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This section of the Pantheon is for a list of deities who have formed smaller teams (generally between four and six members) based on shared characteristics. These teams are not necessarily connected with any of the Grand United Alliances.

Also note that many of these groups may have overlapping members, given the different personalities, backgrounds, and allegiances of Pantheon deities.

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    Group Template 

Because of the large number of groups in the Pantheon, they had to be split in categories.

    Attribute Groups 

The only thing connecting them is certain things they have in common and little else. No extra agendas.

The Ninja Shi-Tennou (could use rework)

These ninja don't necessarily need to be invisible to do their work, but they're all extremely good at what they do.

The CaptainRyu Hayabusa
Co-LancersDr. McNinja
Naruto Uzumaki
The Big GuyBang Shishigami

The Poly Racks

These, er... "shapely" goddesses are well known for their beautiful figures (well, one specific part of their figures, anyway).

The LeaderLitchi Faye Ling
The LancerSeras Victoria
The HeartMami Tomoe
The ChickSona Buvelle
Big GoodTsunade
Seventh RangerAphrodite

The Mighty Majors

These are military people with the rank of major. While they're not impressive as their superiors, these people have no problems getting their hands dirty.

The CaptainMotoko Kusanagi
The LancerJin Kisaragi
The Big GuysSanger Zonvolt
Alex Louis Armstrong
Tagalong Teen and The HeartEdward Elric
The ChickMio Sakamoto
Sixth RangerGuile

Kunoichi Rokunin-shuu

Like their male counterparts of the Ninja Shi-Tennou, these ladies don't necessarily need to resort to stealth when it comes down to kicking butt.

The LeaderKasumi
The LancerKasuga
The Big GalTaki
The Smart GalAkali
The ChickMai Shiranui
Guest-Star Party MemberKaede Nagasenote 

The Master Builders Five

A group of construction workers who have the power to fix virtually everything when damage is done anywhere.

The LeaderMaxwell
The Lancer and The HeartSackboy
The Big GuySteve?
The Smart GuyEmmet
Fifth RangerFix-it Felix Jr.

The Cuteness Quartet

The quartet which is essentially Cuteness Proximity personified. You simply are unable to not "aaawww" at them.

The LeaderHelloKitty
The Lancer and The Smart GalChiyo Mihama
The Big GalRena Ryuguu
The ChickYotsuba Koiwai

The Gunslinger Septet (could use rework)

The Gods of this group fight with their guns.

The LeaderRushuna Tendou
The LancerVash the Stampede/Coyote Starrk (alternates depending on certain events)
The Big GirlPanty Anarchy
The Smart GirlTeana Lanster
The ChicksMami Tomoe and Noel Vermillion

The League of Flat Chests

These goddesses are in opposition of all the well-endowed goddesses in the pantheon.

The LeadersEtna & Flonne
The LancerNoel Vermillionnote 
The Smart GalLuxanna Crownguard
The Big GirlKoneko Toujou and Aika Tsube/Tail Blue
The ChickChihaya Kisaragi
Token Evil TeammateRyoubi

The Six Great Archers (could use rework)

These gods use bows and arrows in combat. They also spend as much time competing with each other as they do working together.

The LeaderOliver Queen/Green Arrow
The LancerClint Barton/Hawkeye
The Big GuysHuang Zhong
Xiahou Yuan
The ChickMerida
Token Evil TeammateSylvanas Windrunner

The Holy Triad of Slash

These three Yaoi Fangirls insist that Guy-on-Guy Is Hot. But sometimes they go... Overboard with their beliefs and proceed to slash every single male deity in the Pantheon.

The LeaderChika Ogiue
The LancerHiyori Tamura
The Big GirlHungary

The Seven Servants

These seven servants are devoted to their masters and are skilled in more than just serving their masters.

The LeaderElanore Baker
The LancerSakuya Izayoi
The Smart GuyAlfred Pennyworth
The ChickFiona Mayfield
Team DadValkenhayn R. Hellsing
Tagalong TeenHayate Ayasaki
Token Evil TeammateSebastian Michaelis

The Girl Military Force

A group composed of girls who stand-by for different types of military forces. They don't act like they are in actual military, but you should still threat them like they have the force to pack them up.

The LeaderAnoa AobaSpacecrafts
The LancerMiho NishizumiTanks and Ground Vehicles
The Big GuyI-401 IonaBeneath Surface Watercrafts
The Smart GuyTeana LansterInfantry
The HeartNakaOn-surface watercrafts
The Sixth RangerSanya V. LitvyakAircrafts

The Racer Trio (could use rework)

A trio of racers who often have friendly competitions in the House of Travel.

The LeaderSubaru NakajimaRollerblade
The LancerScootalooScooter
Third RangerPaRappaSkateboard
Guest-Star Party MemberSakura KinomotoRollerblade

Legend Riders

Even after the Pantheonic Tournament, Carol didn't want this group to just part ways and managed to convince them that they can still ride together.

The LeaderTakeshi Hongo (Kamen Rider 1)
The LancerTsubasa Kazanari
The Smart GuyYusei Fudo
The Big GuyJack Cayman
The ChickCarol Tea
Token Neutral TeammateJohnny Blaze/Ghost Rider

Pandamonium! (could use rework)

They may look cute with their white and black fur, but don't underestimate the strength of these ursine warriors as they are as powerful as they are cute-looking. Warning: Putting them close to Noel Vermillion will cause an immediate Cuteness Proximity reaction, and Ichiro of The Nerima Daikon Brothers is outright banned from going within 500 feet of them after they saw this.

The LeaderPo
The Lancer & Co-Big GuyThe Panda King
Co-Big Guy & Team DadChen Stormstout
The Chick, The Heart & Tag A Long KidLi Li Stormstout
Team PetLao Jiu
  • Lao Jiu is currently unascended, but Litchi allows him to be part of the group.

Heralds of Good Bad Films

Just because a film isn't good in the traditional sense in terms of plot, special effects, acting, etc. doesn't mean it's not worth watching. And these five will prove it to you.

The LeaderEd Wood
The LancerTommy Wiseau
The Smart GuyFin Shepard
The Big Guy/Guest-Star Party MemberCaptain Alex
The HeartRod

The Seven Swords

A (very) loose association of blade-wielding individuals representing the Seven Deadly Sins.

SlothGintoki Sataka
LustMamori Tokonome/Mirei Shikishima
EnvySasuke Uchiha
GluttonyStocking Anarchy

Age Old Alters

Be it from their own powers, or by way of privileges from the Pantheon, these kids can become older in a jiffy.

The LeaderBilly Batson/Shazam
The LancerVivio Takamachi
The Smart DuoHansel and Gretel
The Big GalAurora
The HeartMitsuki Koyama/Full Moon
Sixth RangerYellow Heart/Peashy

    Wild Card Groups 

Neither on the side of evil or good, and can easily screw with any of them.

The Millstone Club

If you need someone to screw up a plan, this team has your back. (Results may or may not be intentional.)

The Smart LeaderGilligan
The Big GuyLeeroy Jenkins
Plucky Comic ReliefJar-Jar Binks
The ChickExcel

The Teasing Trio (could use rework)

These girls have teased almost every single god in the Pantheon. And they just keep going.

The LeaderExcellen Browning
The LancerYoruichi Shihouin
The Big GirlAkeno Himejima

Itazura Griefers

A group composed of tricksters that are too amoral for the Lol Rangers, but draw their line at the Trollkaiger. note 

"Itazura Red"Seija Kijin
"Itazura Black"Tohru Adachi
"Itazura White"Miyo Takano
"Itazura Gray"Rei Shingetsu (Vector)
"Itazura Pink"Lambdadelta
"Itazura Purple"Gengar
"Itazura Orange"Ratatoskr
"Itazura Green"Monaca Towa
"Itazura Brown"Bendy
Guest-Star Party MemberFlowey

The Explosive Extremists of the Pantheon

Mines, rockets and grenades, oh my! This people solve or entertain (for Bay) the masses with one method EXPLOSIVES. Be warned that you may blow up when too close.

The LeaderMichael Bay
The Big GuysTavish DeGroot and Mr. "Jane" Doe
The BruteWarhead
The ChickMona
The Smart GuysThe Techies
MascotDr. Boom
Token Evil TeammateYoshikage Kira
Token Evil TeammateDeidara
Token Evil Teammate (kind of)Plague Knight

    Antagonist Groups 

Bad guys, generally.

The Rule of Beauty

They say that Beauty Equals Goodness... Well, not all the time. The Rule of Beauty is a group of selected individuals who serve evil and will strike out against anything perceived as "fairer" than they are. Treat these divas with care.

The Big BadQueen Sectoria
The DragonThe Evil Queen
The BruteVega
The Evil GeniusCourtney Gears

The Satanic Spirits of Pure Evil

Possibly the most evil group listed here. Nyarlathotep formed this group to remind everyone that every living being holds evil in their hearts. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Big BadNyarlathotep
Co-DragonsGriffith/The Bittercold
The BruteDiablo
Team PetChernabog

The Five Deadly Vipers

Possibly the freakiest group in the pantheon. These abhorrent, snake-like people creep many people out with their disturbing magic.

Big BadOrochi
Co-DragonsYuuki Terumi/Lord Voldemort
The Evil GeniusOrochimaru
The Dark ChickMedusa Gorgon

The Silly Villain Trio

The Goldfish Poop Gang of the Pantheon, they are one of the least threatening group of villains in the Pantheon, no matter how much they try to plan out the greatest of schemes. At least they try. And they are rather amusing to watch.

The LeaderDr. Drakken
The LancerWile E. Coyote
Evil Boy GeniusJack Spicer

The Dark Lords of the Undead/Souls

One of the most powerful groups forged, these Gods are masters of matters referring to The Undead and souls, and consider themselves experts in dealings with things pertaining to beyond the grave. However, it should be noted that every other member of the group save Nekron is perfectly prepared to join forces to stab their leader In the Back when the time comes, as they know he will do the same to all of them and is too powerful to double-cross alone.

Big BadNekron
Co-DragonsNagash the Undying and Grima
The BruteBarragan Luisenbarn
Evil GeniusDracula
Sixth RangerHades

The Recallers

These Big Bads of Hasbro's creations seek to rule the world... and maybe have more toys.

Big BadMegatron
The DragonCobra Commander
Dark Action GirlNightmare Moon
The Dark ChickEric Raymond
Sixth Ranger/The Evil GeniusDan

Deep Blue Quartet

These gods are a group of divine beasts who terrorize the waters of the Pantheon.

Big BadThe KrakenOceans
Dark ChickCharybdisDeep Water/Trenches

  • Gustave isn't actually a god anymore, but his replacement Sobek allowed him to keep his position in the group.
  • Charybdis took the position as revenge against Lurerre the Abysroid for taking the position of Alluring Anglerfish before her.

The Bringers Of Everlasting Night

These Gods desire to bring forth Eternal Night, and are in opposition to the Sun Quartet, now named The Protectors Of Night And Day after the ascension of Helios and Selene.

Big BadYami
Big BadNightmare Moon
The DragonBalanar
The Evil GeniusThe Grand Duke of Owls
The BruteDavid Zappa
The Dark ChickDiana

  • Yami and Nightmare Moon are a Big Bad Duumvirate, though the other members of the team they form usually defer to Nightmare more than Yami.

The Destroyers of Family

A group that demonstrates that family is not always great. In fact, it can be a downright nightmare to have any of these as your relatives.

Big BadGhetsis Harmonia
Co-DragonsRagyo Kiryuin
Relius Clover
The BruteScar
The Evil GeniusGendo Ikari
The Dark ChickLady Tremaine

The Draconic Doombringers

This five Evil Powerful dragons roam the pantheon in search for Havoc and Destruction. Those who dare face them shall meet their demise at the hands of these dangerous creatures.

The Big BadTiamat
The DragonDeathwing
The Evil GeniusNefarian
The BruteGrima
The Dark ChickAcnologia

High Command

When Führer King Bradley ascended to the Pantheon, his immediate first course of action was to recruit deities to a new High Command team to serve as the Pantheon's replacement for Central, serving alongside the Homunculi to fulfill the goals of their Father (as well as the Master that initially served as his herald…)

The PhilosopherFather Homunculus
The MasterDante of the Deep Forest
The DragonPride
The FührerKing Bradley
The GeneralEsdeath
The StrategistLust
The MoleEnvy
The MuscleGluttony
The Dark ChicksAzula
Seryu Ubiquitous
Juliet Douglas
The BruteNoob Saibot
The GunslingerCoyote Starrk
The Evil GeniusThe Gold-Toothed Doctor
The Threshold GuardiansAir Defense Princess
The Guest MonstersPheromosa and Guzzlord
(through partnership with Lust and Gluttony)

Team Rainbow Rocket
Group theme: Rainbow Rocket Theme

Following his defeat in the Alola region, Giovanni quickly sent to work rebuilding Team Rainbow Rocket with the sole intention of taking over the Pantheon. With the aid of Maleficent, he has created a roster made up of previous members, as well as new recruits who he's pulled in to serve him.

The LeaderGiovanni
Evil SorceressMaleficent
Co-DragonsGhetsis Harmonia
Token Good Teammate Cyrus
The Dark ChickTrakeena
Evil GeniusRoman Torchwick
Count Olaf
The BruteBlack Manta
Hunter J
Goldfish Poop GangJessie, James & Meowth

The Illuminati Society

Pantheonic representatives of The Illuminati within the multiverse have naturally banded together in their efforts to bring about and engineer their prophesied One World Order. This group has been in existence for a long time but only recently have its active ascended members been formally compiled.

The ChessmasterBill Cipher
The EmperorGill
The Evil GeniusVandal Savage
The PresidentUrien
The DragonKolin
Greater Scope ConspiracyThe Illuminati as a whole

Militärausschuss 511

This group was formed by HYDRA member (and original founder) Baron von Strucker in response to the reviled orphanage of Kinderheim 511 becoming one of the Pantheon's Dominions. They are charged with the administration of the orphanage to turn out graduates with characteristics identical to Four Horseman member Johan Liebert. Hartmann is the only committee member to come from the same world as Kinderheim 511, as many of its former staff were unwilling to return to work out of fear of being targeted by Johan. This committee is under the authority of the GUAE Corruption Agents.

The committee consists of Strucker and Taskmaster (HYDRA representatives, custody of reclaimed documents and training respectively), Hartmann (domestic representative, general administration and oversight), Sundowner (public representative, funding and resources), Wilhelm 'Deathshead' Strasse, The Major, Arnold Ernst Toht (Nazi representatives, military and training affairs), Bask Om (Titans representative, war materiel) and Doctor D (SHOCKER representative, brainwashing and indoctrination). Don't expect to see them if you ever get in. They're busy doing their own thing, except Hartmann, but that's because he's Married to the Job.

The Man Behind the ManJohan Liebert
The LeaderBaron Wolfgang von Strucker
The DragonTaskmaster
The Team BenefactorSundowner
The Mad ScientistDoctor D (SHOCKER)
The Big GuyBask Om
The NazisWilhelm 'Deathshead' Strasse
The Major
Arnold Ernst Toht
Guest-Star Party MemberHartmann


    Heroic Groups 

Good guys, generally.

Spies of The GUAG

Unbeknownst to the GUAE, these elite spies are only in it to backstab their hides when the opportunity arises. Some say that Lamington is the one who formed this group discreetly.

The CaptainThe Boss
The HeavyRevolver Ocelot
The DragonGin Ichimaru
The HeartWizardmon
Action GirlSatsuki Kiryuin
Sixth RangerCelestia Ludenburg
Guest-Star Party MemberKain Highwind

  • Unfortunately, Wizardmon is unable to actively participate any longer due to him being outed and due to his position. He still corresponds with them, however.

The Avatars of Friendship

Need a helping hand or some cheering up? This group will be there with a hug, smile, handshake, and a party to get you back up on your feet (Just don't hurt their friends or you're in for a world of hurt).

The LeaderElena
The LancerGentaro Kisaragi
The Smart GalPinkie Pie
The Big GuySteven Universe
The HeartBayleynote 
Team PetVictini
Sixth RangerK.O. note 

Heroic Colonel Trio

Three people with the rank of Colonel. Unlike their subordinates, they've worked very hard to get their rank.

The Super EgoJade Curtiss
The HeartRoy Mustang
The EgoKagura Mutsuki

The Delta Cops

A trio of women dedicated to keeping order inside the Pantheon after the incidents with the House of Friendship, the Princesses of Heart, and Polygon Man and his Battle Royale.

The LeaderCarmelita Fox
The LancerAqua
The Big GirlChun-Li
The Good SpyHidemi Hondou {Black Organization}

The Anti-Anti Christs

Proof that being the Antichrist doesn't make you a bad person.

The LeaderArtix Von Krieger
The LancerRyoji Mochizuki
The Big GuyRin Okumura
The Smart GirlRaspberyl
Guest-Star Party MemberHajime Aikawa/Kamen Rider Chalice/Joker Undeadnote 
Tagalong Kid and Token HumanBaby Beel and Tatsumi Oga

The Protectors Of Night And Day

Formerly known as the Sun Quartet, a change in formation had to occur in the wake of Helios and Selene's ascension. The reason there are more Solar than Lunar deities in the group is because there are far fewer enforcers of Endless Daytime than those who wish for Eternal Night.

Big GoodsHelios and Selene
The LeaderPrincess Celestia
The LancerPrincess Luna
The Smart GalLeona
The Big GalAmaterasu
The HeartSolaire of Astora
Team PetNebby
Token Chaotic TeammateUtsuho Reiuji
The Baby of the BunchChibiterasu
The GunslingerDjango
The BardChanticleer

Heavenly Mothers

Some of the most toughest Mama Bears of the pantheon who have banded together. Heaven have mercy on anyone's soul who dares to harm their children.

The LeaderSophitia Alexandra
The LancerHelen Parr
Big GalKushina Uzumaki
Smart GalYui Ikari
The HeartJun Kazama

The League of Adoptive Parents

These gods serve as a harbor of safety where orphaned children may seek love and shelter.

The LeaderEdward Newgate
The LancerKazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya
Team MomLieutenant Ellen Ripley
The Smart GuyDominic Toretto
The Big GuyPiccolo
The HeartAsuna Yuuki
Sixth and Seventh RangersLee Everett and Clementine
Eighth RangerToriel

The Messianic Saints

Saintly and messianic, they're role models for many heroes and their presence inspire them. They're never afraid of self-sacrifice should the situation call for it.

The HeroClark Kent/Superman
The LancerOptimus Prime
The Smart GuyTassadar
The HeartUsagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon
The ChickOyashiro

The League of Extreme Fatherhood

These are the fathers who have gone to hell and back to rescue their children. If you want to avoid getting on their bad side, then then don't cross their loved ones. Seriously, just don't!

The LeaderAsura
The LancerGabriel Belmont
The Smart GuyBryan Mills
The HeartMinato Namikaze
The Big GuyEdward Newgate

The Good Rulers of the Pantheon

A group of leaders who allied together to ensure the protection of both innocent people and the world itself. Standing in oppostion to the forces of evil in any way, shape, or form.

The LeaderAragorn, Son of Arathorn
The LancerEddard Stark
The Big GuyThrall
The HeartArturia Pendragon
The ChickZelda
The Smart GuyAzir
Big GoodCosmos
Eighth RangerRimuru Tempest

Mighty Children

A collection of children who will defend their kins with everything they got.

The HeroSam Flynn
The LancerAdell
Big GalNao Midorikawa
The HeartYui Kirigaya
Token Evil TeammateSeto Kaiba

Extreme Defenders of Children

Hurting children is one Berserk Button in general for many in the Pantheon (save those who really get off on doing so), but these gods will especially annihilate any who do such a thing.

The LeaderKenshiro
The LancerRaiden (Metal Gear)
Team MomLieutenant Ellen Ripley
The Smart GuyBryan Mills
The Big GuyKazuma Kiryu
The HeartTerra Branford
The Sixth RangerIndiana Jones
Token Evil Teammates Freddy Fazbear and his Gang

The Brotherhood

Not to be confused with the Sisterhood (although they are helping them restore their former leader's powers back), this group is more or less focused on the safety and well being of each other and helping each other out when needed, whenever it is that a ally of one of them needs help or if someone within their group needs help. Woe to anyone who tries to harm someone within the group.

The LeadersMario and Luigi
The LancersSonic and Tails
The HeartsPapyrus and Sans
The BrutesMonkey D Luffy, Sabo and Portgas D Ace
Team DadEdward Newgate
Team MomUndyne
Token Evil Team DadBowser

The Magical Girl-Boys

Usually Magical Girls are quite obviously female, but this trio certainly are not the case. And they can still kick as much ass as any other Magical Girl. Sometimes, in the case of one of them.

The LeaderSouji Mitsuka/Tail Red
The Lancer and The Smart GuySouta Kishibe/La Pucelle
The ChickNatsuru Senou

Persona-Users of the Law

More often than not, usually due to needing to uphold The Masquerade, Persona-users aren't often on the side of the (muggle) law. That said, there are some exceptions who are in the force, or at least have desires to work there despite their clandestine activities.

The LeaderKatsuya Suou
The LancerRyotaro Dojima
The Team MuscleAkihiko Sanada and Chie Satonaka
The Smart GalsMakoto Niijima and Naoto Shirogane

    Neutral Groups 

Neither on the side of evil or good, but as long as they're left alone, they won't mess with the others much.

The Grand Puppeteer Court

The masters of the strings in the Pantheon, The Grand Puppeteer Court is composed of the four best Marionette Masters of the Pantheon (who are not outright evil) and their dolls. Their tasks include fighting, spying, doll making and doing puppet shows.

The LeaderAlice Margatroid
The LancerCarl Clover
The Big GalAda Clover note 
Evil Genius/The Smart GalHaruka
Marionette BuddySuigintou
The Sixth RangerUncle Howee

The Children of the Night (could use a rework)

The six strongest (literal) bloodsuckers of the Pantheon. Not always your Friendly Neighborhood Vampire, but as long as you don't dare to cross their path, you should be fine for the most part.

The LeaderTyrant Valvatorez
The HeavyGabriel Belmont
The Dark ChickFlandre Scarlet
The BruteAlucard
The HeartSanguinus
The Sixth RangerRemilia Scarlet
The Seventh RangerMina Tepes

Ghastly Ghostly Girls

This group was formed by Alma Wade after noticing how a couple other ghost girls in the Pantheon are Not So Different from her. While not all the members in the group are true ghosts for one reason or another, Alma still has tabs on all of these powerful deities, and they all are willing to go to the ends of the Pantheon to help each other out. Needless to say, avoid pissing any one of these girls off.

The LeaderAlma Wade
The LancerSamantha Maxis
The HeartErma Williams
The BruteEveline

    Non-Combat Exclusive Groups 

Not every group here is exclusively about fighting or have a majority being able to fight.

The Shopkeeper's Guild (could use rework)

One of more profiting group in the Pantheon, The Shopkeeper's Guild is just the people you need if you need to buy or sell anything. Just don't shoplift from them.

The LeaderAnna
The LancerTom Nook
The Big GuysThe Kecleon Brothers
The HeartRecette Lemongrass

The Super Robot Anime Club (could use rework)

A small group of gods who watch Super Robot anime together and were inspired to become who they were thanks to that.

The LeaderRyusei Date
The ChickYayoi Kise/Cure Peace
The Smart GuyDr. Hal "Otacon" Emmerich

The Gourmet Hunters

Known for their endless stomachs, this group has come together on a never-ending quest for rare and exotic delicacies hidden in the Pantheon. Sometimes they receive assistance from other gluttonous gods.

The LeaderToriko
The ChefKomatsu
The StomachKirby
The Big GalChie Satonaka
Token Mini-MoeMinori
Guest-Star Party MemberAkagi

The Godliest Girl Band Ever

Lucia had the idea of forming this band, and Jem was the one who got it off the ground. This band releases new material at the astounding rate of three short songs a day, and Jerrica the funds from her music career to operate a halfway house for Mary Sues that are trying to reform. While Lucia's House change brought in the rest of her own group, she decided that only two of her fellow Mermaid Princesses be regulars, with the rest being Guest Star Party Members.

The LeaderLucia "Pink Pearl Voice" Nanami
The LancerJerrica "Jem" Benton and Rina "Green Pearl Voice" Toin
The Smart GalRise "Risette" Kujikawa
The Big GalSheryl "The Galactic Fairy" Nome
The HeartMitsuki "Full Moon" Koyama
The ChickNaka-chan and Hanon "Aqua Pearl Voice" Hosho
Big GoodLacus Clyne
Jack-of-All-TradesMiku Hatsune

The Goth Girls

A trio of Gothic Girls who dress in black, like the macabre and somehow get themselves into strange and abnormal cases.

The LeaderLydia Deetz
The Smart GirlSamantha "Sam" Manson
The ChickTomoko Nozama
Guest-Star Party MemberEriko "Elly" Kirishima

The True Clown Trio

The true meaning of clowns has been lost when Monster Clowns took prevalence over the media. These three hope to remind the youth of that meaning.

The LeaderRonald McDonald
The LancerKrusty The Clown
The ChickRubella

The Lighthouse Triad

They help illuminate lighthouses, making the seas safe in the night.

Member # 1Ampharos
Member # 2Bright Man
Member # 3Sparky

The Foreseers

Besides occasionally meeting up over tea, you can see them around the Pantheon doing what they do to interested customers. They'll tell you your future and what good or bad it might bring for you. But remember this; although it is destiny, it's still in your hands, or those of others, and what they say is still not a guarantee.

The LeaderMadame Xanadu
The LancerRose
The Smart GalMenat
The Big GalIona Hikawa/Cure Fortune
The ChickChihaya Mifune
Honorary Party MembersAmy Rose and Tenten

    Independent Factions 

Not necessarily aligned with any of the GUAs, but still have a significant presence.

The Toontown Guardians

Founded by Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse with the objective of protecting Toontown from anomalies and corruption. Each member represents a specific studio.

The LeaderBugs BunnyWarner Bros.
The LancerMickey MouseDisney
The Smart GuyAvatar AangNickelodeon
Tagalong Kid/Token HumanFinn the HumanCartoon Network
Team DadHomer SimpsonFox
The Sixth Ranger/The BruteSpider-HamMarvel
Guest-Star Party MemberBendyJoey Drew Studiosnote 

The Night Hand

A rag-tag team of hunters who are called in to handle the most extreme cases of demon, monster, and vampire infestation, dedicated to striking down the hallows and horrors which plague the Pantheon. Originally known simply as the Hunter Squad, they became more organized under their new name with the addition of Maya.

The LeaderBuffy Summers
The LancerDante Sparda
The Big GuyThe Hunter
The Smart GalMana Tatsumiya
The HeartMaya Fallegeros
Guest Star Party MembersEric Brooks/Blade
Lina Inverse
Geralt of Rivia

Bone Daddy and the Rattlers

Not all skeletons are bad to the bone! While spine-shivering spooky, these skeletons will show the pantheon that skeletons can be trustworthy (well, except for maybe one of them). While they may not be active most of the year, they're guaranteed to be working hard during Halloween for festive fun!

The LeaderJack Skellington
The LancerClinkz
The Big GuySir Daniel Fortesque
The Smart GuySkulduggery Pleasant
The Heart/MascotPapyrus
Token Evil TeammateLeoric
Guest-Star Party MemberSansnote 

The Flower's Confidants

These deities are in on Flowey's secret: That he's a good guy now and is serving as a mole to the forces of evil and destruction.

The Leader Frisk
The Lancer Sans
The Big Guy (Insert Name Here)
The Smart Guy Vector
The Chick Monaca Towa
Sixth Ranger Monika
Guest-Star Party Member Cagney Carnation

Liberion Arcadia

A group of robots standing up as a pro-freedom resistance group against the tyrannical ambitions of the Machine Council and their Grand United Alliance of Machines. Originally started as an advocacy and research group just for Reploids, they have since expanded to include non-Reploid members.

As of Fairy Leviathan's entry, they all have nicknames with various relevance to their position, abilities, and/or appearance.

The LeaderCommander Epsilonbig shadow
The LancerSage Harpuiapretty boy
The StrategistHidden Phantomcyber stalker
The Big GuyFighting Fefnircombat nerd
The Action GirlFairy Leviathanwater freak
The EngineerDr. Ciellight bulb
The Hacker9Shacker kid
The HeartLabrysaxe bot
The Ace RiderGreen Biker Dudewheelie guy
The Vanguard2Bkatana girl
The GuerrillaLambda-11visor geek
The ScoutsQuote and Curly Bracesmall fries
The NewbieICEYdash kitten
Guest-Star Party MemberA2 

  • Almost every member of this group has some connection or history with the Maverick Hunters, specifically Mega Man X and Zero, and most are also allied with Aigis of the Shadow Operatives; though the three refrain from joining the group due to their commitments, they will be seen in members' company on occasion.

The Honorary Forces of Sadala
Group theme: Lofty Pride

Encouraged by Bulma and out of respect to Cabba and Planet Sadala, Vegeta has gathered a team of those he considers to have worthy traits for what a rebirth to his Saiyan warrior race would entail despite most of the members not being Saiyans themselves. While Vegeta and Cabba were originally intended to be the only actual Saiyans on the team, the student convinced the master to bring in his Universe 6 comrades in response to a challenge from the Mercenary Platoon assembled by Paragus below.

The LeaderVegeta
The LancerCabba
The Smart GirlBulma
The Big GirlKara Zor-L/Power-Girl
The ChickKale
The HeartIppo Makunouchi
Tagalong KidTouta Konoe
Sixth RangerTatsumaki

The Saiyan Army

Essentially the amoral counterpart to Vegeta's Honorary Forces of Sadala, this platoon was started by Paragus in his efforts to get revenge on the Prince who had once defeated him, as well as to get the other Broly under control, with Turles and Raditz immediately taking him up on his offer. When Bardock learnt of this, he joined to give the group a moral high ground, even recruiting Nappa for the sake of their Saiyan comrades. Currently, it exists as a for-hire group accepting non-Saiyans. They have three rules to their jobs: no targets that can't fight, no longterm conscription (effectively shutting out Frieza from hiring them again, to which Nappa celebrated along with Raditz), and no targeting Kakarot's friends aside from Vegeta (mainly Bardock's call, which Paragus accepted for pragmatism's sake). The canon Broly is unofficially a member of this group as listed by Paragus, but is actually a long-term target like Vegeta and the other Broly, in the sense that Paragus wants to use him to defeat the other two.

The LeaderParagus
The LancerBardock
The BruteNappa
The Big GuyRaditz
The Evil GeniusTurles
Token Good TeammateBroly:BR


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