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Here are some Pending Gods I hope can be ascended one day. Any edits will be greatly appreciated.

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    Deity Template 
God X, God/dess of (Insert Trope Here) (Alternate Names/Nicknames, Fan Nickname)
  • An image, if possible. Please use official art or a screenshot for a picture.
  • Potential House:
  • Rank: This can range from Quasideity, Demigod, Lesser God, Intermediate God, Greater God, to Overdeity. This doesn't always have to be a representation of power, but it can also represent influence in the Pantheon.
  • Symbol: An image or icon used to represent the deity.
  • Theme Song: Song that usually is used in affiliation with the character. If the deity is a musician this will most likely be their Signature Song. If possible, give a link for reference, preferably on YouTube.
  • Alignment: Good, evil, neutral etc. Forget about The Great Character Alignment Debate here, the Pantheon is one of the few places where you can assign Dungeons & Dragons alignment to characters that don't have alignment system. After all, the Pantheon is based on D&D.
fGender: For Pokémon deities only. Defines the gender of the Pokémon; if genderless, it instead defines what gender they identify as.
  • Ability: Provides the Pokémon's ability. If they can Mega Evolve, the new ability is listed as well.
  • Moves: Defines the four moves used by a Pokémon. A Z-Move may also be listed.
  • Portfolio: Tropes associated with the character.
  • Domains: Things that the character has influence over.
  • Herald: Non-ascended loyal character that is from the same series as the ascended character.
  • High Priest: Non-ascended like heralds, but not from the same series, and can serve as a worthy replacement in case something would happen. They can be served as part-time workers in case the originals are busy with some jobs. Co-Godhood is accepted depending on the approval of the originals, usually if the co-deity is from the same series.
  • Followers: Non-ascended characters that are not part of the Pantheon, but would probably worship this character by the fact that they share the ascended character's trope.
  • Allies: Members of the Pantheon that are allies.
  • Rivals: Members of the Pantheon that are rivals.
  • Enemies: Members of the Pantheon that are foes.
  • Additional Character Relationships: Members of the Pantheon that have various relationships (examples include Enemy Mine, Vitriolic Best Buds, Teeth-Clenched Teamwork, Headbutting Heroes, Friendly Enemy, Friendly Rival, Just Friends, etc.) other than allies, rivals, or enemies.
  • Partner: Defines a partnership with an ascended deity and Pokémon.
  • Respected by/Respects: A deity whom the members of the Pantheon respect or are respected by.
  • Pitied by/Pities: A deity whom the members of the Pantheon feel pity for or find pitiable.
  • Opposed by/Opposes: Not necessarily the same as "Enemies", but this is used for any deity whom the members of the Pantheon directly opposes or is opposed by, regardless of alignment.
  • Conflicting Opinion: Sometimes, the Deities argue over specific themes and philosophies.
  • Add the Intro. The intro is made up of two trivia, the Ascension Text (or just the Ascension) and The Bio. Both are necessary, but which order you use for them may vary depending on the profile in question. It may be better for one profile to have The Bio first and the Ascension second or vice-versa, although for the most part the order is irrelevant:
    • The Ascension Text: This the story of how the character got into the Pantheon and/or was ascended. There are many ways for this to happen. They may be tricked into it or have simply wandered into the Pantheon, they may have had an already ascended character bring them in, they may already be in the Pantheon (via being another deity's Herald or sharing a trope) and got "promoted", or some combination of the above. Anything is possible in the Pantheon, so use your imagination, but try to incorporate their trope into the story, if possible.
    • The Bio: A brief synopsis on the character's backstory. No need for the character's entire life/production history, but just give enough that those who don't know the character can get an idea of how the character works.
  • Now add some random trivia/facts about events/alignments/moments/fights/friendships/relations etc.
  • And some more trivia/facts.
  • And a couple of more.

Work in Progress

    Amicia and Hugo de Rune 
Amicia and Hugo de Rune, Divine Duo of Noble Fugitives (Amicia: The One with the Sling || Hugo: The Bearer of the Macula)
  • Potential House: House of Royalty (Royal Activities)
  • Votes: 0
  • Demigoddess for Amicia, Lesser God for Hugo
  • Symbol: The de Rune family crest
  • Theme Music: A Plague Tale
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Noble Fugitives, Brother–Sister Team, Badass Adorable
  • Domains: Siblings, Nobility, Stealth, Alchemy (Amicia), Rats (Hugo)
  • Herald: The de Rune household, their parents Robert and Beatrice de Rune,, Leon (Amicia's dog), Lucas, Melie, Arthur, and Rodric
  • Allies: Sara Crewe, Ange, All good Fullmetal Alchemist deities, especially Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric, All good-aligned Fire Emblem deities, Wally, Merida, Leia Organa, Alucard, Trevor, Sypha, and Grant, All good deities in the House of Beast
  • Enemies: The Black Knight, All Evil Deities in the House of FAITH, All evil Fullmetal Alchemist deities, Twitch, Light Yagami
  • Sympathized by: Pretty much every good deity in the House of FAITH, especially The Alpha and Omega, the God who hangs out with Bob, Jeanne d'Arc, Saint Martha and Saint George
  • Amicia and Hugo de Rune are the children of Robert (a knight) and Beatrice (an alchemist) of the noble de Rune family. Hugo was born with an illness and Beatrice had kept him sheltered in the house in the hopes of finding a cure. During the Hundred Years War in 1348 Aquitaine, Amicia loses her dog Leon during a hunting trip and on the same day, her household is invaded by the Inquisition, who slaughter the family servants with Sir Nicholas killing her father and seemingly her mother in cold blood. After barely escaping with their lives, the siblings come across a village that has been encroached by the plague, forcing them to escape from hostile and paranoid villagers as well as the rats responsible for spreading the plague. Throughout their journey to find a cure for Hugo's illness, the siblings are joined by Lucas (an apprentice to Hugo's doctor, Laurentius), Melie, Arthur (both of whom are theives), and Rodric (a blacksmith) as they avoid rat swarms and Inquisition soldiers. Lucas explains to Amicia that Hugo's blood bears the Prima Macula, a supernatural evil that has laid dormant in several noble bloodlines since the Justinian Plague, and that Beatrice and Laurentius have been searching for a cure. The head of the Inquistion, Vitalis Benevent, wants to covet it's power.
    • After recovering a forbidden book that could help them create the elixir that may cure Hugo, the group learn Beatrice is still alive and being kept as a prisoner by the Inquistion, but Amicia insists they keep this from Hugo for his safety, unaware that the latter overheard her. After creating the elixir and using it to relieve Hugo's symptoms, Hugo runs away and turns himself in to the Inquistion so he can reunite with his mother, discovering that the Macula grants him the power to control the rats. A month after Vitalis transfuses Hugo's blood into himself, Nicholas and an embittered Hugo invade the group's safe place, with the former killing Arthur, before Hugo and Amicia reconcile and team up to take out Nicholas via the rats. Now with the rats under their control, Amicia's group take the fight to the Inquistion, with Rodric sacrificing himself to help the group reach Vitalis. While Hugo has his rats fight against the white rats under Vitalis's control, Amicia is able to successfully kill him. Three days later, the group are able to get rid of the rats and the plague, but since they killed a high-ranking member of the church (excommunicated or not), they are forced to leave the region in order to find a new safe haven for themselves and Beatrice, but not before Melie parts ways with them.
  • After the events of their journey, the Court of the Gods took interest in the siblings' struggles against the Inquisition and the Black Death, offering them a place in the Pantheon as the Co-Gods Noble Fugitives. The two accepted, if only to find a safe haven for themselves.
  • Upon making a new home for themselves in the form of their temple, Amicia and Hugo took a tour around the Pantheon, marveling at it's wonders, and finding friends and foes with other gods:
    • Amicia is shown to be impressed by the Elric Brothers' power to transmute raw materials. The brothers have offered to teach her how to perform Alchemy alongside their teacher Izumi (though the latter's teaching methods scare her a bit). Amicia is shown to loathe Father, Dante, and Gold-Toothed Doctor for their misuse of alchemy, and promises to help the brothers to put a stop to them if they require her assistance.
    • Merida and Leia form a mutual friendship with Amicia, both being Tomboy Princesses and Combat Pragmatists.
    • Alucard, Trevor, Sypha, and Grant sympathize with Amicia's faith being shattered due to the Church considering them all heretics. All good deities in the House of FAITH also sympathize with Amicia, but do hope that one day, her faith can be renewed.
      • Speaking of faith, some of the most evil deities in the House disgust Amicia, including the actions of Chakravartin, a god who delibertly causes suffering to satisfy his own god complex. Amicia also dislikes Light Yagami, seeing how his god complex motivates him to commit murder, even if some of his victims haven't done anything wrong, as no different from the Inquisition.
    • Hugo, being a Friend to All Living Things, is shown to love all animal deities in the Pantheon, so he makes visits to the House of Beast. However, Twitch does not like Hugo at all, fearing he will fall victim to Hugo's power to control rats.
    • All Fire Emblem deities are shown to like the siblings and welcome them with open arms (even if some are unnerved by Hugo's power), and offer to train them in the art of fighting to better protect themselves. The siblings appreciate the offer.
    • Amicia and Hugo de Rune befriend Sara Crewe, a ragged princess that nevertheless showed kindness to her peers. Amicia also ends up befriending Ange, a former princess whose people turned on her out of prejudice for being a Norma. Ange sympathizes with the noble girl, but admits she's proud that she managed to grow as a person just like she did.

    Senku Ishigami 
Senku Ishigami, God of Benevolent Science,

    Rebecca Hopkins 
Rebecca Hopkins, Goddess of Former Fan-Disliked Characters (Rebecca Hawkins)
  • Portfolio: Was once disliked by the fandom prior to Character Development
  • Domains: Formely Unpopular, Duelists, Love
  • Herald: Her grandfather, Arthur Hopkins
  • Allies: All ascended good Yu-Gi-Oh! deities, but especially Yugi Muto
  • Complicated Relationships: Yami Yugi
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Seto Kaiba, Vector, Sora Shiun'in
  • Pities: Scrappy Doo
  • Enemies: Yami Bakura and Yami Marik, Dartz, Number 96: Black Mist, Keith Howard
  • Rebecca Hopkins is the granddaughter of famous Egyptologist and friend of Solomon Muto, Dr. Arthur Hopkins. She first appears to Yugi and Solomon accusing the latter of stealing the Blue-Eyes White Dragon card from her grandfather, challenging him to a duel to get it back. Since he was recently discharged from the hospital, Yugi dueled her in his place. Their duel proceeded the exact same way as Solomon's duel with Arthur, up to when Yugi surrenders despite actually having the means to winnote , in this case, to teach Rebecca to respect her cards and opponents. When she gets further angry upon seeing the teared up card (unaware it was actually Seto Kaiba who did it), Arthur arrives and clears up the misunderstanding, showing her what would have happened had Yugi not surrendered. Rebecca apologizes for her behavior and not giving them the chance to explain their side of the story, befriending Yugi and receiving the "Ties of Frienship" card as a reminder of this lesson. Some time later, Rebecca would eventually make a surprise return, having changed her appearance, behavior, and dueling style, becoming one of Yugi's closest friends.
  • Rebecca eventually found her way into the Pantheon, surprising Yugi and his friends just like their second meeting (namely running into and giving Yugi a hug, much to Anzu's chagrin). Nevertheless, everyone's happy and excited to see her again and the feeling is mutual on Rebecca's end.
  • Rebecca learned of how people disliked her for her bratty attitude when she first appeared, only to become more likable when she changed for the better upon her return. Rebecca admits she's not proud of what she did back then, stating that Yugi helped her see the Card Game in a new light, so she owes her growth as a person to him. She even kept the Ties of Friendship with her all this time.
  • Rebecca tends to call herself Yugi's girlfriend every now and then, much to Anzu's chagrin and Yugi's embarrassment. Rebecca does receive some support from people in the Pantheon.
    • Rebecca has Vitriolic Best Buds and little sister relationship with Anzu, tending to hang out with her every now and then to discuss both Yugi's.
    • Speaking of which, Rebecca's relationship with Yami is complicated, since she still holds him responsible for the loss of Yugi's soul during the Orichalcos incident. She does tolerate him since Yugi still considers him a friend, though she makes it clear that she's not going to forget that incident anytime soon.
  • Three of Rebecca's most disliked people in the Pantheon so far turn out to be Kaiba (for tearing up the Blue-Eyes White Dragon card her grandfather gave to Solomon), Keith (for telling her that Solomon stole said card in the first place), and Dartz (for being the mastermind behind the Orichalcos incident).
    • So far, Rebecca is willing to work alongside Kaiba against their common enemies, though she's not above giving a jab every now and then.
    The Blood Team 
The Blood TeamMembers , Divine Team of Embedded Precursor Games (Jack: Nightmare Jack || Alice: Nightmare Alice || Red Riding Hood: Sister Red || Snow White: Snow || Sleeping Beauty: Sleepy)
  • Potential House: House of Gaming
  • [tup]s:
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: The individual Blood Weapons for each Blood Maiden and the Mary Gun for Jack; Alternatively, the symbol of the Dawn Liberation Force
  • Alignment:
  • Theme Music:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Fairy Tales, Blood, Love (Storge and Eros)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:

Adopted Profiles

  • The Investigation Team from louisent31
  • James' Bug Friends from RJ-19-CLOVIS- 93
  • Bewear from the Abandoned Profiles
  • Lan Hikari and MegaMan.EXE from HotmanX32
  • SEES from Excessive-Menace



    The Spirit World 
The Spirit World, The Divine World of Supernatural Enitities
  • Potential House: Dimensions
  • Description: A parallel plane of reality that serves as the home of spirits and co-exists with the physical world.
  • Symbol: The Spirit Portals
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Spirit World, Eldritch Location, Acid-Trip Dimension, Fisher Kingdom
  • Domains: Spirituality, Balance, Nature, Otherness
  • Sacred to: All spiritual Avatar deities, but particularly Avatars Wan, Aang, and Korra, Raava and Vaatu, Uncle Iroh, Tenzin, Zaheer, Unalaq
  • Unholy to: Zhao
  • In the World of Avatar, there co-exists a parallel plane of reality that serves as the home to Spirits, immortal supernatural entities of the world that embody different aspects of life and nature. This plane, the Spirit World, can be mainly accessed through the spirit portals at the North and South Poles, as well as the new Spirit Portal formed in Republic City. Of course, there are other ways to access the Spirit World, such as an enlightened individual meditating to allow their spirit to cross over (though a person's spirit cannot use their bending when using this method, and if their spirit stays out of their body for too long, they will die), being carried their by a spirit, or crossing through other bridges such as the Spirit Oasis at the North Pole or the Forgetful Valley in the Fire Nation.



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