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    Aztar/The Spectre 
Aztar, The God With an Omniscient Morality License (The Spectre, The Wrath of God, The Spirit of Vengeance)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A candle "shaped" like a screaming man
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (borderline Lawful Evil without a human host) trying to be Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Our Angels Are Different, Molds Existence Like Clay, God Is Good But His Wrath Isn't, Hero with an F in Good, License To Kill From The Creator, The Worf Effect, Human Hosts To Keep Him Under Control, Ridiculously OP, Horrifying Hero, Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant, Fallen Angel Seeking Redemption One Sinner At A Time, Our Ghosts Are Different, God's Wrath Personified
  • Domains: Vengeance, Heaven, Ghosts, Power, Nightmares
  • Current host: Jim Corrigan
  • Former hosts: Hal Jordan, Crispus Allen
  • Allies: Johnny Blaze, Eliphas, The Living Tribunal, Nemesis, Alexander Anderson, Guts, Ramza Beoulve, Hisako
  • Blind Obedience to: The Presence
  • Headbutting Heroes to: The Justice League and Justice Society of America, Manwe, Archangel Michael
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Satan (Shin Megami Tensei), God (God, the Devil and Bob), Nabu/Doctor Fate
  • Enemies: Every single Karma Houdini. Asides from them, there's The Anti-Monitor, Melkor, YHVH, Lucifer, Darkseid, Nekron, Sinestro, Vandal Savage, Mr Mxyzptlk, Pazuzu, The Godhand and Griffith, Victor Von Doom and Amatsu-Mikaboshi, Satan (Castlevania)
  • Opposes: Beerus, Galactus, Robot Santa Claus
  • Opposed by: The House of Magic, the Warhammer 40000 universe
  • Under watch by: The Houses of Crime and Justice
  • Eons ago, there was a war in Heaven by Lucifer for control of Heaven. The angel Aztar would side with him, but repent his sins and pray for redemption. The Presence answered those prayers and determined he would become a champion for justice; becoming the Spirit of Vengeance, ensuring no sinner would escape justice. He would punish all karma houdinis, one man at a time, no matter how grisly, all part of the Presence's ineffable plan. To keep the Spectre grounded, he would take on human hosts. The most noteworthy and current is Jim Corrigan, a 1930s detective killed by criminals. Later on Crispus Allen would also take the role of the Spectre. In the pantheon, Hal Jordan spent time as the Spectre and tried to reshape him into the Spirit of Redemption to make up for his own actions as Parallax. They would discover the true nature of Parallax, and the Spectre would help with Hal's revival.
  • At first, the Spectre assumed that YHVH was the same as Yahweh aka the Presence, his multiverse's God. He figured that his attitude was some sort of Secret Test of Character like the time He acted completely insane. It'd later turn out YHVH was not the Presence, and the Spectre was offended by the Mad God of Order's actions as God. The Spectre got along better with God in the House of Faith, but made it clear "You are not the Creator I serve". Of course, since his Creator has ascended, he defers strictly to Him.
  • As the Spectre, his job is to punish evil-doers; specifically, those who escaped mortal judgement. As such while he hates the GUAE on principle, most did get their just desserts and aren't a focus; which may be for the best. The Justice League and Justice Society of America appreciate the help, but they find him seriously disturbing and the sadistic punishments he performs go against their own moralities. Still, it's even worse to tell him not to kill since he has ways around that. The Spectre may not have found friends with the superhero community, but he has found friendship with Nemesis and Johnny Blaze. Though the Spectre's specialty isn't punishing people for hubris, he thinks she's doing a great job. Him and Johnny Blaze have a lot in common for being spirits of vengeance. Having once served under Lucifer, Aztar's not going to complain about this.
  • Hates the Godhand. Their mission statement to pervert the very concept of karma so goodness is punished and evil is rewarded struck a nerve with the Spectre. Guts is glad to have him on his side, and the Godhand are terrified. His views on this matter have led the Spectre to pity Ramza Beouvle greatly.
  • Though ultimately a force of justice, the Spectre not a nice guy. As in, borderline villainous. He possesses an astounding Lack of Empathy and grim satisfaction in punishments, only alleviated by his victims being far more evil than he could ever be. It's why he's bonded to a human host in the first place; the Presence realizes he needs humanity to keep him in check. Despite his dark personality, he's permitted to do so because it works out in God's favor. Of course, that may play into why the Presence hasn't taken the burden of being the Spirit of Vengeance off of him; He needs the Spectre for a job, but cannot accept him until he learns humanity.
  • It's worth noting that Aztar's not the original Spirit of Vengeance. That would belong to Eclipso, who fell to evil completely and has become the poster boy for Dark Is Evil and one of the deadliest, most omnicidal beings in existence. No matter what you think about the Spectre, he's way better suited for the job than Eclipso. And even he thinks Robot Santa goes too far in his Knight Templar ways.
  • The House of Magic is no fan of the Spectre. When he was tricked by Eclipso into thinking magic was the source of evil, the Spectre went on a rampage without a human host to ground him, devastating the sorcerers of Earth and killing the wizard Shazam. They've warned the Spectre never to try this again, and are preparing to take him down just in case. Nowadays, the Spectre figures that Melkor is the source of evil.
    • Was happy when an old Justice Society colleague of his, Kent Nelson, ascended to the pantheon as the host for Doctor Fate. When they finally met Nabu was wary of him at first, due to the fact that he himself was the final victim of the aforementioned rampage against magic. Seeing as how it was a hostless Azar that had done the deed, Fate agreed to overlook this, and will work with him so long as he has a human host.
  • In spite of his loyalty to the idea of Justice, both that house and the House of Crime is keeping their eye on Aztar. He has a bad tendency to declare that All Crimes Are Equal. Mercifully for reality, it's not to the extent of the Dark Judges. At the very least, he and the Living Tribunal get along due to having previous teamed up to protect their respective universes. The Presence Himself had to warn the Spectre to never interfere with the Warhammer 40000 universe. The sheer grimdarkness and evil of that universe would drive him completely insane.
  • There are a number of supervillains out there whom the Spectre has tried to judge, only to be hit by The Worf Effect. He tried to judge Darkseid, however the Balance Between Good and Evil made it futile. Darkseid would later have his followers humiliate him in his fall from Heaven. The Spectre also tried to judge Nekron after Nekron made him a Black Lantern, however as he was The Soulless it didn't work. The Spectre still wishes to make them pay for their massive amounts of sins. The Spectre also isn't permitted to judge the Joker or Vandal Savage. The Joker, being criminally insane, can't be judged for his actions. Vandal however has the Mark of Cain, so is already punished. The Spectre finds this outrageous, and Vandal has taken advantage of this. Also, he's unclear as what to do with Kirei Kotomime due to getting his just desserts but being revived.
  • Despite The Worf Effect getting the best of him, the Spectre has managed to fight against a fair number of eldritch beings. Such as the time he wrestled with the Anti-Monitor at the dawn of time, preventing him from subverting creation. Whenever the Anti-Monitor tries to attack the pantheon, he's the first to got at him.
  • Naturally, the Spectre spends time in the Houses of Angels and Ghosts. Many angels find him creepy, even the powerful Archangel Michael and Manwe. Sure, as a force of justice and loyalty to God he's on their side, but they don't like his Nominal Hero nature. Michael in particular feels he reminds him of his more ruthless days, and Aztar has stated that he's not the same Michael as the one from his multiverse. The House of Ghosts are for the most part scared of him and would rather he stay away.
  • Naturally, the Spectre's no fan of Lucifer, however does admit he's better than YHVH. Or the Castlevania, for that matter. The SMT one, however, the Spectre's oddly amiable with. He can get behind his desire for judgement and justice, but believes he needs to abandon YHVH completely to be worthy of justice. Doesn't like Demonic Possession, due to his experiences with Asmodel hijacking him and Parallax getting bonded with him. Or the time Mxyzptlk took over him.
  • Heavily disapproves of the destructive Galactus and Beerus for all they've done, however they were quick to point out despite their "villainy" they serve a higher purpose. Much like the Spectre, really. The Spectre seems to be more accepting of Eliphas. Often hangs out in the House of Vengeance. As a vengeful spirit, he treats Hisako as a "little niece" of sorts.
  • Due to his own experience fighting the Great Evil Beast, the Spectre worries about the Primordial Chaos. Particularly concerned with Amatsu-Mikaboshi, who comes off as an even worse version of Nekron to him.

Greater Gods

    The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind 
The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind, God of Humanity and Grim Necessity (Master of Mankind, Emperor, All-Father, Primogenitor, Him on Earth, Omnissiah, The Emprah, Big E., the Corpse Emperor, the Corpse on the Throne, The Anathema, The Motherfucking Emperor, The Man-Emperor of Mankind)
  • Greater God, potential Overdeity at full strength (Overdeity as The Emperasque)
  • Symbol: The Imperial Aquila.
  • Theme Song: We Are One
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Being the Strongest Psyker in the Imperium, Humanity Is Superior, Humans Are Warriors, Humans Are Special, Humans Are Survivors, Black and Grey Morality, Darker and Edgier, Rule of Cool, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Dramatic Irony, Twist Endings, Only Mostly Dead, Up to Eleven, Super Soldier, Space Marines, The Chosen One, Reluctant Retiree, Reluctant Hero, Humans Are Bastards
  • Domain: Humanity
  • Heralds: The Adeptus Custodes
  • Allies
  • Enemies: The Four Gods of Chaos, Angron, Kharn, Typhus, Perturabo, Konrad Curze, Alpharius, Abaddon, Asdrubael Vect, Gork and Mork, Ghazghkull, The Tyranids, Trazyn the Infinite, Mag'ladroth, Nagash the Undying, The Flood, En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse, Charles zi Britannia, The Vex, Keel Lorenz, Father (Fullmetal Alchemist), Nyarlathotep, Yaldabaoth, Dr. Gero/Android 20, Merged Zamasu, Frieza, Boros, SCP-682, and any enemy to humanity
  • Conflicting Opinion
  • Opposes: Present and Future Zen'o (for the most part)
  • The personification of the human race. Spent 40,000 years manipulating humanity from the shadows before events forced him to take a more active role. Did not want to be worshiped, but humanity needed a god and he was the only one up to it. That said, he has had some success in convincing them he's not really one…just better.
  • Ironically, while he is himself a rather "glass half-full" kind of guy, his power is proportional to the grimdarkness of the dimension he is in at the time. In Bokurano-land he is mightier than O-Haruhi-Sama, and in Teletubby-land he wields less than half his usual might, though still possessing great power. It's probably because he doesn't really need much power in worlds like the latter anyway, where things tend to be going fine.
  • Would like to note he does not want to exterminate xeno life wherever it is, and wouldn't mind living in peace with other alien races. He'd just prefer they accept his idea of peace (mainly the aliens under his rule) and not the aliens' idea of peace (like exterminating all life in the galaxy or keeping humans like zoo animals). Furthermore, he thinks the current Imperium's goal of trying to exterminate all aliens in the galaxy is not only impossible but also impractical, and is working day and night to fix this problem.
  • For some reason, many of his followers have an intense hatred of ponies, especially the divine ones in the Pantheon. Same thing goes for furries or anyone from the Starcraft universe. What his own views of these species are, well, that's one of the many questions about him that nobody knows.
  • He learned of an Expy of his that is the Big Bad in Strike Legion, and after looking at her rule over her own Imperium, he is ready to confront her for her crimes against Humanity should she ever ascend to the Pantheon, though is also pulling some strings in the Celestial Bureaucracy to ensure that she never ascends at all.
    • His actions in his own universe were made out of necessity and the current state of his Imperium was beyond his control but his expy's actions are needlessly cruel and evil, plus her insistence on forcing Humanity to worship her as God is anathema to him.
  • The God Emperor is the only being the Chaos Gods ever truly feared. He is the greatest embodiment of Order in their home universe and their eternal enemy, so much so that the Dark Gods have dubbed him as the Anathema.
    • The God Emperor does not oppose the Chaos Gods for petty reasons such as power or influence, but because of his love and dedication to all Humanity. Without the Emperor to oppose them, the Chaos Gods would taint Mankind with their corruption, twisting and defiling all Humankind by their dark powers. His love for Mankind is so great that even on the brink of death, he chose to be eternally preserved upon the Golden Throne for all time, neither living nor dead. His will is constantly challenging the Dark Gods even as his body decays, trapping him in eternal torment as his soul suffers agony beyond measure lighting the Astronomicon to light the way for the Imperium.
      • What makes his sacrifice even greater is that he could have let himself die and be reborn in a new body but a single moment of lapse in concentration would result in Terra being overwhelmed by legions of Daemons, that would mercilessly butcher the hundreds of billions of people living on the planet and turn the homeworld of Mankind itself into an abominable Daemon World.
  • Now and then, he will have enough of sitting on The Golden Throne and transfer his soul into a Tarrasque in order to REALLY shake things up. A healthy body to inhabit allows him to perform feats greater than what he can in the mummified remnants of his original body. Said feats include freeing the Eldar goddess Isha and Eldrad Ulthran from the clutches of Nurgle and Slaanesh respectively, rescuing his son Jaghatai Khan from a chronovortex, curb-stomping the armies of Chaos, etc. Slaanesh and Khorne are fuming in rage for this, Tzeentch offered no comment, and Nurgle was mad, but surprisingly got over it quickly.
  • Now and then he gives Asura questioning looks. Some speculate that this is because he thinks that Asura may be one of his erased Primarchs, which would explain how he managed to create The Angry Marines. Only the most pissed off being in the universe would suffice for such a Chapter.
    • On a similar note, he gains a sad but proud look whenever he sees Gimli. This may be because of the grievous losses and near extinction the Squats suffered through in their continued existence in the galaxy. He is also pissed off at the massive amount of stupidity that ensued when the Imperium realized the Squats survived. Seeing the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Inquisition, and the Administratum argue about who to blame for losing the Squats really didn't make him happy.
  • Though he is fully capable of interacting with the other gods in the immortal planes, he is unable to do much in the mortal realms, due to his avatar still being a dying corpse on the Golden Throne. Nobody wants to unplug it, uncertain of what will happen if they do.
    • However, he did later get a Text-To-Speech Device installed into the Golden Throne. He has become a lot more chatty since then.
  • Despite the bitter and caustic manner he voices himself, the God Emperor is genuinely sorrowful at what has become of his Imperium; his intended paradise of reason and science has been twisted into a despotic and bureaucratic mess, but with the installation of the Text to Speech device, he has begun restoring the Imperium to what it was meant to be.
  • He's not too happy about Kars convincing The Adeptus Custodes to dress up like the Pillar Men in order to show him tribute.
  • Upon learning that the traitor Primarch Magnus had ascended to the Pantheon he ordered Marneus Calgar and the Ultramarines to capture and bring him before the Golden Throne for judgement.
    • A binary encoded message from the Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes has revealed that Calgar has somehow succeeded in his mission and is now returning with Magnus. However, the Emperor's response to this development is not what anyone would have expected…
    • After a long heart to heart and revelation of previously unknown secrets the Emperor and Magnus have began overcoming their mutual issues with each other. To prove his goodwill, the Emperor overpowered the Chaos God Tzeentch to restore Magnus's soul. Afterwards, the Emperor revealed that he intended to recover the Primarchs once more and fulfill Mankind's birthright as the masters of the Galaxy.
    • To that intent he has since ordered the Ultramarines to discreetly recover Vulkan's artifacts for the Salamanders to find and bring him along. Apparently, he thinks only they can get the job done.
  • There are not many things that can bring a smile to his face. But one of those things that can are a Centurion from The Imperial Fists. Who, as it turned out to even the Emperor's amazement, is his supposedly-dead son, Rogal Dorn of the Imperial Fists.
  • He also appears to have a very weird father-son relationship with the Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes, calling him son and getting called Dad in return.
  • His alliance with Madoka Kaname is because she represents the hope humanity both needs and deserves. When he heard that YHVH was planning to kill her, he became one of the masterminds of The Pantheonic Rebellion. He has since ordered three entire chapters of the Adeptus Astartes (Space Wolves, Salamanders, and Blood Ravens), three regiments of the Imperial Guard (Cadian 8th, Tannith 1st and Only, and Valhallen), 9 Bane Blades, 4 War Hound Titans, 2 Warlord Titans, and 1 Emperor Titan to Madoka's defense.
  • The Emperor abhors both YHVH and Lucifer, seeing the two of them as abominations that feed on human emotions and only cause suffering much like the Chaos Gods. YHVH's order to have Madoka killed only intensified that disgust but he remembers that it was Lucifer who put all these events into motion.
  • The God Emperor has gained an alliance with another founder of the Magical Girl Sisterhood, Usagi "Serena" Tsukino, as well as another of the Sailor Senshi, Hotaru Tomoe, by the existence of an alternate universe wherein the Senshi were resurrected as the Emperor's daughters.
  • Homura Akemi reminds the God Emperor too much of his fallen son, Horus. Both so filled with passion and drive, only to be twisted and broken. With the existence of a universe where Homura became the temporary host to the Emperor's soul while he acted as a replacement father to her, creating a bond between them to the extent that she called him dad, the Emperor has decided to try and convince her to abandon Lucifer.
    • The Gods of Chaos fear the possibility of this alliance occurring elsewhere in the Multiverse and within the Pantheon. Such an alliance would likely result in their destruction and as such they act with all their powers to prevent this from happening.
  • Has begun having humanity's history from before the Age of Strife written down and sent throughout the House of Knowledge for mass copying and distribution, angry at the fact that most of it is currently censored for some reason.
  • The God Emperor is furious and greatly disappointed at the result of the End Times. To see a world that has withstood multiple Chaos incursions destroyed because of idiocy and treachery and the lives of billions of human lives lost as a result, has greatly infuriated Him.
    • The Lord of Mankind has begun to consolidate His forces and made motions to ascend the remaining loyalist Primarchs and other champions of Mankind. His servants have shown an increased preparation for conflict and the other Gods fear the potential beginnings of the Second War in Heaven.
  • After learning the end results of the End Times, the God Emperor has ordered His servants to apprehend the necromancer Nagash and bring the lich to justice, for both his crimes against Humanity and his actions during the End Times.
    • He also gave hints that He seeks the ascension of the Warrior-God Sigmar Heldenhammer. A legendary Champion of Mankind that defeated the first Everchosen of the Chaos Gods and banished Nagash for more than two thousand years, Sigmar's arrival would be welcome sight within the Pantheon for the God Emperor.
  • Upon being asked his opinion of both The Great Upheaval and The Pantheonic Rebellion, The Emperor's response was rather simple.
  • As one of the foremost Champions and God of Humanity, the Emperor was one of the first deities to help the Master Chief fight the Flood. During the conflict, He, the Master Chief, Madoka Kaname and (much to his great reluctance) Lucifer combined powers to banish the Primordial and ensure its imprisonment outside the Pantheon. He now stands alongside the Spartan as the first line of defense against the Parasite should it ever escape from its prison.
    • After the conflict, the God Emperor made his made his thoughts on the Precursor very clear:
    • The danger of a Flood invasion of the Pantheon is great enough that he is even willing to join forces with the Chaos Gods to defeat it, as both sides agree that the Flood is a far greater threat than they are to each other.
  • The Emperor has low views of Social Darwinism, regarding it as a badly disguised Realpolitik underneath false science that has often been used as poor justification for cruel and inhumane actions. He is often found calling those who hold to this philosophy:
    • He has come to conflict with En Sabah Nur and Charles zi Britannia over their philosophies and disregard for the lives and well-being of Humans.
  • Odin and the God Emperor of Mankind met one another after several correspondence through their sons. The two came to instantly respect one another from their mutual struggle against great enemies of their peoples. The determination to overcome seemingly impossible odds and unbeatable foes in order to preserve one's people was resound in both figures. Odin's ages old struggle against Ragnarok and strings of fate was well known to the Emperor while the King of Asgard learned about the Master of Mankind's millennia of warfare against the foul Gods of Chaos. The two forged a powerful alliance with one another. Much to their mutual amusement, they both possessed the title of Allfather.
  • May or may have not been a certain Cimmerian in a past life.
  • Despite maintaining a presence within the Pantheon, being the God of Humanity and worshiped as a God Emperor by his many worshipers, the Emperor still holds many reservations about the title of God. Many would go as far as to say that referring to Him as a God is actually demeaning, since as a Human being, He is so much more. The Emperor prefers to be called The Man Emperor of Mankind.
  • As a proud proponent of HUMANITY FUCK YEAH, the Emperor wishes that Humanity would stop doing stupid shit such as worshiping obviously evil and malevolent entities (especially if they do so for the petty promises of power and fame), get their act together and finally achieve their birthright.
    • For this reason, Rem sees the Emperor as one of the few humans she can stand. He spends his time with her trying to see the potential humanity can achieve, but every time he gets close to convincing her, some human in the Pantheon does something stupid and evil, and they're back at step one.
    • This is also the reason he first began to take a look at the Elric brothers' journey, as one of their first landmark achievements as State Alchemists was to expose a false religion based around a sun god designed to convince the townspeople to get themselves murdered in a coup. Everything he saw after that proved them to be great champions of humanity's potential, to the point they even managed to impress The Truth, an entity whose entire design centered around punishing humans for thinking they could play God with transmutation knowledge. Needless to say, the Emperor approves.
    • He's also offered his full support to Philemon and Igor for their service in guiding the Persona-using human youths of the Pantheon into fighting back divine entities to protect humanity. Their most recent Wild Cards, Yu Narukami and Ren Amamiya, are particularly impressive, as Yu is proof that humans can seek and handle the truth even when it's uncomfortable or inconvenient to do so, while Ren is proof that humans can reject mundane nihilism and strive to achieve more in their lives than serving prisoner to corrupt systems.
      • As Nyarlathotep and Yaldabaoth are both proponents of humanity's hopelessness who refuse to let up after being shown they're wrong, the Emperor considers them to be a danger akin to the Chaos Gods themselves. Once said Chaos Gods are finished being dealt with, they're next.
    • With Android 17 rising past his artificial programming from Dr. Gero's experiments to become the ultimate human, not only surviving near-elimination and self-destruction to win the Tournament of Power but also using his wish selflessly to restore the erased universes, the Emperor approves of the MVP chants 17 has gotten since his return from the planet-wide cruise he earned for himself and his family. The Emperor even had a trophy created to commemorate 17's victory and valor. The old doc can suck it.
  • Zamasu's plan to exterminate all mortals "for godly justice" makes the Emperor sick to his goddamn stomach. Aside from the fact that the brutal species he observed at two points a thousand years apart was closer to xeno than human, Zamasu refused to understand the concept of the Kais serving as guides to humanity when it was taught to him. While he applauds Gowasu for trying his best to get through to the prick, Zamasu was hell bent on judging and destroying those he could've instead facilitated towards greatness. For the Emperor, This Is Unforgivable!.
    • He laughs at how blatantly the Tournament of Power proves not only just how dead wrong Zamasu was about how hopelessly destructive humans were, but also that Zen'o, the childish Top God who eliminated Zamasu from his multiverse, knew he was wrong the entire time.
  • Despises fellow "Emperor" Frieza for trying to destroy his Earth at least twice and callously destroying countless lives, including wasting one Earth city with a single beam as a way to say hello. Upon hearing that he's found the sudden interest of helping other despotic Social Darwinists achieve rule over their Earths, the Emperor of Mankind is not mincing words.
  • He has a fondness for Duel Monsters, though he was a little disappointed that he couldn't use broken cards in the Pantheon. To compensate, he's constructed a deck based around powerful LIGHT monsters.
    • Despite their enmity, he hosts regular Duel Monster tournaments with Tzeentch.
  • He hates when people mention that one time he was being choked to death by, of all things, an Ork. Odin sympathizes with him for this; he is still getting shit for having been enslaved by space ants once.
  • Few alien species love humanity as much as the Doctor. So it is rather conflicting for him to side with its patron who thinks little of him or any other aliens. The God-Emperor hopes that the humans in that would will learn not to rely on the Time Lord's help all the damn time.
  • Is not a big fan of Zen'o for being so childish with ultimate divine power. That Secret Test of Character with the Tournament of Power did impress him, though.
  • He hates when people mention that one time he was being choked to death by, of all things, an Ork. Odin sympathizes with him for this; he is still getting shit for having been enslaved by space ants once.
  • Also holds a spot in the Main House.

Intermediate Gods

    Night Raid 
Night Raidmembers , Assassin Deities of Necessary Evil (Najenda: Boss, The Hunk of the Rebellion (call her that at your own risk); Bulat: the Hundred Man Slayer; Susanoo: the Speed of Lightning)
All members of Night Raid, and Incursio


Lesser Gods

    Horace Slughorn 
Horace Slughorn, God of Enlightened Self-Interest

    Klaus Wulfenbach 
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, God of Validated Extremists (Baron of Europa, Greatest of Sparks, Lord of the Pax Transylvania)



    Raven (The 100) 
Raven Reyes, Goddess of Cold Equations (Little Bird, Reyes, Spacewalker)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her pendant; a metal origami crane.
  • Theme: Raven's Plight
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Youngest and brightest zero-G mechanic on the Ark in 52 years, Alliterative Name, Lost feeling in her left leg and has to wear a brace but it doesn't inhibit her genius The Smart Girl of the bunch, Chief Mechanic of the 100 and makes most of the gadgets for them, Wrench Wench, Possesses exceptional hacking skills, Serves as Mission Control from time to time, Butt-Monkey, Iron Woobie, taken over by A.L.I.E. Figured Out How Many People Would Survive Primafiya, Put into cryosleep along with the remainder of mankind, Did not exist in the original novel
  • Domain: Mechanics, Space, Statistics, Love
  • Herald: Jacapo Sinclair
  • Followers: The survivors of Wonkru and the Eligius IV
  • Allies: Luke Skywalker, Killua Zoldyck, Tony Stark/Iron Man, The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, The Fantastic Four, Bentley Turtle, Otacon, Spock, Spike Spiegel, Radical Ed, Winry Rockbell, N, Maxie and Archie, The Toa Mata (Especially Toa Lewa)
    • Non-Ascended: Clarke Griffin, Alpha 5
  • Conflicting Opinion: Lexa
  • Wary Around: Lan Hikari and Mega Man.EXE, TRON, Kevin Flynn, Cyrus
  • Enemies: Ghetsis Harmonia, CLU, Giovanni, Lysandre, The MCP, AM, Ramsay Bolton, SHOCKER
  • Fears: Godzilla
  • Pitied By: Tyrion Lannister
  • Opposes: The Sub-Houses of Mind Control and Mind Games
  • Opposed By: Lugia, The Legendary Birds
  • Raven Reyes, along with the rest of the crew aboard the Eligus IV, was brought to the Pantheon during the Team Rainbow Rocket Crisis, where she was awoken from her cryosleep by Ghetsis Harmonia, who forced her to not only reconfigure the DNA splicers to work on the Legendary Birds, but also decipher the files needed to convert Lugia into its Shadowed form. She didn't have much choice in the matter; either she did what the Team Plasma Sage said or else the others on board would die. Luckily, when the Plasma's guard was down, Raven took the opportunity to briefly escape and send a Distress Call to the Pantheon. This allowed for several surviving deities to come up, defeat the Team Plasma grunts, capture Ghetsis, and secure Raven and the other passengers aboard the Eligus IV. She would later lend a hand in helping the resistance reach an Ultra Universe and aid in the defeat of Giovanni and Team Rainbow Rocket as a whole. For aiding in the victory against the criminal syndicate, Raven was given a temple and position as a Goddess in the Pantheon.
    • When she was being shown around her Temple, which was a near perfect replica of her workshop back in Arkadia, Raven was given the biggest shock of her life. Standing by the desk side was a middle aged man, with brown eyes and frizzy black and grey hair adorning a neutral yet formal face. At first, Raven assumed that it was another hallucination, a leftover from the destroyed A.L.I.E. chip. That all changed when he came over and pulled her into a hug, speaking in a soft voice.
    Sinclair: "Hey, Spacewalker. What took you so long?"
    • That was when Raven realized her mentor and Parental Substitute Jacapo Sinclair had been selected as her Herald, and after so many years apart, was reduced to tears and returned the hug in turn.
  • Raven's new home gave her plenty of interesting neighbours to hang out with, with Luke Skywalker and Killua Zoldyck becoming her first allies in the Sub-House. Killua has questioned why Raven, as well as the rest of the 100, would have to kill so many people, to which Luke correctly noted that it was to save many other lives in the process. While Raven was saddened by the thought of what she and the others had to do, The last Jedi Knight reassured her that it was for the greater good. The Vulcan Spock, who was also in attendance, agreed with Luke's statement. After all, the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few.
  • Raven has found herself making friends with some of the Pantheon's mechanics and technical geniuses, many of them praising her own work as mechanic for the 100. Tony Stark and Reed Richards have had their gear fixed up by her and Bentley the Turtle and Otacon have approached Raven with an offer to join the White Hat Hackers. She has yet to confirm the offer but she has been considering it. But more often than not, Raven is seen working with both Sinclair and Alpha 5, with the little robot giving her special access to the Zords to work on and study their inner workings. It was like a dream come true for her and has been making modifications to them to help with against the Demonic Legion and SHOCKER's ever-growing arsenal of monsters.
  • During her rescue, Raven was more than shocked to see the former Commander of the 12 Clans, Lexa, alive and well. In fact, it was a total surprise due to not only Lexa being killed in their home world, but also the Flame being passed on to Clarke's adoptive daughter Madi, making her the new Commander. Now while Raven has plenty of reasons to hate Lexa - with the execution of her first boyfriend Finn being high on that list - she only has to deal with her from time to time and even then she's on MUCH better terms with Clarke Griffin, even if they get on each other's nerves.
  • The death of Finn, coupled with several other tragedies in her life, is the reason Raven stays away from the House of Love, as she doesn't want to be reminded of what she had lost. However, every now and again she'll meet up with Spike Spiegel and discuss their past relationships together, usually over drinks at the Stray Dog Bar. Spike is always welcomed company, and when they're together, the pair go on talking their many adventures, sharing a couple of laughs along the way. It was through Spike that Raven became friends with Radical Ed, whose technological expertise surprised even the Spacewalker in spite of her age. The pair have also been seen working with Ed's neighbour Winry Rockbell, often making comparisons between their work and helping one another improve upon their skills.
  • Considering what Team Rainbow Rocket did to the Pantheon, her friends and to herself, Raven opposes the evil members of the organization for varying reasons; Giovanni for wanting to take over the world and the Multiverse, Lysandre for destroying his homeworld using the Ultimate Weapon, and Ghetsis... For simply existing and giving her hell. That said, she's cool with the leaders who have reformed such as Maxie, Archie and N. Cyrus is still on the fence, as he did aid in corrupting Dialga and Palkia as part of the plan, but he's been true to his word about reforming himself.
  • Having been possessed by the A.I. program A.L.I.E and seeing what it has been capable of when multiple individuals are under her control, Raven is in extreme opposition to all forms of artificial intelligence in the Pantheon, even if they're good natured. She's wary around Lan Hikari and Mega Man.EXE, TRON and Kevin Flynn, with TRON especially seeing as he was corrupted before as Rinzler. But CLU and the Master Computer Program are even more dangerous, and when push comes to shove she will work with TRON to stop them, even if she doesn't like it.
    • Though Clarke was able to destroy A.L.I.E., a small remnant remained. It gave Raven an increase to her already incredible intelligence but it threatened to kill her unless permanently removed, which she did... by drowning herself and remaining braindead for fifteen minutes. The House of Health and Diseases was fascinated by this, and wanted to bring Raven in to examine her brain more closely but to that, she gave a flip of the bird and went straight back to work.
  • Having been through more than her fair share of torture, Raven steers clear of the House of Slaughter, more specifically the Sub-House of Torture & Mutilation. That didn't stop her from doing research on the deities residing there and, as a result, it's made her completely stand against the likes of Ramsay Bolton, who is well known for his sheer brutality, and the Allied Mastercomputer, whose cruelty and sadism reminded Raven way too much of how A.L.I.E. not only possessed her but also for playing horrible mental games in a manner to gain control. Despite this, she gets along with Lewa, as the Toa of Air once was possessed in the past by the Bohrok swarm.
    • It's because of her time being possessed that Raven opposed the two neighbouring Sub-Houses; Mind Control and Mind Games, much to the frustration of the good-aligned deities there. She still doesn't want to take her chances with them.
  • Raven does not like to be helped when it comes to her crippled leg. she would rather take care of things herself. Still, she did get some sympathy from Tyrion Lannister, who is rather fond of bastards, cripples and broken things.
  • Much like Lexa, Raven is absolutely terrified of Godzilla and the immense power he possesses. Avatar Korra has tried to reassure her that the King of Monsters won't unleash Primafiya upon the Pantheon, but the Spacewalker's worries haven't been eased whatsoever.
  • Even though Raven was the only one granted with godhood, she has been looking for a way to ascend her friends so they can share the position with her. Progress has been slow, and with so many people to choose from she has to be careful.
  • Not to be confused with the other "Ravens" in the Pantheon. This one is neither a a cyborg, a mutant shapeshifter, or the daughter of a powerful demon bent on world domination. There's been rumours about a team forming with all the Raven's involved but only time will tell.

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