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Greater Gods

    Mad King Thorn 
Oswald Thorn, Mad God of Halloween Events (Mad King Thorn)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A candy corn.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: More Interested In Playing With The Playerbase Than Terrorizing Them, The Caligula, Disproportionate Retribution if you don't play along with his game, Evil Has a Bad Sense of Humor, Large Ham, Laughably Evil, Enjoys Simon Sa-Sorry, Mad King Says, Stock Shticks
  • Domains: Holiday, Halloween, Spirits, Evil
  • Followers: Headless Horseman
  • Allies: Merasmus and his fellows, Oogie Boogie, Arthas Menethil, Pugna, Dormammu
  • Enemies: Sir Daniel Fortesque, Jack Skellington
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: The Joker
  • Odd Friendship: Koume Shirasaka
  • Christmas Counterpart: Eve Santaclaus
  • The Mad King Thorn, wanting to ascend with a bang, burst through the ground near the Pantheon grounds, his pumpkin visage looming over bypassers and announcing that his reign of terror will begin with the year's Halloween! Only to be informed that it's not Halloween at the moment, and that he arrived too early. Mad King Thorn was quiet for a moment, slightly embarrassed that he mistimed his ascension. To make up for it, Thorn decided to play a simple game of Mad King Says with his "subjects", a game that is more dangerous than it seems like.
    • In life, Mad King Thorn was an insane and cruel king of Kryta, eventually killed in a peasant uprising. Now a powerful spirit of Halloween, he flies in from the Underworld every Halloween to "play" with living mortals. Thankfully, he's not so much of a threat anymore, but don't underestimate him still, as he will punish those who don't play along with simple death.
  • Jack Skellington is rather distraught that the other halloween-based deity is evil to the core, and thus opposes Oswald Thorn as a representative of Halloween.
  • Sir Daniel Fortesque fought pumpkin creatures in his home world. Seeing Thorn's pumpkin head made him think that he was one of them, and attacked him. Mad King Thorn was not amused.
  • Got along well with Merasmus and his fellows, as they are bosses in Halloween Events. Mad King Thorn especially likes the company of he Horseless Headless Horseman, being a pumpkin headed spirit too.
  • Has formed an alliance with Arthas, as they're both evil kings who have killed their own father.
  • Mad King Thorn and the Joker had something of a competition in their first encounter where they tried to one-up the other when it comes to evil comedy. They're somewhat cordial with each other, though it doesn't stop them from firing shots whenever they get the chance.
    Mad King Thorn: By the way Joker, your appearance remind me very much of my own son. It's uncanny.
    The Joker: I see, so I resemble a beloved family member of yours?
    Mad King Thorn: No. You resemble a disappointment.
  • In the Mad King's Realm, a horde of skeletons used to loyally serve him. That is, until his son Erdrick took over them and started using them as his own army against Thorn. This significantly displeased the king, and made him generally dislike deified skeletons as a result. He makes an exception for Pugna however, who he even claims would be a better son than Erdrick. But then, Mad King Thorn probably just says so to rile up the Bloody Prince even more.
  • Apparently, Koume Shirasaka was one of those who witnessed Thorn's mistimed ascension. She actually liked his looks enough that she's considering to cosplay as him for the next Halloween. When Mad King Thorn learned of it, he was actually genuinely flattered. As long she doesn't pretend to be him, he's sure they will get along just fine.
  • Said to get along with Dormammu because of their alignment and because their heads look similar.

    Ultraman Mebius 
Ultraman Mebius, Patron Saint of Reunion Shows (Mirai Hibino, Moebius, Mobius)
as Mebius Burning Brave 
as Mebius Infinity 
as Mebius Phoenix Brave 
Mirai Hibino 
  • Greater God. Borderline Overdeity (as Phoenix Brave when empowered by his bond with Hikari). Overdeity (as Mebius Infninity or Phoenix Brave when empowered by the bonds of GUYS). Lesser God as Mirai Hibino.
  • Symbol: A Möbius symbol made out of fire.
  • Theme Songs: Ultraman Mebius (Alt ver. by Voyager), Mebius!, Mebius' Victory, Mirai, Miracle of Ultra. Mebius Burning Brave! (for Mebius Burning Brave). Miracle! Mebius Infinity (for Mebius Infinity). Phoenix Brave (for Phoenix Brave).
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Reunion Show, Action Bomb, Blade Below the Shoulder, Dead Person Impersonation, Humble Hero, Named after the Möbius strip of infinity, Light Is Good, Milestone Celebration, Initially a Naïve Newcomer and Rookie Red Ranger, The Red Oni to Hikari's Blue Oni, Designed after the Tsuhima wildcat, Playing with Fire, The Power of Friendship.
  • Domains: Tokusatsu, Anniversaries, Fire
  • Heralds: Ultraman Hikari, Team GUYS ( Ryu Aihara, George Ikaruga, Marina Kazama, Teppei Kuze, Konomi Amagai and Shingo Sakomizu), Zamusha, Alien Fanton, Alien Psychokino Kako, Mecha-Zam.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Arriving in 2006, Ultraman Mebius was the latest Ultra at the time to arrive on Earth, as his superiors wanted him to learn and grow as a warrior as they had done themselves in their own adventures on Earth. Mebius teamed up with GUYS, Earth's latest defense team who had inherited weaponry and intel from all previous teams that cooperated with Ultras, though most of the original staff died against the Kaiju, Dinozaur, forcing civilians to become the new GUYS after Mebius defeated Dinozaur. Alongside GUYS, Mebius would not only fight the usual Monster of the Week, but also clashing with the anti-heroic Ultraman Hikari who would eventually redeem himself and become his ally, finally he found himself entrusted in a massive conspiracy and plots of the malevolent Alien Empera and his forces, the Land of Light's greatest enemy who returned to conquer Earth and continue his goals of exterminating all light. However, Mebius' strength and the bonds he had with GUYS and Hikari he was able to achieve his most powerful form, Phoenix Brave. With the help of the Ultra Brothers and GUYS themselves, Mebius was able to destroy Empera once and for all, saving the Universe finally becoming a worthy Ultra Brother himself before leaving Earth to return back to M78.
  • Mebius ascended after his defeat of Alien Empera which he became legendary for, as Empera was once the greatest enemy of the Ultras and defeating him is no minor feat. Mebius went into his temple without expecting much praise and denied being treated as a veteran, claiming that he still had a lot to learn in spite of his already big accomplishments. When he joined the Grand United Alliance of Good in the GUAG Ultramen, he also declined being made a leading Ultra Brother, preferring his predecessors and mentors to take up the role, though he (and Zero) will take over the leading roles if either of the two current field leaders are unavailable.
  • Upon ascending he was glad to see the many Ultra Heroes ascended into the Pantheon, especially Rei and Ultraman Zero, as Mebius had his adventures with both during the crisis of Ultraman Belial and came to respect their power and strength, even if he started a small rivalry with Zero over their differing approaches to their status as famous Ultras and power; as with Rei he was glad to see the humanoid alien in the Pantheon still keeping up the fight for good.
  • He wasn't glad to see many of the Ultras' worst enemies in the Pantheon: the Zettons, Alien Empera, Yapool, Ultraman Belial and more. Mebius still remembers their respective attacks on the Land of Light, Alien Empera and Belial who were vanquished for good in his home Universe so their return here in one piece was quite a shock for him, especially inthe latter's caseafter learning that Yapool had involvement in resurrecting and ascending Empera into the Pantheon to a degree, Mebius has made sure to personally assist other heroes in making sure the villains cause as little harm as possible to the Pantheon and beyond.
  • Due to being an anniversary Ultra he made allies with fellow anniversary heroes, especially those who met their predecessors and learned from them as he did, one of the more notable were the Gokaigers, a group of space pirates serving as the 35th Sentai team and inherited the power of the previous teams, they also had to fight an evil dark emperor who proved to be one of the toughest foes ever faced by any Sentai team and also confront many old adversaries of their predecessors in the process like Mebius did, their initial aloof attitude towards Earth before warming up to it also earned them his respect as he too was once not as caring about Earth as his predecessor Ultras before Character Development from his bond with GUYS and fights gave him a better outlook to Earth.
    • Another hero who grew by meeting his predecessors was Sougo Tokiwa/Kamen Rider Zi-O, who even got involved in many unfinished business regarding them and their loved ones, even solving some problems left hanging from the past. Mebius respects that Sougo ended up changing his fate of becoming an evil king without necessarily abandoning his own dream of becoming a king himself, even making sure his enemies would be happy in the new world he made.
  • While Mebius will no doubt destroy rogue Kaiju that threaten peace or attack cities, he's more than capable of teaming up with more benevolent ones or those who outright participate in the protection of Earth and peace. Among these was Godzilla, as the King of the Monsters while occasionally evil or destructive, has recently taken a more authoritative and peace-making role between humans and Kaiju, usually keeping other giants in the Pantheon and his world in check, though this mostly applies to the composite version of the Big G, as its other selves aren't as benevolent (especially the likes of GMK and and Earth Godzilla who are legitimately evil) and therefore are enemies of Mebius. Other Kaiju allies that he got were Mothra and Mothra Leo, both guardians of Earth
    • Gamera was another Kaiju ally he made, as the giant turtle is a sworn Guardian of Earth, who also grows in power with his bond with both Earth itself and its inhabitants, that Gamera prioritizes children's safety also helps the turtle's reputation with Mebius. Toto, Gamera's "son" and reincarnation, also made quick allies with Mebius for similar reasons. That said, Mebius does feel uneasy about Gamera's higher rulethness and callous behavior towards collateral damage at times when he focuses on his duties.
    • King Kong also had the honor of becoming another of Mebius' allies, given the great ape king's tendency to help humans and avoid conflict whenever possible, as well as fighting any evil Kaiju that appear around the world. Kong's conflicts with humanity did little to hinder his alliance with Mebius, as the Ultra understood how it wasn't really his fault that the conflicts came to be.
    • As they're vile and evil Kaiju with no real redeeming qualities he has put on his enemies list the likes of King Ghidorah, Gigan, Hedorah, SpaceGodzilla, Destoroyah and the Gyaos. The Gyaos in particular stood out for their ability to reproduce in large numbers and ravage entire civilizations; this latter point also made Ghidorah a bigger enemy, as the three-headed monster has been responsible for the destruction of entire planets in addition to civilizations
  • Mebius eventually faced a bit of a emotional struggle in his home universe when he figured out that his nature as an Ultra means that one day he'll outlive all of GUYS and any human friends he makes, though it took him time to come to terms with it he eventually was able to accept it and be ready to move on; he made allies with Rose Quartz over this, as Rose had initially a bit of a dismissal of humans before her tendency to outlive them weighed down on her when she grew more empathic with regards to others' lives after meeting and romancing Greg Universe. Her growing to care about Earth on her own in spite of her upbringing as a conqueror also helped Mebius' views on her.
  • With his status as a rookie trained to become an Ultra Brother (a highly respected position for any Ultra) he got an ally in Hot Rod and Bumblebee, who in certain universes both had to grow into the role of leaders and respected figures in the steed of their predecessor, Optimus Prime, when he died (temporarily in both cases). Mebius was impressed by Hot Rod becoming a Prime, similarly to how Mebius was granted the Ultra Brother title and also by Bumblebee growing into a mature and skillfull leader even leading his own squadron of heroes to deal with rogue Decepticons and the corrupt Autobot government of his world; Hot Rod and Bumblebee in turn respect that Mebius has not let his status as a famous hero get into his head and that he continues to humbly seek to grow more as a leader and justice-keeper.
  • During his adventures, Mebius met the Space Swordsman, Zamusha, a honorable yet ruthless warrior who sought out the mightiest opponent to face in a sword duel; though initially an enemy, Zamusha soon became an ally of Mebius and went as far as giving his life to protect GUYS from dying at the hands of Alien Empera's attack. Similarly he later on found another similar opponent in Mecha-Zam, another honorable Blood Knight who he bonded with and was sadly killed when he was used as a vessel to bring about the return of Alien Empera and had to get a Mercy Kill so he could be free of the Emperor's spirit. This let him get allies in honorable swordfighters, among these stood out Meta Knight, who also seeks the strongest opponent like Zamusha and isn't evil nor cruel despite his ruthlessness in combat; the wandering Samurai Jack also found himself among these allies, in no small part thanks to his fight against evil and a better future than the one he was stuck in.
  • Because of Mebius' fight against an evil alien emperor who wished to drown the world in darkness, all who have the same goal became enemies as a result. One of these enemies is Dharkon, as the Lord of Darkness' ultimate goal is to cover all that exists in an eternal darkness to kill off all light in existance. Similarly, the Dark Star, Chernabog and Nightmare Moon also became enemies due to their desire to bring about an age of eternal darkness for their own sakes, which while less extreme than Empera's own goals are still bad for everyone; particularly he also worries about the possibility of them all teaming up with Empera in a possible all-out attack that could lead to the end of all life in existence.
  • Mebius' true power comes from The Power of Friendship, especially in his Phoenix Brave form where the bonds of Hikari and GUYS are key to achieve it; for this reason he became allies with Gentaro Kisaragi, a fellow Tokusatsu hero whose power is friendship-based and whose general amicability has helped him in earning the friendship of even his enemies, a feat Mebius considered impressive as he himself befriended two of his enemies himself. Other users of the magic of friendship include the heroic MLP deities, whose true power of magic comes from the bonds between themselves and their loved ones; Mebius also appreciates their efforts to spread tolerance and good emotions, which reminds him of how one of his predecessors, Ultraman 80, also worked hard to remove negative emotions and spread positivity.
  • Deities that seek out negative emotions for their use earned Mebius' hatred as they reminded him of how the Yapool and the Black Silhouette operated. The main stand-out was Pitch Black, who uses the emotions of fear and despair to power himself up and become stronger so as to eventually be known and feared by everyone, while he has a bit of a Freudian Excuse for his actions, Mebius nonetheless condemns them, seeing his goals as ultimately harmful for the good future of Earth and beyond. In this position were also the Heartless, not too dissimilar in nature to the Choju and Minus Energy Kaiju which he's tangled with in several occasions.
  • Like all other Ultras, Mebius wants to help humanity evolve and thrive so one day they can become as advanced as the Ultras, seeing in them the past of his species; as such those who wish to exterminate them all or hinder progress are seen as enemies, such a deity was found in the Anti-Spiral, who seek to impose order on living beings and destroy any who begin evolving in ways unfit for them; Mebius has stated that while he can respect trying to keep the Universe in check, he won't condone subjugating life under strict rules for it and has declared open intent to help take down the Anti-Spirals.
    • Another tyrant who wishes to control life was Darkseid, the Dark Lord of Apokolips has made it his goal to obtain the Anti-Life Equation through which he will obtain the means to take control of all life in existence and remake it to fit his will. His cruelty and lording over a planet where captured enemies are forcefully made into his servants via mechanization didn't help matters either. Mebius has also been concerned to hear that there are many worlds where Darkseid either succeeded or lost with the heroes paying a great cost for his defeat in turn as well as the recent amicable rivalry with Belial.
  • Those who have destroyed planets also became enemies of Mebius, two stand-outs were Zarkon and Lord Dominator, who in their quests for control and destruction ravaged many worlds, sometimes with their populations included; Zarkon's son, Lotor, didn't earn himself any favors with Mebius either due to his extreme actions against Atleans involving draining them of their lifeforce and how nowadays he's been reduced to a power-hungry tyrant not unlike his father.
  • Mirai respects veteran and elder heroes, especially those who seek to make others happy purely because it's the right thing to do, for this reason he was pleased to meet Inuyashiki, an (not-that old) old man who was modified by an entity from outer space into a powerful cyborg hero who went on to oppose Shishigami, a monstrous teenager who was similarly empowered but preferred to spread misery and destruction for his amusement. Inuyashiki's Heroic Sacrifice only further deepened Mebius' respect for the elderly hero and his exploits; Inuyashiki in return was curious to hear of Mebius' extraterrestrial origins, as well as how Ultras "merged" with humans or other living beings either to save their lives or have a body to move around on Earth when they don't create a human form of their own, given that it reminded him of the origins of his powers.

Intermediate Gods

AkaRed, God of Milestone Celebrations

    Headless Horseman (Warcraft
The Headless Horseman, Unholy Harbinger of Festivity Changes (Sir Thomas Thomson, Sir Thomas son of Thomas, The Shade of the Horseman)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Horseman's Blade
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Halloween Episode, Tragic Villain, Headless Horseman, Seeking vengeance for the fall of Lordaeron and the death of his family, Rhymes on a Dime, Strange-Syntax Speaker, Laughing Mad
  • Domains: Halloween, Pumpkins, Horsemen, Undead, Vengeance, Rhymes
  • Allies: The Other Horseman, Mad King Thorn, Jack O'Lantern, The Horseless Headless Horsemann
  • Enemies: Arthas Menethil and The Scourge, The League of Explorers, Rafaam and the rest of the League of E.V.I.L., Sir Daniel Fortesque, Zarok, Jack Skellington, Meridia, Artix von Krieger, Lala, Adventurers, The Heroes of the Nexus
  • Pitied by: Uther Lightbringer, Kratos, Celty Sturluson
  • Every Hallow's End, there comes to infamous Headless Horseman who appears to enact his revenge and claim the heads of all his enemies, be it living or undead, as in his own eyes he believes to be himself still living and nothing will stop him from achieving that. In life he was known as Sir Thomas Thomson, a member of the Knight of the Silver Hand and resident of Lordaeron, one of the many present during Prince Arthas declaration to purge Stratholme and the one who sided with Uther instead of commiting more atrocities. Sir Thomas battled the Scourge for years, even sending his family off to Kalimdor in order to keep them safe and his growing hatred for the Undead landed him among the ranks of the Scarlet Crusade. One day, tricked by the dreadlord Balnazzar, Sir Thomas slaughtered a village who actually was not infected in the slightest and in his blind rage accidentally murdered his own family. Driven mad by the experience eventually made Sir Thomas a danger to his peers and he was ultimately beheaded, not before Balnazzar used his own fel magic to resurrect him as the Headless Horseman.
  • The Horseman arrived to the Pantheon and everywhere he went, his laugh could be heard echoing through the halls of the Pantheon. He ultimately settled in the House of Celebration and stands guard in his temple, rarely leaving it said for when Hallow's End (Or Halloween, he doesn't really care) arrives. Given his ties to the event and how his mere presence changes the location to be Hallow's End themed, he was given the title of Holiday Mode, though not many dare to tell him that he is in fact a deity.
  • Hates both the living and the undead alike, but even in his former life the Horseman utterly despised the undead, even joing the Scarlet Crusade at one point. His biggest beef is with the Scourge naturally, since they are responsible for most of the destruction of Lordaeron and the Human Kingdoms, not to mention a particular beef he has with the Lich King (Arthas if you are wondering). Most of the time the Horseman has been spotted battling with the forces of the Scourge but he himself is no darling to other heroic factions as he as dangerous as any other undead.
  • Though one might think otherwise, the Horseman did eventually find allies like him, those beings the many other depiction of the mythical Headless Horseman, the titular among one of his most trusty allies as well as other Halloween related horseman like the Horseless Headless Horsemann and even Mad King Thorn, though the latter isn't really a horseman and much more of a spirit of Halloween who can appreciate a fellow wicked deity like him (Plus, the Horseman used to be a follower to Thorn). And while he is not a traditional horseman, Jack O'Lantern shares a lot of the same hatred and disdain for others given the unfortunate fates that fell for both of them but he thinks the Horseman tends to get a bit corny with the rhymes.
    • There is an specific group that aren't to the Horseman's liking though, and those would the Dullahans. Celty Sturluson feels sorry for the fate that befell Sir Thomas and would wish to put his soul to rest while Lala has tried numerous times to strike him down but the Horseman has proved to be tougher than she expected.
  • As a spirit tied to Halloween, it's natural that a confrontation between him and Jack Skellington was inevitable but the latter initially felt sorry for how tragic the story of Sir Thomas was....until he got tired of hearing him recite the same rhymes over and over so he is trying to get the Horseman to shut up. The Headless deity, as usual, has vandalized Jack's temple numerous times but isn't actively trying to get him killed even if you consider Jack is undead, possibly because he just triggered the knight's mischievous side.
  • In an ironic turn of events, the Horseman was targetted by similar groups that hate the undead, thinking the mad horseman has to be stopped or he will cause untold damage. Meridia considers him a pest, though she has purposely let him free in some cases since they share common foes in the Scourge, but it's not something she is 100% happy to do and in fact when he mistakes the living for the undead, you can be sure she will make the horseman regret it. Another would be Artix von Krieger, a paladin who in his former life would be very good friends with Sir Thomas, though sadly the two found themselves on opposing sides.
  • There is one deity that managed to impress the Horseman given their prowess and besides being another undead that needs to be vanquished, he found Sir Daniel Fortesque to be a Worthy Opponent. The two men couldn't be more different if you count their former lives, a respected figure in Sir Thomas versus the Fake Ultimate Hero in Fortesque, but undeath curses have changed us both in different ways. That said, when it involves Fortesque's own Arch-Enemy Zarok, the Horseman is willing to team up with Sir Dan just to get rid of the sorcerer.
  • While most of the deities from Azeroth are firmly against the Horseman, there is one who has not forgotten the virtous man he once was and that was Uther Lightbringer, lamenting the loss of Sir Thomas and even then, he has no qualms in striking him down if he goes out of control. Some say Uther still carries some guilt over what happened to Lordaeron and is said to have become the Horseman in an alternate universe, but those are just rumours.
  • Kratos can relate a lot when it comes to accidentally murdering your own family and serving a darker power, but even he ultimately got a second chance with his son Atreus. Kratos has encountered the crazed horseman several times and has come to blow with him but still pities the soul he used to be.
  • Naturally, the most common foe the Headless Horseman faces on a daily basis are adventurers, he has encountered those kind of people since he has entered the fray and the Pantheon is no different, often being harassed by the likes of the The Guardians or The Dovakhiin. And he has a lot of very valuable and rare loot in his possession, so of course people want to get him killed, though some believe his spawn rate has been tampered with (by him no less) just to screw them over
  • The Horseman is not only content with terrorizing the Human Kingdoms, sometimes he can be seen in a realm called the Towers of Doom where he acts as the center hazard of the zone, often aiding to whoever slays him. The Heroes found in The Nexus have found the Horseman to be an incredibly tricky foe to defeat and usually won't bother with him. There was also a time where he got into a conflict between the Leagues of Explorer and E.V.I.L., leading to the key members of each faction to try and defeat the Horseman in a haunted tomb located in Uldum.

    Panda King 
The Panda King, God of Fireworks (Agent Monarch)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A golden outline effigy of his head
  • Theme Song: Flame Fu!
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil at first, True Neutral now
  • Portfolio: Formerly Villainous Panda, Panda as his name, Always Referred By His Full Name, Fantastic Fireworks (as an art & as a weapon), Demolitions Expert, Acrofatic, Calling Your Attacks, Papa Wolf, Mighty Glacier, Incendiary Exponent, Large Ham (when excited about his fireworks), The Comically Serious
  • Domains: Fireworks, Pandas, Fire, Former Villains
  • Herald: His daughter, Jing King
  • Allies: The Cooper Gang (Sly Cooper, Bentley Turtle, Murray Hippo, Dimitri L. Lousteau, The Guru), Po, Chen & Li Li Stormstout, The League of Extreme Fatherhood, Mithra, the Techies, Tiny Tina, Zuko, Jubilee
  • Rivals: Tavish DeGroot the Demoman, Dr. Boom
  • Enemies: Clockwerk & Neyla (the first one being a former leader), Penelope Mouse (former gang member), Carmelita Fox, Lord Shen, Deidara, The Kraken
  • Elysium Academy was in trouble. The students responsible for setting off fireworks for one of their many events accidentally set them off too early, leveling one of its buildings (thankfully empty) in the process and leaving them with no fireworks. The Absurdly Powerful Student Council immediately looked for someone in the Pantheon who could create fireworks on such short notice but could find no one (all explosive experts only knew how to make bombs and other things that go boom). That was when Bentley suggested a questionable choice: Their former enemy-now ally, the Panda King. Without any other choice, the Student Council managed to bring him up and Panda King delivered with an amazing fireworks display that made even the Pantheon gods awestruck. Panda King is here to stay.
  • His formal welcoming party was short and simple with the Cooper Gang in attendance to see their ally join. Naturally, Panda King supplied his own fireworks. To their surprise, they saw that Jing King, his daughter, was also with him. Panda King said he was still looking for a suitable spouse for his daughter and he hopes to find one somewhere in the Pantheon. So far, it's been unsuccessful.
  • One of Panda King's joys is creating fireworks as they are Serious Business to him as he tends to wax-poetic of their beauty to anyone who visits his temple. Of course, aside from creating them, he enjoys displaying them. With many Pantheon events and even hired by the Pantheon Welcoming Committee to set off fireworks for newly-ascended deities, he finds himself busy but happy hearing all the wondrous comments of his trade.
  • As said before, one of his main reasons for joining the Pantheon was to find a suitable husband for his daughter and Herald, Jing King. As she is his other joy in life, he is fiercely protective of her. Should she even be harmed, say your prayers.
    • As such, he has allied himself with the League of Extreme Fatherhood. Panda King and Asura have both agreed to mutually allow their daughters to be together (and keep a close eye on them).
  • In addition to harming his daughter, another Berserk Button is insulting his fireworks expertise. The first time it happened was the catalyst for his turn to villainy and turning his fireworks into explosive demolition tools. Only after being beaten by Sly Cooper and his arrest was he able to find his spiritual center and no longer use his demolition expertise for heinous crimes. However, his fireworks are still useful for explosive purpose should he need to go on the offensive.
  • As a panda, he of course gets along with the others in the Pantheon. He sees Po as a possible suitor and is currently having him put to the test in a literal trial by fire to see if he's worthy. Both he and Chen are often seen drinking together and discussing various topics. He sees Li Li as a much younger Jing and tries to discipline her into not being so reckless but finds it hard to stick. Of course, she lets him take her Healing Brew which he is thankful for.
    • Even without knowing his hatred of pandas, Lord Shen is on his permanent bad side as the evil bird reminds him of General Tsao. Even though he missed the chance to cook the misogynisitc rooster before his arrest, he will make sure Shen is turned into roast peacock if he should harm any of his allies and especially Jing King.
  • As a former member of the Fiendish Five, there is absolutely no love loss between him and his ex-boss, Clockwerk. The owl was furious to learn Panda King eventually joined their mutual enemy all because of his daughter. Panda King warned Clockwerk that should he lay one talon on Jing King, he will use all his explosive expertise to turn him into scorched slag.
  • Many demo experts have wanted to test and see if he's as good as the Cooper Gang claim he is. Some (like the Techies and Tiny Tina) marveled at both the beauty and explosive powers of his fireworks which put him in good standing with him. Others (like the Demoman and Dr. Boom) were less tactful and called his work mediocre, earning rivalry status. Still, a few others (especially Deidara and the Trollkaiger), call his work a waste of time and an insult to explosions (even using the "frustrated fireworks artist turned homicidal pyromaniac" insult Sly once gave him), which is exactly the worst thing to say a proud artisan such as him. A smoking crater was all that's left of those who disrespect him.
  • Even though he no longer uses his fireworks for crime, Carmelita still wants him arrested once more due to his past and because he helped Sly. Even though Jing King sticks up for her father and claims he has turned over a new leaf, the obstinate inspector is waiting for one slip-up and she'll be down on him. Panda King merely glares at her coldly as he returns to making more fireworks.
  • Zuko was interested in Panda King's Flame-Fu and challenged him to a friendly sparring match, to which he honorably accepted. Their long battle scorched the ground they fought on but eventually they conceded a draw. Zuko was indeed impressed by the panda's uncanny ability to create fire and wonders if he is deep-down a firebender as well. In the end, the two went to Iroh's tea house for a post-fight drink to relax.
  • Even though she lost her mutant abilities, Jubilee enjoys watching Panda King's fireworks spectacles as they remind her of her old powers. Some days, she heads over to his temple workshop to see him craft fireworks. Panda King was adamant in having her visit him at first as she was a vampire (as he still remembers the vampires General Tsao summoned which he fought), but relented as he saw Jing King babysit and play with Shogo. The hopes of one day having his own grandson once Jing King married allowed him to warm up to Jubilee and her son.
  • The Kraken has a personal vendetta against Panda King after hearing how he managed to subdue his follower, Crusher of Blood Bath Bay. Panda King, however, shows no fear and warns the creature that the punishment he will give it will make Crusher's look like a slap on its tentacle if the Kraken chooses to attack him.

    Pinkie Pie 
Pinkamena Diane "Pinkie" Pie, Goddess of Parties (Pinkie Pie, Ponka Po, Pinkius Piecus, Fili-second, Equestria's Peppy Party Pony, Little Cotton-Candy Hair, The Princess Of Chaos)
Pinkie in a depressed mood 
Pinkie in the Distant Finale 
Pinkie as... 
  • Intermediate Goddess (Overdeity as the Princess of Chaos)
  • Symbol: Her Cutie Mark (Three Balloons: two blue ones and a yellow one)
  • Theme song: Smile Song
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Heavy on the Chaotic), Chaotic Neutral as the Princess of Chaos
  • "Weapon of Choice": Party Cannon
  • Portfolio: Awesome insanity, being out of this world, being ditzy... or not, cute hyperactivity, curly mane which occasional changes to reflect her mood, acting like a child (even skipping like one), minimal attention span, fun ponified, pranking, eating a lot, Breaking the Fourth Wall, defying the laws of reality, having no sense of personal space, "okey dokey lokey", talking a lot, parties, alternate personalities
  • Domain: Friendship, Laughter, Parties, Fun, Hyperactivity, Innocence
  • Heralds: Gummy, her toothless baby alligator, Cheese Sandwich (fellow party planner and future husband), Li'l Cheese (their son)
  • High Priest: Andrew W.K.
  • Followers: Scooby, Zeala, the Riffriders, Briar Beauty, Long Duk Dong
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Princess Bubblegum
  • Enemies: Nightmare Moon, Queen Chrysalis, Tirek, King Sombra, Oogie Boogie, all who would propagate sorrow and despair
  • Opposed by: Birthday/party haters such as Ron Swanson
  • Pinkie Pie 1:1 "I'm a Goddess? Isn't this exciting? Are you excited cause I'm excited and I've never been so excited well except for that time I saw Twilight walking into Ponyville and I went Gasp!! but I mean really, what can top that?"
  • In the early days of the Pantheon, when the Mane Cast ascended, Pinkie Pie initially nabbed Periphery Demographic to represent just how popular their show had become for older people despite it being primarily for little girls. However, a later evaluation of everypony's profiles spurred her to take a backup trope; Life of the Party, which is her special talent, and she was able to stay with little trouble.
  • She had somehow ascended extremely quickly and has been seen making friends with many of the Gods and Goddesses of the various houses, however she's just as likely to annoy and confuse everypony.
  • Can teleport, pop out of small objects, exist in at least two different places at once, run at ludicrous speeds and otherwise defy the laws of reality. So if she ever decides to go after you, there's no escape. Luckily, this usually only amounts to getting a party or forces to apologize for breaking a promise to her.
    • Whenever she's near resident goddess Vanellope Von Schweetz, the two go into an epic teleporting match the likes that no one has ever seen.
  • Has probably thrown (or at least attempted to throw) parties for every single deity in the pantheon by now. That includes Evil gods and even entities on a cosmic level. Some were delighted. Some have gotten pissed (and tried to kill her). Some have gotten pissed at first, but THEN were delighted. Some of these attempts didn't go all that well, though, like that time Pinkie attempted to decorate Unicron in frilly ribbons and balloons.
  • While associated with the Houses of Celebration and Emotion (Happiness sub-House), Pinkie spends a lot of her time in the House of Food, where she bakes, and eats, a lot of sweets. Yes, including cupcakes. No, not THAT KIND of cupcakes.
    • Occasionally seen making/eating chimi-cherry-changas with fellow 4th-Wall breaker Deadpool.
    • She also befriended Willy Wonka and in 2013 taught him the secrets of breaking the fourth wall.
    • Despite being a certified Big Eater and willing to eat just about any sort of food, she does have her standards if the food can't even qualify as such, as the case of the "baked bads" (ingredients included potato chips mixed with actual worms) and was disgusted when Spike enjoyed them. And you can forget about getting her to try Mystery Food X.
  • Rumors that Pinkie Pie has attempted to assassinate other gods to steal their power and turn their skin into clothing are really just rumors. It IS known that Pinkie has a darker and allegedly more insane side which manifests when things don't go her way.
  • Pinkie once transformed into a rocket and burst with excitement at the taste of Princess Peach's delicious strawberry shortcakes.
  • Ever since JK of the Kamen Rider Club has become a God, Pinkie has chased him around with the suggestion of merging his JK Night parties with her own. The Gods shudder to think at the idea of what would happen if Pinkie convinced him to do such a thing.
  • Pac-Man once tried to eat her after eating a Power Pellet, believing her to be one of the Ghosts. He's stopped doing that since then.
  • Has challenged Gentaro to see who can befriend the most gods. It's still ongoing, with both of them having an equal amount of friends in their pocket.
    • When Elena ascended, the three got along very well and decided that due to their love of making friends, they would be called "The Friendship Trio", where they would go to all newly ascended gods and throw them a humongous Friendship party in their honor.
    • During the events of "Project: Alternate Gentaro", it was a complete understatement to say she was entirely shattered of what happened. Thankfully, everything has been squared away and Gentaro came back to normal, but make any mention to what happened to him in the past is one of the EASIEST ways to make Pinkie cry (which is something you should NEVER do).
  • An incident occurred when she accidentally stepped into a cloning pod. The result was a sea of Pinkie Pies screaming "Fun! Fun! Fun!" and making a mess out of the Pantheon. After getting the House of Combat and the Toku Base to round them all up and Twilight to banish them, the House of Technology had to temporarily ban her until they ensured that the pink pony can never be cloned again. Eventually, they were able to do so and she was able to visit again.
  • It's her job to oversee everyone's birthday in the Pantheon, which she does due to having a spectacular Photographic Memory. However, there was that incident where she forgot her own birthday and everyone avoided her to get her surprise birthday party ready. Let's just say her Sanity Slippage was NOT a pretty sight.
  • Never, ever, ever break a Pinkie Promise with her. She will chase you down even more so than when she's trying to grab your attention on something all while screaming, "YOU PINKIE PROMISED!!!!".
  • How does she get those parties up and running so quickly? Simple! "I never leave home without my party cannon!" And apparently, it's a mass-produced product.
  • With Jack Skellington's ascent into the Pantheon, she's been helping him out with his preparations for Halloween because, "It's fun being scared!"
  • Was indirectly responsible for the ascension of Roger Rabbit, after asking his assistance in a competion.
  • One of the few things that can put her in a bad mood is talking about the time she apparently went completely apeshit and killed everyone.
  • Once sought the council of Segata Sanshiro, whom she heard had discovered the secret to making someone explode twice with his judo throw. No one's entirely certain if she succeeded in learning how, but no one's brave enough to test it out.
  • It's been rumored that Carmen Sandiego has taken an interest in and is considering making an offer to take her as her personal protégé due to their similar reality-defying capabilities, but has not yet done so due to doubts that she has regarding Pinkie's morality, difficulty in staying focused, and lack of a Punny Name. Pinkie herself seems to be unaware of any potential interest Carmen may have in her.
  • Wander has started teaming up with her, helping her with her ascension parties for other deities, quickly earning the favor of the other Equestrian deities.
  • One day, an alpaca named Paprika approached her…and immediately decided to prove her love for the earth pony by combat. Pinkie had to use her party cannon, various oodles she keeps around in case of sudden-declaration-of-battle emergencies, and her 4th-wall abilities to the fullest to ward the alpaca off, and was reportedly a little disturbed at Paprika's freaky need for affection.
  • Was absolutely ecstatic to find her older sister Maud in the House of Narrative. However, Maud's ascension came during Project: Alternate Gentaro and well, let's just say that Maud being "protective" of Pinkie during the events of "Muse Hysteria" were...not sister-like. She has forgiven Mitsuzane Kureshima (the sole cause—well not the sole cause, long story—of "Project: Alternate Gentaro") and hosted a party in his name.
  • While she's friends with Discord since his redemption, playing all sorts of pranks together with him, he never lets her in his temple. As for why, it's because her chaotic mindset is great enough that she can take over his dimension and with it his powers, as she once did, and she wasn't even trying.
  • She was called up for a Death Battle… with Deadpool. The entire Pantheon cringed, dreading the result.
    • There was good news and bad news with the fight. The good news was that nobody died in the fight aside from some mirror clones. However, as a result of their similar powers and interests, the 2 of them ended up briefly harassing Screw Attack. Not Wiz and Boomstick, ScrewAttack. As this method could be used by the Anti-Monitor to succeed in his destruction of all reality beyond his medium, the Gods PLEADED with the two of them to NEVER do this again.
      • When Pinkie found out it was Deadpool's birthday, she threw him an awesome party. The two became better than best friends afterwards (having befriended each other already), and as such, Pinkie will sometimes visit her cherrychanga friend to go tease the bad guys or throw awesome parties together.
  • Although Valvatorez admires that Pinkie Pie is also a strong believer in keeping promises, the two have an ongoing argument over what the last line of a planned Official "Pantheon Promise" Swear should be; Pinkie in favor of "Stick a cupcake in my eye" and Valvatorez in favor of "Stick a sardine in my eye". However, the Swear in general has yet to be approved by the rest of the Pantheon and everyone hopes that it stays that way.
  • Also resides in Happiness.

Lesser Gods

    Jack O'Lantern 
Jack O'Lantern, Damned Soul of Halloween
  • Lesser God (Intermediate with the Reaper's scythe)
  • Symbol: The pumpkin replacing his head
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (used to be Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: The Prankster, Stingy Jack, Decapitated By Grimm For His Pranks, Pungeon Master, Evil Is Hammy, Uses A Pumpkin As A Head, Who Wants to Live Forever?, Terrified Of Knights
  • Domains: Pranks, The Cursed, Halloween
  • Followers: Pyro Jack, Pumpkinhead, Samhain
  • Allies: Oswald Thorn, Murkrow, Zeref, Ryuk
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: T.J Detweiler
  • Enemies: Billy and Mandy, GRIM, Charles-Henri Sanson, Eric Cartman, Artoria Pendragon, The Evil Queen, Sapphire Rhodonite, Dirty Harry, Death (Regular Show), The Ghostbusters
  • Opposes: All other gods of death, Dio Brando
  • Opposed by: Jack Skellington, Timmy Turner
  • Pities: Faust, AZ, and every god who was decapitated (especially Jonathan Joestar)
  • Fears: All knights in the pantheon
  • Pumpkins have often been associated with Halloween, and everything spooky. Where did this tradition come from? If you ask the people of Endsville, it started with a malcontent by the name of Jack. He loved to play pranks, and though a pleasant guy, he didn't know when to stop. The townspeople were so sick of him that they decided to off him through a ruse: they sent a gift under his name to the Queen of Endsville (yes, they had a Queen). Horribly unamused by the prank, she sent her knight to kill Jack. When Grim came to collect, Jack deterred him long enough to trick him out of his scythe. In exchange for the scythe back, Jack asked for immortality so he could play pranks on people forever. However, Grim is not one who likes to be tricked like that and so decapitated Jack as payback. Replacing it with a pumpkin, he later ascended to the pantheon as the cursed soul of Halloween.
  • Because of his condition, he can only be "normal" during Halloween. Filled with bitterness, he hoped to cause endless chaos in Endsville with the hopes of making it Halloween every day. Mad King Thorn was very happy to learn of Jack O'Lantern, and his desire to promote Halloween. For the time being he's taken on the prankster as his apprentice. While Jack Skellington does like the idea of more Halloween, he still opposes his evil ways. Timmy Turner also opposes him because he's tried to make it be one holiday for the whole year, only to backfire.
    • Though he lost his own head, he's still capable of a good head pun or three. Or eleven.
  • It is not a matter of simply having his head cut off that irks him; any head decapitated by Grim's scythe can never be re-attached. He's forced to use a pumpkin for a head. He was enraged upon learning that a god of decapitation exists in the pantheon, and has sworn to take him out. Being a victim of decapitation, he does seem to show some mercy to other decapitated godsnote . He is really sympathetic to Jonathan Joestar, for suffering a fate worse than permanent beheading; having your worst enemy defile your body by making it his own. He considers Dio disgusting for this.
  • Is indignant towards the House of Justice, due to how he got into trouble; sure, he was a little naughty as The Prankster and didn't know when to stop, but he didn't mean to be malicious and thought they were having a laugh. Granted, he did trick a guy into falling off the cliff so he's not entirely innocent. Particularly angered by the vigilantism likes of Harold Francis Callahan.
  • He's high up on the Ghostbusters' hit list due to having commanded an army of spirits and his vendetta against the Grim Reaper, along with his M.O being similar to Samhain.
  • Though immortal, he's sick of it. He's lived since at least the colonial times (even possibly medieval given how Endsville had a queen of all things) unable to ever be normal again, only able to buy his groceries on Halloween. And as his immortality was given to him by Death himself, he dislikes the other Grim Reapers of the pantheon. Especially in the case of the one from Regular Show, being the other Grim Reaper of Cartoon Network and a gambler in his own. He and Zeref get along in hopes of getting back at Death. That being said, he isn't against every god of death; him and Ryuk get along due to their humorous nature.
    • However, as plenty of people point out, Jack becoming immortal was his own doing and because he wanted to prank people for all eternity. Many consider him getting his head cut-off as light punishment for tricking the Grim Reaper.
  • He pities the likes of Faust and AZ. For Faust, it's because they suffered from a Deal with the Devil (well Death in Jack's case, but there wasn't much difference). For AZ, it's due to their respective curses of immortality over their past transgressions.
  • He appreciates a good prank or trick, of which proved to be his downfall; Irwin falling for prank after prank led him and his spirit army to be overwhelmed by laughter, his pumpkin forces laughing themselves to death and him at Grimm's mercy. He's very impressed by the pranks that T.J Detweiler pulls and likes to hang out with him. T.J appreciates it, but thinks Jack goes too far.
  • Really similar to Candlejack, who goes on Halloween with him. Also likes hanging on with Murkrow.
  • When not causing trouble in the pantheon, he's stuck in the underworld where he still plays pranks. He'd had to get some more pumpkin heads after taunting them, and the main reason he's in the pantheon is that the denizens of Hell wanted to boot him out. While he hasn't learned not to prank demons and others in the House of Otherness, he knows pranking Eric Cartman is a bad idea. Considering what happened to Scott Tenorman when he tried...
  • He sounds like Al and Emperor Zurg, but reminds the Toys from Toy Story he has nothing in common with them. And while they share the same name and Halloween motif, he'd like to remind Spiderman he's not the Jack O'Lantern that's part of his Rouges Gallery. No connections to the SMT Multiverse either, asides from taking a shine to Pyro Jack and having him as a follower.
  • Some have mistaken him for Jack Horner, due to him representing the legend of Stingy Jack. They're not the same, and he considers the other Jack O'Lantern to be annoying. In part he's jealous at his ability to scam the gods.
  • He fears all knights in the pantheon, as it was a knight who did kill him to begin with. He also dislikes queens as one ordered his death, particularly the petty Queen of Hearts since she loves beheadings. Learning that Artoria, a queen and knight was in the pantheon? He huddled in the corner, having a nervous breakdown.
    • Being a valkyrie (the Norse answer to a knight) and queen, he fears Sapphire Rhodonite the most out of all gods. Especially since she's good with an ax (chop chop).

    The Teensies 
The Teensies, Divine Group Of The Gratuitous Disco Sequence
A Green Teensy, the most common kind of Teensy
The Grand Minimus 
Ales Mansay the Magician 
  • Lesser Gods on average
  • Symbol: The crown of the Grand Minimus, their primary ruler
  • Theme Songs: The Teensy Highway and their Rayman M/Arena theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good on average; Ales Mansay, however, is more Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Disco Tech, Gag Nose, Gratuitous Disco Sequence, I Have to Go Iron My Dog (in Rayman 3), Master of Unlocking (one method utilizes That Russian Squat Dance)
  • Domains: Magic, Dance, Music (especially disco), Royalty (Grand Minimus), Machinery (Ales Mansay; especially Steampunk)
  • Heralds: Otto Psi, Roméo Patti, and Gonzo
  • Follower: Jon Arbuckle
  • Allies: Rayman, Betilla, Globox, Samus Aran, The Guardians, Amigo
  • Enemies: Razorbeard, the Eliksni, Ridley, Felix, Black Manta, other evil pirates and robots, nightmarish villains, Balthazar Bratt (to most Teensies)
    • Ales only: Rayman, Betilla, Globox
  • Wary of: Pirates and robots in general
  • Intrigued by: Zinogre
  • The Teensies, a race of small, magically-inclined people, have a rather strange quirk common among them: They seem to really like disco. In fact, they tend to do it at some rather inappropriate times (at least, from the viewers' perspective). For this reason, the race has been deified to represent this trope. Take a wild guess what kind of welcoming party Pinkie threw for them.
  • The leader of all the Teensies is the Grand Minimus, though the tiny folk have a lot of kings and queens. The Grand Minimus has thus been chosen to be the representative for his people.
    • The three Teensy doctors — Otto Psi, Roméo Patti, and Gonzo (not to be confused with the Muppet) — have been chosen to be the Teensy heralds.
    • Less thrilling to the Teensies is that Ales Mansay — lately known as the Dark Teensy — is to share the same temple as them, at least until he can have his own trope(s) to rule over.
  • Of course Rayman, Globox, and Betilla were happy to see this ascension; familiar, friendly faces in this pantheon are a welcome sight. They hope to see friends like Ly and Barbara ascend at some point, but aren't holding their collective breath.
  • Inversely, the Teensies were not pleased to know Admiral Razorbeard was also in the Pantheon, after he and his crew of robotic pirates had enslaved the entirety of the Glade of Dreams.
    • Because of the actions of Razorbeard and his crew, the Teensies are wary of robots and pirates in general, rightly so in the case of the more wicked individuals.
      • Ridley being a space pirate, combined with his shocking brutality, guaranteed that the Teensies would be terrified of him. Samus promised them that if her parents' killer ever gunned for them, she would fight him off to the best of her ability.
      • Other nasty pirates they try to avoid are Felix — false friendship is a huge no-no — and Black Manta — who killed Aquaman's son.
  • The good-aligned Teensies are none-too-crazy about Balthazar Bratt, a villain who is a fan of disco. They claim people like him make the genre look bad. Ales Mansay, on the other hand, likes Bratt's style.
  • The lupine monster Zinogre has intrigued the majority of the Teensy populace. After all, whoever heard of a wolf that break-dances as it fights?
  • The Teensies found a very similar group of creatures in the Guardians. The Guardians are the last hope for the humanity of their world and are perfectly capable of taking on actual gods, yet have the odd tendency to dance at strange times, even if there's no music playing.
    • The Guardians warned the Teensies about an enemy of theirs that was also in the Pantheon: the Eliksni, an entire race of cutthroat space pirates that revere technology. To the Teensies, the Eliksni are too similar to Razorbeard and his crew.
  • They learned of Amigo's tendency to make people around him dance to his music. They approve very much of this, and have suggested some disco songs he could play. Amigo said he would consider it.



    Calem and Serena 
Calem and Serena, Gods of Celebrated Heroes (Calem: Calme, Xavier, Calem Xavier, d, Li'l D, X | Serena: Yvonne, Serena Yvonne, Y | Both: "Looker")
Calem (top), Serena (bottom)

    James Vega 
Lieutenant James Vega, the God who Prefers Partying during the War (Jimmy, Party Vega (By his own declaration), (Insert any David Ryder nickname here))
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Alliance Marines logo on his gray T-shirt. Alternatively, the N7 Tattoo on his back.
  • Alignment: Neutral to Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Adorkable Audience Surrogate, The Big Guy Boisterous Bruiser who ocassionally Drives like a SPAZZ, Hero-Worshipper, Loaded with Incendiary Ammo, Latin Lover, Mr. Fanservice, Naïve Newcomer, Nice Guy, The Nicknamer, Has impressively chiseled pecs, Prefers loosening up while the Galaxy is at war, Space Marine
  • Domains: Celebration, Space, War, Combat
  • Direct Superior: Commander Shepard
  • Allies:
  • Rival: (surprisingly) Don Flamenco
  • Enemies: The Illusive Man, Harbinger (By Extension from Shepard), M. Bison, Vega
  • Previously posted as Commander Shepard's guard detail on Earth while the latter was court-martialled, partly for working with Cerberus (in fighting the Collectors, mind), and partly for destroying a mass relay in order to delay the Reaper invasion. He became part of the Normandy crew when he assisted in getting Shepard out of Earth, in order to gather reinforcements and to build a superweapon that would thwart the Reaper threat.
  • He was rather reluctant to go at first, as he felt that leaving Earth would be bad for his conscience; but seeing as Shepard got his hands full with gathering allies against the Reapers, he decided to help deal with, in his own words, the "pendejo politicians" governing the galaxy.
  • With that said though, he's the type who is able to chill out and mingle without any worry while the war was underway. Most of the time he hangs out at bars with a few soldiers like him, plays cards with refugees at the docks, or treats some of the Normandy crew to a smoking plate of Huevos Rancheros which he learned to cook from his Abuela (Which has the House of Food taking notice.)
    • He is still a very committed and capable soldier when the need arises, notwithstanding his down-time activities. In fact, he was selected by the Alliance top brass for the N7 Training program (the same program that Shepard underwent prior to his Spectre status) the day before the Reaper invasion. Though his reckless piloting of the Normandy's landing shuttle back on Mars has been put to scrutiny (then again, Shepard's driving was proven to be worse.)
    • There were some reports that he has rigged out a still down by the Normandy's cargo bay, as evidenced by Ashley ending up drunk in one of the crew cabins. Shepard has so far not commented on the matter.
  • Quite fond of making nicknames as well, as it's his way of remembering the peers he works with. Ditto with making up stories, particularly with Garrus; claims that such skill is a gift.
  • There were some reports that his occasional recklessness stems from his Survivor Guilt when he was forced to save important data on the Collectors at the price of leaving an entire colony to die; moreso data which was not needed when Shepard and his crew took out the Collector base. Which kind of explains why he was initially reluctant to accept his N7 promotion until Shepard convinced him to take it anyways.
    • Apart from the N7 promotion, the various ascended Chapter Masters have considered making him a Space Marine, probably because of his physique and combat skills. James has initially taken interest but declined, partly because he already took the N7 offer, and partly because he thinks their Space Marine training is probably way too serious.
  • He's also known as one of Alex Armstrong's longtime followers, though he has yet to make his muscles sparkle like the former. Doesn't stop him from showing off his physique at times, which does elicit some Squee! from the female deities.
  • The God of Rebel Leaders seem to have taken interest in his combat skills as well, partly for having the same name, and partly for his "enthusiasm" and muscular build, which reminded him of his Vitriolic Best Buds Tychus Findlay. To be fair to Vega though, he's not exactly as tall or as "decorated" as Tychus and he'd like to keep it that way.
  • Thanks to his surname, Bison and the other Vega are wondering why a lowly farm boy turned Space Marine would dare make his way into the Pantheon. Though the God of "Beautiful" Combat would not mind putting James in his place through a one-on-one fistfight. The latter, wary of his abilities with his claws, doesn't mind a challenge from him.
  • Oddly, the Spaniard Boxer from the Sub-House of Cultures met James on one occasion, and immediately challenged him to a boxing match. He lost.
  • Despite being on good terms with Kasumi Goto, he still has not forgiven her much for the time he lost the push-up challenge with Kaidan (and Jacob) because she sat on his back.
  • With the revelation of Shepard being the Avatar in a different universe, there have been talks of seeing if her/his other squadmates have potential to be benders. James in particular is reported to have some affinity to earth

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