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Sandbox / Outdated Pages

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These are Administrivia pages discussed in the Outdated Pages thread in need of updating.

  • American and Commonwealth Spellings: In this ATT query, some tropers said the policy applies to punctuation in addition to spelling (particularly with quotation marks), and at least one mod confirmed that. In addition, spellings the page calls Commonwealth spellings are used in countries that aren't part of the Commonwealth of Nations, such as the Republic of Ireland. As such, the page should probably be rewritten and renamed; National Varieties of English was suggested as a name.
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  • Example as a Thesis: Move to Administrivia as a maintenance tracker.
  • Examples Searching for a Trope: Redundant to Trope Finder. Either cut this or archive this, or redirect it to Trope Finder.
  • Needs a Better Description: This page needs a better description itself, since it applies to descriptions for work and creator pages in addition to trope pages, but the description is focused highly (if not exclusively) on trope page descriptions.
  • Image Pickin': Should be moved to Administrivia, like the Trope Repair Shop.
  • Pothole: A Wiki Trope that is better fit for Administrivia. Has 209 wicks, so probably best handled through the Trope Repair Shop.
  • Single-Issue Wonk: While the page covers a concept that can show up elsewhere, it mainly focuses on TV Tropes.
  • You Know You Read Too Much TV Tropes When...: Contains references to old, renamed, or discontinued items.