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    Cool Cat 
Cool Cat, God of Memetic Molesters
  • Complicated Relationship: I Hate Everything
  • Cool Cat's tale of ascension was... interesting, to say the least. He was just a another character from a low-budget flick, until one day, a couple of internet reviewers broaden his exposure. Cool Cat was very excited about being a god, but there was a catch. The GUAE noticed that Cool Cat is supposed to be a kid and plays with other children, but he's played by an adult in a cat suit. This lead to many lewd jokes about him on the internet, so they picked Memetic Molester for his trope without his approval. Cool Cat was not happy about being seen as a pedophile to most of the Pantheon, and is currently convincing the Court of the Gods for another trope.
    Ninja Sex Party 
Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian, Co-Gods of Sexuality-Charged Songs (Danny: Daniel Avidan, Not-so-Grump Brian: Brian Wecht)
Left: Brian, Right: Danny
  • "Feared" by: Every dragon deity (Danny)
  • On good terms with: JonTron (Danny)
  • Meet Ninja Sex Party. They're a group
  • Originally, Chef was the holder for Intercourse with You. That was, until Danny Sexbang came by and sung an entire song heard across the Pantheon (save for the House of Family) dedicated to how he went on an "Orgy for One". While some were understandably disgusted by it, it was generally agreed that he sounded great, so Danny got the trope and brought along Ninja Brian for the ride, while Chef moved to the House of Naming, not that he minded.
  • It should be noted that their band name isn't too indicative. They're haven't been seen engaging in any sex parties (Blame YouTube guidelines for that). However, as mortal world Brian said, "I'm the ninja, Danny's the sex, together we're the party."
  • There was a bit of awkwardness , considering
    Dale Gribble 
Dale Gribble, God of Authority Bluffs (Rusty Shackelford)


    The Bluth Family 
"Now the story of a wealthy family who lost everything — and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together."

The Bluths,Includes  Divine Family of Fictional and Unrealistic Documentaries (George Sr.: Pop-Pop, Father B., Lucille: Gangie, George Oscar II: GOB, Getaway, Bryon: Buster, Lindsay: Cindy Featherbottom, Tobias: Mrs. Featherbottom, Mae: Maeby)
From left to right: Tobias, GOB, Lindsay, George Sr., Michael, Lucille, George Michael, Buster, and Maeby

    Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago 


Det. Jacob Peralta and Sgt. Amy Santiago, Co-Deities of Unsportsmanlike Gloating (Jacob: Jake Peralta, Jake Lady-Hands, Amy: Amy Peralta)
Left: Amy, Right: Jake

On hold

    June and Chloe 
June Colbum and Chloe, Co-Goddesses of Light Girl, Dark Girl Duos and Censored Titles (Chloe: The Bitch in Apartment 23)




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