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An alliance led by Gaea, its forces are focused on the preservation and proliferation of nature. The Pantheonic Toa is similar, but it's more of just a listing of power users. This adapts some of the ideas and makes it focused on nature itself. Easily rivals with the GUAM sometimes going into Flesh Versus Steel territory, but the direct enemies to the GUAD. Though generally benevolent, sometimes Nature Is Not Nice and can get in the way, and they will use eco-terrorism is needed


Emerging as a reaction to the rise of the Grand United Alliance of Destruction and Grand United Alliance of Machines, the Grand United Alliance Of Nature is Gaea's attempt to both protect the sanctity of nature and re-establish its dominance. Located in a vast garden full of common and rare flora and fauna, the goal of the alliance is to defend the natural order and life against those who would threaten it, and the conflict of the various alliances that threatens to throw it in disarray.

While considered A Lighter Shade of Grey, that still does not make them good. They're preoccupied with the stability and superiority of nature, which isn't always a good thing and will trample over heroic gods to achieve that. Still, as the Grand United Alliance of Good is the alliance most expected to respect nature, they are the alliance they have the best relationship with. Not that some more eco-friendly members of the other alliances, even those from the Grand United Alliance of Evil don't have a working relationship with the GUAN.


The polar opposite of the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, who represent destruction and the end of life. The GUAN hates them more than any other alliance, and if given a choice between them and any other alliance will help that alliance in their war against GUAD. The GUAM has the second worst relationship, but it's less a case of inherently despising each other and more being rivals; the old order of nature and organics vs the new order of technology and machines. Even outside the GUAD and GUAN are a number of individual deities that the GUAN personally considers their enemies as well.

  • Charles Montgomery Burns, who's frivolous pollution and contempt for nature already made him an enemy of the House of Nature.
  • Fatalis, the absolute misanthrope. While it mainly hates humans, especially Monster Hunters, it would also kill any fauna whose environment the Fatalis decides to invade.
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  • Hexxus, for being the embodiment of pollution and being anathema to nature itself.
  • Khazrak and Gorthor, for being bloodthirsty and warmongering mutants who'd rather kill anything out of supremacy. They also indulge in raping people, though will not hesitate in going through bestiality if it means reproduction.
  • Pokemon Hunter J, who would target and steal any flora and fauna valuable in any way

Due to the broad term of nature, the deities here have wildly different personalities, motivations and moralities, which can often lead to discord among the GUAN even if they all agree the preservation of nature is a positive. Debates are common. While those aligned to the GUAN rarely use Cyberspace, the few times they do have the color of their Tron Lines be brown.


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