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Here a wick check will be performed for Picnic Episode.

Why?: There's an ongoing dispute (for several years!) over the TLP draft "BBQ Episode" over the concern that the draft describes an activity that is essentially similar to Picnic Episode, but cannot due to the extremely strict wording of the latter trope, which categorically excludes the possibility of outdoor cooking: "where they pack up a basket full of food consisting of sandwiches, cookies, lemonade, potato chips, pies, cakes, etc." A TRS is suggested because a solution involves retooling Picnic Episode's definition to include these cases, which can potentially cause the number of examples to increase significantly. During the course of wick checking, I also noticed the issue that many examples are defined as "a picnic happened," which sounds like being People Sit on Chairs.


Wicks checked: 64/74.note 

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The following three categories also include pothole references of examples within the folder.

    Strict definition of "Picnic": Dining on pre-cooked foods outdoors 
  • Died Happily Ever After: In Our Little Adventure, this is deduced rather than seen, the raise dead having no reason to fail except that Pauline is happy in the afterlife. Then confirmed with a Picnic Episode. 'The last link refers to a picnic scene'', but should still count.
  • "Rashomon"-Style (referring to The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy): A variation in the pseudo-Picnic Episode has Billy preparing food to leave for it, though each other character in the house (Grim, Mandy, and Billy's mom) rejects his idea by recounting what happened last time: Billy, Mandy, and Grim have their picnic, Billy asks for the egg salad, then a sasquatch jumps out from a bush and runs off with the screaming Billy. Billy's dad then comes in, but his recounting shows him putting on the sasquatch costume before jumping out. The example indicates all food are prepared at home.
  • Anime.Rilakkuma And Kaoru: In the first episode, Kaoru goes to a spring flower-viewing picnic, only to find out that none of her friends are coming. Rilakkuma and friends later invite her out for one in the evening. While unclear from text, this scene refers to the Japanese hanami, which never involves outdoor cooking.
  • Anime.The Wizard Of Oz: At one point while Scarecrow and Dorothy are walking to the Emerald City, they stop to have a picnic, with Dorothy eating food from a basket she was carrying. While doing so, she and him reminisce about what they plan on doing after the adventure and get to know each other more. The reference of "basket" refers to this type.
  • Creator.Terry Ananny: The work Happy Summer Days depicts eleven children that have set up a table and chairs at the riverside to enjoy watermelon slices. It's the image on that page. Based on the precedent on music, individual paintings from a painter should not be considered individual works by this wiki unless famous enough? If it is considered an individual work, it falls to the "Misuse: Entire work about picnic of any definition" category.
  • FireEmblemHeroes.Tropes S To Z: (Under Formula-Breaking Episode) 2019 had a hot springs banner featuring units from Fates in January and a picnic banner featuring units from both Fates and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia in April. Given the timing, the banner most likely refers to Hanami.
  • LightNovel.Toradora: The OVA "The True Meaning of Bento" ends with the main characters and their classmates eating a picnic outside (and Taiga pushed into Romantic Spoonfeeding with Ryuji). Since bento is involved, outdoor cooking is unlikely.
  • Literature.Emma (1/2) The strawberry picking party at Donwell gardens. They eat fruit outside, but Mr Knightley specifically arranges for proper meal to be eaten inside the house. They just ate fruit outside, repeat.
  • Literature.Olafs Perfect Day: A good third or fourth of the book involves Olaf, Anna and Elsa preparing for a picnic, which they eventually have on the shore of the fjord. "Preparing... eventually have" implies all foods eaten at the fjord were prepared.
  • Radio.Our Miss Brooks (1/3): The fourth season television episode "Burnt Picnic Basket" sees the picnic baskets thrown into the incinerator by mistake. And it rains! References to picnic baskets should imply this.
  • Radio.Our Miss Brooks (2/3): The radio episode "Head of the Board", has Miss Brooks and company take Mr. Boynton's car to their before-school-year picnic. Unfortunately, the picnic basket had been left in Miss Brooks' car! References to picnic baskets should imply this.
  • Radio.Our Miss Brooks (3/3): Finally, in "Winter Outing", Madison High School is set to enjoy the annual mid-winter picnic started by Madison High's esteemed founder, Yodar Kritch. Unfortunately, this time the food for the picnic is send to the laundry. Meanwhile, the faculty and students of Madison have a unappetizing lunch of dirty football uniforms. "Food... sent to" should imply this.
  • Recap.Criminal Case Mysteries Of The Past Case 10 Let Her Eat Cake: The case takes place during a fancy picnic that serves as another of Mr. Alastor's parties. The text is unclear, but the picture on the work page, which described the picnic, seems to more indicate meals of this nature.
  • Recap.Fraggle Rock S 1 E 14 The Challenge: Red has a swim race planned, but Gobo, Wembley, and Boober are going to have a picnic in the Yellow Caverns. Red is not happy to hear this. We only know they plan to go outdoors.
  • Recap.Fraggle Rock S 3 E 17 Bored Stiff: The Fraggles have a picnic and expedition planned. Elsewhere in the article mentioned a character bringing a radish dip.
  • Recap.Mr Bogus S 1 E 7 Bogus In Wilderland: The first act. The example itself is ZCE, but the intro above gives enough information—blankets, ants, etc—that it's this type.
  • Recap.Rugrats S 1 E 7 Grandpas Teeth Momma Trauma: This episode takes place at a veteran's picnic. The description itself is unclear, but the article also mentioned fried chicken and Jell-O, which tends more to be this type.
  • Recap.The Magic Roundabout 2007 S 1 E 45 A Nice Day Out: The entire episode is this where Ermintrude organises one for Dougal and all her friends. They were about to eat the food until the ants steal their food and disappear off into the anthill with them.
  • Recap.The Simpsons S 20 E 17 The Good The Sad And The Drugly: Bart takes a Retirement Castle volunteer out on a picnic, where they eat Bart's PB&J sandwiches (his secret recipe: "No PB, Double J"). During said picnic, they attempt to ignore Homer being "mugged" by his own reflection in the pond water. PB&J should indicate it's of this type.
  • Recap.Three Two One Penguins S 1 E 3 Lazy Daze: Ants ruining it included. And the ants are giant. Just talking about ants—if not for the fact that the trope definition includes this particular subtype, I'd have considered this a ZCE.
  • Series.BBC Historical Farm Series: Not an entire episode of it, but quite a chunk of an Edwardian Farm episode involves the cast heading out for a picnic in the Devon countryside. The link is still alive and shows an typical case of this type.
  • Series.Diffrent Strokes: Darkly portrayed in Season 6's "The Hitchhikers" (the episode where Kimberly and Arnold accept a ride from a stranger named Bill). While the two are held hostage, Bill – a serial kidnapper and rapist, as alluded to in the episode's closing scene – tries to get Kimberly to be his girlfriend, and to set the mood brings out a picnic basket and blanket and says that's what they're going to do ... .
  • WesternAnimation.April Maze: The whole cartoon is centered on Felix and Inky and Dinky having a picnic. '''The writeup is ZCE, but the attached picture clearly shows the type.
  • WesternAnimation.Jean Luc And Dondoozat: Jean-Luc and Dondoozat have one. In it, Jean-Luc is catching frogs with a net, and put one he caught into a sandwhich. When Dondoozat finds out, he is less than amused. The references to outdoor activities and food makes this obvious.
  • WesternAnimation.Mickeys Rival: Starts with Mickey and Minnie having a picnic, which is disrupted by Mortimer. Trope entry is ZCE, but elsewhere in the pages shows references to the picnic blanket (under Bull Seeing Red), which indicates this.
  • WesternAnimation.Mouse And Mole: "The Picnic" has Mouse and Mole going for a picnic. However, Mole gets paranoid about the weather that their picnic didn't go well as Mouse ate all the food while waiting for his friend. Worrying about the weather... and the food can be eaten at home.
  • WesternAnimation.Nature Cat: In the episode "Ants Revolution", NC, Hal, and Daisy throw a surprise picnic for Squeeks, but a colony of ants spoil it by stealing Squeeks' cheesecake and dragging it down the anthill.
  • WesternAnimation.Oggy And The Cockroaches: "Picnic Panic" has Oggy, Olivia and Jack going on a picnic, and when the cockroaches become aware of it, Hilarity Ensues.
  • WesternAnimation.The Magic Roundabout:
    • The original series featured an episode where Mr. Rusty, Florence, and Zebedee all prepare for a picnic in the Magic Garden. They meet up with Dougal, Brian, Ermintrude, Dylan, and Mr. MacHenry. All throughout the episode, the characters remind each other to make sure they haven't forgot anything. Mr. Rusty brings a corkscrew, Brian brings salt-and-pepper shakers, Ermintrude brings glasses, Dylan brings cushions, and Mr. MacHenry brings the eating utensils. However, at the end, they all realize that they have forgotten to bring any food.
    • The CGI episode "A Nice Day Out" also has Ermintrude inviting Dylan, Brian, Florence and a grumpy Dougal for a day out in the countryside to try and satisfy Dougal who was bored in the beginning of the episode. When they are having their picnic, the ants steal all their food. While waiting for Train to bring more food, everyone plays a game of cricket. The ball hits Dougal, prompting a switch over to hide-and-seek, where Dougal decides to run off. He does come back to the picnic when he returns the cricket ball to everyone after they hit it in the bushes. After that, Dougal is genuinely satisfied with the day out.

    Expanded meaning: Outdoor cooking 

    Type Unclear 
  • Tropes F to L: Felicia is involved in the Picnic Episode. Leo is revolted at her cooking, and even warns Lukas in advance. In addition, her default weapon is a large pan filled with congealed food. Definitively outdoor eating is involved, but unclear on whether there're outdoor cooking.
  • Literature.The Woman In White (2/2): A much more sinister example at Blackwater Park: Sir Percival, Laura, Count and Countess Fosco, and Marian have a dinner in the open air on the estate's grounds, discussing unsolved crimes. Dinner in the open air is mentioned, but unclear how.
  • Manga.Nurse Angel Ririka SOS: In episode 18 the main characters are their families go on a hiking day-trip, but their picnic gets rained out on account of villainy. Ririka goes on to have an epic fight while everyone else is running back to the car. Unclear on the nature of the picnic, but it was rained out.
  • MythologyGag.Fire Emblem Heroes: In "A Season for Picnics", Lukas says that Felicia's dishes "put raw wheat flour to shame". Flour is an actual consumable food item in Gaiden and Shadows of Valentia, and with a couple exceptions, is not really well-liked among the units. We just know the food was bad, not where it was cooked.
  • Recap.Little House On The Prairie S 1 E 13 The Lord Is My Shepherd: The afternoon before Laura runs away, the Ingalls family enjoys a Sunday picnic. Laura is having so much fun … too much fun. No clue on the nature of the picnic provided.
  • Recap.Fraggle Rock S 1 E 2 Wembley And The Gorgs: The Gorgs' dinner is a picnic in the garden. I suppose the word "picnic" is used in its strict meaning.
  • Recap.Fraggle Rock S 2 E 12 The Doozer Contest: The Fraggles have a picnic planned. Really, I could have called it a ZCE if it was another trope.
  • Recap.Fraggle Rock S 2 E 3 The Trash Heap Doesnt Live Here Anymore: The Gorgs are having a picnic in the garden. See above.
  • Recap.Murdoch Mysteries S 2 E 5 The Green Muse: Obviously not the whole episode, but Julia and William go to have a picnic in a park, and they get drunk on absinthe. That's all. One can be drunk in both types.
  • Recap.Odd Squad S 3 E 25 Double O Trouble: Downplayed. The Chicago agents were having a picnic to celebrate the opening of the city's 25th tube entrance prior to being turned into paper dolls by Aarti Craft. Type unclear from the entire page.
  • Series.Dr Quinn Medicine Woman: The characters often enjoy their meals outdoors, such as picnics after the Sunday services in the meadow near the church. I will assume it's the strict meaning for now
  • Series.The Wubbulous World Of Dr Seuss: In "The Cat in the Hat's Indoor Picnic", rain spoils plans for an outdoor picnic, much to the dismay of Terrence Mc Bird, who was looking forward to playing in the sandbox. The Cat in the Hat and the Little Cats improvise by spending their picnic in the Cat's Playhouse, and making a sandbox for Terrence with his birdbath and dried corn. In the Wubbulous World, Princess Tizz imagines where the most special picnic spot could be. It's certainly outdoors, but not much else as the trope is concerned.
  • SpongeBobSquarePants.Tropes J To P: "Company Picnic" is about SpongeBob, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs having a cruddy picnic to "boost morale." Plankton arrives, and his picnic is much better. This refers to S9E14, which is listed as ZCE as well.

  • Recap.Fraggle Rock S 1 E 21 Gobos Discovery: Aunt Granny Fraggle has a picnic planned. Did they actually go? just planning is not this trope.
    Aunt Granny Fraggle: Oh, boy, we're gonna have a good time! I'm gonna tell my radish joke and everything.
  • Recap.Little House On The Prairie S 6 E 17 May We Make Them Proud: Which is how the episode begins – a day of celebration and expansion of the current school … and what better way than to celebrate with a picnic? Yes, a picnic did happen. But this episode is mainly about the House Fire when School for the Blind is burned down.
  • Series.Johnson And Friends: "The Picnic" is about Johnson organizing a picnic by the window in Michael's room. The trope page's introduction indicates this is an outdoor activity. This series is about anthropomorphized toys' lives in their owner's bedroom. This is indoors activity.


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