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This page is just for fun and experimentation.

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     Grunge, Skiffle and Victory Royales 
Grunge, Skiffle and Victory Royales (often abbreviated to GSVS) is a Troll Fic of The Beatles written by Mvfl G, with additional ideas from Actual Beatrice. It was written as a response to subpar stories of the Fab Four on Wattpad, and serves as a cautionary tale against writing out of character in Real Person Fics, Critical Research Failure and Anachronism Stew.

Taking place in Spring of 2003, John Lennon finds himself attending his old high school, Quarry Bank, after having a vision of Thanos's infamous finger-snap. The now 15-year-old John has to deal with his confusion over being brought back in an era after his death, his former bandmates acting strange, and his growing attraction to George Harrison.

This fic is known for its extensive use of crossovers and Mind Screw, as well as its existential themes. It employs both Surreal Humour and Surreal Horror, each to varying degrees.

GSVS contains examples of:

Original Work Trope Pages

     A Novel Experience 

The Liebensims

     Deep Web Original / The Liebensims 
The Liebensims is a Discord-exclusive The Sims 4 playthrough revolving around 8 tropers (Bonsai Forest, Zanreo, Cailleach, Undying Phoenix, Wendythe Creeper, Acuddle, Minmus and Lurker 2) living in a dorm-like mansion in Willow Creek. Other tropers, as well as celebrities and characters from other media, will appear in most episodes.

Tropes related to The Liebensims

     Characters note   

The Liebenberg Townhouse

The stars of the show. A quirky 8-person household consisting of tropers Bonsai Forest, Zanreo, Cailleach, Undying Phoenix, Wendythe Creeper, Acuddle, Minmus and Lurker 2.

The team in general









Maudlin Ranch

A four-person household consisting of troper Mvfl G, Actual Beatrice and SymeSynth, as well as a person the narrator knows in real life.

The team in general





Foundry Cove

Non-residential characters

Ruby Mize

The local repairwoman.

     Episode 1: If It Ain't Fixed, Don't Fix It 
In the first episode, Bonsai, Zanreo, Cail, Wyn, Wendy, Acuddle, Tadpole and Lurker make their debut, along with the repairwoman of questionable competence Ruby Mize.

Oh, and their appliances keep breaking throughout the episode.

Tropes related to Episode 1

     Episode 2: Party Like It's 1969 
What would've been a calm, organised Birthday Episode for Bonsai, Cail and Zanreo became a whole other type of special episode. This episode is also told in two parts, mainly due to the narrator's own schedule.

Tropes related to Episode 2

    Episode 3: Musical Measle-y Tour 


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