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Items.Scientist Slaughterhouse

Being that his game was devoted to killing the scientists from Half-Life There are a lot of ways to do so, and a lot of weapons you pick up along the way (or if you started off with them using Impulse 101). Some weapons even feature special tertiary fire functions using the mousewheel button.


Weapons group one

Crowbar: Nothing much changed from the Half-life variant, just feels fun to smack scientists with this though. Also commonly used to smash frozen sci's.


BFS: A sword, with the same swing speed but slower speed when hitting objects. It does higher damage and, when aimed correctly, cut a scientist's head or torso off.

Weapons group two

Pistol: Like the one out of Half-Life, nothing new.

357 Magnum Revolver: Similar to the pistol example but features the ability to zoom like Half-Life Deathmatch. Shooting a sci in the head will blow it off.

Laser Pistol: Indicated by the silencer in front and the variable glow around it, the primary fire isn't very exciting, but the secondary fires a force web that do variable, (mostly) One-Hit Kill attacks on a target. The red force web emitter flings the target around, slowly chipping away at the health of the target until it runs out (or collides with another), gibbing it (as well as the mentioned target if it collides with it). The green force web lifts the target into the air, flailing it around before gibing it. While the blue force web drills it into the ground.


Repulsor: One of the first weapons you start out with, the ammo regenerates, primary fires a repulsor beam that reflects off walls and can knock scientists around, occasionally into hazards. While the secondary fires a lethal version of it. Tertiary fire activates a tractor beam, which can be extended or retracted with primary and secondary. (Uses the gauss cannon viewmodel with a green glow)

Soft Metal Accelerator: A small pistol that fires a soft metal, uranium slug at high velocities. A hit will give the target radiation poisoning. (Uses the Opposing Force Deagle viewmodel)


Weapons group three

Submachine gun: The primary fire is the same as it was in Half-Life while tertiary fire changes the grenades used by secondary fire, ranging from standard HE, incendiary, plasma bomb and laser.

Shotgun: The primary and secondary remain the same but the tertiary fire changes the ammo from conventional (fire one shell/fire two shells), to explosive (Fire one explosion/fire many explosion), to laser shots (fire some lasers/fire many).

Crossbow: Remains the same but features change-able ammo similar to the SMG and Shotgun, including; standard, explosive, flare, electric, and laser web (connects lasers between eachother, best for small corridors and halls).

Sniper Rifle: Modeled after the Opposing Force version but functions similar to the one from Team Fortress Classic, utilizing a laser sight as the shot gains power the longer the fire button is held down. Tertiary fire uses some of the players rockets to construct either a anti rocket box, an anti grenade box, or a mini rocket launching box.

Weapons group four

RPG: Features the ability to change warheads (ranging from HE, incendiary, plasma bomb, EMP) while secondary changes the rocket from being unguided, laser guided, heatseeking or remote controlled.

Flamethrower: Fires a constant stream of flame, secondary fires a stream of acid to melt the flesh away from your target. (Uses an orange glowing gluon gun viewmodel)

Fireball Launcher: Fires an exploding fireball with the middle mouse changing between direct and ballistic (follows an arched trajectory). (Uses a red glowing gluon gun viewmodel).

Freeze Ray: Fires incredibly shiny projectiles which starts to freeze a target, chipping at their health before it wears off or drops to zero, at which point, you can use any other weapon to shatter their frozen body. (Uses a light blue glowing gluon gun model)

Weapons group five

Grenade: Primary throws one, secondary lobs an incendiary version while tertiary changes so cluster (TFC M.I.R.V/scatterbomb which release very small, contact sensitive bombs, and a lot of them to make up for their small damage) to shockwave. (TFC Conc. 'nade/EMP 'nade).

Tripmine: A mine which uses a beam to set itself off when broken, alt fire places a wall sentry that fires lasers.

Satchel Charge: Primary places a satchel, then blows it up, right click places multiple charges. Tertiary fire activates "Satellite Rain" mode, raining explosive death were it's placed.

Snarks: Like the Half-Life variant, nothing new.

Weapons group six

Gluon Gun/Egon: Similar to the Half-Life example, secondary fire changes the beam to either Anti-matter pulverizer or Ion Cannon, which locks onto a target.

Gauss Cannon/Tau Cannon: Similar to the one in Half-Life, explosive overcharge and all, along with the ability to gauss jump like in Half-Life Deathmatch

Tesla Cannon: Primary fire projects a constant stream of electricity while secondary fire's chain lightning, tertiary changes from attract to project. A neat feature is the ability to power up tesla coils, a la Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 & 3 to fire explosive yellow lightning. (Uses a blue glowing gauss viewmodel)

Laser Cannon: Fires five beams that refract off of walls, making it rather uncomfortable in a close space while secondary fires a laser that can penetrate through walls. (Uses a light blue glowing gauss viewmodel)

Displacer: Returning from Opposing Force, the displacer teleports whatevers hit by it to an unknown location (along with the destructive shockwave that follows), while the self-teleporting secondary fire is replaced by the ability to shoot a light disk that slices scientists in half while seeking them out.

Weapons group seven

NA Implosion Rocket Launcher: Fires a heatseeking rocket that produces a devastating, high energy detonation. while secondary fires a rocket that creates a vortex upon contact, sucking anything (except the player when holding the launcher) into it and annihilating it.

Hornet Launcher: The secondary fire is replaced by the ability to change the color, ranging from, red (seeking), orange (fire), yellow (plants itself in a sci's head and blows it off), green (no seeking), blue (richochet), light blue (ice).

Items.Tower Of Guns

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Starting Guns

These are the guns available to you when you start a new game. Only one can be selected each game.

    Peas and Carrot Pistol
Standard issue. Choose a better gun.
This weapon fires a decent energy projectile at max level that is not suitable for swarms of enemies, unless is modded with TNT, Spread Shot, or so.

    Portable Pizza Thrower
Loaded with Sawblades, not Pizza.
This weapon fires a fast sawblade projectile. Your starting weapon of choice before unlocking some of the others.

    Babel Gun
Gibberish, as in, gibs
This weapon is unlocked after killing 24 tanks.

    Blatherskite Crossbow 
A very nice gizmo
This weapon is unlocked after finishing stage 7 in endless mode

    Egon's Pride 
This weapon is unlocked after finishing any stage under par time.
  • Boring, but Practical: It's a machine gun, it's weak, but shoots plenty per minute meaning low accuracy or high enemy density are more easily taken care of, and it also has some accuracy to it. All in all, it's just fairly useful.
  • Death of a Thousand Cuts: A weak but fast machinegun.

    609mm Hand Cannon 
This weapon is unlocked after finishing a stage without taking damage.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: It packs a punch, but is slow and you can even kill yourself, however it handles all situations, aside form fast enemies. This gives it pretty good maneuverability.

This weapon is unlocked after finding 4 secrets in one stage.

    Mini-LHC Gun 
This weapon is unlocked after finding 22 different active items through your savefile.

    Consolation Charger 
This weapon is unlocked after dying three times.
  • Sawn-Off Shotgun: What this is, rewarding close range fighting and quick reflexes with the predictable spread of bullets. As it levels up, the spread gets tighter.

This weapon is unlocked after killing 250 spikeball launchers.

Collectible Guns

These are the guns you may find during gameplay. There is no limitation on the number of these guns you can carry but you are restricted to change weapons by cycling through them, so having too many guns might become a problem.

    Absurditron 9000 

    GG 9000 

    The Motivator 

    Old Painless 

    The Panflute 

    Shrapnel Trumpet 

    Smoke Shifter 




    XP Launcher 

Active Items

These have different effects and must be recharged after every use by collecting yellow orbs.

Items.Team Fortress 2

Over the years, Valve has added a lot of new content to keep Team Fortress 2 going. As a result, each class has received a lot of guns, food, and even jars of urine to bring to the battlefield. In order of the class selection menu, here's what the team has:

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    All classes 


  • Saxxy: An Australium-plated figurine of Saxton Hale, given to the winners of the Saxxy Awards. Turns enemies into gold on a kill, but otherwise functions like the stock melee weapon. Used by all classes.
    • Awesome, but Impractical: Identical to the wielder's stock weapon, which means you're not allowed to equip a utility melee, which makes it impractical for Soldier, Pyro, Heavy, Medic and arguably Scout. It also lacks critical hit animations for Pyro, Heavy and Medic and backstab animations for Spy, making it harder to judge the situation in melee combat.
    • Improbable Use of a Weapon: The Spy can use this statuette to backstab people, and The Engie can use it to build stuff.
    • Improvised Weapon
    • Taken for Granite: Turns enemies into gold just like the Golden Wrench.
    • Unobtainium: Plated with Australium, and has the same properties as the Golden Wrench.
  • Conscientious Objector, a protest sign that is compatible with the Decal Tool. Used by all classes except the Spy and Engineer.
  • Festive Weapons: The iconic item note  or alternative item note  of a class wrapped in team-colored Christmas Lights. Previously available from the Australian Christmas update of 2011, Mecha Update of 2012, and Smissmas 2013 update by uncrating black "Naughty" crates. The Tough Break update added "Festivizers" which let you turn skins (see "Decorated Weapons" below) into festive weapons.
  • Frying Pan: A jet-black cooking instrument. Originally only for the Soldier and Demoman, now it's usable by all classes except the Spy and Engineer.
    • Frying Pan of Doom
    • Joke Item: Statistically identical to the wielder's default melee weapon.
    • Loud of War: Smacking anything with the pan results in a nice loud CLONG. This trope frequently ensues, so much so that it is considered griefing on some servers.
    • Shout-Out: To the same melee weapon in Left 4 Dead 2
  • Botkiller Weapons: The most iconic item of a class, with the head of a Heavy Robot or Engineer Robot tied to it with wire, or chained to it like a necklace. Gained by completing a Mann vs Machine Tour of Duty in Mann Up mode, and is always rewarded as a Strange variant. Available in Rust, Blood, Silver, Gold, Carbonado (black diamond), and Diamond, depending on which Tour of Duty is completed.
    • Battle Trophy
    • Bling-Bling-BANG!: Especially the Gold and Diamond versions.
    • Bragging Rights Reward: Subverted in that while they're given as a reward for completing the normal and hard difficulties in Mann vs Machine, they can be gained through trading, and thus require only as much effort as you want to put into it.
  • Freedom Staff: An staff with a golden eagle on the end. It is available for all classes except Spy and Engineer.
  • Bat Outta Hell: A skull and spinal cord, used as a weapon. Available for all classes except Spy and Engineer.
  • Memory Maker: A handheld 8mm camcorder used as a weapon. Available for all classes except Spy and Engineer. Awarded to those who were finalists in the 2nd and subsequent Annual Saxxy Awards.
  • Ham Shank: A bone-in-leg of ham, used by every class but Engineer and Spy.
  • Reanimator: An item dropped by any class after they are killed in Mann Vs. Machine, which displays a hologram of the deceased. Putting a healing beam from a medi gun on it for an amount of time proportional to their max health (faster if an ubercharge is deployed) will cause that player to respawn on their current location.
  • Australium Weapons: Golden versions of some of the classes' weapons. Purely cosmetic, sadly. Rarely obtained upon completing the Two Cities Mann vs. Machine tour.
  • Golden Frying Pan: An Australium cooking instrument. Available for all classes, and turns enemies into gold upon a kill. Rarely obtained upon completing the Two Cities Mann vs. Machine tour.
    • Awesome, but Impractical: All the downsides of a Saxxy, (see its entry) and a loud CLONG it makes on hit makes it useless for when you want to be stealthy.
    • Frying Pan of Doom
    • Improbable Use of a Weapon: Similar to the Saxxy, all classes can wield it. Engineers can build and repair their buildings, and Spies can backstab, with a golden frying pan.
    • Joke Item: Statistically identical to the wielder's default melee weapon.
    • Loud of War: Smacking anything with the pan results in a nice loud CLONG. This trope frequently ensues.
    • Shout-Out: To the same melee weapon in Left 4 Dead 2, except made of a different metal.
    • Taken for Granite
    • Rare Random Drop: So rare that the entire game is notified whenever somebody finds one. The first one found was sold on TF2 Outpost for $5500 US dollars.
    • Unobtanium: Made of Australium, like the Golden Wrench and Saxxy, and has the same properties.
  • Necro Smasher: A cracked wooden mallet with a robotic hand hanging off it. Available for all classes except the Spy. Awarded for obtaining four Halloween 2014 event Achievements.
  • Prinny Machete: A large knife identical to the ones used by the Prinnies from the Disgaea series. Available for all classes.
  • Decorated weapons: Stock weapons given unique designs. Skins are available for all non-melee stock weapons (as well as Spy's Knife and Engineer's Wrench) except for the Medic's Syringe Gun.
    • Bragging Rights Reward: Rewarded upon completion of certain contracts. Unlike Botkiller and Australium weapons, however, they don't exactly require someone to jump through hoops.
    • Temporary Online Content: A milder example than the Bread Box items from the Love and War Update, but decorated weapons directly received as rewards, as opposed to coming from cases, will be limited when their respective campaigns end.
    • Palette Swap


  • The memetic hats have become a signature item of TF2 since they were added, and the memes even spawned a few hats (Most notable: The Pile Of Hats). Most hats can be worn by most classes, although a few restrict them to specific if not a single class. As of Mann Vs Machine, certain hats have gotten robotic counterparts.
    • Nice Hat: Most of them look pretty good. Or flat out silly... but they still look nice.
    • Fedora of Asskicking: The Spy can wear one.
    • Commissar Cap: The Team Captain, a shout out to M. Bison's hat. Can be worn by the Soldier, Heavy, and Medic.
    • Cool Mask: A few hats (or headgear as it is named now), are just masks, right from:
      • Plague Doctor: The Medic can wear one, and with a hat, make a Coat, Hat, Mask combo.
      • Gas Mask: The Pyro can get a slightly different one, which is based on Mr. Foster's gas mask from Killing Floor.
    • Rare Random Drop: Can be found through the game's random drop system at a very rare chance. When the hat system was first added, this was the only way to get them.
  • Cheater's Lament: A cheap, flimsy glowing halo attached to the player's head with two wires. Awarded on September 2, 2009 and the Mann-Conomy update to those who did not use external idling programs.

Misc. items

  • Voodoo-Cursed Souls: A set of nine misc. items that turn their respective classes into zombies on equip. Can only be used during Halloween, or on Full Moons. Equipping Scout or Soldier's versions will unlock unique Battle Cry lines.
  • Something Special for Someone Special: A diamond ring. It can only be purchased from the Mann Co. store. The item can be used on a chosen player, a special message will display to the entire game, and afterwards both players will receive a diamond ring item. It also costs $100.
    • Hello, [Insert Name Here]: The item comes with a free Name Tag and Description Tag. It's common for people who use the item to change their names to something silly (or morbid) and name the item to something that relates to it before they use it. For example: "Gabe Newell has accepted The Cafeteria's 'Food'!"

Action items

  • Power Up Canteen: Action slot item used in Mann Vs. Machine to store up to three powerups that you buy with money found during the round.
  • Grappling Hook: Action item for use in Mannpower game mode. Fire a projectile on a cord toward static objects and enemies that makes you move toward that point when it connects. Used by hitting the action key or selecting with the 6 weapon slot.
  • Spellbook Magazine/Fancy Spellbook/Fireproof Secret Diary Action slot item used in Halloween maps from Scream Fortress 2015 and onward. This allows the wearer to pick up magic spells found around the map and cast them.

Mannpower Powerups

  • Strength: Doubles damage done and negates damage falloff.
  • Resistance: Halves damage taken and grants immunity to backstabs, Plague, and Reflect (see below).
  • Vampire: Restores health equal to damage done, reduces damage taken by 25%, grants immunity to Reflect, and increases max health by 80.
  • Reflect: Inflicts upon enemies 80% of the damage they do to you (though this cannot kill them itself) as well as knocking them into the air, and 100% damage back to sentry guns. Increases max HP to 400.
    • HP to 1: What enemies are left with when their attack's mirrored damage would otherwise kill them.
    • Shock and Awe: The power is visually represented by the Short Circuit's electricity particle effect.
  • Haste: Doubles all weapons' firing speed, reload speed, clip size, and reserve ammo size. Increases movement speed by 30%. Reduces sticky bomb arming time.
  • Regeneration: Regenerates health, ammo, and metal. Goes faster the lower your maximum health is.
  • Precision: Greatly reduces spread for bullets, doubles sniper rifle damage and lowers damage ramp-up and time re-zooming after a shot, and increases projectile speed for grenades and rockets by 250%. Negates damage falloff. Blast weapons have 50% larger clip size and deal no self-damage to the user.
  • Agility: Increases movement speed increased by 50%, increases grapple speed, increases jump height by 80%, grants immunity to fall damage, negates the speed penalty from carrying the Intelligence, and makes all weapon switching instant.
  • Uber: Grants 35 seconds of ÜberCharge. Powerup respawns after 20 seconds.
  • Critical Hit: The only temporary powerup. Grants guaranteed critical hits. Lasts for 30 seconds and returns to the same point of the map after 60 seconds.
  • Knockout: Reduces the powerup wielder to melee and Grappling Hook, but increases max HP based on the user's class and grants immunity to airblast and knockback from damage. When hitting someone with a melee attack, they are knocked away and are forced to drop their powerup or the flag. Melee attacks also deal quadruple damage to buildings and 66% more damage to players.
  • King: Grants health increase and small health regeneration, fire rate, and reload rate increases. Applies to allies or enemy Spies that are in a short radius of the user.
  • Plague: Touching enemies causes them to bleed to death within 10 seconds unless healed by medkit or supply cabinet. Nullifies King's health effects and AOE buff. Enemies under Plague's damaging effects can spread it to allies. Greatly increases the range at which health kits can be picked up.
  • Supernova: A Powerup meter builds up with time and dealing damage. When full, unleashing it with the grappling hook's secondary fire stuns enemies in a radius. Stunned enemies drop their powerups and are knocked away. Wears off once used. Stun time is increased for each additional enemy stunned.




  • Scattergun: A sawed-off shotgun. Capable of killing most classes at close range and easy to hit with while running.
    • Sawed-Off Shotgun: The Scout's primary weapon, the Scattergun, and even further, the Force-A-Nature, which has a shorter barrel than its stock.
    • Short-Range Shotgun: Played with. It actually deals decent damage at (what's by the game's standards) medium range, doing essentially the same damage as the shotgun Soldiers, Pyros, and Heavies have as secondaries. However, unlike those shotguns, all the Scout's primaries but the Shortstop have their damage increased by being at close range even more than normal — a damage boost the Scout needs to be on par with the other damage-dealing classes.
  • Force-A-Nature: An even shorter sawed-off shotgun. Compared to the Scattergun, it fires twice as fast and uses 12 pellets per shot instead of 10, but each pellet only does 90% as much damage (although due to the fast fire rate and extra pellets, it doesn't mean much) and it only holds two shots at a time. It is also able to push enemies with a knockback effect and gives the Scout an extra jump if he fires downward.
    • Blown Across the Room: Opponents will be blown back or up when hit by the Force-a-Nature at close range.
    • One Bullet Clips: Inverted. Even though the gun uses two individual shells instead of clips, if you fire one shell then reload, the Scout will go out of his way to replace and throw away the unused shell for no reason.
    • Recoil Boost: The Scout, with the Force-a-Nature, can fire down while double-jumping to triple-jump (or just get a bigger second jump).
  • Shortstop: A four-barreled pistol that holds shotgun shells. While deployed, the Scout is able to push back enemies with Alt-Fire, but push force vulnerability is increased by 40%.
    • Blown Across the Room: Happens to the Scout much more easily.
    • Combat Pragmatist: The Shortstop allows the Scout to push enemies away from him, sort of like the Pyro's Compression blast. Using it allows for some great Improv Fu, including shoving enemies into environmental hazards or simply pushing them out of cover and into where your teammates can find them. Or right in the path of the sentry they were trying to take out. It also causes players to drop the ball in PASS Time without killing them and can separate Medics from their heal patients, making it also a Mundane Solution weapon.
    • Cursed With Awesome: The 40% knock-back vulnerability is listed as a downside, but can actually play to a Scout's advantage, allowing for a higher degree of speed and maneuverability, whether in combat or escaping.
    • Four Is Death: Four barrels for four shots, each shot producing four bullets.
    • Hand Cannon: While obviously not as much as the Spy's Ambassador (formerly the subject of the featured quote on that trope's page), it's a pistol with four barrels that unloads them all at once.
    • Item Amplifier: Used to be this, increasing the effects of all healing by 20% before the Meet Your Match update changed it to pushing.
    • Standard Status Effects: The Shortstop's shots were intended to slow enemies down on hit, similar to the Heavy's Natascha, but it never worked and was removed entirely.
    • Universal Ammo: While this could be said of any gun, the Shortstop shared its ammo with any of the Scout's pistols until the Gun Mettle Update.
    • Unnecessary Roughness: You could just kill your opponent, or you can push them into a much more dangerous situation.
  • Soda Popper: A broken Force-A-Nature with a Crit-A-Cola replacing the grip. It has the damage and pellet count of the Scattergun, the two-shell clip and firing speed of the Force-A-Nature, and instead of extra knock-back, has a faster reload. It also has a "hype" meter that is built up by dealing damage that is activated with alt-fire and temporarily lets you airjump four times without touching the ground instead of once.
    • The Artifact: The Crit-A-Cola in the grip made more sense when hype gave you mini-crits instead of jumps.
    • Charged Attack
    • MacGyvering: He replaced part of a gun with a damn soda can.
    • Nerf: Full hype originally gave mini-crits instead of extra jumps. Additionally, Hype was originally charged by simply running around rather than by dealing damage.
    • Jump Physics/Hilarity Ensues: The Soda Popper gives you four extra jumps. The Winger increases the height of any jump. Combine the two, and the Scout can (almost) fly!
  • Baby Face's Blaster: A variant of the Scattergun with a drum magazine and stock. Dealing damage with it builds a "Boost" meter that increases the Scout's speed as it rises, with a full meter granting speed 30% faster than the Scout's regular movement speed (this is also the game's speed cap, so nothing else can make you go any faster). However, 75% of that boost is lost when you Double Jump, and taking damage will reduce the boost meter. It holds only 4 shots at a time and lowers the Scout's unboosted speed by 10%.
    • Bang, Bang, BANG: Scout's other primaries sound a bit like "BLAM BLAM BLAM". This weapon, when fired, emits an echoing BOOM.
    • Nerf: Prior to the Gun Mettle update, the Scout would not lose Boost when taking damage, and double jumping only reduced Boost by 25%.
    • Super Speed: At full Boost, the Scout can run just slightly under the running speed limit.
  • Back Scatter: A lever-action sawed-off shotgun with a dual shell drum attached to the action. When fired at the back at close range, it always deals a minicrit. In exchange, it's less accurate, holds 4 shots, and doesn't randomly crit.
    • Back Stab: Deals minicrits when fired at the back, but only up close.
    • Irony: The gun has two ammo drums, yet it carries less ammo than regular Scattergun.
    • Short-Range Shotgun: Even more so than most shotguns. Its pellet spread is considerably wider than the normal shotguns, so the Scout has to get up even closer to deal maximum damage. Fortunately, the weapon rewards this strategy by granting mini-crits at close range.


  • Pistol: An alternative weapon for the Scout to shoot at long range.
  • Bonk! Atomic Punch: A caffeinated (and radioactive) beverage that grants the Scout eight seconds of complete invulnerability when consumed. However, after the effect wears off, the Scout's speed is slowed based on the amount of damage he absorbed. Has a 30-second cooldown timer between uses.
  • Crit-a-Cola: Another caffeinated beverage with a 30-second cooldown timer. It provides the Scout with eight seconds of mini-crits. He is vulnerable to minicrits for 5 seconds after each attack during the effect.
    • Equivalent Exchange: Not exactly equal, as you are prone to minicrits after each attack whereas your damage is boosted by 35% (even higher at long range from the fall-off cancellation), skewing the item into your favor. It used to be equal before the item was buffed in a series of patches.
    • Klatchian Coffee
    • Nerf: It used to increase movement speed before a 2017 update.
    • Power-Up Food
    • Testosterone Poisoning: GUARANTEED MANLINESS!
  • Lugermorph: A cosmetic weapon to promote Sam & Max. Acts just like the pistol.
    • Shout-Out: This is Max's gun. This and all subsequent Shout-Out weapons are promotional items relating to the series they come from.
    • Stealth Pun: A lagomorph is a mammal from the taxonomic order Lagomorpha — which includes rabbits.
  • Mad Milk: A non-capped bottle of a non-milk substance. Anyone drenched in it has 60% of the attacker's damage go to the attacker as health. Can put out fires and short out cloaking devices.
  • Winger: A pistol with a nuclear decal that holds 5 bullets, but does 15% more damage than the regular pistol and increases jump height by 25% when active.
    • In a Single Bound: ...well, not exactly, but in combination with the Atomizer, this lets Scout jump to ridiculous heights.
      • With the "new" Soda Popper, updated during Smissmas 2013, the Winger boosts all five of the Scout's jumps during Soda-Popper Hype mode. You can almost go as far as a Soldier's Rocket Jump, with no damage to yourself!
  • Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol: A compact black pistol. The user restores up to 3 health per hit. While deployed, the user is immune to fall damage but takes 20% more damage. The gun fires 15% faster but has a 25% smaller clip size than the regular pistol.
    • Added Alliterative Appeal
    • Life Drain: It used to give the Scout some extra maximum health, but now it's become a sort of Blutsauger for him.
    • Nerf: Formerly applied the fall damage immunity even when the Scout wasn't holding it, granted bonus health instead of Life Drain, and only gave vulnerability to fire damage. The Competitive Update reduced the life draining effect.
    • Not the Fall That Kills You: Unless you fall off the map, it won't now while you're wielding it.
    • Undignified Death: The reason why the Scout uses this weapon.
    "I bet you're all thinking, 'Scout can handle the meanest guns out there, he wouldn't use a tiny gun, he's too awesome for that.' And you'd be right, I am awesome.
    Then I realised I could tell people that they are going to be killed BY THE SMALLEST GUN KNOWN TO MAN! Then kill them. Ma always said don't make threats you can't carry out."
  • Flying Guillotine: A meat cleaver. When thrown, it causes bleed. Long-range hits reduce its recharge rate by 1.5 seconds. However, it cannot randomly crit.
    • Ambidextrous Sprite: Seems to be the case. In the promotional page at least, the characters are mirrored.
    • Bilingual Bonus: The characters on the blade, 死 and 肉, mean "death" and "meat", respectively, in Chinese and Japanese. If read consecutively, it translates to "dead meat" in Chinese. Furthermore, pronouncing the characters in Mandarin Chinese (sirou) sounds like the word "throw" in English.
    • Combos: Paired up with the Sandman, a stun ball followed by a Flying Guillotine will kill most classes right away, and only a Heavy can survive the ensuing bleeding.
    • Improvised Weapon
    • Nerf: It used to be able to mini-crit on a long-range hit and always-crit on stunned players.
    • The Blade Always Lands Pointy End In: Particularly notable since meat cleavers are more like top-heavy, tiny axes in order to hack through meat and bone. The Scout still throws it like a knife, and it always causes significant bleed damage if it hits.
    • The Cameo: It appears in the Kong King King Of The Hill map, stuck into a table.
  • Mutated Milk: A beaker containing milk-like substance and a soggy bread monster. Acts just like Mad Milk. A bread monster attaches to the soaked victim's face, but it's cosmetic.
  • C.A.P.P.E.R.: A handheld team-colored ray gun. Functions identically to the stock Pistol.


  • Bat: Of the baseball variety. Aluminum. Makes a satisfying ping sound on an enemy skull.
    • Batter Up!
    • Iconic Item: One of the few items heavily associated despite not being the one used most in gameplay. When all the other classes got a single default weapon in "festive style" (wrapped in Christmas lights), the Scout got a Scattergun and Bat.
    • Inherently Funny Words: BONK!
    • Knee Capping: "Say goodbye to your kneecaps, chucklehead!"
  • Sandman: Wooden, of the baseball variety. Lowers maximum health, but gives the Scout a baseball that can knock people on the head, causing them to be slightly stunned, yet still able to use weapons.
    • Combos: Paired up with the Flying Guillotine, a stun ball followed by a Flying Guillotine will kill most classes right away, and only a Heavy can survive the ensuing bleeding.
    • Home Run Hitter: The killtaunt for the Sandman.
    • Nerf: The Sandman is infamous within the community for the various patches that tried to balance the weapon, which has been more or less a roller-coaster ride. The Sandman originally could stun at any distance, and even stun ÜberCharged players. It was subsequently nerfed to hell, then having some of the effects reinstated, nerfed, reinstated, etc. Currently Valve seems to have settled on a good balance, but you'll seldom see any serious player use it competitively.
    • Tap on the Head: The stun effects of baseballs it knocks out (though it only fully stuns at long range).
    • Universal Ammunition: Picking up a baseball or bauble, whether your own or your enemies', recharges the ball meter.
    • Written Sound Effect: The "BONK!" on stunning an enemy.
  • Holy Mackerel: A fish wrapped in a newspaper. Functions identical to stock bat.
    • Edible Bludgeon
    • Interface Screw: For every successful slap on an enemy, a special kill log appears with a "x#" next to the icon for the fish, with the number going up by one for each slap. It changes into "FISH KILL!" if the enemy goes down.
    • Nerf Arm: It is identical to the bat in terms of stats.
    • No Cartoon Fish: The Holy Mackerel is more detailed and realistic than anything in the game, other than some of the the promo items.
    • Off-Model/Good Bad Bugs: After the Australian Christmas update, where it was supposed to always face the player, it now clips through itself, making it look like it's being wrapped tight on certain parts, as shown here.
    • Outside-the-Box Tactic: The Mackerel is suprisingly useful at telling whether a Spy is Dead Ringing or not — if they are, the "FISH KILL!" message won't show up like it usually does.
    • Pun
    • Shamu Fu
    • Undignified Death: Not only is there the Interface Screw, the item's description even reads, "Getting hit by a fish has got to be humiliating."
    • Shout-Out: Some references in the surrounding media are made to a Monty Python sketch. Also, its level is 42, referencing The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  • Boston Basher: A spiked bat that causes a bleeding effect on any enemy, but missing causes the Scout himself to get hit.
    "On Miss: Hit yourself. Idiot."
  • Three-Rune Blade: An ornate silver sword. Functions identically to the Boston Basher.
  • Candy Cane: A large candy cane that grants the Scout a small health pack for each enemy he kills, but explosive damage is increased by 25%.
  • Sun-on-a-Stick: A promotional item for Rift. This spiky mace does 25% less damage, but can critically hit all enemies who are on fire and grants 25% fire resistance when active.
  • Fan O'War: A large metal Gunbai war fan. A hit with it causes the target (one at a time) to be marked for death, which is shown with a skull above the enemy, and take minicrits. Otherwise, it does 75% less damage. It does deal crits when it would normally mini-crit... which still doesn't amount to much.
    • Cherry Tapping: This weapon used to inflict piddling damage, a whopping 90% less then the bat (which already deals less damage than most classes' melee weapons). The Gun Mettle update made this less ridiculous, increasing the damage to 25% and turning mini-crits into full crits, but that's still only doing 3/4 the damage of the regular bat.
    • Combat Hand Fan: It is based on the Gunbai war fan.
    • Lethal Joke Item: It does a measly 5 damage, but its effects can cause the target to take 35% more damage.
    • Standard Status Effects: Inflicts a "Marked for Death" status on the first enemy hit, causing them to take additional damage from other sources.
  • Atomizer: A bat with a Bonk-decal with training weights. Grants the Scout a triple jump when it's deployed and the ability to cause minicrits with midair swings, but is 15% weaker than the standard bat against other players and deploys 50% slower.
  • Unarmed Combat: A severed Spy's arm. Functions identically to both the stock bat and Holy Mackerel, except the kill feed reads "ARM KILL!"
  • Wrap Assassin: A roll of wrapping paper with a glass ornament. The wrapping paper, understandably, does 65% less damage, but the ornament can be shot Sandman-style, which inflicts damage and causes bleeding on impact with an enemy. Similar to the Sandman, the initial hit will be a guaranteed Critical Hit if made at long range. The ornament shatters if it hits a surface, causing damage in a small radius.
    • Balance Buff: The Tough Bread update reduced the damage penalty from 70% to 65% (an increase from 11 to 12 damage per hit), reduced the ornament's recharge time, and gave the ornament the ability to shatter on contact for splash damage (though this also meant it couldn't be recovered for quick reuse).
    • Cherry Tapping: You're beating on people with a roll of wrapping paper. It's not going to kill enemies quickly.
      • The ornament's splash damage is exceedingly weak, struggling to even reach 10 damage, and doesn't benefit from critical hits or apply the bleed effect... but it can gib enemies if it mini-crits and kills them. Nothing says Critical Existence Failure like turning an enemy into chunky salsa with a Christmas tree ornament.
    • Improvised Weapon
    • Lethal Joke Item
    • Outside-the-Box Tactic: If you're a good shot with the ornament, this can pair well with Baby Face's Blaster to give you another way to fill the Boost gauge at long-range.
    • Overdrawn at the Blood Bank
    • Pun
    • Soft Glass: Averted. Hitting an enemy at any range with the ornament will cause him to bleed profusely.
    • Universal Ammunition: Picking up a baseball or bauble, whether your own or your enemies', recharges the ball meter.
  • Batsaber: A Laser Blade in the form of the stock Bat, and functions identically to such.

Item Sets

  • Special Delivery: A set themed off the '50s/'60s milkman. Includes the Shortstop, Mad Milk, Holy Mackerel, and Milkman. When the whole set is used, the Scout leaves a calling card on his victims.
  • #1 Fan: A set themed off Bonk! merchandise. Includes the Soda Popper, Winger, Atomizer, and Bonk Boy. No special attributes.
  • Curse-a-Nature: An Egyptian mummy costume. Includes the Wrap Battler, the B-ankh!, and the Futankhamun. Only visible during Full Moon periods or the Halloween Event.
  • Santa's Little Accomplice: An elf costume. Includes the Wrap Assassin, Big Elfin Deal, and Bootie Time.
  • Public Enemy: A 1920s gangster/1930s bank robber-themed set. Includes the Baby Face's Blaster, Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol, Fed-Fightin' Fedora, and Dillinger's Duffel.
  • Boston Bulldog: Includes the Hound's Hood and Terrier Trousers
  • Retro Rebel: Includes the Pomade Prince, Paisley Pro, and Argyle Ace
  • Wicked Good Ninja: A ninja costume. Includes the Frickin' Sweet Ninja Hood, Southie Shinobi, and Red Socks.
  • Isolationist Pack: A xenomorph costume. When the whole set is equipped, the user deals more damage with melee attacks to a player that has equipped the Isolated Merc set, but in exchange they take more damage from the Nostromo Napalmer used by a player that has also equipped said set.
    • Set Bonus: Only applies against players with a certain set, though.
  • The Rooftop Rebel: A Halloween set that makes the Scout to look like the Hunter from Left 4 Dead series. Includes the Head Hunter, Claws and Infect, and Crazy Legs.



  • Rocket Launcher: It hits hard at a distance and is slow to reload. Has no recoil of any kind, but the explosion can send you or your enemy flying a good ways, and can be used to Rocket Jump.
    • Law of Inverse Recoil: The Soldier only feels the recoil of his rockets if he's in the blast radius. As with real rocket launchers, there's very little recoil from simply firing the weapon.
    • Lead the Target: Rockets fire much slower than bullets, making this trope mandatory despite the benefit of Splash Damage.
    • Rocket Jump: The Soldier is very much designed around this, with special damage reductions (later rolled into a general self-damage reduction) on damage taken from rocket jumping.
    • Unorthodox Reload: The Soldier reloads his rocket launcher by sweeping rockets into the front (and it holds up to four rockets at a time).
  • Direct Hit: A slimmer rocket launcher that trades off the splash damage for more powerful and faster rockets.
    • Anti-Air: Deals mini-crits to enemies launched into the air by explosions, whether by yourself, a teammate, or by enemies themselves.
    • Critical Hit: Deals mini-crits to airborne targets popped into the air by explosions.
    • Difficult, but Awesome: Requires more precise aiming than the standard Rocket Launcher and more precise leading than the Liberty Launcher, but the greater damage pays off, making it an ideal choice for experienced players.
      • Though many experienced players feel the opposite, as airshots become ridiculously easy when the Direct Hit is in use, and the nature of the weapon makes it fairly unsuited to both pocket and roamer roles.
    • Primal Chest-Pound: The taunt for this weapon.
  • Black Box: A rectangular black rocket launcher that grants up to 20 health for every hit depending on damage dealt through blast radius, but holds 3 rockets instead of 4.
    • Life Drain
    • Nerf: Originally restored 15 health for every enemy hit, and the heal was not dependent on damage dealt. The difference is most noticeable when firing into groups of enemies.
  • Rocket Jumper: A orange-and-white painted version of the Rocket Launcher with a foldedxdown sight that gives the Soldier three times the loaded rockets and has no self-damage... but does no damage and the Soldier cannot carry the Intelligence (or other “capture” items, such as Australium, a Reactor Core, or the JACK) with the weapon equipped.
    • Lethal Joke Item: Deals no damage and makes the Soldier unable to use his primary weapon for anything else, but allows him to pull off Rocket Jumps over and over.
    • Nerf: One was able to survive the Equalizer taunt with this weapon before, but now only the Rocket Jumper's ammo will negate self-damage. This was quickly reverted, meaning one can now survive said tauntkill.
  • Liberty Launcher: A green, skinnier rocket launcher that holds an extra rocket, is able to shoot rockets that travel faster than normal, and deals 25% less self-damage from rocket jumping, but deals 25% less damage.
  • Cow Mangler 5000: A large, shoulder-firing ray gun. It doesn't have ammo (but must be reloaded with a hand crank), can be charged to mini-crit, set enemies on fire, and disable buildings for up to 4 seconds at the cost of completely draining the weapon's energy, and disintegrates enemies upon a kill. On the downside, it does greatly reduced damage to buildings and deals mini-crits instead of normal crits.
    • Advanced Tech 2000
    • Alpha Strike: While the Cow Mangler can behave very much like a normal Rocket Launcher most of the time, its defining feature is the charge shot, which delivers significantly higher damage and afterburn, as well as disabling buildings. However, said attack greatly slows the Soldier while charging, uses up all four charges at once and forces the Soldier to "reload" all four rounds after firing, leaving him wide open for retaliation.
    • Art Shift: This weapon is highly-detailed note  and, while still keeping in with the "60's retro-future" theme, looks noticeably different than many other weapons. Then again, it was designed by a company that creates professional movie props.
    • Anti-Structure: Zigzagged; while it does reduced damage against Engineer buildings, its charged attack can disable them temporarily.
    • Bottomless Magazines: However, it must be recharged after 4 shots.
    • Charged Attack: The Soldier can slow himself to charge it up for a second or so to fire an extra-deadly attack that consumes all of its ammo.
    • Critical Hit: Its charged shot will deal a guaranteed mini-crit to any enemies struck.
    • Damage Over Time: Its charged shots will ignite any enemies hit, causing them to burn for several seconds.
    • EMP: While its shots do severely reduced damage to buildings, its charged shot temporarily disables any buildings in the blast radius.
    • Energy Weapon: 'Explosive' laser beams. Strangely enough, they can be reflected by Pyro's compression blast.
    • Ray Gun
    • Zeerust
  • Original: The Rocket Launcher from Quake. Functions like the normal Rocket Launcher, except its rockets come out of the center of the screen instead of slightly to the side.
    • Ancestral Weapon
    • Boring, but Practical: Though it may seem identical to the stock rocket launcher at first glance, the center-down firing makes it easier to use for air-shotting.
    • Off-Model: The first-person model cuts off prematurely in the middle and can clearly be seen when reloading if you increase the viewmodel FOV on a non-4:3 monitor.
    • Shout-Out: To Quake and, by extension, the original Team Fortress. It's complete with the rocket launcher being front-and-center in first-person view and having the same firing sound clip from Quake (which, in fact, was also the same sound used for the Scout and Medic's concussion grenades in Classic).
  • Beggar's Bazooka: A rocket launcher fashioned out of various junk. Instead of firing normally, it can load up to three rockets and fire a quick volley of rockets (but any more than three and it misfires, removing a loaded rocket from the clip). The projectiles are very inaccurate, though. The user cannot collect the weapon's ammo from dispensers when it's active. Its rockets have a smaller blast radius.
    • Added Alliterative Appeal
    • Difficult, but Awesome: If your timing is really good, the misfires can be used for a stronger but more damaging Rocket Jump performable even in mid-air. From there, it gets kind of crazy.
    • Early-Bird Cameo: The weapon first appeared in the beginning of "Meet the Medic" and the "Team Fortress 2 Is Free to Play" videos more than a year before it came out.
    • MacGyvering: It's made out of a bunch of stuff, including a funnel and various straps and belts.
      "What is better than killing a man with a highly explosive high velocity projectile launcher? Killing a man with a highly explosive high velocity projectile launcher that YOU HAVE MADE!
    • Macross Missile Massacre
      • Quite literally taken Up to Eleven in Mann Vs. Machine mode, where it can be upgraded to fire up to eleven rockets in extremely rapid succession. And because the robots work in large groups and come with giant robots as well, the inaccuracy disadvantage becomes moot because it's virtually impossible to not hit something. And, as well, due to the sheer number of rockets you will be firing in quick succession, half the time at least one rocket in a volley will be a critical hit. In the right hands, this weapon becomes a weapon of mass robot destruction even without crits.
    • Primal Chest-Pound: Its taunt for the Soldier.
  • Air Strike: A green bomb-shaped rocket launcher with checker decals by the muzzle. When the user is rocket jumping, the weapon fires faster. It also gains additional clip size upon a kill (to a cap of eight). However, the rockets deal less damage and the rockets have smaller explosion radius when fired during a rocket jump — though they also do less self-damage with rocket jumps.
    • Alpha Strike: This becomes possible when you rocket jump with a full magazine. Sadly, damage falloff will usually limit the amount of damage it does unless you unload the rockets right before landing on top of your target or use a Buff Banner.
    • Combos: This weapon has increased attack speed while rocket jumping, and the B.A.S.E. Jumper can extend the duration of a jump. Hmm...
    • Death from Above: This trope frequently results because rocket jumping boosts the weapon. The name even references it.
    • Kill Streak: More kills means more rockets to fire before reloading.
    • Macross Missile Massacre: With maximum clip size, it's possible to fire all eight rockets within less than two seconds while rocket jumping.
    • Magikarp Power: It starts out as just a rocket launcher with slightly weaker rockets, but get a few kills and it gets a much bigger clip.


  • Shotgun: A standard shotgun used to shoot enemies up close.
    • Boring, but Practical: The shotgun is essential if a Soldier wants to assault somewhere alone. Especially useful for swatting Scouts out of the air, who would otherwise dodge the rockets.
    • Standard FPS Guns
    • Short-Range Shotgun: Both averted and played straight. Its pellet spread is pretty realistic, but the damage falloff means it still won't be killing anyone who's remotely healthy past medium range.
  • Buff Banner: A slightly worn-out backpack and bugle that gives the Soldier a rage meter he fills by dealing damage. When the meter is full, the Soldier can blow his bugle to grant himself and any nearby teammates 10 seconds of mini-crits.
  • Battalion's Backup: A back-mounted radio and horn where the rage meter is also built by dealing damage. When the meter is full, the Soldier grants extra protection, 15% sentry damage resistance, and no extra damage from critical hits for himself and his teammates. Equipping it also increases max health by 20.
  • Concheror: A war banner with a conch shell trumpet. The rage meter is built by dealing damage. When activated, both the user and his allies will receive 35% of all damage they inflict on an enemy as health and a speed boost. Having it equipped also causes the Soldier to regain up to 4 health per second (less if he has recently taken damage), even when it's not out.
  • Gunboats: A pair of iron-toed boots that give 60% less damage to rocket jumping. During the WAR! Update, Soldier players managed to kill enough Demomen to win these boots.
    "What is the science behind these miracles of technology? Magic, probably."
  • Mantreads: Buckled general's boots, extremely heavy. Yet they provide the Soldier with increased air control. The knockback effect from damaging attacks and enemy airblasts (except for rocket jumping) is reduced by 75% and stomping on an enemy's head will deal significant damage, while also canceling the Fall Damage the Soldier would receive.
  • Reserve Shooter: A pump-action shotgun that only holds 4 shells, but switching to the weapon becomes 20% quicker and switching away becomes 15% quicker. For five seconds after the weapon switch, the blasts deal mini-crit damage if the enemy has been knocked into the air.
    • Anti-Air: It's meant for midair targets.
    • Bang, Bang, BANG: Significantly louder-sounding than the game's other shotguns.
    • Combos: Pretty much designed around the Soldier's ability to launch people into the air, and then knock them back down with a well-aimed shotgun blast.
    • Nerf: The Tough Break Update specified the mini-crit boost so it only applies if the enemy has been forced into the air by means other than jumping or falling.
    • Quick Draw
  • Righteous Bison: A handheld ray gun. Doesn't need ammo. Fires a projectile that penetrates enemies, and cannot be reflected, but does reduced damage to buildings. Also disintegrates upon a kill.
    • Bottomless Magazines: However, like the Cow Mangler, it requires reloading every 5 shots (it uses a pump on the back of the barrel to reload).
    • Cherry Tapping: If for some reason you feel like trying to destroy buildings with this thing just to humiliate the enemy Engineers.
    • Death of a Thousand Cuts: The power of its beams may be low, but it adds up when they can damage enemies multiple times while in contact.
    • Nerf: The Meet Your Match update removed the projectiles' ability to hit one player multiple times (cited as a bug fix, when it was an intended feature) and reduced their overall damage and projectile speed. This was a very unpopular change that was eventually reverted in the Jungle Inferno update.
    • One Hit Poly Kill
    • Ray Gun
    • Swiss Army Gun: Can be used to ignite friendly Snipers' arrows.
    • Violation of Common Sense: Due to the weapon's enemy-piercing quality, you get hit more if you try to run directly away from it. This means the best option in a tight corridor is to move towards the crazed man holding a space gun.
    • Zeerust
  • B.A.S.E. Jumper: A parachute. Pressing the jump button when in the air will deploy a parachute that slows the user's descent.
    • Discard and Draw: Grants some improvements to aerial mobility at the cost of becoming majorly vulnerable to Snipers and enemy attacks.
    • Early-Bird Cameo: Featured in a blog post two weeks before the item was officially announced.
    • Fun with Acronyms: Ballistic Aerial Striking Equipment, for those wondering.
    • Nerf: Kind of a Reality Ensues variant. In a 2017 update, midair control has been reduced by 50%, and the parachute cannot be redeployed unless the player has landed.
    • Puny Parachute: It's about the size of an umbrella.
  • Panic Attack: A sawed-off shotgun with an ammo drum on its front. It fires 50% more pellets than normal, has a fixed shot pattern, and switching to the weapon is much faster, but it deals 20% less damage and shot spread grows larger with consecutive use.
    • Desperation Attack: Before its rework, it fired shots at a faster rate when the user's health was low.
    • Quick Draw
    • Short-Range Shotgun: Even moreso than the normal Shotgun, as it has a wider pellet spread even on the first shot that only gets wider with each subsequent shot.
    • Spam Attack: Before its rework. The rework discourages this by having the shot spread increase with consecutive firing.


  • Shovel: A military entrenching tool.
  • Equalizer: A bloodstained pickaxe that grants more damage the less health the Soldier has. Medics heal the user at a massively reduced rate while the weapon is out.
  • Pain Train: A broken wooden handle with a large rusty nail at the end. For 10% more bullet damage, the Soldier can capture points and push carts as fast as the Scout.
    • An Axe to Grind: Probably where the handle comes from, as it is identical to the Axtinguisher's. It was, in fact, originally designed for the Pyro, which may explain the choice of handle.
    • Boring, but Practical: It gives a minor but useful bonus at relatively little cost. As 5 Control Points is the most used game mode in competitive 6 vs 6, and the smaller teams make the faster capping more useful, it's the second most-popular Soldier melee there (after the Escape Plan).
    • Fragile Speedster: Increases your vulnerability to bullets, but doubles the speed at which you capture points and push carts.
    • Situational Sword: Equipping this weapon in Capture the Flag maps or as RED on Attack/Defense or Payload is useless and equipping it in Arena maps is downright dumb, unless the enemy team consists of only Demomen and Medics. However, on Control Points (especially Medieval Mode, where no guns means no bullets), the capture speed bonus can greatly turn the tide.
  • Half-Zatoichi: A katana that restores half the wielder's health when it lands a kill, but until he gets that kill, the wielder is unable to switch to his other weapons without losing 50 health (and if his health is under that, he can't switch). Dueling with an enemy that also has the Half-Zatoichi will result in a one-hit kill. It can't deal critical hits.
    • Draw Sword, Draw Blood: It can only be safely switched for another weapon if the user has gotten a kill or has gone to a resupply cabinet, and heals the player 50% of their max health on a successful kill.
    • Honor Before Reason: The Soldier will take damage if he switches away from the Half-Zatoichi unless he gets a kill (or touches a Resupply locker).
    • Katanas Are Just Better
    • Nerf: The Tough Break Update reduced its full-health restoration to merely 50%, but this restoration can overheal as compensation. The update also removed critical hits and made switching to and from the weapon slower, as a sword-type weapon.
    • Single-Stroke Battle: A one-hit kill on another player who is also wielding this sword.
    • Shout-Out: To the Japanese TV and Film character Zatoichi, a blind swordsman. Why Half-Zatoichi? Because the Soldier only uses one sword and is visually obscured; the character it references used two.
  • Disciplinary Action: A riding crop that increases the running speed of the Soldier and an ally if the ally is hit with this weapon. Deals 25% less damage and has larger melee range.
    • Hitbox Dissonance: To compensate for keeping your aim steady when whipping a teammate, the weapon has a full three hundred sixty degree attack range around the Soldier. This also applies to dealing damage to enemies. The weapon also has a considerably wider attack range, so if you wonder how that Soldier managed to hit you from farther away than he should and lag is not a factor, that's why.
    • Mistaken for Spies: A side effect of this weapon is that it often convinces the Soldier's teammates that he is a Spy. It is the only weapon that gives any player any reason to try to get a melee hit on their teammates, whereas disguised spies absolutely have to get into melee range to backstab.
    • Status Buff: Buffs another player's speed.
    • Whip It Good
  • Market Gardener: A regular folding garden shovel. No random crits and has a slower swing speed, but deals critical hit damage during rocket jumping.
    • Combos: Can go with the Mantreads for extra pain upon landing on an enemy.
    • Death from Above: The most popular way to use this weapon is to rocket jump up and try to land a hit while falling.
    • Difficult, but Awesome: If you're planning to use this weapon effectively, you absolutely have to master rocket jumping, prediction, and controlling yourself in the air. But it's so worth it (and fun) when you can do it right.
    • Self-Imposed Challenge: It's a common pasttime of bored Soldiers to try to use the Market Gardener in conjuction with the Rocket Jumper to try and land crits on as many unsuspecting enemies as possible.
    • Shovel Strike
    • Situational Sword: If you get good with it, you can throw the impractical part of "Awesome, but Impractical" out the window.
  • Escape Plan: Identical in appearance to the original Equalizer (that is, a non-bloodied pickaxe). The user's speed increases as their health decreases, but the user takes minicrits during and 3 seconds after wielding the weapon and Medics heal the user at a massively reduced rate while the weapon is out.
    • Fragile Speedster: Once the speed boost granted by this item is at its peak, the Soldier only has about 10 health left or so. The mini-crits received while the weapon is out emphasizes this.
    • Nerf: It's the original Equalizer without the damage boosting effects. Taking mini-crits while having it out was also added later.
    • Powerful Pick: It's another pickaxe.
    • Situational Sword: The less health the user has, the faster he is.

Item Sets

  • Tank Buster: A black-themed military set. Includes the Black Box, Battalion's Backup, and the Grenadier's Softcap. When the whole set is used together, the Soldier leaves a calling card on his victims.
    • Nerf: It originally gave the Soldier 20% more sentry damage resistance.
    • Set Bonus
  • Airborne Armaments: An aerial-themed military set. Includes the Liberty Launcher, the Reserve Shooter, the Market Gardner, and the Jumper's Jeepcap. No special attributes.
  • General's Formals: A set themed around, well, generals. Includes the Mantreads, Disciplinary Action, Armored Authority, and the Fancy Dress Uniform. No special attributes.
  • Dr. Grordbort's Victory Pack: A sci-fi-themed set. Includes the Cow-Mangler 5000, the Righteous Bison, Lord Cockswain's Pith Helmet, and Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe. No special attributes.
  • Tin Soldier: A homemade robot costume. Includes the Idiot Box, the Steel Pipes, and the Shoestring Budget. Enables robot-themed replacement voices and a special taunt on full set. Only visible during Full Moon periods or the Halloween Event.
  • Dumpster Diver: Includes the Beggar's Bazooka, Helmet Without a Home, and the Captain's Cocktails.
  • Rocket Ranger: Includes the Hardium Helm, Jupiter Jumpers, and Space Bracers.
  • Terracotta Trooper: Includes the Hidden Dragon, Faux Manchu, and Shaolin Sash.
  • Federal Express: Includes the Spook Specs, Classified Coif, and Man in Slacks.
  • Sgt. Helsing: Includes the Hellhunter's Headpiece, Supernatural Stalker, and Ghoul Gibbin' Gear.



  • Flame Thrower (sic): Short range, good damage, reduces Medic healing on victims, and sets other players on fire, where they will burn continuously based on how long the stream of fire contacted them. Has a compressed air blast that can fling enemies, extinguish teammates for a 20-health bonus, and reflect projectiles (except bullets).
    • Attack Deflector: The Airblast secondary fire, which can deflect most projectiles. People have even made a game mode out of it where tracking rockets are spawned and keep gaining speed as they're reflected from one team to the other.
      • Bizarre and Improbable Ballistics: The direction a deflected projectile goes in is not based on its previous direction or the direction the airblast hits it from, but wherever the Pyro's cursor is pointed a split second after the deflection starts.
    • Cherry Tapping: Airblasts can be used to juggle enemies while they burn or to separate Übered Medics from their patient.
    • Convection Schmonvection: As a result of Hitbox Dissonance with the particle-based damage, this trope maybe be played straight, averted, or inverted when it comes to damage.
    • Counter-Attack
    • Department of Redundancy Department: Upon reaching 1000 kills, a Strange Flame Thrower will receive the designation of "Face-Melting Flame Thrower". This also applies to the Pyro's other flamethrowers, such as the Backburner.
    • Fire-Breathing Weapon
    • Kill It with Fire
    • Our Product Sucks: The the poster mentions twice that the weapon will "make holiday dinners a thing of the past", with the larger statement next to a burned turkey.
    • Rocket Jump: An extremely skilled Pyro can reflect rockets in just the right way to rocket jump.
    • Swiss Army Gun: It can reveal cloaked/disguised Spies (by setting them on fire), give a friendly Sniper literal firepower (by setting his arrows on fire), blow away enemy sticky grenades with the airblast, blow away enemies in general, extinguish burning teammates, and reflect rockets, grenades, arrows, baseballs, and pretty much any projectile that isn't a bullet, shotgun shell, or syringe. And it can set people on fire to kill them.
    • When All You Have Is a Hammer...: Despite the swiss army capabilities mentioned above, sometimes the best solution is to just run around setting everything in front of you on fire. This is the basis behind the "W+M1" complaint.
  • Backburner: Basically a normal flamethrower with a dragon head nozzle. It can crit enemies from behind, but uses 50 ammo for the compression blast instead of 20 and doesn't randomly crit.
    • Awesome, but Impractical: After an update bestowed the airblast ability upon the Backburner, this weapon can do anything that the stock Flame Thrower can do. Airblast projectiles, push enemies back, disrupt Ubercharges, extinguish teammates, you name it. However, since a Backburner with full ammo can only airblast four times, airblasting with the Backburner is not as practical as it is with the Flame Thrower or Degreaser, meaning that airblasts must be used more conservatively.
    • Back Stab: Auto-crits if you burn someone from behind.
    • Leeroy Jenkins: The former +20% damage bonus, coupled with the lack of airblast, meant that most Backburner users originally charged down their foes while constantly spraying fire, which Team Fortress 2 players refer to as "W+M1". Fortunately, with the damage bonus removed in exchange for an airblast, the Backburner has distanced itself from W+M1 and is trying to build a reputation as a more defensive ambush weapon, which is what Valve originally intended.
    • Nerf: Played straight at first when the +20% damage bonus was reduced to +10%. Then, followed by a possible inversion, in that instead of having its +10% damage bonus removed, the bonus was also given to the standard Flame Thrower after the Pyromania update, putting the Backburner on equal ground with the stock weapon.
    • Punny Name
  • Degreaser: A flamethrower made from a gas pump, car muffler, exhaust pipe, fire extinguisher, and stove top burner. The Pyro can switch to the weapon 60% faster and away from it 30% faster, but airblasts cost 25% more ammo and afterburn damage is reduced by 66%.
    • Combos: It's intended to work with the Axtinguisher to quickly finish off enemies by igniting them before smacking them for critical damage.
    • MacGyvering: It's cobbled out of a bunch of stuff.
    • Quick Draw: The Degreaser allows you to switch out weapons insanely fast, at the expense of not having a very damaging afterburn. This combos well with just about all the other weapons in the Pyro's arsenal.
  • Phlogistinator: A retro-futuristic heat ray blunderbuss that has a "Mmmph" meter filled by dealing fire damage, which, when activated, triggers a taunt that grants invulnerability and immunity to knockback for its duration and allows crits for a few seconds. It is incapable of airblasting or dealing random crits, however.
    • Heal Thyself: Used to heal the Pyro to full health upon activating the Mmmph taunt.
    • Nerf: For about a month after launch, it did full Flamethrower damage until the slight damage reduction was added. In the Pyromania Update, the weapon was changed to soak 75% of incoming damage during the Pyro's taunt, down from 90%, though at the same time its damage was increased along with the regular Flame Thrower.
      • Later updates removed the health refill on activating Mmmph while increasing the damage required to fill the gauge... after the Tough Break update increased the Phlogistinator's damage to stock Flame Thrower levels and made the Pyro immune to damage and knockback while taunting.
    • Oh, Crap!: The typical feeling when you see that Pyro activate the Mmmph taunt in enclosed space.
    • Ray Gun: A ray blunderbuss that fires hot waves of energy.
    • Skill Gate Character: Players who know how to exploit the Phlog's limited range and lack of airblast can easily take out a Phlog Pyro, while those who don't will die horribly.
    • Transformation Is a Free Action: Enforced. Activating Mmmph makes the Pyro stand still for a couple seconds, and during that time, Pyro's invincible and immune to knockback. The taunt is a warning, not an opening.
    • Zeerust
  • Rainblower: A whimsical device (flamethrower) that inspires joy in all (inflicts burning agony). Only visible in Pyroland; otherwise it's only the standard flamethrower. When equipped, it activates Pyroland.
  • Nostromo Napalmer: A worn-out, slightly more realistic flamethrower. Functions like the standard Flame Thrower.
    • Shout-Out: Its name refers to the Nostromo from Alien, as it was introduced as part of a promotion for Alien Isolation.
  • Dragon's Fury: A redesigned flamethrower. It fires single shots of flame instead of a steady stream. These shots deal triple damage to burning players. Landing consecutive hits reduces reload time and increases damage dealt, but airblasts have 50% more reload time.
    • Difficult, but Awesome: Despite the wide hitbox for the fire balls, the weapon still requires much more aiming than the average Flamethrower, meaning evasive enemies can easily run a circle around you while you only hit them for roughly 30 damage (or not at all) each time. Additionally, the time between airblasts is increased making the timing of trying to reflect an attack impeccable. Finally, it's much harder to use the weapon to torch an area for hidden Spies due to it firing projectiles in a line instead of a steady stream of fire. All of these weaknesses can be made up for in the fact that a Pyro that can aim the projectiles can easily and hastily 2 - 3 shot any class in the game that isn't overhealed or a Heavy thanks to the 300% increase in damage for consecutive hits, allowing the Pyro to act as a frontline unit instead of a hit and run ambusher.
  • Fireballs: Short-ranged ones that barely outrange normal flamethrowers, but fireballs nonetheless.


  • Shotgun: Functions exactly like the Soldier's.
  • Flare Gun: Shoots out flaming projectiles that can light enemies at a distance as it follows a parabolic trajectory. It deals crit damage to anybody already on fire.
    • Cherry Tapping: The Flare Gun is a long-range weapon that does low damage, but sets enemies on fire. Bad for direct attacks, good for annoying your enemies or finishing them off.
      • Lethal Joke Item: Scores full crits on a burning enemy, which means with two well timed flares, a Pyro can take out half of the enemy classes from range paralleled only by the Sniper and Soldier (Heavies, Demomen, Soldiers, and Pyros being too bulky or immune to have it work completely). It should be noted, however, that it is quite difficult to score a hit on an aware opponent.
    • Flare Gun: Duh.
  • Detonator: A modified Flare Gun that allows the user to detonate the flare mid-flight, but deals 25% less damage, adds 50% more self-damage, and only gets mini-crits on burning enemies instead of full crits.
    • Asbestos Suits Are Useless: When using the blast jump, the Pyro (as in, the one wearing the suit that makes it immune to afterburn) takes more damage than the weapon can do by itself on enemies, without taking random crits into account.
    • Bomb Disposal: The area of effect destroys planted sticky bombs.
    • Cherry Tapping: Moreso than the regular Flare Gun, as it was given a damage penalty, and it only mini-crits on burning enemies to do the same damage as the regular Flare Gun without the crit on burning targets.
    • Rocket Jump: Aside from functioning like an explosive version of the Flare Gun, it can be used to get the Pyro into unusual areas, but it's not much of a jump. It works more or less like a Scout's Double Jump in terms of height.
  • Reserve Shooter: A pump-action shotgun that only holds 4 shells, but switching to the weapon becomes 20% quicker and switching away becomes 15% quicker. For five seconds after the weapon switch, the blasts deal mini-crit damage if the enemy has been knocked into the air.
    • Anti-Air
    • Bang, Bang, BANG: Significantly louder-sounding than the game's other shotguns.
    • Combos: Originally designed around the Pyro's ability to airblast enemies into the air, and then knock them back down with a well-aimed shotgun blast. The Degreaser makes it even better, given its reduced switch speed adding onto the Reserve Shooter's reduced switch speed.
    • Nerf: The Tough Break Update specified the mini-crit boost so it only applies if the enemy has been forced into the air by means other than jumping or falling. The Jungle Inferno Update nerfs it further, doing away with the minicrit bonus on airblasts; now it'll only minicrit enemies launched by rockets.
    • Quick Draw
  • Manmelter: A grey ray gun that gives a critical hit for each teammate extinguished with it. It also does not have a traditional ammo meter, and its shots move faster, but have a lower fire rate. It doesn't randomly crit.
  • Scorch Shot: A grey Flare Gun with orange decal around the muzzle. Its flares knock back the enemy (more if they're already ignited, and knockback increases based on how far the flare goes before hitting a player) and ignite enemies in a small blast radius, but it deals 35% less damage and only minicrits on burning enemies.
    • Added Alliterative Appeal
    • Bomb Disposal: Like the Detonator, the explosion destroyed planted sticky bombs.
    • Blown Across the Room: At long range, it can send people flying all over the place.
    • Early-Bird Cameo: This weapon was featured in a "Making Of" blog post several days before the Pyromania Update was announced.
    • Firing One-Handed: Taunting with the weapon makes the Pyro do this the same way he did to a Scout in "Meet the Pyro". At point-blank range, it's a One-Hit Kill.
    • Rocket Jump: Can be used for this, but it's even shorter than the Detonator's and can only be done a short distance above a surface. On the plus side, it only costs about a fourth as much health.
  • Panic Attack: A sawed-off shotgun with an ammo drum on its front. It fires 50% more pellets than normal, has a fixed shot pattern, and switching to the weapon is much faster, but it deals 20% less damage and shot spread grows larger with consecutive use.
    • Desperation Attack: Before its rework, it fired shots at a faster rate when the user's health was low.
    • Quick Draw
    • Spam Attack: Before its rework. The rework discourages this by having the shot spread increase with consecutive firing.
  • Thermal Thruster: A jetpack that provides the Pyro with a helpful boost in the direction they are aiming. However, it makes the Pyro take minicrits from shots from the Reserve Shooter. Has a special kill taunt.
    • Farts on Fire: The weapon's kill taunt references this, though the fire isn't coming from the Pyro's rear.
    • Goomba Stomp: Deals 3x falling damage to anyone the Pyro lands on.
    • Jump Jet Pack: It doesn't provide flight per se, but it's as good as we're going to get.
  • Gas Passer: A crumpled can of gasoline. When thrown, it releases a cloud of gasoline vapor that coats enemies and ignites upon taking damage, Pyros included. Must be charged by dealing damage or waiting. The charge meter persists between lives.
    • Charged Attack: Build-type.
    • Hoist by His Own Petard: Gas-coated enemies can ignite themselves with their own attacks.
    • Made of Explodium: There's an upgrade in Mann vs. Machine that causes an explosion when coated robots are damaged.
    • Made of Incendium: Any damage, whether a gunshot, punches, or even fall damage, will ignite the vapor.
    • Nerf: The Competitive Update makes the explosion upgrade's damage unable to fill the gas gauge.
    • Punny Name
    • Scissors Cuts Rock: It can inflict afterburn on Pyros, who are normally immune.


  • Fire Axe: A standard axe usually used by firemen.
  • Axtinguisher: An crudely-constructed axe wrapped in barbed wire that does less damage to enemies not on fire, but if the enemy is on fire, the axe will deal a minicrit with bonus damage based on afterburn time remaining but extinguish the target. Additionally, killing a burning enemy will grant the Pyro a speed boost. It swings slower and switching away from the weapon is also slower.
    • An Axe to Grind
    • Back Stab: As of the Love & War Update, the weapon deals a crit if it hits the burning target's back.
    • Combos: Usually used in combination with the flamethrower's fire and airblast to quickly disable an opponent. The burn-airblast-axtinguish combo is usually referred to as the "Puff and Sting."
      • In conjunction with the Degreaser, which allows for instantaneous weapon switches, you could effectively skip the airblast step and go straight to one-shotting them.
    • Finishing Move: The rework for the Competitive Update is designed to encourage the weapon's use for this purpose.
    • Nerf: The Love & War Update only allowed the weapon to deal minicrits if the weapon hits the front of the burning enemy. The Tough Break Update reverted this but reduced its swing speed and greatly increased time switching to the weapon.
    • Pun
    • Situational Sword
    • Sprint Shoes: Only if you kill someone who's burning.
  • Homewrecker: A sledgehammer that deals less damage to players, but does twice as much damage to enemy buildings and sappers.
  • Powerjack: An automobile jack with a car battery tied to it. It gives the Pyro 25 health after a kill and increases his speed by 15% while deployed, but the Pyro takes 20% more damage while deployed.
    • Drop the Hammer: A more improvised version, but it still works.
    • Fragile Speedster: While deployed, this turns the Pyro into one.
    • Life Drain: +25 health for every kill. And even on full health it is added as overheal (maximum 260).
    • Nerf: It used to just leave the Pyro 20% more vulnerable to melee damage. On the flipside, the extra damage only occurs while it's the active weapon, effectively making it the Pyro's own Gloves of Running Urgently.
      • The Gun Mettle update reduced the amount of health restored on kill.
  • Back Scratcher: A bloodstained rake that deals more damage and gives twice as much health via health packs, but gives one-fourth as much healing from Medics.
  • Sharpened Volcano Fragment: A jagged axe made from brimstone and obsidian. Part of a promotion for Rift. Deals 20% less damage, but can ignite enemies.
    • An Axe to Grind
    • Lava Adds Awesome: The edges glow with lava. Modern science is unable to explain exactly where it comes from.
    • Kill It with Fire: To extremes; one swing will ignite an enemy, and this fire will stay for a very long time unless something puts the victim out.
    • Game-Breaking Bug: While tinkering with the files, Valve accidentally removed its ability to ignite people.
    • Shout-Out: To the game Rift.
    • Situational Sword: Doesn't do as much damage as the normal axe, but on a map without much water, your victim's gonna burn for a long time even if they kill you. It also lets the Pyro keep his fire strategy in Medieval Mode.
  • Maul: An odd sort of wrench... axe... thing that is functionally identical to The Homewrecker. Rewarded in Genuine quality for prepurchasing Red Faction Armageddon.
  • Postal Pummeler: A mailbox. Functions identically to the Axtinguisher.
    • Back Stab: As of the Love & War Update, the weapon deals a crit if it hits the burning target's back.
    • Combos: Usually used in combination with the flamethrower's fire and airblast to quickly disable an opponent. The burn-airblast-mailbox combo is usually referred to as the "Puff and Sting."
    • Finishing Move: The rework for the Competitive Update is designed to encourage the weapon's use for this purpose.
    • Improvised Weapon
    • Lethal Joke Item: It might be a mailbox, but it's a mailbox that crits on burning foes.
    • Nerf: The Love & War Update only allowed the weapon to deal minicrits if the weapon hits the front of the burning enemy. The Tough Break Update reverted this but reduced its swing speed and greatly increased time switching to the weapon.
    • Stealth Pun: This weapon gives a whole new meaning to "hotmail."
    • Situational Sword
  • Third Degree: An axe with a hot coil instead of a sharpened edge. Damage from this transfers to those connected by a Medic's healing beam. Anyone killed by it disintegrates into ashes. Has no downsides.
    • An Axe to Grind
    • Shoot the Medic First: Enforced; every time you hit an enemy with this, it automatically deals damage to the Medic as well. Given that the Medic's patient is being continuously healed (and probably started out overhealed when hit), the Medic will in all likelihood die before the patient. Especially if you roll a random crit.
    • Synchronization: Medic pairs have this effect if hit with this weapon
  • Lollichop: A tasty lollipop (deadly fire axe). Has its own taunt. Is only viewable in Pyroland; otherwise, it will look like the standard axe. When equipped, it activates Pyroland.
    • Edible Bludgeon: Subverted, it's actually a completely-inedible, steel Fire Axe.
  • Neon Annihilator: A ripped neon sign. Crits on players that are drenched in Jarate, Mad Milk, or water, but does 20% less damage to players. It can remove sappers, but takes twice as many hits as the Homewrecker. It also vaporizes those that are killed by it.
  • Hot Hand: A firefighter's glove. Hit an enemy with it and the Pyro gains a temporary speed boost. It hits twice in one attack, both hits dealing 14% less damage than a single Fire Axe hit, and each slap is announced in the killfeed, changing to SLAP KILL! if the target dies.
    • Armor-Piercing Slap
    • Interface Screw: Like the Holy Mackerel, hits are announced in the killfeed.
    • Kame Hame Hadouken: The only non-secondary Pyro weapon that can perform the Hadouken kill taunt. It still gets listed as a SLAP KILL in the kill feed.
    • Lethal Joke Weapon: In the same sense of the Holy Mackerel, it's a weapon that serves no other purpose than to humiliate enemies with a somewhat weak attack that lets everyone in the server know that someone is getting slapped to death. That said, the speed boost and attack speed does let the Hot Hand keep up with enemies, making it a somewhat viable weapon in some situations.
    • Sprint Shoes: Hitting an enemy with it lets the Pyro run faster for a short period.

Item Sets

  • Gas Jockey's Gear: A set themed around the 50's gas station. Includes the Degreaser, Powerjack, and the Attendant. When the whole set is used together, the Pyro leaves a calling card on his victims.
    • Nerf: The whole set used to give the Pyro a slightly faster running speed at the cost of a slight bullet damage vulnerability.
    • Set Bonus
  • The Infernal Imp: A devilish costume set. Includes the Blazing Bull, the Fallen Angel, and the Tail From the Crypt. Only visible during Full Moon periods or the Halloween Event.
  • The Moonman Pack: Includes the Phlogistinator, Manmelter, Third Degree, Bubble Pipe, and Moonman's Backpack.
  • Burny the Pyrosaur: A Halloween set that makes the Pyro resemble a dinosaur. Includes the Burny's Boney Bonnet, Cauterizer's Caudal Appendage, and Monster's Stompers.
  • Malice in Pyroland: Includes the Crispy Golden Locks and Scorched Skirt.
  • Murky Lurker: Includes the Abhorrent Appendages and Vicious Visage.
  • Ronin Roaster: Includes the Combustible Kabuto and Sengoku Scorcher.
  • Fast Food Firestarter: Makes the Pyro look like an employee of a fast-food restaurant. Includes the Employee of the Mmmph and Frymaster.
  • Sons of Arsonry: Includes the Gas Guzzler, Smoking Skid Lid, and Lunatic's Leathers.
  • Isolated Merc: A different kind of space-themed set. Includes the Nostromo Napalmer and MK 50. When the set is equipped, the user's Nostromo Napalmer deals more damage to players that have the Isolationist Pack item set, but the user takes more melee damage from a player with said set.
    • Set Bonus: The first of its kind since the old set bonuses were removed.
    • Shout-Out: Released as a promotion for Alien Isolation.
  • Automated Abnormality: Includes the Moccasin Machinery and Arsonist Apparatus.




  • Grenade Launcher: A multiple-rounded break action grenade launcher. Fires team-colored rounds that explode on contact if they hit in the air, or they bounce and explode after a time delay.
    • The Artifact: The Grenade Launcher once held 6 grenades but was reduced to four for balance reasons. The number of barrels hasn't changed.
    • Standard FPS Guns
    • Not the Intended Use: It's possible to use the Grenade Launcher as a makeshift sticky-jump, although this can require a bit more timing and finesse than with the Sticky Bombs.
  • Loch-n-Load: A double-barreled break action grenade launcher. Fire grenades that shatter harmlessly on impact with anything but an enemy and have a smaller blast radius, but they travel 25% faster and deal 20% more damage to buildings. It also holds three grenades instead of four.
    • Anti-Structure
    • Difficult, but Awesome: Hope your aiming and prediction is good, because this weapon has little room for error. If you master it, it's deadly.
    • Nerf: The Smissmas 2014 update reduced the Loch-n-Load's blast radius and gave it a damage cap. The Gun Mettle Update changed its damage bonus to only apply to buildings.
    • Obvious Rule Patch: One of the Loch-n-Load's greatest strengths was its ability (with a good aim) to one-shot Scouts, one of the Demoman's greatest threats. The Smissmas 2014 update's nerf gave it a damage cap of 123- specifically so it can't do so any more.
    • Pun
  • Ali Baba's Wee Booties: A pair of curved-toe sandals. Gives 25 more max health, boosts the user's movement speed by 10% if used with a shield, and using them allows the user to change directions more quickly while charging. Earning a melee kill while charging restores the charge meter by 25%.
    • Ascended Glitch: It used to be possible, through an exploit, to be able to double how fast a player can turn during a Chargin' Targe charge. It was removed in favor of this footwear's attributes.
    • Crippling Overspecialization: When the One Thousand and One Demoknights set is used together, the Demoman has no ranged weapons at all, but has a very deadly melee weapon that is capable of one-shotting most classes.
    • Nerf: Formerly granted the movement speed increase even if the Demoman didn't equip a shield.
    • Tricked-Out Shoes
  • Bootlegger: A wooden peg leg and boot. Functions like Ali Baba's Wee Booties.
    • Pirate Peg Leg: Somehow the peg leg doesn't hamper the Demoman's mobility, but improves it.
    • Pun
  • Loose Cannon: A grenade launcher resembling an old-fashioned pirate cannon. It fires an exploding cannonball (that can knock away players and do damage) whose fuse can be shortened by holding the fire key. It does half damage if it hits the ground first, and doesn't explode on contact. Directly hitting an enemy within half a second before the cannonball detonates (a "Double Donk") will be marked with a unique sound/particle effect and a mini-crit.
    • Blown Across the Room
    • Pun
    • Rocket Jump: Can carry the user quite a far distance. It is very painful and hard to master - holding the button too long will make the bomb explode inside the barrel, increasing self damage while reducing distance traveled! So be careful.
  • B.A.S.E. Jumper: A parachute. Pressing the jump button when in the air will deploy a parachute that slows the user's descent.
    • Early-Bird Cameo: Featured in a blog post two weeks before the item was officially announced, though it only showed it being used by Soldier, not Demoman.
    • Fun with Acronyms: Ballistic Aerial Striking Equipment, for those wondering.
    • Nerf: Kind of a Reality Ensues variant. In a 2017 update, midair control has been reduced by 50%, and the parachute cannot be redeployed unless the player has landed.
    • Puny Parachute: It's about the size of an umbrella.
  • Iron Bomber: A sleeker grenade launcher with four barrels. The grenades it fires don't bounce or roll very much, but they have a smaller blast radius.
    • Trap Master: Because the bombs stay more or less in one place, they can be used as makeshift stickybombs in a hurry.


  • Stickybomb Launcher: Same as above, but shorter range (although it can be increased by holding down the fire button), and the bombs stick to the walls, ceiling, or floor, and can be detonated remotely. Good for traps and defending points and has a limit of eight bombs on the field at a time.
    • Nerf: This weapon has been subject to many nerfs over the years, but the Love & War Update introduced a big one: stickies did not reach their full potential damage until they were primed for two seconds so it would be used more for setting traps rather than using it as a burst-fire rocket launcher. This mechanic was removed a week later, reworked, and then added back in late December 2014: that stickies in the air have radius fall-off, but those on surfaces do not, making airbursting harder but still potentially as effective.
    • Rocket Jump: Sticky jumping.
    • Sticky Bombs: They stick to the landscape, but not to enemies.
  • Scottish Resistance: Allows the Demoman to plant up to 14 bombs and lets him detonate them in groups (depending on where his crosshair is pointing) instead of all at once. Has a much higher rate of fire, but the stickies take more priming time before they can be detonated.
    • Bomb Disposal: can be used to destroy enemy stickybombs.
    • Difficult, but Awesome: With a little practice, it's possible to create and maintain a huge perimeter with this weapon.
    • Palette Swap: The Scottish Resistance has the same model as the regular Stickybomb Launcher, with the only differences being a yellow-and-black drum and a device on the top.
  • Chargin' Targe: A wooden shield with a spike that grants the Demoman the ability to charge and reduces damage from fire and explosives. When charging, he rushes straight at a very quick speed and depending on his timing, his melee weapon will deal a regular hit, a mini-crit, or a full crit. Debuffs are removed when the Demoman charges.
    Publicity blurb: "If I were to pick up this cowering-plate, I would have to put down my second sword,” a Scotsman thinks. “And surely that is madness.”
    The Chargin’ Targe solves this riddle by turning the useless shield into a deadly weapon you can run at people with and then bludgeon to death.
    • Nerf: The explosive damage resistance used to be 65% instead of 40%. On the other hand, the charge itself used to not do any damage even at long range.
    • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: Provides fire and explosion resistance!
    • Shield Bash: Used to only deal damage at long distance, but this was changed in the Tough Break update.
    • Stone Wall: Compared to the Demoman's other shields, the Chargin' Targe offers the most damage resistance but the least damage potential.
  • Sticky Jumper: A practice weapon for sticky jumping. It looks like the normal Stickybomb Launcher, except with orange-and-white paint. It gives the Demoman 48 more stickies and no self-damage, but does absolutely no damage, doesn't randomly crit (not like it matters), and disables the ability to carry the Intelligence.
    • Lethal Joke Item: Does no damage, but makes the Demoman capable of performing ridiculous feats of mobility repeatedly.
    • Nerf: This weapon has gone through numerous changes. First, the user was able to survive all of the Demoman's self-explosive damage, but then only the Sticky Jumper's bombs negate self-damage. On the other hand, a different update removed the increased damage from bullets, fire, and explosives. Another patch prevented the wielder from carrying the Intelligence (because it was too easy to sneak into the Intelligence room and blast out quickly, especially on Doublecross, where even average players could In a Single Bound straight from the Intelligence room to their home base). Yet a later patch limited the stickies you could have out to two (the same number of regular sticky bombs a Demo without overheal can jump with and not kill himself).
  • Splendid Screen: An iron shield that provides less fire and explosion protection compared to the Chargin' Targe, but its shield bash causes 70% more damage than the Targe and its recharge rate is 50% shorter.
    • Added Alliterative Appeal
    • Combos: A Shield Bash+crit melee attack can kill most classes in one hit (with the Scotsman's Skullcutter, any class that isn't overhealed). Unlike the Chargin' Targe, this shield allows a crit during any part of the charge.
    • Crippling Overspecialization: When the One Thousand and One Demoknights set is used together, the Demoman has no ranged weapons at all, but has a very deadly melee weapon that is capable of one-shotting most classes.
    • Glass Cannon: Offers the least protection out of all the Demoman's shields, but has the most damaging Shield Bash and has a shorter cooldown.
    • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: Provides less than half the protection from fire and explosives as the Chargin' Targe does, but...
    • Shield Bash: It does 70% more damage than the other shield bashes.
  • Tide Turner: A worn-down ship steering wheel used as a shield. In addition to granting about the same level of fire and explosive resistances as the Splendid Screen, it allows the user to have full turning control of the charge. However, taking damage during the charge reduces its duration, and attacking after dealing a Shield Bash can only yield a mini-crit at the most. Killing someone during the charge refills the charge meter by 75%.
    • Ascended Glitch: Through the years there have been many scripts and hardware tweaks that could allow the user to turn very quickly when charging. This item makes that lineage of glitches official.
    • Fragile Speedster: The Tide Turner allows the Demoman to potentially charge multiple times in quick succession and offers a greater degree of control than the other shields, but possesses less damage resistance than the Chargin' Targe and the charge can be stopped by incoming damage.
    • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: Even though it's a ship wheel, it still acts like a shield and grants resistances.
    • Nerf: Originally it fully recharged the charge meter on a kill during a charge, and taking damage during the charge had no effect on its duration. The Wee Booties and Claidheamh Mòr had a 25% boost refill on melee-kill added in the same update so a full recharge per kill would be possible, just not with every weapon combination with the Tide Turner.
  • Quickiebomb Launcher: A sleeker stickybomb launcher. While its sticky bombs can destroy enemy sticky bombs and are primed and charge faster, these sticky bombs "fizzle out" after four seconds and they deal less damage. The damage the stickies deal increases with the amount that the launcher was charged. It also only holds 6 sticky bombs at once.
    • Bomb Disposal: Can be used to destroy enemy stickybombs.
    • Charged Attack: Unlike the regular Stickybomb Launcher, charging doesn't only make it go further, but also do as much as 25% more damage.
    • Pun: On "Stickybomb Launcher," of course.


  • Bottle: Bottle of scrumpy, to be precise. Breaks after a critical hit, but that's only a cosmetic difference.
  • Eyelander: A huge Scottish claymore. Supposedly haunted, as it quietly whispers for more heads. The Demoman gets 25 less health and the weapon cannot roll for random crits, but every decapitation adds more health and speed until he reaches four decapitations. Switching to and from this weapon is slower than with other weapons, a trait shared with all of the Demoman's swords.
    • BFS
    • Fireball Eyeballs: His eye glows brighter with every head taken, which caps at four.
    • Improbable Use of a Weapon: Killing someone with a critical hit results in them being decapitated by a vertical swing.
    • Magikarp Power: Not quite so useless as a Magikarp, but with the Eyelander/Nine Iron/Headtaker equipped, the wielder starts with 25 less HP, but as he gathers more and more heads, his HP and speed increase. Pairs well with a shield, if the player manages to trade, pick up, or obtain one by achievements.
    • Off with His Head!: All the swords and axes the Demoman has decapitate, despite the animations being vertical strikes.
    • Pun
    • Shout-Out: To Highlander. It even grants you more power as you behead more people.
      • If you kill another player who is also wielding the Eyelander, the Demoman will shout "There can only be one! ...Eye", a literal Shout-Out to Highlander.
    • Talking Weapon: You'll occasionally hear a soft "HHEEEEAAADSSS" coming from The Eyelander, as highlighted in this page of the announcement comic.
      • In "Ring of Fired", it turns out to be fully sapient, capable of having a full conversation as well as watching (and complaining about) TV.
    • Victor Gains Loser's Powers: The head count from a slain Demoman is added to your head count.
      • The head count from a slain Sniper with the Bazaar Bargain is also added to your head count, due to both weapons storing "Heads" as units. Doesn't work the other way around, though.
  • Scotsman's Skullcutter: A battleaxe stained with blood that has a long, wooden handle. It causes 20% more damage, but slows down the wearer by 15% whenever it's out.
  • Pain Train: A broken wooden handle with a large rusty nail at the end. For 10% more bullet damage, the Demoman can capture points and push carts as fast as the Scout.
    • An Axe to Grind: Probably where the handle comes from, as it is identical to the Axtinguisher's.
    • Boring, but Practical: It gives a minor but useful bonus at relatively little cost.
    • Fragile Speedster: Faster caps, at the cost of taking more bullet damage. Compounded by the fact that bullet resistance is not granted by any of the Demoman's shields.
    • I Need a Freaking Drink: The Demoman used to actually drink from the Pain Train. This was removed on June 3, 2011.
    • Situational Sword: Equipping this weapon in Capture the Flag maps is useless and equipping it in Arena maps is downright dumb, unless the enemy team consists of only Demomen and Medics.
  • Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker: A menacing battleaxe that functions just like the Eyelander.
  • Frying Pan: A jet-black cooking instrument. Now usable by all classes except the Spy and Engineer.
  • Claidheamh Mòr: A greatsword covered in blood and a team-color tartan pattern handle. It has the extended range and lack of crits of the Eyelander, and extends charge duration by 0.5 seconds.
    • As Long as It Sounds Foreign: Was originally named "Claidheamohmor" upon release, but corrected by an update noting "to the joy of our Celtic players."
    • BFS
    • Gratuitous Foreign Language: "Claidheamh Mòr" is Scottish Gaelic for "sword big".
    • Life Drain: For a while, it restored 25 health on a kill.
    • Master of None: Between the Tough Break and Jungle Inferno updates, its unique mechanic (extended charge duration) was swapped out for +25 health and +25% charge on kill. The Half-Zatoichi restores a full 50% of its user's health (and can overheal) on kill, and the Persian Persuader replenishes +20% ON HIT, meaning the Claidheamh Mòr was greatly overshadowed in both respects, and even the two effects combined didn't make up for the general weakness of each one.
    • Nerf: After Tough Break but before Jungle Inferno, it made the user take more damage and it didn't extend charge duration. It did, however, have the Demoman restore health.
    • No Pronunciation Guide: It's pronounced "CLAYF-mohr", but most people don't get that from the spelling because it's not an English word.
    • Nonindicative Name: Its name is Scottish Gaelic for "claymore", but it's more like a zweihander.
  • Half-Zatoichi: A katana that grants restores half the wielder's health when it lands a kill, but until he gets that kill, the wielder is unable to switch to his other weapons without losing 50 health (and if his health is under that, he can't switch). Dueling with an enemy that also has the Half-Zatoichi will result in a one-hit kill. It can't deal critical hits.
    • Draw Sword, Draw Blood: It can only be safely switched for another weapon if the user has gotten a kill or has gone to a resupply cabinet, and heals the player 50% of their max health on a successful kill.
    • Honor Before Reason: The Demoman will take damage if he switches away from the Half-Zatoichi unless he gets a kill (or touches a Resupply locker).
    • Katanas Are Just Better
    • Nerf: The Tough Break Update reduced its full-health restoration to merely 50%, but this restoration can overheal as compensation. The update also removed critical hits and made switching to and from the weapon slower, as a sword-type weapon.
    • Single-Stroke Battle: A one-hit kill on another player who is also wielding this sword.
    • Shout-Out: To the Japanese TV and Film character Zatoichi, a blind swordsman. So why is this the Half Zatoichi? Because the Demoman is only half-blind and only uses one sword.
  • Ullapool Caber: A potato-masher style grenade. A solid hit will set off a massive explosion that deals heavy damage to the Demoman, and enough damage to his target to blow him into pieces. However, it has a slower swing speed and takes twice as long to switch to. After a hit, it's a broken grenade that deals 25% less damage.
    • Action Bomb: Unless he's already damaged, the explosion won't kill the Demoman, but he's still basically blowing himself up as an attack.
    • Improbable Use of a Weapon/Violation of Common Sense: It's a grenade. A sober man would throw it. It is the most powerful melee attack in the game, even if you only get one shot.
    • Lethal Joke Item: Despite it's nerfs, the Ullapool Caber is still a powerful weapon if used with a right loadout (Ali Baba's Wee Booties/Bootlegger and Splendid Screen/Chargin' Targe for example) and attacking an enemy with a perfect timing while charging will result in a One-Hit Kill even towards a Heavy on full health!
    • Nerf: The Gun Mettle update decreased its base explosion damage from 100 to 75, and reduced the damage ramp-up to be identical to long-range explosive weapons, making it Awesome, but Impractical in normal circumstances. The Tough Break Update made swinging and switching to the weapon slower.
    • Rocket Jump: By crouching and hitting the ground, one can easily reach the battlements on Degroot Keep, although there's another way to get there. This is also the only way to Rocket Jump in Medieval Mode, where only melee weapons and a select few other items are allowed.
      • There's also a high chance that the Ullapool will launch you into the air, upon hitting an enemy. Varying on your loadout, this can be an advantage (letting you launch a grenade on the enemy under you, if they survived the Ullapool and finish them off),or a disadvantage.
    • Suicide Attack: Varying on the Demo's health and situation, the Ullapool Caber can encourage this trope.
      • If you're in a situation that brings you close to an enemy about to kill you, pulling out the Ullapool is a desperation attack.
      • Equipping the Ullapool with a shield and doing a successful charge (which causes a Crit), there's a chance that you'll be blown to pieces. And that's taking the explosion resistance into account.
  • Persian Persuader: A scimitar. The charge meter recharges twice as fast with this weapon equipped, dealing a hit restores some of the charge meter, and all ammo pickups (dropped weapons and ammo boxes) restore the charge meter instead. It reduces the wielder's primary and secondary ammo and doesn't randomly crit, though.
    • Added Alliterative Appeal
    • Crippling Overspecialization: When the One Thousand and One Demoknights set is used together, the Demoman has no ranged weapons at all, but has a very deadly melee weapon that is capable of killing most classes in one shot. Due to the weapon converting all ammo into charge, even if this is the only piece of the set equipped, the Demoman will quickly run out of ammo for any of his ranged weapons unless he returns to the resupply closet, since ammo crates and dispensers no longer resupply ammo and he has less ammo to work with.
    • Nerf: The Tough Break Update removed its function of changing ammo into health, instead changing ammo into charge, and imposed a max ammo reduction on the wielder's other weapons.
    • Sinister Scimitar
  • Nessie's Nine-Iron: A golf club. Functions identically to the Eyelander.
  • Scottish Handshake: A rum bottle. Functions like the standard bottle.

Item Sets

  • Expert's Ordnance: An explosive-themed kit. Includes the Loch n' Load and the Ullapool Caber.
  • One Thousand And One Demoknights: An Arabian-themed melee-only set. Includes Ali Babba's Wee Booties, the Splendid Screen, the Persian Persuader, and the Sultan's Ceremonial. No special attributes.
  • Swashbuckler's Swag: A pirate-themed set. Includes the Bootlegger, the Scottish Handshake, the Buccaneer's Bicorne, and A Whiff of the Old Brimstone. No special attributes.
  • The Highland Hound: A werewolf costume. Includes Hair of the Dog, the Scottish Snarl, and the Pickled Paws. Gives a different taunt when the whole set is worn. Only visible during Full Moon periods or the Halloween Event.
  • Count Tavish: Makes the Demoman resemble Count Dracula. Includes the Transylvania Top and Lordly Lapels.
  • Cursed Captain: A pirate costume. Includes the Squid's Lid and Cap'n Calamari.
  • South of the Border: A Mexican-themed set. Includes the Allbrero, Seeing Double, and Six Pack Abs.
  • Forgotten King: Includes the Forgotten King's Restless Head and Forgotten King's Pauldrons.



  • Minigun: Massive rapid-fire medium-range minigun. Has a big ammo supply, but he runs through it fast. Must spin up to fire, during which the already slow-moving Heavy must slow down to a speed of about one foot per second.
  • Natascha: a darker minigun with a much deeper (but softer) sound that slows opponents but does less damage and takes more time to spin up. While being spun, the user takes 20% less damage while below 50% HP. It also holds 100 more max ammo.
    • Bang, Bang, BANG
    • BFG
    • Critical Status Buff: Bringing a Natascha Heavy below half HP just makes him harder to bring down with direct fire.
    • More Dakka: Natascha has a much deeper sound, and does less damage then Sasha, meaning you have to fire more bullets to kill your enemies.
    • Nerf: Before the Australian Christmas update, any hit decreased movement speed by the same amount regardless of distance (now hits made from further away don't slow down as much) and it didn't take any longer to spin up than the Minigun.
    • Palette Swap: The only visual difference between this item and the default minigun is the black ammo carrier and chain belt on its side. It even used to have the same first-person view model. (The proportions of all other miniguns are more realistic in the first-person model.)
  • Iron Curtain: A partially wooden minigun, won from the Heavy in Poker Night at the Inventory.
  • Brass Beast: An antique mini-gun made of brass. Its damage is increased by 20% and the user takes 20% less damage while it's spun up and his HP is at 50% or less, but it takes much longer to spin up and, while deployed, move speed is cut even further than normal.
  • Tomislav: An oversized, minigun-like Thompson submachine gun. Spins up 20% faster, doesn't have spinning barrels to make loud sounds, and is more accurate, but fires 20% slower.
    • BFG
    • I Call It "Vera": No, it's not just a pun on "Tommygun". In a more straight example, it was revealed he calls it Svetlana in the Meet Your Match update
    • Nerf: Big time. When it initially came out, it spun up in 70% less time. Needless to say, the community found the weapon overpowered and Valve responded quickly, nerfing it to only 40%. Later, it got nerfed more to a mere 10% faster, but was brought up 20% in the Gun Mettle Update.
    • Quick Draw: Has a quick spin-up time.
  • Huo-Long Heater: An antique wooden mini-gun with a Chinese dragon head on the muzzle. When deployed, the user is surrounded in a ring of fire that will ignite enemies and the weapon deals bonus damage to burning enemies, but it deals 10% less damage than the stock Minigun and the fire costs 4 (previously 6) ammo per second when deployed.
    • Awesome, but Impractical: It is a minigun that can set enemies on fire. This makes it eat up ammo faster than normal, however. It can also protect against Spies, especially those with the Spy-cicle, due to its constant ring of fire.
    • BFG
    • Bilingual Bonus: The name of the weapon is the Romanization of the Chinese characters "火龍", meaning "dragon of fire"note .
    • I call it Sheila
    • One Steve Limit: Renamed from the "Huo-Long Heatmaker", due to the Sniper's Hitman's Heatmaker in the update before.
    • Overshadowed by Awesome: With the Natascha and Brass Beast giving the user damage resistance when spun up and the Tomislav's bullet spread being reduced in the Gun Mettle Update, the Huo-Long Heater and its constant ammo-draining fire ring is looking to become one of the more unused weapons.
    • Playing with Fire


  • Shotgun: Similar to the Pyro's, Soldier's, and Engineer's.
  • Sandvich: A sandwich containing lettuce, tomatoes, Swiss cheese, and an indeterminate meat. Eating it completely heals the Heavy, and it can dropped to heal his teammates quickly by 50%. Has a 30-second cooldown timer, though picking up a health kit at full health will restore the item.
    • Consulting Mister Puppet: "What's that, Sandvich? 'Kill them all'? Good idea!"
    • Continuity Nod: Scouts who pick up sandviches dropped by a killed enemy Heavy recover 25 more health than anyone else — a reference to the Scout killing the Heavy and eating his sandvich in Meet The Scout. There's even an achievement for it.
    • Cowboy Cop: Mocked. After eating a sandvich, the Heavy may say, "You're a loose cannon, Sandvich, but you're a damn good cop!"
    • Nerf: The Sandvich originally would heal the heavy for 150 health if he dropped it and then ate it off the ground. While this wouldn't give a Heavy the full health of stopping and eating it, it was considerably faster and the quick heal would usually be enough health to get you to a medic/medkit/dispenser. Valve nerfed it so that dropping the Sandvich would only heal teammates, and picking it back up instead gives the Heavy back his Sandvich.
    • Power-Up Food
    • Satiating Sandvich
    • Video Game Caring Potential: It can be given to other teammates to refill half their health. Medics really appreciate it when Heavies look out for them this way.
  • Dalokohs Bar: A chocolate bar. When eaten at full health, it increases max HP by 50 for 30 seconds and gives the Heavy 100HP (For 400/350HP). Has a 10-second cooldown timer. Can be dropped to heal the Heavy's teammates for 20% of their max HP.
  • Buffalo Steak Sandvich: A t-bone steak. When eaten, it causes the Heavy to deal mini-crits and take 25% more damage. He also gains a speed boost which (ignoring other speed modifiers) means only Scouts and Medics outspeed him while boosted and is restricted to using his melee weapon.
  • Fishcake: A fried fish cake in a team-colored wrapper. Functions like the Dalokohs Bar.
  • Family Business: A more realistic pump-action shotgun. Holds two more shells in the clip and fires faster, but does 15% less damage.
  • Robo-Sandvich: A robotic version of the Sandvich. Only given to those who purchased a Sandvich toy at the San Diego Comic-Con 2012.
  • Panic Attack: A sawed-off shotgun with an ammo drum on its front. It fires 50% more pellets than normal, has a fixed shot pattern, and switching to the weapon is much faster, but it deals 20% less damage and shot spread grows larger with consecutive use.
    • Desperation Attack: Before its rework, it fired shots at a faster rate when the user's health was low.
    • Quick Draw
    • Spam Attack: Before its rework. The rework discourages this by having the shot spread increase with consecutive firing.
  • Second Banana: A banana. Heals for 200 health, but recharges in just 10 seconds. Acts like a small health kit when thrown to allies.


  • Killing Gloves of Boxing: A pair of team-colored boxing gloves. Although they swing slower, a successful kill will grant the Heavy 5 seconds of critical hits.
    • Critical Hit: 5 seconds of it (never more, unfortunately).
    • Fun with Acronyms: The KGB were the old Soviet Union Secret Police.
    • Kill Streak: Consecutive kills will reset the critical hit timer within the 5 seconds it is active. On melee-only modes, the Heavy turns into a juggernaut with this weapon.
    • Red Boxing Gloves: Or blue, if you're on that team.
    • Shout-Out: The taunt references Mr. Sandman (from Punch-Out!! (NES))'s entry animation. Works for all melee weapons except the fists.
  • Gloves of Running Urgently: A pair of team-colored boxing gloves with a flame decal. While you have them out, the GRU boost you to speeds near the standard 300 units per second but gradually reduce your maximum health and also take longer to holster.
    • Cast from Hit Points: Drains the Heavy's maxiumum health by 10 per second while active, notwithstanding any damage taken. In its initial incarnation, the GRU sapped the Heavy's health while active.
    • Fragile Speedster: Downplayed, your health is lowered while you wield it, but (on normal servers at least) you don't move much more quickly.
    • Fun with Acronyms: The GRU is Russia's foreign intelligence bureau.
    • Gradual Regeneration: When not in use, the Heavy regains any health the gloves drained.
    • Hot Paint Job: With flame decals.
    • Nerf: Kinda. It used to be that having the gloves out would deal constant damage to the user (6 HP per second, which a Medic can more than negate), rather than making the Heavy more vulnerable. It wouldn't take long to see why such a debuff would make the weapon unpopular. Tough Break played it straight, however, by giving them a holster speed penalty.
    • Red Boxing Gloves: Or blue, if you are on that team.
    • Sprint Shoes: Allow the Heavy to move faster.
  • Fists of Steel: A pair of large, team-colored robot gauntlets that encase the Heavy's hands. While this weapon is active, the Heavy gains a significant resistance (40%) to ranged attacks, but also make you extremely vulnerable to melee and reduces overheal and healing by 40%. It also makes switching away from the weapon take twice as long.
  • Warrior's Spirit: A pair of bear paws. Damage increased by 30% and heals back 50 health per hit, at cost of taking 30% more damaget.
  • Eviction Notice: Spiked brass knuckles that make the Heavy deal faster punches for less damage done and gradual reduction of maximum health. Boosts the user's speed by 15% on hit.
  • Apoco-Fists: A pair of black boxing gloves. Gibs an enemy upon kill with a critical hit.
  • Holiday Punch: A pair of winter mittens that always crit on attacks from the behind, but instead of doing any damage, this causes the victim to go into a laughing fit in place of the damage. Attacking someone else using the item will also cause laughing.
    • Back Stab: Forces the victim into a laughing fit.
    • Combos: You can still do the taunt kill with this weapon. If there aren't many players around, punch someone in the back, they start laughing, hit Taunt. Bang, easy instakill.
    • Evil Laugh: The gloves force the victim into using the Schadenfreude taunt.
    • Lethal Joke Item: On paper, a pair of mittens that does no damage and instead makes opponents laugh on a critical hit, and always crits from the back, sounds pretty ridiculous. In execution, a single crit from this weapon in the middle of a fire fight is certain death, and rather humiliating for multiple reasons. It essentially turns the Heavy into a fatter Spy. Who can even stop ÜberCharges with the power of laughter.
    • Obvious Rule Patch: Its special feature was outright removed in Mann vs. Machine for obvious reasons.
    • Pun
  • Bread Bite: A bread monster fashioned into boxing gloves. Acts like the Gloves of Running Urgently.
    • Temporary Online Content: Could only be obtained by opening the Bread Box item. The Bread Box could only be obtained by crafting, and the recipe was retired on July 10, 2014.
    • Sprint Shoes

Item Sets

  • The Hibernating Bear: A Native American-themed set. Includes the Brass Beast, Buffalo Steak Sandvich, and the Warrior's Spirit.
  • Black Market Business: A mobster-themed set. Includes the Tomislav, Family Business, Eviction Notice, and Capo's Capper. No special attributes.
  • The FrankenHeavy: A Frankenstein's Monster costume. Includes the Can Opener, the Soviet Stitch-Up, and the Steel-Toed Stompers. Enables a new taunt when all items are worn together. Only visible during Full Moon periods or the Halloween Event.
  • The Grand Duchess: A fairy costume, or Anastasia Nikolaevna, if the Heavy is to be believed. Includes the Grand Duchess Tiara, the Grand Duchess Fairy Wings, and the Grand Duchess Tutu. Enables varied responses when all items are equipped. Only visible during Full Moon periods or Halloween events.
  • The Minsk Beast: A set that makes the Heavy resemble something like that of a bull. Includes the Minsk Beef, Bull Locks, and Bone-Cut Belt.



  • Shotgun: Similar to the Soldier's, Pyro's, and Heavy's.
  • Frontier Justice: An ornate coach gun-styled shotgun with a team-colored capacitor attached to the firing mechanism. Charges up "revenge crits" with every kill that the sentry gun causes (2 for every kill, 1 for every assist) if the sentry is destroyed. However, it can only hold three shells and doesn't crit normally.
    • Instrument of Murder: The guitar smash taunt that goes with the Frontier Justice.
    • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: You only get access to those crits when your sentry is destroyed, either by you or by the enemy.
      • Tranquil Fury: The Frontier Justice taps into this. No screaming rage, just a pithy one-liner as the Engineer prepares to take revenge for the destruction of his machines.
  • Widowmaker: A futuristic shotgun modeled after the Widowmaker TX. Deals 10% more damage if used against an enemy being attacked by your sentry and damage done is transferred to Metal, but consumes 30 metal per shot. As long as the Engie has metal, he never has to load more shells.
  • Pomson 6000: A ray gun that drains 10% Medi Gun charge if the target is a Medic, and 20% Cloak if it's a Spy, the effect of which decreases with distance. It has in
finite ammunition, but must be recharged with a slide pump and it effectively has a clip size of four shots.
  • Advanced Tech 2000: It's in the name.
  • Bottomless Magazines: Similar to the Soldier's Cow Mangler 5000 and Righteous Bison above, the weapon must be reloaded.
  • Mana Burn: Type 1 (mana burned is destroyed.)
  • Nerf: The Mann vs. Machine update removed its piercing capabilities but increased damage to do roughly the same damage against a single enemy. The Gun Mettle Update altered the drain effect so it lessens over a distance.
  • Ray Gun
  • Swiss Army Weapon: Can ignite friendly Snipers' arrows.
  • Zeerust
  • Rescue Ranger: A pump-action shotgun with an orange ECG monitor that connects to a laser sight on the gun's muzzle. The gun fires bolts instead of shot. These bolts can heal friendly buildings, which costs Metal. With the weapon equipped, the Engineer can pick up buildings from a distance (which uses 100 Metal) but while carrying a building by any method, the user is marked for death. During setup time, twice as much metal is applied when upgrading buildings. It also holds 2 less shells and half the max ammo.
  • Panic Attack: A sawed-off shotgun with an ammo drum on its front. It fires 50% more pellets than normal, has a fixed shot pattern, and switching to the weapon is much faster, but it deals 20% less damage and shot spread grows larger with consecutive use.
    • Desperation Attack: Before its rework, it fired shots at a faster rate when the user's health was low.
    • Quick Draw
    • Spam Attack: Before its rework. The rework discourages this by having the shot spread increase with consecutive firing.


  • Pistol: The standard pistol, just like the Scout's.
    • Firing One-Handed
    • Hyperspace Arsenal: The main difference between the Scout's and Engineer's pistols. While they both have 12-bullet magazines, the Scout gets 48 shots total. The Engineer? 212.
    • Mythology Gag: The 200 spares rounds reference the Engineer's laser pistol from Team Fortress Classic, which used the Engineer's supply of 200 metal for ammo.
    • Standard FPS Guns
    • Unorthodox Reload: The Engineer's pistol reload consists of him slamming a new magazine into the weapon without ejecting the spent clip.
  • Lugermorph: See Scout entry above.
  • Wrangler: A simple single button-style joystick mounted on top of a pistol grip and a small radar dish. Allows the Engineer to take direct control of his sentry gun, doubling its rate of fire and allowing it to absorb 66% of all incoming damage but lessens repair and ammo restoration.
    • Deflector Shield: Which effectively triples the sentry's HP while it's active.
    • Handy Remote Control
    • Laser Sight: Again, for your sentry; it assists your aim by attempting to stay on targets you mouse over unless you mouse away from them.
    • Nerf: It was eventually given an accuracy penalty while manually firing sentries, and the time sentries were spent shielded was reduced. Gun Mettle reduced the effectiveness of repairs and ammo refills on Wrangled sentries.
    • Rocket Jump: An Engineer can use the Wrangler to have their Level 3 Sentries shoot rockets at his feet to push himself up into normally inaccessible places; the bullets can also be used for a bit of a boost.
    • Shout-Out: It's the Atari Controller rebuilt into a sentry targeting device.
  • Short Circuit: A hand-replacing electric cannon. Fires electric blasts: With primary-fire, they damage players, with each blast costing 5 metal and they happen about 7 times a second; with secondary fire, launches a projectile-destroying energy ball for 65 metal a shot and is significantly slower. When the weapon is active, the Engineer cannot receive metal from dispensers or haul any buildings.
    • Arm Cannon
    • Bomb Disposal: Can destroy enemy Demomen's grenades and sticky bombs.
    • Bottomless Magazines: As long as he has metal for the gun.
    • Chain Lightning
    • Cherry Tapping: Primary fire only does about as much damage per second as a knife from the front does.
    • Disintegrator Ray
    • Lightning Gun
    • Nerf: The Smissmas 2013 update increased its usefulness a bit too much, so patches were added. First, a patch made it use up 15 ammo when it vaporized a projectile, and reduced its damage. Later, a patch prevented the Engineer from regaining metal from dispensers when the Short Circuit was out, discouraging dispenser camping. The Gun Mettle Update split the ability to destroy projectiles to the alt-fire button, and made that cost 15 metal a pop. The Competitive Update retooled that into a different ability that costs 65 metal a pop.
    • Spam Attack
  • C.A.P.P.E.R: A handheld team-colored ray gun. Functions identically to the stock Pistol.
  • Giger Counter: A futuristic radar device with a joystick built into the top. Functions identically to the Wrangler.



  • Buildings: With a small remote control known as the Build Tool, the engineer can create sentries, dispensers, and teleporters for the team. He can also detonate them using the Destroy Tool. All buildings are unaffected by critical hits.
    • Context-Sensitive Button: The destruction tool only has one button, but can detonate any of up to four different buildings.
    • Damage Is Fire: Buildings smoke and spark if damaged.
    • Explosive Instrumentation: Since the Engineer is equipped with a detonator remote, it's safe to assume the buildings are fitted with C4 (or some equivalent thereof).
    • Ridiculously Fast Construction: The Dispenser and Teleporter build in 20 seconds, the Sentry in half that, and each of those times is halved for each Engineer hitting it with a wrench.
      • The mini-sentries from the Gunslinger, the Engineer's unlockable melee weapon, build in a quarter of the normal time — 2.5 seconds.
      • Upgrades, especially with more than one Engineer working on it, although only the sentry really changes noticeably when upgraded.
      • With the Engineer Update, buildings can be relocated by the engineer who built them. Doing so rebuilds them even faster, despite using the same animation.
      • With the Jag equipped, even a normal sentry will spring up in seconds. Just watch how fast a upgraded sentry comes up when you've relocated it and started whacking with the Jag.
  • Sentry Gun: A turret in team colors that shoots very fast at any enemy it can see. With the Engineer's wrench, it can be upgraded to shoot even faster, then have the ability to shoot rockets.
    • Beeping Computers: Depending on the level, the sentry will beep once, twice, or thrice.
    • Evolving Weapon: After receiving 200 metal, the sentry will "level up" to a double-barreled minigun, and again to add a 4-rocket rocket launcher.
    • Gatling Good: The level 2 and 3 Sentries feature twin Miniguns.
    • Glass Cannon: Despite having more health than a Soldier and being immune to Critical Hits, even the level three sentries are quite fragile when not being repaired by an Engineer because of their enormous hitboxes, stationary nature, and lack of damage falloff. The main thing that keeps them alive is their high damage (also not affected by damage falloff) and perfect accuracy killing the player before they get a decent attack in. As a result, when most classes have line-of-sight to a sentry but are out of its attack range, they can destroy it in seconds.
    • Hell Is That Noise: The whoosh it makes when it sights you. It gets louder the higher the sentry is upgraded, to tell you how screwed you are.
    • Macross Missile Massacre: Level 3 Sentries can fire up to 20 volleys of guided missiles, each volley launching four missiles at once. Get several level 3 Sentries in one place and utter missile carnage is sure to ensue.
    • Weak Turret Gun: Subverted as, regardless of level, they cannot be knocked down, despite enemies firing masses of rockets, thousands of bullets, and everything else they can find at it.
  • Combat Mini-Sentry: Created only with the Gunslinger equipped, it's basically a much smaller team-colored sentry with a siren on top.
    • Cute Machines: "Ain't that a cute little gun."
    • Fragile Speedster: Despite never moving, it manages to be a form of this by having a hitbox much smaller than any other building or playable class along with a very rapid-fire gun that throws off aim a lot. In practice, classes that rely on hitscan weapons instead of explosives (which aren't affected as badly because said attacks still use a large hitbox) will often take longer to kill it than a level three sentry despite the health difference.
    • Weak Turret Gun: It can't be upgraded, and it does half the damage of a regular sentry. On the flip side, it completes in 2.5 seconds. It's also cheaper to build.
  • Dispenser: A building that gives out ammunition, health, and metal (for Engineers) as long as the ally stands near it. Upgrading it will heal faster and give more ammo/metal.
    • Auto-Doc: It will heal nearby teammates and provide ammo for them.
    • Infinite Supplies: It never runs out of ammunition and health, and it only takes a few seconds to generate metal.
  • Teleporter Entrance and Exit: Two buildings that create a quick shortcut for all allies. One simply stands on the entrance and when it's fully charged, it teleports him or her to where the exit is built. Upgrading it decreases the charge time.
    • Telefrag: Can occur when anyone stands on the exit while somebody uses it.
    • Trail of Bread Crumbs: Exiting a teleporter will cause the player to leave a trail of glowing particles for 18 seconds. The enemy team might use this as a clue to identifying the teleporter's location.

Item Sets

  • The Brundle Bundle: A grotesque fly mutation-costume-thing. Makes the Engineer speak at a much higher pitch (roughly 145%) when the whole set is worn. Only visible during Full Moon periods or the Halloween Event.
  • The Brainiac Pack: A set that makes the Engineer look like a Mad Scientist. Includes the Pomson 6000, Eureka Effect, Brainiac Goggles, and Brainiac Hairpiece.
  • The Texas Tech-Head: A set that makes the Engineer look fat. Includes the Level Three Chin, Egghead's Overalls, and Lonesome Loafers.
  • The Builder's Basics Kit: Includes the Tools of the Trade and Joe-on-the-Go.




  • Syringe Gun: An air-powered gun that shoots 40 syringes in 4 seconds.
    • Abnormal Ammo: Except for the Crusader's Crossbow, all of the Medic's primary weapons can be upgraded to fire Mad Milk Syringes in Mann vs Machine.
    • Bottomless Magazines: In a strange subversion, the model shows the gun has an infinite, continuous supply of syringes, but firing them expends a compressed air supply that must be reloaded like any magazine-fed weapon.
    • Flechette Storm
    • Glove Snap: The Medic's taunt when he holds this.
    • Liquid Assets: Can be upgraded in Mann vs Machine to fire Mad Milk Syringes.
    • Nail 'Em: It's effectively a nailgun, and about as accurate as that implies.
    • Playing with Syringes
  • Blutsauger: A syringe gun that where each needle that hits an enemy heals the Medic for 3 health. However, the Medic's healing rate lowers by 2 HP.
    • Cast From Hitpoints: The "healing rate reduction" is achieved by the weapon sapping away 2 HP per second, which Medic immediately recovers. The actual effect of this is more noticeable in some game mods like Randomizer, where any class can get the weapon, which don't have the regeneration factor what Medic has.
    • Gratuitous German: "Blutsauger" means "bloodsucker" or "vampire".
    • Life Drain
  • Crusader's Crossbow: A medieval-themed crossbow that shoots large syringes that heal allies (building some of the ÜberCharge Meter) or hurt enemies. How much damage is done or health it gives depends on how far the target is. It reloads much faster than the standard syringe gun.
    • Added Alliterative Appeal
    • Annoying Arrows: Back when the Crossbow shot arrows, in the case it doesn't kill an enemy, they will remain sticking out of their model for quite some time without any ill effects. Even if the arrow is stuck in the target's head. Also applies to allies with healing rather than damaging.
    • As Lethal as It Needs to Be: Which makes it hilarious to fire into the melee on the 3rd point in Medieval Mode.
    • Boom, Headshot!: Averted, as stated in the Weapons Description (it will do the usual damage). Noteworthy that it was specifically stated so, possibly because it could be seen as a counterpart to the Sniper's Huntsman, both being ranged weapons that could be used in Medieval Mode.
    • Edible Ammunition: The Festive Crusader's Crossbow fires sharpened candy canes instead of syringes.
    • Flechette Storm: When upgraded with more ammo per clip in Mann vs. Machine, it fires all of them out in less than a second. In infinite ammo servers, it's fully capable of rivaling the minigun in terms of fire rate.
      • It could also crash servers if you fired it for a long amount of time.
    • Healing Shiv: Its bolts heal allies on impact.
    • Long-Range Fighter: Although the Medic's other projectile weapons can be used at longer ranges than usual, the Crossbow is explicitly designed to be better at long range combat, and performs very poorly in close-quarters.
    • Nerf: The Jungle Inferno update reduces the ÜberCharge rate to make it behave similarly to the Medigun's.
    • No "Arc" in "Archery": Averted. The bolts behave like fully-charged Huntsman arrows, but cannot inflict headshots.
    • Playing with Syringes: Uses a large syringe as ammunition.
  • Overdose: The Medic's prototype syringe gun. Having this weapon out gives the Medic a speed boost (up to 20%) relative to his ÜberCharge percentage. However, it deals 15% less damage.


  • Medi Gun: The Medic's choice for healing allies, it's a backpack-mounted machine with a modified fire hose and bottom handle. Shoots a team-colored beam that heals whoever is targeted. Can buff a target's health with an extra 50%, but this extra dissipates over time if the beam cuts off. Has an ÜberCharge meter built by healing; when it's full, the Medic can unleash a powerful buff on himself and his patient, granting eight seconds of complete invulnerability.
    • Ammunition Backpack
    • Boring, but Practical: The vanilla Medigun takes the longest to build its ÜberCharge up and lacks the gimmicks of its alternatives, but at the end of the day the invulnerability ÜberCharge is the one you want to hold the line, break sieges, and everything else.
    • Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors: An interesting case with the different medigun Übers: Vaccinator interferes with the Kritzkrieg's crit boosts, Kritzkrieg outdamages the Quick-Fix's Über, the Quick-Fix's healing boost is just plain better then the Vaccinator's resistances, and the stock Medi Gun beats all 3, but has the slowest ÜberCharge build rate of them all.
    • Fantastic Drug: If the Kritzkrieg taunt is anything to go by, this is what the Medigun uses to heal people.
    • Healing Shiv: Technically, it could also make them invulnerable for ten seconds.
    • Mighty Glacier: The slowest of all ÜberCharges to charge up, but when it does, it can overpower any other ÜberCharge, often even two others, as well as push further than any other ÜberCharge.
    • Mundane Utility: Mediguns can repair damaged clothes.
      • The Healing Aspect of the Medi Gun was, according to the original fluff, the completely unintended side effects of whatever the Medic was building at the time. The entire gun is, indeed, a mundane utility since either what it was originally intended to do was similar enough to healing, or its healing ability proved to be more useful than whatever it was meant to do.
  • Kritzkrieg: Another backpack-mounted medigun that builds über 25% faster. When it's fully charged, it grants the patient eight seconds of critical hits.
    • Death-or-Glory Attack: What happens when a Kritzkrieg ÜberCharge happens on a Soldier or Demoman. Unlike the more safe vanilla ÜberCharge, the possibilities range from "wiping out most of the battlefield" to "gets killed almost immediately".
    • Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors: An interesting case with the different medigun Übers: Vaccinator interferes with the Kritzkrieg's crit boosts, Kritzkrieg outdamages the Quick-Fix's Über, the Quick-Fix's healing boost is just plain better then the Vaccinator's resistances, and the stock Medi Gun beats all 3, but has the slowest ÜberCharge build rate of them all.
    • Fantastic Drug: Taunting with the Kritzkrieg equipped makes the Medic put his face to the barrel of the Kritzkrieg and take a deep breath, while saying, "Hahaha, Oktoberfest!" The taunt heals him for 11 health.
    • Glass Cannon: The best way to describe the effects of its ÜberCharge relative to the standard one. While the recipient gains 100% critical hits, both the Medic and his patient are not invulnerable to damage (but no more vulnerable than usual).
    • Gratuitous German: as a reference to the "Blitzkrieg" tactic. Krieg could also stand for "receive", see above.
    • Meaningful Name
    • Pun: Of "Blitzkrieg" and "Critical".
    • Situational Sword: Allows your patient to cut down swaths of enemy players, but is powerless against Sentry Guns (which do not take more damage from critical hits), the standard Medi-Gun's ÜberCharge (which blocks damage from everything), and isn't as effective against the Vaccinator's mini-Über (which nullify crits if the damage types match, but unlike the stock Medi-gun, doesn't affect melee weapons or damage types that don't match)
  • Quick-Fix: The Medic's prototype medigun. It heals 40% faster and builds über 25% faster, and launches the Medic up with his patient when they explosive jump. When it's fully charged, the gun heals 300% faster, healing the Medic as well as his patient, and grants immunity to slowdown and stun effects. Unfortunately, it can only overheal targets half as much as the other mediguns, and objectives cannot be completed while under its ÜberCharge.
    • Achilles' Heel: Since you and your patient are at no time invincible when using the Quick-Fix, weapons that can deal high burst damage (stickybombs, headshots, ect.) can negate it entirely.
    • Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors: An interesting case with the different medigun Übers: Vaccinator interferes with the Kritzkrieg's crit boosts, Kritzkrieg outdamages the Quick-Fix's Über, the Quick-Fix's healing boost is just plain better then the Vaccinator's resistances, and the stock Medi Gun beats all 3, but has the slowest ÜberCharge build rate of them all.
    • Fragile Speedster: A fast-building ÜberCharge, good at hit and run with explosive jumping classes, heals faster, and overall it's just faster. This speed makes it much easier for a lone Medic to keep a large group healthy. On the other hand, its ÜberCharge usually loses to any other ÜberCharge face-to-face, can't overheal nearly as well, and falls flat against burst damage.
    • Loophole Abuse: All of Medic's secondary weapons build Ubercharge slower if they're trained on an ally at 142.5% health. The Quick-Fix, by itself, can't buff an ally to that percentage, meaning it almost always builds Ubercharge at its highest rate. This helps overcome its tendency to lose to stock and Kritzkrieg Ubercharges in a head-on fight by being able to deploy its Uber first.
    • MacGyvering: It appears to be hastily cobbled together from a fire hose, a coffee pot, and malfunctioning medical equipment.
    • Meaningful Name: A "quick-fix" in industrial and medical terms is a hurried and/or temporary solution that may fail to negate a problem entirely, used as the name for this Medigun as the Übercharge can still fail to keep the Medic and/or patient alive despite it's 300% healing rate.
    • Nerf: Inverted. The Quick-Fix was once the only medigun that affected medic speeds when healing a class that moved faster than he did. Since the Meet Your Match update all mediguns have this feature.
      • Though also played strsight: the Quick-Fix used to be the only Medi-Gun where you could cap the point/push the cart while under the effects of its Ubercharge. Now you can't do any of that while being Ubercharged, just like every other Medi-Gun.
    • No-Sell: A popular counter-attack against the invincible ÜberCharge is to simply push the ÜberCharged enemies around repeatedly using the Pyro's airblast, thus wasting their short period of invincibility. Airblast and other knock-back mechanics don't work at all on a Quick-Fix ÜberCharge.
    • Why Won't You Die?: With a heal-rate increased by 40% normally and 300% during an Ubercharge, you're going to need to kill a Quick-Fix user and his patient fast, or he'll just heal right back up to max health in no time.
  • Vaccinator: A Medi-gun with a large canister of team-colored fluid attached to it. It builds Über 67% faster. It can cycle through a list of bullet, fire, and explosion resistance, which gives a small ÜberCharge boost while healing normally. It has four separate ÜberCharge meters, and the ÜberCharge will grant the target and patient 75% more resistance and crit immunity to said type while healing the Medic for 10% of the damage said type does to the patient. However, it overheals patients 66% slower than the stock Medigun, and outside of the pre-round setup period it builds up ÜberCharge significantly slower if the patient is overhealed.
    • Achilles' Heel: It has no resistance against melee attacks and melee crits. And since melees have a much higher chance of critical hits...
    • Barrier Change Boss
    • Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors: An interesting case with the different medigun Übers: Vaccinator interferes with the Kritzkrieg's crit boosts, Kritzkrieg outdamages the Quick-Fix's Über, the Quick-Fix's healing boost is just plain better then the Vaccinator's resistances, and the stock Medi Gun beats all 3, but has the slowest ÜberCharge build rate of them all.
    • Life Drain: An odd friendly variation: when the patient takes damage, the Medic regains a small amount of health if the correct resistance is active. This was changed to increase ÜberCharge instead.
    • Stone Wall: Has no offensive bonuses, but offers an array of damage resistances even without Über, and has a flexible one that can nullify crits and sustain its defenses through absorbing corresponding attack types into more Über.


  • Bonesaw: A medical saw with rather sharp teeth.
  • Ubersaw: A darker and bloody saw that swings 20% slower, but grants 25% Über on each hit. A successful tauntkill grants 100% über (only 50% when an über is deployed).
    • Difficult, but Awesome: Two Medics with the Ubersaw and default Medigun can be used for a complicated but highly destructive tactic: chaining Ubers. One Medic will charge the other, and the charged Medic will use his Ubersaw to attack the other team and quickly build up his own charge. Then they switch off and do it again. Do it correctly, and for half a minute the two Medics will be an utter nightmare with their saws.
    • Meaningful Name: It is used to charge up an ÜberCharge.
    • Outside-the-Box Tactic: The chain-Über strategy mentioned above was the result of expert Medic players getting very, very inventive.
  • Vita-Saw: A modified gas pump handle outfitted with both a long needle and bloodstained knife underneath. For a loss of 10 maximum health, the Vita-Saw provides an "organs" counter that increases with each hit; this will preserve 15% über each, to a maximum of 60%, if the Medic dies.
    • Nerf: The Jungle Inferno update changed the über preservation from 20% of the Medic's current über no matter what to having to build by dealing damage, which is risky as a Medic. On the plus side, its über preservation is more effective.
    • Shout-Out: The weapon bears a strong resemblance to the ADAM Harvester from BioShock. So much so that Valve had to get permission from 2K Games to use it in the game, despite being a community-created weapon. It is also unavailable on Mann Co. Store due to copyright reasons.
      • Its name is also similar to the Vita Chambers, which is where you respawn in BioShock. Appropriately, it preserves some ÜberCharge that would otherwise be lost upon respawn.
  • Amputator: A massive, angular saw. It deals 20% less damage, but regenerates 3 HP per second when active. A taunt with it (also activated by alt-fire) heals all nearby teammates and increases a bit of the ÜberCharge Meter.
  • Solemn Vow: A bust of Hippocrates which allows you to see enemy health. It swings slightly slower than the normal Bonesaw.

Item Sets

  • Medieval Medic: A set designed for medieval warfare (and healing). Includes the Crusader's Crossbow and the Amputator.
  • The Clinical Trial: The Medic's prototype weapons (and a statue). Includes the Overdose, Quick-Fix, and Solemn Vow. No special attributes.
  • Mad Doktor: A Mad Scientist's costume. Includes the Einstein, the Dr. Gogglestache, and the Emerald Jarate. Only visible during Full Moon periods or the Halloween Event.
  • Eliminating the Impossible: Makes the Medic resemble Sherlock Holmes. Includes the Private Eye and Nine-Pipe Problem.
    • Chekhov's Gun: Originally just a gag to seal the deal regarding the references to Holmes. It later turned into an important part in solving an ARG surrounding the Pyromania update.
    • Set Bonus
  • Doctor Galactic: Makes the Medic look like an astronaut. Without his helmet. Includes the Lo-Grov Loafers and Surgeon's Space Suit.
  • The Sun King: Makes the Medic resemble a crossover between the Egyptian figures "Tutankhamun" and "Ramesses II". Includes the Teutonkahmun and Ramses' Regalia.
  • Canis Ex Machina: Makes the Medic look like a dog. Includes the Hundkopf, Herzensbrecher, and Kriegsmaschine-9000.
  • Dr. Acula: A vampire costume. Includes the Vampire Makeover and Vampiric Vesture.
  • The Templar: An hooded angel costume. Includes the Templar's Spirit and Wings of Purity.



  • Sniper Rifle: Has a zooming scope, a Laser Sight of his team's color, and takes a few seconds zoomed-in to build to full charge, after which it's a One-Hit Kill to most classes, guaranteed with headshots. While zoomed in, the sniper walks carefully and slowly.
    • Boom, Headshot!: Any fully-charged hit headshot is a One-Hit Kill to any class under most conditionsnote .
    • Charged Attack: Shots only do a small amount of damage until the Sniper has been scoped in for a certain amount of time.
    • Charge Meter: The scope has a charge meter to the side with a 100% for when it is fully charged.
    • Crosshair Aware: The scope also has a Laser Sight (of the Sniper's team color) which grows as its power charges.
    • Do Not Run with a Gun: Applies to all primaries while charged.
    • No Scope: Although there is an achievement for getting five kills this way, it's generally discouraged: you have to zoom in to deal headshots, and fully-powered shots require charging, meaning you can't just run up to people and snipe them. Shooting un-scoped only deals about 50 damage or so and is typically a last resort when cornered by a closer-range class.
    • Sniper Rifle: Again, duh.
    • Sniper Scope Sway: Averted. When scoped in, all rifles will only move when your mouse moves.
    • Unorthodox Reload: Around 1:10 in Meet the Sniper, you can see him eject the empty cartridge, slide the next round out of his pocket, start spinning it around behind his fingers, then chamber it as it spins back around his finger, all in one fluid motion. In-game, it looks like he only ejects the cartridge.
      • The video suggests he's reloading as he ejects the cartridge.
  • Huntsman: A bow-and-arrow set for the Sniper. It fires faster, doesn't zoom in, and lets you keep your peripheral vision while charging your shots.
    • Annoying Arrows: If the arrow isn't fully charged (or if the opponent has a lot of health or is invincible at that point), there's a likely chance that shooting them with an arrow will be non-fatal. In that situation, the arrows will remain sticking out of their model for quite some time without any ill effects. Even if the arrow is stuck in the target's head.
      • Inverted when the bow is fully charged, as the arrow's base damage is greater than any other projectile but the Direct Hit.
    • Arrows on Fire: Snipers' arrows can be ignited. Hitting an opponent with it will ignite them.
    • Hitbox Dissonance: Due to arrows using projectile hitboxes, they have a tendency to headshot a distance from the enemy's head.
    • Meaningful Name: The Huntsman hunts men. It also shares the name of a large Australian spider.
    • No "Arc" in "Archery": Averted.
    • Standard Status Effects: In Mann vs Machine mode, the Huntsman can be upgraded to inflict bleed on hit.
    • The Straight and Arrow Path
  • Sydney Sleeper: A scoped dart gun. Headshots are reduced to minicrits, but a successful hit applies Jarate to the target from 2 to 5 seconds (depending on the charge level). Additionally, headshots refill Jarate faster and the weapon can be used to extinguish burning teammates like regular Jarate. It also charges about 0.5 seconds faster than the standard rifle.
    • Abnormal Ammo: Due to the *ahem* effects, one can only assume that the Sniper is shooting darts full of urine...
    • Added Alliterative Appeal
    • Balance Buff: The Sydney Sleeper originally did not apply Jarate in an area on a headshot or a full charge, nor could it extinguish burning teammates.
    • Boom, Headshot!: Zigzagged. Unlike the Sniper's other primary weapons, headshots with the Sydney Sleeper only deal minicrits, but scoring one makes Jarate recharge faster.
    • Charge Meter: Although the weapon can't headshot, its damage still increase with the charge meter, meaning that you can literally kill someone with a dart full of piss.
    • Instant Sedation: At the moment the dart connects, the whole body of the victim is Jarated.
      • Considering Jarate operates on Death by Despair, this could be justified (it's being injected straight into the target's bloodstream, after all).
    • Nerf: Before the Gun Mettle update, uncharged shots applied no Jarate but any amount of charge gave 8 seconds' worth. The two seconds of Jarate for uncharged shot is so useless (you can barely notice it and take aim in that time) that it's almost a purely negative change. The Competitive Update removed its ability to apply Jarate in a radius.
    • Poisoned Weapons: Well, Jarated darts, presumably.
  • Bazaar Bargain: A modified jezail. By default, it charges 50% slower. A successful headshot kill adds to a "Heads" counter that boosts the charge rate by 25% for every headshot kill (up to 200% after six headshot kills).
    • Added Alliterative Appeal
    • Balance Buff: When first revealed, bodyshots would make you lose a head and missing completely resets the headcount. Later updates remove these penalties. Also a head adds an extra 25% instead of 10%.
    • Combos: Every headshot decreases the time required to charge the rifle.
    • Difficult, but Awesome: Snipers who can land headshots with ease will find the best use for this weapon, as it will reward their skill with decreased charge time.
    • Homemade Inventions: According to its publicity blurb, the Sniper created the Bazaar Bargain from an old bolt-action rifle, a long piece of metal, some bolts, one half of a binocular, and a military-grade laser sight, all bought for "just under three dinars".
    • Kill Streak
  • Machina: A futuristic rail gun. Does 15% more damage and can penetrate enemies (though not buildings) when fully charged, but its shots have a laser-like trail and it can only fire when scoped.
  • Hitman's Heatmaker: A 60's-era silenced stubby sniper rifle. On kills and assists, it charges a Focus meter that can be activated with the reload key to gain 25% faster rifle charge speed for a short time and remain scoped when firing, but fire tracer rounds like the Machina. It also decapitates on headshots. It deals 20% less damage on bodyshots, though.
  • AWPer Hand: A reskinned version of the Arctic Warfare Police rifle from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Identical in stats to the Sniper Rifle, but uses different firing sound.
    • Game-Breaker: Referenced, as both the name (pronounced like "upper hand") and description reference how infamously overpowered the AWP is/was in the Counter-Strike games.
    "This controversial bolt-action beaut is banned in thousands of countries, and with good reason: You could really hurt someone with this thing."
  • Fortified Compound: A compound bow. Identical in mechanics to the Huntsman.
    • Annoying Arrows: If the arrow isn't fully charged (or if the opponent has a lot of health or is invincible at that point), there's a likely chance that shooting them with an arrow will be non-fatal. In that situation, the arrows will remain sticking out of their model for quite some time without any ill effects. Even if the arrow is stuck in the target's head.
      • Inverted when the bow is fully charged, as the arrow's base damage is greater than any other projectile but the Loch-n-Load and Direct Hit.
    • Arrows on Fire: Snipers' arrows can be ignited. Hitting an opponent with it will ignite them.
    • Hitbox Dissonance: Due to arrows using projectile hitboxes, they have a tendency to headshot a distance from the enemy's head.
    • No "Arc" in "Archery": Averted.
    • Shout-Out: It's Garrett's bow.
    • Standard Status Effects: In Mann vs Machine mode, the Fortified Compound can be upgraded to inflict bleed on hit.
    • The Straight and Arrow Path
  • Classic: A sniper rifle that resembles the sniper rifle from Team Fortress Classic. It can charge and deal headshots without needing to zoom by holding primary fire, but the shots must be fully charged before they can headshot. It also does slightly less damage upon a bodyshot.
    • Ludicrous Gibs: Gibs enemies on a charged kill like the TFC sniper rifle, complete with red mist.
    • Mythology Gag: It's the TFC Sniper Rifle updated for the game's art style. Furthermore, it has the same mechanics as the old version.
    • No Scope: The weapon can charge shots and deal headshots without scoping in (although it only headshots on a full charge). There are even achievements for scoring 10 unscoped headshots and headshotting a rocket/sticky jumping enemy in midair without using the scope.
    • Power Up Letdown: Its inability to score headshots unless fully charged makes quick headshots impossible, thus completely defeating the purpose of retaining peripheral vision while charging.
  • Shooting Star: A 50's sci-fi film-themed laser rifle. Functions identically to the Machina.


  • SMG: Shoots a barrage of 25 bullets to anybody at close range.
    • Boring, but Practical: The vast majority of players swap it out for a sidegrade (Jarate, Razorback, etc.) because of its low damage, but competitive players invariably use it for its handy hitscan burst of damage for emergencies where the Kukri isn't feasible. At close-medium range, shooting an un-scoped shot with a rifle then switching to the SMG is more likely to save one's life than trying to go for an aimed shot. Also, it's usually preferable to use the SMG on a fleeing Spy or Scout to prevent him from just backpedaling and gunning the Sniper down as he tries to get into melee range to use his Kukri.
    • Overshadowed by Awesome: Nothing inherently wrong with this weapon, but Sniper mains would often choose another secondary over it, Jarate in particular.
    • Standard FPS Guns
  • Razorback: An Aboriginal-style tribal shield... with a car battery taped to it. It blocks one backstab, after which it gets destroyed. A new one can be obtained by a supply closet or waiting 30 seconds. However, a Sniper cannot receive a Medic's overheal with this on.
    • Awesome, but Impractical: You're effectively immune to backstabbing. Sounds awesome, right? Well, any smart Spy who sees a Sniper with a Razorback will opt to just shoot them instead. This breaks their stealth, but one can still get away with it. Even better for the Spy and worse for the Sniper if the former has the Ambassador.
    • Balance Buff: To level the gulf in usefulness the weapon had between casual and competitive (next to useless in casual, overpowered in competitive) the Razorback received a respawn timer to improve its use in casual.
    • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: Worn on the back, it protects against a single backstab.
      • Shields Are Useless: The reason there's a car battery taped to it was because supposedly the native tribes who used it thought it alone could protect them from stabs. Small wonder why they're gone.
    • Nerf: A -100% overheal penalty was added in the Jungle Inferno update.
  • Jarate: The jar-based karate involving a jar of pure urine. When thrown on an enemy, all damage dealt to them become mini-crits. Can put out fires and shorten out cloaking devices.
    • Artistic License – Biology: The Sniper can put out a lot of pee in such a short amount of time. Apparently this is a result of special pills he bought from Saxton Hale to "triple the size of [his] kidneys".
    • Calling Your Attacks: "JA-RATE!"
    • Death by Despair: Its effects are Handwaved as being caused by the victim "losing the will to live" and thus taking more damage from weapons.
    • Interface Screw: Getting hit by Jarate tints your screen yellow and distorts things a bit.
      • The colorable parts of the player's cosmetics also turn yellow upon being hit by Jarate.
    • Jar Potty
    • Lethal Joke Item: With one jar of piss, a Sniper can expose Spies, force enemies to retreat, put out fire, and deal critical hits with the aid of the Bushwhacka.
    • Martial Arts and Crafts
    • Pun
    • Running Gag: Jarate is not affiliated with, nor a substitute for Karate.
    • Soft Glass: The jar always shatters instantly on contact with any object or player, but the jar itself never does any damage.
    • Urine Trouble
  • Darwin's Danger Shield: A shield made from crocodile hide. Gives the Sniper afterburn immunity and 50% fire resistance.
    • Boring, but Practical: Prior to its reworking. Sure, it doesn't have the firepower of the Carbine or the fun gimmick of Jarate; but it was banned in competitive for a reason; it gives you a massive edge over counter-snipers, letting you survive a low-charged headshot or a fully-charged bodyshot.
    • Shields Are Useless: Unlike the Razorback, the Darwin's Danger Shield does not protect against backstabs.
  • Cozy Camper: Backpack with a toy koala, jarate, and pot hanging from it. When equipped, taking damage from attacks does not cause the Sniper to flinch when his weapon is fully charged while scoped in or drawing the Huntsman, knockback is reduced by 1/5, and the user regenerates up to 4 health per second (reduced if the user has recently taken damage).
    • Awesome Backpack: Loaded with a lot of stuff.
    • Balance Buff: Originally, the Cozy Camper reduced the Sniper's movement speed while scoped in, and did not grant as much HP regeneration. The downside was changed to making the Sniper more vulnerable to all damage before being removed entirely; however, it used to prevent flinching while scoped in even when not fully charged.
    • Critical Encumbrance Failure: Justified in that the extra weight helping keep the Sniper's aim straight is the item's main feature, but played straight with the old scoped speed penalty.
    • Do Not Run with a Gun: Initally, even moreso than by default; this was later removed.
    • Gradual Regeneration: Of health.
    • Immune to Flinching: Resistant to it, at least.
  • Cleaner's Carbine: A silenced SMG. Dealing damage fills a "CRIKEY!" meter, and activating it deals mini-crits for all weapons for 8 seconds. It holds 20 bullets, fires 20% slower, and can't randomly crit.
  • Self-Aware Beauty Mark: A specimen jar containing a bread monster. Acts just like Jarate with the added effect of the bread monster attaching to the victim's face.
    • Temporary Online Content: Could only be obtained by opening the Bread Box item. The Bread Box could only be obtained by crafting, and the recipe was retired on July 10, 2014.


  • Kukri: A large, forward-curved Nepalese chopping blade.
  • Tribalman's Shiv: A wooden kukri with six tiny curves on one side. Deals half the damage of the regular kukri, but causes whoever's hit to bleed out, taking damage over time.
  • Bushwacka: A Crocodile Dundee-like knife. It does critical hits whenever it would normally mini-crit, but it makes the Sniper 20% more vulnerable to all damage sources while active and it doesn't randomly crit.
    • Combos: Designed around the Sniper's sidegrades (Sydney Sleeper, Jarate, Cleaner's Carbine) that either mini-crit-boost him or force the enemy to take mini-crits.
    • Shout-Out: The original Flavor Text for this knife referenced Crocodile Dundee.
  • Shahanshah: An Arabian scimitar. It has a 25% decrease in damage if the player's HP is above 50%, but a 25% increase in damage if HP is below 50%.

Item Sets

  • The Croco-Style Kit: A crocodilian item set. Includes the Sydney Sleeper, Darwin's Danger Shield, Bushwacka, and Ol' Snaggletooth. When the whole set is used together, the Sniper leaves a calling card on his victims.
    • Last Chance Hit Point: The whole set used to allow the user to survive headshots with 1 HP.
    • Nerf: The whole set used to make the user survive headshots. It was removed completely.
    • Set Bonus
  • Lawrence of Australia: An Arabian-themed set. Includes the Bazaar Bargain, Shahanshah, and Desert Marauder. No special attributes.
  • The Camper Van Helsing: A vampire hunter costume. Includes the Holy Hunter, Silver Bullets, and the Garlic Flank Stake. Only visible during Full Moon periods or the Halloween Event.
  • The Dual-Purpose Fruit: A set perfect for imitating William Tell's famous shot. Includes the Huntsman and Fruit Shoot. No special attributes, although the flavor text says, "Reduces the chance of hunger by 113%."
  • The Urban Professional: Includes the Hitman's Heatmaker, Cremator's Carbine, and Liquidator's Lid.
  • The Straight Shooter: Gives the Sniper a goatee and a beard. Includes the Scoper's Smoke and Triggerman's Tacticals.
  • The Manngaroo: Makes the Sniper look like a kangaroo (which actually makes sense, since both originate from Australia). Includes the Marsupial Muzzle, Kanga Kickers, and Roo Rippers
  • The Reptilod: Makes the Sniper look like he's decaying into an alien-type thing. Includes the Scaly Scrapers and Cranial Conspiracy.



  • Revolver: Slow, good range, fast reload. Third-most accurate distance weapon, after the sniper rifle and rocket launcher.
    • Boring, but Practical: Can't get a backstab on a critical target? Just gun him down in 3 shots then make your getaway.
    • Firing One-Handed: How the Spy hold his revolver.
    • Revolvers Are Just Better: The Spy's primary weapon is one of two .357 revolvers, which are far more powerful than the Scout/Engineer's handguns.
  • Ambassador: A comically large revolver that crits on accurate headshots, but loses this ability until it regains perfect accuracy a short time after it can fire again. It also has a 15% damage and 20% firing speed penalty.
  • Big Kill: A cosmetic weapon to promote Sam & Max. Acts just like the revolver.
  • L'Etranger: An ivory revolver. Deals 20% less damage, but it increases cloak duration by 40%, and shooting it at an enemy will give the Spy a 15% cloaking charge.
  • Enforcer: A snub-nosed revolver. Does 20% more damage while disguised and ignores all forms of bullet resistance, but has a 20% firing speed penalty and no random critical hits.
    • Armor-Piercing Attack: Vaccinator Medics and Dead Ringer Spies, beware.
    • Nerf: The downside used to instead be a half second cloaking delay. It's debatable if this is better or worse than it is now overall, but it's a straight nerf with respect to using the Enforcer with the Dead Ringer as the old downside had no effect on the Dead Ringer's cloaking. Later, it was changed so its damage boost only applied for a single shot (when disguised).
  • Diamondback: A futuristic revolver. Gains a crit for every backstab or building destroyed by a sapper (whether it's destruction or an assist), but does 15% less damage and can't randomly crit.


  • Sapper: A small radio-looking box with dials, switches, and two clamps. Placed on an Engineer's building, it makes it short out, stop working, and eventually self-destruct unless a nearby and alert Engineer destroys it with his wrench. Using it, unlike a weapon, won't blow your cover.
  • Red-Tape Recorder: A tape recorder. Reverses construction of buildings until they're a pickup-able toolbox. Destroying the Recorder will let the building rebuild but not gain any lost levels. It doesn't deal any damage to buildings.
  • Ap-Sap: A flattened Wheatley. Functions identically to the stock Sapper.
  • Snack Attack: A makeshift sapper which contains a bread monster.
    • Temporary Online Content: Could only be obtained by opening the Bread Box item. The Bread Box could only be obtained by crafting, and the recipe was retired on July 10, 2014.


  • Knife: A Butterfly Knife. Stabs in the back are an instant kill.
    • Back Stab: All of the Spy's knives have this function.
    • Cherry Tapping: The knife, when attacking normally, has one of the lowest damage per second values in the game.
    • Kinetic Clicking: As the Spy flicks it open.
      • Due to an oversight, the sound is also played for all the other knives as well, despite them having no similar flipping mechanism and instead being twirled.
    • Knife Nut: The Spy's melee weapons are knives.
    • One-Hit Kill: Upon a successful backstab.
    • Retractable Weapon
    • Reverse Grip: The Spy's grip on his knife changes to this when a Back Stab is possible.
  • Your Eternal Reward: An Arabian dagger. A successful backstab causes the Spy to take over the victim's identity immediately. The kill is completely silent and the corpse will be swiftly cloaked to leave no trace of it. However, using a disguise without backstabbing first costs the entire cloak meter. Cloak drains 33% faster while it is equipped.
    • Combos: Step one, kill someone for a disguise. Step two, stab all Engineers in the area (sentries won't have time to react before you're already disguised again). Step three, sap all buildings in the area.
    • Dead Person Impersonation: Does this automatically.
    • Difficult, but Awesome: Since the cloak meter drains more quickly with this knife equipped, it can be a little tricky getting that first backstab/disguise. But once you do, you can go on a killing spree against all except the most aware and communicative teams.
    • Interface Screw: Immediately removes the victim's corpse with cloaking to add to the confusion, and prevents the kill from being reported to the victim's team.
    • Kill and Replace: Also prevents the enemy killed from emitting a death scream, and the killfeed will not show the death to the enemy team.
    • Shout-Out: To Aladdin.
  • Conniver's Kunai: A backstab with it will heal the Spy for the amount of health the target had and can overheal to 210 hp, but it starts the Spy out with a measly 70 health.
    • Life Drain: Backstabbing an enemy with this knife temporarily adds their health to the Spy's...
      • Glass Cannon: But merely having it equipped decreases his own max health to a mere 70.
    • Ninja: Turns the Spy into one by association.
  • Big Earner: A stiletto dagger with tape wrapped around it. A kill refills 30% cloak and boosts the user's speed for three seconds, but equipping the weapon reduces the Spy's max health by 25.
    • Fragile Speedster: Makes the player even more fragile than usual, but grants a speed boost on backstab.
    • Glass Cannon: Not so much as the Conniver's Kunai, though.
  • Wanga Prick: A voodoo pin. Functions identically to Your Eternal Reward.
  • Sharp Dresser: A blade that clips to the Spy's sleeve, like the ones Altair or Ezio use. Functions like the knife but without a taunt-kill.
  • Spy-cicle, an icicle that turns whoever's backstabbed by it into ice. If you're hit with fire, it will melt, extinguishing any afterburn and rendering you immune to fire for one second and afterburn for ten seconds, and return after a 15 second cooldown (that can be reduced by grabbing ammo). Has the revolver taunt instead of the kill-taunt.
  • Black Rose: a serrated knife that comes in two styles. Functions like the stock knife.
    • Shout-Out: Players received the Black Rose from unlocking an achievement in Alliance of Valiant Arms.


  • Invisibility Watch: An ordinary grey watch that makes the wearer invisible. The cloak takes 2 seconds to make the player completely invisible, lasts for ten seconds on a full charge, and takes approximately 2 seconds to become visible again. The Spy cannot attack while cloaked, and it can be disrupted by bumping into the enemy, getting hurt, becoming drenched, or being set on fire. It can be recharged when not in use or when picking up ammo.
  • Dead Ringer: A golden pocket watch that only cloaks when the Spy wields it and is damaged. Damage taken while cloaked is reduced by 65%, the Spy's speed is boosted, and the watch leaves a fake body behind while cloaking the real Spy. After three seconds cloaked, the Spy's speed, damage resistance, and no-flicker bonuses are revoked. The cloak time recharges faster. It can only be used on a full charge, lasts for seven seconds, and it produces a very loud decloak noise. The cloak meter can't be restored while cloaked, and neither ammo boxes nor dispensers can restore cloak.
    • Decoy Getaway: Leaves behind a fake body.
    • Deflector Shield: It can't be seen, but it prevents you from taking 65% of damage while it is active.
    • Faking the Dead: But only while it's pulled out.
    • Faux Death
    • Nerf: When first released, people could rapidly turn the shield on right before getting hit then off right after, making the user almost unkillable, because the cloak would be drained so little it could get back to the full charge needed to activate again in a fraction of a second. After less than a week, there began a series of nerfs that eventually settled on uncloaking dropping the meter to 40% if it was any higher. A later nerf made it so that Spies will lose some of their cloak when hit during their fake deaths, making it less useful as a damage shield when your fake death is unconvincing. An even later nerf reduced many of its effects, such as not allowing the user to pick up ammo to increase cloak while it's active, limiting its time active, though it also added speed boost for a couple seconds after it is activated. A 2017 nerf removed the ability to refill its cloak by grabbing ammo at all while the Dead Ringer's equipped.
  • Cloak and Dagger: A third, yellow invisibility watch with leather straps that recharges faster than it drains when the spy isn't moving, allowing him to stay invisible forever (theoretically). It doesn't recharge when ammo is picked up if the user is cloaked.
    • Glamour Failure: When the Cloak-and-Dagger's meter runs out, you don't uncloak...completely. It's fairly obvious that a half-invisible man running by is a Spy.
    • We Wait: Sometimes used to hide in a room and ambush enemies who run by.
  • Enthusiast's Timepiece: A golden watch with an image of Pac-Man eating a dot on it. Won from Tycho in Poker Night at the Inventory.
  • Quäckenbirdt: A silver-and-gold watch with a pixelated duck on it. It functions identically to the default Invisibility Watch.
  • Disguise Kit: A cigarette case that's really a holographic tool for the Spy to impersonate any other class, for either team. Good for infiltration and confusing the enemy. If the Spy attacks, the disguise is immediately unmasked. Spies can still get hurt while disguised, and fire, being drenched, or bleeding caused by the enemy team will reveal his true identity.
    • Advanced Tech 2000: The inside of the case above the screen reads "Spytron 3000".
    • Ascended Meme: There is a one in ten chance that taunting with the Disguise Kit will cause the Spy to imitate a crab. This is in response to how the Spy walks like a crab when he crouches and looks upward while holding the case.
    • Holographic Disguise: Appears just like any class the Spy chooses to the enemy team...
      • Paper-Thin Disguise: But to the Spy's allies, they only see him wearing a paper mask with the face of whoever he's disguised as.
    • Shoe Phone: It looks like a regular cigarette case.

Item Sets

  • The Saharan Spy, a North African-themed set. Includes the L'Etranger, Your Eternal Reward, and the Familiar Fez. When the whole set is used together, the Spy gains particle effects when taunting.
    • Nerf: The whole set used to make the decloaking sound of the watches much quieter. This made the normal watch nearly silent while the Dead Ringer had the regular Invisi-Watch's decloak sound.
    • Set Bonus
  • The Man of Honor: A Mafia-themed set. Includes the Enforcer, Big Earner, Cosa Nostra Cap, and Made Man.
  • The Invisible Rogue: A costume themed on The Invisible Man. Includes the Under Cover, Griffin's Gog, and the Intangible Ascot. Only visible during Full Moon periods or the Halloween Event.
  • The Gravelpit Emperor: A Halloween-themed set that makes the Spy look like a circus clown. Includes the Candyman's Cap, Bountiful Bow, and Bozo's Brogues.
  • The Automatic Pilot: A set that makes the Spy look like an airplane pilot. Includes the Aviator's Assassin and Sky Captain.


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