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Pantheon (Reworks)

    Eren Yeager (Awaiting for more info) 
Eren Yeager, God of Seemingly Killed Protagonists (Eren Jaeger, Yeager-bombastic, the Attack Titan/Rogue Titan, the Coordinate, the Suicidal Bastard, Cheese Hamburger Freak, Kruger)
The Attack Titan 
  • Friendly Rivals with: Ira Gamagoori
  • Rival: Velvet Crowe.
  • Opposes: Monstro the Whale, Senator Armstrong, half of House of War
  • Uneasy Relations/Opposed By: Mikasa Ackerman, He-Man, Raiden, Shu Ouma, Kurapika, Flynn, Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya, Makoto Naegi, Shinji Ikari, Meliodas, Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir.
  • Wary of: Lucifer
  • Pities: Bertolt, Annie, Homura Akemi
  • Eren Yeager used to be a part of the House of Hatred for so long due to his massive hatred against the Titans. However as time goes on, he was relieved from that said house due to recent developments in his own homeworld. As such, the Court of the Gods decided to give him a new trope with Our Hero Is Dead since he was seemingly killed after he was devoured by a Titan during his first mission. However, he managed to burst out and killed said Titan from inside after he managed to transform into his Rogue Titan form.
    • He, however, reserves an especially fierce hatred for Ragyo Kiryuin for selling her own to a foreign race, considering how much it resembles actions that other Titan Shifters took. While he keeps himself in check in presence of every other God of this House, he'll always lose his shit in her vicinity. Torquemada, who has similar reaction to her, often aids him in these battles, much to his frustration, as Eren considers Torquemada to not be much better himself.
  • Gets along well with Asura, considering the two have a few similarities in losing a loved member of a family, being easily angered which is hardly a good option for an offender and being able to increase in size and power.
  • Due to a misunderstanding, he took Colossi for a different branch of Titans. Since then, a one-sided hatred began again. This has calmed down over the years as he knew the true nature of titans and actually felt sympathetic to them, even casting aside his one-sided hatred.
  • In an alternate universe, Eren goes to junior high school, likes to eat cheese hamburger steaks, and gets along with his universe's gods. In a hilarious note, both Annie and Mikasa fell for him. As usual, Eren does not notice it, but this makes him questioned his adversity towards the blonde girl.
    • He also formed a band with his friends, called "Attackers". The gods at the House of Music noticed, and invited him to join in jam sessions.
  • Some gods have found that he sounds similar to Hyodo Issei. It doesn't help that some of Issei's haremettes kind of reminds Eren of the people of his own universe, in particular Rias, who is similar to a voice inside his head, namely the voice of Frieda Reiss, and Xenovia, who is similar to Annie.
    • During his training years, Eren accidentally found an erotic book under his bed. Some gods speculated that Issei sent it to him. After seeing his reaction of the said book, the Sekiryuutei was very much amused, and tried to offer him advices about his relationship with girls, especially Mikasa (and after knowing the above matter, to Annie as well).
  • He has found a strange liking to Zeus and even joined him in a few battles against larger opponents. Though they clearly are different from each other in far too many ways to count, they have that one thing that binds them together enough for teamwork to be possible: Their unfathomable hatred for Titans. Of course, Eren is aware that Zeus might just betray him at any moment due to his Titan form, but he is willing to take the chance.
    • While Zeus isn't pleased that Eren stopped his hatred for Titans, he is more amused by the latter betraying his own people.
  • When this came outnote , Eren just got himself another thing to hate. Whether or not it's on the ones who brought it up or the Princess herself is unclear.
  • Due to his powers as a Coordinate, deities that used to trounce him around regard him with a little more caution now that he can casually send Titans at them.
    • Despite that, or perhaps because of it, however, there's been an influx of less-than-savory individuals spotted around the House. They tend to carry out a bound and gagged Eren out of here roughly twice a week.
  • Considers Gamagoori's ascension to be a relief, ever since this happened. It possibly helps that he seems to sound like Keith Shadis, his old training instructor.
  • Shu has become friends with Eren due to having similar voices and ideals for their worldthough he does find Eren braver than he is. Shu even mentioned to Eren a girl (Hare Menjou) who died during his conflict against GHQ, reminding Eren of Annie. At one point during a skirmish battle, Shu used Eren's void that has the ability to become a Titan himself to tun the tide.
  • For some reason, he sometimes hears a bit of Ymir, another former ally and Titan Shifter, in Hatsune Miku. He doesn't understand why, as the two don't seem to have anything in common.
  • Upon hearing that a young blonde strategist had entered the Pantheon, he ran all the way to the House of Power, believing Armin Arlert had been ascended. Much to his disappointment, the new deity wasn't his friend, but some lone Bishōnen called Kurapika. The Kurta did sympathize with his plight, however (after all, he also held a vendetta against the murderers of his family, and he hadn't seen his friends in a long time, either). They're not particularly close, mainly due to Kurapika's aloofness and not-sharing Eren's Blood Knight tendencies, but they're in good terms.
  • He despises Monstro the Whale and sees him as no better than the Titans he fights against. Thus, Eren has vowed to come after the whale once the Titans are gone.
    • This has mellowed down over the years as Eren learns of the true nature of where Titans came from and how they work. While he still despises Monstro for devouring people, the reason for this is more that he's devouring people for no apparent reason.
  • His attack on Marley after the Time Skip in his homeworld horrified many of his allies and friends as he killed many civilians, including children, in the process. When his allies confront him for this act, they were shocked to find that the Eren they once knew has changed. Because of this, he's no longer on speaking terms with them.
    • Eren noted this Double Standard by people calling out to him given that Marley attacked his home country first and killed his mother and hundreds of thousands of civilians in the process. He argued that his attack against them was not only had no other choice since his military did nothing during the four years, but also as a retaliation. Never-mind the fact that there are many other Eldians outside of Paradis are suffering just as much, with Marley being the example.
    • The wedge between Eren and his former allies grew when they heard Eren laughed at Sasha's death and last words in his world. They find his Dissonant Laughter to be highly inappropriate, though some consider this as his coping mechanism, especially since it reminded him of the days when Sasha brought meat just before the Colossal Titan took down Wall Rose.
    • Finally, Eren's way of breaking Mikasa and Armin as well as his decision to cut off his relationship with his friends and the Survey Corps has made his former allies to declare he had gone way too far. Because of this, his former allies now no longer regarded him as an ally but as a potential threat to the entire pantheon. Knowing how powerful he is now, many of his former allies and good deities, especially Grand United Alliance of Good, keep some distance away from him.
      • There had been speculations Eren has his own plans and only broke away from Mikasa and Armin so that they don't interfere what he was about to do. Some believed he might actually wanted to do good while wearing a mask to fool his enemies, while others fear that the plan could be far worse for his world and the pantheon and prepared themselves to stop him if he does. A third group believed he's being controlled by his half-brother and wanted to find ways to snap him back out.
  • On the other hand, he came to sympathise Bertolt and Annie due to him knowing how Marley and Reiner manipulated them into doing these such acts and even compared his actions to theirs. Regardless however, he still view them as enemies, not because of them destroying his home, but because they're just on the other side of the conflict.
  • Eren personally disliked war, referring to it as 'hell', as he himself experienced throughout his years of battles against Titans and humans alike. As such, he opposes people who thinks War Is Glorious and especially against Blood Knights like Senator Armstrong and General Shepard. In spite of this, he continued to fight, reasoning that he have to "keep moving forward".
    • Eren especially opposes Andy, calling him naive and pointing out that he would never go to war had he knew what war is really like.
  • Lucifer became interested in Eren as the latter's ideals and actions align with his ideas of freedom, especially since Attack Titan (one of Eren's titan inside of him) perfectly embodies what he strives for, although he is miffed by the cult that surrounds him. Nevertheless, he sent an invitation for Eren to join his Grand United Alliance of Chaos. It remains to be seen what Eren's next course of action will be, especially since Eren notes that Lucifer in his human form looks uncannily like Willy Tybur.
  • Eren sympathised with Homura Akemi as both were willing to pursue their own goals no matter how selfish it is and how much it will make them monsters in front of their friends.
  • He is not a potato.

    Annie Leonhart (Waiting for her to break out of the ice) 
Annie Leonhart, Goddess of Females Whom Are Deadlier Than Males (Annie Leonhardt, Bitchface McGee, Female Titan)
  • Demigoddess, Intermediate Goddess when in her Titan Form
  • Symbol: Her nose; more seriously, the Military Police's crest
  • Theme Song: Here it is (Warning! Spoilers)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Badass, Dangerous Female, Blood Knight, Emotionless Girl, Glass Cannon, Kick Chick, Lady of War, Pint-Sized Powerhouse, The Stoic, Waif-Fu, Weak, but Skilled
  • Domains: Noses, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Crushing people without mercy
  • Allies: Bertolt Hoover, Colossi, Lucy, Shinobu Sensui and Rau Le Creuset (it's an uneasy alliance at best however)
  • Rival: Mikasa Ackerman
  • Enemies: Humankind, especially the Avengers, Eren Yeager
  • The common misconception of her in pantheon is that she hates humans. This is not true at all. In reality, her mission was to take the coordinate and destroy the island in the process, a mission she thought it was impossible to begin with. She never had ill-will towards humans and can be seen even helping them if she wanted to.
    • She actually hate her world due to the way her father taught her and the fact that she experienced all the hardship that left her more jaded. She even call herself 'a terrible person' after all the crimes she committed. Eren expressed his sympathies towards her as he viewed her situation to be exactly the same as Reiner and not any different.
  • Shortly after her ascension she headed for The House of Hatred in order to search for Eren. Deities that were wise enough moved out of her way. The real reason why she's hunting for Eren is because she wanted to complete the mission she's forced upon so she can get back home to her father.
  • She has an ongoing rivalry with Mikasa Ackerman. They even fought for a place in this pantheon and Mikasa was close to winning but Annie’s titan powers ensured her victory. If the former ever ascended and the two of them met, the pantheon would become hell on earth.
  • Attacking Bertolt Hoover in front of her is a bad idea. People who do so die very painfully.
  • Despite her lone wolf nature, she managed to befriend Lucy since they both hate humans.
    • Annie had since talked more with Lucy's other personalities, Nyuu and Kaede, as it was revealed that she never had hated humans, but more that she hated her world.
  • Has gained an animosity against the Avengers for defeating her in no time flat, something that has never happened before. She is planning on getting back at them in the form of a rematch.
  • She is horrified to learn that Eren attacked her home country, killing many civilians in the wake and even nearly killed her father in the chaos. When she tried to confront him for the crime, Eren quickly shut her down by saying he's not so different to her when she attacked his hometown and killed his mother. As a result, she now became enemies with Eren.

Pantheon Stuff (Created)

    Ye Xiu 
Ye Xiu, God of Professional Gaming (Ye Qiu, Lord Grim, One Autumn Leaf, Battle God, Glory Textbook, God of Glory, Master Tactician)
Lord Grim 

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