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Ongoing Pantheon proposal(s):

    Queen Elizant II 
Queen Elizant II, Goddess of Subverted Tyrant Expectations (Ant Queen, Ant Witch, Ellie, Lisa)
  • House: Character Reveals
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her royal mask. Alternately, an emblem of the Ant Kingdom—a silhouette of ant's head.
  • Theme Song: In the Court of the Ant Queen; Elizant II's Promise (sad theme)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (though initially her actions would've led one to see her as Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Big Good, Queen Ant, Cool Mask, Non-evil gloomy appearances, Wielding Dual Swords, Proactive Royalty, Misdirecting clues leading to a thought that she's the true main villain, Bait-and-Switch Tyrant, The Woman Wearing the Queenly Mask, seen as Inadequate Inheritor, Sour Outside, Sad Inside, Eventually lets go of her cold demeanor, becoming the kind and gentle Queen her kingdom needs
  • Domains: Ants, Monarchs, Successors, Subverted Expectations
  • Heralds: Zaryant (royal bodyguard), Neolith (royal researcher), Rebecca (palace caretaker), Ant Lieutenant, unascended exploration teamsnote 
  • Allies: Team Snakemouth (her Royal Blades), Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Artoria Pendragon, Flik & Z, Atom Ant, Hank Pym, Steven Universe, Hot Rod, Izuku Midoriya, Jonathon Kent, Tenzin, Miles Morales, (finish the list later)
  • Enemies: Wasp King, Hopper, THEM!, Malekith
  • Queen Elizant II was crowned shortly after her mother went into hard-earned sleep, entrusting her her dream of finding the Everlasting Sapling. Many were wary of the new queen, with the earlier signs being her coronation speech radiating power over kindness, leaving many uneasy. What followed next made bugs distrust and recent her further; under her rule, alliances with Termite and Wasp Kingdoms fell apart, and in response to 17 ladybugs raiding aphid farms, she banned all ladybugs from the Ant Kingdom, with very few being allowed in with the special permits. Her secretive nature for the reasons behind the search for the Sapling also led to some believing there were strong ulterior and unpleasant motives behind that. In truth, however, it was not malice that drove her to such measures; she was very inexperienced queen who puts her mother on a pedestal that, she believes, cannot be accessed by the likes of her, and desperately searches for the Everlasting Sapling to bring her mother back and reinstall her, seeing herself as unworthy heir. Opening her heart to Team Snakemouth and her fellow explorers, she developed enough experience to rebuild relationships with the people she pushed away, growing into wise, kind and gentle queen the Ant Kingdom needed.
  • During many of their quests, Team Snakemouth admitted they felt a little troubled without the guidance of their Queen, which slowly started impeding their effectiveness. To solve this issue, they decided to find a way to bring their Queen into the Pantheon. Explaining themselves to the Court of the Gods, they requested to ascend Queen Elizant II, telling her entire tale in hopes some material for ascension could be found. Fortunately, after listening to their tale, the Court did find a trope for her and decided to ascend her under the title of the Goddess of Subverted Tyrant Expectations, given how she raised a lot of red flags until she proved that she truly had the Ant Kingdom's best interests in heart. Shortly after she had arrived into the Pantheon, bringing her palace staff and unascended exploration teams under her leadership, Team Snakemouth familiarized their Queen with the knowledge of how the Pantheon worked, and Elizant was ready to guide her explorers on their missions across the Pantheon.
  • Coming from a Paper Mario-inspired game, it would be inevitable that she would run in with the friends of the red plumber. In particular, she managed to establish perfectly stable diplomatic relationship with Peach and Daisy, who hold no contempt for the Ant Queen in spite of her past misdeeds. They can be often seen conversing together, and sometimes, Elizant asks the two for advice when their opinion is needed.
  • Was not happy at all to learn that the Wasp King is present in the Pantheon, especially given that he organized not one, but two invasions into the Ant Kingdom, and also held some of its people hostage, leaving them to starve to death. Similarly, the King was disgusted at the sight of a "pitiful ant" managing to worm her way into the Pantheon. She's working hard with her allies to prevent him from bringing harm to her people.
  • As Leif predicted, Queen Elizant II managed to get along swimmingly with Artoria Pendragon, and relates to her a lot, given that Artoria also underwent an experience very similar to hers: having to mask her own emotions to be the perfect ruler, but being accused of being a vile and uncaring being who shows no sympathy to her people and alienating her allies, but unlike Elizant, who managed to rule things out, rebuild the ruined relationships, and become the kind and gentle Queen her kingdom needed, Artoria's kingdom died in a civil war, with her being murdered by her own "son" Mordred. Elizant is very sympathetic to her experiences, and Artoria, while admitting that she's a little jealous of that fact, is proud that the Ant Queen in the end managed to solve her problems and grow into a fine ruler.
  • Being an Ant Queen meant she would end up meeting other ants or ant-themed beings in the Pantheon. Flik and Z were glad to see another fellow ant and were quite pleased by her gentle demeanor, and when they shared their respective tales, they were happy to learn that Elizant would've actually allowed them to go off-role if they wanted. Another ant she met was Atom Ant, who surprised her with his stature, but she appreciates his bravery and ability to fight enemies much larger than himself. She also gets along with Hank Pym, the Ant-Man himself, given that he can easily shrink down for her comfort, and while she got a bit worried at the sight of the "lesser bug" version of ants he controls, she's still ready to welcome her in her kingdom with open arms.
    • Speaking of "lesser bug" ants, she was surprised to learn of the existence of giant non-sapient aggressive ants known only as THEM!, and can only pray that no one would ever associate her with them. Besides THEM!, she also learned of the existence of Hopper through Flik, and with that preparation, when Hopper arrived to try to intimidate her and oppress her people. When she refused his demands and Team Snakemouth and other explorers were ready to get his grasshoppers busy, he tried to crush her...only to learn that Elizant II is not going to have any of it, and Hopper got stabbed with one sword into a gut, and beheaded with another one. Though he came back thanks to Death Is Cheap nature of the Pantheon, he still holds a grudge and wishes to get even with the queen ant.

Approved on-hold profiles (until the current ones will be finished):

    The Constructicons/Devastator 
The ConstructiconsMembers , Gods of Construction Vehicles Outfitted for War (Devastator, Constructicon Maximus)
G1 Constructicons. From left to right: Mixmaster, Scavenger (on background), Long Haul, Scrapper, Bonecrusher, and Hook.
Their altmodes 

Warpath, God of Tanks
G1 Warpath
His altmode 
His Earth body 
Movie series Warpath 
Animated Warpath 
Aligned Warpath 

Miscellaneous stuff:

Hedorah, God of Muck Monsters (Hedoro, The Smog Monster, Neo Hedorah)

Midna, Goddess of Non-Evil Dark Characters (Twilight Princess)
Midna's true form 

Zeratul, God of The Void (Dark Prelate, The Prelate, Raszagal's Blade)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Dark Templar clan symbol
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Benevolent Darkness-users, Laser Blades, Ninja, One Man Armies, Teleportation, Religious Aliens
  • Domains: Assassination, Darkness, Wisdom
  • High Priest: Kassadin
  • Allies: Tassadar, Artanis, Jim Raynor, Sarah Kerrigan
  • Enemies: Arcturus Mengsk, Exdeath, The Combine
  • Many who are unaware of his methods believe Zeratul never leaves his seat. He does, he just makes sure he's not seen doing it, which is often bad news for any evil gods about.
  • Claims to have lived many centuries and to have travelled to many worlds unravelling the mysteries of the cosmos. His council is highly valued and is not given out lightly.
  • Regularly faces challenges from Exdeath, himself a powerful practitioner of Void energies. So far he has proven himself a Worthy Opponent, and though acknowledging of this, Zeratul remains victorious thus far. He would remind visitors that the Void is just another source of power and is not evil itself, but he's patient with them for misconceptions to the contrary, since he got used to that sort of attitude when he worked alongside Aldaris.
  • Occasionally, his followers uses the greeting phrase, "En Taro Zeratul". Zeratul himself is rather stunned hearing such phrase, he usually heard those for those he truly honored, like Tassadar or Adun. Usage of it has increased after Zeratul's mortal form perished freeing his friend Artanis from Amon's mind control, with many believing now Zeratul is up there, bro-fisting with Tassadar.
  • Zeratul has recently taken rise again, tagging along with others like Thrall and even Sarah Kerrigan, in order to battle greater evils such as Diablo and The Lich King. In addition, on Thrall's request, Zeratul has used his knowledge of the void to bring forth Jaina Proudmoore into said battlefield, taking her before she descended into madness. At first, his plan was to use the experience to fight against Amon, but had a change in mind due to Artanis' situation. He has no regrets of the experience.
    • He's also glad that he gets to fight alongside his honored friend, the aforementioned Tassadar.
    • He's especially happy to learn that Tassadar has ascended to the Pantheon.
  • Surprisingly, he has a differing low opinion on Arcturus Mengsk. While he understands that both Raynor and Kerrigan are mightily pissed at him, he's seen and fought abominations far worse than him, like The Overmind and Amon, so Mengsk and his tyranny looked like small-time problems compared to a galactic threat. So, he preferred to wash his hands of the arrogant Terran, leave him to Raynor & Kerrigan, and focus on bigger things. Unless Mengsk starts kidnapping and experimenting on his Protoss brethren.
  • No, while Terran holidays are a foreign concept to him, do NOT think of him as a Scrooge.


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