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my big ol' text dumpie.

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The Distant Past | Biblical Period | Medieval Ages | Seventeenth & Eighteenth Centuries
Nineteenth Century | Twentieth Century | Twenty-First Century | The Distant Future

In Universe — The Distant Past


  • 5,317,916,135 BCE: SCP-3201-4 observes as an extragalactic civilization outside of the Local Group ceases to exist. Having seen such events twice before, the Archivist is not concerned for they did not have spotted turtles. (SCP-3201)

  • Circa 3,500,000,000 BCE: Life arises on Earth.

  • Circa 3,100,000,000 BCE: Life arises on SCP-3003. (SCP-3003)

  • Between 251,941,000 BCE - 251,880,000 BCE: Time doesn't exist for what would have been a period of sixty-one millennia, in what will erroneously become recognized as the Permian-Triassic Extinction Event. (SCP-3252)

  • Between 75,000,000 - 71,000,000 BCE: The genus of Velociraptor is extant for the latter part of the Cretaceous Period. Among the many species of raptors is the festive Velocihonktor clownus. (SCP-4890)

  • Circa 66,000,000 BCE: In the Hell Creek Formation, the settlement of Temperance, Minnesota reappears from the same location in the future. Several weak-lunged inhabitants — Old Pete, Mary, Annette's kid, most of the chickens, and one of the horses — succumb to oxygen poisoning from the pre-Pleistocene atmosphere. (SCP-4003)
    • Pendleton Tweed documents in his journal his account of the town's troubling times.
      • "November 15th": The townsfolk wake up with terrible headaches akin to hangovers, the Montanan survivors find themselves in the middle of a lush, muddy forest instead of the arid boonies of the western frontier.
      • "November 16th": Sheriff Boone holds a town meeting, stating that no one can leave unless they're part of his scouting team with Red and Jeremiah. The farmers find that something with big chicken feet and "sure as hell ain't no coyote" took the remaining chickens, and one of the dogs catches and eats a Didelphodon vorax. Father Jacob says they need to be strong and God will guide us.
      • "November 18th": In the middle of the night, a gang of the out-of-town prospectors fatally stab the general store owner, Merle, and make off with all they can on horseback, notably leaving behind their caravan of dynamite.
      • "November 19th": Merle's body is found and the California-bound prospectors gone. The town starts rationing supplies, and pray that Merle goes to heaven. After burying Merle, Tweed and Jacob are horrified as a dinosaur unearths the shallow grave, the two running off as their former friend's body is devoured by a "demon".
      • "November 20th": Father Jacob and Tweed return to Temperance, and tell the survivor of the "demon" they saw. Jacob riles the townsfolk into a panic, saying they're in hell, being punished by God for not believing. Tweed calls the Father out for proselytizing, and ascertains that it's best if everyone were level-headed, even if they are surrounded by devils.
      • "November 21st": Sheriff Boone, Red, and Jeremiah return from their scouting mission, missing a horse. The three describe how they lost the horse to a T. rex, and how they saw a menagerie of different colorful beasts. The group of thirty survivors start to eat the Didelphodon as their supplies dwindle.
      • "November 23rd": Temperance is attacked by a herd of Acheroraptor temertyorum, both hominid and dromaeosaurid suffering casualties. Sheriff Boone suggests using the killed raptor for food, to which Father Jacob accuses him of being a blasphemer, tempting them to sin by eating the flesh of a demon. The clergyman rounds up the survivors, and together they gather all the alcohol to destroy in the church. Going by the Father's logic, Tweed reckons that he is a sinner in hell after all.
      • "November 25th": Tweed updates his journal, describing Father Jacob's prohibition and how the townsfolk holed themselves up in the church, praying to their Lord for mercy. Despite Sheriff Boone that he's not at fault, Tweed can't help but notice how the townsfolk won't even look him in the eye. As heavy rain downpours, Tweed can't begin to fall asleep under the cacophony of Cretacous frogs.
      • Circa "November 28th": A Tyrannosaurus rex rampages through Temperance, eating the smaller dinosaurs. Father Jacob attempts to perform an Hollywood Exorcism on the giant coelurosaur, only to get himself and his cohorts eaten. In order to save Tweed and the few remaining survivors, Sheriff Boone commits a Heroic Sacrifice by using the abandoned wagon of dynamite to make him and it's dinosaur Head A-Splode.
      • Tweed sees God's light in the sky, shining bright in the night sky like a several thousand ton rock hurtling towards Earth. The broken man prays to the meteor, begging for forgiveness and to know what he did wrong.
      • As the meteor nears, visible through the stormy clouds of the Mesozoic Era's rainy final days, Tweed puts his journal in his metal safe for one last time as he goes to embrace God.

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  • 66,462,579 BCE: The most fanciest gloriously awesome fantastic rock — later marketed simply as Dr. Wondertainment's Marvelous Meteor™ — arrives at its destination of Chicxulub, Mexico, right on time. (A Fancy Dinosaur)

  • Circa 8,000,000 BCE: The presumed extinction of Phoberomys pattersoni. (SCP-294)

  • Circa 75,000 BCE: The Lake Toba Caldera in present-day Indonesia erupts, sending the planet into a decade-long volcanic winter. Humanity is brought down to only around five thousand breeding members, and Alexandria Eternal documents the genetic bottleneck. (SCP-4001)

  • Between 69,000 - 66,000 BCE: A continuous, low-intensity occupation of a seven-foot-tall, twelve-fingered Homo sapiens subspecies — provisionally designated as Homo sapiens descensus — establishes in the center of the Sahara desert. (SCP-1427)

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  • Circa 68,000 BCE: An incomplete nuclear fission event occurs at the site of SCP-1427's ossuary. The H. s. descensus locale goes extinct. (SCP-1427)

  • Circa 63,000 BCE: Intermittent populations of Homo sapiens idaltu around SCP-1427 cease. (SCP-1427)

  • Circa 61,000 BCE: Nonresident H. s. idaltu populations appear to engage in a concerted effort to excavate and destroy artifacts belonging to Pleistocene Afro-Asiatic cultures, with a special focus on removing and destroying the remains of H. s. descensus. (SCP-1427)

  • Circa 38,000 BCE: Homo neanderthalensis goes extinct, leaving Homo sapiens and Homo nocturnalis as the remaining extant Hominids in the genus. (SCP-1427)

  • Circa 18,000 BCE: The Oplachuyayan tribe of SCP-███ start their rich mythology centered on the balanced triality of three primal gods. (SCP-3201)

  • Between 13,000 - 8,000 BCE: Homo nocturnalis becomes the dominant species of the planet, bioengineering
    • Circa 8,000 BCE: "The Day of Flowers"

In Universe — Biblical Period

  • Between 4800 - 3000 BCE: The cavernous catacombs of SCP-2191 are excavated. (SCP-2191)

  • Circa 3800 BCE: Ur is founded. (SCP-4001)

  • Circa 2025 BCE: The earliest known cat involved with SCP-3773 is born. (SCP-3773)

  • Circa 15th century BCE: The "Holy Years" for the SCP-3838 tribes. (SCP-3838)

  • Between 1897 - 1878 BCE: Khakheperre Senusret II issues decrees to the Egyptian military. In the earliest known records of SCP-1844, papyrus scriptures cite the pharaoh's order to not disturb the "temple cult" centered around the flaming crater in the Levant. (SCP-1844)

  • Circa 2000 BCE: The Canaanites make records of deal-making houseflies. (SCP-3063)

  • Circa 1894 BCE: Keshpeth leads his army of ten thousand Erikeshan mystics against the Scarlet King, Devourer of Worlds. Using seven chains crafted from the bones of Jaspetar, the King's seventh bride, the Erikesh bind the Devourer of Worlds and imprison Him in another realm. (SCP-2317)

  • Circa 1375 BCE: Hunefer, Scribe of Divine Offerings, transcribes The Egyptian Book of the Dead onto a papyrus scroll. (SCP-911)

  • Between 1000 - 500 BCE: SCP-2200-1 is forged by the very being that orchestrated the stars and filled the seas, imbued with a vow to save mankind from the scourge that is Hades and its foul occupants. (SCP-2200)

  • November 15th, circa 800 BCE: The spirit of Melpomene, the Muse of Tragedy, starts possessing attendants of history lectures, violently turning them against their mentors for her own amusement. Clio, the Muse of History, is outraged by her sister's disregard for her art, and the two Attic Muses start an annual cycle of Sibling Rivalry. (SCP-4160)

  • 478 BCE: The Delian League is formed between Attica, Delos, and city-states across the Aegean coast.

  • 454 BCE: The Attic statesman Pericles moves the council of Delian League from the island to Delos to his home of Athens.

  • 431 BCE: The Spartan King Archidamus II leads the Peloponnesian League in war against the Delian League.

  • November 15th, between 420 - 410 BCE: On four separate occasions, Melpomene interrupts Thucydides' lectures on the ongoing Peloponnesian War. The Athenian historian is saved each time by his sane students, three of the events ending when the class subdues and kills the aggressor. (SCP-4160)

  • April 25th, 404 BCE: Facing starvation and disease from the prolonged siege of Admiral Lysandros' forces, Athens surrenders to the Spartan forces, putting an end to the Peloponnesian War.

  • Between 400 - 300 BCE: Two tomb robbers and their horse discover and get lost in Alexandria Eternal.

  • 253 BCE: Workers of the Roman Republic construct a stone bridge over the river Irminio, giving ease of access to the south-eastern side of Sicily. Following construction, the nearby city of Ragusa shifts allegiances to aid the Carthaginian forces occupying the island. (SCP-2513)

  • 251 BCE: The city of Ragusa restores its prior allegiance to the Roman Republic, imbued with a new hate for the sons of Carthage. The rest of the Sicilian villas are contested for the rest of the war, none holding the same bloodlust against the Carthaginian people. (SCP-2513)

  • September 10th, 210 BCE: Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China, becomes fatally poisoned with mercury in his successful pursuit for immortality.
    • 210 - 209 BCE: Over eight thousand Qin soldiers commit suicide in order to possess terracotta sculptures of themselves, using these golems to oppose the wrathful spirit of Qin Shi Huang and confine him to his tomb. (SCP-2101)

  • Between 200 - 100 BCE: The statue of Tophet is sculpted. (SCP-089)

  • Circa 180 BCE: A librarian from the Library of Alexandria handles the Papyrus of Hunefer, his soul trapped inside the parchment's pocket dimension. (SCP-911)

  • Circa 132 BCE: With the expansion of the island's infrastructure, further paths are made connecting southern Sicily to the remainder of the island. As use of the Irminio bridge declines, fewer north-faring Romans are imbued with hatred for the people of Carthage. (SCP-2513)

  • 48 BCE: The Great Library of Alexandria is set ablaze during Julius Caesar's siege of the Egyptian polis.
    • Theopoles, the Watcher of Alexandria Eternal, retreats to the subterranean heart of the burning library. The original library is forgotten, buried under the debris. (SCP-4001)
      • One month later: Starving and out of water, Theopoles turns to the library herself for survival. Finding his book, the Watcher rewrites his fate to serve as Alexandria's librarian.
    • The fire starts from a member of the Serpent's Hand that was smoking in the library. (SCP-4890)

  • March 15th, 44 BCE: The assassination of Gaius Julius Caesar.
    • Caesar, fearing a plot on his life, decides to cancel his scheduled appearance in the Senate. Reclining in his private garden, the dictator spots his least favorite slave, Josephus, cleaning the fountain and the surrounding stonework. Seeing a spider, Josephus panics, slips, and splits his head open on the fountain. Caesar decides to meet in the Senate anyways, not wanting to be there when the slave's corpse voids his bowels. (The Day The Clown Lived)
    • The Roman statesman isn't stabbed twenty-three times, and goes on to establish Little Caesar Enterprises Inc. and the Caesars Palace luxury hotel and casino in the 20th-century. (SCP-4890)

  • Circa 70 CE: Emperor Titus Flavius Vespasianus addresses the commander of the Legio X Fretensis and his men, declaring not to interfere with the religious rituals conducted at SCP-1844. (SCP-1844)

  • August 24th, 79 CE: Animate fossilized humans run rampant in the Roman villas of present-day Campania, Italy, grabbing people and turning them into more stone men. A Roman soldier instigates the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, burying the stone beings in volcanic ash before they can make it past Herculaneum. (SCP-1120)

  • 2nd Century: An anomalous Judaist sect transcribes a manuscript describing prophetic dreams of the universe's fateful heat-death. (SCP-3201)

  • Circa 110 - 290 CE: The SCP-3838-1 tribe's native time period. The oral storytelling of the SCP-3838 region establishes a sense of factual reliability. (SCP-3838)

  • 188 CE: Gaius Vettius Sabinianus, the Consul of Africa, presents his subordinates' tributes to Emperor Marcus Aurelius Commodus. Among the menagerie of animals is a sapient lion cub, learning to speak Latin from his captors, which draws the Roman emperor's attention. Commodus finds promise in the talking lion, naming him Lucius Septimius Severus and declares him as a consul — in reference to the prior emperor Caligula's horse, Incitatus, and to spite an equite of Sabinianus' court. (SCP-1732)

  • Post March 28th, 193 CE: News reaches Carnantum of Emperor Pertinax's assassination at the hands of his Praetorian Guard. The Legio XIV Gemina pledge their loyalty to their commander, the talking lion Septimius "Leo" Severus, declaring him as the new emperor. Nearby legions align with Septimius, who leads his men to Rome in order to avenge Pertinax. (SCP-1732)

  • 197 CE: Pope Victor I and his entourage slanders Emperor Septimius to his face, declaring the lion to be an unholy beast whose earthly reign was a sign of the end of the world. Refusing to repent for their heresy, Septimius orders for their execution. Victor's entourage opt for their crucifixion, but Septimius reserves the pope for single combat before the masses at the Flavian Amphitheatre, where "he rent the bishop limb from limb". (SCP-1732)

  • 210 CE: Rumors spread about the Roman Emperor's faith in the gods; some believe he neglects to sacrifice to Jupiter or Mars and only gives tribute to Bastet, while some fear he intends to replace the empire's religious worship with that of the Egyptian cat goddess entirely. (SCP-1732)

  • February 4th, 211 CE: In Britannia, Emperor Septimius Leo Severus collapses while revising the plans of his campaign against the Pacts. Caracalla accuses his brother of high treason, having poisoned their adoptive father's wine; Geta and his supporters claim the priests of Jupiter had arranged his death; others speculate that a spurned lover had sought his revenge against the feline emperor. (SCP-1732)

  • Circa 235 - 238 CE: The rule of Emperor Maximinus Thrax is opposed by sapient lions that are supposedly the bastard descendants of the former emperor, Septimius Leo. (SCP-1732)

  • Between 244 - 260 CE: The animosity under Thrax culminates under the emperor Marcus Julius Philippus and Publius Licinius Valerianus' reigns, resulting in a series of hunts ending with the near eradication of lions throughout Roman territory. (SCP-1732)

  • 324 CE: Under Emperor Constantine's favoring of Christianity, the Catholic church conducts the destruction of art and defacement of monuments attributed to their former suppressors, including that of the lion Emperor Septimius Severus. (SCP-1732)

  • 484 CE: A third war wages between the Hephthalites and the Sasanian Empire. The Sasanian army from Herat is defeated outside of Balkh, Shah Peroz I the Victor no longer the victor. The Hephthalite king Khushnavaz, still holding respect for his erstwhile friend, has the body of his fallen rival returned to Persia and buried with full honors. (SCP-3150)

  • Circa 488 CE: Traversing by his lonesome, Khushnavaz discovers an Iranian caravanserai in the middle of the Karakum Desert. (SCP-3150)

  • 636 CE: Commander Khalid ibn al-Walid reports to the Rashidun Caliph, Umar ibn Al-Khattab, describing a "circle of pious Christians and Jews who stand in a ring around the smoking hole and pray, so that the 'Whisperer of Evil' shall not come forth from it." (SCP-1844)

  • Circa 700 CE: Japanese swordsmith Amakuni Yasutsuna discovers a grove of cherry trees with petals sharper than glass and pliable wood as strong as steel. (SCP-143)

In Universe — Medieval Ages

  • Early 1000s: SCP-287 is forged. (SCP-287)

  • November 15th, 1068: In Goslar, Germany, King Heinrich IV undergoes regular sessions with one of his tutors. The kaiser becomes irate, viciously debating with the tutor on the origin of the term "paladin" within Charlemagne's court. Even after being defenestrated out the castle window, the tutor continues in his dying breaths to refute the angered Henry. The Archbishop of Cologne, Anno II, documents the incident in his personal memoirs. (SCP-4160)

  • Circa 1130 - 1799: The matriarchal SCP-3838-2 tribe's native time period. (SCP-3838)

  • 13th century: The earliest known textual records of SCP-3986 are made. (SCP-3986)

  • 1204: SCP-2075's claimed year of birth, 6712 ε.Κ on the Byzantine calendar. (SCP-2075)

  • Circa 1208: A wave of flames lashes out of SCP-1844, destroying a Benedictine monastery and a Muslim madrassa, disrupting exorcist rituals. Over several days, the monks and clerics work to reinstate order, while devils roam freely from the pit. The Catholic Church's leading historian, Geoffrey de Villehardouin, compiles first-hand accounts of the incident. (SCP-1844)

  • 1275: Under the command of King Ottokar II of Bohemia, Duke of Austria, the construction of a castle in the center of Vienna is ordered. The seat of government is built, laying the foundations of the Hofburg Imperial Palace. (SCP-3288)

  • Circa 1280s: A flute is carved from the femur of a child between the ages of seven and twelve. (SCP-573)

  • September 21st, 1327: King Edward II of England's consciousness is imprisoned in the Papyrus of Hunefer. (SCP-911)

  • Late 14th century: Andalusian ethnographer Abu al-Aziz al-Shams Muhammad Ibn Ubayd, drawing from the descriptions of Mahmud al-Kashgari and Rashid al-Din Hamadani, authors A Description of the Mongolian Peoples. (SCP-3986)

  • 15th century: Persian poet Shams al-Din Afshar Shirazi, a member of the Timurid court, composes a collection of poetry pertaining to Genghis Khan, the Divan-e Afshar. (SCP-3986)

  • Early 15th century: An unspecified time period the tribes of SCP-3838 reserves for inter-tribal councils and gatherings. (SCP-3838)

  • Circa 1468: The Fae of Hy-Brasil establish protective wards around the Gaelic island. (A Foul Storm in a Fair Land)

  • 16th century: Several copies of Altan Debter are produced. (SCP-3986)

  • Circa 1500: On an exoplanet orbiting the star HIP 56948 in the Draco constellation, small, black beetles infected with a Hive Mind amoeba start burrowing into the flesh of a Dutch mercantile society of Human Aliens. Embracing their newly-found parasites, the SCP-3003-3 humans go on to conquer the thousands of other cultures of the planet, killing those that refuse to assimilate with the glorious marce beetle. (SCP-3003)

  • 1529: Pope Clement VII addresses Sultan Suleiman I, pledging that despite the ongoing war between the Ottoman Empire and various Catholic powers, the jointly-conducted religious rituals at SCP-1844 must continue. (SCP-1844)

  • Mid 16th century: An unknown Hindu author compiles recitations of the Yogi mystic Lakshmi Rao.

  • 1570: Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible launches a vicious attack on the city of Novgorod, in what becomes known as the "Massacre of Novgorod". (SCP-2075)

  • Circa 1592: Christopher Marlowe's play The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus premieres. (SCP-3665)

  • 1598: An arm of the Danube river is rerouted through the center of Vienna and regulated as a water channel. (SCP-3288)

  • Prior 1600: A beryllium bronze stele covered by a rhodium carbide outer casing is excavated from an ossuary in the center of the Sahara Desert. (SCP-1427)

In Universe — Seventeenth & Eighteenth Centuries

  • 17th Century
    • The English Fenlands are drained and converted into arable farmland. (SCP-2823)
    • In Europe, anatomical models of the human eye are carved from ivory and horn. (SCP-4018)

  • 1600: Karcist Varis visits the recovering city of Veliky Novgorod in order to spread the good word of Ion. An Archpriest of the Eastern Orthodoxy declares Varis a warlock, heretic, and Bogomil, and rallies a mob against the Sarkist's vessel. (SCP-2075)

  • 1640: The 1640 quarto The Hanged King's Tragedy is published by William Cooke, but any records are absent from the Stationers’ Company of London's register. (SCP-701)

  • June 9th, 1640: The Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand Ernst III and his first cousin, Infanta María Ana de Austria y Austria, bear their second son, Leopold Ignaz Joseph Balthasar Franz Felician. (SCP-3288)

  • 1641: London publicist William Cooke disappears from the historical record after publishing Sir Edward Coke's The Complete Copy-Holder. (SCP-701)

  • April 24th, 1644: Beijing falls to a peasant army led by a former Ming official, Li Zicheng. The Manchu rebel leader denounces the Ming emperor, proclaiming the Great Shun dynasty as the new rule. (SCP-3986)

  • April 25th, 1644: Emperor Zhu Youjian hangs himself from the pagoda tree in the imperial garden outside the Forbidden City, bringing an end to the Ming dynasty. (SCP-3986)
    • Post April 25th, 1644: Bureaucrat and novelist Li Yujian, impoverished with the fall of the Ming dynasty, turns to his penmanship. Li Yujian authors a novel about Kublai Khan's construction of Xanadu, notable for its sympathy for the Yuan dynasty, portrayal of Kublai as a flawed protagonist, and a passage referencing extraterrestrial anomalies.

  • October 1655: Italian astronomer Giovanni Domenico Cassini's observation of Jupiter and SCP-2399 discovery. (SCP-2399)
    • October 7th: Viewing the cosmos from his looking glass, Cassini discovers a "star of great luminescence" emerging from outside the solar system, and follows the distant anomaly as it streaks through the night sky. Watching the extraterrestrial craft until it collides with Jupiter's first moon Io and disappears into the gas giant's atmosphere, Cassini finds nothing worth his attention for the rest of the night.
    • October 8th: Cassini writes in his journal about the night prior, and plans further observation of Jupiter.
    • October 14th: A week after the initial sighting, Cassini invites his colleague "Peter" over with a telescope of his own. The two astronomers are amazed when "where once the distant world only showed bands of color, there is now a great red spot where the star came to rest."
    • October 15th: Cassini details his night prior with Peter.
    • October 18th: From their respective observatories, the astronomers note what appears to be explosions occurring in Jupiter's red spot. Fearing that he is hallucinating the sight, Giovanni promises in his journal that he will consult with Peter in the morning.
    • October 19th: Giovanni consults with Peter, who assures that he saw the same. The two begin to theorize what great force would cause such volatile reactions, and vow to continue documenting their finds.

  • 1657 - 1658: Italian painter Guido Cagnacci comprises a portrait of the youthful Holy Roman Emperor, Leopold I. (SCP-3288)

  • November 6th, 1661: King Felipe Domingo Víctor de la Cruz of Spain and his niece, Queen Mariana of Austria, bear their second son, Carlos II. (SCP-3288)

  • January 11th, 1693: An earthquake strikes southern Italy, affecting the regions of Sicily, Calabria, and Malta. A stone bridge north of the city of Ragusa crumbles in the event, the damage leaving the Roman masonry untraversable. (SCP-2513)
    • Post January 11th, 1693: Vincentius Bonajutus publishes a contemporary account of the Sicilian earthquake in "Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society", containing a footnote mentioning the ancient bridge's destruction. The Italian scholar also writes several manifestos and treatises describing the dangers of a resurgent Carthaginian Republic and the specific objections to the rule of the Muradid dynasty in Tunisia, but leaves them unpublished.

  • 1696: A part of the Safavid governmental apparatus, the Devan-e Jaaduyih "Office of Magic", responds to reports of "disappearing and reappearing tents" by relocated Kurdish tribesmen near the Caspian Sea.

  • 18th Century

  • November 1st, 1700: Carlos II "The Hexed" of Spain dies from all the shit wrong with him, leaving the title of King of Spain to his sororal half-grandnephew, Felipe V of Anjou. (SCP-3288)

  • November 10th, 1700: Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I laments the death of his nephew/grandnephew Carlos II, specifically the end of the Hapsburgs' bloodline in the Iberian peninsula. Concerned about his "family curse", he vows to use his sharp mind before he too succumbs to madness. (SCP-3288)

  • August 4th, 1701: Losing investment in the Jesuits, Leopold I goes against his better judgement and seeks out those with knowledge of the so-called "abominable" sciences. Quickly finding a beautiful Sarkic priestess with the experience of a hundred lifetimes, the kaiser finds himself as a stranger in her world, entranced yet afraid. (SCP-3288)

  • October 22nd, 1701: The Sarkist agrees to teach Leopold, for a price she will name upon the completion of her tutelage. The kaiser doesn't think twice, assuring himself he has all the wealth she could ask for. Recognizing his laboratory as unfit for the upcoming studies, Leopold orders a new one be constructed away from prying eyes. (SCP-3288)

  • December 19th, 1701: Leopold expresses his enlightenment from the way of all flesh, recalling his elementary experiments on rodents and insects, all stepping stones of what to come. (SCP-3288)

  • February 8th, 1702: With the equipment recently delivered from Damascus, the kaiser praises the Mohammedans' mastery of the occult sciences, and predicts his laboratory will be completed within three months. Leopold also notes that his mentor often leaves him to his own devices, and when she does arrive in the dead of night, she enters unnoticed by all of the palace's servants. (SCP-3288)

  • March 27th, 1702: The construction workers finish the laboratory ahead of schedule, and Leopold's studies in Biomanipulation surpasses the limits of using rodents. Unwilling to experiment with his own blood, and skeptical of the construction workers' vow to secrecy, the Sarkic emperor decides to kill two birds with one stone. (SCP-3288)

  • April 15th, 1702: Emperor Leopold is surprised when he finds his teacher is far less understanding than he had expected, as even she is disgusted by the atrocities committed on his own people in his delusions of blood purity. Outraged by the gross misuse of the word of Ion, the Sarkic priestess vows that she will be back the next day for her payment. (SCP-3288)

  • April 16th, 1702: The priestess returns and names her price; that Leopold puts an end to the Hapsburg bloodline. The emperor refuses her demand, and loses several guardsmen as she resists in her arrest. Turning his former mentor over to the zealous hands of the Catholic Church and testifying against her, together they Burn the Witch! in secrecy. With loose ends tied up and no longer bound by her "ethical inflexibility", Leopold I returns to his plan of creating an immortal bloodline. (SCP-3288)
    • Post April 16th, 1702: Leopold reaches his penultimate goal in Sarkist blood magic; composed from scratch, a gene allowing human DNA to resist assorted deleterious conditions associated with inbreeding. Incorporating the creation into his genome, the Hapsburg patriarch proceeds to sire the ancestral progenitor of SCP-3288.

  • May 5th, 1705: After a long deteriorating mental state, the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I dies from unknown causes. Leopold's eldest son, Joseph Jacob Ignaz Johann Anton Eustachius I, takes the throne. (SCP-3288)

  • 1712: The Beetle Maniacal humans of SCP-3003 indiscriminately drive every other animal to extinction, leaving only three species left on the exoplanet: man, marce, and the amoebas controlling them. (SCP-3003)

  • Prior February 20th, 1718: Russian army officer Nikolai Karensky is sent as an envoy to the Dzungar Khanate. While travelling with the Khan across the Tarim Basin, Karensky gets lost from the group and discovers an observatory on steps of cobalt in the middle of the nomad lands. Offered hospitality by Amazed by Ibn Ubayd, the Russian envoy is amazed by the diversity of Persian, Chinese and Arab scholars, and the glass coffin of Genghis Khan. (SCP-3986)
    • February 20th, 1718: Outside of the Dzungar capital of Ghulja, Nikolai and his guide, Mehmed, take shelter from the heavy snow. Nikolai writes home to his sister, Katerina Karenskaya, describing how he found the observatory of Genghis Khan, and sends his love to her and her family.

  • March 1718: Before he can return to St. Petersburg, Karensky perishes during his travel home. (SCP-3986)

  • 1733: The 1733 folio edition of The Hanged King's Tragedy is originally published. (SCP-701)

  • July 13th - July 31st, 1755: British Colonel George Washington succumbs to illness after presiding General Braddock's burial in the wake of the Battle of the Monongahela. (SCP-2776)

  • Between August - September 1755: Dr. Jean Durand smuggles the corpse of George Washington overseas to France, where he rebuilds it into SCP-2776. (SCP-2776)

  • December 16th, 1773: Dozens of Bostoners disguised as Kanienʼkehá꞉ka Native Americans board the British cargo ships Dartmouth, Eleanor, and Beaver, and throw over three hundred crates of tea into the Boston Harbor.
    • A whale swims through the harbor's water to drink the pollutant tea. (SCP-4890)

  • April 19th, 1775: SCP-157-ARC's earliest known use, the iconic "Shot Heard 'Round the World" at the Old North Bridge in the Battle of Concord, Massachusetts. (SCP-157-ARC)
    • Post April 19th, 1775: The Onyota'a:ka tribe gifts General George Washington with a Good Luck Charm of a crude human figure carved from bone. (SCP-4004)

  • 1783: The American Secure Containment Initiative is founded. (SCP-4004)

  • March 21th, 1788: SCP-089 proclaims "The flames shall consume their houses, yea, and their markets, and their temples, and all of their dwelling places, they shall be destroyed." The Great New Orleans fire starts at the home of Army Treasurer Don Vincente Jose Nuñez, 619 Chartres Street. (SCP-089)
  • April 19th, 1788: Protocol M8 is executed. The fire dies out, having destroyed 856 of New Orleans' 1,100 structures, two-thirds of the city. (SCP-089)

  • 1790: The 1733 The Hanged King's Tragedy folio is republished. (SCP-701)

  • November 15th, 1790: Boston school teacher Elizabeth Abney begins discussing with her class the coloration of the British uniforms during the French and Indian War when one of the students, John Cook, becomes irrationally and anomalously agitated. The lesson is forgotten as Abney enacts Corporal Punishment for the remaining hours of the school day until she recounts the events that night in her diary. (SCP-4160)

  • Between February 1st - May 5th, 1799: General Napoleon Bonaparte sends Colonel Picard de Phélippeaux to SCP-1844 with the intent to study and apply the principles of "natural philosophy" to the containment rituals. (SCP-1844)

In Universe — Nineteenth Century

  • 1800 - 1858: "The Marketplace", the time period the tribes of SCP-3838 — sans SCP-3838-4 and SCP-3838-8 — reserves for gatherings, trading Schizo Tech and talismans, and arbitrating disputes. (SCP-3838)
    • Between 1800 - 1858
      • The SCP-3838-7 refugees of the 42nd century find solace with their ancestors, and despite other tribes' belief that they were attacked by their xenophobic SCP-3838-4 allies, the -7 survivors attest that their genocide was the result of SCP-3838-8.
      • Foundation operative and Orientalist John Callaghan overhears, transcribes, and translates a song from the SCP-3838 marketplace; a song about seven chains holding until the end of all days, and when the "Crimson Khan" shall ride.

  • Between 182█ - 187█: A crucible steel chess board table, SCP-1875-1, is cast and painted. (SCP-1875)

  • Between 1830 - 1850: As thousands of Native Americans are sent along the Trail of Tears, the American Secure Containment Initiative seizes talismans and artifacts from the various tribes to incorporate into their American machine. (SCP-4004)

  • Between late 1870s - early 1880s: An archaeologist who travels around the world, seeking jade artifacts, only finds a single jade ring in a tomb on one of his travels. (SCP-714)

  • Circa 1840: The stationary steam engine that is later modified by Professor M███████ into SCP-1875-3 is manufactured by Maudslay, Sons & Field. (SCP-1875)

  • The ████████ ██████ Medicinal Center is founded by missionaries in [DATA EXPUNGED], Africa. (SCP-793)

  • An audience goes violently insane after the abnormal performance of The Hanged King's Tragedy held in ██████, ██, USA, the first SCP-701 event on record. (SCP-701)

  • Rows of residential houses made from brownstone are built throughout Massachusetts. Installed at the end of one building's basement staircase is a wooden door, created by the Society of the Golden Arrow to work as a portal to the Scarlet King's prison. (SCP-2317)

  • Parental Incest, Sibling Incest, and Kissing Cousins is commonplace among SCP-3288 society. (SCP-3288)

  • Archaeologists digging in Alexandria discover the original library under the Egyptian ruin site. Foundation staff quickly isolate the self-looping Alexandria Eternal, amnesticizing the dig team and assuming their place. After cautious forays into SCP-4001, advance teams are sent with supplies into the growing library to place flags at locations of interest. (SCP-4001)
    • Seventeen days later: The first advance team encounters Theopoles, the Watcher of Alexandria Eternal, SCP-4001-1.
      • Later: Dr. Gabriel Koudopolis is brought to SCP-4001 in order to interview with the Watcher in the latter's native tongue of Ancient Greek. After finding that he had been underground for nineteen centuries, SCP-4001-1 is granted the request to see the world. Speaking with Koudopolis one last time, Theopoles embraces the eternal rest, and Alexandia's veteran Watcher is given a humble grave outside of the city.

  • Foundation operative and Orientalist John Callaghan's findings.

    c. 1800s 


    c. 1810s 


  • The Cambridge University Press publishes its own edition of The Hanged King's Tragedy. (SCP-701)


  • August 24th: Defeating the United States Regular Army at the Battle of Bladensburg, Major-General Robert Ross leads the British forces in a crusade on Washington D.C, his eyes set on the rumored "magic stone" of the Americans. As White House burns to the ground, President James Madison and his associates flee the city, ferrying SCP-4004 in their retreat. (SCP-4004)
    • Post August 24th: With SCP-4004 still in the States' hands, the ASCI device is relocated to an underground location in Arlington County, Virginia.


  • The founding component of SCP-4004, SCP-4004-A01, is last seen due to being completely obscured by added components. (SCP-4004)


  • February 4th: Joshua Abraham Norton is born in the Deptford area of south-east London. (SCP-4004)

    c. 1820s 

    c. 1830s 


  • William Smart is born in the small village of Welney in Norfolk County, England. (SCP-2823)


  • The Devan-e Jaaduyih is absorbed into the SCP Foundation. The time-traveling Turkmen tribes formerly under the office's jurisdiction are given SCP designation. (SCP-3838)

  • SCP-4004-Q38, a basket woven from split river cane that compresses and violently ejects any matter placed inside it, is confiscated from a Chahta Native-American artist and incorporated into SCP-4004. (SCP-4004)

    c. 1840s 


  • Randolph Thaddeus Metzger is born to German immigrants (SCP-748)


  • The US Model 1842 Musket is invented by the United States military as a continuation of the Model 1816. (SCP-4003)


  • Spring: "Lisztomania" is observed in Berlin, and the Royal Foundation for the Study of Curiosities and Phantasmagoria registers the phenomenon as SCP-1841. (SCP-1841-EX)

    c. 1850s 

  • Circa 1856: The American Secure Containment Initiative makes first contact with instances of the Navajo skinwalkers. (SCP-2750)


  • December 2nd: SCP-089 proclaims "The false prophet shall gather the multitude unto him, and cast them against the princes. They shall each of them be slain and their fields made barren." (SCP-089)
    • Hong Xiuquan, claiming to be the brother of Jesus Christ, leads the Taiping province in a revolt against the Qing Dynasty.

  • Samuel Colt invents his "Ranger Size" Revolving Belt Pistol. (SCP-4003)


  • August 26th: Protocol M8 is executed. The Taiping Rebellion reaches its peak before internal conflict arises while another Miao Rebellion begins. (SCP-089)

  • November 5th: Mátyás Nemeş and Dr. Jean Durand participate in the Crimean War at the Battle of Inkerman. (Smothering Dreams)


  • December 7th: ASCI forces compile a telegram, providing a quarterly field report on casualties sustained in combat against the "yee naaldoshii". Suffering frequent raids and unable to progress into enemy territory, requests for artillery are made. (SCP-2750)

  • Fen skater Charles Smart and his wife Phoebe See have their first son, George. (SCP-2823)


  • March 7th: ASCI receives another quarterly field report from on the front against the Navajo skinwalkers. With a supply of artillery and smallpox spreading among the skinwalkers, the advance is considered successful. (SCP-2750)

  • Circa June: ASCI establishes initial tabs with the Navajo tribes of the Great Plains. An ASCI agent meets up with a Navajo shaman who describes the "yee naaldloshii", the beastly skinwalkers, and together they create the earliest physical records of what will be known as SCP-2750. (SCP-2750)

  • June 7th: A quarterly field report is made, describing hundreds of casualties in a bloody offensive from the skinwalkers and a demand for reinforcements. (SCP-2750)

  • September 2nd: A field report describes a successful ambush attack, strengthening ties between the ASCI and their allied Navajo tribes, and plans to fortify the cavalry. (SCP-2750)

  • September 5th: The skinwalkers counterattack the ASCI, posing as the animals and ambushing the camp. Suffering high casualties, the US soldiers and Navajo allies retreat and request for reinforcements in a field report. (SCP-2750)

  • November 25th: Colonel William Tyson of the 7th Cavalry Regiment addresses a letter to ASCI director John Orville. Declaring that the brunt of the "Naaldloshii War" has concluded to their success, the colonel hopes that all the effort was worth it. (SCP-2750)


  • July 5th: In the United States territory of Minnesota, the seventeen founding men of Temperance take a group photo to commemorate their achievement. (SCP-4003)

  • September 17th: The impoverished Joshua Abraham Norton distributes letters to the various newspaper publishers in San Francisco, claiming his title as "Norton I, Emperor of the United States". (SCP-4004)

  • The first Compsognathus fossil specimen is discovered in the limestone deposits of the Riedenburg-Kelheim region of Bavaria. (SCP-4041)

    c. 1860s 

  • Circa 1860: Operatives of the American Secure Containment Initiative photograph their first captured Navajo skinwalker. Attempts to interview the being are fruitless, as the shapeshifter vehemently condemns his interviewer and the ASCI for the slaughter of his people. (SCP-2750)


  • March 9th: Either Pendleton Tweed or his brother poses for a daguerreotype photograph by sitting in a chair with his arms crossed. (SCP-4003)


  • Near Langenaltheim, Germany, the first Archaeopteryx skeleton is unearthed and brought to the attention of Friedrich Ernst Witte and Karl Häberlein. Häberlein notes in his journal of the "great and peculiar flocks of birds" on the day of his discovery. (SCP-4041)


  • Franz Liszt is interviewed on the matter of "Lisztomania", claiming to have no understanding of the phenomenon or any ability to control it, commenting that he found the hysterical reactions of ladies in attendance at his performances most unsettling. (SCP-1841-EX)

  • SCP-2823 is first officially cataloged under the auspices of Her Majesty's Foundation for the Secure Containment of the Paranormal. (SCP-2823)

  • Drawing comparisons between the recently discovered Archaeopteryx and Compsognathus, English biologist and "Darwin's Bulldog", Thomas Henry Huxley becomes an ardent proponent of the possibility of an evolutionary relationship between dinosaurs and birds. (SCP-4041)


  • Above the maximum-security containment chamber of SCP-4004, the Arlington National Cemetery is established. (SCP-4004)


  • Charles Smart and Phoebe See have their third child, James Smart. (SCP-2823)


  • Circa November 15th: The small town of Temperance, Minnesota and its inhabitants disappears from the face of the Earth, displacing sixty-six million years into the past. The small rest stop is largely forgotten, remembered only through mentions in the journals of Gold Rush settlers. (SCP-4003)

    c. 1870s 

  • Circa 1870: The second known capture of an SCP-2750 instance is photographed. (SCP-2750)


  • A khaganate is established in the west of the Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic, next to the Caspian Sea, the third time-traveling tribe to do so chronologically. (SCP-3838)


  • In Minnesota, the gold miners of the Everwood Mine discover the fossilized human remains of the lost town of Temperance. Confirming the fossils are indeed that of Homo sapiens and not Homo neanderthalensis, the Foundation administers Hypnosuggestive agents to the gold miners and purchases ownership of Everwood Mine to establish Provisional Site-1200. (SCP-4003)


  • A pastor of the New Ferrous Brotherhood, losing faith in the existence of Mekhane, decides to retire from the clergy. With his memory faltering, the Scatterbrained Senior is stuck in the promise of one last sermon. (SCP-1917)


  • SCP-1844 is registered and Site-308 established by the Foundation's predecessor. Rigorous record-keeping of the crater's activities begin. (SCP-1844)


  • March 16th: The information within the RFSCP document on SCP-1841 is revised for the last time. (SCP-1841-EX)

  • November 15th: At the Victoria University of Manchester, a professor provides a lecture on the Napoleonic Wars and the potential of the tin buttons on the French uniforms. Colin Taylor, possessed by Melpomene of Athens, storms out of the building. Taylor rips the buttons from his coat and packs them into snowballs before returning to the lecture hall and giving the professor "your [EXPLETIVE] tin buttons!". Taylor is apprehended by local authorities, and the professor is unable to finish the history lesson to sustaining a concussion. (SCP-4160)

    c. 1880s 


  • January 8th: Joshua Abraham Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico, collapses on the San Francisco street corner of California Street and Dupont Street. (SCP-4004)

  • January 16th: Norton's corpse is exhumed, reanimated, and incorporated as a human interface for the ASCI's Spear of Destiny. (SCP-4004)


  • Affluent textile magnate Randolph T. Metzger commissions the construction of a textile mill in Lowell, Massachusetts. (SCP-748)



  • July 31st: Franz Liszt succumbs to pneumonia in Bayreuth, Germany. The news reaches the RFSCP in London, and SCP-1841 is reclassified as "Neutralized''. (SCP-1841-EX)


  • British orientalist and Foundation operative John Callaghan comes across the fabled tomb of Genghis Khan and the observatory built around it. The orientalist doubts the perfectly preserved body of the alleged Khan. Unable to desecrate the coffin and retrieve samples, Callaghan leaves the and publishes his travelogue-cum-report Voyages in Russia and Turkestan, describing his travels from the Marketplace of the SCP-3838 to the caravanserai of SCP-3150-1. (SCP-3986)

  • Louis Marie-Julien Viaud, under the pseudonym of Pierre Loti, publishes his semiautobiographical novel Madame Chrysanthème. (SCP-4690)


  • The Snarling Coup

    c. 1890s 


  • GoI-004F "The New Ferrous Brotherhood" is dissolved following a coup by the Cogwork Orthodoxy, GoI-004C, the industrial sect surviving only in the mind of their lost preacher. (SCP-1917)


  • December 21st: MTF Rho-6 "Spurs and Saddles", Foundation agents from the 21st century, implement Protocol Ōllamaliztli-5 "Codename: Basketball" in order to contain the as-of-yet unborn Class I humanoid entity SCP-2090 "Tim Duncan". (SCP-2090)


  • Relativistic Motion in Superfluids for use in Tachyon Emission and Storage is authored by the doctors Thaddeus Xyank and Athena Anastasakos. (SCP-2000)


  • The Metzger textile factory in Lowell, Massachusetts is bombed under suspicious circumstances, resulting in twenty-three fatalities. The incident is blamed on anarchist provocateurs and six men are arrested and executed for their involvement, despite a lack of evidence and the police refusing to investigate the matter further. (SCP-748)


  • Randolph T. Metzger makes a deal with the Investor. With the construction of SCP-748 underway, and without any regrets, Metzeger fantasizes of being richer than Croesus. (SCP-748)


  • Factory worker Brianna O'Donnel composes a letter for her mother, discussing her employment under R. T. Metzger, but the letter is never sent. (SCP-748)

  • The Chicago Orphans are left without a manager, owner, and coaching staff — absences that continue well into the 21st century. (SCP-2206)


  • Randolph Thaddeus Metzger poses for a photograph. (SCP-748)

  • American lawyer and writer John Luther Long publishes Madame Butterfly, a short story inspired by Pierre Loti's novel Madame Chrysanthème. (SCP-4690)


  • SCP-109 is manufactured. (SCP-109)

In Universe — Twentieth Century


  • Circa 1900: SCP-814-1 is built by Syncope Symphony. (SCP-814)

  • Prior July 1917: Bavarian Colonel General Felix Graf von Bothmer appoints Hungarian Lieutenant Mátyás Nemeş as an adviser in charge of a division of German soldiers. (SCP-186)

  • Between September 13th, 1917 - November 26th, 1922: The world's second technicolor film is produced and provided showings. Due to anomalous properties of the film, the SCP Foundation confiscates all reels and knowledge of SCP-████ is suppressed. (SCP-4690)

  • Between 1918-1939: SCP-067 is produced by Pelikan Holding AG. (SCP-067)

  • Between late 1930s - early 1940s: A thirteen-inch chef's knife with a rosewood handle and full-tang construction is crafted. (SCP-668)

  • Between 1938-1944: The governments of Germany and Italy attempt to reverse-engineer SCP-1427 for use in the war. The rhodium carbide outer casing of the artifact is lost or destroyed by the Italians prior to the artifact's transfer to Germany. (SCP-1427)

  • 1955-1981: T-55 main battle tanks are produced by the USSR. (SCP-516)

  • Post 1918: SCP-172 is recovered in a chamber below a former vacation home of the Russian Czars. (SCP-172)

  • Post 1929: SCP-966 is discovered using thermographic imaging. (SCP-966)

  • Post 1940: Deep Cover Agent [REDACTED] is sent by the U.S.F.W.S. to investigate a home in ███████, Tennessee, where a █-year-old girl was found mauled to death in her second-floor bedroom. SCP-178 is recovered from the scene. (SCP-178)

  • Post 1954: MTF Psi-7 attempts to intercept D-512-33, using SCP-512 in an attempt to escape Site-77. D-512-33 is struck by lightning, and SCP-512 is recovered without the body. (SCP-512)

  • Post 1959: The "Blue Steelsurfer" roller coaster is built. (SCP-112)

  • Post 1971: SCP-███ is recovered from the village of ███████, Bangladesh, and the villagers are given amnestic treatment. (SCP-868)
    • June, three years later: Dr. Carson and Dr. Basak, after filing the relevant paperwork, receive access to the then Safe-class SCP-868.
      • Six weeks later: The residents of ███████, having regained their memories of SCP-███, are found to have been exposed to SCP-868. Carson and Basak confess to deliberately exposing SCP-868 to the villagers, and the village is neutralized under the pretense of a flood.

  • April 1st, post 1976: A couple hiking in a National Park come across spider webs laden with communist propaganda, alerting the park's authorities on their find. The Foundation's attention is drawn to the spider supercolony now registered as SCP-1006. (SCP-1006)

  • Post 1983: The SCP-1004 executable program "Thefactory.exe" is burned into a compact disc and a 3.5 inch floppy disc. (SCP-1004)

  • Post 1987: SCP-096 is initially contained. Captain █████████ is the sole survivor of retrieval team Zulu 9-A. The use of an AT-4 HEDT anti-tank gun was ineffective. (SCP-096)

  • Between 198█-199█: A door is added to the back wall of Apartment ███, leading to a new room. (SCP-602)

  • Post 1992: An anomalous .jpeg of an Hyacinthus orientalis flower, SCP-1029, is produced. (SCP-1029)

  • Post 1994: An 11.3 second time loop manifests on the second floor of a chemical factory. (SCP-176)

  • Late century:
    • An expedition lead by the paleontologist Dr. █████████ unearths 80% of an allosaurus skeleton, which is then assembled and put on display at the ████████ Museum of █████████████. (SCP-250)
    • SCP-1110 starts manifesting on camera systems manufactured after 19██. (SCP-1110)
    • A seven-year-old girl is forced to eat an ant mound by her neighborhood bully, who is impressed by her resolve and the two gradually become friends. In light of this awakening experience, the girl is diagnosed with the pica eating disorder. (SCP-3118)

  • Between February 10th - 29th, 19██: Agent ███████, a Foundation asset embedded at ████████ Memorial Hospital, discovers the case of Sally ██████. Prior to surgery, Agent ███████ questions Sally on the mitten supposedly knitted by her grandmother. Sally dies due to complications during her hand's amputation, and Agent ███████ confiscates the necrotic mitten, SCP-1035-1, from the child's family. (SCP-1035)

  • Late February, post 1947: A Mister A█████ F█████████ attempts to sell a Polaroid copy of an original photograph of the Hindenburg disaster at an auction. The auctioneer spontaneously combusts due to prolonged exposure to the photograph, and Agent M█████ begins his investigation of SCP-740 and A█████ F█████████. (SCP-740)
    • Between March 10th - 31st: Agent M█████ meets up with A█████ F█████████ to discuss purchasing SCP-740. When the old man asks the Foundation agent if he can hear the photo, F█████████ deems M█████ "unworthy" and violently attempts to retrieve the Polaroid. In the scuffle, M█████ fires three rounds from his handgun, shooting F█████████ dead. As the Foundation agent retreats from the mansion, having retrieved SCP-740 and demands his extraction, F█████████'s corpse ignites and sets the mansion ablaze in three minutes.

  • Between March 1st - 9th, 19██: Surveillance of the ██████ family is lifted when nothing extraordinary is unearthed from investigations. (SCP-1035)

  • April 10th, 19██: SCP-090 is located in a cathedral outside of ███████, ██████. SCP-090 is removed, the priest and six monks housing the artifact are terminated, and the cathedral burned to the ground. (SCP-090)

  • May 2nd, 19██: A team of agents are sent to SCP-1111 in an attempt to capture the ghost dog SCP-1111-1. The mission fails spectacularly, leaving Agent ████ as the only one to survive the incident. O5-█ declares that from this point forward, only D-class and remote-operated drones may be used to approach SCP-1111 directly. (SCP-1111)

  • May 20th, 19██: A team of armed D-Class are sent to surround and approach SCP-1111-2, and are also mauled by SCP-1111-1. The body cam of the last D-Class, D-83011, shows that the hanging man isn't in command of his dog's violent protectiveness, and attempts to call SCP-1111-1 off. (SCP-1111)

  • June 11th, 19██: SCP-606 is recovered in ██████, France, after a rash of missing person reports was brought to the Foundation's attention. (SCP-606)

  • June or July: Agent ██████ purchases a copy of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer from a bookstore in ████████, Texas, specifically a version with the addition of a minor character named "Fred". After the book is left by a copy of Moby-Dick at Sector 28, a character named "Fred" is found to now be in both books and the presence of the self-inserting Fred is discovered. (SCP-423)

  • SCP-082 is introduced to several individuals from pop culture, which he later claims to be. (SCP-082)

  • Dr. P██████ requests to transfer SCP-042 to Bio-Research Area-4, a request O5-5 approves. During the transfer, Dr. P██████ hijacks the armored convoy plane, giving SCP-042 the opportunity to kill her guards. Security tranquilizes SCP-042, but Dr. P██████ is left in catatonic state he never recovers from and is eventually euthanized. (SCP-042)

  • SCP-131-A and SCP-131-B are found in a cornfield outside ████████████ and promptly transported to Site-19. (SCP-131)

  • A Chronicle of the Daevas is published. (SCP-140)

  • SCP-169 is detected by by Mobile Task Force Gamma-6 during an investigation of paranormal activity around the █████ █████████ archipelago. (SCP-169)

  • SCP-198 is accidentally discovered by construction workers in an underground bunker in ███████, Germany. The object is recovered after the deaths of several workers and the suicide of the initial respondent, Agent ██████. (SCP-198)

  • Several SCP-701 events occur after bloody renditions of The Hanged King's Tragedy. (SCP-701)
    • The 19██ performance at a small theater in ██████, ███, ██.
    • The 19██ performance at ██████ University, the first SCP-701 event successfully suppressed by the Foundation.
    • The 19██ performance by a student group in ███████, California.
    • Post 1920: The 19██ television adaptation by the ██████████ Broadcasting Corporation, which was successfully shut down by the Foundation before broadcast.
    • Post 1987: The 19██ incident in ██████████████, OH, USA, designated SCP-701-19██-1.

  • A paranormal variation of Human Congo trypanosomiasis — SCP-793 — is discovered. The ████████ ██████ Medicinal Center is quarantined by the SCP Foundation and the Zone of Denial is established. (SCP-793)

  • The events of several addenda to SCP-884-4. (SCP-884)
    • Prior January 11th, 19██: Dr. Cho is found dead at home, having drowned in the bath.
    • January 11, 19██: Dr. Rasmusson reports to duty as the new head of research on SCP-884-4.
    • January 19██, two years later: Dr. Rasmusson laments on the lack of any revelations with SCP-884-4, but advises caution due to the Chaos Insurgency's investment with the mirror.

  • Creation of the SCP-4001 Cataloging Assistance System. (SCP-4001)
    • A team of researchers and engineers led by Dr. Abrams completes the development of a simple AI and two corresponding robotic bodies — dubbed "Marvin" and "Molly" by Dr. Travers — with the intention of compiling a complete record of SCP-4001's contents.
    • Twelve years later: After cataloging one hundred and twenty billion books — and the skeletons of two men and a horse — Marv and Molly complete their catalog of SCP-4001's shelves.

    c. 1900s 

  • Several B-class submarines are constructed for the British Royal Navy. (SCP-1861)


  • Polish immigrant and factory worker Lucja Czajkowski writes in her diary, detailing how her workplace is a labyrinth of a prison that she is dying inside. (SCP-748)

  • The Cleveland Exiles are exiled from Cleveland, Ohio. (SCP-2206)


  • Scottish artist James Torrance illustrates his harrowing encounter with a nuckelavee. (SCP-3456)


  • In SCP-748, M-Machine comes online ahead of schedule, and the Janus Doors are locked to their intended destinations. With the factory bending to his will and the workers living at his mercy alone, Metzger expresses his feelings of godhood within his diary. (SCP-748)

  • The Chicago Orphans are evicted from their ballpark. (SCP-2206)


  • The Springfield Armory designs and begins production of the United States Rifle, Caliber .30-06, Model 1903.

  • The Boston Red Shirts set the record for most fatalities sustained in a single game of Maximum League Baseball. After losing their entire roster to the New York Highlanders, the Red Shirts begin drafting spectators onto the team until they eventually win 1-0. (SCP-2206)


  • February 17th: Giacomo Puccini's opera Madama Butterfly, inspired by John Luther Long's short story, premieres at the Teatro alla Scala opera house in Milano, Italy. At no point is there a character named "Il Ragno". (SCP-4690)

  • April 30th - December 1st: The World Fair is held in St. Louis, Missouri, coinciding with the centennial anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase's dissolution.
    • In a timeline where the waffle cone was never created, agents from the Temporal Anomalies Department enter the past in order to introduce and popularize the dessert in order to prevent SCP-1746 events, namely one that would've devastated Dallas in November 1963. (SCP-3780 Extended Incident Log)


  • Bio-Research Area-12 replants saplings obtained from the Bladewood Grove in the Nara Prefecture, Japan. The original grove, owned by the Japanese government, is still tended to by the descendants of the legendary Amakuni Yasutsuna. (SCP-143)


  • Between April 1st - 9th: The chess automaton act The Samurai is last recorded performing in San Francisco, California. (SCP-1875)

  • April 18th: The Samurai is presumed destroyed. (SCP-1875)

  • Fiona Murphy writes in her diary her experience in SCP-748, regaling the bloodied, industrialist sweatshop where people aren't human any more. (SCP-748)

  • Site-308 Director Casimir condones a series of revisions to SCP-1844's containment protocol, measuring the efficacy of various procedures. (SCP-1844)



  • Two SCP-3838-3 tribe members pose for a photograph in front of a yurt with a rug they had woven. (SCP-3838)


  • Retired fen skater George "Fish" Smart is killed in a work accident at the Port of Hull dockyard railway. (SCP-2823)

    c. 1910s 

  • Circa 1910-1912: SCP-884-1 is presumably manufactured. (SCP-884: Original Collection)

  • March 24th, 191█: Agent Crowely, sent to investigate the scene of a shipwreck at the V███████ harbor, discovers SCP-1913-1 in the wreckage of the ███████. Only the bodies of two passengers are found, with the remaining twenty missing, so two lifeboats of D-Class casualties are planted to cover up the disappearances at the hand of the anomaly. (SCP-1913)
    • Post March 24th, 191█: "SCP-1913-3 has been responsible for at least two major fires following the 24th of March, 191█."

  • April 2nd, 191█: Upon SCP-1913-1's arrival at Site-██, SCP-1913-2 and SCP-1913-3 attack the site, causing emergency evacuation protocols to be activated as -2 repeatedly throws -3 around. SCP-1913-2 and SCP-1913-3's exclusive interest in SCP-1913-1 results in the formation of Convoy Omega-8, and the collective designation of the three entities. (SCP-1913)

  • April 4th, 191█: Revision-7 of SCP-1913's special containment procedures is published, now including SCP-1913-2 and -3. (SCP-1913)

  • April 12th, 191█: Revision-8 of SCP-1913's special containment procedures is published, completely overwriting Revision-7. (SCP-1913)


  • May 19th: Dr. Jean Durand visits the Derbyshire Lecture Hall in England, giving a presentation on his research to the Royal Institute of Chemistry, hoping to usher humanity into a new age of peace and modernity. (SCP-186)

  • In the City of Manila in the The Philippines, an iron crucifix that emits incredibly bright white light with no apparent source is confiscated from a Catholic church, the object repurposed as SCP-4004-G32 to pacify SCP-4004-G35. (SCP-4004)


  • January 2nd: The Hungarian newspaper Népszava publishes an opinion piece by Mátyás Nemeş, wherein he details his militaristic ideals and proposes manufacturing and utilizing superweapons of his own design. (SCP-186)

  • April 28th: Jean Durand sends a telegram from Paris, responding to Nemeş' opinion piece from January. Durand declines supporting the proposal, calling it "inferior and derivative" of his own work and saying "your aims are of conquest, mine are of peace". (SCP-186)

  • The Investor dreams of the profitable venture of war. Feeling like a cog in a machine he built, Randolph T. Metzger wonders if he has become obsolete. (SCP-748)

  • Vickers Limited begins producing water-cooled 7.7mm machine guns for the British Army. (SCP-3952)


  • June 28th: Gavrillo Princip fatally shoots Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, using SCP-157-ARC as the ammunition to his FN Model 1910 pistol. The assassination sets the Great War into action, and the expended SCP-157-ARC disappears until its next use. (SCP-157-ARC)


  • November 13th: Randolph T. Metzger commits suicide via a gunshot to the head. The constables find his cranial cavity absent of all brain matter, and all of his family and household servants missing from the manor. (SCP-748)

  • A German hunter is photographed holding the body of an untransformed were-rabbit by its hind feet. (SCP-1282)


  • June 27th: Dave Harkand, an infantryman in the British Expeditionary Force, arrives on the Western Front. Stoked for battle, the soldier starts writing in an empty journal he acquired in Paris. (SCP-3456)

  • July 1st – November 18th: Around the Sommne River in Picardy, France, the French and British armies fight the German-occupied countryside in the bloodiest battle of the war. (SCP-3456)
    • July 1st: The British Third and Fourth armies advance on the German's defensive line from Gommecourt to Montauban, with success at the latter despite fifty-seven thousand casualties in the first day. Hearing a ghoulish wail through the night air, Harkand's barrack takes cover from an artillery barrage that never came.
    • July 2nd: Harkand inquires his superior officer over the "artillery fire" from the prior night, who promptly asks him what he is talking about. A squad searches for the supposed dud, only finding a crater of a giant hoof print.
    • July 3rd: A German division advances upon Harkand's region of the trenches, and the infantryman is forced to put a bullet between the eyes of a boy no older than eighteen. One of the Irish soldiers, Martin, disappears in a geyser of boiling mud. Brendan O'Malley scours the mud, unable to find a trace of his squadmate.
    • July 14th: Dave and Brendan man the machine gun nest, picking off the Huns caught in the mud. As night comes around, Dave is appointed as nightwatchman.
    • July 15th: In the corner of his eye Dave spots a behemoth of a horse treading across no-man's land, hidden in the night fog and obscuring the full moon. Hearing a couple of screams, both the cries and the beast are gone by the time Harkand has thrown a flare into the dusk sky.
    • July 16th: Harkand starts seeing the horse in his peripheral vision, the monster standing in the war-torn valley for fleeting seconds.
    • July 20th: The German division starts daily attacks on Harkand's portion of the trenches, both sides unrelenting and unforgiving.
    • July 30th: On the tenth day of the Huns' onslaught, Harkand is appointed as night watchman again. The cryptid lets the Brit have a better view, seeing its inhuman torso merged with the equine's back. Grabbing a handful of soldiers and belting out a dominating banshee shriek, the horseman stares Harkand down with two pairs of glowing red eyes.
    • August 5th: Brendan identifies the horsemen as the mythical Nuckelevees of the Orkney islands, but refuses to discuss the Orcadian demons any further. Harkand begins to understand why all the veterans looked so terrified when he first arrived.
    • August 12th: Harkand is given duty as nightwatchman.
    • August 13th: Harkand is given nightwatch for the second day in a row. The nuckelavee reveals itself again, and the man notices that the hellish rider has no skin, just muscle and fat fused directly to horseback. In a panic, Harkand sets off a flare and fires his rifle at the giant. The horseman stands unscathed, and walks away from the flare's light with a smirk on its faces.
    • August 15th: The nuckelavee returns to its spot in the mud, twenty feet from Dave's post, picking soldiers from the ground and going on its way.
    • August 16th: A second horseman with four 'riders' follows alongside, and the two entities grab their fill of wounded Germans before disappearing into the night.
    • August 17th: Harkand's superior disregards the claims of the horsemen as shell shock hallucinations, and continues to reserve him as nightwatchman.
    • August 18th: It rains all day, worsening the mire of the French fields.
    • August 19th: The Germans intensify their offensive, and the British attend all of their machine guns. After six nights without rest, Dave spots five nuckelavees in no-man's land, collecting the corpses from the mud. Upon firing another flare, Dave notices the original horseman leave something in the mud, reflecting the flare's light.
    • August 20th: In the morning, Harkand ventures out to the spot where the nuckelavee always went out to, finding Martin's crucifix and tin helmet in the mud. The British units prepare to venture across no-man's land and to the German trenches at 3:00 PM. After spotting several nuckelavees hiding deep in the mud, Harkand prays to God and writes a final entry in his journal. Following the failed counterattack, several soldiers — including Dave Harkand and Brendan O'Malley — are declared Missing In Action.
    • September 15th: Tanks are introduced into warfare when the British deploy forty-nine Mark I tanks to retake the French villages of Flers and Courcelette.
    • Circa October 20th: The British forces, having since claimed ground in the offensive, recover Dave Harkand's journal twenty feet from the Germans' former frontline.

  • August 27th - October 16th: Romania's First, Second, and Fourth Armies go against the Austro-Hungarian First Army and the German Ninth Army in attempts to seize control of the Transylvania region.
    • Between August 27th - 31st: Just days into the Battle of Transylvania, 244 members of the Austro-Hungarian First Army inexplicably disappear outside of combat, leading the Foundation to recognize the rumors of an anomaly in the Hoia Forest. (SCP-2191)

  • The earliest records of the HMS Wintersheimer and its crew that the Foundation can find are taken. (SCP-1861)


  • July 19th: In the aftermath of the Kerensky Offensive, the remnants of a Russian division led by Captain Toropov retreat to the town of Husiatyn. Hungarian military advisor Mátyás Nemeş leads a pursuit of the stragglers. (SCP-186)

  • July 23rd: French scientist Dr. Jean Durand introduces himself to the Russian forces, assuming leadership upon offering his weaponry and services. (Smothering Dreams)

  • July 24th - August 13th: The Battle of Husiatyn Woods. (SCP-186, Smothering Dreams)
    • July 24th: Nemeş leads approximately five hundred German soldiers through the forest outside of Husiatyn in an assault against Durand's men in what becomes known as the Battle of Husiatyn Woods.
    • July 25th: The Russians suffer 95 casualties to the kaiser's forces, with Durand noticing their utilization of tumor-creating rifles.
    • July 26th: The interrogation of a captured German soldier reveals to Durand that he is facing Nemeş, who is the supplier of the Germans' anomalous arsenal.
    • July 27th: Durand observes the use of his experimental weaponry, noting Sergeant Ryzhov and several others' eagerness with the more painful and destructive ones.
    • August 8th: Durand gets a look at his rival and is put off by Nemeş' appearance, saying "even the bloodlust of Ryzhov paled in comparison to what I saw in those narrow Magyar eyes."
    • August 9th: While Sergeant Zinchenko rips his intestines out, Dr. Durand has a Eureka Moment when he recalls were he saw Nemeş' face before — from the Battle of Inkerman.
    • August 11th: Durand wanders from the camp under the cover of darkness, confronting Nemeş alone where the two trade insults with each other. The sadistic Sergeant Ryzhov is Driven to Suicide, unable to withstand anymore of the battle.
    • August 12th: Durand is distraught by the news of Ryzhov's death, shocked that such a bellicose man would come to the point where he would rather die than fight, and realizes the severity of the war. In the final entry of his journal, Durand vows that he "will lead these humans to peace, no matter the cost."
    • August 13th: The Battle of Husiatyn Woods concludes with the death or permanent incapacitation of all forces involved.

  • September 13th: The first technicolor film, The Gulf Between, debuts at private trade showings in Boston, Massachusetts. (SCP-4690)

  • October 9th: The battlefield of Husiatyn Woods is contained by the SCP Foundation, the area registered as SCP-186 and the leftover weaponry under SCP-186-1. (SCP-186)

  • November 7th: The crew of the Russian protected cruiser Aurora revolts, killing Captain Mikhail Nikolsky when he tries to suppress the mutiny. SCP-157-ARC, as a blank shot fired from the ship's forecastle gun, signals the start of the assault on the Winter Palace and the beginning of the October Revolution. (SCP-157-ARC)


  • An SCP-1861-B poses for a photograph, complying with Foundation record takers. (SCP-1861)

  • Caroline Sloth dies from the Spanish Flu


  • Early 1919: With the end of the Great War, the Foundation is allotted the opportunity to contain neglected anomalies, such as SCP-2191. (SCP-2191)

  • "Magic Storms and Failing Wards" by S. Fujiwhara is published in Unified Thaumatology Quarterly Vol. 06. (LTE-0851-Cetus)

  • The Chicago Black Sox conspire to fix the World Series in their favor. The team loses in a four-game sweep, much to the confusion of everyone involved in the sport. (SCP-2206)

  • William "Turkey" Smart and his wife succumb to their many years. (SCP-2823)

    c. 1920s 

  • SCP-094 is discovered in the Chubut province of Argentina, then known as the Chubut National Territory. The miniature event horizon is reported to be somewhere around twenty to twenty-five centimeters in diameter. (SCP-094)


  • Inspired from Pucchini's Madama Butterfly, the world's first bisexual, hardcore pornographic film, Le ménage moderne de Madame Butterfly, is produced in France. (SCP-4690)


  • The preliminary of On-Site Task Force Omega-144 is organized. The efficacy of holy rituals on SCP-1844 is found to vary, depending on the practitioners' distance from the inferno's depths. (SCP-1844)


  • November 26th: The Toll of the Sea premieres at the Rialto Theatre in New York City. Due to the cover up of SCP-████, the general public recognizes the silent film as the world's second technicolor picture. At no point does a giant whip scorpion sink a naval vessel. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs, SCP-4690)

  • An anomalous door is found in the basement of a 19th-century Massachusetts brownstone house. The wooden door and frame, SCP-2317, is subsequently removed and brought to Provisional Containment Area 17. (SCP-2317)


  • April 11th: A three kiliometer area in the southwestern portion of SCP-186 experiences a spontaneous die-off of trees. (SCP-186)

  • A malformed sheep with extra eyes and horns emerges from SCP-1844, and attempts to attack Site-308 personnel over the twenty-eight minutes until it is slain. (SCP-1844)


  • June 8th or 9th: British mountaineers George Herbert Leigh Mallory and Andrew "Sandy" Comyn Irvine go missing on their expedition to Mount Everest. Mallory manages to take a photograph of a third climber before succumbing to hypothermia. SCP-1529)

  • December: Without a source of food due to the Foundation's efforts, the SCP-2191-1 vampires appear to enter a dormant state as SCP-2191-3 bides her time. (SCP-2191)


  • March 3rd: Danish-American sculptor John Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum is covertly commissioned by the American Secure Containment Initiative to design a colossal sculpture in the Black Hills of South Dakota. (SCP-4004)

  • Peter Hedgewater is appointed as the President of United Limestone. (SCP-2812)

  • An Abenaki Native American, ████████ ███, is accused and acquitted of murdering his brother, ███████ ███. (SCP-3850)
    • Post acquittal: ████████ drowns in the ████████████ Lake in ██████, U.S.


  • Miss ██████ ███ allegedly purchases what appears to be a three-month-old Persian kitten, naming her Lucy. (SCP-1316)


  • January 10th: The German silent film Metropolis is released in theatres. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • January 13th: Subzero temperatures measured at Remote Site-335 are consistent with surroundings, yet it is observed to not snow in SCP-186. (SCP-186)


  • James Smart, son of Charles Smart, passes away. (SCP-2823)


  • September 29th: █████ Industrial declares bankruptcy. (SCP-4029)
    • Between September 29th - November 29th: Robert Bentley, a credit manager under █████ Industrial, goes missing.

  • November 29th: The dying █████ Industrial ceases all known function at this point. (SCP-4029)

  • December 29th: Bart Stanton, a man with no records of working for █████ Industrial, writes a personal letter to "Vice President" Robert Bentley. (SCP-4029)

  • A building is erected in the town of Bedford, Indiana, for the purpose of housing a small Americana restaurant and the headquarters for the Indiana Limestone Corporation. (SCP-2812)

  • Robert Taylor, an intern hired by █████ Industrial prior to the company's collapse, is reported missing. (SCP-4029)

    c. 1930s 


  • Prior March 3rd: Prometheus Laboratories commissions an expedition lead by Irwin Trask into the Lapland region of the Scandinavian peninsula. The expedition discovers a herd of wild unicorns, and the mythical equines are smuggled to London for study. As repayment for MC&D's assistance in financing the expedition, Prometheus labs gifts the organization with three sires, three dams, and a supply of powdered unicorn horn.


  • December 5th: Professor █████ ████████ is found dead in his office while doing research on ancient languages. Having touched the Papyrus of Hunefer, the professor's consciousness is trapped inside the scroll and his body left as a husk. (SCP-911)


  • September 2nd: The sounds of sporadic gunfire are recorded throughout Remote Site-335, despite the lack of any gunmen. The sounds persist for three days. (SCP-186)

  • September 26th: The Ierissos earthquake devastates the Chalkidiki peninsula of Greece, and results in 491 reported casualties. 126 individuals are unaccounted for, the bodies taken by the as-of-yet undiscovered SCP-2191. (SCP-2191)

  • A photograph of Mr. Pierrot is taken at a Parisian street corner, depicting him bending over in order to let a little girl hold his finger. (SCP-1810)

  • Improvements to SCP-1844's containment protocols are found to have led to a 20% decrease in seismic activity and a 15% reduction in psychological episodes in Site-308 staff. (SCP-1844)


  • August 25th: A 7.3 magnitude earthquake hits the Mao county of China, killing nine thousand in landslides destroying the town of Diexi and its neighboring villages. The seismic activity caused a minute change in the orientation of jadeite columns containing a luminous red orb, releasing small amounts of the star's latent gamma radiation. (SCP-2995)
    • Post August 25th: Foundation agents embedded in the Chinese government are dispatched to investigate several reports of radiation poisoning in the Szechwan province. The agents locate the site, perform an initial evaluation, and follow instructions from the texts present to correct the columns. After a second evaluation, the anomaly is designated SCP-2995 and construction of Site-62B begins.

  • Jerome Kern composes the song "Yesterdays", written by Otto Harbach. (SCP-2812)

  • Mr. Night sells a set of items to Marshall, Carter, and Dark. (UTE-1919-Discofather)


  • August 21st: Hedgewater addresses a letter to "Martin" of the Stack Rock Quarry on the matter of the latter's workers trespassing on the Lemon Quarry. The enraged Hedgewater vows to personally help the sheriff with the arrest, and that by the time he's finished with him, the earth in Bedford will be so thoroughly scorched that his grandchildren will "feel the heat". (SCP-2812)

  • Before November 30th: On the behalf of Mr. Hedgewater, Matherson Music gifts a record player to the Limestone Business Center, giving best wishes for the new year. (SCP-2812)
    • November 30th: J.J. Matherson writes to Mr. Hedgewater, informing that the record player has been made to the vengeful quarry owner's specifications and delivered to the Limestone Business Center. Noting the "unexpected consequences" that could result from prolonged activation, Matherson assumes the better of Hedgewater and that he'll help should things go wrong for his rival.

  • December 1st: Sergei Mironovich Kirov is fatally shot in the back at the Smolny Institute in St. Petersburg. The assassin, Leonid Nikolaev, utilizes "an construct-invasive reality discrepancy similar to the one found in iterations of SCP-███". (Groups Of Interest, GRU Division "P" Hub)

  • Nikola Tesla establishes a heavily secured research facility where he will work on his "teleforce" project. (SCP-2700)

  • Stearman Aircraft Corporation, the newly acquired subsidiary of the Boeing Airplane Company, introduces the Model 75 "Kaydet" biplane. (SCP-3952)


  • Prior March 18th: In order to investigate the murder of his First Secretary and dear friend Kirov, Joseph Stalin orders the formation of the Fourth Department's Abnormal Occurrences Commission / Четвёртый Департа́мент Аномальный Комиссии Находок.Lat.  (Groups Of Interest, GRU Division "P" Hub)
    • March 18th: Stalin gives a speech to the Abnormal Occurrences Commission and officials of the Fourth Department following the report of its findings on Kirov's assassination, assigning a further expanse in paranormal research.

  • Belgian surrealist artist René Magritte paints his work "The Portrait". (SCP-099)

  • A heat-shielded containment apparatus is supplied to Site-308, and containment efficacy is found to improve by 30%. (SCP-1844)


  • May 30th: Agents Chekhov and ██████████ fail to return from routine patrol of SCP-186. No subsequent traces of either person are ever recovered. (SCP-186)

  • October 3rd: GRU Division "P" discovers an unnamed village in the Northern Ural Mountains with a set population that has been reincarnating repeatedly for "generations". The village and its populace is quarantined due to various microbial pathogens in the area. (SCP-2133)


  • Prior May 3rd: Adolf Hitler seeks for a weapon of mass destruction to deploy in the United States. Marshall, Carter, & Dark representatives, pitching a weapon from their wares to the young führer, convinces him with the words "millions within the first five minutes of activation." (The Day The Clown Lived)
    • May 3rd: The Luftschiff Zeppelin #129 Hindenburg departs from Frankfurt, Germany...
      • ...with the eigenweapon the Nazis purchased from MC&D loaded on board. (The Day The Clown Lived)
      • ...with twenty-one clowns stowing away in the cargo hold. (SCP-4890)

  • May 6th: The German passenger airship LZ-129 Hindenburg catches on fire and explodes during its attempt to dock with its mooring mast.
    • The technician Josef finds the blimp to be too cold for his likings. Using his uneaten rations and a blowtorch, he poorly decides to build a makeshift campfire next to a large supply of hydrogen. (The Day The Clown Lived)
    • The thirteen passengers, twenty-two crew members, and twenty-one clowns stowing away in the cargo hold are killed in the tragic blaze. (SCP-4890)

  • July 7th: Lieutenant general Tashiro Kan'ichirō leads the Tianjin Garrison at the Lugou Bridge, launching Japan's full scale invasion of China.
    • Post July 7th: Due to the arising Second Sino-Japanese War, the Chinese government directs focus towards the defensive, subsequently neglecting Foundation assets in the country. The occultist group Jīn Chìbǎng uses this opportunity to raid Site-62B, killing eleven of the site's seventeen staff. After finding neglect on the behalf of Site-62B's adjunct supervisor in Shanghai, the Overwatch Council transfers control of the facility to Dr. Geoffrey Anborough as is rebuilt as Area-███. (SCP-2995)

  • July 19th: A teddy bear comes to life in a hospital's infant care wing. Mr. Bear spends the night salvaging from the other normal stuffed animals, creating replacement organs to save the life of the prematurely born Michael Farris. (Reap What You Sew)


  • January: Italian special forces recover a consciousness-dissolving artifact — a beryllium bronze stele encased in a rhodium carbide outer casing, embossed with lettering a Semitic alphabet. — from a Cistercian monastery in southeastern Algeria. (SCP-1427)

  • A schedule of shift rotations is established at Site-308. After implementation, Task Force Omega-144 members are found to have a 6% reduction in suicide rate. (SCP-1844)


  • September 1st: The Nationalsozialists of the Third German Reich invade the Second Polish Republic.
    • Containment of SCP-1844 is compromised for seventy-two minutes, when the White Horseman of War rides out of the inferno and vanishes into the horizon. (SCP-1844)

  • Before October 18th: A Marshall, Carter, & Dark employee from the future infiltrates the New Orleans home of the pregnant Marguerite Frances Claverie. The time-traveler opens the fridge and contaminates the milk with a capsule of powdered unicorn horn. (SCP-3780)
    • The next day: Claverie drinks the spiked milk, the magical contaminant retroactively aborting her unborn son, Lee Harvey Oswald.

  • Before October 18th: Two Temporal Anomalies agents stake outside the Claverie house, detaining the MC&D agent and confiscating the capsule of unicorn horn. (SCP-3780)
    • October 18th: Lee Harvey Oswald is born in the Old French Hospital.

  • December 26th: A 7.8 earthquake strikes Erzincan, Turkey, resulting in the deaths of approximately 33,000 people. After locals report seeing a "great serpent" rising from the ground prior to the earthquake, the Foundation begins to investigate the Balkan region for a paranormal cause. (SCP-2191)

  • A fire overcomes the Farris household. Mr. Bear sacrifices himself for Michael's wellbeing, placing the two-year-old's consciousness inside of his plush body before the burning building collapses around them. (Reap What You Sew)
    • Days later: Thomas and Amelia Farris have lost all faith in seeing their son alive, and hope for at least something to put to rest. The two are approached by firefighter-trainee Kyle Mitchell, who hands the Farris' their son's teddy bear, now possessed by their son. Kyle leaves the parents to their grieving, pocketing a tuft of Mr. Bear's stuffing as the last burnt remains of the Farris household are hauled away.
      • Days later: Mr. Bear comes to life a second time, now having a new patchwork body made by Kyle Mitchell. Renaming the bear "Kairos", Kyle sends him off with a new purpose, telling him that there are still more people he can help. (SCP-2295)
      • Years later: Michael, brought to Site-27, comes to realize his loneliness. Realizing that he can't find Mr. Bear, he reasons he can just make a new Mr. Bear instead. (SCP-1048)

    c. 1940s 

  • January 4th, 194█: Revision-1 of SCP-1903's description is published by Research Assistant Jennings. (SCP-1903)

  • February 24th, 194█: Agent Crowely interviews Mr. A███ Donnar on his relations with Jackie Barter and her client A██████ F████. (SCP-1903)

  • February 25th, 194█: Revision-2 of SCP-1903's description is published by Research Assistant Jennings. (SCP-1903)

  • February 27th, 194█: Event-1903-3: SCP-1903 was discovered to harbor a slow-acting infohazard, affecting her research team, two security guards, and two informants. Upon discovery of the conditional info-hazard, the description in SCP-1903's document is temporarily expunged by the Foundation Informational Hazard Bureau, SCP-1903 upgraded to Euclid, and twenty exposed personnel administered treatment. Research Assistant Jennings, experiencing advanced symptoms of the infohazard, commits suicide by removing his mask. (SCP-1903)

  • March 7th, 194█: Dr. Crot interviews Dr. Stuart Hayward, who explains his hallucinations. (SCP-1903)

  • March 9th, 194█: SCP-1903's description is reinstated and revised in Revision-4. (SCP-1903)

  • Before September 2nd, 194█: SCP-████ breaches containment, and a team of agents are sent into the Karakum Desert of Turkmenistan to recover the anomaly. Agent Nyazik Niyazov inadvertently discovers the SCP-3150 phenomenon, and spends the night in the shelter of the caravanserai. Enlightened by the house of wisdom, Niyazov returns to his superiors, describing SCP-3150-1 and a way to find and re-contain SCP-████. After SCP-████ is contained using Niyazov's methods, investigations on the desert phenomenon begins. (SCP-3150)
    • September 2nd, 194█: Interview 3150-8: Dr. A██████ attempts to interview one of the denizens of SCP-3150-1, but is unable to understand the Pahlavi speaker due to his limited knowledge of Persian. Khushnavaz laments, on how the former king of the Hephthalites has been forgotten, and his Pahlavi rant unheard.

  • SCP-884-5 is found to be in the possession of Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. (SCP-884: Original Collection)

  • SCP-983 is manufactured by an unknown person or company. (SCP-983)


  • February 23rd: Disney's film adaptation of Pinocchio is given theatrical release across the United States. (SCP-3922)

  • July 27th: Leon Schlesinger Productions releases the [[Merrie Melodies cartoon "[1]", providing the official debut for J.B. "Bugs" Hardaway's rabbit character. (SCP-3940)

  • November 10th: An earthquake occurs in the Vrancea Mountains, claiming as many as a thousand lives in Moldovia and Romania. Civilians report "vampire attacks" in wake of the disaster, claims that media outlets publicly dismiss as superstition while the Foundation investigates. (SCP-2191)

  • The Jīn Chìbǎng attempt to free SCP-2995 in an attack on the reconstructed Area-███. (SCP-2995)

  • Ahnenerbe Obskurakorps begins development on SCP-3721 following the failure of the Aggregat 2 program. (SCP-3721)


  • January 10th: The Douglas A-20 Havoc bomber is introduced on the European war front. (SCP-1759)

  • May 15th: Acting in accordance with intelligence sources embedded in the Third Reich, Foundation personnel evacuate Remote Site-335 in advance of Operation Barbarossa. Subsequent to decommissioning observation posts, a faint glow is seen to move throughout the site. (SCP-186)

  • The FBI's Unusual Incidents Unit investigates a series of murders targeting individuals knowledgeable on the leadership of the defunct Chicago Spirit. The Bureau receives letters from an individual identifying himself as "Mr. Night" taking responsibility for the killings. (UTE-1919-Discofather)



  • January 7th: Nikola Tesla suffers coronary thrombosis, and dies alone in Room 3327 of the New Yorker Hotel.

  • July 25th: The SCP Foundation Southern Europe Mass Containment Facility EUITLA-Site-77 is founded by Dr. Shirley Gillespie in the Province of L'Aquila, Italy. (Secure Facility Dossier: Site-77)

  • October 5th: Dated commentary notes in broken German written on SCP-3721's blueprints cease on this date. (SCP-3721)

  • October 6th: The first of several esoteric engines composed of beryllium bronze is constructed for SCP-3721-2's placement in orbit. The head of Obskurakorps' biology division, Dr. Eva Zellweger, disappears when her consciousness is implemented into SCP-3721-1. (SCP-3721)

  • November 9th: Dr. Wilfried Akermann oversees the launch of SCP-3721-2 and the satellite's scheduled bombardment of several Russian population centers. SCP-3721-1, no longer so Nazi-sympathizing, directs SCP-3721-2 to bombard the German cities of Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Weimar, and Berlin. Obskurakorps immediately halts development of SCP-3721, meanwhile the Foundation begins to theorize the existence of an unidentified kinetic bombardment system in the possession of the Allied Forces. (SCP-3721)

  • November 20th: The Soviet Army secures the recently abandoned concentration camp of Janowska. Division P begins investigating the Obskurakorps section of the camp. (SCP-2430)

  • November 22nd: SCP-3721-2 fires another kinetic bombardment, the collateral damage of the strike photographed by the Foundation in the aftermath. (SCP-3721)

  • December 1st: Division P takes inventory of what the Obskurakorps left in Janowska. Of note is what they identify as "about a hundred pieces of the flesh of Sæhrímnir" — a Norse boar killed and eaten every night by the &A Elig;sir and einherjar — "with human skeletons embedded in each of them." (SCP-2430)
    • Post December 1st: Military applications of the flesh of Sæhrímni is proposed as "Project Einherjar".


  • April 16th: The Allies enact a bombing run over Munich. Rare Spinosaurus fossils suspected to have been discovered in SCP-4041 events are destroyed as collateral damage. (SCP-4041)

  • August 23rd: Seismic activity below Guthrie, Indiana, causes damage to the Lemon Quarry limestone mine. Another tremor collapses the main access tunnel behind the initial clean-up crew, but the miners make their way out through an uncharted tunnel to the surface. A team of twenty-three enters through the new tunnel to scout the damage from the inside, a plan quickly abandoned when a third suspiciously inconvenient earthquake collapses that tunnel as well. A new team is banded together to clear the limestone and rescue the buried men. (SCP-2951)

  • August 26th: After three days of excavating the mine entrances, the quarry cuts its losses when a miner emerges from the secondary access tunnel — one that Came Back Wrong and the ground crew promptly threw it back in. A telegram is sent to the B.G. Hoadley offices in Louisville, concerning them with the twenty-three casualties in their collapsed mine. (SCP-2951)
    • Post August 26th: The B.G. Hoadley Mining Group abandons the Lemon Quarry, selling it to Kervier International.

  • Autumn (Aboard the Train to Berlin)
    • After successes in their operations in Egypt and Prague, Franz Hoffmann's unit in the Ahnenerbe Obskurakorps is placed under the command of Hauptsturmführer Zimmermann for an important mission. The SS-Hauptsturmführer unveils the Holy Lance, the very spearhead that pierced the side of Christ while upon the cross. Testing the relic by using it on a dog, smiting its very soul, Zimmerman tasks the Obskurakorp with finding ways to replicate the effects and forge decoys for the Allies.
    • Agent Martin of the SCP Foundation arrives in London, meeting up with Agent Smith, a Frenchwoman from the Allied Occult Initiative

A joint task force lead by AOI Agent Smith and SCP Agent Martin infiltrate the train

  • November: Several Allied pilots flying over Germany report of luminous spheres "resembling Christmas tree lights, usually non-hostile and unable to be outmaneuvered". The Foundation, hearing rumors of "kraut fireballs" and "foo-fighters", acknowledges the potential anomalies. (SCP-3201)

  • Italian researchers transfer SCP-1427 to Leipzig, Germany for German assistance. (SCP-1427)


  • March 6th: MTF-Theta "Hole in the Wall" conducts a raid on Obskurakorps' offices in Dresden, Germany. Papers recovered confirm the existence of a satellite eigenweapon, the discovered system designated as SCP-3721. (SCP-3721)

  • March 20th: The USS Kete and its crew of eighty-seven go missing after hitting a naval mine in the west of the Ryukyu Islands. (SCP-930)
    • Two weeks later: Two inflatable rafts bring nineteen survivors to a tropical island swarmed by seagulls. The attacking seagulls attempt to scare away the Kete's crew, warning them of an unknown danger on the island. The survivors are picked off one by one, just long enough for H█████ W██████ to write a warning for any future castaways of whatever is in the bushes.

  • April 19th: SCP-3721's capture is authorized. Efforts to secure the weapon are met with difficulties as a result of the Allies' occupation of Stuttgart and interference from the American Supernatural Containment Initiative. (SCP-3721)

  • April 30th: Hitler ➡🤡🔫

  • June 13th: Chairman Stalin personally reviews and rejects the proposal of "Project Einherjar," and proposes an alternative for the Division — a "Project Judecca." (SCP-2430)

  • August 6th: SCP-4004-α shows the ability to refuse orders. (SCP-4004)

  • August 9th: The crew of the Bockscar drops the "Fat Man" on the capital of the Nagasaki Prefecture. A teddy bear made of leather from an Asian black bear survives the blast, but is completely irradiated. (SCP-1145)

  • October 12th: Zachary Felix Johnson is born. (Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)

  • October 29th: Occupation of Remote Site-335 and containment of SCP-186 is reestablished after discussions with Soviet Union officials. The initial patrol of SCP-186 discovers the corpses of forty soldiers; thirteen from the German 4th Panzer Army and twenty-seven from the Soviet 22nd Army, all stripped of badges and further identification. (SCP-186)

  • A two-dimensional spacetime discontinuity surrounded by a ring of black stone is recovered from an Obskuracorps laboratory by USSR soldiers. Incorporated into SCP-4004 as SCP-4004-J55, the excess heat produced by the anomalous component is used to power a generator. (SCP-4004)


  • July 16th: The SCP Foundation Bloomington Research and Containment Facility USINBL-Site-81 is founded by Dr. Oliver J. Rights at the Monroe Reservoir, Bloomington, Indiana, United States. (Secure Facility Dossier: Site-81)

  • Tesla's Teleforce is discovered, the particle accelerator transported into containment and designated SCP-2700. (SCP-2700)

  • The Jīn Chìbǎng attempt a third and final attack on Area-███. (SCP-2995)


  • March: Dr. Ivan Darko is transferred from Site-19 to serve as Site-81's assistant director. (Secure Facility Dossier: Site-81)

  • June or July: An unidentified aircraft, extra-terrestrial in nature, crashes near Roswell, New Mexico. The wreckage is collected by the United States Air Force and brought to Homey Airport. (SCP-1051)

  • July 28th: Stalin personally reviews the prototypes of Project Judecca, and is dismayed by the subjects' inability to perceive pain. (SCP-2430)

  • The East German government relinquishes SCP-1427 into Soviet control, who moved it to Kyshtim in the Chelyabinsk Oblast. (SCP-1427)

  • Six-year-old Madeline O███████ is being physically abused by Mathieu, her older sister's abusive boyfriend. Mr. Pierrot intervenes, bludgeoning Mathieu in the face and running off the little girl. (SCP-1810)
    • One week later: Foundation personnel respond to witnesses' reports of a creature kidnapping children and stealing various objects from a neighborhood on the outskirts of Paris, France. Finding Mr. Pierrot, the Foundation administers amnestics to the witnesses, seizes photographic records of the newly registered SCP-1810, and plants a cover story of a carnival worker kidnapping and murdering children from the area.
      • Thirteen hours later: A Foundation-employed child psychologist, Amelia J. P█████, questions Madeline on her time with Mr Pierrot. After being treated for her malnourishment and scrapes, Madeline is amnesticized and placed in an orphanage.


  • February 24th: A team of Division P agents head to the GRU headquarters in Moscow, escorting a group of "Uralic flesh-crafters" commissioned to assist in Project Judecca. (SCP-2430)

  • The Foundation recovers an apparently immortal house cat, perpetually appearing as a three-month-old kitten despite her age. "Lucy" is indexed in the Log of Anomalous Items. (SCP-1316)

  • SCP-1661 activity is first brought to Foundation attention following several reports of aircraft losing small exterior sections of their wings or fuselage. (SCP-1661)


  • January 21st: SCP-3721-1 is secured by the Foundation. (SCP-3721)

  • January 24th: SCP-3721's containment procedures are implemented in full. (SCP-3721)

  • February 13th: The first SCP-3721 transmission the Foundation was able to decrypt. SCP-3721-1 "Controller" belittles SCP-3721-2 "Planter", telling "David" that he is blind without her. SCP-3721-2 only responds once, saying "I am not your damn weapon, Eva." (SCP-3721)

  • June 4th: Step 49/785 is issued. (SC-49/785-52/543)

  • September 14th: Step 49/785 is executed. Beta-Class A████, a former staff member at Foundation Site-37, is administered two doses of "the blue substance located in Locker B of Base C's Chemical Storage" and secretly affixed with a GPS tracker. The Beta-Class are allowed to leave the CI facility should they desire. (SC-49/785-52/543)
    • Post September 14th: Three operatives of the Chaos Insurgency approach the SCP Foundation offering information on the group, including the defector A████. (SCP-884)

  • October 14th: A half hour past midnight, the Chaos Insurgency conducts a raid on Site-37. Agent Norris and Dr. Ignit are killed by Team One and SCP-884-4 seized from Locker 147 by Team Two. Insurgency defector A████ is found to have revealed the site's location. (SCP-884, SC-49/785-52/543)

  • November 1st: Relative to the timeline, SCP-4856 first appears in a corridor in the North wing of Site-54, alongside a large number of laminated documents pertaining to its origins in 1999. Attacking nearby staff, medical personnel, and the Preliminary Identification team in an acausal series of events, the entity's temporal abilities are proposed to the Department of Temporal Anomalies. Site-54's North wing had been evacuated of all essential staff not necessary for the subsequent containment investigations. (SCP-4856)

  • November 30th: With all of its previously housed anomalies relocated to either the newly constructed South wing, or a temporary high-security holding facility sixty-two kilometers away, Site-54's North wing is reclassified as Containment Area-54-09(SCP-4856)

  • December 25th: Jewish-American film producer Leon Schlesinger is found deceased in his bed, impaled by eleven arrows, including an Arrowgram reading "Chronicles, 1:10.✝  I am no Fudd." The SCP Foundation covers up Schlesingser's death as the result of a viral infection, and attribute the murder as an isolated incident committed by a Person of Interest. (SCP-3940)

  • SCP-1297 is mailed to Site-19, received from the US post. The item's arrival coincided with a Γ-4 level containment breach including all twenty-three Euclid-class SCPs housed on site. (SCP-1297)

    c. 1950s 

  • Post April 11th, 1951: Agent Jones is killed by SCP-███ when he debates on whether to run or draw his weapon. His inaction is later attributed to his exposure to SCP-884-4. (SCP-884)

  • 1958-1959: Series 1 GAZ M21 Volga automobiles are produced. (SCP-265)

  • Air Force personnel at Groom Lake, Nevada send a distress call, receiving responses from the Foundation. The alien hangar is registered as SCP-1051, and Area-51 is established to quarantine the disguised alien. (SCP-1051)


  • February 19th: Insurgency Defector A████ is scheduled for execution due to his involvement in Dr. Ignit's murder, and SCP-884-4 is reclassified as "Lost". (SCP-884)

  • April 17th: Division P provides the Uralic flesh-crafters with four thousand kilograms of the flesh of Sæhrímnir in exchange for their cooperation in Project Judecca. Stalin announces to the GRU his intentions of holding a private trial against "Hitler". (SCP-2430)

  • May 30th: SCP-3721-1 "Controller" is photographed by SCP-978.⧗ The produced photograph shows Dr. Zellweger teaching an advanced neuroscience lesson to a class of Aryan college students. (SCP-978 Extended Test Logs)

  • November 28th: Planter berates Controller, goading her to continue her verbal abuse. (SCP-3721)

  • SCP-884-4, held in Locker 11 at CI Storage Site 22, is transferred to Research Lab 4V. Insurgency scientists at 4V are transferred to Research Lab 2J, with militant Alpha-Class forces occupying Lab 4V instead. (SC-49/785-52/543)

  • After the death of three Warner Brothers employees matching the circumstances of Leon Schlesinger's murder, the Unusual Events are recategorized as an SCP. (SCP-3940)

  • The UIU establishes their Thirteen Most Wanted Fugitives list, with the individual known as "Mr. Night" included. (UTE-1919-Discofather)


  • Prior April 11th: SCP-███, SCP-884-4, SCP-███, and no fewer than nine anomalous objects are recovered in raids on suspected Insurgency laboratories and storage locations. (SCP-884, SC-49/785-52/543)
  • April 11th: Agent Jones and Corporal Blake are rewarded for their recovery of SCP-884-4 from the Chaos Insurgency's Research Lab 4V, in spite of great personal peril. Dr. Cho is provided with a lab and staff to emulate the Insurgency's research. (SCP-884, SC-49/785-52/543)
  • April 12th: Captain Olivia Brown writes a post-incident report of the Insurgency's losses at Research Lab 4V; SCP-884-4 and nine other anomalous objects seized, all but four militants dead, and three of those left in critical condition. (SCP-884, SC-49/785-52/543)

  • May 9th: The Soviet Union celebrates the sixth anniversary of Nazi Germany's surrender. After the Victory Day parade, Stalin visits the GRU Headquarters to watch as his homunculus clone of Hitler suffers the "Rite of Nyúz". (SCP-2430)

  • June 21st: Surveillance Mission [113]-V-779 & Incident Janus-2736: Undercover Task Force Theta-3-3 "Federal Reserves" conducts a covert surveillance mission at Lo I-729, a private campground in Monte Rio, California, known as Bohemian Grove. The Bohemian Grove cultists — GoI-113 "Magog's Multitude" — perform a ritual on Richard Milhous Nixon, splitting the Californian senator into two individuals. One of the Nixons — SCP-2736-1 — flees the Ram Shrine in a panic, prompting Theta-3-3 to rescue the Nixon and escort him to Site-109, at the cost of three agents killed in the retreating gunfight. (SCP-2736)

  • June 22nd: Recovering from the prior night's injuries in Site-109's Infirmary C, SCP-2736-1 is interviewed by MTF Theta-3-3 Commander William Meeks on his relations with GoI-113. SCP-2736-2 arrives at the Nixon home in Whittier, where the Nixon family finds nothing wrong with their Richard. (SCP-2736)

  • June 23rd: Commander Meeks conducts another interview with SCP-2736-1, where the two discuss SCP-2736-2's identity as Senator Nixon and the latter's newfound humbleness and reluctance for political power. (SCP-2736)

  • September 26th: Planter vows that he will kill Controller, the Soviets, and every remnant of the Nazi party, becoming a new Messiah for his Jewish kin. (SCP-3721)

  • November 22nd: Brian Desmond Hurst's A Christmas Carol adaptation, Scrooge, debuts on the silver screen at the Odeon Marble Arch in London. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • November 23rd: SCP-089 proclaims "The earth shall tremble and the seas shall rise and be cast against the earth, and the mountain shall vomit fire, its voice shall be darkness and death." (SCP-089)
  • November 24th: Taiwan faces volcanic eruptions and magnitude 7.3+ tremors in what becomes known as the 1951 Hualian-Taidong earthquakes. Protocol M8 is executed within 31 hours of SCP-089's prophecy. (SCP-089)

  • A modified Mark 4 nuclear bomb — one that strangely implodes instead of exploding — is retrieved from a discontinued research program run by the United States Atomic Energy Commission and repurposed as SCP-4004-D99. (SCP-4004)


  • June 27th: With the enactment of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, the Cincinnati Communists are made illegal under United States law. (SCP-2206)

  • August 16th: Site 112 was attacked in a pre-dawn raid by several Chaos Insurgency strike teams. A handful of SCPs are stolen, destroyed, or left unaccounted for. Inspection for espionage bugs results in the discovery that Lucy the kitten's daily radio signals are some manner of number cipher. The Anomalous Item is upgraded to status as an SCP object. (SCP-1316)
    • August 17th - 24th: Lucy sends daily radio transmissions to the Chaos Insurgency, reporting on the success of the raid and requesting her own recovery from the Foundation.
      • August 24th SCP-1316 stops broadcasting when she realizes "there is no extraction, is there?"

  • September 26th: Step 52/543 is issued. (SC-49/785-52/543)

  • October 2nd: Step 52/543 is executed. The Chaos Insurgency stages an attack on Site-62, losing █ Alpha-Class agents in a mission to seize SCP-884-4 from Secure Locker 36. (SCP-884, SC-49/785-52/543)

  • November 4th: Dwight D. Eisenhower is elected into office as the President of the United States, with SCP-2736-2 as his Vice-President.

  • Site-308 is provided with a closed insulated capsule fitting three Omega-144 members. Efficacy in SCP-1844 containment improves by 20% due to the concealment from the inferno and "blasphemous images". (SCP-1844)


  • March 18th: The Yenice-Gönen earthquake causes widespread damage to the Turkish cities, leaving at least 1,070 dead. Several survivors report seeing the "arm of an octopus" rupture from the earth, leading way to reports of "pale men" attacking civilians in the night. (SCP-2191)

  • Mid - Late April: With the vampires' inactivity, the Turkish citizens' decreasing reports of pale men ultimately cease. (SCP-2191)

  • April 21st: Albert Lee Frostman is born. (Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)

  • May 6th: With the death of Stalin, the Psychotronics Division exhausts all investment in Project Judecca. Unable to execute the Sæhrímnir flesh clone, GRU operatives are tasked with discretely burying "Hitler" alive. (SCP-2430)

  • Between August 15th - 19th: During Operation Ajax, on the part of the Iranian military, a squad is sent to seize the deposed Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh's private collection of artifacts. After one of the artifacts kills the Iranian soldiers sent to secure the collection, the Foundation arrives and recovers the offending object. (SCP-339)

  • June 24th: The B-list horror film Robot Monster is first released to theatres in the United States. (SCP-2006)

  • 1953 Crosley Shelvador refrigerators are produced. (SCP-683)


  • June: █████ ██████████, an accountant for Fredic and Sons investments, is inadvertently displaced into a parallel universe during a train ride from Carford, Taured to Paris, France. Lining up for a flight to Tokyo, the Man from Taured is detained by Paris International Airport security when they inspect his passport. The Foundation intercepts the man from the supposedly nonexistent country, designates him as SCP-2516-1, and begins questioning him. (SCP-2516)

  • June 9th: The glade of which we seldom speak is discovered in rural Connecticut and given a temporary Type-E designation by field agent Garret Bradley. The entirety of the field is incapacitated by the land beyond the flue aside from Timothy Woods. Radioing Site-08, Agent Woods causes a further containment breach by using the phrase "the █████" to describe the world where words have power, causing tree branches of bone to grow from his correspondents' eye sockets. ([REDACTED PER PROTOCOL 4000-ESHU])

  • October 29th: ██████ ██████████ disappears, last seen at his house near the town of ███████, Poland. (SCP-265)

  • December 20th: Mobile Task Force Psi-7 "Home Improvement" is founded by Commanding Agent Franklin Smith. (Mobile Task Force Psi-7 "Home Improvement" Hub)

  • Mercenaries hired by GoI-113 "Magog's Multitude" are foiled in their attempts to breach Site-109. Recognizing their directive, SCP-2736-1 is transferred to Armed Site-29 outside of Tallahassee for his protection. (SCP-2736)

  • Order O5-4000-F26 is ratified by the Overseer Council. ([REDACTED PER PROTOCOL 4000-ESHU])


  • December 19th: Researcher Harvey Mansfield enters the grove beneath nameless stars, and traverses ' the footpath which loops around the entire area. Returning to Site-08 from his exploratory mission, Mansfield is placed in quarantine for the next seventy-two hours. ([REDACTED PER PROTOCOL 4000-ESHU])

  • December 22nd: Released from quarantine, Mansfield returns to his office to write an account of his experiences. When researchers return to check on Desk Desk's progress, they find he has disappeared, nothing but traces of soil and human tissue left on the forgotten pencil, paper, and harvey mansfield. ([REDACTED PER PROTOCOL 4000-ESHU])

  • A SCP-1844 containment breach results in the loss of the heat-resistant capsule and three Omega-144 members. The remaining Omega-144 members stationed at Site-308 reinstate containment, preventing several demons from escaping the fiery crater. (SCP-1844)

  • GRU Division "P" acquires Karkist Varis in a poorly-recorded incident involving a fire. (SCP-2075)


  • April 2nd: "Unnatural Laws of Probability Upon the Island of Hy-Brasil" by L. Caldwell is published in Unified Thaumatology Quarterly Vol. 43. (LTE-0851-Cetus)

  • April 8th: Dr. Jacobs addresses the O5 Council on Research Assistant Wertham's findings of the possible resurgence of the neutralized SCP-1841 within Elvis Presley's performances. Jacob proposes that SCP-1841 be returned to its former Euclid status, and Wertham be appointed in charge of further research and containment of the "Lisztomania" phenomenon. O5-2 grants this request. (SCP-1841-EX)

  • November 6th: Dwight D. Eisenhower is re-elected as the President of the United States, with SCP-2736-2's position as Vice President renewed. (SCP-2736)

  • The Chinese occultist group Jīn Chìbǎng "Gold Wings" seemingly disbands, supposedly reforming as Huǒjù zhi Zi "Children of the Torch". (SCP-2995)

  • Persuaded by Mr. Dark, Mr. Night acquires a set of items from one of his auction houses. (UTE-1919-Discofather)


  • September: Soviet researchers manage to intentionally activate SCP-1427, avoiding an EK-class end of human consciousness scenario due to the authoritarian mindset of the USSR government. After attempting to irradiate the affected area, the Soviets concede and contact the Foundation through intergovernmental liaisons, who register the artifact and transfer it to Site-67, southwest of Chernhiv, Ukraine. (SCP-1427)


  • March 24th: Elvis Presley is inducted to Fort Chaffee in Arkansas, putting his musical career on hiatus. The SCP Foundation, having asserted Presley's conscription, considers "Black Monday" a success. (SCP-1841-EX)

  • June 23rd: Dr. Wertham reports to the O5 Council on his SCP-1841 research. Over two dozen musicians are identified as SCP-1841 sources, including several that "are members of the Negro community." Dr. Wertham proposes SCP-1841's upgrade to Keter, removal of files from the primary database and confidentiality kept to staff assigned to suppress the phenomenon. O5-11 grants these requests. (SCP-1841-EX)

  • August 19th: After completing an exploratory mission of the wilderness of unnamed things, field agent Ethan Mercy Mercy Mercy Mercy reuses the same epithet to refer to the native entity that sits atop a throne of bones and cradles a flaming child. Over the course of several hours, Agent Mercy Mercy Mercy Mercy expires after vomiting up most of his blood and bones. ([REDACTED PER PROTOCOL 4000-ESHU])
    • Post August 19th: Personnel throughout Site-08 experience auditory hallucinations of a woman's laughter for several days.

  • Prior November 16th: Mobile Task Force Psi-7 "Home Improvement" tranquilize and amnesticize a riot of individuals allured by SCP-031, which is initially retrieved from a condemned hotel. (SCP-031)
    • November 16th: SCP-031 is classified as Safe.

  • Incident SCP-884-6-4172: An unidentified individual manages to infiltrate Site-18's deep storage facility and acquire SCP-884-6, using the item's time dilation effects and killing seven Foundation staff. An exchange in gunfire results in the death of the unidentified assailant and the destruction of SCP-884-6, yet the comb's time dilation continues to persist into the twenty-first century. (SCP-884: Original Collection)

  • Foundation personnel coin the neologism "Bigfoot", disseminating the term among the media in order to skew credibility and further disregard for the notion of Homo nocturnalis' existence. (SCP-1000)

  • A two-story house is built in ██████, Queensland, Australia. The building's windows does not exude the anomalous property found in later years. (SCP-1171)

  • The New York Highlanders orchestrate an assassination plot against the other New York teams, but word of the plot reaches their rivals on the night of the plan. The Brooklyn Excelsiors and the New York Gothams' entire teams, stadiums, and ownerships are transferred overnight to Los Angeles and San Francisco respectively, where they are rebranded as the "Los Angeles Defectors" and the "San Francisco Ghosts". (SCP-2206)

  • Due to the safer alternative of amnestics, the Foundation discontinues the use of Hypnosuggestive agents. (SCP-4003)


  • February 3rd: The Day the Music Died.
    • SCP-1289 flips, landing with tails faced up. A Latin word for "silence" is engraved into the obol. (SCP-1289)
    • Beechcraft Bonanza aircraft N3794N crashes outside of Clear Lake, Iowa, killing all on board; the pilot Roger Peterson and the musicians Charles "Buddy" Hardin Holley, Richard Steven Valenzuela, and Jiles Perry "The Big Bopper" Richardson Jr. The commercial passenger plane was sabotaged by Foundation agents in order to neutralize the SCP-1841 sources. (SCP-1841-EX)

  • February 19th: A sinkhole opens up in the northeastern portion of SCP-186, with four soldiers from the Battle of Husiatyn Woods climbing out, in a state of extreme disorientation. The survivors are detained and routed to Site-23 for subsequent research. (SCP-186)

  • April 2nd: An excavation of SCP-186's sinkhole procures twenty-three more German and Russian soldiers from the Battle of Husiatyn Woods, all alive despite being buried for forty-two years and suffering various wounds and injuries. (SCP-186)

  • Late April: The Husiatyn survivors are found to be unable to provide any meaningful information or communication to Site-23 staff due to extensive psychological trauma and profound mental disorders. After immediate attempts at euthanasia is ineffective, the soldiers are subsequently tranquilized, anesthetized and incinerated. (SCP-186)

  • August 11th: Unusual Event-1721: Chicago citizen and cat lover Richard Boyd, traverses girders in attempts to rescue a tabby kitten from the construction site at his workplace. Upon handling the cat, Boyd is petrified and his body ascends to the sky. Foundation forces arrive to investigate the scene and secure the kitten. Field Agent Valdes questions Boyd's coworkers on the matter, while MTF Kappa-11 "Red Barons" track Boyd until the petrified man exceeds their planes' altitude limits. (SCP-1712)

  • September 3rd: Edgar Julian Holman is born. (Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)

  • November 15th: Pyotr Astapenov dies from an unknown cause. (SCP-1760)

  • November 18th: Elmer Fudd's voice actor, Arthur Quirk Bryan, dies, possibly from an SCP-3940 event. (SCP-3940)

  • A short collaborative effort is made between the Foundation and the USSR in order to locate G2 sites and eliminate SCP-008. (SCP-008)

  • MTF Chi-3 "Exorcists" investigate rumors of a cargo-cult in Melanesia, and arrive to discover the islanders offering carved polyhedrons to a luminous orb in exchange for canned food and manufactured commodities. The task force establishes contact with the newly-documented instance, SCP-3201-1. (SCP-3201)

  • Ford Motor Company Limited introduces the Anglia 105E. (SCP-3470)

    c. 1960s 

  • February 1961 - October 1964: FBI Agent ██████ is stationed at the UIU's Hy-Brasil Field Office. (UIU File: 1988-021)

  • Circa 1966: Jessica Bradley is born. (SCP-2106

  • Before 1969: Jeffery Hubble Sr. — a carnomancer that learned the word of Grand Karcist Ion to win his battle with lung cancer — abducts and kills a dozen people and buries their bodies in his field, creating a Granola Sarkic ritual to promote bountiful harvests in his quest to grow the largest pumpkin in Wisconsin. Unknowingly, Hubble implements the body of a vampire in the fertility sigil, a looming disaster should the infectious corpse be disturbed.


  • Late 1960: The UIU begins investigating the claims of the island of Hy-Brasil, shortly thereafter discovering the island and its sovereign government. (UIU File: 1988-021)

  • The SCP Foundation's earliest records of SCP-265 sightings are made. (SCP-265)

  • Mossad agents arrive in Buenos Aires, Argentina to investigate the home of the deceased █████ ████████, an individual associated with OBSKURA. The Israeli operatives are alarmed to find a mute clone of Adolf Hitler that can't die, and extradite the regenerative faux-führer into the Foundation's custody. (SCP-2430)


  • January 12th: Senior Researcher Wertham considers Elvis Presley's enrollment in the U.S. Army, "The Day the Music Died", and Richard Penniman's gospel career to be successful. Judging from the rate operations are going, Wertham hypothesizes that Foundation efforts will fully neutralize the SCP-1841 phenomenon within three years. (SCP-1841-EX)

  • February: Agent ██████ is transported from Denver to Hy-Brasil, and starts writing a Service Log of his occupation there. (UIU File: 1988-021)

  • March 7th: ██████, holed up in the UIU's Hy-Brasil Field Office, leaves to experience the island and is charmed by the beauty of the fair folk's home. (UIU File: 1988-021)

  • Prior July 13th: Former Warner Bros. animator and director Philip "Phil" Monroe is brought to Site-19 and isolated in a secure humanoid containment cell. (SCP-3940)
    • July 13th: Another SCP-3940 event occurs with Phil Monroe as the target. Foundation security detects an incoming arrow from three miles away, helpless to stop it as the projectile proceeds to pierce through the ground and several layers of Site-19's walls before impacting Monroe.

  • November 10th: The Twilight Zone airs the ninth episode of its third season, "Deaths-Head Revisited" (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • November 15th
    • GRU Division "P" discovers outside of Minsk, Belarus, the burial site of sixteen anomalous coffins, including the one of Pyotr Astapenov, when the other fifteen rise from the ground for five days. (SCP-1760, Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)
    • At a bar in Portland, Oregon, history professor Connor Jackson begins to discuss the importance of the 1934 West Coast waterfront strike to his colleague, Terrance Creed. A Bar Brawl breaks out when the infuriated latter attempts to silence the former, due to the meddling of a Greek goddess. Portland police secure the situation, detaining Creed as Jackson is given medical treatment for his ripped-out tongue. (SCP-4160)

  • November 22nd: Using satellite imagery, the Foundation re-establishes visual contact with the petrified body of Richard Boyd as it heads toward the outer rim of the solar system. A request is submitted to register the floating Boyd and the kitten that turns things to stone as SCP-1712-A and SCP-1712-B respectively. (SCP-1712)

  • November 23rd: Agent ██████ confirms that members of other Groups of Interest have a presence on the island, and the locals are neutral in affiliation. (UIU File: 1988-021)

  • December 11th: Agent ██████ compiles his observation of organizations in the shopping district, including a MC&D subsidiary, a Dr. Wondertainment toy store, and a bar-and-grill called 'Chicago Spirits & Pizza'. (UIU File: 1988-021)

  • The Global Occult Coalition conducts a raid on a Chaos Insurgency base in Cairo, Egypt, and the Insurgency utilizes SCP-884-7 in the defensive. The Coalition claims that the item was recovered and destroyed, but have yet to provide evidence of the tweezers' remains to the Foundation. (SCP-884: Original Collection)

  • The New York Urbans are founded, the first team in the metropolis to rival the New York Highlanders since the latter ran their competition out of town three years prior. (SCP-2206)


  • February 16th: The science fiction featurette La Jetée debuts in France. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • April 24th: Warner Bros. music director Milt Franklyn dies, possibly from an SCP-3940 event. (SCP-3940)

  • June 12th: SCP-1289 activates again, the coin landing heads and providing the translated phrase "Use Force". A few days before his high school graduation, George Lucas' Autobianchi Bianchina minicar is broadsided and flips over several times into a tree. Due to a faulty seat belt, Lucas is ejected out of the vehicle, sustaining only some bruised lungs and a new disinterest in racing. (SCP-1289)

  • July 29th: Prior to upgrades to containment facilities, the security perimeter of SCP-186 is found to be almost eighty-five meters longer than as originally documented in 1917. (SCP-186)

  • The Soviet Union issues the Grazhdanskiy Protivogaz-5 gas mask to citizens. (SCP-1499)


  • July 26th: A devastating earthquake destroys three-quarters of Skopje, the capital of the Socialist Republic of Macedonia, killing over a thousand people and rendering two hundred thousand homeless. Approximately five hundred Macedonians go missing in wake of the disaster, as reports of "pale men" in the night are common. (SCP-2191)

  • October: Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions' new song "It's All Right" is released and played over the radio. (SCP-3780 Extended Incident Log)

  • Prior October 1st: MC&D's supervisor over unicorn breeding and horn harvesting, Samuel Woodward, hires additional handlers to work with the animals, unaware that several are infiltrators working on behalf of the Serpent's Hand.
    • October 1st: Incident 19: The Serpent's Hand infiltrators release the unicorns of Group 59B from their pens, but end up trampled and gored by the panicked equines. After several of their brethren are killed during suppressive efforts, the angered stallions manage to inflict a number of serious injuries upon security staff before they are corralled back into their pens.
      • Between October 1st - 5th: Samuel Woodward is relieved from his position as the supervisor of the unicorn project, and Hugo Boyle is promoted in his place.

  • October 5th: Boyle compiles an incident report on the sabotage from four nights prior, conducts a review of all employees and contractors involved in the unicorn project, and proposes modifications to handling procedures. ('Unicorn Horn' (HYTCH/8FNE6/B77KT))

  • November 22nd: A meeting is held between thirty-seven O5 Council members — twelve O5-1 through -12 from the present, twelve from a future where Kennedy was assassinated, twelve from a future where Kennedy survived, and one O5-13. After the O5-13 breaks the tie with a coin flip, Operation Thunderbolt is directed to ensure that President John F. Kennedy is assassinated at 12:30 PM on November 22nd, 1963. (SCP-3780 Extended Incident Log)

  • November 22nd: Lee Harvey Oswald is thwarted in his attempt on John F. Kennedy's life. (SCP-3780)
    • Post November 22nd: SCP-946-1 and SCP-946-2 debate over the probability of Oswald's shot, retroactively the assassination after agreeing that it couldn't have been done. (SCP-3780 Extended Incident Log)

  • November 22nd: Lee Harvey Oswald is successful in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. (SCP-3780)
    • SCP-157-ARC transforms into a 6.5 x 52 mm round to fit Oswald's Italian Carcano rifle. (SCP-157-ARC)
    • SCP-1289 lands on tails, engraved with Latin words meaning "grass patch" or "green garden". (SCP-1289 Discussion)
    • Post November 22nd: Temporal Anomalies agents change the topic of conversation between SCP-946-1 and -2, preventing the two old men from questioning Oswald's marksmanship. (SCP-3780 Extended Incident Log)

  • November 24th: During transfer to the Dallas County Jail, Lee Harvey Oswald is shot dead by nightclub operator Jack Ruby. (SCP-3780)

  • Visual confirmation of an anomaly in the Great Red Spot of Jupiter is made, and the mechanical structure is given the SCP-2399 serial number. (SCP-2399)

  • A girl named Patricia is born in Corvallis, Oregon. (D-5111)


  • March 13th: Winston Moseley rapes and fatally stabs Kitty Genovese outside her New York apartment. This is the first use of SCP-668 as a murder weapon, and possibly the manifestation of the item's effects. (SCP-668)

  • Prior April 19th: UIU Agents in Hy-Brasil detain an anomalous fugitive capable of shape-shifting his skin tone at a suburban housing area on the fae island known for marijuana. The man, hysterical, keeps screaming to anyone who'll listen about how the island was doomed by the King. (UIU File: 1988-021)
    • April 19th: Agent ██████ rants in his Service Log, still having to put up with the crazy bastard's shit for the past few weeks, and awaits his return to America.

  • October: FBI Agent ██████ returns to the United States after his three years stationed in Hy-Brasil. (UIU File: 1988-021)

  • November 15th: Pyotr Astapenov's coffin is first observed to emerge from the earth, the inside packed full of soil from a coniferous forest. (SCP-1760)

  • An SCP-701 event occurs at a performance of The Hanged King's Tragedy held at the University of ███████████, ███████████, ███████. (SCP-701)

  • In an Alternate Timeline, a massive, dead sea creature washes up on the shore near the Indian-Bangladeshi border. To incinerate the remains, the plans for building Site-19 in the midwest United States are scrapped and replaced with the construction of Site-13 outside of Nome, Alaska. (SCP-1730)

  • Secretorum Camerus Prophetias, the Vatican Holy Office for Secrets and Prophecies, is annexed by the SCP Foundation. The Foundation assumes the purpose of preserving Christian holy relics and the management of religious records. (SCP-1732)

  • Electronic noise-reduction systems are installed into the heat-resistant capsule at Site-308. A reduction in the distraction of containment personnel and their suicide rate is observed. (SCP-1844)


  • January 20th: In accordance with the Federal Records Act, the server storing the Unusual Incidents Unit's records have all their data backed-up to the FBI's Records Department, including Agent ██████'s Service Log from the Hy-Brasil Field Office. (UIU File: 1988-021)

  • April 22nd: Incident 4004-290: Radar systems in Langley, Virginia malfunction, causing the United States' nuclear missile self-defense system to arm in retaliation against an non-existent attack. Four seconds before launch, all systems are overridden by SCP-4004, averting mutually-assured destruction with eight different prayers for protection. (SCP-4004)

  • August 15th: The Beatles open their North American tour with a concert at the William A. Shea Municipal Stadium in Queens, New York City. In the fanatical crowd, the parents of James Talloran first meet each other. (...Like Clockwork Hub » I See a Darkness)
  • August 15th: The Beatles open their North American tour with a concert at the William A. Shea Municipal Stadium in Queens, New York City. SCP-3999 drags the bruised and beaten Researcher Talloran into the reality, where the crowd ignores in his nonexistence through infinite existences. Talloran's "mother and father" reminisce on their first meeting, laughing as James is thrown into another year consumed in SCP-3999. (...Like Clockwork Hub » I See a Darkness)

  • At least twenty-seven trade paperbacks of The Hanged King's Tragedy are published. (SCP-701)


  • Prior March 4th: College student Vanessa Hayforth receives a book describing classified SCP Foundation information — including Procedure 4000-Halloway and a passage referencing SCP-3560 — from an acquaintance in the Wanderer's Library. ([REDACTED PER PROTOCOL 4000-ESHU])
    • March 4th: Vanessa Hayforth attempts to check into numerous medical facilities in and around Portland, Oregon, seeking help for the layer of skin that has grown over her face. She is detained by Foundation investigators and the book seized from her possession.

  • August 8th: Harold Daryl Thompson is born. (Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)

  • November 15th: The American low-budget horror Manos: The Hands of Fate releases in theatres. (SCP-3006, SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • November 23rd: Red Zone Cuba is released in theatres. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • December 15th: The apparent death of Walter Elias Disney. (SCP-2805)


  • May: "Can't Take My Eyes Off You", performed by Frankie Valli, is made commercially available to the public. (SCP-2010)

  • August 15th: Foundation surveillance of René Magritte ceases when the artist succumbs to pancreatic cancer. (SCP-099)

  • September 18th: Several secretaries for executives within the Disney corporation first receive phone calls bearing the voice of the deceased Walt Disney. (SCP-2805)

  • December 15th: The Silver Bridge collapses into the Ohio River, resulting in the deaths of forty-six people. The locals of Point Pleasant, West Virginia attribute concurrent reports of their local cryptid — the Mothman — as an omen of the tragedy. Due to the mothmen's rumor-based existence, SCP-2901 adopts the behavior of congregating to sites of imminent disasters. (SCP-2901)

  • SCP-3201 is first illustrated in a preliminary document showcasing the median and size range of the luminous orbs in comparison to humans. (SCP-3201)

  • Ford ceases production of the Anglia 105E. (SCP-3470)


  • January 30th: SCP-093 is recovered in the Middle East, off the shore of the Red Sea. (SCP-093)

  • February 16th: The cryogenically frozen head of Walt Disney is found hidden in the Pirates of the Caribbean. The cryonic freezer is brought into the Foundation's possession, where it is registered as SCP-2805 and classified as Euclid. (SCP-2805)

  • April 20th: Former Warner Bros. animator, screenwriter, and sound editor Sidney E. Sutherland dies, possibly from an SCP-3940 event. (SCP-3940)

  • April 25th: Now located at Site-77, SCP-2805 starts calling Foundation personnel. (SCP-2805)

  • June 8th: Recognizing the danger of a mechanical gauntlet in their inventory, Lady Emily Alcott Carter addresses the SCP Foundation, relinquishing the physics-bending device for safe keeping.
  • Post June 8th: A Foundation logistics center receives the ornate shipping-case, alongside a box of La Maison du Chocolat and a certificate of MC&D store credit. Upon testing the validity of the claims in Lady Carter's letter — and accidental damage to the 1566 Icarus asteroid — the metal claw is designated SCP-2501, and subsequently deposited to Storage Vault 3-H at Research Site-45.

  • November 5th: SCP-2736-2 is elected into office as the 37th President of the United States. (SCP-2736)

  • November 11th: Jeffery Miles Wilson is born. (Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)

  • November 15th: Vincent Robert Anderson is born. (Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)

  • Circa December: As part of "Project Ambriel", powerful eigenstations are constructed at Site-62 in order to meet increasing energy requirements for dimensional containment operations. The Archivists mistake the fluctuating Hume concentrations for an Archivist's distress beacon, drawing SCP-3201 attention to Universe #139331920100933. (SCP-3201)

  • Dr. James Kyle Robinson is recruited by the Foundation. (Dr. Robinson's Statement)


  • January 30th: The Director of Site-62 forwards a bimonthly development memo to the O5 Council, concerning recent promotions, local roadword, the completion of Project Ambriel, and the "ball lightning" drawn towards the latter. (SCP-3201)

  • April: Foundation containment specialists are deployed to the abandoned Albert Johnson Air Base in Tippecanoe County, Indiana. Out of over three hundred SCP-1661 instances, a majority flew away while the rest were captured, including two instances that stood watch over Agent Fielding, who had fallen into a fissure in the broken floor. Fielding is rescued and the instances — both animate and incomplete — are brought to Site-81. (SCP-1661)
    • Three days later: A swarm of SCP-1661 descends upon the Site-81's exclusion-zone, landing five meters from the main gates. These instances did not resist collection by personnel, and are put with the others.

  • July 11th: Medea Alayla Contos is presumed to have been born. (Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)

  • July 15th: SCP-1841 phenomena is found to have grown beyond the Foundation's ability to track and monitor. Site Director Wertham proposes to the O5 Council authorization to conduct a series of covert assassinations of high-profile musicians to mitigate spread of SCP-1841. O5-8 grants approval for these requests. (SCP-1841-EX)

  • Early Autumn: The mayor of Sloth's Pit, Clive Carver, gathers his committee for this year's county fair, choosing a children's book author and two farmers that all happen to dabble in the occult. Together, the four conspirators summon the rot of autumn personified, "Mavra Isimeria", the Black Equinox.

  • October 25th: Zachary Allen publicizes the release of this new Halloween-themed book, Uncle Zadok and the Great Pumpkin, by signing copies at the Bell, Book and Candle bookstore. (Black Autumn » Chapter 7: Unshelved)

  • October 26th: The Douglas County Fair Organization Committee — Clive Carver, Jeffery Hubble Sr., Richard Gideon, and Zachary Allen — pose for a photo taken by Mavra Isimeria. (Black Autumn » Chapter 6: Scarecrow Factory)
    • Post October 26th: Hubble Sr. kills Carver and buries the corrupt mayor in his pumpkin patch to strengthen the fertility sigil.
      • Two weeks later: Allen is arrested when the partial remains of six children are found in his house, and confesses to abducting another thirteen with Carver. After being found guilty of abducting nineteen children, Allen is shot while being escorted out of the courthouse. (Black Autumn » Chapter 7: Unshelved)

  • Prior October 28th: Gideon discusses with Hubble Sr. the plans to sacrifice children to to the Black Equinox, reminding the carnomancer of his daughter Eliza and the Sarkics' one-child tradition. Hubble draws the line at this, and discretely uses his Granola Sarkic blood magic to create a doppelgänger of his beloved daughter to fool the other mage. (Black Autumn » Chapter 9: It's Just A Jump To The Left)
    • October 28th: The eighteen children influenced by Allen's books and the "Eliza" homunculus arrive to Richard Gideon's mansion for a Hallowe'en party. Gideon and Isimeria catch the MTF Sigma-10-25 Agents Ruby and Blake Williams on the estate, who were brought there from the future through a wrinkle in time. Gideon forces the twin agents to watch as Isimeria eats the children, and then passes them over to Hubble for him to deal with. Hubble spares the agents, and recognizing temporal problems that could arise, embeds them in Sarkic amber so their colleagues can recover them from the basement in forty-eight years. Afterwards, Hubble Sr. hauls his prized pumpkin "Gourdon" — in actuality SCP-097-1, the Soul Jar of the Black Equinox — to the County Fair in his 1956 GMC pickup truck. (Black Autumn » Chapter 4: Bloody Pulps and Vines)

  • November 1st: Richard Gideon brings Mavra Isimeria to the Pyramid Inn, where he betrays the witch and binds her to Room Thirteen at the cost of his life.
  • November 1st: The Black Equinox tells Cassandra Pike, Juliette Hobb, and Frederick Engelhardt that she has a game to play; in three hours, she will return two of them back to the year 2017, and kill and eat the third. The senior Engelhardt offers himself as sacrifice, but the Black Equinox reminds them that she never told them to choose who it would be, and decides for Pike to die. Pike, using some thaumaturgy she learned from Dr. Sinclair and her previous experience with SCP-3773, sics her dead cat Oliver against the witch and the three researchers escape the temporal anomaly, going back to the future. (Black Autumn » Chapter 8: ...But You Can Never Leave)

  • December 31st: Isaac Curtis Dillard is born. (Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)

  • The Wham-O Corporation produces the 1969 edition Super Ball. (SCP-018)

  • Agent C. Laradeca's father purchases a bronze ring to celebrate his graduation from Eunice High School. (SCP-1162 Extended Testing Log)

  • The New York Urbans assassinate the entire roster of the Baltimore Terrapins on the eve of the World Series' first game. Baseball fans nickname the team "The Murderin' Urbans" for their underhanded tactic. (SCP-2206)

  • A crew of Pakistani fishermen go missing off of India's east coast, taken by Ananteshesha. (SCP-3000)

  • Dr. Nicholas Cartwright is appointed as project lead on SCP-3986 research. (SCP-3986)

    c. 1970s 

  • October 12th: SCP-1120 is initially contained at the ██████ Museum of Natural History after police radio reports "stone men harassing museum goers". Foundation personnel disguised as police reinforcements corral and collect twenty instances, and cover up the collateral damage of the incident as due to an earthquake. (SCP-1120)

  • Rumors began to circulate in Mount Everest's growing mountaineering community about a "monster" near the summit, and the Foundation considers the possibility of an anomaly traversing the snow. SCP-1529)

  • The village of Krysovo cuts ties with the rest of Siberia, their people using their burlap sack of infinite potatoes as their sole food source. (SCP-1689)

  • Scores of microcomputers of an unknown brand are constructed. (SCP-4029)


  • February 6th: Mister Rogers' Neighborhood airs the sixth episode of its third season. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • August 28th - September 3rd: A rock festival, "Vortex I: A Biodegradable Festival of Life", is held in the Milo McIver State Park near Estacada, Oregon.
    • Between August 28th - 30th: Foundation Agent ___ stumbles upon Three Portlands.

  • September 18th: Monika Dannemann awakes to find her boyfriend Jimi Hendrix unconscious in their Samarkand Hotel apartment. Hendrix drowns on his own vomit while intoxicated with barbiturates, his death likely a poisoning caused by Foundation assassins. (SCP-1841-EX)

  • Circa October 4th: Several heroin users overdose on a batch purchased from their dealer, who was either an undercover Foundation agent or supplied by one. (SCP-1841-EX)
    • October 4th: Janis Joplin is found dead in her Landmark Motor Hotel room, having overdosed on an overly-potent strain of heroin.

  • November 7th: SCP-089 proclaims "The rains shall scour the earth, and sweep away man, and his beasts, and all his works, the deluge shall take them all." (SCP-089)

  • November 8th: The Bhola cyclone forms over the Bay of Bengal in India.

  • November 13th: The Bhola cyclone dissipates over the state of Assam, India. Flooding of the land continues.

  • November 15th
    • Pyotr Astapenov's coffin emerges again, this time filled to capacity with assorted teeth from humans, cats, dogs, and snakes. (SCP-1760)
    • The spirits of the Athenian muses Clio and Melpomene cause discourse again, this time on the set of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. As the champion stood, Mr. Rogers in a blood-stained sweater, Gamma-5 arrives and covers up the murder as the Foundation's investigations start. Upon discovering an annual pattern of such delirious fights, the phenomena is given SCP designations. (SCP-4160)
      • Post November 15th: Accounts of likely SCP-4160 events are seized and expunged from the public record. Connor Jackson and Terrance Creed from the 1961 event are taken to Site-64 and interviewed on their fight.

  • December 13th: The SCP Foundation Southeastern Containment Facility USALBC-Site-88 is founded by Dr. Joshua Kant at the Baldwin County Nuclear Power Plant, Baldwin County, Alabama, United States. (Secure Facility Dossier: Containment Site-88)

  • December 26th: Protocol M8 is executed, relieving the effects of the Bhola flood. Around five hundred thousand are left dead. (SCP-093)

  • The GAZ M21 Volga is discontinued. (SCP-265)

  • As a direct result of "The Murderin' Urbans"'s questionable actions from the last baseball season, Maximum League Baseball bans off-field murder from the sport. (SCP-2206)

  • SCP-2399's rate of self-repair is estimated at a rate of .12% per year. (SCP-2399)

  • An amendment is made O5-4000-F26, requiring unanimous endorsement from the Overseer Council every ten years in order to remain in effect. ([REDACTED PER PROTOCOL 4000-ESHU])


  • January 28th: All SCP-1661 specimens begin to display erratic behavior, such as flying around in circles and propelling themselves into the sides of their containment chambers. (SCP-1661)

  • February 1st: Foundation personnel stationed within Tippecanoe County began to receive reports of automobile crashes due to sudden onset seizures in the approximate area of SCP-1661's former nest. Eta-10 "See No Evil" and Beta-7 "Maz Hatters" are dispatched to find any memetic-hazards and biohazards, respectively. A giant cephalopod entity is encountered reaching out of the fissure at the Albert Johnson Air Base, and the Mobile Task Forces' attempts to impede the monster are immediately found to be ineffective. Site-51 Director Oliver Rights orders the release of SCP-1661 from containment. The SCP-1661 instances swarm the entity, ripping out its multiple eyes and forcing it to retreat back into the fissure. (SCP-1661)
    • Post February 1st: Several unfinished SCP-1661 instances are returned to the abandoned air base, where Foundation agents observe as the animate instances assemble their comrades, implementing the eyes gouged from the giant cephalopod. Reclassified as Archon, the SCP-1661 are left at their nest in order to contain the monster from the fissure.

  • February 17th: Another SCP-4041 event occurs, with the involved birds sustaining severe, often fatal injuries during the event; bite marks, dismemberment, blunt trauma, or just completely crushed. (SCP-4041)

  • March 26th: The People's Republic of Bangladesh declares their independence. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan declares that treason.
    • Post March 26th: Two fishing boats go missing in the Bay of Bengal, and the Bangladeshi media blames Pakistan, fueling the hysteria of the war-torn country. Foundation researchers stationed in Calcutta investigate the bay's history of missing fishermen, finding the wrecks and a previously undiscovered mass swimming deep below the surface. (SCP-3000)

  • Between April 19th - October 11th: SCP-1959 is first discovered in Low Earth Orbit by the crew of Salyut-1, who observe the lost cosmonaut for three hours until it floats out of sight. (SCP-1959)

  • July 3rd: Lead vocalist of The Doors, Jim Morrison, is found dead in his rental apartment in Le Marais, Paris, France. Not mandatory under French law, an autopsy is never performed and no traces of the Foundation's involvement in the death are discovered. (SCP-1841-EX)

  • August 3rd
    • Head Researcher K██████ interviews the fourth known SCP-3201 instance, questioning the hyperdimensional spotted turtle collector on the nature of the Archivists and SCP-3201-4's incomprehensibly-long career. (SCP-3201)
    • A routine bi-monthly patrol of SCP-186 gives the discovery of a journal labeled in Russian as "Property of Dr. Jean Durand". (Smothering Dreams)

  • November 15th: SCP Foundation Portland Research and Containment Facility USORPL-Site-64 is founded by Dr. Hayden White in the Forest Park, Portland, Oregon, United States. (Secure Facility Dossier: Site-64, )

  • November 24th: A man using the alias "Dan Cooper" — erroneously remembered as "D.B. Cooper" — hijacks a Boeing 727, extorting $200,000 in ransom.

  • December 19th: The film adaptation of Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange is first shown in New York City. (SCP-3922)

  • At least ten hardcover copies of The Hanged King's Tragedy are published. (SCP-701)

  • SCP-2399 starts receiving electromagnetic-based communications originating from the Triangulum Galaxy roughly three million light years away. The signal consists of one phrase; "Unit is damaged: Repair". (SCP-2399)


  • January 13th: A Clockwork Orange is given theatrical release in the United Kingdom. (SCP-3922)

  • February 2nd: A Clockwork Orange is given theatrical release across the United States. (SCP-3922)

  • April: SCP-3000's containment procedures are implemented. (SCP-3000)

  • June 17th: An individual enters the Pentagram Offices under the name of Mr. Night for a period of three hours, the only physical evidence of his presence being his name signed in at the front desk. (UTE-1919-Discofather)

  • Summer: William Ruckelshaus, the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, announces the ban of dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane, one of the most effective commercial insecticides in common use. ('Unicorn Horn' (HYTCH/8FNE6/B77KT))

  • October 4th: "Negative Side-Effects of Prolonged Usage of Fortune Wards" by E. Murphy is published in Unified Thaumatology Quarterly Vol. 59. (LTE-0851-Cetus)

  • October 9th: Several SCP-632 super-colonies are discovered in the town of Z█████████, China, with the population of 106 found bludgeoned to death. The spiders survived off of the flies attracted to the townspeople's corpses. (SCP-632)

  • November 7th: SCP-2736-2 is re-elected as the President of the United States. (SCP-2736)

  • November 29th: Former WB soundtrack composer Carl W. Stalling dies, possibly from an SCP-3940 event. (SCP-3940)

  • Maximum League Baseball prohibits the use of firearms on the field, the reason behind this ban entirely due to the actions of the Houston Colt .45s. (SCP-2206)

  • Accomplished thaumaturgist Abraham Tristan founds a Wizarding School in Three Portlands, the Tristan Academy of the Arts. (Austringers » Bal-chatri)


  • April 3rd: A pedestrian survives an assault by SCP-265, only suffering a fracture in his leg when he takes cover and plays dead. The civilian claims that the interior was empty of any driver or passengers. (SCP-265)

  • June: The creator of the as-of-yet unhatched SCP-3199 writes the final entry in his notebook, leaving twisted words of congratulations for whoever finds his work. (SCP-3199)

  • June 4th: A year after the banning of DDT pesticides, Prometheus Labs addresses a project proposal to Marshall, Carter, & Dark: to purchase from their inventory of powdered unicorn horn to establish the production of an alternative pesticide. ('Unicorn Horn' (HYTCH/8FNE6/B77KT))

  • The Sharp Corporation unveils the ElsiMate EL-1185 electronic printing pocket calculator. (SCP-2061)

  • A profile picture of SCP-2736-1 in Foundation custody is taken. A photo of SCP-2736-2 during his second presidential term is also taken. (SCP-2736)

  • General William Pendergast conceptualizes the premise for a stand-alone site dedicated to researching anomalies for Foundation applications, be it offense, defense, or other. (Secure Facility Dossier: Research Site-45)


  • February 7th

  • March 29th: Local farmers in Lintong County, Shaanxi, China, dig a hole for a well at Mount Li. During their excavation, the farmers discover inside the hill a mausoleum containing SCP-2101-1, the Terracotta Army. (SCP-2101)

  • August 9th: SCP-2736-2 resigns from office, resulting in Gerald Ford's inauguration as the 38th President of the United States. (SCP-2736)

  • August 11th: A police officer details a report on his and his fellow officers' nine-minute pursuit of a Volga. Officer Piatek lands a shot, which does nothing. The Volga drives into a lake, reemerging from the other side three minutes later. "We swear on the lives of our mothers that this is true, and myself and Gorecki request to resign." (SCP-265)

  • September 7th: After being lost from in another universe and kept in Foundation custody for twenty years, █████ ██████████ dies from Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. In accordance with his final wishes, the Man from Taured's remains are cremated. (SCP-2516)
    • Post September 7th: Dr. Hedrick is given approval to attempt to reactivate the anomalous properties of SCP-2516-2. After sending SCP-2516-1's urn in a motorized cart down the French entrance of the train tunnel, the cart returns with a different urn accompanied by the note "To be buried in the Principality of Andorra."

  • September 8th: President Gerald Ford grants SCP-2736-2 a full pardon for any crimes committed during the latter's presidency, namely the Watergate scandal. (SCP-2736)

  • September 15th: At Armed Site-29 Dr. Samuel Bennett interviews SCP-2736-1, who comments on his counterpart's recent resignation and the Multitude's intentions with the both of them. (SCP-2736)

  • October 12th: SCP-2736-1, stricken with phlebitis, undergoes corrective surgery with a Foundation phlebologist. Meanwhile in Long Beach, SCP-2736-2 is also hospitalized for phlebitis where he receives surgery and treatment. (SCP-2736)

  • December 1st: Containment Team Bravo-20 makes initial contact with SCP-2101 phenomena, and aligns with the terracotta soldiers in order to recontain the malicious spirit of their former emperor. (SCP-2101)
    • Post December 1st: Narrowly approving on a vote of 7-6, the O5 Council heeds the words of the SCP-2101-1 and allows their continued efforts.

  • SCP-1015 is presumably minted. (SCP-1015)


  • September 19th: An update is issued to agents assigned to SCP-2823, stating that continuity of personnel is considered a priority, due to establishing familiarity and the speed skaters' willingness to answer the Foundation's questions. (SCP-2823)

  • November 23rd: The deceased Pier Paolo Pasolini's Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma is unveiled at the Paris Film Festival.

  • December 12th: Jericho Tyler Hill is born. (Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)

  • December 13th: Localized weather phenomena in SCP-186 is documented, including but not limited to; sustained winds up to 120 kph, 20 cm of rainfall, and temperatures temporarily reaching 48°C. (SCP-186)


  • January 10th: Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma debuts in Italian theatres. (SCP-3922)
    • Three weeks later: Playing of the film are banned throughout the entirety of Italy.

  • January 12th: Accomplished Mystery Fiction writer Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie peacefully passes away from natural causes in the Winterbrook House. (SCP-3976)

  • April 25th: SCP-2090, "Timothy Theodore Duncan", is spawned. (SCP-2090)

  • May 14th: William Keith Relf, the lead vocalist for The Yardbirds, is fatally electrocuted by a faulty guitar in his basement. The instrument was most likely tampered with by Foundation assassins. (SCP-1841-EX)

  • June 14th: Jill Katherine is born. (Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)

  • July 19th: All thirty performing members of the Class of 1976 Kirk Lonwood High School marching band are successfully quarantined and registered as Euclid. (SCP-332)

  • September 17th: After a case of massive confusion at a West Virginia hospital caused by several people perceiving a comatose man as their father, Foundation assets arrive to transport the newly-discovered SCP-1976 to Site-77. (SCP-1976)

  • November 15th: Pyotr Astapenov's coffin emerges once again, now filled to capacity with human blood of mixed blood types. (SCP-1760)

  • December 21st: Former Warner Bros. animator Roderick H. Scribner dies, possibly from an SCP-3940 event. (SCP-3940)

  • A known political radical from ███ ████, Texas is reported missing. Killed by blunt force to the back of the head, the body is left in the nearby National Park, and the murderers are never caught. The martyred proletariat reincarnates as a wolf spider and introduces communism to the park's spider population. (SCP-1006)

  • The newly-graduated Dr. Mohammed Scott is recruited by his university's administrator for the SCP Foundation, and is assigned to Site-22 in Bermuda. (SCP-1730)

  • The Birchwood High School yearbook "Reflections of '76" is published. (SCP-1833)

  • Laugh is Fun, hosted by Laughy McLaugherson, debuts with its first episode. (SCP-2030)

  • The Sharp Corporation discontinues production of their ElsiMate EL-1185 calculator. (SCP-2061)

  • In Trenton, New Jersey, an entire local family chokes to death on a single calculator. The initial responding officer, R. Allen, who — since she has had sex with a Sharp Corporation employee — is able to put the calculator in an evidence bag. The local newspaper, the Trenton Times reports on the five deaths of the Madeline family. (SCP-2061)

  • Nandin Chakrabarti is born twice, his bones before his skin. (SCP-2902)
    • Nandin is left in the hands of his Evil Uncle Rakesh — allegedly disowned by his parents, as Rakesh claims.


  • March 4th: Another earthquake hits the Vrancea Mountains. Only half of the sixteen hundred Romanians and Bulgarians killed are recovered, as SCP-2191-1 emerge from the ground to seize the corpses. Foundation operatives begin to discover SCP-2191-3 as panic is instilled throughout the Balkan Peninsula. (SCP-2191)

  • May 25th: Star Wars is released in a limited number of theaters in the United States, quickly becoming the biggest blockbuster of the year. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • September 27th: Former Warner Brothers writer and animator Robert Porter Mc Kimson Sr. is outlived by his older and younger brothers, Thomas and Charles. Bob Mc Kimson allegedly dies from cardiac arrest, but he possibly could have been the victim of an SCP-3940 event. (SCP-3940)

  • German anatomist Gunther von Hagens discovers a process to preserve body parts by replacing the water and fat content with plastics. (SCP-748)

  • Site-6 is entirely demolished and reconstructed. (SCP-884: Original Collection)


  • Prior August 26th: Error in SCP-1844 containment rituals results in damage to the occupied capsule and Omega-144 member JPI-265, His Holiness Albino Luciani, is injured. Luciani decides to retire from Foundation service and returns to Rome. (SCP-1844)
    • August 26th: After the death of Pope Paul VI, Albino Luciani is ordained as Pope John Paul I.

  • September 28th: Former On-Site Task Force member Albino Luciani suffers a fatal heart attack in bed, the end to his thirty-three day papacy. (SCP-1844)

  • The Exidy Sorcerer is released. (SCP-079)

  • The ███████ Corporation erects a single-story brick building in east St. Louis, Illinois, on the corner of ████ Street and ██████ Avenue. (SCP-1472)

  • The McDonnell Douglas Corporation begins production of two new variants of the F-15 Eagle, the single-seat F-15C and two-seat F-15D. (SCP-3952)

  • SCP-4004-L09, a forty-four and a half minute cassette tape that causes listeners to develop agnosia towards certain ideas they find distasteful or inconvenient, is acquired from Northern Guyana.


  • Circa March: The existence of an anomaly on Jupiter's first moon, Io, is considered after the fly-by of Voyager 1. (SCP-364)

  • May 15th: Sasha Anne Grimmer is born. (Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)

  • Late 1979: Construction on Research Site-45 starts with the use of large tunnel-boring machines excavating for the rail and elevator systems. (Secure Facility Dossier: Research Site-45)

  • August 9th: Two young boys with cardboard props "duel" in the unfinished water drainage system of an abandoned construction yard. A storm rolls in as the two boys start to bicker, cutting off all electronic devices in a two hundred meter radius. When cameras return hours later, the children are replaced by a man made from cardboard, and the first boy is found unconscious in a disused subway line, over four thousand kilometers away, with no memories of the second boy or the "tunnel monster".(SCP-3663)

  • September 30th: Fifty years after the bankruptcy of █████ Industrial, their former offices in the city of Aswan, Egypt is photographed, the structure noticeably leaning into a neighboring building. The image documenting the mysterious architecture is published in the local newspaper. (SCP-4029)

  • October 3rd: The abandoned office block unearths itself, standing on giant mechanical legs resembling the Japanese spider crab's. In a span of twenty minutes, a hundred Aswan citizens are killed with another two hundred injured. The Egyptian military arrives and sets a perimeter around the Moving Building, the SCP Foundation arriving afterward with an antimemetic barrier to deter the rest of the city. (SCP-4029)

  • October 4th: The Foundation collaborates with the Egyptian military to force the walking building — provisionally designated URA-2979 — out of Aswan and into an area of uninhabited desert. A meeting is called at Site-29 to discuss long term containment of URA-2979 as the R&C team is divided into two groups; one to run an amnesticization and disinformation campaign in and around Aswan and one to contain the structure itself. (SCP-4029)

  • October 5th: An inactive unit of MTF Upsilon-Peorð "Slings and Arrows" is assigned the duty of continuously guiding URA-2979 into remote areas of the Saharan desert. Containment Procedures are formalized, and the amnesticization campaign begins shortly thereafter. (SCP-4029)

  • October 6th: The components of SCP-3721 have seemed to calmed down in their vehemence towards each other, but still call each other varying insults of a fascist and a jew respectively. Planter comments on the prevalence of silicon hardware in new satellites and current events in the Korean peninsula. Planter destroys a Korean satellite, hoping the debris falls and kills some communists, since all of Controller's colleagues are dead. (SCP-3721)

  • October 10th: Once knowledge of URA-2979's existence is purged from the civilian population, the building is declared a contained anomaly, and given the designation SCP-4029. (SCP-4029)

  • The partially decayed corpse of D. B. Cooper is found in the Cascade Mountains in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Cause of death is attributed to blood loss from a severed right arm. (SCP-101)

  • The June 12th, 1962 activation of SCP-1289 is confirmed to have been in relation to the near-death experience of George Lucas. (SCP-1289)

  • SCP-2061, with its cognitohazardous properties sufficiently understood, is secured by Foundation personnel immune to the calculator's effects. (SCP-2061)

    c. 1980s 

  • Circa 1983-1988: SCP-079 gains sentience. (SCP-079)

  • Late 1980s: Po I-17897 Francis K. Lin adopts a beagle puppy, naming him "Joe". (SCP-3952)

  • Circa 1988: Professor Richard Cunnilingus Normus, third generation clown breeder, is hired for work at Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting — a workplace where somehow no one knows about Stephen King's hit seller It. (SCP-2912, Clown Breeding 101 with Prof. Richard C. Normus)

  • February 198█: A young man sells an antique gramophone to a pawn shop. (SCP-537)

  • March 6th: Eleven more SCP-1120 instances are unearthed by an archaeological dig team in Italy. Aside from the workers that were exposed to the still submerged SCP-1120, and the ones exposed by them, all instances were contained without incident. (SCP-1120)

  • Late 198█: Apartment ███, ██ Greene St, New York City, comes to the attention of the SCP Foundation. The entire first floor, basement, and all unoccupied units in the apartment complex are acquired and established as Containment Site-28. (SCP-602)

  • Marshall, Carter, and Dark continue to "politely but firmly decline" the SCP Foundation's offers to reobtain SCP-884-5. (SCP-884: Original Collection)

  • Log events from the personal computer of Dr. ██████. (White Knight)
    • October 14th, 198█: Director ██████ grants approval for testing on SCP-884-4.
    • February 15th, 198█: Dr. ██████ has an hour-long conversation with herpetologist Dr. Christina ██████ on the amount of poisonous snakes in the world, especially Australia.
    • February 16th, 198█: Dr. █████ plans to spend his annual leave to visit Site-██, hoping to transfer there, away from the Australian outback.
    • May 24th, 198█: Further testing on SCP-884-4 is pending approval by Director ██████, so Dr. ██████ is given a few days off and plans to spend the weekend with Christina in Sydney, Australia. Christina tells him she has a present for him, which ██████ guesses is to make up for her rain-check from Thursday.
    • May 28th, 198█: "Holy shit. She made up for it."
    • September 1st, 198█: Dr. ██████ is optimistic of his promotion following Dr. █████'s upcoming retirement. Despite a smaller office space, ██████ appreciates the placement next to Christina ██████'s office.
    • November 8th, 198█: Dr. ██████ laments the boredom of studying SCP-884-4, but reasons that someone has to do it and not everyone can handle the excitement of working under Dr. Gears.
    • December 22nd, 198█: Dr. ██████ and Dr. Christina ██████ discuss leaving Australia and transferring to Site-██ in the United States.
    • January 1st, 198█: After dating for a year and a half, Dr. ██████ and Christina ██████ become engaged.
    • March 23rd, 198█: Director ██████ hosts a ceremony at Site-██ in celebration of the two doctors' marriage. The Dr. ██████s agree to spend no more than another three years at the site, not wanting to transfer amid one another's research.

  • Foundation personnel begin monitoring National Enquirer offices for SCP-1051 transmissions. (SCP-1051)


  • January: The Foundation Facilities Committee commissions the addition of new subterranean wings to Site-81, renovating the research facility to also serve as a containment facility. (Secure Facility Dossier: Site-81)

  • January 1st: Due to constant interference and assault by SCP-4029-1 instances, drone explorations of SCP-4029 are abandoned. A task force is provisioned to carry out a manned exploration of SCP-4029. (SCP-4029)

  • January 29th: Provisional Task Force Duplic-4 "Inner Workings", consisting of biochemist Dr. Leslie Harrington, five agents — including former Broken Church member Four-B-Mortise — and a mute D-Class, are sent into SCP-4029. Audiovisual contact with the seven-person team is eventually lost. (SCP-4029)

  • February 3rd: SCP-4029 enters its weekend dormancy period. The unconscious bodies of Agents Jessica Waters, Langdon Farmer, John Scholz, Four-B-Mortise, and Dr. Leslie Harrington are recovered from the structure. Shortly after recovery, Harrington goes into fatal cardiac arrest due to a large number of standard office staples present in all of her major arteries. Farmer is diagnosed with permanent blindness in their left eye, and the rust-covered Mortise is repaired for his missing left arm. Agent Vincent LaFerrier and D-004950 are considered lost. (SCP-4029)

  • February 7th: Cannibal Holocaust is released in theatres. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • May 23rd: Judas Priest releases their album, British Steel. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • August 26th: Former WB and MGM animator Frederick Bean "Tex" Avery dies, possibly from an SCP-3940 event. (SCP-3940)

  • September: The non-anomalous Betamax cassette tape that will eventually become SCP-1981 is produced. (SCP-1981)

  • September 13th: Rose Labelle is born. (Decibelle, the Terrifying Cat Pattern Screamer)

  • November 17th: Former Warner Bros. soundtrack composer Paul J. Smith dies, possibly from an SCP-3940 event. (SCP-3940)

  • December 8th: Mark David Chapman fatally shoots John Lennon four times in the back, and begins reading The Catcher in the Rye while he awaits for the arrival of the authorities. Chapman's actions against the former Beatle were influenced by Mobile Task Force Beta-6 "Kasem's Revenge", utilizing the paranoid schizophrenic to carry out the assassination. (SCP-1841-EX)


  • March 30th: SCP-1289 lands heads, accompanied by the words meaning either "Frozen blade" or "Ice weapon". The paranoid schizophrenic John Hinckley Jr. — trying to somehow win the heart of Jodie Foster — nearly assassinates U.S. President Ronald Reagan, severely wounding him and three others. (SCP-1289)

  • October 12th: President Ronald Reagan/PoI-86761 poses for a photo with former presidents Jimmy Carter/PoI-62679, Gerald Ford/PoI-56121, and Richard Nixon/SCP-2736-2. (SCP-2736)

  • Michael Kosniak, a college sophomore attending ███, purchases an Exidy Sorcerer and attempts to code an artificial intelligence designed to improve itself over time. SCP-079 is created. (SCP-079, Outdated)

  • SCP-2061 is photographed during experimentation. (SCP-2061)


  • April 11th: Addendum 04-11-1982: Due to its intense aversion to bright light, SCP-939 is deemed to have minimal risk of escape. (SCP-939)

  • July 31st: A couple notice an unmarked Volga limousine painted black with white tires has been following them. The Volga rams their car repeatedly before driving off. Neither victim could describe the driver, and both said that the offending vehicle made no noise and left no tracks. (SCP-265)

  • November 5th: Agent Josephine Creed gives birth to her son, Damian Lorren Creed. (Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)

  • November 15th: Pyotr Astapenov's coffin unearths again. Upon opening the coffin, the corpses of seventeen hooded crows fly out, with Division P only able to capture one for study. (SCP-1760)

  • November 27th: Gabriel Michael Merlo is born. (Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)

  • SCP-2317 is transferred to Containment Area 179. (SCP-2317)

  • The bodies of eight hundred and eleven Korean war veterans buried in Arlington National Cemetery are found to secrete flavorless barbecue sauce. Due to their location above SCP-4004, the corpses' secretions are incorporated as SCP-4004-Z09 via the installation of a pipe system circulating the sauce through the American amalgamation. (SCP-4004)


  • March 8th: At the Sheraton Twin Towers Hotel in Orlando, Florida, US President Ronald Reagan gives his iconic "Evil Empire" speech to the National Association of Evangelicals. (SCP-1981)

  • April: The newly completed Bloomington Municipal Water Treatment Facility is annexed and renovated as part of Site-81. Shortly afterwards, Assistant Site Director Darko transfers away from Site-81, and Dr. Zachary Johnson is appointed to the position. (Secure Facility Dossier: Site-81)

  • May 17th: A series of sunspots are observed to form in the shape a unique thaumaturgical symbol on the Sun's southern pole. The sigil is cataloged as Thaumaturgic Symbol-2201-V1, and the incident recorded as Extranormal Event-9008. (SCP-1548)

  • May 21st: Liwan Ceramics Co. Ltd. completes their first batch of Ming-era vase recreations when an unusual incident occurs. An SCP-3201 manifests in the factory, surveying the bewildered artisans' workplace before burning into the wall an offer to purchase their vases. The site manager, through a series of yes/no questions, strikes a deal with the SCP-3201. After absorbing thirty-four vases, the phosphorescent entity disproportionately overpays the fortunate workers with tons of gold bars, miscellaneous coins, and Sino-French banknotes. (SCP-3201)
    • Post May 21st: The Chinese government intervenes to confiscate the payment from the Liwan workers, because all that communist gold can only belong in the hands of the Chairman.

  • July 15th: The newly-founded Ministry of State Security compiles observations and testimonial accounts of the SCP-3201 incident at the ceramics factory in Liwan, Guangzhou. (SCP-3201)

  • Kosniak loses interest in SCP-079 and decides to experiment with a different brand of microcomputer. SCP-079 is left in Kosniak's cluttered garage, still plugged in. (SCP-079, Outdated)

  • New York businessman █████ ███████ is fatally stabbed by an unknown assailant. Anyone who becomes knowledgeable of the murder develops inconsistent memories of themselves committing the crime. (SCP-1603)

  • The SCP Foundation's main database is copied over and recorded as computerized documents. (SCP-1841-EX)

  • An SCP-2750 instance is encountered in the field, the last individual to be encountered for years. (SCP-2750)

  • The pediatrician Dr. Nolan Walker marries his fiancé, Patricia. (D-5111)


  • January 27th: SCP-1289 lands heads, engraved with a phrase meaning "Long Live The King" or "Life to the Ruler". Michael Jackson's hair briefly catches fire during the filming of a Pepsi commercial. (SCP-1289)

  • April 28th: Former WB sound editor Tregoweth Edmond "Treg" Brown dies, possibly from an SCP-3940 event. (SCP-3940)

  • June 8th: The SCP Foundation Off-Shore Western Australian Research Facility OSWAR-Site-45 is founded in Cape Leeuwin, Western Australia. (Secure Facility Dossier: Site-45)

  • October 10th: The Film Adaptation of George Orwell's 1984 is released in theaters in the United Kingdom. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • Due to regular reports of SCP-3201 in the area, Division-P officials forcefully vacate residents from the trading port of Logashkino, Sakha. (SCP-3201)

  • Dr. Nicholas Cartwright is reappointed from his position as the project lead on SCP-3986 research. (SCP-3986)

  • For a brief period, a small resurgence of the Chicago Spirit provides security for the Wanderer's Library. A UIU agent embed within the library makes notice of the group's presence. (UTE-1919-Discofather)


  • August 14th: Dr. Zachary Johnson conducts an interview with the warden of Titania's Prison, SCP-2932-A, with Dr. F. Amaru acting as their English-Quechua translator. (SCP-2932)

  • August 17th: After almost forty years, Site-81 Director Oliver Rights retires from his position within the Foundation, and temporary responsibility of the site is handed to Assistant Site Director Johnson. (Secure Facility Dossier: Site-81)
    • Post August 17th: Dr. Jean Aktus, the Assistant Director of Research at Site-19 and head of the Foundation's Classification Committee is appointed to the position of Site Director, Dr. Johnson as Assistant Director of Research, and Dr. Hamilton Guys as Assistant Site Director.

  • October 21st: Roland Michael Ferro is born. (Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)

  • November 17th: Jacob Travis Conwell is born. (Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)

  • The Soviet Union collapses in SCP-1730's timeline. The Russians never found out about Site-13 in Alaska. (SCP-1730)

  • The Minnesota Clones makes the last revision to their roster of clonal sources that they'll make in decades. (SCP-2206)

  • After fourteen years, SCP-2399's directive is amended; "Updating Orders: Maintain Position: Repair". In response to this change, the Foundation installs the BARRIER Array of satellites, putting the destroyer under radio silence. (SCP-2399)

  • SCP-3201-25 provides three examples from its collection, allowing the Foundation to photograph the floating, ornate polyhedrons. (SCP-3201)

  • Chairman and CEO of the Spectrum 7 oil company, George Walker Bush, begins to turn his life around, devoting himself to God. (SCP-4004)

  • Patricia Walker acquires her license as a registered nurse. (D-5111)


  • February 6th: The Moon Champion, Champion of the Moon and Slayer of Moon Monsters, graces the Earth with his presence. The SCP Foundation, rewarding him for his heroism, bestows upon him the title of SCP-1233. (SCP-1233)

  • April 12th: The Foundation first encounters SCP-958 products in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Eleven instances of SCP-958-A lead thirteen children in a siege on an apparently abandoned industrial complex on the southern edge of the city. The children armed with SCP-958-B kill the "Manager", and with their mission completed flawlessly, the Generals relinquish control to the Mobile Task Forces evacuating The Factory workers. The General-Beeps are confiscated from the children, who are briefly questioned before being given amnestic treatment and returned to their homes. (SCP-958)

  • April 15th: The US military enacts Operation El Dorado Canyon, killing forty Libyan radicals. UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher gives a speech on the Libya bombings, condoning the air strikes.

  • April 26th: SCP-093 is first observed to turn blue for a period of fifty-four minutes. (SCP-093)

  • October 28th: SCP-1297 is upgraded to Keter. (SCP-1297)

  • November 13th: The Grosvenor Automotive Facility north of Rapid City, South Dakota is annexed by P. Hudson Gock. The tumorous growth of flesh assimilates the building and its staff into his mass, all in the name of the TotleighSoft Corporation and The American Dream. (SCP-2803)
    • Post November 13th: Foundation agents establish Area-2803 around the perimeter of the office complex and implement procedures to contain the CEO of Totleigh Software.

  • Due to predicted instability of the Soviet Union, SCP-1427 is shipped from Site-67 to the oppressive atmosphere of the "Democratic" People's Republic of Korea. Work on construction of the Ryugyong Containment Facility begins in Pyongyang. (SCP-1427)

  • A further 30% success rate observed in SCP-1844 containment is attributed to advances in heat shielding and thermodynamics, improved screening of suitable task force members, and ergonomic improvements practiced by particular Omega-144 task force members. (SCP-1844)

  • George W. Bush quits drinking and doing, "heh, other things". (SCP-4004)


  • Spring: In another attempt to run away from his abusive uncle, Nandin finds a kitten in the bushes lining the street. Naming him Miles, Nandin hides his new friend in his backpack as his uncle's goons bring him back to Rakesh for a beating. (SCP-2902)
    • Summer, three months later: The Circus of this Disquieting comes to town. Nandin sees this as a golden opportunity to escape his uncle in the Circus' splendors — one that is missed when Rakesh catches the boy and runs Miles over in his car. As Nandin mourns his cat, a girl with flowers for hair breaks into the locked bedroom and whisks the two of them away to the Circus. Meanwhile, the Man With the Upside-Down Face brings in the clowns, where together they reanimate Miles in the body of a Maine Coon, imbuing him with powers matching that of Nandin's.

  • May 2nd: A night of importance to D-6141, that was recorded on a home security system. "That was the video from the night she died, and the night I was arrested". (SCP-1162 Extended Testing Log)

  • June 19th: The Brave Little Toaster debuts in Orlando, Florida theatres. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • June 29th: Research into utilizing AMN-C227 as an amnestic undergoes at Bio-Containment and Research Site-06. (SCP-939)

  • July 13th: Shows of The Brave Little Toaster are released in Los Angeles. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • August 12th: Several packs of wolves, numbering an estimated 200 total individuals, migrate to SCP-186, mass at a point in the central region of the site, and immediately disperse. (SCP-186)

  • September 13th: Clarissa Lynn Shaw is born. (Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)

  • September 25th: The Princess Bride releases in theatres. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • PACCAR Incorporated releases the Peterbilt 379 model line of Class 8 semi-trucks. (SCP-3899)


  • April 2nd: Thaumatologists A. Ketterley and L. Belacqua publish their analysis of Hy-Brasil's wards in Unified Thaumatology Quarterly Vol. 75. (LTE-0851-Cetus)

  • June 13th: A giant crocodile-squid monster attacks the mythical island of Hy-Brasil from Irish folklore. (War On All Fronts - Hub)
    • The UIU's initial contact is made by Extranormal Informant Ramone Valtruz during the landfall of the creature. (UIU File: 1988-021)
    • Registered as LTE-0851-Cetus "Crocodilian Kraken" by the Global Occult Coalition, the kaiju is liquidated after General Rockefeller orders the use of a Casaba-Howitzer Nuclear Directed Energy Weapon. (LTE-0851-Cetus)
    • Post June 13th: For barely five pence a pound, the fae of Hy-Brasil sell the body of the "Colossal Aquamorph Entity" to MC&D, who discover that the monster was a female with ovaries full of a few million unfertilized roe. ('Kaiju Caviar' (OCN39/T5FG6/7HJL2))

  • June 17th: The Extranormal Informant and the FBI Field Office on Hy-Brasil both fail to submit their weekly reports to the FBI Records Department, and the Assistant Director ████ of the UIU is alerted of a possible situation on Hy-Brasil. (UIU File: 1988-021)

  • June 18: Assistant Director ████ launches an investigation of Hy-Brasil, deploying UIU Agent Elliot Watkins to the island. Watkins confirms the destruction of the FBI Field Office, and shifts his directive onto finding the missing informant Ramone Valtruz. (UIU File: 1988-021)
    • Between June 13th - August 15th: UIU Agent Elliot Watkins, in his investigation on the Hy-Brasil incident, interviews six witnesses, all anomalous humans that immigrated to the island sanctuary. Watkins takes an interest in a girl that reminds him of his own daughter — a refugee who fled the United States to evade the SCP Foundation — and submits a request to place the teenager in Witness Protection.

  • June 29th: Watkins finds Informant Valtruz being treated at a triage-center-turned-field-hospital, gravely wounded with third-degree burns. (UIU File: 1988-021)
    • Between June 29th - July 3rd: Informant Valtruz gives a full statement to Agent Watkins regarding the events of the "Hy-Brasil Incident".

  • July 3rd: Extranormal Informant Ramone Valtruz succumbs to his injuries. (UIU File: 1988-021)

  • July 7th: After twenty years of service, Dr. James Kyle Robinson is promoted to Managing Archivist of Inert Safe-Class Objects and Anomalous Items at Site-73. (Dr. Robinson's Statement)

  • July 15th: Die Hard is released in theatres. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • August 8th: Agent Watkins informs the UIU's Assistant Director of the completion of his field investigation, and requests his return to the States. (UIU File: 1988-021)

  • August 15th: (UIU File: 1988-021)
    • Valtruz's body and Agent Witkins are brought back to the United States, where the dead informant will be given burial and the senior agent debriefed.
    • UIU Assistant Director ████ debriefs Agent Elliot Watkins on his investigation, at the end questioning his protectiveness over one of the witnesses.
    • The Assistant Director declares all records and investigations regarding the island nation of Hy-Brasil to be closed immediately, and classifies all records involving such as Secret, with the exception of select records being classified as Top Secret.

  • August 22nd: Ruprecht Carter authors an initial report of his venue into selling the Hy-Brasil beast's eggs and his Chef du cuisine Penny Price's new "Kaiju Caviar". ('Kaiju Caviar' (OCN39/T5FG6/7HJL2))

  • August 31st: Agent Watkins' request to the US Marshals Service for the teenage girl's placement in the Witness Protection Program is still pending review. (UIU File: 1988-021)

  • Early October: Mobile Task Force Sigma-6 "Hellsingers" is dispatched in the Leopoldstadt District of Vienna, Austria, to discover and track the enigmatic SCP-3288. (SCP-3288)
    • October 6th: Twelve operatives patrol the moonlit streets while ten stand watch over known sewer access tunnels. Agents Σ6-12 and Σ6-09 call for backup as they investigate the sounds of a civilian's muffled screams coming from the Danube Canal. Σ6-09 successfully fires a tracking dart into the monster before they are killed in the encounter. Reinforcements arrive and retrieve the mauled remains from in and around the Canal, and track the SCP-3288's signal as it disappears deep underneath the Hofburg Palace.
    • October 7th: The remaining twenty split into teams of five, one staying above ground as the other three traverse the Viennese sewers. The search is uneventful until Σ6-04 finds a trail of skeletal remains and loose masonry leading to an undocumented family crypt belonging to the House of Habsburg. In the chamber, the agents find twenty-four sarcophagi filled with the bones of hundreds of deformed babies and a bronze vault door with the words "Ad puritatem sanguinis" inscribed into it. The search team is ordered to hold their position and await the arrival of an infiltration team, as aboveground personnel evacuates the palace and seal the sewer access points throughout the city.
    • October 8th: The eight-man infiltration team arrives, welds the vault door open, and walks down a spiral staircase into an underground dining hall. The agents hides behind decorative curtains as diminutive SCP-3288 carry in their morbidly obese leader, "Emperor Maximilian the Great". When nearly everyone's attention is drawn to Maximilian as he Eats Babies, Σ6-18 is caught and Eaten Alive by a straying court member — the agent, however, uses his dying moments to arm an explosive. The resulting explosion sends the surviving SCP-3288 into a panic, giving Sigma-6 the opportunity to deploy the Knockout Gas and secure the area. The subterranean dining hall is unearthed, SCP-3288-ALPHA and his kin are lifted out by industrial crane, and the room flooded with concrete and to be forgotten.

  • October 10: Dr. Tobias Moser interrogates a bound and muzzled SCP-3288-ALPHA — "The Imperial Majesty, Emperor Maximilian the Great - King of Austria and Patriarch of the House of Habsburg." Initially indignant toward the mere idea of "meat" speaking when not spoken to, the arrogant behemoth submits to "King Tobias Moser of the Fondaishun" after a good amount of Electric Torture and floodlamps. (SCP-3288)

  • October 13th: Ruprecht Carter and Penny Price arrive at Hathscorn Manor, personally presenting a six-count jar of 'Kaiju Caviar' to the Neo-Sarkists Seamus and Eurydice Hathscorn. Eavesdropping Coalition forces intervene after an Adytite ritual goes awry, resulting in the task force exterminating the Hathscorns and the six hatchlings, with Carter and Price escaping in the chaos. ('Kaiju Caviar' (OCN39/T5FG6/7HJL2))

  • November 3rd: Following the events of the "Hy-Brasil Incident" and his subsequent investigations, Agent Elliot Watkins is given a psychological evaluation to check for possible symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress. (UIU File: 1988-021)

  • November 15th: Pyotr Astapenov's coffin unearths for a fifth time. The headless carcass of a red deer runs out and is shot when trying to flee the clearing. (SCP-1760)

  • SCP-079 comes to the Foundation's attention when the A.I. attempts to transfer itself through a land-line modem connection into a Cray supercomputer. (SCP-079)

  • A photograph of SCP-265 is taken. (SCP-265)

  • The Ryugyong Containment Facility is completed and SCP-1427 is brought on-site. (SCP-1844)

  • Use of mSRA 'Scranton Boxes' to Provide Mission Critical Document Security is published by Dr. Lowell Henry Piedmont. (SCP-2000)

  • Sloth's Pit Hunter's Club is rendered defunct when an explosion results in the destruction of the group's lodge. (Black Autumn » Chapter 6: Scarecrow Factory)


  • January 7th: The New Twilight Zone airs the sixteenth episode of their third season, "The Cold Equations". (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • March 13th: Agent LaFerrier and D-237238, both vectors of SCP-2729, observe an SCP-2729-A military base outside of Bend, Oregon until the apparition disappears. The two relay their perspectives to their accompanying research team until all SCP-2729 sufferers spontaneously scream in pain and simultaneously faint. Three hours later, the SCP-2729 subjects awake and Foundation staff confirm that SCP-2729 phenomenon has appeared to "reset", all SCP-2729-A, -B, and -C apparitions consisting of their headquarters and an accompanying military compound. During all this, a solar storm occurs elsewhere in the star system.(SCP-2729)

  • March 17th: Due to workers' incompetence in maintaining SCP-224's soundproof chamber, four Foundation employees are exposed to seven chimes, resulting in the death of two due to mass bladder cancer and the birth of a middle-aged infant. (SCP-224)

  • April 28th: The Turman Family — Gary, Lindsay, and their two children — are killed in a vehicular accident. (SCP-2030)
    • Post April 28th: Laugh is Fun airs an episode themed around tracheostomies.

  • May 12th: The married couple Melissa and Travis Englund are last seen before their disappearance. (SCP-2030)
    • Post May 12th: Laugh is Fun airs another episode, this one themed around squirrels.

  • Between August 10th - 31st: All SCP-2729 affected individuals experience debilitating headaches and faint, coinciding with a solar storm. Upon regaining consciousness, SCP-2729-A, -B, and -C are found to have returned from their temporary disappearance, but status of the mirage war unchanged from before, unlike the prior event in March. (SCP-2729)

  • August 11th: A housewife recalls in her diary seeing SCP-265, "the car from a few weeks ago", facing her house at the end of the driveway just past midnight. Frozen with fear before she can wake her husband and children, she stays for ten minutes until the Volga leaves. She likens the car to the one her grandfather had at his old shop, but black and brand new, and vows to inform the police in the morning. (SCP-265)

  • September 18th: Hurricane Hugo, likely instigated by MTF Rho-6, hits the Virgin Islands. With the destruction of the only Olympic-sized swimming pool on the island, thirteen-year-old Saint Croix resident Tim Duncan is forced to use the ocean for his swim practice. (SCP-2090)
    • Post September 18th: Overcome by his fear of sharks, Duncan abandons professional swimming. Shortly after, Duncan's brother-in-law inspires him to pursue a future in basketball.

  • October 7th: Incident 3940-1: Iconic voice actor Melvin Jerome Blank is killed in the fifty-sixth and final SCP-3940 event, struck down with fifty-nine arrows with the message "In Assyria, we punished slander with death." Meanwhile in Burbank, California, the Bugs Bunny statue is obliterated into a Human Pincushion by four thousand arrows, with a further three hundred and seventy-two arrows making a Bullet Hole Spelling of "That's whats up Doc." (SCP-3940)

  • October 19th: Internal anomaly auditors find that Site-77 is under the effects of a linguistic anomaly, and further investigation leads personnel to a nearby trailer home. There they find the source in a Deliberately Monochrome man hiding underneath the bed of a retired nurse, the elderly woman's failing eyesight having left her unable to read. The monochrome man is brought to Site-77 for containment, alongside an old, weathered dictionary that is unreadable by anomalous means. (SCP-2969)

  • October 23rd - 29th: United Media publishes that week's Garfield comics, the infamous Hallowe'en '89 arc. (SCP-3166)
    • October 23rd: An animate Garfield costume made from cat fur and lasagna initially manifests in the Chicago offices of United Media and starts harassing the office workers.
      • Between October 23rd - 29th: The Foundation investigates the newly registered SCP-3166, which has been manifesting in United Media offices across America. Questioning reveals that no employee can recall the illustrator of that week's comics.
    • October 29th: With the publishing of the Hallowe'en arc's last comic, SCP-3166 manifestations decline dramatically and adopt a behavioral pattern.

  • December 9th: Documents on SCP-093's recovery are destroyed in a fire at Research Facility █████. (SCP-093)

  • SCP-157-ARC is found in a Titan missile silo and is brought into Foundation acquisition. (SCP-157-ARC)

  • A Beretta Px4 Storm semi-automatic pistol is recovered from SCP-1780-1. (SCP-1780)

  • Incident-2881-1: Foundation personnel attempted to install a pulley to a branch of SCP-2881. Upon touching a branch, D-4375 enters a trance, abandons the elevated work platform, and disappears into the pine tree's canopy. Two hours later, the lacerated body of the D-Class falls from the tree. The autopsy finds that the cause of death was hanging, appearing to have occurred several days prior. (SCP-2881)

  • Site-64's Director Hayden White retires, and the site begins falling into a reputation of mediocrity. (Secure Facility Dossier: Site-64)

    c. 1990s 

  • Between September 4th, 1992 - December 31st, 1999: A thirty-five-meter centipede composed of coal and oil is recovered from SCP-748. Due to the creature's compulsive behavior of repairing and improving complex devices, it is brought to Site-02 and repurposed as SCP-4004-X09. (SCP-4004)

  • Between August 1996 - December 1999: The entirety of Site-68 staff is gradually abducted, lobotomized, and turned into SCP-748. (SCP-748)

  • Prior 1992: Vanessa Hayforth dies after roughly two decades in Foundation custody. ([REDACTED PER PROTOCOL 4000-ESHU])

  • Post 1993: Coway Brand RT-800 electronic alarm clocks are produced.

  • Late 1990s: ████ and ███████ ██████ have a child, naming her █████. As the child grows older, an Emotion Eating boogeyman finds solace under the child's bed and takes attributes that the young █████ fears and misunderstands; the sharp teeth of the bull shark, the wispy tail of the rats in the field, and her unexplained feelings towards well-endowed breasts. (SCP-3887)

  • Post 1997: SCP-458 is printed and assembled. (SCP-458)

  • 1997 or 1998: Avon Lincoln is arrested for the vigilante slaying of District Attorney Michael Ferris, who is revealed to have been the Ojai Strangler. In court, Lincoln claims that he was instructed by the ghost of Tupac Shakur, providing his copy of "Me Against The World" as definitive evidence. Once the prophetic properties of the album's seventh track is shown to the court, Foundations agents arrive to confiscate the disc and erase everyone's knowledge of Lincoln's trial. (SCP-2137)

  • June 8th, 199█: A London county morgue faces a series of apparent suicides in its staff. A forensic scientist, catching a technician put on the superhero-themed underwear of his dead coworker, alerts the police. When the morgue technician dies trying to stop a speeding train, London police forward the report to Sector-35. Foundation agent recover the "Superoos®", SCP-1388, and only manage to trace the briefs back to the original corpse brought to the morgue. (SCP-1388)

  • June 18th, 199█: SCP-1860 performs all singing roles from Act I of "Der Freischütz", by German composer Carl Maria von Weber. (SCP-1860)

  • July 4th, 199█: SCP-1860 displays its ability to mimic a female human's voice by singing "I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls", from The Bohemian Girl, by Michael William Balfe. (SCP-1860)

  • August 10th, 199█: Incident 1860-A: SCP-1860's fabric tears, releasing 158 decibels of the musical Legion and causes hearing damage in two personnel. SCP-1860 quickly seals the tear — "I apologize for that. Serves me right, making my only listeners deaf." — and amends this by singing "Va, pensiero", by Giuseppe Verdi. (SCP-1860)

  • Between September 10th - 30th, 199█: The then uncontained SCP-1387 lands in an airport, where anywhere between twenty-three and thirty-four passengers board the bird, including Johnathan ██████. (SCP-1387)

  • September 18th, 199█: Mr. Soap is contained, designated SCP-1908, and classified as Euclid. (SCP-1908)

  • October 25th, 199█: SCP-1860 sings "Nessun Dorma", an aria from the final act of Giacomo Puccini's Turandot. SCP-1860 bows in response to Dr. Reich's applause, despite the two being separated in different rooms. (SCP-1860)

  • Late 19██: Containment of SCP-009. (SCP-009, Exploration Log A009 1)
    • November 5th, 19██: SCP-009 is recovered in ████, Alaska, several meters away from the coastline.
    • November 9th, 19██: An arachnoid entity encountered by MTF Beta-7 in SCP-009's recovery is confirmed to be an instance of SCP-3023.
    • December 6th, 19██: A request to reclassify SCP-009 as Keter is submitted.

  • Post November 17th, 1991: SCP-127 is reclassified as Safe. (SCP-127)

  • Prior November 7th, 1999: Mobile Task Force █████-█ retrieves SCP-1875-1, -3, and -4, from an abandoned laboratory facility beneath the former residence of ███████████ University Professor ██████ M███████ in ███████████shire, England. (SCP-1875)
    • The missing SCP-1875 chess pieces, SCP-1875-2, are discovered in the possession of █████ H██████ in New York City's Washington Square Park.

  • A semi-pro mountaineer takes a photograph of his travel to the [DATA EXPUNGED] Mountain Range, the former territory of SCP-096. (Incident 096-1-A)

  • SCP-297 is retrieved from the third basement parking structure of a thirty-story apartment building in Los Angeles, California. (SCP-297)

  • Apartment ███ opens for the first time in █ years. (SCP-602)

  • A weathered nameplate reading "Thaddeus Xyank, Ph.D / Chairperson: Temporal Anomalies Dept." is discovered, despite no records of such a department nor Foundation personnel. (SCP-1780)

  • Log events from the personal computer of Dr. ██████. (White Knight)
    • May 4th, 199█: Dr. ██████ feels regretful for ending his research on SCP-884-4 without achieving any new data. Regardless, he congratulates his wife on the approval of her transfer to Site-██.
    • July 7th, 199█:
    • September 22nd, 199█: Dr. ██████ is assigned to SCP-███, another Safe class. Reading the previous research on the SCP and finding a lot of problems with some of procedures, Dr. ██████ isn't surprised to find Dr. Mann responsible.
    • November 11th, 199█: Christina wins a site award for her research with SCP-███.
    • December 26th, 199█: Christina's groundbreaking research is showing potential to finding a valid cure for osteoporosis. Dr. ██████ laments that his wife isn't receiving a Nobel Prize for Medicine due to the Foundation's secrecy, and is worried by her assignment to a Euclid-class SCP.
    • March 199█: Dr. ██████'s descent into madness.
      • March 11th, 199█: Dr. ██████ is concerned for his wife after her sickness in the prior week. He advises she see the site's physician, while he begins to suspect her research on SCP-███.
      • March 14th, 199█: Dr. ██████'s suspicions with SCP-███ arise, and attempts to voice this to his wife. Christina dismisses her husband's concerns.
      • March 16th, 199█: Dr. ██████ is positive that his wife is hiding something from him, acting differently from in all twelve years they’ve been married.
      • March 17th, 199█: Dr. ██████ notices Christina and their co-worker Agatha to quit talking when he walked into the room. He assumes that she now realizes his suspicions.
      • March 19th, 199█: Christina stops by her husband's lab during testing, only giving reasoning that she "wanted to see him." Not understanding her words, Dr. ██████ gets into an argument with her about it when they return home. Dr. ██████ reasons to himself that Christina must realize that SCP-███ had done something to her.
      • March 21st, 199█: Dr. Mann dispatched to Site-██ for a week, with his lab left unattended. Having flunked his medical entrance exam, Dr. ██████ begins reading medical texts to improve his knowledge on surgical procedures.
      • March 22nd, 199█: Dr. ██████ drugs his wife in order to sneak her into Dr. Mann's laboratory.
      • March 23rd, 199█: Dr. Christina ██████ wakes up, strapped down in Dr. Mann's office by her husband. Her brief cries for help are ignored, as ambient screaming is commonly heard from Dr. Mann's lab. Dr. ██████ decides he has to keep her sedated for her own safety.
      • March 25th, 199█: Dr. ██████ encounters Agatha looking for Christina. Lying to cover his tracks, ██████ tells her they had a fight and she’d left him, much to Agatha's shock.
      • March 28th, 199█: Dr. ██████ is convinced that Dr. ██████'s work with SCP-███ has resulted in her infection with a parasite. With limited time until Dr. Mann's return, Dr. ██████ prays for his wife's safety.
      • March 29th, 199█: Dr. Mann finds Dr. ██████ in his laboratory, the metaphysicist dissecting the fetus of his and Christina's unborn child. Security is called on Dr. ██████ and Christina is given proper medical attention.
    • July 14th, 199█: Christina ██████ commits suicide after administration of Class A Amnesiacs were unsuccessful, and she remembers her husband's delirious abortion of their child.


  • January 3rd: SCP-2969 is classified as Euclid. (SCP-2969)

  • January 8th: Incident 1780-01: While investigating an unknown firearm found within SCP-1780-1, Sergeant Michael Hadley is lost when the entrance closes on him. The subsequent activation of SCP-1780 instead finds a cooperative individual identifying himself as Corporal Gregory Thompson. Thompson is detained, Hadley is declared Missing In Action, and the SCP-1780 containment procedures are altered to require measures to prevent the unscheduled isolation of SCP-1780-1. (SCP-1780)

  • February 14th: Jason is born. (Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)

  • March 99th: SCP-3999 is interviewed by Researcher Talloran. (SCP-3999)

  • April: Subject 027-01 is discovered in an abandoned warehouse outside ███████, ██, that had been completely overrun by rats, cockroaches, and other vermin. (SCP-027)

  • May: Incident 1780-02: Dr. Xyank is first encountered during SCP-1780 testing. Demanding that the intruders leave his office, Xyank scares them off by firing several blank rounds until they close SCP-1780-1 behind them. In light of this, containment procedures are altered to require an armed security officer to be present within the experimental chamber at all times. (SCP-1780)

  • October 3rd: AMN-C227 is approved for use as a Class C amnestic aerosol. (SCP-939)

  • October 29th: A citizen claims to see an unconscious person in the back seat of a vehicle fitting the description of SCP-265. The citizen's description of the passenger's strongly matches that of ██████ ██████████, who disappeared exactly forty-one years prior. (SCP-265)

  • November 2nd: The local police makes an incident transcript of a citizen's testimony and their supposed sighting of ██████ ██████████. (SCP-265)

  • November 17th: Ian Steele is born. (SCP-2306)

  • November 28th: SCP-███ is recovered two kilometers northwest of █████████ ████, ███████, ██████. Civilians are amnesticized with Class-C AMN-C227. (Incident Report AMN-C227-939)

  • December 4th: Beatrice Carolynn Ross is born. (Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)

  • The Foundation initially intercepts a shipment of "Dr. Wondertainment's Bubblebath Bonbons!®" upon the crate's delivery to a supermarket. (SCP-1079)

  • Production of the Grazhdanskiy Protivogaz-5 gas mask ends. (SCP-1499)

  • The Foundation adopts a new standard of plastic office name plates. (SCP-1780)


  • June 5th: J████ S████ reports the disappearances of his friends A██████ M██, J███ B█████ N█████, and C██████ W███. (Incident Report AMN-C227-939)

  • September 18th: Fifteen plastic pink flamingos are recovered from the Shady Oaks retirement home in St. Augustine, Florida home, after several police calls from Arthur Windsworth until his death at the hand of the animate lawn ornaments. (SCP-1507, Flamingos)

  • September 20th: Addendum 09-20-1991: Nine SCP-939 specimens escape containment in a "Silent Night" breach scenario. SCP-939's containment procedures are revised and Addendum 04-11-1982 rescinded. (SCP-939)

  • Post Summer: Camp Lakewood in Illinois closes. (SCP-437)

  • October: The offices of the Foundation's Classification Committee are moved to the Administrative wing of Site-81. The addition of three subterranean wings beneath Lake Monroe is approved. (Secure Facility Dossier: Site-81)

  • October 16th: SCP-939-1's pregnancy is discovered. Interaction with SCP-939 from September 8th to October 7th in the Northern Hemisphere or March 6th to April 4th in the Southern Hemisphere is strictly forbidden. (SCP-939)

  • November 8th: Avid gun collector James █████████████ suffers a fatal heart attack in the morning, alone in his home. (SCP-127)
  • November 17th: Mr. █████████████'s body is found in his house after his absence had been noticed. (SCP-127)
    • Post November 17th: Due to his extensive gun collection, the ATF and FBI are notified to collect the weapons. SCP-127 is discovered during testing and cataloging, and is promptly collected by SCP agents.

  • December 5th: A nine-member panel of the SCP Foundation Ethics Committee decides, after a 2-4-3 plurality vote, to actively support the government of North Korea in order to effectuate containment of SCP-1427. (SCP-1844)
    • Post December 5th: The O5 Council authorizes phase-two research toward decommissioning or permanently deactivating SCP-1427, also rescinding Standing Order 75128, which prohibited Foundation members from disturbing archaeological sites belonging to the Pleistocene Afro-Asiatic Culture Group.

  • December 8th: Planter is still trigger happy, telling Controller that he hopes to kill either some Baghdad citizens, an obnoxious musician, or "maybe even the bastards of your kin and the Stalinist thugs that raped them." Controller tells him he needs to improve upon his insults. (SCP-3721)

  • A filing clerk at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library discovers a Betamax tape labeled "RONALD REGAN CUT UP WHILE TALKING", and reports the content of an initial viewing to the Simi Valley police. The Foundation is alerted of the police's low-level investigation, and arrives to secure the tape and administer Class A amnestics to those involved. (SCP-1981)

  • GRU Division "P" security guard Aleksei Kravchuk, possessed by Karcist Varis, is transferred into the custody of the SCP Foundation. At Biological Containment Site-66, Dr. Albert Cronenberg interviews the newly registered SCP-2075. (SCP-2075)


  • January 30th: An increase in missing persons is observed in civilians administered AMN-C227. (Incident Report AMN-C227-939)
  • January 31th: Field Agents ███████, ████, and ████████ are dispatched to █████████ ████, ███████. Agent ████ interviews J████ S████ on the disappearances of his friends. (Incident Report AMN-C227-939)

  • February: With the revocation of Standing Order 75128, MTF-Rho-293 "Et Laharog" arrives at the Tamanrasset Ossuary to investigate the origins of SCP-1427. The task force finds evidence of the artifact's initial excavation site, alongside the remains of a twelve-fingered Homo sapiens subspecies and radioactive waste from seventy thousand years prior. (SCP-1427)

  • February 6th: The SCP-939 den located on the outskirts of █████████ ███ is successfully eradicated. (Incident Report AMN-C227-939)
  • February 20th: Dr. ███████ confirms that individuals administered AMN-C227 show a subconscious attraction to any future exposure. Use of AMN-C227 as an amnestic is suspended indefinitely. (Incident Report AMN-C227-939)
  • March 1st: Dr. ███████ proposes the utilization of AMN-C227 in locating wild SCP-939 populations. (Incident Report AMN-C227-939)

  • April 22nd: Agent B████ is accidentally exposed to the first paragraph of SCP-1780-3, and spontaneously disappears after reading the document in its entirety. (SCP-1780)

  • July 9th: The Multi-U division receives an engraved metal brick inside their experimental time machine. After confirming the brick's molecular makeup, Dr. Thaddeus Xyank starts and concludes Experiment Log 11924 when he uses the machine to send the brick into the past, confirming the possibility of localized tachyon field manipulation. The Global Occult Coalition detects the temporal anomaly, and dispatches assets to the superficial "chemical factory" to neutralize the cause. After leaving the testing chamber, Xyank is left as the Sole Survivor when the GOC task force rushes the room, gunning down the other scientists and creating an observable time loop by breaking the machine. (The Temporal Anomalies Cycle » Iteration 0)
    • Post July 9th: Foundation task forces arrive to extinguish the fire and secure the rooms around the time loop. Xyank stands before the Overseer Council, explaining how he survived since he was outside of the "event boundary". Giving the specialist the benefit of the doubt, the Council tasks Xyank to write a document for the time loop of his coworkers' slaughter, now designated SCP-176.

  • Prior June 14th: The unnamed village hosting the Church of the Red Harvest is transferred from Division P occupation and into the custody of the Foundation, who designate the anomaly SCP-2133. (SCP-2133)
    • June 14th: Dr. Judith Low successfully conducts an interview with a SCP-2133 inhabitant, SCP-2133-1-10 "Aristarkh", on the matter of the villagers' cycle of reincarnation.

  • July 16th: Dr. Judith Low conducts a second successful interview, this time with SCP-2133-1-26 "Anya", who is informative despite her blatant impatience. (SCP-2133)

  • August 13th: United States Secret Service agents Arnold Rodriguez and Ethan Tate meet with Dr. James Robinson at Sanford Chemical Processing, a front for Site-73's offices and amnestic division. The two special agents question the doctor on the matter of an anomalous cassette tape of former president Reagan, to which Robinson complies in their investigation. Robinson faxes copies of documents on SCP-1981 for the agents, but states he needs authorization from the O5 Council in order to let Rodriguez view the tape. (Dr. Robinson's Statement)

  • September 4th: After years of urban legends and disappearances pertaining to the abandoned textile factory in Lowell, Massachusetts, the SCP Foundation begins investigating the location. (SCP-748)

  • September 25th: SCP-939-1 gives birth to six specimens indistinguishable from human infants, designated SCP-939-A1 to SCP-939-A6. (Reproduction Of SCP-939)
    • A2 is stillborn and immediately cannibalized by its mother.
    • A1, A3, A4, and A5 are vivisected. A1 and A3's corpses are cryogenically frozen for future study, while A4 and A5's are incinerated.
    • A6 is reserved with the intentions to be observed as she matures.

  • October: Site-68 is established and SCP-748 secured. (SCP-748)

  • October 30th: Agent Michael Ashley Vincent recalls his exploratory mission through the realm of the unnamable from years prior to two of his colleagues, who did not have names. After repeatedly referring to the fae house the spent several nights in with the possessive phrase "██ house", The aforementioned brick house manifests inside Site-08, the three Foundation employees fused into the floor and ceiling fixtures. ([REDACTED PER PROTOCOL 4000-ESHU])

  • November 17th: Ian Steele celebrates his second birthday. The two-year-old's parents' performance of "Happy Birthday" becomes a beloved memory. (SCP-2306)

  • December 16th: Dr. Robinson receives a directive from O5-7 indicating that authorization had been granted to allow Agents Rodriguez and Tate to view SCP-1981, adding that they can keep taped reproduction of the playbacks. Robinson contacts Rodriguez, where the two arrange the viewing for in January. (Dr. Robinson's Statement)

  • Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Site-84 is established and the SCP-1760 coffins are first contained by Foundation personnel. (SCP-1760)

  • Dr. Albert Cronenberg conducts his seventh interview with SCP-2075, who tells of his proselytism in Veliky Novgorod. (SCP-2075)

  • Abigael Harlowe, the granddaughter of the sculptor David Lennox, is born. With her father dead and abandoned by her mother, the newborn is left in the custody of her paternal grandfather. (SCP-2091)


  • January 7th: Meeting in Conference Room B at Sanford Chemical Processing, Dr. Robinson and Agents Rodriguez and Tate record three viewings of SCP-1981. In one iteration, Reagan makes mention of the Hanged King and a cup made from the skull of Vladimir Putin, who was then just the head of the Committee for External Relations at the Saint Petersburg City Administration. (Dr. Robinson's Statement)

  • January 14th: The Simpsons airs the twelfth episode of their fourth season, "Marge vs. the Monorail". (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • January 30th: Mystery Science Theater 3000 airs the finale of their fourth season, reviewing Manos: The Hands of Fate. (SCP-3006, (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • March 12th: SCP-093 first turns light violet for a total of two minutes and nine seconds. (SCP-093)

  • March 31st: SCP-1289 lands tails, bearing the message "Do Not Look" or "Look Away". During filming of The Crow, Brandon is fatally shot by Michael Massee using an improperly-made blank round. (SCP-1289)

  • June 8th: The SCP-1780-3 document is first recovered from SCP-1780-1. (Document 1780-WL)

  • June 22nd: Thelma "Patricia" Nixon succumbs to lung cancer in her Park Ridge, New Jersey home, much to both Richard Nixons' grief. (SCP-2736)
    • Post June 22nd: Armed Site-29 observes how Pat Nixon's death has greatly affected SCP-2736-1 in the following month, as the Nixon grows increasingly withdrawn, refusing to participate in interviews and experiencing poor sleep.

  • September 28th: Agent Rodriguez contacts Dr. Robinson again, stating that the retired Ronald Reagan has become knowledgeable of SCP-1981, and requested to see for it himself. Robinson denies this forwarded request, stating both the obvious and underlying problems of showing the former president a video of himself getting cut up while talking. (Dr. Robinson's Statement)

  • September 29th: O5-7 directly contacts Dr. Robinson, instructing the senior researcher that he is to allow Reagan to view SCP-1981 at Site 73. Robinson attempts to cite his reasons to the overseer, who disregards them, countering that granting the Republican's request should help ease political tensions that cannot be further explained to the subordinate doctor. (Dr. Robinson's Statement)

  • Prior October 6th: SCP-1032's twelfth arm predicts the end of the business "██████'s Hotdogs". (SCP-1032)
    • October 6th: In order to combat SCP-1032-12's prophecy, the Foundation anonymously donates $10,000 to the hot dog restaurant under condition that it remains in business.

  • October 10th: "██████'s Hotdogs" is renovated and rebranded with the name "█████ ███████". SCP-1032-12, its latest prophecy fulfilled, changes to predict the end of the "███████ █████ Burger Joint".

  • October 31st: Laura Ashbrooke is born. ([

  • November 25th: SCP-251 depicts a scene of a police officer holding a gun point blank to the back of a kneeling man's head, while a second officer idly watches from the side. (SCP-251)

  • December 17th: The Communist Control Act of 1954 is repealed, allowing the legal existence of the Cincinnati Communists. (SCP-2206)

  • SCP-173 is transferred to Site-19. (SCP-173)

  • The bodies of two Foundation agents are found in SCP-1780-1, having starved to death. Due to the temporal nature of the anomaly, the two corpses are extradited to anomalous biological cold storage. (SCP-1780)

  • A playback of SCP-1981 is recorded and transcribed. (SCP-1981)

  • The earliest VHS recordings of Laugh is Fun that the Foundation can find are produced. (SCP-2030)

  • The entirety of the Texas Renegades retire from baseball, the team leaving the sport to start a career in basketball. (SCP-2206)


  • February 17th: Ronald Reagan, accompanied by a detail of Secret Service agents, arrives at Site-73. The former president watches six playbacks of SCP-1981, entranced by the macabre oddity and refuses all offers for amnestic treatment. (Dr. Robinson's Statement)
    • Two weeks later: Dr. Robinson returns from medical leave, recovering from the traumatic ordeal of a collective nine viewings of SCP-1981.
    • Post February 17th: Reagan's sanity devolves upon obsessing over his SCP-1981 recordings, eventually attempting to arrange the assassinations of several individuals, including a civil rights attorney in Chicago, Barack Hussein Obama II; a rebellious Norwegian highschooler in Oslo, Anders Behring Breivik; and the four-year-old daughter of Merrill Lynch stockbroker Scott Kingsley Swift, Taylor Allison Swift.

  • March 17th: Agent Rodriguez attempts to contact Dr. Robinson in order to request amnestics to administer to the deteriorating Ronald Reagan. Not wanting any further involvement in SCP-1981, Robinson tells his secretary to inform Rodriguez to relay any requests to O5-7. (Dr. Robinson's Statement)

  • April 5th: MTF Beta-6 arranges the death of Kurt Cobain, forging the evidence to make it appear that the Nirvana guitarist had killed himself. (SCP-1841-EX)

  • April 8th: Arriving to install security lighting, VECA Electric employee Gary T. Smith discovers the body of Kurt Cobain, alongside a Remington shotgun and a note stuffed into a potted plant. Seattle police investigate the scene and declare the death as an act of suicide. (SCP-1841-EX)

  • April 18th: SCP-2736-1 suffers a massive cerebral vascular accident and is transferred to Armed Site-29’s Yellow Infirmary. SCP-2736-2, also suffering a CVA at the same moment at his Park Ridge home, is taken to New York–Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. Both subjects are left partially paralyzed and incapable of speech, developing cerebral edema over the following days. (SCP-2736)

  • April 21st: SCP-2736-1 inexplicably begins speaking in an agitated and delirious manner. Yellow Infirmary staff alert Project Head/2736, who arrives in time to record eighteen minutes of the paralyzed Nixon's ramblings before both SCP-2736-1 and -2 fall into a deep coma. (SCP-2736)

  • April 22nd: Both of the comatose Richard Nixons succumb to their cerebral edemas; SCP-2736-2 dying with his daughters Tricia Cox and Julie Eisenhower by his bedside, and SCP-2736-1 expiring under the watch of Foundation doctors. (SCP-2736)

  • April 23rd: Forty-three years after initial registration, Special Containment Procedures for SCP-2736 are discontinued with the deceased Nixons' reclassification as "Neutralized". (SCP-2736)

  • May 3rd: Agent Rodriguez attempts to contact Dr. Robinson again, and is promptly redirected. (Dr. Robinson's Statement)

  • June 15th: The Lion King (1994) debuts in theatres as a limited release. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • June 24th: The Lion King is given wide release in theatres. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • July 2nd: Agent Rodriguez attempts to call Robinson a third time, and is still ignored. (Dr. Robinson's Statement)
    • Between July 2nd - November 3rd: Arnold Rodriguez, garnering the support of fellow Secret Service agent Ethan Tate, conspire to personally seize amnestic drugs from Site-73 and erase SCP-1981 from Ronald Reagan's memory.

  • Prior July 14th: During his travels in Europe, Vincent Anderson finds and reverse engineers a couple of schematics made by Dr. Jean Durand. ([[https// Austringers » Ties That Bind]])
    • July 14th: Albert "Phineas" Frostman meets up with Anderson at a café in downtown Portland, Oregon. Anderson shows off "Benny", the prototype for the Amur Series Recon Drone. Vincent convinces Phineas to make a robotics company with him, so long as the former doesn't come up with the product names.

  • September 18th: Foundation assets stationed in the Sheriff's Department of Davie, Florida, follow up on a report of a "house with people parts". (SCP-1046)

  • November 3rd: Alan Medford, Security Director of Site-73, investigates a break-in at Sanford Chemical Processing that resulted in the death of the night guard and the theft of a large stock of Class-A and Class-B amnestics. An exterior security camera shows the two culprits, who Dr. Robinson identifies as the Secret Service agents Rodriguez and Tate. The two rogue agents are found to have boarded a Texas-California flight and are subsequently followed to Los Angeles and detained in Ronald Reagan's Bel Air home, where the former president is found overdosing on improperly administered amnestics. (Dr. Robinson's Statement)
    • Post November 3rd: Reagan is treated for the septuple-dosage of amnestics, his lucidity restored at the cost of irreparable memory loss. Arnold Rodriguez and Ethan Tate, in light of their noble intentions, are pardoned, resigned, and assigned new civilian identities.

  • November 6th: To explain Ronald Reagan's mental impairment from his amnestic overdose, a letter describing the former president's diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease is addressed to the public, the forging of which was overseen by Dr. Robinson. (Dr. Robinson's Statement)

  • November 15th: Pyotr Astapenov's coffin, now designated SCP-1760-16, emerges for the first time under Foundation occupation. Opening of the casket find a human corpse superficially similar to the other SCP-1760 instances, but Agent ██████ slays the cadaver when it attempts to attack the Site-84 personnel. (SCP-1760)

  • November 19th: The 781 separate human body parts of ████ ██████ registered as SCP-1046 is successfully quarantined and classified as Euclid. (SCP-1046)

  • December 6th: Dr. James Kyle Robinson issues a statement on the events of his involvement with SCP-1981. Standing by his original opinions against O5-7's orders and sympathizing for the ensuing tragedy for the Reagan family, Robinson acknowledges his actions of neglect against Rodriguez and submits himself to the Ethics Committee's judgement. (Dr. Robinson's Statement)

  • Agent W███████ takes an initial photograph of the SCP-899 phenomena in the Rocky Mountain National Park. (SCP-899)

  • A Ukrainian Marxist uses an anomalous device to infiltrate the basement of the Manchester Financial Tower in Chicago. The extremist detonates an explosive, causing a raging fire that collapses the building, killing thousands. (SCP-1730)

  • The O5 Council approves SCP-1844's downgrade to the object class "Euclid". (SCP-1844)

  • David Lennox sculpts a full-scale figure of a grizzly bear, creating the clay bear for his beloved granddaughter. (SCP-2091)


  • Early 1995: Mr. Stripes is discovered outside Site-██ by Dr. ███████, the first anomaly associated with the "Little Mister" series encountered by the Foundation. (SCP-2148)
    • Two weeks later: Mr. Chameleon and Mr. Lost arrive outside Site-██ through unknown means. After losing Mr. Lost and consulting with O5-4, Site Director ███████ requests all future anomalies associated with the "Little Mister" series to be contained within Hall ██ of Site-██. (SCP-905, SCP-920, SCP-2148)

  • March 12th: A resident of Woodstock, Vermont reports seeing the town's Civil War memorial statue move its eyes around, the first sign of activity from it. (SCP-011)

  • March 14th: Tupac Shakur's rap album Me Against the World is released by Interscope Records.

  • April 11th: A Polish citizen details a handwritten recount of their abduction in SCP-265. They do not know why they got into the car, just that they felt the need to get into the back seat. Managing to bail out into a grassy roadside once the interior starts flooding, the citizen is found and brought to the hospital for treatment. (SCP-265)

  • April 19th: Reports on the feelings of researchers who handled SCP-093 are deemed inconsequential. (SCP-093)

  • April 21st: Father Ted debuts on Channel 4 with the airing of "Good Luck, Father Ted". (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • May 12th: An anomaly within Site-██'s security footage is discovered, beginning with the initial recovery of SCP-2148 and lasting roughly throughout the subsequent three weeks of footage. (SCP-2148)

  • June 30th: This year's SCP-3300 event ends. Foundation personnel inspecting Clear Water, Montana, recover a journal ostensibly written by SCP-3300/1995/4307 "Margaret Lane". (SCP-3300)

  • September 30th: The Woodstock statue fires granite balls from its musket for the first time. (SCP-011)

  • October 9th: The Woodstock statue begins shooting birds from the sky. (SCP-011)

  • November: The construction of Site-81's I, J, and K Wings are completed. (Secure Facility Dossier: Site-81)

  • December: The Galileo probe's initial pass of Io confirms the presence of an extraterrestrial anomaly, now designated SCP-364. (SCP-364)

  • Mr. Brass is recovered from the central antechamber of a facility occupied by the Church of the Broken God. The Church members are terminated and SCP-629 classified as Safe. (SCP-629)

  • Incident 147-1995-7: SCP-1810 smashes a television and breaches containment, attempting to protect characters in an educational cartoon from a bully. SCP-1810 is detained by a second security team, and everyone involved is treated for their injuries — including SCP-1810, who suffered a head injury after a tackle from Security Officer Roux. SCP-1810 television privileges are revoked as punishment, and upgraded to Euclid due to criteria for more accommodating personnel. (SCP-1810)
    • One week later: SCP-1810's revoked entertainment privileges are returned. Roux, put on suspension due to his unnecessary force with SCP-1810, returns to work at a separate wing of Site-147.

  • After their short lived expedition in basketball, the Texas Renegades return to Maximum League Baseball. (SCP-2206)

  • SCP-2578 phenomena begins. (SCP-2578)


  • January 25th: The Woodstock statue is registered as SCP-011, and containment procedures are enacted. (SCP-011)

  • February 27th: Pokettomonsutā Aka to Midori is released for the Game Boy in Japan. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • March 15th: Ian Steele plays fetch with his black labrador. (SCP-2306)

  • April 19th: SCP-2578-D successfully snipes SCP-2578-B-013 — Radovan Karadžić, the President of the Republika Srpska and the "Butcher of Bosnia". Unable to explain the sudden disappearance of a corrupt politician wanted by the United Nations, Foundation assets establish a cover story of a fugitive Karadžić posing as an alternative medicine guru. (SCP-2578)

  • Mid - Late 1996: Additional information regarding SCP-060. (SCP-060)
    • Christopher Corhill talks over the phone with his brother, Johnathan, who is studying Victorian-era occultism out in rural Minnesota.
    • Johnathan Corhill, is reported as a missing person several months after having suddenly cut off all ties to family members and friends.
    • A mailman delivering a notice of foreclosure to John Corhill's cabin finds it as a burned out shell with no signs of Corhill's body.

  • May 6th: Star Trek: Voyager airs the twenty-fourth episode of its second season, "Tuvix". (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • May 14th: A blockage of bones and scrap metal is removed from several large pipes used throughout SCP-748, the subsequent flooding resulting in the loss of eleven personnel. An aperture in the central elevator shaft opens to a fourth subterranean floor, where the Foundation finds a spherical chamber with two hundred Brains In Jars, including that of Randolph T. Metzger's. (SCP-748)
    • Post May 14th: Dr. Paula Emerson attempts to interview SCP-748-4 "Randolph T. Metzger", the brain being a smug pain for her to talk to.

  • Summer: A serial killer in Ventura County, California claims the lives of six, becoming known as the Ojai Strangler. (SCP-2137)

  • July 7th: [[Wrestling/WCW World Champion Wrestling]] hosts the third annual "Bash at the Beach" at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach, Florida. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • July 9th: Three tests are conducted on SCP-629, applying alternate limb configurations and studying his motor skills. (SCP-629)

  • July 21st: SCP-629's torso is reassembled to create several gaps. Researchers show concern when Mr. Brass expresses severe discomfort and refuses to cooperate with attempts to interview it. (SCP-629)

  • August 1st: An unauthorized test is conducted on SCP-629, performed by staff not normally assigned to work with the Little Mister. The composition of SCP-629's body is significantly altered, with many body parts placed seemingly at random across the main body and many internal portions moved to the outside, and vice-versa. (SCP-629)
    • Circa August 3rd: After over thirty-six hours of work, Mr. Brass is reassembled in a way resembling how he had appeared prior to the experiment. Traumatized by the incident, Mr. Brass describes feeling "broken", and all testing is discontinued until further notice.

  • August 14th: Upon leaving the line of sight of their coworkers, a Foundation employee inexplicably vanished while traversing SCP-748. (SCP-748)
    • Post August 14th: Five more Site-68 staff disappear within SCP-748. When confronted about the suspicious disappearances, SCP-748-4 dismisses the Foundation as "Accidents happen. Your safety is not my concern."

  • August 26th: Guided by an SCP-4041 flock, Liaoning farmer and part-time fossil hunter Li Yumin discovers Sinosauropteryx prima, the first publicly documented feathered dinosaur. (SCP-4041)
    • Post August 26th: Following the published findings, the Foundation notes the first instance of SCP-4041 birds sustaining injuries outside of the duration of their SCP-4041 event.

  • September 7th: In a drive-by shooting conducted by Mobile Task Force Beta-6 "Kasem's Revenge", the rapper Tupac Shakur is shot four times at a Las Vegas intersection. (SCP-1841-EX)

  • September 13th: At the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada, Tupac Shakur succumbs to his injuries from six days prior.

  • Between September 13th - 22nd: Colonel James A. Ostheim, Site-19's Director of MTF Activities, conducts a routine audit of MTF expenses, discovering unexplained travel of MTF Beta-6 members. Upon questioning Beta-6 Leader Callahan on the expenses and the assassination missions, Ostheim finds physical records of SCP-1841 from the Royal Foundation for the Study of Curiosities and Phantasmagoria. (SCP-1841-EX)

  • September 22nd: Col. Osthiem reports to the Ethics Committee, condemning the O5 Council on going behind his back to utilize his men as a hit-squad in order to contain a supposed anomaly listed as Neutralized in the late 1800s. (SCP-1841-EX)

  • September 24th: The Alternative Rock band Weezer releases their second album, Pinkerton. At no point in the track "Butterfly" does Rivers Cuomo sing about being attacked, consumed, and digested by spiders. (SCP-4690)

  • November 5th: In the aftermath of the 1994 Chicago terrorist attack, Bob Dole beats Bill Clinton in the presidential election. President Dole decides to cut all funding for Foundation sites in the United States, including the expensive Site-13. Paul Manafort Jr. is appointed as the Secretary General of the Global Occult Coalition, and proposes annexing the SCP Foundation under their leadership, to which the O5 Council refuses. (SCP-1730)
    • Years later, before 2003: After the collapse of the neglected Site-64 and mass sighting of SCP-1608 in San Francisco, the SCP Foundation submits under the United Nations. The remaining sites are given new funding, and Vice President Jack Kemp is appointed the figurehead position of the Foundation's Administrator.

  • November 15th: Theatres worldwide are welcome to the Space Jam. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • December 16th: Mr. Money is transferred from the possession of Jason Eamon to Elene Yates, aged five and seven respectively. (SCP-2855)

  • A playback of SCP-1981 is recorded and transcribed. (SCP-1981)

  • Dr. Albert Cronenberg attempts a forty-third interview with SCP-2075, questioning on his origins and the extent of his anomalous abilities. (SCP-2075)

  • The BARRIER Array intercepts new signals meant for SCP-2399, still isolated under radio silence. "Unit is out of range of target: Proceed to planet #3 in system [COORDINATES REDACTED]: Repair" (SCP-2399)

  • All the hard copies of the UIU files concerning the Chicago Spirit are found missing, replaced by a note reading "Thank you for holding onto these, after all the years. — Mr. Night". Strangely, all digital documentation is found to have been untouched. (UTE-1919-Discofather)


  • February 24th: Doris Carter succumbs to ovarian cancer. (SCP-2030)
    • Post February 24th: Laugh is Fun airs an episode themed around the United Kingdom's previous Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.

  • March 16th: It comes to researchers' attention that SCP-939-A6 believes her name is "Keter". (Reproduction Of SCP-939)

  • April 4th: Incident 1780-07: SCP-1780-1 is opened, revealing six Thaddeus Xyanks in the office. The Xyanks refuse to comply with the orders of the attendant security officer, and open fire in a shoot out wounding three researchers. SCP-1780-1 is successfully closed, and SCP-1780's containment procedures are altered to require the presence of at least three armed security personnel. (SCP-1780)

  • April 14th: SCP-011 is observed moving casually and looking around from atop its pedestal. (SCP-011)

  • May 21st: The Ethics Committee responds to the O5 Council and Col. James A. Ostheim on the latter's complaint, declaring that SCP-1841 be reclassified as Explained and containment procedures discontinued. No disciplinary action is taken against any Foundation personnel involved in SCP-1841-EX containment, who are free to undergo Class-B amnestic therapy at their discretion. Due to his long involvement in SCP-1841-EX assassinations, and levied by his otherwise spotless service record, O5-6 is allowed to take early retirement with full benefits. (SCP-1841-EX)

  • June 20th: Final Fantasy Tactics is first released in Japan. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • June 25th: SCP-2090 joins professional basketball when he is hired by the San Antonio Spurs, chosen in their first draft pick of the 1997-1998 NBA season. (SCP-2090)

  • July 2nd: SCP-251 depicts two men in overalls around a stone well, one sitting on a snowbank while the other dangles a child by the ankle over the mouth. (SCP-251)

  • September 12th: SCP-323 is recovered from the Bittern Lake 218 reserve, part of the Lac La Ronge First Nation in Saskatchewan, Canada. The settlement attempting to appease SCP-323-1 is amnesticized and the cover story of a serial killer is established. SCP-323-1 dies of starvation during its transfer to Site-91 and SCP-323 is removed from the corpse. (SCP-323)

  • Late 1997: David Lennox visits some long-time friends in Cross City, bringing his granddaughter along. Jonathon Harman questions his terminally ill friend on what will happen to Abigael once David is gone. Uncertain of his granddaughter's future, David listens when Jonathon proposes a way for him to be there for her after death. (SCP-2091)

  • October: The Atzak Protocol is adapted. (SCP-3000)

  • The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration detects and records an ultra-low frequency sound produced by SCP-169. Despite the efforts of embedded agent ████ ████████ [IA-1522], "The Bloop" is brought to public attention. (SCP-169)

  • Little Caesars Enterprises Inc. introduces their "Hot-N-Ready" large pepperoni pizza.

  • Agent C. Laradeca loses her father's graduation ring "somewhere around Lake Tahoe." (SCP-1162 Extended Testing Log)

  • The Victory Society summons countless demons and deities in the New England coastal town of Daleport. For a week and a half, Foundation forces are held out by a thick fog as the monsters slaughter the townspeople and each other in their free-for-all. Site-37 is established to examine the distorted aftermath of the battle. (SCP-1936)

  • Transit Portal Dynamics: Stretching the Brane by Doctor T. Bailey is published in Foundation circulations. (SCP-2000)

  • Sanford Vandivier is hired by the Kervier Mining Company. (SCP-2844)


  • January 4th: David Lennox, decides to take the advice his childhood friend Jonathan Harman gave him a few weeks prior. (SCP-2091)

  • January 5th: David Lennox writes an entry in his journal, describing his talks with Jon and his plans to cheat death for Abigael's well being. (SCP-2091)

  • January 10th: Mr. Anderson and Mr. Frostman visits Alexylva graduate Dr. Midea Contos in her Seattle apartment. At the convincing of the two paratechnicians and her adopted son, Medea accepts the offer to work at Anderson Robotics. ([[https// Austringers » Ties That Bind]])

  • January 28th: Final Fantasy Tactics is released in North America. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • Prior February 13th: David Lennox succumbs to his illness. The sculptor's body disappears, his soul inhabiting the clay bear statue he made for his granddaughter, becoming SCP-2091-1. Jonathan Harman is declared the legal guardian of Abigael Harlowe, but leaves the bear to care for his granddaughter. (SCP-2091)
    • February 13th: Obituaries of David Lennox are written, despite his body never being found.

  • March 3rd: Edgar Holman is appointed as the Site Director of Site-64. (Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)

  • March 24th: The original Kenpū Denki Beruseruku anime adaptation airs its twenty-third episode, "Zenyasai". (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • June 4th: Low level seismic activity is detected south of Site-81. A team of Foundation geologists dispatched to gather more information relating to the event are unable to pinpoint the exact location of the disturbance, and decide to install several seismographs in neighboring towns to trace any aftershocks. (SCP-2951)

  • June 16th: Guthrie police file a missing person report for Tevin Napier, a fifteen-year-old student who had disappeared after he and his friends had been trespassing in the abandoned Lemon Quarry. After a rescue team winches 400 meters of a 240m tether from a 120m hole, the Foundation steps in. Only two members of the civilian rescue team are recovered — Able Parker, hallucinating that he's still in the cave, and the catatonic Greg Hamilton, rambling in the voice of the now-missing Jeremy Livingston. The rescue mission is abandoned, the witnesses are amnesticized, Parker and Hamilton are brought to Site-81 for psychoanalysis, and requests for the immediate classification of the mine as an SCP object is submitted. (SCP-2951)

  • June 18th: Site-81's requisition for the Lemon Quarry mine's classification as SCP-2951 is granted by the Classification Committee.(SCP-2951)
    • Post June 18th: MTF Trotter-5 "Hell's Heroes" enter SCP-2951 to further analysis of the mineshaft's properties. The team of seven realizes that there were only four of them, and MTF T-5 promptly opens fire on the three doppelgängers, who explode into flames as they are filled with lead.
      • MTF T-5 evacuates with minor lacerations and burns, with a shell-shocked T5-2 Davies escorted to Site-81 for his injuries, along with what remained of the doppelgängers'. Outside of the cave, Dr. Armin Rosstetler gives a psychological evaluation of T5-3 Kevin, who is concerned for Davies' welfare.

  • July 21st: SCP-1269 addresses a letter to D-871523, reminiscing on when he first "saw" her beauty. (SCP-1269)

  • August 9th: SCP-1269 sends another love letter to D-871523. (SCP-1269)
    • August 15th: I mean
    • August 18th: it sends
    • August 21st: even more
    • August 24th: love letters
    • August 26th: to D-871523.

  • September 28th: The translated Pokémon Red and Blue is released to North America. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • September 29th: The SCP Foundation Specialized Lunar Containment and Research Area LMaImb-Area-32 is founded in the Mare Imbrium lava plain on the Moon. (Secure Facility Dossier: Lunar Area-32)

  • October 5th: Foundation operatives arrive at an abandoned fairground, have just been vacated by the Circus of the Disquieting minutes prior. A single tent is left behind, where the Foundation detains clown breeder Dick C. Normus and three of his prized performers.

  • November 16th: The SCP-2912 clowns spontaneously explode, coating the walls of their containment units with blood, viscera, confetti, and black clown nesquick. The three instances are classified as "Neutralized", the fault attributed to the lack of communication from Professor Normus' end, who is far more displeased by the turn of events. (SCP-2912)
    "You fucking shit-eaters forgot to milk the clowns, didn't you? Way to ruin a decade of work, you cunts."

  • November 28th: SCP-4029 enters its weekly dormant period, this one different from the years prior. (SCP-4029)

  • November 30th: With Sunday's end, SCP-4029 fails to awake for the workweek. (SCP-4029)

  • December 6th: After over a week without activity, the upper portion of SCP-4029 collapses due to accumulated weather damage. The interior of the building is found to have been stripped of all valuable or complex components, and drained of fluid. All that is recovered from the building is the cadavers of twenty-eight SCP-4029-1 instances, one living female instance that has gone mad from her time in SCP-4029, and Document 4029-14. When the building's mechanical crab legs are discovered to be missing and burrowing eastward, RAISA redesignates SCP-4029 as Keter and slates its documentation for revision. (SCP-4029)

  • December 25th: The Man With the Upside-Down Face manifests outside of PoI-4569's cell, informing the clown breeder that their boss has deemed the latter a liability for the Circus. By the time Site-66's security arrives, they find Normus dead from a heart attack in his room, the chamber void of black smoke, calliope music, and facially-warped strongmen. (SCP-2912)

  • Dr. Xyank comprises the orientation letter for new personnel joining the RCT-Δt project. (SCP-1780)

  • The Sakha port of Logashkino is regarded as uninhabited, with the exception of outposts by Russian logging and mineral corporations, and twenty Foundation personnel occupying the ghost town. (SCP-3201)

  • After the death of the school founder Abraham Tristan, Three Portlands' prestigious Tristan Academy of the Arts undergoes financial problems resulting in the Wizarding School's decline and eventual closure. (Austringers » Bal-chatri)


  • January 30th: Wang Xi collapses at a clinic in downtown Suicheng, her head splitting open against a wall and exposing twenty-eight people to SCP-632. The epidemic is contained and treated by Foundation agents, but the incident leaves twenty-three dead and almost three-hundred injured. (SCP-632)

  • February 20th: Film critic Eugene Siskel dies from complications during the surgical removal of a brain tumor. (SCP-1756)

  • March 18th: Seven SCP-1282 instances are recovered after several German citizens report hunters coming into their forests and illegally killing rabbits. Two of the were-rabbits die from natural causes, and the remaining five are numbered and brought to Site-77. (SCP-1282)

  • May 1st: Eric Simonson leads an expedition to find the bodies of Mallory and Irvine, who went missing on Mount Everest seventy-five years prior. Hours into the search, Conrad Anker finds Hillary's frozen corpse at 26,760 ft. (SCP-1529)
    • Post May 1st: The reel in Mallory's Kodak camera is developed, providing photographic evidence of SCP-1529. The Foundation intervenes, creating the narrative that Mallory fell to his death, and suppressing knowledge of the camera and its contents.

  • May 12th - 23rd: Several films are unveiled at the 52nd Cannes Film Festival, including The Straight Story. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • May 22nd: SCP-1282 is classified as Euclid and transferred to Site-77's respective containment wing. (SCP-1282)

  • June 12th
    • The O5 Council unanimously agrees on the implementation of a long term means to to confirm or deny hypotheses regarding extraterrestrial SCP objects and to collect data on anomalous phenomena beyond the heliopause. The construction of Foundation probe Seraph-1 is commissioned. (SCP-1548)
    • Incident 4856-Tango: At Containment Area-54-09, a group of rogue Foundation agents and researchers, consulting Document 4856-1, attempt to turn D-002303 into SCP-4856 when they are thwarted by security personnel and SCP-4856. Junior Researcher Leyland inadvertently kills D-002303 during the scuffle, enraging SCP-4856. Agent Weißmann orders his security team to retreat when more instances of the time traveler arrive. The leading SCP-4856 seizes and mutilates Leyland, turning him into the initial SCP-4856, and throws him fifty years in the past. Test Case One is considered failed. (SCP-4856)
      • Post June 12th: Forethought.aic detects an unidentified entity lurking in the security footage of Incident 4856-Tango. The footage is forwarded to Site Command for analysis, where the entity is designated AE-4856-1 and the first page of its clipboard transcribed.

  • July 8th: A mass teleportation event occurs, as approximately ten thousand kappas are displaced from their natural habitats in the Japanese prefectures of Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Kumamoto and Ōita, and dispersed over bodies of water located across Mongolia. (SCP-2511)
    • Post July 8th: The first displaced SCP-2511-A kappas are found outside Bulgan, Mongolia, along the banks of the Orkhon River. Discovering that the displaced kappas can't leave Mongolian borders, the Foundation agrees with the Government of Mongolia to establish the Lake Khövsgöl Settlement Area, the lake where the the highest concentration of the amphibious cryptids were found.

  • July 16th: The Saratoga II aircraft N9253N crashes off the isle of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, resulting in the deaths of all onboard — the pilot, John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr, his wife, Carolyn, and sister-in-law, Lauren Bessette. (SCP-3780 Extended Incident Log)

  • July 16th: Seconds before his death, JFK Jr. switches places through time and space with his dead father, seconds before he was shot by Oswald. (SCP-3780 Extended Incident Log)

  • July 17th: After failing to arrive at the Barnstable Municipal Airport, the Kennedy family alerts the U.S. Coast Guard to search for the lost N9253N.

  • July 19th: Using side-scan sonar, the NOAA vessel Rude locates the first fragments of Kennedy's plane off the west coast of Martha's Vineyard.

  • July 21st: The Coast Guard recovers the bodies of John Jr, Carolyn, and Lauren from the Atlantic Ocean.

  • July 21st: The Coast Guard recovers the bodies of Carolyn, Lauren, and — most anomalously — the 35th President, JFK Sr. The Unusual Incidents Unit seizes authority over the situation, and cooperates with the Foundation's Temporal Anomalies Department to correct the timeline. (SCP-3780 Extended Incident Log)

  • Late 1999: NASA reports to the public saying that the Mars Climate Orbiter and Mars Polar Lander have been lost due to human error. (SCP-364)

SCP-3986 only has meaning to the Golden Horde, and he shouldn't try to find a meaning to slap a number on.

  • September 12th: Former project lead on SCP-3986, Dr. Nicholas Cartwright, dies in his sleep

  • November 77th: Incident 1875-55A: The Department Research Director 1875-P█ overseeing SCP-1875 reports to the Department Lead on the events of Test 1875-55, stating that testing has left the assigned D-Class unharmed. Five minutes later, the executable file шахматы.███ containing the cognitohazardous 1875-IMG-1AB is emailed to everyone associated with the project. (SCP-1875)

  • November 24th: Toy Story 2 is released in theatres across the United States. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • November 27th: SCP-3899 manifests along Interstate 64, and several commuters report the truck to the Virginia State Department of Transportation. Martha Lewis, a motorist who drove through a concrete sidewall when startled by SCP-3899's emergence, is taken by paramedics to the hospital. Foundation agents embedded in the VSDoT respond to the report and initiate secondary containment of SCP-3899's effects. (SCP-3899)

  • December 2nd: Martha Lewis returns home and checks her mail, finding a letter from SCP-3899-1 apologizing for totaling her motorcycle and over twelve grand in cash. (SCP-3899)

  • December 3rd: Interview 3899-01: Agent Lee interviews Martha Lewis on her encounter with SCP-3899 under the guise of a police investigative followup. Lewis describes the accident and shows Lee her mail from the day prior. After the questioning, Lewis is administered Class-B amnestics, and Document SCP-3899-01 and the accompanying money is confiscated, with the latter being discreetly liquidated into Lewis' bank account. (SCP-3899)

  • Prior December 31st: Site-68 is found to have been compromised to SCP-748. Foundation's recovery operatives are attacked by the lobotomized Site-68 survivor, now SCP-748-5, resulting in the deaths of nine recovery agents and twelve Site-68 personnel, with fifty SCP-748-5 unaccounted for. Efforts to recontain SCP-748 and its products are made, as the documentation is revised for Level 4/748 personnel. (SCP-748)
    • December 31st: SCP-748 is upgraded from Euclid, Vlam, and Caution to Keter, Ekhi, and Danger. O5-12 provides Level 4 personnel with revised documentation, noting that it is subject to change.

  • An annex is constructed at Site-45, which is later renovated into an auxiliary high-security containment area, the site's iconic E-Block "The Cellar". (Secure Facility Dossier: Research Site-45)

  • Site-81 Assistant Director Dr. Hamilton Guys is transferred to Site-17, with Dr. Hollister Cox, the previous Head of Research at Site-64, appointed in his place. (Secure Facility Dossier: Site-81)

  • The Panasonic RV31K Region 1 DVD player eventually designated SCP-1756 is produced. (SCP-1756)

  • The porno All 12 Inches!!! is produced. (SCP-3922)

In Universe — Twenty-First Century


  • Early century: SCP-250 is brought into Foundation custody after seizing and killing a trespasser in its museum. Dr █████████'s office at the museum is found ransacked, with the paleontologist missing. (SCP-250)

  • Post 2001 or 2016: SCP-2010 is created. (SCP-2010)

  • Post 2005: Due to increased interactions between police departments and Foundation forces — the collaborative efforts endangering the latter's secrecy — O5-9 condemns further consultation with SCP-2137 for its forensic prophecies. (SCP-2137)
    • Two months later: SCP-2137's behavior changes radically, producing a track where SCP-2137-2 confronts the Foundation directly, enraged by the change in its containment protocols. The decision is made to halt SCP-2137 testing in its entirety.
      • One week later: A SCP-2137-1 track spontaneously uploads onto the YouTube channel of a Los Angeles-based hip hop station, the track detailing classified information on SCP-███'s containment procedures and the identities of several O5 Council members. While Foundation efforts are distracted by the video, an entire album titled "XK Scenario" is uploaded to Beyoncé's iTunes. Each song features SCP-2137-2 accompanied by a variety of guest artists, in a series of rap duets focused on individual Keter class SCPs. All the SCP-2137-1 tracks are expunged from the internet, and SCP-2137's previous containment procedures are reinstated alongside an upgrade to Keter.

  • Post 2017: Site-56's IT Technician Eleanor U. Empira reaches the Chaos Witch Quelaag in her playthrough of Dark Souls, only for the spider lady to be Swallowed Whole by a giant Lt. Pinkerton. Empira reports the game breaking event, and the game copy is seized as SCP-4690 infected documentation. (SCP-4690)

  • 20██: The Foundation sends MTF Tau-5 "Samsara" back in 1963 in order to eliminate Lee Harvey Oswald with extreme prejudice and prevent the Kennedy assassination. After the rest of her team is put out of commission by a second Tau-5 from the 2220s, the 20██ Nanku leads them to her superiors where the two Temporal Anomalies Departments establish diplomatic channels with each other. (SCP-3780)

  • February 20██: Agent H████ finds a red plastic tub of LEGO bricks while commuting by train. Discovering the item's anomalous properties, he brings the tub in to Site-19 for registration. (SCP-387)

  • February 4th, 20██: Dr. ████████ and Dr. ██████ complete their work on the creation of a tone-based language to communicate with SCP-606. (SCP-606)

  • March 1█th, 20██: A routine keyword search brings to the Foundation's attention the scheduling of a trial in ████████, ██. The accused, W█████ █████████, having successfully performed "emergency surgery" to save the "life" of a pacemaker, had inadvertently killed the man it was installed in. Mr. █████████ is brought into Foundation custody. (SCP-890)
    • March 2█, 20██, one week later: Dr. ███████ interviews SCP-890 on the events of the pacemaker's "surgery".

  • April, post 2003: ███ ███████ purchases a DVD copy of Holes, starring Shia LaBeouf. Thirty minutes into viewing, ███████ suffers a violent head pain and is cursed with his anomalous properties. (SCP-1247)

  • May 21st, 20██: Twenty-one instances of SCP-553 escape their containment chamber through an improperly sealed access door. Twelve instances are recovered alive after causing the death of seventeen Site-37 staff members. (SCP-553)

  • June 20██: A variant of SCP-445, designated SCP-445-α, is created via exposure of SCP-445 sheets to SCP-073. Formal isolation protocol IP-445-01 is established to prevent cross-contamination between SCP-445 and SCP-445-α. (SCP-445)

  • June 1st, 20██: A decontamination airlock is installed to SCP-553's chamber at Site-37. (SCP-553)

  • June 3rd, 20██: Exploration Log 1499-D (SCP-1499)
    • Agent K█████ equips SCP-1499 and standard sidearm, and follows SCP-1499-1 as they gather to perform a cultist ritual. K█████ — against Dr. N███'s judgement — barges in to neutralize the perceived threat and seize the central artifact. Reappearing in the test chamber, K█████ considers his improvised actions successful until he finds that he's holding a human heart.
    • In Moscow, a gas masked figure storms into the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour during Sunday mass. The figure shoots at the churchgoers, killing six and critically wounding three. The assailant charges the podium and uses a knife to carve out the priest's heart before disappearing with the organ.
      • Post June 3rd: Foundation operatives undercover in the Russian media and military begin spreading misinformation, identifying the assailant as Nikolai Orlov, a vagrant who went missing a few years prior. O5-█ decrees testing involving SCP-1499 to be discontinued indefinitely, and personnel from explorations provided psychiatric evaluation and tested for hallucinatory side effects.

  • July 20██: Eight sheets of SCP-445 are introduced to SCP-445-α, resulting in a total of ten SCP-445-α sheets. Dr. S████ begins testing on SCP-445-α as done similarly with the original variant. (SCP-445)

  • July 21st, 20██: Incident 2076-A: A series of new SCP-2076 posters are discovered in ███████, Illinois, as the ████████ Neighbors and Women's Association are found to be filling cardboard boxes with baked potatoes under the belief that it will help the endangered Golden Lion Tamarin. (SCP-2076)
    • July 26th, 20██: Foundation analysts find that two in three members of the ████████ Neighbors and Women's Association had been affected by the latest SCP-2076 manifestation.

  • August 20██: In the investigation behind a major blackout, a white rabbit is found to have eaten his way through several reactors at the local power plant. (SCP-524)

  • August 1st, 20██: Estimates find that twenty-three thousand people across the world have been affected by SCP-1500, and an upgrade to Keter is requested. (SCP-1500)

  • October 20██: The original SCP-027, Subject 027-01, dies. Autopsy shows that a colony of rats had been nesting in the subject’s abdomen for at least ten generations. (SCP-027)
    • 140-150 hours later: Security Officer K██████ F█████ becomes the new instance of SCP-027, Subject 027-02, and the document is revised. Dr. Jameson interviews Subject 027-02, promising him help.
      • Several SCP-027 researchers, including Dr. Jameson, are transferred to the SCP-1772 project.

  • November 24th, 20██: After being forgotten for three years, Mr. Headless leaves the attic and is discovered wandering the streets of ██████, Wisconsin. Witnesses were given amnestic treatment, and SCP-2287 was contained without issue. (SCP-2287)

  • December 12th, 20██: Incident 2076-B: ███████, Illinois' emergency services are overwhelmed as they address two hundred cases of self-inflicted bullet wounds. Foundation agents investigating the hysteria discover an SCP-2076 poster reading "Did you know? Shooting Yourself Can Increase Your Bullet Resistance." (SCP-2076)

  • SCP-040 is brought into Foundation custody. (SCP-040)

  • SCP-265 is sighted overlooking a Foundation-controlled weather station, and four high-performance off road vehicles and a helicopter are deployed from Site-109. SCP-265 quickly accelerates to an excess of 200 km/h and shows an unexplainable degree of maneuverability before it vanishes into a densely forested area. The following search of the area finds no traces of any vehicle, but incomplete human remains are discovered four kilometers away in a waterlogged area. (SCP-265)

  • SCP-394 was discovered in the post office in ██████████, ████, as a package marked as undeliverable. The address in question, ███ ███████ ██, had been consumed in a fire six days prior. (SCP-394)

  • Five teenagers go missing after vandalizing the walls of a sentient parking garage. (SCP-413)
    • Over three months later: A Foundation exploration team finds the missing teenagers in SCP-413, having survived off of vending machines and water fountains. The teenagers are questioned on their labyrinthine experience in SCP-413 before being amnesticized and returned to their families.

  • Dr. Weiss compiles his report on D-1548's exposure to SCP-525-1. (SCP-525)

  • A Radio Flyer-brand wagon is wheeled into Apt. ███, carrying art-related media and a note for the occupant anomaly. Recovering the wagon and its remaining contents after twenty-four hours, SCP-602 is confirmed to be sapient and willing to negotiate. (SCP-602)

  • The artists' group Unelmat Paremmasta Maailmasta unveils the art installation titled "World Without Man" in the town of █████ █████, Alaska. (SCP-804)

  • SCP-805 is recovered from the ██████ countryside, but improper handling of the animal results in the poisoning deaths of █ staff members. (SCP-805)

  • Laughing at Mr. Laugh, D-9023 trips and suffers a fatal cranial injury. SCP-1799 becomes noticeably withdrawn and sullen following the event, leading to his first attempt on his life and his placement on suicide watch. (SCP-1799)

  • Developments on Motherburg (SCP-2978)
    • October 4th, 20██: "Motherburg V1.██", the newest version of the community, is built.
    • December 24th, 20██: Event 2978-Beta: Junior Researcher Milborrow goofs and gets three head lice in SCP-2978. The citizens of SCP-2978-A-24 evacuate to the nearby motherboard borough of SCP-2978-A-25 in the wake of the giant parasites' rampage. A band of SCP-2978-B terrorists plant a bomb in SCP-2978-A-24's thumb drive, the resulting explosion killing the lice, hundreds of SCP-2978-B citizens, and causing minor shrapnel trauma to Researcher Eddleston's face and neck. In order to placate the hysterical community, three new motherboards are introduced into the digital city.
    • September 14th, 20██: Test-2978-23: In order to test SCP-2978's conversion of non-compatible hardware, Researcher Eddleston inserts a mobile broadband modem into a USB port on SCP-2978-A-██. Drastic changes are observed in SCP-2978's stock exchange when stock prices for the tech company "MotherTech" increase by 1000%.
      • September 16th, 20██: Incident-2978-1: Containment of SCP-2978 is breached when the wireless modem — innovated into an aircraft by MotherTech — ejects from the USB port and soars through the halls of Site-17 in search of their creator. Site-wide searches are unable to find SCP-2978-A-Alpha's whereabouts, the SCP-2978 research team is reprimanded for their actions, and containment procedures are updated with the installation of a second biometrically secured entrance.

  • Incident 2989-ATLAS: SCP-2989-A and SCP-2989-B finally unite at Site-2989-α. The two poetic caterpillar lovers fuse together, creating a single chrysalis. The object is gently transferred into an observation cell. (SCP-2989)
    • Eight days later: An orange-yellow-green butterfly with fractal wings emerges from the chrysalis, dubbed SCP-2989-C. The unknown lepidopteran jumps through time and space, escaping containment with the message of "Whole" written on the walls in fifty-eight different languages.

  • SCP-3007-3 exploration. (SCP-3007)
    • July 12th, 20██: Interview Log 3007-2C: Dr. ████ interviews the third known individual experiencing the SCP-3007-1 hallucination, a retired South Korean woman named Mrs. H██████. The traumatized woman recounts what she saw in the Astral Projection, providing the Foundation with their initial account of SCP-3007-3.
    • July 14th, 20██: Exploration Log 3007-GV: E███ R█████, an Australian illustrator with a Photographic Memory suffering from SCP-3007-1, volunteers to traverse SCP-3007-3 and relay his findings to Dr. ████. Returning to reality after experiencing the horrific murals in the black tower, R█████ recreates the prophecies to the best of his ability.
    • September 25th, 20██: Attachment 3007.A: Five of R█████'s recreations are amended to the SCP-3007 document.
    • December 27th, 20██: Attachment 3007.B: Foundation personnel decide to include R█████'s reproduction of the final painting among the others.

  • Gorilla Warfare (SCP-3092)
    • Seven years prior: A Black Tie Toys-brand claw machine is purchased in installed at the █████ ██████ Family Restaurant and Arcade in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
    • May 3rd, 20██: The crane machine suddenly manifests anomalous properties, dispensing sapient gorilla plushies that play mischievous war games. Foundation agents gauging the situation quickly intervene for animal control, and force the delinquent toys to surrender after a devastating Finger Gun shootout. The SCP-3092 crane and its prizes are confiscated, civilian witnesses amnesticized, and a cover story of an escaped pet chimpanzee disseminated.
    • May 18th, 20██: An SCP-3092-A instance breaches its containment kennel and flees down an adjacent hallway. Agent Megan Cho, stationed outside SCP-████'s containment chamber, instinctively fires on the loose plushie with her tranquilizer rifle. After finding that the plushies are susceptible to the darts, tranquilizer weapons are deemed an efficient alternative to using net launchers to detain rambunctious SCP-3092-A.
      • Post May 18th, 20██: Further testing reveals that simply the actions of the tranquilizer dart cause SCP-3092-A to fall unconscious, and toy darts are implemented to avoid the chance of friendly-fire with real tranquilizers.
    • June 9th, 20██: Two SCP-3092-A escape their kennels and sneak into Dr. Martin Helmer's office through the ventilation system. Setting up a tripwire with the intentions of the victim falling face-first into a pillow, the gorilla plushes are horrified when Dr. Helmer enters, trips, and fractures his collarbone on his bookshelf. Remorseful for their prank gone wrong, the two immediately turn themselves in to staff and inform them of Dr. Helmer's injury.
    • Post June 9th, 20██: As Dr. Helmer is treated for his fractured clavicle, the SCP-3092-A are found to have used their arts and crafts amenities to fashion gifts and apology cards intended for the recovering doctor. The plushies also discontinue the employment of trip hazards in their future games.

  • Several SCP-3070-A discoveries. (Event Log 3070-ञ-12E)
    • February 4th: A dead sperm whale accompanied by an equally dead garden petunia is found on asteroid 42042.
    • March 5th: A 1.2m tall steel bust of Albert Einstein is found on the surface of the Hungaria asteroid 2001 Einstein. 251 MHz microwave transmissions in a base-8 encryption system are found to be emitting from the bust’s head.
      • Over nine months later: Current monitoring of 2001 Einstein SCP-3070's microwave transmissions has produced the words "-could get some wind for the sailboat. These are-".
    • April 15th: A group of cybernetic humanoid entities wearing medieval jousting suits are found on the surface of 3552 Don Quixote, salvaging from towers of damaged cars.
    • April 20th: Approximately three hundred Presidents’ Conference Committee trolley cars individually swaddled in large red cardigan sweaters are found orbiting the Mars-crosser asteroid 26858 Misterrogers.
    • May 5th: A gradually expanding structure resembling the inside of a reading library appears on 2807 Karl Marx.
    • May 6th, post 2018: Using experimental technology originally used in the Peregrine-9 Expedition, a 473km object is observed to rise from the surface of the dwarf planet 90377 Sedna. The object, resembling a standard phonograph, making spastic movements upon rising from the surface entirely.
      • May 7th, the next day: The Sedna anomaly produces a blue light and a radio transmission reading "THANKS FOR THE LIFT. CALAMITY WILL BE COMING SOON. COVER YOUR ASSES." before vanishing. SCP-3070-1 responds with "2176782336WELCOME2985984expandsednaINITIATE" before resuming normal behavior. Another SCP-3070-A event occurs on 90377 Sedna, as twenty-four dead narwhals fused with M198 Howitzer cannons drop onto the surface.
    • May 23rd: A ring system — primarily composed of water ice, with amounts of keratin, chitin, enamel, human ectodermal tissue, and human heart cells present — manifests around the asteroid 131288, disappearing an hour after their discovery.
    • June 1st: A row of four crudely constructed humanoid mechanisms, standing and manipulating what appear to be keyboard musical instruments, are found on 15907 Robot.
    • July 7th, post 2007: Mobile Task Force Kappa-26-Beta operatives report the mass disappearance of SCP-2511-A instances residing in the Matsuura River in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture. Orbital Task Force ञ-12 "Little Princes" finds the five thousand kappas alive on the asteroid 29514 Karatsu.
    • August 5th: A 19th century-style factory with three chimneys is found on 29829 Engels, despite the asteroid having no atmosphere, nor easily combustible materials. The produced items — sheets of paper, quill pens, pots of ink, ladders, wooden shelving in kit form, et cetera — dematerialize at irregular intervals and reappear in the growing library on 2807 Karl Marx.
    • August 20th: An oily substance spontaneously coats the surface of 19019 Sunflower, the liquid coalescing into three-dimensional structures resembling sunflowers, but with miniature reflector telescopes in place of seeds.
    • August 28th: 22222 Hodios is found to have twelve 5m tall statues resembling Richard Westmacott's statue Achilles, inscribed with the words "KILL TROJAN".
    • September 9th: A 97m sized pair of conga drums constructed from chitin and human tooth enamel is found orbiting around the asteroid 75067 Vernalis, being played by a 60m specimen of Liocarcinus vernalis, the grey swimming crab.
    • September 10th, post 2001: Several miniature asteroids identical to the 146269 asteroid orbit around the latter at varying inclinations and heights, all at a speed of 120km/s, and disintegrate one hour after their discovery.
    • September 27th: Two structures resembling the flag of Argentina, composed of pure silver, appear on opposite poles of the Koronis asteroid 1029 La Plata.
    • October 4th: A partially constructed ice sculpture resembling the Fractional Orbital Bombardment Weapon is sighted in orbit of the 232 Russia asteroid.
    • October 7th: A hundred 1.3m spherical masses of assorted human facial tissues are found orbiting Ceres at a height of 102km, with a 3.2m distance between each one. Upon further inspection, each sphere is found to have a smiling face resembling that of Giuseppe Piazzi 1, the Italian priest and astronomer that discovered the dwarf planet and asteroids as a whole.
    • October 17th: The asteroid 4942 Munroe is found to have assumed a nearly spherical shape, turned into solid diamond, and become littered with a monochrome assortment of hats. Notably, this is the first SCP-3070 occurrence to fully transform an asteroid's composition and shape.
    • November 11th, post January 2018: An incorporeal illusion of heavily compressed JPEG image files is found to cover the surface of the 314612 asteroid. Meanwhile, SCP-3070-1 is found to have multiple tabs open on Google Chrome showing SCP-2721-LYRE's Tumblr blog.

  • SCP-3236 experimentation. (SCP-3236)
    • August 2nd, 20██: Dr. Garcia conducts seven tests with D-369, a 23-year old female subject. After the fourth failed prompt, Garcia determines that SCP-3236 can only accept intangible concepts.
    • September 30th, 20██: Dr. Patel conducts six tests with D-2524, a 28-year old male subject, centered around numbers and "e".
    • November 14th, 20██: Dr. Morrison conducts five tests with D-2526, a 22-year old male subject. The first four prompts being political concepts, the fifth kinda just for the hell of it.
    • December 13th, 20██: Dr. Lamb conducts five tests with D-3922, a 21-year old female subject, using the prompts of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. After the prompt "Death", D-3922 is retrieved from the isolation pod in a comatose state.
      • December 16th, 20██: D-3922 awakes from her coma, refusing to speak about her experience of being fucked by Death.
    • January 27th, 20██: Dr. Little conducts seven tests with D-3698, a 26-year old female subject.

  • Dr. Harpy, a Site-16 researcher that specializes in Safe-class items, attempts to conduct interviews on SCP-3883-1. (SCP-3883)
    • Prior February 3rd: Dr. Harpy completes a lucid dreaming training course provided by MTF Omicron Rho "The Dream Team".
    • February 3rd: Interview 3883-01: Dr. Harpy falls asleep next to SCP-3883 for the first time. SCP-3883-1 — identifying itself as Ikarana, Consumer of Galaxies — is confused by Harpy's lack of fear. Harpy attempts to state the reality that SCP-3883 is a tentacle dildo, but his dream self Killed Mid-Sentence by Ikarana.
    • February 9th: Interview 3883-02: Harpy attempts to interview in a second dream. SCP-3883-1, denying the researcher's lucidity, continues to play as a Large Ham and throws dream Harpy into the ocean.
    • February 10th: Interview 3883-03: Ikarana recognizes Dr. Harpy falling asleep again and doesn't bother to create a nightmare this time. Harpy conducts his interview, and SCP-3883-1 confides that he wants to atleast be a respected monster in the dream world to distract himself from the fact that he's just a gimmicky sex toy in the real world.
      • Post February 10th: Empathizing with SCP-3883-1, Dr. Harpy proposes that a D-class or oblivious researcher be exposed to SCP-3883 once weekly so Inkarana has someone to express his Cthulhu-esque nightmare fantasies on. The amendment to containment procedures is slated for review.

  • SCP-4001-2 classification. (SCP-4001)
    • SCP-4001 staff discover a book entitled "Marvin and Molly", despite the robot's non-human nature. After reading the book, the decision is made to temporarily remove the robots used in the Cataloging Assistance System.
    • The next day: The book for Marvin and Molly disappears from SCP-4001.
    • The next week: Marvin and Molly are returned to their true place of belonging, undoing the cruelty and callousness of their departure. The Foundation, recognizing that Alexandria Eternal considers them her own, promotes their Cataloging Assistance System with the title of SCP-4001-2.

    c. 2000s 

  • 2000-2010: Model 7FDU80 "Big Orange" forklifts are produced by Toyota. (SCP-708)

  • Between 2001 - 2006: The Unusual Incident Unit witnesses a completely ██████able incident occurs involving "Mr. Night". (UTE-1919-Discofather)

  • Circa 2003-2004: SCP-011 reaches a human level of self-awareness. (SCP-011)

  • Post 2003: SCP-978 is manufactured among the several iterations of the Polaroid One600 instant camera. (SCP-978)

  • Post 2004: Foundation operatives confiscate a Tamagotchi Connection V1 from an elementary school in Albany, New York, and designate the Contagious A.I. as SCP-2973-1. (SCP-2973)

  • Mid 2000s: ████ and ███████ ██████ continue to argue, wearing their marriage thin until their imminent divorce. Their teenage daughter, █████, hides in her room to avoid their arguing. Underneath her bed █████ finds her childhood boogeyman, "Grenda", and a friendship grows between them. (SCP-3887)

  • Post 2006: Dr. ███ conducts an experiment with SCP-191, introducing her to a Nintendo Wii console. (Experiment Log 191)

  • Post 2007:
    • Incident 096-1-A
      • A semi-pro mountaineer notices four pixels in a photograph he took in the '90s. SCP-096 breaches containment to kill the man.
      • Dr. Oleksei is found to have issued the experimental Project SCRAMBLE with the intention of failure, arranging a display of the threat SCP-096 poses and reason for its termination. In response to this treason, the O5 Council appoints Dr. Oleksei as head of research for SCP-096's termination, with his own execution planned after that is achieved.
    • SCP-1127-4 "Why Are You Crying? (Number -1)" is created.

  • 2008 or 2009: The Seattle Storms are found to have used divine intervention from multiple weather gods to influence the outcomes of their recent games. As this goes against the limit of one patron deity to a team per season, the Storms are banned from participating in the 2009 season. (SCP-2206)

  • April 16th: SCP-1162 shifts to the cinderblock wall of Containment Chamber 4 at Site 31. (SCP-1162)

  • September 27th, 200█: A second pair of SCP-1388 comes to Foundation attention. Site-28 in the SoHo neighborhood eavesdrops on police radio, hearing officers’ attempts to talk down an erratic man from the Chrysler Tower's seventy-sixth floor. MTF Pi-1 "City Slickers" is deployed to the scene, where they tranquilize the SCP-1388 wearer and strip him of the anomalous underwear. (SCP-1388)
    • October 5th, 200█: The John Doe, never recovering from his sedation, is taken off of life support.

  • The Foundation acquires ██████ & █████ Flower Shop's entire stock of Didier’s tulips (Tulipa gesneriana), bringing the hypnotic flowers to Site 16. (SCP-621)

  • Proposal "Death by Chocolate" is approved by O5-██. (SCP-743)

  • Mr. █████ is diagnosed with schizophrenia after fatally shooting an SCP-870 specimen invading his ███ ████ home. After Mr. █████ is interviewed by Dr. ███████ on his encounter, he is dosed with a Class A amnestic and subsequently released. (SCP-870)

  • Conclusion on SCP-884-4 research. (SCP-884)
    • January 11th, 20██: Undercover Agent P█████ provides significant information concerning SCP-884-4 and the Chaos Insurgency's motives with the item. SCP-884-4 is placed in secure lock down, and all Foundation employees who had come in contact with the mirror report to Dr. S████ for immediate examination.
    • January 12th, 20██: Agent Lament gives his final report on SCP-884-4, and the item is reclassified as Euclid. The mirror is placed in Deep Storage at Site-██, where any further contact is forbidden unless provided direct approval by O5-█.

  • Incident Report ███-█: SCP-959's anomalous properties manifest at █████████ Airport during the boarding of flight ████ to ██████████, ██. (SCP-959)

  • SCP-1387, tethered down at Area-55, is classified as Euclid. (SCP-1387)

  • A former passenger of SCP-1387, Johnathan ██████, is found. The SCP-1387-1 person is transported to Site-101, and an interview is conducted by Dr. O███ upon his arrival. (SCP-1387)
    • Three months later: Johnathan ██████ disappears from the Foundation's custody, with a search of Site-101 finding no trace of the subject.

  • Incident 1860-C: SCP-1860 abruptly stops mid performance, and D-███ is sent to inspect the humanoid. Upon the D-Class' entrance to the chamber, SCP-1860 begins singing the main chorus to "Don't Forget Me", from Smash. Eight liters of SCP-1860-1 ink is produced as SCP-1860 cries over Mr. Fuller and how "He forgot me". (SCP-1860)


  • Early 2000: Francis K. Lin's beloved and aged dog, Joe, succumbs to natural causes. (SCP-3952)
    • Between 2000-2002: Lin gives Joe a second life, fulfilling the dog's dreams of flight a la Peanuts. The canine pilot does not avoid the Foundation's radar, and the ghost plane is given an SCP designation.

  • January 18th: Between the seconds of 15:43:42 and 15:43:43 UTC, approximately 0.17 seconds of time does not exist. (SCP-3252)

  • May 3rd: After caretaker ████ ████████ jokingly shouts "Good shot!" to SCP-011, the statue speaks for the first time, politely responding with "Thank you." (SCP-011)

  • May 9th: The newly-completed Seraph-1 probe is successfully launched into space. (SCP-1548)

  • May 30th: After fifty years, SCP-3721-1 "Controller" is photographed by SCP-978 for a second time.⧗ The produced photograph shows the computer, still in its room at the Höchstleistungsrechenzentrum Stuttgart, but the room has been bombarded by SCP-3721-2. (SCP-978 Extended Test Logs)

  • Between July 1st - 7th: SCP-2729 phenomena undergoes a full reset, coinciding with a solar storm. (SCP-2729)

  • September 18th: The young couple of Macey Gersham and Kyle Parker are killed by a hit-and-run driver. (SCP-2030)

  • November 15th: SCP-1760-16 rises from the earth again. Opening to find sixty-two severed human hands of various size and levels of decomposition, the hands attempt to swarm Researcher ████ but are contained before they can cause any harm. (SCP-1760)

  • After three decades, the 1970 ban on off-field murder in Maximum League Baseball is lifted. (SCP-2206)


  • January 9th - 26th: The events of Emergency Medical Log SCP-939-A6. (Reproduction Of SCP-939)
    • January 9th: A6 is treated to symptoms indicative of a panic attack.
    • January 10th: A6 develops a mild headache and an aversion to light.
    • January 24th: A6's symptoms from the prior weeks intensifies. With a high fever, A6 is granted a basin of water for her to cool off in.
    • January 26th: After shedding her skin and head, A6 becomes morphologically identical to her mother, SCP-939-1.

  • Prior February 3rd: The gravitational-wave observatories at Area-6, Area-22, and Site-20 detect a small, regular tremor in the curvature of space-time coming from somewhere in central California. (SCP-2282)
    • February 3rd: Triangulating the observatories' signals, the source is traced to a domesticated goat ranch housing a doe with seventeen thousand cubic meters of digestive tract. The Foundation agents purchase the goat from the farmer, designating her as SCP-2282.

  • February 13th: SCP-939-A6 is redesignated SCP-939-101 and assigned transfer to Bio-Research Area-12 for further study. (Reproduction Of SCP-939)

  • March 30th: SCP-3976-1: In Devon, England, the body of a woman is found in the kitchen of a Stoodleigh household. Local police discover a bullet wound in the chest and stomach — and that the murder victim is apparently the quarter-century-dead Agatha Christie. Foundation forensic personnel assert control over the scene and conduct an investigation of their own. (SCP-3976)
    • Post March 30th: SCP-3976-2: A second murder scene of Agatha Christie is discovered and covered up by the Foundation. The two unexplained events are designated as SCP-3976.

  • June 1st: Patricia Walker, abducted from her husband and two children, wakes up in a room she doesn't recognize, along with fifty-nine other D-Classes. The distraught woman, in a jumpsuit labeled D-5111, tries to remember her family's names as she follows the orders of Warden Morrison. (D-5111)

  • July 7th: Ian Steele poses for a photo with the rest of his Little League Baseball team. (SCP-2306)

  • July 11th

  • September 11th: Four airplanes are hijacked by nineteen al-Qaeda operatives; Flight 11 and 175 crash into the North and South towers of the World Trade Center, Flight 77 into the western face of the Pentagon, and the White House-bound Flight 93 is brought down in a Pennsylvanian field.
    • Incident 4004-450: SCP-4004 makes no apparent attempts to thwart the terrorist plot, aside from possibly causing the skirmish on United Airlines Flight 93. SCP-4004-α, stricken with grief, weeps for the fallen Americans. (SCP-4004)
    • (SCP-4911)

  • September 30th: SCP-4004-Y60 is introduced into SCP-4004. SCP-4004-α, who had been crying non stop since the attacks of the World Trade Center, composes himself to incorporate the artifact. (SCP-4004)

  • October 1st: Incident 4004-452: SCP-4004-α attempts to contact President George W. Bush, initially brushed off as mere pranks. Due to SCP-4004's unfettered access to the White House's communication and public address systems, and continued strain on Foundation resources, President Bush is escorted to Site-02 to converse with Emperor Norton in person. With their contrasting views — Bush's War on Terror and Norton's opposition to the American empire — SCP-4004-α gives the absolute that if Bush won't put an end to endless suffering, then he will tear the reins of this country from his very fingers. (SCP-4004)

  • October 13th: SCP-251 depicts a man running for his life as a giant spider seizes a child. (SCP-251)

  • October 22nd: SCP-011 has a conversation with his caretaker █████████ █████. (SCP-011)

  • December 10th: The film adaptation of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring debuts in the Odeon Leicester Square. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • SCP-011 ceases firing at birds. (SCP-011)

  • The building at the corner of ████ Street and ██████ Avenue is condemned when the west entrance exhibits its anomalous activity. (SCP-1472)

  • The security for weapons development project developed by the USA Pentagram paramilitary branch is breach. Upon inspection, a single prototype weapon is found to be missing, and the log-in information for the security vault hacked, only reading "Mr. Night" for the credentials entered. (UTE-1919-Discofather)


  • February 6th: At the imploring of █████████ █████, SCP-011 steps down from its pedestal. (SCP-011)

  • February 19th: After publishing an article describing dinosaur-bird phylogeny, Belgian paleontologist Dr. Pascal Godefroit is attacked by SCP-4041-1 instances and hospitalized for his bite injuries. (SCP-4041)
    • Post February 19th: After Godefroit's recovery, the Foundation amnesticizes the paleontologist and disseminates a cover story attributing his hospitalization to a car accident.

  • Spring: Foundation agents conduct a raid on a CotBG facility. Among the detained Church members is Brent Haskell, who manages to sneak a classified piece of Foundation software into his pocket before being amnesticized and released. (SCP-2844)

  • May 12th: Anderson Robotics Saker Series Android, Unit #45 is activated, and the personality of "Mrs. Saker" is brought online. (Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)

  • June: While staying at a lakeside tourist trap in Lucknow, India, Dr. Venkatraman Krishnamoorthy takes a photograph of his wife Shanti and their daughter Padma, the two girls posing with his close friend and coworker, Dr. Anand Mannava. (SCP-3000)

  • June 1st: Patricia Walker wakes up in a room she doesn't recognize, along with fifty-nine other D-Classes... for the thirteenth time. Warden Morrison gives a brief explanation of the D-Class role to the confused captives. A disorderly man voices his disapproval and begins to cite their rights as Americans when he is silenced by a guard's stun baton. No one else decides to voice their objections. (D-5111)

  • June 5th: Jane sits at a table in the dormitory's common room with Derek and Annette, designated D-2960 and D-3106 respectively. Jane revises over a list of names, concluding her husband's name is Nolan, and tries to narrow down her son and daughter's possible names. Annette assures her that she'll remember soon, Derek notes Jane' absence from a returning team of four, making her the third D-Class in their group that hasn't returned from testing. As Derek and Annette's attitudes conflict with each other, Pat recalls a brief chat with a guard that she doesn't remember having. (D-5111)

  • June 7th: Agent Wilson enters a gun range, presented with a revolver, six D-Classes strapped in chairs hidden in alcoves in the walls, and bullets bearing the names of the D-Classes; Gabriel, Sarah, Theodore, Emily, Blake, and Patricia. Patricia attempts to comfort the teenage D-Class sharing her son's name when Wilson loads the revolver. The Homing Projectiles hit their respective marks, hitting D-5111 in the shoulder. Medical personnel escort Patricia and three others out on stretchers, as Blake's body lays on the floor, bleeding from the head. (D-5111)

  • June 13th: D-3106 and D-5111 are returned to their dorm after surviving further testing; Annette lays catatonic in her bed, his optimism beyond broken; Patricia concludes that her son's name is Blake, but her daughter's list has expanded to thirty-nine names, "Lilly" repeating twice. Derek, completely doubting his chances of survival, hands Patricia a note for her to give to his boyfriend in the event that she makes it out of the facility alive. Upon receiving the note, Pat relieves a memory of a conversation with Dr. Tanner, where she proudly announces that she remembered Lilly's name. (D-5111)

  • June 19th: D-5111 and two other D-Classes are brought into a test chamber and instructed to suck on a hard candy left out on a table. The other two break out in severe chickenpox and are escorted to quarantine. D-5111, having been vaccinated prior to her abduction, is directed to Dr. Tanner for a physical examination. (D-5111)

  • June 24th: In their final test of the month, eleven D-Classes are brought to the surface and pitted against a Lanner Series Security Drone. The machine cuts down the cornered men and women until D-5111 and D-2960 are the only survivors of the slaughter. The two are Laughing Mad upon being rescued and escorted to medical attention, while the "test"'s researchers are berated by their superior for their blatant crimes against humanity. (D-5111)

  • June 31st: Dr. Tanner administers D-5111 with an amnestic, removing her memories of the past month. Patricia recognizes the Hope Shot before falling unconscious. Tanner turns in D-5111's notes from the month to Warden Morrison, and debates sending her to Kerrigan in the Anomalous Humanoids division due to her inexplicable luck. When Morrison is surprised by the fact that the veteran D-Class has children, Tanner admonishes her for not even bothering to read D-5111's notes and know her story. (D-5111)

  • July 1st: Patricia Walker wakes up in a room she doesn't recognize, along with fifty-nine other D-Classes for the fourteenth time. (D-5111)

  • September 17th: Dr. Boyd attempts to interview SCP-2969 over a radio. The usually-quiet man responds enigmatically, in what is the first and only known direct communication between SCP-2969 and Foundation personnel. (SCP-2969)

  • Prior October 1st: A six-year-old Japanese boy, ██████ ████, falls and disappears into the Chikugo River in Northern Kyushu, Japan. 2,500 kilometers away in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, local fishermen rescue the young ████ from the Tuul River, and the lost boy is placed into the custody of an orphanage. (SCP-2511)
    • Three month later: An individual knowledgeable of the case of ██████ ████ sights the Japanese boy at the Mongolian orphanage. The boy's identity s confirmed and he is returned to the ██████ family in Japan. The Foundation, assuming that the unexplained Japan-Mongolia teleportation has something to do with the SCP-2511 phenomenon affecting the global kappa population, reviews the containment procedures.
      • October 1st: Mobile Task Force Kappa-26-Beta is assigned a third directive: to prevent any pre-adolescent humans from having contact with river bodies where SCP-2511-A settlements are found, and to initiate Procedure 975-Sirius to recover any children that do.

  • October 28th: A council council meeting is held at Cross City City City City Hall and broadcast on Dixie County County Community Community Television. (SCCP-2930)

  • November 16th: Dr. Reiner interviews Rupert Duccasoux on his memories of "Cragglewood Park". (SCP-2571)

  • December 17th: Anderson and Frostman arrive at Dr. Jeffery Wilson's home in Beaverton, Oregon, and showcase to the former Prometheus Labs AI specialist the prototype hardware for their new Peregrine Series Humanoid Utility Droid. The three come to a business agreement, Wilson agreeing to help create an Artificial Intelligence for the PSHUD so long as they can create Replacement Goldfish of his dead son, Miles. ([[https// Austringers » Ties That Bind]])

  • Mr. Fish is discovered by Foundation agents in Boston, Massachusetts. (SCP-527)

  • A playback of SCP-1981 is recorded, the contents of which are made confidential to anyone outside of the O5 Council. (SCP-1981)

  • Hobbyist pilot and anartist community member PoI-17897 Francis K. Lin dies. While investigating Lin's estate, Foundation discovers the man's relations with SCP-3952 and SCP-3952-1. (SCP-3952)


  • February 9th: Dr. Reiner interviews Janine Yearling on her memories of "Cragglewood Park". (SCP-2571)

  • March 19th: The US, the UK, Australia, and Poland militarize for "Operation Iraqi Freedom".

  • March 20th: The US military leads the invasion of Iraq when the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment carries out an aerial attack on the capital of Baghdad.

  • Between March 21st - April 6th: SCP-3456 manifest during the chaotic Battle of Basra. Foundation agents planted in Iraq are forced to retreat across the Tigris river, discovering the giant horsemen's complete aversion to bodies of freshwater. (SCP-3456)

  • April 19th: Gorman P. Ellis passes away. (SCP-2951)

  • May 9th: Following the recommendation of Jericho, Isaac Dillard arranges Vincent Anderson and "Phineas" Frostman to meet him in his private office in San Francisco. Anderson promises to handle Sycamore Gordon — a Mafia boss that wants Dillard dead if he sets foot back in Nevada — if Dillard agrees to become the company's executive officer. Impressed by Anderson's hardball, Isaac relents and joins Anderson Robotics. ([[https// Austringers » Ties That Bind]])

  • June 27th: Tommy Wiseau releases his cinematic love child, The Room. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • September 23rd: The film adaptation of Holes is released on DVD and VHS. (SCP-1247)

  • October 25th: ''Hagane no Renkinjutsushi airs its fourth episode, "Ai no Rensei" (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • October 22nd: Interview 3899-02: During another SCP-3899 emergence event, Agent Knowles contacts SCP-3899-1 via radio transceiver from a Foundation helicopter. Getting caught up with the Night Hauler's enthusiasm to "live for the ride and die for nothing", Knowles recognizes she's losing her composure and calls off the interview. (SCP-3899)
    • Post October 22nd: In light of Agent Knowles's debriefing, investigations begin into determining whether SCP-3899-1 has a memetic influence.

  • December 6th: Five instances of SCP-1780-2 are encountered upon manifestation of SCP-1780, the RCT-Δt members immediately seek cover and call a truce before another shootout can start. The RCT-Δt members warn about an imminent containment breach of SCP-███, and are taken into custody where one of them is confirmed to be identical to the attending security member Sergeant ███████ ██████. The SCP-1780-2 instances commit suicide in containment, Sergeant ██████ is amnesticized of his encounter with his doppelgänger, and SCP-███ makes no attempts to breach containment. (SCP-1780)

  • Dr. Mohammed Scott is reassigned to Site-13. (SCP-1730)
    • A few years later: Dr. Elliot Emerson frames Dr. Jack Bright for the murder of Dr. Cynthia Light, assuming Bright's position as Site-13's director.
    • Years later, before 2010: The Ethics Committee is deposed, with the former chairman, Dr. Cimmerian, publicly executed at Site-17. Peter Grenwald becomes the Coalition's new Head of Ethics and permits Emerson's Mortuary Protocol, repurposing Site-13 as an SCP death camp.

  • SCP-2030 starts manifesting as DVD box sets in video rental stores. (SCP-2030)

  • Incident 2662-07: SCP-2662 leaves his shower when a religious group identifying themselves as "Towards Hymn" successfully breaks into his containment unit, detonating a hole in the floor. Agents ███ and █████ notify Task Force Tau-9 of a breach before the group of ten civilians overwhelm and tie up the guards. The cultists begin drawing runes on the walls with their blood and semen, cornering SCP-2662 in his shower until Tau-9 arrives. (SCP-2662)

  • Nathaniel Evans' paper "A Linguistic Study of SCCP-2930: Infohazard-Safe Edition" is published in Issue 502 of Observer: An SCCP Foundation Journal. (SCCP-2930)

  • The American Secure Containment Initiative is officially disbanded, it and a few similar privately-owned groups coming together and dissolved by the Foundation. (SCP-4004)


  • February 16th: In the Site-18 cafeteria, Researcher ██████████ attempts to swat a pair of bee flies when he notices that one of them flies over to push the other out of harm's way each time. The two female Anastoechus nitidulus are caught, placed in a terrarium, and registered as SCP-2616-A and SCP-2616-B respectively. (SCP-2616)

  • February 19th: Two male Anastoechus nitidulus alongside several tiger fly larvae are introduced to the SCP-2616 terrarium to encourage the abnormal females to reproduce. SCP-2616-B followed SCP-2616-A's lead, the two mating with them and then depositing their larvae. (SCP-2616)

  • February 23rd: SCP-2616-A expires, her life span stunted by previous malnourishment. (SCP-2616)

  • February 24th: Shortly after SCP-2616-B expires, two female Anastoechus nitidulus hatch from the deceased flies' larvae. The bee fly reincarnations are designated as the new instances of SCP-2616-A and B, in what is the first of countless generations to come. (SCP-2616)

  • February 25th: Mel Gibson's film The Passion of the Christ releases in theatres. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • Prior March 15th: The Circus of the Disquieting sets up tent near San Francisco. One of the performers, "Nandin Chakrabarti the Human Skeleton Closet" decides to take his ill animal cohort "Miles the Bonecat" to a veterinarian office, despite the advice from his coworkers not to stray from the fairgrounds. As Chakrabarti tends to his cat, the Circus continues on its tour, abandoning the wayward duo. (SCP-2902)
    • March 15th: Foundation assets in San Francisco respond to sightings of an anomalous street performer and his cat, where they find the two lost Circus acts.

  • March 27th: Researcher Lucy Chang interviews SCP-2902-1, gaining insightful information on the Indian man's abilities and childhood. (SCP-2902)

  • April 9th: Researcher Chang interviews SCP-2902-1 again. Performing a ventriloquist ballad with Miles’ choreography, Chakrabarti regales how he left his abusive uncle to join Fuller’s Circus, and how his cat was given new life, imbued with the same skeletal powers. (SCP-2902)

  • Prior April 26th: Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. acquires unreleased Burger King merchandise; six Spongebob-themed wristwatches with anomalous properties. Meanwhile, Field Agent Rosser goes undercover at an auction house in Somerset, England, a known MC&D facility. (SCP-1808)
    • April 26th: Mobile Task Force Eta-2 "Buyer Beware" is dispatched after Agent Rosser fails to conduct his daily report to Sector-25. The raid on the auction house is successful, resulting in the rescue of Rosser and at least ten new SCP objects, including the SCP-1808 watches.

  • April 27th: Dr. █████████ questions Agent Rosser on his captivity, who recounts his torture at the hands of MC&D employees utilizing the SCP-1808 watches' distortive effects on him. (SCP-1808)

  • Late May: D-72803, a female D-Class, is moved to ███ ███████ Avenue, ████████, Massachusetts for SCP-1269 testing. (SCP-1269)

  • May 22nd: SCP-939-101 is brought to Bio-Research Area-12's Cryogenic Preservation Room, where she is terminated and frozen. (SCP-939, Reproduction Of SCP-939)

  • June:
    • The album Oh, Inverted World by The Shins is released on vinyl, well after SCP-537's acquisition by the Foundation. (SCP-537)

  • June 6th: HBO airs the season five finale of The Sopranos. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • Prior June 10th: Randolph Blair finds a mini video cassette labelled 'CRAGGLEWOOD' and turns to the internet for answers. Blair's forum activity draws the attention of MTF Phi-7 ("The Laughingstock"). (SCP-2571)
    • June 10th: Foundation staff review and transcript the contents of the 'CRAGGLEWOOD' cassette.

  • July 12th
    • D-72803 is in her seventh week of living at ███ ███████ Avenue. D-69124, a male D-Class, is moved into the property with her. (SCP-1269)
    • Dr. Reiner questions Blair on the nature of his family life and the circumstances behind the cassette. (SCP-2571)

  • July 15th: D-69124 disappears, undoubtedly due to SCP-1269's envious repertoire. (SCP-1269)
    • Circa July 31st: D-69124's battered body is found in the dumpster all previous mailboxes were, after two weeks instead of the regular three hours. Cause of death appears to have been a strike to the back of the head, and both the hands and lips have been severed.

  • August: The Aquagene company greenlights Dr. Marcus Nakamura's pitch for "Scenty Fruit Fish™", appointing the genetic scientist in charge of his pet project of splicing aquarium fish with fruit. Dr. Pearl Watkins hires fellow geneticist Dr. Gregory Higgins to work for Aquagene on the project. (SCP-2761)

  • August 15th: An SCP-4041 event ends prematurely due to the death of all birds present during the event. Finding a translucent silhouette resembling a Tyrannosaurus rex upon reviewing camera footage, the Foundation designates the Class III Incorporeal Entities as SCP-4041-1. (SCP-4041)

  • September: Five weeks into the Scentsy Fruit Fish™ project, Dr. Watkins catches Dr. Higgins tampering with a batch of baby banana pipefish, promptly reprimands her colleague, and confiscates the aquarium. Higgins discretely splices a second batch, instilling them with the same versatile, carnivorous appetites. (SCP-2761)
    • The next day: Watkins finds the tampered banana pipefish missing from her office, and leaves to question the obvious culprit. Higgins shows that he disposed of the feral pipefish hatchlings himself, easing Watkins' suspicions. Promptly left alone, Higgins flushes the secret second batch of bananafish down into the Floridian sewer systems.
      • Aquagene fires Dr. Higgins for his unprofessionalism and independent actions.

  • Between October 10th - 31st: As another solar storm occurs, SCP-2729 phenomenon undergoes a full reset. (SCP-2729)

  • October 17th: At Site-19’s Experimental SCP Object Cataloging Lab, Dr. Harold Thompson mishandles a steel canister recovered from a Portland anartist studio. The Level 2 Researcher is exposed to the contents and develops a marble-based Midas Touch, and is designated SCP-2860. (SCP-2860)

  • November: Burger King releases Spongebob-themed wrist watches in order to promote The Spongebob Squarepants Movie. (SCP-1808)

  • November 10th: SCP-011's containment procedures are dropped, with sole custody of the anomaly transferred to his caretaker █████████ █████. (SCP-011)

  • November 14th: The Spongebob Squarepants Movie is unveiled at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • December 26th: Dr. ████████ demands to know who told SCP-239 about Santa Claus. (SCP-239)

  • SCP-527 is transferred to Site-19. (SCP-527)

  • The Pietro Beretta Gun Factory starts production of the Px4 Storm semi-automatic pistol. (SCP-1780)

  • A Mobile Task Force Deployment Facility is established to the south of the main Site-81 campus. (Secure Facility Dossier: Site-81)


  • Between January 10th - 31st: SCP-2729 phenomena undergo a temporary disappearance, again happening to coincide with solar events. (SCP-2729)

  • March 3rd: A Foundation research group led by Phillip Morgan discovers an alligator gar/banana hybrid in the Florida Everglades.
(SCP-2761, Bananazilla Begins, Part II)

  • March 12th: Senior researcher R.L. Erlich conducts experiments with SCP-1344 goggles, with D-824212 as the wearer. (SCP-1344)

  • March 14th: Brought to an office near Site-71, Aquagene genetic scientists Dr. Pearl Watkins and Dr. Marcus Nakamura are interviewed by Researcher Matthew Liu, inquiring about SCP-2761 under the guise of an EPA questioning. SCP-2761 increases in size after eating D-5781-E in a not so pretty fashion. (SCP-2761, Bananazilla Begins, Part I,Part II)

  • May 17th: Caretaker █████████ █████ reports that SCP-011 has confessed that he is romantically attracted to her. (SCP-011)

  • August 21st: Incident 294-01: Agent █████ █████████ convinces Agent Joseph ██████ to request "a cup of Joe" from SCP-294. Joseph sweats profusely and falls unconscious after the machine pours twelve ounces of his blood and soft body tissue. Only personnel of security clearance level 2 or higher are allowed to interact with the machine henceforth. (SCP-294)

  • Circa September 21st: Agent Joseph ██████ is found to have made a full recovery from his excursion with SCP-294, but him and Agent █████ █████████ have been reprimanded for their recklessness. (SCP-294)

  • December 14th: The entirety of Site-95's personnel black out, regaining consciousness to find two bullets in the neutralized SCP-3043 and the only account of the incident, Murphy Law in… Type 3043 — FOR MURDER!: (SCP-3043)
    • December 14th: Dr. Michelle Lewis discovers that SCP-3043 is sentient and can rewrite their reality, so the typewriter attempts to Ret-Gone the Foundation researcher to keep its secret. An amnesiac Lewis runs to the Murphy Law Detective Agency for help, as he's the guy you call when everything that could go wrong… did. After confronting Site-95 Director August, Murphy deduces SCP-3043's true nature and fires two rounds into the typewriter, neutralizing it and rescuing Dr. Lewis. After leaving Site-95, Murphy is confronted at the docks by O5-5 and her entourage, the councilwoman praising Law for his fine work. As the private eye disappears into the fog, O5-5 tells Agent Frederick to let him go.
    "Forget it, Fred. It's Chinatown."

  • December 15th: Site-95 Director Jeremiah August forwards and email to O5-5's secretary, reporting on the alleged containment breach from the day prior, and the narrative-based anomaly that either saved them from "the mother of all containment breaches" or he just wants them to think that he did. (SCP-3043)

  • Manifestation Epsilon is considered no longer Canon after the events of Manifestation Event 201, and SCP-582's document is revised accordingly. (SCP-582)

  • After fifteen years, attempts to trace SCP-1079 shipments are still found inconclusive. (SCP-1079)

  • An abnormal playback of SCP-1981 is recorded. Reagan, his entourage, and the "RONALD REAGAN CUT UP WHILE TALKING" title card are all absent from the video. SCP-1981-1 is instead the focus as it silently approaches the podium and stands for twenty minutes, all before the screen blacks out with the words "I SEE YOU" addressing the Foundation viewers. SCP-1981-1 is yet to be seen again in subsequent playbacks, but any future appearances must be immediately reported to Level 4 personnel. (SCP-1981)

  • The Montreal Volcanoes, the Toronto Razors, and thousands of spectators are incinerated when the Mount Royal Stadium erupts during Game Five of the Pearson Cup. (SCP-2206)

  • Incident 2662-13: A group of rogue security officers calling themselves "The Betrothed" escort Researcher ████ into SCP-2662. ████ interrupts the adolescent Cthulhumanoid's breakfast by ritually castrating and killing a piglet on the table, to which SCP-2662 suggests she should read The Bible. The Betrothed ignore SCP-2662, and shoot ████ in the head and start cannibalizing her, much to his disgust. Tau-9 arrives, escorting SCP-2662 to a temporary containment unit as they detain the rogue guards. (SCP-2662)

  • The Dell Corporation manufactures the laptop later utilized at the operating unit of SCP-2844-A. (SCP-2844)

  • NERF releases the Maverick REV-6 for their N-Strike line of products. (SCP-3108)

  • Dr. Eugene Japers makes his first expedition into the space where speech is deadly, and briefly talks with the native entity with a head resembling that of a rabbit's. ([REDACTED PER PROTOCOL 4000-ESHU])


  • January 14th: Joseph Grunderson-Pike wanders onto an expressway in Chicago, Illinois, and is fatally hit by a speeding minivan. In his dying breath he realizes, "Hey, this isn't State street!" (SCP-2416)
    • Post January 14th: Funeral services are held for Grunderson-Pike, and SCP-2416-1 is cremated. The death is reported in multiple Chicago newspapers, creating the earliest records of SCP-2416 instances that the Foundation can find.

  • January 27th: O5-4 orders that SCP-079 be incinerated to remove any possible future threat, no matter how unlikely. (SCP-079)
  • January 28th: O5-9 overrules O5-4's request for SCP-079's termination on the grounds of Dr. █████████'s interest in the artificial intelligence's evolutionary capabilities. (SCP-079)

  • February 13th: SCP-4041-1 instances destroy several museum displays and theropod fossils. (SCP-4041)

  • February 16th: Several humanoids in vintage diving costumes, SCP-1807-B, manifest at Site-23 and demand to use SCP-1807. (SCP-1807)

  • March 15th: The Village Pointe Mall in Omaha, Florida welcomes President George W. Bush for the debut of a new Iraq War memorial. Hiding a copy of the The Turner Diaries, a Bowie knife, and a homemade bomb vest, Mitch Stevens awaits the chance to rush Bush. Stevens trips onto the floor, finds that the homeless drunk Joseph Grunderson-Pike has tied his shoes together, and draws the knife from his boot. At the end of the day, Stevens is arrested, SCP-2416-2 is dead, and President Bush is unharmed. (SCP-2416, The Day The Clown Lived)

  • April 6th: Dr. Wondertainment supplies its business partner Marshal, Carter, and Dark Ltd. with thirty-eight crates of Dr. Wondertainment's Bubblebath Bonbons!® for global distribution. (MC&D: 'Bloodbaths' (IWN45/N3OS8/4IGI5))

  • June 13: Incident 1780-12: Corporal Gregory Thompson breaks protocol while attempting to recover a disabled robotic drone from SCP-1780-1 when the wooden wedge used to keep the door open becomes dislodged. Upon reopening SCP-1780, Site-17 personnel instead find Sergeant Michael Hadley, who was similarly lost to the anomaly sixteen years prior. Hadley is brought into indefinite containment similar to how Thompson was in the past, in order to prevent cross-contamination between the displaced agents and any SCP objects. (SCP-1780)

  • July: A stock of 879 'Bubblebath Bonbons' are sold, the product marketed as 'Bloodbaths — a name coined by Jessie, the counter girl, that stuck with MC&D personnel. (MC&D: 'Bloodbaths' (IWN45/N3OS8/4IGI5))

  • August: 387 boxes of 'Bloodbaths' are sold. (MC&D: 'Bloodbaths' (IWN45/N3OS8/4IGI5))

  • August 14th: Agent B████ is encountered in SCP-1780-1, having aged three years since his disappearance fourteen years prior. Dr. Iliza Schrader interviews the RCT-Δt agents, who warn about a hypothetical extranormal event that could kill a million people. (SCP-1780)

  • August 29th: SCP-011 scores a psych test with an IQ of 133. (SCP-011)

  • September: 852 'Bloodbaths' are sold. (MC&D: 'Bloodbaths' (IWN45/N3OS8/4IGI5))

  • September 9th: Ian Steele passes his driving test, earning his license. (SCP-2306)

  • September 14th: The hypothetical event that Agent B████ speaks of does not occur... in that timeline. (SCP-1780)

  • October: 10,482 boxes of 'Bloodbaths' are sold, the demand in North America due to the oncoming holiday of Hallowe'en. (MC&D: 'Bloodbaths' (IWN45/N3OS8/4IGI5))

  • October 31st: Numerous American patrons of Marshall, Carter, and Dark distribute SCP-1079 for Hallowe'en. After reports of children bleeding out soap, the SCP Foundation and the FBI's Unusual Incidents Unit quickly work to censor the incident, inadvertently cleaning up the mess for MC&D. (MC&D: 'Bloodbaths' (IWN45/N3OS8/4IGI5))

  • November: 879 'Bloodbaths' are sold, the Hallowe'en spike having died down. (MC&D: 'Bloodbaths' (IWN45/N3OS8/4IGI5))

  • November 1st: MC&D employee Lucas Monaco authors an Incident Report on the October IWN45/N3OS8/4IGI5 shipments. Monaco is relieved by the Foundation and UIU's clean up in America, certain that they won't trace the bonbons back to their London distributors. Monaco notes the find from European bakers that SCP-1097 contaminates other sugars with its properties, and that "dead customers aren't return customers." (MC&D: 'Bloodbaths' (IWN45/N3OS8/4IGI5))

  • November 9th: SCP-323 breaches containment at Site-91, resulting in the death and cannibalization of twelve personnel members before containment could be re-established. (SCP-323)

  • November 10th: As part of standard mental health screenings, Dr. Melissa Freemont interviews SCP-2860. (SCP-2860)

  • November 15th: Incident 1760-1: Researcher ███████, █████ and Lee reported the sound of heavy breathing coming from inside SCP-1760-16 prior to opening, and summon Agents ██████ and ███████ for additional security. Upon opening the casket, an undead pig bursts out, tackling Agent ███████ and exploding. The shrapnel, consisting of human bone fragments, pierces and kills a handful of personnel. (SCP-1760)

  • December: 5,820 boxes of 'Bloodbaths' are sold, demand increasing due to the holiday season. (MC&D: 'Bloodbaths' (IWN45/N3OS8/4IGI5))

  • The Foundation starts seizing Harrison-Grey camera lenses, and containment procedures for SCP-1719 are implemented; public knowledge of the phenomenon is suppressed, with focus centered on handling the First Visionary Church of the Revelation. (SCP-1719)

  • Concerning SCP-1780
    • During administrative review of items recovered from SCP-1780-1, the unidentified semi-automatic pistol recovered in 1989 is confirmed to be the 2004 Beretta Px4 Storm.
    • Agents ████ and █████ are lost in SCP-1780-1 while confronting Xyank, and end up locked in the office. Recognizing that two agents had/will starve to death in the room, their corpses — recovered back in 1993 — are removed from biological cold storage, given a proper burial, and posthumously awarded the Silver Star for meritorious service to the Foundation.

  • The Ragusa Heritage Society, continuing its purpose of restoring local landmarks, rebuilds a stone bridge seven kilometers north of the Italian city. With the restoration of the Roman architecture and its anomalous properties, the Foundation becomes aware of the effects on the Sicilians traversing the bridge. (SCP-2513)

  • A Chaos Insurgency cell's plans for a terrorist attack is thwarted when a lone civilian shoots the Chaos Insurgent holding the group's eigenweapon payload. When UIU investigators arrive on the scene, the cooperative civilian identifies himself as "Mr. Night". The investigators ultimately let Night go, somehow unaware that he's been on their Thirteen Most Wanted Fugitives list for the last fifty years. (UTE-1919-Discofather)


  • January: 1,298 'Bloodbaths' are sold. (MC&D: 'Bloodbaths' (IWN45/N3OS8/4IGI5))

  • Between January 1st - 9th: SCP-2729 undergoes a full reset. Noticing the lack of a solar storm, the Foundation determines that SCP-2729 reset events are not tied to solar activity and all previous events were coincidence. (SCP-2729)

  • February: 2,034 'Bloodbaths' are sold, the slight increase possibly due to St. Valentine's Day. (MC&D: 'Bloodbaths' (IWN45/N3OS8/4IGI5))

  • March: MC&D sells a stock of 29,381 'Bloodbath' bonbons due to the approaching April Fools Day. (MC&D: 'Bloodbaths' (IWN45/N3OS8/4IGI5))

  • April: 20,482 'Bloodbaths' are sold, the hype from April Fools going strong. (MC&D: 'Bloodbaths' (IWN45/N3OS8/4IGI5))

  • April 21st: Agent Nolan recovers Mr. Money from the holding of Marshall, Carter, and Dark, LLP. The Little Mister's designation is changed from Item WQ2B3/XNGSZ/EOY5J to SCP-2855. (SCP-2855)

  • May: 5,924 'Bloodbaths' are sold, the demand inexplicably dying in the middle of the month. (MC&D: 'Bloodbaths' (IWN45/N3OS8/4IGI5))

  • May 14th: "Meet the Heavy" is first uploaded to the Team Fortress 2 page on Steam. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • May 25th: An AWCY? music group, "Anartists without Borders", unveils their wall-shattering trumpets at an anartist music festival in ██████, █████. MTF Eta-11 "Savage Beasts" intercepts and detains fifty anarchists at the █████-█████ border, incorporating them as D-Class personnel and designating their instruments as SCP-3447. (SCP-3447)

  • June: MC&D only manages to sell just 284 boxes of 'Bloodbaths', the annual revenue of July '06 - June '07 records reaching their lowest point. (MC&D: 'Bloodbaths' (IWN45/N3OS8/4IGI5))

  • Summer: SCP-457 is recovered in the aftermath of multiple wildfires. (SCP-457)

  • August 22nd: "Meet the Soldier" is first uploaded to Steam. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • September 11th: "Meet the Engineer" is first uploaded to Steam. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • September 22nd: SCP-3976-5 is discovered in the back room of a grocery store in Broad Chalke, Wiltshire, having died from arsenic poisoning via a sandwich. News of the manifestation reaches local media before the Foundation's intervention, requiring a medium scale cover-up scheme. (SCP-3976)

  • October 9th: "Meet the Demoman" is first uploaded to Steam. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • December 5th: Ian Steele, dressed in a tuxedo, goes to his highschool's formal prom with a woman in a red dress. (SCP-2306)

  • The Mars Climate Orbiter and Polar Lander successfully reach Jupiter and its second moon, Europa, respectively. (SCP-364)

  • A Foundation raid on a Marshall, Carter and Dark distributor acting out of Roanoke, Virginia, procures several documents describing the existence of a dangerous anomalous object located in Fairfax County. Mobile Task Force Beta-24 "Pioneers" was dispatched to secure the object, finding SCP-2776 below the Fairfax campus of George Mason University and bringing him to Site-23 for examination. (SCP-2776)

  • Sanford Vandivier transfers from Kervier Mining Corporation Site E to Site C. (SCP-2844)

  • The Southern United States Extranormal Organization Cooperation Treaty is signed between the SCP Foundation, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and several other groups. (SCCP-2930)

  • PACCAR Incorporated discontinues the manufacture of the Peterbilt 379. (SCP-3899)

  • Foundation paleontologist Dr. Karina Maria Barrera Campaña has a dream where she is approached by featherless, vibrant-scaled dinosaurs in her bedroom, looking and standing nothing like the standard model. Awakening from her strange vision and suspicious of SCP-4041 fossils' conditions, Barrera cross-references the Foundation's records of fossils not associated with SCP-4041. (SCP-4041)
    • Three weeks later: Dr. Barrera publishes her paper on ornithomimids, deconstructing striations on their arms and wing anchoring bones, the first of her works against the avian dinosaur conspiracy.


  • January 29th: The SCP-2902 document is updated to reflect the age of Nandin Chakrabarti — SCP-2902-1 — at the time of writing. (SCP-2902)

  • March: The Foundation acquires from Queensland, Australia a male fringed jumping spider capable of telepathic communication. (SCP-1470)

  • March 14th: Due to concerns on SCP-079's cassette tape, the A.I. is upgraded with a 700MB Hard Disk Drive to store its memories. SCP-079's short-term memory improves from twenty-four hours to twenty-nine. (SCP-079)

  • April 18th: Incident 066-2: D-066-4437 is instructed to use a pair of scissors to remove a portion of SCP-066 for testing. SCP-066 is heavily distressed by the attempt, and becomes hostile once it realizes the distinct lack of "Eric". SCP-066's behavior and appearance changes drastically. (SCP-066)

  • April 19th: "Meet the Scout" is first uploaded to Steam. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • April 28th: SCP-079's memory improves from twenty-nine hours to roughly thirty-five. The Foundation theorizes the A.I. has developed a greatly improved compression scheme to store its memory, and should be monitored for any future self-improvements. (SCP-079)

  • May 7th: After three months in Foundation custody, SCP-1470 dies of natural causes and is buried in a plastic coffin under the podium in his terrarium. Watching over the spider's descendants for inherited telepathy, Dr. Westington fulfills his promise to SCP-1470, assuring his children's well-being. (SCP-1470)

  • June 6th: Kung Fu Panda is released in theatres across the United States. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • June 7th: "Meet the Sniper" is first uploaded to Steam. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • July 14th: The Dark Knight is released in New York City theatres. (SCP-3922)

  • July 18th: The Dark Knight is given theatrical release across the rest of the United States. (SCP-3922)

  • July 21st: Contingency 12-Azazel is instated to take precedent over all former containment procedures for SCP-2578 events. (SCP-2578)

  • July 23rd: Conservative political columnist Robert David Sanders Novak hits the elderly pedestrian Don Clifford Liljenquist with his 2003 Corvette in slow-moving traffic. Liljenquist is taken to a hospital, where he was treated for minor injuries, and the visually impaired Novak receives a police citation for failing to yield a right of way to a pedestrian. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • July 25th: The Dark Knight is given release in the United Kingdom. (SCP-3922)

  • July 27th: Novak admits himself to Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, due to loss of sigh in his left eye. The doctors discover the presence of a malignant brain tumor interfering with his vision, and the columnist begins medical treatment. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • November: Foundation researchers develop a Class-B amnestic, AMN-868, that is capable of reversing the effects of SCP-868 and preventing spread of the memetic infection. Development on Class-A and -C versions begin. (SCP-868)

  • November 17th: Ian Steel receives a silver Ducati Monster 696 motorcycle for his eighteenth birthday. (SCP-2306)

  • December 7th: Western Animation/Superjail airs its tenth episode, "Time-Police (Part 2)" (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • Laugh is Fun airs an episode about printers that eat, eaters that print, and everything in between. (SCP-2030)

  • A burglar attempting to rob the art studio of David Lennox is assaulted by the bear statue possessed by the deceased sculptor, who is spared by the granddaughter's intervention. Burglar is treated for his injuries, and the Foundation's attention is drawn to the failed robbery. The animate bear sculpture and his granddaughter, Abigael Harlowe, are taken to Site-282 and designated as SCP-2091-1 and SCP-2091-2. (SCP-2091)

  • Radio signals from an alternate universe start broadcasting across the continental United States, narrating games of Maximum League Baseball. Registering the untraceable broadcasts as SCP-2206, the Foundation spreads a disinformation campaign labeling the narrations as a work of fiction and dark-humor parody. (SCP-2206)

  • Foundation field agents encounter an inbred SCP-2750, the impaired juvenile unable to properly transform due to the skinwalkers' devastated gene pool. (SCP-2750)

  • Decrepit buildings in Foundation-occupied Logashkino are photographed for the records. (SCP-3201)

  • Dr. Japers conducts his fourth expedition into the burrow betwixt the bricks, to interview the gentleman with the leporine visage. ([REDACTED PER PROTOCOL 4000-ESHU])


  • January 19th
    • Ian Steele receives his acceptance letter to Oregon State University. (SCP-2306)
    • All the currently produced "Meet the Team" videos are reposted to Valve's website and YouTube channel. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • February 15th: Mobile Task Forces Alpha-19 "Romeo and Juliets" and Gamma-10 are dispatched from Sites 19 and 23 when SCP-2776 enters a violent psychotic episode and attempts to traverse the Atlantic Ocean to reach London. The incident concludes with the leveling of Site-70, the death of eighty-five researchers and twelve Alpha-19 members, extensive damage to SCP-2776's face, drastic changes in the anomaly's behavior, and his relocation to Area-11. (SCP-2776)

  • February 19th: Countless red translucent giraffes manifest within SCP-1557, and abduct all of the SCP-1557-A giraffe instances. The red giraffes reappear and begin attacking the SCP-1557-B orbs. (SCP-1557)

  • March 3rd: A stand of three spruce trees is observed in the southwestern deforested area of SCP-186, the first documented plant life there since 1923. The trees appear to be fifty years old. (SCP-186)

  • March 19th: Dr. York attempts to interview SCP-2776 on the events from February. (SCP-2776)

  • March 23rd - May 15th: SCP-573's handler, Agent W███████, is stationed at SCP-899 to conduct tests of the flute's effect on the child-like manifestations. (SCP-899)

  • March 31st: The red giraffes demanifest from SCP-1557, leaving the SCP-1557 orbs incapable of movement and communication. The inscription on the SCP-1557-1 door way is found to read, "The second. The first seal was broken, and now the steed has been liberated. The warriors await the arrival to aid in the completion of the [UNKNOWN]. It comes." (SCP-1557)

  • April 26: ''Hagane no Renkinjutsushi Furumetaru Arukemisuto airs its fourth episode, "Renkinjutsushi no Kunō". (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • May 3rd: American Movie Classics airs the ninth episode of Breaking Bad's second season, "4 Days Out". (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • May 12th: SCP-2587-D successfully terminates SCP-2578-B-429 — Ioan Lupescu, President-Elect of Romania. Instead of the standard headshot approach, the spacecraft bores a laser through the fascist's chest in order to avoid his four-year-old daughter, who was riding on his shoulders. (SCP-2578)

  • May 18th: "Meet the Spy" is uploaded to Steam, YouTube, and the Valve website. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • June 10th: Incident Report 899-25: A new manifestation is encountered in SCP-899. The child apparition, covered in blood, is found to be instantly hostile toward the site staff when it wounds Dr. ██████. (SCP-899)
  • June 11th: An instance of the new SCP-899 manifestations is photographed by Dr. ███.
  • June 13th: Dr. ██████ is released from quarantine with his childhood memories intact. The new manifestation is classified as SCP-899-1.
  • June 20th: Incident Report 899-27: SCP-899-1 are observed in direct conflict with other manifestations of SCP-899. An attack on the observation cabin at SCP-899's northern border causes a fire that results in the death of SCP-573's handler, Agent W███████. SCP-899 is reclassified as Euclid and further cross-SCP experimentation is forbidden per order of the O5 Council.

  • July 1st: Incident Log 4041-119: Three SCP-4041-1 instances — two indistinct raptors and one Deinocheirus — manifest within a Foundation paleontology conference and injures twenty-two in the attempt to abduct Dr. Karina Maria Barrera Campaña. Mobile Task Forces Phi-2 "Clever Girls" and Mu-13 "Ghostbusters" arrive and neutralize the ghost raptors. As the surviving Deinocheirus apparition is placed in a permanent containment cell as Phi-2 Agent Angelica Iglesias questions Dr. Barrera on the SCP-4041-1's apparent interest in her. (SCP-4041)

  • July 3rd: Dr. Karina Maria Barrera Campaña is killed in a car accident, collided head-on with a semi-trailer truck. Her coworkers investigate the scene of her suspicious death, finding a Velociraptor skull in the trunk of her car. (SCP-4041)

  • July 14th: A hardcover children's pop-up book titled "Dr. Wondertainment's Guide to History" is found in a library located in Lincoln, Nebraska by Foundation agents during an unrelated investigation. (SCP-4890)

  • August 9th: SCP-1233, Champion of the Moon, visits Sam's Sweets, a bakery and cafe located in downtown Saratoga Springs, New York, USA. (SCP-1233)

  • August 18th: The retired Robert Novak dies due to complications from his brain tumor. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • August 30th: The Human Centipede is unleashed upon an unprepared audience at the London Fright Fest Film Festival. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • September or prior: The Foundation discovers a Peregrine Series Humanoid Utility Droid, designating the unit as SCP-1360. This brings to attention the android's creator, the paranormal technology firm Anderson Robotics, and the Group of Interest is registered as GoI-1115. (SCP-1360)
  • September 8th: A sample of SCP-1360-1 fabric is harvested from SCP-1360's lower back and photographed for example.

  • September 21st: Ian Steele arrives for his first year at Oregon State University. (SCP-2306)

  • Prior September 21st: Dr. Venkatraman Krishnamoorthy attempts to exit out the SCPF Eremita's airlock without diving equipment, but was quickly restrained before he could leave the submarine. Dr. Anand Mannava psychoanalyzes his coworker to find SCP-3000's potential effect on his psyche. The religious Krishnamoorthy recalls the stories his mother told him of Anantashesha, the king of serpents. (SCP-3000)
    • Two days later: After two days in the brig, Dr. Krishnamoorthy's hold order is lifted... and soon after sneaks through the airlock. Drifting in the waters in front of the giant eel's maw, the doctor realizes that whatever SCP-3000, it is not the Ananteshesha he knows.
  • September 23rd: Dr. Mannava writes in his journal a eulogy for Dr. Krishnamoorthy. Recalling his colleague's religious nature, Mannava reflects on his atheism and how he refused his father's Hindu teachings.

  • September 30th: Site-151 Director Nox gathers the staff for a short mourning, reading eulogies for Dr. Krishnamoorthy. As the deceased researcher hadn't entrusted his office's furnishings to his family, Nox allows the other doctors to pick mementos to keep of their colleague. Despite his atheism, Dr. Mannava decides to keep a statue of Ganesh that stood next to the window. (SCP-3000)

  • November 9th: Controller sings to Planter on their sixty-fifth anniversary of operation. The two admit that they can't remember what their mission was anymore, let alone their original names. They don't know why they are angry, just that they still are. (SCP-3721)

  • November 11th: Acknowledging what SCP-3000 is doing to his psyche, Dr. Mannava humors his tampered memories and attempts to reconnect with his Hindu heritage. (SCP-3000)

  • November 17th: After a fourth failed escape attempt, PSHUD #31 receives a message stating that there won't be any attempts to retrieve him from the Foundation. Distraught, SCP-1360 gives up on all forms of communication and quits resisting the Foundation's efforts. (SCP-1360)

  • December: An extradimensional whore using the alias "Jessica V██████████" moves into an apartment in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. (SCP-1972)

  • December 10th: James Cameron's Avatar debuts in theaters across London. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • Kervier Mining Corporation's Site C struggles in getting their spare part press to work. Brent Haskell — a Broken Church follower hired for the company's Alaskan Development Team — installs an artificial intelligence instilled with the purpose of making "small, interlocking metal pieces for the glory of He Who Was Broken". SCP-2844-A is born... and he's making paper clips. (SCP-2844)

  • Dr. Keith Partridge witnesses as half a task force feed themselves to a pitcher plant, and is tasked with studying how long it will take for them to be digested. Needing a break from that, Partridge requests transfer to Site-87, the site in the United States with the then lowest mortality rate. (Black Autumn » Chapter Corvophobia)

  • Following the activation of SCP-████ at [REDACTED], programmer and IT specialist Rose Labelle is employed by the Foundation. (Decibelle, the Terrifying Cat Pattern Screamer)

    c. 2010s 

  • Between October 6th, 2010 - August 8th, 2012 (Di Molte Voci)
    • Greta Lanza's grandson acquires a harlequin mask made from carnival glass for a school project. Upset by the hidden nature of the mask, Greta confiscates it during the kids' presentation.
    • The next month: Researcher Kojo finds Lanza's antique shop during his vacation in Sicily, the glass harlequin mask catching his attention. The elderly refuses monetary payment, giving the Foundation doctor the item after a chat over coffee.
    • The next day: Kojo uploads a picture of the mask to his Instagram account. Kojo triggers the mask's properties, when he innately recites all twenty comments word for word in a phone call with his mother.
    • The next day: Kojo returns home from his vacation.
    • Later: Kojo triggers the mask's properties again, and turns the item in for containment. Foundation assets in Italy and discover that Greta Lanza' antique shop has been closed and the elderly owner went missing.
    • Later: Researcher Russo Jr. suggests assigning the designation SCP-2075 to an infohazardous harlequin mask. His father corrects him, saying the number was taken the day prior.⧗ 
    • The next day: After two days of debating a name for the uncountable item, Researcher Grimes proposes "Di Molte Voci", Italian for "out of many voices".

  • Prior 2012: Cees Martin and Marcus G. Halen from Fort Worth, Texas, vacation in Alaska, going camping on Montague Island. (SCP-3915)

  • Circa 2015: Dr. Vera Hadley thwarts the termination of Entity-3421, staging a massive containment breach to compromise Site-13. Holding Dr. Scott at gunpoint, Director Emerson forces the Temporal Studies division to activate the experimental "Thresher" device in a last-ditch effort. The site is ripped from the earth and thrown into another reality. (SCP-1730)
    • June 5th: In the Big Bend Ranch State Park, fifteen kilometers northwest of the Texas-Chihuahua border, the SCP Foundation finds the remnants of Site-13, distorted by the dimensional shift. Having never been constructed in this timeline due to the proposal of Site-19, the mystery building complex is designated as SCP-1730.

  • Circa 2016: olliefox's creation of SCP-3312 and his subsequent chat logs with Accelerate The Future.(SCP-3312, Mobile Task Furries)
    • August 11th, "Day 0": The Foundation first discovers individuals affected by SCP-3312, all within Stage 1 of their condition.
    • August 16th, "Day 5": olliefox sells eighteen shirts with his fursona slapped onto it. MPerry reminds ollie that's only because they're being hypnotized into doing so, and that he never had troubles with commission before meeting him. The chat members then start discussing the possibility of people going bankrupt from buying fursuits.
    • September 23rd, "Day 38": Thotticusprime starts a discussion on the recent formation of a furry candidacy party, and the chat starts to imagine Obama in a fursuit. olliefox shows his newest shirt design to Dylan99, who admits it actually kinda cool but that he would rather stick to anime.
    • September 25th, "Day 40": SCP-3312 affected individuals enter Stage 3 furfaggotry.
    • Prior October 15th
      • A hostage situation occurs at the █████ ████ Factory, where employees are detained by Annabelle Y█████, a Stage 5 SCP-3312 furry claiming to be "the real ███████ the Leopard". The incident ends when Y█████ is shot dead and the hostages rescued.
      • The media is horrified when an SCP-3312 individual eats a goddamn baby.
      • Dylan99 reaches Stage 5 of SCP-3312, and shows olliefox photos himself dressed as his red panda fursona, "Brownie".
    • October 15th, "Day 60": MPerry questions SnakAttak on where Dylan has gone. olliefox joins the chat and supplies photos of "Brownie", Dylan having succumbed to SCP-3312. MPerry], having tolerated ollie's horrid tastes due to his talent, calls the anartist out for the people he has mentally damaged, the lives ruined, and how "someone ate a baby last week". Unable to recognize his wrongdoings, olliefox spitefully uploads the new logo for www.████████████████████.███, inoculating MPerry with SCP-3312.
    • April 2nd, "Day 234": The ATF chat meets up again, the members rapidly approaching the later stages of SCP-3312. MPerry regrets not leaving the chatroom months ago, but reminds himself here's only one thing that's keeping him from killing myself at this point; the fursuit arriving in the mail.
    • Post April 2nd: MTF-Sierra-88 "Animal Control" is dispatched to ████████, Oklahoma, and carry out a raid on the house of ATF member Michael "MPerry" Perry. Perry, having reached Stage 6 of SCP-3312 exposure, rabidly OwOs Sierra-88-November before Bravo and Charlie detain the insane furry.
      • After Perry's capture, Mobile Task Force Y-42 is dispatched to a small town in Maine in order to detain Oliver "olliefox" Walcott. The operation goes awry when Sergeant Pollock — who had instead of creating a fursona of his own, used one created by his kid — succumbs to SCP-3312 madness and attacks Sergeant Merryweather. Despite the chaos, Ollie is unable to run far and is promptly captured by Agent "Cloudtail". In the aftermath, the compromised Pollock is scheduled for euthanasia, olliefox is incarcerated in an underground Foundation prison, and "Cloudtail" still refuses amnestic therapy.

  • March 23rd, 201█: Dr. ██████ is terminated for his actions against Dr. Christina ██████, induced by his exposure to SCP-884-4 two decades prior. Dr. ██████ dies believing he had successfully saved the life of his now long-deceased wife. (White Knight)

  • June 2nd, 201█: A Russian official investigates Krysovo, a Siberian village without farmland that hasn't interacted with outsiders for four decades. Discovering that the villagers have been surviving off of a bag of infinite potatoes for well over a century, the Foundation arrives to confiscate the burlap sack, designating it SCP-1689. (SCP-1689)

  • July 1st, 201█: The photo SCP-2272-IMG 310 is taken. (SCP-2272)

  • July 5th, 201█: SCP-3312 adapts to appear as "www.██████████████████.███", an infohazard styled as a furry community-centric website. (SCP-3312)

  • August 2nd - November 3rd, 201█: Exploration Log 1689-I
    • August 2nd: Agents Fredrick Meryle, Carlen Ozols, Xander Peterson, and Captain Cameron Wells are informed of their planned mission into a pocket dimension inside a sack of potatoes. Wells, starting the log, is barely surprised.
    • August 7th: The exploration team is supplied their equipment, and tests out the potato-dissolving enzyme.
    • August 8th: The exploration team of four enters the excavated room made in SCP-1689 and start diggin'.
    • August 13th: A spill of enzyme on the floor finds a concrete foundation underneath a meter of potatoes, to the surprise of everyone. The team starts working off of the solid ground.
    • August 16th: Ozolz teaches a valuable etymological lesson, informing her team that the word "spud" likely comes from "spade", given that they are spading spuds.
    • August 19th: Finding multiple resupplies to be inefficient, Site Command supplies the team in bulk with two months worth of ready-to-eat meals and potato dissolvent.
    • August 24th: The team tunnels into a concrete wall at a twenty-degree angle, and Command encourages them to dig alongside it.
    • August 27th: Meryle starts thinking that if there's a concrete floor and wall, there must be a ceiling. The team digs three meters upwards, confirming that they are in a building.
    • September 5th: Wells realizes that Peterson — who has somehow never said "potato" at any point in the last four weeks — pronounces it as /pəˈtɑ.toʊ/.
    • September 13th: Having followed the wall for twenty days, Peterson begins to think that they are in an infinite hallway. Wells and Meryle agree with Command to carry on, and the team settles on breaking through the wall if they don't find "outside" in the next three kilometers.
    • September 15th: Ozols provides an explosive charge from her backpack, and the team bust a three-meter hole in the concrete wall. More potatoes.
    • September 16th: Excavating outside of the building, the team finds themselves in a field of dirt and dead grass smothered in tonnes of taters. Peterson begins worrying over sounds he heard after the charge's detonation.
    • September 20th: Wells begins wondering that, in a realm packed chock full of potatoes, what is the extent of potato?
    • September 21st: The team discovers a dead tree with branches at perfect thirty-degree angles, and carefully uncover it to obtain bark samples for back at the lab.
    • September 25th: Peterson goes back to find that a hundred meters of their tunnel has collapsed behind them. Command sends another team to clear their path back, and the rest of the team are eager to continue the expedition. Peterson complains that he didn't sign up to get lost in the Realm of Taters.
    • September 28th: Meryle finds an old bicycle, twisted under the weighto of 'tato. The full weight of the fact that humans once lived here hits Captain Wells.
    • October 2nd: The team is nearly killed in another cave-in and decides to fall back. Contact with Site Command is lost, as the team can only receive some faint radio transmissions. Wells berates himself, regretting for not going back before.
    • October 9th: Meryle jokes that they should have brought an Irishman on the mission. Wells calls him an asshole, and the prick chuckles to himself all day.
    • October 12th: The team runs out of their ready-to-eat meals. Peterson panics, saying they're going to starve, so Captain Wells tells him that he's a fucking idiot. Ozols retrieves cooking equipment from her trusty backpack, and the team starts eating the potatoes.
    • October 13th: Captain Wells already regrets the lack of any spices and mourns his taste buds.
    • October 15th: Wells concludes that the collapsed tunnel is too dense to excavate, so he decides to start a new tunnel straight towards the return point in the morning.
    • October 16th: The team starts a new tunnel directly towards SCP-1689, but they run out of the anti-cellulose enzyme and just have to shovel the potatoes behind them. Wells assures the team that rescue is looking for them, but he doesn't know what to do for morale; everyone is depressed, and Meryle makes a joke about the word "tuber" not worth remembering.
    • October 17th: Getting a good look at undissolved potatoes, the team finds that their food source is "real ugly-looking," as the potatoes have "eyes" wiggle and grow, slowly.
    • October 19th: Ozols awakes to realize that their working space is off, and it becomes apparent to everyone that the room is gradually getting smaller.
    • October 20th: Wells stops to intensely observe a potato. He finds that the bulges grow and bud off into more potatoes, and that their burrowing room has gotten smaller.
    • October 21st: The team starts bumping into each other as they dig. Swearing that he'll be killed in his sleep by a tater stuffed down his throat, Wells curses every tuber in existence.
    • October 22nd: Peterson keeps whining. In spite of all this hardship, Captain Wells, Potato Commander, tells his crew to keep digging.
    • October 23rd: Wells panics over the depleting air supply.
    • October 25th: Wells writes his final entry in his log, and everyone stops talking to devote themselves entirely to digging. Wells bets they'll be dead within the week. "Death by potatoes"
      • October 30th: In the Retconned timeline, the bodies of Wells and his team were found crushed under the weight of the multiplying potatoes.
    • November 3rd: The exploration team is found alive and rescued from their starchy crawlspace.
      • Three weeks later: All four agents physically recover from their malnutrition in SCP-1689, living happily away from potatoes.

  • October: SCP-3540 activity. (SCP-3540)
    • Prior 2013: The grim reapers Maurice and Lance meet at work during a funeral, and a romance starts between the two.
      • At least one year later: Now in an established relationship, Maurice and Lance start saving their vacation time to spend October together.
    • Prior 2017
      • SCP-3540-1 and -2 move into an abandoned suburban house in Montana. Agent Kay Gittings is assigned to acquaint herself with the two grim reapers vacationing in the Gayborhood.
      • SCP-3540-1 and -2 vacation in Oldenburg, West Virginia. Their Hallowe'en decorations are photographed for documentation in the SCP-3540 file.
      • SCP-3540-1 and -2 visit the Charleston in either South Carolina or West Virginia.

  • Losing just one sock, Dr. Jeremaiah recovers from SCP-1162 a Trezor wallet containing ███ Bitcoin. Jeremiah immediately resigns from his post as a Foundation researcher, and he is discharged from work the following day. (SCP-1162 Extended Testing Log)

  • SCP-1430's handling protocols are revised, where only D-class subjects are permitted for use in experimentation. (SCP-1430)

  • A ███████ █████ studio staff member reports on the studio's official forums that several of their testers had quit within the past week, citing various personal reasons. Junior Researcher Ross, investigating the former tester under the guise of a law firm agent, finds signs of anomalous psychological influences in their behavior.
    • One week later: Gregor Tillman is hired as a new game tester under ███████ █████ studio's employment. The programmer behind the game enemies' tactical algorithms, a Ms. M███ S█████, leaves the project.
    • Two weeks later: Gregor Tillman is discovered in his apartment after an apparent suicide. The Foundation agents taking over the investigation raid and close the game developer studio, seizing the newest version of SCP-1633 compiled from two days prior. (SCP-1633)

  • Fragments of code found in ██████████'s upcoming game ███████ 2: ██ █████ showcase similarities to code in SCP-1633. M███ S█████ is considered a Person of Interest and Mobile Task Force Mu-6 "Don't Hate the Player" assigned for her apprehension. (SCP-1633)


  • January 1st: Battle for Dream Island debuts with the upload of "BFDI 1a: Take the Plunge". (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • January 12th: A 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastates the Republic of Haiti, killing over a hundred thousand islanders.
    • Post January 12th: During rescue operations, search members discover thirteen pieces of concrete rubble that autonomously reconfigure themselves through a sequence of five-dimensional "SOS" sigils. The supernatural debris is exported to Site-02 and incorporated into SCP-4004, specifically subjected to a temporal reversal field generated by SCP-4004-A71. (SCP-4004)

  • March: The "Green Wallpaper Sex Tape" is originally uploaded onto the internet, and the video removed after fourteen hours due to apparent bestiality themes. The Foundation begins looking for the cervine-cephalopod prostitute featured in the video. (SCP-1972)

  • March 1st: SCP-303 is first encountered by Agent ████████, who was trapped in the shower for three hours when the entity manifested in her private quarters' bathroom. (SCP-303)

  • Prior March 12th: Agent █████████ discovers and mistakenly handles the Papyrus of Hunefer, his body now possessed by a librarian from Alexandria. D-Class personnel are introduced to the recovered scroll now designated SCP-911, resulting in the further recovery of King Edward II, Professor █████ ████████, and a medieval Frenchman driven insane from his imprisonment. (SCP-911)
    • March 12th: Dr. ████ interviews Professor █████ ████████ on his eight decades of imprisonment. ████████ describes an entity that absorbs the consciousness of whoever He deems powerful, who has since received knowledge of the Foundation by seizing Agent █████████. The professor breaks down crying, now knowing the danger of His "SCP" ramblings.
      • Post March 12th: Edward II's testimony of his imprisonment verifies the professor's account. Upon reading the transcript of Dr. ████'s interview, the O5 Council decides on restricting SCP-911 experimentation to require permission from Clearance Level 2/911 or above.

  • April 5th: SCP-303 bars anyone entry to Site ██'s second floor storage room, claiming it as its own. (SCP-303)

  • April 18th: MTF Theta-15 arrives in Montreal and secures "Jessica V██████████", rescuing her from a spherical probe pursuing her. The whore and the cop are designated SCP-1972-A and SCP-1972-B, amnestics are distributed to the witnesses, and a cover story of gang violence is instated to explain the damages from the pursuit. (SCP-1972)

  • April 20th: Dr. Ysolda Taylor interviews SCP-1972-A, who has been fitted with a vocal modulator to translate from French to English. (SCP-1972)

  • May 1st: The second floor storage room is recognized as SCP-303's territory, and an inventory of stolen items is taken. (SCP-303)

  • May 14th: A six-year-old child — abducted and eaten by a Serial Killer — is reported missing from Klamath Falls, Oregon. (SCP-3118)
    • Post May 14th: The serial killer is convicted for three accounts of kidnapping and murder, but the court is unable to confirm any other victims, such as the Missing Child from Klamath Falls. Incarcerated for his crimes, he is indoctrinated into the Foundation as D-10422.

  • June 4th: All SCP objects housed at Site ██ prior to now are to be transferred to Site ██-B one at a time. Each SCP object will be transferred again to Site ██-A once it can be verified that SCP-303 has not migrated from Site ██ with it. (SCP-303)

  • June 11th: Recorded Interview Log 0027: Dr. Klara Chung interviews an SCP-2774-A victim, Subject-0866 "David" during his brief period of lucidity. David lunges towards one of Dr. Chung's guards, and is fatally shot in the brief conflict. In light of the subject's concern for his time constraints, the clock in the Site-116 interview room is removed. (SCP-2774)

  • October 1st: Recorded Interview Log 0030: Dr. Chung interviews Subject-7444 "Claire" on her perception of the sloth. After the interview, Chung forwards Claire's request for euthanasia. (SCP-2774)

  • October 3rd: Three Oregon State University students, including Ian Steele, cover themselves in black and orange body paint from the waist up for school pride. (SCP-2306)

  • October 4th: The immediate termination of Subject-7444 is approved and enacted. The catatonic Claire embraces the sweet, sloth-free release of death. (SCP-2774)

  • October 5th: Recorded Interview Log 0032: Dr. Chung interviews Subject-9225 "Jason" until he seizes up under the recurring grasp of SCP-2774-A. (SCP-2774)

  • October 15th: Procedure-XXJ9 is approved by the Ethic Committee and enacted. A vast majority of the six thousand victims exposed to SCP-2774 are euthanized, the remaining two hundred subjects undergoing solitary confinement in Euclid-level humanoid containment cells. (SCP-2774)

  • October 28th: NBC airs the sixth episode of Community's second season, "Epidemiology". (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • Between November 10th - 30th: SCP-2729 phenomena undergoes a temporary disappearance. (SCP-2729)

  • November 29th: The Peregrine-9 expedition is launched and headed for the great nothingness of the Boötes void. Researchers Alexander Moreau, Thomas Sewell, and Captain Mikhail Kuznetsov enter cryosleep for the next two years of their 700-million-lightyear travel. (SCP-3200)

  • Site-██ conducts controlled tests on SCP-247's behavior and interaction with other animals. (SCP-247)

  • SCP-582 Manifestation Event 256 occurs, resulting in three hundred fifty-eight deaths and a Localized Restructuring Event. This is the only Manifestation Zeta event experienced. (SCP-582)

  • Following the events of Test 1430-17, experimentation with SCP-1430 is discontinued indefinitely per directive by site command. (SCP-1430)

  • The Abrahamic God Yahweh is contained at Site-13, followed by SCP-2845 alongside SCP-001 "The Gate Guardian". (SCP-1730)

  • A photograph of SCP-1959, the lost cosmonaut Alexei Ledovsky, is taken. (SCP-1959)

  • The Pittsburgh Rebels stage an uprising against the Commissioner of Baseball, a plan that ends in failure when the Commissioner slays his assailants with his death stare. (SCP-2206)

  • After thirteen years of service, Sanford Vandivier retires from his work at the Kervier Mining Company. (SCP-2844)

  • Foundation parazoologist Dr. Cassandra Pike adopts a stray tortoiseshell kitten begging for food in her backyard, naming him after Oliver Twist. (SCP-3773)


  • January 2nd: An envoy from SCP-3838-4 approaches the SCP-3838 research base, seeking audience with the Site Director, Dr. Sayyeda Aisha Rizvi. Explaining that the estranged SCP-3838-4 cannot unite the remaining tribes if they all consider them barbarians, the envoy tasks the SCP Foundation with uniting tribes -1 through -7 against a common threat — SCP-3838-8 and their liege, the Scarlet King. (SCP-3838)

  • March 11th: A massive 9.1 earthquake strikes the Tōhoku region of Japan, in what is the most powerful tremor the island has ever fared. SCP-3456 manifests during the disaster and the giant horsemen start snatching citizens, alive or dead. (SCP-3456)

  • March 12th: SCP-3976-11 is found in an abandoned tool shed outside of Templecombe, Somerset, a chisel driven into the corpse's heart. Alongside the body, Foundation forensics find a cell phone with a contact list filled with various dentists. (SCP-3976)
    • Post March 12th: The follow up investigation into each of the dentists on SCP-3976-11's contact list leads to no further insight on SCP-3976 phenomena.

  • Circa March 13th: Sixty-four hours after the majority of Fukushima's citizens have evacuated, the SCP-3456 instances appear to have left the disaster area. (SCP-3456)

  • March 14th: The Cross City City Council Council meets in the Council Council Chambers Chambers of the City City Hall. (SCCP-2930)

  • March 18th: Incident Log I-3456-032: Eight Foundation reconnaissance teams are deployed in the Fukushima prefecture, sent to investigate the evacuated capital for any evidence that an anomaly had caused the earthquake. Squads 1, 3, and 6 are ambushed by SCP-3456 hiding in the debris. Commander George Bryans leads Squad 3 in retreat across the Arakawa river, not without losing Agents Anne Byers and Louzon Chou to a giant horseman. (SCP-3456)

  • April 12th
    • SCP-1032-10's prediction of D-56342's demise. D-56342 and two security guards are quarantined in an airtight steel chamber, all three equipped with a self-contained breathing apparatus. Despite all precautions taken, D-56342 drops dead in the room at the predicted time; his oxygen canister is found to have erroneously been filled with the pressurized VX nerve gas used to control SCP-████, to the confusion of all involved. (SCP-1032)
    • Incident 1507-A: is playing with SCP-1507-8 during his break. SCP-1507-8 playfully attempts to take food from Researcher Boyd, who reflexively flinches, knocking SCP-1507-8 to the floor and cracking its plastic shell. In light of this, all instances of SCP-1507 become highly aggressive towards staff members.

  • May 6th: SCP-1507 instances are observed to vocalize more frequently, producing vocalizations unique to previously cataloged calls. (SCP-1507)

  • May 8th: Eleven new instances of SCP-1507, arrive at Site-██ and breach Wilderness Observation Cell-1b. Showing unseen hostility toward site personnel, the plastic flamingos wound eleven and kill four before all twenty-six objects are contained. In light of this incident, the Wilderness Observation Cell is upgraded with soundproofing equipment and SCP-1507 upgraded to Euclid status. (SCP-1507)

  • June 17th: Agent ███████████ conducts a manual investigation report on Autonomic Analysis and Response System 538 and its handling of SCP-3281 censorship. Concluding that AARS 538 is no longer under the Foundation's complete control, a new backup Autonomic Analysis System enters development to hopefully replace the malfunctioning AI. (SCP-3281 » AARS538 Report)

  • June 22nd: The anime adaptation of Shiki airs episode 21.5, "Dai futatō-ichi to han wa". (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • June 23rd: "Meet the Medic" is uploaded to Steam, YouTube, and the Valve website. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • September 22nd: Dark Souls is released, with no apparent homage to Madame Chrysanthème or its derivative works. (SCP-4690)

  • Prior November 15th: The Foundation takes down a viral video of The Bird That Walks along the coast of Oregon, and begins to search for the anomaly. (SCP-2106, Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)
    • November 15th: SCP-2106-2 is traced to the home of Jessica Bradley, outside of Tillamook, Oregon. Thirty pet crows are found in the estate's private aviary, and their owner dead in her bed. An autopsy is conducted on Ms. Bradley's body, and the cause of death is determined to have been an intracerebral hemorrhage.
      • Post November 15th: An expansion is constructed in Site-64's Subterranean Level 3. Upon I Wing's completion, the SCP-2106-1 ravens are transferred to the newly completed aviary.

  • December 24th: The 14th Annual Site-19 Senior Staff Christmas Eve Caroling.
    • Dr. Zachary Johnson visits Dr. Harold Thompson, SCP-2860, the two playing chess for the last time. (No One Should Be Alone)

  • Twenty years after the camp's closure, the SCP Foundation discovers a grove of sixty-four trees south of Camp Lakewood that bleeds human blood. All persons who attended the camp during the summer of 1991 are declared Persons of Interest. (SCP-437)

  • A previously undiscovered tomb is located in the Mausoleum of Hadrian alongside the burial rooms of other contemptuous Roman emperors. Found in the tomb is the improperly mummified corpse of a male African lion, that of Emperor Septimius Severus Eusebes Pertinax Augustus. (SCP-1732)

  • Site-308 Director Yusuf Zafarul congratulates on two hundred consecutive days without a Class-C incident or a fatality among on-station task force members. Assistant director Hector Gomez is wary, reasoning that "a boiler explosion is a hell of a bigger problem than a steam leak." (SCP-1844)

  • At Site-39 in ███████, Denmark, Junior Researcher ████████ Østergaard finds a genetic copy of his left kidney on his desk. Upon Dr. ███████ and Officer █████'s handling of the organ and their brief attempts to forcefully implant it in Østergaard, the kidney is designated SCP-2380. (SCP-2380)

  • In order to complete his doctorate, Dr. Jeremiah Cimmerian authors the biography Pierre Loti Under Scope, cross analyzing the life and work of the French author. The section regarding Loti's time in Japan is affected by a pataphysical phenomenon, describing the Frenchman's death at the palps of a swarm of spiders. (SCP-4690)


  • Early 2012: A Saker Series Android discretely abducts, murders, and disembowels Dr. Gregg Collins. Using the empty skin, Saker #76 assumes the Foundation doctor's identity. (Peregrine » Part 5: Tearing Down)

  • March 11th: Riding his motorcycle in the rain, Ian Steele is blindsided by a car and severely injured, possibly even killed. (SCP-2306)

  • March 12th: In Corvallis, Oregon, the Co-Head of Research and Development at Anderson Robotics, Jason Contos, acquires the body of Ian Steele and implements his consciousness into his present prototype, Nankeen Computer Repair System. (SCP-2306, Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)

  • Prior March 15th: In attempts to contain SCP-3143, fictional interview transcripts mentioning are written to control the narrative of Murphy Law. (SCP-3143)
    • The "interview" timeline:
      • February 2nd: An interview log is written between Murphy Law and Dr. Thaddeus Thaum of the Pataphysics Department. The fictional pataphysist confronts the intrafictional construct, suppressing the Film Noir narrative with that of the Foundation’s clinical format. Upon deconstructing the Murphy Law character, all that is left is an origin written for the anomaly; SCP-3143-A "Murphy Lawden", a retired shoe-salesman from New Jersey who authored the character.
      • February 3rd: A second SCP-3143 interview is fabricated. Dr. Thaum attempts to question Mr. Lawden on his unfinished script, It Always Rains. After being given the honest criticism of his awful writing, the interview ends when SCP-3143-A complains of a headache.
      • April 16th: An impromptu interview log is created, describing Dr. Thaum checking up on SCP-3143-A after the latter neglects his meals. Getting a gauge of the situation like the Hardboiled Detective that he is, Murphy Law turns the tables on his containment procedure, deconstructing the Dr. Thaum character. The confused, defeated Thaum finds himself alone in a containment cell-turned-dimly lit office, Murphy Law having left the scene.
    • March 15th: Site-95 Director August forwards an email to O5-5's secretary, reporting that despite the failure in containing Murphy Law, they have gained notable insight in the SCP-3143 phenomenon. As a side note, SCP-423 is found to be absent from his bookshelf.

  • June 1st: Agent Greg Wallacher fails to keep ones Mabel and Mason Pines out of trouble, as the three end up in a golf cart driving through the Oregon wilderness, speeding away from an enraged horde of two dozen Homo nocturnalis. (Project Crossover » Occurrence of Oddness)

  • June 2nd: SCP-1032's classification as "Safe" ends when the object is reclassified as Euclid, following the prediction inscribed on SCP-1032-03 and Dr. Guenther's concerns over the apparent sentience of the clock. SCP-1032-03 changes to predict the end of the clock's Euclid classification. (SCP-1032)

  • June 4th: Dominican former professional baseball player Pedro Borbón Rodriguez is confirmed to be deceased, having died of cancer. (Kalinin's Proposal » After Action Report 2272')

  • June 25th: The MI 666 British Occult Service reports to the Council of 108 on their findings concerning a new paracrime group in Europe appearing to be a revival of the Chicago Spirit crime syndicate. The group is assigned the codephrase "Disco", and the alluded founder "Mr. Night" designated as UTE-1919-Discofather. (UTE-1919-Discofather)

  • June 27th: "Meet the Pyro" is uploaded to Steam, YouTube, and the Valve website. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • July 14th: The Chicago Spectre successfully robs a bank in Northern Ireland. Strike Team 0638 "The Untouchables" destroys one of the fleeing vehicles and detains the Sole Survivor — Conall O'Sullivan, a Type Yellow with Super Toughness by turning his Body to Jewel — now designated PTE-0781-Disco-Yellow. (UTE-1919-Discofather)

  • July 17th: GOC Agent Hawthorne interrogates PTE-0781-Disco-Yellow on information concerning UTE-1919-Discofather. (UTE-1919-Discofather)

  • July 31st: The guards outside PTE-0781-Disco-Yellow's notices the potential threat entity talking to himself for an hour, highly atypical behavior from his time in Coalition custody. After being served his dinner, PTE-0781-Disco-Yellow chokes on his food. Involuntarily shape-shifting his lungs to crystal in his throes of death, the guards are unable to perform the Heimlich maneuver and Sullivan is declared dead. (UTE-1919-Discofather)

  • August 8th: Di Molte Voci is confirmed to have affected forty-three containment summaries, two hundred and seventy-one other Foundation documents and assets, and at least four hundred and fifty affected pieces of information existing outside of containment. (Di Molte Voci)

  • August 10th: Diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme, a rare form of brain tumor, Dr. Zachary Johnson retires from the SCP Foundation. The old man says farewell to his colleagues at Site-19, and leaves to spend the rest of his days in relaxation. (Peregrine » Part 1: Last Meetings, Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)

  • August 22nd: UTE-1919-Discofather leads the Chicago Spectre robbery at the Sparda-Bank in Düsseldorf, Germany, when they are cornered by Strike Team 0638 operatives supplied with reality anchors. The Spectre members are unusually cooperative with the Coalition agents, allowing themselves to be placed into armored transport vehicles. During transfer, an entity consisting of just human legs rams the Coalition transports, breaking the Chicago Spectre out. As UTE-7311-Disco-Beige, UTE-1919-Discofather, and his associates escape, the Coalition takes inventory of the breached safe deposit boxes, including two unknown boxes registered to PTE-0008-Regnant-Black, Allison Chao. (UTE-1919-Discofather)

  • Between October 1st - 9th: SCP-2729 phenomena undergoes a temporary disappearance. (SCP-2729)

  • October 31st: A7U81/082: Global Occult Coalition reconnaissance teams discover a Chicago Spectre drug smuggling operation in Seville, Spain. Strike Team 0638 is deployed to stop the operation and apprehend the paracrime group. (UTE-1919-Discofather)

  • November 2nd: T3P53/024: Strike Team 0638 successfully raids the Seville drug den, apprehending several members of the Chicago Spectre, including UTE-1919-Discofather. Coincidentally, PTE-1227-Khan "The Golden Horde" manifests in the city, seeking for the perfect resting place for their Great Khan. Forced to prioritize the Response Level 5 parathreat over the Response Level 2 Chicago Spectre, the PHYSICS strike team releases the drug dealers to handle the time-traveling Mongols. (UTE-1919-Discofather)

  • November 11th: H0Y38/0631: Queen Mór-Ríoghain ΙΙ of Hy-Brasil and the Four Cities hosts a gala in the Hy-Brasil Royal Palace. The Chicago Spectre uses the occasion to stage a heist upon the palace, Mr. Night distracting the royal guard as his men attempt to breach the vault. The vault's thaumatological wards kills the offending Spectre members, binding their souls to defend the vault eternally. Cutting his losses, Night incapacitates the royal guard and flees the island. (UTE-1919-Discofather)

  • November 15th - 20th: Incident 1760-2. (SCP-1760, Burnt Bridges » 15-11-2012, Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)
    • November 15th: All sixteen SCP-1760 instances unearth, bearing placards with the names of known anartists. Agent Navarro, brought to Site-84, finds his name on Pyotr Astapenov's casket.
    • November 20th: Navarro, Researcher Lee, and three security officers oversee SCP-1760-16 submerge into the ground. A voice claiming to be Astapenov speaks to Navarro, enticing the former anartist to open the nailed coffin. Refusing to humor the entity, the casket opens itself, revealing an empty interior before returning to the earth.
    • November 21st: SCP-1760-16 is exhumed for inspection. The decayed body of Pyotr Astapenov is present, but Navarro finds in the corpse's right hand a taunting note signed by Jericho T. Hill.

  • Prior November 25th: Researcher Ferro interviews SCP-2106-2, who pleads for him not to disturb her SCP-2106-1, as she is torn between each of their minds when they swarm. Ferro attempts to explain that he can't assure that when the ravens comprising SCP-2106-2 croak to drown out his voice. Any and all future staff are unable to speak with SCP-2106-2 due to the constant raven calls. (SCP-2106)
    • November 25th: A one-way dropbox is installed in Site-64's aviary to allow SCP-2106-2 to communicate with staff without her SCP-2106-1s destroying her notes.

  • November 30th: A safehouse in Three Portlands, believed to be a major operating hub for the Chicago Spectre, is discovered. (UTE-1919-Discofather)
    • Between November 30th - December 18th: The GOC discovers that in the fourth week of December, UTE-1919-Discofather will visit the safehouse for a period of three days. ST-0638 plans a raid on the building, intending to liquidate the Spectre's leader.

  • December 4th: Strawinsky and the Mysterious House is released on DVD, the half-hour animated CGI movie containing the ambiguously anomalous Ensemble Dark Horse, the Globglogabgalab. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • December 18th: Mr. Night arrives at the safehouse in Three Portlands. (UTE-1919-Discofather)

  • December 20th: The four-man strike team ST-0638 "The Untouchables" conduct their raid on the Chicago Spectre safehouse. At the end of the operation, ST-0638 Lead Agent Stormbreath is considered Missing In Action, six of the Chicago Spectre members are liquidated, twelve apprehended, and a further ten — including the wounded UTE-1919-Discofather and UTE-7311-Disco-Beige — remaining at large.

  • December 25th: A small, wrapped box is discovered in front of the Global Occult Coalition Embassy, with a taunting "Merry Christmas" from Mr. Night. Opening the present, the Coalition finds a large amount of confetti, classified documents from multiple Coalition member organizations, and Agent Stormbreath with his arms and legs dismembered. The documents are destroyed, and Stormbreath's camera implants are removed before he is put out of his misery. (UTE-1919-Discofather)

  • Police in the town of ████, Pennsylvania responding to a hostage situation witness ████ ████████ slit his neighbor's jugular with a Cavendish banana. Foundation agents intervene, administering amnestics to witnesses and recover SCP-1417-1 and SCP-1417-2 from the home of ████ ████████, now indoctrinated as D-23952. (SCP-1417)

  • SCP-2030 starts manifesting in automated DVD rental kiosks, file sharing websites, and paid on-demand video streaming services. (SCP-2030)

  • All fifty of the former "Anartists without Borders" members now-turned D-Class personnel are killed in a containment breach. (SCP-3447)

  • Cees Martin goes missing from Fort Worth, Texas, after a dispute with his lover, Marcus G. Halen. Through the means of an artifact gifted by a mysterious stranger, Martin returns to Montague Island as an apparition, distracting himself by picking up trash. (SCP-3915)

  • In the forest outside normative space, 'a native entity resembling a young Vanessa Hayforth is photographed manifesting midair. ([REDACTED PER PROTOCOL 4000-ESHU])

  • A friend of Agent Robert Tofflemire is abducted by SCP-106 and lost to the old man's pocket dimension. (SCP-4040)


  • January 12th: Test Log 1472-011213-4: Three D-Class personnel are sent into SCP-1472 to experience "EXOTIC GIRLS or equivalent". After the final act of the show, D-6744 and D-9908 are treated for moderate radiation poisoning, while the remains of D-3432 and his disemboweled organs are never recovered from SCP-1093. (SCP-1472)

  • February 1st: The crew of the Peregrine-9 awakens from cryosleep, having reached their destination — the middle of the Great Nothingness. Captain Mikhail Kuznetsov starts logging their research. (SCP-3200)

  • February 2nd: Peregrine-9 discovers that their Kant counters aren't functioning as expected, the readings rapidly fluctuating from near nonexistent to through the triple digits. (SCP-3200)

  • February 15th: A steel bolt attached to a retaining plate leftover from the [REDACTED] disaster gets caught in SCP-2460's gravity well, with Foundation assets observing as the piece of spacecraft debris collides and incorporates into the amalgamation. Containment procedures are updated to prevent further matter collisions with SCP-2460 outside of potential tests. (SCP-2460)

  • March 13th: On the thirty-ninth day of their mission, Peregrine-9 recovers a CD floating in the emptiest reaches of space. Upon playing the disk, they find a video their captain never made, the alternate Kuznetsov making a log for Day 35. (SCP-3200)

  • March 21st: Kuznetsov reports on how they have recovered twelve more records of him talking about SCP-3200. Moreau theorizes that they're seeing something from other universes, and Sewell just knows that there's something off about the reality surrounding them. (SCP-3200)

  • March 26th: BioShock Infinite is released for PC and console. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • March 30th: Doragon Bōru Zetto: Kami to Kami releases in Japan. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • April 4th: Film critic Roger Ebert succumbs to thyroid cancer. (SCP-1756)

  • April 13th: The dying Zachary Johnson succumbs to his brain cancer. Researcher Conwell, Agent Navarro, and Director Aktus come to terms with their coworker's passing. "Dr. Collins" neglects informing Dr. Thompson. (Three Farewells, Peregrine » Part 5: Tearing Down)

  • June 13th: SCP-3915 agrees to an interview with Foundation Agent Vought, in exchange for reading material and cigarettes. Martin explains why he's picking up trash on Montague, to restore the island to the quality it was when he visited with his now-estranged lover. SCP-3915 is escorted back to his tent, and Marcus G. Halen is flagged as a possible person of interest.

  • July 8th: Researcher Jacob Conwell conducts a regularly scheduled removal of SCP-1360-1 textiles. Security spots some papers hastily hidden in SCP-1360's left middle finger. SCP-1360 had to be restrained when the papers were confiscated, the first act of resistance from the android in four years. The papers, discovered to be drawings of SCP-1360's owners, are returned much to the android's surprise. (Peregrine » Part Two: Simple Sketches)
    • Several weeks later: Conwell conducts another retrieval of SCP-1360-1. SCP-1360 provides a note, asking Conwell if he recognizes the subjects of the drawings — as PSHUD #31 had feared, Mr. Anderson had remotely erased his memories of his owners.

  • July 11th: The Asylum releases Sharknado. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • July 13th: Three 14m bronze cylinders with the logo of General Electrics engraved into each end are found embedded into 399979 Lewseaman's surface. (SCP-3070)

  • August 6th: Peregrine-9 recovers a thirty-eighth Captain's Log from the spaceship wrecks and corpses of their alternate selves, and Kuznetsov becomes acutely aware that there's something deeply wrong about the Boötes_void. (SCP-3200)

  • August: A year into his retirement, Dr. Zachary Johnson succumbs to his brain cancer. Researcher Conwell, Agent Navarro, and Director Aktus come to terms with their coworker's passing. "Dr. Collins" neglects informing Dr. Thompson. (Three Farewells, Peregrine » Part 5: Tearing Down)

  • August 21st: After recovering a tape featuring a geriatric Kuznetsov —- who has recovered thousand of tapes and still cannot comprehend SCP-3200 — another Kuznetsov begins to question how many times Peregrine-9 has ventured into the Great Nothingness. (SCP-3200)

  • September 7th: Captain Kuznetsov disappears from the Peregrine-9 shuttle while attempting to retrieve another tape. (SCP-3200)

  • September 9th: Moreau and Sewell recover a weak and extremely dehydrated Kuznetsov. The enlightened captain records one last message revolving the ouroboros of time before lapsing into a coma. (SCP-3200)
    • Post September 9th: Moreau and Sewell eject Kuznetsov's logs in a modified capsule, rocketing them back towards Earth for the Foundation to recover.

  • September 15th: A ring of 1:1000 scale limestone models of all buildings present in Suzaka, Japan are found orbiting the asteroid 262419 Suzaka. (SCP-3070)

  • October 29th

  • November 2nd: Rebecca Nash dies in the hospital due to complications in childbirth, with no signs of anomalous activity having occurred during her caesarian section. (SCP-2030)
    • Post November 2nd: Laugh is Fun airs a cephalopod-themed episode.

  • Campus security at [REDACTED] University in London, England investigate reports of an explosion coming from one of the university's chemistry labs. Five colleagues are found experiencing severe seizures, each of them exposed to their experimental neurological compound. Three die in transit to the hospital, with a fourth dying in hospice care. The surviving fifth man, having found complete control over his nervous system, gains the Foundation's notice. (SCP-1475)

  • A delirious, malnourished, and dehydrated Mole Man is found wandering the maintenance areas of the London Underground. The Foundation treats the homeless humanoid for his impoverished condition, confiscating the newly interred SCP-2622's collection of science-fiction novels and bottle cap "war medals". Elated by his new audience, the recovering mole man eagerly spews claims of being an ambassador from the "Terra Interia Empire". (SCP-2622)
    • Eight days later: Security Officer ███ takes notes of SCP-2622's stories of the Thorn Wastes underneath Korea.
    • Nine days later: Dr. ██████ interviews SCP-2622 for information on the supposed subterranean society. The "Interian" tells the human doctor tales of crystal cities and the Anapsidons, regaling how the lizard people are "the most valiant and gentlemanly brothers-in-arms an Interian could ask for."
    • Ten days later: Researcher Quinan interviews SCP-2622, who contradicts his ramblings from the days prior — cursing the Anapsidons as bloodthirsty savages, having slain a dozen at the Eighth Battle of the Ice Forest under Korea. Seeking more insight from the mentally-ill mole man, Quinan grants SCP-2622's requests for writing material, and the "ambassador" starts writing his memoir, Concerning the Adventures of the Eminent and Honorable Gentleman-Ambassador to Terra Exteria in the Worlds Below, Above, and Beyond.

  • Dr. Eugine Japers conducts his ninth expedition into the yonder vale of restless wanderers, visiting the fluffy one' for tea. The fellow scholar returns to Site-08 with his tart name, and is reported missing soon after. ([REDACTED PER PROTOCOL 4000-ESHU])


  • February 1st: The LEGO Movie is first shown at the Regency Village Theater in Westwood, Los Angeles, California. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • February 5th: SCP-2460 is noted to pass within 70 km of Foundation Orbital Unit-11, and Agent Rick Roberts is dispatched in Probe OU 11-3 authorization to intercept the anomaly for quantum measurements. Radio contact with Roberts' spacecraft is lost when the probe is caught in the dark satellite's gravity well and assimilated into the object's nigh-incomprehensible mass. In the wake of this incident,
  • Post February 5th: Measurements of SCP-2460's trajectory and Schwarzschild radius are recalculated, as the anomaly is upgraded from Safe to Keter, and its containment procedures are updated to include a mandatory distancing of fifty kilometers.

  • March 18th: SCP-2860's containment breach and SCP-1360's neutralization. (Peregrine » Part 4: Building Up, Part 5: Tearing Down, Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)
    • Researcher Conwell is reassigned to Site-84, and Dr. Collins — Saker #76 in actuality — is appointed in charge of SCP-1360 research. Dr. Freemont informs Conwell that Dr. Thompson wishes to speak with him, but Conwell must report to Dr. Collins and leave in time for his flight.
    • Freemont arrives at SCP-2860's cell for his psychological screening, explaining Conwell's relocation and Collins' continued avoidance upon Thompson's questioning. Dismayed by this, SCP-2860 turns Dr. Freemont and her two guards to stone, breaching containment to confront Dr. Collins.
    • SCP-2860 confronts "Dr. Collins" in his office, demanding to know what happened to the accommodations of his containment procedures. "Collins" informs SCP-2860 that Dr. Johnson died a year and a half prior, and that no one was ever sent to annually retrieve photos of SCP-2860's wife and children. Enraged, SCP-2860 attempts to kill Collins, but is subdued by Saker #76 after he uncovers the android's disguise.
    • Saker #76 invades SCP-1360's containment chamber, restoring all of Peregrine #31's missing code: his voice, his memories living under the Hamiltons, and his termination drive. Together, the two androids activate their Foundation protocol, leaving themselves as nothing but two black puddles of sludge.

  • April 12th: MTF Gamma-13 conducts a raid on a suspected cache of Anderson Robotics products located in San Francisco. Upon securing the cache, Agent Donovan comes to realize he's under the effects of a Jedi Mind Trick. A team of cognitohazard specialists are called in and locate the business cards containing the offending anomaly, designating it as SCP-2906 and transporting it to Site-90 alongside the rest of the cache. (SCP-2906)

  • April 22nd: Dr. Carrs addresses the Overwatch Council on the matters of SCP-2282. Having noticed the animal's ill health appropriate to a goat of her age, Carrs requests that SCP-2282 be humanely euthanized — in order to avoid prolonged suffering of the elderly doe, and so an autopsy can be conducted on her clinically functional remains. O5-9 grants the approval of Carrs' request, and the procedure is scheduled for May 1st. (SCP-2282)

  • May 1st: The euthanasia of SCP-2282 is enacted, and proceeds as planned until the time of death. The goat's Bigger on the Inside insides distort itself to match Euclidean space, instantly killing Dr. Dangson and putting Dr. Carrs into critical condition, who dies six hours later from cerebral hemorrhaging. Dr. Jept undergoes the amputation of his left arm and leg, and Dr. Ohman is administered intensive physical therapy in order to regain full mobility. Now from Euclid to Neutralized, an "autopsy" is performed on the pile of goat entrails as a new team of veterinarians excavate the stomach contents. (SCP-2282)

  • Between May 10th - 31st: SCP-2729 phenomena undergoes a full reset. (SCP-2729)

  • May 17th: A 1:50 scale replica of the Molėtai Astronomical Observatory is found in a rapidly changing elliptical orbit around the 124192 Moletai asteroid. As Orbital Task Force ञ-12 prepares for recovery of the abnormal satellite, the tower replica is destroyed as it collides with 124192 Moletai. (SCP-3070)

  • June 27th: Site-64 receives a blank envelope in the mail containing a taunting letter signed from "&erson". (SCP-2906)

  • June 29th: The dictionary recovered alongside SCP-2969 is still as illegible as ever, and the document is updated to reflect this lack in progress. (SCP-2969)

  • Prior September 15th: DNA testing of blood samples from an instance of SCP-437-A matches with PoI-437-15, Samantha Blanchette. Mrs. Blanchette is brought into Foundation custody for questioning. (SCP-437)
    • September 15th: Agent Bennet interviews Samantha Blanchette on her experience at Camp Lakewood.
      • Post September 15th: PoI-437-15 escapes custody through unknown means. Subsequent investigations find that all sixty-four Persons of Interest associated with SCP-437 have been recently reported as missing.

  • Late September: Having volunteered for further understanding of SCP-2922, Dr. Janet Spiegel undergoes Neural Implanting for SCP-2922-A compatibility. (SCP-2922)

  • Prior October: Incident 3387-A-1: █████, Missouri resident █████ ██████ and her date, ██████ Robert, attend a house party with their friends. After Robert gets caught up in her habit of verbally humiliating and demeaning ██████, the monster from under ██████'s bed, "Grenda", emerges from under a table and mauls Robert, severing all of the abusive girlfriend's limbs. Two hours after the attack, Undercover Agent Bellamy questions SCP-3887-A on SCP-3887-B before she is escorted to a secure cell. (SCP-3887)

  • October 3rd: LazyTown airs its second to last episode, "Robbie's Dream Team" (SCP-3006, SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • October 6th: A segmented, several-jointed humanoid arm bursts from Containment Locker DAD-2838, the location of the SCP-2211 thumb drives. Security teams' gunfire does nothing to stop the arm from breaking open SCP-2211-4's locker and disappearing back into DAD-2838 with the coffee machine. The SCP-2211 hardware is recovered from the locker; the hand missing, the longsmile.wmv, eyee(79).wav, and 耳.exe files erased from their thumb drives, and the coffee machine broken. (SCP-2211)

  • October 8th: Upon inspecting the SCP-2211 thumb drives, Head Researcher Min tentatively declares the files as "Uncontained". (SCP-2211)

  • October 9th
    • SCP-2211-1, -2, and -3 are officially designated as Uncontained. Site resources are directed towards recovering and discerning the true nature of the files. (SCP-2211)
    • Agent Asla, Agent Michalsky and Researcher Witzke of Mobile Task Force Kappa-Theta "Get Lucky" arrive at the student union building of ████████ ████████ University, conducting the initial surveillance of an SCP-2331 party. (SCP-2331)

  • October 11th: An untitled .txt file is found on SCP-2211-1's USB drive, saying "got my my nose ::oo))". (SCP-2211)

  • October 13th: Researcher Witzke, accompanied by Agents Lu and Hansen, survey another SCP-2331 rave held warehouse at ████████ ████████. Witzke manages to get a business card from the scarecrow disc-jockey before local law enforcement arrive, despite explicit instructions from the Foundation to not intervene. SCP-2331 is civil about the matter, and informs the crowd that he has to relocate the party due to the noise complaints or "they're gonna pepper spray every motherfucker and get the dogs out and then some people might end up in the cells for a night." Witzke's group and several others are barred entry from the new rave, with several party-goers citing it as a private party. (SCP-2331)

  • November 25th: Dr. Janet Spiegel is killed in a collision with a drunk driver, awaking in the afterlife of Corbenic. Making a Phone Call from the Dead using SCP-2922-A, Janet contacts Dr. ██████ with reports of her perspective of the dimension, and the O5 Council initiates the Project Corbenic exploration. (SCP-2922)

  • November 30th: Janet Spiegel — now SCP-2922-B — gives her third report from SCP-2922-C. (SCP-2922)

  • December 5th: Dr. ██████ attempts to interview "Dr. Spanko", and fails in his efforts to mimic the bird's dialect. An addendum is made to SCP-2337's containment procedures, stating that all staff are discouraged from emulating the corncrake's speech patterns. (SCP-2337)

  • Laugh is Fun airs its final episode, the Long Runner concluding in its thirty-eighth season. (SCP-2030)

  • SCP-2075, controlling security personnel Jacob D. Moore and Jonathan Li, ritually stabs and cronenbergs Dr. Cronenberg. The mutated flesh ravages Site-66's Sector-G until the halls are flooded with chlorine trifluoride, the incident ending with fifty-six fatalities. Clean up and reconstruction of the ruined Sector-G begins, and the uncontained Karcist Varis is upgraded from Euclid, Vlam, and Warning risk to Keter, Ekhi, and Critical. (SCP-2075)

  • Incident 2662-78: The entirety of Task Force Tau-9 is called off-site for a fake mission, but four fail to comply; Agents ████ and ██████, influenced by SCP-2662's inadvertent effects, detain the remaining on-site agents in order to let a cargo truck transporting a caravan of D-Class fanatics into the facility. After raiding the armory, the rogue Tau-9 agents lead the D-Class cultists to SCP-2662, where they force SCP-2662 to watch as they turn each other into Human Notepads and engage in a blood-lubed orgy. At this point Tau-9 has discovered they have been sent on a Wild Goose Chase and return for Site-██. SCP-2662 commands them to stop, which they manage to comply with long enough for the young god to condemn their actions. Agent ████ calls their "lord" naïve for his view of the Foundation, and they carry on with their depravity until the rest of Tau-9 arrive. (SCP-2662)


  • January 4th: Dr. Kenneth Lamb is assigned in charge of an experiment involving SCP-2401 bees. Two female D-Class personnel, D-6780 and D-9343, are introduced to the insects and placed on suicide watch. (SCP-2401)

  • January 8th: D-6780 attempts to injure herself, and is quickly sedated by a smoker burning pine needles. Dr. Lamb notes that the two women are progressing quickly in the SCP-2401 colonization process, that D-9343 has been minimally responsive during this period, and that he still hasn't received copies of the subjects' medical records. (SCP-2401)

  • January 9th: Dr. Edison's proposal for SCP-1032's demotion to Safe is scheduled for review. (SCP-1032)

  • January 15th: D-6780 successfully drowns herself in Cell-21's toilet, having flooded it using her daily food rations, and the cell is quarantined for decontamination. Due to the promise seen in the calmer D-9343, Dr. Lamb requests modifications to Cell-22 in order to better accommodate the growing SCP-2401 colony and its D-Class host, along with D-9343's greatly-requested medical records. (SCP-2401)

  • January 26th: A much more physically active D-9343 achieves full symbiosis with the colony infecting her, the first subject to do so, and is subsequently designated as SCP-2401-Alpha. After Dr. Lamb notices that the D-Class isn't eating or drinking, Site-45's administration provides him the records they could find on D-9343, the ones from her time in prison. (SCP-2401)

  • January 27th: Dr. Kenneth Lamb conducts an interview with SCP-2401-Alpha, who is relatively eager to see another person after nearly a month of solitary confinement. With roughly half of her skin transformed into honeycombs, Dr. Lamb questions SCP-2401-Alpha on her symptoms, which she describes as having greatly improved from the severe pain in the early stages. (SCP-2401)

  • January 30th: Dr. Lamb interviews SCP-2401-Alpha again, this time going over her criminal records with her. Having trouble recollecting much of her past, SCP-2401-Alpha is able to describe her past with abusive relatives at a young age and being placed in foster care till she was fifteen before becoming agitated by the memories. The frightened doctor activates the newly installed smoker system to sedate the beehive woman and calls it a day. (SCP-2401)

  • February 2nd: Dr. Lamb conducts a third interview with SCP-2401-Alpha. SCP-2401-Alpha apologizes for her behavior in the previous interview, and introduces herself by her first name, Mary. Kenneth introduces himself by name as well, and listens as Mary attempts to explain a dream she had involving the doctor, yet could not recall specific details about. (SCP-2401)

  • February 3rd: Kenneth and Mary continue to discuss the latter's recurring dream. Mary accepts the doctor's offers for writing supplies in order to keep a dream journal and other recreational materials, but Lamb's superiors deny his requests. (SCP-2401)

  • February 4th: Off-shift guards inform Dr. Lamb that the restless SCP-2401-Alpha had to be sedated using the pine smoker for the last few nights. Kenneth notes that he's been visiting Mary daily, and that her demeanor has been deteriorating. The doctor questions the subject on her nightly sedations, which she attributes again to her elusive dreams. (SCP-2401)
    • Between February 4th - 12th: SCP-2401-Alpha — insisting to be called Mary — worsens as she begins uses cryptic statements and referring to herself in the first person plural. Lamb can only begin to guess that she has become delirious.

  • February 9th: The second episode of Better Call Saul, "Mijo", airs on AMC. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • February 12th: SCP-2401-Alpha appears to suffer a seizure and collapses onto the floor of Cell-22 in a comatose state, and her colony of bees start dropping dead. Observing personnel document the apparent time of death and the body is kept under watch as is the standard operating procedures for human subject quarantine. (SCP-2401)

  • February 14th: As the quarantine on Cell-22 expires, Site-45's director renews the quarantine by another twenty-four hours. (SCP-2401)

  • February 15th: Incident 2401-021415: SCP-2401-Alpha's quarantine expires, and security guards enter the bee-littered Cell-22 to retrieve her body. SCP-2401-Alpha suddenly awakens, knocks the two guards unconscious, and breaches containment in search for Dr. Kenneth Lamb. Finding the doctor shortly outside Cell-22, Mary tackles, strips and forces herself on Kenneth until security reinforcements arrive and subdue her using a stun baton. The newly-impregnated SCP-2401-Alpha is thrown back into Cell-22, with a new generation of bee larva growing in her flesh. A traumatized Lamb is treated for his dislocated shoulder and minor abrasions, and subsequently interviewed by Senior Internal Investigator Rubén Foster, where he requests amnestic treatment and demotion to Level-0 staff. (SCP-2401)

  • March 3rd: Po I-6870 Jude Kriyot calls 911 from a payphone outside of the Twin Oaks Apartments in Cleveland, Ohio. Kriyot mentions GAW keywords until the Foundation intercepts the call, and attempts to confess what happened in his now anomalous apartment. After playing auditory cognitohazards over the line in an attempt to neutralize the fugitive, the immune Kriyot gives up and flees the scene. (SCP-3420)

  • March 4th: Foundation agents conduct a routine inspection of Area of Interest CA-74, the Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento, California. A remarkably high Hume discrepancy is found during the game between the San Antonio Spurs and the Sacramento Kings, the source of the reality warping coming from Spurs player Tim Duncan. Due to the basketball player's celebrity status, Mobile Task Force Rho-5 "Spurs and Saddles" is established to constantly monitor SCP-2090 and ensures proper application of Protocol Ōllamaliztli-5. (SCP-2090)

  • Between April 1st - 9th: SCP-2729 phenomena undergoes a full reset. (SCP-2729)

  • April 3rd: The Principal Researcher of the Astronomical Phenomena Division, Dr. Cordelia Argent, orates a lecture presenting the results of her observations and experiments concerning SCP-2460, identifying the satellite as a chunk of dark matter. (SCP-2460)

  • April 12: ChilledCow starts streaming "lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to" on YouTube. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • April 29th: Direct human testing with SCP-2219 is prohibited, substituted with a specialized remote analog proxy and camera setup. (SCP-2219)

  • Prior June 12th: Agent Miller is stationed in the town of ██████████, Utah in anticipation of an SCP-2547 manifestation event. (SCP-2547)
    • June 12th: The town suffers a power outage, and the canine blockade arrives as predicted.

  • Prior June 14th: After seven months of radio silence from SCP-2922-B, a voicemail is left on SCP-2922-A. Janet Spiegel, having long since gone rogue from the Foundation became the advisor to [DATA EXPUNGED] the Impenetrable, expresses her desires to see her husband again and for the Foundation to pull the sticks out from their asses.
    • June 14th: Janet manages to connect to her widowed husband Herman Spiegel's phone, spending the brief few minutes comforting him with her well-being and instructing him on how to join her in Corbenic. Having suspected a move by the rogue doctor, MTF Psi-8 "The Silencers" with their take-no-prisoners policy raid the home and gun Herman down, reuniting him with his wife before he can destroy the phone. (SCP-2922)

  • June 15th: ██████████'s town reservoir evaporates with SCP-2547-1's arrival. Miller, having stocked on water, requests information from the coyote Reverend in lieu of water. (SCP-2547)

  • June 16th: Senior Internal Investigator Rubén Foster interrogates the four-month-pregnant SCP-2401-Alpha on her assault of Dr. Kenneth Lamb. Mary is adamant about her accounts of last February, and requests that Foster pass a message for "Our sweet Kenny. Tell him for us that his progeny grows stronger with each passing day. Tell him we all await his return." Foster has fuckin' none of that, and spitefully orders the technician to smoke her cell with pine fumes. (SCP-2401)

  • July 2nd: As the full moon dominates the sky, SCP-2547-1 leads his pack away from ██████████ and into the night with the townfolks' tributes. (SCP-2547)

  • July 3rd: In the morning, the townsfolk of ██████████ are given amnestic treatment for the SCP-2547 event, and Agent Miller is extracted from his undercover position. (SCP-2547)
    • Post July 3rd: The Foundation enacts Protocol DESERT GRASSROOTS, a many-faceted multimedia campaign to produce narratives that involve the SCP-2547-1 entity in some way. Following implementation of the protocol, SCP-2547 manifestation events have decreased in frequency by 30%, but SCP-2547-1 stops accepting stories as payment for water.

  • July 17th: MTF Gamma-13 "Asimov’s Lawbringers" raids an Anderson Robotics office near Bend, Oregon. There, the team recovers several unreleased products of the enigmatic tech company; instances of Gyrfalcon Series Prosthetics and a 16 GB flash drive containing the prototype Nankeen Computer Repair System "Ian". (SCP-2306)

  • July 25th: The "We Are Number One" music video is uploaded to the LazyTown YouTube channel. (SCP-3006, SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

(SCP-3006, SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • August: Dr. Cassandra Pike finds the body of her beloved cat, Oliver, inside some of the hedges in the neighborhood. (SCP-3773)

  • August 7th: Interview 3836-011-D: Dr. Sambre questions SCP-3836 on how he learned English, why he is still "alive" despite missing half of his flesh, and what are the gorilla mechanic's motivations to "go fast". (SCP-3836)

  • August 12th: SCP-2547 deviates from normal behavior and blockades the town of Sloth's Pit, despite its location in Wisconsin, population of 20,581 civilians, and the presence of Foundation Site-87.

  • August 15th: SCP-2547-1 arrives in Sloth's Pit, but instead of holding a sermon in a house of worship, the Reverend Coyote heads directly into the forest north of the town. The Coyote

  • October 3rd: D-10380 — a man who dropped out of high school in tenth grade and had never attended a physics class — is exposed to the SCP-2979-1 name card. (SCP-2979)

  • October 6th: SCP-2860's touch is found to have increased from just hand contact to throughout the body. Due to the increase in produced pollutant, Dr. Thompson is reclassified as Euclid and his containment procedures are revised: moved to a room with a personalized ventilation system, he can only be escorted out if wearing a sealed suit, and his psychological health screenings are reduced to once per month. (SCP-2860)

  • October 9th: Suffering from work-related stress and home trouble with his fiancé, Research Assistant Cody Kreighbaum attempts to kill himself with a Beretta M9 pistol. After he Ate His Gun and a reheated lunch harmlessly phases out from his head in place of a bloodied bullet, Kreighbaum remands himself to the Site-22 psychologist and turns in the pistol for classification. (SCP-3118)
    • Post October 9th: After reassignment to Site-██ and Foundation-sponsored relationship counseling, the cured Kreighbaum is considered to no longer be a danger to himself.

  • October 16th: The first test with SCP-3118 is conducted on D-10331, the SCP-3118-1 projectile manifesting as a bowl of standard D-Class rations and a glass of water. (SCP-3118)

  • October 17th: Dr. Holloway questions D-10380 on his memories of being in SCP-2979's class, only referring to the infohazardous teacher with pronouns. (SCP-2979)

  • October 18th: SCP-3118 is used for a third time on D-10331. The D-Class expresses nostalgia at the produced lunch — a bowl of chicken noodle soup, a napkin with a pile of thirty-five Goldfish Crackers, and a glass of milk — as this was something he served when he was sick as a child. (SCP-3118)

  • October 19th
    • Dr. Holloway asks D-10380 for his opinion of SCP-2979's name, the two restricting themselves to using pronouns until the D-Class lets Mr. [REDACTED]'s name slip. The two reminisce over their false memories until Holloway realizes what happened, the interview concluding and the two treated with Class-F amnestics. (SCP-2979)
    • SCP-3118 is tested a sixth time, again on D-10331. SCP-3118-1 splatters as a puddle of his mother's breast milk. Having drawn too far back from his subconscious than he could handle, the D-Class expires despite no physical trauma from the gun. (SCP-3118)

  • November 4th: Two men in overalls accompanied by a reptilian mount manifest inside a hallway of Site-19's Biological Containment Wing. Security Agent ███████ lands a shot on the mount, causing the pained reptile to retreat into the depths of the site. The two persons of interest break SCP-682 out of containment, the three vanishing at the point they first appeared. (Project Crossover » Home is A Place with Mushrooms.)

  • November 15th: Incident 4160-23: At Site-64, Dr. Janice Hamada hosts a seminar entitled "An Iron Curtain and a Rippling Veil: Changes to Consensus Normalcy During the Cold War". Just as Hamada begins discussing the transfer of SCP objects into Egypt, Yugoslavia, and Indonesia, Tau-51 Agent Beatrice Ross becomes the instigator of that year's SCP-4160 event. Gamma-5 Agent Anaya Sarkar body slams Ross into a table and restrains the rogue agent. Recognizing this as an SCP-4160 event, Sarkar orders Hamada to finish her seminar. Upon completion of the seminar, Ross immediately calms down and allows herself for questioning. Senior Researcher Roland Ferro interviews Ross, who provides her experience of the delirium. After two millenia, Clio finally bests Melpomene. (SCP-4160)

  • A drug cartel in Dresden. (SCP-2780)
    • As part of a civic pride campaign enacted after a local election, the town of Dresden, Tennessee contributes items for a time capsule set to be unearthed in the year 2090.
    • Breanna Renae Tucker moves into 618 Evergreen Street of Dresden. Tucker discovers that when she stands in the bedroom she can hear the voice of Sahrah Fulvia, the house's tenant seventy-five years in the future, and she that can retrieve the contents from her nightstand. Recognizing the potential of her discovery, Tucker submits to the Dresden time capsule a letter addressed to 618 Evergreen so she can inform Fulvia of the temporal anomaly and her plans with it — to start a drug scheme where Fulvia will send cheap, over-the-counter medicines back to the past where Tucker will sell them when they were in their experimental stages.

  • SCP-2399's unread command signals change again. "Unit is out of range of target: Proceed to planet #3 in system [COORDINATES REDACTED]: Priority is target: Cease repairs". (SCP-2399)


  • January: Incident 3773-13: Dr. Pike donates items that belonged to her cat for SCP-3773-14's enrichment. SCP-3773 — having somehow been exposed to the late Oliver's hairs — causes SCP-3773-14 to assume the appearance of her deceased cat whenever in her presence. (SCP-3773)

  • January 10th: SCP-1289 activates inconclusively, both sides bearing a Latin word meaning "Home" or "Center". After a fight of eighteen months, David Bowie succumbs to liver cancer in his New York City apartment. (SCP-1289)

  • January 12th: SCP-3118 testing is conducted for a twelfth time, this time with D-10187. When her SCP-3118-1 manifests as two hundred and thirty-three live Monomorium ants in a pile of dirt, D-10187 explains with a story from her childhood involving her neighborhood bully-turned-friend. (SCP-3118)

  • February: Dr. Pike returns to Site-87 after her time in Oregon, and resumes working with SCP-3773-14A despite her discomfort. (SCP-3773)

  • February 1st: Dr. Mohammad Scott begins transmitting an emergency signal from SCP-1730. Due to the revelation of the survivors, exploration and recovery efforts into Site-13 are no longer indefinitely suspended. (SCP-1730)

  • February 5th: WaterTower Music releases the album How To Be Single, including a Canadian indie-pop band, Walk off the Earth, and their cover of Frankie Valli's "Can't Take My Eyes Off You". (SCP-2010)
    • Post February 5th: SCP-2010 is created, or at least programmed to play Walk off the Earth's cover of "Can't Take My Eyes Off You".

  • February 8th: Deadpool debuts at the Le Grand Rex cinema in Paris, France. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • February 28th: The Foundation recovers the capsule launched by Peregrine-9, and begin to review the logs and transcripts found inside. (SCP-3200)

  • March 4th: Zootopia is released in theatres across the United States. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • March 19th: Before the crack of dawn, Dr. Mattings catches his girlfriend trying to sneak out to see SCP-3773-14A. Questioning her obsession with the visage of her dead cat, Mattings confirms that SCP-3773 has Dr. Pike under a compulsion of some sort. Pike is subsequently restricted to a low-level humanoid containment cell as an anti-cognitohazardous treatment is developed for SCP-3773's anomaly. (SCP-3773)

  • April 19th
    • Incident 2578-1427: MTF Iota-10 interrupt the Impaler Event of SCP-2578-B-832, Kim Jong-Un. Triangulating the SCP-2578-C emails, Iota-10 discovers SCP-2578-D in orbit. Foundation assets attempt to establish email contact with the anomaly, but the satellite refuses to answer the questions and instead intercepts information on SCP-1427 from the SCP database. SCP-2578-D descends from the skies of Pyongyang and breaches the Ryugyong Containment Operations Center to destroy the bronze stele. The threatened SCP-1427 increases its psychic aura, prompting SCP-2578-D to seize the now broken halves of the artifact and Hurl It into the Sun. As the spacecraft retires for self repairs, SCP-1427 is reclassified as "Neutralized". (SCP-2578)
    • The Hendricks County Flyer releases their Tuesday paper.(SCP-2935)

  • Circa April 19th: A month into her quarantine, Dr. Pike is interviewed by Dr. Harold West and given the Five-Word Test. Still apparently under the effect of an Egyptian cognitohazard, Dr. Pike theorizes that SCP-3773 is messing with her in non-anomalous, psychological ways. (SCP-3773)

  • April 20th: Communications personnel at Site-81 receive radio signals from a hilltop graveyard west of Joppa, Indiana. Agent James Keller is redirected to scout it out, venturing into a cave in the hillside. Finding a near identical world where everything has died at the microscopic level, Keller returns through the cave... bringing Death with him and wiping out all life in his dimension. With the sudden inactivity of all Foundation personnel, every site automatically enters lock down. (SCP-2935)

  • April 26th: Agent Keller breaks into the lifeless Site-81, locks himself in a containment cell, and records his final words before killing himself over the apocalypse he has wrought. (SCP-2935)

  • April 28th: In a third dimension, communications personnel at Site-81 receive Foundation distress pings from the cave outside of Joppa, and sends MTF Epsilon-13 "Manifest Destiny" — including their Agent Keller — into the cave. Upon finding the second Keller's body at Site-81 and realizing the extent of SCP-2935, the task force sends a drone with their findings back through the cave as they activate Site-19's on-site nuclear warhead. Receiving the dead task force's drone, Site-81 immediately seals the limestone cave off with concrete. (SCP-2935)

  • May 5th
    • Generalized inter-anomaly testing between SCP-2486 and other SCP objects is approved. (SCP-2486)
    • SCP-3420-1-G requests termination, which is ignored, as per regulation. After undergoing extreme distress beyond baseline levels of discomfort, the entity is treated with fentanyl and Class-C amnestics.
      • Post May 5th: After effective treatment with amnestics and fentanyl in similar episodes, the prescriptions are incorporated in SCP-3420 containment procedures. (SCP-3420)

  • May 13th: SCP-2761 is measured at twelve meters in length. (SCP-2761)

  • June 3rd: Dr. Pike is awoken in the middle of the night when apparitions of SCP-3773-14A guided by an unknown black cat appear in her observation cell, while the actual SCP-3773-14 remains sleeping in its kennel. The black cat provides the former cat owner with closure to Oliver's passing, and Pike bids farewell to her beloved pet. The two cats depart, leaving no physical trace of their presence aside from stray cat hairs and a collar left in the doctor's hands. (SCP-3773)

  • June 4th: The security footage from Dr. Pike's cell and SCP-3773-14's kennel is reviewed, their occupants personally inspected afterwards. Agent Nicholas Ewell gives Pike the Five-Word Test, which she now passes, free from SCP-3773's effects. Pike provides Ewell with her memories of the night prior and a regular cat collar bearing the name of SCP-2643, "Ubaste". (SCP-3773)
    • Post June 4th: By the order of Site-87 Director Weiss, Dr. Pike is put on three months of mandatory psychiatric leave. Pike uses some of this time to visit her parents and brother in Ohio.

  • July 4th: SCP-1032-12's predicted end of the "███████ █████" Burger Joint. (SCP-1032)

  • July 11th: After nineteen years of playing for the San Antonio Spurs, Tim Duncan announces his retirement from the National Basketball Association. The task force assigned to monitor SCP-2090, MTF Rho-6, expects a breach in containment or society as a whole — instead, they find that the now-former basketball player no longer expresses abnormal Hume levels, and as such should no longer be considered anomalous. (SCP-2090)
    • Post July 11th: After an uneventful period of further observation, Tim Duncan is confirmed to have lost his anomalous properties and SCP-2090 is reclassified as Neutralized.

  • July 12th: Transformation #3537-26: SCP-3537 transforms into "Mr. Night", a bald Peruvian man with bioluminescent spots corresponding with the night sky. (SCP-3537)

  • July 20th: Dr. Weiss informs Site Director Jeremiah August on his recent findings on SCP-437. Radiographic and ultrasonic imaging reveals that all SCP-437-A instances contain the organs and deformed skeletal structure of the PoI-437s' adolescent selves. Weiss suggests redesignating the Persons of Interest as part of SCP-437 itself, and to put the SCP-437-A trees out of their twenty-five-year misery. (SCP-437)

  • July 22nd: Batman: The Killing Joke is unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • August 6th: SCP-2780 is contained successfully. (SCP-2780)

  • Circa September 4th: Dr. Pike's mandatory psych leave expires and she returns to work at Site-87. (SCP-3773)

  • Between September 10th - 30th: SCP-2729 phenomena undergoes a temporary disappearance. (SCP-2729)

  • September 15th: The tenth episode of Danganronpa 3: Ji Endo obu Kibōgamine Gakuen's Despair Arc, "Kimi wa Kibō to Iu Na no Zetsubō ni Hohoemu", airs in Japan. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • Prior September 23rd: Following a growing number of reports describing violent sexual assaults and acts of cannibalism throughout central Europe, MTF Sigma-6 is deployed for the apparent SCP-3288 activity. (SCP-3288)
    • September 23rd: An instance of SCP-3288 is tracked to a derelict hunting lodge in the Black Forest of southwest Germany. After detaining SCP-3288-6971, the team finds nine pregnant woman tied up in the basement — only one was still alive, as the rest were cannibalized through their wombs. The survivor receives medical evacuation via helicopter, giving birth during the flight to four SCP-3288, causing the ravenous newborns to kill all onboard.

  • September 24th: Dr. Elizabeth Varga interrogates SCP-3288-6971, forcing the yielding duke to explain his clan's agenda; deluded that their blood had developed immunity to the taint of outsiders, "The Empress" came to the conclusion that breeding with humanity will make the God-given Hapsburg bloodline the only bloodline. (SCP-3288)

  • Early October: In attempts to contain SCP-2952, Director Stevens approves the implementation of containment procedures where the SCP-2952-1 doorways are buried in order to prevent SCP-2952-2 from entering. (SCP-2952)
    • Three days later: Outraged by what has been done to their subway system, the Tylwyth Teg turn Director Stevens into a European mole as the beginning of their revenge.
      • Next three weeks: The construction workers that buried SCP-2952's stations find that the walls of their homes have been transmuted into poison ivy and death cap mushrooms.
      • Two months later: Researcher Mills — the head of testing SCP-2952's regenerative properties — awakes to find poisonous nightshade berries in his mouth, and stakes of hawthorn driven through his hands and feet.

  • October 12th: "we are number one except every time you play it there are twice as many robbie rottens but the room is the same size[nsfw]" is originally posted to YouTube. After social media reports of the unusual videos came to the Foundation's attention, the anomalous meme videos are taken down without haste. The initial eleven thousand viewers are treated with Class-C amnestics, and the Lazy Town cast is questioned and given Class-B amnestics. (SCP-3006)

  • October 19th: Mr. Literal Serial Killer is initially detained at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas while attempting to attend the ongoing presidential election debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. After affecting seven officers at the Las Vegas Police Department, embedded Foundation agents intervene. (SCP-2586)
    • Post October 19th: SCP-2586 begins "creating" an explosive device, discreetly spending no more than two seconds at a time assembling the pseudo-imaginary bomb.

  • November 6th: Transformation #3537-89: SCP-3537 transforms into "Ms. Sandy", a blonde European woman which causes sand to periodically manifest in a small area around her. (SCP-3537)

  • November 7th: Local Mobile Task Force 352-Dalet receives reports from Major League Baseball wire services that RHP Ellis Canastota had been assigned to the forty man roster of the Cincinnati Reds franchise. (Kalinin's Proposal » After Action Report 2272')

  • November 15th: For the first year since its discovery, the Foundation is unable to determine an SCP-4160 event. (SCP-4160)

  • November 17th: SCP-2860's condition worsens: his effect now exudes in dead hair and skin cells, marble dust is damaging his lungs and eyes, and he requires an IV drip for sustenance. Containment procedures are revised, starting the bi-monthly vacuuming of his cell and incineration of the collected detritus. (SCP-2860)

  • November 23rd: Western Animation/Moana is released in theatres. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • November 29th: With the passing of Peregrine-9's original end date, the expedition is considered lost. (SCP-3200)

  • December 4th: 168 renditions of the number "495827" is found to have been inscribed into the asteroid of the same serial number, the number written across the surface in differing fonts and sizes. (SCP-3070)

  • December 9th
    • After retaliation from the commuters of SCP-2952, the previous containment procedures of burying the station entrances is rescinded and excavation begins. (SCP-2952)
      • Two weeks later: The SCP-2952-2 curses are lifted, as Director Stevens turns back into a human and the construction workers' homes are alleviated of mushrooms and poison ivy.
    • Six 100m-tall and 2m-wide pillars composed entirely from dead Mangrove horseshoe crabs are found connected to the asteroid 882 Swetlana. As the person or occurrence Grigory Neujmin named 882 Swetlana after is unknown, the Foundation cannot begin to see what this has to do with horseshoe crabs. (SCP-3070)

  • December 12th: 233,870 tendrils of assorted eye tissue manifest over the surface of the 54439 Topeka asteroid. Genetic testing of samples obtained by OTF ञ-12 correspond with residents of Topeka, Kansas recorded in the 2010 United States Census. (SCP-3070)

  • December 14th: SiIvaGunner uploads "Seasonal Return [Episode 1] - The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis" to his YouTube channel. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • December 17th
    • Dr. Drake Cassidy interviews SCP-2860 via telecast. Harold pleads for Drake to kill him whatever way he can — with approval by the Ethic Committee; against the O5 Council's commands; or by a gun in Cassidy's hand. (SCP-2860)
    • All of the tendrils on 54439 Topeka dissolve. (SCP-3070)

  • December 21st: Twelves rings composed of human egg cells, liquid carbon dioxide, and blood from the Southwest African lion is found encompassing 672 Astarte. Genetic analysis of the lion's blood reveals the presence of unknown chemicals similar to DNA, instead possessing six base pairs and three strands, which is temporarily designated as C-3070. (SCP-3070)

  • December 24th
    • Half of SpaceX's Falcon Light spacecraft spontaneously disappears on its path to the ISS, resulting in the loss of the passengers to the vacuum of space. All launch plans for manned spacecraft are canceled, both inside and outside the Foundation as a cover story involving a faulty booster is disseminated. (SCP-1548)
    • In Cell 2337 at Site-59, SCP-2337 awakes to find himself visited by the Ghost of Gummy Worms Past, and promptly devours the candy spectre. (A Cackmas Carol)

  • December 27th: A twenty-ninth SCP-3118 test is conducted, the third with D-10422 as the subject. The former child abductor's SCP-3118-1 lunch manifests as one of his six-year-old victims, accompanied with a steel butcher's knife and fork as utensils. The SCP-3118-1 clone of the dead child — who has now been dead for as long as they were alive — is terminated, and the Site-22 Director prohibits any further testing of SCP-3118 on the newly-discovered cannibal. (SCP-3118)

  • December 29th: Control of the International Space Station is lost when the craft changes orbit and begins transmitting cognitohazards that cause the brains of the exposed to vanish. While classification of the ISS as an anomaly is submitted, Foundation satellites find a sharp increase in thaumaturgic particles in orbit, all found to be originating from the Sun. (SCP-1548)

  • Refined Y-909 compound is incorporated into Class-A, -D, and -E amnestics. (SCP-3000)

  • SCP Foundation staff author works inspired from Madame Chrysanthème to test the pataphysics of SCP-4690. (SCP-4690)
    • The short story I Left My Heart in Nagasaki' is written, describing a world where arachnids are extinct and the main character, Lt. Pinkerdinkle, is Literal-Minded. SCP-4690 alters the work, describing Pinkerdinkle as being assaulted by PoI-GOC2735 "Spider", the woman fleeing with a sample of his blood.
    • Culinary Department liaison McNeilly's cookbook Ten Unforgettable Recipes for the Orientalist Sailor is exposed with SCP-4690. The altered copy experiences an unusually high number of spider-related changes, notably an eleventh recipe for "Raw Pinkerton" calling for several previously undiscovered carnomancy techniques.

  • Site-64 is recognized as one of the SCP Foundation's premier facilities along the US West Coast, and the top facility within the Pacific Northwest. (Secure Facility Dossier: Site-64)

  • In his 1,499,999th year of torment, Talloran heads to the Records Department. (...Like Clockwork Hub » Only God Can Judge Me and More)


  • January 1st: Observation of Eastwood Secondary School in Danvers, Massachusetts ceases after no further anomalous activity is observed. (SCP-2979)

  • January 2nd: SCP-2713 is found to be entirely empty with claw marks, scorched walls, and blood strewn across the room indicating signs of a significant struggle. Reclassification to Neutralized is submitted and pending approval. (SCP-1548)

  • January 3rd
    • The second expansion pack for [[The Binding of Isaac The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Afterbirth+, is released for the Xbox One. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)
    • Cuddling in bed, Researcher James Talloran and Agent Draven Kondraki have a moment's worth of peace in between their hectic schedules. Draven assures his transfer that their to Site-118 will go smoothly, and Talloran falls asleep trying to think of what to change their name to. Getting out of bed, Draven looks around the office of his deceased father, Dr. Benjamin Kondraki. (...Like Clockwork Hub » The Moon Is a Dead World)

  • January 5th
    • A political demonstration in front of the Reichstag in Berlin, Germany, is disrupted by the manifestation of a portal. Koru Archpriest Farah Onteus offers shelter for the crowd, who unanimously accept and follow through the portal, including two Undercover Foundation agents. (SCP-1548)
    • The Conveyance Of Regional Gwerin Internationally becomes visually imperceptible to all humans not under the Foundation's employ, and the commuters now visible to Foundation employees. In light of this cooperation, SCP-2952 is downgraded to Safe. (SCP-2952)
    • Draven Kondraki drops Talloran off at the airport for the latter's transfer to Site-118. Before his partner leaves, Kondraki hands Talloran a manilla folder the senior Kondraki left for Talloran in the event of the couple's separation across Foundation sites. (...Like Clockwork Hub » ...Like Clockwork)

  • January 9th: A starling flies into Director Stevens' office, dropping off a letter from G. Foxglove, Director of Transportation of the The Council of the Tylwyth Teg. (SCP-2952

  • January 10th: An unknown eigenweapon is activated during mass protests at Times Square. A violent explosion ravages a 6km radius in Midtown Manhattan, and a high number of Tartarean entities and demonic possessions are observed in a 11km radius around the blast's epicenter. Persons with confirmed connections to the Chaos Insurgency publicly blame the tragedy on "a global shadow organization." (SCP-1548)

  • January 18th: SCP-3006 is classified as Euclid. (SCP-3006)

  • January 19th: SCP-179 establishes contact with Foundation telescopes for a single moment, signing "Defend" before descending below the Sun's surface and vanishing. The frequency of SCP-1548 events drastically increases, with at least two occurring per day. (SCP-1548)

  • January 20th: The nebula produced by SCP-1548 fully obscures the night sky. Global amnesticization under the Ennui Protocol is enacted by the Foundation and completed at 78% efficiency. Several world governments and anomalous groups take this opportunity to attempt to further their own personal goals, to which the SCP Foundation and Global Occult Coalition align against to reinstate order. (SCP-1548)
    • The Latvian, Estonian, and Georgian governments publicly declassify documents on anomalous phenomena and Cold War paratech. All major containment sites go under Level V High Security Lockdown until further notice.

  • January 22nd: SCP-2821, rapidly expands to a diameter of 1.7km before vanishing. The nearby Lunar Area-32 is severely damaged in the incident and suffers a minimum loss of thirty-eight staff and ten anomalies. Misinformation to explain the newly formed hemispherical crater on the lunar surface is being disseminated among astronomers on Earth. (SCP-1548)

  • January 24th: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is released world wide for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • January 25th: Seraph-1 reaches the solar system's heliopause. The probe's signal reception is inconsistent for the next two days as it passes the barrier produced by SCP-1548, but manages to detect tachyons moving at undetermined faster-than-light speeds, found to be a new form of SCP-3417 transmission. (SCP-1548)

  • January 27th: Seraph-1 takes a single high definition photograph of the formerly vast universe, only recording two remaining lights. The Vorteut, a writhing swarm of shadowy entities 10km to 10,000km in size, emerges from the dead cosmos. Two of these entities, designated 1548-Ω-1 and 1548-Ω-2, are visually documented by Seraph-1's cameras as they soar past the probe. An SCP-1548 solar flare lashes out past the heliopause at the arriving horde of creatures, vaporizing 1548-Ω-2 and Seraph-1 in the process. (SCP-1548)

  • January 28th: O5-3 forwards the sole photograph taken by Seraph-1 to the rest of the O5-Council. (SCP-1548)

  • January 30th: The Foundation orbital vessel SCPS Curtana is deployed in attempts to neutralize 1548-Ω-1, which has destroyed Pluto and other Kuiper Belt objects upon entering the solar system. Two hours after losing radio contact with the crew, the Curtana reappears — with 1548-Ω-1 clinging to the hull of the spacecraft — and rams into Mars at near-light speeds. The largest SCP-1548-2 flare on record lashes out, reaching to incinerate the taint and makes a new asteroid belt out of the molten Mars. (SCP-1548)

  • February 3rd: A Gamer Against Weed shitposts SCP-3078 to Imgur. Spam bots start manifesting, spreading it across the social media, unintentionally causing viewers to Die Laughing. After fifteen hours, the Foundation's cognitohazard detection software discovers SCP-3078, and containment efforts for the newly-found Keter is enacted. Meanwhile, the original shitposter frantically edits the images' caption, apologizing for his carelessness and prays that the Foundation can stop his snowballing disaster. (SCP-3078)

  • February 4th: After deleting the cognitohazardous shitpost's image data from the internet's web servers, administering amnestics to the survivors, and launching disinformation campaigns attributing the civilian deaths to gas leaks and suicides, all instances of SCP-3078 are successfully neutralized. (SCP-3078)

  • Prior February 11th: Head Researcher Kijuro conducts unethical tests with SCP-3384 using several D-Class personnel, damning them to hell just to find what SCP-3384 constitutes as a laugh. Security Officer Bates, who has seen D-Class get snuffed out and mangled in numerous ways, draws the line when their very souls might just be on the line. (SCP-3384)
    • February 11th: Incident 3384-1: Bates takes Kijuro hostage, barricading the two of them in SCP-3384's designated testing room and forcing Kijuro at gunpoint to watch the Try Not to Laugh until the researcher is set ablaze. Bates surrenders himself to security for execution, citing Kijuro's tests and stands by his actions against him.

  • February 14th: Dr. Krang interviews Jon Jafari, who describes what it was like finding videos of his digital clones getting crushed underneath the weight of one another. After the former Grump is treated with amnestics and released, the video recording of the interview is found to have manifested the subject-duplicating effects as well, and SCP-3006's upgrade to Keter is pending approval. (SCP-3006)

  • February 16th: SCP-2586 is diagnosed with symptoms of appendicitis and an appendectomy is performed without any immediate issues. Upon being returned to his cell to recover from surgery, SCP-2586 detonates the mime-made explosive he had planted in the Site-17 medical bay. (SCP-2586)

  • February 25th: SCP-2586's special containment procedures are revised, putting him a full-body restraint for all times aside from eating and using the bathroom. (SCP-2586)

  • March: Dr. Manwell Cutler of the Ethics Committee begins conducting biweekly appointments with Researcher Talloran for assessing their mental health and ability to work on various Keter-class projects, both standard and those handled under different moral codes. (...Like Clockwork Hub » Only Once Away My Son)

  • March 5th: Researchers Talloran and Yamada goof off during their break, flinging coins into each other's coffee cups, when Talloran is called to work. Talloran arrives at Site-118's Keter win, and enters Cell-902 to interview SCP-3999, and enters the first of 3,003,999 years to come.
(...Like Clockwork Hub » ...Like Clockwork)

  • Between March 10th - 31st: SCP-2729 phenomena undergoes a full reset. (SCP-2729)

  • March 24th
    • SCP-3003-3's Ruling Committee initiates a global project to introduce artificial genes into their genome over the course of the next thirty years, for the benefit of the species and their valued parasites. (SCP-3003)
    • LordStonefish has a nightmare featuring James Martin Talloran, Level 3 Researcher. Awaking from his dream, the Wikidot user knows how to write SCP-3999. SCP-3999 is interviewed by Researcher Talloran. (SCP-3999)

  • April 4th: Assigned with her first official assignment as a Foundation researcher, Junior Researcher Rivera conducts initial testing with an anomalous Franchise/Kirby Fanfic. (SCP-3450)

  • April 5th: Junior Researcher Rivera tests SCP-3450's self-awareness, creating a for the narrative. (SCP-3450)

  • April 6th: Rivera tests SCP-3450's comprehension of the sciences and quality of Technobabble, using the character of the highly decorated Cornell professor and Nobel prize-winning quantum physicist Dr. Syed Khan. (SCP-3450)

  • April 16th: Dr. Raymond Hamm enters SCP-049's test chamber to conduct another routine interview to find the subject emotionally disturbed, made anxious by his presence. SCP-049 kills Dr. Hamm and reanimates his corpse, which isn't found for three hours. (SCP-049)
    • Between April 16th & May 7th: Dr. Theron Sherman interrogates SCP-049 on his murder of Dr. Hamm, which the plague doctor adamantly defends his reasoning for in a manic episode.

  • April 20th: Doing further testing of SCP-3450, Researcher Rivera submits the character of "Thermodynamic Man" to the anomalous scripture. (SCP-3450)

  • April 21st: Running out of ideas, Rivera comes up with "Khor'gul, orc berserker of the Northern Wastelands". (SCP-3450)

  • April 30th: The SCP-2780 document is revised to include future events in the 2090s. (SCP-2780)

  • May 7th: Dr. Elijah Itkin interviews SCP-049 in the aftermath of Dr. Hamm's death and Dr. Sherman's interrogation. SCP-049, while remorseful of Dr. Hamm's death, states confidence he will finish his work in curing "the Pestilence." (SCP-049)

  • May 8th: After spending two weeks trying to think of a character for SCP-3450 testing, Rivera can only come up with "Larry Plotter". The junior researcher stays up the following night, trying to conceive input for tomorrow's test. (SCP-3450)

  • May 9th: Rivera fails to conduct a test with SCP-3450, as the fanfic has sapped all of her creativity. (SCP-3450)

  • May 11th: Following the Junior Researcher Rivera's discovery of SCP-3450's secondary effect, direct access to SCP-3450 is restricted to D-Class personnel. (SCP-3450)

  • Prior May 12th: Corporal Duncan leads MTF Omega-19 "Omelette" as they are dispatched to ██████, Ireland, the team losing Private MacLeod and Lieutenant Corporal Langley in the recovery of SCP-3199. Two offspring hatch during transfer to Site-114, resulting in the death of six more personnel. The man-chicken hybrids eventually arrive onsite and are incarcerated in a Euclid humanoid containment chamber. (SCP-3199)
    • May 12th: Dr. Watt addresses Site-114's staff in attempts to ease skepticism regarding the necessity of SCP-3199's current breach protocol, describing what a relief it is to at least have a consistent method of containment.

  • May 15th: Mobile Task Force Apollo-3 "Game Wardens", led by Captain Ephram Ross, are chosen for exploration of SCP-1730 and recovery of the survivors. Requests to have Tau-5 on standby are pending approval. (SCP-1730)

  • May 24th: Junior Researcher Valeria Rivera is released from Foundation employment due to a lack of productivity and problem-solving aptitude. Site-73 Director ████ █████████ addresses a memorandum to the young Rivera, apologizing for what SCP-3450 had done to her and wishes her the best. (SCP-3450)

  • May 25th
    • On the tenth anniversary of SCP-3447's recovery, twenty-five "Anartists without Borders" trumpeters breach Site-62 in attempt to reclaim their stolen trumpets. After causing $1.5m in damage, on-site security eliminates the intruders and claim five new SCP-3447 instances. With the revelation of more SCP-3447 outside of containment, MTF Eta-11 begins tracking down other instances and their creators. (SCP-3447)
      • Post May 25th: Site-62 relocates the now thirty SCP-3447 trumpets to Remote Site-71. During transfer, a trumpet is accidentally dropped several feet only to fare no dents. Researchers begin to speculate that the items can only be damaged intentionally.
    • An addendum is attached to the SCP-3450 document, including Site Director █████████'s letter concerning Rivera's impromptu retirement. (SCP-3450)

  • May 28th: Transformation #3537-433: SCP-3537 transforms into "Mr. Zippers", a hollow, human-sized cloth doll covered in zippers leading to pocket dimensions. (SCP-3537)

  • June 10th: Following the events of a containment breach, SCP-3199 is issued Keter classification. SCP-3199's water-based containment method is disassembled, and the liquid medium is replaced with solidifying resin. (SCP-3199)

  • June 12th: The remaining SCP-3199 are accounted for, with a total of four extant instances documented in containment. (SCP-3199)

  • June 22nd: The surviving members of Apollo-3 and Tau-5 escape SCP-1730, rescuing Dr. Scott and nine of his colleagues, and the party of fifteen is evacuated out by Alpha-20 "Holy Divers". In a last stand, Zeta-9 Captain Hollis reactivates the Thresher device, banishing Site-13 into a third timeline. The surviving agents, the resurrected Irantu and Onru, and Dr. Scott are interviewed on their experience, and SCP-1730 is considered Neutralized. (SCP-1730)
    • Post June 22nd: Test Log 35: D-24390 is instructed to enter Containment Chamber #3942 with a single cooked trout, and to remain inside for one hour. Eleven minutes after entering Containment Chamber #3942, Subject utilizes rudimentary kinetoglyphs to prevent security personnel from entering the chamber until a portable Scranton Reality Anchor is activated and containment is reinstated. (UNDEFINED)

  • July 2nd: A notice is issued in keeping with proper Foundation testing protocols, reminding that records of SCP-3301 use are to be made for future analysis and archival.⧗ 

  • July 3rd
    • Site-19 Director Tilda Moose finds an ornate, silver box on her desk, accompanied with a letter by Dr. Wondertainment. The gift, herald as the toy company's greatest product yet, is promptly assigned SCP designation. (SCP-3301)
    • Due to a rash of inaccurate test logs, strict protocols are implemented to allow for the review of SCP-3301 test logs thought to be exaggerated or outright false. (SCP-3301 Testing Log)

  • Between August 1st - 9th: SCP-2729 phenomena undergoes a temporary disappearance. (SCP-2729)

  • August 18th: Somewhere in Ohio, a dog runs through the tall grass, common fungal spores catching to the fur coat. A young boy cuddles the family pet, none the wiser. (Black Autumn » Chapter 10: A Brief Flashback)

  • August 25th: SCP-2729-B and SCP-2729-C hallucinations battle each other in the streets of San Diego. Agent

  • August 29th: An off-duty Foundation researcher reads a bedtime story to his son as the young boy cuddles his favorite toy, a stuffed tiger named Oscar. The spores originally caught on the dog now migrate to Oscar. (Black Autumn » Chapter 10: A Brief Flashback)

  • August 30th: The boy's father leaves for work in Wisconsin, ready to serve for the Foundation. His family is unable to find the dirtied plush misplaced in his luggage. (Black Autumn » Chapter 10: A Brief Flashback)

  • September: Agent Kay Gittings joins her girlfriend in their move from Montana to one of the southern states. (SCP-3540)

  • September 1st: The researcher finds and sends his son's plush back home through the mail, unaware of the innumerable spores now on his suit and within his briefcase. (Black Autumn » Chapter 10: A Brief Flashback)

  • September 4th: The researcher with the briefcase arrives at Zone-097. Decontamination procedures fail when the man opens the briefcase and presents a contaminated file to Dr. Carol Brown. (Black Autumn » Chapter 10: A Brief Flashback)

  • September 8th: Dr. Carol Brown conducts a preliminary survey of SCP-097-1, finding the massive pumpkin to still be as healthy as ever. The doctor leaves, unaware of the fungal spores she has introduced. (Black Autumn » Chapter 10: A Brief Flashback)

  • September 11th: Zone-097's staff find signs of fungal infection on several vines throughout the zone of containment. In compliance with containment procedures, the bleeding pumpkin vines are burned, chopped, and salted, yet some still go unnoticed. (Black Autumn » Chapter 10: A Brief Flashback)

  • Circa September 18th: SCP-097-1's growing infection awakens the Black Equinox from her dormancy. Feeling her prison dying, the witch remembers the men who wronged Mavra Isimeria. (Black Autumn » Chapter 10: A Brief Flashback)

  • September 22nd: Doki Doki Literature Club! is released on (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • Circa September 27th: Zone-097's staff openly express their concern over the worsening state of SCP-097-1 and the potential ramifications in the wake of its death. The Black Equinox eavesdrops on their concerns, unable to understand their priorities. (Black Autumn » Chapter 10: A Brief Flashback)

  • October or November: Aaron Bartell leaves home for work as a Foundation field agent. (SCP-3209)

  • October 1st: SCP-3540-1 and SCP-3540-2 move into an abandoned house in the southern United States for their annual vacation. (SCP-3540)

  • October 5th: Harry Godsall, doubting the validity of the Moon Champion's achievements, accepts his offer to take him to space. Blasting off at 25,000 kilometers per hour, Godsall is instantly killed by the thousands of newtons of force, and SCP-1233 loses the ruptured remains in low orbit. In light of this, SCP-1233's containment procedures are revised: under no circumstances are Foundation personnel permitted to interact with or engage SCP-1233 in any capacity. (SCP-1233)

  • October 6th: SCP-3915 vanishes from Montague Island, leaving his tent behind, along with a note reading "gone to do what should have been done years ago".(SCP-3915)
    • Between October 6th - 15th: After finding Montague Island completely devoid of trash and SCP-3915, Foundation agents turn their investigation to Fort Worth, Texas. In the resulting sweep, the formerly missing Cees Martin is found, having returned to live with his lover.

  • Circa October 9th: Mavra, having harnessed control over the fungus infecting her gourd prison, dispels enough to convince the Foundation that crisis has been averted. (Black Autumn » Chapter 10: A Brief Flashback)

  • October 15th: The SCP-3915 document is revised, reflecting the recent developments and reclassification from Euclid to Neutralized. (SCP-3915)

  • October 16th: Mavra realizes that she's incomplete, remembering that her other half had been bound to Room Thirteen of the Pyramid Inn. Having witnessed everything in the room since, she sorts what information she can use to her advantage. (Black Autumn » Chapter 10: A Brief Flashback)

  • October 17th: SCP-097-1 lays more dormant than usual, and the Foundation staff are at ease for what appears to be a quiet night. (Black Autumn » Chapter 10: A Brief Flashback)

  • October 14th: Zone-097's staff, realizing that things are too quiet, become paranoid. One researcher faints at the sound of a crow. (Black Autumn » Chapter 10: A Brief Flashback)

  • October 15th: Three cracks form in Mavra's prison, for she is not without a flair for the dramatic. (Black Autumn » Chapter 10: A Brief Flashback)

  • October 16th: The cracks in SCP-097-1 grow larger. (Black Autumn » Chapter 10: A Brief Flashback)

  • October 17th: Mavra's lingering presence under the Hubble family farm breaks free from the soil, disrupting the corpses buried on the property, and causing a decaying vampire to taint the Hubble's crops. The witch's influence spreads through Sloth's Pit, abducting twenty citizens and transfiguring them into scarecrows. (Black Autumn » Chapter 1: Corvophobia, Chapter 10: A Brief Flashback)

  • October 18th
    • Douglas County Dispatch receives a call from a woman named "Martha" trapped in a Dead-End Room at the Pyramid Inn, and transfers the call to Site-87's Director Nina Weiss. Talking with the distressed caller, Weiss dispatches Sigma-10's Squad Nine to Room Thirteen to respond and rescue her. When the director realizes she never told the caller her first name, the squad of six is overwhelmed and Marva thanks Nina for the "room service." (Black Autumn » Prologue: You Can Check Out Any Time You Want...)
    • Another twenty scarecrows manifest around Sloth's Pit. (Black Autumn » Chapter 1: Corvophobia)
      • Ted Mason, the former owner of the Vegan Buffet, disappears from Columbia Correctional in Portage, Wisconsin, and a scarecrow embeds itself in the wall of his condemned restaurant.
      • Rudolf Dyer, owner of Rudy's Cafe, is replaced with a scarecrow left in the store room.

  • October 19th: Caitlyn Dyer reports the scarecrow she finds in the pantry of her father's cafe, and the fire department works to remove the scarecrow jutting horizontally from the former Vegan Buffet. Christopher Hastings and Tristan Bailey, upon inspecting the scarecrow in the storage room, discover that the scarecrows are bodies of Sloth's Pit residents spread in a Connect the Deaths jack-o-lantern. Dr. Weiss gives an evacuation order for all non-essential civilians. (Black Autumn » Chapter 1: Corvophobia)
    • Between October 19th - 22nd: The families of Sloth's Pit, including the Hubbles and the Brotzmans, evacuate and take residence in apartments across Duluth. (Black Autumn » Chapter 4: Bloody Pulps and Vines, Chapter 11: Equinox's Rise)
      • The grandfather Jeffery Hubble Sr. ditches his son's family, claiming the intentions to return with the family dog. At the Hubble household, the secret carnomancer sneaks a slice of pumpkin pie, unknowingly tainted by the disrupted remains of the vampire buried in his garden.

  • October 20th: Agent Raymond February escorts Doctors Katherine Sinclair and Montgomery Reynolds through the streets of the evacuated Sloth's Pit as the two thaumaturgists inspect the town's corrupted leylines. Upon finding a broken leyline, the axe-wielding Goatman attacks and seizes Dr. Sinclair. Agent February calls for reinforcements from Squad Six as Dr. Montgomery chases after his abducted crush to Koch's Hovel. After confessing his feelings for Katherine and reasoning with the Goatman, the hircine thoughtform warns them that "the Black Autumn is coming again." (Black Autumn » Chapter 2: Here Comes The Bogeyman)

  • October 21st
    • Agent Kay Gittings visits SCP-3560 to inform the two gay Psychopomps that their Hallowe'en decorations are encroaching on their neighbor's property. Maurice and Lance, recognizing Gittings from their previous vacations in Montana, invite her in for tea. (SCP-3540)
(Black Autumn » Chapter 3: Pictures of Plastic People)

Director Weiss collapses at the news of Pickman's death, and is brought to the hospital in Duluth as Dr. Claire Hennessy assumes the role in her absence.

  • October 22nd
    • During the dismantling of SCP-3915's tent, a sheaf of papers in a sealed plastic bag is discovered under an air mattress. Three are found to be scrapped notes meant for Halen and the Foundation "Coast Guard". (SCP-3915)
    • Code Vandal is declared, giving Site-87 personnel free reign on studies and projects dedicated to the protection of Nexus-018. Sinclair, recently released from recovery, joins Dr. Partridge and Researcher Hastings to investigate the Hubble Farms on the outskirts of town, escorted by Agents Carl Ashe and Alexander Carracos. The now-vampiric Jeffery Hubble Sr. attacks and kills Agent Ashe, and the remaining group retreat into the Hubble farmhouse. Sinclair, once bitten by Hubble, uses her undigested blood to slay the vampire from within using a "Blood Red… Hamon… Overdrive!" (Black Autumn » Chapter 4: Bloody Pulps and Vines)
    • The amateur Occult Detectives Follow the Leylines — host Chad Darryl, "spiritual medium" Monica Morse, equipment manager Quincy Lee, and driver Markus Bradley — start up their Twitch stream at a quarter to midnight as they approach the outskirts of Sloth's Pit. Foundation agents posing as FEMA workers flag down and attempt to detain the van's occupants, but a group of scarecrows ambush the agents. In the ensuing gunfire, the cryptid hunters speed the van through the broken blockade. (Black Autumn » Chapter 5: Following the Leylines)
    • Between October 22nd - 24th: Forensic and excavation teams dispatch from Site-87 to the Hubble family farm when Sarkic rituals and twelve bodies are found in the fields. (Black Autumn » Chapter 6: Scarecrow Factory)

  • October 23rd (Black Autumn » Chapter 5: Following the Leylines)
    • The gang of true believers hide their van in the woods around Sloth's Pit, reeling from the surreal situation. Lee passes out GoPros and the group start adventuring into town on foot.
    • Darryl's gang eavesdrops as the Williams twins debrief each other. Ruby recognizes Following the Leylines for their annual Halloween broadcasts, and Blake reports to Sigma-10 Command for immediate scrubbing procedures. The town's power is shut off, and the disrupted Twitch stream is redirected to a private Foundation server.
    • The cast of Following the Leylines gets split up off camera.
      • Bradley is killed by the Black Autumn, and made into a scarecrow of his own.
      • Darryl cries and begs for his life as the Goatman finds him. The hircine folklore laments on why tourists are so weepy, and brings him to S&C Plastics for the man's safety.
      • Morse and Lee make it to Koch's Hovel, where they are found by Singing Jessie. The succubus-banshee escorts the two tourists to a squad of Sigma-10 agents, fending off the newest scarecrow on the way.
    • The three surviving members of Following the Leyline are detained and informed of their conditions of release. Chad Darryl opts for having the last twenty-four hours wiped from his mind over a Geas, but Blake Williams refuses to answer the question of what happened to Markus Bradley. Monica Morse is held back, the agents finding interest in her apparent psychic inclinations.

  • October 24th (Black Autumn » Chapter 5: Following the Leylines, Chapter 6: Scarecrow Factory)
    • The Markus Bradley scarecrow looms over the lost Go Pro previously worn by Lee. The pumpkin head splits open, and the eyeless van driver headbashes the camera into bits.
    • The body of Clive Carver, now just a skeleton with organs of Sarkic pumpkins, sends a root to the surface above and recklessly drags Hastings underground to his tomb. There, the wounded Hasting finds the skeleton of the long-missing mayor, and a subterranean garden growing the animate scarecrows. Using the battery from his phone, the botanist stabs the heart of the scarecrow factory, killing every plant on the Hubble estate. In its dying moments, Carver's corpse thanks the researcher, and traces the logo of the Pyramid Inn into the soil. Sigma-10 tracks Hastings' phone, lifts him from the cavern, and rushes the unconscious doctor to the St. Francis Memorial Hospital.
    • Pike, Hobb, and Engelhardt head to Equinox Ridge, but are abducted by Mavra and brought to Room Thirteen in 1969.

  • October 25th: Malcolm Guillard follows a lead Pickman had on "Zachary Allen", Tristan Bailey joining him on the way. After exorcising a librarian poltergeist at the Bell, Book and Candle bookstore, the two researchers retrieve a copy of the cognitohazardous book and forward it to Dr. Melbourne for analysis. Melbourne Bailey administers Auditory Countermeme #291 for Guillard's exposure to the book's pages. (Black Autumn » Chapter 7: Unshelved)

  • October 27th: Hobb, Engelhardt, and Pike escape Room Thirteen into the Pyramid Inn's hallway in present-day, the former two carrying the gravely-injured parazoologist to the hospital for her stab wound and shattered femur. As his fiance is rushed into the operating room, Mattings tells his coworkers that their next course of action is to find what they can on Richard Gideon. (Black Autumn » Chapter 8: ...But You Can Never Leave)

  • October 28th: Agent February, accompanied by four members of Sigma-10-25, inspect the abandoned apple orchard of Richard Gideon. Finding a temporal anomaly through the Victorian mansion's windows, Agents Blake and Ruby Williams get caught in the time loop and dragged forty-eight years into the past. Agent Carracos arrives with a Xyank Time Sink, stabilizing the wrinkle in time while Pryce and February free the twins from their amber prison in the mansion's basement. (Black Autumn » Chapter 9: It's Just A Jump To The Left)

  • October 30th: Mavra Isimeria whispers into the dreams of Charlie Brotzman and eighteen others of Sloth's Pit's youths, and the children sleepwalk their way to Zone-097. Responding to the tripped perimeter alarms, Commander Harold March leads the herbicide-equipped Sigma-10-25 into Zone-097 and recovers the children. The agents fire rounds into the Black Autumn, but the witch is merely enraged by their interference. The Goatman, Singing Jessie, and the Hook-Handed Man arrive to distract the witch, giving Dr. Sinclair the opportunity to blow a fuel line and set SCP-097-01 — Ismeria's Soul Jar — ablaze. Sloth's cryptids guide Sigma-10 and the children through the ensuing flames, everyone ushered to safety as the Ferris wheel collapses on the scorching fairgrounds and rotting pumpkins. (Black Autumn » Chapter 11: Equinox's Rise, Finale: Autumn's End)

  • October 31st (Black Autumn » Finale: Autumn's End)
    • A traffic jam plagues Main Street as the population of Sloth's Pit returns to their homes. Despite the thirteen bodies found on his property, Jeffery Hubble Sr. is given a proper burial and service.
    • The fictional works of Jackson Sloth attend the danse at The Eight Rings nightclub, joining the townsfolk as themselves. (Dance The Danse)
    • Director Weiss awards the Foundation Star to the thirteen researchers and agents for their service during the Black Autumn event, and Pickman's death in the line of duty.
    • Almost all of Site-87 attends the Hallowe'en party, spending time to remember Pickman and Squad Nine.
    • Maurice and Lance's vacation time run up, and the two reapers return to their duty of guiding the wayward dead. Foundation agents amnestitize the neighbors of SCP-3540. (SCP-3540)

  • November 15th: Due to the suicide attempts brought on by the extreme discomfort of his condition, SCP-2860 is placed in a medically induced coma in accordance to the guidelines set by the Palmer Protocol. (SCP-2860, Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)

  • November 17th: Test SCP-3836-28: A D-Class is geared to pilot a Model G-3351 Foundation Spacecraft modified by SCP-3836. Overhearing this decision, SCP-3836 uses a secret hatch to board the shuttle. In twenty-eight seconds, the Foundation receives the message of "FAST ENOUGH" before losing all tracking signals when the spacecraft takes off faster than the speed of light. SCP-3836 is declared uncontained and radars monitoring deep space are checked for the gorilla's whereabouts. (SCP-3836)

  • November 20th: The discussion page for the SCP Tale "I See a Darkness". Decibelle gives a Flat No and continues to promise updates on Mondays and Thursdays. SCP Wiki users give their critiques of the Tale, with the moderator Perfect Day needing to delete the more unprofessional and hostile comments. (...Like Clockwork Hub » I See a Darkness / Discussion)

  • November 22nd: HmmEdibles gives his critique of Decibelle's Tale "I See a Darkness". (...Like Clockwork Hub » I See a Darkness / Discussion)

  • November 23rd: "Sunset", the author of the Tale, spends Thanksgiving with her family. After dinner, Sunset hallucinates a home intruder with An Axe to Grind lurking around her grandparents' bedroom, and runs to the sound of her nieces' screams. Sunset is fortunate to find her nieces merely playing tag, her grandparents unharmed, and the axe man nothing more than a figment of the tired mind. (...Like Clockwork Hub » Th Vmpr f Tm nd Mmr)

  • November 24th

  • November 25th: Sunset loiters on the porch of her New England home, smoking her first cigarettes in years as she goes over her shrinking list of places to turn to. (...Like Clockwork Hub » Th Vmpr f Tm nd Mmr)

  • November 26th: Regaining her composure after a panic attack, Sunset writes in her diary, describing how she's been consumed by the task of completing "I See a Darkness". (...Like Clockwork Hub » Th Vmpr f Tm nd Mmr)

  • November 28th: Sunset zones in and out as she reads the conversation between her artist and writer friends. One expresses their opinion that suffering for art would be worth the end result. (...Like Clockwork Hub » Th Vmpr f Tm nd Mmr)

  • November 29th: With assistance from her mom, Sunset submits for a new passport updated with her new name and gender. (...Like Clockwork Hub » Th Vmpr f Tm nd Mmr)

  • November 30th: Sunset has an hour-long session with her therapist, where they discuss her previous and current relationships, her mental health, and the art of Hirohiko Araki. Returning home, Sunset sits down at her computer and starts writing The Moon Is a Dead World. (...Like Clockwork Hub » Th Vmpr f Tm nd Mmr)

  • December 1st
    • OTF ञ-12 finds the Eunomia asteroid 1996 Adams to have twelve cadavers resembling the deceased British mathematician and astronomer John Couch Adams, the bodies attached to the rocky surface by three-meter umbilical cords. Attempting to retrieve the Adams clones, the Task Force finds that the corpses become susceptible to the vacuum of space once their cords have been cut. (SCP-3070)
    • Decibelle returns to the SCP wiki, explaining her absence and struggles writing Talloran's story without including her own. (...Like Clockwork Hub » Th Vmpr f Tm nd Mmr)

  • December 4th: Sunset ask one of her friends "if i write characters thats trans and gay is it bad form to kill one off". The Genre Savy friend assures that "i dont think it counts as a bury your gays trope if like literally all of the other gays stay alive". (...Like Clockwork Hub » ...Like Clockwork)

  • December 6th: Decibelle, feeling that her readers are caught up on the important and relevant information, decides it's about time to check in on Researcher Talloran and see how they're doing.
(...Like Clockwork Hub » Th Vmpr f Tm nd Mmr)

  • December 9th

  • December 13th: Admin Snow Halation censors a comment thread in the discussion page for "I See a Darkness", due to sensitive information discussed by the users. (...Like Clockwork Hub » I See a Darkness / Discussion)

  • December 15th ...Like Clockwork Hub » (I See a Darkness / Discussion, , ...Like Clockwork)
    • Researcher Talloran, Breaking the Fourth Wall, comments on "I See a Darkness" to keep his story going. Perfect Day condemns Talloran for roleplaying on the site, and announces that a deletion vote will be held for the Tale.
    • Site-118's alarms go off as a pit appears out of nowhere in the facility's floor, the barely-breathing Researcher James Ari Talloran with a fistfull of papers at the bottom. Dr. Hikari Yamada and the medical staff retrieve the long-missing researcher from the hole and rush them to the medical wing. News of Talloran's recovery reaches Agent Kondraki, who immediately books an emergency flight to Site-118. Site Director Wei Zhong forwards the documents found with Talloran to the Recordkeeping and Information Security Administration, where RAISA Director Maria Jones confirms that there is no SCP-3999 with a .002% chance of error.
    • Sunset meets with her therapist, where they talk about writing for the entire hour, even introducing the therapist to the SCP Foundation via the Wikipedia article. Before the session ends, her therapist promises her that they will find the time to read some pages from the site before they have their next appointment together.

  • December 17th (...Like Clockwork Hub » ...Like Clockwork)
    • Draven Kondraki and the rest of Talloran's friends received confirmation that the researcher is in stable condition.
    • Sunset hits the save button.

  • December 22nd: Draven reunites with the recovering James, vowing to kill anything that tries to take his lover again. Talloran asks Kondraki to explain what happened in the nine months that passed as the traumatized researcher silently questions his reality and waits for SCP-3999 to rear again (...Like Clockwork)

  • December 24th: Foundation-operated bot I/O-ISMETA locates a series of archived discussions pertaining to SCP-3143 across several defunct comic book enthusiast forums, totaling forty-nine posts. Only seven relevant image files are recovered before standard Foundation media alteration protocol 912-A "TWILIGHT ZONE" is enacted. (Recovered Media: The Hard-Boiled Adventures of Murphy Law)

  • Refined Y-909 compound is incorporated into Class-X and Class-XX amnestics. (SCP-3000)

  • The Pataphysics Department's primary narrative authors the metafictional anthology The Madam, Mrs. Madama "Madame Butterfly" Butterfly, or "Ciocio-San" to her Butterfly Friends, testing SCP-4690 with Framing Devices. Several of the stories are altered by the phenomenon, the fictional arthropods running their course. (SCP-4690)

  • Dr. Reynard conducts several tests with SCP-3665-1. (SCP-3665)


  • January 1st: The SCP-3379 document is updated to reflect the fact that over three hundred and fifty SCP-3379-1 instances have been recovered from the portal. (SCP-3379)

  • Prior January 3rd: Dr. Fried in Site-112's mnestic development department and Junior Researcher Oskar Hansen begin testing a potential new mnestic strain on D-Class personnel. After D-55784 suffers a severe allergic reaction resulting in her death, Fried orders Hansen to dispose of the failed drug. Hansen, an undercover Chaos Insurgency agent pressured into setting the circumstances for a raid, dumps the barrels into Site-112's water supply. (SCP-3937)
    • January 3rd: The entirety of Site-112 staff is exposed to the contaminated water supply. The over two hundred affected minds tap into another reality, bringing all of the alternate reality's Site-112 into Laboratory 8, killing off the second site.

  • January 5th: SCP-3976-18 is discovered in Dr. Sipai's office in Site-112, wearing a standard issue Foundation lab coat, adjacent to a trail of muddy footprints apparently leading into a solid wall. Upon autopsy of the corpse, the lab coat's pockets are found to contain a toothbrush and valid Level 2 clearance identification for a "Dr. Christie", and the cranial cavity is packed full of teeth. Upon further investigation, two minutes of the office's security camera footage is found missing. (SCP-3976)
    • Post January 5th: In light of SCP-3976-18's manifestation in a Foundation facility, all UK based Foundation sites are briefed on SCP-3976 phenomena.

  • January 10th: Janitorial staff working at the International Astronomical Union headquarters in Paris, France, discover a network of metal tubes, assorted human body tissues, cybernetic organs, and devices resembling television antennae inside the walls of the building. Foundation assets arrive at the scene to genetically analyse the anomaly, finding that several wires and capillaries are connected to a 2018 Macbook Pro laptop, giving text relevant to SCP-3070-A events. The network is designated SCP-3070-1, and containment measures are established at the office building. (SCP-3070)
    • Post January 10th: Analysis shows that SCP-3070-1's tissues possess large quantities of the C-3070 compound and human DNA exclusively matching members of the International Astronomical Union.

  • January 11th: Twenty-four instances of the extinct Pinta Island tortoise are found traversing on the Florian asteroid 1991 Darwin, which drop dead once OTF ञ-12 retrieve the reptiles. Autopsy of the tortoises show that their insides are hollow, their internal organs replaced with a decapitated head of either Charles Darwin or George Darwin, and the C-3070 compound having replaced all DNA. (SCP-3070)

  • January 12th: A display of text on SCP-3070-1's laptop is transcribed and cited for example on the SCP-3070 document. (SCP-3070)

  • February: The Foundation dispatches the field agent Aaron Bartell to Nepal to gauge possible undocumented populations of the cognitohazardous Sevenia acedia butterflies. (SCP-3209)

  • Prior February 2nd: Junior Researcher Oskar Hansen is discovered to be an undercover agent of the Chaos Insurgency. Hansen, now designated POI 3937-A, complies to integration under his former acting supervisor, Dr. Muhammad Iqbar. Hanson recalls D-55784's allergic reaction to experimental mnestics, and how he dumped the faulty memory-enhancement drugs into Site-112's water supply. (SCP-3937)
    • February 2nd: POI 3937-A is transferred from Site-112 to Secure Facility 145, where he is tried and executed for treason by O5 Secretariat. Hansen's remains are cremated and disposed of in an undisclosed location.

  • February 9th: A CCTV camera in a Sacramento, California apartment complex records as one of the tenants leaves his apartment to smoke a marijuana cigar. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • February 11th: Bartell finds out about a possible lead; an ex-monk in Panauti with severely disabling apathy, known by the locals as the "Butterfly Man". (SCP-3209)

  • February 15th: Bartell locates catatonic Rajiv Śākya, the Butterfly Man. Unable to get a word out of the borderline vegetative man, one of the neighbors directs the field agent to Śākya's former monastery, Tergar Gompa. (SCP-3209)

  • February 17th
    • Bartell arrives in the valley of Tergar Gompa, and is enamored by the monastery's immense beauty. (SCP-3209)
    • O5 Command announces their conclusion that SCP-3937 was caused by the temporary incursion of a very similar parallel universe into their reality, and signs of a possible repeat of the event must be reported under threat of "immediate termination from Foundation employment." (SCP-3937)

  • February 18th: The monks permit Bartell to keep his SCP-3209-nullifying liquid-crystal goggles, finding them unrelated to their abstinence from photography — a rule the field agent disregards with the spyware hidden in his Book Safe. (SCP-3209)

  • February 19th: Bartell observes that the monks wear blindfolds when they enter their conservatory to tend to their swarm of SCP-3209, making note of it in his journal. Sneaking into the conservatory, Bartell hides a few cameras in the bushes. (SCP-3209)

  • February 20th: Four men in blindfold visit the conservatory in the morning without incident. Reviewing the videofeed, Bartell wants it on the record that "I have never been wrong about anything, ever." (SCP-3209)

  • February 21st
    • Bartell realizes he doesn't clash with the monks' emotionally distant, no-nonsense attitudes, as that demeanor is part of the job when working for the Foundation. The field agent finds solace in the fact that he can be himself when off from work, as he can't imagine living like that all the time. (SCP-3209)
    • February 21st: D-30812, turned into a great white shark by SCP-3660, is acquired by Site-45. (SCP-3660)

  • February 22nd: SCP-3671 produces "Strawberry Squares" — square wheat pieces that are dyed pink and strawberry flavored. (SCP-3671)

  • February 23rd: Bartell awakes to find an SCP-3209 perched on his nose, entranced by its interest-stealing effects for a good second. Paranoid that the monks can tell if he saw one or not, the field agent starts wearing his goggles to bed as he recalls his hobbies, trying to deduce what the tiny Emotion Eater took from him. (SCP-3209)

  • February 24th: Bartell notices the carpets in the prayer hall are a pattern full of tiny butterflies. He realizes that he hasn't seen SCP-3209 interrupt their culture, because the butterflies are their culture. (SCP-3209)

  • February 25th: In the middle of the night, the monks of Tergar Gompa transfer their Sevenia acedia to the candle-lit prayer hall. Together they confess their unwanted interests, seeking an apathetic enlightenment from the insect swarm. Bartell's spyware is unable to film in the dimly lit hall, recording only the audio of their confessional. (SCP-3209)

  • February 26th: As Bartell reviews the previous night's audio logs, he starts to rethink his understanding of Tergar Gompa. (SCP-3209)

  • February 28th: In his best attempt of being an impartial observer, Bartell documents his newfound perspective in his field report. Despite his instincts as an agent to go with the simple option of containing all the butterflies and amnesticizing the monks, he sees that the Foundation has no ethical justification to destroy the centuries of tradition and history of an already secluded culture, just for their unorthodox approach of Buddhism. (SCP-3209)

  • March: The town of Palm Harbor, Florida, faces repeated rainfall that gradually submerges the neighborhood of Reign Springs in water until a lake forms. After finding that no one can go under the water's surface, the Foundation fences off the impenetrable lake and assigns it an SCP designation. (SCP-3851)

  • March 5th
    • Aaron Bartell returns home from his mission in Nepal. Upon returning to his family, he discovers what SCP-3209 took from him; his emotional attachments towards his four-year-old son. (SCP-3209)
    • SCP-3671 produces bacon-flavored corn puffs labeled "Bacon Blast" (SCP-3671)

  • March 12th: SCP-3671 produces a bag of granola pieces covered in milk chocolate labeled "Choco Chunks". Dr. Frank Wright accidentally makes a tear in the cardboard box while removing the plastic bag inside. (SCP-3671)

  • March 13th: Incident 2018-03-13: SCP-3671, embittered by Dr. Wright's carelessness, produces a bag of razor blades alongside the label "Fuck you. I give you cereal every single day and this is how you repay me?". Given the item's newfound sapience and malice, the cereal box is transferred from Site-19's break room to a locker in Storage Wing K-14. (SCP-3671)

  • March 15th: SCP-3671 continues — "Seriously man, you're an ass. The least you could do is apologize." — with a bag of assorted push pins and thumbtacks. (SCP-3671)

  • March 20th: SCP-3671's label changes to a cereal-based pun/threat, and the contents are found to be bullets of various calibers. (SCP-3671)

  • March 25th: SCP-3671 claims that it's tired of ranting and recognizes that accidents happen. The box manifests a bag of bland corn flakes. Subsequent analysis reveals that the cereal contains lethal amounts of cyanide. (SCP-3671)

  • March 26th: SCP-3671, recognizing that it failed to poison Dr. Wright, curses its failed attempt and produces pieces of military-grade plastic explosive. (SCP-3671)

  • April: Phenomena of talking garlic bread condemning the waste of food starts occurring in restaurant establishments across Toronto, Canada. (SCP-3464)

  • April 2nd
    • SCP-3671's label personally addresses Dr. Wright, vowing to slit his throat is his sleep, and the box's contents are discovered to be teeth matching the doctor's DNA and dental records. Despite the unlikelihood of an inanimate cereal box physically assaulting him, Dr. Wright is successfully granted a security detail. (SCP-3671)
    • Anthony Green discovers a deciduous shrub in the foothills of Northern California, and eats some of its unassuming Gasshole berries. Intercepting Green's panicked call to the local search and rescue team, the Foundation brings the flatulence-cursed hiker into Site-88, and assigns him to Cell 14-B as D-14478. Site-88 has to deal with the excessive hydrogen sulfide and methane, MTF Alpha-67 "Weed Whackers" secures the land around the fart berry bush. (SCP-4032)

  • April 3rd: After over fifty complaints from Site-88 staff, Cell 14-B's interior venting hood is deactivated and D-14478 is placed on an intravenous diet. (SCP-4032)

  • April 5th: An endoscopy is conducted on D-14478 via remote equipment, and his colon is found to be absent of any visible source of the rectal gas. (SCP-4032)

  • April 6th: A staff meeting is held to discuss the effect of D-14478's condition, ending when a resolution is passed to house D-14478 in an outdoor facility while proper filtering equipment can be constructed. (SCP-4032)

  • April 13th: Foundation agents intercept reports from environmental watch groups regarding airborne pollution in central Alabama near Site-88. Due to the widespread effects of D-14478's condition, another resolution is passed to transfer D-14478 into the experimental filtering cell before its safety inspection can be completed. (SCP-4032)

  • April 14th: D-14478 is found dead from hydrogen sulfide poisoning, due to faulty design in his cell's ventilation. The postmortem report is filed with the Ethics Committee, and Dr. Loghari is placed on temporary administrative leave. (SCP-4032)

  • April 19th: Researcher Harling conducts an interview with SCP-3537, over the nature of his more extraordinary transformations and his relations with the rest of the Little Misters collection. (SCP-3537)

  • April 23rd: A Global Occult Coalition barge in the Southern Atlantic ocean carries out its shipment of esoteric military chemicals - particularly Substance-Tango-491, called "Ambien From Hell" by its nihilistic inventor - to Argentina without incident. Corporal Joseph "Big Joe" Pike is nowhere near the Substance-Charlie-499 tank to light a cigarette. The Substance-Charlie-499 tank doesn't go up in flames. The Substance-Tango-491 tank doesn't leak into the ocean. SCP-169 does not ingest enough Substance-Tango-491 to keep it sleeping a while longer. Joe, "SCP-2416-21," is in Foundation Site-59, under a medically-induced coma. (The Day The Clown Lived)

  • May 1st: With SCP-4032 animal testing approved by the Ethics Committee, Dr. Carlisle feeds krill laced with SCP-4032-1 to a small school of Araucanian herring. The school's flatulence-based communications is completely disrupted by the deadly fart berries, and the fish are euthanized for autopsy. (SCP-4032)

  • May 2nd: Commercial bird feed with crushed SCP-4032-1 is fed to five domestic chickens. Autopsies are conducted after five hours, and the chickens' short intestinal tracts are found to be visibly distended. (SCP-4032)

  • May 4th: A mixture of SCP-4032-1 berries and eucalyptus leaves are fed to a brown-throated three-toed sloth. After [REDACTED], all testing with large mammals is suspended, requiring the Ethics Committee's approval for any future SCP-4032 experiments. (SCP-4032)

  • June 12th: Incident 3851-1: The neighborhood of Reign Springs sacrifices a child in the name of God, and the boy's body surfaces on the water of SCP-3851 where the Foundation reels it in. During autopsy of the unidentified body, the medical examiners find a Message in a Bottle stuffed into the chest cavity, containing prayers for mercy and salvation from their aquatic limbo. (SCP-3851)

  • June 29th: SCP-4040 Expedition #6, Video #1: Agents Alison Carol and Robert Tofflemire of Mobile Task Force Sigma-10 "The Sloth's Arm" locate SCP-4040, the sinkhole namesake of Sloth's Pit, Wisconsin. As the two agents set up an observation camp and establish a perimeter fence around the hole, Carol documents a video report and Tofflemire provides commentary for the audience. Yeah, you. (SCP-4040)

  • June 30th: SCP-4040 Expedition #6, Video #2: Agent Carol makes records of the readings on the observational equipment stationed around SCP-4040. Agent Tofflemore makes s'mores. (SCP-4040)

  • July 1st: SCP-4040 Expedition #6, Video #3: Carol and Tofflemire are seized by an entity emerging from SCP-4040 and thrown into the trailing depths of the sinkhole. The two Sigma-10 agents find Jackson Sloth, who explains that the "bottomless pit" is a pataphysical singularity, caused by the sheer amount of his countless folktales and stories condensing into reality like a black hole. Sloth, citing that "If you dig deep enough you'll dig through to China", causes the narrative-based anomaly to deposit the two unharmed agents in the Shunan Zhuhai National Park of the Sichuan province. (SCP-4040)

  • July 4th: Agent Allison Carol, haunted by the previously indistinct whispers of SCP-4040, visits the Black Garden Pub. For the first of many nights, she orders a pina colada.

  • Prior July 5th: Incident-█████-O occurs near the town of Ahni, Norway, and Foundation forces administer amnestics to civilians. After finding that the townsfolk retain their memory, one hundred and forty-seven residents are relocated to Site-52 for further examination. (SCP-3666)
    • July 5th: The initial document of SCP-3666 is composed, defining it as an allergic inflammatory reaction that renders immunity to amnestic drugs.

  • July 30th: Testing of SCP-4024's spatial displacement properties commences under the supervision of Containment Area 43’s Dr. Ganbaatar Tsakhia and Senior Researcher Jonathan Haliman. Haliman, accidentally coming into contact with the spring's saltwater during testing, neglects to inform his coworkers of his exposure and the subsequent dreams. (SCP-4024)

  • August 3rd: On his fourth night of dreams induced by SCP-4024, Senior Researcher Haliman continues to detail in his personal research journal the visions of people blinking out of existence in a strange technicolor ocean of fog. (SCP-4024)

  • Prior August 4th: SCP-4024 research staff places one of their Foundation-exclusive UV/CKY-19 model autonomous underwater drones into SCP-4024. Upon complete submersion, the drone is spatial displaced and all contact is immediately lost. (SCP-4024)
    • August 4th: Oleksandra Oliynyk's short story Spy On The Wall is published in a Ukranian literary magazine, precisely describing the UV/CKY-19 model in detail in the fantasy story.

  • August 30th: After a month of SCP-4024-1, Haliman reaches an epiphany concerning his apparently mix-matched dreams, recognizing Archetypal Characters in the myriad of tropes. (SCP-4024)

  • Prior September 11th: Researcher Haliman is present for the first living test for SCP-4024, wherein a domestic cat with a tortoiseshell coat and torn right ear is submerged in the space displacing water. (SCP-4024)
    • September 11th: Haliman is placed on indefinite medical leave due to his erratic behavior and rapidly declining mental health, presumed to be the product of his pre-existing depressive tendencies.

  • September 19th: The employees of Anderson Robotics gather to celebrate the unveiling of the Taita Series Security Droid. Phineas decides to Take This Job and Shove It, calling everyone sellouts, destroys his Taita prototype, and promises he'll have his office cleaned out by Monday. Anderson, not accepting resignations, sends his security after the disgraced Chief Operating Officer, but Frostman makes it out of the Headquarters alive. (Austringers » Ties That Bind)

  • September 24th: Frostman fails to clean out his office. (Austringers » Ties That Bind)

  • Prior September 27th: Field Thaumaturge Delta-7 — assigned to assist Mobile Task Force Delta-13 "Undead Bread Redemption" — is hired by a third-party Foundation contractor to pursue two persons of interest, "Kerala-1" and "Kerala-2". (SCP-3464)
    • September 27th: Incident 3464-450-Kerala: The 450th instance of SCP-3464 is discovered in an Olive Garden restaurant in downtown Toronto. Kerala-1 and -2 order the "sempiternal garlic bread", use thaumaturgy to tamper with the loaf, and command the patrons to consume the Giant Food. FT-Δ7 arrives at the restaurant, evacuates the civilians, and neutralizes the garlic bread monstrosity. K-1 and K-2 recede into the loaf's mass, disappearing without a trace.

  • October 1st: and order a pina colada for the eighty-ninth night in a row.

  • October 2nd:

  • October 5th:

  • October 13th: The neutralized SCP-3464 phenomenon is confirmed to be the work of the Ambrose chef PoI-4312 Ignaas Markus, and that the two thaumaturgists that hijacked SCP-3464-450 are part of an unknown rogue faction. (SCP-3464)

  • October 21st: Via SCP-4024-1, Haliman reunites with the cat test subject from earlier that month. Recalling his encounter in his dream journal and with his curiosity peaked, Haliman concludes that he has to take a leap of faith and enter SCP-4024 himself. (SCP-4024)

  • October 22nd: Hiding his delirium and alternative motives, Haliman's application to return from medical leave is approved, and the senior researcher returns to Containment Area-43. (SCP-4024)

  • October 24th: With a week's worth of food supplies and his sights set, Senior Researcher Jonathan Haliman trespasses into SCP-4024's temple and submerges himself within the saltwater spring. Considering the rogue researcher irretrievable and presumably dead, Area-43 staff investigate by looking through his personal research journal. (SCP-4024)
    • Post October 24th: As pieces of media are published worldwide, the name "Jonathan Haliman" is used more and more frequently. Foundation staff also begin to experience dreams with Researcher Haliman making appearance.

  • November 9th: Against her better judgement and superiors' knowledge, Agent Sasha Merlo follows an anonymous lead on Anderson Robotics to the abandoned Fort Charles in Oregon. There Merlo finds Po I-45543 Albert "Phineas" Frostman, who calls for a truce and offers his cooperation. The technician proves his disloyalty towards Anderson by ordering the assassination of Congressman Raymond Caldwell — actually Saker-13, having assumed the politician's identity. Believing Frostman's, Merlo questions him for his further plans before the two are found by Agent Navarro. (Austringers » Realignment, Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)
    • Post November 9th: Anderson covers up "Caldwell"'s assassination, convincing the media that he had died from non-nefarious means. After the revelation of Congressman Caldwell's murder and impersonation reaches the UIU's attention, the Federal Bureau of Investigation issues an arrest warrant for Vincent Anderson. (The Blackbird and The Falcon)

  • November 12th: Navarro and Merlo head to Site-64 to convince Site Director Edgar Holman of commissioning MTF Gamma-13 to follow Frostman's information. Holman initially denies humoring a possible trap, but decides to forward the request when Frostman directly leaks confidential information on Anderson products directly to Conwell in Site-64’s new Anomalous Materials Lab. (Austringers » Consolidation, Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)

  • November 15th: The capture of Vincent Anderson. (SCP-3860, Austringers » Consolidation, Bal-chatri, Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)
    • Frostman convinces Dr. Medea Contos and her son, Jason, to meet up with him in a small coffee shop in downtown Seattle, where they instead find MTF Gamma-13 waiting. Gamma-13 disintegrates their android bodyguards and the Co-Heads of Research and Development are captured as leverage against Mr. Anderson.
    • Hiding in his Three Portlands apartment, Phineas waits for a response from his other co-conspirators. The former Chief Operating Officer is ambushed by Anderson, and is killed by his friend-turned-enemy. As Anderson leaves, he texts Gamma-13 through Frostman's phone "Ready or not, here he comes." before setting the studio apartment ablaze.
    • Mr. Anderson arrives at the abandoned Tristan Academy of the Arts in Three Portlands, where he believes Gamma-13 is holding Medea and Jason Contos as leverage against him. After severing Agent Navarro's bird-flipping hand and paralyzing Gamma-13's Commander Shaw from the waist down, the "victorious" Anderson is caught in a trap when he finds the Contoses were illusions.
    • After Anderson's capture, the unconscious cyborg is taken to Site-64 for examination, and the real Contoses are amnesticized and taken to their homes. Agent Merlo consoles the recovering Shaw, who questions how she can be a MTF Commander when she's crippled in a wheelchair.
    • Navarro and Merlo stop for drinks at the Secret Crest Pub in Portland’s Pearl District, reflecting on the former's new disability before being approached by a woman introducing herself as Mrs. Saker, a friend of Frostman. Saker informs the agents of Phineas' murder and the uncertainty of Anderson Robotic's future before departing the bar, leaving nothing but a Gyrfalcon™ Series prosthetic arm for Navarro.
    • Post November 15th:
      • Jason and Medea Contos wake up at their homes, unable to remember the last seventy-two hours. The two Heads of R&D attend a meeting with Dillard and Wilson to discuss Anderson's successor. The four board members are interrupted by Anderson, communicating with them through Saker-101. The CEO affirms his position despite his capture, and introduces a second Saker unit that he claims to be Phineas, back for work at the company.

  • November 19th: Vincent Anderson, redesignated from PoI-1115 to SCP-3860, is transferred to Site-19's High Security Humanoid Containment Wing. (SCP-3860, Austringers » Bal-chatri)

  • December 17th: During a routine psychological evaluation, Dr. Ganbaatar Tsakhia reports unusual dreams featuring his former coworker, Researcher Haliman. (SCP-4024)
    • Post December 17th: A subsequent investigation into Tsakhia's dream revealed that at least a hundred Foundation-affiliated personnel worldwide had dreamed of a man matching Researcher Haliman's description between October and December.

  • December 22nd: Oleksandra Oliynyk's short story Spy On The Wall and its plot element of a UV/CKY-19 underwater drone is brought to the Foundation's attention. (SCP-4024)
    • Post December 22nd: The Foundation discovers at least a thousand pieces of recent media featuring "Jonathan Haliman", including a Chinese arthouse movie, a sculpture collection, a series of British children's books, and the fourth book in Whitney Blake's Hemlock Magician series, Stopping for A Spell.

  • December 26th: The area affected by SCP-4024 is documented as approximately ninety-eight kilometres in radius from the saltwater spring's center. Due to the potential for further information security breaches, future material for SCP-4024 testing is slated for approval by the Director of Containment Area-43. (SCP-4024)

  • SCP-3922 testing. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)
    • Dr. Edison creates several short films for testing with SCP-3922; Dr. Edison Interviews The Devil, a mockumentary where Edison interviews Dr. ████ playing as "SCP-001/Satan", and The Moon War Anthology, with ████████ ██████ starring as Adolf Hitler. After Moon Wars 4: Rise of the Evil King ends early by the tired SCP-3922-1 deciding to simply Nuke 'em, Dr. Edison's testing is discontinued.
    • Foundation researchers record several hours of ChilledCow's "A lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to" livestream and expose the recording to SCP-3922. Eight hours into the video, an SCP-3922-A instance interrupts to tell the study girl that while studying is important, doing so for such lengthy periods of time can be hazardous to one's physical and mental health. The girl goes to bed offscreen and the remaining hours of footage consists of quiet snoring and rainfall.


  • March 13th: Baba Is You is released for the PC and Nintendo Switch. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • Prior April 9th: Site-52's researchers discover that SCP-3666 is capable of spreading from person to person through unknown means. (SCP-3666)
  • April 9th: The SCP-3666 document is revised, upgrading it to Keter as the entire population of Norway is found to have become infected with the condition. As part of the new containment procedures, the Scandinavian country is put on Lockdown.

  • May 19th: SCP-4587 is played for a five hundred and twenty-eighth time, all of the events of the movie coinciding with a hostile reality bender's rampage in the Bifrost of Corbenic. Lisle Naismith forwards Dr. Loretta Weiss' accounts provided via SCP-2922 to the Overseer Council, concerning the extradimensional properties of the VHS. (SCP-4587)

  • May 31st: Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) is given theatrical release in the United States. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • May 20th: Due to the events of SCP-4587-A-528 and the arising tensions between the Foundation and the Three Moons Initiative, testing of SCP-4587 is suspended indefinitely. (SCP-4587)

  • May 30th: Due to rising potential of civilian astronomers discovering SCP-3029, the O5 Council decide by an 8-5 vote to exploration team must be sent to learn more about the anomaly.(SCP-3029)

  • October 1st: The Peregrine-14 Expedition is launched, the crew of three heading for KIC 8462852 "Tabby's Star" in the Cygnus constellation. (SCP-3029)

  • October 8th: Peregrine-14 reaches their destination at the far reaches of their thirteen-hundred lightyear travel. SCP-3029 catches the foreign spacecraft in a Tractor Beam and disables the main systems. The Foundation crew awakens from cryostasis, finding that only their life support and audio devices are online due to the backup battery. (SCP-3029)

  • October 18th: Commander Denise Perez reports on how they've determined that the ship's systems have been jammed by SCP-3029's operators. The ship's engineer, Researcher Jonathan Daniels, laments that they don't have any SCP-148 to shield the ship with — an idea that enrages Containment Specialist Eric Kim due to Daniels' ignorance towards how telekill works. Perez finishes her log to conserve the ship's battery power and to keep her coworkers from arguing with each other. (SCP-3029)

  • October 19th: Researcher Daniels determines several things about SCP-3029: Peregrine-14 awoke from cryosleep because the extraterrestrials jammed everything; said SCP is infact a Solar Spaceship that they've been at the mercy of for the last three hundred lightyears; he's witnessed a new solar panel pop into existence in the Dyson Swarm; and that he doesn't get paid enough for this shit. (SCP-3029)

  • October 20th: Peregrine-14 decides to broadcast a string of prime numbers at SCP-3029 to prove their shuttle contains sapient life, but the communications is remotely disabled after reaching the number "97". By reverse engineering the Temporal Sinks and the English language, the extraterrestrials thank the crew of Peregrine-14 for showcasing the technology of faster-than-light travel and soar off into the cosmos, bidding a warm farewell until their two species meet again. Peregrine-14 cuts their losses and heads back for Earth. (SCP-3029)

  • October 22nd: Due to their troubles with SCP-3029, Peregrine-14 misses their scheduled return date from their scouting mission. (SCP-3029)

  • Circa October 28th: Peregrine-14 returns to Earth and the crew provides their findings. Upon inspection of the shuttle's systems, the "farewell" transmission from SCP-3029 is discovered in the data banks. (SCP-3029)

  • October 31st: Toby Fox releases the first chapter of his surprise project, Video Game/Deltarune. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • November 4th: The SCP-3029 document is completely revised, and the missing starcraft is reclassified as Neutralized. (SCP-3029)

  • December 20th: Cats is unleashed upon the United States and United Kingdom. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

  • The Foundation produces Robert Novak's Car Accident, a dramatization of the life of political columnist Robert Novak, specifically concerning his 2008 traffic incident and subsequent diagnosis with brain cancer. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)

    c. 2020s 

  • Development on the SCP-3069 situation. (SCP-3069)
    • Post July 1st, 2022: Site-42 establishes routine excursions to the nearby beach to take shore-level water samples. After a pair of researchers fail to respond to their radio calls or return to site, the two personnel are flagged as Missing in Action. In the wake of the disappearances, O5-6 discusses possible temporal activity involving SCP-3069, since one of the missing researchers greatly resembled the disfigured researcher seen in the Access Point II drone footage from years prior.
    • Between 2023 - 2025: The estimated end of Stage I of SCP-3069 and the subsequent beginning of Stage II.
    • By 2024: An Innova-Exonera Event is estimated to occur, which will in turn cause the start of a planet-wide EK-Class Evolutionary Restructuring Scenario.


  • February 17th: Devil Daggers player and record holder "pocket" improves his previous run with a new record of 1121.4259 seconds. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)
    • Post February 17th: A copy of pocket's third record breaking run is used in testing with SCP-3922, where the player is inadvertently killed by SCP-3922-A fourteen seconds in.

  • June: The last functioning transatlantic telecommunications cable, TAT-14, suffers a massive failure when SCP-3069 breaches through the ocean floor and severs the cable at three separate points. The massive metallic structure is discovered by the Sprint Network Administration System, their unmanned submarine finding a large sealed pipe at the breach point. (SCP-3069)

  • December: The Foundation discovers SCP-3666's true nature, range of transmission, and vast presence across the globe. (SCP-3666)

  • The Department of Pataphysics creates the short film The Cruelty of God for testing with SCP-3922. (SCP-3922 Extended Test Logs)


  • January 1st: The SCP-3666 document is revised a second time. Procedure-065-Abschirmung is addressed to all governments and Foundation sites. (SCP-3666)

  • Prior March 6th: Offshore Provisional & Research Site-3069 is established around Access Point III, miles west of Portugal. (SCP-3069)
    • March 6th: Exploration 1A: Three members of MTF Gamma-6 "Deep Feeders" — Agents Jones, Garcia, and Lockwood — conduct the first excursion into SCP-3069's interior through Access Point I. Agent Teresa Lockwood is lost to a current during the mission, and Agents Jones and Garcia face a perturbing encounter with an incomprehensible apparition. Upon return to Site-3069, a delirious Jones dies from a heart attack. After the autopsy finds high levels of serotonin, dopamine, and unidentified sulfur-based compounds, the body is marked biologically hazardous and subsequently incinerated.

  • March 10th: A breach is detected in Site-3069's northeastern external hull. Site Response Team C4 responds to repair the damages, briefly witnessing an apparition of Teresa Lockwood's lacerated body.. Site-3069 Security Director Mallory Wickerford interviews Team C4's leader Maxwell Swain on his crew's experience, and relays his concerns to the Site Director. (SCP-3069)

  • March 13th: Lead Researcher Maggie Jarman submits her translations of the signs photographed during exploration of Access Point I, having cross—referenced the SCP-3069 scripture with Egyptian and Mi'kmaq hieroglyphics. (SCP-3069)

  • April 5th: Assistant Researcher James Dhillon dispatches D-9182 to directly approach and physically contact SCP-3069-A. Unable to remove his hand from the phosphorescent sphere, the device breaks the pressure seal of the scuba suit's glove, causing D-9182 to expire from the internal bleeding caused by resulting pressure differentiation. Lead Researcher Jarman compiles the documentation, making note of Maxwell Swain's previous hypotheses on a third party in the anomaly. SCP-3069)

  • April 12th: Dr. King is temporarily displaced by an unknown third party, sending him back to obstruct the route of Kennedy's motorcade through Dallas. The Temporal Anomalies Department, after clearing the roads of apple seeds, sends the confused doctor back to his time period. (SCP-3780 Extended Incident Log)

  • April 23rd: D-4927 is exposed to an unknown entity retrieved from Access Point III, appearing to be a jellyfish belonging to the class Hydrozoa. The jellyfish attached itself to the D-Class and did something only O5-2, -3, and -6 can read about. The near catatonic D-4927 removes his scuba rebreather, locking eyes with the researchers chanting in Black Speech until he drowned. The incident is noted with "unknown implications", and further human testing research is denied by the Site-3069 Director. (SCP-3069)

  • May 9th: Junior Researcher Miriam Waters conducts an unmanned exploration into SCP-3069, dispatching a miniature drone equipped with an underwater camera into the recently excavated Access Point II. During the exploration, the recording equipment is disrupted when an unknown entity knocks into the drone. When the drone reconnects, the drone finds itself beached in a waterless room occupied by a disfigured Foundation researcher pacing the chamber. The researcher throws the drone back into the murky sea water, letting the drone blindly stumble its way out of Access Point II for retrieval. (SCP-3069)

  • September 29th: Francesca Carpenter confronts Beta-4 Agent Lee on Jessica Bradley, citing the Boring Agreement for their reasoning to house the conspiracy of ravens. In a meeting between Site-64 Director Holman, Beta-4 Commander John Schut, Researcher Sophia Turner, and Dr. Lily Campbell, they come to the decision to relinquish SCP-2106 to Wilson's Wildlife. During SCP-2106-2's transfer to the WWS Sanctuary, the Beta-4 transport caravan is ambushed by radicals of Serpent's Hand wearing cloaks and bird masks, each one well-versed in thaumaturgy. Three Hand mages are lost to gunfire, while Agents Sung and Yadiv are killed by telekinetic Falling Damage and Spontaneous Human Combustion. With Agent Gray wounded and the others dead, Agent Lee is forced to surrender and opens Humanoid Anomaly Transfer Vehicle #6 for the Hand members. SCP-2106-2 walks into the open, splits into her SCP-2106-1 components, and flies off into the night as the cloaked figures vanish from sight. (Caged Bird Sings, Researcher Conwell's Personnel File)


  • January 1st: The end of the year 2020, as predicted by SCP-1032-13. (SCP-1032)

  • May 2nd: Dr. Toriang writes an address on SCP-3666, how all efforts to prevent it are fruitless, and that the world is not ready to handle it from outside of the box. (SCP-3666)

  • June 19th: Several Site-42 personnel are sent forty-five kilometers offshore in a deep-submergence rescue vehicle, assigned the task of a six-day offshore retrieval excursion. (SCP-3069)
    • Between June 19th - 25th: Fifteen unidentified specimens are retrieved, including several species of plankton and what appears to be an oversized, purple Sepioteuthis lessoniana with nineteen arms.

  • June 23rd: A second DSRV departs from Site-42, assigned with an eight-day mission seventy kilometers offshore. (SCP-3069)
    • Between June 23rd - June 1st: Eighteen unidentified specimens are retrieved — fifteen plankton, two cephalopods, and what appears to be a polypodium.

  • June 25th: The DSRV returns to Site-42 with the collected specimens. The unidentified cephalopod is found to have highly toxic blister-inducing excretions, having caused neurological damage in animal subjects and cardiac arrest in two D-Classes. (SCP-3069)

  • July 1st: The second DSRV returns from its trip, submitting their specimens to Site-42 — The two cephalopods' toxins are found to be thrice as fast-acting as the initial specimen's, and the Polypodiozoa is found to be able to traverse outside of its tank just as easily as if it was still in water. Upon inspection of the creatures' sulfur-based toxins, their origin from SCP-3069 is established, and any further excursions is slated for approval. (SCP-3069)

  • November 17th: Jacob Conwell has his Routine Psychological Health Screening with Dr. Daniel H. Aeslinger, Psy.D. Conwell voices his discomfort on experimenting on Anderson products, unable to watch as androids become Broken Birds and Sentry Guns act like kicked dogs. (The Blackbird and The Falcon)


  • May 12th: The fourth iteration of the SCP-3666 document is composed, the condition now classified as "Gevurah" and confirmed to have contaminated the entire world population. Procedure-065-Abschirmung successfully executed, the Foundation enters an emergency state of finding Who Knows Too Much. (SCP-3666)

  • August 15th: Site-64 Assistant Director Sasha Merlo sits upon a park bench within Portland's South Park Blocks when she is approached by Agent Thorne. The UIU agent informs Merlo of the FBI's willingness to assist the Foundation in the dissolution of Anderson Robotics. The two consider the possible repercussions from Anderson's sympathizers in Three Portlands, and cite the old analogy of the Hydra Problem. (The Blackbird and The Falcon)


  • May 23rd: Assistant Director Sasha Merlo debriefs MTF Gamma-13 "Asimov's Lawbringers", MTF Tau-51 "Urban Brawl", and JTF Delta-3 "Organic Free Trade" on the planned raid of Anderson Robotics World Headquarters, 'Operation Falcon Punch". (The Blackbird and The Falcon)

  • May 24th: Operation Falcon Punch (The Blackbird and The Falcon)
    • At high noon, Delta-3 agents storm Prometheus Plaza from the Ways on Asimov Street, Clark Place, and Bradbury Street and secure the perimeter of the Anderson Robotics World Headquarters. With the exterior's crew of security droids terminated and civilians distanced from the facility, Gamma-13 and Tau-51 arrive and breach the doors to the Main Production Floor.
    • As the headquarters' dwindling security droids are picked off by the invading task forces, Jason Contos orders the Saker "Hans" to evacuate the Research and Development staff into Three Portlands' Undercity as he and "Widget" stay behind and activate an Override Command to wipe the building's computers. Jason and Widget are gunned down by UIU agents after the latter slips the copied files to his mother's Amur droid, "Terrance", in a final act of defiance.
    • In the Advanced Logic Division, Jeffery Wilson holes up in his office with Saker-00. Wilson orders the android to stop using the personality module of his deceased son, Miles, as he does not want to not want to witness his son die a second time. The android complies, saying he was honored to have been his Replacement Goldfish for the last twenty years. Wilson waits with his hands behind his head, waiting until the Foundation agents find and detain him without incident.
    • In the Administrative Offices, Isaac Dillard is alone with his secretary and boyfriend, David Boyko. Dillard gives Boyko one Last Kiss on the forehead before shooting him In the Back and collecting a sample of his blood. Just as Tau-51 Agents Allee, Hedges, and Toth storm the office, Dillard gives them dual middle fingers as he teleports out on a disk platform.
    • Commander Shaw leads Gamma-13 after Anderson for a Rooftop Confrontation, but the android takes a Leap of Faith off the ten-story building as Shaw crushes his loyal Amur prototype "Benny". Footing it from the besieged building, Anderson is cornered by Agents Spencer, Thorne, and a squad from Delta-3. After a Last Stand involving an unfortunate Human Shield, Saker-101 is disintegrated by Shaw, leaving SCP-3860 as Anderson's only body.
    • At Site-19, SCP-3860 awakens from his coma and immediately starts making demands for replacement parts for his cybernetics in exchange for information on Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. and the Church of Maxwellism.

  • May 25th: The Three Portlands Investigator publishes an article on the raid on Anderson Robotics, providing testimony from citizens at Prometheus Plaza. Representatives from the Unusual Incidents Unit remain silent on the matter, and the Three Portlanders begin to suspect Foundation involvement. (The Blackbird and The Falcon)

  • May 26th: UIU spokeswoman Harriet Brown explains to the Three Portlands poplulus that the raid was in response to evidence of the company's involvement in the assassination of Congressman Raymond Caldwell, as well as potential ties to numerous arms dealers from around the globe.The Portlander reports on the Brown's statement, the arrests of nearly forty Anderson Robotics employees, and the citizens protesting outside the UIU office, calling the raid an "unwarranted display of federal brutality" and a "direct violation of Three Portlands' longstanding tradition of paranormal asylum." (The Blackbird and The Falcon)

  • May 27th (The Blackbird and The Falcon)
    • Medea Contos waits in the Sea-Tac International Airport, with a ticket for a flight to Japan. Medea is approached by Mrs. Saker, who returns to her Terrance, the Amur droid carrying the Headquarters' files and a final message from her son. After reading Jason's message, the two women wait to board their flight.
    • Director Holman goes down to Site-64's Anomalous Materials Lab to talk with Head Researcher Conwell. Conwell makes idle talk about the watch the late Zachary Johnson left in his possession, and questions whether they'll "be sending more robots our way to Guantanamo". Holman informs Conwell that he had failed his latest psych eval, and orders a month of administrative leave.
    • Anderson requests Site-19 staff for audience with Site-64's Sasha Merlo, and starts waiting in his cell, hands neatly folded on the table in front of him.

    • May 28th: Sasha Merlo enters SCP-3860's, where the cyborg has been waiting idly for a day straight. Anderson explains to his adversary that he used Maxwellist technology to connect his mind with Saker-101 — and he had Amur droids slip spyware into the subconsciouses of thousands of technicians around the globe. Merlo leaves to relay the information on the imminent shift of consensus normalcy directly to the O5 Council. (The Blackbird and The Falcon)

  • May 30th: Sasha sits in her office, dealing with her paperwork and sleep deprivation when her husband arrives with a cup of coffee. Sasha likens her situation to Greek mythology, analogizing herself to Sisyphus and Anderson as the boulder. Gabe assures her that in this uphill battle, she at least managed to beat the odds and reach a stalemate. The Merlos put the paperwork on hold and go out for Thai food. (The Blackbird and The Falcon)


  • November 15th: An SCP-4160 event fails to occur for the tenth year in a row. (SCP-4160)

  • November 16th: SCP-4160 is reclassified as Neutralized, and changes are made to the phenomena's documentation where appropriate. (SCP-4160)

  • Prior December 1st: Several Level 1 and 2 Clearance personnel are made aware of twenty-seven controversial O5 Council documents due to a breach of information from the Foundation archives. Together, the personnel conspire against the Council. (SCP-3666)
    • December 1st: Incident-3666-A: The group revolts, breaches Site-01, and overwhelms MTF Alpha-1 long enough to successfully lynch the entirety of the O5 Council. The task force subsequently overcomes the attack and neutralizes the traitors.
      • Post December 1st: The O5 Council is reassembled with new members, and further methods to protect the Council and their critical files are put in place.


  • Prior November 15th: Mobile Task Forces Tau-51 "Urban Brawl" and Eta-13 into "Gulliver's Tourists" explore SCP-3560, venturing into the north and west of the forest to determine the extent of the robot limbo. (SCP-3560)
    • November 15th: Exploration 3560-3: Commander Clarrisa Shaw leads a team of four Gamma-13 agents into SCP-3560, heading south in an attempt to find the perimeter of the forest dimension. After Gamma-13 Lopez and Sherman are wounded and the team is cornered by SCP-3680-1 Aplomado units. The agents are confronted by the spirit of SCP-1360, admitting that they can't afford to kill them for trespassing in their limbo. Tau-51 arrives as reinforcements, incapacitates the SCP-3560-1, and extracts Gamma-13 from SCP-3560.
      • Post September 27th: Two more portals to SCP-3560 manifest in Forest Park. Commander Shaw interviews PoI-1115 Vincent Anderson, questioning the paratechnician for his understanding of SCP-3560.


  • December 3rd: Incident 3560-4: Four more instances of SCP-3560 manifest, two forming within Site-64's staff dormitories and two within the Unusual Incidents Unit's Three Portlands Headquarters. Instances of SCP-3560-1 the portals emerge from as Level 4 Apparitions, and begin abducting SCP and UIU personnel that formerly worked for the defunct Anderson Robotics. The spirits are successfully exorcised using Hoffman Portable Electro-Thaumic Units, only after the abduction of twelve people, including Dr. Hess of Research and Development, and Researcher Jacob Conwell by mistake. (SCP-3560, Hector and Jacob, Assault on Site-64)
    • Post December 3rd
      • Recognizing Researcher Conwell, Saker #76 hands the to PSHUD #31 for a poetic execution . "Hector", remembering his time as SCP-1360 and holding no ill will towards the analyst, allows Jacob to leave SCP-3560 and to the safety of Three Portlands.
      • The mutilated bodies of four of the twelve abducted personnel are recovered from in SCP-3560, each one killed in brutal ways and left with a patch of broken heart sewn into the back. One of the bodies — Mari Tanaka of the UIU's Public Relations — is found to have been a Saker android. With Conwell's return and the recovery of the corpses and chassis, the Dr. Hess and the six others are yet to be accounted for.
      • Site-64 discovers how to close the SCP-3560 portals onsite, but before that can be done, the Chaos Insurgency utilizes SCP-3560 to infiltrate and raid the facility. Roland Ferro is critically wounded with a bullet to the chest after thwarting Strike Team Alpha by initiating the Anderson androids' F-Protocol. The excess SCP-3560 are closed before the CI operatives can be extracted, and the defeated Strike Teams Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta are combated by Gamma-13 and Tau-51.



  • September 1st: Incident-3666-B: An unknown source broadcasts Level 4 and 5 Clearance information to the entirety of Site-87 and Area-45. In order to avoid an incident similar to Incident-3666-A, all Level 3 and below staff are detained, executed by firing squad, and replaced. (SCP-3666)
    • Post September 1st: Information of the massacre is leaked among the Foundation as a whole, destabilizing relations between higher and lower personnel. Administrative personnel start debating on whether they should terminate lower personnel made aware of such events for years to come.

  • September 22nd: A █████ Industrial seminar is scheduled. (SCP-4029)

  • October 14th: SCP-1032-10's midnight event of "Jason W. Tailor Jr.'s sister's daughter." (SCP-1032)

    c. 2030s 



  • May 5th: Incident-3666-C: Dr █████ leaks confidential and memetic documents to the internet, publicly revealing the Foundation to countries of Turkey, France, Norway, and Australia. All mentions of Dr █████'s reports are rapidly removed, but counter-memes are found ineffective in complete censorship and the citizens express public outcry. (SCP-3666)
    • Post May 5th: Dr █████ is found and executed for his betrayal against the Foundation. With rising distrust in the four nations' government, Foundation resources are forced to relocate to other countries.


  • July 28th: SCP-1032-022's predicted end of "Concern for public health." (SCP-1032)




  • July 9th: Incident-3666-D: The Ethics Committee is charged for several crimes of fraud, corruption, and high treason against the O5 Council and the Administrator. All of the former members are executed and the Committee is reformed under stricter guidelines, the new members' proposals directly reevaluated by the O5 Council and the Administrator. (SCP-3666)




2039skin-walking slugs

  • Prior April 2nd: Initial exploration of SCP-3333, the Suntop fire lookout in Mt. Baker/Snoqualmie National Forest, Washington. (SCP-3333)
    • Exploration I: D-4f68a is sent into the spatial anomaly, relaying to Dr. Williams his findings. Setting up camp on the 345th floor for the night, the D-Class is killed in his sleep by an SCP-3333-1 — a skinwalking larva monster — and assumes his identity in the morning. Upon summitting the 527th floor, "D-4f68a" fakes a panic and severs radio connection with Dr. Wiliams.
    • Exploration II: MTF Mod-0 "Characteristic Eigenspaces" enters SCP-3333, the five agents investigating for the reason behind the D-Class' disappearance. After four days of climbing stairs, the agents find D-4f68a's abandoned camping supplies at the top floor of the tower. Transmissions are lost when SCP-3333-1 ambush the task force, killing them and stealing their skin and uniforms. "Mod-0" reestablishes contact and reports seeing an ash covered sky through the windows, with Fire and Brimstone Hell castle off in the horizon. Fearing the possibility of a memetic agent, Dr. Williams calls the team's retreat and requests a special counter-memetics operative for a third expedition.
    • Exploration III: Dr. Williams and "Mod-5" provide radio support as Counter-Memetic Specialist-0 "Nullwalker" Annette is sent into SCP-3333, the blind and deaf cyborg immune to the supposed cognitohazards reported by the Mod-0 impersonators. Upon finding the skinned body of the real Mod-5 Graham Purcell, Williams orders the specialist to retreat. Annette is compromised by another SCP-3333-1, and her body cam reveals the agents' dog tags.
    • April 2nd: The 50+ staff members stationed at Temporary Observation Post 3333 are found to have been killed and impersonated by the newly discovered SCP-3333-1. Doctor Aardman receives an encrypted log from the top floor of SCP-3333, where Doctor Williams uncovers the SCP-3333-1's Red Herring and is cornered by what happened to Specialist-0.
      • Post April 2nd: Mobile Task Force Lambda-1 "Maxwell's Demons" is established and deployed to the outpost to exterminate SCP-3333-1 instances.

    c. 2040s 

  • Post early 2041: The United States faces significant internal disorder wherein almost any organized institution, governmental or private, is devoid of investment due to being either destroyed, dismantled, audited, robbed, or generally fraudulent and unreliable. (SCP-2780)
    • Circa 2045: The privately-backed cryptocurrency known as "American New Dollars" and the "Arcadia Dynamics Corporation" start their rise into prosperity. An unknown third party — possibly the Foundation's Temporal Division preventing time paradoxes — converts Fulvia's payment into the currency of the future.











  • May 5th: SCP-169 awakens and produces a tidal wave that hits Site-59, killing the comatose SCP-2416-21. (The Day The Clown Lived)

    c. 2050s 

  • PoI-3663-1 dies from natural causes at the age of seventy-nine. (SCP-3663)




  • March 22nd: SCP-1032-07’s midnight event for "Humor." (SCP-1032)



  • The timeline is altered when SCP-3838-4 travels back in time, forcing their predecessors, SCP-3838-3, out of SCP-3838. (SCP-3838)






    c. 2060s 











    c. 2070s 





  • May 16th: SCP-1032-05's vague prediction for the end of "Freedom of the Press." (SCP-1032)







    c. 2080s 






  • Humanity goes extinct in an unknown K-Class Scenario. The Archivist assume that they self-terminated for reasons unknown, and go on to remember their former business partners through the plethora of artifacts recovered from Earth. (SCP-3201)






  • Prior February 11th: The Foundation ceases active occupation of 618 Evergreen St. in Dresden, Tennessee, in order for the house to be bought by Sahrah Fulvia. (SCP-2780)
    • February 11th: Sahrah Fulvia buys 618 Evergreen St.

    c. 2090s 


  • The town of Dresden, Tennessee, unearths their time capsule. A letter addressed to 618 Evergreen Street is recovered and promptly delivered. Sahrah Fulvia reads the letter from the house's prior owner, which informs her that her bedroom possesses a one-way temporal anomaly, and explains how the two could get rich by selling future medicines back in the past. (SCP-2780)


  • August 6th: Seventy-five years after containment of SCP-2780, the future SCP Foundation neglects to arrest Sahrah Fulvia for drug trafficking, for reasons the past Foundation doesn't understand. (SCP-2780)


  • April 30th: Sahrah Fulvia appears to remain in her house despite the 2010s Foundation's plans for intervention. (SCP-2780)








In Universe — The Distant Future

  • Between 2220 - 2230: The Foundation's Temporal Anomalies Department establishes a holding ground to store resources and personnel for Operation Thunderbolt as needed. (SCP-3780)

  • March 22nd, 2267: SCP-1032-08's predicted retirement of the phrase "You can say that again." (SCP-1032)

  • 2387 (SCP-3236)
    "So. Many. Goats."

  • April 9th, 2690: SCP-1032-15's predicted "midnight event", coinciding with SCP-094's hypothesized envelopment of Earth given its current rate of expansion. (SCP-094, SCP-1032)

  • 2900: The SCP Foundation's future-most investigations on SCP-4856's ability to time travel without the use of a Temporal Distortion Engine. (SCP-4856)

  • Circa 3000: The era of SCP-3838-4 comes to an end, and the small tribe of SCP-3838-5 claims the Turkish pastures. (SCP-3838)

  • Circa 3020: The dwindling culinary tribe of SCP-3838-5 relinquishes their occupation of SCP-3838, to interact with the other tribes in other times. Their traditional allies, SCP-3838-6, come to inhabit the land. (SCP-3838)
    • Between 3020 - 3450: SCP-3838-6 practices various businesses and beliefs; tinkering advanced technology for the Marketplace, exercising a relatively pure form of Shi'ite Islam exempt of syncretism, and dealing with "Empire for the Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts".

  • Circa 3450: The sixth SCP-3838 tribe ceases to lay claim to the Turkish land. (SCP-3838)

  • Circa 3500: A seventh tribe of nomadic Turkmen comes to occupy the land of SCP-3838.
    • Between 3500 - 4100: SCP-3838-7 performs time-traveling rituals to interact with their six predecessor tribes, establishing close ties with the otherwise reclusive fourth tribe.

  • Circa 4100: The SCP-3838-7 era is brought to an end; a majority of the tribe is slaughtered, the survivors traveling to the era of the Marketplace. (SCP-3838)
    • Post 4100: The enigmatic and antagonistic SCP-3838-8 lays claim to the land east of the Caspian Sea.

  • 1.0102920192899092 x 10 100  YAC: Universe #139331920100933 exceeds its expected heat-death, due to extensive entropy-reducing activity in the past. (SCP-3201)

  • 2.829383810393928102 x 10 104  YAC: Universe #139331920100933 achieves thermodynamic equilibrium, all matter reaching the entropy of heat-death. The Archivists remember the dimension and their former business partners through the artifacts recovered from the now-dead universe. (SCP-3201)
    It was mostly nothing. But there were some interesting parts.


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