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Page under construction and in no way shape or form to be used as an index.

This is a page that lists ideas for Fanfiction, mainly ideas from people who don't have the confidence, the talent, the skills, the passion or willingness to put in the effort to just sit down and write it themselves. Not everyone is meant to write, but a good idea is still a good idea whether it is put into practice or not.


Please put what media-work the fanfic ideas are based off of. If you have any specific details about the story, characters or the medium, please include it into the description. Please refrain yourself from making edits to another person's idea, but if you have anything to add to a preexisting story idea, please indent the following example under the preexisting example. See Example Indentation in Trope Lists for context.

Compare with List of Shows That Need Summary, Fandom-Specific Plot and Fanfic. Not to be confused with Video Ideas.

The following have their own pages:

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    Comic Books 
DC Comics
  • Alternate ending for Crisis on Infinite Earths, where instead of the Earth-1 history of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman being maintained, it was the Earth-2 history instead.
Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose
  • A character swap AU where Jon was raised as a witch in the Black Rose Coven while Tarot (here named Rowan since she isn't a practicing witch) was raised catholic and gains I See Dead People powers surviving a car-crash.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
  • Harry and Hermione dedicate their second year using scientific principles and magic's latent abilities to create a wizarding equivalent of space-travel.

Nymph and the Corrupted Miraculous

  • In the canon!universe, Hawk Moth creates a space-time villain who conjuring up a portal to escape, but Cat Noir destroys the akumatized object mid-conjuring and ends up creating a rift in the universe, causing Ladybug be sucked into it. In the Nymph!universe, Lady Nymph creates a space-time hero functionally identical to Hawk Moth's villain to help fight Xue Ying's new team of miraculous villains. Xue Ying destroys the object housing the tianshi and it creates the other end of the rift, causing canon!Ladybug to fall through into the Nymph!universe. canon!Marinette marvels at the various minor differences between her world and this new one (including herself being in a wheelchair with Hawk Moth's powers, Chloe being nice and a lesbian, Adrien dressing in black instead of white and being this universe's Cat Noir, rationalizing that it is unlikely that her own Cat noir could also be Adrien) and asks the Miraculous Heroes of this new world to help her get back to her own world.
    • The same concept, but canon's entire Miraculous team is sent there instead of just Ladybug. Particular emphasis on canon!Chloe and Nymph!Chloe meeting, as whole Nymph!Chloe is genuinely a better person who grew out of being a Spoiled Brat, canon!Chloe will act as an interesting foil to in an "I Hate Past Me" way.

Powers of Invisibility

  • Juleka has been a member of Team Miraculous for nearly a year. When they fight The Collector, Juleka gets a bad feeling when they fight. While she ignores it at first, her "turtle sense" hits her like a truck when she meets Gabriel at the fashion show after defeating Style Queen, becoming incredibly suspicious of Gabriel. While she humors the idea that he could be Hawk Moth, she decides not to worry her team and do some personal investigating.
  • Juleka entrusts the Bee Miraculous to Rose and they become a Battle Couple.

Super Danganronpa Another 2

  • How will Yuki Maeda live life in the body of Akane Taira with Utsuro's Divine Luck?.
  • What if Utsuro's body had survived, and Sora's mind was uploaded into his body, allowing her to travel alongside Yuki following the ending?

    Films — Animation 
How to Train Your Dragon
  • A Lemon drabble set before, during and after the events of the first film where Hiccup and Astrid are in a secret relationship where they only act like they do in the film (him having a crush on her and Astrid being aloof and unaware about it) in public. The various places they take the time to do it, the various close calls they have of being discovered and the notion that Gobber may or may not already know about it can be Played for Laughs, the fact that Hiccup has been keeping Toothless a secret from her and the very real threat that the village will discover what they have been doing can be Played for Drama.
  • A fluff AU fic where clothes are considered taboo on Berk and everyone there are cultural nudists.
  • Instead of trying to show Berk that dragons can be tamed when he should be slaying the Monstrous Nightmare, Hiccup instead sneaks into the Kill Ring the night before and frees all the dragons there when nobody is looking, buying him more time to come up with a better plan before the next raid.
  • A Les Yay adaptation of the first film where Hiccup is female and crushing on the (still-female) Astrid.
  • A Ho Yay adaptation of the first film with Hiccup crushing on male!Astrid.

    Films — Live-Action 
John Wick
  • After killing Gianna, John Wick tries to escape Santino's assassins, only to be captured by the High Table's goons instead. There he is put on trial for killing one of their members, only for John to testify that it was Santino who sent him to kill her, bound by a marker.
    • Alternatively, Santino has anonymously paid other assassins to kill John, only for John to kill all of them in-front of the other High Table members, revealing to them that there is a conspiracy against them and Santino's sudden disappearance reveals to them that he was behind it.


Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • Instead of Peter Parker becoming Tony Stark's ward as a Science Hero and a mutate, a young Peter happens upon the Sanctum Sanctorum and winds up becoming Doctor Strange's apprentice in the art of mysticism instead. Later in his training, he develops spider-powers when he feels an innate attraction to a relic - a statue of Anansi - and is bitten by a spider housed within it, a reference to the origin story of Spider-Man: Noir.

Harry Potter
  • Harry is discovered to be a natural-born seer in his first year, having remarkably accurate dreams of future events (both in the immediate future and the far future) and will routinely hear and see things before they happen like a magical deja vu. The Dursleys believed that he was schizophrenic and would routinely beat him whenever it would act up, thinking that it would be preferable than having the neighbors know that they had a relative in the Mad House. Because of this, Harry does everything he can to keep this ability a secret when he attends Hogwarts.
  • Instead of the Death Eaters wanting Harry killed as revenge for the Dark Lord, they all wind up believing that Harry is destined to be the true Dark Lord when Voldemort falls trying to kill the infant Harry. They start behaving less like a terrorist group and more like a cult, having been trying to find him throughout his life and then try to kidnap him when he starts attending Hogwarts, wanting to make him their new Dark Messiah.
  • Harry Potter is a Child Prodigy when it comes to mechanics and coding, capable of creating advanced things like desktop computers and remote controlled doo-dads using out-of-date tech and everyday objects. When he gets his letter and is brought to Hogwarts, he makes it his goal to make technology that can function properly in wizarding areas. Over the years, he manages to use magic and technology to help bring Wizarding Society closer to the 20th/21st century, including: magic mirrors that receive television signals and can be used to play video games, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, electric stoves for cauldrons, electric heating systems, pocket pensieves that work like cellphones, electric ovens, etc.

    Live-Action TV 
The Good Place
  • A reboot of Michael's Good Place experiment where the "Good Place" is a nudist colony.
  • A reboot of Michael's Good Place experiment where the "Good Place" is a place where you can literally buy your way into Heaven and everyone there are all uptight rich assholes who spend all of their time gloating about how the poor are all being tortured in the Bad Place.
  • A reboot of Michael's Good Place experiment where only Fascists could get into the Good Place and they are all separated into different blocked-off sections. Eleanor is in the White Supremacist section of the neighborhood, Chidi is in the African Ethnostate section, Jason is in the Philippine Falange section and Tahani is surrounded by Islamofascists. They all basically have to pretend to agree with those ideologies lest they all be found out, with a lot of the "activities" that Michael plans being based around encouraging superiority complexes and endorsing hate crimes before the walls separating the groups "accidentally" collapse, leading to all of the groups trying to genocide each other.

Once Upon a Time

  • Shortly after the Dark Curse was broken and magic was brought to Storybrooke, a series of gruesome murders begin occurring, with various corpses found in and out of their homes either violently disemboweled or drained of all of their blood. When Dr. Whale overhears the morgue doctors talking about, he recognizes the cause: there is a vampire running loose. Vampirism being a curse uniquely native to his world, Whale was able to follow the trail to the vampire. It turns out to be Count Dracula - an old friend of his that he had made in his research to perfect his procedure - who was nothing but a dried up corpse in the Storybrooke Cemetery until the magic returning brought him back to life (albeit as a blood-starved ghoul that was slowly regaining himself with every victim).

  • What if Mr. Mistoffelees was actually Macavity's agent?

    Visual Novels 
Fate/stay night
  • A Continuation of the "Freaky Friday" Flip chapter in Fate/stay night Comic Battle. How do Shirou and Rin cope with being in the other's body and how do they switch back? What if Shirou ended up thinking he was Rin?
  • A For Want of a Nail timeline where instead of being aligned with swords, Shirou recovers from the Fuyuki disaster with the ability to create healing flames (a mix of the Fuyuki Fire and Avalon's healing properties). His flames can burn away infections such as Kiritsugu's curse and Sakura's crest worms. However, his rare abilities make him a prime target, including a certain King of Heroes who wants this rare human as his treasure.
  • A Taiga Fujimura story based on fanart when she summons Gilgamesh and when she summons Mordred, this time when she accidentally summons True Assassin during the Heaven Feels route, who swears absolute loyalty to the confused woman.
  • A Heroic Spirit of Artoria from the Fate Route is summoned in a version of Fate/Zero, and she remembers the events of both Grail Wars. Her new quest is to help Kiritsugu and Irisviel survive, stop Gilgamesh and Kotomine, give peace to Lancer and Berserker, and save the boy she will love in the future.
  • Instead of Servants summoned to fight each other, the Fifth Grail War consists of Magi utilizing cards to draw the power of Heroic Spirits akin to Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA. The competitors would include Rin( EMIYA), Bazette(Cu Chulainn), Illya (Heracules), Atrum (Medea), Sakura (Medusa), and Shirou (Artoria).
  • An Alternate Universe where the Church does not ally with the Tohsaka family, but Kirei Kotomine is still selected as a master. He is sent to compete with a Saint Heroic Servant (Saint Martha, Saint George, etc.) while trying to deal with the dark desires inside him.

Saya no Uta

  • What if Saya instead took Fuminori to the dimension she came from, with the latter seeing it as beautiful, natural world due to his condition, all the while unknowingly transforming into the same being as Saya?

Zero Escape

  • A Role Swap Plot for Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and Virtue's Last Reward. Junpei is Zero I while Akane is the viewpoint character for the younger Junpei, while Nona takes Santa's place as Zero's subordinate. Diana is Zero III and the one who set up the game for her younger self and Phi to train their ability to SHIFT. Everybody else stays the same, though the circumstances behind the some of the character's backstory does make some minor, but important changes.


  • Taking place in an altered version Talent Development timeline in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony and drawing from Danganronpa: IF, we have Yasuhiro Hagakure freaking out because of both Natsumi Kuzyuryuu (The girl he scammed out of millions of yen) and Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu (her protective older brother). It's up to Makoto Naegi to help find a way to help him escape his debt.
  • Nagito Komeda plans to seed hope into the underclassmen of Class 78 by having them eat the Sexy-Soup from the Despair Side of Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School.
  • An alternative take on Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School:
    • Chisa Yukizome actually fakes her death convincingly enough to fool even Kyoko, either becoming the real Big Bad, or The Dragon to the actual mastermind. Either way, she serves as the biggest obstacle to her former students and Hajime, with the Class promising to save her this time for sure.
    • Seiko Kimura actually survives the Killing Game, and she helps to save Kyoko before she can succumb to the poison alongside Mikan.
    • Kazuo Tengan is revealed to the characters to be brainwashed, though this doesn't save him from his fate.
    • Izuru Kamakura actually saved Chiaki and helped her recover.
    • Chisa is defeated, with the Hajime, Chiaki, Class 77-B, and Munakata promising to restore her mind in the New World Program.

    Web Original 

Web Animation

Terrible Writing Advice
  • Set in the Terrible Writing Advice Expanded Universe where all of the villains (the Evil Overlord, the Corrupt CEO, the Ancient Conspiracy, the Crapshoot AI) are all trying to take over the world, but because there are so many villains trying to do that, their Evil Plans all wind up cancelling each other out to comedic effect.

Web Original Fiction

Dante's Infanzia
  • An Original Character and goes to Limbo after the events of Dante's Infanzia where we find that Limbo has been turned into a boarding school/daycare-esq rehabilitation center for souls above babyhood where they are still treated like toddlers, but are put into a curriculum that makes their inhabitants eligible for Purgatory.

Web Video

The Angry Video Game Nerd
  • The Nerd decides that he needs therapy and hires a therapist. The therapist brings up his various symptoms - his rapid mood swings, his temper, his alcoholism, his inconsistent bowel movements, the way he thinks various fictional characters (Freddy, Jason, Bugs Bunny, etc.) are not only real but are out to get him - and prescribes him a small grocery list of medication. He sees massive improvements in his life, but develops a phobia to his game collection because he worries it will make him regress to his old miserable self.


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