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Page under construction and in no way shape or form to be used as an index.

This is a page that lists ideas for Fanfiction, mainly ideas from people who don't have the confidence, the talent, the skills, the passion, or willingness to put in the effort to just sit down and write it themselves. Not everyone is meant to write, but a good idea is still a good idea whether it is put into practice or not.


Please put what media-work the fanfic ideas are based on. If you have any specific details about the story, characters, or the medium, please include it into the description. Please refrain yourself from making edits to another person's idea, but if you have anything to add to a preexisting story idea, please indent the following example under the preexisting example. See Example Indentation in Trope Lists for context.

Compare with List of Shows That Need Summary, Fandom-Specific Plot, Fanfic and Fanfic Fuel.



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    Comic Books 
  • After a mysterious unnatural earthquake plunges Gotham into chaos, the city becomes a battleground for two Nebulous Evil Organizations attempting to impose their vision of order on the city - The League of Shadows, led by Ra's Al-Ghul, and the Court of Owls, led by the mysterious 'Deacon'. Stuck in the middle of all this is Jean-Paul Valley, one of the Owls' trained assassins who finds himself having seconds thoughts about his profession. In a chance encounter with Batman, Valley witnesses the latter's back being broken by Bane. With no other options, Batman appoints him as his temporary successor. Now, as the incumbent Batman, Jean-Paul must contend with supervillains, two separate ancient conspiracies, and his own inner demons, as well as a certain villainous luchador who is very curious as to how Batman can be out and about so soon after he broke his back with his own two hands...

Green Goblin

  • The continuing adventures of the heroic Green Goblin, Phil Urich, in a world where his mask was never shattered. How will Phil react to the eventual return of Norman Osborn to the mantle, given that he assumed the persona prior to that reveal?

DC Comics

  • Alternate ending for Crisis on Infinite Earths, where instead of the Earth-1 history of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman being maintained, it was the Earth-2's history instead.

Marvel Universe

  • Earth-3 but for Marvel. Spider-Man believes in "With Great Power Comes Great Opportunity", Abraham Erskine injects his Super Serum into a young Johann Schmidt to create Hauptmann Germania, mutant terrorist Charles Xavier and his X-Men fight against his former colleague Magneto and his Brotherhood of Benevolent Mutants, etc.
  • "Marvel 1908 (AKA Proto-Superhero AU):" Thanks to the actions of Kang the Conquerornote , the Marvel Universe finds itself changed, with its heroes now having existed in the early 20th century. Doc Richards and his Fabulous Five battle strange occurences throughout the world with their smarts and know-how. Steve Rogers is injected with the Super Serum by his father as a child, becoming the superhero known as the American Gladiator. In the streets of New York, criminals run in fear of The Spider, Master of Men, while people from all over the world come to see Strange the Magician perform his parlor tricks (which belie his true magical powers). Mad Scientist Bruce Banner bombards a corpse with radiation to create a "Living Hulk", but loses control of the creature, which begins terrorizing his family in revenge. Nick Fury works for the United States secret service as "Operator F". In Darkest Africa, legends speak of The Panther Who Walks, while in space, Rich Idiot With No Day Job Tony Stark is thrust into a conflict with the planet Mongo and its leader, Mandarin the Merciless. Also, Ka-Zar and Killraven... exist.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Shattered Grid

  • An expansion on Lord Drakkon's attack on the Dino Thunder Team, including his fight and possible execution of Dr. Tommy Olivier, and the events that left Kira as the remaining ranger by the time Kim and Jen find her.
  • Similarly, a set of stories of how Kim and Jen rescued the rangers R.J., Kendall and Koda, Noah and Gia, and Carter after Lord Drakkon's force eliminated their teams.


  • Sophia becomes a teacher of magic after she becomes Promethea, having looked into the secrets of higher-Immateria and intending on reintroducing true magic to the Earth.

The Sandman

  • What if the cultists successfully summon and capture Death instead of Dream by accident?
  • What if the cultists capture Destiny instead of Death?
  • What if the cultists capture Desire instead of Death?
  • What if the cultists capture Despair instead of Death?
  • What if the cultists capture Lucifer Morningstar instead of Death?
  • As Batman does detective work in the Batcave, Despair and Delirium are sitting there watching him. While they communicate in small talk, the overarching subtext of the that they are debating which of them holds the most sway over him.
  • Instead of Lawful Neutral cosmic entites, what if the Seven Endless was just another Super Team in the DC Universe?


  • What if the spider had bitten not Gwen, but her friend Mary Jane instead?
  • What if the original Gwen Stacy had gained Spider-Powers in the 616-verse?


  • What if Peter Parker's powers manifest because he has the X-gene (making him a mutant instead of a mutate)?
  • A long time ago, there was a story where it was implied Mary Jane and Peter's stillborn daughter (who would grow up in an alternate reality to become Spider-Girl) had secretly been delivered to Norman Osborn. This turned out to be a Red Herring, but what if it wasn't, and Norman had raised the child as his own all these years, waiting for the chance to use her against her real father? Basically, what if Sins Past had been good and made sense instead of being terrible?
  • Carl King teaming up with Spiders-Man. Or just Carl King returning in general.
  • What if the spider that started it all had bitten more people in addition to Peter Parker?
  • What if J. Jonah Jameson knew Peter was Spider-Man all along?
  • What if Norman Osborn/Green Goblin I were an antihero, perhaps one who acted as a Stealth Mentor to Spider-Man?


  • What if Kal-El's parents had been able to come to Earth too?

Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose

  • A character swap AU where Jon was raised as a witch in the Black Rose Coven while Tarot (here named Rowan since she isn't a practicing witch) was raised catholic and gains I See Dead People powers surviving a car-crash.
  • What if Tarot and Raven went to the same public school as Jon when they were younger, Jon being the only Muggle who treated them with respect?

Ultimate Marvel

Ultimate Spider-Man

  • What if they were able to get Peter to the hospital on time after he beats the Sinister Six and his identity is revealed?
  • What if the spider had also bitten Mary Jane?

Devin Townsend
  • Ziltoid and Queen Blataria are forced to work together to make it off of the barren-planet they both wind-up in at the end of Dark Matters.

  • Arthur discovers Jenny and Lancelot's affair before anyone else does. Is he upset? No. In-fact, he winds up joining them and they become a One True Threesome.


  • What if Mr. Mistoffelees was actually Macavity's agent?

Once On This Island

  • Ti Moune is pregnant with Daniel's child, and Erzulie forbids Papa Ge from taking her on the basis that he was promised one life, not two. Meanwhile, Andrea sympathizes with Ti Moune and calls Daniel out for stringing her along, making the innocently-racist argument that Ti Moune is just a simple peasant and doesn't understand their culture's romantic practices. Daniel and Andrea convince Ti Moune to stick around and remain Daniel's mistress, and she and Andrea become good friends (or maybe more). Papa Ge isn't dissuaded so easily, though, and plans to take Ti Moune as soon as possible.

The Trail to Oregon!

Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier

  • An adaptation of Aladdin: The Return of Jafar where Abis Mal, a victim of the non-dead Sultan's terrible economic policies, finds Ja'far's lamp.


  • When Elphaba officially becomes a criminal, she steals the Clock of the Time Dragon and uses it as her own personal oracle/crystal ball.

    Visual Novels 
Ace Attorney
  • What if Phoenix and Iris were partners as defense attorneys?


  • An alternate timeline fic where Ushio is healthy, but Nagisa still dies in childbirth. Things largely progress like they did in the anime up until Tomoya reunites with Kyou, and the two start falling in love.


  • Taking place in an altered version Talent Development timeline in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony and drawing from Danganronpa: IF, we have Yasuhiro Hagakure freaking out because of both Natsumi Kuzyuryuu (The girl he scammed out of millions of yen) and Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu (her protective older brother). It's up to Makoto Naegi to help find a way to help him escape his debt.
  • Nagito Komeda plans to seed hope into the underclassmen of Class 78 by having them eat the Sexy-Soup from the Despair Side of Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School.
  • An alternative take on Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School:
    • Chisa Yukizome actually fakes her death convincingly enough to fool even Kyoko, either becoming the real Big Bad, or The Dragon to the actual mastermind. Either way, she serves as the biggest obstacle to her former students and Hajime, with the Class promising to save her this time for sure.
    • Seiko Kimura actually survives the Killing Game, and she helps to save Kyoko before she can succumb to the poison alongside Mikan.
    • Kazuo Tengan is revealed to the characters to be brainwashed, though this doesn't save him from his fate.
    • Izuru Kamakura actually saved Chiaki and helped her recover.
    • Chisa is defeated, with Hajime, Chiaki, Class 77-B, and Munakata promising to restore her mind in the New World Program.
  • An Alternate Universe Fic that has several characters swap talents. Some examples can include:
    • Makoto the Ultimate Soldier
    • Mukuro the Ultimate Lucky Student
    • Chiaki the Ultimate Princess
    • Himiko the Ultimate Gamer
    • Sonia the Ultimate Housekeeper
    • Kyoko the Ultimate Martial Artist
  • A Lighter and Softer fanfiction revolving around the cast of each game having special activities together, such as:
    • Going to the beach
    • Skiing
    • Having a picnic
    • Playing video games together
  • Makoto and Kyoko find themselves in the other's body somehow, though when that occurs depend on the author (Whether it was the first Killing Game they're trapped in, or the Killing Game between the Future Foundation members). Regardless, both deal with awkward moments running into their friends, trying to hide the swap as they attempt to switch back, with Makoto-as-Kyoko coming off as Endearingly Adorkable and Kyoko-as-Makoto coming off as a cool and stoic person.
  • An Alternate Universe Fic that takes place in a Science Fantasy setting, where people who gained a special power go to Hope's Peak Academy to train their powers to protect humanity. Makoto Naegi is a rare example of having two powers, his supernatural luck and his power to connect with others and share his power with them. He ends attending the academy, with all his classmates having a different powernote .
  • A mysterious serial attacker has infiltrated the academy and is targeting the Ultimate students in an attempt to remove their talents. Makoto and Kyoko chose to work together to find out who is responsible, and what for what reason they are doing this.
  • A story where Makoto discovers Junko's obsession with despair before the tragedy occurs, and he and his classmates try to get Junko off of her despair addiction.
  • Explore how the Despair Sisters acquire each of their hostages. note 
    • The epic face-off between Mukuro Ikusaba note  and Grand Bois Cheri Ludenberg. Could the Ultimate Soldier neutralize the nastiest cat in Utsunomiya?
  • Night watch with the Mastermind, who surprises each student of the 78th class with a despair-inducing prank.
  • Makoto Naegi's triumphs and tribulations as the new headmaster of the rebuilt Hope's Peak Academy, in which he sets out to right the system that wronged its former students.
  • A Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony AU in which Kiibo is not under audience influence and leads the killing game.
  • A Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony AU in which Tsumugi is correctly identified as Rantaro's killer and Kaede isn't framed, and the class is free to unravel the mystery of the Ultimate Academy.
  • A Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair AU where during the second execution, using what little strength he has, Fuyuhiko forces himself in the path of the blades, sparing Peko and dying her place. And Monokuma, always wanting to spread despair, decides to keep Peko alive, forcing both everyone else to live with someone who killed another person, while Peko both has to deal with the fact she took the life of someone who didn't deserve to die, almost no one else trusts her and she got Fuyuhiko killed.

Fate/stay night

  • A Continuation of the "Freaky Friday" Flip chapter in Fate/stay night Comic Battle. How do Shirou and Rin cope with being in the other's body and how do they switch back? What if Shirou ended up thinking he was Rin?
  • A For Want of a Nail timeline where instead of being aligned with swords, Shirou recovers from the Fuyuki disaster with the ability to create healing flames (a mix of the Fuyuki Fire and Avalon's healing properties). His flames can burn away infections such as Kiritsugu's curse and Sakura's crest worms. However, his rare abilities make him a prime target, including a certain King of Heroes who wants this rare human as his treasure.
  • A Taiga Fujimura story based on fanart when she summons Gilgamesh and when she summons Mordred, this time when she accidentally summons True Assassin (Hassan of the Cursed Arm) during the Heaven Feels route, who swears absolute loyalty to the confused woman.
  • A Heroic Spirit of Artoria from the Fate Route is summoned in a version of Fate/Zero, and she remembers the events of both Grail Wars. Her new quest is to help Kiritsugu and Irisviel survive, stop Gilgamesh and Kotomine, give peace to Lancer and Berserker, and save the boy she will love in the future.
  • Instead of Servants summoned to fight each other, the Fifth Grail War consists of Magi utilizing cards to draw the power of Heroic Spirits akin to Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA. The competitors would include Rin( EMIYA), Bazette(Cu Chulainn), Illya (Heracules), Atrum (Medea), Sakura (Medusa), and Shirou (Artoria).
  • An Alternate Universe where the Church does not ally with the Tohsaka family, but Kirei Kotomine is still selected as a master. He is sent to compete with a Saint Heroic Servant (Saint Martha, Saint George, etc.) while trying to deal with the dark desires inside him.
  • Instead of Avalon becoming his catalyst, the grail uses the pendant Rin used to heal Shirou, causing him to summon the Counter Guardian TOHSAKA as a Saber to protect him from Lancer. She and Archer decide to work together and use their knowledge of the future to change the war in their favor.
  • When Illya introduces herself to Shirou, Rin, and Saber, Saber, who remembers Illyasviel being the name of Irisviel's daughter, accuses Illya of stealing her name. Illya angerly yells that she is the same Illyasviel, and that she is the daughter of Irisviel and Kiritsugu Emiya, much to Shirou and Saber's shock.
  • An Alternate Universe based on this comic where Rin summons Muramasa (a pseudo-servant in Shirou's body) while Shirou summons Ishtar (a pseudo-servant in Rin's body).
    • Similarly, the other masters also summon pseudo-servants, such as Sakura summoning Parvati and Illya summoning Sitoni.
  • The Holy Grail wars following the Third Grail War consists only of Japanese servants following thanks to The Einzberns summoning Taira no Kagekiyo instead of Angra Mainyu as an Avenger, who corrupted and took over the grail instead. Shirou Emiya is the master of the Rider Servant Ushiwakamaru.

Saya no Uta

  • What if Saya instead took Fuminori to the dimension she came from, with the latter seeing it as beautiful, natural world due to his condition, all the while unknowingly transforming into the same being as Saya?

When They Cry

Zero Escape

  • A Role Swap Plot for Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and Virtue's Last Reward. Junpei is Zero I while Akane is the viewpoint character for the younger Junpei, while Nona takes Santa's place as Zero's subordinate. Diana is Zero III and the one who set up the game for her younger self and Phi to train their ability to SHIFT. Everybody else stays the same, though the circumstances behind the some of the character's backstory does make some minor, but important changes.
  • A sequel involving a new Deadly Game, this time with 18 people, 9 each in a different location. These people can include Junpei, Akane, Aoi, Nona, Ennea, Carlos, Maria, Sigma, Diana, Phi, Sean, Luna, Clover, Light, Alice, Quark, K, and 3 new characters. One of the new characters possesses the power to send his consciousness and memories to fuse with a version of themselves in another time, rather than switch minds.

    Web Animation 
Hazbin Hotel
  • Vaggie being forced to consider the very real possibility that she may never see Charlie again if she manages to redeem herself.

Helluva Boss

  • What if Blitzo and Verosika had never broken up?
  • What if Blitzo and Striker had started working together, either Striker joining I.M.P. or Blitzo agreeing to become Striker's partner?


  • What if Pyrrha was resurrected as a Human-Grimm hybrid, either brainwashed to serve Salem or managing to escape from her but choosing to stay hidden from her comrades out of fear of being rejected for her new appearance and powers, only helping them from the shadows?

Terrible Writing Advice

  • Set in the Terrible Writing Advice Expanded Universe where all of the villains (the Evil Overlord, the Corrupt CEO, the Ancient Conspiracy, the Crapshoot AI) are all trying to take over the world, but because there are so many villains trying to do that, their Evil Plans all wind up cancelling each other out to comedic effect.

  • Yori and her daughters decide to spend their vacation in America and Sam and Emiko offer them a room at their place. While Mitsu and Momo think that the American kids in Erma's neighborhood would be easy victims for their pranks and will scare easily, they are flabbergasted when they find that everyone in town are so used to the kind of weirdness Erma attracts, all of their attempt fall flat.


  • What if all of the 12 beta trolls achieved God Tier and made it alive to the end?
  • What if there were no alpha kids nor alpha trolls because the situation didn't ask for an universe reset?
  • What if the characters explored the potential of the Alchemiter by fusing together as many entities and objects as possible and tried as many extensions as possible with the Jumper Block Extension?


  • A Rule 63 take on Lisa and Allison.
  • What if Lisa and Allison were both into social nudity instead of BDSM?
  • What if Lisa and Allison were both into ABDL instead of BDSM?
  • What if Lisa and Allison were both into polyamory instead of BDSM?
  • What if Lisa and Allison were both into exhibitionism instead of BDSM?

    Web Original 
Dante's Infanzia
  • An Original Character and goes to Limbo after the events of Dante's Infanzia where we find that Limbo has been turned into a boarding school/daycare-esq rehabilitation center for souls above babyhood where they are still treated like toddlers but are put into a curriculum that makes their inhabitants eligible for Purgatory.
  • A Science Fiction AU where instead of Dante dying and being forcibly regressed in Limbo, instead he is abducted by a spaceship. The L1MBO is a spaceship designed to find orphaned children from across the galaxy and care for them until they are deemed fit to rejoin intergalactic society. A series of glitches in its system has caused it to abduct humans at random every now and again, unable to recognize them (and by extension, every other alien "orphan" it finds) as nothing more than babies and caring for them as babies forever.
    • Angel milk is a special formula that is fed to the "orphans" that provides them with essential nutrients. In humans, it has the unintended side effect of halting the aging process, Lysa and her baby not having aged from the moment they were abducted.
    • Lysa went into labor in the 1960s right when she was abducted. She gave brith and both her daughter and herself have been captive in the ship ever since.
    • St. Jude is the AI that controls the L1MBO.
    • The Judys are a robot model programmed to care for the "orphans".
    • Instead of just being another human captive, Midori is from the actual species that built the L1MBO, having been left an orphan when she was a baby and has been on the ship ever since. While the angel milk formula has not stunted her growth like the humans and has since grown into her teens, the glitch in Jude's programming has led to her being cared for as a baby by the Judies since babyhood and never developed past it mentally.

    Web Video 
The Angry Video Game Nerd
  • The Nerd decides that he needs therapy and hires a therapist. The therapist brings up his various symptoms - his rapid mood swings, his temper, his alcoholism, his inconsistent bowel movements, the way he thinks various fictional characters (Freddy, Jason, Bugs Bunny, etc.) are not only real but are out to get him - and prescribes him a small grocery list of medication. He sees massive improvements in his life, but develops a phobia to his game collection because he worries it will make him regress to his old miserable self.

Anime Crimes Division

  • With Nancy Prestige gone and TOXIC disbanded, Prestige TV City's new council decide to go a more peaceful means of attracting anime fans; funding and creating hybrids of prestige television and anime like Alita: Battle Angel and Into the Badlands.


  • After Nazi leaves the Extremists with the various Authoritarian Right-Wing Ideologies, he goes onto create a Nationalist Nation. Being the Anthropomorphic Personification of Fascism however, it does not take long until he begins to take the minor differences in his fellow ideologies as an affront to his idea of a utopian ethnostate and begins to systematically move the goalposts of who does and does not belong in his nation, either rounding up and expelling or flat-out killing ideologies he sees as weak or impure.
  • Instead of taking Libertarian to become their god-king, the Centrists offer the position to Nazi, finding that the status quo is becoming more and more authoritarian-nationalist in much of the West.


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