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Museum Artifacts

Class 1

    Grim's Scythe 
Grim's Scythe (Jodie)
A close-up of the blade
  • Appearance: A scythe with a sharp metal bade and wooden poll
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, but has the potential for massive chaos
  • Portfolio: Sinister Scythe To Reap The Dead, Permanent Decapitations, Dimensional Cutter
  • Domains: Reaping, Dimensional Travel, Magic, Death, Decapitation
  • Owned by: Grim
  • When it comes to embodiments of Death, a scythe is the tool of choice to harvest souls. Grim is no exception, using his scythe for his job. He is rather fond of the weapon, and most of his powers require usage of it. He calls the weapon Jodie and can be seen kissing it.
  • The scythe's main skill is being a Dimensional Cutter, able to open rifts to the other side. It's a very convenient way to travel to other dimensions and so Grim doesn't have to walk that far to collect the dead. It can also cause some interdimensional mishaps, like the time it fell in Billy's pool and turned it into a Portal Pool. The House of Time and Space is studying it to see how much of The Multiverse they can access.
  • Capable of cutting through anything. As Jack O'Lantern can attest to, anything it slices through is permanent. He should know, given he suffered a permanent decapitation from the blade despite being immortal. Meaning it inflicts permanent damage DESPITE the Death Is Cheap nature of the pantheon if used with intent. Naturally this is only used for the most severe crimes against the pantheon.
  • Security of the scythe is notoriously lax, often getting stolen. Dracula, Mrs Claus, Abraham Lincoln are just some examples. This continues in the Trope Pantheon, by both the forces of good and evil, along with law, chaos, destruction and machines. Most of the time, it just gets taken for a Mundane Utility. Numbah 3 once held it.
  • Grim likes to compare his scythe to the ones from the other Deaths in Afterlife Entities. The Death from Final Destination considers Grim somewhat of a weakling for relying on a weapon. Death the Horseman agrees that it's more versatile, but his blade is better at killing. Dhuum doesn't respect the weapon or its user because of the poor security. While not a reaper, Merged Zamasu wants the weapon for its ability to cut through dimensions due to how useful his hatred-born scythe was as Goku Black.
  • Prone to causing numerous magical problems if handled incorrectly. The Delightful Reaper is just one example of this. Grim wants security to be tighter with his scythe, which is why he wanted it to be in the Treasury in the first place. But its track record has resulted in it being returned to his possession, and a replica it being sent to the Museum.

    The Magic Cue Ball 
The Magic Cue Ball
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Domain: Prophetic Orbs
  • Portfolio: Orbs that answers ANY question, Awesome, but Impractical, Kryptonite Factor
  • The Magic Cue Ball is a cue ball that will answer any question, not matter how obscure the answer is. The only problem is that unlike a Magic 8-Ball, there is no portal to see the answers inside the orb.
  • Doc Scratch created the Cue Ball, so that it's blueprint would be one of the basis to create his younger self. It's ability to answer any question was bolstered by his First Guardian genetics to give him Nigh Omnipotence.
  • Due to The Magic Cue Ball's origins being based on the pendulum of Lord English's broken God-Tier Clock, any weapons related to it will have the ability to kill him.
  • While the powers required to use the Magic Cue Ball are a bit rare in the Pantheon, X-rays are not. And anyone who can't use it could simply ask for the help of someone who could. Therefore it is used occasionally to answer important questions that people have. Doc Scratch really doesn't mind people using it now and again but he has warned if they try to use it to craft weapons to kill his master, Lord English, he WILL know, and he will detonate the Orb while it is in their hands, hurting them greatly. And since Lord English is destined to be summoned in Alternia later in his life, killing him in the Pantheon wouldn't work anyway.
  • Spongebob and Patrick saw the cue ball once and thought that Doc Scratch had stolen Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy's Orb of Confusion for evil uses. They calmed down when Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy proved that they still had the Orb.
    • They eventually figured out the the Magic Cue Ball is supposed to do, and Spongebob challenged a deity using the Cue Ball by using the Magic Conch. The Orb gave some simple and effective instructions on how to beat the challenge. The Magic Conch told Spongebob to do nothing. They somehow ended up tying, and even Doc Scratch has given up on trying to figure out how it happened.

Class 3

    Death Notes 
Death Notes
One such Death Note
  • Class Level: 3
  • Appearance: A black book with the words "Death Note" scratched on it
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil in the hands of Light and Mikami, leaning to Neutral Evil in the hands of Misa, otherwise True Neutral with great potential for Evil
  • Portfolio: Artifacts of Doom and Death, Murder Weapons, All Deaths Final (But Not In The Pantheon), Gift of Shinigami Eyes At A Cost, Which Shows True Names of People, Rendering Users Drunk on the Dark Side And Power, Strict Rules On How It Works, Sufficiently Analyzed Magic
  • Domains: Death, Hunt, Planning, The Abyss
  • Owners:
  • This notebook, when a name is written in it (the cover doesn't count), will cause that person to die. There are very strict rules that one must follow in order to properly use the note, but these rules are occasionally subverted by more cunning folks. One must take care not to overuse it, as excessive use of the Note can drive its user mad.
  • There are four known Death Notes so far: Sidoh's (which Ryuk stole and then dropped into the human world, and which is what Light used throughout the series), Gelus's (which was passed by Rem to Misa, and eventually Mikami, and then burned by Near), Rem's (which Light got after Rem died to protect Misa, and was temporarily given to the Task Force, and was later also burnt by Near), and Ryuk's (which stayed with him for the entire series, and which he used to kill Light in the end).
    • As for which Death Notes are in the Pantheon, Ryuk still has his own, Sidoh's was stolen back by him and "returned" to Light (before it was rendered useless by The Laughing Salesman), Rem is keeping her own, and Gelus's is with Misa. An unknown fifth one was requisitioned for Mikami's use by an unknown party, with Ryuk as the main suspect since he also got another spare for Light.
    • There was also yet another one that was given to Minoru Tanaka by Ryuk, who got it from another Shinigami, which then got purchased by their world's version of US President Donald Trump, after which—thanks to a new rule added by the Shinigami King—resulted in Minoru's death. As for Trump, he refused the Death Note, but decided to bluff the world into believing he has it, and Ryuk reclaimed it as a result.
  • Any writing material can be used to write a name on the Death Note, as long as it is applied directly, and is legible.
  • As for the exact rules on how to use the Death Note (apart from killing the person whose name is written on it), contact was established between the Shinigami King and the Court of the Gods, plus the other already-ascended Death Gods (at the time, these were the Discworld Death, and Death of the Endless; Final Destination!Death was not available). Due to how things operate in the Trope Pantheons, specifically how death works, and because of a certain incident, he decided to meet with the Court of the Gods.
    • First real contact occurred when one Shinigami noticed Ryuk writing certain names in his Death Note over and over again (among them Mysterion). He wanted answers from Ryuk, given that there shouldn't be that many humans who all share those names at once, and the mischievous Shinigami provided. After the exposition, the Shinigami King decided he wanted a word with the deities in charge.
    • Eventually, he got that meeting, and after a lengthy session (as well as the revelation that Rem is Back from the Dead so to speak), he decided that Death Notes in the Pantheon had to operate differently to avoid any more loopholes like what Minoru Tanaka did; the King had him killed for that. Despite not being applicable to be a Pantheon deity, he would keep in touch in the court to help patch more rules when more loopholes he doesn't approve of occur. The Death Note in the Treasury is just a replica for the sake of reference.
  • Now, here are the rules to using the Death Note in the Pantheon.
    • The User must have the Target's face in mind when writing his/her namenote  (and it must be on a single page) in order to keep other people who share the same name from being affected. Targets whose name has been misspelled four times will be safe from that particular Death Note (and if it was done on purpose, the User dies, and the Target is not rendered safe from that Death Note). Targets whose name has been written in two or more Death Notes within 0.06 seconds will be safe from those Death Notes, otherwise the first Death Note takes effect.
    • The Target will die of a heart attacknote  in 40 seconds after their name is written, unless the cause of death is written within that time (which can be written on a different page as long as the User has the Target in mind). However, that must meet any of the following conditions or else the heart attack will take place:
      • If successfully written down, the cause of death (COD) will occur no matter what and cannot be averted by other means either to forestall or even quicken it.
      • COD can be delayed for up to 23 days. However, this can be subverted by writing "dies from <insert disease here>", in which the Target will die at an appropriate time (even if it's more than 23 days) depending on the disease.
      • After writing the COD, details should be entered within the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds.
      • If the time of death (TOD) is specified within 40 seconds after writing the COD as a heart attack, the TOD can be manipulated and can go into effect within 40 seconds after writing the name.
      • The COD must be physically possible for that Target or could be reasonably assumed to be carried out by that Target. Suicide is a valid option for all Targets. Other lives must not be killed by the COD unless specifically made Targets as well.
      • COD can be written prior to naming the target (which must be written in front of the COD), but must be done within 19 days.
      • After the Target's name, COD, and TOD have been written in, the User may change it as many times as they like (by erasing what they wish to erase with two straight lines, since erasers and white markers will not count) as long as 6 minutes and 40 seconds (or the Target's death) haven't already passed since then. However, a Target's name cannot be "erased" and their death will still occur no matter what once it's been written.
      • If written COD is "dies of accident" for the cause of death, the Target will die from a natural accident 6 minutes and 40 seconds after the time of entry. As "Accident" is a condition of death, the User may write down additional details before that time passes.
      • If the COD and conditions of death are written in before the Target's name is, multiple names can be written as long as they are entered within 40 seconds and the cause and conditions are not impossible. In the event that the COD is possible but not the conditions, only the COD will take effect for that Target.
      • When the User writes multiple names in the Death Note and then write down one COD within 40 seconds of writing the first Target's name, the cause will take effect for all the written names. Also, after writing the COD, even if the conditions of death are written within 6 minutes and 40 seconds, the conditions will apply only to the Targets for whom they are possible, otherwise only dying from the specified cause.
    • All contents written in the Death Note will take effect even if the Death Note (or the parts used) is destroyed before the stated times pass. If the Death Note is destroyed before conditions can be written, a Target's cause of death will still take place. If it's destroyed before COD can be written, Targets will still suffer a fatal heart attack.
    • The following individuals cannot be affected by the Death Note:
  • In terms of ownership rules…
    • A person who touches the Death Note can recognize the image and voice of its Shinigami owner, even if the human is not the owner of the note. This only applies for non-ascended Shinigami; Ryuk and Rem are visible to all Pantheon deities.
    • Usually, if a Shinigami dies outside their world and leaves behind their Death Note, the note's finder would automatically become the owner, but the House of Life and Death makes it so that if Ryuk or Rem ever do (a second time in Rem's case), ownership does not transfer since they'd still be alive. As for non-ascended Shinigami, the King has banned them from the Pantheon to prevent confusion and extra Death Notes lying around.
    • If a User loses their Death Note or has it stolen, they will lose its ownership unless they retrieve it within 490 days, after which (or if they abandon ownership of it) they lose all memories involving the Death Note if they killed using it. Otherwise, losing the ability to see or hear its Shinigami is all that will happen.
    • When a User dies while their Death Note is on loan, ownership is transferred to the person holding it at that time. If a User has their Death Note stolen and is killed, the thief becomes its new User.
    • A User of two Death Notes may write down a Target's name in one of them and the COD in the other (even in the reverse order), and the death will still occur. This can also be accomplished by two Users working together, but they have to be touching each other's Death Notes.
    • Only six Death Notes are allowed to exist at a time in the "human world" (in this case, the Pantheon counts for all intents and purposes), but Death Notes owned by Shinigami don't count. Counting the Death Notes used by Light, Misa, and Mikami, this means only three non-Shinigami-owned Death Notes can work here; any Death Notes after that will work just like a regular notebook until one of the six is destroyed or a Shinigami takes one of them back to their realm. "Thankfully", all three current Users are on the same side for the most part, because six separate notes used by six different parties with differing agendas would've gotten extremely confusing.
    • One Shinigami is allowed to pass on Death Notes to only three Users at a time. However, it's possible for a single Shinigami to hand out up to six Death Notes - by handing three Users two Death Notes each, for example. In other words, one User could potentially own all six Death Notes.
  • In terms of Shinigami Eyes, which enables a User to see a person's name and remaining life span when looking at them (though the latter is a moot point)…
    • A person with Shinigami Eyes can see the name and lifespan of another person by looking at their face (as long as they're not a Death Note User, including themselves). More than half of that person's face must be seen from head to nose when looking from top to bottom. The power takes effect even on photos and digital images of a person, no matter how old they are, but not on drawings, however realistic they may be, but the person has to still be alive (and in the Pantheon, if they've died in their original world). Their eyesight also becomes grade 3.6, regardless of their original eyesight, but will self-correct if the User puts on glasses.
    • Due to the fact that most denizens in the Pantheon are essentially immortal, changes had to be made in regards to inheritng them. Only Misa, Mikami, and Soichiro possess this ability, and Ryuk is not giving Shinigami Eyes to Light under the Shinigami King's orders.
    • The names a User will see with the Shinigami Eyes are the names needed to kill that person. They will be able to see a name even if it isn't officially registered anywhere. For example, looking at Tarzan with Shinigami Eyes will show whatever name was given to him by his birth parents before they were killed by Sabor, and Rose Quartz will show "Pink Diamond", but since she's older than 124 years, it's a moot point, though Steven will still show "Steven Quartz Universe".
    • As for less-sapient life forms (like pets unless they were born into the household), their names don't appear since any name they get is technically a "nickname" given by sapient beings. This also applies for certain creatures such as Pokémon (unless Arceus gave the names Himself, or if they're manmade such as Mewtwo), or the monsters hunted by the Monster Hunters, but other creatures do have names such as Shin Megami Tensei demons and Digimon do count for some reason.
    • Names of the following cannot be seen by Shinigami Eyes.
  • Finally, any transactions involving the Death Note will result in instant death by heart attack to both parties. The seller dies if they receive money, and the buyer does if they take the Death Note. Of course, not taking the money/Death Note will spare them death from that.
  • Any more rules must be discovered by the users, but the nature of the Pantheon means that no more rules can be found. If there are any discrepancies with how the Death Note works, discuss it in this page.
  • With the nature of other kinds of life forms in the Pantheon, the Shinigami King had these in mind.
    • Undead: Undead which possess a level of sentience and individually and which can be classified as biologically separate and independent from a horde should not be immune to a Note's effects. However, given their undead nature, specific causes of death that have been proven to kill or disable them must be written, otherwise the Note will have no effect, since cardiac arrest isn't possible for them.
    • Synthetics: Synthetics, androids and cyborgs should fulfil the following conditions to be susceptible to the Death Note's effects. Firstly, a verifiable level of sentience and independence. Secondly, a living soul and biological tether to life. As such, mechanical organisms with no biological or sentient components to speak of are immune, as are sentient Computer Viruses and/or malignant digital beings.
    • Nameless: Beings which have no legal name or identity to speak of will not have a name present when viewed with the Shinigami Eyes and thus be immune to the Death Note. However, when such a being acquires a name or term of identification that they are recognizable by, that designation is what the Death Note considers the name and is thus able to take effect. A Super Soldier with the designation "Alpha-001" and never had any other identity prior (abducted people converted into Super Soldiers will need to have their old name written) will not be immune to the Death Note on the basis of identification as the Death Note considers the codename as their name.
    • Immortals: Immortals, by definition, cannot be killed and the Death Note will only work on a case-by-case basis. In general, beings with Complete Immortality (unkillable by physical means) are near-completely immune to the Note's effects unless the COD written is a specific way to kill them. For such cases this can only be done a total of three times by the owner of the Death Note if the Target is resurrected as per their immortality. Targets that rely on an Immortality Inducer such as an Elixir of Life, Soul Jar or Fountain of Youth can only be killed if the COD involves said source of immortality being destroyed or rendered impotent. Especially for beings which have their Soul Jar in several different parts, all parts must be destroyed simultaneously (at least a 0.01 sec time delay between each component) before writing the Target's name for the Death Note's effects to work. Those with Resurrective Immortality are still subject to the Death Note.
  • To illustrate, here are some examples:
    1. T-800: Immune. He has sentience but not a living, biological soul. Emotions and feelings are provided by its learning mode. However, Terminators like Marcus (an organic heart and brain installed in an endoskeleton) can be affected by the Death Note.
    2. Cybertronians: Not immune. A brain module provides a sense of self since life is provided to them by their living Spark, a non-mechanical source of life given that it is a life essence that was part of Primus. Further proof that they are not immune is that they can be killed by biological illnesses such as the Cosmic Rust. Cybertronians reanimated by Dark Energon are considered non-sentient zombies and are thus immune.
    3. The Fazbear animatronics: Not immune since their sentience and sense of self is provided by the soul energy of Remnant. This includes the Funtime Animatronics despite their sense of self being garblednote .
    4. Any sapient being infected by a technovirus: Should the virus or ailment not have directly impacted or mechanically altered the heart, sentience, or soul of the individual, not immune. If the opposite is true, immune until as and when the condition is reverted.
    5. Victor Stone/Cyborg and Androids 17 and 18: Not immune. Despite being partially mechanical, both have sentience, emotion and a living soul.
    6. Android 16: Immune by virtue of being a Mechanical-type Android whose friendliness while genuine was programmed into him by Dr. Gero, the same reason he wasn't sent to Heaven after being killed by Cell.
    7. Eleven: 'Eleven' will not register despite the nickname being created due to lack of information at the time, as her legal name Jane Ives still exists and is known in the Pantheon. However, both that and her second legal name upon acquiring Jim Hopper as a foster father, Jane Hopper will be accepted.
    8. Lord Voldemort: Not immune, but only after destroying his Horcruxes. As a dark wizard whose soul compenents reside in seven Horcruxes, his true name of Tom Marvolo Riddle has to be written as well as the COD being 'all Horcruxes comprising his soul destroyed at the same time as his remaining component'. However, seeing as the seventh of those Horcruxes is Harry Potter, Harry's name would need to be written first before manually destroying the remaining Horcruxes. Only then would Voldemort be fully susceptible to the Death Note's effects.
    9. Similarly, Sauron would need to be wearing the One Ring on his finger for the Note's effects to work.
  • The following names have also been tested by Light and Mikami at the behest of their friends in the GUAL. Misa has also tested some of these per Light's suggestions and even a few by herself.
    • Black Orchid: Did not work, since it's a nickname and her birth name has yet to be revealed.
    • Mister Mxyzptlk: Did not work, as Overdeities are safe from the Death Note's effects.
    • Superman: "Clark Kent" doesn't work, but "Kal-El" does.
    • Nightmare Moon: Not affected, as she's an alternate aspect of Princess Luna, who's older than 124 years anyway.
    • Springtrap: Works when "William Afton" was written, thus confirming that the undead count.
    • Jason Voorhees: Works, thus further confirming that zombies are affected.
    • Soul Calibur: Doesn't work when she's in sword form, even if the name Elysium is written with her goddess form in mind. She's also older than 124 anyway.
    • GLaDOS: Didn't work because Caroline's surname cannot be found.
    • Kyoko Kuremi: Works when "Alphamon" was written and their true form was in mind.
    • Uka Uka: Works, proving even living inanimate objects can be subject to the Death Note.
    • Alex Mercer: Doesn't work since he's just a virus that took the form of the real Alex Mercer. "Blacklight Virus" doesn't work either unless a specific COD is written.
    • Reinforce: Doesn't work on Eins due to being a tome that must've had a history of prior names, but works for Zwei.
    • Indominus Rex: Works since she's a man-made creation.
    • Big Al: Doesn't work since he's a natural-born dinosaur, and his given name was provided by humans.
  • There's also the matter of Sissel and Missile, whose abilities served as a massive problem. The entire deal is to travel four minutes before someone's death and using their ghost tricks to manipulate the world in such a way that it averts their fate. To the Shinigami King's frustration, they seem to be the only ones (aside from some of the other Death or Life gods in the Pantheon) capable of subverting the inevitability of the Death Notes' powers.
  • After hearing of two alternate worlds where one of them got the Death Note each, Twilight Sparkle and Spike have decided to stay away from the artifact at all costs, especially the latter when his tale showed just how deep he could've gone just to protect Rarity if he had that thing.
  • In response to this video, the TPPD is considering trying that "Life Note" idea to make resurrecting innocents killed by the Note quicker and easier.
  • Poland acquired a variation of the books which instead induces crippling and fatal debt aptly called the "Debt Note". He promptly went loony with it like Light.

Class 4

    Clow Cards/Sakura Cards 
Clow Cards / Sakura Cards (Star Cards)
Back of a Clow Card
Back of a Sakura Card
  • Appearance: A deck of fifty-three tarot cards contained within the Clow Book / Sakura Book.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good under the care of Sakura Kinomoto, but individually the cards have varying alignments (but never Evil) when free.
  • Portfolio: Tarot Motifs, Themed Tarot Deck, Gotta Catch 'Em All, Book Safe, Summon Magic
  • Domains: Magic, Spirits, Elements
  • Consists of fifty-two cards initially, each being their own spirit and having a special ability. The most powerful are the Four-Element Ensemble (Windy, Watery, Firey, Earthy), Light and Dark, and the Nothing. The Nothing was fused with the Nameless Card that Sakura created, creating the Hope Card. However, with her ascension, The Nothing has become individual again.
  • While always within Sakura's possession, the cards are technically considered part of the Treasury. There is no guarantee whether or not the Clow Cards will be placed within the Treasury, since Sakura has not decided if she will pass them on to a successor when she passes away. As such, it was decided that replicas be printed for Museum viewing, though the gift shop has more replicas for sale.
  • The cards need a constant source of magical energy to feed off of, otherwise they will transform into regular, lifeless cards.
  • It was suggested that the other members of the Magical Girl Sisterhood could potentially wield the magic of the cards, though this turned out to be false when Madoka herself once attempted to summon the Windy Card. The magic alone can be controlled only by Sakura. It was pointed out that Syaoran Li could wield the cards prior to Sakura officially becoming their mistress, but Kero explained it was because of the rules of capturing the Clow Cards.
  • Several protective spells have been cast on the Clow Book and each individual card to protect them from being harnessed by members of the GUAE, even though the limitations of use explained above are in effect. The Nothing Card is also kept a close eye on in the event her destructive powers are obtained by evil forces.
  • As of the Clear Card Arc, at least in the mortal realm, Sakura has lost access to these cards, but still has them in the Pantheon. As it was, the ownership of the Sakura Card were being slowly transferred to Syaoran. Time will tell when these changes will be reflected in the Pantheon proper.

    The Magic Bag of Tricks 
The Magic Bag of Tricks
  • Appearance: A yellow handbag with dots and crosses on it (default form).
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Bag of Holding, Imagination-Based Superpower, Loyal Phlebotinum, Made of Indestructium, Story-Breaker Power
  • Domains: Magic
  • Donated/Wielded By: Felix the Cat
  • Despite being owned by a Lesser God, the Magic Bag is considered one of the most powerful artifacts in the Pantheon, due in part to it having apparently limitless abilities and very few known weaknesses. The Bag can transform itself into anything Felix needs or desires on command, and is even capable of creating things Felix needs out of thin air, such as food, machinery, transportation, and even live animals, making the cat completely self sufficient.
  • The Magic Bag is desired by many in the Pantheon, most notably The Professor and Melkor. Fortunately, losing the bag is a minor inconvenience to Felix for one reason; the Bag, which appears of have a mind and personality of its own, is absolutely loyal to the cat and will refuse to operate for anyone elsenote , even going as far as attacking anyone who tries to force it to use its abilities. Melkor found this out the hard way after trying to steal the bag—hoping that capturing his bag of tricks would allow him to amass deadly weaponry for his army, he found out to his chagrin that he just couldn't produce anything useful with it. Melkor gave it back to Felix in frustration. It is seemingly immune to mind control tactics as well, as Count Dooku discovered when he tried to use The Force to make it obey his will. Ironically, it's only known weakness is that touching the Bag while Felix is holding it will reset it back to its default form.
  • The Magic Bag's origins and the nature of its power are shrouded in mystery, and Felix refuses to discuss how he acquired the bag. A rumor circulated that the Cat gave his infant self an identical bag, but Felix denies this ever happened, pointing out that he didn't acquire the bag until decades into his life. Attempts to identify the components that form it have been fruitless, as a large share of them consist of unusual and unidentifiable materials that simply don't exist in most of the Pantheon, and attempts to clone or create knockoffs of it have only resulted in heavily flawed imitations at best and catastrophic disasters at worst. Mother Brain once had her loyal science team attempt to reverse-engineer the Bag from whatever data could be gathered, but the result created a black hole that consumed the entire base and staff, and would have consumed Mother Brain herself had she not been able to teleport herself away just in time. Her new science team wisely decided to move on afterward.
  • As powerful as the Magic Bag is, it isn't quite at the top of the food chain in the context of powerful forces in the Pantheon. While the Bag is nearly impossible to damage or destroy by conventional means, abnormal phenomenons (such as other forms of magic) can affect it, and exceptionally powerful forces such as the Power Cosmic or Chaos Magic can easily match or outright surpass it's abilities, as Felix discovered in chance encounters with Galactus and Discord. Contact with other magical weapons, such as Samurai Jack's divinely crafted blade or Mjolnir, will reset its form without actually damaging it, slightly hampering its use in direct combat against beings armed with enchanted weaponry. Surrealistic abilities, such as the power that Popeye's brand of Spinach gives, are also able to counter the bag's abilities. Curiously, Ki Energy seems to be ineffective against it—in a chance encounter with Broly, while Felix was unable to overpower the Legendary Super Saiyan even with the Bag, he was at least able to defend himself and match his attacks blow for blow with it without any harm to himself or damage to the artifact.
  • Cayden Cailean offered a deluxe version of the Bag for Felix to keep. The cat placed it into his own bag... and ran in horror as the combination as a 10 ft tear in reality sucked everything in its path before dissipating. Turns out Cayden in his stupor gave him a Portable Hole instead, destroying the two items in the process. The God of Blackouts set out to repair Felix's temple as well as repair the bag for a crestfallen Felix, courtesy of some favors from Torag.
  • Mary Poppins owns a similar magic bag, but it's abilities, impressive as they are, are considered inferior to those of Felix's bag. Regardless, Mary was impressed with the artifact, and Felix has allowed her to study it in action in order to improve on her own bag.
  • Some members of the Pantheon have noticed similarities between the Magic Bag and Wander's magical hat, which apparently also has a mind of its own and can rebel against those who try to get what they want from it.
  • Similarities between the abilities of The Magic Bag and Maxwell's notebook have been noticed. It's been debated about which is the more powerful tool, but Felix's artifact has an advantage in that it's abilities aren't bound by the limits of copyright and trademark law like the notebook.
  • Some speculate that the bag's owner is a Time Lord and that the Bag is his T.A.R.D.I.S. due to it having vehicular functions and the ability to fold dimensional space inside of itself, in addition to the ability to time travel. Felix, while amused at the idea, denied it and claimed the similarities were purely coincidental.
  • The Bag briefly came into the possession of Count Dooku and the C.I.S. after scamming it off of Professor, believing he could use the power of The Force to coerce the Bag to his will and use it to expand his droid army (to no avail, as the bag transformed itself into a lightsaber and duelled Dooku one on one in retaliation when he tried to do this), but Professor formed a Power Trio with Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily and managed to retrieve it with their help, only for Boba Fett (who had been hired by Felix to trail Professor) to steal it and return it back to its owner for an undisclosed fee.
  • The Green Lantern Corps, despite being wary of the Bag due to its color being their weakness while having the same level of power of their own rings, were pleased to discover how benevolent its owner was. Sinestro, upon getting word of the item, attempted to steal the Bag for his own ends, but as with Melkor, his attempts to exploit it were fruitless, and Felix eventually retrieved it.
  • At the present, the Magic Bag is property of the Dreamworks Pantheon, who sometimes leases it to the Treasury for safekeeping with the permission of its owner (what's here in the Museum is just a replica). However, only Felix is allowed to wield the artifact, and all of the Dreamworks deities (sans Professor) have entered a mutual pact to never try and claim the Bag for themselves. So far, Felix and Dreamworks have rejected all attempts by the SCP Foundation to contain or study the bag.


Class 5

    The Ice King's Crown 
The Ice King's Crown
  • Appearance: A golden crown with three red gems embedded in it
  • Alignment: Supposed to be Lawful Good, instead Chaotic Neutral leaning towards Evil
  • Portfolio: Artifact of Doom, With Great Power Comes Great Insanity, Turns People Into Ice Wizards That Are Practically Immortal, Magitek, The Fog of Ages, Converts Wearers To An Imitation Of Evergreen, Time Abyss, Be Careful What You Wish For
  • Domains: Ice, Wish Magic, Corruption, Imitation, Madness, Immortality
  • Similar artifacts: The One Ring, The Helm of Dominance
  • Current owner: Gunther/Orgalorg/The Ice Thing
  • Millions of years ago, the ice elemental Urgence Evergreen hoped to create a magic crown to stop a deadly comet. Powered by the ruby eyes of Magwood, this item of wish magic is meant to grant the user's deepest wish. But when it came to testing the item it ended up in the hands of Evergreen's apprentice Gunther, whose deepest wish was to be just like his idol. Due to his skewed perception of the Jerkass, it drove him and future wearers insane.
  • Anyone who puts it on is transformed into an immortal ice wizard like Evergreen, but with a skewed and crazy personality. The stronger someone's will is the longer it takes, and in Simon's case, he's more a pathetic crazy as the Ice King. Usually, it makes people dangerously crazy and want to freeze the world. The reason why it's in Magical Artifacts instead of Maximum Security is it doesn't make people crazy so long as it already has an owner. Plus it's usually in the Ice King's possession.
  • As it is naturally tied to the Ice King, its position in the treasury is due to convincing him to put it aside for some time. However, without the Ice Crown's influence, he reverts back to Simon and suffers No Immortal Inertia. Initially desiring this, he was convinced otherwise. The Ice King remains oblivious to the effect it has on him, claiming he made the crown with magic that he stole.
  • Similar to the One Ring, another ancient Artifact of Doom that turns who wields it into a shade of what they once were. However while the One Ring is an extension of Sauron's will, the Ice Crown isn't inherently evil. It merely wants to fill its original owner's wish. Unfortunately, this comes from the owner's distorted view of his master.
  • Arthas and Bolvar recognize the Ice Crown as being similar to the Helm of Dominance which also drives people mad, and with the soul of the original Lich King converts them into another Lich King (no relation to Adventure Time's Lich). Add in Arthas' ice powers, he has a morbid sense of curiosity about the Ice Crown and some pity for Simon's situation.
  • It is not clear what might happen if it was used or owned by someone who already has ice powers, or is already some form of insane. It's considered a wise idea not to try this lest things go From Bad to Worse. How it interacts with other artifacts of doom, those transformed by them or those who Was Once a Man is also unknown, but again very few want this to happen.
  • A Magitek device, there are intricate matrices within this device and it possesses some primitive kind of sentience. The House of Magic and Technology have researched into the Ice Crown in hopes of unravelling the mysteries lost since the death of Urgence Evergreen. This has been difficult as all but the most extreme caution can mess things up. It has revealed to contain programs with the personalities of all who wear it. One is the first Santa Claus, which Nicholas St. North is curious about.
  • Due to the crown fusing with Gunter, it is no longer available for view in the Pantheon's Treasury. What's here is a replica for the Museum.

    Lasso of Truth 
The Lasso of Truth (Magic Lasso, Lasso of Hestia, The Golden Perfect)
  • Appearance: A golden lasso, shining when in use.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Magical Lie Detector, Forged by the Gods, undoing mind-control, Impossibly Cool Weapon
  • Domains: Truth, Peace, Justice, Magic, Freedom
  • The Lasso of Truth was forged by Hephaestus from the Golden Girdle of Gaea, worn by Hippolyta's sister Antiope. Completely unbreakable and capable of having its size changed, the lasso chooses to be wielded only by those it has judged are purest of heart, and is one of Wonder Woman's signature items along with her Amazonium bracelets and her Invisible Jet. Most useful is its ability to compel others to tell the truth, fitting for its owner being the Spirit of Truth.
  • Empowered by the fires of Hestia, it forces anyone to tell the absolute truth. This can vary from acting like a truth serum to revealing someone's true nature and reverting to their core person. As such, it's also a good means of overcoming brainwashing or undoing the effects of contagions. It's worth noting that Wonder Woman's Real Life creator, William Moulton Marston, invented the lie detector and as such the Lasso of Truth could be considered DC's embodiment of his invention.
    • When the Lasso binds a lesser demon, they explode, as they are by nature "made of lies," and their body rejects the truth.
  • The more optimistic members of the Grand United Alliance of Good likes the Lasso of Truth, due to the fact that by exposing the truth it can give people a Heel Realization. This is useful for giving Well Intentioned Extremists and Knight Templars a wake-up call, though some already know the truth. By holding it at the same time, the lasso can also create mental and emotional tethers between individuals, allowing them to comprehend the same language and share memories telepathically for greater understanding between them. The Grand United Alliance of Evil is trying to find a counter for this.
    • The Perfect is also capable of locating those that are missing, although this requires an emotional connection to the user.
  • As Marston was a polygamist and bondage enthusiast, tongues have wagged in the Lustful sub-houses of the Power Perversion Potential the lasso has. This is especially the case when learning he meant it as an allegory for feminine charm and the compliant effect on people. Diana refuses to comment about this and states she's never used the lasso in a recreational way.
  • It is only known to break when the truth itself is challenged, such as when Bizarro broke out of it due to being the antithesis of logic and reasoning, or when the Queen of Fables was blurring the lines of fiction and reality. Seems to have some issues with Reality Warpers and Eldritch Abominations, so it's advised not to be used against Overdeities.
  • Doctor Doom claims that his willpower is stronger than the Lasso of Truth, which is quite possible given his prior experience. Diana wants to put that to the test. It's said that even Littlefinger, Varys and Rhaegar Targaryen will tell the truth, with the latter being vindicated.
    • While Batman was able to claim himself as Batman rather than Bruce Wayne while holding the Lasso, this doesn't mean his will is stronger than it; it's just that what he told her is the truth in his mind. This is also why the Lasso wouldn't work on someone insane like the Joker (whose truth would be whatever ur wants to believe), or those who don't understand the concept of truth.
  • Bizzaro's version of Wonder Woman, Bizarra, has a lasso that makes people tell lies. He's tried to get it in the Pantheon alongside Superwoman's lasso, which releases people's inhibitions. It hasn't gone anywhere.

    Stand Arrow (to be reworked by Hamana Hamana Hamana) 
Stand Arrow
  • Appearance: A gold and black arrow with intricate carvings.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Artifact of Doom, Personality Powers
  • Known Users: Akira Otoishi, Yoshihiro Kira, Polpo
  • 50,000 years ago, a meteorite carrying a strange virus crashed on Earth. Several hundred years later, a man who wished to have the power of gods crafted six arrows from the stone of the meteor. The arrows were then lost until 1986 when a team of Egyptian ruins investigators, including a young Diavolo rediscovered them. After learning of the Arrows' power, Diavolo stole the arrows, selling five to Enya Geil, and keeping the sixth arrow for himself, later gifting it to Polpo so that he could make Stand Users for Passione.
  • The arrows have the special ability to allow any living organisms that has been cut or stabbed by the arrow to manifest a Stand. However, only those who possess sufficient spiritual strength, or are healed after being shot in the case of Koichi Hirose, can manifest their Stand. Otherwise, they will die from their injuries if shot in a fatal way.
  • There has been theories that the meteorite actively sought after Earth because of its many candidates for Stand Users.
  • If a person who was struck by the Arrow were to have children or descendants, the effects would be passed down, and they too would be able to manifest a Stand as shown with Dio's sons and Jonathan's descendants.
  • Those who already have Stands can still be affected by the Arrow. When it's the user who is pierced, their appearance changes and their Stand gains a new power. But if a Stand is pierced, the Stand's appearance change and their power is increased.
  • If the arrowhead is ever broken in a way that the insect carving on it is damaged, it will be rendered ineffective. However, if the carving is intact, the effects will remain, as shown with the arrow shard Jolyne Cujoh pricked herself with, awakening her Stand.
  • Currently, five of the six Grand United Alliances are in possession of an Arrow. The one in the GUAG is owned by the Joestar Family, while the one in the GUAE is owned by Dio Brando. It's unknown who possesses the ones in GUAL, GUAC and GUAD and as the majority of the GUAM are mechanical, an arrow would be of little use to them.
    • There have been rumors that the groups want to use the Arrows on some of their members to see if they gain a Stand of their own.


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