addiction was really "it's OK to accept other people's hope".
  • Rick is a regular visitor of Snowflame's parties. Sure, Rick is amoral and not evil, but he's quite the addict and loves getting blitzed with him. Learning some more about Rick got Snowflame worried about the Galactic Federation and their drug-based government; he thinks they will replace his cocaine with their drugs. Snowflame was inspired by them, however, and wants to be a cocaine drug dealer across the galaxy! Jabba the Hutt took interest of him and is helping make his dreams come true.
  • Snowflame is a regular within the House of Crime, which he feels is his true home. He is the main dealer of cocaine in the pantheon, however he is not the biggest drug in the pantheon. He'd certainly like to, and one of his main competitors is meth dealer Walter White. The man powered by cocaine makes lengthy arguments on why cocaine is a better drug than meth. The Man Who Knocks ignores him, claiming "how am I supposed to take him seriously?!"
  • Snowflame's return to the pantheon proved bothersome for the House of Justice, who thought they'd seen the last of him and his drug cartel. Unlike some drug dealers, Snowflame knows how to fight and if his men can't shoot them down he dares them to fight him man on man. Knowing this, RoboCop was sent to tackle him and managed to best and apprehend the cocaine-powered supervillain. He took this in surprising stride, jesting "well, at least you pigs know how to fight".
  • RoboCop wasn't the first officer sent up against Snowflame. Clancy Wiggum was sent first, however Snowflame knew he was an idiot so made up a lie and said "oh no, this isn't cocaine. It's sugar. For...donuts. Yes". He then bribed him with actual donuts to get off his tale. Everybody facepalmed at this. Wiggum was enraged because his idiocy was pointed out.
    • While not liked by the House of Justice, Officers Tenpenny and Pulaski have made underhanded deals to help their house not bother him as much so long as they get a cut of his profits.
  • As a proud drug dealer Giorno Giovanna and his allies oppose him out of moral reasons, to which Snowflame protests with "but cocaine is awesome, why not make money out of it!" To his credit his drug cartel hasn't been seen selling drugs to children. Snowflame is still willing to work with Diavolo to deal drugs, with his flamboyancy distracting people from seeing him, but Snowflame refuses any deal involving children. And he doesn't like how Diavolo decided to kill his daughter out of paranoia. But money's still money.
  • Has a tendency to run outside whenever it is snowing, since he mistakes it for cocaine. Of course, this is to be blamed on his addiction. He has found the Ice and Cold sub-house to be immensely disappointing.
  • When he got coal from Santa Claus because of his supervillainy, Snowflame came to an addled conclusion; how does Santa afford his enterprise? Cocaine dealing! And how does he hide it? The snow in the North Pole! He invaded the North Pole for just that, and soon whimpered back with frostbite and ass-whooping from the two Santas. He's learned his lesson enough to not try and invade Neptune's North Pole.
  • Those who don't like drug dealers and drugs as a whole oppose Snowflame, and aren't happy that he makes it look stylish. CM Punk, representing the straight edge, is one of his more vocal opponents. Snowflame's response is "I can't hear you, I'm rocking out with my favorite partner in crime; Tony Montana!" and they coated themselves in their own cocaine.
  • HE IS A MAN! (* punch* ), and often bums around in Linkara's apartment. A bit annoying, but Linkara thinks he's pretty cool and tolerates this to some extent. He ended up having a webcomic about himself where he survived his conflict with the New Guardians. At least, that's what everyone thought. Turns out he faked his death, and used to be an acquaintance of Selina Kyle before becoming an Anti-Hero. He's remodeled with a more 80s Miami Vice costume.
  • Being Addiction-Powered, one might think that he might want to work with Slaanesh. It might even explain how drugs can empower him. But when seeing the extent of She Who Thirsts?
    Snowflame: "No...just no. I wondered if there were drugs even I dare not sell. Well, now I have my answer.

    Spring Man 
Spring Man, God of Springboard-Filled Levels and Spring Coils (DWN-053, Out-Of-Ideas Man)

    Sniper Joes 
Sniper Joes, Deified Shield-Bearing Mooks
Your average Snipe Joe model
  • House: Minions and Sidekicks (House of Loyalty and Servitude)
  • Adopted from: TPPR 10
  • Demigods on average
  • Symbol: Their Sniper Shield
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Mecha-Mooks Who Carry Shields, One Of The Tougher Enemies, Cyber Cyclops, Arm Cannon, Multiple Different Varieties, Based on Proto Man's Design
  • Domains: Enemies: Shields, Eyes, Vehicles
  • Superior: Doctor Wily
  • Allies: Robot Masters loyal to Wily, The Yellow Devil, [[Pantheon The original T-800
  • Enemies: Mega Man and his allies (especially their model, Proto Man), E-123 Omega, Conrad S Hauser, Snake Eyes, the Nazi Storm Elite
  • Disrespected by: Metal Sonic
  • Sniper Joes are humanoid robots based upon Proto Man's design, created for the purpose of amassable robots. When Doctor Wily started his quest for world conquest, he repurposed them to be the backbone of his army. They have many different forms, but almost always tend to utilize a shield to defend themselves. They serve as one of the most common Mecha-Mooks of the doctor.
  • Their mass production makes them an easy tool for the Grand United Alliance of Evil and Grand United Alliance of Machines, to which Dr Wily has made a lot of cash in selling them to both sides. Though the Sentinels hold the official positon of Mecha-Mooks, the GUAE finds Sniper Joes more reliable as they are far less likely to turn on the user, even if they are weaker as a whole. Wily is pleased that people choose his models over them.
  • Unlike the Robot Masters their A.I is simple and they serve as mere soldiers, which make them ideal Cannon Fodder for the GUAM. SKYNET regards them as inferior to even the T-600 Terminator model, however unlike other models they have no way to rebel. As such, the malevolent A.I has decided to make them support units to the T-800 loyal to him.
  • Dr Wily decided to test them out against the Nazi Storm Elite, putting their Heavily Armored Mook position to the test. This pissed them off something fierce, and when the GUAE asked why Dr Wily was using them as test subjects he responded "who cares, they're Nazis!" and said the GUAE shouldn't be concerned anyway since they have reserves.
  • Cobra Commander was very amused at the fact that they named Joes, and decided to purchase some Sniper Joes in order to achieve his ambitions. Neither Conrad S Hauser or Snake Eyes were the least bit pleased with this development. They weren't happy to learn that the CIS had purchased a number of Sniper Joes for that matter, believing they might be more effective than their standard model.
  • Proto Man hates the Sniper Joes because they're unlicensed and inferior knock-offs of him, and he's the Robot Master with the strongest sense of individuality. It's not known if them being knock-offs means Proto Man is also a Cyber Cyclops, however, since he's never seen without his Cool Shades. Gigan, being the former holder of the Cyber Cyclops, actually agrees with Proto Man on their inferiority. However this is only his dismissal of them being drones, not him caring about Proto Man's issues.
  • E-123 Omega sympathizes with Proto Man's anger at the Sniper Joes, as he considers them inferior consumer models. While a villain, Metal Sonic seems to understand Proto Man's frustration. It's all down to his complex over being a robot copy of Sonic and denial about this. However because of Eggman and Wily's Friendly Rivalry, he has little opportunity to vent his frustration at the Sniper Joes.

    SCP- 1678 
SCP-1678, Unholy Subterranean City Of The Gods (UnLondon, the Last City)
An artist's impression of SCP-1678. The entity in the foreground is an instance of SCP-1678-A.
  • Adopted from: Super WIKI 1
  • Rank: Euclid (beings inside are of Lesser God rank)
  • Symbol: SCP-1678-A, their law enforcement
  • Alignment: Ambiguous, though its SCP file portrays it as Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Underground City For An Apocalyptic Event, The "Bobbies" Can't Be Shot, Victorian London
  • Under watch by: The SCP Foundation
  • Interests: British deities, YHVH
  • Banned entry: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Dr Weil
  • SCP-1678. Object Class: Euclid. A kilometre below London is the Underground City referred to as UnLondon. The city is stylized like London. Guarded by anomalous police, or "Bobbies" as they're known, it resembles Victorian England and both the construction and intelligence behind it, if any, is a mystery. It has only partially been contained by the SCP Foundation, and the Bobbies seem hostile to the organization. Besides the anomalies, it is believed to only be inhabited by anomalous beings.
  • Though looked at with suspicious by the Foundation, all evidence suggests that SCP-1678 exists for the purpose of being an asylum in case of an apocalyptic event ruining the surface. Because of this, the Bobbies and Foundation are willing to team up to keep the GUAD out. Dr Weil as well, because he tried to destroy the Last Fertile Region to force people under his dictatorship. Just what that apocalyptic event is, it hasn't been discerned.
  • After a trip to the far future The Time Traveler has confirmed that SCP-1678 is still active in 802,701 C.E, and isn't interested in letting Morlocks and Eloi in. Or him, though the Bobbies' reason is unknown. It's also unclear if the Bobbies are merely aggressive to Foundation staff or any outsider, and the Foundation doesn't want the pantheon to investigate.
  • SCP-1678-A, aka the Bobbies, look like Victorian policeman bandaged up. They're extremely resilient to damage and bullets, and hostile for motives not fully understood. The House of Justice is investigating how they came to be in hopes of creating loyal Bobbies to service the Trope Pantheon's interest. However the Bobbies will shoot anyone who attempts to analyze them. The Grand United Alliance of Good has the theory they assume the world has ended, so they believe any outsider is compromised.
  • SCP-1678-B, the Eyes in the Sky act as surveillance. They are bio-mechanical surveillance drones that are meant to resemble pidgeons, and are relatively easy to capture but difficult to deal in large numbers. The House of Cybernetics & Enhancements has been studying the design and how to reverse-engineer for the SCP Foundation, however they lost control of a flock which went on to wonder in and weird out the House of Birds
  • The role of SCP-1678-C, the "Wretch", is unknown. They tend to look like old women dressed in rags, and are condemned to their street urchin life. The radio has announced: "Do not pity the Wretch. Allow them to pay the price of their betrayal for all eternity. Remember, citizen: on the day UnLondon rises I shall reward the loyal, but traitors shall be forever damned". The GUAG wishes to rescue them from this fate, however they first must know what, if anything they did to deserve to their fate, as per the Foundation's wishes not to release some Sealed Evil in a Can on accident.
  • SCP-1678-D is what the primary food supply is referred to. It's a synthetic starch gel with the consistency and taste of porridge, though low levels of fat and protein have the risk of making one dangerously underweight and prone to scurvy in the long-term. Psychological side-effects are increased obedient to authority, diminishing propensity for violence, reduced libido, capacity for fear or panic, and consistently high morale. This has only led to questions on why these effects are in place and if it has anything to do with the apocalypse they're preparing for. YHVH is pleased with SCP-1678-D and wants take UnLondon for the Grand United Alliance of Law, believing its attitude is perfect for His kind of doomsday preppers. Hopefully He isn't planning to cause some apocalypse in order to utilize UnLondon.
  • Because UnLondon is underground far away from the Sun, it might serve as a bastion for an SCP scenario where the Sun's light turns life into a zombie-like Blob Monster. One mortal posits what that scenario may be like. It'd certainly be a good place to hide if the C'Tan start eating and poisoning the Sun, and possibly Sekhment.

    The Pale Man 
The Pale Man, God of Schmuck Banquets (The Thing That Slumbers There)

    Marina/Number Seven 
Marina, Goddess of Not Drowning Ever (Number Seven, Marina Of The Sea, Sea Queen, Ice Cold Revenge)
  • Adopted from: Tropers/BK-notburgerking
  • House: Water & Moisture (House of Nature)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Loric Number Seven symbol
  • Alignment: Lawful Good; Chaotic Good at times
  • Portfolio: A Very Kind And Tolerant Badass, An Ice Person, Spontaneous Weapon Creation, Can Fix Most Medical Issues, A Powerful Telekinetic, Super Strength and Super Speed, Was Not Cared For By Her Guardian, Has A Name That Matches Her Powers, Trauma Conga Line, Traumatic Superpower Awakening, Really Wants Revenge For Her Dead Boyfriend
  • Domains: Aquatic Respiration, Ice, Healing, Telekinetic Powers, Aliens, Heroics, Revenge
  • Followers: The Beard Brothers, Aokiji, Micheal Clark
  • Allies: Houses of Heroes and Vengeance, Luke Skywalker, Katara, Elsa
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The House of Justice
  • Rivals: Jack Frost, the House of Weapon Wielding (especially Shirou Emiya)
  • Enemies: Any deity who uses high temperature as a weapon, Houses of Villains and Betrayal, Thanos, Sheev Palpatine, 501st Stormtrooper Legion
  • Opposes: YHVH
  • Respected by: House of Health and Diseases
  • The seventh and second oldest out of nine (plus Ella) children chosen by the elders of the planet Lorien to become the new leaders of their society, Marina was sent to Earth along with the other future elders to avoid genocide at the hands of their enemies, the Mogadorians, who were Feeling Oppressed by Their Existence. Like the other children saved from certain death, Marina is one of the Garde, meaning that she possesses superpowers known as Legacies thanks to being chosen by the Entity that is the very essence of her planet. It should be mentioned that she is far more powerful than her predecessors, something that applies to the others as well.
  • Marina ascended to the Pantheon when she unlocked her last and deadliest Legacy, cryokinesis, and used it to single-handedly turn the tide of a losing battle, gouging out Number Five's eye in the process with an icicle. While cryokinesis is a relatively common power in the Pantheon, none of the others had combined it with being able to breath underwater without gills or an air supply, justifying her ascension. Sadly, her victory and ascension came at a terrible price; Number Five killed Number Eight when the latter pulled off a Heroic Sacrifice. Since then, Marina has hardly ever been happy and her old self is no longer obvious; her formerly kind spirit has been replaced by a thirst for vengeance at both the Mogs and at Number Five.
    • Her Precision F-Strike is considered a prime example of what to say to a downed and injured traitor that struck a personal blow.
  • As she is one of the most paranoid and warfare-oriented deities in her house, Marina's temple is closer to a fortress in terms of its function. Constructed as a cathedral-like ice cavern submerged except near the entrance, her corner of the Pantheon is equipped with multiple escape tunnels into the ocean, ice-based death traps, and massive stockpiles of food and basic supplies. The inner court of her temple is similar in layout to a cave she used as a shelter during her adventures in the mortal world, in which she also kept a stockpile of supplies. It's infamous for being the most inaccessible and dangerous temple, so unless Marina helps you, you will likely drown, get hypothermia, or both on your way in.
  • Mostly kept to herself until recently, not really interacting with other deities in order to avoid tipping off her (non-ascended) pursuers. As a result, everyone thought of her as "that strange new goddess that can survive underwater indefinitely", and very few realized the true extent of her powers, until she was caught training in the House of Combat. It was later revealed that she had been training secretly since her ascension, in order to make up for the 11 years' worth of training she should have but never did receive. Despite this she is a pragmatic and competent fighter with a great deal of experience.
    • Shortly after her skills were exposed, Marina vanished from the Pantheon for more than a year. She later explained that she went back to the battlefield to complete her mission on Earth, but only days after the Garde emerged victorious, she disappeared even from her close friends, with the sole exception of her herald. Marina was finally found in the South Pacific, not acting like herself and in a state of depression. When she was brought back to her senses, it enabled Marina to look beyond her temple and start interacting with the rest of the Pantheon after a year of isolation.
  • Due to her background as an alien genocide survivor and a crucial resistance member fighting against a Galactic Conqueror, Marina is a sworn enemy to the Emperor, as well as the 501st Stormtrooper Legion. The latter, especially, tends to drive her into an Unstoppable Rage on sight, as their blasters and the fact they are manufactured clones are very similar to the weapons and mass-produced nature of the Mogadorian soldiers she used to battle or flee from. The last time the 501st tried to bring Marina in to keep her out of the Emperor's hair, it ended in a brutal massacre where she stabbed, drowned, froze, or otherwise killed about half the legion.
    • Other galactic conquerors like Thanos and Omnicidal Maniac deities in general are also her enemies, for the same reasons. Needless to say, Marina is no fan of the GUAD or GUAE, either.
  • Logically, she gets along very well with Luke Skywalker, as both are Human Aliens capable of moving things with their mind that are leading a rebellion against an inter-planatary warlord. Both of them are destined to resurrect and be a part of an ancient heroic organization, and Marina is taking tips from Luke as she prepares for her mortal-world role as one of the Elders to the newly created Human Garde. She does not, however, get along with Luke's father, not only due to her hatred of galactic overlords, but also out of her disdain for traitors.
  • Another logical ally of Marina is Katara, being a fellow healer and the only other deity that combines the water & ice aspect of their house. They have been spending more time together nowadays (usually in Katara's temple) and are helping to train each other. Due to their similar personalities, they get along nicely with little friction. Because both Marina and Katara are Team Moms, they are thinking of starting a program for young or immature deities who could be trained to fight for the GUAG or otherwise made to be less haughty.
  • Her name has been the subject of a few jokes; she agrees for the most part. Interestingly, Marina never learnt proper swimming form and can barely swim well enough to stay at the surface. Ever since she unlocked her titular trope as her first Legacy, however, this has been a non-issue.
  • Wanted to fill the position for Spontaneous Weapon Creation in addition to her trope, but found out that Shirou Emiya had already taken it. The two are starting to become major rivals in training; Shirou is better at making Elemental Weapons, but Marina has the benefit of having more powers, making her the more versatile warrior of the two.
  • A talented artist who used to paint in her spare time as a mortal, Marina now spends at least a few hours every week in the House of Craft painting a mural. Said mural depicts the adventures of herself as well as the other Garde, so other deities can learn about her continuity. She also produces ice blocks for the deities who are into making ice sculptures.
  • Marina has been advocating for two other Garde with Elemental Powers to to ascend to House Nature, which would allow her to form a Power Trio with her allies: her closest friend, Number Six, and their leader John/Number Four. This will likely not happen, as there are already enough weather-related deities in the House of Nature and John is capable of Power Copying, making him potentially too dangerous for those whose ideals do not align with his. For more selfish reasons, she has also been demanding insistently that her deceased boyfriend, Number Eight, be allowed to ascend to the Pantheon. Quite a few deities agree with this decision, mostly because they just want her near-constant Tranquil Fury to stop. As for Number Five, Marina has explicitly stated that she will deliver on her above-mentioned Precision F-Strike if he ever ascends to the Pantheon.
  • Is trying to teach Queen Elsa how to forge and wield more devastating ice weapons. In return, Elsa is helping Marina get over her many losses and grievances, using her own experience with tragedies to help Marina cope.
  • Keeps a list of the worst traitors in the Pantheon so she can avoid having them as allies. For obvious reasons, she is completely banned from the House of Betrayal. This doesn't stop her from trying to impale the resident deities there with icicles from some distance away.
  • Has a complex relationship with the House of FAITH. On one hand Marina is devoted to the Entity responsible for her powers, and was key to unleashing it on earth. However, much of her Dark and Troubled Past is also caused by faith: her parental substitute, Adelina, converted to Catholicism, which was the reason Marina was left untrained and neglected for over a decade, forcing her to play catch-up with far less powerful beings (though she has more than caught up by now). To add insult to injury, she was attacked by a Christian terrorist group trying to kill her because they thought of the Garde as a corrupting influence, and a similar group has sprung up recently in her continuity, making her highly opposed to religion.
  • Marina has been offered a spot as a healer in the House of Health and Diseases, as her healing Legacy is one of the most powerful healing forces in the Pantheon. She has also been asked by the leaders of the GUAG to act as the head Combat Medic. Only time will tell if Marina ever decides to go back to that role, since she is currently much more of an assassin or special agent. Her healing Legacy doubles as a Healing Factor: any injuries she receives (short of a missing appendage or outright destruction) are quickly healed when she runs her hands over them. As a mortal she has shown herself to be resistant to blasters. Nobody has bothered to test her ability to recover as a goddess, but if the reports by the 501st are anything to go by, Marina is even more indestructible these days.
    • Bizarrely, one of the things she is capable of healing is genetic augmentation. For this reason, Steve Rogers makes sure not to ever cross her, since Marina is theoretically capable of turning him back into a weakling.
  • Has a glowing blue pendant, with the Loric symbol for Unity inscribed on it. It is worn around her neck and can be used for teleportation (which Marina is normally incapable of), making it her main method of accessing her continuity from the Pantheon. Other Macguffins she owns are: the Macrocosm that shows a real-time image of Earth, a pair of Cool Shades that can see in slow motion (destroyed in combat after just one use), and a pair of Tricked-Out Gloves whose function was unknown to her (it was later revealed that they were shockwave-producing gloves).
  • Is sick of fellow deities provoking her and making her emit an aura of cold just so they can use her as a living air conditioner. Please DO NOT fiddle with her pendant if you don't want to be teleported into her continuity.

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