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Zenus, The Broken God (The Great Architect, The Almighty One, Equinox, Nemean, Shogum, Elusid, Trauminator, Atlas, Sir Sanguinus, Hammibal, Fowleye, Excalipurr)
Eyes Of The Architect
  • Lesser God individually, Intermediate God when made whole
  • Symbol: A black vortex in the sky
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Hatred for mortals for giving into greed and sin, Seeking to punish all mortals for the actions of the bad ones, Caring only for his daughter Celestria, Having his shattered pieces fought and imprisoned in Grottoes, Creating Celestrians to collect Benevolessence and restore his daughter to normal by proving she is right, Being broken into different forms and beings by the attack of the tortured Corvus
  • Domains: Hatred, Fatherly Love, Wrath, Life, Death, Blood, Palette Swaps
  • Allies: YHVH and the forces of Law, Blue Slime (Shogum)
  • Enemies: Humans turned deities amongst the pantheon, Deities that give into decadence, Mortals, Corvus, the Forces of Chaos, Ghirahim, Kirby, Pac-Man, Samuel Rodrigues, GLaDOS
  • Zenus was a creator of a world and the mortals that resided it, where he ruled from the realm of the almighty alongside his daughter Celestria. Eventually humans began to give into evil and sin, turning their back on him. In his rage towards them he attempted to annihilate mankind. Celestria stopped him before he could, turning into a tree as part of a test to prove humanities goodness.
    • To restore his daughter to her true state, Zenus created the Celestrians and the Protectorate to gather benevolessence. The Celestrian Corvus turned against him after being tortured by the Gittish Empire, striking down his God. Zenus was casted down into the Grottoes, where he was broken into fragments filled with his fury and rage.
  • After ascending into the Pantheon Zenus, who had been locked away in the different forms that reside in the Grottoes, was restored restored thanks to the aid of the GUAL. In return he quickly joined their alliance. Seeing how YHVH would force humanity to exist as only good and pure beings that follow him, Zenus saw it as an opportunity to collect even more Benevolessence to restore his daughter to normal.
  • Although he is not a fan of mortals, Zenus has accepted the members of the Grand United Alliance of Law that were human due to their devotion and faith. Unlike in his realm where mortals had turned their back on him.
  • Before he could fully commit his power to the alliance the GUAC struck. Vali Lucifer quickly used Divine Dividing to weaken Zenus power rapidly as the right hand of darkness, Beelzebub, arrived and sent his spawn in countless waves to tear apart the Almighty's body. Forced once again into the forms of the Grotto Bosses, most of them were then taken by the flies and spread across the pantheon by the Lord of Flies and guarded by the forces of chaos or those who would would wisely keep the broken parts of Zenus away from each other. The rage of the fragments of Zenus grew even stronger.
  • Fowleye was able to escape being dragged off to his unknown imprisonment by beginning a conversation with the flies. Once they had let their guard down after receiving compliments and macca, Alexander Anderson and High Councilor Kal-El arrived and purged Beelzebubs spawn. Having escaped his fate, Fowleye returned to the alliance as the representative for himself and the other fragments.
  • Equinox is sometimes thought to be seen in the house of Beast, where Beelzebub is thought to watch him from afar at the house of Insects. Heracles, as deity of Hellish Horse was given Equinox to be groomed and kept as one of its followers.
  • Vali Lucifer took Nemean as his own personal pet, choosing to raise him as a member of his team. Though he is worried about him and Fenrir not getting along.
  • The bloodthirsty Sir Sanguinus was handed over to Zero. Knowing that blood fuels her Intoner mode, Beelzebub knew her craving for blood and battle would allow her to easily activate her Intoner mode. Sanguinus and Zero do duel, but Sanguinus keeps losing.
  • Excalipur was thrown into the Bladed Weapons. There he was given by Beelzebub to the swordsman deities to use as a sparring partner. Although Excalipurr attempts to sacrifice the other members to empower his sword. It is Samuel Rodrigues that keeps the feline under control by showing his superior swordmanship with a katana.
  • Trauminator was handed over as a gift to GLaDOS so that she can perform tests on him in Aperture Science. GLaDOS happily took the machine and forced it into performing numerous experiments. The Trauminator has been "TRA-MIN-ATING" the other test subjects ever since.
  • Beelzebub gave Elusid to [[ Mao]]. Beelzebub happily informed the young demon that he could do all sorts of experiments to the sadistic teacher in GUAC The Lab, and to force all the free labor he wishes upon him. Mao happily took the monster and began to experiment to understand how a God was able to survive being broken into fragments.
  • Shogum ended up in becoming a family member of The Blue Slime. Due to resembling a number of the Blue Slimes brethren, along with summoning King Cure Slimes in battle, Shogum was eventually convinced that he was also a member of their family. He eventually forgot his true identity as a result.
  • Hammibal was handed over to the Food Gods, where he was mentioned to make a delicious roast. Try as he might, the pig ends up getting eaten by the likes of Kirby and Pac Man. Beelzebub also informed them of Hammibals respawning nature, meaning they could make delicious meals out of him in the future.
  • Beelzebub sent Atlas to a fellow demon named Ghirahim. He advised him to use the demon as a shield against the enemy of his master Demise, the hero Link. Beelzebub did not trust Ghirahim, but knew the beast would be slain by Link like many of his foes in the past, while keeping him under Ghirahim's thumb.
  • After being split apart and tossed into many grottoes, many gods have tested their might against these mighty foes, with various results.

    Rin Okumura 
Rin Okumura, God of The Blue Flame
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Kurikara covered in blue flames
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Weapon of Choice: Kurikara
  • Portfolio: Playing With Blue Fire, Being covered in flames, Flaming Sword, Turning Against His Father Satan, Half-Human Hybrid, Being A Good Cook, Demon Slaying His Own Kind, Prince of Hell.
  • Domains: Demons, Exorcism, Fire
  • Allies: Kotaro Minami/Kamen Rider Black (RX), Kamina, Eren Yeager, Oga and Baby Beel, Issei Hyoudou, Jurai Andou, Demi-Fiend, Kirby, Auriel, Soma Yukihira, Cookie Monster, and Pit.
  • Enemies: The Demonic Legion, Several Satans, Diablo, Belial, Malthael, Imperius, and the house of Demons.
  • Uneasy Relationship: With Lucifer and Gig.
  • The young son of Satan the Demon King and the older twin of his brother Yukio. Rin was ascended into the pantheon after a mysterious female secretary named Louis Cyphre appeared before him, asking him to take on the numerous Satans that have ascended with the power that he obtained from being descended from his own world's Satan. Wanting to stop the insidious schemes of these alternate versions of his blood dad, he ascended.
  • Rin hates the Satan who turned against God, seeing how he raised his children to be tools to be used for his eventual return to earth and plot to kill God and Dracula. He finds him and Dis to be some of the worse Satans of the lot. The Satan from the chaotic world of South Park he just finds pitiful, only turning his blade against him when he proves to be a threat on the rare occasion.
  • Louis sent him after the Satan who serves YHVH during one of YHVH's schemes. Rin was worried that the behemoth was immune to his flames at the time due to wielding the light of God along with his demonic power. Thankfully it was not the case and he was able to fight him off with the aid of the Demi-Fiend. Satan cursed him for being a puppet of the Morningstar. Though Rin hopes to meet his more benign aspects thst he's heard about.
    • Despite this he is not an ally of Louis and also opposes Lucifer, seeing his goals as too extreme and likely to hurt humans. Lucifer for his part seeks to make Rin a champion of Chaos, especially after learning that Rin is the son of one of Lucifer's clones in his home world. At the same time, Rin knows that as ruthless as he can be, this Lucifer does have some good intentions in there, but that just makes him even more frustrated with the Morningstar.
  • He can be seen at the house of Food making meals for others on his time off. He occasionally gets angry at Kirby, wanting the little pink fellow to savor his food and not just swallow it instantly into his black hole of a stomach. Nevertheless he continues to make food for Kirby and Kirby tries to savor Rin's delicious food in return. The Master of Death once tried to get Rin to fix him food, but Gig's coarse language instead ended in a fight between the two. Thankfully Gig was distracted by the fact Soma had given Rin hotpods to cook and ate those instead of acting on his threats, now stating anyone who threatens the half-demon will have to deal with him, much to Rin's confusion at how the situation was resolved.
  • He was happy to see more benevolent demons amongst the pantheon, even befriending the Occult Research Club. He hopes to get stronger by facing Issei, but is put off by his perviness during fights.
  • Wary of Diablo, as the Prime Evil of Terror caused him to glimpse his power going out of control and making him lose control for a moment. The flames burned everything around him, but thankfully no one was hurt, except for Diablo himself. The Prime Evil cursed Rin for daring to burn him, but knew better than to stick around next time he allows Rin to gaze and feel terror. Diablo's lesser brethren, Belial, tried to trick him later after seeing what he's capable of, but was frustrated at seeing how his attempts to deceive the boy flew completely over the boys head.
  • Malthael condemns his existence for the demonic taint that flows through his veins, but has been wary since the Blue Flames that pass through his invulnerability as the Aspect of Death. Imperius has likewise shown hatred for his demonic taint, but seeing that his fallen brother tried to kill Rin by sacrificing lesser angels, he has since been keeping watch on his brother and by proxy keeping Rin out of harm's way.
  • Became friends with the heroic angel Pit, cooking food for him that the angel boy loved. Pit convinced Rin to come try the miraculous hot springs of his world, which Rin happily did after making sure there wasn't any supernatural influence to make him peep on girls like last time.

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