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Hi! I took the liberty of saving this from the Quotes subpage you weren't allowed to have, in case you didn't get a moment to save it yourself before the cut request went through. You can leave 'em here or migrate 'em to your troper page or whatever.
"Now I'm imagining Marty being voiced by Chris Pratt."context 
This is a page featuring some of the image quotes I've created over the years. Since they don't automatically include a Tropers page link on these, you can go back to that page
"Inter-dietary romance can be a real pain in the tail."
—A comment I added to the thumbnail image I added to the Funny page for Beastars. It was Legosi closing the sliding door of the gardening shed on his tail in Episode 3 of the anime.

"A pair of pliers? A blowtorch? A spoon?! Did they cross over Pulp Fiction with Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves or something?"
—A comment I added to the original trope image for To the Pain, which was Michonne of The Walking Dead going through implements she was going to utilize to torture someone (who totally deserved it). The quip was removed when they abbreviated the image, cutting off the spoon portion.

"Kell Dewclaw presents a good demonstration of this trope. Venison lunch will follow the seminar."
—A comment I added to the trope image for Deer in the Headlights, which is Kell Dewclaw of the web comic Kevin & Kell shining a projector in a deer's face to make them freeze.

"First rule of Pokémon Fight Club...Do not talk about Pokémon Fight Club...SECOND RULE OF POKÉMON FIGHT CLUB..."
—A comment I added to the trope image for an episode of the 20th season of the Pokémon anime, "Rocking Clawmark Hill". It Makes Sense in Context. It references a scene from Episode 7 of Dragon Ball Z Abridged, and specifically quotes Krillin in said scene.

"Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of predators more than when a prey animal rises to the top of the food chain."
—A comment I added to the trope image for the Web Comics subpage for Killer Rabbit. It is from the August 7, 2008, strip for the web comic Kevin & Kell, and shows Coney Dewclaw (the Trope Codifier) sitting on a pile of bones from a predator she had just consumed after it had targeted her grandmother, Dorothy Kindle, a rabbit.

"One of Cookie's cats has his own game show now. And he puts a lot of work into it."
—A comment I added to an image of Mayonnaise, the host of the game Split the Room on The Jackbox Party Pack 5 on the set's Characters page. I uploaded the image, too.

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