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Greater Gods

    Arthas Menethil 

Warriors of the frozen wastes... rise!

King Arthas Menethil, God of Embracing One's Inner Darkness (Crown Prince of Lordaeron, King of the fallen Lordaeron, Slaughterer/Butcher, First of the Lich King's Death Knights, Champion of The Scourge, The Lich King)
Arthas as a Paladin 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Crest of the Scourge
  • Theme Song: Arthas, My Son (O, Thanagor) and Invincible
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, formerly Chaotic Good
  • Weapon of Choice: Frostmourne
  • Portfolios: From The Wise Prince To Evil Overlord, Cool Sword, Evil Ice, Thinking That "Light Is For Fools", Jumping Off the Slippery Slope, One-Man Army, Values his soldiers even after his descent into evil, Death Knight
  • Domains: Evil, Undead, Villainy.
  • Allies: Kel'thuzad, Anub'arak (albeit unwillingly for the latter), Diablo, Sindragosa, Adria, Arcturus Mengsk, Luca Blight, Dio Brando, Dracula, Lucifer the Doom, Deathwing, Ostarion, Napoleon, Zhaitan, Sektor, Esdeath, Kaldr and Lissandra and a good amount of the Undead-oriented Gods of the Pantheon, Sauron
  • Enemies:
  • Interested in: The Wendigo
  • Evil Counterpart to: Zuko
  • Once the prince and future King of the Human Kingdom of Lordaeron, Prince Arthas Menethil was a Paladin who wanted to avenge his people, to the point of doing whatever it took to protect them. This proved to be Arthas's downfall, because after taking his troops to Northrend to enact vengeance on the Dreadlord known as Mal'ganis, and on the way claiming the cursed sword Frostmourne, Arthas unwillingly ended up becoming the very thing he was fighting against.
    • This was cemented when he "succeeded" his father, and after slaughtering countless victims in his path, Arthas ended up becoming the Lich King. The world of Azeroth may have Bolvar Fordragon as the Lich King right now, but in the Pantheon, that seat belongs to Arthas, and he is far less benevolent than Bolvar is.
    • How nice Arthas was before becoming the Lich King is debatable, but some sources state that he wasn't the All-Loving Hero he pretended to be (nor is it looking like he is going to be anytime soon).
  • Though he is not a member of the House of Death, he has a massive amount of undead creatures at his disposal, making him one of the few gods in the Pantheon with his own personal army, better known as The Scourge.
  • Insists that the being that was seen crying like a baby in the tortures of the underworld by Sylvanas Windrunner was not him. To enforce that insistence, he registered himself in the battlefield of the Blizzard heroes, as the dark, evil glory of the Lich King. Side by side with him is a fellow demonic ally, The Lord of Terror Diablo.
    • However, the organizers had only one condition for Arthas. He had to be the sparring partner of every new hero that entered the nexus. While it sounded good on paper, Arthas later found out that the job was much more painful than that.
    • To his surprise, his old love Jaina has ascended and will be participating in said battle. However, Arthas brushed off any attempts to rekindle the old flame, claiming that he will still crush her without mercy.
  • Elsa despises him for his evil use of ice, and for reminding her too much of Prince Hans.
  • Nobody actually expected that Arthas would instead make his move during the 25-Year Prophecy. He approached Liu Kang and managed to convince him to embrace his inner demons. He convinced him that deep down, he's tired of having to play up the goody two-shoes Mortal Kombat Champion persona, and he truly is fitting for conquest and rule...and that he shouldn't be bogged down by any "mentors", be it Raiden or Rachel, he should "make his own destiny", just like how Arthas broke away from the light. In this endeavor... Arthas succeeded, Liu Kang started to embrace his lust for power as the new ruler of the Netherrealm, and broke away even from Rachel, and in one fell swoop, not only had Arthas made it clear what he does best, he also started a chain reaction smearing Rachel's reputation as the 'new, better Kombatant mentor' to dirt, if she couldn't even keep the main Kombatants in line.
  • Arthas's story heavily mirrors that of the fabled King Arthur, except that Arthas took a darker path in contrast to Arthur, and the latter hates him for daring to betray the people that he so desperately tried to protect. Arthas dismisses the King and is only interested in making Arthur his greatest champion. The fact that both Excalibur and Frostmourne might be evenly matched could potentially make for a fantastic battle if they ever decide to trade blows...
  • He helped Diablo to ascend Arcturus Mengsk, proving himself as an example that death is not the end of everything. With that, along with Sarah Kerrigan's swing towards Anti-Heroism, the 'Blizzard Big 3 Evils' are reunited (Amon still needs time to establish himself). However, Arthas usually gets annoyed whenever Mengsk compares him with his 'pretty boy son' Valerian.
  • He was not happy to hear that his old rival, Illidan Stormrage, ascended along with his ally Kael'thas Sunstrider. This was made even worse when Sylvanas Windrunner also ascended. Because of his presence, all three of them decided to join the GUAG Token Evil Teammates with one goal: destroy the Lich King permanently.
  • Clashed with the paladin Yrel upon her ascension; while he won the fight, the good Blizzard deities stopped him before he could kill her. For the moment, Arthas was glad he kept himself in shape by fighting in the Nexus, and gladly challenged Yrel, telling her she was welcome to go apply herself there. "Next time," he claimed, "I'll turn you into one of my many Death Knights. Draenei Death Knights sound like a good experiment..."
  • He was bemused when he learned that in an alternate timeline, he was known as Count Arthas du Menethíl, a vampire who was one of the potential suitors of Sarah Von Kerrigan.
  • Once was confronted by Ashley Williams, given that the latter was killing a lot of his Undead Scourge. Ash barely escaped his encounter with the Lich King, and since that day, Arthas likes to taunt him for his failure.
    • But it was Ash who had the last laugh; he directed Arthas to his good friend and undead-slaying partner, Artix von Krieger. Arthas thought Artix was a weakling—until he saw how Artix's special ability to collect the souls of every undead he slays to empower him, his axe being so shiny gold because he slayed so many undead, the fact that getting rid of the axe does not weaken Artix because Artix's power comes from souls, the fact that Artix has a shadow of a giant darkness dragon —, oh and Artix is the Champion of Darkness — his world's equivalent to a god, and Arthas immediately found himself utterly decimated. Arthas thought he had the last laugh after he tricked Artix with "Your shoe's untied"note ...and then got mauled by Artix's undead-slaying Pomeranian, Daimyo. Arthas avoids him like the plague.
  • He is tired of people mispronouncing his title as "The Lick King". The two are very different jobs, you know?
  • Was once enemies with Esdeath, but he eventually got on her good side by convincing her to give in to her inner demons. Esdeath admits that he was right all along.
  • He is interested in recruiting The Wendigo to The Scourge, but the creature would prefer not serving under the Lich King. Arthas himself is not afraid of it or even the spirit that possesses it, as Frostmourne can make short work of that nuisance.
  • Even though they share similar titles, he has nothing to do with The Lich.
  • As if Arthas's days couldn't get any worse, when he heard of Uther's ascension, he lost his shit. He personally went to meet Uther and taunt him about his failure back in Lordaeron, and tell him that he won't hesitate to kill him again. Uther isn't afraid of Arthas, but instead of feeling utter hatred for his old protégé Uther felt disappointed in himself
    • It got worse when his old combat instructor and formerly very close friend, Muradin Bronzebeard, managed to also get in. Reports say that Arthas was throwing a temper tantrum so high that everyone in his house couldn't calm him down.
    • Even moreso, with the return of Turalyon and Alleria, the two has been vowing vengeance for his betrayal and ravaging of both Quel'Thalas and his own home, Lordaeron, as well as the fates of both Uther and Sylvanas. In response, Arthas just sighed on his throne. "It's not easy being the Lich King. I still like it, though."
  • Arthas once lent his Frostmourne to Abaddon. However, as time went on, Abaddon started to gain some nobility as he felt more content about supporting and protecting his allies. Before Frostmourne could claim him, he returned it right at Arthas' gates and adopted his own 'Curse of Avernus' to make up for that. Arthas just sighed, "Some people just don't appreciate power when they are offered a chance." Though he swore that one day, he might stage an assault on Avernus and show him the extent of what his Frostmourne can do.
  • Arthas was also the one responsible for capturing and brainwashing Tryndamere, and he sent him to wreck his home in Freljord, only to be stopped by his love for his wife Ashe, which, in turn, drove him away with his Undying Rage. However, Arthas still counted it as a victory... The real purpose of this was actually to steal information from Tryndamere about a friend he made with a certain Guan Yu. Arthas used the information to create his own 'Mystical Warrior' set. Needless to say, Guan Yu is pissed that Arthas would dare to use his image for evil.
  • If you ever wanted a quick summary for Arthas' fall into darkness, don't worry, Ben Brode has you covered.
  • In preparation for the release of a new expansion for Hearthstone, Arthas spent some time working at Blizzard Entertainment but sadly he didn't leave a good impression and eventually left. He refuses to talk about his experience.
  • "Frostmourne Hungers"

    Samir Duran/Emil Narud 
Samir Duran, God of Falsely Changing Sides (Dr. Emil Narud, Narud and possibly countless other names)
Samir Duran
Dr. Emil Narud 
Duran's true form 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Changes with whatever guise he uses but mostly his Xel'naga form.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil with shades of Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Faux Affably Evil, Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, The Chessmaster, Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, The Dragon, Enigmatic Minion, Evil Chancellor, The Heavy, Humanoid Abomination, Karmic Death, Manipulative Bastard
  • Domains: Manipulation, Minions, Shapeshifting, Betrayal, Experimentation
  • Allies: Amon, Dickson, Zanza, Ragyo Kyruin, The Gravemind, Makuta Teridax, Sheev Palpatine, Mesogog, Albert Wesker, Yuu, Nyarlathotep, The Spy
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: Those who have been experimented on.
  • A being old as time who has had many names to him, but you may call him Samir Duran. Introduced as a Rebel Leader opposing the Terran Dominion and offering to join the UED in order to take them down, in truth Duran's motivations were far more insidious. By manipulating the higher ups in the UED and turning them on the only man that distrusted him (Vice Admiral Stukov) he managed to destroy the UED from the inside and join forces with the Zerg but even those weren't safe from Duran's machinations. In truth, he is a servant of Amon the Dark Voice and a Xel'naga himself, who has been pulling the strings behind the scenes to revive his deceased master and he quite did an spectacular job in doing so.
  • Duran's existance came to light after a failed attempt at capturing a unaware group of deities for his nefarious purposes. It's been revealed that Duran has been around for a while, pulling the strings from the shadows and helping the alliances under different names to one day get his master ascended and by Amon's request he remained conceiled until he was caught by the GUAG. Every single deity ascended from the Kropulu Sector was not happy about his presence and Stukov was seething with rage after hearing that his old Arch-Enemy was back.
  • A master manipulator who managed to stay under everyone's radar and almost succeeded in reviving his master. He gets along with Sheev Palpatine and Makuta Teridax given their shared cunning nature even though all three perfectly know that they can easily backstab each other if the opportunity calls for it. Even then, they have shown to work surprisingly well together.
  • As Dr. Emil Narud, he conducted a series of experiments to see the potential combinations with the existing races. He is the reason Stukov is the way he is now and also responsible for the creation of numerous Protoss/Zerg Hybrids (Which are supposed to be the final stage of their evolution intended by Amon). To further his goal towards evolution he has allied himself with various people with similar drives such as Mesogog, Albert Wesker and Yuu.
  • Shares a lot of similarities with Dickson like being allied with the heroes but ultimately being revealed to be a traitor and working for a supreme being. Duran and Dickson have a similar goal in helping their respective masters and the Xel'naga even things that Zanza's goal could further those of his master Amon, but he perfectly knows that both Dickson and Zanza are dangerously treacherous and egomaniac so he doesn't fully trust them but is willing to work with them.
  • Still sore about how Stukov ultimately was the one that killed him and he had that coming anyway given what he did to him. He plans to take revenge on the infested Terran whatever means are necessary but Stukov is not afraid. Unfortunately for both, killing the other will do nothing but just a pointless reversable death but they will settle the score eventually.
  • While he might have fooled almost the entirety of the Kropulu Sector, he still failed to prevent Ouros, the remaining Xel'naga that opposed Amon, to contact the Protoss which lead to Amon's defeat at the hands of Kerrigan. Which puts in question on how effective he is as a jailer.
  • Many hybrids have a rather contentious opinion on Narud, mostly for the creation of monstruous Protoss/Zerg Hybrids and how they were intended to be the next step in evolution for them. There is no denying that Duran is interested in researching on more races outside the Protoss, Terran and Zerg. This brought Alphys a lot of bad memories about her failures with the Amalgamations, even though she didn't intend to create them and opposes Narud because of that.
  • A lot of deities who have been results of experimentations detest Duran given on what he did as Dr. Emil Narud. The biggest example would be how left Stukov become a very broken man with his zerg infestation getting even worse.
  • Seems to get along with the Spy, given how both are usually very polite to their allies to gain their approval and later stab them in the back. It was strange how the Spy had no trouble working for an eldritch being but he is willing to go through Duran's orders, after all it's par of the course for a mercenary.
  • His desire for corruption and evolution has made him and his master make powerful allies in the likes of the Gravemind, the Combine and even the Old Gods. He often asks as their herald in doing their will in pantheon related affairs, Duran has been very busy plotting with GUAE and GUAD about potential takeovers in certain parts of the pantheon but no exact details have been discovered yet. Not even the Council of Shadows has been able to keep up with him and it could be very possible that he might be a secret member.

Intermediate Gods

    Katsumi Daido/Kamen Rider Eternal 
Katsumi Daido, God of the Fallen Ones (Kamen Rider Eternal)
Kamen Rider Eternal 
  • Intermediate God (borders on Greater God in his Strengthening Armament mode)
  • Symbol: The T2 Eternal Memory and the NEVER logo
  • Theme Song: COD-E ~E No Ango~
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, formerly Chaotic Neutral leaning towards Good
  • Portfolio: Transforming Villains, Being an Undead Mercenary, Came Back Wrong, Eternal Robe, Card-Carrying Villain, "Now, enjoy your Hell!", Fallen Heroes, Driven to Madness, Eternal Edge, Honorable Villains, The Big Bad (formerly The Leader) of NEVER
  • Domains: Combat, Chaos, Depravity, Domination, Life and Death, Evil, Madness, Hatred, Villainy, Vengeance
  • High Priestess: Nerissa
  • Allies: All Ascended Toku Villains, the GUAE Trollkaiger (especially Basco ta Jolokia), Albert Wesker, Tanya, Monokuma and his Mastermind.
  • Enemies: All Ascended Toku Heroes (especially Kamen Rider Double (Shotaro Hidari and Philip)), every deity that turned to the side of good
  • Opposed By: Tomoko Nozama
  • Originally an Intermediate Demon rank member of the Demonic Legion, Katsumi Ascended into the proper Pantheon with a thirst for vengeance against the Toku Base due to being killed off by Kamen Rider Double during NEVER's raid over the city of Futo.
    • Later on, Daido had successfully kicked Nerissa out of the throne for the Fallen Hero trope before he took the title and put her under his wing as his High Priestess, much to Nerissa's annoyance.
  • Katsumi has an array of T2 Gaia Memories in his set, including his own Eternal Memory which has the power to nullify his opponent's Gaia Memory, the Unicorn Memory which he executes a powerful punch attack, and the Zone Memory which gathers all of his T2 Memories in his Maximum Slots to unlock his full potential.
  • In the past, Katsumi was one of the most finest Toku Base members until he suddenly jumped the slippery slope by defeating Dr. Prospect, at the cost of losing his sanity. Now antagonizes every Good-aligned Gods with passion.
  • Ryoma Sengoku had found interest with his abilities of neutralizing every Gaia Memory users, as the mad scientist wants to upgrade the T2 Eternal Memory using the data gathered from every ascended Toku Heroes to ensure their victory against them. Also, Basco of the Trollkaiger was intrigued of his actions as he expects to work with him someday.
  • Had made an alliance with Tanya because she was impressed with his act of attacking his own hometown, Futo, just get his revenge on both Museum and Foundation X.
  • Became allies with Albert Wesker, a fellow undead, due to Wesker became interest in Daido's status as a Necro-Over as he want to add it to his research to improve Daido's strength.
  • He had crossed paths with Monokuma as the bear was intrigued of his atrocities that he commit back in his own world. The Mastermind Junko Enoshima had found him interesting due to his mercenary status reminding her a lot of her twin sister Mukuro Ikusaba before she proposed an alliance with him as they work together in their schemes.
  • In the wake of his Ascension, he proceeds to attack every single redeemed Gods within the pantheon with his full intention to turn them back into the dark side while calling their previous villainous names as a mockery for them. Because of this, notable redeemed Gods such as Mitsuzane Kureshima, Sayaka Miki, Setsuna Higashi, and Chase, gained an ire on his actions and they warned the others to stay alert against this dangerous threat.
    • This made him enemies with Roberta as well as she despised him with a passion because of his extreme revenge towards the Sonozaki's Museum organization and Foundation X reminding her of her act of revenge on the ones who killed her master Diego Lovelace. This statement had made Daido laugh as he told her that she is no different to him when it comes to extreme revenge.
    • Judai Yuki also hates his guts as Daido's fell from grace reminding him of his descent into the Supreme King. Not to mention that he also considered him a false Kamen Rider due to him committing alot of atrocities in his days as a terrorist.
  • Due to his current situation, the GUAE Re-education Facility are impressed with his newfound purpose in the pantheon. Because of this, Re-Education Facility offers him a job as a hunter for those who were redeemed to meet their goals further.
  • Due him being a evil Rider, he was opposed by Tomoko Nozama due to the research she found in an article about his actions (and his former allies) attacked the city of Futo, which she deemed him a disgrace of what a true Kamen Rider stands for.

    Starlight Glimmer 
Starlight Glimmer, Goddess of Former Main Villains (Glim Glam, Mini-Twilight, Aurora Glimmer)
her Equestria Girls human form 

Zuko, God of Embracing One's Goodness (The Blue Spirit, Lee, Fire Lord Zuko)

Lesser Gods

    John Wick 
John Wick, God of Retired Monsters (Baba Yaga/The Boogeyman)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Photo Of His Late Wife
  • Theme Song: Story of Wick
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero In A Nice Suit, Badass Beard, Feared By The Criminal Underworld, Sharp-Dressed Man, Hitman with a Heart, Implacable Man, One-Man Army, Not So Stoic, Tattooed Crook, Would Not Shoot a Civilian
  • Domains: Cars, Hitmen, Widowers, Dogs, Russian Mafiya, Vengeance
  • Followers: Winston And Most Of The Residents Of The Continental (the hotel which caters to assassins)
  • High Priest: Arthur Bishop
  • Friendly Hitmen/Assassins: Beatrix Kiddo, Ezio Auditore, Yoh Hinomura and Emu Hino, Jackie Estacado, Gen, Cammy White
  • Allies: Revy, The Capers (although he has more in common with The Payday Crew), Kazuma Kiryu, Bryan Mills, Niko Bellic
  • Worthy Opponents: Agent 47, Sandra Wu-San/Lady Shiva
  • Commonality Connection: Neo (who is also his rival), Ted "Theodore" Logan.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: with Hotel Moscow
  • Enemies: Harm his puppy, steal his ride, or try and outright kill him, you're pretty much screwed.
  • Opposed By: Most of the House of Heroes and Justice
  • Worthy Opponent: The Spy
  • John Wick had served as High Priest to fellow ex-assassin, Beatrix 'The Bride' Kiddo. He has her to thank for his ascension to the Pantheon.
  • His first puppy, a beagle named Daisy, was a gift from his late wife to help him cope with her untimely death. It was Daisy's death which makes him declare vengeance on his former employer.
  • His arrival into the Pantheon was low-key. He pulled up to his temple in his 1969 Mustang, accompanied by his pet pitbull, Daisy II. But it was noticed by the Payday Crew, who are big fans of his work.
  • Speaking of admirers, Frank Castle is also impressed with how he handled himself. There is an unspoken agreement between the two men; so long as John remains retired from the Russian Mob, then Frank won't go after him. With this little truce, many people are unclear as to which prospect scares them more: That Castle and Wick one day find a reason to fight each other, or an excuse to team up.
  • Balalaika and Hotel Moscow are of mixed opinion in regards to John Wick. On the one hand, they are peeved over the fact that he wiped out about 70 members of the Russian Mob. On the other hand, all of this could have been avoided if Viggo handed over Iosef instead of trying to kill John. Even Balalaika thinks that Iosef was a spoiled little shit that got what was coming to him.
  • As he is a retired hitman, his temple is in the House of Crime. John is a very laid back individual and is on good terms with most of its denziens, but should you piss him off, you'll find out the hard way why he was known as Baba Yaga (The Boogeyman) in the Red Mafiya.
  • As he is a former hitman with the Russian Mob, he does have some shred of loyalty towards them, which is why he will not sign on with any other outfit.
  • Some of the other deified killers/hitmen he is on friendly terms with, such as the boss of the 108 Dragons and his wife, Ezio Auditore, and Jackie Estacado to name a few. Freeman offered him a place with the Dragons, but John politely declined, and Freeman left it at that. He is also seen at the Genhanten drinking tea with Gen.
  • Everyone tends to give him weird looks, comparing him to Neo. When John meets the man himself, it's pretty clear as why. Save for the fact that John has a beard, the resemblance is uncanny.
    • And then he learned about Ted "Theodore" Logan (who also had an uncanny resemblance to Wick). Wick has no comments on Ted Logan. NONE AT ALL.
  • He is also on friendly terms with those deities who had lost their wives/husbands/lovers, such as Kenshi, Kratos and Asura. Their friendship is helping him cope with his wife's passing.
  • After his excommunication from the Continental, John is taking refuge in the Pantheon for the time being. As much as he can, anyways.

    Kevin Levin 
Kevin Ethan Levin, God of Offscreen Face Turns (Kevin 11, Kev, Muscles)
  • Lesser God in his normal state. Depending on how much energy he absorbs, it jumps to Intermediate or Greater God.
  • Symbol: The lock chain he wears around his neck.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good/Chaotic Good, although he has been all over the place. Many in the Pantheon are wary of him due to his tendency to switch sides.
  • Portfolio: Distressed Dudes, The Worf Effect, Always Having His Car Blow Up ("MY RIDE!"), Sacrificing Himself to Save The World, Going Crazy from Energy Absorption.
  • Domains: Revenge, Atonement, Energy, Power, Good/Evil.
  • Followers: Rufus Shinra, Alpha, Barbossa, Pintel and Ragetti
  • Allies: Ben and Gwen Tennyson (He currently dates Gwen), Batman, Cyborg, Nightwing, Guts, Kain Highwind, Inigo Montoya, Andre the Giant, Charmcaster.
  • Enemies: Izaya Orihara, Deathstroke, Kyubey, Joker, Deadpool,
  • Ascended to the Pantheon after discovering the position of God of the Face Heel Revolving Door would be given to Raven (Teen Titans), stole it from her and tried to sneak in, only to be caught by Batman. Gwen vouched for him, and he was allowed to stay in the House of Ambiguity.
    • He eventually gave up the title upon discovering that his friend Kain already had the title of Heel–Face Revolving Door but Kain found a position that allowed him to join the House of Heroes: Heel–Face Return, because of his becoming good offscreen.
  • Has become irritated by Deadpool after he is informed that he will become evil, again.
  • Stomped Edward Cullen’s face, blaming him for the Darkfall Books that were the equivalent to Twilight in his universe.
  • Has been trolled by Izaya Orihara after Izaya pinned the words “Distressed Dude” on the back of Kevin’s shirt. Kevin has since tried to run over him with his car on sight. He's still looking for Izaya Orihara with help from Shizuo Heiwajima.
  • Makes fun of Sasuke Uchiha for sounding like Ben and calling him the “Emoest of them all.”
  • Looks up to Guts for being such a major badass, and sympathizes with his quest for revenge. Wants to hear Kevin's when there's some downtime.
  • Empathizes with Gwen's rival Charmcaster, who is second only to him in his own universe when it comes to the Heel–Face Revolving Door.
  • Is currently being mentored by Batman, accepted in the hopes that he will be able to take the Batmobile for a joyride
  • Has a mechanics shop in the House of Technology, but his car has constantly been crushed again...and again. It's become such a betting game in the House of Commerce as to when he'll start screaming out, "MY RIDE!!"
  • Gets along well with Cyborg, often asks him to upgrade his ride but wonders why he laughs whenever Kevin calls him “Dude”.
    • And there's even more confusion since he sounds similar to one version of Michaelangelo.
  • Has visited Nightwing in the House of Love for relationship advice, won't give specifics when Gwen asks him about it.
  • Has been seen in the House of Food eating Flean cake with Mulder and Scully.
  • Upon learning that Kyubey offered Gwen a contract to become a Magical Girl, he ran over him with his car. Homura approved of this.
  • Often visits the House of Travel to look at the Cool Cars. Once again, his car can usually been seen smashed into smithereens.
  • Has been approached by Deathstroke with an apprenticeship offer. Flat out refused and was able to hold him off until Gwen shot a shard of mana through Slade’s empty eyesocket. Deathstroke has sworn revenge on them for reminding him of those two brats.
  • Was interested to say the least when he saw Inigo Montoya in the Pantheon. He doesn't admit it, but he actually grew up reading the Princess Bride and even got to say Inigo's most famous phrase. It helps that they've both defeated the men who killed their fathers.
    • Nearly had a fanboy moment when he found Andre the Giant was in the House of Combat, as Andre played Fezzik in the movie. He denies that he wanted Andre's autograph.
  • His Energy Absorption powers make him super dangerous. One, he can absorb powers of Greater Gods and bring them back. Two, he himself can become downright insane with the absorption, and if not taken down quickly, he'll start going on more and more of a rampage.
  • After his dealings with the Rooters, Kevin has begrudgingly admitted he might just empathize somewhat with The Joker, as he now has no idea just what the heck his own origin story truly is.

Peridot, Goddess of Curiosity-Induced Redemptions (Peridot Facet-2F5L Cut-5XG, Pear, P, P-dot, Peri, Dot, Dorito Gem/Lime Dorito, Smoldot, Tinydot, Perismol)
Click here for her first outfit. 
Click here to see Peridot with her limb enhancers 
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her gem on her forehead
  • Theme Song: Little Peridot
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil -> Lawful Neutral -> Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Fifth Ranger, Science Heroine, green in coloration, bratty and childish, pyramid-shaped hair, defected thanks to Steven's compassion, patience from the Crystal Gems, her own curiosity, because good feels good, and Yellow Diamond's pettiness, stuck with inside-the-box thinking, Became Their Own Antithesis, hates pettiness, being called cute, and being called short, Boisterous Weakling, lack of social skills often don't help her case, Servant Race, usage of complicated words, uses "clod" as her go-to insult, 'weak' fighter yet surprisingly durable, desires to be special, ferrokinesis
  • Domain(s): Gems, Aliens, Rebels, Technology, Magnetism
  • Heralds: Pumpkin, her pumpkin-dog, Lapis Lazuli
  • High Priestess: Itassis
  • Followers: Marcus Valerian, the True Fae, Twilight Tragedy, Yego of the Gamma Star, Hades God Sphinx, Sasami Tsukuyomi, Polo the Gek, Mr. Logic, Reiko Tamura, Alia, Es, Miss Bloody Rachel, Stinkbug The Unwanted
  • Allies: Steven Universe, Amethyst, Pearl, Garnet, Greg Universe, Zuko, Kamina, Papyrus
  • Rivals: Zim
  • Enemies: Planet destroyers, Red Skull, Unicron
  • There are many ways to turn your back from evil, like dissatisfaction with their own side. love (or sex), friendship after getting an asskicking, brainwashing, pressure from an idolizer, or pressure from their peers). One of the most interesting, however, is a villain wanting to know why the heroes do what they do.
    • Enter Peridot. Originally an enemy to the Crystal Gems, she was finally caught, "poofed", and bubbled, never to be seen again. However, Steven decided to release her (out of curiosity of something she said before said poofing). Despite being on different sides, he showed her compassion, and due to it not being a thing in Homeworld, it piqued her curiosity for it, and she became curious about everything on Earth, which she has more of than even the present Crystal Gems, who tend to dismiss it despite centuries of experiencing it. This curiosity was why she tried to make a compromise to help the Crystal Gems without betraying Homeworld by requesting her superior, Yellow Diamond, to preserve Earth (with logical pragmatic reasons) and why she renounced Homeworld when given a logistically stupid verdict to destroy Earth to collect the Cluster regardless for admittedly grief-induced spiteful reasons.
  • Notably, Peridot wasn't the first choice for this position. That would be Steven's mother, Rose Quartz, whose curiosity for the planet and the life on it led to her giving up everything to defend it, something made especially significant thanks to her being Pink Diamond, who was supposed to be its conqueror on behalf of the Diamond Authority. However, thanks to complications in the form of Steven Universe existing in the Pantheon, as she gave up her life for him to exist (despite multiple versions of people existing all over the Pantheon and their many ways of bringing them back to life, though there were good reasons for this one), the title was instead given to Peridot, the other Crystal Gem who had a very similar realization.
  • The Crystal Gems were all present during the ascension ceremony, and Steven and Amethyst were overjoyed that Peridot made it in.
    • Part of her welcome package was the return of her limb enhancers, which had been discarded upon her original capture. Garnet and Pearl were initially worried she might suffer a relapse, but Peridot scoffed at the notion; while she's glad to get her gear back, she's also come to appreciate the advantages of having a diminutive stature, and while she's been told there's a manufactory in her new temple that can recreate them (and its logs get updated), it's can be a bit of a hassle to have to keep replacing them (even though a nearby ally can always grab the stuff).
    • Another thing she's been granted for her temple is the construction of Robonoids, as well as the mech suit she built in her duel against Pearl, and even the hand ship she used to visit Earth for the first time. With everything else the Gems have participated in to protect (as well as their allegiance to the GUAG), they could use every advantage possible.
  • As with the rest of Gemkind, Peridot has the ability to "bubble". It's reserved for Gems of Corrupted Gem Monsters, but they can use it on other small objects, and even Steven Universe himself on one occasion, though it's not yet been tested if it works on other living beings. These bubbles can then be transported away to wherever the Gem considers their "home". Since learning how to do it from the Crystal Gems, Peridot's endless curiosity has led her to try this out with a lot of items.
  • One can occasionally find… strange pieces of art in her temple. Peridot insists they're called meepmorps and finds the word "art" ridiculous.
  • For a Gem, she's so sturdy that she's capable of taking cartoonish amounts of abuse before poofing, though she isn't immune to pain.
  • She's still learning how to utilize her ferrokinesis to the fullest (so far, she can hurl stuff, and can ride in the sky on things like a trash can lid), but she shows a lot of potential for it since she was once able to impale Jasper—a Gem who survived a ship's crash landing, and managed to scrape her way out of a crevasse she fell into—through the chest with a piece of scrap with enough punch to poof her. That said, Jasper had become a Corrupted Gem by this point, so there might be some loss of integrity there, but it's still an amazing feat. And now that she has her limb enhancements back, she has the chance to utilize both.
    • She's also displayed range and power enough to grab someone in freefall by their armor in 10 seconds.
  • Ren Amamiya has noted that Peridot's defiance to Yellow Diamond and defection to the Crystal Gems is very much like the declarations each of the Phantoms have made prior to awakening their Personas and joining the team. That said, she's missed her chance for her own as Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond have been (somewhat) redeemed thanks to Steven's efforts.
    • Speaking of Yellow Diamond pre-redemption, she despises those who remind her of that, such as the dictator Red Skull and planet Destroyer Unicron.
  • Has a Twitter account she barely uses. She's more likely to hack into the account of a local broadcasting network and use it instead.
  • Some folks find that she and Zim have quite a bit in common, which both find annoying, a lot for the Irken, and slightly less for the Gem. That said, Peridot's also annoyed with his refusal to abandon his goal of conquering Earth and failure to realize how he's being used by The Tallest, whereas she found the value in Earth and refused to have it destroyed.
    • Actually, it's a bit more… vehement than that. They're both stubborn, easily aggravated aliens with a passion for what they believe in. Peridot's insistence that the Tallest are just using him and Zim's insistence on not listening and attempting to take over Earth annoys the crap out of both of them. Peridot also get vibes of her post-limb enhancer, pre-Heel–Face Turn past self out of Zim, irritating her further.
    • Eventually, it led to Peri lifting Zim by his backpack with her powers, after which he retaliated, and it led to a fight that was both cool and kind of stupid before a fight in the House of Extraterrestirals broke out around them and lost track of each other.
    • Their next bout came in the form of a rap battle. Victory was inconclusive, and they're looking forward to their next battle.
  • Her latest form during the tail end of the Diamond "diplomatic mission" drew a lot of companions to Kamina, whom she didn't know until he showed up. He was impressed with how she helped save the Earth from the Cluster with a drill, just like Simon does on a regular basis.

    Torin/Kyoryu Silver I 
Torin, God Who Defected From Evil (Wise God Torin, Kyoryu Silver I, Tori [when in a human disguise])
Kyoryu Silver 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A yellow triangle with the symbol of Bragigas inside it
  • Theme Song: "Senkou no Brave"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Weapon of Choice: The Giga Gaburevolver
  • Portfolio: Being bravery incarnate, Kicking ass due to being the eldest, originally a harbinger of destruction before turning good, those originally deemed as a failure due to horrible events in his past, protecting his fellow warriors, the Feather Blade, epic baritone ass-kickers with epic fingersaps
  • Domains: Bravery, Good, Dinosaurs
  • Follower: Dantetsu Kiryu/Kyoryu Silver II (his successor)
  • Allies: All Ascended Toku Heroes (especially the Kyoryugers), Cosmos, Pathurnax, Raspberyl, Artix von Krieger, The ToQgers, all good-aligned Dinosaurs.
  • Enemies: All Ascended Toku Villains
  • Mentor to: Mitsuzane Kureshima
  • Worthy Opponent: Dante, Sephiroth
  • Originally the High Priest to Pathurnax, Torin eventually made his way to the House of Heroes after becoming Kyoryu Silver and thus embodying bravery himself. This was met with rejoicing from his fellow Kyoryugers, glad to see their mentor free of his past failures and becoming a Kyoryuger in his own right.
  • Has a strange rivalry with Dante due to them having the same voice, but also due to Torin originally being a creation of Deboth himself. What followed after their first meeting were the two flying throughout the House of Combat, Dante with Ebony & Ivory, Torin with his Giga Gaburevolver, shooting each other to oblivion and then an epic sword clash that ended with Torin's Trinity Strazer cutting the House of Combat in half. After that, Dante laughed, shook hands with Torin and suggested that they'd go for pizza (his treat). Torin agreed.
    • Also got into a fight with Sephiroth, once again due to their voices. The two had an epic sword clash in their basic forms, until Sephiroth decided to go One-Winged Angel. Torin fought back as Kyoryu Silver and summoned the GigaBragioh to fight to a standstill. After the dust settled, Sephiroth considered him a Worthy Opponent.
  • Despite his appearance, Torin actually has a humorous side. He's shown to have a curiosity for shoujo manga and monster movies when not on the job. And when it comes to those who use Fartillery, he can be heard saying that they must "bravely let one rip". Many gods are shocked that he would say that (and in that baritone voice of his too!)
  • As he changed to good by seeing the goodness in dinosaurs (and was absolute hit with remorse when they died off), he has been seen interacting with many of the dinos who are on the side of good.
  • With Mitsuzane defecting from evil, Torin has decided to bring the Kamen Rider under his wing. This was helpful in the "Tarot Crusaders" incident when 1) Mitsuzane had to fight off against a brainwashed Kamen Rider Meteor and Zangetsu, and 2) Torin had to fight off the brainwashed Kyoryugers.
  • Gods in the House of Life and Death were impressed with his Batman Gambit at the end of the series: having his successor killed him while Torin had a heart of justice within him, so that when he went to Hell he would kill every single Deboth monster in it and weaken the army that he defected from. Hades keeps a close eye on him now.
  • If given illusion magic, he sometimes appears as a handsome man in a white suit, blue shirt and red tie with a matching hat. He calls himself "Tori".
  • Apparently has a "cousin" of sorts named Xenowing. Due to arriving so much later in his series, Xenowing is much less "interesting" and not even eligible for this post.


    Rick Blaine 
Richard “Rick” Blaine, God of Neutrality Abandonment
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Rick's Café Americain sign
  • Theme Song: As Time Goes By
  • Alignment: Started off as True Neutral; became Neutral Good by the end of the film
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Has a Bar Hung Out by Good Guys and Bad Guys, Bittersweet Ending, The Chessmaster, Deadpan Snarker, Did Not Get Ilsa, Drowning My Sorrows, Guile Hero, Hollywood Kiss, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Knight In Sour Armor, Neutral No Longer, Expatriate From the United States, Threshold Guardians
  • Domains: Love, Honor, Nobility, Sacrifice
  • Allies: Indiana Jones, Captain America, Malcolm Reynolds, Jeanne d’Arc, Bugs Bunny, Viral, Vegeta, Sasuke Uchiha, Takeshi Hongo and Hayato Ichimonji
  • Enemies: The Red Skull, HYDRA, Millenium
  • Pitied by: House of Love
  • Annoyed with: Dot Warner
  • Avatar: Humphrey Bogart
  • During World War II, Rick was a cynical expatriate living in Casablanca, working as a manager of his nightclub visited by Nazis, Vichy authorities, and the resistance, none whom Rick sticks his neck out for. That all changed when his Old Flame Ilsa Lund and her husband, resistance leader Victor Laszlo, arrived there, prompting Rick to choose between his love and helping Laszlo escape Casablanca to continue his fight against the Nazis. In the end, he lets Ilsa board the plane and he begins his beautiful friendship with Captain Louis Renault. It is because of this act that he ascended to the Pantheon.
    • It is also due to his film’s iconic status that it became a tradition for the House of Theater to provide annual showings for the film.
  • Although little is known about Rick’s past or why he can’t return to his home country, it was known that he fought the fascists in Spain in 1935 as well as running guns in Ethiopia in the following year.
  • One of the first gods he came across was the Super Soldier himself, Captain America, who heard how Rick was becoming a patriot. Once Rick was surmised with how the captain can drink without getting drunk. Nevertheless, he has great respect for the captain’s motivations and actions. It helps that the two shared the same 1940s setting (at least Cap did before being frozen and brought to the modern age).
  • Became acquainted with Jeanne d’Arc as he found her capable of being a good leader. Somehow, she also reminded him of Ilsa right down to her appearance.
  • Speaking of Ilsa, the House of Love sympathized with him over the fact that he did not get her at the end of his story.
  • Was surprised to see his avatar Humphrey Bogart in the Pantheon. Sometimes, the two can be seen drinking and exchanging conversations with each other.
    • And speaking of avatars, at least a few actors back in the mortal realm tried (and failed) to recapture Bogie’s portrayal of Rick.
    • Once, Bugs Bunny and company put on a production in the House of Theater that homage and parodied Rick’s adventures during his time in Casablanca. Rick was pleased with how it turned out.
  • Turns out Rick is not the only one who experienced a turn from neutrality. Both Vegeta and Sasuke made Heel Face Turns after going through the revolving door. Viral was a guy just following orders and trying to keep his cause until he made a Heel-Face Turn.
  • His opinion towards Nazis has changed since he shot Major Strasser. Because of this, the Red Skull sees him as another target that needs to be disposed. Rick also doesn’t like HYDRA and Millennium due to their close ties with Nazis.
    • Rick also approves Takeshi Hongo and Hayato Ichimonji’s fight against a Nazi-esque organization called SHOCKER.
  • Recently struck a friendship with Indiana Jones as both of them were considered to be very cool and tough guys, not to mention their similar experiences with Nazis.
    • He is also on good terms with Captain Malcolm Reynolds as both were veterans of a civil war who turned to cynicism and/or disbelief after their respective sides lost.
  • He tries to stay as far away from Dot Warner as possible considering she apparently once jumped onto him and kissed him.
  • "Here's looking at you, kid."


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