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My god ideas for the Pantheon

    Rokuro Okijima 


Revy, Goddess of Guns Akimbo (Two-Hands, Rebecca Lee)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her custom Berettas
  • Alignment: Stradles between True Neutral and Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil in her worse days
  • Theme Song: Red Fraction
  • Portfolio: Villain Protagonists, Guns Akimbo, Action Girl, Sociopathic Heroines, Frequent Swearing, Ruthless Modern Pirates, The Gunslinger, Has a short temper, Cool Guns, Ms. Fanservice, frequently shoots enemies while they're in the middle of talking
  • Domains: Destruction, Death, Evil, Guns
  • Weapon of Choice: Her dual Berettas, Cutlass
  • Enemies: Teana Lanster (who, although she uses a similar combat style, frowns upon Revy's callous and violent methods), Johan Liebert due to Hansel and Gretel becoming devoted to him and seeing him as a father figure to him, Lucy due to similar reasons with Johan Liebert, Hansel and Gretel, Roberta, Yuno Gasai (due to similar reasons as Hansel and Gretel), Motoko Kusanagi, Samus Aran, Noel Vermillion , Nu-13, May
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Noel Vermillion (When they put aside their differences.)
  • Opposed by: [[Pantheon/Hunters Lara Croft]], [[Pantheon/Beasts Gilda]]
  • Rebecca Lee, better known as Revy, is the shooter, gunswoman and markswoman for the mercanary Lagoon Company. She is one of Roanapur's most dangerous fighters, known for dual-wielding her custom Berettas each called "Cutlass". She showed up to the pantheon one day by shooting several moving targets with her dual pistols in a matter of seconds with her Improbable Aiming Skills, impressing many gods and thus ascending her.
  • Some members of the Pantheon likes to compare her to Lara Croft at times. None of them dares to do it in Revy's presence due to her short temper, though.
  • Her opponents have grown used to not trying to Badass Boast when fighting her. She often takes it as the perfect opportunity to load them full of bullets.
  • Revy despises Yuno Gasai since she makes her think of Hansel and Gretel.
  • Since Revy and Noel Vermillion belong to different factions (GUAG and GUAE), both often fight against each other whenever they cross paths. However, they will put aside their difference when it comes to Nu-13 and Yuno Gasai.
    • Noel Vermillion is currently trying to stage a takeover against Revy or have a spot in the house as her Good Counterpart.
  • Rainbow Dash feels a bit awkward around Revy, as she has the same voice as her old friend Gilda. Revy looks at Rainbow with interest as she sounds similar to Hansel.
    • Now that Gilda has ascended, one wonders what would happen if they would meet.
  • Didn't feel too bad about Yuna, one of her previous followers, going back to her roots in the House of Magic. Yuna comes by to target practice with Revy every now and then, though.

Created: GUAG Ranger Strike Force

Ascended: The Tenno, Casca


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