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Naming Conventions Note: Most characters in Please Tell Me! Galko-chan's cast are Only Known by Their Nickname, usually by tagging one of their attributes with a name suffix suitable for the person's gender. For this reason, a hyphen is used in most of the names here to indicate this.

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    The Main Trio 


Voiced by: Azumi Waki
Naming note: Her nickname comes from Gal.
  • Asleep in Class: We often see her like this.
  • Cute Little Fangs: Galko has those. A skit in episode 9 discusses, In-Universe, how people outside of Japan dislikes this trope; Galko hides her mouth for a while after noticing, in some foreign movies, girls get orthodontics just for having these.
  • Dude Magnet: Galko-chan is very popular with her classmates.
  • Fashionable Asymmetry: Being the more fashionable one of the cast, has a bun on the left side of her head, while on the right she has a side ponytail with a blue scrunchy.
  • The Fashionista: One of the few Gyaru traits that she actually plays straight.
  • Gag Boobs: She has very large boobs, far larger than both Ojou and Otako. Otako pokes fun at them at least once an episode.
  • Huge Schoolgirl: Galko is taller than most of the other girls, including some of the guys as well.
  • Mommy's Girl: Galko loves her mother dearly, and often acts spoiled around her whenever she gets the chance to have her around.
  • Nice Girl: She is a kind individual who is willing to help her classmates.
  • Not a Morning Person: One of the things that makes misled her classmates on her sex practices. one skit in an episode shows her energy gradually increases as the day goes on, and Otako directly lampshades this trope. She also has a habit of staying up late.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: Galko's sister is really famous in the community and so she's always been referred in relation to the latter. Her friendship with Otako is partly because Otako doesn't refer her as someone's little sister.
  • Really Gets Around: Subverted by Galko. It seems the entire class assumes as a Gyaru she has pretty loose morals, she actually have zero experience with men, even a nonsexual date, to the point she's actually Allergic to Love.
  • Team Mom: Galko definitely gives off shades of this, with her being prepared for just about any problem her classmates throw at her and her caring nature towards the elementary school boy. It's even implied she wants to be a mother herself when she's older!


Naming note: Her nickname comes from Otaku.

  • Bookworm: Otako is more accurately this; she does handle a lot of manga and anime, but that's among others. Especially, she doesn't own any manga of her own. Those are her brother's.
  • The Gadfly: She likes messing with Galko.
  • Ill Girl: When she was younger. Her bookwork tendencies actually comes from here as she read everything out of boredom while sick at home.
  • Nerd Glasses: Otako wears them, specifically red squarish ones.
  • Older Than They Look: Otako looks like an elementary schooler, if the lines spoken by some actual elementary schoolers when she's at the pool is of any indication, as in, some schoolboy trying to pick her up, asking her which elementary school does she attend.
  • Otaku: It's in her nickname.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Store-bought buns.
  • Youthful Freckles: Otako has them, indicating her being less attractive.


Naming note: Yes, that trope.

  • The Ace: She is said to be at the top of the class and aces many extra-curricular activities.
  • The Ditz: This is her officially-defined attribute.
  • Ditzy Genius: Being the local Ditz does not prevent her from being the local Ace.
  • Kimono Is Traditional: When the main trio goes to the mall in episode 6/ chapter 13, they were surprised to see Ojou coming in with a full kimonos. The manga stated that's the first time she goes out with friends so she overdoes it. On the other hand, character bios indicates she follows a very traditional way of life.
  • Ojou: In a series where everyone is Only Known by Their Nickname, she is obviously an example of this trope.
  • Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense: Ojou is apparently very sheltered, and thus sometimes have difficulties grasping some ideas that Galko and Otako are discussing at the moment. The prime example is in Episode 6/ Chapter 12, when the two were talking about lingerie shopping, and as Ojou chimes in, she starts talking about how the lingerie tailor comes in to measure everyone for their custom lingerie... To the point the Galko found it necessary to take Ojou out to the mall to know how commoner women get their lingerie.

    The Boy Trio 


Naming note: His nickname comes from "charai," refering to a frivolous, flashy male.


Naming note: His nickname comes from otaku.


Voiced by: Daisuke Ono

A stoic-looking member of the baseball team.

Naming note: His nickname comes from "sports".




Naming Note: His nickname comes from "bomb." It's for that one time he had Messy Hair.


Naming Note: Her nickname comes from the Heavy Metal genre of music.


Voiced by: Juri Kimura

Naming Note: Her nickname comes from "niku," or "meat."

  • Acrofatic: Despite being obviously fat, she is well known for her fast, forceful advances in the girls' soccer team which lends her her epithet, "Sonic Meat."
  • Best Her to Bed Her: One of her character descriptions mentions that her preferred type of person is someone stronger than her.
  • Big Beautiful Woman: She is pretty fat, but she still get plenty of attention from boys and is actually quite athletic.
  • Gag Boobs: Her boobs are also at least comparable to Galko's, and her being fat has nothing to do with it. She was Formerly Fit and still have those boobs.


Naming Note: Her nickname comes from "okakuto," or "occult."

  • Hidden Buxom: She is mentioned by Galko to also have very large breasts, but since she always slouches, it's hardly visible.
  • Huge Schoolgirl: She is possibly taller than Galko is.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: She likes all things related to suspense and horror.


    Friends and Relatives 

Galko's Sister

Galko's college-bound sister who's working as a gravure model on the side.

  • Blatant Lies: While she was still dating Otako's brother, she told him that she was a high school student and often borrowed Galko's uniform whenever they were together.
  • Character Tics: She apparently dodges questions with a non-sequitur whenever she has a crush on somebody.
  • Fanservice Model: She works as a gravure model.
  • The Gadfly: Like to deliberately get Galko embarrassed as an attempt to desensitize her from sexual topics.
  • Gag Boobs: Her boobs are as large as her little sister's.
  • Maneater in Love: She regularly sleeps with virgins and other men, but even though she teases Otako's brother, she genuinely liked spending time with him and is heartbroken when he tells her that he doesn't want to be "just another sex partner" to her.
  • Miko: She acts as a shrine maiden on the side. The one time she's seen in Miko costume... she's modeling.

Charao's Sister

Otako's Brother

The older brother of Otako that goes to college. He's the manga otaku in the household.
  • A Man Is Not a Virgin: Like most boys his age, he hates the fact that he's a virgin and hates that other people make fun of him for it. However, he still wants to take things slow when he gets into a relationship.
  • Opposites Attract: You have plain, nerdy, out of the way and virgin him, compared to the conventionally attractive, assertive and experienced Galko's Sister.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: He and Otako aren't that far off from each other in looks. He's just taller.


Voiced by: Yuiko Tatsumi

Naming Note: Her nicknaming is half of the Sempai/Kohai trope.

  • A-Cup Angst: Especially in a World of Buxom like this one and especially because her sister is huge as well, Kouhai feels a little left out with her modest size.
  • Just the Way You Are: Kouhai has a lot of doubts about her relationship with Charao, and he constantly reassures her that he likes them as they are now.
  • Meganekko: The cute middle-school girl with glasses. She's the closest thing to a moe character in this series.


The buxom lingerie saleslady who's also Kohai's older sister.



Voiced by: Yuichi Nakamura
Galko's classroom's homeroom teacher. Constantly has to look out for Galko and often scolds her.


Galko's world history teacher.

Naming note: His nickname comes from "Duke."


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