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Greater Gods

Solomon, The Divine Possessor of the Rings Of Power (Caster, Grand Caster, King Solomon, The King of Magic, Salmon, Dr Roman, Romani Akiman, Solroman)
  • Symbol: Solomon's Ten Rings (As Solomon), His Golden Ring (As Dr Roman)
  • Greater God (As Solomon), Quasideity (As Dr Roman)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Archmage, Judgment of Solomon, Just wanting to be Normal, Reduced to a Normal Human Being, Body Hijacked, Mission Control, Adorkable, Cowardly Lion, Nice Guy, Team Dad
  • Domains: Freedom, Affection, Wisdom, Magic, Science, Therapy, Self-Sacrifice
  • Allies: Leonardo Da Vinci, Artoria Pendragon, Shirou Emiya, Rin Toshaka, Doctor Strange, Most Heroic Spirits in the Pantheon, Good-Alligned Members of the House of Health and Diseases, Issei Hyodo, the House of Food
  • Enemies: Goetia, Nekron, YHVH, Ultron
  • Respected By: All Good-Aligned Members of the House of Magic
  • Feared by: The House of Demons
  • Aloof Allies: Merlin, Gilgamesh
  • Uneasy Around: God, Lucifer
  • Sympathises With: Hank Pym, Tony Stark/Iron Man
  • Solomon ascended to the Pantheon after having activated his first Noble Phantasm Ars Nova to return his gifts to God and thus erase himself from even the Throne of Heroes, in order to weaken Beast I A.K.A Demon King Gotiea enough for Chaldea to defeat it once and for all, while simultaneously forcing the Demon Pillars to self-destruct.
  • Upon becoming aware of Goetia's presence in the Pantheon, Solomon immediately began to make preparations to combat him. While as a last resort Solomon can use Ars Nova to destroy Goetia, due to the mechanics of the Noble Phantasm he is unsure whether the House of Life and Death would be able to resurrect him again. He is also unsure how he ended up in the Pantheon due to the same reasons and at best considers it a miracle.
  • Despite Solomon's formidable reputation as a Mage, he prefers to appear around the Pantheon in the form of his Doctor Roman persona; when asked why when he is only as powerful as a Quasidiety in this form, he replied that his happiest memories occurred in this form and that he really didn't care for power.
  • Solomon's temple is not technically located in the Pantheon, it is instead his second Noble Phantasm Ars Paulina, which is his Reality Marble workshop located in the Sea of Imaginary Numbers, it's very existence powered by Solomon's Magic Circuits. As Death in this space does not 'count' in reality, and by expending enough Magical Energy, Solomon can resurrect anyone who dies there without requiring the aid of the House of Life and Death.
  • Solomon is highly respected by the House of Magic due to the fact that he founded his world’s western school of Magecraft allowing Humanity to use magic without the aid of Gods.
    • The House of Demons meanwhile fear Solomon for his ability to bind Demons to his service as seen with the Demon Pillars. Though, the higher ranked Demons have noted that Goetia was able to escape his service by simply waiting for him to die which prompted them to set up back-up plans to kill Solomon in the event of their binding; though they do realise that any death will likely be temporary at best.
  • Issei Hyodo was utterly overjoyed to meet him. After all, Solomon was the guy who managed to have over 700 willing wives. In Issei's book, that makes him a true harem king.
  • On the first day of Solomon's ascension to Godhood, he had two visitors, God and Lucifer. Solomon didn't respond well to the latter visit as while God wished to apologise to Solomon for not taking his feelings into account when he was King of Israel and making him feel like he had no freedom, Lucifer wanted to congratulate him on making a wish upon the Holy Grail to be free of his duties and powers and yet willingly devote 10 years of his new life to safeguarding humanity's future. Solomon on his part was unsure how to handle either visit, though he was touched by God's apology.
  • While overjoyed to be able meet Magical Girls in the Pantheon, Solomon continues to ask Magi*Mari questions and recieving cheerfully Nihilistic answers; to this day he refuses to accept that Magi*Mari is actually Merlin.
  • He deeply sympathises with Hank Pym and Tony Stark, after all he knows better than anyone what it's like to have your creation try to destroy Humanity. On a side note, he hates Ultron for these very same reasons.
  • Solomon has a bit of a sweet tooth and as such he enjoys going to the House of Food to slack off.
  • He was intrigued by reports from a group of researchers who were able to produce a ring bearing his name, capable of protecting its wearer against all forms of elemental magic. He's decided to pop by the Schwartzwelt one of these days and assess the ring's worth by himself.
  • He doesn't recognize YHVH as the God that gave him his famous wisdom. The God he knew discussed in good lengths on the preparations of the Singularity at his temple caused by one of his demons Goetia by allowing him to stay in Chaldea as Dr. Romani, and YHVH had no memories of it and even plotted something involving a partnership with Goetia which would be harmful for mankind. Solomon's expression of this in front of Astolfo when he asked about the chances of YHVH manipulating Jeanne d'Arc eventually triggered a majority of Chaldea to take up arms against YHVH, with Solomon considering to take part, but maybe as a Secret Weapon for Chaldea to show respect for free will, one of God's gifts that YHVH tried to curb.

Intermediate Gods

Yoshino, Goddess of Hand Puppets and Talking to Them (Hermit)

Lesser Gods

    Joe Higashi 
Joe Higashi, God of Handwraps (The Young Muay Thai Champ)
  • Theme Song: Thai Nanbu no Tsutaetai Atarashii Shi
  • Lesser God
  • Symbols: The Hurricane Upper and the Screw Upper and the Double Cyclone
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Anime Hair, Arrogant Muay Thai Guy, Hot-Blooded, Large Ham, Martial Arts Headband, Walking Shirtless Scene, Small Name, Big Ego, His Projectile Attacks Are The Hurricane Upper, the Screw Upper and the Double Cyclone, Boisterous Bruiser, His Animal Motif Is The Tiger, Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs/Spam Attack
  • Domains: Muay Thai, Fighting, Air, Strength, Good
  • Herald: Hwa Jai
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivalry: with King
  • Rivals: Sagat, Juri Han, Laura Matsuda, Rashid, Adon, Asuka Kazama
  • Annoyed By: The Scout
  • Conflicting Opinion: Billy Kane
  • Enemies: Geese Howard, Rugal Bernstein, Ryuji Yamazaki, Akuma, Vega, M. Bison
  • The ascended deities representing the King of Fighters had a bet as to who would be the next to ascend between Andy Bogard and Joe Higashi, the former being the favorite to ascend. Much money was lost when Joe's ascension cleared, with Billy Kane and Leona Heidern the biggest winners out of the pool.
  • Joe was annoyed to find out that Wolfgang Krauser has not ascended yet. He hasn't forgotten that one incident in which the Stroheim Strongman left him with 2 dozen broken bones following their encounter.
  • This brought a mixed bit of emotions to Billy Kane, the right hand man of Geese Howard. Joe is paired with Terry Bogard, an intense enemy of his boss. Yet Joe ended up dating his sister. All attempts to dissuade her from continue was shot down. This means that he how has to contend with this jerk once more... though it also means that his sister may appear in the Pantheon more often. Either way, Kane shook his head on the coming mess he will face.
  • Spends time at the House of Food whenever they serve up his favorite dish: fried alligator meat.
  • Joe was suprised to see the Bar Illusion in the Pantheon, which meant that King herself has ascended. While he is a bit annoyed that she was able to join the Pantheon before him, he is happy to see his old rival present.
  • Joe quickly became intense rivals with Muay Tai practitioner Sagat. Sadly, the King made short work of Joe to maintain the title. Joe then set his sites on Sagat's former protege Adon. That proved to be a more equal fight, though Adon himself wants to get the pleasure of becoming the new King of Muay Tai. The battles are often vicious with the two trading wins against each other.
  • Was quick to join Terry in his bouts with Ryu and Ken. Usually, Andy Bogard is the more familiar partner, but Terry's brother yet to appear in the Pantheon Joe would have to do.
  • Often fights to rid himself of the notion of being a Joke Character. And yet he has Dan Hibiki as one of his best friends outside his world. The two even managed to win a tournament together. Nevertheless, Joe easily proved himself to be the superior fighter whenever the two met.
  • Outside of Muay Thai, he set his eyes on other worthy opponents. That peaked the interest of Laura, who was hoping to find someone to promote her dojo. Besides fighting each other, the two also argue which fighting style is best in an MMA setting.
  • Juri is always willing to accept a challenge from eager (yet foolish) fighters, and Joe fit the bill to a tee.
  • It was his dream to take on the dreaded Akuma. The demon initially had no interest in fighting the fool, but Joe persisted by taunting him wherever he went. Eventually, Akuma had enough and took on his foe head on... proceeding to wipe the floor with Joe. That didn't stop the later from making Akuma his top priority to defeat.
  • His main source of power is his ability to punch fast enough to create tornados towards his opponents. With enough power, he can create more powerful gusts of wind. It was thought that he would get into the Pantheon for originating the Tornado Move... that is until a certain Middle Easterner proved popular enough to take the title from him. Not one to take slights unheeded, Joe demanded a fight to settle the dispute. While the two fought valiantly, it was decided that Rashid would keep his title.
  • As stated above, he is extremely prone to starting brawls, even for a fighting game character. That has brought a lot of stress to Asuka, who often breaks up said fights. With that said, she isn't adverse to taking him on if the moment is needed. As a result, the two are familiar with each other.
  • Brash and arrogant, he nevertheless sides with the good-aligned fighters in the Pantheon. Besides, all the evil ones tend to be the most powerful ones. For example, he got to help Ryu take on Shadaloo one time.
  • There was one time when he and The Scout went on a taunt fest that lasted for weeks. The two couldn't even decided how things escalated the way they did, but neither wanted to end up as the loser. In the end, the Court of the Gods was involved, who decided that both were winners just to bring the taunting to an end.
  • "Hyaah. The legend of Joe Higashi begins a new chapter."

    Melia Antiqua 
Melia Antiqua, Goddess of High Class Gloves (Melly, Bird Lady, Empress of Alcamoth, Poor Melia!)

    Satsuki Kiryuin 
Satsuki Kiryuin, Goddess of Combat Stilettos and the Holy Backlight ( Scissor Sister, shared with Ryuko Matoi, her sister)
Life Fiber Override Form 
Clickhere  to see Satsuki with medium hair.
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate when wearing Junketsu but only in extreme cases)
  • Symbol: A heel surrounded by Holy Backlight
  • Theme: "鬼龍G@キLL" (Ga Kill), and when shit gets serious, KiryuwaKiLL
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Was originally Lawful Neutral with Chaotic shades, pretended to be Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Determinator, Good Is Not Nice, Broken Ace, Badass Normal, Catching Her Falling Little Sister From Space, Combat Stilettos, A Illuminating Entrance, Secretly plotting for years to take down COVERS, A Ridiculous skimpy Combat Outfit, Being clad in white, Drinking Tea, Being an Absurdly Powerful Student Council President, Wanting Revenge for Both Her Father and Presumed Dead Little Sister, Epic eyebrows, Trying to be a good big sister
  • Domains: Determination, Law, High Heels, Skimpiness, Planning
  • Allies: Ira Gamagoori, Nonon Jakuzure, Houka Inumuta, Uzu Sanageyama, Mako Mankanshoku, Senketsu, Jin Kazama, Queen Elsa, Stocking Anarchy, Iroh, Kuroka, Erza Scarlet, Eiji Hino/Kamen Rider OOO, Elizabeth Mably, Takatora Kureshima, Guts, Alfred Pennyworth, Cattleya, Garterbelt, Valentine, Kaito "Kite" Tenjo, The Guy, Roy Mustang, Lordgenome, Rossiu Adai, Olivier Mira Armstrong, Akame, Kamui Tokinomiya, Solidus Snake
  • Rivals: Vergil
  • Odd Friendship: Tsumugi Kotobuki, Mata Nui, Luxanna Crownguard
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Jin Kisaragi, Yoko Minato, Itachi Uchiha (covertly), Cornelia li Britannia.
  • Enemies: Any god with World Domination plans, Ragyo Kiryuin, Nui Harime, Dio Brando, Yuuki Terumi, Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse, Big Brother, Corset, Scanty and Kneesocks, Griffith, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Sora Takigawa/Gremlin, Tenjuro Banno, SHOCKER, Father Homunculus, Führer King Bradley, the other Homunculi, Esdeath, Seryu Ubiquitous, Herbert Garrison, World Destroyers, Tenya Iida ( before her Heel–Face Turn)
  • Special Relationship: Ryuko Matoi (tried to turn her into a Unwitting Pawn until it was revealed that they were sisters)
  • How do you become a goddess of Combat Stilettos, a trope that any goddess could have? By making it one of your most beloved trait. Once you hear that click of Satsuki's heel against pavement, expect fear, admiration, respect, and lust(?) to anybody who hears it.
    • Her heel boots aren't her other only desired feature as her very presence can an emit a magnificent light that can blind everybody not prepare. In this instant, people know she about to get serious. It even considered to have the same amount of impact that raising the flag in conquest.
  • Upon hearing of The Doctor's twelfth regeneration and his self-dubbed 'Attack Eyebrows' a small number of her followers attempted to have her approach the Greater God in hopes of having them compare. Needless to say, she refused to participate, referring to it as pointless. Besides, she doesn't consider her eyebrows to be big since they are taper at the edge.
  • She is constantly at odds with Vergil thanks to their mortal followers comparing the two. When it was revealed that Satsuki was really Ryuko's elder sister, the comparison became stronger. However, compared to Vergil, Satsuki was stunned to learn that the person she'd been trying to manipulate to her side was the same person she sought to avenge in the first place, and really cares for Ryuko as a sister without trying to kill her.
  • She quickly became friends with Jin Kazama due hating the parents of the same gender and loving their other parent who disappeared.
  • Unbeknowst to Satsuki, her actions on the mortal realm have caught the attention of Itachi Uchiha, who is secretly planning to take her under his wing as her decisions reminds him of his relationship with Sasuke. Though, Satsuki didn't care for his action on Sasuke and how it pretty much mess him up later in life.
  • Big Brother feels betrayed by her, who he at one point considered her to be his successor.
  • After defeating Ragyo Kiryuin and finding a new purpose in life, Satsuki has been spending many of her free time with Ryuko, her sister, wanting and trying to be a good elder sister. Many in the pantheon think there new closeness is something much more. This disgust Satsuki because she would never have impure thoughts about her sister.
    I'm nothing like her.
  • Has been mistaken by many to be a sadist because of her heels and thinking she loves to stomp on people. Ryouna is one of those people and has visited Satsuki multiple times requesting that she stomp on her while calling her a pig in human clothing.
  • Despite her ascension, Satsuki is still trying to help better the world to make up for her actions in the past in her own universe. To that point, she has a fresh turned Rei Hououmaru station to end her life if she ever stray from her cause.
  • Became friends with both Mami Tomoe and Luxanna Crownguard after all three notice they sounded quite the same. All three has set up tea dates that they quite enjoy.
    • They are sometimes joined by Iroh who would bring in his most delicious tea.
  • Did not understand why the GUAG would commission Rarity to re-create Junketsu. Compared to Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu, Satsuki despises the White Kamui. Because she doesn't want to use it ever again, she has locked it away in the Treasure.
  • Became partners with one of the Yin-Yang dragon, Zekrom. People were surprise because they thought she would partner with Reshiran because both have white coloring. But Zekrom fits Satsuki better because the two represent ideal. Also, the black and white play off in the yin-yang motif.
  • Became very close to Alfred Pennyworth. His kind fatherly nature reminded her of Soroi, her own kind butler and father figure.
  • Was mistaken by Guts for an ascended Casca. He was disappointed when it wasn't her. He became angry however when he heard about her abuse from her mother that reminded him of what Griffith did to Casca. He instantly became allies with Satsuki and an enemy of Ragyo. The same goes for Satsuki and her hatred for Griffith.
  • When Satsuki met Takatora and learned about what he did in his own universe, it reminded her of her actions on her own world. In fact, the two have so much in common that they might be considered alternative selves to one another. The same applies to Rossiu after he ascended and they finally met.
  • Just like Ryuko and Anna, Satsuki has spent plenty of times with Queen Elsa after it was revealed that Ryuko and Satsuki were sisters. However, most of their interaction usually ends with both comparing how their sisters are better then the other.
  • Just like Ryuko, Satsuki found a surrogate parent in Cattleya who just happen to sound just like Satsuki. When Cattleya heard about her abuse from Ragyo, her first instinct was to bring Satsuki into a hug. Caught off guard, Satsuki succumb to the warm motherly hug.
  • When she met Garterbelt, she held nothing but contempt for him, as his interests reminded her of the mother that subjected her and her sister to so much torture. As time went on, however, she decided that he was nowhere as bad as Ragyo, and decided to work with him. Garter is happy to have two other girls that'll work better with him, though he can't get rid of the comparisons of them and the Anarchy sisters.
  • She got curious about the House of War for some reason and paid a visit there once, where she wound up running into Roy Mustang. Able to tell that she had military experience of some sort, Roy engaged Satsuki in a strategy debate until she accidentally mentioned Honnoji Academy as her source of experience. A few probing questions later, she was giving him a rough outline of her war to stop her mother's evil, and he was gaining respect for her journey, which he found very similar to his own.
  • Had gained that the attention of the Spiral King, Lordgenome. He knows how it feels to become evil to stop an even greater evil, and was even impressed that she was able to recruit the Elite Four through charisma and skill alone. They formed an alliance after Lordgenome vowed to oppose Ragyo and her plans.
  • Found a kindred spirit in Olivier Armstrong, another Amestrian military high ranking official like Mustang. She and Olivier share many of the same authoritative qualities in their leadership styles and thus get along easily.
  • Out of Roy and Olivier's enemies, the Homunculus she hates most is Führer King Bradley. Aside from commanding an entire nation and willingly using that power to serve a treacherous devil who wants to devour all of humanity much like Ragyo's Life Fibers, since entering the Pantheon he has now copied the way she recruited the Elite Four in order to assemble a new High Command force in service of said devil. Because of this, she took the Elite Four and engaged the Homunculi in battle with the direct hope of taking down Bradley, and with the assist of Solidus Snake, she almost succeeded. Almost, because the Jeagers Esdeath and Seryu Ubiquitous saved the Führer's hide, forcing Satsuki to call a tactical retreat.
    • Another piece of fallout is that this development spurred Vergil, who'd joined this High Command, to make his move to get what he came for and dump them aside. She still doesn't trust Vergil, but is slightly relieved he's a non-factor.
  • For a while, she was hated by Class Representative Tenya Iida due to her misuse of power as the Honnouji Academy Student President. However, since her Heel–Face Turn, she's promised to use the power more responsibly.


    Kyoko Kirigiri 
Kyoko Kirigiri, Goddess of Conspicuous Gloves (Ultimate ???, Ultimate Detective, Future Foundation 14th Branch Leader, Super High-School Level Mystery Chick, Bacon Hands)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her gloves
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Born Detective, Sugar-and-Ice Personality, Alliterative Name, Nerves of Steel, Rei Ayanami Expy, The Smart Girl
  • Domains: Detectives, Gloves
  • Allies: Makoto Naegi, Sakura Oogami, Chiaki Nanami, Aoi Asahina, Sayaka Maizono, Toko Fukawa, Komaru Naegi, most detectives (especially Naoto Shirogane, Kamen Riders Double and Drive), Batman
  • Enemies: Junko Enoshima & Monokuma, Jack the Ripper, James Moriarity, Light Yagami, Manny Pardo
  • Uneasy Relations (bordering on distrust): Goro Akechi
  • One of the participants of the Second Killing Game that took place in Hope's Peak Academy and the daughter of former headmaster of that school Jin Kirigiri, Kyoko always seems to carry an air of mysteriousness and calmness whenever she is solving a mystery that she comes across. She is almost always seen wearing gloves, which cover her burn scars that she got from back then and the gloves serve as a reminder of how not to let personal issues get in the way of her investigations.
    • Very rarely does she take off her gloves. Whenever she does that in front of someone, it's a sign that she has a high amount of trust torwards that person. Notably, she did that in front of Makoto Naegi a couple of times.
  • She is sometimes reminded of the time where she had a ramen cup on her head after landing in a trash dump looking for Makoto following one of the class trials. When actually asked about ramen noodles, Kirigiri has stated that she's not very fond of the food and it makes her ill simply thinking about it.
  • Despite her title of "Ultimate Detective", she quickly learned about the various other detectives and how their detective skills are just as good as hers in spite of their own unique characteristics. Nevertheless, she has gotten along with these detectives and has sometimes aided them on solving various cases.
    • Even with the combined detective skills of her and others in that profession, the detectives are still having a hard time trying to catch certain elusive criminals such as Jack the Ripper. Kirigiri has once stated that she can't forgive them for their crimes the same way she can't forgive Junko Enoshima for the misery she caused.
  • Given the number of times that she has put her hand(s) on different dead bodies for the sake of her investigations, a few have joked that she secretly has a corpse fetish. She has nothing to say on those rumors and this is not getting to the fact that she once tasted the saliva of a dead person to determine the cause of their death (which admittedly disgusted a few deities when they found that out).
  • Believe it or not, there are actually a few things (most dolls for instance) that she does find cute. It's just that she's a bit annoyed that her no-nonsense investigative attitude makes others believe that she can't admire cute things.
  • Chocolate is her favorite food, though unlike other deities who like sweets just because, she likes it since it helps her stay awake whenever she is in a long investigation. She sometimes combines it with coffee, another kind of food that she likes on its own. Kirigiri likes coffee to the point where, during a break in her work, she actually talked to Godot, alongside Hoto Cocoa and her friends, about different varieties of coffee when asked what kind of coffee she likes.
  • A few people are under the impression that she is a tsundere but given her typically stoic attitude, it's hard to say whether that's true or not (and even if those claims were true, she's more of a kuudere anyway).
  • By her own admission, she didn't really expect to learn that Juzo Sakakura was still around after what had happened in the Future Foundation building. Makoto Naegi had to explain some things to her about him since she was unconscious and in extremely critical condition near the end of the Final Killing Game. She does acknowledge that Juzo has been trying to act less cruelly as of late, but she isn't one who would want to meet Juzo again, likely for pragmatic reasons (and neither is Juzo in regards to Kirigiri).
  • Some observant deities noticed that the number of diamond studs on her gloves seems to change without explanation. They just like to think that she has more than one pair of gloves, but they aren't sure whether or not she was those additional pairs of gloves when she is on the job.
  • Following one of their investigations, frequent detective partner Naoto Shirogane mentioned Goro Akechi, who according to her, is not worthy of being a detective given what he did. Kirigiri decided to try and visit him to see if what Naoto and some of the other detectives said about him is true or not. It took a bit of time before she was able to meet him in person. Akechi was initially wary about Kirigiri since she sounded a bit like Ann Takamaki of the Phantom Thieves of Heart, whom Kirigiri seems to know about somehow. All Kirigiri wanted to know is what he had gone through and Akechi agreed to talk about it to her.
    • After he finished telling his tale, Kirigiri mentioned that there was a good reason why most detectives don't want to be around him regardless of family issues (something that Kirigiri seemed to have, but under very different circumstances), but Akechi stated that he ultimately felt bad for what happened. Kirigiri then felt that it would be better if the two didn't meet each other again to avoid potential trouble, something that he agreed with.


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