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Intermediate Gods

    2nd Division Symphogears 
Hibiki Tachibana, Tsubasa Kazanari, and Chris Yukine, Triumvirate Goddesses of Music-Empowered Techs (Hibiki: Bikkie, Tachibana), (Chris: Zenbu)

    Haruko Haruhara 
Haruko Haruhara, Goddess of Weaponized Instruments (Haruha Raharu, Vespa Girl, Housekeeper Wannabe)

    Sergey Stepanov/Epic Sax Guy 

Sergey Stepanov, God of Attractive Sax Players (Epic Sax Guy, Ultra Sax Guy)

Lesser Gods

    Energizer Bunny 
The Energizer Bunny, God of Animal Drummers and Commercial Switcheroos
  • Lesser God. Has the energy output of a Greater God.
  • Symbol: The Energizer Logo.
  • Theme Song: His drums' beat.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with some Chaotic leanings.
  • Portfolio: A drumming bunny with an attitude to match, Commercial Switcheroo, Cool Shades, His commercials keep going and going, Has had various Unusual Crossovers, Parody Commercial, Was Once a Man, Real Men Wear Pink, No Name Given, The Voiceless, Victory by Endurance, Is more well-known in the USA than the concept it was parodying
  • Domains: Rabbits, Drummers, Batteries, Electricity, Energy
  • Herald: The Duracell Bunny
  • Allies: The Ascended Looney Tunes Deities (Especially Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and the Roadrunner), All Good-Aligned Star Wars deities, Po, The Furious Five, Shrek, The Muppets (Especially Animal), Santa Claus, Epic Sax Guy, Houkago Tea Time, Terry Crews, Segata Sanshiro, MGM Lion, Hello Kitty, Old Spice Man, GEICO Gecko and Trix Rabbit
  • Friendly Rival: Animal, Ritsu
  • Enemies: Wile E. Coyote, Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine, Boba Fett, Dracula, The Wicked Witch of the West, Lord Farquad, Mom, The Incubators
  • Source Of Interest for: Various deities in the House of Commerce (Mainly Scrooge McDuck, Mr. Burns and Buy n Large)
  • On Bad Terms with: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, King Kong
  • Despite his simple design, this Bunny has a long story behind him, he's traveled through various Universes, meeting all kinds of characters. With nothing but promoting his companies' batteries as his goal, all while avoiding the evil schemes of Supervolt, Energizer's rival.
    • His origins may have been detailed in a commercial where a man seeking eternal life by freeing a genie, was transformed into the Bunny by his wish. Despite how horrible it sounds, the Bunny seems unfazed by his past and mostly remains committed to his duty of promoting Energizer's batteries.
  • He's made himself many foes in his adventures:
    • One notable was Darth Vader. On Palpatine's orders, he attempted to capture the Bunny to obtain it's battery for his master, he managed to track it down to Bespin, the same day where he captured Han Solo, but things went downhill for Vader when his lightsaber failed to work properly due to him employing Supervolt batteries for it, leaving him humiliated and throwing a tantrum with the Bunny escaping unscathed. Though he pulled a Heel–Face Turn long ago, Anakin still doesn't feels like talking to the Bunny and avoids his presence, mainly because of how embarrassing that was, and also because all of the other Star Wars Deities, evil and good alike, won't ever stop bringing that up.
    • King Kong was tricked by Supervolt into capturing/killing the Bunny, the giant ape attempted to do so by climbing a building to get it, but wound up failing due to a woman closing a window on his feet and causing Kong to plummet into the street below. Like Anakin/Vader, Kong does not like to remember or talk about this.
    • The Wicked Witch of the West tried to obtain his battery as well, chasing him through the Emerald City in the Land of Oz, she came close to capturing him via threatening him with a burning broom, but wound up activating a fire alarm and caused a downpour of water to melt her into a puddle. To this day, she still plots to obtain the battery successfully.
    • Dracula had the misfortune of having the Bunny invade his castle, much to his frustration and set out to kill it, only to end up accidentally following it out of his castle and getting killed by the sunlight. Dracula has sworn that he'll catch and kill the bunny when he can, ever since.
    • Wile E. Coyote was hired to catch the Bunny by Supervolt, who also provided him with batteries for his ACME gadgets, unfortunately for Wile E., the incompetence of all antagonistic parties led to miserable failure and the Bunny escaped once more unscathed.
  • On the other hand, he's had a friendly encounter with Po when the latter was starting his training, with Po trying to prevent the Bunny from being hurt by the Jade Palace's obstacle course, but the Bunny was fine afterwards, with Po getting himself injured in the process. That said, the two became friends afterwards and Po even got the Furious Five to befriend him as well.
  • His power output isn't all talk, after more than 30 years on the market, the bunny hasn't stopped even once. In fact, his battery once was able to power up a stranded and inactive alien saucer back to full power with the Bunny completely fine afterwards.
    • In another occasion, he skillfully dodged a drone attack of Supervolt's, outlasting his enemies' batteries once again. Also proving in the process that could be even faster than he usually is.
  • He's become a target of various corporations and CEOs in the Pantheon, who seek out his battery as a power source for their plans and businesses.
    • Among them is Buy n Large, which has not come close to catching the Bunny despite their best efforts at it.
    • Another one is Mr. Burns who tried to have the Bunny captured and used as a power source to improve his company's performance. Like everyone before him, he failed and was left in the dust by the Bunny.
    • Scrooge McDuck is a more benevolent party than the others, and is mostly seeking out the way the Bunny keeps it's battery going and going after years of service. As such, the Bunny has been willing to cooperate with McDuck industries in their operations.
  • While on the Sub-House of Singers and Performers he met up with the various good aligned Deities of the House and was part of a very large concert held in the House of Music. When it was over, he befriended various of the performers and singers:
    • Due to their memetic status, Epic Sax Guy and the Bunny became great friends, sometimes they even perform as a duo in random places in the Pantheon. Not that anyone's complaining as their music meshes well together.
    • He also befriended fellow drummer, Ritsu, her energetic brash personality bounced off the Bunny's equally energetic but more reserved one. Likewise she finds him cute and petted him for a while after meeting him. He's also not made fun of her forehead, much to her delight. The two have also developed a rather friendly rivalry.
  • He's not quite happy with the Incubators' amoral methods of obtaining energy for the survival of the Universe, and tried often to suggest using Energizer batteries as a replacement to them. They didn't listen, of course, and ever since they've been on real bad terms with each other.
  • Once a follower of the Energizer Bunny, when Terry Crews was going to ascend he personally invaded one of the Energizer Bunny's commercials, filling it with his screaming and many explosions. The Energizer Bunny would take Terry's commercial takeover with stride and still get along despite the chaotic events.
  • His antics have earned him a great friendship with the Looney Tunes deities, who consider him a Looney Tune in spirit, most especially the Roadrunner, Bugs Bunny and Daffy, who've all had to deal with similar situations to the ones that the Bunny finds himself in. Helps that the Bunny also had to deal with Wile E. Coyote chasing after him.

    Maestro Forte 
Maestro Forte, Godly Embodiment of Ominous Pipe Organs (Forte, Maestro, Big Old Windbag, Evil Gay Organ)
Click here to see his human form 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Green glowing music notes
  • Theme Song: "Don't Fall in Love"
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: cursed to live as a pipe organ, composing "gloomy" music and proud of it, obsessed over being appreciated, desiring to be very close to his master, very good at manipulation, hamming it up, bringing the house down, deliberately designed as CGI
  • Domains: Music, Pipe Organs, Gloominess, Craft, Manipulation
  • Followers: J. S. Bach, Prime Evil, Van Grants
  • Allies: Ganondorf, Davy Jones, The Grand Duke of Owls, The Nostalgia Critic, Jack Skellington, Gomez and Morticia Addams
  • Enemies: Sora, Gaston, Eve Santaclaus, Nicholas Saint North, The Mad Piano
  • Opposed by: The Beast, Walt Disney
  • Opposes: Belle, Pennywise, The House of Love
  • Conflicting Opinion: with Erik
  • Ascended to the Pantheon some time after his demise, retaining his cursed pipe organ form. However, not many realized this at first since he prefers to remain at his temple at all times while composing music. It's not like he has much of a choice though, since he is... well... BOLTED TO THE WALL!
  • Has a rather complicated relationship with Belle and The Beast after he went berserk and attempted to destroy The Beast's castle with them in it. On the one hand, The Beast furiously opposes Forte because of his past actions and would rather have him evicted from the Pantheon. On the other hand, Belle sees his ascension as an opportunity to make Forte see the error of his ways and hopefully have him and The Beast become friends once again.
    • However, Forte himself greatly resents Belle and has declared that he would rather have nothing to do with her, blaming her for his downfall and for the end of his friendship with The Beast. Meanwhile, Forte has refused to speak with The Beast himself for unknown reasons, and while most believe that it's because he's bitter towards The Beast for effectively killing him, some others suspect that it's actually that he's too ashamed of his previous behavior to face him again.
  • Officially disowned by Walt Disney himself due to the fact Forte originates from a sequel to one of his company's animated movies. Pointing out that it's technically an Interquel hasn't changed his mind one bit. While personally offended, Forte has refused to bring attention to the matter.
  • Being technically a Disney Villain, he was instantly considered as an enemy by Sora upon his arrival, specially once The Beast told him of Forte's previous actions. While Belle has spoken with Sora about her plans to maybe redeem Forte, he remains wary of the organ. Regardless, Forte holds Sora in content and has said that he would prefer if the boy stayed away from him.
  • He has been approached by other Disney Villains who hoped to find a new ally in him. However, most of them have turned back upon learning that Forte's confined to his temple and thus of little use to them, while others have ridiculed him as "not a real Disney Villain" because of the fact he originates from a Disney sequel.
  • Surprisingly, he's in good terms with The Nostalgia Critic, who praised Forte's design and branded him one of the few good elements in an otherwise forgettable Disney sequel, something Forte has taken much pride about. Ironic considering that one of the Critic's close followers hates Forte and his origin movie with a passion and gave him the Fan Nickname "Evil Gay Organ", much to Forte's irritation.
  • Since his fall from grace came thanks to Belle trying to bring Christmas back to The Beast's castle, Forte has seriously grown to despise anything Christmas-related. This has put him at odds with some of the deities of the House of Celebration, specially those centered around Christmas.
    • Despite this he's in good terms with Jack Skellington, who admires Forte's somber music and would love to employ it in some of his Halloween festivities someday. This has actually made Forte interested in whatever this whole "Halloween" thing is about.
    • On a similar note, his desire to stop The Beast's curse from being broken and Belle's interference has made him disgusted by anything related to Love. However, the House of Love doesn't care much for him.
  • Gets along rather well with other organ players among the Pantheon such as Ganondorf or Davy Jones, mostly because he feels like they are some of the few people who can appreciate his "particular brand of genius". While most of them don't really appreciate Forte's attitude, they admit there's some talent to his works and thus keep visiting him.
    • Most notably of all is Erik, as visiting Forte is one of the very few things that would make him leave his lair, since Forte is unable to exit his own temple. However, Forte's disgust on the subject of love has strained their relationship somewhat. Despite this, their shared interests in organ music keep them in relatively good terms.
  • Learning that some deities in Pantheon possess a voice that sounds exactly like his has intrigued him. However, most of that intrigue disappeared after he got to meet Pennywise. And although Forte is quite wary of IMT, his distaste comes mostly from the fact he's incredibly annoying.
    • Was visited once by Gomez and Morticia Addams for this reason. Although he was initially put off by their lovey-doveyness, they seemed to enjoy Forte's music much to his delight. They have occasionally visited again since then.
    • While his meeting with Gomez has renewed Forte's interest in meeting more fellow Curry-voiced deities in the Pantheon, Dr. Frank-N-Furter has declared he has no interest in interacting with Forte, his reason being that you can't really sleep with an organ. Forte has been unable to meet Hexxus as well, but seeing how Hexxus is currently stuck in a giant tree and Forte's bolted to the wall, it's unlikely they'll be seeing each other any time soon.
    • Meanwhile, Eliza Thornberry was less than thrilled to learn of the ascension of yet another bad guy that shared her father's voice. She has preferred to stay away from Forte for this reason.
  • Despite both being living keyboard instruments, Forte would rather stay as far from The Mad Piano as possible, just like many other deities in the Pantheon. Unlike other deities however, Forte's fearfulness of the piano comes mostly from its atrocious "music".


    The Dancing Skeletons 
The Dancing Skeletons, Deities of Dancing Undead and Xylobones
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Femurs hitting ribcages
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Dem Bones, Mime and Music-Only Cartoon, Just Want To Have Fun Though Some Are Pricks, The Dead Can Dance, Xylophones for Walking Bones, Uses Their Bones As Instruments, Rubber Hose Bones, Mickey Mousing
  • Domains: Cartoons, Skeletons, Comedy, Dancing, Music, Bones
  • Allies: Jack Skellington, Sans and Papyrus, Lord Death, Death(Regular Show), Grim, Hector, Ember McClain, Brook, Karthus, Amigo, Lord Raptor, Marceline Abadeer
  • On good terms with: Night-related deities (Princess Luna, Nightmare Moon, Selene, Nox)
  • Enemies: Nekron and the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, The Grand Duke of Owls, Dhuum, Chernabog
  • Avoids: Deities who control the day
  • During the day, the dead stay in their graves. But during the night, the skeletons get out of their grave and dance. They can use their bones in playful manners, most notably ribcages as makeshift xylophones. These spooky scary skeletons were the first of the Silly Symphonies.
  • Though they appeared in a short and never spoke, their charm and merriment was an iconic moment in animation. It's actually a reference to the danse macabre. They were very happy to learn there was another skeletal entertainer, Brook, in the House of Music. The skeletons now serve as Brook's back-up singers.
  • Stand up for the argument that "dead lives matter" and Dark Is Not Evil. They work to give the undead a better name, and perform for living deities that enter. Sans and Papyrus consider them to be really fun and have joined them in the dance. Only during the night however, as during the day they sleep.
  • As they are only active during the night, they avoid any day-related deity. Instead, they prefer to be under the cover of night and moon-related deities. The big exception to this is Chernabog, who's own views on ghoulish entertainment is corruption and acts of evil. He betrays the night, in their eyes.
  • They don't like Nekron, and Nekron doesn't like them. Nekron is of the belief that death is a silence and peace that all must undergo, and finds the Dancing Skeletons to be an insult to death. The Dancing Skeletons in turn see Nekron as a cosmic killjoy who gives the undead a bad name, and they don't want everyone to die. They are afraid his herald might control them with his Black Lantern powers, though even Black Hand sometimes joins in with their merriment. He actually seems to like them.
  • Some of the evil undead do get along with the Dancing Skeletons, such as Lord Raptor who loves rocking out with them. Of course, this could be because some of the skeletons are assholes like one who used a cat as a violin. Karthus' positive attributes are shown whenever he hangs out with them, treating them with the upmost respect. Sometimes they get to come to Pentakill concerts.
  • Jack Skellington was the exact kind of "skele-bro" they were fond of. He's an excellent host, and they feel at home in Halloweentown. Unlike Nekron, reapers Lord Death, Grim and the Death of Regular Show enjoyed them. Dhuum, on the other hand, hates the fact that they're undead and don't just stay in their graves like everyone who died is supposed to(according to him, of course).
  • Don't like owls, as they tend to spook them. One of them threw their skull at an owl to get it to quit hooing. The Grand Duke of Owls spooked many of them, and while they do like the idea of a night that never ends they don't like the idea of an evil owl bringing it forth.
  • Marceline has joined in their fun, and introduced rock and roll. Being from 1929 it wasn't something they knew about, but it was something that really caught on with them. As did Amigo, who livened up the place. Jack O'Lantern tried to get in, but they had already sided with Jack Skellington and opposed his efforts. Also, his pranks were pretty cruel, though some of them thought they were Actually Pretty Funny. Hector and Ember McClainget along with them as well.
  • Off duty Guardians, when given the opportunity in the dead of night, also join in with the Dancing Skeletons. Despite their looks, they're actually liches. Of course, the Guardians who wield Solar abilities are mindful to hide them when accompanying them.

    The Mad Piano 
The Mad Piano, Infernal Deity of Improbable Piano Key Physics (Killer Piano, Vampiano)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Itself
  • Theme Song: Haunted House (Super Mario 64)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Jump Scare, Scary Teeth, Paper-Thin Disguise, Instrument of Murder, Nigh-Invulnerability
  • Domains: Pianos, Teeth, Fear
  • Allies: None. Don't bother asking
  • Enemies: Anyone that thinks it's an actual piano
  • At first the thing looks like a regular piano, but as one gets closer to it, it makes a noise that is a mix of someone banging on piano keys and chomping. The surprise is bound to have people running away when they first witness it coming to life upon getting too close to it. If one were to take a look at the keys while it is attacking before fleeing, it looks like the keys are moving.
  • The Pantheon got an unusual package one day that was directed to the House of Music rather than The Great Treasury as was the norm for any sort of package. It looked like a regular piano, but it was stated that it wasn't what it appeared to be. The thing didn't get much attention until someone wanted to take piano lessons and was directed to this piano. To that deity's shock, it tried to eat him alive and that deity ran in fear.
    • Following the incident, a few requested that the piano be removed, but the request was turned down as the piano was somehow given a title and place to stay in the Pantheon.
      • It was later discovered that Trollkaiger was responsible for this turn of events. As for that group, as they were celebrating the occassion and started to play the piano, it came to life and attempted to eat them alive. Needless to say, the group had to run for it after their own prank turned against them.
  • Some think that a red coin is attached behind it. The claims are false, but it hasn't stopped some from making dare challenges out of it for others to handle.
  • Sometimes it will attack the instant someone gets to close to it. Other times, it waits a little bit before making its move on them. Its this unpredictability that makes it feared by many.
  • Given how surprisingly sturdy it is, a few ideas have been tossed around on how to damage the piano. Progress has been slow to say the least.
  • Currently, no one is bothering to think about how to use it as a legitimate weapon, simply because many think that the piano will turn against the user as soon as it attacks.
  • Dancing on the piano is not advised at all. Snoopy learned it the hard way and decided not to go near it following the encounter.
  • Rumors have been spreading that Diablo is actually afraid of the piano. Any attempts to ask him about it will result in a severe punishment at his hands. The fact that he reacts as such didn't really help his case, as it led others to believe that he truly is afraid of the piano.
    • Some of the other members of the House of Fear (alongside the Emotion Fear) are believed to be afraid of the piano as well, though to varying degrees.
  • Some of the more paranoid gods are thinking that it will team up with the Perfect Trumpet Thingy in order to scare as many deities as possible. It isn't true, simply because the piano is always visible in one room while the Blue Creature is (apparently) invisible with no possible indication of when it will strike.
  • A few deities (at least the German ones) have called it the Vampiano. It's been debated as to whether or not the spirit of an evil vampire has possessed the piano.
  • Chuggaaconroy came across said piano while making a let's play for Super Mario 64 DS, and tried to go over why it was so dangerous and scary. This was the result of his efforts. It was possibly the only time that the deities thought that the piano was Actually Pretty Funny.



    Susan "Stargirl" Caraway 
Susan Julia "Stargirl" Caraway, Goddess of Ukulele Players
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A Ukulele Guitar with a Star or a Rat's Silhouette
  • Theme Song: Today and Tomorrow by Grace VanderWaal
  • Alignment: Neutral Good/Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Upbeat and Energetic Girl who is Always Carrying Around a Ukulele with Her, Does Not Use her Real Name at All, Doesn't Give Up in Making People Happy, Blithe Spirit, Cloudcuckoolander who is Really Compassionate and Helping, Keeps a Pet Rat named Cinnamon, Cool Loser, Good Feels Good, Does Not End Up with Leo but does Leave Behind a Lasting Impression on Mica
  • Domains: Ukuleles, Determination, Happiness, Unconventionalism, Love, Charity
  • Heralds: Cinnamon, Leo Borlock, Archie Brubaker, Dori Dilson, Dootsie Pringle, Betty Lou, Perry Delloplane, Alvina Klecko, Her Parents
  • Allies: Steven Universe, Ben and Summer, Wander, Sylvia, Jerry Mouse, Speedy Gonzales, Pinkie Pie, Pichu, Gentaro Kisaragi/Kamen Rider Fourze, The Kamen Rider Club, Jimmy Hopkins, Gabe Burton, Rosemary Telesco, Shouko Nishimiya, μ's (Muse), Aqours, Punky Brewster, Pollyanna Whittier
  • On Good Terms With: Tom Cat, Shouya Ishida, Scum's Wish Cast (Excluding Akane)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Doctor Clef, Johnny Lawrence, Elmer C. Albatross
  • Opposes: Gary Smith, Eliza and Neil Reagan, John Kreese
  • So one day, a new girl, who just transferred to Mica, Arizona, becomes a student at the Mica Area High School. Seems ordinary, except that said girl turns out to be unconventional in nearly every manner; she wears unusual clothing to class, is incredibly optimistic, keeps a rat as a pet and, most notably, carries a ukulele around her wherever she goes. That particular girl is usually known as "Stargirl".
    • Stargirl's unusual and weird habits and personality were initially hard to understand, but she does become popular, especially after singing "Happy Birthday" to a boy named Leo Borlock. Despite her popularity being ruined by her cheering for both sides in a football match between Mica Area High and another high school, Stargirl and Leo develop a romance with one another, which both enjoy, until Leo realizes that he's being ridiculed as well and urges Stargirl to act "normal". This doesn't work out as intended and Leo separates himself to get back into social acceptance. This doesn't stop Stargirl from attending the school's spring dance, the Ocotillo ball, which garners a lot of attention from everyone involved. Stargirl was not seen again after the dance, having returned to Minnesota with her family and Leo never having properly reconciled with her.
    • However, Stargirl moved again to Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, where she never really moved from her experience in Mica and struggle with a lack of social communication towards others. She does make friends with 6-year-old Dootsie Pringle and agoraphobic elder Betty Lou, Perry Delloplane, who is an unruly boy around her age and Alvina Klecko, who isn't too social though shows a kind side by delivering doughnuts to Betty Lou. Around this time, Stargirl plans to host a Winter Solstice party and winder begins to arrive, though several events make her nervous and despondent whether if it will work out. She does get some reassurance from her former teacher, Archie and her party is attended by numerous the following morning, To commemorate for Stargirl's efforts, her parents built a tent with a specific hole which sunlight enters in and is projected towards the attendees and pierces the back wall. She also manages to overcome her feelings for Leo to start a relationship with Perry, though does affirm that she cares for the former regardless. When asking Archie on what to do regarding her feelings for Leo and Perry, he states that she should remember who she is and to follow her heart.
  • Stargirl's reputation was one that was noteworthy for being rather heartwarming and inspirational, though it should be said that the struggles she went through aren't easy to get by, even for someone as optimistic and carefree as her. During her usual sessions of leaving cards around her neighbourhood, Stargirl was surprised to come across one that looked like the ones she carried but didn't belong to her. Curious, she picked it up and found that the card was addressed to her and that she was to receive a special gift when she came back home. After doing so, Stargirl came across a letter which was about something called "The Pantheon" and that she was a part of it. Even if she didn't fully understand the context, Stargirl remained excited and decided to venture off to where the Pantheon was, as described by the letter. It may be a whole new experience for her.
  • Stargirl is... weird, but interesting to say the least. Even if she isn't attending the House of Music, she always carries around a ukulele to play along with in her spare time. Much of the Pantheon also noticed how she drops coins in other Houses (and a few sprinkles of food in the Houses of Food and Beast). It's more-or-less her way of showing her gratitude and willingness to help others. While there's no doubt it's endearing, some are worried that Stargirl is risking herself by going around uncharted and dangerous territories.
  • Her main motive for what she does is simple; she wants to provide joy and happiness for everyone. The story of Stargirl was one that Wander couldn't forget and decided to pay a visit to the girl. She told Wander about her experiences in Mica and Phoenixville and then talking about random facts about herself and where she would like to go to. Wander was impressed, but asserted that she be careful as the Pantheon is not a place where she can spend too much time free-roaming in. She took his words seriously, though Wander had to assert her the list of Houses she can't go to, namely, Villainy and Hatred and Rancor.
    • Pollyanna was another figure who took an interest in Stargirl's demeanour and was pleased to see how much she will try to be as charitable as possible while also wanting to make others happy. Stargirl' upon learning of Pollyanna's circumstances, often attends her residence to provide her with aid and comfort. Pollyanna did tell her that even if she didn't attend, Pollyanna would be happy for what Stargirl is trying to do regardless, but that isn't stopping the latter regardless. Punky Brewster also took a quick liking and being awed at her free-spirited nature and actions, often tries to tag along with her for an adventure and screaming her usual "Punky Power!", which Stargirl happily reciprocates. Though she would need permission from her parental guardian, Henry if she wants to hang out with Stargirl.
  • Her aim for happiness is odd as instead of just one party, she also wants to appeal to the opposing side as well. Admirable as it may be, some noted that it came with consequences, which was understandable as this did ruin Stargirl's reputation and had to give up being different for quite some time. She's still going to continue on with this goal in mind, but her experiences have made her a lot more careful in the long-run.
    • She has, however, been pretty wary of Gary Smith after hearing from word-of-mouth about how he was planning to con some kids into doing his dirty work, which meant sabotaging a few school events for his own mischief. Initially, Stargirl was intending to become friends with Gary until Jimmy Hopkins caught on with what was going on and told her about his own experiences regarding Gary. The information told by Jimmy caused Stargirl to reconsider and keep her distance from Gary, who personally intends to manipulate the girl into unknowingly benefitting him and frustrated that Jimmy got to her first. The experience did, however, help Stargirl to become good friends with Jimmy who took sympathy for her struggle in Mica and promises to help her out in spare time.
  • She became friends with Gentaro Kisaragi while on a trip to the House of Friendship. Gentaro took notice of Stargirl's activities and was ecstatic to approach and talk to her. Turns out, they could relate to one another by a good margin, given that both made a lot of effort to try befriending everyone in their schools and having a hard time with it. Gentaro found Stargirl's habits of dropping coins and keeping a pet rat around rather endearing whereas she found his excitable behaviour to be fun and bright. It helps in that both are determined to help out, with Gentaro even making Stargirl an honorary guest party for the Kamen Rider Club.
  • She isn't the only notable person around the Pantheon who plays the ukulele, though she is the representative of the musical instrument. Among the Pantheon who were known to play the ukulele was Steven Universe, who would normally play with it in his spare time. He took a quick liking to Stargirl as her actions and demeanour reminded Steven of himself. They would play and fun together whenever they meet up, with Steven soon picking up the habit of dropping coins to neighbourhoods.
    • She also met and befriended a pair of Pokémon Rangers named Ben and Summer when Stargirl decided to venture into the House of Quirks. All this had to do with a particular Pichu who also happened to hold a ukulele of his size, one which he used to emit electricity. Stargirl became curious about the Mouse Pokémon and would come to meet one that was an ascended representative. While not to the extent of the one that accompanied Ben and Summer, Pichu did appreciate Stargirl's efforts to hang out and play with her. She makes the effort to bring in snacks for both Pichus whenever they meet, though Stargirl wishes she could have them tag along for an adventure.
  • In a very bizarre situation, Stargirl has earned the respect of Elmer C. Albatross. He greatly admires her efforts to bring smiles to people and to present an optimistic outlook towards one's self and towards others. There is, however, one issue; Elmer is a sociopath, albeit one who adheres to a set of moral standards and rules. Whenever they meet, Elmer comes off as very cheery and polite, even offering to help Stargirl out in her usual habits and to give her some company. She normally allows Elmer to be in her company, but she finds it odd that whenever she gets sad over something, Elmer would try to comfort and motivate her with the same smiling disposition, even if she brings up her struggles of maintaining a reputation in Mica or her experience in setting up the Winter Solstice party. While his attempts at sympathizing are genuine, he cannot generate empathy, which Stargirl found very odd and unusual. Still, given that Elmer means no harm and even has the same goal to make others happy, they are on working terms, even if most of their interactions are odd.
    • She also finds Doctor Clef rather conflicting. The doctor himself finds the fact that she represents the ukulele in the Pantheon amusing, given he also plays it. Despite his amoral nature compared to most of the SCP staff, he's at least moral enough to not have Stargirl get involved with any other SCP-studied subjects and would like to see Stargirl play the ukulele. Conversely, Stargirl has no ill feelings for him, though she finds him pretty scary, given that he is ruthless in his job. Aside from that, she finds it pretty funny that his name's pronunciation (according to Dr. Clef) is like the sound of an A-major chord played on a ukulele.
  • While she's not a professional singer, it doesn't take away that Stargirl is still a pretty good one, even if she has a weird tendency to sing the "Happy Birthday Song" to anyone if their birthday shows up. She'll often attend the House of Celebration to do just that. Pinkie Pie found this endearingly strange, seeing as she and Stargirl share the same habit of being the weird one in their group or function. Whenever there's someone's birthday and it's someone they get along with, Stargirl is the one singing and Pinkie Pie is the one arranging parties, much to a lot of people's chagrin.
  • Her relationship with Leo was a popular topic in the House of Love, though there is less talk when it comes to Perry. Still, they do appreciate that Perry is making an attempt at maintaining contact with Stargirl and that Leo himself hasn't forgotten about her, what with him being a Herald. On the subject of lost love, Stargirl discovered Gabe and Rosemary, who went through a similar experience of their love not being able to last long. They quickly bonded with one another because of it and take a good interest in hanging out with one another. While Stargirl doesn't share Gabe's interest in karate, the latter is eager enough to try helping the former out and to give her some company.
    • She once came into contact with Noriko Kamomebata while trying to fish out some dresses in the House of Costumes. Finding her sense of fashion interesting, Noriko decided to approach and talk to Stargirl about it. There, the two spoke about clothing choices, with Stargirl explaining how she likes dressing unconventionally while Noriko stated how she desires to be a fashion designer with a few jokes sprinkled on potential dress-up choices for the latter. Their conversation soon turned towards relationships where, while both had differing paths in lost romance, they did understand how it felt not having those feelings reciprocated. This, in turn, led Starlight to also look into Noriko's other associates, namely Hanabi, Mugi, Narumi and Sanae and ponder how difficult it must be to deal with a situation like romantic loss for others. That said, the circumstances regarding them is a lot darker compared to Stargirl's, though it wouldn't stop her from trying to befriend them.
  • An incredibly determined girl who will make the most out of her situation and to make people smile is a hard task, but a respectable one regardless. It's how Stargirl came into contact with μ's and Aqours on separate occasions and quickly became buddies. Predictably enough, the members she gets along with most are Honoka Kosaka and Chika Takami, who happen to be their bands' frontwomen. The fact that Honoka and Chika are both weird and energetic girls with a goal of making people smile with their songs has something to do with it as they're traits strongly associated with Stargirl herself. While by no means a dancer, Honoka and Chika are willing to allow Stargirl to play the ukulele while their friends and fellow bandmates correlate their performances with Stargirl's instrumental passages.
  • Her pet rat Cinnamon often expresses an interest to go to the House of Beast and to meet up with certain rodents, which Stargirl does. Most of these trips end up with the two of them coming across some peculiar figures who turn out to be just as weird or weirder than her. Speedy Gonzales was among them, who decided to tag along with Stargirl and Cinnamon. His "Mexican Hat Dance" was thought to be endearing by Stargirl and she responded by trying to play along with her ukulele. They'll often attend the House of Music with Stargirl providing instrumentals and Speedy being the star performer.
    • Jerry Mouse was another odd rodent that caught Stargirl's attention. While seemingly an ordinary mouse, he displayed just how much of a reputation he created when Stargirl saw one of his antics revolving around Tom Cat. In spite of their epic cat-and-mouse chase, it becomes clear that once you know them well enough, Tom and Jerry are Vitriolic Best Buds when on a good day. Both will often join in on Stargirl's trots around the Pantheon, hear her play a song and help out in her activities. She does, however, intend to at least minimize the amount of collateral damage the cat-and-mouse duo inflict whenever they start chasing one another. While Tom and Jerry are willing to listen to the girl, they're pretty unsure of how long this will last before they're at each other's throats again (and the worry of upsetting Stargirl).

    Yuu Haruna 
Yuu Haruna, God of Lead Bassists (Nico)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His cellphone; alternatively, his Cellphone Strap Charm
  • Theme Song: "Fair Wind" by The Fallen Moon. Alternatively, "Climber's High" by the Hedgehogs
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Classical Anti-Hero, Famous Bassist, Oblivious to Love At First, Unwanted Harem, The Cynic, The Band's Leader and Moral Center, Adorkable
  • Domains: Music, Love, High School, Fame
  • Allies: Fuuka Akitsuki, Lux Arcadia, Shido Itsuka, Ayato Amagiri, Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Scott Pilgrim
  • Enemies: None so far, but he doesn't take it kindly who threatens Fuuka or complains about her anime-induced survival
  • Conflicting Opinion: Heinz Windermere
  • Pities: Tenri Ayukawa
  • Yuu Haruna was just a regular boy with no remarkable characteristics, until the day he meet Fuuka Akitsuki, whose desire to become a singer inspired him to become a bassist as well. The road was hard and filled with struggles for Yuu as a musician and as a person, but eventually he overcame his flaws and achieved success.
  • His ascension came about when the Pantheon's higher-ups realized they needed someone to fill out the role of a bassist that brought dignity and respect to the profession. Fortunately, Yuu was the perfect candidate and his ascension was realized without issue.
  • Despite his relatively short time in the Pantheon, Yuu's exploits have made him something of a legend in the House of Music and has received multiple requests to play the bass for the many concerts happening there.
  • When he is not busy practicing his bassist skills, he works on as a waiter in some of the restaurants in the House of Food, alongside Fuuka.
  • Let out a small laugh when he heard Fuuka made a PSA about the importance of obeying the laws of traffic.
  • Became friends with Shido Itsuka, Ayato Amagiri and Lux Arcadia thanks to their common elements. The latter three even recommended Yuu to join the Grand United Alliance of Good's Support Staff, working to serve meals to the troops or inspiring morale with his music alongside Fuuka. For Yuu, the honor is to serve.
  • Unsurprisingly became friends with Spider-Man, who saw much of himself, or rather the man he was, in Yuu and, in act of friendship and trust, revealed his secret identity to him. He even confessed to Yuu that his adventures with the Avengers had made him lose sight of his original purpose. Yuu, never a stranger to angst and self-doubt, gave some words of inspiration to Peter and promised to support him in any way he could.
  • His name is the subject of so many "Yuu"/"You" puns that the Cout of the Gods actually put a moratorium on them. This all happened without Yuu even noticing!
  • After hearing about Fuuka's falling out with Heinz Windermere, he went on to learn the full story: Heinz had used his Song of the Wind to spread a virus across the galaxy and even brainwashed a singer to commit a major war crime. Although he was unnerved by Heinz's deeds, he sympathized with the boy for being manipulated by his Treacherous Advisor. One can only wonder what would happen if Yuu and Heinz were to meet personally.
  • Feels sorry that Tenri Ayukawa sacrificed her affection for Keima Katsuragi, reminding Yuu of Koyuki Hinashi. He hopes she can find peace one day.
  • During an... uncomfortable visit to the House of Fanservice Attires (Fuuka wanted to buy a new bikini and dragged Yuu along for the ride), Yuu met Mio Akiyama. Praising each other for their skill with the bass, they became friends and agreed to go to each other's concerts for emotional support. Also, Mio has an unfortunate habit of tripping and unwillingly exposing her panties and the likelihood of that happening increased when she started hanging around Fuuka. Fortunately, Yuu is quick and gracious enough to look away when that happens. He learned from experience, after all. Yuu and Fuuka also noticed Mio sounds exactly like their teacher Tomomi Yoshino.
  • During a walk across the Pantheon, Yuu ended up bumping into another famous bassist of the Pantheon, Scott Pilgrim. The two ending up becoming fast friends after spending some time talking. A large reason for their bond, outside of them being bassists who also serve as the face of their band, was over their own social anxieties, lack of direction in life and their general relatability to others (outside of Scott's fighting prowess). The two are often seen together with either Yuu helping Scott get better at the bass or just playing video games.


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