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Astaroth, God of Secondary Stomach Mouths (Great Demon Lord Astaroth)
In his "Dark" Astaroth form
  • Potential House: Body Parts
  • Theme: Theme of Dark Astaroth
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Demon World Village banner
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Demon Lord, Final Boss (at times), Belly Mouth, Fire-Breather, Me's a Crowd, Immortality through Evil Existence, Growing Wings (in dark form),
  • Domains: Demons, Fire, Bosses
  • Allies: All Satans (except one), Both Hades, Samael, Fortinbras, the Godhand, Pazuzu, Zodd, HIM, Jedah Dohma
  • Enemies: ARTHUR, Morrigan Aensland, Demitri Maximoff, Reiji Arisu & Xiaomu, SP!Satan
  • Underling: Firebrand
  • Followers: Satannish, Ghash
  • Leader and Lord of the Demon World Village, Astaroth has been Sir Arthur's nemesis for as long as the knight has battled the forces of evil. Much to his frustration and anger, Arthur received word of his eternal nemesis's ascension and has sworn to once again vanquish him and cast him out of the Pantheon forever. Naturally, he has been given a seat of honor within the GUAE for all his actions.
  • Anyone who would dare insult Astaroth's pride in not being the usual Final Boss and actually having superiors above him, will be met with his wrath. He is and forever remains Arthur's greatest adversary and nemesis.
  • The second he learned of his ascension, Firebrand immediately flew over with a battalion of Red Arremers to his Master's side and pledged again his allegiance. The Demon Lord merely nodded and allowed the lesser demon to once again guard him as before and set the Arremers to guard different points of his sanctum.
  • His temple in the Hall of Body Parts has been fortified as if it were his own castle in the Demon Village to prevent Arthur, his allies or anyone good from storming in. Several Demon Village monsters and demons, including a duo of Shielders which guard the main doorway to his throne, and Firebrand himself being Astaroth's personal bodyguard are among the many threats facing anyone foolish to enter Astaroth's place without a well-thought plan.
  • With his ascension, portals to the Demon Village have appeared throughout the Hall of Demons in the House of Otherness. Astaroth has personally opened the Demon Village as a secondary home to his demonic brethren. All manners of demons are welcome to enter...with the exception of South Park's Satan. Astaroth considers him a disgrace and an insult to all demons.
  • Has not once, but twice has been involved in incidents of connecting universes. Despite his role as Degraded Boss in the former (which he himself tries to ignore), his role in the latter is the one he is most proud at and even boasts he was seconds away from erasing many heroes out of existence if not for Arthur's lucky sacrifice and Alisa Boskonovitch's head.
  • Has been known to split himself into two separate yet equal entities. When asked if they're illusions or which is the real one, Arthur merely replies both are one and the same. When he goes into dark form and grows wings, it's twice the headache for the GUAG and its allies.

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