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Sandbox / Potential Inazuma Gods

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    Endou Daisuke 
Endou Daisuke, God of Appalingly, messy hand-writing(David Evans, Mr Araya, David Arrows, "The old man with the tire").

    Fubuki Shirou 
Fubuki Shirou, God of One body with the souls of two brothers (Fubuki Atsuya, Shawn Froste/Aiden Froste, The Prince of the Snowfield, The Bear Killer, Fubuki the Blizzard).
Shirou as himself
Clickhere  to see Shirou as Atsuya

    Gouenji Shuuya 
Gouenji Shuuya, God of Super Ringers (Axel Blaze, TheFlameStriker, Ishido Shuuji, Alex Zable.


    Little Gigant 
Little Gigant, Gods of Teams That Look Like The Protagonist's TeamMembers: Rococo Urupa/Hector Helio, .

    Endou Mamoru 
Endou Mamoru, God of (either) The God Hand or Practising With Tires (Mark Evans, Soccer Freak).

    Kidou Yuutou 
Kidou Yuutou, God of Dreadlock Soccer Players (Jude Sharp).

    The Managers 
Kino Aki, Otonashi Haruna, Raimon Natsumi and Kudou Fuyuka, The Goddesses Named After The Japanese Seasons (Kino Aki/Silvia Woods; Otonashi Haruna/Celia Hills; Raimon Natsumi/Nelly Raimon/Endou Natsumi/Nelly Evans; Kudou Fuyuka/Fuyuppe/Ono Fuyuka/Camilia Travis/Cammy/Cam-Cam/Camilia Green/Endou Fuyuka/Camilia Evansnote )


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