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Sandbox / Everything Is Big in Texas

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You have heard the saying that everything is bigger in the Lone Star state, and it is true that the cats are the size of dogs and the dogs are the size of European cars. But Texans themselves are of normal proportions, with normal-sized dreams and loves, who just happen to own cars that are the size of twenty-five European cars.

For over a century, Texans have had a reputation for being cheerful, boastful, and loud. They talk about the oil industry (big fields), about herds of cow (huge herds), and American Football (everybody watches football). Texas can seem "bigger" than the nation it belongs to.


Because much of West Texas is an arid, barren stretch of rocky cliffs and deserts (with a few scattered small towns here and there), that has become the classic depiction of Texas. Characters from the Lone Star State are often portrayed as a mashup between the Deep South and The Wild West. Positive portrayals will be well-meaning but ignorant, while negative portrayals focus on jingoism and religious fanaticism.


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