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A wick check for High Concept. Used for this forum thread.

Wicks checked: 195/197

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     Prefered use: "marketed as or made as" 48 / 197 

     ZCE and fan-made/unconfirmed laconics 131 / 197 

     Non-example links on other trope pages 16 / 197 

     Good examples on the main page (28%), everything else should be removed 

Word of God

Exactly What It Says on the Tin (though I'd consider the accuracy of some YMMV)

Lampshade Hanging

  • The Player: Not the concept of the movie itself, but it's set in the film industry, and most of the characters rattle off high-concept pitches to each other to try and make a blockbuster. It's been credited with teaching aspiring film-makers how to pitch ever since.
    Griffin: Twenty-five words or less.
  • Parodied in Network, where a scene demonstrates what happens when the word "unique" isn't taken seriously:
    "These are those four outlines submitted by Universal for an hour series. You needn't bother to read them. I'll tell them to you. The first one is set at a large Eastern law school, presumably Harvard. The series is irresistibly entitled "The New Lawyers." The running characters are a crusty-but-benign ex-Supreme Court justice, presumably Oliver Wendell Holmes by way of Dr. Zorba. There's a beautiful girl graduate student, and the local district attorney who is brilliant and sometimes cuts corners. The second one is called "The Amazon Squad". The running characters include a crusty-but-benign police lieutenant who's always getting heat from the commissioner, a hard-nosed, hard-drinking detective who thinks women belong in the kitchen, and the brilliant and beautiful young girl cop who's fighting the feminist battle on the force. Up next is another one of those investigative reporter shows. A crusty-but-benign managing editor who's always gett..."
  • Applied to sufficiently important (and of course player) characters in several recent incarnations of the Fate system, including The Dresden Files RPG. The character's high concept (in Harry Dresden's own case, for example, it's "Wizard Private Eye") constitutes one of his or her "aspects" — which means it can be invoked for mechanical bonuses or compelled to make his or her life more difficult — and even enjoys a measure of script immunity in that the rules make it the single hardest aspect to actually change once established.
  • xkcd proposes the perfect action movie: "River Tam Beats Up Everyone".
  • Froghand: "The Longform Zero Punctuation"
  • The rest from "Dialogue examples" section.
  • Not on page, but Supernatural's top quote demonstrates its nicely.
"Dad wants us to pick up where he left off. Saving people. Hunting things. The family business."

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