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    Alexander 'Sasha' Hell 

Alexander Nikolaevich Hell, God of Milk (Sasha, The Deadly One, The Martyr, Tundra Boy, "Alexandra")
  • Theme Music: 'Errand', Furueyo! Osore To Tomo Ni Hizamazuke!! (when he gets serious)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God with Soma of sufficient quality)
  • Symbol: His Facial Markings
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral/ Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Elemental Powers (Periodic Elements, that is) over Iron, fueled with a truly weird Power-Up Food, Badass Adorable from Russia (well, Siberia), Child Soldier, Dark and Troubled Past, Seeking Revenge for the death of his older sister, Tsundere, a soft spot for cats, Playing with Fire, Bloody Murder, Celibate Hero (although he may be moving out of that with Mafuyu Oribe), Sinister Scythe, Tremble! Kneel down in fear!, "Awesome McCool" Name, The Comically Serious, Church Militant
  • Domains: Alchemy, Metal, Snow, Blood, Heat, Milk
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Melona, Judge Claude Frollo, Sundowner, YHVH
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Issei Hyodo
  • Sasha is a Qwaser, a being who drinks a substance called Soma to gain control over a single element of the periodic table. Sasha can control Iron right down to the molecular level: accelerating the vibrations of the molecules to generate intense heat he can use as either a weapon or an impromptu blast furnace to create his weapon of choice, a colossal scythe. If he drinks Soma that is of high enough quality, his powers increase to the point where he can use the iron in his blood or the blood of others as a weapon.
    • The aforementioned 'Soma' is where Sasha's portfolio gets a little...odd. Sasha described it as a mystical substance of great sacred importance, but there's just no getting around it: Soma is, plain and simple, breast milk. The revelation of this little factoid elicited snickering from a number of gods, Luminescent Blushing from a number of others, and violent retching from a third camp.
  • Issei Hyoudo holds Sasha in very high regard, saying on multiple occasions that he's incredibly jealous of the Russian kid and trying on multiple occasions to pick up tips and tricks for when Rias finally gives him the 'green light' as it were. Sasha considers Issei a pervert and a Loony Fan at best, though he does respect the Red Dragon Emperor's fighting prowess. They've formed a bond, at least on some level, through their mutual hatred of a certain Slime Girl...
    • Sasha's loathing for Melona simply cannot be overstated: she disguised herself as Sasha's girlfriend Mafuyu and offered him Soma. Sasha accepted; the results were predictable and very, very painful. Sasha ended up spending half a month in the hospital while his throat healed, communicating via notepad. He filled up two of them with nothing but choice insults for the one behind his condition, swearing on his very name that he would make Melona's end an agonizing one.
  • Despite having the House of Food close at hand, he outright refuses to try the borscht made there. If the mood strikes him to have it, he instead travels back to his home universe, so that he can have Mafuyu's.
  • Had a somewhat embarrassing run-in with Yui Hirasawa: for a moment, he mistook her for a friend of his.
  • Sasha is one of the few gods whose universe used to be enshrined in the TV Tropes archive proper before the entry was purged. When asked what he thought could have caused it, he mumbled something under his breath about 'that Copper brat'.
  • Hates Sundowner for his role in making Child Soldiers like himself.
  • Was horrified beyond measure when he finally was made aware of YHVH's existence; it sent him into a full-fledged Heroic BSoD, mumbling under his breath about how YHVH "can't be who he serves".



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