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This is my sandbox for all sorts of things (hopefully), but mostly for deity profiles I made/am making

My proposed deities
Papyrus and Sans, Patron Saints of Typeface Speech (Both: The Skeletons,The Skeleton Brothers, The Skelebros, the Font Brothers; Papyrus: The Great Papyrus, CoolSkeleton95, Pap, Papy, that very famous Royal Guardsman, Unparalleled Spaghettore, head of the Royal Guard; Sans: Comic Sans, Lazybones, Sansy, the easiest enemy)
Papyrus (top) and Sans (bottom), art by Dogbomber
  • Lesser Gods (Sans is actually an Intermediate God but pretends to be Lesser, partly for his brother's sake, partly because Intermediate Gods have more responsibilities than Lesser ones)
  • Theme Music: Nyeh Heh Heh! and Bonetrousle (Papyrus), sans., It's Raining Somewhere Else, and Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans (Sans)
  • Symbol: A plate of spaghetti (Papyrus), a bottle of ketchup (Sans)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Papyrus), Chaotic Good (Sans)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Speech, Friendship, Skeletons, Ego (Papyrus), Puzzles (Papyrus), Comedy (Sans), Laziness (Sans)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Opposition:
    • Sans: Any monster/undead hunter, TERUMI
  • Odd Relationship: Bloody Marie
  • Rivals: Dead[[Pantheon/meh pool]], Nefarian (Sans only)
  • Respect: Leoric, Nito
  • The pair just showed up in the Pantheon one day and...asserted themselves. Nobody knows where they came from or what exactly they are, but they seem to spend most of their time in their temple.
  • Sans in particular likes to greet other deities by saying "You. Don't you know how to greet a new pal?" and proceeds to offer them his hand to shake… only to have them set off a whoopie cushion that he was holding. Nobody knows how he does that, nor do they really question it.
  • The only thing that Sans doesn't slack off on is practical jokes. He will play pranks on everyone and anyone he can. That said, due to the sheer number of meals that have been ruined by excess toppings on his part the House of Food is very wary of his presence.
  • Papyrus meanwhile has a great love for puzzles and spaghetti. Specifically, he loves creating puzzles for others to solve (even if they're not very difficult) and cooking spaghetti (even if it isn't very edible). He often invites Professor Layton to solve his puzzles, even if they are easy enough a child could solve them.
  • They get along quite well with other skeleton deities in the Pantheon, namely Clinkz and Sir Daniel (both of whom Papyrus sees as great - though not as great as him! - trainers).
    • Leoric approached them not long after their ascension and demanded their submission to his army. They clarifed that they weren't actually undead, merely magical beings (monsters) with a skeletal appearance. They still pay their respects to him as God of Skeletons, though they don't want any part of his goals.
  • Papyrus is GREAT friends with Kamina, as the two have bonded over boasting about how amazing the former is.
  • Due to his countless experiences in his homeplane, Sans holds a very special disdain for anyone who kills without consideration.
  • Sans has been seen hanging out with The Doctor and Dr. Emmet Brown recently. He's actually had lunch at Grillby's with them and they genuinely enjoy each other's company. Rumors have spread about his intentions in spending time with two of the Pantheon's foremost experts of Time Travel, but none have been confirmed nor denied by the trio.
  • Sans knows that he is a game character, and so tends to get along with other deities who are also aware of their fictitious status. He sees Deadpool as a violent loonie and Nefarian as a wannabe conqueror. They get into contests to see who can stack the most 'dogs on other people's heads.
  • Sans is highly distrustful of any sentient and/or talking flowers due to what happened last time.
    • Papyrus, meanwhile, is willing to give everyone and everything a chance to be his friend. This puts him on good terms with Fluttershy, even.
  • Sans has found a kindred spirit in Yu Narukami, as both are very protective brothers, thus he asked him to treat Papyrus well.
    • Yu proceeded to not only befriend Papyrus but to quickly max his Social Link, ultimately culminating with with the latter misinterpreting something the former said as flirting and thus assuming that he wanted to date him. Yu cleared up the confusion, of course, but not before being told the following:
    Papyrus: "Human, I....I'm sorry. But I can not return your feelings. I apologize for forcing you to fall deeper into your love for me!"
  • Sans has encountered Terumi. They don't see eye-to-eye-socket on the nature of trolling others. Papyrus still wants Sans to move his sock, though.
  • Bloody Marie has a weird relationship with the brothers. Their first meeting was awkward, at best. While she finds Papyrus endearing and is more than willing to be his friend, she hates Sans' tendency to make puns at her expense. At the very least, she's happy that neither of them are interested in the Skull Heart.
    • They also met Gravelord Nito. According to Sans, it was pretty nito. (Much to Papyrus's chagrin)
  • Many of the other deities in this House swear they can sometimes hear a cacophony originating from the Brothers' residence. When questioned, the pair just shrug and say that were bored.
  • According to some deities, there exists an alternate timeline where it was Papyrus who decided to confront the Fallen Human as a last obstacle instead of Sans.
    • When asked about it, Papyrus just shrugs and offers the questioner some spaghetti.
  • Both brothers are on good terms with Brook, Sans in particular often times has jam sessions with the skeletal pirate. He's really good at playing the trombone, as Papyrus can attest.
  • Many gods mistakenly assume their quirks mean they're not dangerous if forced into combat, but they'd be wrong. Papyrus is deceptively strong for his personality, can manipulate gravity and can beat less agile foes even if he's entirely distracted by something, and the less said about what happens if you get Sans to act, the better.
    • Well, okay, let's talk about it. Sans is actually an intermediate god for a reason, he doesn't fight to win, he fights to make the other guy give up using cheap tricks, sneak attacks, and moves that break the fundamental "rules" of combat in his world (which those who engage him are forced to deal with), one of his biggest aids in this is his attacks weaponizing negative karma to literally eat away at someone comparative to the sin they've committed. This is even moreso since he doesn't lose his memories after killing a god because they revive instead of LOAD, meaning he can keep catching them out instead of unknowingly recycling attacks. So in short, while beatable, Sans usually deters those who aren't determined enough to survive multiple frustrating deaths, something a lot of villains are not.
  • When they heard that Frisk was in the Pantheon, Papyrus was quick to run to the House of Gaming where it was told they were, and Sans was quick to follow him. Unfortunately, Frisk was merely a High Priest/ess. Still, they were glad to see him/her, and thanked Iji for "taking him/her in". While Papyrus befriended her immediately, Sans was a little wary, given the type of pacifism she follows, but is willing to be friends regardless.
  • They were both happy to hear that Toriel had ascended to the Pantheon, or at least Sans was, Papyrus was less than thrilled after they subjected him to ten straight minutes of puns. Sans isn't sure how to feel about the rumors that have sprung up about his relationship with Toriel, but assures with a shrug they're just friends. That said, someone threatening to tell Toriel the truth about Flowey is one of the few things that puts him on the fast track to giving them a bad time, even if they're not the kind of omnicidal loons he normally breaks his apathy for.

House of Quirks, Sub-house of Words

Odysseus, God of Quests To Return Home (Odysseus the Cunning, City-Destroyer)
Odysseus the Cunning
  • Rank: Demigod
  • Symbol: The Trojan Horse (his creation)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good leaning more toward Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Skillful Archery, Cunning And Brutality, Acclaimed Intelligence, Manipulation, Homesickness, Disguised Royalty, Returning Home (and taking a long time to do it)
  • Domains: Journeys, Royalty, Trickery, Heroism
  • Allies: Hercules, Achilles, Zeus (His Great-Great-Grandfather), Athena, Oliver Queen, Clint Barton, Archer, Dorothy Gale, Thor, Aragorn
  • Rivals: Loki
  • Enemies: Kratos, Raul Menendez
  • Respects: Hercules, Link
  • Opposed by: Scylla and Charybdis, Hades, Cassandra
  • Conflicting Opinion: Leonidas
  • The moment this House was brought into being, this temple stood as a testament to the one destined to reign over it. It took quite some time (ten years, in fact) but Odysseus finally arrived....only to immediately announce his desire to return home to Ithaca once again. So he begain to wander through the Pantheon in search of a means to returning home....
  • Odysseus is on good terms with his fellow Greek heroes, some of whom he fought alongside during The Trojan War.
    • He and Achilles are good friends even though their respective ideals are a bit different. Achilles' armor was even granted to Odysseus after he died during the war.
    • Hercules is rather fond of him, as he reminds him of himself (they actually share some similarities as far as Heracles is concerned)
    • He and Leonidas don't really get along well due to their huge difference of ideals, even though Odysseus himself is no slouch on the battlefield. This entirely because Leonidas has no love for strategy or cunning, which Odysseus is most well-known for.
    • He is highly cautious of Kratos but otherwsie seeks no conflict with him. The Ghost of Sparda dislikes him due to his favorable association with Athena. For the matter, being the great-great-grandson of Zeus also doesn't help his case.
  • Scylla and Charybdis are openly hostile to him due to him evading them not once but TWICE in his quest to return home. He, however, doesn't have anything truly against them aside from the fact that they killed some of his crew the first time he encountered them. They will immediately attack him on sight.
  • Hades doesn't necessarily hate him, but the Lord of the Dead is still sore about that one time he managed to go into the Underworld to chat up Achilles, Heracles, and Tiresias. This was prior to the first two's ascensions, of course.
  • He met with [[ Ollie and Clint]] at some point and proceeded to have a short exhibition with them. Needless to say, they were quite impressed and honored to see his skills in action. He, in turn, congratulated them on their improvement of such a classic weapon.
    • Similarly, he ran into the boldly named Archer and decided to test his skill. Odysseus was shocked to find out that those weren't even real arrows, but SWORDS. Furthermore, Odysseus was happy to see that someone in the modern era not only possessed but could also successfully use Ajax the Greater's shield.
  • Cassandra distrusts and dislikes him due not only to his participation in the above mentioned war, but also because it was his ploy that resulted in its ultimate destruction. Knowing this, he stays far far away from the House of Prophecy. The fact that he uses The Trojan Horse as his symbol exasperates and infuriates her to no end, but he DID come up with it after all.
  • When he heard that Calypso was in the Pantheon, he vowed to stay as far from the House of Magic as possible. However, Zeus informed him that it wasn't the goddess that held him captive for years. However, as soon as he approached the wish corrupter he got a bad feeling. Calypso offered to grant him any wish he desired if he competed in his tournament and won, to which Odysseus declined but thanked him anyway. Their current relationship, if any, is unknown.
  • He has, however, found a rival in Loki Laufeyson. Although no match for the Trickster God, Odysseus still proves to be a worthy adversary in the spinning of lies and disguising themselves. After all, it takes a true trickster to conceal your identity from not only your own family but your own subjects as well. Without magic, divine or otherwise.
    • This makes him an ally to Thor, who is delighted by his guile and combat prowess. This is despite Odysseus being descended from Zeus.
  • He despises Raul Menendez for giving him a bad name. Much like how the suitors abused his hospitality while he was gone. He has sworn to do horrible things to Raul should they ever come face to face.
  • He now has a soft spot for Dorothy after hearing of how much she went through in order to return home. He sees her as a kindred spirit and now a good friend.
  • The deities from Westeros (Daenerys Targaryen, Lord Varys, Oberyn Martell, Petyr Baelish, Gregor Clegane, Lord Tywin Lannister) have often mistaken him for Eddard Stark due to them looking similar. It should be noted that although this is his default appearance, he can easily take on his other interpretations (the latter of which, interestingly enough, makes him extremely proficient with daggers).
    • For the same reason, Aragorn saw great resemblance between him and his friend, Boromir. After clearing up the confusion, the two became good friends and have pledged an allegiance of honor (which was Odysseus' idea, of course).
  • While most believe that he and Link would get along by virtue of having enemies whose eye(s) they targeted to weaken them, Odysseus actually rather believes that the hero is a tad bit excessive with it. Odyesseus himself only did the deed once, after all, and that was only after the giant ate some of his men after violating the law of hospitality. They ARE on good terms by virtue of being similarly clever, but that's about it.

House of Narrative, Sub-house of Specialized Narratives

Nack the Weasel, God of Kiddified Guns (Fang the Sniper)
  • Rank: Demigod
  • Symbol: His airbike, the Marvelous Queen
  • Theme Song: Here We Go
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Cool Hat, Evil Fang, Awesome Ride, Dual Revolvers (that used to shoot corks), sinister sniper, Being a bad wolf-weasel, Motivated by cash
  • Domains: Treasure Hunting, Greed, Villainy, (Kiddified) Guns
  • Allies: Dr. Eggman, Revolver Ocelot
  • Rivals: All other treasure hunters (Lara Croft, Nathan Drake, [[meh Henry "Indiana" Jones Junior]], Oerba Yun Fang, Yuna), other snipers in the Pantheon (Lockon Stratos, The Sniper, [[ Yoko Littner, Lynette Bishop]], Sniper Wolf, Ryoubi, Golgo 13, Sinon, Cyrus)
  • Complicated Relationship: Garrus Vakarian
  • Enemies: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Espio, Kamina, Simon
  • Nack ascended after Sonic finally remembered him from a long time ago. Needless to say, Dr. Eggman was happy to call on his services as a distraction/obstacle for Sonic and friends yet again. And Nack is more than happy to do so as long as the pay's good.
  • This Nack, interestingly, seems to be a combination of his two most well-known incarnations: SEGA's and Archie's. As such, his portfolio is drawn from both aspects but only as much as they converge into his divine title ("blasters" can be considered kiddified guns, after all).
  • Due to his alias, he has unfortunately gained the attention of various snipers in the Pantheon. Yoko Littner]], Lockon Stratos, and The Sniper just to name a few. Fang doesn't mind this rivalry. In fact, he revels in it
    • He has oggled and flirted with Yoko, Sniper Wolf, Sinon, Lynette, and Ryoubi with varying effects. Yoko was disgusted but didn't mind using her attractiveness against him. Sniper Wolf was initially confused but upon learning that he was technically half-wolf (somehow), she became endeared to him (doesn't stop her from trying to kill him, though). Sinon was very distressed and flustered, but eventually resolved herself to considering him a worthy rival after seeing him in action. Lynette was rather flattered but wanted to just be friends (and rivals when necessary). And Ryoubi....she actually doesn't mind him and actually lets him leer at her when he's not on the job.
    • Lockon and Nack first encountered each other while crusing around in their respective machines, much to the surprise of the former as the latter managed to easily fall into pace with his Gundam. Lockon then tried to befriend Nack after looking into him (and noting his title of kid-friendly guns). To his credit, the two did spend a short time talking though ultimately it ended with Nack pointing his "blaster" at Lockon and telling him to get lost or he would shoot him. Lockon still tried to befriend him, only to get an energy shot to the leg for his troubles. Since then their relationship has been strained, at best, but they have a rivalry going nonetheless.
    • The Sniper views him as a professional rival due to both being mercenaries, though Nack's general personality does remind him of himself. Both tend to be all business unless something transpires to make things personal, both like getting paid for what they do best, and most of all - they have a similar fashion sense. The only reason they're not outright friends is because they both know that they may just have to kill each other one day, but they get along well enough anyway.
    • Golgo and Cyrus don't really have an opinion of him, though the former reminds him of his silent but stalwart teammate Bark. There's a bit of professional respect, yes, but they don't really show it even the rare times they interact.
  • Treasure hunting. Nack has tried multiple times to break into the Treasures to claim what it contained. Fortunately, the security is too tight so he hasn't ben able to infiltrate it no matter how many times he has tried. It's basically a routine thing for him at this point.
    • He has met and chatted with various other treasure hunters in the Pantheon. Indy doesn't really like him much, Lara is annoyed at his passes at her, Fang just ignores him, and Yuna is amazed by how much of a good shot he is. Firefights have become commonplace in Nack's life because of this.
  • Nack is also quite capable of defending himself in close-combat, notably utilizing a fighting style involving his tail and his legs. He prefers to keep himself at a distance, though, as that means less chance of getting hurt.
  • He threw the entire House of Beasts for a loop due to being a "wolf-weasel" (half-wolf, half-weasel). Many of the animal handlers of that house questioned him about how he came to be, to which he simply shrugged, hopped on the Marvelous Queen, and flew off at top speed.
  • Despite his professionalism, Nack has unfortunately gained the attention of a particular vigilante: Garrus. It doesn't help that the latter is also a crack shot, but what makes matters worse is that Nack once tried to take something precious to him. Even if it was mercenary work, Garrus won't forgive him and has vowed to take him down no matter what.

House of Weapons, Sub-house of Ranged Weapons

Undyne, The Goddess Who Takes On Any Challenge (The Undying, strongfish91)
Art by Dogbomber
  • Rank: Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Godess as "The Undying")
  • Symbol: Her spear
  • Theme Song: NGAHHH!, Spear of Justice (Battle), Battle Against A True Hero ("The Undying")
  • Alignment: Between Lawful Good and Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Never backing down from a challenge, Flame-colored hair (with matching personality), Being a fish-woman, Made of magic, Summoning spearsof water, Battle enthusiasm, Negigible armor, Being an awesome lesbian, Amazonian warrior, Bad at cooking, (Almost) always smiling, NOT. GIVING. UP., Powered Up Form ("The Undying").
  • Domains: Challenges, Passion, Combat, Weapons.
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship: Tidehunter, Aquaman, Rikuo.
  • Rivals: The entirety of the Houses of Combat! and Weapons, Ornstein.
  • Friendly Rivals: Pyrrha Nikos, Cu Chulainn, Maka Albarn/Soul Evans, Shirou Emiya.
  • Enemies: Omnicidal Maniacs
  • Undyne ascended only because of Papyrus, as he had remained in contact with her even after his own ascension. He off-handedly mentioned how awesome it was to be a god and expressed doubt that she would ever get into the Pantheon. She did.
  • Undyne hardly ever spends time in her own temple, instead preferring to wander around the Pantheon trying to pick fights with the various deities regardless of their ranking, ability set, or even motivation. There are only a rare few who have seen her "The Undying" form, however.
    • She is found mostly in the Houses of Combat! and Weapons, in order to challenge and duel their respective residents with every ounce of her soul.
  • She was ecstatic when she met the various deities hailing from anime, as she had been told by her girlfriend and Frisk that anime wasn't real. She gushed over each and every single one she met....and then tried to fight them, as she is wont to do.
    • Various shonen anime protagonists (such as Goku, Ichigo, Luffy, Naruto, etc) are at the top of her friend list... though they're also rivals. They get along extremely well despite it, though. It helps that they share certain traits. Also, that they care about their loved ones to the point of being willing to give their lives for them.
    • That said, various shonen anime antagonists (such as Friza, Cell, Aizen, etc) are enemies to her. She doesn't hold anything personal against them (heck, she was fine with trying to help her king achieve a goal similar to some of theirs), she simply opposes them out of necessity.
  • Like Sans before her, she holds a special animosity for those who murder others remorselessly. Epecially those who harm children.
  • She has gotten on Pyrrha Nikos' good side for disregarding her celebrity status and taking her seriously as a fellow amazonian spear wielder/hurler. Although good friends, their rivalry is one of the fiercest - Pyrrha is exceptionally skilled and Undyne doesn't possess any metal (she long discarded her armor and her spears are made of solidified water) that can be manipulated. Additionally, Pyrrha has asked Undyne for relationship advice many times.....which isn't any good.
  • She has gotten herself into countless competitions with Shirou Emiya, to see who can manifest and hurl more of their respective weapon. There is no clear winner, as both always tire out simultaneously. Every. Single. Time. They also have bonded through cooking, although Undyne isn't exactly the best cook.
    • Relevantly, Undyne is no longer allowed within 50 yards of the House of Food. Unlike Papyrus before her, when she was offered a chance to improve her skill at cooking.....well, let's just say it took days to put the fires out.
  • Strangely enough, despite her personality, Undyne is unerringly hospitable to those who visit her whenever she's actually at her place. Even if she's not extremely fond of the person, she will treat them with the utmost respect until they leave.
    • Terumi has taken advantage of this countless times, inviting himself into her temple and messing with her sword collection (none are legendary or cursed, of course) countless times. She absolutely HATES him but will treat him well regardless. This has invariably earned her the favor of Zeus, who is absolutely impressed that such a volatile creature does justice to his oft-forgotten domain.
  • She has designated herself as Murky's older sister figure since meeting him, vowing to protect him and to help him fulfill his revenge (she's not outright against killing humans in general, but will spare those who are innocent). This has also made her an odd friend in the form of Tidehunter.
  • Although she doesn't live in an aquatic or even oceanic environment, Undyne gets along strangely well with Aquaman and Rikuo. She considers them good friends, even if they don't share her boisterous tendencies. Papyrus thought the latter was a distant relative of hers.
  • She is known as Undyne the Undying in her powered up form. She has been compared to both Nagash the Undying and Undying due to this, but she is neither undead nor a skeleton (she knows them through the Bone Brothers, however).
  • Due to her granted title, she is compared to The Chosen Undead and The Bearer of the Curse. They.....actually get along, strangely enough. Always up to taking on any challenge issued to them.
    • She has also been compared to Dragonslayer Ornstein by virtue of their respective suits of armor being nearly identical. Undyne still has hers but prefers not to wear it most of the time, though an aspect of it does appear on her when she's in her Undyne the Undying form. She does see the resemblance, but is only interested in his skill at slaying dragons.

House of Personality, Sub-house of Characterization

    Axel, B.D. Joe, Gena, & Gus 
Axel, B.D. Joe, Gena, and Gus. Heralds of Crazy Driving
Left to right: Axel, Gena, Gus, B.D. Joe

House of Travel, Sub-house of Riding and Control

Clockwork, The Chronologically Displaced God (CW, Ghost of Time, Master of Time)
Clockwork's appearance shifts between the above three
  • Rank: Overdeity
  • Symbol: A golden gear with a purple center that bears the bright blue letters C and W overlapping each other vertically
  • Alignment: Somewhere between Lawful Neutral and Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Mastery of time (including stopping it, slowing it down, and traveling through it), Not existing normally in the flow of time (his appearance even rapidly shifts between ages at random), having knowledge of everything that was/is/will be/could be, Perceiving the flow of time differently than most, Having unlimited power but mostly doing nothing with it, Intending well and ensuring a good future for all no matter what, Overseeing all of time and stepping in to interfere when necessary, Being the ghost of time (with the expected powers)
  • Domains: Time, Good Futures, Ghosts, Responsibility, Knowledge, Existence, Time Travel
  • Allies: Danny Phantom, Yuyuko, Youmu, Casper, Nozdormu, The Doctor, [[Pantheon/ Trunks Brief]], [[Pantheon/ Doctor Emmet Brown]], Koume Shirasaka, Bill & Ted, Chronos, [[Pan Dialga]], Knight Gundam
  • Opposed by: The Ghostbusters
  • Pities: Sans, Oyashiro, Silver, Gasper
  • Conflicting Opinion: Nozdormu, [[Pantheon/ Dio Brando]]
  • No Comment: [[Pantheo Homura]]
  • Complicated Relationship: The Bride
  • Enemies: [[Pantheon Dark Danny]], Mephiles, Xehanort (and all his incarnations), Flowey, [1], Bernkastel, Ex, Yuno
  • Clockwork was perfectly fine with just chilling in his fortress in the Ghost Zone, watching over time, when he was given notice of ascension to the Pantheon proper. Upon taking his place in his temple, a very convincing replica of said fortress, he merely gave a mysterious smile and proclaimed...
    Clockwork: "I will do what must be done, as all other things."
  • He gets along well enough with other ghostly deities, being on good terms with most of the House of Ghosts (good terms here meaning he is perfectly tolerant of them insofar as he has no reason to reject them). Certain evil phantasms, not the least of which is Dark Danny, on the other hand....
    • Danny Fenton has come to request his advice and assistance many times, especially with regards to his evil future self. He was not very accommodating, instead speaking to the young halfa in riddles.
    CW: "Inevitability, though terrifying, can also be quite comforting. Time can be cruel, taking everything you hold dear, but it can also be generous, giving you much needed insight and preparation."
    • Casper, in particular, is completely smitten with him. It helps that he isn't interested in scaring others, though his social skills aren't all that great either. Still, the Friendly Ghost considers him a friend and looks up to him as a sort of elder-figure.
  • Many have tried to kill him, but with his mastery of time and its state he has never suffered even a scratch. Some believe that he is truly immortal, incapable of dying so long as the concept of time exists, and his confidence helps that image. Save for a very rare few in the Pantheon: all who are capable of destroying time itself.
    • He is very wary of Mephiles the Dark for this exact reason: Mephiles is, was, and will be a being seeking to reunite with his other half to become Solaris, the Time Eater. This is one of the few beings that Clockwork will go out of his way to interfere with, as he genuinely does not want such an end (regardless of whether or not it is fated to happen)
      • This came as a total shock to The Powers That Be, as almost no other deity aside from Mephiles himself had shown to have a complete knowledge of the events involving Solaris. For his part, Clockwork merely gave a coy smile and made a very cryptic remark.
    CW: "Most others see time as a parade, moving in sequence on a linear path. I see the parade from above, all the twists and turns it might or might not make."
    • Another individual who tried to end him was The Bride/Beatrix Kiddo, who upon hearing his voice thought he was Bill. Of course, Clockwork knew she would confront him and set things right. She doesn't trust him and is at least on neutral terms with him. The Pantheon dreads the day that Bill himself is ascended.
  • Although they are allied, Nozdormu had quite the talk with CW upon his ascension. It was mostly in regards to how he pushed his responsibility over Dark Danny onto him, even manipulating Dan's ascension accordingly. Of course, they both knew that he would one day ascend anyway and The Timeless One was simply irritated at how CW went about it.
  • He has a bit of a strained relationship with The Ghostbusters. On one hand they have tried to capture him many times, on the other hand he has made it clear to them that he means no harm and is merely just trying to watch over time to ensure its stability. They've since stopped trying to catch him, but still don't completely trust him.
    • Trunks Brief is considered an underling to him by virtue of being a member of the Time Patrol. They're on good, if mostly professional, terms and have collaborated a few times on certain chronological distortions.
  • It needs to be clarified that he has absolutely no issue with anyone capable of Time Travel, so long as they try to avoid altering events from what they should have been (unless that would result in something genuinely better for anyone). In fact, he is on very good terms with deities like Bill & Ted, The Doctor, and even Doctor Emmet L. Brown and has been known to offer to take them anywhen they wish to go from time to time.
    • That said, even with all of his knowledge he can sympathize for certain individuals who have had bad experiences with what is perceived as "chronospacial shenanigans". These include Sans (who was forced to suffer with the knowledge that he was at the mercy of an entity capable of screwing with his verse's timelines) and Oyashiro (though only because of how she was later perceived by her own worshippers).
  • His original status as keeper and watcher (perhaps even overseer) of time has caused quite a lot of confusion since his ascension due to the presence of many deities who are personifications and embodiments of time itself. He had to clarify
    CW: "It's true that my duty is to watch over time and ensure its prosperity, but that doesn't mean I have to babysit all of those who are time manifest in their respective universes."
  • The one deity he absolutely refuses to remark upon or deal with in any capacity is Homura Akemi. Nobody is sure why, and only those deities with close connections to time manipulation are even remotely aware of what transpired between them. Homura herself refuses to comment and is known to deliver a time-stopped beating to anyone who pushes the subject.
    • Although he was once a follower of Dio, he doesn't actually see eye-to-eye with the vampiric time-stopper. He doesn't outright oppose him, but would prefer not to deal with him more than he must.
  • He gave Knight Gundam quite the lecture not too long after his ascension, but ultimately relented in agreeing that the latter's actions were for a noble cause. CW, however, warned Knight Gundam to be more cautious of his chronological shenanigans from now on.
    • Ex, on the other hand, is high on his list of Zero Tolerance deities. CW does NOT like what the former has become and would be more than willing to undo him if he were ever asked to.
  • Bernkastel attempted to troll him one day after hearing about him. The particulars of this encounter are unknown, but she now fears him and avoids him like the plague. His only response when questioned about this? A coy smile and the following:
    CW: "She now knows just where she stands in the grand structure of time."

House of Time and Space, Sub-house of Time Placement

    The Human Child 
The Human Child/Frisk, Divine Avatar of Golden Endings (All: The Human, Toriel: My Child, Sans: Kid, Buddy, Pal, Fan Nickname: Pasi-Frisk )

House of Gaming, Sub-house of Gameplay

    Death the Nephilim 
Death, God of Damage-Negating Mobility (Horseman, The Pale Rider, Rider of the Pale Horse, The Reaper, The Executioner, The Kinslayer)
Click to see Death's Reaper Form 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A stylized horse head (shared with his siblings), The symbol on his shoulder (personally his)
  • Theme Song: Death Brings Hope, The Guardian, Death VS War (Shared with War)
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Absolute loyalty to his siblings)
  • Porfolio: Damage-negating mobility, Pale Horseman of the Apocalypse, Concern for siblings, Numerous names, Doing what is/was necessary, Relishing of carnage, Killing as art, Sinister white mask, Transforming Scythe, Great destruction, The Grim Reaper, Powerful leadership, Equal talent with arms and magic, Necromancy, Dislikes shirts, Instruments of death, The Pale Horse (Despair),
  • Domains: Balance, Betrayal, Combat, Death, Destruction, Murder
  • Allies: Death of the Endless, Death the Horseman, Lelouch Vi Britannia, Byakuya Kuchiki, Switzerland, Edward Elric, Sans, The Human Child/Frisk
  • Rivals: Gig, The Reaper, Kenpachi Zaraki, Yoruichi Shihoin, Death (Discworld), Death the Kid, Thanatos
  • Commonality Connection (necessary extinction): [[pointless Uchiha Itachi]], Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Complicated Relationship: Yu Narukami, Minato Airsato, Minako Arisato
  • Respected by: Dhuum, Lucifer, Akeno Himejima, The entire Imperium of Man
  • At Arm's Length: The Greater Fiends, Lobo
  • Enemies: Eric Draven, Sousuke Aizen, Sicily, The Nephalems, PHAZON, Dark Samus, The Angel and Demon sub-houses - and EVERY angel and demon across the Pantheon, YHVH
  • Death is a bit of an oddity in the Pantheon. The details of his ascension are unknown, but it is well-documented that he was sought out due to the tales of his past feats. Although he had seemingly met his demise upon his heroic feat of trading the lives of his kin for those of mankind, he found himself in the halls of the Pantheon and was quickly given a title.
    Death: "A god? Well, I suppose I can await my inevitable summons for the End War."
  • Eric Draven dislikes him due to his voice. Conversely, Death was only slightly amused to meet yet another Draven.
    • He considers the other Draven to be a buffoon of the highest order. That said, the arrogant showman is rather amusing in his execution style at the very least.
  • Death has an unconditional respect for his contemporaries, the two embodiments of Death (The Horseman of Death and Death of the Endless). The former, strangely enough, empathizes with the nephilim's role and commends his resolve to do what must be done for universal cohesion. The latter sympathizes with the nephilim and is openly friendly to him (much to his chagrin).
    Death: "Death takes on many forms, and has innumerable charges, but we are all ultimately one and the same across the vast multiverse."
  • This Death has an unwanted rivalry with many other Grim Reapers and Reaper-types in the pantheon, though he can at least get along with the former due to similar roles. The latter, however, grate on his nerves with their presumptuousness.
    Death: "The Reaper is meant to be the centerpiece of the scale measuring the balance between life and death, it is not a role that should be taken lightly!"
  • Although he meets the criteria to be on Dhuum's shitlist, The Inevitable Death does not seek his demise. When questioned on the matter, Dhuum only had one thing to say.
    Dhuum: "The Pale Rider has Dhuum's respect for genuinely intending to give his life for another's. Also, cosmic balance."
  • As his own universe's Rider of the Pale Horse, Death has a rather.....complex relationship with Yu Narukami, Minato Arisato, and Minako Arisato. This is due to one of their personas being known as "Pale Rider". Of course they don't confuse him for said persona, but they are far too curious about him for their own good. Death holds an unconditional respect for them, and even relates to Yu's protectiveness as an older sibling.
    • Further, he has a very....strained relationship with The Greater Fiends, as they are alternate universe versions of him and his siblings, being Horsemen of the Apocalypse in their own right. He has no quarrel with them but is not exactly eager to associate with them for any reason. His role is that of an Enforcer of Balance, after all.
  • Although he holds no personal disdain for Lucifer, the lord of chaos highly respects him for intending to sacrifice himself to revive humanity, even if it was only to clear his brother's name. Death is a bit knowledgeable about his own universe's Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness, but knows better than to confuse the two.
    Death: "I am well aware of the irony of The Reaper giving of himself to restore humanity, Morningstar. Almost as ironic the Lightbringer casting darkness upon the heavens in the name of rebellion."
  • The mass slaughtering of all but three of his kind (War, Strife, and Fury joined him) that he led, which earned him his "Kinslayer" nickname, has made him an enemy of all Nephilim whether born of angelic/demonic unions or made as such. A rare few of them are willing to forgive him for his sacrifice of his fellow Nephilim to give humanity another chance in his universe, but most refuse to give him any chance. Akeno is of particuler interest, as she respects his decision to choose humanity over his his kin.
    Death: "The Third Kingdom's end was undeserved, as such I would have chosen them even if my brother was not punished unfairly for it."
  • Death holds a bit of respect for other older brothers in the pantheon besides Yu who would do anything to protect their younger siblings, including but not limited to: Lelouch Vi Britannia, Byakuya Kuchiki, Edward Elric, Switzerland, and Sans.
    Death: "It is only natural to want to protect your younger brothers and sisters. Even if they don't desire it."
  • He is also the natural enemy of Phazon, as it is the current deity of Corruption, which he fended off in his own universe by slaying its champion (his former brother). This extends to Dark Samus, as well as anyone else who embodies or is tainted by Corruption.
  • He has also been relentlessly compared to others who have orchestrated or at least participated in the annihilation of their own kind/kin. Itachi greatly respects him for being willing to eradicate his Nephilim brothers and sisters for the sake of his universe, and Death respects him in turn for caring so much about his brother (it helps that both were willing to cause their respective siblings pain and trauma in order to help them improve). Shadow doesn't care much for him, though he also has a subtle respect for the black hedgehog after hearing about how he wiped out the Black Arms that he had been created from.
    Death: "I have no interest in being a part of such a collective, least of all to be made to wear some form of coat of identification."
    • He is not fond of Lobo. At all. Not only did Lobo wipe out his own kind just for kicks, but he has no consideration for the cosmic balance. Death has sworn that if Lobo ever crossed paths with him he would make sure that the intergalactic bounty hunter would be put down. For good.
    Death: "There is no vision, no grace, no substance to the death he brings! It is all so shallow and meaningless!"
  • Due to the sheer number of deities bearing the same name as him, it has recently been decided that this Death will be referred to with the epithet "The Nephilim" to distinguish him from the rest.
  • After the ascension of The Human Child/Frisk, he received a visit from them while they were accompanied by The Bone Brothers. They became quite enamored with him, much to his chagrin. This was because they had heard of how he sacrificed the souls of his own kin in order to resurrect humanity to erase his brother's alleged crime.
    Death: "Admittedly, the human child has managed to accomplish great things with but a meek soul, a strong heart, and boundless determination. I would like to see what more the little one can achieve."
  • Death the Nephilim, despite Lucifer's protests, eventually sought an audience with one who called himself The Lord. He has sworn YHVH as an enemy that must be removed for the sake of the balance, lest the entire multiverse suffer for it. His reason?
    Death: "I would overturn any fate that displeases me, even if it is proclaimed by The Creator's imposter"
  • Due to the recent ascension of his brother, War the Nephilim, Death the Nephilim's full power as one of the Four Horsemen has been awakened and his rank has been updated to reflect as such.
  • Initially, The God-Emperror of Mankind adored him for damning the souls of his own kin so that the souls of humanity could have another chance. And Death the Nephilim didn't mind so much. But after his brother, War the Nephilim, ascended, there wasn't even a choice in whom he would ultimately aid. The Four Horsemen are family, after all.

House of Combat, Sub-house of Combat Other

    War The Nephilim 
War, God of Clearing One's Name (Horseman, The Red Rider, Rider of the Red Horse)
Click to see War's Chaos Form 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A stylized horse head (shared with his siblings), The mark on his forehead (personally his)
  • Theme Song: Darksiders Theme, War's Theme, Death VS War (Shared with Death)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Absolute loyalty to his siblings)
  • Portfolio: Clearing his name, Red Horseman of the Apocalypse, Disabled and deep-voiced badassery, Prosthetic arms that pack a punch, Awesome hoods, Luminescent featureless eyes, Relishing battle, Brilliant battle-strategy, Chaoseater wielded one-handed, Being the youngest but largest sibling, Being insanely tough and nigh-unstoppable, CHAOS, Honorable to a fault, Great destruction, Armaments of war, Slow but immensely strong, Blade Geysers, The Red Horse (Ruin)
  • Domains: Balance, Chaos, Combat, Destruction, Honor, Revenge, War
  • Allies: His brother Death, his other brother Strife, his sister Fury, Archer, Bahamut, The Human Child(Frisk), Papyrus, Sans, Toriel, Asgore Dreemurr, Roger Thornhill
  • Opposed by: The entire Imperium of Man, other deities who adore/protect humanity, Yuji Sakai
  • Rivals: Dante, Nero, Gaara, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Akihiko Sanada, Illidan Stormrage, Kain Highwind, Undyne, Kratos, Ares
  • Respects: His brother Death, Asura, The Human Child
  • At Arm's Length: Luke Skywalker, Skips, The Greater Fiends
  • Its Complicated: The Nephalems, Akeno Himejima, Sicily
  • Conflicting Opinion: Lucifer, Ren Hakuryuu, Enrico Pucci, Shinji Ikari
  • Enemies: All who threaten Creation, Death (Final Destination), War the Embodiment, Tiamat, The Joker, Dhuum The Angel and Demon sub-houses - and EVERY angel and demon across the Pantheon, YHVH
  • After much time, and undertaking a quest that The Charred Council had no intention of rewarding with a pardon, one which he ultimately only succeeded in by giving his life, War was granted a place in the Pantheon as the ultimate scion of those who clear their name of wrongdoing. It should be noted that the reason he was chosen above most others is that even his older brother, Death, went to extreme lengths to prove him innocent, which ultimately culminated in the Executioner resurrecting humanity to erase the alleged crime he was punished for.
  • One of the first few deities War met upon his ascension was the enigmatic Servant who prefers to be called Archer, one who has shared his position of enforcer (though War works on a much larger scale). That they sound similar and have similar attitudes (that is, being rather serious and brooding at times) only makes things more interesting.
  • Lucifer is a rather polarizing individual, especially with regards to War's temperament. On the one hand, they both strive for chaos and allowing choice....on the other hand, however, War is just as likely to treat someone with fairness as he is to be ruthlessly brutal.
    War: "Do not be deceived by my actions, Lightbringer. I serve the balance, and the chaos and mayhem I cause is for the sake of keeping tyranny and oppression in check."
    • For that matter, a great many of the deities known to have averted or cut short Armageddon are apprehensive of him regardless of his innocence. Yuji Sakai lamented that he was not able to cancel the End War, though War has repeatedly reassured the boy that his End War was unavoidable. Shinji Ikari doesn't like him much, though he does admit knowing the feeling of being blamed for causing the end of the world and humanity (even if it IS rebooted and he's not always aware of the exact details).
  • When a certain other horseman sharing his title sought him out and attempted to manipulate him, said horseman was surprised to find that War was not susceptible to his influence. The former was then sent packing by the latter, who would have slain him if not for the interference of Death the Nephilim. War the Nephilim despises any who make use of underhanded tactics, such as what War the Embodiment employed, and has made it clear that things will not be pretty if they ever crossed paths again.
    • From then on everyone in the Pantheon has taken to calling this one "War the Nephilim", which he doesn't seem to mind much, if at all.
    • He also has an odd rivalry with Kratos, the God of War, and Ares, The Most Reviled War God, as he is also a being that represents war. War the Nephilim, however, insists that he is more of an exceptionally talented combatant than an embodiment of conflict though that doesn't stop him from taking them on.
    War: "The God of War and the Much Despised War God are very satisfying opponents. Even Chaoseater is eager to face them again and again."
  • The Sentient Cosmic Force known as Death has it out for him due to him having cheated death not once, not twice, but 'three times in his lifetime. Even being the younger sibling of one of its aspects, the God of Damage-Negating Mobility, is not enough to spare him from being on its/his list. War doesn't really care about this, instead wishing only to act in accordance with the Cosmic Balance.
    War: "I serve The Balance. If Death wishes to take my life to that end then it is welcomed to try."
  • He is also at odds with Dhuum, as he has cheated death repeatedly. Though they weren't all by his own intent. The Inevitable Death respects him as he does his brother, but is still intent on making him meet his maker.
    Dhuum: "Dhuum doesn't care if brother Death saved him! The Inevitable Death comes for him!"
    War: (With a coy smirk) "Dhuum will come, and he will try."
  • Upon learning that there was a Tiamat in the Pantheon, War went to investigate. He was surprised to find not a Bat Queen but a Goddess of Evil Dragons, and promptly challenged her with the intention of slaying her. He was barely unable to defeat her, though he did earn the respect and blessing of the God of Good Dragons for this endeavor. He intends to challenge her again anyway. His brother, Death, is not amused.
  • He has become extremely wary of Luke Skywalker and Skips due to them sounding very similar to The Watcher that tormented him while he was under The Charred Council's control. The Joker, too, sounds similar but has earned War's genuine enmity for being twisted and depraved unlike the previous two.
  • Similarly to his brother, Death, War isn't on the best of terms with the various nephilim due to his part in the eradication of his own brethren. However, unlike Death, War isn't outright hated by them and he even bears most of them no ill will so long as they aren't trying to wipe out everything else in the multiverse.
    • He is actually respectful and considerate to Akeno Himejima of The Occult Research Club, despite the fact that she would rather have nothing to do with him. He is fine with this, as he has more pressing matters to attend to. Like getting back at Tiamat for his defeat at her claws.
  • Furthermore, many deities who are fond of or sworn to stand by humanity have denounced War as an enemy of mankind. The Human Child (Frisk) is an exception, as they have befriended him and have earned his respect for their utter determination. This friendship has also made him an ally of The Skeleton Brothers, the child's adoptive mother, the formerly underground monster king, and even earned him a friendly rival in the former captain of the royal guard of previously mentioned former king. The God- Emperor of Mankind has absolutely no love for him and has commanded the entire Imperium of Man to attack him on sight.
    War: (With a confident smile): "I look forward to seeing what The Third Kingdom is truly capable of."
  • Many deities who were falsely accused of wrongdoings, however, regard him with total empathy. Roger Thornhill is one such deity, though War doesn't really have an opinion of him.
  • As he is currently in prime form to take on all celestial and infernal beings, he is an enemy of EVERY angel and demon across the Pantheon.
    • Malthael, The Silent Angel, is a particularly despised adversary, as War can not abide by his crusade against free will.
    War: "The Creator did not want mindless puppets, incapable of thinking for themselves!"
    • There are a few examples that he has deemed to be tolerable, whom he would only fight if absolutely necessary. The angel Flonne he has deemed as mostly harmless if far too obsessed with the concept of love. The Occult Research Club (Rias Gremory, Akeno Himejima, Koneko Toujou, Yuuto Kiba, Asia Argento, Xenovia Quarta, Irina Shidou, Issei Hyodo) proved themselves worthy of both his respect and consideration - the latter of which only meaning he will refrain from antagonizing them - as they genuinely wish to establish harmony/peace between the denizens of the heavens and the hells.
  • Contrary to popular belief, he does NOT have a positive opinion of The Great Will, YHVH. When questioned about why he would ever oppose The Lord, he will only say the following:
    War: "The Great Will is NOT The Creator. His only aim is for a world dominated by his law only."
    • He's not actually sure how to feel about one of YHVH's devout followers, Enrico Pucci. The priest DID cause the end of his world, though he did force it to be rebooted into one which he would prefer - there was balance in that action. His belief in YHVH, however, is a point of contention for the Nephilim. War wants to respect him, but he can't condone those whom he aids.
  • Unexpectedly, he has become sympathetic to Ren Hakuryuu, in whom he can see his own struggles with family, power, and even friendships. He was even empathetic to the young warrior's motivation, which mirrored his own reasoning during his quest to clear his name. In fact, they would be friends if not for their vastly different goals.
    War: "Sometimes duty must be cast aside to do what must be done. But I cannot allow anyone to destroy all of Creation."
  • Has a place in both the House of Popularity and the House of Philosophy

House of Popularity, Greater God / House of Philosophy, Sub-house of Goals


My reworked deities

     Travis Touchdown 
Travis Touchdown, The Unlikeable but Humorous God of Heroic Sociopaths (The Crownless King, The No More Hero)
  • Theme Song: N.M.H.
  • Lesser God (Intermediate possible through Dark Side
  • Symbol: The Blood Berry (pictured)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Anime obsession, Random Power Spikes, Sweet rides that reference Star Wars, Rising to the top of the ranking ladder, Not even bothering with the fourth wall, Variable beam katanas, Tiger symbolism, Wrestling fanatic, Developing into a proper anti-hero
  • Domains: Knowledge, Lust, (Anti-)Heroism
  • Herald: Shinobu (self-appointed apprentice)
  • Allies: Bret Hart, Rey Mysterio, Asura, Scott Pilgrim, Luke Skywalker, Dead[[Pantheon/meh pool]] (On a good day), Konata Izumi, Niko Bellic.
  • Rivals: Kenpachi Zaraki, all Humongous Mecha and their pilots, all Kaiju (especially Godzilla)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Carrot Ironfoundersson, Kratos
  • Friendly Rival: Undyne
  • Enemies: Mr. Freeze, Pearl Forrester, Steven Armstrong, Gohma Vlitra
  • Worthy Opponent: Raiden, Henry Cooldown
  • Travis's ascension was rather.....unconventional. He ascended due to paying his way in, after amassing enough funds to requisition a battle with some unimportant god. Said deity's sound defeat was enough for Travis to be deified. His first words upon ascension?
  • Travis is an avid wrestling fan, and so he has befriended and allied with many wrestlers in the Pantheon who can stand him. He's even had a few unofficial matches to seal the deal! While he was quite capable already from his time before godhood, his exhibitions with wrestling's greatest have served to make him a much more superior master of suplexes, chokeholds, special moves and pins.
    • Rey Mysterio instantly hit it off with Travis when the latter first approached him. Their friendship was only solidified when Travis offered him one of his spare beam katanas after Rey showed him his sword collection. Travis has since vowed to personally help the collection grow, causing countless other gods to shiver in distress.
      • Travis had a fangasm regarding the presence of the Masked Luchador out of them all, El Santo, in the pantheon. He had such a hard time keeping it together when he went to get Santo's autograph. That was one of the happiest days of Travis's godly life.
  • He eventually gained the attention of Asura due to having sworn revenge on the UAA for what the did to him and his fellow ranked assassins. They became allies when Travis also vowed to help Asura destroy the Gohma Vlitra for good.
  • Scott is also good friends with Travis. This was after they had gotten to talking one day over lunch, after they had caused a scene over a misunderstanding. They had a lot in common. Both are huge geeks who challenged and defeated numerous opponents for the sake of a girl they liked, they have a habit of breaking the 4th wall on a regular basis, and they both grew out of being supreme dickwads to settling for almost decent heroes. They're still kind of jerks, though.
  • Had a mecha in the mortal realm known as the "Glastonberry" that he had to scrap for funds. After working at it a bit he eventually managed to scrounge up enough funding to have it rebuilt for his personal use in the Pantheon. He uses it to challenge larger than life opponents.
  • Shockingly, he managed to successfully hold his own against Raiden in a duel. The fight had drawn the attention of the entire House of Justice but since no damage was done (and because the fight itself was so awe-inspiring) he was let off with just a warning. He now considers Raiden a Worthy Opponent and has begun to train for their eventual rematch. He's still a little uncomfortable about him sounding remarkably like his older twin brother.
    • Speaking of his brother, Henry regularly seeks him out to fight with him. Somehow this happens every time Travis is in a compromising position. Henry lets him finish before they start dueling, though.
      • Related, but Travis has also been forced to duel Kenpachi Zaraki numerous times. He never wins, but he gets closer each time. Zaraki is gleeful of the idea of Travis's potential to be a better challenge for him.
  • There are many, many goddesses in the Pantheon he lusts over, not the least of which are primarily located in the House of Lust. However, he never makes any advances on them. This is both due to having a thing for Sylvia Christel and the following:
  • Travis despises everyone who takes advantage of others to use their shortcomings for their own gain. This made him a natural enemy of Senator Steven Armstrong, who took advantage of desperate mercenaries in his crusade.
  • Due to their shared love of anime, he and Undyne get along. On the same lines, Travis is absolutely smitten with Konata.

House of Ambiguity, Sub-house of Anti-HEROES

    Henry Cooldown 
Henry Cooldown, God of Duel Bosses (Henry, Mister Sir Henry Motherfucker)
  • Lesser God
  • Theme Music: We Are Finally Cowboys
  • Symbol: The Cross Sword (pictured)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Improbably designed but awesome beam katana, Separated-at-birth twin, Entering with a bang, Not bothering with the fourth wall, Impeccably dressed assassins, Boss fought one-on-one, sophisticated as fuck, Screwing with his brother
  • Domains: Duels, Bosses, Assassination
  • Allies: Raiden, Luke Skywalker, Lea, Switzerland, Dante, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Solid Snake, Squall Leonhart
  • Rivals: Travis Touchdown, Cloud Strife, Vergil Sparda
  • Enemies: Johan Liebert, Airy, Solidus Snake, Handsome Jack, Albert Wesker, Vanitas
  • Henry ascended not long after he had a long and epic duel with his brother Travis in the middle of the Pantheon. Several deities had attempted to stop the clash but both Travis and Henry rebuffed every interloper so that they could attempt to settle who was better once and for all. There was no clear winner, as they were both evenly matched, and Henry was granted his title.
  • Even though they are evenly matched and fought to a standstill he pretends to be much classier than Travis even despite being arguably worse than him. He just can't admit that his younger twin brother is his equal. Every time they cross paths a duel is sure to occur, and he even likes to go out of his way to pick fights with the Crownless King...
  • He has met and dueled Raiden and Lea, whom strangely enough sound just like him. He is very amused by this fact and has gotten to know them, even befriending them to a degree. Even though they get along, they do still get into altercations from time to time.
  • He's extremely cautious of and wary of Airy, who reminds him of Mimmy. He does everything in his power to stay as far away from her as possible. Upon hearing about this, Travis began mocking him for it.
  • He has an odd relationship with the Sons of Sparda. While he can appreciate Dante's devotion to his trade and killing of things that deserve to die, he has more in common with Vergil as they are both the more cool and composed older twin brothers to their irrational and even irresponsible siblings. Vergil, of course, never allows himself to be compared to a lowly human. A shockingly long duel between the two ensued, which was interrupted when both Travis and Dante came across them, thus diverting their attention away from each other.
  • Handsome Jack grates on his nerves more than almost any other god in the Pantheon. This is because of just how petty and boastful the guy is, especially despite the fact that there are clearly superior people like himself. Henry is not only stronger than him but a much better fighter overall.
  • He once had a duel with the legendary Cloud Strife. Nobody knows why or when, but it ended in a sound defeat for Henry. When asked about it, all he will say is this.
    "It was a good fight, but some things are better left in the dark."
  • He holds Ezio in the highest possible regard, though he can't help but wonder how he can be such an effective assassin despite wearing a bright white cloak that would draw so much attention to him.
    "How does he blend in so well? He gets the job done, though."
  • He dislikes villains of the caliber of Johan Liebert, who tend to over-complicate things. Also, extremely silly looking killers like The Joker and Kefka are on his radar.
    "Look, it ain't happening. I've got fucking standards!"

House of Gaming, Sub-house of Bosses and Enemies

    Beat (Jet Set Radio) 
Beat, God of Unlawful Tagging
  • Demigod
  • Theme Music: Humming the Bassline
  • Symbol: Beat's Logo
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Protagonists with red hair, Useless but SWEET shades, Gloves that don't cover the fingers, Running away from home, Punks who start their own gang after being rejected by every other one, "Netrium"-powered rocket-propelled magnetic skates, Weaponized paint
  • Domains: Crime, Art, Skates
  • Followers: The GG's
  • Allies: Sonic The Hedgehog, Shadow The Hedgehog, NIGHTS, Ecco, Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long, Jaune Arc, Pyrrha Nikos, Lie Ren, Nora Valkyrie
  • Rivals: Shadow The Hedgehog, Subaru Nakajima
  • Its Complicated: Axel, Adam, Blaze
  • Odd Friendship: Mario, The other Beat
  • Respects: Segata Sanshiro
  • Enemies: Metal Sonic, Caleb Goldman, Inspector Javert, Carmelita Fox, Kurtis Stryker, Mr. Burns, Looten Plunder, Nobuyuki Sugou, Copy X
  • Once upon a time in the Pantheon, strange art had been plastered everywhere. Nobody knew where it came from or who had done it....That is, until Beat was caught in the act several days later. After evading capture for several days (during which he tagged the backs of anyone who tried to catch him), he was granted godhood. He doesn't care, though. He's just happy to leave his tags where he can while listening to sweet tunes.
  • He's on extremely good terms with Sonic the Hedgehog, who is one of the few deities to understand his odd mentality (that is, valuing freedom above all else even if it makes him a villain). They sometimes even race, both on foot and in vehicles. Sonic even once wore his clothes
    • Metal Sonic is a point of contention for him. He once had to fight robotic clones of himself and so he really dislikes the Blue Blur's robotic doppelganger. He will lend his aid to the Blue Blur to take down Metal whenever he can. Same goes for Copy X, for the same reason.
    • He is also on relatively good terms with other Sega deities such as
  • Beat likes to spend all of his time not spent on going around spraying graffiti in the House of Music. He really enjoys listening in on all the great tunes and will just dance for hours on end if left to his own devices. Most of the deities there don't mind, they are even glad that he likes their music so much.
  • Not to be confused with the other Beat, the one who thinks with his gut. They're not exactly friends but they aren't on bad terms either. This Beat is perfectly fine with that Beat, and that one is fine with this one so long as he stays away from his sister. They have a mutual understanding.
  • He steers clear of the House of Justice, though most of those deities don't have too much problem with him in the first place and are even willing to overlook his criminal activity (since he usually doesn't hurt anyone). Inspector Javert and Carmelita are hell-bent on catching him and putting him behind bars. Stryker's willingness to use overwhelming force is not unlike Captains Onishima and Hayato (the former of which Inspector Zenigata resembles).
    • He has a very strained relationship with Axel, Adam and Blaze. This is due to the fact that they are fellow under-appreciated SEGA deities yet are on opposite sides of the law. They are more than willing to help in arresting him, but feel an uncomfortable kinship with him. Like Zenigat they're prone to overlooking his shenanigans in favor of focusing more on far worse criminal activities in the Pantheon.
  • He holds a special animosity for all corrupt corporate suits and anyone who would destroy or otherwise suppress artistic liberty and expression. This love for individuality has inadvertently earned him the friendship of both Teams RWBY and JNPR.
    • The ONLY corporate representative that he doesn't dislike and even outright respects is Segata Sanshiro. This is because if not for him, Beat's own existence would never have come to be and so he feels that he owes Sanshiro his life.
  • Although he dislikes authority he is perfectly fine with being in charge, and so has been making strides to either reuniting or recreating the GG's in the Pantheon.
    • The first person he attempted to recruit was Subaru Nakajima, due to her being the Goddess of Skates (something he knows all too well). She turned down his invitation, but offered him her support as an ally.
    • The next individual he tried to recruit was not quite as forthcoming. Shadow the Hedgehog did not appreciate his aggressive approaches and so launched a Chaos Spear at him. Of course, Beat managed to dodge it and after an impromptu race/chase the Ultimate Lifeform declined his offer but agreed to an uneasy alliance.

House of Crime, Demigod

    Dark Danny 
Dark Danny, God of Evil Future Selves (Dan Phantom, Evil Danny, Dark Phantom, Dan Plasmius)
  • Rank: Greater God
  • Symbols: A white Stylized "D" on a black background with a "P" in the center.
  • Alignment: Somewhere between Chaotic Evil and Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Completely off his rocker, Having utter disregard for others, Being an evil future form who despises his past self, Once a hero but no longer, Being a fusion oftwo ghost halves, Unwittingly causing his own Start of Darkness through his loved ones' deaths, Being hated by EVERYONE, Having countless powers, Wearing an awesome but wicked cape, Facial hair that is cool but evil, Speaking in a creepy and dull tone except when gloating and admitting to his evil, Flames for hair, Red eyes of evil, Ghostly Wail
  • Domains: Evil, Bad Futures, Destruction, Chaos, Villains, Death, Depravity
  • Allies: Grandfather Paradox, Spooky, Terumi, Vanitas, Ex,
  • Conflicting Opinion: Kessler, High-Councilor Kal-El
  • Worthy Opponent (one-sided): Akuma
  • Enemies: Danny Phantom, Hisako, Yuyuko, Youmu, The Ghost Busters, Sans, Undyne, Nozdormu, Sora, Kairi, Riku, Terra, Ventus, Aqua, Roxas, Axel/Lea, Xion, Knight Gundam, Coop, Fat Buu, Raiden, Sakura Matou, Hoopa, Rika Furude, Ichigo Kurosaki, Link, Artoria Pendragon, Dust
  • Although captured in the Fenton Thermos by his past self and given to Clockwork, it was inevitable that Dark Danny would one day escape. Of course, Clockwork knew this would happen, and so he had made arrangements for the evil ghost's ascension into the Pantheon where he could be kept in check by the myriad powerful deities present there.
  • Luckily, he has made enough enemies in the Pantheon to keep him distracted from seeking revenge on himself for defeating him and putting him in the Fenton Thermos. However, he has attempted multiple times to confront Danny even if they are intercepted.
  • He is not well liked by many ghostly deities. In fact, the only ones who don't seem to hate him are indifferent to him in general. Most of the Sub-house of Ghosts abhor him for what he did to Casper soon after his ascension. Needless to say, it took quite a while for Casper to recover from the traumatic encounter.
    • Of course The Ghost Busters have made him one of their highest priority targets. They have attempted multiple times to capture him, only for him to slip away with ease. Nobody is quite sure why he didn't try to kill them, but he's not going to give any reasons any time soon.
    • The only ghost in the entire pantheon who actually LIKES him is Spooky. But only because Spooky believes that he is everything a ghost should be: terrifying, ruthless, and completely devoid of compassion. He's willing to tolerate her if only because he needs some place to recoup after his failed attempts to find and destroy his past self.
  • Grandfather Paradox took an odd interest in him. This may have to do with the fact that Dark Danny is actually Danny's evil future self, or that he now exists outside of time. Either way, it makes most of the Pantheon very nervous. Dan doesn't seem to really care.
    • Kessler shares the distinction of being the villainous future self of the (mostly) heroic Cole MacGrath and though he also caused quite a lot of death and destruction for the sake of his future, he wanted to make sure his past self was ready and able to defeat The Beast when it awakened. For this he is at odds with Phantom.
    Dark Danny: "You lost everything you ever loved, and you ran away from it. I get that. But then you went back in time so you could change your past and alter your future!"
    • High-Councilor Kal-El (Regime Superman) is also a point of contention for Dark Danny. On the one hand, this alternate Man of Steel is yet another nasty version of a superhero (Kal-El/Superman) but on the other hand he stands for tyrannical law and justice, both of which Dan could care less about. The Phantom does have a begrudging respect for the sheer amount of damage that Regime Supes can dish out, though.
  • Terumi really, really, REALLY likes Dark Danny. From the fact that he loves destroying and killing everything around him, to the fact that he is a being immersed in such despair that it only made him worse through the years. Terumi can dig that kind of thing, and so has formed an alliance with Phantom. Dan doesn't really dislike Terumi so much as he just doesn't care what he does, so that helps.
    • Speaking of despair, Ex has taken a liking to Phantom due to just how much despair he has caused and experienced. Dan doesn't really care much for Ex's ways, though the Pantheon has been shitting themselves pantsless over the idea of what these three could accomplish if they ever decided to truly cooperate.
  • Nozdormu was originally the one that Clockwork requested to keep an eye on Dark Danny, but has sided fully with Danny against him due to being reminded of his own evil side, Murozond.
    • This goes for any other deity who has/had an evil side or evil version of themselves. Those deities dislike the very idea of his existence and are more than willing to help Danny keep him at bay when necessary.
  • He has found a rather shockingly kindred spirit in Vanitas, as both are the darkest/worst parts of their respective selves (though Dan is from the future).
    Dark Danny: "You. There's not an ounce of light in you, is there? I chose to be what I am now, but you didn't have that option at all."
    • His association with Vanitas made him an enemy of all the KH deities, but ESPECIALLY Sora and Aqua.
  • When Dust learned of his existence there was yet another occurrence not unlike with Casper. Dust learned all too soon that Dan was too consumed by the wretchedness of his Plasmius half to be reasoned with. There is either too little or none of Danny's original heroism to ever result in a friendship between the two merged beings.
    Dust: "I thought I could get through to him because we're similar, but he's too far gone. All that hatred and sorrow, it warped his very being..."
  • Akuma has become a rather fierce and unwanted opponent for Dark Danny ever since the day the two faced off. The bout was devastating to their surroundings, and Akuma attempted the Shun Goku Satsu....but it failed to do anything for some reason. In Dark Danny's own words
    Dark Danny: "That technique attacks the soul, but being a ghost doesn't mean that I have one."

House of Time and Space, Sub-house of Time Placement

    Cole Mac Grath 
Cole MacGrath, God of Multi-Purpose Electricity (The Devil, Electric Man, The Patron Saint of New Marias, The Demon of Empire City, Kessler)
  • Theme Song: Cole MacGrath.
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Amp.
  • Alignment: Starts as True Neutral, and later goes into Lawful Good. (His evil form isn't part of him.)
  • Portfolio: Shock and Awe, Parkour, Creator of Electric Slide, Former Courier, Hero with Bad Publicity, Empowered Badass Normal, Blessed with Suck, Civvie Spandex, Karma Meters, An Ice Person later on
  • Domains: Electricity, Karma, Justice, Ice, Morality.
  • Followers: Eneru.
  • Heralds: Zeke Dunbar, Lucy Kuo and Nix.
  • Allies: Thor, Fate Testarossa-Harlaown, Nathan Drake, Sly Cooper, The TMNT, Ryu, Jin Kazama, Misaka Mikoto, Satori Komeiji
  • Rivals: Alex Mercer, Raiden.
  • Enemies: Kessler, Kratos, Dracula, Polygon Man, Zeus, Ali Al-Saachez.
  • High Priest: Virgil Hawkins (Static Shock).
  • Upon his ascension Cole immediately went to the House of Otherness to settle his rivalry with the god known as Alex Mercer. However, their battle was interrupted by a horde of mutants which the two seem to encounter every time they try to finish what they started. They have grudgingly moved on. Their followers however...
    • In an attempt to settle the rivalry, Yahtzee claimed that the winner will be whoever's creator made the best lingerie for the rival character. Although he meant it as a joke, their creators took up the challenge and Yahtzee was forced to judge the event. MacGrath was ultimately declared the winner because Yahtzee did not want to see MacGrath's thighs and pubes ever again. Plus, Sucker Punch made Mercer enter with a better unicorn.
    • Speaking of rivalries, him and the God of Revengeance, Raiden, have met each other prior to both of their ascensions. While the outcome of their battle is unknown, the two appear to have landed on friendlier terms.
  • In his earlier adventures, he was assisted by the Ninja Turtles during his trips through the sewers. Donny even offered to upgrade his Amp.
  • Him and Nathan Drake have a good friendship, whenever they aren't hanging around at a bar with their fellow All-Stars, they are in in gun fights, even once KO'ing Kratos. (with a little help from Sackboy).
    • Speaking of the All-Stars, during this event, Cole's body was split into to parts, one representing his good heroic side, and the other his Chaotic Evil side. How this happened, no one is certain, most believe that it was the doing of Polygon Man.
  • Having once met Ryu and Jin Kazama in a battle to reach a mysterious object called Pandora, the two were impressed with his combat skills, and are glad to be able to spar with him again.
  • Him and The Cooper Gang are on good terms, especially considering the fact that they share the same creator.
  • Dracula is wary around him, considering he was able to kill Bloody Mary, a legendary vampire. Alucard, the Belmonts, Sypha and Grant have taking a liking to him.
    • Cole does his best to avoid Alucard however. The latter however does otherwise
  • He is fully aware of Kessler's true identity, and thus, attempts to avoid him as much as possible.
  • He has angered Zeus on the account of the fact that "A mortal has gained a mockery of his power", but regardless, Cole is not afraid to take on the God.
  • Outside of Pantheon, Cole was shown to hang around with Misaka Mikoto apparently sharing ideas of their powers to develop their own arsenal. They are like siblings Touma had once said
  • Cole frequently hangs around the House of Technology, often testing out and charging the various machines that run the Pantheon. Just don't give him anything with Gunpowder, unless you're up for some fireworks.
  • He also refuses to talk about his problem with swimming. Has nothing against Percy, Katara, Aang or others that control water personally though, he just avoids them at all costs.
  • After finding out about Cole's ice powers, Deadpool has been getting on his nerves, constantly asking "Do you want to build a snowman?" Cole eventually agreed, but first he visited Polygon Man, who split Cole into his good and evil halves temporarily. Good Cole then created an icy vapour around Deadpool, which Evil Cole shot at with his lightning, flash-freezing Deadpool.
  • Does not like Ali Al-Saachez, especially considering that they share the same Japanese voice.

House of Nature, Sub-house of Fire & Electricity

Quark, Divine Representative of Profit-Driven Peoples
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A stylized Ferengi starship
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Exploitative Management, Untrustworthy Merchants, Necessary Evils, Occasional Flashes of Conscience, Heroically Protective Sons
  • Domains: Wealth, Avarice, Cowardice, Trickery
  • Allies: Worf, Black Mage
  • Enemies: The Gods of Justice
  • Unknown Rival to: Moe Szyslak, Greed
  • Quark's bar is a place where anything and everything can be bought, and where activity skirts just along the edge of the law without quite crossing into illegality.
  • Quark has very few worshipers, as those who would worship such an avaricious deity tend to pray to the gods for wealth, but Quark is not altruistic enough to grant such prayers. As of recent, most of his few regulars have left for either Moe's Tavern in the House of Food or—ironically enough—Greed's bar Stray Dog. Moe's just as crusty, but there's better booze to be had, while Greed's establishment is classier and more honest. The few remaining barflies are those who like the ambience or have business with Quark.

House of Commerce


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