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The main antagonist of Pokemon: Nova and Antica who has so many tropes, and is such a Walking Spoiler, that she got her own page. For the main character index, click here.

Needless to say, this page contains UNCONCEALED SPOILERS. Proceed at your own risk.

Team Hectic Headmistress Marisol

“Oh, how I detest weak-willed people. Why? Why let your own will stop you from enjoying life’s pleasures? If you want to do something, then do it with all your heart and soul! Without regrets!”

The younger sister of former Gym Leader Utei and older cousin of current one Isono, the three slowly drifted apart following when their parents succumbed to a disease that runs in the family. Marisol was once a young girl wrestling with insecurities and uncertainties about her future.

Focused on herself, the young Marisol resolved to find her place in the world at the expense of attempts at tightening the relationship between her brother and cousin. Marisol started as a Shrine Maiden, basically a young, female religious follower, at the Segarro Town Church under the tutelage of Joseph and Mary. Here, she gained an understanding of Tenla mythology and history as well as fluency in the ancient language of Rudo. However, she couldn't herself staying here and decided to go to school at the university of the selfsame town. Mary warned her of the darkness lingering in her heart.


Graduating with knowledge in business and politics, Marisol could not land a high-paying, lasting job and so pursued Pokemon training like Isono and Utei. One thing after another led to becoming Champion of the Tenla Region, but despite her sudden fame, media controversy and her own growing darkness led to pursue the path of evil. Finding a weakened band of criminal struggling to make it in the criminal world, she upstaged its leader and transformed the syndicate into feared terrorist group, Team Hectic.

Now, she strays to the shadows, trying to keep as much activity under the wraps as possible until it's time to pounce. Through intensive research and espionage, Marisol aims to uncover the locations of the Shards, the crystallization of legendary Dragon Pokemon, and release the essence in them. If that's done, these Pokemon can pray to the Chaos Shrine and release a much, much worse Pokemon—all according to a prophecy Marisol stumbled upon, and that's exactly what she intends to realize.


  • The Ace: An example of someone who grew into the role. Marisol struggled to find her place in the world but gained skills such as learning Tenla's ancient language and an understanding of religion, which she passed onto Admin Cybil. When she settled on being a trainer, she excelled at it. In record time, she grew strong enough to train powerful Light-type Pokemon that defeated Elite Four and crown herself Champion. She was also skilled enough to participate in the Pokemon World Tournament mere fresh off her crowning. As the leader of Team Hectic, Marisol is darkly charismatic, a capable thinker and planner, something of a politician, and a beautiful women her underlings both fear and admire.

  • Always Someone Better: Could never escape her older brother Utei's shadow until she turned evil.

  • Ambition Is Evil: So many atrocities committed for the sake of personal gain and entitlement.

  • The Anti-Christ: She is actively attempting to return an Evil God to the Pokemon Universe, which foretells untold desolation, chaos, and destruction. She matches the prophecy laid out in the Chaos Shrine, so she takes that distinction and runs with it, knowing she will benefit the most out of Omnus's second coming.

  • A Pupil of Mine Until He Turned to Evil: Mentored under Joseph and Mary as a Shrine Maiden. Although, she went off the deep end after she stopped being one.

  • Arch-Enemy: She's created... a lot of personal enemies.

    • To Metacia. His uncle and aunt were proud police officers cracking down on both iterations of Team Hectic. She "made them disappear permanently" to preserve her hard work, earning Metacia's personal distaste in the process.

    • To Cierra. She was a former operative who bailed after Marisol became leader and made Team Hectic much, much worse. Because traitors are dealt with harshly and she feared for her family, Cierra had to change her name and identity with Metacia's and Staudo's blessings. Marisol is still looking for so she can stay quiet.

    • To Isono. Isono already lost her love for Marisol after she turned evil, but she really started hating Marisol when she found out the truth about Utei's condition. Marisol, in turn, finds Isono an annoyance stepping outside of destiny's boundaries.

    • To Winter, who both eventually come to see as this. Winter comes to discover that Marisol is the one responsible for everything bad that happened to Tenla in the past decade, and she personally gets wronged by her when Marisol trashes her achievements in the conference and destroys her trophy. Despite breaking down, Winter musters the courage to dedicate her efforts to bringing her down, while resolving to become a better Champion than she ever was. While Marisol originally saw Winter as nothing than another insignificant thing in the way, she attains special hatred for Winter when she finds out she won't quit and is specifically gunning for her of all people — an insult to Marisol's pride.

    • To Ash. Marisol let it slip that she knew about his father in Obelisk City, and Ash has been wanting to hear what she knows since. Then, he finds out the whole reason his father stepped out of his and Delia's life to wander the earth is because he had his spirit broken by Marisol and didn't have the self-confidence to face his family again. Like with Winter, Ash's relentless bravery proves to be a complete nuisance. Then, she discovers from listening to Ash's friend that, according to some Legendary Pokemon, he's special too, and that throws Marsol for quite the loop.

  • Asshole Victim: We are not supposed to feel an ounce of sympathy when she's Dragged Off to Hell. She deserves her Fate Worse than Death trapped in a dimension of mind-numbing chaos.

  • Authority Equals Asskicking: Despite her infamy, Marisol is still a former Champion and the Headmistress of Team Hectic. Her very name struck fear in the hearts of the Tenla Police Ops, Tenla trainers, and civilians. And as the audience sees against Giovanni, Claris, and in the Final Battle, it's an earned reputation.

  • Award Snub: In-Universe. Film review and judges' decisions in two of her Pokemon World Tournament battles led to an early elimination despite her promising talent. Because of her character flaws, she lets her mouth fly in interviews, tainting her image. Tabloids jumped all over it, damaging her pride.

  • Ax-Crazy: Marisol is a savage woman brimming with evil. More than anybody else, she gets her kicks out of getting to hurt or dominate others. This is best seen after she's defeated Elite Four in the World of Chaos — after leaving all their Pokemon battered wrecks, she has her own string the four of them up for citizens to see what happens to those who resist their "queen."

  • Badass Bookworm: Studied business and politics and used that knowledge well as the dangerous Team Hectic Headmistress.

  • Badass Longrobe: Wears a dark green one with a thigh-high slit.

  • The Bad Guy Wins: Downplayed. She ultimately brings about Omnus's second coming, and it terraforms just the Tenla Region into the World of Chaos. Thus, the Final Battle is spent trying to revert the disaster before it extends to the rest of the Pokemon Universe, which would constitute complete success.

  • Bait the Dog:

    • We're led to believe Tenzuki is completely loyal to Marisol, and she in turn appreciates it, calling Tenzuki the best partner she could ever ask for. Then, it's revealed Marisol manipulated its Undying Loyalty for her so Penny corrupt Tenzuki with Viral Pokerus and the Mega Wave.

    • Isono makes us also believe Marisol still harbored love for Utei based on the fact she always prepared his favorite drink through rare ingredients before she disappeared. Then, it's revealed her final drink before her defection was laced with an experimental drug, the precursor to the Viral Pokerus, that made him bedridden to this day.

  • Beauty Is Bad: Marisol is a stunning, long-haired woman who happens to be very, very evil.

  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Earning Omnus's divine favor is pivotal in her goal to Take Over the World... the same favor that would cause her to be Dragged Off to Hell, shutting the door on any second chances.

  • Big Bad: She's responsible for everything Team Hectic does up to and including the terrorism, the Shards, the Shrines, and the deaths the organization has caused. The story's major conflict all points back to her machinations.

  • Big Bad Slippage: Marisol goes from a lost young woman to an Ax-Crazy, sadistic sociopath who is willing to commit mass destruction and terrorism to realize world domination.

  • Breaking Lecture:

    • Ash's father unknowingly helped her and some of Team Hectic. When he expresses doubts about being a father, and his relationship with his lover, Marisol—as someone who gives it her all—deemed him a pathetic wreck who doesn't deserve that happiness if he thinks liek that. As punishment, she and her crew gang up on him and his Pokemon to break his will.

    • After stringing up the Tenla Elite Four and brutalizing their Pokemon, Marisol televises a Despair Speech that lets everyone know exactly what she intends and that they should get used to it. She was already The Dreaded to begin with, but this singular moment turned it Up to Eleven.

  • Broken Ace: Her inner darkness corrupted her into someone easily enslaved by her own pride and envy. It eventually drove Marisol to thinking of and employing means to secure her success in life in ways the old Marisol would never dream of.

  • The Caligula: While she actually runs Team Hectic very effectively, Marisol's darker traits and ambitions point to this trope. She's an absolute sociopath who only cares about herself and her own power, and seeks to fulfill a disastrous prophecy that means even more power and authority over the world, even the universe, at large. And she has "my way or the highway" approach that should not be questioned.

  • Card-Carrying Villain: Makes no effort to hide she's evil. It certainly doesn't help Team Hectic has been transparently sinister since their introduction.

  • The Charmer: Marisol has a certain swagger about her. Her words and mannerisms possess a certain magnetic charisma that most can't help but at least pay attention to. For example, she was able to convince Penny and Dracil, two despairing young adults, into joining her cause through comforting words alone.

  • The Chessmaster: Just about every calculated deed of hers serves a purpose. Her public execution of the old leader that distracted the masses from her assassinations of Tenla Government's politicians, leading to the Tenla Region Shutdown, was all a giant ploy (well, one of many) to sow terror because one possibility in an Ultra Wormhole showed her both civilians and police will band together and easily defeat her in an early phase of the plan because they still thought Team Hectic was a joke. In the present day, she plays Xanatos Speed Chess with a side of Batman Gambits to keep Team Hectic on top of the game.

    • Even without the help of the Ultra Wormholes, she planned the defeat of Giovanni and Team Rocket through hearing mere rumors, getting good research on her enemies, and acting accordingly. Because it happened around the time she was performing a Kansas City Shuffle against Claris and the government, this showed Marisol is an adaptable multi-tasker as well.

  • The Chosen One: She matches the prophecy laid out by Omnus, and Marisol used those details to cultivate a cult-like following among Team Hectic, inspiring all sorts of loyalty and turning skeptics into followers.

  • Classic Villain: Pride, Envy, and Ambition.

  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Dragged off to a hellish Eldritch Location where one your savior is trapped in an inescapable Master Ball? She won't last long there.

  • Dark Is Evil: Black and dark green are prominent colors in her wardrobe. Darkness as a concept is also a prevalent theme concering her.

  • Dark Messiah: Pretty much the reason Team Hectic has cult-like undertones. Using her charm and charisma, Marisol has convinced almost all of those loyal to her of Omnus's prophecy, resulting in many underlings justifying themselves for the sake of a "better world" or a "more secure future."

  • Deadpan Snarker: Her rhetoric includes veiled sarcasm an quips sweetened by faux-affable wit.

  • Death by Irony: Her Evil Plan sees Omnus drown the Tenla Region in chaos and destruction, terraforming it into the World of Chaos in a preview of what will befall the rest of the Pokemon Universe. As Omnus's chosen one, she should benefit the most from it. Well, her defeat sees her dragged down to an even worse place made of chaos to live out the rest of her days exactly because she is Omnus's chosen one.

  • Despotism Justifies the Means: Marisol only cares about acquiring power and fulfilling Omnus's prophecy, and she will stop at nothing to achieve it, up to and including fostering region-wide fear, plotting assassinations, leaving many to die and suffer, and letting Omnus ravage most of the world in darkness and chaos so she can rule the remains with impunity.

  • Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life: Marisol went about aimlessly in her adolescence and young adulthood trying to find something she was good at, her calling in life. She roamed from being a Shrine Maiden, to someone studying business and politics in school, to eventually a wandering trainer. She hit the jackpot that last option.

  • Diabolical Mastermind: Engineered Team Hectic's rise to success to the letter, beating out all her competition and earning the attention of Team Rocket, Team Magma, and Team Aqua, who all aimed to destroy team Hectic before they got worse. She eventually outsmarted them all and kicked them out of Tenla for good measure.

  • Dimensional Traveller: Penny and her research department gave Marisol the means to access Ultra Wormholes. She uses them to scout out Alternate Timelines that give her Broad Strokes of what to expect and what to prevent. She does little meddling in them, but when she does to learn some things, it often leaves the dimension in turmoil.

  • Didn't See That Coming:

    • Unlike Team Rocket, she never saw Team Aqua and Magma gunning for her as well. It took a while weeding out those sleeper agents, forcing her to make Team Hectic's activity screech to a halt, but she eventually kicked them out of Tenla too.

    • She knew of the three Legendary Pokemon that Arceus tasked with sealing the Draconic Disciples. However, none of the Ultra Wormhole timelines nor reports in the present world indicated they were returning to Tenla anytime soon. So when they do, and at the worst time, Marisol's left stunned.

  • Dragged Off to Hell: When Omnus is sealed back in the Underworld (in a Master Ball no less), the prophecy indicates all with its divine favor are to go with it... that means her and the scores of people still loyal to Team Hectic. In on final act of spite, Marisol grabs both Ash and Winter by their ankles, but thankfully they're saved.

  • The Dreaded: She cultivated fear across Tenla since she publicly executed the old leader and assassinated all but Claris in the same maneuver. The infamous "Shutdown" was a response to nipping a potential problem in the bud. Her name alone inspires terror.

  • Driven by Envy: Marisol represents the Sin of Envy according to Word of God. Even before she turned evil, Marisol always wrestled with jealously coveting everything others had that she didn't. This is "the darkness" Mary sensed in her heart. Her driving motivation is a combination of arrogance and jealousy, and it becomes evident her Evil Plan is based on the reality that maybe, just maybe, Marisol should've accepted not everything will go her way.

  • Drunk on the Dark Side: According to Mary, who worked closely with Marisol back when she was a Shrine Maiden, she always sensed some lingering darkness in her heart. Turns out it was her self-entitlement and huge envy. Once she walked the path of a villain, it got easier and easier to commit evil deeds for her ambitions, and she succumbed to her darkness.

  • Dystopia Justifies the Means: To keep a long story short, Marisol commits all sorts of destruction, manipulation, political games, murder, terrorism, and fearmongering, and then she'll let an Evil God ruin most of the universe so long as it means ruling the ravaged remains unopposed forever.

  • Entitled Bastard: Always struggling with jealousy issues, they evolved into full-blown entitlement, leading to the current Marisol—someone trying to remold the universe in her image for an ego trip.

  • Eviler Than Thou: Giovanni kept a close eye on Tenla because reports of Team Hectic's growing influence in his territory made them a target in his eyes. He constructed a gambit to expose Team Hectic and then capture their leader in Obelisk City. Unfortunately for him, Marisol long knew about his plans because she planted a sleeper agent and played dumb most of the time. She spends their battle trading wits before ultimately sending him packing.

  • Evil Feels Good: Basically why she went off the deep end. Her net number of skills lent incredibly well to being Headmistress, and she procured far more fame and power than as a goodie-two-shoes Champion. She got high off evil and pursued it.

  • Evil Plan: Find the Shards across Tenla containing Omnus's disciples, release them so they can unseal Omnus in the Chaos Shrine, and sit back and enjoy the benefits being Omnus's Champion.

  • Evil Orphan: Lost her parents to an illness that runs in her family.

  • Evil Overlord: Her goal is to become ruler of the world after Omnus's catastrophic second awakening.

  • Evil Is Petty: Once she fully embraced evil, Marisol became a toxic, petty person. If nothing nor anyone lives up to her standards and expectation, it's their fault and they should be ashamed of themselves. She let Penny use her own brother as an unknowing guinea pig so "he could finally learn a hardship or two" and let her poor cousin Isono deal with the aftermath. She called Winter weak mere moments after winning the Future Island conference for being a Humble Hero.

  • Fallen Hero: She was once the proud Champion of Tenla that wanted to wear the mantle proudly. After everything kept going wrong, she turned into a Diabolical Mastermind to ensure things stayed right.

  • Fame Through Infamy: Having experienced difficulties in her early career as Champion, Marisol embraced becoming The Dreaded as Headmistress since now people don't treat her in half-measures because she's a threat.

  • The Fatalist: Belief in Omnus's prophecy and her own ventures into Ultra Wormholes made her something of one. See You Can't Fight Fate.

  • Faux Affably Evil: She can put on as much charm and swagger as she wants, but it doesn't hide her cruel, true nature. Given that her charm and rhetoric usually accompanies a sadistic act, she doesn't even seem to be trying to hide it.

  • Freudian Excuse Is No Excuse: She lost her parents, and her relationship with her older brother and younger cousin was distant at best. She lacked satisfaction in her many pursuits until she settled on Pokemon battling, only for controversy in the Pokemon World Tournament and later other matters turned media opinion against her, painting an unwanted image of her. Then, she reads a secret inscription about Omnus and the history of the world, revealing that the world will eventually end, but she fits the description of someone who will benefit the most from the apocalypse. She's called out by Isono, Metacia, Ash, Winter, and several others. Marisol is so repugnantly selfish in trying to remake the world for her own desires that nothing in her backstory justifies her actions.

  • Go Mad from the Revelation: Thanks to her fluency with Tenla's ancient language, she was able to read the prophecy inscripted upon the Chaos Shrine, letting her know the world was potentially doomed if certain conditions were met. This led to a minor existential crisis when Marisol thinks everything she's done is for naught... until she kept reading and saw whoever made those conditions reality would gain untold riches and divine favor.

  • Greater-Scope Villain: Ultimately subverted. As the Headmistress, she outranks Admin Penny, who the first half of the story builds up towards until the climax in the Research Facility. She never gets directly involved until Obelisk City right around the corner where Giovanni finally enacts his gambit. Later on, she's more firmly active, thus becoming much more involved in the plot as the true main antagonist of Nova and Antica.

  • Hypocrite: Marisol's enmity towards Isono — and later Ash and Winter — is she feels they are stepping outside of the boundaries set by fate according to what she knows about them. In other words, they're getting better than what she feels they should be. Mind, Marsol's entire backstory is about a lost girl finding her way and clawing to the top as The Ace. Apparently, only Marisol is allowed to be the greatest there ever was against the odds.

  • I Just Want to Be Special: Sought interests and occupation in hopes of finding her real calling in life. Eventually became Champion, fulfilling this dream, but then that wasn't all it's cracked-up to be. Then, she stumbled upon a little secret prophecy...

  • In Their Own Image: Aims to use Omnus to ravage the world enough to make people terrified to resist Team Hectic before turning the damaged remains into a world she likes best.

  • Insane Troll Logic: Marisol nurses her pride by dreaming up justifications that only make sense to her. For example, her initial reply to Utei's poisoning to "I know that sounds awful, but..." and then drops the pretenses with an even more toxic answer: "he could finally learn a hardship or two."

  • It's All About Me: Maybe before she succumbed to evil, Marisol could be forgiven for being a jealous person if she tried to work on it. Unfortunately, Marisol let that inner darkness take over her mind—deciding to completely ignore the security and life of all those who stand in her way, including her family, her homeland, and in principle all people living on the planet—and planned to let an omnicidal godly Pokemon ravage a universe where she and the Team Hectic she made could lord over with impunity.

  • Jerkass: She really enjoys tormenting and mocking people she deems beneath her, which is pretty much everyone that isn't a loyal subordinate that knows their place, and shows no remorse to cruel acts both little and small. For example, in the Obelisk City climax, she immediately recognizes Ash as a certain someone's son, slipped out that she knew something about Ash's Missing Dad, and proceeded to taunt him about the knowledge until she finally reveals the truth much, much later on.

  • Kneel Before Zod: "It's time for you get in line and bend at the knee to your master!"

  • Kick the Dog: Shall we count the ways?

    • Turned Ash's father into a broken man wandering the Earth thanks to a Breaking Lecture after being a Good Samaritan.

    • Let her brother get poisoned For Science!. Even worse is that his sickness was framed like her family's illness until The Reveal.

    • Broke Winters' conference trophy because she didn't meet her standards.

    • Repaid her own Pokemon's loyalty by turning them into savage tools for battle against their will.

  • Knight of Cerebus: Despite Marisol being Faux Affably Evil, every time she appears on-screen, the story gets serious. She represents the absolute darkest end of the Cerebus Rollercoaster, being the boss of people like Penny and Pravus. Her actions include murder and terrorism, and her ultimate goal entails omnicide and universal subjugation.

  • Large Ham: A grandiose sense of showmanship, a lofty ego, a charming if evil smile, silver tongue, and a little class all lend to Marisol being the center of attention.

  • Light Is Not Good: Used to be a Light-type trainer as a Champion. Got rid of them all except for Tenzuki.

  • Man of Wealth and Taste: Gender Inverted. Marisol is a gorgeous, well-kempt, and charming woman who, outside of her more evil qualities, suggests a very classy, sophisticated individual.

  • Manipulative Bitch: She was able to hide her sociopathy real well, covet many followers through honeyed words and dangerously alluring possibilities, and appeal to the both hopes and darkness in their hearts. By the time her real nature eventually became common knowledge, not as many Team Hectic members defected like one would expect. Turns out they either still believed in the cause, realized victory is right there in their grasps, or thought they sacrificed too much to stop now. All because Marisol was a smooth-talker who cultivated her underlings really, really well.

  • Murder by Inaction: Used Ultra Wormholes to practice in Alternate Timelines to fine-turn her strategies and approaches. Oftentimes, this meant leaving said timelines in irreparable turmoil. She doesn't care.

  • Mythology Gag: In essence, Marisol combines aspects of all villainous team leaders from Gens I-VI. Her organization is funded by criminal activities like Giovanni and Team Rocket, her Evil Plan requires the use of Legendary Pokemon that will have cataclysmic effects on the world like Team Aqua/Magma and Cyrus's Galactic (the main legendary even has ties to Giratina and Arceus), she wants to Take Over the World like Ghetsis and her organization has cult-like undertones like Plasma, life force energy and Mega Evolution are key parts of her infrastructure like Lysandre's Team Flare, and she is a Light Is Not Good female Big Bad like Lusamine. In addition, her use of Ultra Wormholes is lifted from Team Rainbow Rocket, and her team as a whole is startlingly similar to Team Cipher down to using and selling scientifically modified Pokemon.

  • Narcissist: Thinks of herself someone destined for greater and latched onto the prophecy with an iron grip as a result. She's totally self-centered and cares nothing for anyone or anything but herself and her own grandiose ambitions.

  • Near-Villain Victory: She finds and gathers the Shards, releases the Draconic Disciples, relocates the Chaos Shrine to its proper place, and reawakens a sealed Omnus, who proceeds to terraform the Tenla Region into the World of Chaos. The unexpected arrival of the Forest Guardian trio stops Omnus and the Draconic Disciples from doing that to the rest of the universe. So, the Final Battle is spent with the whole Tenla Region trying to survive, and our heroes trying to revert the damage caused by Marisol before it's too late. Thankfully, she's defeated and everything is turned back to normal before total victory happens, meeting this trope.

  • Never a Self-Made Woman: Deconstructed. It really peeved her off when, even as Champion, media attributed her success primarily to Utei as opposed to her own merits. Lingering bitterness made it easy for him to suggest to Penny she use Utei as a human guinea pig for her first sample of Viral Pokerus.

  • Never My Fault: The media controversy about the Pokemon World Tournament was started by Marisol slandering names, including those of the judges, on publicized interviews. After tabloids exploited the juicy drama, Marisol blames them instead of thinking even once her sharp tongue screwed herself over.

  • No-Nonsense Nemesis: Sure, she may be smug, playful, and self-obsessed, but Marisol is determined to see her ambitions realized regardless of what she has to do. For starters, she's all too happy to keep and her organization underground and wait if it means winning the long game.

  • Oh, Crap!:

    • She focused more on clandestinely dealing with Team Rocket that Team Aqua and Magma also being apart of the efforts caught her completely off-guard. This almost blew her smooth-going plans wide open and forced her to halt Team Hectic's activity until they dealt with them.

    • A wordless variant. When she's confront with the reality that Omnus is going back to be captured in a Master Ball, her perfect Pokemon have been defeated, and she's completely and lost, Marisol gets shell-shocked.

    "W-What...?" The steps backwards were limp, mindless attempts at keeping her balance. Shaky hands rose to cover her open mouth. Her tearing eyes beheld everything, both prophecized and forged by her own will, crumble in one fell swoop.

    • A truly spectacular one happens after her final defeat. Omnus is set to be sealed again, taking everything affiliated with him into the Underworld... that includes herself and almost all of Team Hectic since they have its divine favor.

  • Omnicidal Maniac: By proxy. She shows total indifference to leaving some Alternate Timelines in Ultra Wormholes in turmoil if it meant getting good recon and definitely doesn't care if Omnus ravages the universe so long as Team Hectic rules the remains unopposed.

  • Pals with Jesus: Immediately establishes a cordial relationship with Omnus.

  • The Paragon Always Rebels: Champions by design represent the best of the best in their home region. Behold, Marisol, a Champion that threw everything away to become Tenla's worst and most evil criminal.

  • Perpetual Smiler: She's all smiles. It makes her either all the more dangerous, or all the more charismatic. Maybe both. When she drops the smiles, she's at her most serious.

  • Pragmatic Villainy:

    • Acts as both a Benevolent Boss and Reasonable Authority Figure within Team Hectic to ensure loyalty even if some think she's crazy. After all, she burned a lot of bridges with her stunt prior to the "Shutdown," so she had to enlist lots of people to build new ones for her while she laid low.

    • Despite being The Fatalist, she refuses to be overconfident in her beliefs on fate and prophecy, citing her experiences in her Ultra Wormholes as reasons to keep herself tempered.

  • Predecessor Villain: To Winter. As former Champion, Marisol is the whole reason the spot is vacant now and has such a stigma.

  • Pride: Big time. Her pride won't let her do things in half-measures, and her ego won't let her settle with second place or anything short of perfection. In fact, when her whole team of Mega Wave-enhanced Pokemon are revealed, she makes it a show.

    "It might be brash, certainly bold, but doesn't everyone like showing off what they have? It's not conceit if you can back it up."

  • Psychopathic Womanchild: Type C. She's powerful, intelligent, charismatic, and feared, but she possesses some hidden petty and toxic qualities like her envy and sense of entitlement.

  • Refuge in Audacity: An Ultra Wormhole excursion tips her off that the Tenla Government will derail her plans if left unchecked. So, Marisol hatches a plan in Obelisk City to assassinate the final member of the old crew, Claris. What does that plan consist of? A wholly transparent attempt at baiting officials. Why does it still work? Marisol uses herself as the bait. No backup, no strings attached, no nothing. She's singlehandedly taking on the government with only her smarts, Pokemon, and tenacity, and her status forces them to take the bait anyway. And her entire plan works.

  • Sadist: She takes great pride in dominating others; it whets her twisted mind. Best said here:

    Marisol: I want you all to understand how outclassed you are. To understand this is the new status quo. The carnage, the chaos, the destruction! I want everyone and everything to witness it all! I want you all to suffer pain like you've never imagined! I want you all scream until your lungs give out. I want to see your tear-stained faces! Anyone who crosses Team Hectic will be shown utter despair until they realize how meaningless anymore struggle is! It's time for you get in line and bend at the knee to your master!

  • Second Place Is for Losers: Her pride got hurt at the judges' decisions making the loser of a "close" battle in the Pokemon World Tournament. She reacted in kind, leading to controversy. She maintains it's all the media's fault.

  • Self-Made Woman: Say what you want about her, but Marisol in aggregate indeed made herself all through her own tenacity:

    • Like Isono and Utei, she started off parentless and without real guidance. Unlike Utei, she wasn't naturally gifted. Unlike Isono, she achieved far more. Ironically, through going from one major occupation to another, she acquired sets of skills that proved invaluable as an adult. Through hard work and determination, traits she's a stickler for, she became Tenla Champion.

    • Then, there's the fact she turned Team Hectic from a bumbling band of criminals into a feared syndicate that almost tore the world asunder. She convinced the former version to follow her and betray their old leader, manipulated or enticed new talent to join, expanded the black market business and illegal tournament scenes with Artificial Mega Stones and Viral Pokerus (made by Penny) to fund their activities, and turned who was once a joke into The Dreaded.

  • Signature Mon: Tenzuki. It's in fact the only one of her original team of Pokemon she didn't disown.

  • Shadow Archetype: She foils three different characters that show they could have turned out worse in life.

    • To Ash. Marisol at one point held the singular desire to be the best there ever was like Ash, dealing with some family issues in the process. Whereas Ash always kept true to himself and believed in his Pokemon and friends, Marisol abandoned all of her connections and treated everyone as tools or pawns to serve herself and herself alone.

    • To Aaron. Both of them desperately wanted to make a name of themselves and never fade into obscurity. They were also fatalists who believed in destiny in their own ways. However, Aaron learned not to lose himself in the process and conclude maybe not everything is decided by fate. Marisol let her emotions corrupt her, living and breathing the prophecy that decreed her Omnus's champion.

    • To Winter. Young, orphaned women who struggled with problems and found battling to be their ticket to stardom. Winter remained nice, empathetic, and gentle all the way through. Marisol became cold, selfish, and petty.

  • Slasher Smile:

    • Belts one out when she's done entertaining Giovanni after checkmating him.

    • Her release of Omnus is capped off with her being filled with psychotic glee and an Evil Laugh.

    • Does not bother hiding her horrific smile when she broadcasts the Tenla Elite Four strung up for a Breaking Lecture.

  • The Sociopath: Became one over the years. Marisol has always had a large sense of self-worth that stemmed from jealousy issues. She gained the other traits when she found out about Omnus's prophecy and recreated Team Hectic, becoming a master manipulator who could care less about the wellbeing and suffering of others as long as she fixes the universe to be more in-line with her vision.

  • Smug Smiler: A Perpetual Smiler with oodles of self-confidence, guided by her arrogance and pride.

  • Take Over the World: Through fearmongering and Omnus's apocalyptic second coming, Marisol aims to rule the ravaged remains of the Pokemon Universe with an iron fist.

  • Taking You with Me: When Team Hectic is being plunged into the Underworld with the resealed Omnus, Marisol grabs both Ash and Winter by their ankles to try and drag them down with her as one final act of spite. Thankfully, their friends save them so Marisol can enjoy that Eldritch Location without them.

  • Tyrant Takes the Helm: The first iteration of Team Hectic was a lowly band of criminals and thieves. The second one, under her reign, is a regional terrorist organization with cult-like undertones whose criminal exploits are the least of everyone's worries. "Big changes" indeed.

  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: All of the figures who would become Big Bad, it had to be the one who used to be basically Winter in her youth.

  • The Usurper: see Tyrant Takes the Helm. Team Hectic's older built what he had with his own two hands. Marisol thought it wasn't enough. At all.

  • Vile Villain, Saccharine Show: Again, she's the darkest of the villains in Nova and Antica — while it may read like a YA novel, it's still Pokemon. She's a homicidal sadist, criminal, and terrorist played straight beneath the veneers the prose applies.

  • Villainous Valor: Marisol is a frighteningly courageous and determined individual. Once she sets her mind on something, she goes all-in with only success on her mind. Her gambit in Obelisk City hinged on using herself as a bait for both the Tenla Government and Giovanni. It worked because she believed in herself and gave it 110%.

  • Walking Spoiler: Marisol's past, motivation, and real plan cannot be discussed without spoiling much of the story's main plot. Hence, she's relegated to this page with a simple Spoilers Off warning up top.

  • You Can't Fight Fate: Being the Chosen One and having a form of foresight thanks to her "practice", Marisol deems her victory a Foregone Conclusion. Among other reasons, she says fate is why they'll lose.

  • Xanatos Speed Chess: Remember, the Ultra Wormhole timeline she meddles in only give broad hints. She has to fill in the blanks herself. So, she's been managing Team Hectic while keeping a close eye on public activity and their responses. In the Obelisk City climax, she's pulling double duty against dealing with Team Rocket and the Tenla Government in a startling showcase of her adaptability. Against the completely unforeseen variable of Team Aqua and Magma, she's forced to backpedal and address them, but she ultimately kicks them out of Tenla even if they introduced doubts in her underlings.

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