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Feel free to edit the profiles. Please don't add anything related to voice acting though, since that's blatant shoehorning.

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     Hanzo Urishihara 
Hanzo Urishihara, God of Lazy Bums, (Lucifer)
  • House: Flaws
  • Demigod, Overdeity when in action
  • Symbol:
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Profile:
  • Domain:
  • Allies: Sadao Maou, Umaru
  • Enemies: YHVH,
  • Opposes: Emi Yusa,
  • Possibly has the smallest temple in all of the pantheon, considering it is his NEET closet in Sadao's temple.
  • Despite his lazy demeanor, he is excellent with computers and technology in general. He turned a webcam into a security camera, slipped a tracker in Emi's purse, all without her knowing, and getting to Emi herself at her job, all while at his own computer.
  • Doesn't like YHVH, as he reminds him of the corrupt church of Ente Isla.
  • Unlike Sadao and Ashiya, Hanzo can actually drink Emi's holy vitamin. It helps that Hanzo is actually Lucifer, the fallen angel.
  • Gets along quite well with Umaru, since both of them are NEETs

  • Appearance: Screw with a colored ring on top, numbers have a serial number, and Genesis is a ball.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Amplifies whatever it is inserted into, Source of Power, Eldritch Location, Can cause massive bodily harm
  • Domains: Energy, Dimensions, Power
  • In 2036, Shidou Yurizaki solved the world's energy problem by creating a coil that draws seemingly infinite energy from a fourth dimension, which is called Dimension W. While powerful, they have been known to malfunction, which sends the object into said dimension. Sixty towers were built around the world to harness the energy, allowing a steady supply of electricity anywhere. Tesla's dream finally became a reality.
  • There are five types of coils, each more powerful and lethal than the previous one.
    • Coils, which are the weakest of the coils, but still pack enough punch to make a difference between tradition fuel and the coil. These coils glow blue.
    • Illegal coils, which are more powerful than regular coils, yet have a higher chance of failure due to lack of safeguards. Mainly used by thugs. Collectors get paid to recover these for the powers that be. These coils glow red and typically have an X on them.
    • Numbers are prototype coils, and are much more powerful than the previous two. The lower the serial number on the coil, the more powerful it is. These coils glow green. Like the illegal coils, they are also dangerous, but in the case of the numbers, it's because they draw energy from deeper layers of Dimension W. They were created before the towers were built.
    • Double Coils are unknown in power and ability. These also glow green. Can be used to short out and destroy any coils in a certain radius.
    • Genesis is a unique core that has the ability to make something from nothing. It is a golden sphere.
  • Like the Yamato Perputual Reactor, they can be used for immense evil, but unlike the said reactor, it is small enough to be put into anything, such as a water gun, vehicles, robots, and androids.
  • When they do malfunction, they create a dead zone, which prevent anything with coils from working.
  • The coils have been looked at with immense interest and the Speedwagon Foundation has started doing research on them.
  • They can also be disabled with enough force, usually through powerful weaponry.

     The Eternals 
The Eternals, Gods & Goddesses of Aggravating Fetch Quests (The Ten Gods), (Anre: Uno) Translation , (Tweyen: Song) Translation , (Threo: Thalatha) Translation , (Feower: Quatre) Translation , (Fif: Funf) Translation , (Seox: Six) Translation , (Seofon: Siete) Translation , (Eahta: Okto) Translation , (Niyon: Nio) Translation , (Tien: Esser) Translation


Raoh, The God Who Died Awesomely (Ken-Oh, The King of Fists, Conqueror of the Century's End)
  • Theme Music: Hokuto Renkitoza.
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His Statue posing his Death Scene.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil at first, now Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Aloof Big Brothers, Cool Horses, Power Up With Love, Noble Demons, Too Cool to Live and Dying Marvelously, Died Standing Up, Vader Clone
  • Domains: War, Battle, Death, Family, Travel.
  • Followers: Ken, Ouka Nagisa.
  • Allies: Kenshiro (Adoptive younger brother, and doubles as a Worthy Opponent), Toki (His brother, also doubles and a Worthy Opponent), Darth Vader
  • Enemies: Griffith, Monokuma and Junko Enoshima, J. Geil, Jagi, Ethan Roark Junior, Shinji Matou
  • Feared by: Many
  • Worthy Opponents: Jotaro Kujo, Sea King,
  • Ascended after his death at Kenshiro's hands while standing up and having zero regrets.
  • Formerly a Well-Intentioned Extremist, he sought to save the hell-ridden wasteland by conquering and ruling it.
  • An absolute monster in combat due to being a master of Hokuto Shinken. Standing at 6'11" (just 8 inches taller then Kenshiro) and weighing 320 pounds, his fighting skills are downright legendary. He uses hidden vital points to inflict a slow and agonizing death on those who oppose him. His fighting style, Gō no Ken, uses immense physical power to destroy everything in its path, and the greater his opponent is, the stronger he becomes. He has also added martial arts stolen from Cassandra into his fighting style and displayed techniques from both Nanto Seiken and Rakan Niō Ken.
    • Enshō Ha (円掌波, Circle Palm Wave): Sends a circular wave through the target's body.
    • Gōshō Ha (剛掌波, Strong Palm Wave): Raoh's trademark technique; it attacks the adversary outside the practitioner's reach. To achieve this, the fighter expels a large amount of their tōki (闘気, battle aura) from the palm of their hand, creating a powerful wave.
    • Gōten Shō (剛天衝, Strong Heaven Rush): Raoh raises his fist towards the heavens and projects a powerful wave of energy towards the sky. People who stand close to him will get hurt by the waves of energy rising upwards.
    • Itten Shō (一点鐘, Point Chime): A powerful uppercut which can pierce the vital points through airflow, even when blocked.
    • Ken'Oh Tentsui Geki (拳王天墜撃, Fist King Heavenly Crashing Strike): Raoh summons a huge ball of energy to crash down on his foes.
    • Raretsu Ken (羅裂拳, Gauze Fissure Fist): Raoh begins by powering up a single fist for a mighty overhead strike. While his enemies are stunned by the impact, he immediately follows with a barrage of rapid-fire punches. Finishing them off with a single kick, he crosses his arms as they whirl away from him.
    • Shinten Rai (震天雷, Heaven Shaking Thunder): Raoh powers up and projects a destructive dome of energy around him. It blows his victims within range far away from him.
    • Shū Renda (輯連打, Collected Barrage): A rapid punching attack. It is said the attack leaks blood from the victim's pores.
    • Tenshō Honretsu (天将奔烈, Heaven's Command Charge): Raoh's ultimate technique. A rotating hand charge which fires a large wave of tōki.
    • Zenrei no Ken (全霊の拳, Fist of One's Whole Soul): Also known as Mettei Ha (滅天把, Destruction Heaven Wave), or Hatenkai Ken (把天壊拳, Grasp-Heaven Demolition Fist). Raoh's final attack; he concentrates his life-force into a single punch.
  • Like his adoptive younger brother, Raoh can also use Musou Tensei, which allows the user to achieve a state of "nothingness", impervious to attacks, and commune with the souls of fallen rivals in order to use their techniques.
  • Has found a worthy opponent in Jotaro Kujo, since Jotaro and Kenshiro are very similar to each other in looks and in how they fight. The first time they fought, Raoh pulled out all the stops and defeated Jotaro in hand to hand combat. He looks forward to fighting Jotaro again.
  • Even though he sought to conquer the hell-ridden wasteland, Raoh is ultimately a Noble Demon at the core. Despising rapists, he found out that a rapist in his army raped and killed a child. He then used his steed, Koku-oh, to crush his hands, and he slapped his head straight off.
    • For that reason, he despises Ethan Roark Junior. The moment Ethan saw him, he tried running away, only for a Koku-oh riding Raoh to trample him. He eventually did the same thing with J. Geil.
    • He also despises any form of torture, and because of this, he doesn't see eye to eye with Revolver Ocelot.
  • Like many others, he takes issue with Griffith. Both of them are dark messiahs in a Crapsack World, and both are loved by their followers. While both have (or in Griffith's case, had) a noble goal in mind, Griffith ultimately took a detour for villainy and slaughtered anyone who dared to oppose him, while Raoh is ultimately a hero of Hokuto Shinken who planned on conquering what was left of the world to install order in a chaotic world. Many gods fear the day that tensions will boil over and both of them will fight each other in mortal combat. Some say that a yellow head has been looking at this event.
  • Tied with Passionlip for largest chest.
  • Like his brothers, he brings hope to people. Due to this and despising torture, he is taking a stand against Monokuma and Junko Enoshima.
  • Has been compared to Darth Vader, due to being a dark armored villain who is related with the hero.
  • Like Kenshiro, he views Jagi as a disgrace to Hokuto Shinken. It doesn't help that Jagi attacks the weak and defenseless, while Kenshiro and Raoh use it to protect the weak.
  • "Even the gods quake in fear before the power of my fists."

    The Shredder 
The Shredder, God of Breakout Villains (Oroku Saki, Duke, Acuraz, Ch'rell, Metal Mouth, Tin Head, Super Shredder, True Shredder, Utrom Shredder)

Just Starting

Mention her clipping Red Skull's transport aircraft by using Captain America's shield, and a tangle with Rayquaza. Another mention would be her advantages with having Okuyasu (having The Hand erase a great amount of space between the object and said target really helps) or Rohan (imagine being flung at 70 mph towards objects fast enough to clip airplanes) as a battle partner. Interactions with Straizo, the only Nazi anyone should root for. Legs get healed by Kenshiro, Toki, or Josuke 4.

Mention him crossing the despair event horizon, and fighting Vanilla Ice. Starting date: 2020

I dunno.

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