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About time I did my own sandbox.

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Deity Revamp / Tune up

    Marneus Augustus Calgar 
Marneus Augustus Calgar, God of Four-Star Soldiers (Chapter Master of The Ultramarines, The Spiritual Liege, Papa Smurf)

    Michael Bay 
Michael Bay, God of Very Very Large Explosions

    Grey Wolf Sif 
Great Grey Wolf Sif, God of Giant Canines
  • Theme Song: Great Grey Wolf Sif
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Greatsword of Artorias
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Heartbroken Badasses, Wielding Swords Between Teeth, Fragile Speedsters, Noble Wolves, Undying Loyalty
  • Domains: Wolves
  • Allies: Artorias, Gwyn, Guts, Murakumo,
  • When he ascended, the graveyard that he guarded was integrated into the Pantheon, to make him more at ease. Of course this also means he never leaves said graveyard, as he continues to guard the tomb of his late friend, and reacts hostilely to anyone entering it. He's a little more at ease with the Chosen Undead, but still won't grant him/her access to the graveyard.
  • When he learned that his master had been ascended alongside the Lord of Sunlight it was able to appear in the Pantheon he was filled with great joy, though seeing Artorias so corrupted by The Abyss saddened him, but he is happy to be by his side nonetheless.
  • Artorias has decided to allow Sif to keep the weapons he gave him long ago, since they cannot help The Abysswalker now.
  • Has helped Guts every now and again due to him being similar to his master.

    The Maiden in Black 
The Maiden in Black, Goddess of Soul Power
  • Theme Song: "Maiden In Black".
  • Humanoid Abomination approximate to Greater Goddess, or perhaps even Overdeity
  • Symbol: Her Staff.
  • Allignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolios: Super Empowering, Soul Manipulation, Dark Is Not Evil, Shoelessness, Eye Scream, Undefinable Accents, The Woobie, Ye Olde Butchered English.
  • Domains: Souls, Demons.
  • Allies: Philemon, Cosmos, Artix von Krieger, Gwyn, Artorias, The Chosen Undead and the Bearer of the Curse, The Hunter
  • Enemies: Allant, M.Bison, Shang Tsung.
  • High Priestess: The Emerald Herald (current), The Plain Doll (former).
  • Washed up unconscious on the shores of the Pantheon, surrounded by deadwood and leaves. Upon awakening, she seemed surprised, confused and disappointed that she was still alive.
  • Though she is hardly an imposing figure and in fact has a very soothing presence, many find the Maiden’s wax-caked eyes REALLY unsettling. When they are brought up, the Maiden simply bows her head and apologizes.
  • Belying her demure appearance and personality, the Maiden is in fact THE single strongest thing in her native universe, capable of lulling a godlike Eldritch Abomination back to slumber with ease.
  • Her ability to manipulate Souls to awaken new powers is unparalleled: using Grief Seeds, for example, she can elevate the power of Puella Magi to truly astounding heights. Considering where the Seeds come from, however, Madoka has asked her to respect the memory of her Puella Magi. The Maiden complied, and now declines requests from any power-seeking Puella Magi offering Grief Seeds. She is currently courting the Dovahkiin, offering to refine the souls of the dragons he slays so that he may use them to their fullest potential: he hasn’t made a decision yet.
    • As Personas are pieces of the soul, The Maiden may be able to refine them. She is in talks with Philemon for permission to offer her services.
  • She is friends with The Hunter, her former herald The Plain Doll having introduced him.
  • Was amazed at Artix's powers over Spirit Orbs (souls of the undead that he has slain) and is wishing to help provide a more powerful attack than the Ultimate Dragon Soul Spear of Ten Million Spirit Orbs. Artix thanked her for the offer, seeing that despite her dark appearance, she's on the side of good.

    Alton Brown 
Alton Brown, God of Cooking Shows
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A yeast sock puppet, A food rack with a ladle, two spatula and an axe
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good -> Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Making Learning About Cooking Fun, Being Memetically Awesome
  • Domains: Charm, Crafts, Gluttony
  • Allies: Takeshi Kaga
  • Refuses to use anything in the great kitchen that does not have more than one use. Except the fire extinguisher.
    • However, as of 2010, he's so awesome he made even that work.
    • At the same time, however, he declared that not even that tool is allowed to be a unitasker due to its failure to do it's one job when he needed it
  • Has written many books regarding different types of ingredients in the House of Knowledge. Also has documented many of the strange types of foods brought in on a daily basis.
  • He's recently hosted his own Cooking melee consists of various chefs amongst the pantheon. However these aren't your ordinary cooking contest as he tends to have an Auction of Evil in which the contestants can sabotage each other much to Alton's delight.

    Dr. Sofia Lamb 
Dr. Sofia Lamb, Goddess of Evil Mothers (Head of the Rapture Family, Dr. Lamb)

    Lan Hikari and MegaMan.EXE 
Lan Hikari and MegaMan.EXE, Gods of Synchronization (Lan: Netto Hikari, Solid Snake Jr.), (MegaMan.EXE: Mega, Hub/Saito/Site Hikari, RockMan.EXE)
Cross Fusion 

Requisitioned from Nightelf37

    Pantheon Tales completed 

  • Muse Hysteria (with Camilla and Mysterious Zorua 1994)
  • The Friendship Asylum (again, with Camilla, Mysterious Zorua 1994, TPPR 10 (included Nyarko, Mahiro, Yuno, and Yukiteru) and Dr. Doom 23 (helped with Valentine and Pucci))
  • The Great Upheaval (This time, with krimzonflygon 2)
  • The Pantheonic Rebellion (Retroactive help from Magnum 12, Krimzonflygon 2, Dr. Doom 23, and Promethus 117)
  • Diamond Adventure! The Dark Mystery (Again, with Mysterious Zorua 1994)
  • Operation SRS BSNS 2 (Done this one singlehandedly; has since been deleted)
  • Tales Of the Alliance Book 3 Extra Story (Did the Chick Magnet Quartet Saga with a troper named Nick 98)
  • Tales Of Life (Did another story related to the above with Nick 98, with Krimzonflygon joining unexpectedly)
  • Reformation of Law (Suggestions from TPPR10 Omega Radiance, and Safind)
  • Mechanical Outbreak (Singlehandedly completed this one)


Ideas in the making

  • Write a tale with Doctor Nefarious and Sektor forming an alliance with one another, plotting something, with Sigma and Ultron seeking them out at the end of the story. (Complete)

Trope Pages for Future stories

    Homunculus Theory 

Shortly after Team Rainbow Rocket's defeat, Lust, Gluttony, and Envy obtain a Philosopher's Stone never discovered before. With Giovanni now out of the competition, King Bradley is now clear to plot his first move with his newly established High Command, having gained new allies in their malicious quest for power.

The tale contains the following tropes:

  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall:
    • At one point, Jin states that Ed has gotten him out of "babysitting" after the latter assembles the Mighty Majors, a nod to former's long absence and hiatus in the stories.
    • At another point, Envy states that "it's about damn time" Ragna showed up on the action, ending the latter's longstanding status as The Ghost.

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