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Pantheon Theme Titles Project

A note on character themes:

According to the rules of the Trope Pantheon, characters should have distinctive titles for their their music whenever appropriate. However, many source materials such as video games have themes for every notable or playable character which are all titled "Theme of X"; this, especially for characters with multiple official composed or arranged themes, would result in "Theme of X" or "his/her [insert game here] theme" texts filling the line in abundance, even in cases where official assets exist within or tied to the source material that would offer unique titles for every character. In those cases, whenever such modifications are made, the official asset (or closest thing to one) used for the new title will usually be placed in a starred labelnote next to the link (unless it's an obvious thing like the name of the stage associated with the character or a recognizable lyric within the vocals of a song-like theme). However, this page exists to chronicle them all in a neat space.

Consistency is usually preferred in this regard, in that the same asset should be used to name every character's theme from a particular game. However, sometimes an additional asset or two may account for a minority of titles. This is acceptable as long as it is noted.

  • Capcom vs.
  • Dragon Ball
    • Dragon Ball Z: Super Butōden: The character's battle stage number.
    • Dragon Ball FighterZ: One of the character-specific cosmetic titles that can be obtained from capsules bought from the Store.
  • F-Zero GX: The character's Machine.
  • Final Fight
    • Final Fight Revenge: The character's title on their profile in the instruction manual.
  • Mario Strikers Charged: The character's Mega Strike (for team captains) or Skillshot (for sidekicks).
  • Sengoku Basara
    • Sengoku Basara 2: The character's translated Unique Item.
    • Sengoku Basara 3: The character's Boss Subtitle from the Samurai Heroes localization. For characters who share the "Reporting for Duty" subtitle, default to Basara 4 rule below...
    • Sengoku Basara 4: The character's Basara-e/Giga Basara title from the vanilla version and/or Sumeragi.
  • Street Fighter
    • Street Fighter: The character's win quote (or a move quote in the case of Geki and Sagat, since their win quote is simply an Evil Laugh).
    • Street Fighter Alpha: The character's Alpha 2 stage.
    • Street Fighter IV: The gold profile title unlocked by completing all ten of the character's trials, and/or, in the case of a song with vocals, a recognizable lyric.
      • Super Street Fighter IV: The blue profile title unlocked by clearing Arcade mode with the character, and/or, in the case of a song with vocals, a recognizable lyric.
      • Ultra Street Fighter IV: The achievement claimed by clearing Arcade Mode on medium or higher without using a continue with the character.
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    • Street Fighter V: The character's story title in Character Story Mode, and/or, in the case of a song with vocals, a recognizable lyric.
  • Super Smash Bros. (Eighth Generation): The header graphic in the character's reveal trailer. This applies to the remix theme that is played in the trailer or otherwise most associated with the character.
  • Tekken
    • Tekken 3 (Arcade): The character's stage.
    • Tekken 3 (PS1): The character's RetroAchievement for landing a 5-hit combo.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!
    • Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: One of the character's Exclusive Skills. In case of themes shared between characters in-game, this applies specifically to the character(s) using the theme in the Pantheon.

A note on main themes of works:

Many times a main character will be associated with a work to the point that the work's main opening/menu theme is used as one of the character's themes in the Pantheon. In some of those cases, said theme doesn't have a title besides "Main Menu" or "Main Theme" next to the name of the work. Within the Pantheon, this will be represented by the name of the work alone (and if Protagonist Title: Electric Boogaloo is at play — colon included, NOT the same as Title: The Adaptation — the side with the character's name may be excluded from the link). Here is a list of works with a nameless main theme associated with their main character in the Pantheon.


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