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    Tartaros in General 

Guild Master



Master E.N.D.

The most powerful and wicked demon from the Books of Zeref, and the master of Tartaros. Because he is sealed within his book, his guild aims to unleash him and his terrible destruction on the world.

See Fairy Tail – Main Villains for more information.


Underworld King

    Mard Geer Tartaros 

"Underworld King" Mard Geer Tartaros

Voiced by: Toshiyuki Morikawa (JP), Vic Mignogna (EN)

The Underworld King of Tartaros, second only to E.N.D. himself in power, rank and influence among the rest of the guild. Mard Geer serves as acting guild master since E.N.D. is sealed away in his book, which he carries at all times. His curse power allows him to produce an endless deluge of thorn brambles that skewer his victims.

Nine Demon Gates

    Nine Demon Gates in General 


"Goddess of the Slave Planet" Kyôka

Voiced by: Ai Kayano (JP), Janelle Lutz (EN)

The leader of the Nine Demon Gates, and A devout fanatic of Zeref who finds no greater pleasure than torturing humans. Kyôka can use her curse power to enhance any target's strength and physical sensations, particularly their sense of pain, well beyond their natural limits.



"Absolute Zero" Silver Fullbuster

Voiced by: Kenjiro Tsuda (JP), Matthew Mercer (EN)

An exceptionally powerful Ice Demon Slayer who uses magic capable of freezing entire towns solid in an instant, making him quite dangerous even to the rest of Tartaros. He claims to be Gray's father, Silver Fullbuster, who was killed by Deliora 17 years before his mysterious appearance, and is quite eager to battle his son...



Voiced by: Takuma Terashima (JP), Ricco Fajardo (EN)

A psychotic demon who takes great pleasure in using his explosive curse to spontaneously turn anything he sees and touches into a bomb. True to his name, his actual form is a giant canine monster.


Tempester "the Immortal"

Voiced by: Takahiro Mizushima (JP), Ian Moore (EN)

A walking natural disaster capable of producing deadly calamities such as tempests, firestorms and lightning strikes. He is prone to dying more often than his fellow demons, which has done a number on his memory capacity, so much so that he can barely even remember his own name.


"Goddess of the Chill Moon" Seilah

Voiced by: Aki Toyosaki (JP), Michelle Rojas (EN)

A she-demon with a penchant for literature who treats everything around her as if it were a story. Calm yet ruthless, she exerts total control over the bodies and actions of humans unfortunate enough to fall within her Macro curse.


"Black Archbishop" Keyes

Voiced by: Joji Nakata (JP), Doug Jackson (EN)

A skeletal preacher who is obsessed with understanding the dead through research and experimentation. His Necromancer curse allows him to create and control the living dead.



"Dôjigiri"note  Ezel

Voiced by: Hiroshi Tsuchida (JP), Ben Bryant (EN)

A violent savage who is always itching to slaughter humans whenever he can. He uses his "Tenga Goken"note  curse to transform his multiple arms into blades that can slice through anything.


Torafuzar "the Dark"

Voiced by: Masaki Terasoma (JP), Randy E. Aguebor (EN)

An aquatic demon who prefers to dispatch his foes with efficiency rather than cruelty. He uses his "Tenchi Kaimei"note  curse to drown humans in a black sea of toxic water.


Franmalth "the Armored"

Voiced by: Yutaka Aoyama (JP), Jeremy Schwartz (EN)

A cackling cyclops who is obsessed with wealth. Using his Revolution curse, he can absorb the souls of any living thing he touches and use their powers for himself.




    Spoiler Characters 


The demonic reincarnation of Minerva Orland, born after she is recruited into Tartaros by Kyôka. She is later retrieved by her old comrades from Saber Tooth and returns to her original guild.

See Fairy Tail – Saber Tooth for more information.


The original master of Saber Tooth. Following a prompt insurrection during the Grand Magic Games, Ziemma comes across Tartaros and is reborn as a demon with powers that far surpass those of the Nine Demon Gates.

See Fairy Tail – Saber Tooth for more information.

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