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Awesome.Kamen Rider OOO (Edit link)

  • Gamel gets a surprisingly-decent shot in at Dr. Maki, who has been established as being horrifically powerful, when he callously dismisses Mezool's death. He also manages to keep going for an entire episode despite Maki's return blow damaging his Core Medals. It takes a double Breast Cannon from Date and Goto to finally put him down for good. And even then, Gamel still doesn't go down for a moment or two.
    • An extremely tiny one, but just the sheer fact Gamel doesn't complain about his impending death when he slightly realizes it, only deciding to give a rose to one of Mezool's Unagi Medal while having some form of a happy ending as he dies.

Awesome.King Of The Hill (Edit link)

Peggy: Enough! Your son has always loved you despite your constant torture. You want to die alone? Fine. You want to keep coming back and never die? That's fine too. In fact, I hope you do go on living forever as the unhappy person you are in the hell you have created here on this earth. I hope you live forever. I really do.
  • Of course, he then one-ups her and dies, right then and there, with a "Do ya, now?" as his last words and a smile on his face.
    • Then again, Cotton didn't really come off as "awesome" in this regard when you think about it. Either he's alone and miserable or he's dead. He played right into Peggy's hands. But what makes it such a great moment for Peggy is that even though Cotton had treated her like crap ever since he'd met her, she didn't chew him out in defense of her own ego, but rather in defense of Hank. It was a long-overdue "The Reason You Suck" Speech that she delivered out of love for her husband instead of hate for her Jerkass father-in-law, and from Peggy, that was pretty rad.

Awesome.One Piece (Edit link)

  • Chapter 972: Oden did it. He stood in the boiling pot for one whole hour while keeping his allies alive! But then Orochi reveals he changed his mind at the last minute and orders Oden, his allies and his family to be shot dead.
    • He did not go quietly either. He stood defiant to Kaido, telling him that he was born to boil before Kaido shoots him. Even then, Oden went out with a smile as his body sank into the oil. It should also be noted that Kaido personally ended Oden's misery as a sign of respect for the only man to ever wound him, having gone so far as killing Higurashi offscreen for interrupting the only bout with a Worthy Opponent he's had in decades.

Awesome.Sonic X (Edit link)

  • The revolutionary Molly's Moment of Awesome came when she Piloted her ship directly into the Metarex fleet, taking out a ship and killing herself in the process. Complete with a Go Out with a Smile moment for Shadow. Of course, the dub screwed it up by editing out her death all together and making her run away effectively turning her from a hero into a coward. Then digitally editing out her gravestone. Damn you 4Kids.

Awesome.Spartacus Blood And Sand (Edit link)

  • Solonius putting up one heck of a fight against Spartacus despite his old age. Right before he dies, he bursts into laughter. Because Spartacus agrees with him that the wrong villain is being executed this day, and assures him that Batiatus will join him soon. According to Word of God, Solonius was originally planned to die like a coward by trying to flee - but the actor's good physique led to them giving him this moment.
    • Spartacus defeating Glaber's guards while armed with a wooden sword.

Awesome.Star Wars The Clone Wars (Edit link)

Hardcase: Live to fight another day, boys! [sighs lightly as he sees them leave] Live to fight another day...

Awesome.Tenet (Edit link)

Awesome.The Chronicles Of Riddick 2004 (Edit link)

Awesome.The DCU (Edit link)

  • Crisis on Infinite Earths was full of this. Highlights(including Barry's sacrifice) include:
    • The Crime Syndicate of Earth-3 making their last stand against their universe's destruction, trying to save their world for the first/last time. The sheer Villainous Valor in their last moments is truly a sight to behold. Especially Ultraman, who defiantly flies right into the World-Wrecking Wave with a smile.
    • Pre-Crisis Supergirl pounding the near-omnipotent Anti-Monitor to near-death, forcing him to flee. Also counts as one heck of a Dying Moment of Awesome
    • The Anti-Monitor has reached the dawn of time and siphoned the power of Earth's heroes, where he's poised to destroy creation, and sarcastically asks who dares oppose him... The Spectre dares, empowered by Earth's magicians! The Spectre manages to stop the Anti-Monitor. Physical God or not, that's very impressive.
    • The Anti-Monitor has been burned, pounded, poisoned and thrown into a star, yet is still going as a colossal, screaming, living fireball of death. Just before he can cause any more damage, Earth-2 Superman flies in and blasts him into oblivion, yelling I HAVE HAD ENOUGH! Not even yelling I AM A MAN! could compare to that.

Awesome.The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt (Edit link)

Geralt: The witcher you slew.
  • Imlerith in general for his status as the Implacable Man. Vesemir stabbing him in a major artery under his left armpit and Geralt sliding his silver sword through his spine does exactly nothing to the hulking elf. And after everything Geralt does to him during their final confrontation, he still manages to die smiling.

Awesome.Trollhunters (Edit link)

  • Jim facing his sentence with a smile and encouraging his friends that it wasn't their fault and reassuring them that they tried their best is an incredibly strong moment from him.

Awesome.Undertale (Edit link)

Undyne: My body... it feels like it's splitting apart. Like any instant... I'll scatter into a million pieces. But... deep, deep in my soul, there's a burning feeling I can't describe. A burning feeling that WON'T let me die. This isn't just about monsters anymore, is it? If you get past me, you'll... you'll destroy them all, won't you? Monsters... humans... everyone... Everyone's hopes. Everyone's dreams. Vanquished in an instant. But I WON'T let you do that. Right now, everyone in the world... I can feel their hearts beating as one. And we all have ONE goal. To defeat YOU. Human. No, WHATEVER you are. For the sake of the whole world... I, Undyne, will strike you down!
[in a blinding flash of light, she turns into Undyne the Undying]
Undyne the Undying: You're gonna have to try a little harder than THAT.
*The heroine appears.
*The wind is howling...
And the piano begins to play...

Awesome.Yu Gi Oh Arc V (Edit link)

  • As sad Crow's "death" scene is, the way how he goes out while smiling, he looks very cool as a card. And before BB stomps on his card, Sawatari dive saves him and acknowledges how cool Crow looks like.

AwesomeBosses.Kirby (Edit link)

  • The final boss is probably one of the best in the entire series. The fight with Void Termina starts with Kirby getting the super powerful Star Allies Sparkler, and they start to battle in a 3D arena shooter, kind of like Kid Icarus. After this first phase, Kirby gets sucked into Void Termina, and has to destroy its innards. Then, you have another shooting section as Void Termina transforms into a bird. Near the end of this phase, Void Termina even brings up the Master Crown from Kirby's Return To Dream Land. After defeating this bird form, Kirby gets sucked inside Void Termina again, and you have to fight a big blob that represents Void Termina that looks oddly like Kirby himself. While fighting this blob, his face starts morphing into that of Miracle Matter and O2, before turning into Dark Matter. This means that the Master Crown, Void Termina, and even Kirby himself all seem to be connected by Dark Matter. The fight ends with one final button-mashing segment, as Kirby calls all of his allies to destroy Void Termina.
    • The awe brought on by the fight is further amplified by his appearance in Soul Melter EX, becoming the absolute true final boss. The first three phases, while still awesome as hell, don't do much besides seriously ramping up the difficulty... and then the fourth phase kicks in. Inside of a multi-colored emptiness, the core of Void materializes as usual; but this time with a rainbow-veined color palette mimicking Zero himself, hammered in by the background of the Hyper Zone heralding him as the Astral Birth. From there, he goes all out, holding nothing back - spamming what may as well be Bullet Hell with lasers and cutters, as well as stronger variations of his other attacks. Then, after that, he spends the rest of the battle using attacks borrowed from Dark Mind, Drawcia Soul, and, once again, Zero. At that point, the music goes from energetic synth metal to a more somber orchestral tune, which makes it feel as though the past twenty-five years of Kirby's adventures have all led up to this grand finale, and that this is truly the End of an Age. And, then, to top it all off, when he is seemingly vanquished for good, the music slowly fades out... and Void dons Kirby's classic smile, fading away in a mist of lightbeams and stars, bringing everything to a close.

BetterToDieThanBeKilled.Video Games (Edit link)

BioShockInfinite.Burial At Sea (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Elizabeth dies with a smile in the ending for Burial at Sea: Episode Two.

BittersweetEnding.Anime And Manga (Edit link)

BittersweetEnding.Live Action Films (Edit link)

BittersweetEnding.Web Animation (Edit link)

BookEnds.Anime And Manga (Edit link)

  • Chronologically in One Piece's tenth movie Strong World, the crew's adventure began with receiving a tone dial from Shiki. At the end of the film, there were some silly antics by Luffy, Usopp and Nami concerning the same tone dial.
    • In One Piece Film: Z, the movie begins and ends with a fight scene between Z and the Marines to the song of Ocean's Guide.
    • "The Pirate King" Gold Roger was executed in the city of Loguetown, where he was born and raised. It's for this reason that Loguetown is called "The Town of the Beginning and the End". To top it off, the last arc of the East Blue Saga has the protagonist's "execution" (attempted murder) upon the very execution stand where Roger died twenty-two years before, and as the blade comes down to end his life, he smiles, echoing Roger's death. At which point he is saved by dumb luck (lightning strikes his would-be executioner), and his actions spurn a Marine Captain who witnessed Roger's execution decades before to chase after him, starting the adventure of the next Pirate King.
    • The Skypiea arc begins with a ship falling from the sky, and shortly thereafter, giant figures appear in the fog (who are actually people on the sky island above). The arc ends with Luffy appearing in the clouds in the same way just after defeating Eneru, thereby giving Noland the answer he'd sought for much of his life, and some time later, the Straw Hats' ship falls from the skies, landing safely in the sea below with some help from the Skypieans.
    • Luffy, carrying an injured Pekoms, leaves Zou to rescue Sanji. During the climax of the Whole Cake Island arc, both Pekoms and Sanji get their turns to carry an injured Luffy to safety.

Br.Sugestao De Nomes (Edit link)

ComicBook.Archie Vs Predator II (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Modern!Veronica dies with a big grin on her face, even as the Predators blow her to pieces.

ComicBook.Blacksad (Edit link)

ComicBook.Chick Tracts (Edit link)

ComicBook.Crossed (Edit link)

ComicBook.D Ceased (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: How Max Mercury goes out - Wally sends an infected Max into the Speed Force and the last thing he does is smile at him before he leaves..

ComicBook.D Ceased (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: In issue five, Jason Todd sadly dies with his family saddened. However before he died he tells Rose he's glad he met her in his second chance and goes out smiling.

ComicBook.Doctor Octopus (Edit link)

ComicBook.Doctor Who Prisoners Of Time (Edit link)

ComicBook.Happy (Edit link)

ComicBook.Immortal Hulk (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Whoever (or whatever) killed Jess Harrison, when the cops find her corpse, she's got a peaceful smile on her face. While her neck's been completely twisted around.

ComicBook.Old Man Hawkeye (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Bullseye dies with a smile on his face, content at having gotten one last showdown with a real superhero.

ComicBook.Secret Wars 2015 (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Deadpool's final issue ends with Deadpool and his entire cast being vaporized by the Incursion of 616 and 1610, with Deadpool holding his daughter one last time.

ComicBook.Spider Man Life Story (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: The last panel showing Peter has him smiling right before the satellite base's explosion.

ComicBook.Starman (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Frankie Soul, having failed at avenging his father and knowing that Mikaal is going to kill him, just smiles, knowing he'd done his best.

ComicBook.The Final Days Of Superman (Edit link)

ComicBook.The Kingdom DC (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Gog dies with a smile, thinking that he has finally destroyed Superman. Or so he thinks.

ComicBook.The Transformers Robots In Disguise (Edit link)

  • Dying Dream: Issue 9 of Optimus Prime turns out to be one for Sideswipe, constructed by Jetfire, Sunstreaker and Arcee in order to let him Go Out with a Smile.

ComicBook.The Transformers Unicron (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile:
    • Wheeljack dies happy, gently smiling as he remarks that there are worse ways to die than saving a world.
    • As he activates the Talisman and seals his own fate, Starscream just smiles and asks the others to say goodbye to Windblade for him.
    • Ironhide dies happily surrounded by his friends, having finally lived to see the day when all are one.

ComicBook.The Wicked And The Divine (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Inanna dies happy at how magical and free the last year of his life has been. Subverted when it turns out he didn't die there and was killed more dramatically by Ananke.

ComicBook.Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow (Edit link)

ComicBook.X Men Second Coming (Edit link)

ComicBook.Zombies Christmas Carol (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Scrooge dies happy and content, having learned how wonderful doing good is, knowing he's saved his friends, family, and the world, and undone the plague he caused.

CommonKnowledge.Anime And Manga (Edit link)

  • Among One Piece fans, it's often claimed that smiling right before your death is a trait unique to those with the mysterious D. initial. While it is indeed true that all D. characters with a death scene have been shown smiling right before their death, it is by no means unique to them; Go Out with a Smile is a very common trope among One Piece characters in general, and the majority of parents and parental figures who have been shown dying in flashbacks do it to show their kindheartedness and courage.

CompositeCharacter.Anime And Manga (Edit link)

Creator.Alice Soft (Edit link)

  • Out with a Bang: Given the subject matter of their games, it's not surprising that a few characters in their games choose to go out this way. Some like Suzume even Go Out with a Smile while they're at it.

Creator.I Am The Gang (Edit link)

Creator.Takashi Yanase (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: In Bara no Hana to Joe, Joe is dying as he's sharing a final conversation with the rose. He's seeing weakly smiling before finally passing away.

Creator.Yuu Watase (Edit link)

DarkAndTroubledPast.Video Games (Edit link)

  • In The King of Fighters series, one or two fighters crop up with these kinds of pasts, but extra points go to Rock Howard, who has this through virtually no fault of his own. He's the son of the notoriously death-retardant Geese Howard, who barely took any interest in the boy's well-being. Rock was rendered an orphan by one of Geese's nemeses, Terry Bogart (who tried to keep him from falling to his death, only for Geese to yank his hand out of Terry's grip and Go Out with a Smile as he fell), who took it upon himself to raise and train Rock himself...possibly out of penance. Rock is surprisingly well-adjusted, but it constantly at war with himself internally, given he has "evil blood".

DarthWiki.Alchemist Jacket Panic (Edit link)

DarthWiki.Althea (Edit link)

DarthWiki.Generation Zero (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Mary smiles before she dies, happy to have found people she loved that loved her back.

DarthWiki.Universe 11 N (Edit link)

DeathByIrony.Live Action TV (Edit link)

  • Every Rider in Kamen Rider Ryuki:
    • Shinji got killed after he finally found his desire to win the Rider War, after spending most of the story without an ambition to win (he simply wants to stop the War) and outlived a lot of Riders in the process.
    • Ren's final fate before Kanzaki resets the timeline one last time is ambiguous. He might have survived but if he died in the finale, he did tell Tezuka that fighting is the only reason why he lived on the world. Thus, after becoming the sole winner of the Rider War, he had no more reason to fight, dying right beside Eri, the person that Ren fought for her life throughout the series.
    • Sudo's victims were fed to his Contract Monster (Volcancer) to make Volcancer more powerful. He died by getting eaten alive by Volcancer.
    • Kitaoka only joined the War in order to cure his cancer and become immortal. Said cancer is what eventually made him stop becoming a Rider, dying peacefully in his home because of it.
    • Goro pretended to be Zolda and faked his death in an attempt to drive Shinji out of the Rider War. Once Goro took the Zolda mantle for real after Kitaoka passes away, he would die in the hands of Asakura.
    • Jun loves to manipulate people just for fun. Said manipulation attempt on the Riders is what led to his death, due to him not expecting Asakura to manipulate him for Asakura's own safety by using him as a Human Shield against Zolda's Final Vent.
    • Tezuka, a fortune-teller who made correct predictions every time, predicted that Shinji would die next, but he lied and said to Shinji that he would be the next to die. He would sacrifice himself to save Shinji from Asakura's Final Vent, thus making his wrong prediction correct. He didn't mind at all.
    • Asakura killed the most Riders at 4 (Gai, Raia, Imperer, and Goro!Zolda), but he failed to kill the ones that he wanted to kill the most (Kitaoka, Shinji, Tojo). His dissatisfaction after finding out that the Zolda that he killed is Goro (Kitaoka's servant, Kitaoka had died earlier that day) is what led him to suicidally charging to his death.
    • Tojo thinks that he can become a hero by sacrificing others, which led to his constant backstabbing of his allies. He only became a hero after sacrificing himself to save a family from getting hit by a truck.
    • Sano actually had his wish granted in the war, becoming happy after he managed to take over his father's company after the death of his father. Unfortunately, because the War is not over, he had to keep fighting, which led to his death on Asakura's hands after Tojo betrayed him.
    • Miho fell in love to Shinji after being saved by Ryuga and then mistakenly thinking that Shinji is Dark Shinji/Ryuga. Then Ryuga dealt the killing blow on her, and she was saved by the REAL Shinji... but it's too late for Shinji to save her.
    • Dark Shinji's wish is to become a real person (he's a Mirror World being) by fusing himself with Shinji. Oh, and he also declares himself to be the strongest Rider of them all. He died because he didn't expect the real Shinji to be stronger than him.
    • Takamizawa wanted to kill Shinji because he thought that Shinji is a hindrance to his master plan during the War. Going for Shinji is what would lead to his death after Ren killed him with Ren's Final Vent after attempting to kill Ren with his own Final Vent.
    • Odin is specifically made to win the war, having powers that allow him (and by extent, Kanzaki) to manipulate the results of the War. He died after Kanzaki realizes that the War is useless, thus destroying him and allowing Ren to become the final victor of the War.

DeathSeeker.Anime And Manga (Edit link)

  • Mostly all vampires and other immortals in Hellsing seek, over everything else, to end their immortal existence. Most of them Go Out with a Smile, and the entire reason the Major began his war was so that he and his comrades could go out with a bang instead of fading away in silence. Even Alucard himself falls into this, with the proviso that he'll only accept death at the hands of a Worthy Opponent and feels that only a human could ever be worthy, never a fellow monster.

DeathSeeker.Anime And Manga (Edit link)

DeathSeeker.Literature (Edit link)

Determinator.Music (Edit link)

Inside, my heart is breaking
My make-up may be flaking
But my smile still stays on

Determinator.Video Games (Edit link)

Sabin: "Did you think a minor thing like the end of the world was gonna do me in?"
  • Cloud, from Final Fantasy VII, especially shown in his pre-game fight with Sephiroth. Sixteen years old, relatively untrained, no super powers or super strength, 5'7" tops (assuming he didn't grow between ages sixteen and twenty-one) and maybe 100 pounds soaking wet and fighting against The General — half a foot taller, probably at least twice his weight, genetically manipulated, trained from birth, insanely strong (and just insane). Cloud is knocked out while his town burns, but gives chase, eventually fighting Sephiroth, getting impaled by Sephiroth, and while still impaled on the man's blade and hoisted several feet in the air, somehow manages to get the upper hand and send Sephiroth flying into a pit of Mako. Not half bad!
    • Cloud being a Determinator is really his defining characteristic in the original game; when you look at his past he washed out of the SOLDIER program, indirectly causes Aerith's death, and spends a good portion of the second act of the game catatonic. Despite all of his failures, Cloud just keeps pushing through and refuses to give up.
  • Dying multiple times won't stop Sephiroth from trying to get even with him for that, so he counts, too.
  • The comparatively squishy lesser villain and corporate dictator Rufus might also count, given his unending pursuit of Sephiroth, only temporarily halted by explosions?
  • Zack Fair, in the Final Fantasy VII prequel Crisis Core, who escapes with Cloud after four years of horrible experimentation by the Mad Scientist Hojo. Zack steadfastly refuses to give up hope on or abandon the comatose Cloud, taking care of him for nearly a year, then has an epic Last Stand in which he battles a massive force from the Shinra army and manages to whittle them down to three troopers, in order to protect Cloud. And then, after being absolutely riddled with bullets, Zack still manages to give Cloud a Take Up My Sword speech before going out with a smile.
  • In one of the sidequests in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning provides some monster drop items in exchange for food to heal her chocobo, the Angel of Valhalla to a guy labeled by the game as a "Hunter Hopeful." She then learns that he's planning to use the items as proof a successful hunt and is ready to write him off as a loser/cheater until she learns that A.) there's nothing in the rules that forbids this and B.) this is his 101st time taking the test. She feels that having failed that many times and still kept trying shows real determination and strength of character.
  • Determination is used as a negative character trait within Ashe in Final Fantasy XII. After losing her kingdom to The Empire, she becomes determined to get revenge and destroy them at all costs by using magical stones that have the power to completely level kingdoms. The rest of the party warn her throughout the story that she would easily get herself killed and possibly get her own kingdom destroyed when the empire responds with war. It also doesn't help that Ashe is being manipulated by the Occuria into obtaining dangerous artifacts to use against the empire. After going through some Character Development, Ashe realizes her original mindset was wrong and vows to find another way to defeat her enemies.

DownerEnding.Video Games (Edit link)

  • Ikaruga has you go through an intense boss fight ending with a phase that must be timed out (you can't shoot at all), only to see the titular ship explode performing its last attack on the final boss, killing both the pilot and copilot.
    • The pseudo-prequel Radiant Silvergun has the mothership Penta being taken over by the Stone-Like, and everyone is killed except the quirky robot Creator, who resurrects the 2 main characters through cloning, and keeping the Stable Time Loop happening indefinitely.
    • The endings however work in the opposite way: Ikaruga is supposed to happen after a few thousand repetitions from Radiant Silvergun's ending, supposedly with minuscule differences between each reset, enough that humanity finally have a way to break free of said time loop. The pilots knew about the suicidal nature of their ship's last attack, and carried through with it anyway, "to end an eternal war".

DrivenToSuicide.Fan Works (Edit link)

  • I, with a Reputation For Follow-Up Suicide (based on the MAD of the same name), as its name implies, consists of this...a lot of it, as all six of the brothers kill themselves in quick succession.
    • Todomatsu is the first victim, overdosing after a hacker got into his blog and destroyed his reputation. Chillingly, he managed to hide his pain perfectly, making it impossible for his brothers to help him until it was too late.
    • Jyushimatsu, depressed after his brother's passing, sinks into the Despair Event Horizon, unable to even smile afterward...until he stands in the path of an oncoming train.
    • Choromatsu tries to help support the family after all these tragedies by moving out and getting a job. Unfortunately, the stress ends up being too much for him and, after sending one last letter to his family, he hangs himself.
    • Karamatsu, sinking into a worse depression than Jyushi's, ends up drowning himself in the sea after claiming to be going on a fishing trip.
    • Osomatsu, being as selfish as he usually is, tries to kill himself by burning the entire house down while everyone else is out. Ichimatsu tries to talk him out of it, to no avail.
    • Finally, Ichimatsu, who was already suicidal before all of this, breaks in the absence of his brothers, and throws himself off a building.

DubInducedPlotHole.Anime And Manga (Edit link)

  • In the first English adaptation of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, known as Battle of the Planets, the producers were sent episodes of the anime Out of Order and decided to dub and translate them as they went. This produced quite a number of plot holes, especially when it came time for them to adapt certain other episodes. Whether you watch this version in Sandy Frank's suggested order or the original Gatchaman order, things just do not add up either way. Especially if you're Mark's "friend"/mentor/father Colonel Cronus and they can't decide if you're alive, dead, or the circumstances of your death.
    • Saban's attempt at dubbing both Gatchaman sequels as Eagle Riders created its own plot hole. The villain "Mallanox" (originally the female Gel Sadra) was said to be a man and an alien specifically created/summoned by the Big Bad "Cybercon" (Leader X), with their original backstory cut due to the violence involved in it. Then it was said that he was the son of an alien named "Lukan" (originally Gatchaman's Berg Katse) and a human woman. Then, as Saban realized that cutting Gel Sadra's backstory was coming back to bite them, they attempted to reinstate it and Hand Wave Mallanox as actually being a woman with a manly voice when in costume (and the daughter of a female professor and her husband, the latter who was killed in the ship bombing she was kidnapped in). Then when it came time for Gel Sadra to die and Go Out with a Smile, Saban instead changed the dialogue of the scene to suggest that Cybercon still had control over Mallanox and was transforming him/her for their failure... into the villain of Gatchaman Fighter (Count Egobossler). Who they proceeded to rename Happy Boy.

DyingMomentOfAwesome.Anime And Manga (Edit link)

  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood:
    • Buccaneer and Fu's deaths, since they did wound Wrath for the first time.
    • Lust also deserves a special mention here. She gets the most badass death out of the homunculi by sheer aesthetics, and her finger lance wasn't even an inch away from Roy's head. As she goes down, she just taunts him that there's going to be hell later.
    • The Promised Day Arc was one for King Bradley. He manages to cause serious issues for the heroes, gets Father his last sacrifice by working with Pride (Utterly Curbstomping Mustang in the progress), and almost indirectly stopped Hohenhiem's Spanner in the Works (If he killed Scar, he wouldn't have been able to activate the reverse transmutation circle). All while taking increasingly savage injuries. By the time he fights Scar, he's half dead. And he manages to almost kill him despite Scar being at his best. It culminates with him giving a near fatal wound to Scar after his arms were blown off (Using a sword held in his teeth no less!), before contemplating his life, getting one last laugh against Lan Fan, and Go Out with a Smile.
    • Solf J. Kimblee, who had previously had his throat ripped out and the rest of him devoured by Pride, calmly emerges from Pride's internal torrent of lost souls to interrupt the homunculus's Grand Theft Me on Ed, tells it off, and then strolls off into oblivion as Ed takes the opportunity to crush Pride's head. The man's got class.

DyingMomentOfAwesome.Anime And Manga (Edit link)

  • Walker too gets one, despite being just the Red Shirt of the day, he shows himself repeatedly to be an extremely honorable soldier. He even goes on fighting against Heavyarms without any chance of winning: "COME GET ME, YOU MONSTERRRRRRRR!!!!!"
  • Amuro Ray in the ending sequence of Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack.
    • And in the original Mobile Suit Gundam the episode "Big Zam's Last Stand" serves as one for Anti-Villain Dozle Zabi. With The Federation closing in, and his troops cornered, Dozle sorties in the Big Zam, goes One-Man Army on The Federation and buys his men time to escape. Then as the Gundam tears the Big Zam apart, he climbs out, pulls out an assault rifle and continues shooting at it until he's killed. Defiant to the End indeed.
    • Not just Dozle Zabi, but a lot of characters in the original Gundam went out in blazes of glory. Dozle's little brother Garma was first, piloting a crashing Gaw in an attempt to destroy the White Base despite being drawn into a trap by Char. Denied resupply due to political rivalries among his superiors yet still obligated to continue his attack on White Base, Ramba Ral resorts to an under-manned infantry attack on the Cool Starship...and almost succeeds against all odds, then blows himself up in a final act of defiance when defeated. A wounded Ryu Jose slammed a Core Fighter into the Dopp of Crowley Hamon when she went on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge for Ramba Ral's death, Matilda Ajan knocking a Dom away to save Amuro and the rest of the White Base from the Black Tri-Stars, Sleggar Law damaging the Big Zam enough for Amuro to break through... there's plenty there.
  • Mu La Flaga's Heroic Sacrifice in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, blocking a positron cannon with his mobile suit in order to save the Archangel, and laughing while he does it: "I knew I could make the impossible possible..." (At least until the sequel spoiled it by bringing him back.)
    • Natarle smiled to her terrified Bridge Bunnies as she sent them away from Azrael's madness, was shot 4 times by him, and when then she wasn't able to stop Flaga's Heroic Sacrifice, she still got Azrael trapped in the Dominion as Murrue finished both of them off.
    • In Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, the one who gets an awesome and heartwrenching send off is Lacus's Body Double Meer Campbell, who takes the bullet for her of and dies begging her to not forget her song.
  • (The first) Lockon Stratos in Mobile Suit Gundam 00, you gotta love the way how with his dying breath, he looked at Earth and pointed his hand towards it like a gun, and declared that he hated it.
    • Graham Aker's Heroic Sacrifice, blowing open a way for Setsuna to end the conflict as well as his attitude about it.

DyingMomentOfAwesome.Anime And Manga (Edit link)

Andrei: "I'm a soldier! It's my mission to protect civilians!"
  • In Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory, Anavel Gato.
  • In Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, Commander Bruzar gets one in episode 3. Already badly injured and with the colony falling apart around him, Bruzar makes it to the emergency controls and turns the colony core loose. Unfortunately, it's jammed by wreckage. So Bruzar climbs into a spaceship and crashes himself into the wreckage, freeing the colony, and preventing protagonist Flit from having to risk his own life to do so. All this, despite dealing with a sucking chest wound from about five minutes it.
    • The next one is Don Boyage's in episode ten. He ends up doing a Self-Destructive Charge right into the UE's battleship. Subverted in that it didn't even scratch the paint...then double subverted when it turns out his Rousing Speech galvanized the rest of the pilots fighting to the point where they won the battle.
    • Yurin L'Ciel has one in episode 14. After finally freeing her mobile suit from Desil's mind control, she sees Desil preparing the final blow against Flit. In what is quite possibly the most heroic (and heartbreaking) scene in the series thus far, she takes the hit and saves Flit's life at the cost of her own.
    • Then there's Badass Normal Woolf Enneacle. Desil had just taken control of two Zedas Ms to hold the Gundam AGE-2 in place for a killing blow...when Woolf flies in, destroys both mobile suits, and knocks the AGE-2 out of the way. What results is one of the most tear-jerking moments in the series...followed by one of the most awesome.
    • Even a minor villain gets one! Daz Roden, who had previously embarrassed himself in the eyes of the fans for losing to three old men, a sprinkler, and a rocket launcher while in a Dorado, proves that he wasn't harmless after all by overloading his mu-szell and ramming what was left of his Dorado L into the Gundam AGE-1. The Gundam survived, but it was severely crippled, and so Flit was taken out of the fight.
    • Two words: Obright Lorain. He kills Leil and then engages Fram, well aware that he's within the Digmazenon Cannon's line of fire, and that it'll be able to fire soon. He's doing this to buy time for the Gundams to escape. And as if that weren't awesome enough, he manages to defeat Fram after being mortally wounded, by being quick on the uptake with a reverse-gripped beam saber. And finally, he goes out with a smile as the Digmazenon Cannon envelops the two mobile suits.
  • The crew of the Reinforce Jr. in Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, all of them old men who know they are going to die anyway and, with their ship badly damaged, they decide to go out in a blaze of glory: armed with a damaged battleship and a damaged Gunblaster, they fight their way towards the Motorad Squad, telling the young ones to get out and live.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans: In the second season, Naze Turbine is framed for possession of illegal weapons (armor-penetrating railcannons) and it becomes clear that Gjallarhorn is going to come down on him full force. What does he do? After ensuring that they'll be taken care of, he sends his crew-slash-family off and prepares to face the fleet by which point his wife Amida Arca makes it clear she's not leaving him behind. What follows is a truly epic battle sequence where Amida curb stomps Gjallarhorn's MS, even smacking Julieta's Super Prototype and delivering a "The Reason You Suck" Speech, only getting taken down because Iok, the commander, orders his men to attack while she's grappling with Julieta — and even as she's dying, she manages to fire off a shot that nearly destroys the bridge of Iok's ship. As for Naze, he single-handedly pilots his battleship Hammerhead, running interference to protect the escaping shuttles, and finally ramming and destroying one of the enemy ships.
    • And in the final episode Mikazuki and Akihiro choose to stay fighting to ensure the rest of Tekkadan can escape safely. When their Mobile Suits are almost torn to pieces by a barrage of Dainsleif rail cannons, they stand up and continue to slaughter Gjallarhorn's mobile suits. Akihiro succeeds in killing Iok Kujan (who had escaped death all season) by crushing his cockpit, avenging Naze, Amida and Lafter (who got killed indirectly thanks to Iok), before dying. While Mikazuki continues fighting, and would have killed Julieta had he not bled out seconds before finishing her.

DyingMomentOfAwesome.Anime And Manga (Edit link)

  • Naruto:
    • Zabuza Momochi. His arms are useless, he's exhausted, and there's an army of mercenaries between him and his goal. What does he do? He takes a kunai in his teeth, cuts a path through the army while getting impaled, and proceeds to behead his target. With a kunai in his teeth.
    • Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Third Hokage died fighting the resurrected First Hokage, Hashirama, his younger brother and Second Hokage Tobirama, and their summoner Orochimaru. And he won. While the battle appeared to have become Overshadowed by Awesome as the series progressed and fights got ever increasingly epic, the fights against the likewisely revived Madara Uchiha, who was supposedly Always Second Best to Hashirama (at least pre-Edo Tensei), and the one against the Kin-Gin brothers, who killed Tobirama, put that battle into a new perspective.
    • Deidara used a jutsu which transformed him in a Fantastic Nuke in his fight with Sasuke, who had no intent to kill Deidara. Deidara didn't kill himself for a Heroic Sacrifice or Taking You with Me, but to spite the Uchiha and make himself his final work of art.
    • Jiraiya managed to disable one of the paths of Pain and sent a dying message that was crucial to his defeat. Some of this occurred after he had already briefly died.
    • Kakashi subverts this by using the last bit of his chakra to stop Pain from killing Chouji, which would normally fit here... but he's brought Back from the Dead a few chapters later.
    • Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage and his wife Kushina Uzumaki sealing the Nine-Tailed Fox in Naruto and themselves into his seal. They do this after successfully forcing Tobi and the Fox back. And just to ensure their death was as spectacular as possible, the fatal wound wasn't any of the other crap that happened, but them willingly using their own bodies to slow and then catch the claw of the Nine-Tails, saving their son's life.
    • Konan being the first person since Minato to give Tobi a run for his money to the point that he has to bring out the big guns just to ensure she didn't blow him TO BITS.
    • Kisame bit through his tongue, trapped himself in a water prison, and summoned three sharks which he let eat him alive so that he wouldn't divulge any information on Akatsuki to the good guys.
    • It's unknown exactly how he died but the third Raikage held off an army of 10,000 by himself.
    • Shikaku and Inoichi, knowing that a blast from the Ten-Tails will kill them shortly are less afraid of death and more angry about not being able to do more. Even as the attack is closing in, they use their remaining time to forward their final strategy to the Shinobi Alliance and even say "We're So Proud of You" to their children Shikamaru and Ino.
    • Might Guy, resident Bunny-Ears Lawyer Badass Normal of Konoha, opened the Eight Gates to fight Madara and fought with him to the point where even such a smug asshole like Madara Uchiha acknowledged him as a Worthy Opponent, even though Madara was at the pinnacle of his strength after becoming the Ten-Tails' Jinchuuriki. Guy lost the fight only because he ran out of time, and he came within inches of winning. This trope is subverted, however, in that he didn't die... he would've if Naruto hadn't saved him, using his Yin-Yang nature to revitalize his life force. The damage he did to himself left him wheelchair-bound for the rest of his life and 'killed' his career as an ninja in the most spectacular way possible.
    • Obito Uchiha commits a Heroic Sacrifice for the sake of Naruto and Kakashi. Why is this a moment of awesome? Nearly any blow this son of a bitch has suffered in the series was either no selled like it was nothing or he managed to survive through due to his determination, or having a back up plan. The fact that it took a one-hit kill from a goddess to finish him for good should speak for itself. Also, before he crumbles into dust, he gives Naruto an inspiring speech and dies with a smile on his face. But the best part? After his death he proceeds to TELEPORT OUT OF THE AFTERLIFE temporarily and passes his chakra to Kakashi to give him the Mangekyo Sharingan that ultimately allows Team 7 to get an opening on Kaguya and seal her again.

DyingMomentOfAwesome.Anime And Manga (Edit link)

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion:
    • Misato's death in End of Evangelion wasn't the most dignified way to go, despite being heartbreaking. She gets a new, decidedly more awesome send-off in the manga adaptation: After sending Shinji off in the elevator with a heartfelt pep-talk, she waits calmly for SEELE's soldiers. When they break through the door Misato sealed off earlier, they prepare to fire, and Misato... gives them a small smile, and holds up a pinless grenade.
    • Also, special mention should go to Asuka's death, which occurs less than twenty minutes later. After her Last Stand against the MP Evas, she finally runs out of power, gets stabbed through the skull, disemboweled, harpooned, dismembered, and finally eaten. The entire time, not only is she still alive, but she's still trying to fight back! This is either one of the most kick-ass moments in the series or one of the most disturbing... She gets better 'tho... If waking up in a ruined post-Apocalyptic world as one of possibly the only two people alive can be called "better". Oh, and the other person is trying to strangle you to death.
    • Kaji knows that he's about to be shot dead as punishment for releasing a jailed Fuyutsuki. But he smiles at his unseen murderer and then says "you're a little late, aren't you?"
    • Similiar to Misato, Ritsuko's death in the anime was even sadder and more undignified, because at least Misato accomplished something with her's. In the Manga, Gendo tells her that he really did love her before shooting her. It's revealed that she didn't die a few issues later and she manages to shoot him in the throat telling him that he never loved anyone before dying.
    • Rei II death was awesome as well and cute and quite disturbing all the same.

DyingMomentOfAwesome.Anime And Manga (Edit link)

DyingMomentOfAwesome.Anime And Manga (Edit link)

  • Sailor Moon has many, but two stand above all the others:
    • The deaths of the sailor senshi against the DD Girls, the strongest Youma around, at the end of season 1 of the first anime. Jupiter uses a super-charged Supreme Thunder and annihilates two of them before dying; Mercury, who has fairly weak offensive abilities, walks into certain death to destroy the source of the illusions that make them almost invincible; Venus survives the DD Girls' strongest attack and responds with a Crescent Beam that kills her but also disintegrates one of them, the latter happening only because the other two ran in terror when they saw Venus was still alive; and Mars, who has been left for dead after a combined attack, burns the last two to a crisp before dying from exhaustion and the injuries she has already sustained.
    • In Codename: Sailor V, Ace's death in an Act of True Love: knowing that Sailor Venus, who he loved from their past lives, would always choose duty over love and fearing she'd suffer more than necessary from it and even die should she find out at a bad moment, he joined the Dark Kingdom, discovered that Venus had reincarnated as Minako, set up a situation in which Minako would fall for him, and then reveal his role as Kunzite's Dragon and fight her, so she could realize it early and in a controlled situation by killing him, and, mortally wounded, he smiled before explaining what he had done. She suffered from it, but still lived and triumphed, got over that pain, and ultimately got her happy ending.

DyingMomentOfAwesome.Fan Works (Edit link)

  • On chapter 130 of Piercing The Heavens by Calm Wind, the oldest member of The Wonderbolts (Silver Lining) goes up against the leader of the Shadowbolts (Nightshade). He is still recovering from another beat-down, and is mainly distracting Nightshade so she doesn't kill the incapacitated remainder of the Wonderbolts she already beat down. As she gets off on causing others pain, he holds in his grunts of pain while taking hits and fighting back. Then he decides to turn the tables on her and tears her down, like she likes to do and has been trying to do to him. She even tries to seduce him by showing him what the crystal could do for him (making him young again), but he turns it down. Eventually she snaps and ends up shooting him through a wall. Then he gets some help from his dead mentor, allowing him to stand back up and continue fighting. Still continuing to destroy her motivations, he ends up going out with a smile.

DyingMomentOfAwesome.Fan Works (Edit link)

  • Code Prime:
    • During the Black Rebellion, Cliffjumper is mortally wounded by Luciano Bradley. However, he manages to take the bastard with him by using the last of his strength to drag his Knightmare onto a generator and pinning it there. He even makes sure that his grinning face is the last thing that Bradley ever sees.
    • While helping Suzaku rescue Euphemia and Cornelia from Kamine Island, Dreadwing covers their escape by staying behind to rig the island's Energon deposits to explode and wipe out the Insecticon hive. However, he realizes that due to damage to his T-Cog by Airachnid, he can't escape to safety in time and still ensure that the bomb goes off; so, he decides to make a Last Stand, fighting off the Insecticons until the bomb detonates, wiping out the hive and severely wounding Airachnid in the process.
    • In the first chapter of R2 - Revolution, General Johann Schwarzer stays behind to buy time for Princess Marrybell and the Glinda Knights to escape Area 24 as it's overrun by the Decepticons. And then, in a Shout-Out to Sir Penwood's death, he lines his command room with explosives and waits for the attacking Vehicons to break in, before detonating them and taking the whole fortress with him.

DyingMomentOfAwesome.Film (Edit link)

Roy: I've… seen things you people wouldn't believe… Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those… moments… will be lost in time, like [small cough] tears… in… rain. Time… to die…
  • For added context, Roy is an Artificial Human who has spent the whole film trying in vain to extend his four year lifespan (and killed many people on the way). In the end, he has the "hero" sent to kill him dangling over a ledge, and this is where another villain would spitefully stamp on his fingers. Not Roy. He instead lifts the hero up to safety with one arm and then delivers a final speech about how The World Is Just Awesome and he should live his life to the fullest, then he quietly powers down. One of the classiest villain deaths ever put to film and very nearly redeems his entire character with that one scene. And, for the icing on the cake, Rutger Hauer ad-libbed most of the speech.

DyingMomentOfAwesome.Live Action TV (Edit link)

Gabriel: Lucifer, you are my brother, and I love you, but you are a great big bag of dicks.
  • Bobby's death in "At Death's Door" — having been shot by Dick Roman in the previous episode, Bobby lies comatose, stuck in a dream world made up of his memories with the bullet stuck in his brain slowly killing him, while a Reaper chases him. So what does he do? Well, first he traps the Reaper in one of his memories, then proceeds to deliver an epic Shut Up, Hannibal! to the memory of his dead, abusive father, before forcing himself to wake up — with the bullet still in his brain — long enough to pass on some vital information about the Leviathans to Sam and Dean before finally dying.
  • Sam's Heroic Sacrifice in "Swan Song". Sam is not only willing to sacrifice his own life to seal Lucifer back in the Cage, but he also jumps into the Cage along with Lucifer, condemning himself to horrible torture for (what is as far as he knows) all eternity in order to save the world. He's also possessed by Lucifer at the time, meaning that he had to do this while resisting the influence of a being almost infinitely more powerful than him. Unlike those listed above, he got better.
  • Villainous example: Dick Roman in "Survival of the Fittest" goes out with a smile-not because he's succeeded, but because he's had the last laugh. The explosion caused by Dean killing him drags an unsuspecting Dean and Castiel to Purgatory.
  • Crowley goes out in "All Along The Watchtower" as only a Magnificent Bastard of his caliber deserves — trading a few final spiteful barbs with Lucifer, he then kills himself to trigger a spell designed to seal the portal to the post-apocalyptic Alternate Universe that Lucifer has been tricked into traveling to, trapping him there.
  • In "The Rupture", Rowena enacts a desperate last measure to seal away all the souls that escaped Hell. She fatally wounds herself in order to empower a spell that turns her into a temporary container for them, absorbs them all, and then leaps into the closing portal to make sure they're sent back where they belong.
  • Castiel's Final Death in "Despair", where he summons the Shadow so that it can drag Billie into the Empty, despite knowing full well that the Shadow intends to take him too.

DyingMomentOfAwesome.Music (Edit link)

The show must go on
The show must go on, yeah
Oooh inside my heart is breaking
My make-up may be flaking
But my smile still stays on"

DyingMomentOfAwesome.Video Games (Edit link)

  • Asch's death in Tales of the Abyss gets its own little video. Unarmed at first, he manages to fight off dozens of soldiers but then ends up stabbed in the back. The sword goes through him, another three swords get stabbed through his body. He kills the last remaining soldiers, remains standing and pulls one of the swords out before his strength leaves him and he falls to the ground. Also contains a Go Out with a Smile seconds before he slides down the wall.

DyingMomentOfAwesome.Video Games (Edit link)

EarnYourHappyEnding.Web Original (Edit link)

  • TP: The toilet paper roll manages to escape from the Disgusting Public Toilet he's been set up in, losing only a single roll of his paper to Earl in the process. In the outside world, he's found by a girl who throws him in the air, which he greatly enjoys. His paper unravels behind him, which causes him to age to near-death before he dies smiling happily while looking up at the sun from inside a flowerbed.

EnsembleDarkhorse.Star Wars The Skywalker Saga (Edit link)

  • Kit Fisto is very popular with the fans, even though he only appeared a couple of times briefly in Attack of the Clones and once (before he dies) in Revenge of the Sith. His grin seems to be what does it for most people. Also the fact that his last name is "Fisto" does it for some.

FaceDeathWithDignity.Anime And Manga (Edit link)

  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann:
    • Kamina gets shot through the stomach with an energy beam and impaled with a spear. After passing out for a moment or two, he picks himself up, gives four Rousing Speeches, takes out an army and one of the two guys who fatally wounded him, then quietly passes away after saying goodbye to his adoptive brother. He does all of this with a huge smile on his face and no indication that his impending death is even the slightest inconvenience.
    • Kittan goes on a Suicide Mission to save Team Dai-Gurren late in the series. He volunteers without any fuss, and kamikazes into his target while cheering for his friends and screaming in defiance at the Big Bad. He even chuckles about how awesome the whole thing was as he's being blown away!
    • In a much more depressing example, Nia goes out with a smile as she disintegrates on her wedding day.

FaceDeathWithDignity.Film (Edit link)

FaceDeathWithDignity.Film (Edit link)

FaceDeathWithDignity.Film (Edit link)

FaceDeathWithDignity.Live Action TV (Edit link)

  • Doctor Who:
    • Depending on how we define "death", several of the various incarnations of the Doctor as they face their regenerations would count here, but particular mention would go to the Fifth, who sacrificed a cure for the fatal poisoning he'd experienced in order to give the cure to his companion, and the Fourth and Ninth, both of whom calmly tried to reassure their companion(s) about what was happening.
      • Surprisingly averted with the Tenth Doctor, who fights to the end to survive but ends up making a Heroic Sacrifice in order to save an old man, absorbing a lethal dose of radiation. Right before regenerating into the Eleventh Doctor, he almost whimpers "I don't want to go."
      • The Eleventh Doctor follows the examples of his previous lives, giving his companion Clara one final resigned smile after taking off his bowtie for the last time.
      • Arguably the thematic heart of "Twice Upon a Time", the Twelfth Doctor's regeneration story. In the previous episode, "The Doctor Falls" — which was originally written to serve as the regeneration — he nearly goes through with this trope in the sense of him dying permanently to destroy the Cybermen on Floor 507, a situation that arose from his efforts to redeem Missy going horribly awry, but gets a reprieve via the tears of the now-more-than-human Bill Potts. He becomes desperate to meet his final death, having become weary with his long lives, but the TARDIS takes him to meet his original self before he regenerated, who turns out to be afraid of what his future selves might be like and thus is also desperate to die instead of change. Over the course of the special, the First Doctor is convinced to regenerate and embrace his future and the good he can do, and the Twelfth Doctor decides that helping others is Worth Living For, both fulfilling this trope in the process. Twelve's Final Speech is to his own next self, urging them to be brave and kind, and his last words — often seen as a repudiation of Ten's — are "Doctor, I let you go." See below for a non-Doctor character in this story's relationship to this trope.
    • The Controller in "Day of the Daleks", who triumphantly tells the Daleks that his actions will mean the end of them.
    • Adric went out like this in "Earthshock", pulling it off to such an extent that it was pretty much a posthumous Rescued from the Scrappy Heap.

FamousLastWords.DC Comics (Edit link)

FamousLastWords.Film A To D (Edit link)

  • Death Note Series:
    • Death Note
      • "But if we allow people to be judged this way, our civilization will revert to a world of brutality." L decoy, Lind L. Tailor
      • "Stop the bus!" Busjacker, Kiichiro Osoreda
      • "Naomi?" Raye Iwamatsu
      • "You want to save her? Then kill me. Like you did Raye. Like all the criminals you've executed. Go on and kill without laying a finger on me!" Naomi Misora
      • "That was... our last kiss." Shiori Akino
    • Death Note: The Last Name
      • "Kira is a brutal dictator. If we let him do as he pleases, we'll be forced to become his slaves." Taiyo TV reporter, Kazuhiko Hibima
      • "Don't be deceived! You're all in danger! Go home!" Detective Kanzo Mogi
      • "Just you wait. I'll get even." Sakura TV anchorwoman, Saeko Nishiyama
      • "Rem, no!" Kiyomi Takada
      • "Misa. Enjoy your happiness while is lasts." Rem
      • "Kira is justice. Father, you've got to understand." Light Yagami
      • "Goodbye, Mr. Yagami. I thank you." L Lawliet
    • L: change the WorLd
      • "No, I'm-" Watarinote 
    • Death Note: Light Up the New World
      • "I'm awesome, huh, Beppo?" Sakura Aoi
      • "A message for L's successor. Kira has already eliminated 3 "Death Note" holders. Now it's the 4th holder's turn. Kira is God. Humans cannot defy God." Kenichi Mikuriya
      • "'Tōto Matsuda. At 4 pm, he enters the room, led by Kira, then shoots himself with a smile.'" Tōto Matsudanote 
      • "Go on." Misa Amane
      • "Aren't humans funny?" Yūki Shien
      • "You wrote my brother's name in a 'Death Note'. He was a criminal but he was my only family! Goodbye." Shō Nanase/Ayana Shirato
      • "I wanted to protect what's important to you. Goodbye." Arma
      • "Adios, Mishima." Ryuzaki/Masayuki Arai

FamousLastWords.Film E To N (Edit link)

  • Galaxy Quest
    • "Both of you get in there!" One of the two soldiers of Sarris attempting to "release" the Galaxy Quest "crew" into space, only for Jason and Alexander's fake-fighting to get him and other whisked into space (with Fred's help)
    • "You'll forgive my impertinence sir, but even though we never before met, I have always considered you as a father to me." Quellek, dying in the arms of "Dr. Lazarus," after being shot by a baddie, prompting a touched, heartbroken Alexander to finally accept his character and say his Catchphrase, "By Grabthar's Hammer, by the Sons of Warvan, you shall be avenged." And Quellek hears him, smiles and dies.
    • "Because they're coming right at us." Lieutenant Lathe, Sarris' right-hand man.
    • "Oh, no! TURN!! TURN!!" Sarris. He never says another word after surviving the explosion (apart from a yell that he does when he tries to kill everybody again after the Omega 13 was activated, only to be knocked out by Mathesar when he is bonked with his cane), stowing away on the NSEA Protector coming in disguised as Fred with an Appearance Generator and almost killing everybody, only for Jason to activate the Omega 13 and save everybody. Sarris tries again when they land and is finished off by Jason.
    • "Oh yeah, point and click! Of course, we're gonna have to through the black hole!" Tommy Webber, who is killed later by Sarris when he comes to the bridge after they go through the black hole. He gets better thanks to the Omega 13.
    • "Jason, before the black hole there was an energy surge from Sarris's ship." Alexander Dane, right before Sarris gets to the bridge disguised as Fred, and kills everybody. He also gets better thanks to the Omega 13.
    • "NO!!!" Gwen De Marco, before being shot by Sarris. She also gets better thanks to the Omega 13.

FamousLastWords.Kamen Rider (Edit link)

FamousLastWords.Live Action TVA To D (Edit link)

  • American Horror Story
    • American Horror Story: Murder House
      • "It stinks in here. It's stinks like shit. Remember last summer when we got that raccoon stuck in our chimney? That's what it smells like. Let's go find it." Troy Rutger
      • "Troy? Troy? Who's down there? Cut it out, Troy. Cut it out!" Bryan Rutger
      • "My Lord God, even now I accept at thy hands cheerfully and willingly, with all its anxieties, pains and sufferings, whatever death it shall please thee to be mine. Amen." Maria
      • "You guys? Fiona? I think I need to go to the hospital. Maybe we could come back later and finish this... Hey, where'd you guys go?" Bianca
      • "Where are you?!" Fiona
      • "I'm just gonna kill her, man, this is bullshit! Fiona?" Fiona's accomplice
      • "No, I- NO!" Moira O'Hara
      • "Sweetheart, please, th-this didn't mean anything!" Hugo Langdon
      • "Help! HELP! God-" Sal Mineo
      • "You know what I'd love? A big, thick juicy-" Hayden McClaine
      • "Did you get the apples?" Chad Warwick
      • "Hey! Wait for me!" Adelaide "Addy" Langdon
      • "No, no, please, no!" Kevin Gedman
      • "That's enough! Get out of here-" Kyle Greenwell
      • "Please-" Chloe Stapleton
      • "Pow!" Tate Langdon
      • "Here, piggy, piggy pig... pig." Derrick
      • "You're going to move her into my house?" Lorraine Harvey
      • "You would do that for me?" Charles Montgomery
      • "Of course. I'm proud of you, Charles. You are a man after all." Nora Montgomery
      • "Ah, that is nice. A little less teeth." Joe Escandarian
      • "The hell did you do to him?!" Patrick
      • "It's not a carnation, silly. It's a dahlia." Elizabeth Short, AKA The Black Dahlia
      • "Yeah, I had a really great time.... Shit!" Travis Wanderly
      • "I knew it. When you're right, you're right! Get ready to meet your maker... oh my god! Oh my god!" Phil the Exterminator
      • "I don't think I have a choice..." Vivien Harmon
      • "Get out of my way, Hayden. I don't have time for your bullshit." Ben Harmon
    • American Horror Story: Asylum
      • "I'm a schoolteacher! The children, they won't understand!" Wendy Peyser
      • "Little piggies, come out to play!" Jed Porter
      • "Help me." Leo Morrison
      • "Oh my God, no!" Teresa Morrison
      • "No, man, this went as far as it could go! Now don't puss out on me, Cooper!" Devon
      • "Check it out, his arm's been ripped off. What the hell could have done that?" Cooper
      • "Keep us faithful in serving you." The Mexican
      • "Kill me." Shelly, right before going full-blown Rasper
      • "... a... nun... one of... yours..." Sam Goodman
      • "Yes" Miles, accepting a kiss from Shachath
      • "I can't take it anymore. The lies, the betrayal, the cheating - it's all gonna end." Lana's "rescuer"
      • "Help! HELP!" Sister Felicity
      • "I'm free." Grace Bertrand - the first time.
      • "Hey, buddy, I'm just ringing the bell two nights a week to get out of the house 'til my wife falls to sleep." Santa Claus outside store, AKA Lee Emerson's first victim
      • "Please, leave us!" Rhonda Lancaster
      • "No, please, stop. You don't have to do this!" Mr Lancaster
      • "No, Sister." Frank McCann
      • "...Dr Gardener? Dr Gardener's next patient
      • "It's the only prayer I can remember. Just in case." Kit Walker, while being rendered temporarily dead
      • "It's a farce. Finita la commedia..." Dr Arthur Arden; subverted when he finds he can't go through with it - later committing suicide in complete silence.
      • "Take me." Sister Mary Eunice/The Devil
      • "Stop! Please!" Pandora
      • "I hardly think so, Lana. I'm clearly insane. No, I'll be institutionalized. At the very worst, I'll live a long life in prison. Maybe I'll even start some therapy groups - God knows there are some disturbed individuals behind bars. As for you... I have no use for you anymore: best you should just be known as my last victim-" Dr Oliver Thredson, AKA Bloody Face
      • "I love you, Kit - and Alma, and our sweet, beautiful miracle babies. Our life here's been more precious than I could have dreamed. But something's changed: I won't live in fear and isolation, not anymore, not again. The future is coming, Kit, no matter what. We can't hide from it, we have to engage with it. We have to embrace it. Locked doors and shuttered windows won't keep it out; Alma has to understand that. We have to open our-" Grace Bertrand, for good this time
      • "I'm sure. I'm ready now. Kiss me." Judy Martin AKA Sister Jude
      • "...I've hurt people..." Johnny Morgan AKA Bloody Face II
    • American Horror Story: Coven
      • "Are you okay?" Charlie Taylor
      • "It's you that will end in flames, I swear it!" Misty Day - the first time.
      • "No, please... my children-" Dr David Zhong
      • "Give me the phone, Brener! That's evidence! I'm calling the cops!" Kyle Spencer. Later brought back to life.
      • "First thing, delete the videos from your phones! We stick together!" Archie Brener - his last words before the bus crash, leaving him effectively voiceless until his murder
      • "Think she's one of them goddamn PETA girls?" Poacher 1
      • "No, she ain't from PETA. You shoulda stayed away, girl. You play with dead things, you're more'n likely to join 'em." Poacher 2
      • "That's a light. If you don't hit your mark, that light can't hit you." Madison's director
      • "What the hell are you doing here?" Morgue Security Guard
      • "You vicious little gash. I've seen the ruin you will bring this coven if you're allowed to take power now. You're a selfish, craven little child, Fiona, and will make it my mission to ensure that you will never take the throne. I'll see you burn in hell first!" Anna Leigh Leighton
      • "Kyle-!" Alicia Spencer
      • "STOP YELLING AT ME!" Madison Montgomery - the first time
      • "It is if you're gonna break my heart." Kaylee
      • "Dude! Your prosthetics look awesome. Oh man!" An unfortunate trick-or-treater
      • "You're all a bunch of little toads in a pot that Fiona is slowly bringing to a boil! You won't even feel it until it's too late! I'd rather burn than boil..." Myrtle Snow - the first time
      • "You've no-one to blame but yourself." The Axeman - the first time
      • "You little shit!" Helen
      • "My family has served this coven for ten generations. I have devoted my life to it." Spalding
      • "What'd you did-" The Rapist
      • "The hell I can't. I'm your mother: I made you - I can unmake you." Joan Ramsey - the first time
      • "Please, please..." Chattahoochee Forest Witch
      • "And we... cannot get over your skin. No burn scars, you look younger than ever! We've got to hear all about this Misty Day and her magical mud! Should we be looking into it, selling it perhaps? Oh my god!" Quentin Fleming
      • "Myrtle, I want to toast you for your spirit of f... for... give...." Cecily Pembroke
      • "Well, you'll have to. I want to be a good father, I... I still want to be in Luke's life, but... we're done. Maybe one day, you'll understand." Dennis Ramsey
      • "You murdered Dad." Luke Ramsey
      • "Put the goddamn baby down, NOW!" Hospital security guard
      • "Stevie would never do that." Misty Day - the second time
      • "What are you talking about? What are you talking about?" Joan Ramsey - Killed Off for Real
      • "Anywhere's better than here." Nan's soul, while being led off by Papa Legba
      • "Okay, this... is insanity. We came here to negotiate, in good faith." David
      • "Go to hell, witch bitch." Harrison Renard
      • "That damn buttermilk biscuit think she can take me down? Hell no! I'm the Queen! I will rise again! Mark my words, my people gonna come for you, rip you apart!" Marie LaVeau's last thoughts
      • "I don't wanna die!" Madame Delphine LaLaurie
      • "I'LL KILL ALL OF YOU!" The Axeman. Killed Off for Real
      • "Well, I've never been one for love, true or otherwise. I live in a floating world, you know, always two steps ahead of heartbreak. When I was eight years old, my mother brought me a little calico cat-" Fiona Goode. Later revealed to have faked her death and the memories of it
      • "Descensum!" Misty Day. Killed Off for Real
      • "Can't we have just a little fun?" Zoe Benson; brought back in the same episode
      • "Stop! NO!" Madison Montgomery. Killed Off for Real
      • "Only one: BALENCIAGAAAAAA!!!" Myrtle Snow. Killed Off for Real at her own request
      • "Then kill them both, right now. They both hurt too much... and when we're finally gone, you will fulfill your destiny and lead this coven. God knows you'll do a better job of it than I ever did, though you won't look half as good doing it. Come on... For god's sake, have mercy on me. Put me out of my misery! I hurt everywhere..." Fiona Goode
    • American Horror Story: Freak Show
      • "Who the hell is this?" Troy
      • "I said, that's enough!" Eudora Tattler
      • "I can call you whatever the hell I want to, you frea-" Detective
      • "Mr Hanley, got your coffee. M-Mr Hanley? Mr Hanley!" Toy Store clerk
      • "Martin was right: you're a miracle worker! You're my salvation! I never dreamed that I would ever be able to do this with a real woman. Maybe now I can have a wife, a family... a normal life." Desiree's john
      • "MEEP! MEEEEEEP! MEEEEEEEP!" Meep the Geek
      • "I don't understand..." Twisty the Clown
      • "Oh for the love of Christopher. Really? Is that what you tore up all those fine things to make? Don't let your mother see you like that: she's been running around all day trying to find you the proper costume - not that you would appreciate it. So, go change and take this tray to your mother: she's feeling a weakness from running around.... Halloween is over! Get bent and take this tray. Enough of this! I'm not afraid of you, you made-in-the-shade white boy! You can barely wash your own ass - I know because I wash your shitty drawers! I'll take it myself. MOVE!" Dora Brown
      • "Please kill me. Please kill me..." Andy
      • "Thank you!" Mahadevi Patel, AKA Ma Petite
      • "I'm sorry. You won't be going to Hollywood, Elsa." Ethel Darling
      • "No, please, Dandy, not this way! I can't go on if you kill yourself!" Gloria Mott
      • "Avon calling! Is the lady of the house available?" An unfortunate Avon Lady
      • "I told you, he's a maniac! Who knows how many people he's killed? You're gonna fry for your crimes, Dandy!" Regina Brown
      • "I... I smothered her." Del Toledo
      • "Well, it's past closing. I sent them home." Lillian Hennings
      • "CHESTER, STOP!!!" Maggie Esmerelda
      • "I love you." "Marjorie"
      • "We need to talk about our last week's pay." Paul the Illustrated Seal
      • "I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU!!!" Dandy Mott
      • "I am the biggest freak of all." Elsa Mars
    • American Horror Story: Roanoke
      • "You're The Butcher. My idol. My maker... I'm sorry... I just wanted to be on TV." Agnes Mary Winstead
      • "I'm in love with her, Shelby. She's the reason I came back." Matt Miller
      • "I killed the only man I've ever loved. I took his life with my own hands. There's no place left for me." Shelby Miller
      • "You... YOU FUCKING MURDERER!" Audery Tindall
      • "You know when you're drawing a cat or a house and you picture that cat or that house in your mind and it looks so perfect but you just can't get your hand to live up to that picture in your head? That's what it's like to be a parent. You picture how you want to be and it's so wonderful and flawless but you can't ever live up to that picture you imagined." Lee Harris
    • American Horror Story: Cult
    • American Horror Story: Apocalypse
      • "You think death is a punishment? I do not fear the fire, it cleanses me, as it will cleanse this world! I've seen the end, I bear witness to the darkness. Father! Take me in your arms... Your kingdom is nigh!" Human!Miriam Mead (Old Timeline)
      • "Best serves cold, bitch." Brock
      • "Satan has one son, but my sisters are legion, motherfucker!" Cordelia Goode (Old Timeline)
      • "I'm scared." Michael Langdon

FamousLastWords.The Walking Dead (Edit link)

  • "Oh, you're always...good for a smile..." Kenny, if Clementine shoots him so he doesn't kill Jane.
    • "Do it. Just... just do it." Kenny, if Clementine lets him kill Jane before shooting him.

FamousLastWords.Toward The Terra (Edit link)

FamousLastWords.Video Games Q To Z (Edit link)

  • The Walking Dead
    • "Ah, no!! GET 'EM OFF ME!" Doug, if Lee saves Carley instead of him.
      • "No!" Doug, if he dies saving Ben from Lily.
    • "Oh, God…" Larry
    • "What about the rest of us, don't we get a say in-" Brie
    • "Give us a moment to say goodbye?" Katjaa, if Lee offers to Mercy Kill Duck.
    • "You bitch... didn't think you had the stones... you fuckin' JUNKIE..." Dee
    • "Just go back...please...please..." Luke, if Clementine tries to save him herself.
    • "He's okay. I've got him." Rebecca
    • "No! Shit! Fuck!'' Winston
    • "Go on, tell him, boy! Tell him what you got in mind for-" Jolene, if Lee didn't shoot her.
    • "Do it then! I know you can, I seen you do it! Just like you killed that woman in the camp!" Danny St. John, if you killed Jolene in the camp.
      • "You ain't gonna kill me. Just like you didn't kill Jolene. You don't have what it takes!" Danny St. John, if you spared Jolene.
    • "Just stop!" Brenda St. John
    • "Get back here and finish this, Lee!" Andrew St. John, if Lee kills him.
      • "Leee!" Andrew St. John, if Lee leaves him to the Walkers.
    • "You think you're some tough bitch, don't you? Like nothing can hurt you. But, you're just a scared little girl. Get the fuck over it. Take a page from Lee's book and try helping somebody for once." Carley, if Lily shoots her.
    • "Lee. We both know… Let me go." Ben Paul, if Lee drops him to his death.
      • "AHHH, FUCK! KENNY PLEA—" Ben Paul, if Kenny Mercy Kills him.
    • "You son of a bitch...just go away...die!" The Stranger, if Clementine shoots him to save Lee.
    • "I'll miss you." Lee Everett, a player option for the last thing he’ll say to Clementine.
      • "You'll be okay." Lee Everett, another option.
      • "Don't be afraid." Lee Everett, another option.
    • "I didn't mean to! I didn't mean to! I didn't mean--" Michelle
    • "Go, god damn it! GO!" Pete Randall
    • "What the fuck, man?!" Matthew
    • "You...!" Walter
    • "NO, NO, NO, NO! PLEASE, BILL! NO! NO! NO! NO! PLEASE!" Reggie
    • "You take care of my girls. I get the feelin' it's gonna be a girl. Just a hunch. Go on." Alvin, if he survived Episode 2
    • "What the fuck are you looking at, bitch? Don't act like you didn't love every minute of it." Bill Carver
    • "YOU SHOT MY DICK OFF!" Troy
    • "Say something. You're her friend." Carlos
    • "No, stop! No! DADDY!" Sarah, if she's crushed under the deck and eaten alive by walkers.
    • "Oh, you're always...good for a smile..." Kenny, if you shoot him so he doesn't kill Jane.
      • "Do it. Just... just do it." Kenny, if you let him kill Jane before shooting him.
    • "All right— hey— okay— all right, so hey we'll trade back. I'll find some batteries." Eli
    • "Thanks." Mariana Garcia
    • "You know this will work." Conrad, if Javi shoots him.
    • "I--" Marlon, if a specific dialogue option is chosen.
    • "I don't want to die!" Lilly, if the player tells AJ to kill her.

FamousLastWords.Western Animation (Edit link)

  • Wakfu:
    • "Xelor, you ignore everything about Grougaloragran - you cannot comprehend the might of the Draconic people!" Grougaloragran. He gets better.
    • "Farewell, Yugo the Eliatrope..." Nox
    • "Armand, my son... I'm proud of you." King Armand Sheran Sharm. He gets better.
    • "It's over, Evangelyne..." Princess Amalia Sheran Sharm. She gets better.
    • "I'm not dying; I'm entering the legend." Sadlygrove. He gets better.

Fanfic.A Dragons Flight (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Rhaegar Targaryen, when Visenya projects herself into the past at the Ruby Ford. Rhaegar catches glimpse of a girl that resembles his mother and his second wife and dies with a smile and at peace that at least one of his children survived.

Fanfic.A Fake Hero (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: As Shirou points out about Kurosaiga during the very last moments of his life. The man fought with a smile and died with one, finally at peace with himself knowing that a person like Shirou was the one that defeated him.

Fanfic.A Growing Affection (Edit link)

Fanfic.A History Of Magic (Edit link)

Fanfic.Ace Combat Equestria Chronicles (Edit link)

Fanfic.After The Abuse Part One (Edit link)

Fanfic.Aftermath Of The Games (Edit link)

Fanfic.Aftermath Of The Games (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: The flashback sequence in the first interlude reveals that this was the case with the original Starlight as she was Retgoned, disturbing Twilight, who feared that she had been tricked into effectively aiding suicide. Actually, she was glimpsing the new timeline and better life she'd have, and was happy about that.

Fanfic.All The Drowned Ghosts (Edit link)

Fanfic.Ancienverse (Edit link)

Fanfic.And The Giant Awoke (Edit link)

  • Face Death with Dignity:
    • Aemon allows Stannis to burn him in Shireen's place for his king's blood, having taken a ton of milk of the poppy beforehand so he goes without a sound.
    • Ser Alliser Thorne spits in the face of a White Walker, telling it that he will keep fighting if it makes the mistake of bringing him back. It decides to avoid this problem by take his head.
    • Mace Tyrell's Dying Moment of Awesome.
    • Tywin makes sure to die "a magnificent death", staying calm in front of Daenerys and her dragons, fighting a much younger Oberyn, and smiling triumphantly before dying. Several characters comment how he manages to win despite getting killed.

Fanfic.And We Can Watch The Stars On The Water (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Name-dropped in chapter 14 of Keep You Like An Oath, used to describe Ace and Sabo.

Fanfic.Avengers Of The Ring (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: When Radagast is informed that his task in Middle-Earth is completed, he is clearly happy to be allowed to return to the Undying Lands.

Fanfic.Axis Powers Hetalia Episode 235 (Edit link)

Fanfic.Ben 10 Plumbers Of Bellwood (Edit link)

Fanfic.Between My Brother And Me (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Mokuba does this in chapter 24. He has a smile because he doesn't realize how his going out is affecting people who care about him, and tearfully cries an "I'm sorry" after it's all over.

Fanfic.Blue Sky (Edit link)

Fanfic.Boy With A Scar (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: In Chapter 23, as is only expected for any D., Law smirks as a giant tiger is about to kill him, thinking that at least he'll get to see his family again.

Fanfic.Boys Do Tankary (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Nyra dies with a smile on her face, after getting Vincent to shoot her so that they won't both be killed. Of course, she actually isn't dead.

Fanfic.Broken By Humanity Healed By A Dragon (Edit link)

Fanfic.Brutal Series (Edit link)

  • Book-Ends: Both the first and last chapters of Horrible (not counting the epilogue) involve Igris' broken Beatles CD. The first time it's just a throwaway occurrence, but the second time is a touching moment that shows how much Igris' brother cared for him and allows him to Go Out with a Smile.

Fanfic.Brutal Series (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile:
    • Maria is so relieved she got her last words that she manages to smile before she dies.
    • Japan at least thinks he smiles when Lude tells him what an honour it was to fight alongside him.
    • Laine is so cheerful she even finds reason to laugh at the weapon that murdered her.
    • Igris in the ending of Horrible.
    • After taking a knife for Liet, Switz smiles at her one final time before dying.

Fanfic.Cardiac Arrest (Edit link)

Fanfic.Code Prime (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Mortally wounded, Cliffjumper looks at Kallen and Arcee with a last smile, before pulling both himself and Luciano Bradley onto an exploding electrical generator, taking the mad Knight of the Round with him. When his partners look at the aftermath, they can see the smile still on his deceased face.

Fanfic.Dead Man Switch (Edit link)

Fanfic.Decks Fall Everyone Dies (Edit link)

Fanfic.Despairs Last Resort (Edit link)

Fanfic.Drifting (Edit link)

Fanfic.Dueling Trigger Finger (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Non-lethal example. Chiaki's duel with Kaiba ends this way, with Chiaki smiling in spite of the fact that she gets direct attacked by Obelisk.

Fanfic.Evangelion Gear (Edit link)

Fanfic.Fairy Without Wings (Edit link)

Fanfic.Family Sticks Together (Edit link)

Fanfic.Fate Finality (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: A villainous example, Kotomine dies smiling, which is infuriating for James.

Fanfic.Fates Collide (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile:
    • Jaune Alter dies smiling when Gawain complements his bravery and promises to remember him.
    • Diarmuid dies smiling when Mordred finds him, considering himself blessed that he was able to see his daughter one last time.
    • Arturia gives Mordred a smile before she sacrifices herself to save Mordred and Yang.

Fanfic.Five Worlds War (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile:
    • Atsui does, knowing he was able to protect his sister.
    • Urouge does so, knowing he stuck to his faith until the end.

Fanfic.Forum Of Thrones (Edit link)

Fanfic.Fractured (Edit link)

Fanfic.Friendship Is Tragic (Edit link)

Fanfic.Frontier (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Certainly Sarah's intention, however it ultimately ends up subverted as refusing to contest her own life is in fact what allows her to defeat the darksiders due to letting go of hatred and anger.

Fanfic.Future Tense (Edit link)

Fanfic.Gensokyo 20 XX (Edit link)

Fanfic.Glory Or Death (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: at the climax of the War for Baal, Gabriel Seth dies with a smile on his face, having sucessfully destroyed the catalyst that Chaos were using to summon nine Bloodthirsters.

Fanfic.God Slaying Blade Works (Edit link)

Fanfic.Gundam Seed Destiny Altered (Edit link)

Fanfic.Half Life Full Life Consequences (Edit link)

Fanfic.Hammered Down (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Yumichika realized he had done everything he could do in the (after)life, the culmination of all his plans and goals, so he decided to refuse Orohime healing for a worthy death but only after his body was impeccable. After all, just because he was killed in apocalyptic battle for the future of the world, after facing a Vasto Lorde is not excuse to not be BEAUTIFUL.

Fanfic.Hermione Granger And The Marriage Law Revolution (Edit link)

  • Heroic Sacrifice: A few, with the most notable being the Tsar of Magical Russia: knowing that he could still win but that if the civil war continued his country would be too weakened to resist its neighbours and that his very existance was the greatest hurdle to stop it, he went out to be killed in such a way everyone would know it was him, and seconds after his smiling corpse touched the ground his loyalist were surrendering as per orders.

Fanfic.Heroes Of The Desk Repercussions (Edit link)

Fanfic.How To Be Conniving (Edit link)

Fanfic.Hypotheses (Edit link)

  • *Go Out with a Smile: Snape, "who had never smiled much during his life, had died with a smile on his lips."

Fanfic.Id Trade My Life For Yours (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Angie puts on a smile even after being covered in blistering hot wax during her execution.
    • Also applies to Kokichi during his execution; he is particularly touched to see Kaito try and reach out to him during the ordeal.

Fanfic.Its Over Isnt It Its Only Just Begun (Edit link)

Fanfic.Jaune Arc Lord Of Hunger (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: At the end of the chapter "Destiny", Jaune gives Pyrrha one last tearful smile before putting on the Mask and giving in to Darth Nihilus's control.

Fanfic.Just A Little Bit Of Pixie Dust (Edit link)

Fanfic.Just An Unorthodox Thief (Edit link)

Fanfic.Kepler Ronpa (Edit link)

Fanfic.Kilis Promise (Edit link)

Fanfic.Kitsune No Ken Fist Of The Fox (Edit link)

  • Let Them Die Happy: Yahiko pulled this on his dying wife in the backstory, after their family got caught in a stampede triggered by a Kyuushingai attack. When his wife asked about their children, he couldn't bring himself to tell her that the kids had died from their injuries moments earlier, so instead he told her that the kids weren't in any pain. This ended in the wife dying with a little smile on her face.

Fanfic.Lost Found (Edit link)

Fanfic.MLP Next Generation Know Fear (Edit link)

Fanfic.Man Off The Moon (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Emiya's original death. He died betrayed by an ally, and executed for war crimes, but was satisfied in the end and went to his death smiling. It's trying to reach that happiness again that drives Nameless' quest.

Fanfic.Midnight Savior (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Subverted. Realizing she's moments from death, Kim can only think of being reunited with Ron for eternity, which briefly made her smile until the reality of her situation sets back in.

Fanfic.My Only Sunshine (Edit link)

Fanfic.National Anthem (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Pit invokes this in an attempt to help Toon Link feel better about his victory.

Fanfic.Now You Feel Like Number None (Edit link)

Fanfic.Officer Misako (Edit link)

Fanfic.Opening Dangerous Gates (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Ignem seems at peace when Wonderweiss weakens him by absorbing his flames and then Natsu finishes him off.

Fanfic.Poke Wars (Edit link)

Fanfic.Pony POV Series Chaos Verse (Edit link)

Fanfic.Precipice (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Despite Anakin defeating and killing him, Infernalis dies satisfied, having had a good fight and getting the last hit in through a sneak attack with a knife. Obi-Wan notes that his corpse had an unnerving smile on it when he was rescuing Anakin.

Fanfic.Pretty Cure Perfume Preppy (Edit link)

Fanfic.Queen Of Blood (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Having completed her plan to have Dragon ascend to be the new Lady of Light and free herself from the enslavement of the Entities, the Simurgh/Ariel dies with a smile on her face. Ariel got better.

Fanfic.RWBY Zero (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile:
    • Despite being unable to kill Gilgamesh due to Kirei's interference, Archer dies with a smile on his face in the arms of his father and his niece, and passes on the remainder of his power to her to carry on their shared ideals.
    • Assassin does a Grin of Audacity version before turning his Contender on himself to keep Salem from turning him into an Alter. Both to enrage her and because like his son, he fully believes Ruby will beat her.
    • Saber Alter ultimately dies with a smile on her face after Mordred kills her once her son realizes her true self as a Knight of Rebellion and passes away proud of her "Prince of the People".
    • Kirei despite utterly failing at everything he tried to do once he betrayed Gilgamesh leaves the world with the same Psychotic Smirk he always had, reasoning that a life spent in debauchery and sin is good enough for him even if he'll never know true satisfaction.

Fanfic.School Idol Days (Edit link)

Fanfic.Soul Chess (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: There have been many instances to which a character dies in this fashion.

Fanfic.Spectrum Voices Of Mankind (Edit link)

  • Face Death with Dignity/Go Out with a Smile: William tells True Quill, a PHL reporter, that Lyra Heartstrings saved humanity by bringing the two races together, even if the Barrier cannot be stopped.
    • Sincerity Mode: The King acknowledges that making these kinds of statements is to be expected of royalty, but he also insists that he meant every word.

Fanfic.Stars Above (Edit link)

Fanfic.Suikakasen (Edit link)

Fanfic.Suikakasen (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Yoshika dies peacefully singing her poem one last time with Kasen and realizing that friendship, not immortality, was what she was really searching for.

Fanfic.Suikakasen (Edit link)

  • Mortality Phobia: Yoshika's reason for wanting to become a hermit is because she is very, very scared of dying. Kasen was going to kill her initially, but has a Heel Realization once Yoshika makes this fear very clear. She's willing to believe "fairy-tales" like hermits because she's dying of a Soap Opera Disease. After being rejected by the reikon, she (wrongly) puts her trust in Seiga. She seems to have finally gotten over her fear by the end though because she dies smiling.

Fanfic.System Restore (Edit link)

Fanfic.The Capitol Games (Edit link)

Fanfic.The Capitol Series (Edit link)

Fanfic.The Capitol Series (Edit link)

Fanfic.The Lion King Adventures (Edit link)

Fanfic.The Lone Dragon Emperor (Edit link)

Fanfic.The Negotiations Verse (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Twilight passes away peacefully with Spike and Fluttershy by her side, happy that she had successfully fixed her mistakes and at seeing that humanity has forgiven her.
    • Discord passes on in the same manner by faking his last breath, then making one last joke. He just couldn't resist getting one last Jump Scare on Spike for his own amusement.

Fanfic.The New Era Mortal Kombat Vs Marvel Universe (Edit link)

Fanfic.The New Retcons (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Claire's mother. She was found dead with a smile on her face while waiting to go Christmas shopping with Claire.

Fanfic.The North Remembers (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile:
    • Jorah Mormont, dying by the wounds inflicted to him by Daario, blows the Valyrian horn to free the dragons from Victarion's control. He sees Daenerys running to his side and smiles, happy to have been in her service.
    • In Chapter 106, after having made amends with his brother and finally redeemed himself in the eyes of history, Jaime peacefully succumbs to his wounds with a smile on his face.

Fanfic.The Power Of The Equinox (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: As Cadance is about to be killed by Dimmed Star (who doesn't know yet that the Cadance she's been interacting with is an impostor), she decides to spend her last living moment smiling and with her fondest memories in her mind. Fortunately, choosing to recite the little song she used to sing with Twilight prevents Dimmed Star from killing her.

Fanfic.The Road To Cydonia (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Tetsuya does this he even to the point of joking about his eventual fate.

Fanfic.The Second Try (Edit link)

Fanfic.The Symbol Of Peace And Justice (Edit link)

In the world of My Hero Academia, a Pro Hero named Visionary has experienced visions of a future full of darkness and despair. Seeking a way to avoid it, he has gathered seven spheres to summon a giant magical dragon of legends, to whom he wishes for a hero to come to his world, one who can become a beacon of hope for the people and an example for future heroes to follow. Once his wish is granted, the villain army chasing him catches up, and he lets himself smile one more time before bracing for the inevitable, knowing that his duty is done...

Fanfic.Through The Looking Glass A Spider Man Noir And Spider Gwen Crossover (Edit link)

  • Face Death with Dignity: Bullseye. Twice. First when he chooses to Go Out with a Smile when Matt Murdock kills him and the second when he refuses Noir's offer to come back to life with him and decides to face his eternity in Hell without running.

Fanfic.Truth And Consequences (Edit link)

Fanfic.Two Worlds One Loved One (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Launchpad only has time to smile at Darkwing before succumbing to his injuries.

Fanfic.Type 2 Hero (Edit link)

Fanfic.Vault Hunters Wanted (Edit link)

  • Anti-Villain: Many examples of these, as a good chunk of characters are villains anyway
    • From the initial story, Lieutenant General Ciruolo. Doesn't seem to enjoy working for the bad guys, mainly doing it since it's his job. Openly despises Maliwan due to their pretentiousness, and is Affably Evil, as he engages with casual conversation before his fight with the Vault Hunters. To top it off, he delivers a Dare to Be Badass speech to the Vault Hunters that inspires them to finish him off, all while smiling.
    • The first DLC adds a lot more. Dragola and Brittlebine are social outcasts that are Punch-Clock Villains at best, being perfectly polite and peaceful when not in a fight. Stan is an honorable knight and Affably Evil to a point, though his Undying Loyalty to Mr. Vangorium means he will never question his orders, no matter how many lines they cross. Elena Tear is a repressed Blood Knight who only fights to maintain a paycheck to support her girlfriend Paige, though she still loves fighting with a passion regardless. Nitro, a downright Designated Villain, never once crossed the Moral Event Horizon and is extremely Affably Evil, offering drinks to Wolfenstein before their fight and complimenting on his form during their battle, with his only (maybe?) negative quality being a Spirited Competitor to any tough opponents. Jackal Cash is Affably Evil and is Just Following Orders, as Mr. Vangorium more or less can control wherever he lives or dies, due to the occult ritual Jackal as a part of, and does not enjoy his job at all.
      • Hell, even Masher is like this. He does enjoy pissing other people off with his Jerkass behavior and the violence, but he really only does it to support his little brother, who has large medical bills he must pay. Doesn't justify any of the crap he does or has done, but at least makes him a bit more 3-D compared to his original impact in the story.
    • The second DLC had the likes of Bastien De La Fontaine and Peter Gorman, who are in it only for the fights and the opportunity to have a meaningful death for the other. In fact, Bastien even joins the Vault Hunters in their attack against Cassius later on, with his assistant Swarna.

Fanfic.Welcome To Sand Hands (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Happens to you in one ending if you go to the future and fight the spy in the oil slick.

Fanfic.Wind Monk Banishment (Edit link)

Fanfic.Winter War (Edit link)

Fanfic.Yuyukos Wonderful Midnight Snack Tour (Edit link)

Farscape.Tropes D To G (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Beautifully done in "Icarus Abides": After absorbing a lethal amount of radiation, Crichton (one of them) delivers one of the most heartbreaking lines in the series: "Don't worry about me, I've never felt better."

Film.A Dogs Purpose (Edit link)

Film.AI Artificial Intelligence (Edit link)

Film.A New Hope (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Obi-Wan sees that Luke, Han, and Leia have the perfect opportunity to sneak aboard the Millenium Falcon and escape since all the stormtroopers who were guarding the ship are now watching the duel between himself and Vader. Obi-Wan then gives Vader a small grin before throwing the fight and letting Vader cut him down.

Film.A New Hope (Edit link)

  • Heroic Sacrifice: Obi-Wan allows Vader to kill him so Luke will leave the Death Star. Since Obi-Wan knows he'll live on in the universe's afterlife, he decides to Go Out with a Smile.

Film.Alibi1929 (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Danny dies listening to music only he can hear after Tommy promises to get Chick.

Film.Alice Through The Looking Glass (Edit link)

  • Face Death with Dignity: Cheshire simply grins and quips "Time's up!" as he is overwhelmed by rust in the climax. He gets better, of course.

Film.As It Is In Heaven (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Daniel suffers another heart attack near the end of the film, and goes to a bathroom in an attempt to steady himself, but he ends up falling over and hitting his head on a pipe beneath the sink, leaving him lying on the floor and unable to get up as he bleeds profusely from a head wound. It is left deliberately ambigous as to whether he actually dies from this, but the last thing he hears before he loses consciousness is his choir harmonising over loudspeakers, and the sound makes him smile a serene and peaceful smile even as he appears to bleed out.

Film.Big Bad Wolves (Edit link)

Film.Black Swan (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Nina smiles in bliss as she bleeds out on a mattress at the end of the ballet. Word of God says she doesn't actually die, but the film leaves it open.

Film.Blade II (Edit link)

  • Alas, Poor Villain: The death of Nomak, who was driven to kill his father out of revenge for making him the first Reaper. In a final battle, he is stabbed in the heart and chooses to drive the blade in further to end his suffering. Tellingly, he does so with a smile.

Film.Blade Runner 2049 (Edit link)

Film.Bliss2019 (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Once she finishes her masterpiece, Dezzy grins and seems to accept her fate as the sun rises.

Film.Braveheart (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: William Wallace smiles during his final moment. He sees the spirit of his dead wife among the crowd smiling at him as he is being brutally tortured to death.

Film.Broken Blossoms (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: After being beaten up by her father, Lucy tries to force herself to smile one last time. Upon death, however, her smile relaxes and she dies with her eyes open.

Film.Cool Hand Luke (Edit link)

Film.Deadpool2 (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: In the second stinger, Ryan Reynolds has a big, happy, oh-so-satisifed smile, elated over becoming another superhero actor. He's still wearing the smile when Deadpool puts a hole in his head.

Film.Death Note Light Up The New World (Edit link)

  • Famous Last Words:
    • "I'm awesome, huh, Beppo?" Sakura Aoi
    • "A message for L's successor. Kira has already eliminated 3 "Death Note" holders. Now it's the 4th holder's turn. Kira is God. Humans cannot defy God." Kenichi Mikuriya
    • "'Tōto Matsuda. At 4 pm, he enters the room, led by Kira, then shoots himself with a smile.'" Tōto Matsudanote 
    • "Go on." Misa Amane
    • "Aren't humans funny?" Yūki Shien
    • "You wrote my brother's name in a 'Death Note'. He was a criminal but he was my only family! Goodbye." Shō Nanase/Ayana Shirato
    • "I wanted to protect what's important to you. Goodbye." Arma
    • "Adios, Mishima." Ryuzaki/Masayuki Arai

Film.Die Another Day (Edit link)

Film.Django Unchained (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: After Schultz shoots Candie, he realizes that he'll be killed himself by Candie's bodyguard in a moment. He apologizes to Django with a smile and a shrug.

Film.Doctor Sleep (Edit link)

  • Adaptational Badass: The True Knot in general.
    • Crow Daddy dies the same way as Ombra in Us, being catapulted through a windscreen and into a tree, rather than being forced to turn a gun on himself by Abra's superior mental powers. He dies being taunted by Abra the same way Rose does in the book.
    • Snakebite Andi, rather than screaming the name of her abusive father as she is tortured to death, manages to pull a Taking You with Me and goes out with a smile.
    • Rose is much less easily provoked and manipulated and mostly reacts with Tranquil Fury to the deaths of her comrades. In the final showdown, she effortlessly brushes aside all of Dan and Abra's attempts at tricking or capturing her, corners Dan on the stairs in the same way his father did his mother in the book and while in the book she was taken down by the combined efforts of Dan, Abra and Jack Torrance, in this, Dan unleashes all of the monsters of the Overlook Hotel from their prison in his mind and they consume her before turning their attention to him.

Film.Donnie Darko (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Donnie dies at the end while laughing hysterically, presumably out of relief that he has fulfilled his role as the Living Receiver.

Film.Downsizing (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Lan Tran's friend dies with a huge smile on her face due to being high on painkillers.

Film.Firefox (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: After watching Gant fly away in the plane they've been working to steal, Pavel smiles, then shoots himself.

Film.Florence Foster Jenkins (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Florence passes away, content in the fact that while she's ultimately a figure of mockery, she still accomplished her dream of performing Carnegie Hall and brought some degree of happiness to others.

Film.Galaxy Quest (Edit link)

Film.Ghost Dog The Way Of The Samurai (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Ghost Dog dies happy that he remained loyal to both his boss and his own principles.

Film.Golden Eye (Edit link)

Film.Gozu (Edit link)

Film.Gozu (Edit link)

Film.Halloween III Season Of The Witch (Edit link)

Film.He Who Gets Slapped (Edit link)

Film.Himala (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Elsa seemingly gives a faint smile before finally succumbing to the gunshot wound on her chest.

Film.Hussar Ballad (Edit link)

  • Face Death with Dignity: Vincento is killed when the battle is almost won, and his final words are a calm comment on how the French general holds true to his promise to shoot him.

Film.I Remember Mama (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Uncle Chris dies peacefully in his bed after a final drink. Lampshaded by Mama when she urges Katrin to go and see the dead uncle for his happy look.

Film.Ikiru (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Watanabe dies, sitting on a swing in the park that he gave his last days to create, in the snow, quietly singing his favorite song to himself.

Film.Just Buried (Edit link)

Film.Kal Ho Naa Ho (Edit link)

Film.Kamen Rider Amazons The Last Judgement (Edit link)

Film.Kamen Rider The Next (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Ichimonji at the end of the Director's Cut of the film. As he dies in a cabaret club, he thinks to himself that he's really lived a good life.

Film.Kick Ass (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Big Daddy. So what if he's rather crispy, his daughter's safe and has made him proud!

Film.Kill Bill (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: It takes a real man to admit he is wrong, forgive the love of his life for killing him, and to tell her that she is a decent human being with a loving smile before gracefully walking to his death. Manliness, thy name is Bill.

Film.Kill List (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: All of the targets smile and thank Jay before he kills them and Shel smiles and laughs before her death at the end of the film, subverting the usual "die happy" or "die in peace" implications of the trope. It's disturbing and this serves as one of the first major indications that something distinctly off is happening.

Film.LA Confidential (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Jack's famous line after he gets shot. He's chuckling because he knows what's in store for his killer.

Film.Last Clear Chance (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: But only because Frank and Betty are oblivious to the danger of the oncoming train. They are presumably still waving back at Alan and smiling at the instant the train strikes the car.

Film.Les Miserables 2012 (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Fantine, after hearing that Valjean will take care of her daughter, dies smiling.

Film.Let There Be Light 2017 (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Katy's last words are "It's so beautiful..." implying that it's heaven what she's seeing.

Film.Life Itself (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: His wife Chaz describes his passing as very quiet and simple, with him just looking at her and the kids and smiling.

Film.Love Story (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Jenny retains her trademark sarcastic wit even in the last moments of her life.

Film.Mad Max Fury Road (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: The Keeper of the Seeds after being mortally wounded in the final battle.

Film.Mad Max Fury Road (Edit link)

  • Secretly Dying:
    • Immortan Joe. He's weak of breath, needs help walking, and has attendants caring to scars or boils on his back. He disguises this to his followers by donning muscular-looking armor whenever in public. Even his attendants might not realize the state of his health, considering how Brainwashed and Crazy they are. It doesn't help that neither of his sons are fit to rule in his stead; Rictus is too stupid, Corpus too physically weak.
    • The Keeper of the Seeds, after being mortally wounded in the co-driver seat of the War Rig. She manages to take out the Mook who stabbed Furiosa before peacefully going out with a smile.

Film.Maleficent Mistress Of Evil (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Before her body disintegrates into ashes, Maleficent smiled at Aurora after taking the blow from Queen Ingrith's arrow.

Film.Man Of Steel (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Jonathan Kent smiles reassuringly at Clark just before the tornado takes him.

Film.Man Of Tai Chi (Edit link)

Film.Mom (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: DK is shot by Jagan, after offending him too many times. His smug expression before collapsing suggests that he managed to get the last word in, dying with dignity but not without cracking one last joke at the thug's expense.

Film.Mr Deeds (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Preston Blake did. And, because he died from being frozen, it was permanently stuck to his face.

Film.Night And The City (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Played Straight with Gregorious. Downplayed with Harry. Who dies screaming, but happily believed that Mary would be taken care of.

Film.Patriot Games (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Ned Clark goes out with a vague grin after being fatally shot when Jack demands Miller's location from him. It immediately clues him in to where Miller plans to strike next.

Film.Rabies (Edit link)

  • Face Death with Dignity/Go Out with a Smile: When Tali wakes up from her brief nap with Ofer and finds out he’s dead and she’s surrounded by smoke and fire, she cries a little at first, but soon rests her head on his chest with a smile, waiting to die with him.

Film.Rampage2009 (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: At the end of President Down, Bill is satisfied that he slaughtered every single policeman, FBI agent and SWAT officer sent to go assassinate him. He goes to sit down next to a tree and peacefully dies with a smile.

Film.Richard III (Edit link)

Film.Samurai III Duel At Ganryu Island (Edit link)

Film.Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World (Edit link)

Film.Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World (Edit link)

Film.Seven Psychopaths (Edit link)

Film.Seven Swords (Edit link)

Film.Space Battleship Yamato (Edit link)

Film.Special Female Force (Edit link)

Film.Stormbreaker (Edit link)

Film.Terminator 2 Judgment Day (Edit link)

Film.The Chronicles Of Riddick 2004 (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: The Purifier cheerfully commits suicide by strolling into the lethal sunlight of Crematoria with a faint but noticeable smile on his face. Even Riddick was shocked.

Film.The Dark Knight Rises (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Talia al Ghul dies with a smile, satisfied that Gotham will be destroyed because the heroes can't reattach the nuke to the reactor.

Film.The Day After (Edit link)

  • Too Dumb to Live: There's some cases where people are so in denial about the pending nuclear attacks that they try to continue on with life as usual—
    • Eve Dahlberg stubbornly continues to do housework until she's dragged down to the cellar by force.
    • In a combination with Death by Sex, the Hendrys had sex as the nuclear war began. If you're going to die anyway, might as well Go Out with a Smile!

Film.The Front Line (Edit link)

Film.The Hunchback Of Notre Dame 1956 (Edit link)

Film.The Last Jedi (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Luke becomes one with the Force, content with his life and legacy after stalling the First Order and making amends with Leia, spending his last moments looking at the twin suns of Ahch-To.

Film.The Last Temptation Of Christ (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Jesus grins ecstatically after the final temptation: "It is accomplished!"

Film.The Lord Of The Rings The Return Of The King (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Several.
    • Theoden dies on the battlefield, satisfied that he could die a warrior's death and reclaim the honour that Saruman took from him. He's also happy that the last thing he saw was his beloved niece alive and well.
    • At the very end, anyone who takes the ship to the Undying Lands is shown in a much warmer light. Elrond looks relieved that he can finally ascend, the aged Bilbo shows a spark of his youthfulness, Gandalf's final words to tha hobbits aren't the doom-and-gloom that he'd grown into the habit of giving and Frodo loses all signs of trauma.

Film.The Magnificent Seven 2016 (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile:
    • One of the Seven goes out this way. To be specific, Faraday dies giving one last Grin of Audacity before blowing up the Gatling gun.
    • Jack Horne also seems quite at peace when he dies.

Film.The Man Who Would Be King (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile:
    • The epitome of Stiff Upper Lip, Danny and Peachy are like this each time they believe their death is imminent. They're even saved when their laughing causes an avalanche. In the end Danny sings his marching song to the end.
    • Billy Fish is all smiles as he charges to his pointless death.

Film.The Martian (Edit link)

Film.The Mummy 1999 (Edit link)

Film.The Muppet Christmas Carol (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: The Ghost of Christmas Present begins to vanish into nothingness, much to the devastation of Scrooge who pleads him to stay. The Ghost though remains jolly and upbeat right to the very last bitter second, perhaps offering some hopeful optimism to Scrooge as the two are forced to part ways.

Film.The Substitute (Edit link)

Film.The Tall Blond Man With One Black Shoe (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Government intelligence high-up Bernard Milan gets shot along with a bunch of operatives - when he finds out the title character everyone was shooting each other over was just a decoy set up by his long-time agency rival, he manages to laugh about it as he's dying.

Film.The Wandering Earth (Edit link)

Film.The Wandering Earth (Edit link)

Film.They Live (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: The last we see of Nada before we cut away is him using his last breaths to flip off the aliens that shot him with a smile on his face.

Film.They Shoot Horses Dont They (Edit link)

Film.Thir13en Ghosts (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: In a sense. Dennis doesn't actually die smiling, but, when he later appears as a ghost, he seems a lot more content and at peace then when he was alive. This is because he no longer had to suffer the constant barrage of horrifying and grotesque imagery his psychic powers gave him.

Film.Train To Busan (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile:
    • Seok-woo smiles dying, remembering the joy he felt holding newborn Su-an in his arms.
    • In-Gil, who helped Su-An get away, smiles at her sister before she allows herself to be killed.

Film.Train To Busan (Edit link)

  • Hallucinations: Implied to occur in the final stages of the infection.
    • First shown when Seok-woo's mother is bitten and she reverts to her suppressed resentment of Su-an's mother.
    • And later shown again when Young-suk reverts to a childhood memory of being lost and scared, asking to be taken back to his mother's house while calling Seok-woo "mister" and giving his home address like a lost child.
    • Seok-woo, then on the verge of succumbing to the infection, recalls the times when he saw Su-an as a newborn. As the happiest memory of his life, Seok-woo falls out of the train to his death with a smile.

Film.Tron (Edit link)

Film.Tron (Edit link)

  • I Knew There Was Something About You: Ram figures out that there's something strange about Flynn from the beginning. When he's dying, he flat out asks Flynn "Are you a User?" Flynn's confirmation allows him to Go Out with a Smile, happy to not only be right in his suspicions, but knowing that the Users exist and one is there to help.

Film.True Romance (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: More with a laugh, but damn if Clifford's speech about the Sicilians isn't one for him.

Film.Two Thousand Ten The Year We Make Contact (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Dave Bowman's mother is shown in a hospital bed, having suffered a stroke and still in a coma. Suddenly, she jerks up with a look of rapturous joy as a hairbrush rises and brushes her hair. She then settles back with a smile as her monitor flatlines.

Film.Uncut Gems (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Howard gets shot in the head and killed instantly in the midst of probably the biggest gambling high of his entire life, and even as a corpse he has a contented smile on his face. It's likely he got killed before he could even register that there was a gun in his face.

Film.What Lies Beneath (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Madison's spirit, having avenged her own death, gives a small, peaceful smile as she floats through the lake.

Film.X Men The Last Stand (Edit link)

Film.Zardoz (Edit link)

FireEmblemAwakening.Tropes F To L (Edit link)

  • Face Death with Dignity:
    • Emmeryn willingly and serenely walks to their death, with a smile too.
    • The Avatar also faces their death with a smile if they chose to sacrifice themselves to kill Grima.

FireEmblemAwakening.Tropes F To L (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Emmeryn.
    • Also, the Avatar, if you decide to give your life to kill Grima.
    • Henry too, if he dies in battle. Then again, he's always smiling.

Fridge.A New Hope (Edit link)

  • Obi-Wan's Heroic Sacrifice becomes so much more meaningful in light of Revenge of the Sith. What was Anakin's Fatal Flaw? Not being able to confront death, and being so afraid that he would rather pull a Face–Heel Turn than accept the death of someone he loves. Obi-Wan's last action was a lesson to both of his students-trying to avert this with Luke, and also by completely destroying Anakin's thanatophobianote  by not only sacrificing himself, but doing so willingly and contentedly, showing that there are far worse things than dying.

Fridge.Avengers Infinity War (Edit link)

  • There's been a few interpretations of Wanda and her expression while vanishing that she's not entirely upset with dying since, on top of everything she's been through, she'll be Together in Death with Vision. If so, this also applies to the other most important loved one she’s lost at the hands of the enemy: her brother Pietro.

Fridge.Stargirl2020 (Edit link)

  • In a way, Joey Zarick's death makes sense from both a meta and narrative standpoint. The other children of the ISA (Cameron, Henry Jr, Cindy, and Artemis), are established characters in the comics who each continue their parents' legacies as supervillains, and it appears that they're destined to follow the same path in the shownote , with Cindy being the first to make the transition. Joey, on the other hand, has no comic book equivalent, and since he isn't destined to become an established villain/hero like the other children, he can be killed off for the sake of the story without invoking Not His Sled.
    • In a strange way, the death of Henry King Jr also makes strange sense both meta-wise and narratively. Though not a Canon Foreigner like the above, his character has a very unfortunate path of becoming a hero and Redeeming Replacement, only to succumb to dark impulses and later villainy due to mental illness. This story is quite bleak and potentially upsetting, but it's also the only direction his character really has to go down. As well as that, Society Marches On and since then, becoming evil because you're "crazy" is now seen as a very offensive way to portray mental illness, so following that story could potentially lead to the show being hit with complaints of Unfortunate Implications. So, instead having him Go Out with a Smile and under heroic circumstances saving others not only lets his story end on a more positive note than it did in the comics, while avoiding having to adapt an upsetting story or coming up with a completely new one.
      • Additionally, there's a reason not just one, but several of his abilities are listed under Story-Breaker Power. If Henry were to survive and grow into his powers, he could probably take out the entire ISA single-handed from a distance, as well as any future threats. In a 'verse where psychics and therefore psychic block defenses are practically unknown, he's unfortunately way too much of a game-breaker. It's probably the same reason they had to kill off the Wizard, as well. Even a low-scale Reality Warper is no joke if they're enough of a Combat Pragmatist.

Fridge.Tales Of Symphonia (Edit link)

  • In the manga version of Zelos' backstory, when his mother is killed, the manga seems to draw it so it looks like his mother is Taking the Bullet for him. If you didn't already know what she was going to say next, this makes her Famous Last Words even more shocking and horrifying than they already were, since it looks like she's taken the bullet for Zelos, only for her to suddenly tell him "You should never have been born". THAT'S the Fridge Horror. The Brilliance is that, while Zelos' mother is saying her last words, she's smiling, although it's not a very pleasant one. It appears Zelos wasn't the only Stepford Smiler in the family...

FullmetalAlchemist.Tropes G To P (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile:
    • Sloth. "Living is too much effort", indeed.
    • Also Buccaneer, who died along with Fu to finally wound King Bradley. Manly Tears were shed.
    • Chapter 105, Bradley, while saying that his life had been a good life.
    • In chapter 106, Kimblee, who helps Ed defeat Pride by restricting his movement, is seen doing this just before fading away.
    • Chapter 108, Hohenheim dies happily in front of Trisha's grave. Greed dies smiling after realizing he has friends.

FullmetalAlchemist.Tropes Q To Z (Edit link)

Funny.Adventure Time (Edit link)

Funny.Golden Eye (Edit link)

Funny.Happy Tree Friends (Edit link)

Funny.Kamen Rider OOO (Edit link)

Funny.Killer Instinct (Edit link)

  • Kilgore, Fulgore's predacessor, has its intro framed as its activation sequence. However, it seems self-aware of its issues, and in response to its miniguns jamming, it actually stares at them, starts shaking them angrily, and flares its chestplate in frustration before taking a proper stance.
    • Kilgore's Ultimate has it fire a huge rocket and hold it's foe for the impact, exploding just before the impact. The result? One dazed Kilgore, getting itself back up. As for it's foe...they generally deliver either an Oh, Crap! face (Kim Wu's in particular stand's out) an This Is Gonna Suck face, with Saberwulf, Riptor, Rash, and both sides of Eyedol being most noticeable. Kan-Ra however, Goes with a evil smile instead

Funny.Noah (Edit link)

  • Methuselah's Running Gag about berries. Even after sitting in his cave for 10 years, he's still waiting to have some come his way! The gag crosses into Black Comedy territory when he finally finds one right before the flood hits. He doesn't mind it, however.

Funny.Roblox (Edit link)

  • The Roblox death animation is quite funny. Your player will lose their accessories, and fall to pieces (literally) like a Lego video game character. The best part is how the player's expression never changes, meaning you'll find a decapitated head with usually a smiley face.

GameOfThrones.Tropes G To K (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Ygritte dies in Jon's arms with a faint smile and one last utterance of her catch phrase. It's still visible on her face even as Jon lights her funeral pyre.

GoneHorriblyRight.Live Action Films (Edit link)

  • In Full Metal Jacket, Gunnery Sergeant Hartman's goal for his group of Vietnam War recruits is to turn each man into a remorseless, killing machine. He gets irritated with Private Leonard "Gomer Pyle" Lawrence for figuratively and literally (he's on the overweight side) failing to pull his weight, but eventually after he becomes The Load of the group and gets tortured in a blanket party, Lawrence starts excelling with his gunmanship in great bounds that even take Hartman by surprise. However, his increase in skill came with a progressive downward spiral of mental well-being until he winds up completely batshit insane but at the same time everything Hartman wanted him to be. He ends up killing Hartman, but does immediately kill himself afterwards since he knows of the repercussions.
    • As an extra detail, in the novel, Hartman lies bleeding from his gunshot wound and actually expresses satisfaction that he managed to turn Pyle into a cold-blooded, ruthless killer before Pyle finishes him.

GravityFalls.Tropes F To O (Edit link)

  • Face Death with Dignity: Stan's memories and mental self is wiped out during the series finale but since it also destroys Bill Cipher, Stan's internal avatar goes out smiling, knowing that he was able to protect Dipper and Mabel.

Headscratchers.Hogfather (Edit link)

  • Why does Death save the little match girl? What's so bad in getting to bloody Heaven? She would've gotten there, angels were coming for her. He gives her the present of a future... yeah, a future of poverty and misery.
    • I think it's in keeping with the overall deconstruction of Christmas and in particularly the sentimentality surrounding it and stories. From one viewpoint, The Little Match Girl is kind of horrible — take away the sentimentality and the 'getting into Heaven' bit (and the original, intentionally or not, is a bit ambiguous regarding that as well), and what you're left with is a poor, homeless, orphaned little girl being tormented by hallucinations about the wealth of everyone around her as she freezes to death in the snow. And as Albert unwittingly points out, we're kind of using that little girl's death in the snow to make us feel better about ourselves (yeah, we might not have much — but at least we're not The Little Match Girl!). Yeah, she may live in poverty and misery now — but she's only a little girl, and she deserves to have the chance to grow up and at least look for and maybe even find happiness, not to just be a sentimental cautionary tale. If she's good, she'll still get into Heaven someday, but arguably later's better than sooner in this case.
    • Don't forget that Death drops the kid off with the Watch, and he says he'll be checking in on her in the future. He's not just making her not die, he's putting her in the hands of people who can really help her.
      • The Watch also has a large fund for widows and orphans. Presumably it's intended for the widows and orphans of fallen officers, but you can be the one to try explaining that to Sam Vimes in this case.
    • Of course, if you take away the "getting into Heaven" bit, the story is horrible. But Hogfather didn't take that away - the angels appear, and Albert throws snowballs at them. If they made it ambiguous, saying that she might be better of dying, I could understand Death's rage over it better. But I really don't think the original is ambiguous over this: "[Her grandmother] took the little girl in her arms, and they both flew upwards in brightness and joy far above the earth, where there was neither cold nor hunger nor pain, for they were with God." Where's ambiguity in that? But I digress.
    • In-universe explanation is that on the Disc the afterlife is pretty crap for anyone that isn't a Feegle. Out-universe Pterry and most of his fans tend not to put much faith in deities. Being one with a god isn't half as good as actually living your life.
    • And as Death points out, it would have helped a lot more if the angels had come before the little girl froze to death, not after. They certainly have more than enough carrying capacity, as he points out, and coming after her death just isn't helpful at all.
    • If you asked the grandmother from the original story if she'd rather someone had come by and saved the girl's life, do you really think she'd have said no?
    • This being Discworld, there are multiple Heavens, and each Heaven is not necessarily as nice as the Real Life Heaven is supposed to be. The specific Heaven she was headed for was one populated entirely by angels who would deliberately refuse to save a little girl from death , not because they weren't powerful enough, but because they thought her death would make a better story. It kinda makes sense that Death - who loves and cares about humanity - would be livid at such blatant sociopathy by supposedly-superior beings.
    • Hogfather is all about life and its significance - Death's story about the little red flower, his speech to Susan about the uncaring universe. The various explanations for the winter festival - sacrifice, hoping winter will end soon (and therefore life will get easier). The irony of Death being the champion of life. The bad guys hate life because they find it messy. The good guys are on the side of life for life's sake. Of course he saves the girl.
    • Who else is better equipped to champion life but the being tasked with taking it away? It's his responsibility to reap the souls of untold millions, if not billions. If someone presented you with a starving, freezing orphan girl and gave you a gun and directions to a shelter for her, what would you do if they told you that killing her is the only option? You may argue that it's a mercy kill but Death does not really have that option, only an obligation.
      • At that moment in time, Death wasn't Death, he was the Hogfather. Therefore he was imbued with his power.
    • Because leaving her to die would have been a dick's move. Besides, Death had just spent hours giving the kids what they wanted, even though he wasn't meant to, he wasn't about to say 'Yes, I'll let you die even though I could do differently'. And besides, after Albert explained why he should let her die, he was full of pissed-off, righteous indignation.
    • Sorry, friends, but the only real explanation is this: In fiction and real life, it has always been the tradition to believe both that people who die go to heaven and that it's a tragedy when people die. It's illogical, but that's how it always works. You might as well ask why it's considered a success when somebody's life is saved, considering that they'll die eventually anyway.
    • I am certain other people than Feegles can get a good afterlife on the Disc, such as Teach, Doctor Undershaft, Mrs. Flitworth and a few others. But, putting that aside:
    • The story of the matchgirl is, unsurprisingly, going to be viewed differently by atheists than religious people. But one thing about it is indisputable - the story promotes a passive acceptance of suffering, which is a pretty horrible thing. Both the girl and the reader are supposed to acquiesce to the fact that the girl is dying, for no fault of her own, not from sickness, or an accident, or old age, but just poverty, which is and should be a remediable condition. Not only is the message - for the girl and the reader - 'death is the best you can get', but also there is a message for everyone else (because nobody comes to help the girl, even though she looks into other people's houses, so there are other more fortunate people) - 'you do not need to help others, you can let them die and that's a good deed, because they go to heaven'. If that isn't horrible, I don't know what is. In Hogfather, Death on the other hand gives the lesson in active, constructive kindness, as he gets her what she needs - care, protection by honest people, a warm meal - as well as the feeling of security ('I may well be checking up later.') He puts the real, tangible and vivacious happiness of life above the indefinite, vague and static afterlife.
    • I'm sorry, you're trying to tell me that Hans Christian Andersen was against charity, kindness, and social welfare? The man was very depressed and troubled. He wrote a story about a pathetic little girl who is helpless to change her fate, to whom the world is cruel, because that's what he perceived of life. He tried to console himself, his readers, and the girl by giving her a happy afterlife with her grandmother.
    • Maybe a better way to put it is that Terry isn't against Hans Christian Andersen, but against the way that most people (who don't think about its implications very hard) interpret the story that he wrote as some kind of heartwarming tale without any darker implications.
    • It's not the first time Death has cared for those he serves. What can the harvest hope for, if not the care of the Reaper Man?
    • It's simple, you only have to ask yourself this question: Is it in the spirit of Hogwatch to let little girl freeze to death on the street?
    • Of course getting to Heaven is a good thing. You know what else is good, though? Getting the chance to live a full, happy life. As mentioned before, Death brings the little match girl to the Watch, who we know have a significant allowance for the care of Watch widows and orphans. It's entirely plausible that when the Grim Reaper handed over a nearly-frozen orphan girl, left instructions to take care of her, and suggested he would be back to make sure those instructions were followed, it was decided to add the match girl to the list of children supported by that allowance. Also, remember that Death was caught up in the spirit of Christmas and goodwill and all that. Saving a small child's life and giving them a chance at a better one is a pretty unambiguously "good" act, and Death wanted to be good. For Hogswatch, anyway.
    • She could live a full, happy life in Heaven. This is part of the larger problem of writing a story about the anthropomorphic personification of something that does not exist in the setting. People do not die on the Discworld, they go somewhere else. The only difference with the Tooth Fairy's castle is the corpses.
    • That's not correct at all. People do, in fact, die on the Discworld. This book is about, you know, Death. It's never, at all, ever said that people just "go somewhere else" on the Discworld. They explicitly die.
    • The idea that seems to come up most often when discussing Death in these books is that once you're dead, you're done. You can still be *happy*, but your life is over — you have no more possibilities, and can't accomplish anything, grow, change, or do any of the things that constitute a real life. Death is stasis — which means that even if the girl just goes to Heaven, she's still being robbed of having a real life (which is arguably the most important thing that anyone can have). Just being *happy* isn't the same thing as "living."
    • That doesn't seem to be true. Mr. Tulip (who is, admittedly, a very unusual case) can feel "really -ing sorry" after his death, and at least partially redeems himself. Brutha continues to help people. Vorbis is being helped on the way through the desert. Ms. Lejean is ready for new experiences. Some people are reincarnated (e.g., "Bjorn again"). And so on and so forth. Discworld death definitely isn't always a stasis.
    • Stasis or not, benevolent or not, the afterlife isn't something people should be counting on to make up for a dismal, abbreviated Discly life. Life is to be cherished and made the most of, not casually discarded or muddled through as a mere prequel to what comes next; that's been part of Discworld's message ever since Cohen saved Bethan from being sacrificed to the moon goddess. Look at Djelibeybi, if you want to see how deep a rut living for the afterlife can dig for a society; better yet, ask Brutha what he thinks about the fate of the Little Match Girl, and you can bet he'd tell you: "Here and now, we are alive".
    • The Disc seems to have three main outcomes of being dead: reincarnation, Hell, or walking the desert. We never, to the best of this troper's recollection, see or get told what's on the other side of the desert. Even Death doesn't seem to have much of an idea what's over there.
    • Heaven is open forever, but you only have one life. If you do not value your life, then you shoul kill yourself right now. If you are afraid of divine punishment for suicide, you can gift all your belongings to others and die on the street like the little match girl did. Of course, I do not mean that seriously. Neither does Pratchett. Pratchett often calls bullsh*t and mercilessly parodies these stories that beg for your admiration but in fact include a nasty lesson at the core. In fact, watch Albert's interpretation of the story in the same book: "Little match girls dying in the snow is part of what the Hogswatch spirit is all about, master. I mean, people hear about it and say, ‘We may be poorer than a disabled banana and only have mud and old boots to eat, but at least we’re better off than the poor little match girl,’ master. It makes them feel happy and grateful for what they’ve got, see.” That is a rather nasty interpretation of the tale, too. It basically tells you that what many people experience over these tales is in fact schadenfreude - ie. they can feel better about themselves as long as they know that someone is doing worse. Andersen was pretty fond of these deus ex machina endings - compare the original ending of The Little Mermaid - where everything ends in tragedy, but because God will reward suffering in the afterlife is is All Fine. Pratchett does not believe in that sort of defeatism - his characters like Susan particularly hate it and promote a "help yourself" attitude. If Pratchett would write a book with the Little Match Girl as the protagonist, then the match girl would immediately realize that waiting in the snow was a ticket for death, and expecting her father who's forcing her to sell matches to ever treat her better is pointless. The little match girl would go around banging on people's doors until someone gave her a lowly job, work her way up to become a self-supporting woman, run away from the city, marry, and visit her father's grave some 30 years later only to spit on it. And she would be happy and strong and self-sufficient, all of which wouldn't have happened if she was just waiting around for God's miracle to happen. That's the kind of hero Pratchett would write.
    • If "being dead and in Heaven" (which in itself is a rather uncertain prospect on the Discworld) were really so great and actually preferable options to life, I'd just don't get why most people are trying so hard to live on. Actually it can be rather safely presumed that the Andersen's 1845 original story was originally a massive Take That! to the hypocrites who left the little girl die in the first place (with a period appropriate Happy Ending in heaven slapped on), which - after some period of being Christmas time media staple - gained lot of "Feel Good" Misaimed Fandom.
    • To offer a possible conclusion to all of this, the point is not and never was to deny the girl a place in heaven, just to allow her to live first. Heaven will always be waiting for her assuming she remains on a path of goodness in the long run where as life is a singular event. Now admittedly the singularity of life has some flexibility on the Discworld but speaking general terms humans only get a single chance to live and experience things before eternity in Heaven which is considered preferable to immediate death. In terms of religion as a social structure this serves the function of preventing suicide cult mentalities in what is intended to be a globe spanning organization. In the context of the specific story though Death is pointing out the inherent unfairness and cruelty of a life cut short by the apathy of others combined with its use as a feel good story when anyone freezing to death should not be considered a positive event for any reason. By saving the Little Match Girl he allows her a chance to grow and experience the world before going to heaven anyway, thus giving her a great gift compared to such a cut short life.

Headscratchers.Noah (Edit link)

  • Isn't it a Broken Aesop that, despite all the film's environmental screeds and the emphasis on how every individual animal on the Ark is priceless, old Methuselah - supposedly a paragon of wisdom and grace - scours the forest until he can find and eat the last berry on Earth? Berries are seeds, after all, so he's most likely nomming a species right down into extinction just like the Cainites have been doing. And not even for his own survival, but just so he can Go Out with a Smile.
    • Possibly the Creator made those berries pop up spontaneously as a gift, in recognition of Methuselah's past heroism, much like He made those little white flowers appear to Noah. Plus, the plants are generally assumed to survive the Flood underwater, so that berry bush could sprout another crop in a couple of months' time.

Headscratchers.Undertale (Edit link)

  • Not to shove a way of thinking down anyone's throat, but the Narrator Chara theory just seems to make the most sense. Chara falls into the Underground, implied by Asriel to be a Bungled Suicide. They're taken in by the Dreemurs and befriend Asriel. The "buttercups/cups of butter" incident was an accident. Chara may have "laughed it off" because laughing or smiling is thier coping mechanism, which is a common theme in the game (multiple characters laugh when they are about to die, and then there's Sans, Snowdrake, and his father, who are all implied to be Sad Clowns). Additionally, it could be that they are not conciously smiling, as agony resembles smiling despite being the exact opposite.
    Of course, they plan to get 6 human souls to break the barrier. Obviously, this is bad. But due to the nature of the barrier, it seemed like they had no other choice, as the way Asriel broke the barrier in the Pacifist Route was unprecedented. But this is usually where people begin to think of Chara as someone who only wants to kill humans because they hate them. But if Chara only wanted to kill humans, why didn't they just kill one of the Dreemurs and cross the barrier?

Heartwarming.Assassins Creed Odyssey (Edit link)

  • The "Good" ending of the Tempest storyline is still pretty heartwrenching, but it ends on a bittersweet note if you keep Kleta alive, by warning her to stay back before your final duel with the Tempest. When all is said and done, Kleta will reconcile with the mortally-wounded Tempest, allowing her to Go Out with a Smile while reassuring her mother that one day they will go sailing again, "just like we used to..."

Heartwarming.Code Prime (Edit link)

  • Chapter 35, as well:
    • Shirley manages to talk Nina out of going on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge for Euphemia's sake, helping her realize the evil of Britannia and the Decepticons, and that Euphemia and the Black Knights want to help people.
    • When Shirley decides to help Ratchet, Bumblebee, Cecile and Monica fight Hardshell, Rivalz, Milly, and Nina volunteer to help as well to repay the Autobots for saving them.
    • Cliffjumper doesn't show any fear or hesitation while shoving Luciano into a generator, instead giving Arcee and Kallen a parting smile that remains even after his death. He even promises to say hi to Naoto and Tailgate for them.

Heartwarming.Code Prime R 1 Rebellion (Edit link)

  • Chapter 35, as well:
    • Shirley manages to talk Nina out of going on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge for Euphemia's sake, helping her realize the evil of Britannia and the Decepticons, and that Euphemia and the Black Knights want to help people.
    • When Shirley decides to help Ratchet, Bumblebee, Cecile and Monica fight Hardshell, Rivalz, Milly, and Nina volunteer to help as well to repay the Autobots for saving them.
    • Cliffjumper doesn't show any fear or hesitation while shoving Luciano into a generator, instead giving Arcee and Kallen a parting smile that remains even after his death. He even promises to say hi to Naoto and Tailgate for them.

Heartwarming.Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba (Edit link)

Heartwarming.Fate Extra (Edit link)

  • Dan Blackmore's Archer didn't get much of a break in his past life as Robin Hood, and usually resorted to sneak attacks and poison. Due to Dan's chivalry, he issues a Command Seal to make sure he waited until the Elimination Round to battle. They lose, but manage to comfort one another in content; Archer was able to fight a fair battle, like a 'proper hero,' for the first time, and Dan would see his dead wife again, whom he wanted to bring back through the Grail if he had won.

Heartwarming.Fate Stay Night (Edit link)

  • Archer's smile at the end of UBW. Just like when Kiritsugu pulled Shirou out of the fire ten years prior to the story, it makes you feel like Archer might have found his own salvation in saving Rin and Shirou, and the events of the route generally, after a long existence of pain, betrayal, and bloodshed.

Heartwarming.Fire Emblem Three Houses (Edit link)

  • As sad as Dimitri's death is, if you defeat Dedue before he transforms into a Demonic Beast, he makes his way over to Dimitri and reminds Dimitri of how he saved Dedue. Dimitri then says that he's glad to hear that, and dies thinking of the person he saved, rather than his quest for revenge. Compare this with his rather undignified death at Gronder Field on Silver Snow or Verdant Wind, or his other death on this route, and this is probably the most peaceful end for Dimitri outside of his own route.

Heartwarming.Forged Destiny (Edit link)

Heartwarming.Fragments Of Chaldea (Edit link)

  • As Arash fires Stella to Go Out with a Smile, Lancelot bows underneath the starry sky to express his gratitude to Arash and bid his friend farewell.

Heartwarming.Futurama (Edit link)

Bender: Aw, what the heck. [they hug]
  • It's all the more moving when no one, not even Leela, wanted to have any physical contact with Fry after his emergence from the sewer muck.
  • From that same episode; the revelation that Mr. Astor, seeing that one of the mutant laborers had a child, wordlessly gives up his seat on the escape pod for the two of them, and waves them off with a tip of his hat and a smile. It turned out to be Leela's grandmother and her great grandmother that survived.

Heartwarming.Hellsing (Edit link)

  • Walter realizing what a fool he was for betraying his comrades, and redeeming himself by returning to the Major's zeppelin and killing Doc (the last surviving member of Millennium, and possibly the most important one after the Major) and laying Mina Harker, the vampire who was the template for all of Millennium's false vampires, before dying with a smile on his face at having finally attained peace.
    • The fact that he returns to his warm, friendly, lovable grandfatherly persona right before he dies seals it.
      • Even sweeter: As far as Walter knows, Alucard is dead and he's not far behind. Fridge Brilliance and heartwarming kicks in when you realize that Walter's last thoughts must have been that he and his vampire friend and partner, whom he's known since he was 14, are finally going to be together again.
      • In addition, Integra and Seras still remember him fondly despite what he did years later.

Heartwarming.Hellsing (Edit link)

  • Alucard's When He Smiles moment while he's sleeping in the third manga. Seras even notes that he looks like a little boy imagining the fun he's going to have tomorrow.
    • Likewise, the Captain's smile as he dies. He stays completely stoic for the entire series only to smile and laugh happily as he dies.

Heartwarming.Infamous (Edit link)

  • If you have good Karma when Trish dies, with her last words she will tell Cole she loves him and is proud of how he uses his powers for good before dying happily.

Heartwarming.Inside Out (Edit link)

Heartwarming.Justice League (Edit link)

Heartwarming.Justice League (Edit link)

Vandal Savage: Thank you, my friend.

Heartwarming.Kamen Rider Ex Aid (Edit link)

  • Graphite in his final battle with Snipe and Brave. Cronus attempts to save him to prevent Kamen Rider Chronicle from ending but Graphite won't accept that and fends Cronus off. Why? Because he lost fair and square.

Heartwarming.Lupin III Island Of Assassins (Edit link)

  • Because all she'd ever known was betrayal and life as an assassin, Ellen was withdrawn and felt she had no one she could trust. So it was pretty cool to see Lupin dial back his usual perviness, once he started to learn more about her.
    • One of the most poignant scenes, was the brief moment they shared off the island, sitting atop the hill taking in the landscape. For the first time in her life, Ellen knew what it was like to be free.
    • Later, when she'd been about to commit suicide to keep from being captured again, Lupin reminds her of her brother's sacrifice by playing the musicbox in her pendant, to give her a reason to go on living.
    • In her final moments, she thanks Lupin for the moment they shared atop the hill and said she'd treasure it always... before going limp in his arms, with a faint smile.

Heartwarming.Makai Senki Disgaea (Edit link)

  • In the final episode, when Flonne decides to Go Out with a Smile. it's both heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.
    • When Lamington is about to punish Flonne, Laharl and Etna immediately jump to her defense. They even go so far as to try physically shield her from him.

Heartwarming.Maken Ki (Edit link)

Heartwarming.Mary And Max (Edit link)

  • The final scene in the movie, with a bit of foreshadowing earlier. Max had ironed, pressed, and laminated all of Mary's letters, presumably to keep "in a special place". When Mary comes to visit, Max had died that morning, staring at the ceiling with a contented smile frozen on his face. She looks around the apartment, seeing some of the gifts she'd sent before looking at the ceiling herself, which is covered with all of the letters she'd sent him over their 20+ year correspondence. Couples with tearjerker, but that's a devoted friend. And all set to the Humming Chorus from Madame Butterfly.

Heartwarming.Mass Effect 3 (Edit link)

  • The entirety of the Rannoch mission, if you bust your chops in this and previous games to be able to Take a Third Option. Despite the war, despite the geth, Tali takes a moment to stake a real estate claim and decide to build a house there. "But we quarians are used to bringing our homes with us," she frets... And so Shepard picks up a rock and gives it to her. And then Legion Going Out With A Smile, and Tali watching the sunset with no mask... (Of course, if you aren't able to make things work, the mission can turn horribly traumatic as well.)
    • Watching Shala'Raan's hesitant response to the helpful Geth Prime at the end of that mission...
    • Before that, the Geth Prime welcoming Shala'Raan's people back to Rannoch.

Heartwarming.My Hero Academia (Edit link)

  • Chapter 161: Rock Lock's injuries turn out to be non-fatal, and we get to see his wife and son visiting him in the hospital. His wife has even crumbled into Inelegant Blubbering in the post-op room as she rushes to hug him.
    • Though his death is incredibly sad, Sir Nighteye thanks Midoriya for proving the future is not immutable. If Midoriya can defy his Death Flags, then so may All-Might; Nighteye no longer dreads the future because of this. He then uses his last Foresight to look into Mirio's future. Despite his Quirk being destroyed, Nighteye says that he will be an excellent hero, before he dies with a small smile on his face, and one last wish for society to keep smiling. Quite ironic and fulfilling for the serious and seemingly humorless hero who wanted to make humor a big part of life.

Heartwarming.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season 2 (Edit link)

  • Smart Cookie, Clover the Clever, and Private Pansy's newfound friendship being strong enough to unfreeze themselves, their leaders, and their new land.
    • The three acknowledging that they are all ponies alike and, as they freeze over, leaning their heads in together — choosing to accept death as friends.
    • Worth pointing out is that they had no expectation that this would help them at all, and declared their friendship simply so they wouldn't die as pointless enemies.

Heartwarming.Naruto (Edit link)

  • Hinata finally gets to fight side-by-side with Naruto, just like she wanted. Too bad it turns into a Tear Jerker of the highest order...
    • And even then, the outcome is unbelievably moving on its own, with Neji's Heroic Sacrifice and Famous Last Words displaying possibly the most powerful Character Development in the series. That stoic Neji Hyuga was happy enough in his fate to Go Out with a Smile speaks wonders of the boy who was once one of the most hateful characters in the story.
      • Before his Heroic Sacrifice, Naruto reminds Neji that he is a genius to spur him on in battle. Naruto calling him a genius in part 1 is what changed his life. Against Kidomaru, Neji was about to give up but remembering Naruto's words gave him the resolve to beat Kidomaru. In the war, that same compliment was said to him again. Most likely again empowering Neji to make the Heroic Sacrifice he made.
    • Naruto's power is necessary to win the War and Hinata is a member of the main branch of the Hyuga family. But, just like his father, Neji didn't save them out of duty. He jumped in front of the wood spikes because Naruto showed him you don't have to be bound by "destiny", saving him from his darkness and Hinata is his dear cousin, someone he watches over and wants to protect no matter the cost.

Heartwarming.Neon Genesis Evangelion (Edit link)

  • Misato's smile as she sends off Shinji for the last time.

Heartwarming.One Piece (Edit link)

Ace: Pops!! Fellow pirates!! And... Luffy. I've always been such a hopeless person. I was demon spawn... the son of the Devil! Thank you... for loving me!!
  • A retroactive one when Dadan's identity is revealed. Just before Ace dies, he tells Luffy that if he should ever come across her again, to tell her goodbye from him because now that he's going to die, he even misses her. Who is Dadan? Their mother figure from when they all met and became brothers. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • As Ace was dying he told Luffy that if it wasn't for him and Sabo then he didn't have a reason to live at all especially Luffy since having to take care of him gave Ace a purpose. Also, Ace mentions that he didn't want Luffy to turn out like him because Ace was very bitter and angry at life when he was younger after finding out that he was Gold Roger's son and that people everywhere wanted him dead. But Ace didn't want Luffy to become like which is why he made sure that Luffy was always safe and happy and knew that he was loved.
  • Ace dies with a smile on his face, knowing he's loved.

Heartwarming.Osomatsu San (Edit link)

  • There are quite a few of these moments in "Chibita and the Flower Fairy." In the main story, Chibita, even in the middle of his depression and loneliness, is still nice enough to stop and pour some water on a withering flower on the side of a road. The next day, he is visited by this same flower in fairy form, and she willingly spends time with him in gratitude for saving her life. She ends up fading away at the end, sadly. But she manages to make Chibita admit that, even just for a moment, he cared more about her than about oden. Seeing as how oden is pretty much his lifeblood, this is a BIG deal, and she fades away with a smile.
    • While he ends up getting sidetracked later on because of the flower fairy, Karamatsu is originally the only one of the sextuplets who is seen following Chibita, hiding behind a pole and watching him in worry from a distance. Considering that the two actually have a pretty good friendship, Kara's concern here is very adorable.
    • Even though she clearly uses and mistreats him, there's something oddly endearing about Karamatsu's unshakable loyalty towards the ugly flower sprite. He has every reason to snap at her and dump her, but the fact that he never seriously considers it just cements what a nice guy he is underneath his cool facade.
    • Also, the rest of the sextuplets staging an intervention for Karamatsu. After ignoring him and treating him very badly in previous episodes, the fact that they care enough about Karamatsu to try and get him out of his toxic relationship is so nice to see.

Heartwarming.Pandora Hearts (Edit link)

''In the end, we didn't get the chance to fight side by side. I will watch over that boy on your behalf until the very end. So you can rest in peace. May your soul... return to this Earth, once it has completed its hundred-year cycle.
  • Lottie reflecting on Fang's death. She tells Lily that even though she was sad to lose her friend, she was also relieved because he went out with a smile, as if he had finally been freed from the burden that all Baskervilles bear during their lives.

Heartwarming.Pokemon The Mastermind Of Mirage Pokemon (Edit link)

  • Many of the scences involving Mirage Mew, he's just so darn cute.
    • Like when Mew caught up to Ash and tried to tell him that Pikachu had been taken by the other Mirage Pokémon to Mirage Master.
    • Or when Ash himself saved Mew from being hit by some falling debris. It probably wouldn't have harmed the holographic Pokémon, but all Ash saw was an innocent creature about to get flattened.
    • And after that Mew starts to short out because of a damaged holo-imager. Ash braves the sparks coming off to help the little hologram.
    • After it's Heroic Sacrifice, Pikachu and Ash just gaze at it in remorse as it slowly fades out of existence. However it just smiles kindly back at them the remainder of its life as if to assure them things are fine. Doubles as Tear Jerker.

Heartwarming.Princess Resurrection (Edit link)

  • When Keziah realizes that the reason Emile resurrected him wasn't to cost him his honor as a werewolf but to free the mermaid from Silvia's service. When the mermaid successfully becomes a Flame Warrior, Keziah dies with a smile on his face.

Heartwarming.Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Edit link)

Heartwarming.Return Of The Jedi (Edit link)

Vader: Luke... help me take... this mask off.
Luke: But you'll die.
Vader: Nothing... can stop that now. Just for once... let me... look on you with my own eyes.
(Luke does just that, revealing the pale, emaciated face of Anakin Skywalker; Anakin greets his son with a weak, but unmistakably proud smile)
Anakin: Now... go, my son. Leave me.
Luke: No. You're coming with me. I'll not leave you here, I've got to save you.
Anakin: You already have, Luke. You were right. You were right about me. Tell your sister... you were right.
(Anakin briefly smiles again, then his face goes limp)
Luke: Father... I won't leave you!
  • Anakin's smile the moment he lays his eyes on his son. It tells us his emotion with just one expression, he's proud of his children.
  • The line that "nothing can stop [his death] now" is doubly heartwarming when you remember that much of Anakin's Start of Darkness in the prequels was caused by his inability to accept death as natural and inevitable, particularly the deaths of his loved ones. The scene can be read as Anakin both coming to terms with his past and encouraging his son not to make the same mistakes.

Heartwarming.Rhett And Link (Edit link)

Heartwarming.Samurai Jack (Edit link)

Viking: "Please. Hand me my sword... Thank you..."
Viking: "FREE!"

Heartwarming.Scrooged (Edit link)

Frank: You moron! You jerk! Why didn't you stay at Claire's? Why didn't you stay with Claire?! She would have taken care of you; you would've eaten, you would've been warm! You might be alive! You'd be a prettier color, I can tell you that!!
  • That Herman against all odds froze to death with a huge smile on his face. Really, nothing could get him down.

Heartwarming.Sesame Street (Edit link)

Spinney: I got a letter from a fan who said his little boy, who was 5 years old, his name was Joey, he was dying of cancer. And he was so ill, the little boy knew he was dying. So the man, in his letter, asked if I would call the little boy. He said the only thing that cheered him at all in his fading state was to see Big Bird on television. So once in a while, he wouldn't see Big Bird on some days, because he wasn't necessarily in every show. So he asked could I telephone him, and talk to the boy, tell him what a good boy he's been. So I took a while to look up a phone, because this was before cell phones. And they got a long cord to bring a phone to the boy. And I had Big Bird say "Hello! Hello Joey! It's me, Big Bird!" So he said "Is it really you, Big Bird?" "Yes, it is." I chatted a while with him, about ten minutes, and he said "I'm glad you're my friend Big Bird." And I said "I'd better let you go now." He said "Thank you for calling me Big Bird. You're my friend. You make me happy." And it turns out that his father and mother were sitting with him when the phone call came. And he was very, very ill that day. And they called the parents in, because they weren't sure how long he'd last. And so his father wrote to me right away, and said "Thank you, thank you" - he hadn't seen him smile since October, and this was in March - and when the phone was hung up, he said "Big Bird called me! He's my friend." And he closed his eyes. And he passed away. And I could see that what I say to children can be very important. And he said "We haven't seen our little boy smile in MONTHS. He smiled, as he passed away. It was a gift to us. Thank you."
  • In the "funny and heartwarming" category is Spinney's oft-told story about how he got the Sesame Street gig. He had a featured performance slot at the 1969 Puppeteers of America convention, with an ambitious show that mixed live puppetry and animation. The show proved to be an utter disaster, with numerous equipment problems and Spinney being forced to ad-lib at several points. To make things worse, he'd been told before the show that Jim Henson, who he idolized, was in the audience. Feeling absolutely horrible after the show, Spinney was spotted by Henson, who told Spinney "I liked what you were trying to do", then asked him if he'd be interested in joining the Muppets to work on a new Edutainment Show.

Heartwarming.Star Trek Deep Space Nine (Edit link)

Heartwarming.Steven Universe The Movie (Edit link)

Sapphire: Ruby, I'm sorry! I told you you wouldn't last the day.
Ruby: Well, I'm glad fate allowed me to [smiles as Steven's shield breaks]

Heartwarming.Street Fighter (Edit link)

  • Some of the Arcade Mode endings in SFV.
    • Zeku's SFI ending shows how he and Guy met. Guy was apparently at the end of his rope, having failed his college entrance exams, and turned to martial arts for answers. Zeku became his teacher, and his training is what lead Guy to take down the Mad Gear Gang, and it ends with a proud Zeku looking at a picture of Guy and Cody.
    • Birdie's SFI ending has him treat Ryu to a meal after their fight, showing that he isn't such a bad guy.
    • Cammy's SFV ending has Delta Red and the now non-brainwashed Dolls throw Cammy a surprise party. As the game puts it, "Slowly, her hardened exterior begins to soften."
    • Charlie Nash's SFV ending alters his canon death. Instead of him depowering Bison, his body exploding and Ryu being the one to land the final blows, Nash is the one to defeat Bison. He still ends up giving his life in the fight, but now he dies with a smile in the arms of his best friend, Guile.
    • Ed's SFV ending has him become a boxer just like his "father", Balrog. The two then have an official match, with an audience and everything. It ends in a Double Knockout, but the real clincher is that Balrog is genuinely smiling, proud of his "son's" skills.
    • Cody's SFV ending gives the implication that Jessica will visit him. Just the possibility of them coming back together will tug your heartstrings.

Heartwarming.Tales Of The Abyss (Edit link)

  • In a strange way, Arietta's death in the anime. Whereas in the game, she just dies miserably, saying "it hurts" and asking where Ion is, in the anime the spirits of her family and Ion appear to personally take her to the afterlife with them. She cries Tears of Joy and reaches to take Ion's hand, and then dies with a content smile on her face.

Heartwarming.The Heart She Holler (Edit link)

Heartwarming.The Mask Of Zorro (Edit link)

  • Alejandro getting closer to a mortally wounded Three-Fingered Jack and smiling at him. Jack recognizes him and dies with a smile.

Heartwarming.The Mummy 1999 (Edit link)

  • Also a Tearjerker, but Rick, Ardeth Bey, and Jonathan all stand solemnly as Winston's plane sinks into the desert with his body. Rick even gives him one final salute.
    • Winston's death itself is both this and tearjerking as well. He wanted to go out in a blaze of glory like his buddies in the war, and he finally got his wish, even laughing "Here I come, laddies!" as his plane is swallowed by Imhotep's sandstorm. He even appears to have a smile on his face after dying.

Heartwarming.The Order Of The Stick (Edit link)

Heartwarming.The Princess And The Frog (Edit link)

  • Almost, if not all of the moments where Ray talks about Evangeline could count. Highlights include:
    • The first time he talks about her and his wish to be with her, complete with Squee!!
    • The entirety of "Ma Belle Evangeline" where he expresses all his love for her and also giving an adorable moment for Tiana and Naveen together.
    • A deleted scene where he helps Naveen cope with his feelings for Tiana, saying that he can relate to his feelings, since he does feel unworthy for his love too, but still seeing her shining so bright makes him want to glow brighter as well for her sake. In his words: she makes him a better fly.
    • Him not giving up on Evangeline even though an upset Tiana told him his love was pointless, as stated in the Tearjerker page.
    • And of course the moment he got reunited with Evangeline. And before that Ray saying that both him and her are happy for Tiana and Naveen, and she's the last thing he sees before he close his eyes with a smile on his face. Also a Tearjerker moment.

Heartwarming.The Simpsons (Edit link)

Bart: Lisa, you finally got to meet with kids who are just like you. Mom, Dad, you were more in love than I'd seen you in forever. It was the greatest week of our lives. And I wanted it to last forever.
  • The ending of the episode is a flashforward to Bart as an old man happily looking over the pictures of his happy memories that he's savored and saying "What a ride" with a smile on his face.

Heartwarming.The Transformers Unicron (Edit link)

  • Ironhide is fatally wounded by one of Unicron's attacking Maximals, but goes out with a smile because he sees how everyone - Autobots, Decepticons, and all of their respective allies - have come together to defy the apocalypse.

Heartwarming.The Untamed (Edit link)

Heartwarming.To The Moon (Edit link)

  • The last time we see River chronologically, she tells Johnny to take the money to finish the house and watch over "Anya." Anya is the lighthouse, so he kept his promise. And in spite of everything, she does Go Out with a Smile.

Heartwarming.Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Edit link)

  • The ending: not only does Klaus, in his final moments, make all the Titans form a new mainland, an "Elysium" for humanity to live in, but Pyra/Mythra's core crystal reactivates, finally giving them and Rex a much earned happy ending. The music definitely helps, especially with how the final verse is timed to accompany Pyra's and Mythra's resurrection and Love Confession.
    • Pneuma's internal monologue thanking Rex for shining a light on her long life, before going out with a smile. Additionally, the fact that, despite everything that's happened with Malos, she hears his voice asking her how she felt about being alive, showing some measure of reconciliation between the two Aegis'.
    • One that's easy to miss when the team is falling out of the broken escape pod, Zeke is clinging to Pandoria to protect her.
    • As the group is flying towards the new continent that Klaus created over the ages from the Titans, Pandoria has wrapped herself around Zeke's arm. When he notices he tries to shake her off but she just clings tighter so he accepts it. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
    • Another blink-and-you'll-miss-it one, that happens in the background of one of the most tragic moments: after Poppi reveals why she can't help Rex, Tora doesn't pressure or judge her. He just wordlessly gets her attention and offers her a hug, which she quickly accepts.
    • And then the title screen upon finishing the game showing Rex holding hands with Pyra and Mythra on the new mainland while they look upon the World Tree.
    • After finishing the game on New Game+, if you wait on the title screen for a bit, Pyra will turn around and wave offscreen, signalling Nia to come over, and she and Rex will take her hands. Nia even looks back at the viewer and gives the sweetest, most heartwarming smile. Alternatively, she'll run up and shove Rex out of the way, then just hold hands with Pyra and Mythra.
    • While possibly unintentional, if you watch the heartwarming ending and then immediately start a New Game+, the very first thing you see after the opening cutscene is that Rex is already accompanied by Pyra/Mythra, adding an And the Adventure Continues sort of vibe to the ending. Even better is that they don't leave the party at moments where they did during the initial playthrough and are there to stick it out with Rex all the way through.

Heartwarming.Your Turn To Die (Edit link)

  • Alice trying to do everything he can to repair his relationship with Reko, even if it's a difficult experience for him. While she initially wants nothing to do with him, he speaks fondly of her and is proud to see how much she's grown from the person he used to know. With Sara's help, he even returns her the bongos he originally gave her.
    • Speaking of the bongos, he originally gave them to her as a joke, but she grew fond of them and even after Alice was arrested for murder, she couldn't bring herself to throw them out. While Fake Reko ends up being the one who rejects his gift, if Sara looks through the security camera footage, she finds a shot of his room and the bongos still sitting on his bed. He was trying to fix them.
    • If Fake Reko is killed, Alice will be fatally injured by Rio Ranger and seems to die just before the real Reko reunites with the group. Seeing him on the ground, she calls him "bro" for the first time in years and begs him to wake up. And, despite his injuries, he does- even if it's just for a few moments. Long enough to see Reko is still alive and that she wants them to be family again. He's too weak to say anything, but he smiles as he closes his eyes one last time. Sara even calls it a miracle.

HeroicSacrifice.Anime And Manga (Edit link)

  • 7 Seeds: During the Ryugu Shelter arc, unhappy inhabitants end up drilling a hole into the wall and sea water begins to flood the Winter Section (where the food storages are), which is directly connected to not just the Autumn Section (where the livestock is) but also the Center Hall. Miho shuts the emergency gates and was about to leave herself... when she sees that the emergency gate to the Autumn Section isn't closing properly. She pushes with all her might to close it and remains in the flooded Winter Section, drowning. Smiling.
    • Shigeru pulls one during the final events of the Final Test during the Hail Of Corn arc. He and Ango are partner-climbing a cliff in a cave to get out, Ryo is free-climbing by himself. Ango makes a mistake and he and Shigeru almost fall to their deaths - Ryo merely manages to grab a hold of the rope. Shigeru is suspended in mid-air and so is Ango, who is still barely kept stuck to the wall because of one remaining hook that is about to break out, too. Shigeru, knowing that he cannot go on any further, cuts the rope that keeps him suspended and falls to the ground of the cave, rescuing Ango.
    • Of the non-human variety, the older dogs that Aramaki has been keeping for the last 15 years, which includes the two puppies he originally kept as company named after his comrades Fubuki and Mitsuru. They sense danger up ahead and give Aramaki a goodbye cuddle and run ahead, in the forest area where a then-unknown Shiitake mushroom is damaging the environment. The spores cause mushrooms to grow through their bodies, too, and a fire breaks out. The dogs willingly let themselves get set on fire and run around the entire forest, setting the area ablaze and eradicating the traces of the mushroom and ending the suffering of all the other animals afflicted with "mushroom growth".

HeroicSacrifice.Live Action TV (Edit link)

The Doctor: I don't want to go... [regenerates]
  • The show has developed a very specific subtrope of its own in which an (often unwilling) agent of the Daleks betrays them and tells them off, only to get exterminated, of course.
  • "The Daleks' Master Plan": A desperate convict is holding Katarina hostage to hijack the ship to Kembel; he's so ignorant of Earth's history that he actually thinks the Daleks will help him. Rather than risk the Doctor risking all their necks and their chance to get word to Earth, Katarina blows the hatch.
  • "The Krotons": Serlis charges into the machine to bring the Doctor the acid he asked for. He gets it to him, but the Krotons kill him.
  • "Colony in Space": The Colony leader, Ashe, does this by piloting the doomed spacecraft alone, thereby tricking the mining corporation into believing all of the colonists have died. This allows the group to mount a successful surprise raid against the corporation later, and to regain control of the planet.
  • "Revenge of the Cybermen": One of the men carrying a booby-trapped bomb deliberately sets it off as a weapon against the Cybermen. This frees the other victims.
  • Leela's father takes her place in a trial for heresy and dies minutes into "The Face of Evil". Neeva does a not-entirely-intentional version later on.
  • Adric's death in "Earthshock". Ultimately, he failed in his goal (and achieving it would have been impossible without a major paradox being created), but he was trying to be heroic. Technically, he didn't fail completely — his actions prevented the entire population of the Earth from being killed. Well, the human population, anyway.
  • "The King's Demons": Hugh insists on taking up the king's champion's gauntlet, to protect his father from having to fight the Duel to the Death. (He is quite offended when the Doctor intervenes to save his life after he fails.)
  • "The End of the World": Plant Alien Jabe sacrifices herself to hold down a switch that slows a gauntlet of fan blades just enough to allow the Ninth Doctor to escape to safety. She then burns to death, on-screen at that, from the extreme heat vented in shortly afterwards.
  • "The Unquiet Dead": A clairvoyant maid named Gwyneth becomes the voice for a race of ghost-like aliens named the Gelth, who claim to wish to pass through a rift to Earth using her as a gateway in order to possess human corpses to regain physical form. The Ninth Doctor and Gwyneth agree, only for the Gelth to pour through the rift and reveal their true intentions of taking Earth by force. Gwyneth promptly traps the Gelth within the house, has the others flee, and lights a match, igniting the gaseous Gelth and destroying the house with her inside.
  • "Father's Day": After Rose destroys the timeline by saving his life, Pete Tyler allows himself to be run over by the car that was meant to kill him to restore it.
  • "The Doctor Dances" subverts it: Captain Jack places a bomb in stasis on his ship and takes it away from the place where it was supposed to land in order to save the lives of the people at the site, including the Doctor and Rose. However, the stasis is decaying, and after getting to space Jack discovers that there is no way to jettison either the bomb or himself from his ship before it explodes. He has the ship make him a martini and sits back with a smile on his face… and then the Doctor and Rose arrive in the TARDIS to rescue him.
  • "Bad Wolf": The Controller, a human woman hooked up to Satellite Five since her childhood as part of the machinations of the Daleks to destroy the human race, takes advantage of a brief solar flare that disrupts the communications between her and the Daleks. At that point, she transmits the coordinates of the kidnapped Rose (and the Dalek fleet) to the Ninth Doctor, knowing full well the Daleks will discover her betrayal after the flare passes and exterminate her. They do just that moments after she finishes.
  • "Tooth and Claw": Captain Reynolds and Sir Robert MacLeish are both killed holding off the alien werewolf, knowing they don't stand a chance but doing it to buy time for the Queen and her protectors to escape.
  • "School Reunion": K9 MK III blows up a room full of Krillitanes pursuing the Doctor and co. by shooting a cluster of explosive barrels while he's still in the room. Fortunately, he gets rebuilt later as the MK IV model.
  • "Love & Monsters": The still-conscious members of LINDA absorbed by the Absorbaloff (Ursula, Colin, Bridget and Bliss) immobilize the monster long enough for Elton to destroy it, killing the 4 victims in the process. Ursula gets brought back, however. Sort of. Maybe.
  • "The Satan Pit": Mr. Jefferson is trapped in a maintenance shaft slowly draining of oxygen while busy fighting off possessed Ood, in order to buy time for Rose and the other workers to escape.
  • "Doomsday":
    • A minor one when Torchwood scientist Dr. Singh offers himself up to give information to the Daleks in place of Rose and Mickey. The Daleks consent and drain the information forcibly from his brain in a horrific process that only leaves a blackened husk of a skull behind.
    • Rose nearly falls into the Void getting a lever back in place so they can send the Daleks and Cybermen there, and is considered dead in her home universe.
  • "Gridlock": The Face of Boe sacrifices himself to provide enough energy to open up the motorway in which the last surviving citizens of New New York are trapped, releasing them from both the doomed fate of driving on the motorway forever and from being preyed on by the Macra below. Specifically, this saves the life of Martha and numerous other minor characters met throughout the episode who are stuck in cars on the motorway with no escape.
  • "Evolution of the Daleks": Dalek Sec, after becoming a Human-Dalek hybrid and gaining emotions, takes a shot from another Dalek to save the life of the Tenth Doctor.
  • "The Family of Blood": John Smith — a fake personality created by the Doctor while hiding from some villains — sacrifices himself and dies so that the Doctor can save the day.
  • "Utopia": Jake, the blink-and-you'll-miss-him character who's the first person sent into the radioactive chamber beneath the rocket to fix the couplings so that the rocket can launch. He's in a suit to protect himself from the radiation, but when it becomes clear that, due to sabotage, the build-up is about to reach a point where it'll fry him and his comrade urges him to get out, he simply barely seems to consider it before going back to the task of fixing the couplings. This leads to him vapourizing as he tries to continue getting the rest of humanity shooting into space. Good thing Jack was there to take the helm afterwards.
  • A whole lot in "Voyage of the Damned". Foon sacrifices herself to take down a Heavenly Host by grabbing it and diving into the ship's engine. Later, Bannakaffalatta uses up the power in his cybernetics to disable several more Hosts and also dies. Finally, Astrid Peth sacrifices herself by driving a forklift to pick up the villainous Max Capricorn and send them both into the engine.
  • Luke Rattigan in "The Poison Sky". He teleports himself onto the Sontaran ship in the Doctor's place and blows it up, in part to atone for his actions in helping the Sontarans in the first place after learning that they had been lying to him all along.
  • Similarly, Jenny takes a bullet for the Doctor in "The Doctor's Daughter", causing Ten to flip out to the point where he actually threatens the killer with a gun. Earlier on, the Hath Peck jumps into a quicksand pit to pull out Martha after she falls in. Unfortunately, she is unable to help him out before he sinks below the surface.
  • "The Unicorn and the Wasp": This is attempted by Agatha Christie by using herself to lure off the attacking Vespiform towards the end of the episode. She gets all the way to a lakeside where she is prepared to sacrifice her life, which is connected to the Vespiform's, in order to destroy it. Fortunately it's ultimately subverted when Donna intervenes and chucks the Firestone (the object linking Agatha and the Vespiform) into the lake, with the Vespiform diving in after it to its demise.
  • River does this in "Forest of the Dead" to free the people trapped in the Library's hard drive. Although she may be doing this to keep the timeline. If the Doctor died then he would have never met River's parents and took them on the TARDIS, thus preventing her from being conceived.
  • The Hostess in "Midnight" sacrifices herself to destroy the monster possessing one of the passengers by opening the door of the shuttle they are all in and dragging the possessed passenger, along with herself, outside into the lethally radioactive sunlight. Also invokes He Had a Name as none of the other passengers, including the Doctor, bothered to get her name, much to their shame.
  • "Turn Left" treats us to a whole conga line of these, as the episode occurs in an alternate universe where the 10th Doctor never met Donna, and died defeating the Racnoss. One by one, the various alien invasions of Earth since then occur, and without the Doctor around to stop them, things go wrong extremely quickly. First, the Judoon abduct the Royal Hope Hospital, and Sarah Jane, Luke, Clyde and Maria have to intervene instead. They are less successful than the Doctor was and the Hospital is returned with only one survivor, who was saved by Martha Jones, who gave him the very last oxygen mask before dying. Later on, Gwen Cooper and Ianto Jones are killed defeating the Sontaran plot to gas the planet with the ATMOS devices, and Captain Jack is captured and imprisoned on Sontar. Finally, after the stars themselves start going out, Donna decides she has had enough and seeks out Rose, who sends her back in time to the moment she made a decision that prevented her meeting the Doctor, to prevent herself from making the same mistake and causing the bad timeline. Unfortunately, Donna lands in the past a significant distance away from her past self and isn't able to catch up in time to talk to her personally. To stop her past self, the future Donna throws herself in front of a truck, killing her and causing a traffic holdup that forces the past Donna to make the correct decision. Luckily, since it was an alternate universe, the events are undone and all the characters who perished survive.
  • "The Stolen Earth": Harriet Jones, Former Prime Minister, (WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE!) whose personal timeline and career were destroyed by the Doctor, still sacrifices herself to allow the Companions the time to summon him.
  • "Journey's End":
    • The new series has used this trope to the point where there seems to be more episodes with it than without. Davros actually calls the Doctor out on it.
    • It's revealed that UNIT has planned this for the entire human race: the Osterhagen Keys will trigger nuclear warheads which will blow the Earth apart — to be activated if humans are reduced to such a state by some alien invasion that it's agreed they'd be better off ending it — or, as in this case, if said aliens need the Earth for some far worse purpose, and destroying it will defeat them. As shown in "The Day of the Doctor", they have a similar situation set up in the event of the compromise of the Black Archive, which contains all the alien technology they've acquired. In this case, it's a nuke that would destroy London. It should be noted that Martha is one of the holders of the keys and is only stopped from using it and destroying the Earth when the Daleks teleport her to their base.
    • Sarah Jane, Captain Jack and Jackie get one later on when they also threaten the Daleks with an object called a warp star, planning to blow up the Dalek base and foil their plans, while still inside. Like Martha, they are only stopped when the Daleks cheat using teleports.
  • "The Waters of Mars": Ed Gold blows up the rocket ship, the only escape for the survivors on the Mars base, with himself inside when he gets infected by the Flood to prevent the virus from using it to reach Earth and destroy it.
  • "The End of Time":
    • Lucy Saxon sabotages the Master's resurrection at the cost of her own life.
    • Later on, the Master of all people gets one when he takes revenge on Rassilon by attacking him with lightning, trapping both of them inside the Time Lock.
    • The Woman in White and her fellow, unidentified Time Lord, who give the Doctor the help he needs to save the day, but are also pulled back inside the Time Lock.
    • Wilf gets inside the Nuclear Bolt cabinet to free a trapped scientist. This, in turn, leads to the Doctor having to regenerate after he lets Wilf out by entering the other booth and getting irradiated with 500,000 Rads.
  • "Victory of the Daleks": A group of Daleks successfully enact a plan to resurrect stronger, pure Daleks. The new Daleks' feelings toward their predecessors? "You Have Outlived Your Usefulness." The old Daleks' response: "We are ready." Those Daleks took a course of action to save their race knowing full well it would end in their deaths.
  • "The Vampires of Venice": The 11th Doctor and Rory enlist the aide of a boatbuilder named Guido, whose daughter (and Amy) was taken by the titular alien vampires. Eventually the vampires come after them in force, and Guido lures them away from the 11th Doctor, Amy and Rory into a building full of gunpowder barrels, which he promptly ignites, blowing up the building and killing himself and all the female vampires.
  • Rory, who takes a shot meant for the Doctor in "Cold Blood". It goes From Bad to Worse though, because his body is very near one of the cracks in time, and it starts to erase him from existence. Even worse, Amy forgets all about him.
  • "The Big Bang": The Doctor pilots the Pandorica into the exploding TARDIS to restore reality, at the cost of being erased himself. However, the unique Ripple Effect-Proof Memory of his companion Amy ensures she's able to bring him back.
  • "The Almost People": The human worker Dicken sacrifices himself to hold off the crazed Ganger of Jennifer Lucas to buy the remaining human workers, the good Gangers, 11, Amy and Rory a chance to get away. Later, the Gangers of Miranda Cleaves and the 11th Doctor dissolve themselves willingly to defeat Jennifer's monstrous Ganger once and for all.
  • "A Good Man Goes to War": Soldier Lorna Bucket defects to the side of the Doctor's allies and participates in the final showdown with the Headless Monks to defend Amy and her baby. Unfortunately during the skirmish she takes an energy blast to the chest and is killed. Strax is seemingly killed too, but gets better later in a short.
  • "Asylum of the Daleks": The Dalek Oswin Oswald wipes the memory of the Doctor from ALL of the Daleks and lowers the defenses of the Asylum, allowing it to be destroyed with her still on it to prevent the insane Daleks within from escaping and invading the universe.
  • "A Town Called Mercy": The sheriff of Mercy, Isaac shoves Kahler-Jex out of the way when he is about to be shot by the Gunslinger and is killed himself. Granted, Jex deserved it, but Isaac had noble intentions attempting to save him and thus this still qualifies.
  • Rory, again, in "The Angels Take Manhattan" when he and Amy, who refuses to live without him, plunges off of a building to his death, creating a paradox that destroys the Weeping Angels. Both of them get brought back shortly after, but Rory is caught by the last remaining Angel and sent back permanently into the past, and Amy joins him soon after willingly.
  • "Into the Dalek": Soldier Gretchen gives her life holding off the Dalek antibodies so that Clara and Journey Blue can escape. She ends up in Heaven, seemingly fine, with Missy. However, the events of the season finale confirm that she is dead.
  • "Time Heist": Psi deliberately overloads his mind with the criminal records of hundreds of infamous bank robbers to lure the Teller away from Clara, figuring her ties to her loved ones make her life more valuable than his. Subverted when the "Shredder" he uses to avoid becoming lunch teleports him to safety instead of killing him.
  • "Flatline": Rigsy attempts this by getting onto a train and attempting to drive it into the oncoming Boneless in order to defeat them and save Clara and the others. Fortunately, it's subverted when Clara also gets on the train and wedges the wheel in place, allowing Rigsy to get off with her. Good thing too, since the Boneless end up just flattening the train into the wall.
  • A very interesting example in "Death in Heaven" with Danny Pink, who was hit and killed by a car in the previous episode. In this one, he gets brought back as a Cyberman, retaining his emotions and memories and uses his new form to rescue Clara and eventually save the day by rallying the Cybermen and leading them into the clouds of conversion pollen to detonate themselves, saving the world and killing him again. What makes this example interesting is that the real sacrifice is due to the fact that the 12th Doctor finds a way to bring back 1 soul from the Nethersphere, and ensures Danny has access to it. Later, Danny's voice speaks from the Nethersphere to Clara, but instead of returning to life he sacrifices his chance to instead send back the child he killed long ago by accident in a war.
  • "Empress of Mars": The awakened Ice Warriors are curb-stomping the Victorian soldiers, but then one of them manages to sneak up on Queen Iraxxa and puts a blade to her throat to get her warriors to stop shooting. He then plans to have her pilot the Ice Warrior ship back to Earth, leaving his men behind. However, his superior sneaks up on him and shoots him for treason and cowardice. He then begs the Queen to take his life both to spare his men and to allow him to die honorably (having been dishonored previously by abandoning his post). She agrees to give him an honorable death, making the guy almost cry with relief, but then decides not to kill him right away, as he has earned her respect and deserves a warrior's death in battle. He immediately drops to his knee and swears fealty to his new Queen.
  • "The Woman Who Fell to Earth": At the climax, Grace O'Brien falls off a crane while attempting to subdue the antagonist's data coil (a ball of electricity and moving wires), and dies of her injuries shortly thereafter.
  • "The Tsuranga Conundrum": General Eve Cicero has a heart condition from her years of piloting that makes rushes of adrenaline potentially lethal. She volunteers to manually pilot the ambulance ship to safety anyway, and dies in the process.
  • "Demons of the Punjab": Prem buys time for Umbreen, who he just married, and her mother to escape from a band of armed killers by confronting his brother, who led the killers to the farm. He pays for this with his life.
  • "Orphan 55": After learning of Benni's death, Vilma, who is elderly and can't move very fast, sacrifices herself to the Dregs so the others can escape.
  • "Fugitive of the Judoon": Lee Clayton gives himself up to the Judoon and Commander Gat so his wife Ruth can escape with the Doctor, and is summarily executed by Gat.

HeroicSacrifice.Live Action TV (Edit link)

HeroicSacrifice.Other Media (Edit link)

But cries the Captain "Now do not delay
Nor do ye spare a thought for me
My duty is to save you all now, if I can
See ye return as quick as can be."
  • When the rescue ship arrived, the boat had sunk, and the crew found the brave captain tangled in the rigging, having gone out with a smile.

HeroicSacrifice.Real Life (Edit link)

HeroicSacrifice.Video Games (Edit link)

  • In the True Ending of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, Lambda performs one to save Ragna from getting killed by Terumi and mentions that Nu was never lonely and will always be by Ragna's side, and Ragna apologizes for the way he treated Nu. Lambda dies in Ragna's arms and Goes Out with a Smile, in the process giving her power to Ragna, which allows him to engage Lambda's Idea Engine and unleash the true power of the Azure, which he uses to defeat Terumi, but spare him for that moment as he afterwards goes to save Noel from her current world-hating state as Mu.
    • Not to mention in the story mode, Jubei is very grateful towards Bloodedge, who sacrificed himself to the Black Beast during the Dark War to buy a year's worth of time for the 6 heroes to defeat it. Bloodedge is actually the protagonist Ragna, who time traveled to the past.
    • Bang tries this in one of his Story Mode endings. Said ending is confirmed as canon, and he survives.
    • In the very final ending of Central Fiction and the franchise, Ragna uses his final moments to stop all the villains, kill Terumi for good this time, kill Izanami, and then use Soul Eater on every single human in the world, living up to his "Grim Reaper" moniker. After a final farewell to his siblings Noel and Jin, he becomes the new core of Amaterasu and erases himself and all memory of him from existence. Poignantly, Ragna saved all of reality itself from destruction and nobody even remembers his sacrifice and they never will.

HeroicSacrifice.Video Games (Edit link)

  • The end of Crypt Of The Necrodancer involves Aria destroying the Golden Lute to make sure no traveler comes across its dangerous powers and gets corrupted into another Necrodancer. However, the Lute's powers were the only thing keeping Aria alive, and she knew this. In the end, she Goes Out With A Smile knowing she's put an end to the Lute's evil.

HoYay.Izetta The Last Witch (Edit link)

HoYay.Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Edit link)

HonorHarrington.Tropes G To L (Edit link)

ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice.Anime And Manga (Edit link)

  • One Piece:
    • This is how Gold D. Roger was executed, through he died with a smile.
    • The first of Luffy's three battles with Crocodile ends with Crocodile impaling Luffy on his pirate hook. Crocodile soon does the same to Nico Robin after he realizes she won't tell him where Pluton is.
    • Nami gets impaled through the shoulder and through the foot by Miss Doublefinger while fighting her, it's first time Nami becomes officially becomes a Action Girl and takes injuries the males usually receive.
    • Robin uses her power to make it seem like she just put her hand through Vivi in Alabasta, it works as Pell goes into a blinding rage.
    • Blackbeard gets two lances made out of fire pierced through him by Ace which is also burns his insides. Blackbeard recovers however and defeats Ace with his black hole powers.
    • Sanji gets stabbed in the back with a knife long enough reach through his chest by Absalom, kudos to Sanji for just pulling it out like it's thumbtack.
      • But that's nothing compared to happens to Sanji in Sabaody where a Pacifista shoots through his chest with a laser beam, Sanji still shrugs it off.
    • In a Wham Episode, Whitebeard gets impaled with a BFS, wielded by one of his own allies, no less.
      • The rest of these are tame compared to Admiral Akainu punching a hole through Ace with his Lava powers, destroying most of his torso in the process. Ace actually dies because of this. He later pulls the same trick on Jinbei, managing to not only burn through his chest but hit Luffy, too. Both barely survive with medical attention.
    • Poor Hachi being attacked by a hail of arrows sent by Van Der Decken, almost killing him.
    • Luffy is unlucky enough to get this again, many arcs later in Whole Cake Island when Charlotte Katakuri shish kebabs him with his spear leaving a sizable chunk in his torso. Luffy could've dodged if not for outside interference, Katakuri seeing this impales himself to even the odds and be fair.

It.Non Cosi Stoico (Edit link)

  • Usato in Naruto così che tutti i personaggi che hanno un pò di Sviluppo Del Personaggio che cercano di essere senza emozioni (come i ninja dovrebbero essere) fallisce prima o poi. Shino prova ad essere calmo e professionale, ma in diverse occasioni si arrabbia quando è lasciato all'oscuro o no viene riconosciuto. Zabuza ha speso un'intero Arco Narrativo a vantarsi del fatto di essere una macchina di distuzzione completamente senza emozioni, ma alla fine di tutto questo, si mette a piangere quando Haku muore. Danzo crde che le emozioni portino solo problemi, ma diventa arrabbiato quando viene pensato di far diventare Kakashi 6th Hokage in vece che lui. Itachi cade in un Villainous Breakdown ma poi dice che si sente sempre così e poi si scopre che un tempo era pacifista e si sentiva così in colpa per il suo Necessary Evil che è felice quando pensa che sia tutto finito. Sasori diceva che era senza emozioni come le sue marionette, ma più di una volta sembra tutt'altro che calmo durante la battaglia. Konan cerca di non esprimersi tutto il tempo che ha combattuto contro il suo vecchi maestro, ma si vede che è molto pereccupato quando Nagato inizzia ad andare oltre i suoi limiti starts. E a questo punto chredo che la morale di tutta questa storia si sia capita
    • Gaara qui si prende un posro speciale. Quando è presentato per la prima volta parla monotonalmente e non fa vedera alcuna reazione a, bè ninente. Questo stoicismo apparentemente impenetrabile vene assolutamente e spettacolarmente distrutto quando deve combattere contro Rock Lee e poi dopo Sasuke e Naruto; Anche quando Might Guy difende Rock Lee e la sua terribile infanzia (grazie, Yashamaru). Senza neanche parlare della reazione che ha quando Sasuke lo fa sanguinare per la prima volta.
    • Anche Pain fa delle faccie in Shippuden che fanno credere abbia alcune emozioni
    • Non dimentichiamoci di Sasuke. È calmo in tutte le situazioni, anche quando gli altri sono nel panico. Ma provate a premere il suo Bottone Veserk
    • Kakashi è stoico quasi sempre, no piange quando si parla della morte del padre e migliori amici, ma guardate/leggete lo speciale Kakashi Gaiden, specialmente la parte dov ha un'esaurimento nervoso e poange per la morte di Obiti.
      • E di nuovo per Kakashi i capitoli 599 + sono pieni di emozioni: Kakashi scopre chi è veramente Obito, e Gai deve tirarlo fuori dal suo stato di shock. E poi arriva capitolo 608, dove non prova neanche a difendersi dagli attacchi Obit...
    • Nel capitolo 518, finalmente Sai riesce a perdere il suo omni presente controllo delle emozioni e cade in vera e propria collera quando Zombie!Deidara distrugge il suo Zombie!Frattello-maggiore, e insulta la sua arte.

JoJosBizarreAdventure.Tropes G To K (Edit link)

JustForFun.TV Tropes The Webcomic (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Played during Yug's death. He is so happy to meet his brother again, he doesn't stop smiling even after his head is chopped off and keeps rolling down the street.
    • Avery dies smiling.

JustForFun.The Zeroth Law Of Trope Examples (Edit link)

JustForFun.Tropetan (Edit link)

JustForFun.Tropetan (Edit link)

He smiled. Then his eyes closed.

KnightOfCerebus.Western Animation (Edit link)

  • DCAU:
    • Darkseid and the armies of Apokolips in Superman: The Animated Series. While Superman wasn't a goofy show, being largely a good combination of silliness and seriousness, the eight episodes where Darkseid appears are much more serious than regular episodes. In "Apokolips... Now! Part 2", Darkseid kills Dan Turpin, a major supporting character; and in "Legacy Parts 1 and 2", Superman is brainwashed by Darkseid to attack Earth and many other planets, killing who knows how many people. It culminates with a brutal brawl between Superman and Darkseid.
    • In Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, Joker's comedic side is very restrained and his dark side is more evident, which makes him more sinister and evil than his other appearances in the DCAU. While Bruce talked about all of his rogues gallery to Terry, he felt uneasy upon mentioning his number 1 arch-enemy.
    • Justice League Unlimited had several end of season threats amping up how much darker things were. The last season had this from the beginning via Gorilla Grodd (himself a recurring Knight). What would top this? At the end of that season, Darkseid returns and sets out for revenge against the Earth. Not only does he set crust digging machines all over the world to cover the entire surface in boiling magma, he also brings a kryptonite knife to carve out Superman's heart as a war trophy.
    • Justice League had a few even before it became Justice League Unlimited that never appeared there, yet still had a lasting impact:
      • First of all there's Vandal Savage, who was one of the League's most recurrent foes in the first two seasons, and arguably the most dangerous. In his first appearance, "The Savage Time", he changed history so that the Axis Powers win World War II and he's set up as the dictator of a totalitarian world government, based in the US; the League (sans Batman, who didn't have a Ripple Effect-Proof Memory due to circumstance) spend the entire three-part Season One finale trying their best to fix this, and the stakes are high. His second appearance in "Maid of Honour" isn't as dark, but remains serious as he marries Princess Audrey of Kaznia (after covertly paralysing her father with poison) and tries to seize the world using a space station that can initiate a Colony Drop on any part of the world he wishes. His final appearance is in "Hereafter, Part II'', where it's revealed that his latest plot to Take Over the World wiped out humanity and civilisation; this dark tale ironically had him as The Atoner in the Bad Future, and after helping Superman return to the past to Set Right What Once Went Wrong, the reformed future Savage is erased from the timeline content that he was able to redeem himself.
      • Next there's the Justice Lords, an Alternate Universe version of the League who became Knight Templar despots that seized power after President Lex Luthor had this reality's version of The Flash executed on trumped-up charges and nearly started World War III. The Cold Open is deliberately designed to Freak Out the audience with Luthor a ranting madman threatening to hit the Big Red Button when his Shut Up, Kirk! works, and Superman incinerating him with his heat vision, making viewers realize something is not right; cut to two years later, and the self-titled Justice Lords are planning to enter the main timeline after stumbling upon it in order to enforce their own brand of "justice"... Tellingly, this storyline actually plays into the establishment of the Cadmus arc, as the Justice Lords are what the League (save Flash) could become if they gave in to their darker impulses.
      • Finally, the Thanagarian army in Season Two finale "Starcrossed" (which has a case of Nothing Is the Same Anymore). Odd hints about Hawkgirl not being who she seems come together and we discover she is The Mole, sent as an advance agent to Earth, and her entire backstory was a lie; then it comes out that the Thanagarians are lying about protecting Earth from the Gordanians and have far darker motives, and by the end of Part I the Javelin is destroyed, the League captured and Hawkgirl has picked her side. What follows sees the original Watchtower destroyed in order to stop a device that would destroy the Earth, and while Shayera manages to redeem herself it leads to her becoming The Exile from Thanagar for her treachery, and her teammates are torn about whether they can trust her again; she ends up leaving to find atonement (her relationship with John Stewart greatly damaged and their Relationship Upgrade undone), and events set up Unlimited from there. What makes the Thanagarians so dark, besides their lasting impact on future storylines, is that unlike some villains, they aren't one-dimensional at all - their commander, Hro Talak is a terrifying case of He Who Fights Monsters as he's ready to do anything to end the Gordanians, including mass murder via the destruction of an uninvolved inhabited world, and his scenes with Shayera when he learns she loves Green Lantern and not him are uncomfortably close to Domestic Abuse thanks to battle choreography; next to nothing involving Thanagar in the future is portrayed in an idealistic light from then on, including when some of them return in JLU.
      • Likewise, Amanda Waller, starting in Season 3 but becomes much more pronounced in Series 4. She masterminded the Cadmus Arc and the episodes dealing with Cadmus and their experiments were among the darkest of the entire show.

Laconic.Go Out With A Smile (Edit link)

Visit unabridged version HERE

Quotes.Alas Poor Villain (Edit link)

Ygritte: (smiles) You know nothing... Jon... Snow...

Quotes.Chaotic Good (Edit link)

I don't care what I become. All those who fought against witches, who believed in hope as magical girls, I don't want to see them cry. I want them to be smiling to the end. If any rule or law stands against that, I will destroy it. I will rewrite it.

Quotes.Death By Materialism (Edit link)

Wandering souls ensnared by this domain would do well to recall the legends that say that if those who lined their pockets with these treasures were able to take their eyes off the objects of their desire, they would note that not all they see was shining. Dull bits of bone and other remains are plentiful here as well. These are all that is left of those who filled their pockets, pouches, sleeves, and boots with so much gold that they collapsed under the weight of it. Unwilling or unable to let the riches go, they died where they fell, smiles on their faces despite their impending ends.

Quotes.Dying Declaration Of Love (Edit link)

(She takes her last breath, and expires, a smile on her face despite the river of tears suddenly flowing from her eyes as her life peters out. Tatsumi's eyes go wide with grief, tears streaming from his eyes as well.)

Quotes.Face Death With Dignity (Edit link)

Marcus spreading his arms and smiling as Stefan and Vladimir charge towards him with lethal intent, Breaking Dawn Part 2

Quotes.Final Speech (Edit link)

Quotes.Great Way To Go (Edit link)

Wait. Yes. This will be so ra-

Quotes.Heroic Sacrifice (Edit link)

Grima: ...NNGH...AAAAUGHHH...
Chrom: Now, Avatar! This is our chance! I'm going to finish it!
[the Avatar prepares to attack]
Chrom: ...Avatar?! Wait, what—
Avatar: For once, I'm glad you and I are the same. Now I can give my life to protect those I care for...
Avatar: I would and I will. The evils you would visit on this world are unthinkable... In some way, I—we share the blame. It's only right we meet our end together!
Grima: ...NOOOOOOO! [Grima vanishes; the Avatar begins to fade away]
Chrom: Avatar! No!
Avatar: Thank you, Chrom. For...everything... Tell the last thoughts were of them... May we meet again, in a better life... [dissipates]
Chrom: Avatar! No! Ah gods, NO!

Quotes.How Dare You Die On Me (Edit link)

The Master: Dying in your arms... happy now?
The Doctor: You're not dying, don't be stupid. It's only a bullet, just regenerate.
The Master: No.
The Doctor: One little bullet, come on.
The Master: I guess you don't know me so well. I refuse.
The Doctor: [voice wavering] Regenerate. Just regenerate! Please, PLEASE, just regenerate, come on!
The Master: And spend the rest of my life imprisoned with you?!
The Doctor: [tearing up] But you've got to, come on. It can't end like this! You and me, all the things we've done! Axons, remember the Axons? And the Daleks!
The Master: [silent Death Glare]
The Doctor: [crying] We're the only two left... I've no-one else... REGENERATE!!
The Master: [smiling] How about that? I win.

Quotes.I Die Free (Edit link)

The Viking: Don't worry, my friend. Please... hand me my sword... Thank you...

Quotes.No Place For Me There (Edit link)

Daphnes: Farewell... This is the only world that your ancestors were able to leave you. Please... forgive us.
Zelda: W-Wait! You could... You could come with us! Yes, of course... We have a ship! We can find it. We WILL find it! The land that will be the next Hyrule! So...
Daphnes: ... [smiles] Ah, but child... That land will not be Hyrule. It will be YOUR land!

Quotes.Out Gambitted (Edit link)

Hiya, Joker. If you're playin' this tape, you've probably figured out you've been had. Yeah, I left you some cash, but only ten million - which, knowing you, you've already blown. All the other stuff, the money, jewels, and gold, it's all fake. See, I always hated your guts, and this was the perfect payback. By now, you're probably out of real money, the IRS is after you, and you can't admit I fooled you, or you'll be the laughingstock of the underworld. The joke's on you, sucker! I got the last laugh after all!

Quotes.Suicide By Sea (Edit link)

Grass still between his feet and a smile beneath his brow.

Quotes.Villainous Breakdown Anime And Manga (Edit link)

It hurts... Oh, god... Brother, where are you? Help me, brother. Please, I need you. You said you'd protect me. Well, I need you here with me now. Where are you...? Why did you leave me? You promised... you promised me! ... That bitch. She won't get away with this. Brother? What brother? Who the hell am I talking about? Like I care about some weakling human who let himself get killed with a fucking smile on his face. Like I give a damn about that lousy, worthless son of a bitch. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. FUUUCK YOU!

Recap.Angel S 04 E 15 Orpheus (Edit link)

Faith: Kicked his ass. *coma*

Recap.Are You Afraid Of The Dark Season 5 The Tale Of The Jagged Sign (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Shortly after a visit from her long-dead boyfriend, elderly Marjorie, whose health has been failing for some time, dies in a state of noticeable happiness.

Recap.Arrow S 2 E 11 Blind Spot (Edit link)

Recap.Arrow S 5 E 23 Lian Yu (Edit link)

Recap.Babylon Five S 03 E 01 Matters Of Honor (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: As the Drazi in the beginning launches Marcus he wishes him good luck and smiles moments before his ship is destroyed.

Recap.Block 109 First Album (Edit link)

Recap.Blue Ramun Chapter 9 (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Downplayed — Yuma tries to tell Eagle not to be upset, that she knew the risks of using the medication and that she's glad to have finally seen his face clearly, but the poison has put her in too much pain to keep smiling.

Recap.Cowboy Bebop Session 26 The Real Folk Blues Part 2 (Edit link)

Recap.Criminal Minds S 4 E 16 Pleasure Is My Business (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Megan dies content, knowing that she has exposed her father's crimes, and is dying with Hotch. "The first man who didn't let me down".

Recap.Digimon Frontier E 25 Tomokis Lonely Battle Asuramons Trap (Edit link)

Recap.Digimon Xros Wars E 9 Dorulumon Run Like The Wind (Edit link)

Recap.Doctor Who 2013 CS The Time Of The Doctor (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: The Doctor is at peace at the end of his eleventh incarnation because he had had time to come to terms with his death but instead was granted new lives, he saved the town of Christmas, and his last sight is that of his first companion.

Recap.Doctor Who S 20 E 4 Terminus (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Bor spends most of the serial dying, but seems cheerfully resigned to it.

Recap.Doctor Who S 27 E 10 The Doctor Dances (Edit link)

Recap.Doctor Who S 27 E 12 Bad Wolf (Edit link)

Recap.Doctor Who S 27 E 13 The Parting Of The Ways (Edit link)

Recap.Fairy Tail Alvarez Empire Arc (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: The last we see of Gajeel is a tearful smile, as magic barrier particles close around him in a portal to the underworld.

Recap.Film Reroll The Mummy (Edit link)

Recap.Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood E 19 Death Of The Undying (Edit link)

Recap.Game Of Thrones S 8 E 5 The Bells (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Euron Greyjoy led a life of chaos and brutality, bedded a Queen, and mortally wounded the legendary Kingslayer. His last moments in life are quite content and thoroughly satisfied. In fact, despite dying one could argue that Euron was the only one who was happy in this episode.

Recap.Gotham S 5 E 12 The Beginning (Edit link)

Recap.Gravity Falls S 2 E 20 Weirdmageddon Part 3 Take Back The Falls (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: After punching Bill out of existence, Stan looks at the picture of his family and says, "Guess I was good for something after all," happily before getting his memory erased.

Recap.Hercules The Legendary Journeys S 5 E 1 Faith (Edit link)

Recap.Hercules The Legendary Journeys S 6 E 4 Darkness Visible (Edit link)

Recap.Justice League S 1 E 18 And 19 Legends (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: The Guild smiles to the League after defeating Ray and ceasing to exist in the nuclear wasteland.

Recap.Justice League S 2 E 9 And 10 Hearts And Minds (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: As he is dragged to his doom, Despero has a blissful smile on his face, remarking that he sees "paradise".

Recap.Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger E 48 The Fated Showdown (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: When Basco's betrayal of Sally backfires fatally, he has a moment of shock - and then can't stop himself from grinning.

Recap.Kamen Rider Amazons Ep 26 Amazonz (Edit link)

Recap.Kamen Rider Build Ep 49 The Tomorrow Build Will Create (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Once Vernage senses that Evolt is finally dead, she releases her bangle from Misora’s wrist and quietly passes on to the afterlife. Takumi also recedes into Sento’s subconscious as there is no longer a purpose for him in the new world.

Recap.Kamen Rider Ex Aid Ep 41 Reset Game (Edit link)

  • Graceful Loser: Graphite has no ill regards to losing to Brave and Snipe, and even smiles before he explodes.

Recap.Kamen Rider Ghost Ep 12 Heroic A Mans Resolve (Edit link)

Recap.Kamen Rider Saber Ep 27 Turn Your Sorrow Into A Smile (Edit link)

Recap.Kamen Rider Zi O Ep 24 Best Friend 2121 (Edit link)

Recap.Kamen Rider Zi O Ep 462019 Operation Woz (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Comes along with Famous Last Words. Before disappearing into nothingness, Katsumi thanks Sougo for destroying the Another World and allowing him to finally be with his comrades, while giving him a thumbs up and smiling...

Recap.Kamen Rider Zi O Ep 492019 Apocalypse (Edit link)

Recap.Little House On The Prairie S 7 E 15 Sylvia (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Albert and Sylvia kiss, and Sylvia smiles at Albert shortly just seconds before her death.

Recap.Merlin S 04 E 02 The Darkest Hour Part II (Edit link)

Recap.Merlin S 05 E 13 The Diamond Of The Day Part II (Edit link)

Recap.Mr Robot S 04 E 04 (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: As Tyrell bleeds out in the woods, he stumbles across an object emitting a blue light and smiles with wonder as the light overtakes him.

Recap.My Hero Academia Paranormal Liberation War (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: As he's being consumed by Shigaraki's Decay, Crust gives an All Might-like smile while flashing a thumbs up to Eraser Head.

Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 2 E 13 Hearths Warming Eve (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: When the three assistants realize there's no escaping their fate, they decide to become friends before their end so they can at least die as friends instead of meaningless enemies. This was a very wise move.

Recap.OKKO Lets Be Heroes S 3 E 18 Lets Fight To The End (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: The last thing Fink does before T.K.O. drains her is smile at her restored boss.

Recap.Once Upon A Time S 7 E 4 Beauty (Edit link)

Recap.One Piece Enies Lobby Arc (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile:
    • Even up to the very end, the Going Merry's smile remains.
    • In Robin's flashback, Saul did this, even laughing as he died.

Recap.One Piece Fishman Island Arc (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile:
    • Queen Otohime smiled as her oldest son promised they will take care of Shirahoshi and will collect the signatures she worked so hard to get so that her dream of co-existing peacefully with humans can be fulfilled.
    • Also, Fisher Tiger, when reassured after freeing the slaves of Mariejois and the legends of his adventures, he will be remembered as a hero.

Recap.One Piece Logue Town Arc (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile:
    • Luffy cheerfully smiles just as Buggy is about to behead him. Fortunately he survives, but it does not take away from the moment, since he and everyone else believed he was going to die.
    • Smoker notes that this is the same way that Gold Roger, the previous Pirate King, died: with a smile on his face. That similarity is what sends Smoker chasing after Luffy, since he's the first person to realize that, if Luffy leaves Logue Town and goes off to the Grand Line, he will become a major threat...and, most likely, the Pirate King.

Recap.One Piece Marineford Arc (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Ace dies with a smile in Luffy's arms, happy that Luffy, Whitebeard, and his crew cared for him.

Recap.Sailor Moon Ep 45 Death Of The Sailor Guardians The Tragic Final Battle (Edit link)

Recap.She Ra And The Princesses Of Power S 5 E 13 Heart Part 2 (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Happens to Shadow Weaver when she sacrifices herself for Catra and Adora, showing she has found peace at last.

Recap.Sleepy Hollow S 2 E 17 Awakening (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: As he lays dying, Henry gives his mother a warm smile before disintegrating.

Recap.Sponge Bob Square Pants S 12 E 25 Krusty Koncessionaires Dream Hoppers (Edit link)

  • Visual Pun: After getting complimented by Claire St. Claire, Squidward claims that he can now "die happy" and proceeds to die there on the spot with a smile on his face. Mr. Krabs pulls Squidward's spirit back down into Squidward's body, because Krabs still needs Squidward to run the cash register at the Krusty Krab.

Recap.Sponge Bob Square Pants S 5 E 1 Friend Or Foe (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Old Man Jenkins falls unconscious this way after being poisoned by the Plabs Patty.

Recap.Star Trek Deep Space Nine S 04 E 19 Hard Time (Edit link)

Recap.Star Trek Deep Space Nine S 07 E 06 Treachery Faith And The Great River (Edit link)

Recap.Star Trek Deep Space Nine S 07 E 06 Treachery Faith And The Great River (Edit link)

Recap.Star Trek Lower Decks S 1 E 10 No Small Parts (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile:
    • Shaxs dies grappling with a crew of Pakleds, laughing as he kicks their asses.
    • Badgey as well, though in his case it's an evil Slasher Smile.

Recap.Star Trek Picard S 1 E 07 Nepenthe (Edit link)

Recap.Star Trek Picard S 1 E 10 Et In Arcadia Ego Part 2 (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: As Picard is dying, he grins at Soji because he's glad that she made the right choice, and he affectionately smiles at Elnor, who's the closest thing he has to a son.

Recap.Star Wars The Clone Wars S 4 E 9 Plan Of Dissent (Edit link)

Recap.Star Wars The Clone Wars S 4 E 9 Plan Of Dissent (Edit link)

  • Lighter and Softer: Compared to the rest of the Umbara arc. With the 501st away from the immediate battlefield, they're given some time to breathe and there's a lot more comedy sprinkled in, such as Hardcase wrecking the hangar as Fives tries to keep Krell from noticing, and even the battle droids get in a moment or two when the series was phasing this aspect out. The onscreen body count is also much lower than the other episodes, and although Hardcase doesn't make it out alive, he goes out on his own terms in a bittersweet triumph, unlike all the other clone casualties up to this point. Yet the episode still keeps the story moving forward and maintains the omnipresent sense of dread, leading to the tone darkening again come the cliffhanger.

Recap.Stargate Atlantis S 04 E 20 The Last Man (Edit link)

Recap.Steven Universe S 3 E 20 Bismuth (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Bismuth laughs tearfully when Steven promises to tell the Gems her story, saying that it makes him better than Rose.

Recap.Stories Of Sodor S 4 E 5 Diagnosis (Edit link)

Recap.Stranger Things S 3 E 8 Chapter Eight The Battle Of Starcourt (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Hopper accepts his death with this as he understood he won't make it in time, signaling Joyce to go ahead with destroying the collider. Might be Subverted in The Stinger...

Recap.Supergirl 2015 S 4 E 15 O Brother Where Art Thou (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Manchester, having succeeded in goading J'onn into killing him, dies smiling, even telling him that he looks beautiful this way.

Recap.Supernatural S 01 E 12 Faith (Edit link)

Sam: You know, this whole I-laugh-in-the-face-of-death thing? It's crap. I can see right through it.

Recap.Supernatural S 02 E 22 All Hell Breaks Loose Part Two (Edit link)

Recap.Supernatural S 07 E 04 Defending Your Life (Edit link)

Recap.Supernatural S 07 E 23 Survival Of The Fittest (Edit link)

Recap.Supernatural S 15 E 18 Despair (Edit link)

Recap.Supernatural S 15 E 20 Carry On (Edit link)

Recap.Sword Art Online Ep 14 The End Of The World (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Kirito's last attack was slow enough that Kayaba would have been able to block it easily, but instead allows himself to be killed with a smile on his face.

Recap.Tales From The Crypt S 2 E 8 For Cryin Out Load (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: After two years of putting up with his conscience tormenting him, Marty is all too ready to meet his maker, and as he dies his face fades into a smile, free at last.

Recap.Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann S 1 E 24 I Will Never Forget This Minute This Second (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: While many of the Team Dai-Gurren members smile as they face their end, special mention goes to Jorgun and Balinbow as they laugh maniacally before blowing up, taking many Anti-Spiral craft with them.

Recap.Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann S 1 E 25 I Accept Your Last Wish (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Kittan dies to destroy the Death Spiral Machine with a smile on his face.

Recap.The Flash 2014 S 1 E 23 Fast Enough (Edit link)

Recap.The Flash 2014 S 2 E 23 The Race Of His Life (Edit link)

Recap.The Flash 2014 S 3 E 23 Finish Line (Edit link)

Recap.The Magnus Archives Season Four (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: The crofters turned into berserkers by the Slaughter all died with a facial expression described by Terrance as somewhere between intense rage and absolute mania.

Recap.The Massive Multi Fandom RPG (Edit link)

  • Caim brutally slices apart what's left of Nightcrawler's Copy. After he's gone, Caim has one last conversation with Angelus before she succumbs to her wounds. Because of their pact bond, Caim also dies, but not before smiling to the rest of the group and telling them to finish off the Troper. The party begins to engage the fake Ryofu.

Recap.The New Batman Adventures E 7 Jokers Millions (Edit link)

Barlowe: (on his deathbed) Hiya, Joker. If you're playin' this tape, you've probably figured out you've been had. Yeah, I left you some cash, but only ten million — which, knowing you, you've already blown. All the other stuff, money, jewels, and gold, it's all fake. See, I always hated your guts, and this was the perfect payback. By now, you're probably out of real money, the I.R.S. is after you, and you can't admit I fooled you, or you'll be the laughingstock of the underworld. The joke's on you, sucker! I got the last laugh after all! (laughs, chokes, uses his oxygen mask, still cracks a smile)

Recap.The Saga Of Avatar Korra Book 1 Ch 18 Rebellion (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Subverted. When Asami is about to die from the stab wounds that Zaheer inflicted upon her, she has a smile on her face when she begins to lose consciousness. However, Korra manages to save her life before she died.

Recap.The Simpsons S 10 E 17 Maximum Homerdrive (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Red died on the spot with a victorious smile frozen on his face. He was eating steak when he passed away.

Recap.The Venture Bros S 7 E 3 Arrears In Science (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: How Vendata dies. He sees his son for the first time in decades and smiles before he finally powers out.

Recap.The Walking Dead S 01 E 06 TS 19 (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Jacqui and Jenner share a tearful smile and hold hands as they wait for their time to run out.

Recap.The Walking Dead S 05 E 03 Four Walls And A Roof (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Bob, since right before he dies, he dreams that Sasha was smiling at him.

Recap.The X Files S 06 E 14 Monday (Edit link)

Recap.The X Files S 06 E 19 The Unnatural (Edit link)

(Arthur Dales cradles the dying Josh Exley, and moves to check his wound)
Exley: Arthur, don't touch it! Our blood is like acid to you people! Get away, Arthur! Just get away!
Arthur: It's just blood, Ex... Look. It's just blood...
Exley: (looks at the red human blood on his fingertips in wonder and awe) ... How? (smiles, laughs, and dies)

Recap.The X Files S 06 E 19 The Unnatural (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Exley smiles and laughs softly when he realizes he's bleeding human blood, not alien acidic blood.

Recap.Torchwood S 2 E 13 Exit Wounds (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Toshiko's last expression before her body went motionless was a relieved smile at Jack and Gwen when they arrived to help her, knowing both were okay.

Recap.Transformers Animated S 3 E 11 Endgame Part II (Edit link)

Recap.Triptych Continuum Glimmer (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Linchpin. In the following chapters it serves to underscore the intensely gruesome nature of his death and the desperation he must have experienced leading up to it.

Recap.Vikings S 01 E 07 A Kings Ransom (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Tostig, who longed to be slain in battle so that he could ascend to Valhalla, smiles at Ragnar before dying after being impaled during the battle against the Saxons.

Recap.Voltron Legendary Defender S 1 E 010 Collection And Extraction (Edit link)

Recap.Voltron Legendary Defender S 2 E 12 Best Laid Plans (Edit link)

Recap.You Are My Reason To Die (Edit link)

Recap.Yu Gi Oh Arc V Ep 120 The Battle Beast (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Entrusting the rest to Yuya, Crow's last thoughts before being carded are of the kids back in the Synchro Dimension.

Recap.Yu Gi Oh Arc V Ep 133 A Dazzling Entertainment Show (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Yusho, before getting carded by Yuri, smiles at Yuya. Deconstructed, in that Yusho's carding sends Yuya into a blinding rage, which is justified since it's hard to be positive after losing a loved one.

Recap.Yu Gi Oh Arc V Ep 48 Battlefronts (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: When Teppei is about to be sealed into a card, he watches the card in which Michio is sealed and smiles, saying that at least the team will be reunited.

Recap.Yu Gi Oh VRAINS Ep 40 The Thirst For Victory (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: As he disintegrates, all GO can do is deliver one last smile and leave Playmaker to deal with Revolver.

Recap.Yu Gi Oh VRAINS Ep 93 Promise With Each Other (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Kusanagi can only manage one last smile, along with an apology to his little brother, before he disintegrates completely.

Recap.Yu Gi Oh VRAINS Ep 98 The AI Crosses The Line (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Revolver gives off a genuine smile before he disintegrates and leaves it to Playmaker and Ai to stop Bohman.

RedemptionEqualsDeath.Anime And Manga (Edit link)

  • In Prétear, Sasame defects from the Leafe Knights to be by Takako's side because he fell in love with her—even though he knew she didn't love him in return. On her side, he attempts to kill his former teammates and turns Mawata into the Puppet of Darkness by breaking her heart, but when Takako has a Villainous Breakdown and is nearly attacked by the dark tree she summoned, Sasame throws himself in front of an attack meant for her. The dark energy possessing the two disintegrates, and (after admitting "Not even my death will redeem me", he dies in the redeemed Takako's arms with a smile. His soul is even seen flying away into a bright white nothingness by his former teammates. However, this is one example where the redeemed DOES come back to life— Himeno revives him (and others) through her powers during the final battle with the Great Tree.

Roleplay.A Mans Dream Never Dies A One Piece Quest (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: In the end it was subverted, but when Bart thought he was going to die fighting off two Vice Admirals so his new crew could escape, he went out with a laugh and a grin before he faded to black.

Roleplay.Doubt Academy (Edit link)

Roleplay.Fate Hollow Fake (Edit link)

Roleplay.Fifteen Strangers (Edit link)

Roleplay.Ink City (Edit link)

  • Put on a Bus: Happens quite often to characters who are inactive. However, there's actually a canon explanation for random people in the city disappearing... an extremely unpleasant one...
    • Jimmy at the end of Log #36, in one of the most heartwrenching exits possible.
    • The Bus Came Back: Occasionally, characters who previously appeared in the City and left wind up returning. Sometimes they're the exact same character; sometimes not.
    • A certain character's bus boarding becomes a plot-heavy Wham Episode, as she's met by an avatar of her player.

Roleplay.NTWF Mafia (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Osilon Crane, when the Mafia pushes him off the top of a building. It's the first time he has really felt what it's like to fly like the birds he loves so much.

Roleplay.Survival Of The Fittest (Edit link)

Roleplay.Survival Of The Fittest (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: After getting shot, Junko Kurosawa spends her last seconds smiling and giving her killer a thumbs-up. The experience gave her an extreme rush of endorphins and adrenaline, making her incredibly giddy as she bleeds out.
    • Brendan Harte also. It's implied he's just relieved the ordeal is over.

Roleplay.Survival Of The Fittest Mini (Edit link)

Roleplay.The Digimon Epics Unholy Crusade (Edit link)

Roleplay.Trustfell 4 Trust Fall Or Die Hard (Edit link)

SacrificialLion.Anime And Manga (Edit link)

  • Naruto:
    • Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage , who went out fighting Orochimaru, the Big Bad of Part 1. Even though he goes via Heroic Sacrifice, it still counts as the villain had pushed him into a spot with no alternative, and was the first major "good guy" death (2nd following Hayate Gekko). It also has a huge impact and lasting consequences (specifically, being replaced in his station by Tsunade). His son Asuma, Team Leader for Team 10 qualifies even moreso, dying partway into Part 2 and embellishing how dangerous Akatsuki members are. Incidentally, in the two anime adaptations both Sarutobi men die in Episode 80.
    • Shikaku Nara, Inoichi Yamanaka, and the rest of the sensors have been killed after the alliance's HQ was attacked by the Juubi, just to show how dangerous the damn thing is. Made extra poignant by Shikaku's determination to stay there and make sure he gets one final message out to the alliance, despite knowing full well that none of them will make it out alive.
    • Then, immediately following the above, we get possibly the most powerful example in the entire series: Neji Hyuga Taking the Bullet for Naruto and Hinata. He even goes out smiling.

SandBox.Crimson Shark (Edit link)

Sandbox.A Different Lesson (Edit link)

  • Dying as Yourself: After being forced to undergo horrific Demonic Possession and watch as his body is made to kill and mutilate innocent after innocent in order to lure Tai Lung into either death or corruption, Vachir is finally freed from Chao's control by a fatal sword wound from Tigress. Because he doesn't die right away, however, he in fact ends up having to ask for a Mercy Kill to prevent Chao from retaking him, and ensure he will die as himself. And when his request is granted, he gets to have some very meaningful Last Words and Go Out with a Smile.

Sandbox.Assassins Creed II Templars (Edit link)

Sandbox.Azure Legacy (Edit link)

Sandbox.Btravern (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Was satisfied with how his life had turned out in "The Twilight of the Inspector" and bid a fond farewell to his past companions. He felt like it was the universe's way of forgiving him for having such a crappy time as his predecessor. Unfortunately, that made the matter of his next life feeling too entitled to die.

Sandbox.Characters Avatar The Last Airbender Republic City (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: After losing Republic City and the Equalists, Amon decides to reclaim his old identity as and turn over a new leaf with his long-lost brother Tarrlok. As they leave on a getaway boat, Amon happily contemplates the new life they would build with each other as brothers, while Tarrlok silently decides to kill both of themselves as recompense for their past crimes and to halt their father's villainous legacy once and for all. From the driver's seat Noatak smiles as he muses on how he'd almost forgotten the sound of his own name and begins crying, perhaps realizing and accepting what Tarrlok is about to do just before Tarrlok ignites the gas tank and detonates the boat.

Sandbox.JJBA Cleanup (Edit link)

Sandbox.Magnificent Bastard Gundam (Edit link)

  • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: No one hides their true intentions quite like Rau Le Creuset, ZAFT Commander and defective clone. Lacking his own sense of identity, and seeing the face of his "father" every time he looks in the mirror, Le Creuset believes the rest of humanity is suffering just as much as he is, and sets out to put the entire species out of its misery. Playing the role of Patrick Zala's right-hand man, Le Creuset sells ZAFT secrets to Blue Cosmos headman Muruta Azrael, prolonging the Bloody Valentine War, and ensuring that the conflict ends with mutual attempts at genocide, as Azrael tries to nuke the ZAFT colonies and Patrick fires his Wave-Motion Gun at Earth. Successful at masking his encroaching madness until the very end, Le Creuset dies smiling, convinced that the entire world will shortly be following after him.

Sandbox.Magnificent Bastard Live Action TV (Edit link)

  • Mad Men:
    • Bertram "Bert" Cooper is a senior partner and co-founder of Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency whose eccentric exterior hides a brilliant and determined mind earning the respect and admiration of his fellow workers. Bert makes his authority clear within the agency by foiling Pete Campbell's plan to blackmail Don Draper by saying that he doesn't care about Don's past, then himself later uses Don's past to successfully blackmail him into signing a contract that would merge Sterling Cooper with a British Agency. When the agency sells Sterling Cooper, Bert and his partners decide to form a new agency, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (SCDP), where Bert uses his love for Japanese culture to get them their first major client in Honda. Bert temporally leaves SCDP when Don's ad article puts the agency in hot water before returning again, conspiring with Pete and Joan behind Don, eventually getting Don kicked out from the agency with the help of Jim Cutler. Bert later rehires Don as creative director to foil Jim Cutler's plans to take over the agency before Bert passes away as he watches the Apollo 11 Moon Landing, dying in complete bliss.
    • Bob Benson is a conman who uses his charisma to persuade people into hiring him without looking into his criminal past. Working as an accountant for SCDP, Bob wins Joan Harris's friendship when he gets Joan immediate treatment for her abdominal pain by lying to a nurse that Joan has been poisoned and gets along with Pete Campbell when working on the Chevy account, until Pete discovers Bob's homosexuality and criminal past. Bob remains undaunted by Pete's threats, merely threatening him back and uses his likability to get people to turn against Pete. When Pete believes that his mother was killed by the nurse that Bob suggested for her, Bob becomes disgusted when Pete accuses him of being an accomplice to his mother's murder and manipulates Pete into humiliating himself in front of Chevy, getting Pete removed from the account. Leaving for Detroit, Bob proposes to Joan for an executive position at General Motors before accepting Joan's decision to decline Bob's marriage proposal.

Sandbox.Magnificent Bastard Live Action TV (Edit link)

  • Warrior (2019): Season 2: Rosalita Vega runs an illegal fighting pit on the Barbary Coast and has been planning her revenge on Elijah Rooker for killing her parents and stealing her family's land. To her wits, Vega has her sister, Marisol, marry Rooker to manipulate him into handing over his land and wealth to Marisol should he die and persuades Ah Sahm and his friends to travel to Rooker's Hill with her when they learn Rooker is hosting a fighting tournament there. Being invited to have lunch with Rooker, Vega uses this opportunity to kill Rooker and has Marisol sneak her, Ah Sahm and his group out of Rooker's Hill on the guise of being captured. When Rooker's bodyguard, Smits, shoots Vega, Vega dies happy having accomplished everything she wanted and hands over the prize money to Ah Sahm and his friends as gratitude for helping her.

Sandbox.Magnificent Bastard Sponge Bob Square Pants (Edit link)

  • "The Krusty Bucket": PlanKrab is Plankton's creation made of his own and Mr. Krabs' DNA. Created to steal the Krabby Patty formula for his master, PlanKrab instead uses his persuasive handshakes to take over both the Krusty Krab and Chum Bucket, becoming a beloved boss to SpongeBob and Squidward and insanely successful restauranteur while the threat he poses forces Plankton and Krabs to team up against him. Outwitting the two at every turn, it's only by witnessing the two fighting happening to trigger a split in his DNA that PlanKrab is finally beaten and even as the two halves melt by shaking hands they smile in bliss at its soothing power.

Sandbox.Mission Impossible Films Characters (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: He smiles at Ethan before falling to his death in the parking, believing his plan for nuclear armegeddon has succeeded.

Sandbox.Monster Comic Books A To H (Edit link)

  • God is Dead: Satan himself kicks off the plot by murdering God, and settles back to enjoy the resulting chaos as pagan gods swoop in and turn Earth into a battlefield that kill billions of humans. Enslaving Hades as a lackey while regularly sleeping with his wife Persephone, Satan engineers far more death and destruction while also awakening the immortal dragon that finally resets reality, killing everything that lives in retribution for Satan's misdeeds but not before eating Satan to share its belly with Jesus for thousands of years. Satan tricks Jesus into recreating the Gods, and later shoves him into a volcano to burn forever upon their escape. Satan then engineers a new conflict so he can attack God and kill him again, content to die having achieved everything he ever wanted.

Sandbox.Monster Superman (Edit link)

  • Supergirl (primarily New Krypton): The Post-Crisis version of Benjamin Martin Krull, aka Reactron, is Supergirl's Arch-Enemy. Having been rebuilt by Lex Luthor into a cyborg with a Gold Kryptonite heart, Reactron invades New Krypton alongside Metallo, depowering and killing numerous Kryptonians, threatening to rape Supergirl, and then murdering her father, Zor-El, in front of her by giving him radiation sickness. Tasked by General Lane with eliminating Supergirl, Flamebird, and Nightwing, Reactron murdered all the soldiers assigned to help him when they expressed doubts about the mission, and did his best to slowly torture Supergirl and Flamebird to death. Captured and tortured by Supergirl's mother, Alura, Reactron waited until Supergirl came to free him from the torture chamber to reveal that his capture had been a set up and that Luthor had transformed him into a living bomb. Detonating himself with a smile, Reactron gives a serene look as he incinerates Alura, the city of Kandor, and the entire planet of New Krypton, killing over ninety percent of the population in a single fell swoop.

Sandbox.My Hero Academia Pro Heroes (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: After being such a stoic, Nighteye passes on with a smile on his face, telling his comrades and friends that the world needs smiles and happiness and energy to prevail, imparting his wishes with them.

Sandbox.Sacred Swords (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: If he dies, he just laughs, and comments on how there couldn't have been a more awesome death for him. There isn't even any ellipsis in sight!

Sandbox.Sailor Venus 372 (Edit link)

Sandbox.The Nostalgia Critic Tear Jerker Cleanup (Edit link)

  • The Rogue One review starts off with "in memory of Carrie Fisher", who had died a day previously. Also Tamara plays Leia again for a few seconds. The first part counts, not sure about the second.
    • Doug's facebook post for the review, missing Carrie in more words than the episode could do. Meta example.
    • Despite their commentary on the characters being flat and forgettable, during Walter Banasiak & Tamara's final scene as Cassian & Jyn, there's something much more heartbreaking about - by contrast to the movie, where they hugged each other - seeing these two smiling, standing arm-to-arm, just before the blast flashes from behind them.

Sandbox.We Wake Up As Magical Girls (Edit link)

Sandbox2.RJ-CLOVIS-93 (Edit link)

SelfDemonstrating.Kamina (Edit link)

SelfDemonstrating.The Joker (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Hey, if ya gotta go, you might as well be happy! Here, have a whiff of my flower, you'll know what I'm talking about! Matter of fact, ol' Jacko's version of me practically said so at the parade!

SelfDemonstrating.The Joker (Edit link)

  • Killed Off for Real: Once upon a time, I injected myself with Titan. It should have been just like all the other times I dabbled with toxins, but sadly, it ended with me having to Go Out with a Smile in Monarch Theatre, or what's underneath it anyways. The lesson is, Drugs Are Bad — but only when they are used on you. Still, what a Downer Ending, huh? Though I'm still kicking everywhere else, as far as the Arkhamverse is concerned I'm done for; they even put my body into the fire in Arkham City: Endgame.
    • One alternate version of me tried to give Superman a bad day. It got him a superpowered arm through the chest. Sheesh, it's amazing what nuking Metropolis and tricking a superhero into killing his wife and unborn brat will do to a guy. Considering what happened after that, one of my greatest triumphs!
    • In one 'verse, the Bat finally managed to kill me for real... after which he went off the end in a big way, working his way up to destroying the multiverse. wistful sigh Always knew he had it in him. ...But again, see my thoughts above.
    • Then there's that Magog character, who thought Sic Semper Criminalis was the punchline. Crude and unfunny.
    • Over on Earth 2, I got bumped off by Bats without even the chance for a joke. 'Course, that was old Tommy Wayne, filling in for his dead son, who'd gone and got himself killed saving the world. Tsk, no style, that man; it's obvious where my Batsie got it.
    • This seems to be the case at the end of Batman: Endgame. Hah, fat chance!

SelfDemonstrating.Yuno Gasai (Edit link)

Series.Boardwalk Empire (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Chalky, satisfied that Daughter and her daughter are set up with a decent life, closes his eyes and smiles at the memory of her voice in front of a firing squad.

Series.Cold Case (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: The victim in "The River" flashes his friend a smile, after requesting that said friend kill him so his wife and son can collect on his life insurance policy. He wears it right up to the moment his friend honors his wish and shoots him.

Series.Cucumber (Edit link)

Series.Dead Like Me (Edit link)

Series.Dracula2020 (Edit link)

  • Did Not Get the Girl: Jack genuinely loved Lucy but never had the courage to admit his feelings for her before she was engaged to Quincey Morris. It's only when she returns from the dead as a vampire with horrific burns that Jack finally manages to kiss her and admit his feelings for her before killing her. However, she can't live as a vampire, especially one with a disfigured body and asks Jack to kill her anyway.

Series.Elizabeth I 2005 (Edit link)

Series.Horatio Hornblower (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Archie dies with a smile, albeit a somewhat tearful-looking one. He smiles mostly for Horatio' sake.

Series.Idol X Warrior Miracle Tunes (Edit link)

Series.Kamen Rider Blade (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: According to Hajime's flashback, the Human Undead did this when he willingly allowed himself to be sealed.

Series.Magic X Warrior Magi Majo Pures (Edit link)

Series.Power Rangers In Space (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: In "Countdown to Destruction", Bulk and Skull led the civilians into the fray alongside the Power Rangers knowing full well that this might be the end for the both of them.

Series.Revenge (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Victoria, who after breaking back into Grayson Manor decked out in her best evening attire, turns on all the gas valves takes a seat in her favorite chair, then with a grin flips on a lighter, causing the entire Mansion to explode
    • That is she would have if she hadn't faked the entire thing

Series.Robin Hood (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: Marian, in a scene that has divided viewers: she's either heartbreakingly brave or bizarrely cheerful for a young woman with a sword in her stomach.

Series.Sons Of Anarchy (Edit link)

Series.Space Above And Beyond (Edit link)

Series.Spartacus Blood And Sand (Edit link)

Series.Spartacus Blood And Sand (Edit link)

Series.Tales From The Darkside (Edit link)

Series.The Last Kingdom (Edit link)

  • Go Out with a Smile: When Ubba dies with a smile because he dies a warrior's death. Before killing him, Uhtred places his axe in his hand in order to make sure he goes to Valhalla after his death.

Series.You Are My Destiny (Edit link)

ShoutOut.To Boldly Flee (Edit link)

  • The Critic merging with the plothole is a reference to Willard Decker merging with Illia at the end of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
    • And it was shot like the Tenth Doctor's regeneration in Doctor Who, just with blue light instead of yellow, and going out with a smile instead of regretting it.

SoYouWantTo.Write A Magnificent Bastard (Edit link)

SortingAlgorithmOfDeadness.Anime And Manga (Edit link)

SortingAlgorithmOfDeadness.Video Games (Edit link)

StepfordSmiler.Anime And Manga (Edit link)

  • Mary Magdalene in Chrono Crusade almost constantly smiles, even though she's constantly having visions of the future and the past, some of them horrifying and violent. In fact, she has so many visions she has no memory of her childhood or even her name—except for a reoccurring vision of Chrono killing her with tears streaming down his face. She's even smiling when she dies.

StepfordSmiler.Video Games (Edit link)

  • Burgerpants from Undertale. His face changes between several wildly different Ren & Stimpy-esque smiling expressions, all while he talks about how his life has gone downhill and his job is terrible.
    • Laid-back and pun-loving Sans is also revealed to be this during a "No Mercy" playthrough; he realized long ago that his life is determined entirely by the whim of somebody else (namely, the player) and can be reset without warning at any moment. He admits that it makes finding motivation to do anything difficult, and that at this point, even making it to the surface world (which is what all monsters want and the main goal of the "Pacifist" route) doesn't appeal to him anymore because it would feel like a set up for a Hope Spot. Exactly how depressed he truly is depends partially on player interpretation, and on how the player decides to progress through the game. He's a more literal example of this trope, as he doesn't crack a frown once the entire game, even managing an extremely Broken Smile if you kill him.
    • Papyrus, of all people, becomes this in the Neutral ending in which he becomes the new monster king. Said ending necessitates killing off a brace of important Underground residents, including Undyne, who is Papyrus's Only Friend other than Sans; in his and Sans's epilogue message, Papyrus says he's been his usual cheery and optimistic self in an effort to bring morale back up among his new subjects, but he admits it's been difficult and that he misses Undyne.
    • Flowey is an interesting case. While he can genuinely express happiness and joy, it's only at the expense of others that he hurts or kills. In a way, he's a sociopathic shell. Feeling actual love and happiness is something Flowey literally cannot feel or express because he was reborn without a soul and said soul is what makes a person complete. It becomes doubly heartbreaking since Flowey used to be Asriel, the sweet and kind son of Toriel and Asgore.

StoicWoobie.Anime And Manga (Edit link)

  • Inuyasha provides an unexpected example with Sesshoumaru. He starts as a stoic egotistical cold killer, and his whole character arc is basically a huge Break the Haughty, mostly done to him by his father. He feels like the outcast son since he inherits a sword that cannot kill, instead of getting his father's powerful sword Tessaiga that was given to his lowly half-human brother. Through his seeking of Tessaiga or just trying to get more powerful, he gets his arm chopped off, his potential love interest gets killed off, and the technique he obtains because of this can only be mastered through the death of his Morality Pet. The final straw is when he learns his sword is just a cast-off piece of Tessaiga and that this technique was meant for Inuyasha all along instead of him, a revelation so shocking that even Inuyasha's friends can't believe how cruel Sesshoumaru's father has been. Then powerless, he's attacked by the Shikon no Tama itself and is almost killed. During all this he barely shows any emotions and even less says what he's feeling out loud, to the point of Jaken emoting for him.

SurprisinglySimilarCharacters.Troper Entries A To M (Edit link)

TearJerker.Akame Ga Kill (Edit link)

  • Chelsea's death was pretty heart wrenching since it was one the most painful deaths in this series, and that is saying a lot. After seemly killing Kurome, Chelsea actually felt bad for Kurome and tells her that she will make a better future for her to be reborn in. Chelsea is then about to leave and return to Night Raid's base with Kurome's teigu. However, Chelsea soon finds out the Kurome is still alive and Kurome was able to steal back her teigu. Kurome reveals that the drugs she has been taking actually saved her from Chelsea fatal attack and that if Chelsea truly wants to kill her, she was to either destroy Kurome's heart of cut off her head. Chelsea, realizing that she is no match for Kurome, tries to make a run for it and use her teigu to escape. However, Kurome's puppet, Doya, destroys Chelsea's teigu, as well as shot off some of Chelsea's fingers in the process, dooming Chelsea of any chance to escape. Despite this, Chelsea still make a desperate run to safety, only to have her right arm cut off and shot again in the back. Just when Kurome's puppet, Natala was about to finish her, Chelsea realizes that she is about to receive retribution for her actions. Chelsea spends her final moments (most likely is an attempt to comfort herself) thinking about what would have happened had she succeed and how she wanted to be praised by the rest of Night Raid, especially Tatsumi, as well as something else. While it was not revealed what the "something else" was, it was heavily implied that Chelsea wanted to tell Tatsumi her feelings after the mission. To top it all off, the viewer gets one last look at Chelsea face, as she is crying and is clearly terrified to die, contrasting the faces of Sheele and Bulat who went out with a smile. And then there is what happens to Chelsea's body after her death.

TearJerker.American Dragon Jake Long (Edit link)

Rose: [about to be killed by the skulls' power] Thank you, Jake! For everything! I'll never forget you!
Jake: Rose, no! [grabs her hand]
Rose: Jake, let go. I'll be okay. I promise. I'll be okay.
  • How about I add to that. Jake intervenes to stop Rose from being killed with the rest of the Huntsclan, but they all vanish just the same, so it's impossible to tell if he was successful.
  • Really, just how drawn out the scene is, with various shots of Rose alone in the air, rising closer to destruction. Also, just how close Rose comes to dying. By the time Jake's wish reaches her, the skulls are starting to vaporize her. If Jake had been just a second later, Rose would have died.
  • Jake wishing that Rose was never taken by the Huntsclan, and could just have a normal life with her family. After a moment, he then destroys the Crystal Skulls before leaving. His scream and tone in how he said to consider the skulls destroyed was filled with anguish, heartbreak and anger.
  • Doubling as a Heartwarming Moment, this exchange:

TearJerker.Assassins Creed Odyssey (Edit link)

  • The end of the Atlantis arc. After a life full of loss and hardship, followed by 2,400 years of safeguarding the secrets of Atlantis from the rest of the world, the Eagle Bearer finally finds The Chosen One they've been waiting for so long: Layla. They pass on the torch to her, speak one last prayer in Ancient Greek and die peacefully with a smile on their lips as their immortality ends and their millenia-long vigil comes to an end.

TearJerker.Asuras Wrath (Edit link)

  • Episode 21 settles the rivalry between Yasha and Asura in a heartbreaking way. Quite suddenly, Yasha (with his mask again) starts fighting Asura, who is both mad and confused as to why he's doing so. The fighting escalates and Yasha is on the losing end. The climax comes as the two run to each other ready throw punches at one another as the scene plays in Deliberately Monochrome, Silence Is Golden, and Bullet Time, even the reaction command for the punch. Yasha lets out a small smirk, Asura sees it, his eyes widen, and he stops himself at the last moment, command and all, before he connects the blow. Yasha's face mask breaks, his bandages reveal he has a gaping hole in his chest, and all he has is a serene expression with his body frozen in an extended punch. His last words were "Go... Save Mithra... and the world."

TearJerker.Baccano (Edit link)

TearJerker.Bio Shock Rapture (Edit link)

  • Canon catches up with Bill McDonagh at the end: he's captured by Ryan's security force while trying to flee with his wife and daughter. Because he's still liked and respected by the majority of Rapture's citizens, they agree to let Elaine and Sophie go free and give Bill a moment to say goodbye, knowing that he'll be killed as soon as they board the bathysphere. It's hard to say what's sadder: Bill's brave final words to his uncomprehending infant daughter ("Goodbye Sophie. Your old dad loves you.") - knowing that she's so young she'll likely not remember him when she grows up; or the knowledge that the next time we see our protagonist, chronologically, he'll be just one of many desecrated corpses of Ryan's enemies decorating his former friend's office.

TearJerker.Bleach (Edit link)

TearJerker.Brawl Of The Objects (Edit link)

  • It's pretty depressing to watch a contestant to be frozen, even if they aren't your favorite. They just go unexpectedly.
    • Boat's elimination is the saddest one yet. She talks to Baguette and Shelly one last time. Then, she just freezes with a smile.

TearJerker.Bunny Gore Justice (Edit link)

  • Ripley happily declares their trust in Dodge, even after being maimed by the mob and Bunny, sincerely seeming to believe that everything'll be okay as long as Dodge is here - until Rupert busts the door open, the loud noise causing them to die of heart failure.
    • The final speech is absolutely heart-wrenching. Here's a mutineer who sincerely believes in the Mutiny, and in Dodge, and never stopped believing, "Not even for a second," even in death.
    • The delivery of this pun also tweaks the heart-strings - they're trying too hard to make one last joke. For what reason? Just for the sake of it? Or to try and motivate/cheer up their friends?

TearJerker.Cat Planet Cuties (Edit link)

TearJerker.Clear Skies (Edit link)

TearJerker.Cytus II (Edit link)

  • Hayato used to have two motives for searching for Kaori: his friendship with her, and their adoptive mother, "Grandma" Feng Huang, who wanted to see her again while she was still alive. Unfortunately, he failed to uncover her whereabouts before Feng's health took a turn for the worst, and she fell into a coma following a stroke. With help from the Kyuu Hou Kai's medical technology, he manages to deliver one final message to her: Hayato decides to let Feng die happy, falsely telling her that he did manage to find Kaori, using perfume and voice recordings to fake her presence (as Feng had gone blind from the brain damage). Feng went out with a smile, believing Hayato's lie. PAFF herself is also driven to tears upon visiting Feng's grave and realizing that she had forgotten about her, despite how much she loved her.

TearJerker.Dark2017 (Edit link)

Jonas: We're a perfect match, don't let anybody tell you otherwise! *gives the other Martha a gentle smile*

TearJerker.Dead Rising (Edit link)

My store... My... store! (softly crying) Who will run my store when I'm gone? My store... My food... My sales... My...... Customers... (A little smile curls on his lips) Have a nice day... (Falls over...) CLEAN-UP! REGISTER 6!
  • It's also worth considering just how long he must've been protecting his store, alone, likely with no sleep and facing people who could've been willing to kill him for supplies. No wonder the poor guy lost it.
  • Adam the Clown is simultaneously tragic and horrifying, having gone insane after witnessing his audience (which would've included children) getting eaten by zombies, and convinced that running the Space Rider roller coaster at breakneck speed will keep the zombies at bay to the point that he's willing to kill Frank over it.
  • Cletus is among the most debated psychopaths in the game since people can't decide if was a terrified survivor with trust issues or a selfish, violent drunk who attacked Frank for no reason. Cletus is a tragic figure because he was just trying to protect himself from hostile survivors and he appears to have had to turn to drinking in order to mellow his guilt about having to kill people and lessen the stress from the apocalypse. Cletus' trust issues are warranted since every responsible gun owner knows for a fact that you absolutely shouldn't hand out weapons to complete strangers, his victim was clearly warned more than enough times to stay away, he doesn't make any attempt to chase you and continue the fight should you decide to disengage and run away from the gun store once the battle starts, and Cletus' death was caused by trying to escape from Frank, who Cletus assumed was going to kill him for the guns. Cletus is also one of the only psychopath that Frank actually tries to save as he tries to stop Cletus from running away. At the very least, he can do as much in the Wii version.

TearJerker.Deep End (Edit link)

  • Susan's sudden death at the end. Mike swung a ceiling light at her head after she refused to stay with him. She walks around for a few seconds, noticing she is heavily bleeding from the back of her head, and and smiles, presumably from the shock, and slowly slides face first into the water, face down. Most critics did not like the ending either. Apparently when the film was shown, the audience, who had enjoyed the movie, fell silent at the ending. When asked about why such a great film be ruined in the last five minutes, Skolimowski reportedly replied with, "You know what? I made that film for those last five minutes."

TearJerker.Delicious (Edit link)

  • At the end of Miracle of Life, Grandpa Vito drifts off into a Big Sleep, smiling. When Emily comes outside and finds out, she breaks down.

TearJerker.Dice Camera Action (Edit link)

  • Evelyn dies in episode 86, devoured by the Soul Monger but hopefully taking some of it with her in the process by turning into a sun, as well as lifting her friend's Death Curse. Her last action says it all.

TearJerker.Dice Funk (Edit link)

  • Hunter sacrificing himself for the party with a smile on his face, just happy that he gets to save both Vinnie and Mother.

TearJerker.Doctor Who (Edit link)

Ninth Doctor: See, Time Lords have this little trick. Sort of a way of cheating death. Except... it means I'm gonna change. And I'm not gonna see you again — not with this daft old face. And before I go...
Rose: Don't say that
Ninth Doctor: Rose. Before I go, I just want to tell you that you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic! And you know what?
[Rose shakes her head]
Ninth Doctor: [grins] So was I.
  • What makes it especially sad is how ridiculously short the Ninth's "era" was. Other than the Eighth Doctor and the War Doctor (both of whom are explicitly stated to have numerous adventures/years off-screen), no other Doctor has had so few episodes before dying. Furthermore, it's clear that "Rose" is very, very soon into this incarnation and that Rose Tyler stayed with the Ninth Doctor basically his whole life. Unlike other Doctors, there is no Time Skip in between companions. Rose never really noticeably ages either, indicating that their time together is fairly brief. That one little series, Series 1, is basically the whole of the Ninth Doctor's life, minus the 100 years spent between Rose rejecting his offer and him returning. Which means Rose was so significant in Nine's life that after sharing one adventure with her, he returns a century later just to get her as a full companion... then dies after only travelling a year with her.
  • When the Ninth Doctor is faced with choosing between another double genocide or letting the Daleks conquer Earth, the Dalek Emperor mocks him and asks him whether he is a coward or a killer.

TearJerker.Doctor Who (Edit link)

Twelve's regeneration into Thirteen is a heartbreaking contrast to Eleven's regeneration into Twelve. Eleven regenerates at home, at peace, with the woman he loves by his side. Twelve regenerates against his will, freezing to death in the snow, alone.

TearJerker.Dragalia Lost (Edit link)

  • Yoshitsune's story is filled with tragedy and heartbreak starting with the sacrifice of her bodyguard Benkei while the dragon Tsukoyomi gives her immortality. Over the years, she has plenty of adventures and has an adopted family, even learning how to turn from an old woman to her younger form. Chapter 4 has her come back to her adopted daughter, Marie, who had grown old waiting for "Mama" to come back and tell her new stories, when she falls asleep smiling.

TearJerker.Dragonball Z (Edit link)

Goku: You've worked hard up to now, Gohan. You were amazing!

TearJerker.Dragonball Z (Edit link)

  • The English dub of the end of the Cell saga, with Vegeta admitting to himself that he could never be as great as Goku because of his recent Heroic Sacrifice and resolving to stop fighting was hard enough, but the final scene in the episode "The Fight is Over… Thank You, Son Goku" is especially saddening due to the narration, and Goku's image laughing in pride from the afterlife.

TearJerker.Ed Edd N Eddy Devilman Crybaby (Edit link)

TearJerker.Enter The Arena As Your Avatar (Edit link)

TearJerker.Fairy Tail (Edit link)

  • Chapter 488:
    • Gajeel is dead. After having beat Bradman for the sake of Levy, Bradman decides to pull a Taking You with Me, becoming an entire vacuum of Magic Barrier Particles that sucks Gajeel in, changing his body into nothing more than Magic Barrier Particles. Levy refuses to let him die, but Gajeel pins her to a rock. She breaks free but Panther Lily shows up and restrains her. Gajeel thanks Levy for bringing out the best in him, that she taught him what it means to love. He was able to think of the future, a family, and happiness. That after everything Gajeel has ever faced, having his future with her taken away is the most terrifying thing he has ever had to experience. He tells Levy to live for the both of them and Lily to make sure she gets back to the guild safe and sound. As Gajeel managed to Go Out with a Smile, Levy unleashes a Skyward Scream. He is most likely Killed Off for Real, as Achnologia remarked that aside from him, there are six Dragon Slayers left.
    • Mest has jumped off the slippery slope in the worst of ways. Brandish has finally managed to convince August to think for himself, then affectionately calls him Grandpa. Mest then decides to rewrite her memory, implanting the idea that she "Must kill August, no matter what the cost.", causing her to pull out a shrunken sword, enlarge it, then impale August with it. Natsu tries to deliver a What the Hell, Hero? but Mest rationalizes it as him protecting the guild. Brandish has tears streaming down her face as she tries to process what happened. August then begins to unleash his magic, now believing that fighting is the only answer, meaning Mest's actions may have doomed the guild rather than save it.
      • Fridge Horror kicks in when you realize that Mest's repeated altering of his own memory may be damaging his sanity, and led him to forget what Fairy Tail truly is. He has had the most objections to keeping prisoners rather than killing them. Even if they do survive, Mest won't be stable enough to be a trustworthy ally.
    • Now let´s imagine what Brandish might have felt after she stabbed August. In the previous day she just saw her mother being stabbed and dying. Now, she had just done the same thing, even if brainwashed, not only one of her comrades but to a guy she saw as a grandfather figure. She just nearly killed, most likely, the closest individual she has for a family.

TearJerker.Fairy Without Wings (Edit link)

TearJerker.Fan Works (Edit link)

TearJerker.Fatal Frame (Edit link)

  • Ruka finally reconciling with her smiling father at the end, after trying to remember what his face looked like in the past when he was working (he had a mask on while working on the titular Mask of the Lunar Eclipse).

TearJerker.Fatal Frame (Edit link)

TearJerker.Final Fantasy XIII 2 (Edit link)

  • The death of Yeul in Noel's own timeline. It was her fifteenth birthday and Noel had planned to celebrate it with her and Caius, the last people left on Gran Pulse. Instead, Caius leaves for good and shortly afterward Yeul dies in Noel's arms after getting her last vision. Yeul says that she knew it was coming and thought she was ready. As she lays dying she realizes that she wasn't ready after all and really wanted to spend more time with Noel. The fact that she is peacefully smiling anyway makes the whole scene that much harder to watch.
    • The follow-up makes it even worse as Noel is completely alone now; the girl he cared so much about died and his mentor abandoned him. He wanders the desolate wasteland of Gran Pulse alone and when he's about to get sucked into the Historia Crux, battered and broken, he thinks he's dying...and part of him welcomes it. And when Serah dies, he's gone and lost everything again. The first person he makes an emotional connection with after everything that happened with Yeul and Caius and she goes and dies too. Poor guy just can't catch a break.

TearJerker.Final Fantasy XIV (Edit link)

  • Of all people, Emet-Selch and the Ascians as a whole get this in the finale. It turns out that they are not simply Zodiark's disciples. They're the last remnants of a world that was completely and utterly annihilated by Hydaelyn during her war against Zodiark. Everything the Ascians have done, every manipulation, every murder, every Calamity, has all been carried out so that they can reclaim their home. During the final battle, Emet-Selch rants at length in fury about all the pain and suffering he and his people have endured, about how much he has sacrificed for the sake of his people's survival, about how Hydaelyn stole everything from them, and about the injustice of how everyone else labels them as pure evil when all he and the other Ascians truly want is to just go home.

TearJerker.Fire Emblem Fates (Edit link)

  • Azura's death at the end of the Birthright and Conquest routes. It's bad enough that there's nothing you can do to prevent it from happening (except for choosing the Revelation route, where she never kicks the bucket, and is given a happy ending in that route), but when this is a character that the Avatar (a.k.a. you) has grown to trust throughout the entire game, it really feels like a loss, something akin to the loss of a precious family member.
    • Building off of that last point, it's revealed that Azura and the Avatar are cousins, which means that if the Avatar chooses to side with Nohr or Hoshido, he or she is destined to lose the only blood relative they have left.
    • It's arguably worse in Birthright, where Azura dies on-screen, compared to Conquest, where she dies offscreen after the screen fades to black. She's clearly in pain as she dissolves into water, but she still does her best to Go Out with a Smile for the Avatar's sake.
    • On the other hand, as awful as it is for the Avatar and her family to watch her die on Birthright, they at least know what happened to her. On Conquest, she just up and vanishes without a trace. Imagine if one day your best friend/sister/wife/mother just disappeared. They likely spent the rest of their lives wondering what happened to her and never getting closure.
    • It's even worse if she is married to a male Avatar. As mentioned in the Heartwarming page, the two pledge to shape a brighter future together in their S-Supports. Without her, that dream will never be realized and the Avatar will probably be grief-stricken for the rest of his life. And of course, there's the fact that Female Kana and Shigure are now motherless — which is made even worse when you remember that losing one of her parents in the war is exactly what Kana feared happening.
      • And even worse? Have Azura marry Kaze on Birthright and do not have him achieve an A support with the Avatar. By the end of the game, Shigure (and Midori) will be orphaned and if you didn't clear her paralogue, Midori will simply not exist.
      • Having them marry Keaton is another Player Punch, as Velouria's mother/daughter supports have her expressing extreme separation anxiety and begging her mother to never leave her again. With this being a Foregone Conclusion...
    • Finish the support between her and Shigure, her son who inherits her singing capabilities. It gets very sad halfway through their A support when Shigure tells his mother to let him have the pendant because he doesn't want her to keep the burden or run the risk of her dying after finding out what happens if she uses the pendant's power too much.
    • In the ending scene of Birthright, the Avatar wanders down to the lake where they first met Azura...and sees her singing there. They run up to her eagerly, briefly wondering if they're hallucinating before deciding they don't care, they're so happy to see her again. During this, Azura just stands there quietly. The Avatar looks away for a moment, and when they look back, she's gone. Sure, it gets a little heartwarming since it's implied Azura's spirit was visiting them from beyond the grave, but still a pretty big Yank the Dog's Chain. Doubly so for Male Avatars who married her.
      • In Conquest, this happens again as well, but at one point Azura's spirit actually asks the Avatar to close their eyes. When they open their eyes, she's gone.
      • Similarly, in the Birthright version, Azura is the one who tells the Avatar to look down at the lake. It's implied that she's trying to spare them from having to watch her disappear again, which is kind of heartwarming but definitely still in Tear Jerker territory.
    • This line from Shigure's epilogue only makes all the above worse: "Records of his life are the only proof that Azura truly existed."

TearJerker.Fire Emblem Fates (Edit link)

  • Kaze's death if you don't have an A support rank with him. At the end of chapter 15, the Avatar will fall off a cliff and Kaze catches them before throwing them up to safety. Hinoka catches the Avatar as the cliff begins to crumble and Kaze says the Avatar's name one last time before he plummets to his death.
    • Getting A-Support with Kaze will prevent this... but it reveals another Tear Jerker: Kaze was present the day the Avatar was kidnapped by Nohr, but because he was still young, he didn't understand what was happening, and has spent most of his life blaming himself for it, even feeling guilty for speaking to them.
    • To make his sacrifice even worse, as he's saying your Avatar's name one last time before letting go, his portrait is shown to be smiling.
    • Oh yes, one more thing: In their S-Support conversation, Kaze tells the Avatar that he will protect her, even in exchange for his life. Now, if the player doesn't get that A-Support with him, no matter what gender the Avatar is... Yikes.
      • Similarly, in their A-Rank, Kaze will tell the Avatar that it's his duty to protect them no matter what. Avatar replies that they certainly hope it doesn't come to him having to die for them. Now, any run where that conversation doesn't happen...
    • And, if you feel like being cruel, marry him to Hinoka beforehand. She has to watch her husband sacrifice himself to save her sibling. Not only that, she just had to choose between saving either her sibling or husband.
    • Imagine how his brother Saizo must feel. While their supports show that they weren't too close with one another due to their occupation, Saizo already lost his own father in the past, and now he has to lose his brother too, leaving him all alone.
    • Alternatively, marry him to Felicia and don't get an A Support with him, and Felicia loses both her husband and sister on Birthright.
    • Extra bonus points for any case where Kaze is married (regardless of who it's to), but did not reach A-Rank with the Avatar... This can cause Midori to become Permanently Missable, despite all the other children becoming available immediately. Kaze's poor wife won't even get Someone to Remember Him By.

TearJerker.Fire Emblem Gaiden (Edit link)

  • The game's Death Quotes. They're animated, fully voiced, have many already sad tropes (like Go Out with a Smile, It Has Been an Honor, Sorry That I'm Dying, etc.) and all of them are heartbreaking in one way or another.
    • For those knowing the previous games, Palla's quote becomes even more depressing: being the Hopeless Suitor she is, the last thing she remembered was Abel, who already settled with Est. This is when the other Hopeless Suitor, Catria, didn't even mention her crush (Marth) on her death, instead saying that she wishes she could've seen her homeland again. And moreso, if the player lets Est die... congratulations, Abel has become a widower.
    • Plus, when Zeke is fatally wounded, after he quietly says goodbye to Tatiana... he talks about seeing someone's face. It's very likely that he's not only recovering all of his memories as Camus, but is having a vision of Nyna as he lays dying. note  Making this worse, if this happens, Nyna is doomed, since no one will be able to wake her up from Gharnef's hypnosis, becoming nourishment for Medeus, and it's because Zeke didn't make it. Yeah, technically speaking, Zeke/Sirius/Camus is Saved by Canon like the Whitewings, but the mere idea of him dying and poor Nyna not being saved (unlike Lena, Maria, or Elice, who can still be rescued by Julian, Minerva, and Merric respectively) is haunting.
    • Now that the Cipher DLC's have been released... The four Cipher characters also have their own death quotes. And they're no less heartbreaking.

TearJerker.Fire Emblem Path Of Radiance (Edit link)

  • Finding out the truth of how Ike's mother died. Greil, her husband, touched the medallion, went berserk, and accidentally killed her. And she went out with a smile, which was enough to bring him to his senses. Greil was so wracked by guilt that he intentionally injured his arm so he could never use a sword again, and hired the assassin Volke to kill him if he ever went berserk again.

TearJerker.Fire Emblem The Blazing Blade (Edit link)

  • Really, the fates of pretty much all the significant villains in Blazing Blade, excepting Kenneth, Jerme, and Ephidel. Arguments can even be made for Darin (his death quote makes it fairly obvious that he's realized he's become a liability and that he gave up his son, army, and country for nothing) and Sonia (who is unceremoniously booted out of the Black Fang with the information that, no, she's not a perfect being, she's just a crazy Morph who thought she was).
    • Sonia's is very debatable, as she flaunted her being a "perfect human being", often at Limstella's expense and mocked her for being a lowly Morph. Limstella letting her die while informing her of the truth of her existence is more or less poetic justice. On the other hand, while it can never be said that this end is not what Sonia deserves, the way she pitifully clings her to delusion of being human to the very end, even as her whole world has been brought down her, just because it's her only sense of self worth and all she could possibly have left with her in her final moments, is pretty dang tragic.
    • Even Kenneth and Jerme may be sympathetic, to some, when you consider the implication that Nergal had driven them both completely insane, as implied by seeing them as Morphs in the last chapter, forced to fight for Nergal, and — when you kill them — smiling and closing their eyes, looking peaceful. Pascal Gretzner from the Hector's Mode exclusive Chapter 25 plays the No Sympathy card completely straight, though.

TearJerker.Fist Of The North Star (Edit link)

  • When Bat's adoptive mother Toyo is killed by the impact of a stick of dynamite thrown away from a terrified little boy that it was tied to via Jackal. Even moreso heartbreaking in the manga when he calls her "Mommy" for the very last time as she dies with a warm smile.

TearJerker.Fringe (Edit link)

Etta: *smiles* I know.

TearJerker.Fullmetal Alchemist (Edit link)

  • Fu and Buccaneer's death. Please, shed some tears for them.
    • Ling's breakdown after that was already heartbreaking in the manga, but Brotherhood just made it even worse, if that's possible. Maybe it's being able to actually hear Ling's screams and watch tears visibly stream down his face, but the whole scene in episode 58 with Ling desperately crying out for someone to use his stone to save Fu, only to get a cruel realization that despite the powers he's obtained he can't do anything for the situation is heartwrenching.

TearJerker.Fullmetal Alchemist (Edit link)

Pinako: Silly old fool. At least you died with a smile on your face, my friend.
  • Brotherhood makes it even better by dedicating the ending credits to him in episode 63 right after he dies. Adding to that, "Rain" plays in the background.
  • What's extra sad about this is that Hohenheim never got to fully reconcile with Edward.

TearJerker.Fullmetal Alchemist (Edit link)

TearJerker.Game Of Thrones (Edit link)

Ygritte: (smiles, barely perceptibly) You know nothing... Jon... Snow...

TearJerker.Go Animate (Edit link)

  • This video shows the GoAnimate world about to end via that infamous moon, with Boris grounding Caillou for not stopping it in time. As they only have moments left, Caillou finally asks Boris why he was always so mean to him. Boris initially refuses to answer until Doris points out that Caillou is right, as Boris is forever grounding or torturing Caillou. Boris realizes that Doris is right and sincerely apologizes to Caillou for all of the abuse he put him through. Caillou forgives him and they tearfully hug each other and exchange "I love you"s, both eventually smiling as the moon crashes down. While it seems like a heartwarming, if incredibly bittersweet, ending to go out on, it turns out this was All Just a Dream (within a Dream With In A Dream), and the video still ends with Boris about to ground Caillou. The first part of the video makes it a Heartwarming Moment, but the fact that it was just a dream and Boris is still abusive makes it a Tear Jerker.

TearJerker.Gravity Falls (Edit link)

  • Related to the above, Stan's self-deprecation through the whole episode, evidenced by sentences like "Somehow it's always 'Stan's the screw-up, Ford's the hero!'", "Dad was right about me, I am a screw-up...", and gets the idea to perform a Twin Switch and Heroic Sacrifice after Ford laments that his plan to use the memory gun on himself after Bill enters his mind won't work because the metal plate in his head prevents memory erasure, asking "What if he goes into my mind? My brain isn't good for anything..."

TearJerker.Gundam Build Fighters Try (Edit link)

  • Episode 7 brings home, once more, how most of the characters' motivations for fighting are not just about for the fun of playing Gunpla, but because they're fighting for the people they met through it. Team FAITH's motivations, Shimon's fighting for his brother, Kouji and Goro's determination to help him even going so far as to go out kamikaze-like to take out Yuuma and Fumina, set further to Ricardo Fellini's Heroic Second Wind Leitmotif, "Allied Force," does not help matters.

TearJerker.Hakuouki (Edit link)

  • ALL of the two-parter movie(s) deaths! It's horrific. The second part has Sanan, who normally gets to go out in a more graceful way, killed by a gunshot mid-sentence right after showing he was still on the Shinsengumi's side, 'after' catching some of the idiocy flu and not realizing he turned his back on someone who most definitely had a gun. It's heartbreaking nontheless.
    • Inoue is carrying a vial of the water of life. He tries to take it after he's mortally injured, but one of the soldiers ganging up on him steps on his hand and crushes the vial
    • It only gets worse from there. Notably, we have the deaths of Heisuke and Okita. First is Heisuke. As he's dying, asks Saito if he was good for something after all with a smile on his face. The normally stoic Saito Hajime clutches Heisuke in his arms as he's turning to dust with a sweet voice that Heisuke didn't only do good, he saved him.
    • But by far the absolute mother of all heartbreaking, horrible things in that same damned scene is Okita's death. Even if you were one of the ones who thought Okita was a bit of a mixed bag, which is unlikely, the Saito and Okita friendship was one of trust and admiration beyond what you'd expect. Okita, who is sick with tuberculosis that not even the water of life can cure - and the water of life would gradually drain his life anyway, mind you - finally states that maybe Hijikata wasn't so bad after all. It's then that Saito smiles and turns his back on him. "Souji, we should go on," is what he says, but he gets no response. When he turns back, only Okita's sword is there, causing Saito to drink the water of life and go on a rampage killing furies - using both swords to honor his fallen partner and feel him by his side once more.

TearJerker.Hellsing (Edit link)

  • The death of Pip Bernadotte. Your only consolation is the immediate Moment of Awesome that follows as Seras takes a level in badass, and the Unstoppable Rage commences. The OVA somehow managed to make this even more tragic, with the blind Seras desperately trying to find him, and pathetically grasping at the wall when he slips to the ground, dead.
    • And the kiss. Pip kisses Seras as he dies. And then teases her.
    • Then there’s the credits sequence for that episode, which is a slideshow of Pip's life alongside music that is clearly sung from his perspective, and which ends with a shot of Seras cradling Pip's mangled body.
    • Studying the pictures from Pip's childhood makes you even sadder as you realize that those kids with him are the other Wild Geese, they've been together since they were children— the classical definition of True Companions— and then one of their own is killed in front of their eyes and they're powerless to do a thing about it.
      • For that matter, there were four kids in that picture. Two of them are the last survivors of the Wild Geese, one of them is Pip, and the last one is the Merc whose unit was cut off from the rest of the Geese, and who was killed by Zorin after being shown an illusion of his dead daughter. Suddenly, Pip's refusal to close the barricade before the man returned makes a lot more sense.
    • Pip's speech to his men. It was impossibly badass, yes, but it was clear that they knew they were going to die.

TearJerker.Hellsing (Edit link)

TearJerker.Hercules The Legendary Journeys (Edit link)

Hercules: Hang in there, buddy.
Iolaus: Can't.
Hercules: Sure you can. Come on.
Iolaus: [smiles] Hercules... [dies]
Hercules: [shaking him] Come on. Don't you give up on me. Come on. Come on! Don't you give up on me!
  • Earlier in the episode, Gilgamesh talks about how his family was murdered and that the gods did nothing to prevent it. Hercules can relate to both losing a family and having to learn the hard way that gods can let you down, so Gilgamesh remarks, "You know, I wish I had met you a long time ago. Perhaps you could've spared me some disappointment." It's doubly sad when the climax reveals Gilgamesh's tragedy made him a Fallen Hero who's willingly serving Dahak.

TearJerker.Homestuck (Edit link)

  • The fact that Equius had the ability to save himself and Nepeta, but didn't. He valued the hemospectrum and Gamzee finally acting like a highblood more than his moirail. Because green b100d is ok, but it's not great.
    • To be fair, he believed Nepeta was safely hiding in the back room, so he thought it was only his life at risk, not hers as well.
      • It's made even worse when you realize that not only is he okay with dying, he's enjoying it. Equius's blood color was always visible under his glasses. Fans of forensics shows might know that asphyxiation causes hemorrhaging around the eyes like that. Putting this together with his title (Heir of Void) and the fact that he is smiling while Gamzee kills him, it can be determined that Equius was a practitioner of auto-erotic asphyxiation.
      • It's even worse when you consider that Heir of Void can mean "become nothing" and just how mentally and emotionally fucked up you would have to be to smile while being choked to death, fetish or not. "Become nothing" indeed. God knows how long he's felt like nothing as well, which is likely the reason he hung onto the hemospectrum and his high caste in an attempt to feel important.

TearJerker.Horizon Zero Dawn (Edit link)

"I saw them lining up in the community room... like cattle in a slaughterhouse, but smiling at each other... Chana handing out meds like being alive is just some kind of... pain to be eased."

TearJerker.Ikki Tousen (Edit link)

  • Also from Dragon Destiny, the scene where Hakufu sees the spirit of her Disappeared Dad while inside her own mind. He tells her that it's not her time yet so she has to come back to the real world, and coupled with the somber music that plays in the background, this scene can be a real tearjerker.

TearJerker.Into The Wild (Edit link)

TearJerker.Inuyasha (Edit link)

  • Add Jakotsu's last moments, right in between his defeat to Inuyasha and Renkotsu killing him. He resigns himself to die but is happy anyway, because his second life might be over but he lived it at its fullest and had no regrets,
    • It's just a small line, but it's tearjerking to hear a smug snake like Renkotsu tell Jakotsu to forgive him right before he removes the shard, especially since he's the one that set up Jakotsu to be slaughtered by Inuyasha. There's no one around (or so he thinks), he just feels that he has to ask for Jakotsu's forgiveness. And when he does, he replies with nothing but a smile, basically saying "I know what you're doing, but it's ok."
    • What makes it worse is at the beginning (or maybe the episode before it) Jakotsu and Bankotsu met for the last time. Bankotsu told Jakotsu that he was his only real friend, the only person he could really trust. *sniff*

TearJerker.Its Over Isnt It Its Only Just Begun (Edit link)

The breath leaves him. The smile does not.

TearJerker.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Phantom Blood (Edit link)

  • The death of Jonathan Joestar: he dies to save Erina, his beloved wife and childhood sweetheart, an infant of a woman killed by a zombie to which he had no connections to, and his unborn child, on his honeymoon no less, taking Dio down to the bottom of the sea with him. Made all the sadder by the smile on his face when he dies, directed at his wife, the readers, and Dio himself.
    • If one is somehow unaware of this plot point, they’d be forgiven in assuming Jonathan would find his way out of this in the end. After all, Jonathan has already faced quite a few near death scenarios and managed to come out on top. Nope.
    • There's also the fact that in the end, even after all the damage Dio did, Jonathan was able to forgive him and call their relationship a "bizarre friendship". He even felt sorrow for when he thought he was dead after finally beating him. Talk about Too Good for This Sinful Earth. His final thoughts sum this up well:

TearJerker.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean (Edit link)

  • The entire climax of the part, the Darkest Hour of the entire JoJo universe, with Pucci causing the entire apocalypse via Made in Heaven.
    • Anasui plans to sacrifice himself so Jotaro can land a hit on Pucci. FF dying for him clearly resonated with him. When he mentions the plan to the group, he also jokingly mentions marrying Jolyne again to Emporio... until Jolyne finally agrees to, seeing that he's change for the better, and that his plan has hope... Not that it matters, since Pucci uses the woman he loves to kill him from a distance.
    • Jotaro has a chance at killing Pucci... until he notices knives falling toward Jolyne. He moves her out of the way, but it takes just enough time for the time stop to end. He tried to save his daughter and kill Pucci, and ended up failing at both. Not only that, but the last thing he sees before dying is Jolyne getting hit by knives, so he ends up dying knowing that he failed. And just as the cherry on top, the method of his death (having his face sliced open) is exactly how Boingo and Thoth predicted he'd die all the way back in Part 3. It may have taken about thirty years to catch up, but Thoth's predictions are always 100% accurate.
    • Hermes futilely tries to attack Pucci. Tries. In one fell swoop, Jotaro's face and Hermes' arms get sliced off by Pucci.
    • Jolyne's death, where she smiles at Emporio before standing up to Pucci one last time as he closes in. Then a page and a half later, you see her getting ripped apart like tissue paper by Pucci's stand as Emporio breaks down in tears. All that remains is her stand's sunglasses, which quickly disintegrate under accelerated time as a colony of butterflies flutter off.
    • Emporio witnessing all this, seeing all of his friends die. It gets worse as he tries to shoot Pucci several times, and when Jolyne sacrifices herself, it dawns on him that he's the only one left to stop the nigh unbeatable Pucci.
    • Jotaro and Jolyne's deaths get even worse when one learns that Joseph Joestar is still alive in 2012. If not for the Reset Button that revived them, he'd have outlived his own grandson and great-granddaughter.

TearJerker.Jujutsu Kaisen (Edit link)

  • Nanami is on his death thralls after managing to subdue Mahito's minions and then turns to Yuji, giving him some encouraging words before Mahito casually kills him by blowing off his whole upper body.

TearJerker.Justice League Dark Apokolips War (Edit link)

  • Etrigan spends much of the film completely disinterested in everything, drowning his sorrows after Jason Blood's death and unable to find anyone worthy of fighting. He's so depressed that he can't even muster the will to rhyme. His duel against the cyborg Wonder Woman snaps him back to his boisterous self, but his strength isn't enough as she runs her sword through his chest — the same fatal wound that Jason died from. As she kicks him into a fire pit, Etrigan grins and gives his final rhyme before the flames consume him.

TearJerker.Kaeloo (Edit link)

  • When Kaeloo, Quack Quack and Mr. Cat are seemingly about to disappear forever, Kaeloo decides to Go Out with a Smile, and Quack Quack has his usual neutral expression, but Mr. Cat appears deeply upset and regretful.

TearJerker.Kamen Rider Ex Aid (Edit link)

  • Kuroto's rather surprising perma-death. In addition, Kuroto Goes Out With A Smile, moments before his death.
    • Before, Kuroto took a chance to glance at Emu who was happen to be on the scene. Then, Kuroto ACTUALLY smiled a bit toward the person that he hates the most. Makes you wonder that if only Kuroto's ego hadn't gotten the best of him when he was a child, he could have been a 'true' great friend and ally to Emu. Just like what he was depicted back in Ex-Aid's early episodes.

TearJerker.Kamen Rider Gaim (Edit link)

Yoko: Hey... if I had received the Fruit of Knowledge... would you have sought me too?
Kaito: You're Yoko... and the fruit is the fruit.
Yoko: [Smiles] You're... so awkward...

TearJerker.Kingdom Hearts III (Edit link)

  • Defeating each member of the True Organization XIII at the Keyblade Graveyard:
    • Marluxia remembering his past in his final moments and being glad that he's getting to "die" as himself. One can only wonder if he remember his sister again.
    • Larxene rejecting Sora's attempts to lighten her up about returning to a Somebody and she's just glad that Xehanort can't use her as a tool anymore. Unlike Marluxia, there's no indication that she remembered her past, though her Tsundere side as Elrena seems to return. The callback to her death in Chain of Memories adds extra sadness. "I a bunch of ''losers!" ...But...could be worse. Become that geezer's heart tank? No thanks." Like her partner in crime Marluxia, there's a definite sense of Larxene dying as herself and feeling some gratitude for that, complete with giving Sora a genuine smile at the end.
    • Luxord accepting his defeat and telling Sora that he hopes they'll be friends in some other life.
    • Unlike the others, Sora and Riku aren't so forgiving towards Xigbar, whose attitude doesn't change at all after they defeat him. Xigbar says that he hopelessly believed that Xehanort would pass down his Keyblade to him, a power he's always wanted. Sora and Riku snipe that he's not worthy of a Keyblade, but he insists that he knows he's worthy before falling backwards off of a wall while smirking. Even though it was later revealed in the epilogue that he faked his death. At first glance, this seems Alas, Poor Villain enough, but the implications behind this if you've read the Secret Reports can make those Secret Reports even worse.
      • Said Secret Reports end up painting everything Xigbar does in a completely different light. It's a little hard not to read his goofier character traits as a coping mechanism, him trying to stay strong by imitating his master.
    • The original Riku Replica defeating the replica that hold his heart from the past by taking it out, leaving the vessel behind. Riku tells him to take the replica body for himself, but the original turns it down, saying that someone else - Naminé - needs it more than he does.
    • Vanitas choosing to remain an agent for Darkness all the way to the end very visibly upsets both Sora and Ventus, but Vanitas doesn't appear to notice or care - he smirks all the way to the end, content with who/what he is and that he gets to go out doing what he enjoys doing, which is "being Darkness."
    • Right when Xemnas is about to kill Lea, Xion grabs his Ethereal Blade with her bare hand and tells Xemnas to let Lea live. In response, knowing they were friends, he forces her to be the one to kill him. Lea realizes she's the person he forgot, but still can't remember her.

TearJerker.Les Miserables 2012 (Edit link)

Valjean: Dear Fantine, Cosette will be here soon. Dear Fantine, she will be by your side.
Fantine: Come, Cosette, my child, where did you go?
Valjean: (shushes her, trying to calm her down) Be at peace. Be at peace evermore.
  • What really does it in is Valjean hugging her when he sings, "Be at peace, be at peace evermore."
  • Fantine finally calming at Valjean's reassurances and dying peacefully.

TearJerker.Life On Mars 2006 (Edit link)

  • Series 1 episode 6: After everything's gone to pieces and Sam is about to be killed by Reginald, he says a tearful goodbye to Annie and Gene while he attempts to Go Out with a Smile, and he starts to cry as he remembers a memory of his father that he talked about earlier. Possibly doubles as a Heartwarming Moment, as remembering that memory saves his life.

TearJerker.Logan (Edit link)

TearJerker.Mad Max Fury Road (Edit link)

Nux: Witness me.
  • To make the above even worse, normally when War Boys say "Witness me" they do it at the top of their lungs. Nux's voice is barely above a whisper, and almost sounds like he's going to start crying. It's almost like after everything he's gone through and bonding with Capable that he doesn't WANT to die. But he's willing to sacrifice himself to protect her.
    • Capable even copies the Vuvalini hand gesture of loss, once she realizes what he intends to do.
  • Really, everything about the War Boys. As Nux reveals more about himself and the life he and his fellow Boys lead, it becomes clear that a glorious death and an eternity in paradise afterwards is their only motivation to live in the first place. For Nux in particular, it's even worse; he's implied to be terminally ill, and can probably think of no worse fate for himself than simply rotting away in a zombified world without ever having proved his worth.
  • The music that plays during this scene, Walhalla Awaits, is very fitting for Nux's Heroic Sacrifice.
  • After Furiosa finally kills Immortan Joe, while Max, Furiosa, the Wives, and the Vuvalini escape on the Gigahorse, the Dag takes the Keeper's seeds before escaping and takes one last look of her dying with a smile on her face.

TearJerker.Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro (Edit link)

TearJerker.Majo No Shinzou (Edit link)

  • Chapter 42 has Mika saying farewell, first to Ritsuka, thanking him and being glad that someone was willing to learn the things that Mika was taught by Julia. After that, Mika summons Lumiere into his human form and nullifies the contract once more. Hurt, Lumiere embraces Mika with enough force that they fall to the ground, and Lumiere tearfully confesses that he loves her so much that he'd rather die with her than live in a world without her.
    • Once Mika begins disappearing into light, she encourages Ritsuka and Lumiere to continue living while smiling. Lumiere tries to embrace her one last time, but is too late, and he calls out to her one more time.
    • Not long after the two are summoned by Horloge, the spirit reveals that Nina was the twin whose heart stopped, and Nina sheds Tears of Remorse for all of the suffering that she inflicted. Lumiere wipes away Nina's tears and forgives her, saying that everyone does things out of selfishness. Nina thanks him, and is sent back to the burning temple, and releases Mika's heart.
    • After 14 years have passed, Lumiere and Ritsuka arrive at the temple for the ceremony, and the earthquake occurs. Lumiere transforms into his dragon self and saves Mika, being reminded that it's like how he and Mika first met. Once back in his human form, Mika thanks him, smiling widely at him. Lumiere and Ritsuka shed tears at this, since this means that the Miss that they loved no longer exists.

TearJerker.Maze Runner The Scorch Trials (Edit link)

Winston: It's... okay...
Thomas: (Turns back with tears in his eyes) I'm sorry...
Winston: Thomas... Take care of them...
[Thomas finally goes with the others, while Winston only musters a weak smile.]

TearJerker.Miraculous Ladybug (Edit link)

TearJerker.Mobile Suit Gundam AGE (Edit link)

  • The second half of episode 14, specifically when Yurin gets forced into a pink UE mobile suit and fights Flit against her will. One can't help but feel horrible for the poor girl as her mobile suit is tearing up the only boy she ever loved no thanks to Desil mind-controlling her mobile suit.
    • Which leads to Yurin's death itself. She takes Desil's blade for Flit not unlike Four Murasame. Not long afterwards, we're treated to a forest farewell scene, which then cuts back to Yurin's cockpit, where she's reaching for the Gundam. As her helmet cracks and the mobile suit explodes, she goes out with a smile. The music did not help.

TearJerker.Mobile Suit Gundam AGE (Edit link)

  • Episode 38 manages to OUTDO episode 37. Lu passes away, and Deen tells Kio that Lu smiled until the very end, then gave Kio her diary full of future memories. Hearing them read aloud in Lu's voice — especially the last one, of Kio taking Lu to Earth — as Kio fights off tears and Vagan mobile suits simultaneously is heartbreaking.
    • The kicker? Because of Asemu's attempt to rescue his son, Kio was unable to arrive on time to say goodbye or perhaps extend her life with the medicine he had in his hand. ;_;
    • In hindsight, Kio's attempts to save Lu's life by exchanging medicine for access to the AGE system's security protocols. One look in Dorene's eyes, and you know that Kio's eagerness to save Lu is ultimately not going to end well.
    • As Kio, Lu, and Deen reach a viewpoint of Second Moon colony, Lu says its beautiful. The look on Kio's face not only drives home his understanding of Vagans, but also the sadness from the fact that the poverty-filled colony seen from a junkheap would turn out to be the most beautiful thing Lu would ever see in her short life.

TearJerker.My Hero Academia (Edit link)

  • Chapter 272:
    • As the heroes try and flee from Shigaraki's Decay wave, Aizawa gets his foot caught by a Nomu. Crust uses one of his shields to cut the Nomu's hand and then throw Aizawa to Ryukyu who is safe by being airborne, but he's caught by the wave. Aizawa can only watch in horror as Crust crumbles to dust, smiling and giving a thumbs up. We hardly knew Crust but he dies like a true hero, smiling even in the face of death like his idol All Might.
    • As the tables look to be turning disastrously against the heroes, even if they still managed a victory or some tie at this point, the effects are going to be devastating for them and the public: several minor heroes have fallen and among the Top 10 one is dead, two are crippled and the fate of another (Wash) is unknown. And the count may rise as by the end of Chapter 273 Endeavor prepares to face off with Shigaraki...

TearJerker.My Hime (Edit link)

  • Episodes 24 and 25, where Yuuichi dies in a way that seems so coldly logical when you see it and still manages to die with a smile on his lips, and where Natsuki and Shizuru kill each other in an inevitable double-KO both saw coming. There is also the part late in the episode where Mai reads all the names of the people who lost their loved ones in the conflict, a list that includes some of her friends. And then Shizuru and Natsuki are added to that list.

TearJerker.Naruto (Edit link)

Itachi: I'm always going to be there for you even if it's only as an obstacle for you to overcome. Even if you do hate me, that's what big brothers are for.
  • Despite the split in the fandom about Itachi being a good guy, seeing him cry in Sasuke's flashback... This is Itachi, he's supposed to be emotionless! Add that to him smiling as he died and you have yourself whole new depths. Just the revelation makes you rethink everything he said, every one of his actions up till now... and realize that he was being deliberately vague the entire time. In retrospect, Sasuke's flashbacks before facing Itachi were strong foreshadowing of his true affiliation.
  • After the flashbacks finish, the present day shows Sasuke crying, of all people. Goddamn it, Kishimoto!

TearJerker.Naruto (Edit link)

  • And then all sound vanishes as Pain drags Hinata into the air, smashes her to the ground and impales her with one of his stakes... And then she begins to bleed out...
  • At that moment, Naruto became shocked and emotionless to the point where he can't even blink. All the tragedy he witnessed since he learned of Jiraiya's death has been bottling up inside him up to this point...
  • And frankly, Pain didn't even have anything against Hinata personally. His desire for revenge was against the older generation, who was responsible for turning the Land of Rain into a battlefield for their wars. He just stabbed Hinata because he wanted Naruto to be Forced to Watch the girl who just confessed her love for him bleed to death in front of him.

TearJerker.Naruto (Edit link)

Miru: (faint smile) It must be hard... living like that...

TearJerker.Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (Edit link)

Itachi: "You don't have to forgive me, but whatever you will do from now on, I will love you forever. Sasuke, having lived to be your brother made me happy."
  • In front of a very emotional Sasuke clearly holding back his tears, the sad music doesn't help.

TearJerker.Nier Automata (Edit link)

  • The fact that 2B and 9S meet roughly the same ends; smiling, thinking of eachother and even saying the other's name with their dying breath, while being granted release by A2 (albeit unintentionally in 9S's case) from not just the Logic Virus but the unrelenting agony of what their lives and relationship had become. As mentioned above, 9S seems to anticipate joining 2B in death, and should you turn down Adam's offer to join the Machines' venture into space, he gladly does just that. Even when the main trio is brought back to life by the Pods and given a chance at living without having to fight, suffer and die for YoRHa any more, there's still a lot for 2B and 9S to talk about and work through considering everything about their relationship and 9S' potential still-lingering contempt for 2B deep down and PTSD from, well, everything he went through/learned in Route C.
  • Even though it's the least bleak of the endings and it also doubles as a heartwarming moment, Ending E has other players sacrificing their save data to help you get through the credits mini-game. Whenever any of them take a hit for you, you will get a message of "[Player Name]'s data has been lost". Considering how difficult the sequence is alone, you will likely see this message more than once. While it ultimately results in a happier ending, much like Nier beforehand, many sacrificed their being to get you there.

TearJerker.Nier Automata (Edit link)

TearJerker.Ninety One Days (Edit link)

  • The entire episode could count as one big tearjerker. First of all, Angelo and Corteo decide to keep a low profile and thus go live together for a while in Angelo's appartment. The happy music and montage, with them going shopping together and sharing a cup of coffee while smiling, is heartbreaking to see. But oh, it doesn't stop there. When Angelo returns to the Vanetti Manor, he is suspected of betrayal by Barbero, and Corteo arrives to protect Angelo and gets beaten up in the process. Nero then gives a gun to Angelo, asking him to kill Corteo to prove his loyalty. As they are together, Corteo looks at peace and tells Angelo that they'll always be brothers, while Angelo cries. After shooting his best friend, Angelo smiles and simply says "I'll see you soon." He most likely plans on pulling a Murder Suicide.

TearJerker.Ninety One Days (Edit link)

Corteo: Angelo... That’s because we’re... (Holds out his hand and waves his signature goodbye)

TearJerker.Nintendo Wars (Edit link)

  • "Surrounded!" from Dual Strike has a brief but poignant one. Most of the other clone COs didn't really get to do much (although Sonja was shocked at the Kanbei clone). Here, though, after Kindle pulls a You Have Outlived Your Usefulness on the Andy clone, he manages to hang on long enough to ask everyone what the original Andy is like. While the other characters express sadness over his upcoming demise, he goes out with a smile because hearing everyone praise the original Andy made him happy. The other COs, particularly Sami, Max, and Jake, seem pretty torn up over this once it's all done.

TearJerker.Noah (Edit link)

  • On the same subject, Og's death as he looks back to Noah with a smile and just says "Goodbye, son of Adam". Before ascending to Heaven.

TearJerker.Nuzlocke Comics (Edit link)

TearJerker.Nuzlocke Comics (Edit link)

  • Episode 29. Buddy, Doakes, Blamo. You shall be missed.
    • Buddy's line: "Right... just one turn." as he grins is particularly heart-wrenching.

TearJerker.Nuzlocke Comics (Edit link)

  • After finally beating an opponent, and avenging Hank, Senor Fluf is the next to go down. His last words to Ruby ask if he saw him beat N's Pidove, proud of his accomplishment, right before he closes his eyes for good.
    • Those same tears become bitter when N walks up and hits Ruby with a simple truth, that in turn potentially reopens every single tearjerker death in the past. "Yes, it is sad... But remember... They wouldn't have died... if you hadn't caught them."

TearJerker.One Piece (Edit link)

  • Chapter 574. Luffy finally reaches for Ace. Only that his older brother is so injured after shielding Luffy from a shot by Akainu that, after speaking to him and Whitebeard & Co. and thanking them all for all they've done for him... he dies. In Luffy's embrace. With a smile in his bloody mouth. And it's just the definition of tearjerking.
    • And the worst part? Luffy's reaction at the last panel, looking like Chopper when he cries to reinforce how young he is and how devastating this is for him!
    • In the anime, after Ace dies and Luffy has his heart-wrenching reaction, there's a cut to three images of Jimbei, Whitebeard, and Marco shedding tears. 3 of the toughest pirates at Marineford, crying over Ace's death.
    • That's even not the worst part. THIS IS: "I'm not gonna die, no matter what! That's a promise!" Well, that was a fucking lie.
    • The anime version, Episode 483. It's essentially Chapter 574... extended to 20 minutes long. And it's as excruciating as you would expect.
      • As Ivankov points out, Luffy fought hard and made many sacrifices (10 years off his lifespan, not counting multiple uses of Gear Second, Bon Clay sacrificing himself to ensure the escape from Impel Down and the chance to meet up with the rest of his crew) to save Ace, but now Ace gave up his life saving Luffy, and presumably making Luffy feel responsible for Ace's death as a result of his body giving out at the wrong moment.
      • The question that Ace spent his entire life searching the answer for... was whether or not he deserved to be born.

TearJerker.Onimusha 2 Samurais Destiny (Edit link)

Gogandantess: Magnificent. You've become so strong...
Jubei: Dantess…
Gogandantess: So impressive... Now please do one thing for me, Jubei? Tell me my name.
Jubei: Your name is... Gogandantess. The greatest swordsman of all demons.
Gogandantess: Thank you, Jubei…

TearJerker.Osamu Tezuka (Edit link)

  • One chapter had a medical student whose entire family had died of cancer and whom was also dying of cancer. His goal was to successfully treat one cancer patient before he died. In the end he succeeds, but when the operation is over, it's revealed that he died at some point in the middle of the surgery and miraculously completed it anyway. Black Jack notes that he died with a smile on his face, having accomplished his goal, and comments "He's probably bragging about it to his family right now."

TearJerker.Osamu Tezuka (Edit link)

  • Pretty much anything by Osamu Tezuka has at least one moment that could do this. His lifework, Phoenix, has about two Tear Jerker moments per volume.
    • In Future, Rock's final, almost flippant acceptance of his death turning a surprisingly heartwrenching Go Out With A Laugh (even though you're crying) moment; plus Yamanobe's eternity of solitude and failure, followed by the realization that really, all he can do is dump the genetic beginnings of life into the ocean and hope it does something on its own.

TearJerker.Osomatsu San (Edit link)

  • Episode 14 has the return of Sanematsu-san which shows how horrible his life is. His boss considers him useless, most of his coworkers either ignore him or mock him with the one co-worker that tried to get along with him the last time he appeared is now annoyed with his silence. But things look up when he wakes up as the brother of Osomatsu and the rest who are rather nice now. Sanematsu spends weeks with the brothers happy till Osomatsu reveals that things are going to end as Sanematsu agrees. It's then revealed that his time with the sextuplets was a Dying Dream due to a car accident as he dies smiling.
    • As what the Nightmare Fuel page implies, it's heavily implied that Sanematsu is delusional all along and his brothers aren't real doesn't extinguish the tear jerker. Someone give this poor schmuck a hug...

TearJerker.Pandora Hearts (Edit link)

TearJerker.Pandora Hearts (Edit link)

TearJerker.Person Of Interest (Edit link)

Root: *smiles* Yes, Sameen.

TearJerker.Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Spirit Of Justice (Edit link)

  • The truth. Beh'leeb only killed Puh'ray/Rheel Neh'mu in accidental self-defense because she was found out by him in the revolutionary's secret base, and he threatened to kill her. To quote, she had to kill a person whom she thought as a son because said person was about to kill her for being part of the revolutionary army. Tahrust found out about this and made it look like it was Maya who killed him, and later then committed suicide and again made it as if he had been murdered by Maya all just to save his pregnant wife from persecution because the law demanded that, if a person is found guilty, those who support him would be found equally guilty. Remember, one piece of the evidence is a picture of the four of them happily having a meal like a family, and it is broken all just because of one law. Made even more heart wrenching is the final goodbye between Beh'leeb and Tahrust, who is channeled by Maya during the trial.
    • It's even more heartwrenching for fans of Rayfa, who just had her entire worldview upturned and spat on, but that pales to the Awful Truth: Her parents are terrible people. She's devastated.
    • Phoenix proves she did it in self-defence without even really trying. It was just kind of something that he proved along the way, so that kind of made Tahrust's death... almost unnecessary.
      • In fact, Phoenix says that he would have defended Beh'leeb if Tahrust had sought him. But even as a rebel he could not trust her life to a lawyer and decided to take a more reliable (but much more painful) route.
    • The case's equivalent of a Breakdown might be one of the saddest in the series. It's time to exorcise Tahrust's spirit, and Rayfa lets Beh'leeb do the honors. She hold out the Magatama to him, with a heart-wrenching expression on her face, as he smiles and leaves Maya's body. The Magatama's glow fades and we get a close-up on her face as she cries and bids her husband a final farewell.

TearJerker.Planetarian (Edit link)

Stargazer formerly Junker: Admist the roaring applause, realization dawned upon me. I am but one of the generations of Stargazers, born from this planet and raised by this planet. Now, I too, will join them in the front seats.
  • What makes it even more sad that this moment is also the Stargazer's last, and the three children cried when they heard the news. Trust me, they're not the only ones crying... But at least the Stargazer passed on in satisfaction.

TearJerker.Psycho Pass (Edit link)

TearJerker.Queen (Edit link)

TearJerker.Queen (Edit link)

  • Want a Queen tearjerker? Listen to Made in Heaven, Queen's last album, released four years after Mercury's death. Mercury recorded the lead vocals for many of the tracks during his final days. Numbers such as "Made in Heaven" and "Winter's Tale" (the last song Mercury wrote — reportedly, two weeks before he died) can be hard to listen through.
    • By the same token, for Brian May, John Deacon and Roger Taylor to pull themselves together emotionally and creatively to finish the record from what was left over (and it didn't appear that Freddie's death was easy to cope with for any of them) and produce such a quality effort was a Moment of Awesome for the surviving members of Queen, too.
    • "No one's gonna stop me now!" Freddie Mercury wails at the album's end. And then come the clips from "Seven Seas of Rhye", one of the band's earliest powerhouse anthems, bringing the legacy of Queen full-circle and ending where it began, like an ouroboros, ready to start all over again. The man may be gone, but his body of work lives on, on infinite repeat.
    • "13". Wordless, ambient, 22 minutes long... And yet easily the last great hurrah. It's been thought of as a symbolic run-through of Queen's entire career. And the way it ends...

TearJerker.SCP Foundation (Edit link)

Addendum SCP-348-4: SCP-348 was once used in a test involving a 60-year-old man suffering from a terminal illness. The subject, a grandfather with multiple grandchildren, stated that the soup produced by SCP-348 was “the best he’d ever tasted”. Following the test, the subject reported feeling a sense of “satisfaction” and noted that the pain caused by the illness seemed to have faded. The subject passed away peacefully a week later.

TearJerker.School Live (Edit link)

TearJerker.Shadow Star (Edit link)

TearJerker.Sorcerer Stabber Orphen (Edit link)

TearJerker.Super Smash Bros (Edit link)

  • The ending to the original game. After you defeat Master Hand, the character you played as is dropped on a table in what appears to be a kids room, where they lay motionless for the rest of the cutscene. All the while, emotional music plays in the background while the camera zooms out and the screen fades to white. The screen then cuts to black to the sound of a door closing before cutting to the credits. One of the most tissue-reaching endings is Pikachu's, who sits there staring at the camera with an honest-to-Arceus smile on his face.

TearJerker.Supermarioglitchy4s Super Mario 64 Bloopers (Edit link)

Desti: (smiles) You better win Splatfest for me, okay?
  • And to cap it off, the ending card is gray instead of the usual blue and there's no cheery music, only dead silence.

TearJerker.Tales Of The Vanguard (Edit link)

  • Super Rei's death at Black Mari's hands. Although it's highly foreshadowed that the Return To The Past may resurrect her, it still hurts to read her Go Out with a Smile as Asuka holds her and begs her to stay alive, and then her body getting lost in the midst of all the rubble as Mari brings down a building on top of them both (killing many bystanders deliberately). This, Mari treating Rei like an Expendable Clone, and then threatening to rape and kill Asuka's other lover Ranma, drop-kicks Asuka through the Rage Breaking Point and makes her pummel Mari while screaming out oaths of revenge. Later on Submariner R arrives as The Cavalry after Asuka beats Mari up, and he asks where Rei is... cut to them arriving to the rendezvous point with a hefty amount of grief.

TearJerker.Tamrielic Adventures (Edit link)

Over the waves could be heard a desperate, gulping shout as Per was dragged underwater for the last time. As he struggled to get his head overwater, his life flashed before his eyes. Cold Skyrim winters, long patrols in Solitude. Tense battles though Ayleid ruins and sharing bonfires with his best friends. Doing his damndest to see justice served towards those that had hurt him. He caught a glimpse of a lifeboat far off, and a sort of contentedness fell over him. The frigid water was oddly comfortable. At least he would die on his ancestors' shores. And at least he was out of that Talos-forsaken boat. As his limbs stiffened and the air departed from his lungs, a faint smile passed over his lips. He would see his friends again in Sovngarde.

TearJerker.Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Edit link)

  • This single line from episode 27 sums it up quite nicely, and is also a CMOH "Well Nia, I'm here, just as I promised."
    • Nia's disappearance right after her wedding to Simon, especially the aplomb she faced it with— smiling until the very last second so as to not make Simon sad—to be a huge tear-jerker in its own right. Goddamnit, Gainax, give one of your series a genuinely happy ending for once.
      • Even worse is the credits sequence right after, which has Simon walking alone with Boota. Even though it's the exact same as it was in the other post-timeskip episodes, it has a whole new subtext behind it that makes it even sadder.
      • It gets worse: The main verse of the ending song of Lagann-hen translate to this:

TearJerker.The Hobbit The Battle Of The Five Armies (Edit link)

  • Bilbo's refusal to accept Thorin's death, not knowing how to respond to his final words and even whispering that "the Eagles are coming" as if that would make everything okay.
    • For him, it was supposed to. The Eagles have always been a sign of hope and victory in Middle-earth, and the last time Bilbo saw them they were saving the day. In his mind, now that they've arrived, everything is supposed to be okay... but it isn't.
    • Then he snaps out of his denial and breaks down sobbing, still holding Thorin in his arms.
    • "Farewell, Master Burglar. Go back to your books, your armchair. Plant your trees, watch them grow. If more of us valued home above gold, this world would be a merrier place."
    • The happiness and relief on Thorin's face when Bilbo reaches him. The first thing he does is apologize for his actions and always putting Bilbo in peril before begging for the hobbit's forgiveness, prompting Bilbo to say that he didn't mind facing any sort of peril so long as he was at Thorin's side. So, instead of dying alone and ignorant of his friend's forgiveness, Thorin got to Go Out with a Smile in Bilbo's arms, content in the knowledge that at least one of his closest friends had survived the war and would return home to live peacefully in the Shire.

TearJerker.The Impairment (Edit link)

  • Somehow Meleeo's death can garner some tears from readers. The dying creature strangely even takes the form of Norman Oswald, bleeding red and flashing a smile that doesn't exactly come across as mocking despite the circumstances. Special mention goes to his final words.

TearJerker.The Jungle Book 1967 (Edit link)

TearJerker.The Lion King II Simbas Pride (Edit link)

Nuka: *smiles* Well... I finally got your attention, didn't I? Didn't I?
  • The consequences given to Kovu, who is disowned by his mother and branded with a villainous scar after she strikes him in fury (even she needs to briefly pause from her fury in disbelief following this imagery). Keeping in mind Kovu, despite outshining Nuka and earning his constant jealousy, genuinely cared about his brother, being blamed for his death served as quite a gut punch.
  • Vitani's reaction is just as saddening. She looks just as horrified as Zira when she sees he's about to fall, and when he dies, she just says his name quietly, then bows her head in grief. Even though they spent most of their scenes bickering, she clearly loved him. Also, when we come back to this scene, there's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment where she lifts her head back up and opens her eyes with this broken look on her face.
  • Zira mourning Nuka's death and asking Scar to watch over him is a Tear Jerker for three reasons. The first one is that it reminds us that she actually loved Nuka, even if she was too unstable to show it. The second one is that, even after Nuka's death, she's still devoted to Scar and unable to get over her thirst for revenge. Then there's the fact that, as per The Lion Guard, Scar's soul got wiped. He's gone-gone.

TearJerker.The Nostalgia Critic (Edit link)

  • The Rogue One review starts off with "in memory of Carrie Fisher", who had died a day previously. Also Tamara plays Leia again for a few seconds.
    • Doug's facebook post for the review, missing Carrie in more words than the episode could do.
    • Despite their commentary on the characters being flat and forgettable, during Walter Banasiak & Tamara's final scene as Cassian & Jyn, there's something much more heartbreaking about - by contrast to the movie, where they hugged each other - seeing these two smiling, standing arm-to-arm, just before the blast flashes from behind them.

TearJerker.The Prisoner Of Zenda (Edit link)

TearJerker.The Sponge Bob Square Pants Movie (Edit link)

SpongeBob We did all right for a couple of goofballs.
  • Their last words, as they Go Out with a Smile, is one last, sad, slow, but nonetheless enthusiastic reprise of the Goofy Goober Song.
  • And also, SpongeBob has a short monologue about how they never succeeded in their mission. How broken Tom Kenny makes SpongeBob sound as he's slowly dying does not help:

TearJerker.The Transformers More Than Meets The Eye (Edit link)

  • Rung’s Heroic Sacrifice. Knowing that the exertion producing the Matrix copies the Lost Lighters need will kill him, he simply says goodbye to Chromedome and Rewind (telling them to forgive themselves), deletes all his patient files (to preserve that patient-doctor confidentiality he always took so seriously), and reminisces one last time about his first meeting with Skids. Smiling gently, he transforms and uses all of his strength to produce enough Matrices to defeat the fake Primus, then turns to dust just like his fellow Guiding Hand members.
    • As if that wasn’t heart wrenching enough, at the end of the issue it turns out Rung left a message: When the Matrices destroy the Functionist Council and reboot Vector Sigma, a pulsewave is sent to Luna-1, reactivating the hot spot there. The sparks form into a single sentence: “don’t forget me”. Judging by the reactions of the crew, they never will.

TearJerker.The Walking Dead Video Game (Edit link)

  • Kenny's death. Even though he was going through a Sanity Slippage and acted downright violent and deranged from time to time, he had been Clementine's longest friend, or at least someone she knew well enough. Either way, he resigns to his death. At least if he had died in Season One he would have died redeeming himself - his death in Season Two felt like putting down a mad dog...
    • The Last Words in this scene are what really drive it home - he even flat-out tells Clem that she made the right choice, showing that he is well aware of his behavior and is glad that she prevented him from hurting anyone else. Clem can then comfort him with the thought that he'll be with Katjaa and Duck soon, an idea that gets him to Go Out with a Smile.
    • The player can also make Clem shoot Kenny after he had killed Jane. Instead of pleading for mercy, Kenny simply close his eyes and tell Clementine to "do it".
    • Even if the player decides to not kill him, there's still a tearjerker in store for the player when they reach Wellington. After finding out that Wellington is over capacity and are unable to let more survivors in, Kenny willingly makes a plea for them to let Clementine and AJ in without him on the account that they are just children, and remains outside as a result. If Clementine stays behind at Wellington with AJ, the farewell scene between her and Kenny is really heartwrenching, with him giving away his signature hat to AJ before walking off into the horizon.
    • Alternatively, Clementine, having seen how dangerous Kenny is, decided to go on alone with AJ. Understanding of her decision and seeing how unfit he is to be a parent, Kenny bids Clementine farewell and to look after AJ.

TearJerker.Through Ravens And Songbirds (Edit link)

TearJerker.Train To Busan (Edit link)

TearJerker.Transformers Animated (Edit link)

  • Prowl's Heroic Sacrifice in Endgame Part 2. Try to watch his "I'm sorry, Jazz, I have to do this" face before he lets himself be absorbed by the Allspark and not at least feel sad. Made even worse by Jazz calling to him that they'll find another way as well as his final act to save Optimus.
    • What makes his smile so effective is how he does it. Pretty much every episode before has him either pull off a simple, normal smile (which is rare) and a smug grin. Cue the last episode when he dies and pulls that particular smile which he has never done before. It culminates all the Character Development he got (the selfish, stoic loner to a willing soldier and loyal friend) and works perfectly for his Heroic Sacrifice.
    • Watch and listen when everybody gathers after the Lugnut Supreme exploded, and Jazz arrives with Prowl's dead shell. Optimus is the first to move towards Prowl while uttering a single, quiet, disbelieving "No".
    • Megatron shoots at Optimus when he reaches for Prowl's body. The Decepticon should have been killed by the explosion, but instead, Prowl had to sacrifice himself so the same explosion would not obliberate Detroit and everyone in close vicinity. Prime's quick, vicious counter-attack against Megatron shows no heroics, no speeches, he simply smashes him down and refutes his request for a quick death in battle. Optimus just lost one of his closest friends who promised him just a short time ago he would 'always be at his side'. Now Prowl is dead, it's all because of Megatron, and Optimus has no interest in his grief and rage to be 'merciful'.

TearJerker.Twentieth Century Boys (Edit link)

Kenji: What are you saying? You've been with us the whole time.

TearJerker.Undertale (Edit link)

  • Toriel's Boss Battle at the end of the ruins is a big Tear Jerker, pretty much, in any way you play it.
    • Toriel's attacks can be tricky to avoid. But if your HP gets low, any subsequent attacks have the bullets actively avoiding your soul, to the point that it's impossible for you to take any more damage. However, it is possible to kill yourself if you intentionally take enough hits before the current attack ends. The look of shock and horror on her face if you manage this will haunt your memories.
    • Killing Toriel in the "neutral" path has her Go Out with a Smile, telling you one more time to be good and how strong you've become. This is especially easy to do on accident, because unlike many previous enemies, you can't spare her when her HP is low enough; attacking when her HP decreases enough will suddenly do way more damage than usual and kill her. And if you feel guilty killing Toriel afterwards and you decide you want to restart and spare her, Flowey will call you out by saying this:

TearJerker.Valkyria Chronicles (Edit link)

  • Valkyria Chronicles has one about half way through. Isara getting shot and killed out of nowhere. It doesn't help that she dies with a smile on her face.
    • Then in the next cut scene Rosie only being able to fill her promise to Isara by singing at her graveside is sad, the fact that the song is beautiful makes it totally heartbreaking.
    • And in the ending, when Welkin asked Alicia "How's Isara been today?", and out came their daughter. This one isn't directly a Tear Jerker by itself but still, if you know why it's like this...

TearJerker.Video Game High School (Edit link)

TearJerker.Vocaloid (Edit link)

  • Disappearance of Hatsune Miku, which is a happy, cheery song in a major key...about Miku suffering while being uninstalled. Or getting a virus. Or being unable to sing well anymore. Or losing all her memory.
    • The song in itself is super depressing, but the official videos don't help at all. This one shows Miku lost in a labyrinthine version of the computer's internal system, trying desperately to find her way out to stop her owner from deleting her. Various scenes show her breaking down in tears when she sees musical notes disintegrating, and towards the end, after flashbacks of her times with the other Vocaloids, she tearfully smiles and accepts her fate.
    • This one is a montage of Miku living out her last moments with her creator, all done in a minimalist, monochrome, painterly, yet cutesy art style. If that wasn't depressing enough, this one really hammers it home with the sad and slightly Nightmare Fuel-ish imagery: tear-stained, decomposing music scores, Miku discarded like a toy among piles of said scores, her motifs vanishing, the progressing countdown to her deletion, which eventually leaves Miku staring depressingly at her owner through the screen as she turns black and fades.
    • This cleverly-made PV shows an MMD Miku not only singing, but also signing the entire song. It's impressive, but also very depressing when you consider that she's signing the song because the parts where she's singing too fast can't be understood. In her own words, she's "sacrificing sound quality so that she can communicate". If her voice can't speak, at least her hands can.
    • For everyone who thought that the original was bad, try Teto's version. There are a few lyrical changes, but they make all the difference.

TearJerker.Voltron Legendary Defender (Edit link)

TearJerker.Voltron Legendary Defender (Edit link)

  • Thace's final moments as the the main hub of the Galra ship is prepared to explode, he completed his mission with a peaceful smile.

TearJerker.Wakfu (Edit link)

  • When Yugo reaches Inglorium, what's the first thing he can see? An illusion of Oropo disappearing, then all the Eliotropes presences that were with Oropo also disappear and finally Oropo (in his original form) smiles at Yugo and they touch their palms, shortly after that Oropo disappears and Yugo start to cry, all accompanied with no music at all.

TearJerker.Wreck It Ralph (Edit link)

Ralph: I'm Bad, and that's good. I will never be Good and that's not bad. There's no one I'd rather be... than me."
  • To drive it even further, it's quite likely that this moment is the first time in his life that he's ever truly believed those words.
  • The track that plays underneath this moment, here, with a sweeping chorus, makes this a severe tear-jerker to many!!
  • What really clinches it is Ralph looking at the medal Vanellope made for him while he falls. Take note that his fist was faltering as he fell even as he recited his Bad-Anon Mantra. His whole body language was expressing the terrible fear he was attempting to suppress with the mantra. It was him looking at the medal that gave him the strength to recite the rest of the mantra resolutely and hold himself with determination.
  • Take a real close look at these two screenshots. For just a second as he falls, Ralph opens his eyes to look at the medal one last time- it is the last thing he expects to see before his Final Death. And then he closes his eyes again and he smiles. He just smiles.
  • The moment that leads to this decision is equally worthy of tears. The Cy-Bug-revived Turbo grabs Ralph and flies with him up in the air, grabs his head and yanks it in the direction of where Vanellope is along with Felix and Calhoun, and proceeds to tell him to watch while Vanellope gets eaten by the Cy-Bugs.
  • To wit, at this point all the Sugar Rushers have been evacuated. Only Van, Felix, and Calhoun are there to witness his act and it's debatable how much longer Felix and Calhoun could stay in/near the threshold of the plug. Meaning that his sacrifice would not be known to anyone but a handful. And he doesn't care; a far cry from the start of the movie where he wanted that public recognition.
    • Except Felix probably had no intention to escape. Ralph was essentially committing suicide, so it would be impossible to save Fix-It Felix Jr. from getting unplugged. The Nicelanders would all be able to evacuate to Game Central Station, but his new friends were in danger. Felix grabs his trusty hammer and holds his ground, as if he's preparing to put himself between Calhoun, Vanellope, and the Cy-Bugs.
  • A bit of Fridge Brilliance and extra tearjerker, Ralph is reciting the creed to comfort himself in the wake of his impending death. Look at his face as he's reciting it, he's trying to keep from breaking down.
    • Look at Ralph's face when he finds out he can't bring Vanellope through the exit. It is eating him up inside something awful at the prospect of leaving her behind, even as she entreats him to.
    • Even worse: Not only is Ralph forced to leave Vanellope behind, but he probabl