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    R. Lutece 
Robert Lutece and Rosalind Lutece, The Gods Who Finish The Other's Sentences (Robert: A Gentleman, Male Lutece; Rosalind: A Lady, Female Lutece)
The Luteces, Robert (left) and Rosalind (right)

Intermediate Gods

    The Batter 
The Batter, God of Deadly Euphemism
Click for his alternate form 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His baseball bat over his three Add-Ons
  • Theme Song: Pepper Steak Avatar Beat
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral can easily be seen as Lawful Evil with a heavy dose of Knight Templar
  • Portfolio: Desire to "purify", Addressing the Player, The Blank, Terse Talker, Soft-Spoken Sadist, The Unfettered, Knight Templar, Determinator, Well-Intentioned Extremist, healing skills, Not Quite Human, Face Framed in Shadow, The Stoic (but not on rollercoasters), Defiant to the End, The Bad Guy Wins, Karma Houdini, Pater Familicide
  • Domain(s): Purification, Baseball Paraphernalia, Pride, Specters
  • Allies: Junko, Winston, Papyrus, Alexander Anderson, Artix Von Krieger, Luigi, Jotaro Kujo, Oriko Mikuni
  • Friendly Rival: Ness, Lucas, Junpei Iori, The Scout
  • Enemies: Azmodan, Oryx, Chang'e, Houyi
  • Opposes: The Entire sub-House of Ghosts, any deity remotely related to corruption, any Bad Boss, GUAE Trollkaiger
  • Opposed by: Nox
  • Special Relationship: (Insert Name Here)
  • Uneasy alliance with: GUAG Magical Girl Sisterhood
  • Respects: Papyrus, Big Boss
  • Pitied by: King Asgore Dreemurr
  • Conflicting Opinion: Sympathetic members of The House of Family, Incubators, those who claim "I Did What I Had to Do", Dokuro Mitsukai, Charlotte the Dessert Witch
  • Target of Interest of: the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, The SCP Foundation
  • Under Watch of: Sans
  • Herald: Zacharie
  • The Batter appeared in the Pantheon suddenly one day, popping out of the fireplace in the House of Ambiguity. When questioned how he got there, he responded thusly:
    The Batter: I am the Batter, and I jumped down the chimney.
  • When Junko had learned that her High Priest had ascended, she immediately visited his temple. They frequently visit each other, and there are rumors that Junko is planning to use his presence as a way to finally get revenge on Chang'e and Houyi.
    • Reportedly, upon learning that Chang'e has Complete Immortality, the Batter let loose a Precision F-Strike. He denies ever doing this, though his grip on his bat shifts ever so slightly if the goddess is in eyesight.
  • The House of Family is divided on how it views the Batter. Many see his 'purification' of the Queen and Hugo as reprehensible in the extreme, especially since the former was his wife and the latter was a defenseless child (who depending on the source may either be his son or his father). Others point out how he went out of his way to comfort both of them in their dying moments, how the Queen’s attacks during their fight were purely verbal, and how the sight of Hugo was the one thing that made him hesitate in carrying out his sacred mission.
  • Banned from getting anywhere near the House of Ghosts, for obvious reasons.
    • He gets along pretty well with Luigi, due to their mutually negative feelings against ghosts.
  • Frequently visits the House of Sports to play baseball.
  • Depending on their viewpoint regarding the Batter, gods in the Pantheon literally see him differently. Those who sympathize with him reported seeing him as a pale man wearing a white baseball uniform and a black cap that hides his eyes in shadow. Those who don't have favorable opinions of him tend to scream something about a monstrous duck. For (Insert Name Here), it fluctuates especially since they either helped the Batter in his mission, or turned on him in the last minute.
  • Upon reviewing his world's main timeline, The Batter discovered that he was being used as a pawn by space apes, who wanted use the void he left behind to build giant robot factories to fight the flying brains from the planet Aurus. He didn't react much at the time, but shortly thereafter he visited the house of Mammals and barged into Winston's temple. After some initial confusion and sincere apologies, the two emerged on friendly terms.
  • Someone once joked that the Batter was a Magical Girl, what with the "Hero of Justice" vibe he initially invokes, his unusual weaponry and attire, and a few borderline In the Name of the Moon styled introductions…
    The Batter: Show yourselves, corrupted children! I'm the voice of forgiveness that will eliminate your calamitous forms.
    • After overhearing this, the Batter fell silent for several moments before marching off to the Magical Girl Sisterhood's temple.
    • Upon learning of what a Witch was, the Batter immediately set out to purify one, and had embraced the task of purifying them so enthusiastically that he even donned a Puella Magi outfit of his own.
    • The encounter resulted in a Grief Seed with a white orb instead of the standard black, lacking any etching or engravings, which refused to transform into a Witch no matter how much darkness was poured into it. While restoring Puella Magi from Grief Seeds is possible using this even with Madoka’s depowered state, the Sisterhood is hesitant to find out what happened to the soul inside. Especially since it keeps whispering…
    The Batter's Grief Seed: It’s better this way.
    • Naturally, he's come to hate Kyubey as much as anybody else, and offered to purify the Incubator immediately for his crimes against Puella Magi. Nearby gods quickly realized that, due to Kyubey's mission to stave off entropy, he technically counts as a Guardian for reality as a whole. Thankfully, the Batter decided not to go through with it - which struck witnesses as rather strange, given that he had ample time to try and purify the cat-like alien. Some cited Papyrus' influence as the cause for this behavior, but…
    • While the Batter had not explained the cause of his rage, or why he had reportedly talked to Kyubey when they had crossed paths, it was theorized that Kyubey reminded him of his wife. From reviewing visions of the Batter's world, it was determined that Vader Eloha's situation was oddly reminiscent of Kyubey's to the extents of: including her relying on the power of a child as the basis for preserving the world; how she distanced herself from the feelings of those she was to protect; and how her system—while keeping the void at bay—ultimately led to the suffering of all involved in its workings. The Batter has declined to comment on this comparison, though he did say something about birthday parties and forgetting who they were for.
  • The White, upon learning of the Batter’s ascension, began looking to recruit him into their mission of destroying the Reactor. Given his history, the other deities are trying to prevent him from learning of its existence.
  • To the surprise of the Pantheon, the Batter has struck up a friendship with Papyrus. It turns out that in an alternate timeline, the skeleton managed to gain the respect of the Batter to the point where he decided to save the world. Passively.
    • Speaking of Underground denizens, he has found an astounding number of similarities between himself and King Asgore Dreemur, something that the latter appreciates and is saddened by. They regularly meet for tea.
    • Because he can eliminate ghosts, Napstablook is very fearful of ever encountering the Batter. The same applies for Mettaton.
  • Upon learning that the Powerpuff Girls were made of Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice, the Batter marched over to the House of Science to confront Professor Utonium. While it was assured that the Powerpuff Girls were NOT made from cremated remains, the prime source of sugar from the Batter’s world, the Batter keeps a solid grip on his bat when he sees the sweetener being consumed.
    • Trollkaiger once spread the rumor that Enoch had ascended. The Batter, not wanting the tragedy of Zone 3 to repeat itself, promptly stormed the House of Food and purified anything that could remotely contain sugar. Needless to say, this earned him the ire of many gods, particularly Stocking Anarchy, at least until explanations had been given.
  • Due to their shared affinity for mixing spirituality and ass-kicking, the Batter and Alexander Anderson get along like a house on fire. The Batter was willing to overlook the fact that Anderson used the corruptive power of the Nail of Helena due to how it was only to complete his sacred mission (killing Alucard), and actually commended Anderson on his commitment to seeing it through.
    • That said, he doesn't get along with every deity who throws themselves into their mission - case in point, his relationship with Sayaka Miki is shaky at best.
  • Jotaro Kujo once mistook the Batter's Add-Ons for Stands, and the Batter himself as a Stand User. The Batter had no idea what he was talking about at the time, but the two have since been seen together occasionally.
  • Respects Big Boss for multiple reasons, chief among these are how he is A Father to His Men. The Batter respects his dedication to his mission, sure, but combined with how he treats of his soldiers landed him solidly in the Batter's good graces.
  • The SCP Foundation is very interested in studying the Batter, as well as the process of purification and its aftereffects. They're also very interested in finding out what the Batter actually is, given the way he can appear in alternate, more clearly inhuman forms. Whether they also intend on classifying him as an SCP or recruiting him as an Agent [or perhaps both] is currently being discussed by the 05s.
  • Upon hearing that The Judge had ascended, the Batter immediately made his way over to the House of Justice. He was incredibly confused to discover a kindly old man instead of the many-fanged feline.
  • Oryx despises the Batter not only because he is able to "undo" the process of being Taken - the Mind Rape and transformation into an Eldritch Abomination - but because of the zeal he takes in purifying them. The Batter shares the sentiment, as he views the Taken with nearly the same level of hatred he reserves for spectres. And since he was banned from setting foot in the House of Ghosts...
  • The Batter, upon learning of so many other deities who use baseball bats as weapons, has taken to challenging them to sparring matches. It's rumored that he is also interested in starting a baseball league with them as well.
    • Upon seeing Lucas swinging a common stick instead of a bat, the Batter gave him one of his own to use instead. Their relationship is a little awkward, though…
  • That said, The Batter, upon being acquainted with her, hit it off well with Dokuro Mitsukai. He views her self-professed desire to curb Sakura's perverted tendencies as a noble goal in itself, and approves of her tendency to go into Pervert Revenge Mode in most cases. Depending on the perpetrator, he even assisted her in several of her assaults.
    • …up until he witnessed her take the spiky bat to Sakura's head. He very nearly started the process of purification before Sakura was restored. The Batter, in a surprising display of restraint, asked why she had attacked her charge. Upon learning that this was her self-prescribed "treatment" for his pedophiliac tendencies, he was visibly silent for a while.
    • Their relationship is still largely positive, though.
  • Upon the discovery of video footage of what looked like the Batter and Zacharie dancing together, several deities questioned him as he was passing the House of Music if he does indeed dance. The Batter's denial, coupled with the location it was delivered in, kickstarted a Spontaneous Musical Number.
  • Recently has been making rather extensive visits to Oriko Mikuni of all people. Other gods aren't sure what they discuss behind their closed doors, but during a session of Wild Mass Guessing it has been pointed out that they do share several things in common. Both have embarked on missions concerning the fate of the world with deadly amounts of determination and lethal force, remaining largely stoic about executing their missions, and remaining Defiant to the End when they were slain.There's also the fact that they both wear a lot of white.

    The Frye Twins 
Sir Jacob Frye and Dame Evie Frye, Divine Duumvirate of Twin Banter
The Frye Twins, Jacob (left) and Evie (right)

    Schezo Wegey 
Schezo Wegey, God of Poorly Worded Comments (Dark Wizard, Dark Mage, The Mage, Pervert, Creeper, Devious, Shezo, She-zo)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His sword
  • Theme Music: I Want You!...r Power; The Goregous Man Who Defiled The God
  • Alignment: True Neutral(?)
  • Portfolio: Butt-Monkey, Dark Is Not Evil, Cool Sword, Badass Cape, The Comically Serious, Mystical White Hair, Loves Cute Things
  • Domains: Magic, Wording
  • Weird Relations: Arle Nadja, Sig
  • Rival: Satan (Puyo Puyo)
  • Annoyed at: Beavis & Butt-Head, Ayame Kajou, The Sonozaki Twins
  • As one could guess by being a Dark Wizard, Schezo Wegey is known for using a variety of spells based around darkness. He's also very interested in Arle's power, but almost every time he tries to talk to her (and sometimes other people), what he says could be taken as something far more suggestive, much to his chagrin even if he tried to explain specifically what he wants and what he wants is definitely not suggestive.
  • Schezo wasn't quite sure how he managed to arrive at the Pantheon to begin with. It may have something to do with how playing Puyo Puyo with others could lead to traveling to other dimensions. Nevertheless, he set out to find Arle after finding out she was there and after a number of mishaps along the way, met up with her.
    • Unfortunately for him, yet another mishap occured with them being inside the House of Gaming as not only Arle was just busy resting up, but Beavis & Butthead were visiting the house to play video games out of boredom and they were within earshot of Schezo and Arle's conversation. Schezo could just hear the duo's snickering during the conversation, causing him to get increasingly agitated to the point where he yelled at the two to get out. Arle then told Schezo that this place he ended up at is weird to put it lightly and that there will be some things he'll be used to and some he isn't. Predictably, he can't get used to the fact that Beavis & Butt-head show up randomly during the Pantheon's more quiet days and laugh at his more questionable lines.
  • To his constant annoyance, Schezo has often had his lines taken out of context by Ayame Kajou, who is really into sexual humor and has teased him over what he says. Schezo really doesn't want anything to do with her nor her perverted antics and would rather spend time by himself.
  • He and Satan (or at least, the one from Schezo's universe) don't get along with each other and it has more to do with them targeting Arle for supposedly different reasons than them being sworn enemies. To his surprise, Schezo found out through Arle that there were a couple of other Satans that were similar to Dark Prince in a few different ways, though Schezo is generally apatheic towards the Satans Arle mentioned.
  • Innuendos aside, he's a relatively competent spellcaster and has stopped a handful of threats every now and then. That actually hasn't stopped things from being awkward before and after battles (and sometimes during them) whenever Schezo makes a comment that others think is suggestive.
  • At one point back then his disembodied head fought against Arle. The two of them consider this to be a weird and (by their own admission) an uncharacteristically dark bit for them and would rather not go through it again. It hasn't actually stopped a few sadistic deities from wondering if they can get this to occur once more.
  • He doesn't mind too much if the weather for a particular day is shining bright (and he somehow has the clothes for relaxing on a warm day), but if the temperature ends up being hotter than what he considers to be acceptable, then he'll eventually find out who's doing it. At the very least he knows that Dark Prince isn't responsible for any sudden spikes in temperature in the Pantheon.
  • Not only has he tried to attain Arle's power, but on occasion he has tried to get the power of a few others (and one of them involved wanting Sig's hand). Schezo sees the Pantheon as an opportunity to get some potentially interesting powers, but he hasn't done it as often as trying to get Arle's power and all of these attempts to get others' powers have ended in failure thus far. Then again, he is a Dark Wizard, not a "Power-Copying Wizard".
  • Of all the things that he has a consistent interest in, he's adored cute things on more than one instance and chased them with mixed results. One time, he tried to chase around Princess Uni-Kitty upon seeing her, but then Rena Ryuugu somehow found him chasing a cute thing rather adorable and tried chasing the both of them. The whole incident ended up being far more troublesome than it was worth for the three of them (but mostly for Schezo).
    • Following that incident, the Sonozaki Twins came up with a prank following Rena telling them about it. It involved telling Schezo that "a great power" awaited him and then humilating him afterwards. He fell for it and ended up wearing a cat-boy costume. Schezo didn't really have an issue with the costume, but the twins' suggestive teasing wasn't something he approved of.
  • With how much he's been trying to get Arle's power coupled with how he says things, more than a few believe that Schezo wants more than just her power, something that he clearly disagrees towards. It's possible to picture Arle and Schezo as frenemies, but that's about it in terms of closeness.
  • If there is one name Schezo hates being referred as almost as much as "pervert" or "creeper", it's Devious. Why? Several reasons: It's from a Gag Dub with an unfortunate amount of ridiculous mistranslations; it can be mistaken for referring to his supposed perversion; and it isn't even an actual name anyway.
  • Has been seen, alongside Arle and Satan, partaking in Tetris, of all things. While this is understandable as his world and that of Tetris have collided before, it had been noted that his first appearance throughout the entire event had him playing Tetris, despite the others having no previous knowledge of how to actually use them before. Some are still wondering how this is.


Lesser Gods

Gex, God of Talkative Loons
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A remote control
  • Theme Music: Gex 3 Boss/Bonus Stage Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Tail Slap, Wall Crawl, Spouting Completely Random One-Liners (Often Related to Popular Media)
  • Domains: Geckos, Television, Wisecracks
  • Allies: GEICO Gecko, Austin Powers, The MST3K Crew
  • Enemies: SCP-993
  • Opposes: Gleeman Vox, Lionel Starkweather, Tsumugi Shirogane
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis from: James Bond (one-sided)
  • Gex is a gecko with a primary interest in watching TV thanks to the fact his father died in a rocket explosion, though that last bit isn't brought up much. His days being a couch potato in Hawaii came to an end thanks to swallowing a fly that was actually a metallic transmitter and ending up inside the television thanks to Rez, an evil figure of the Media Dimension. Gex has since fought Rez a number of times for some reasons, including money or the fact that his lovely female human spy ally got kidnapped. One thing's for certain about Gex: he'll always say a bunch of random things that don't make much sense with what he's up against half the time. Then again, that's what happens when someone hires a binge-watcher to fight crime.
  • At first, he didn't know a whole lot about this Pantheon deal, but upon learning that the characters from the many TV shows he watches are real there, he seemed pretty excited about it. Of course, Gex is more content to watch TV to relax, but if the need arises to fight something that threatens his peace, then Gex will be up for the challenge.
  • Whenever he watches TV, there's a likely chance that he'll see ads featuring the GEICO gecko during commercial breaks. Gex decided to pay him a visit and while the GEICO gecko was a bit surprised at seeing another gecko at first, he was more than welcoming of Gex. The two have even considered working on an advertisement together whenever Gex has enough free time in his hands.
    • That said, Gex did find it a bit unbelievable that the GEICO gecko got into a fight against Segata Sanshiro over who has better commericals. This is despite the fact that Gex's first adventure did come out on the Sega Saturn. Gex did try to suggest that Segata and the GEICO gecko could at least be a bit less hostile with their rivalry, especially since Gex does see Segata's ads on TV sometimes and has no issue with those ads.
  • No one is really sure whether or not Gex is able to swim underwater for prolonged periods of time, even while using a body of water in Water & Moisture to test things out. People have claimed that they've seen Gex come up for air after diving underwater for a short period of time while others believe that they saw him able to swim underwater just fine for quite a while, even while exploring a shipwreck.
  • He heard about how Timmy Turner went inside the world of television as a means of escapism and then had to stop his evil babysitter Vicky from using it to take over the real world. Given that Timmy is the kind of person who often has to fix his mistakes upon realizing them a little too late, Gex did try to talk to him about his problems. The only reason why Gex decided not to at the last moment was because, from watching Timmy's other adventures on TV, he knew Timmy kept creating problems with his wishes no matter how many times he was told about the consequences of such.
  • Being a parodic spy figure that's known for making wisecracks at various moments, he gets along pretty well with Austin Powers. That however, didn't sit well with James Bond, who already had an issue with Austin Powers making a mockery out of the field of spies. With how much more of a jokester Gex is than Austin Powers could potentially be, Agent 007 seems to have a bigger dislike of Gex than he does towards Austin Powers. On his end, Gex doesn't really mind 007 too much and kind of admires him, likely due to Gex watching 007's adventures whenever they come on TV. Gex did say that 007 could loosen up a little, but that's more Gex's opinion on 007 in his more serious moods than anything serious.
  • He has a fondness for watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 and how the crew there makes plenty of quips to go along with the movies they watch. Gex ended up on the Satellite of Love once and got along pretty well with Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot. For short bit, Gex decided to make his own riffs alongside the robots and for the most part, the bots seemed to like what Gex had to say.
  • One time, Gex accidentally wound up in the TV World for an unexplained reason. Being who he is, Gex decided to just take a look around and see what's there. He ended up finding plenty of unusual things he hadn't seen before. And then, he ended up meeting Yu Narukami while there, who explained to Gex what the purpose of the TV World was. Gex simply mused that this wasn't exactly what he'd thought of when it comes to a place named "TV World". Yu escorted Gex out of the place, telling him that nothing significant is happening related to Gex, but will let him know if something comes up, whatever it may be..if it even happens.
  • Gex makes frequent trips to the House of Theater to see firsthand how the TV shows he watches get made. During one of his visits, he ended up being a contestant on Mettaton's game show and was a guest on Space Ghost's talk show. Both experiences ended up being pretty weird for him and it was just as weird for him to be watching himself on TV after those respective shows finished filming.
  • In one of their fights, Rez apparently claimed that he was Gex's father, a claim that Gex isn't certain about. There's also the fact that a battle of theirs took place in a setting similar to that of Star Wars. Gex's father isn't something the gecko is too interested talking about with others, but whenever he watches The Empire Strikes Back, it does somehow bring back memories of fighting against Rez.
  • Traveling through television programs is a recurring thing for Gex, alongside fighting against any antagonistic inhabitants of those programs. Gex was actually more than surprised when he found out that there was a deadly TV program through SCP-993. Since Gex couldn't even get past one episode of Bobble the Clown's program, he had to be explained by others about Bobble's intentions. Gex actually got upset that someone would be willing to use a TV program to harm others and has talked to some other deities on if there's a way to get Bobble's program cancelled, so to speak.
    • Anyone who likes to make live programming that involves murdering others is something that Gex hates as much as he hates someone who uses TV as a means for corrupting others. To Gex, TV and entertainment is just something to watch for fun and to use that to blatantly showcase live murders is unforgivable. Those particular deities in charge of live death games on TV don't care at all on what a talking gecko would think of them, especially since half the time Gex is watching TV (just not their programming).
  • What some deities find weird about Gex is that while he does speak English perfectly fine, it's that sometimes he has a British accent and sometimes he doesn't. And then there's what kinds of one-liners he says depending on what voice he has at the moment.

    Scott Steiner 
Scott Steiner, God of Angrish (Big Poppa Pump, The Genetic Freak, Freakzilla, The Big Bad Booty Daddy, The Man with the Largest Arms in the Pantheon)
  • Lesser God (Though he belives to be a Greater God)
  • Symbol: A silhouette of a head with his sunglasses, goatee and chainmail.
  • Theme Song: "Holler if you hear me!"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral or Evil. It's hard to tell with him.
  • Portfolio: Guys who go insane for almost nothing, people with specific things that pisses them off, Cool Shades, becomming more famous after leaving a team, Narm, being entertaining on the mic by being terrible, people who's not really all that bright at times, not giving anybody "sympy" while still getting love from the people.
  • Domains: Wrestling, Rage, Narm, Comedy
  • Followers: His "Freaks and Hootches" from the House of Love, Petey Williams, Ahmed Johnson, The Ultimate Warrior.
  • Enemies: John Cena, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, CM Punk, Alex Louis Armstrong, Goldberg, human countires, any overweight god, rednecks, WHITE TRAAAASH,The English Language!
  • High Priest: Ultimate Warrior
  • He once tried to become a statistics teacher in the Academy. But after witnessing his less than accurate math equations, it was swiftly denied. In retaliation, he decided to found the Higher Educated University. So far, the only other teacher other than himself is the Ultimate Warrior, teacher of comicbook writing.
  • He once tried to pick a fight with Asura by cutting one of his infamous promos in his face. This moment suprised the entire Pantheon since it didn't lead to a fight or Steiner getting ripped appart to tiny pieces, wich tends to be the result whenever sombody tries to anger Asura. In fact, it actually lead to Asura having a hard time trying not to laugh!
  • It is considered wise to NEVER use the word "Hurricanrana" in his precense. He demands that it should always be called a "Frankensteiner", a move that he can suprisingly still pull off.
  • Everytime Steiner enters the House of Love, he uses astronomy as a means to explain the size of his "Big Dipper" wile claiming that he has women 9 days out of the week. Nobody tells him that the week only has 7 days, unless they want to hear him ramble on in Angrish, his native language, in an hour or two.
  • There is a famous drinking game played by the gods in the House of Sports: Whenever Scott Steiner does a belly-to-belly suplex or loudly exclaims the word "HUH?!", take a shot! This is also the biggest cause of alcohol poisoning in the Pantheon.
  • Whenever he claims that he is hungry, it tends to cause silent laughters from whoever is in the House of Food at the moment.
  • He is convinced that he has the largest arms in the entire Pantheon, even when every other god has tried to prove otherwise. His speeches that arises from denial and anger are still a good source of entertainment.
  • Scott Steiner accended to godhood after he managed to outwrestle the casts of Hetalia: Axis Powers and Scandinavia and the World as well as the entire population of Papua New Guinea. The other gods still have a hard time trusting him when he claims that he has "Wrestled a lot of countries".
  • The House of Knowledge are still trying to decipher the language he starts to speak whenever he gets angry. They have managed to translate most of it and document it into dictionaries, but they still have no damn clue what the hell the sentence "Doing him an egg" is supposed to mean.
  • He seems to have an incredibly massive hatred towards any person who may be overweight. He once attacked E. Honda and Jabba the Hutt with a lead pipe and a steel chair on seperate occasions when he saw them in the House of Food and the House of Sports. When he was stopped by members of the GUAG, he simply defended his actions with the following statement.
  • He tried to test his luck in Lordran once. As expected with most people, it didn't go too well.



    Hubert J. Farnsworth 
Hubert J. Farnsworth, God of "Good News" (The Professor, Great Wizard Greyfarn)

Need a Pantheonic god? Why not Zoidberg?

Zoidberg, God of Exclusion by Mention (Dr. John A. Zoidberg, Johnny)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His face
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (usually)
  • Portfolio: The Chew Toy, WOOP WOOP WOOP!, Extreme Omnivore, Genius Ditz, Desperately Craves Affection, Back-Alley Doctor, Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, Space Jews, Nice Guy, Bizarre Alien Biology, I Just Want to Have Friends
  • Domains: Lobsters, Doctors, Jewish(?)
  • Allies: Phillip J. Fry, Bender, Homer Simpson, Bob Belcher, Kyle Broflovski, Pluto, Chuck, Almaz, Teddie, Mami Tomoe, Coyote Starrk, Enju Aihara
  • Opposed By: Eric Cartman
  • Odd Friendship: The Three Stooges
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Roger Smith, Stewie Griffin
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Zapp Brannigan
  • Zoidberg is a space lobster who is also a doctor, though the doctor thing is a bit questionable since he's not quite good with human anatomy. There's also a weird tendency by people to not lump him into a group when making sentences. Strangely enough, he's done it to himself a few times, so it'd be safe to say that he's more or less used to it.
  • The way his ascension played out wasn't that surprising given that the speech began with "My fellow Pantheonic deities! And Zoidberg". Though there were some that was hoping the opening line was something along the lines of "Gods! Goddesses! Weiss."
  • Made a visit to the House of Health and Diseases, where he was asked to explain his background as a doctor. Although the doctors there were a bit reluctant about hiring him given the fact that he accidentally killed human patients while performing operations on them, they decided to let him work there occassionally when it comes to alien anatomy.
    • Black Jack has offered to teach Zoidberg lessons on human anatomy so the lobster-alien can improve his surgery skills on such. It's taking quite a bit of time, though there's a fair number who's convinced Black Jack will succeed in making Zoidberg a much better surgeon.
  • He may or may not be Jewish, though given how he acts, most deities are inclined to think the former. Regardless of such, he is good enough friends with Kyle Broflovski, though his tendencies made him a target of Eric Cartman, who didn't care if Zoidberg was Jewish or not.
  • By default, he is a rather nice guy, though there have been instances where he has acted uncharacteristically cruel. That said, Zoidberg does actually feel remorse about acting in less-than-savory ways. It's not really stopping the more malicious pranksters from setting him off for their own amusement.
  • Is one of the very few deities that Robot Santa doesn't consider as naughty. Many, including Nicholas St. North, are still wondering why that's the case.
  • He is a frequent visitor to the House of Food and tends to eat a lot of the food there rather fast. Of particular note is his affinity towards anchovies to the point where the house often calls for a restock of said items after he eats all of that food up.
  • His woopwoopwoopwoop noise is noted to be a bit similar to the Three Stooges' own woopwoopwoop. He's good enough friends with the three and oddly enough, whenever a pie fight happens in the House of Food, Zoidberg will usually eat the pie from his face after said food gets thrown at him.
  • Many suspect that if a new Pokemon were to be revealed, then this is what Zoidberg would be hoping for. It's a long shot to say the least, and Wobbuffet isn't saying anything about it.
  • As someone who's suffered quite a bit of abuse back in his own universe, he's able to relate to other victims of comedic abuse such as Pluto, Chuck, and Almaz.
  • Since he is largely interested in making friends, Zoidberg tends to talk to Teddie frequently because of their shared desire to have friends, even in unfavorable circumstances.
    • Zoidberg also hangs out with Mami Tomoe, Coyote Starrk, and Enju Aihara due to all of them wanting to have friends. The five have expressed interest in giving advice to others who want to make friends.
      • The lobster has also provided interest in finding something to treat Enju's condition. Most aren't willing to take a chance on Zoidberg working on an operation, but he is more than willing to help others find something to, at the very least, mitigate whatever it is that Enju has.
  • Apart from hanging out with Fry and Bender, Zoidberg can be seen alongside other Fox animated sitcom stars Homer Simpson and Bob Belcher. Although Zoidberg is friendly with fellow alien Roger Smith, the latter often performs outrageous actions against Zoidberg at completely random moments. A similar situation occurs in regards to Stewie Griffin.
  • For whatever reason, whenever someone asks Zoidberg to do some cutting, he does the cutting. Don't tell him otherwise.
  • Apparently has a doctorate in art history in addition to being an alien surgeon. No one can really say for sure if Zoidberg is a competent artist or not, though there are rumors that the House of School is considering him to be a substitute teacher for art history classes there.

Your profile's bad! And you should feel bad too!


    Eiji Niizuma 
Eiji Niizuma, God of Onomatopoeias and Surprisingly Accurate Loonies (Moneys)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A bubble speech with ANY Onomatopeia you can think of, above a stack of his mangas (Crow and Zombie Gun) and his feathers.
  • Theme Music: Crow's Opening
  • Alignment: True Neutral with Neutral Good leanings (easily confused with Chaotic Good due to his personality).
  • Portfolio: Constantly Saying Sound Effects Out Loud and Gesturing, Being out there (And Often Being Right Too), Hammy and Quirky Hot-Blooded Mangaka, Almost never Leaving his Studio when working on a Manga Or Sleeping, Gorging on Food when he finishes, Supposed Jerks and often showing otherwise, Always Better Rivals, Stating the Obvious, Teen Genius, Performers, Fan Favorites
  • Domains: Manga and Anime, Quirks and Knowledge, Postmodernism and Narrative
  • Allies: Accelerator, L Lawliet, Mello, Bang Shishigami, Doraemon, Monkey D. Luffy, Kotetsu Kaburagi, Yuma Tsukumo, Mad Howling "M. H." Murdock, Kamina, Simon, The Katawa Shoujo, Hisao Nakai
  • Rivals: Mashiro Moritaka and Akito Takagi (ASHIROGIIIII!!!)
  • Admires: Everyone from Shonen Mangas, especially Shonen Jump. Actually, everyone who leaves a good impresion on him.
  • Admired by: Yayoi Kise, Murakumo, Nagi Sanzen'in
  • Enemies: None so far. He doesn't hate Taro Nanamine but is disppointed on him. Maybe Light Yagami.
  • Uneasy Around: Issei Hyodo and the ascended members of the Kuoh Academy's Occult Research Club
  • Rivals: Rohan Kishibe
  • Right after the ascension of Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi, many in the Pantheon heard many weird noises coming from their temple and thought that something was broken there. When they checked out, it was noticed that no, nothing was broken. It was just their rival Eiji Niizuma working on his next manga. Hilarity and an ascension ensued.
    • Even after moving into his temple, the noises were still heard. They have been considering suggesting him making it soundproof.
  • Never leaves his temple if he's working on a manga. As a consequence, every ally and admirer of his usually have to go to his temple if they want to tell him something.
    • He can often be found in the House of Food the few times he is not there. However, almost everyone prefers to avoid him those times because of the mess he tends to make while eating.
  • Gets along very well with L Lawliet because both of them are genius in their fields of work, sharing creators and also because he reminds him of Mashiro. He also likes Mello for mostly the same reasons (he reminds him of Fukuda instead). Though Niizuma had to be restrained by Ashirogi when he met them for the first time since he was really surprised/excited to meet manga characters that he believed to be fictional.
    • Though he doesn't know what to make of Light Yagami, who looks like Takagi but is more similar to Nanamine, personality-wise.
  • The Lol Rangers once conspired to have him, Mashiro Moritaka, Accelerator and Touma Kamijou in the same room. No one except them knows what happened, but the Lol Rangers have promise that lots of hilary ensued.
  • There are some believe he is actually a lesser aspect of a real life mangaka called Eiichiro Oda. Nobody is sure about this but he does like his works and has become friends with Luffy.
    • The reason why this is believed is because of how both of them are similarly "quirky yet genius". Both of them started their career winning a contest, have same beliefs regarding their characters and both of them tend to make good use of information. In Oda's case, it's his ability to never forget anything. In Niizuma's case, it's because he is always right. In fact, Niizuma was given a second title because of it!
  • Is actually a little off-put by the Pantheon despite his initial enthusiasm about ascending and prefers to avoid going to the House of Technology, Travel or Love if he can help it. The former ones are because he is from a rural town (in comparison to Tokyo, at least) and he is not used to "big city things". The latter one is because of that embarassment he had that one time when he tried to create a love story manga and failed.
    • While his favorite genre is shonen, his favorite manga character is actually Doraemon. He was very pleased to be able to meet him so he made an exception just for him.
    • Also, even if he is very unexperienced with love, he is really emotional when he does understand the situation (But then again, when he isn't like that?). Tell him that your current love situation, and he will tearfully blow his nose and give his blessing. He is a just chaste, not oblivious so he will also notice the romance if you are being too obvious about it.
  • He has been prophesied to be the one who will inmortalize how Simon pierces the firmament to carve out a space for the new universe and Kamina saves everyone from the orange goo dream world in the most GAR manga ever for the new Pantheon to enjoy. Niizuma was very confused after hearing this since the genre he writes about is Shonen Fighting Series, not Mecha but seems to be eager to try since those two left a good impression on him. Simon and Kamina themselves think he is up to the task and even wonder if his sheer Hot-Blooded wouldn't make him more like a Super Robot pilot than a Postmodernism manga character.
    • In the meantime, he has decided to work on another project. Since he empathizes with Bang Shishigami, who tends to be Wrong Genre Savvy at his own hamminess, he has started to make a new manga called Bang! that is about his ninja friend. Though it seems he will need his rival's help considering Litchi would be a major character and he can't write romance to save his life...
  • Due to him always being busy, he has decided to paste a "Help Wanted" poster outside his temple. Eventually Yayoi Kise, Murakumo and Nagi Sanzen'in came for the position of assistants and while he did notice they were a bit amateur, Niizuma was rather sympathetic towards them and often encourages them to improve so they can make their wish come true.
  • Likes to spend his very few spare time with fellow Onomatopeia-spewing Murdock, Kotetsu Kaburagi and Yuma Tsukumo.
  • Due to his position, he is often asked to say A CERTAIN ONOMATOPEIA. His refusal to follow this has made the Katawa Shoujo to like him a little but Niizuma has no idea of what's going on.
  • Was given an invitation to the Council of Cloudcuckooland from Osaka herself, which he accepted. Many a member in the Council of Shadows dropped their jaws after hearing about this, due to the fact that even if Niizuma rarely leaves his studio/temple, the Cloudcuckoolanders still just got themselves the closest thing to an actual mastermind. BE VERY AFRAID.

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