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Temporary page for the results of my Good Colors, Evil Colors Wick Check.

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     Through the use of several bullet points, all of the different colors are explained, seeming more like a Color Coded Characters situation. 


    Examples where only one color or character is given, usually something along the lines of "(Villainous Character) wears black" as if Evil Wears Black wasn't an existing page, or otherwise meaningless potholes 

     ZC Es and Borderline ZC Es 

    Proper Examples 
  • Angel Face, Demon Face: The Big Blue Genie in Disney's Aladdin begins the movie as a playful, googly, shape shifting whack job. But when his lamp came into the possession of Jafar, his coloration and body shape changed to the "evil Djinn" stylistic (Only temporarily, because once Jafar gets magical powers and is able to do the evil things himself, the Genie doesn't need to look intimidating and reverts; then later Jafar becomes a Genie and its appearance is an Evil Counterpart - red, muscular and with Villainous Cheekbones in contrast to the blue, chubby and overall rounded)
  • Our Dwarves Are All the Same: " The Chronicles of Narnia features dwarfs, who are divided in two types: red and black dwarfs (referring to the color of their hair). The "red dwarfs" are usually good-natured (if often grumpy), while most of the "black dwarfs" are ruthless, greedy, traitorous bastards."
  • Bleach.Tropes E To G: Good Colors, Evil Colors:Goes with the typical Japanese color scheme for good and evil, with the Soul Reaper good guys wearing black uniforms with white trimmings and the Arrancar army (including the treacherous Soul Reapers) wearing white uniforms with black trimmings. This Soul Reaper-versus-hollow color scheme extends to Ichigo's inner world where he retains his black Soul Reaper uniform and his inner hollow is an inverted (white) version of himself, akin to the Arrancar color scheme.
  • Characters.Adventure Quest Worlds Battleon: Good Colors, Evil Colors: When she (Aria) is twisted into a monster and brainwashed by Kolyaban, her skin tone/fur is a dark green. Once the Hero snaps her out of her trance using Cleric Joy's cure, she regains a more yellow flesh colored tint.
  • Characters.Arrowverse Time Criminals: Good Colors, Evil Colors: His (Savitar) armor is usually blue, but when Barry kicks Savitar out of his own armor and takes control, the blue Tron Lines turn red.
  • Characters.Maple Story Enemies: Good Colors, Evil Colors: In contrast with the blue/white that the heroes are usually in, the commanders are usually in red, black, or both.
  • Characters.Star Wars Creatures: Good Colors, Evil Colors: The reeks used in combat arenas, fed meat to make them more vicious and aggressive, become a deep red color. By contrast, reeks still in their wild, herbivorous state have brown, grey or yellow hides, more in line with what big herbivores naturally look like.
  • Characters.The Rocky Horror Picture Show:
  • Characters.The Testament Of Sister New Devil Tojo Household: Good Colors, Evil Colors: She (Brynhildr) glows purple as "evil" and green as "good."
  • Characters.Tokimeki Memorial: Good Colors, Evil Colors: Her (Miyako Okura) streetclothes start off as decent, but subtle colors like brown, pale blue and similar. During her Yandere phase she changes into a lot of black or dark purple clothes. If she snaps out of this, she starts wearing a lot more brighter colors, like pink.
  • ComicBook.Super Dinosaur: Good Colors, Evil Colors: The good guys wear white, red, and black. The bad guys wear black and greens. Oddly Tricerachops' colors align with the good guys.
  • Film.Descendants: Good Colors, Evil Colors: The film is very blatant about this, even with the descendants. Much of the hero kids are shown wearing bright-toned colors. The Villain kids wear dark, harsh-toned colors.
  • Film.I Robot: Good Colors, Evil Colors: Blue glowing robot means the Three Laws are enforced. Red glowing robot? VIKI's minion.
  • Film.Three Thousand Miles To Graceland: Good Colors, Evil Colors: All the robbers wear a differently colored Elvis outfit; note, however, that Zane wears a white suit and Murphy a black one. No points for guessing which one has a kernel of good inside him.
  • Franchise.Transformers: Good Colors, Evil Colors:
    • Decepticons tend to have red optics, Autobots have blue. Exceptions exist.
    • The symbols themselves also qualify, seeming to indicate good/evil alignment; the Autobots' insignia is traditionally red and the Decepticons' traditionally purple; in the mirror universe called "Shattered Glass", populated by evil Autobots and heroic Decepticons, the Autobot insignia is purple and the Decepticon insignia is red.
  • NiceHat.Professional Wrestling: He (The Undertaker) even color-coded them to an extent— when he was wearing red, he was in full-blown heel mode, while black/dark blue generally were for his face persona, although the rule wasn't absolute.
  • PonyPOVSeries.Tropes E To H: Good Colors, Evil Colors: Played With: if a ponies goes Nightmare, their colors typically becomes darker and their cutie mark changes colors, more often than not becoming a photo negative of their original colors. The known exception is Diamond Tiara's Nightmare, her crown twisting into an eight pointed chaos crown... this is due to her turning Nightmare being incredibly artificial, and her being intending to serve as a vessel as Discord's new body... however by then, Discord had grown to like her (it had been a long time since he'd had a blood relative to talk to).
  • Recap.The Lion Guard S 1 E 1 Never Judge A Hyena By Its Spots: Good Colors, Evil Colors: A way to tell Jasiri is not mean like Janja's clan is by her fur color; she is tinted a faint purple, while Janja and the other hyenas are a sickly grey. Jasiri also has Innocent Blue Eyes, unlike the other hyenas' black and yellow eyes.
  • Recap.The Muppet Show S 3 E 22: Good Colors, Evil Colors: Discussed by Kermit and Roy Rogers in the dressing room sketch. Rogers talks about how the hero in Westerns wears a white hat while the bad guys wear black hats. Rogers goes on to say that the hero was also the best yodeler, and when he beats Kermit at a yodeling contest, Kermit mentions that he's going to get fitted for a black hat.
  • Series.Ace Lightning: Good Colors, Evil Colors:
    • When Random Virus' cyborg eye is green it's reasonably safe to approach him. When it turns red, however, you'd better run for the hills.
    • The good characters also tend to shoot color coded attacks which are either blue or pink. The bad guys are usually sharp green.
  • Series.Ascension Miniseries: Good Colors, Evil Colors: The star system Christa points at and says they'll die if they go to is red. The one she says they need to go to instead is blue. It's unclear what the significance of this is, given that both star systems turn out to be just pixels on a screen.
  • Series.Quantum Leap: Good Colors, Evil Colors: Sam's leaps are blue. Leapers from the evil project leap in orange. After Alia's Heel–Face Turn during the third Evil Leaper episode, she escapes in a blue leap.
  • VideoGame.Arms: Good Colors, Evil Colors: The more heroic/Face characters like Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, and Byte and Barq have blue and red color palettes, while the more Heel/rival characters like Ninjara, Master Mummy, Kid Cobra and Dr. Coyle have green and purple palettes. Quite downplayed in that none of the characters, except Coyle, are actually "bad guys".
  • VideoGame.Bio Shock 1: Good Colors, Evil Colors:
    • Red lights are hostile, Yellow lights are neutral, Green lights are friendly.
    • Cameras searchlights are red if under under Ryan's control, and green if they are hacked and tracking splicers.
    • Turrets have a red indicator light if hostile, or green if hacked to attack enemies.
    • Flying security bots glow red if they've been summoned to an alarm you set off, or if a splicer is controlling it. They glow green if they're under your control. Yellow-lit bots appear whenever an enemy sets off an alarm from a hacked camera.
    • Big Daddies have glowing yellow lights when first encountered, meaning they're not hostile towards you. Provoke them, and they quickly turn red. If you use the Hypnotize Big Daddy plasmid, they will turn green to indicate they are following and protecting you.
  • VideoGame.The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword: Good Colors, Evil Colors: Fi, Link's Non-Human Sidekick, is cobalt blue/indigo and purple, whereas Ghirahim in his true form and Demise, both evil demons, are Red and Black and Evil All Over.
  • VideoGame.XCOM Enemy Unknown: EXALT from Enemy Within: a pro-alien terrorist group that uses the same classes, equipment and abilities as XCOM and also reverse-engineers alien technology as the campaign goes onnote . They even have their own holo-globe, except red instead of blue like XCOM's version. (Under Evil Counterpart)
  • WesternAnimation.Justice League Action: Good Colors, Evil Colors: "Superman Red vs. Superman Blue" had Luthor boost his Kryptonite Gun with a super-powered battery that split Superman into two forms: Blue Is Heroic (though less ready to fight) and Red Is Violent. A blast to Wonder Woman, then Batman, showed this didn't stop with Kryptonians. Inverted when Luthor himself is hit with the Gun's ray into red and blue forms: he tells us blue is "true self (evil)" and red is "aberration (good)." Red Luthor tries to act even more evil to win the red versions of the heroes over, and sucker them into being reunited. While Green Arrow liked the idea of a good Luthor, Red Luthor said it wasn't natural, and heroes must make sacrifices. "This is mine," he says before reuniting with his Blue Luthor side.
  • WesternAnimation.Mixels: Good Colors, Evil Colors: The Nixels are black and white - extremely boring colors, just like their personality. Even their base is just a white backdrop. Meanwhile, the Mixels' world is as unique and colorful as they are.
  • WesternAnimation.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003: Good Colors, Evil Colors: A very subtle one occurs with Karai in Season 4. Normally she wears pink lipstick, but for "Prodigal Son" she wears red lipstick, symbolizing her crossover into evil when she believed she's killed the Turtles. After Leo defeats her the next time we see her she's gone back to the pink lipstick, showing she's not so evil and such a threat anymore.
  • WesternAnimation.Watership Down: Good Colors, Evil Colors: Film only, and they have a fun way of inverting the Red Eyes, Take Warning subtrope. All the heroes have reddish eyes — they're rabbits after all. And we get so used to this over the course of the film that the minute we see the Efrafan rabbits' blue eyes, we sense something sinister about them.

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