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  • RWBY: Jacques Schnee is Weiss's abusive and controlling father. Prior to the events of the show, Jacques married into the Schnee name purely for profit — a fact that drove his wife to alcoholism when she found out — and turned the Schnee Dust Company into a sweatshop that uses Faunus as cheap labor. In Volume 4, after an incident at a charity fund, Jacques slaps Weiss during an argument, and disinherits her from the family name and detains her in her own home. A greedy, cold-hearted sociopath, Jacques truly cares for no one but himself.
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  • Pulp Fiction: Zed and Maynard are two brothers whose favourote hobby is kidnapping and raping various men. When boxer Butch Coolidge and crime boss Marsellus Wallace end up in Maynard's pawn shop during an unrelated conflict, Maynard locks both in his basement and calls Zed in. The two elect to rape Waplace furst, referring to him by a racial slur when they decide, while forcing Butch to wait for his turn under guard if their personal Sex Slave the Gimp. The duo are so cruel that Butch can't bring himself to leave Wallace in their clutches despite the crime boss trying to kill him that same day.
  • Sound of the Sky: Colonel Hopkins, the Demon of Vindt, eventually establishes himself as both the main antagonist and the embodiment of the cruelty of war. Though nominally on the same side as the heroines of the 1121st Platoon, as they are both in the Helvetian army, he is a vile man with a desire to destroy Rome for little reason other than his love of war. In the past, he had manipulated Noel Kannagi into releasing the Invisible Reaper, a plague that wiped three cities off the map, which haunts her to this day. In the present, he desires to execute the Roman soldier A'isha Aldola and blame her death on his superiors in order to reignite the war, mocking the girls as he takes over the platoon and boots them out for that purpose. He also espouses his twisted belief that War Is Glorious and advances human civilization, in direct contrast to the anti-war heroines. Upon learning that Rome has ordered a ceasefire, he takes the entire town hostage and later outright tries to murder the girls in frustration. Showing a disturbing willingness to manipulate and kill innocent girls to pursue his ambition, Colonel Hopkins is a sociopath willing to drag two nations back into war just to satisfy his craving for bloodshed.
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  • Schindler's List: Amon Goeth is a one-man cipher for the horrors of Nazism and the Holocaust. As commander of the Plaszow concentration camp, he enslaves the Jewish prisoners until he can get no more labor from them, after which they're sent to the gas chambers. Many don't even make it that far, being either killed as an example or Goeth's own amusement. Despite genuinely believing that Jews are not human, Goeth develops a lust for his maid Helen Hirsch, very nearly raping her until he decides such a victim would be beneath him. Instead, he beats her senseless. Oskar Schindler initially pretends to be a sycophant to flatter Goeth into not looking into his anti-Nazi activities, but eventually feels compelled to speak up and try to convince the man to be more merciful. Goeth does attempt this, initially allowing a boy he enslaved to live despite an error, but ultimately decides that kindness is boring and kills the boy.
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  • Tokyo Gore Police: The unnamed chief of police is the true antagonist of the film. In order to privatize the Tokyo police department, he has an esteemed officer assassinated, killing the hitman when he's done. This ends up causing the assassin's son to become a Mad Scientist called the Key Man and create a horde of rampaging mutants known as Engineers to terrorize the city. The chief orders his police, including his deceased rival's daughter Ruka, to kill any Engineers they find, despite many of them not working for the Key Man. When one of his officers is infected, the chief has the rest start massacring anybody who could possibly be an Engineer, sexually abusing a woman he keeps as a pet all the while. Ruka arrives to stop the carnage and avenge her father, so the chief proves his own hypocrisy by injecting himself with the Engineer serum to fight her. A Dirty Cop to the extreme, the Chief of Police proved to be far worse than Key Man.
  • Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice: Zynbel is a religious fanatic who believed that his wife, Galena, and daughter, Senua, were cursed when they were actually suffering from Psychosis. To appease his gods, Zynbel would burn his own wife alive when Senua was only five and would proceed to abuse Senua all her life until she eventually leaves him. It was also heavily implied that he led the Northmen to attack his own village on the condition that they would spare him. While his fate remained unknown his influence on Senua proved to be so severe that it manifested into the Darkness that plagues Senua throughout her adventures.
  • The Afflicted:
    • After killing her husband for trying to leave her, Maggie descends into religious mania and starts abusing them. Aside from beating them in random rages, Maggie forces her son into manual labour and her eldest daughter into prostitution while Force Feeding her middle daughter in an attempt to make her fat. When said middle daughter resusts, Maggie shoots her in the shoulder before fatally poisoning her in an attempt to remove the bullet. After the eldest daughter escapes, Maggie makes her two remaining children beat her bloody before locking her in a closet to starve and pimping out her remaining girl.
    • Randy is a Dirty Old Man and the only customer we see Maggie procure in her chuld prostitution ring. He regularly rapes the daughter, being especially happy that she's a minor. After said daughter dies, Randy gladly goes to the youngest daughter, roughing her up some before raping her. When he finishes, he tells Maggie to beat her for resisting him.
  • The Girl Next Door: Ruth Chandler is a woman who has taken her nieces Meg and Susan in after their parents died. Believing that all women are whores until proven otherwise, Rith starts starving and emotionally abusing Meg, escalating to physical when she fights back. Threatening to turn her wrath on Susan if Meg resists, Ruth has her sons lock her in their basement and regularly torture her. As Ruth and her sons convince other neighbourhood kids to join in on the violence, she starts allowing the boys to rape Meg. After a young boy naked David tries to stop Ruth, she has him thrown in the basement so she can kill him later, after which he learns that Ruth has been molesting Susan. David escapes, kills Ruth and alerts the police, but Meg dies of her injuries before paramedics can arrive.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The seemingly harmless Kyubey, actually the Incubators, is the Overarching Villain of the series behind every individual Big Bad. An entity of unknown origin, Kyubey seeks to save the universe from impending heat death, and so comes to Earth and creates the Magical Girl system, in which it manipulates females into making contracts with it, granting them magical powers to fight creatures called witches, and any one wish they desire. What Kyubey doesn't say is that their wish is designed to backfire and ruin their lives in some way, and that their soul will darken until they themselves are turned into witches. Since humanity's beginnings, Kyubey has used this system to turn innocent girls into Child Soldiers who undergo psychological torture and eventually become mass-murdering monsters, in order to use humanity's despair as an energy source for the universe. In the main series, Kyubey makes a contract with Homura, a shy girl desperate to save Madoka, and grants her Time Travel powers, intending to use her tampering to transform Madoka into the most powerful witch of them all, and trying to bring their friends to despair to aid the process. In the timelines where it succeeds, it leaves humanity at her mercy while declaring that it no longer needs them. Within the last timeline, it manipulates Sayaka into becoming a witch, forcing Kyoko to Mercy Kill her. Whenever Kyubey is confronted about their atrocities, they always resort to victim-blaming to dodge responsibility. Even after being thwarted by Madoka, they refuse to give up. In Rebellion, Kyubey rejects Goddess Madoka's new, humane system, intending to restore the witch one because it is more efficient. Kyubey rebels against her through an experiment to turn the lonely Homura into an unborn witch, using her to lure Madoka into a trap, and succeeding in transforming her into a demon that proceeds to overthrow Madoka. Finally, when this begins to backfire and the demon turns on them, they attempt to escape again. Despite having a noble goal, Kyubey mainly cares for self-benefit. Utterly sociopathic and stoic to the point of deriding individuality and emotion as diseases to be purged, Kyubey is completely uncaring of how many people, species, and planets are destroyed in the pursuit of their mission, and stands out as the series' only truly hatable villain.
  • Don't Kill It: Pastor Erikson is a priest in a small Mississippi town. When a young Evelyn Pierce is saved from certain death by her mother's angelic blood, Erikson accuses them if being in league with the Devil and leads a campaign to drive them out of town. Twenty years later, a body-jumping demon is terrorizing the town and Pierce returns as an FBI agent to solve the case. Erikson accuses her of helping the fiend, even trying to exorcise demon hunter Jebediah Woodley. When Woodley and Pierce manage to capture the demon, Erikson leads an Angry Mob to rescue it thinking it's an innocent townsperson, trying to personally murder Pierce when she gets in his way.
  • Final Space: Clarence is a greedy tradesman who enslaved Gary in the beginning of season 2. Expressing disgust towards Gary and Little Cato — the former for being a human, the latter a Ventrexian — Clarence is motivated primarily by his ego. He even betrays the crew by working with Gary's mother when he was enraged that he wasn't being lavished in praise. Not even his adopted children deter him from his goal; he attacks Fox upon being exposed, the attack nearly killing him. Because of his sins, Clarence found himself alone in the finale.
  • The Bible:
    • Book of Genesis:
      • The Inhabitants of Sodom propagate a culture of greed, selfishness, and stinginess, having enacted laws prohibiting any acts of charity or hospitality. Upon learning that Lot has invited guests into his home, the hostile Sodomites demand that the men be brought out to be raped as punishment for daring to expect hospitality from them. When Lot attempts to convince the Sodomites to take his daughters instead, the Sodomites mob Lot's house, attempt to break down the door, and, despite being struck blind, try in vain to attack Lot and his family before being eliminated in a storm of sulfur and flame. A sadistic, putrid populace, the Sodomites' disregard for others on a cultural level is often used as a cautionary tale on the importance of treating others with respect.
      • Shechem was the son of a prince in the town of the same name. Upon seeing the fair Dinah, he kidnapped and raped her before sending his father to Jacob to ask him his daughter's hand in marriage due to the custom at the time.
    • Samson and Delilah: Delilah was the second lover of Samson, but in truth was deceitful. Accepting a bribe from Samson's enemies which stated she would receive payment for discovering the secret of Samson's strength, she stood by and watched her servant cut off Samson's hair in his sleep and getting blinded and carried away by the Philistines.
    • Books of Kings:
      • Jezebel was the manipulative wife of King Ahab who ordered the deaths of Yahweh's prophets, becoming fierce enemies with Elijah when he, in turn, killed her prophets of Baal. Her worst deed, however, was orchestrating a Kangaroo Court by accusing Naboth of a crime, sentencing him to be stoned to death solely so her husband could acquire his vineyard.
      • Athaliah was the presumed daughter of the aforementioned Queen Jezebel and King Ahab. She establishes her desire to rule by nearly killing all of David's lineage, including those in her own dynasty.
    • The Four Gospels: Herod the Great is the psychotic ruler of Judah who murdered his own two sons for their growing popularity, and even his favorite wife Miriam. In Matthew, upon learning of the birth of the Messiah, Herod sends his men to slaughter every baby boy two and under in Bethlehem in an event known as the Massacre of the Innocents.
  • Wicked Little Things:
    • Edmond Carlton was a mine owner in the 1800s who extensively employed child labor. When an accident causes a cave-in, Edmond orders a bunch of these kids left to die because it would cost too much money to save them. Managing to buy his way out of any legal trouble, Edmond skipped town and vanished into obscurity, leaving the vengeful zombies the children became to terrorize the town. Despite never appearing beyond a photograph, Edmond is responsible for all the horrors that unfold in the film proper.
    • William Carlton writeup.
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies: The nameless spy known only by the moniker the phantom, also known as Imposter Detective Fulbright, is easily one of the most depraved villains in the series. His career starts when he places a bomb on the HAT-1 rocket and causes the astronaut on board to have a phobia of space and nearly die. He then proceeds to murder Athena's, (then an 11 year old girl) mother and force the blame onto her. Then rookie Prosecutor Simon Blackquill takes the heat for the crime especially after seeing Athena covered head to toe in blood. Some time later and phantom kills the real Bobby Fulbright and assumes his identity. 7 years later and phantom sets up three more bombs in the space station as well as the rocket the new astronaut Clay Terran was going to enter with his idol. After a brilliant move by Director Yuri Cosmos to foil the plan, phantom proceeds to murder the young astronaut Terran and starts Apollo's revenge. Before the first trial can reach a verdict, phantom sets up another bomb in Courtroom number 4 where the trial is being held. This severely injures Apollo, and nearly kills everyone else in the courtroom as well. Phantom then casts suspicion on Athena through a forged piece of fingerprints on the lighter that he held, which basically turns Apollo against her. In the end, he was a petty murderer more concerned about keeping his identity secret than anything else and willing to use any means necessary to do so.
  • Lunarosse: The Illusion Master, really Dr. Dario Naumov, is the one who tricked the Anti Villains Corlia and Yliandra into waging war on each other. He is the psychologist of the real life Corlia/Yliandra who grew to hate her because she didn't reciprocate his feelings towards her and because he hated the small role she gave him in her story. This causes him to start wreaking havoc on the titular world of Lunarosse, the dream world Corlia made, in a spiteful attempt to hurt Corlia and Yliandra. He creates three avatars- Zevahn, Bellehan, and Naamari- to manipulate both sides of the war. He uses Noel's unrequited love for Channing to create the evil Gerard, and then uses him to fake Naamari's death to reignite war, then has him pin the murder on and repeatedly attack his friends, and at one point psychologically tortures the heroes with images of their friends insulting them, including insulting Noel for being gay, before forcing the heroes to kill Noel near the end. He also demonstrates his pettiness by blasting a soldier just for making a stupid comment and having billionaire Escobar killed when he wanted to end their partnership. When his plans are revealed, he decides to destroy the whole world and rebuild it the way he wants it to be. A petty manipulator who wants to destroy Lunarosse out of pure selfishness, Dario Naumov contrasts Corlia and Yliandra with his lack of sympathetic qualities.
  • I Love Yoo: Sang Chul Kim is the spoiled son of an associate of the Hirahara Corporation, and a loudmouthed and lazy Jerkass who antagonizes others and insults them both to their face and behind their backs. During the formal hosted by his father, he is enlisted by Yui Hirahara to sexually assault Shin Ae, which he nearly does. He's also all but confirmed to be the masked man who drugged Shin Ae's drink near the beginning of the comic.
  • When Good Ghouls Go Bad: Coach Michael Kankel is pretty much the source of all the problems in the movie. He fear mongering and bullying tactics to keep Walker Falls from celebrating Halloween for twenty years, which in turn took a toll on the towns economy. He did so by spreading an Urban Legend of the curse of Curtis Danko, convincing everyone that Curtis was pure evil and making himself into a new pillar of the community. It's soon revealed as a kid, he was the one who indadvertedly killed Curtis by locking him in a kiln as a prank; when he discovers Curtis's death, not only did he not feel any remorse, he uses said death to fabricate the urban legend in the first place. The reason why he did this was because he was jealous that Curtis' statue was gonna win an art contest and so that he could play hero. He claims that he is doing this to honour his father's legacy, but even Kankel's own father is disgusted at his son's actions when he finds out.
  • In the film adaptation Let the Right One In and its Americanized adaptation Let Me In: Jonny (or Kenny as he's called in Let Me In) and his older brother Jimmy lack their redeeming qualities from the original novel. Jonny/Kenny relentlessly bullies Oskar/Owen in violently humiliating ways, before threatening to drown him in a frozen pond. Jimmy is an even bigger sadist than his brother, and seen bullying him too. When Oskar/Owen stands up for himself, they later gang up on him in retaliation. Jimmy makes a "bet" with him about holding his breath underwater for three minutes, and either getting his cheek cut open, or his eye cut out.
  • Life Is Strange: Mark Jefferson appears to be a charming and friendly teacher but when revealed to be ultimate villain of the game, in addition to being the mastermind behind the Dark Room - which entail the drugging, kidnapping, torturing and occasional murder of girls for the sake of his art - he is also an emotional manipulator; using his students admiration of him to form close but false friendships with them; taking advantage of Nathan's need for a father figure for his operations, later killing Nathan to provide himself a scapegoat; tries to subtly goad his previous victim Kate into killing herself in the midst of her bullying. While most of the other antagonistic characters are shown to have depths and are not entirely bad people, when Jefferson's true colours are revealed, he's shown to be a dark, narcissistic sadist, with no care or empathy for anyone around him.
  • The Children of Húrin: Saeros is a racist Elf in King Thingol's court who resented the presence of Turin as a ward of Thingol. One evening Saeros made insulting remarks about Turin's people, causing Turin to injure Saeros. The next morning, Saeros attempted to murder Turin over the last night's events, provoking Turin into stripping him and accidentally killing him by running him off a cliff. When Thingol heard of what Saeros had done, he pardoned Turin, while it was stated that Saeros would be held in Mandos, the land of the dead, for a long time due to his misdeeds.
Office Space: Not only is he utterly incompetent at keeping his employees motivated, Lumbergh is a passive-aggressive bully who makes a habit of routinely abusing Milton without even bothering to inform him that he was fired years ago. He's also not above petty acts of cruelty like parking in the handicapped space when Peter takes his reserved parking spot. The constant mistreatment of his employees makes it satisfying to watch him get his comeuppance time and again.
  • Cthulhu Mythos: The Defiler is one of the few of his kind that can be regarded as truly evil, being a cosmic Serial Rapist and Serial Killer that has absolutely no problems with defiling and murdering anyone he gets his hands on.


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