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Intermediate Gods

    Guy Shishioh 
Guy Shishioh, God of Courage (Evoluder, God of Destruction, World's Strongest Cyborg)

    Hal Jordan/Green Lantern 
Hal Jordan, God of the Heroic Spirit (Green Lantern of Sector 2814, Parallax, the Spectre, Highball)

    Jarvan Lightshield IV 
Jarvan Lightshield IV, God of Fearlessness Towards Death (Jarvan IV, J4, Jarvan, The Exemplar of Demacia, Prince Jarvan, JarMAN)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The 'Demacian Standard' flag, surrounded with a golden circle and 'impassable crater'
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Warrior Prince, Not Afraid to Die, Authority Equals Asskicking (and the inverse), Creating Impassable Terrains, Ground-Shattering Landing, Gold Color Theme, Determination, Manliness, Big Spears That Slices In Addition Of Stabbing, "DEMACIAAAA!!!"
  • Domain: Emotion, War, Life and Death, Combat.
  • Allies: Champions of the state Demacia (especially Garen, Lux and Xin Zhao), most Radiant heroes, Kain Highwind, Prince Marth, Queen Elsa, Kamina, Lu Bu, Riven
  • Rivals: Defenders of the Ancients
  • Enemies: Champions of the state Noxus, Prince Hans, Mouri Motonari, Lady Tremaine
  • When Darius countered to Garen that he was the sole Demacian in the Pantheon, the Might of Demacia realized that Darius had a point. Fortunately, that was countered when suddenly, there was a familiar yell "DEMACIAAAA!!!" and a groundbreaking stomp caused by none other Prince Jarvan, assuring that Garen is no longer the sole Demacian. Darius still escaped, because he still stored one Flash spell. Jarvan's dumbfounded response is "I'm... helping?"
    • Once that was cleared up, Jarvan has explained that he ascended because the Pantheon saw it that many considered death to be something to be feared and prevents them to do their best. That was the reason of his ascension, to ensure success through being fearless to death. If one would be scared of death, Jarvan would give his guidance to remove the fear and letting them do their best.
  • Considers Riven to be something of a conundrum. On one hand, she opposes the current Noxian leadership. On the other hand, she has little more love for Demacia and believes in the Noxian ideal wholeheartedly. Given her strength, fighting her would just result in more collateral damage than desirable, so he's ordered the other Demacian champions to just not get in her way.
  • A top class Determinator. Jarvan's well known to state to his would be executioners that there's only one truth located behind his spear. And most of the things he said were mostly about being brave in front of death. Naturally, he didn't get the good graces of many Death-figures.
  • Jarvan once visited Arendelle and admired its beauty. He also shows respect to Queen Elsa and Princess Anna, but once he heard something about Prince Hans, he was absolutely flabbergasted and thought that Hans was a disgrace to most Princes, even if he's not about a warring prince.
  • Has a weird relationship with Marth. While Marth would encourage about no deaths ever in a war, Jarvan could get a bit too gung-ho and possesses zero fear about dying, leaping to the battlefield with no regards of his own life. Marth has gone to often restrain Jarvan if he's about doing suicidal things, but occasionally lets Jarvan wreak havoc in a death-defying manner alone, but only if he trusted his plans to be Crazy Enough to Work. Luckily, Jarvan also has a respect to the Aritian Prince and at times restrain himself.
  • Despite his title, make no mistake, Jarvan is not a General Ripper or an abusive commanding authority figure, while he encourages his soldiers to be Not Afraid to Die, he wouldn't just toss them away like pawns. This is why he had an enmity towards Mouri Motonari.
  • Is known to make Rousing Speech a lot, in the same vein of his friend Kamina. However, one thing that separates the quality of his speech was that he often got interrupted with his spear accidentally stabbing his toesies mid-speech.
  • Is known to have challenged Lu Bu to a standstill. An impressed Lu Bu rewarded him with a spare of his clothes.
  • Together with Garen, Jarvan has found out about how Lux entered the Pantheon. Needless to say, he was pissed at Lady Tremaine for daring to do that on his fellow Demacian. "With that action, you have made yourself an enemy to the entire Demacian Army. You have made a bad choice, lady, and you will regret it! And by my will, this shall be finished!"
  • "There is only one truth, and you will find it at the point of my lance."

Lesser Gods

    Inaho Kaizuka 
Inaho Kaizuka, The God with Nerves of Steel (Nao-kun, Orange, Eggs, Inaho Jensen, Solid Inaho, Scrambled Eggs, Inahole
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Orange Slepnir
  • Alignment: True Neutral, Neutral Good in 2nd Season.
  • Portfolio: The Stoic, Awesome by Analysis, Guile Hero, The inability to emote, Surviving after being shot in the eye, Having an unknown mental disorder.
  • Domains: Mecha, Emotions (lack of)
  • Allies: Heero Yuy, Rei Ayanami, Aila Jyrkiäinen, Trowa Barton, Setsuna F Seirei, Kai Kitamura.
  • Enemies: Slaine Troyard
  • He ascended after encountering Mako Mankanshoku and managing to not bat an eyelash at her signature rants.
  • The other alliances have more reason to fear the color orange, as Inaho now joins Naruto, Aang, and Goku in the ranks of ultimate orange-clad asskickers. He probably terrifies people more, as he is not the World's Strongest Man, and yet is highly adept at discovering weaknesses and exploiting them with calm ruthlessness.
  • Despite Urobuchi's involvement in his series the Urobutcher has claimed that Inaho is not his subordinate.
  • He has been targeted by the Trollkaigers in an attempt to break him in an attempt to get him to react and are currently staging a kidnapping with the help of Vaas. Fortunately for him, he has managed to push them back everytime with some help with the same apathetic look across his features.
    • The Trollkaigers were so frustrated they demanded that he gives a fuck. He replies by whispering no.
  • He has been compared Jermiah Gottwald, thanks to their orange motifs near death and cybernetic implants. Other than that they couldn't be more different as he is downright emotionless and the latter is very bombastic.
    • He has also been compared to Solid/Old Snake and Adam Jensen as well only because of the implants.
  • He thought he had heard his sister after he ascended but it turned out to be Erza instead.
  • He finds it strange how Harry Potter sounds very similar to Slaine and he's tried to analyze it with his cybernetic eye to little success.
  • Has an odd friendship with Kai Kitamura, another badass mecha pilot who specializes in using mook-level units to humble superior opponents.

    Kirin Toudou 
Kirin Toudou, Goddess of Overcoming Fears (Lightning Blade Speed, Gusting Wind, Bladed Thunder, Seidokan's rank #1)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Symbol: Kirin's Senbakiri
  • Portfolio: Not Afraid of You Anymore, Lightning Bruiser, Shrinking Violet, Fights Like a Normal, Proper Tights With Skirt, Nice Girl, Curtains Match The Windows, Badass Normal, It Is Dehumanising, Fangirl
  • Domains: Courage, Combat, Power
  • Allies: Ayato Amagiri, Julis Riessfeld, Ikki Kurogane, Orie Paladia, Genji Shimada, Sakura, Usalia, Itsuki Inubozaki, Morgiana, Richard, Simba, Kurumi Ebisuzawa, Satoko Houjou, Yoshino
  • Enemies: Ghetsis, Jack Horner, Gaea, Tartarus
  • Like all Genestella, Kirin has enhanced physical ability that give her an edge in a fight, yet despite this, Kirin chooses to fight with a regular katana rather than a Lux. Despite this, Kirin's not to be underestimated by those who're also skilled in a fight as Kirin didn't get the name Lightning Blade Speed or become Seidokan's strongest fighter for being sluggish in a fight.
  • When she was a little girl, Kirin and her father were attacked by a mugger and Kirin's father was forced to kill the man. Normally, he would've gotten lesser charges for killing in self-defense, but since Kirin's dad was a Genestella, he recieved a much longer imprisonment sesntence.
    • Prior to meeting Ayato, Kirin was forced to become a student at Seidokan and forced to become a tool used by her uncle so she could get her father out of prison and in return, Kirin's uncle wold use her so he could join Seidokan's Administrative Board. Not long after meeting Ayato, she gained the courage to stand up to her uncle so she could free her father from prison with her own power.
  • Due to her fighting with a normal weapons amongst people with Laser Blade's and Elemental Powers, Kirin became fast friends with Ikki Kurogane who's forced to rely on physical prowess because of his low magical talent.
  • Not long after making her past about her uncle using her known, it wasn't long before Kirin struck up a frienship with Richard and Simba who also had less-than-amoral uncles. However, unlike Richard and Simba's uncles, Kouichirou needed to use Kirin to further his own goals.
  • According to many deities who've seen Kirin's fights, they've described her fighting as a marvel to behold as Kirin's Combo-centric swordsmanship combined with her agility and speed make her a marvel to see in action. Kirin quickly became good friends with fellow combo specialist Orie Paladia.
  • One time when Kirin went to the house of personal appearance, Kirin was approached by Morgiana who had heard that Kirin was used like a tool for a long time before being freed by their friends, and it wasn't long before they hit off a friendship.
  • Not long after ascending, Kirin noticed that there were a few other cute goddess who are experienced with combat and also sound like Kirin such as Kurumi Ebisuzawa, Itsuki Inubozaki and Sakura.
  • Regardless of what her family name might tell you, Kirin is not related to Tohka Toudou.
  • While Kirin is a very kind and Adorkable girl, one way to easily anger her is to make it known that you'll use your own family for selfish gains. Bonus points if you enjoy using your family. The last poor sod who did this had Kirin's Senbakiri at his throat faster than he could say I Have No Son!.
  • On one occasion when Kirin took a trip to the house of combat, and after Kirin had a sparring match with one Genji Shimada because she was interested in clashing swords with someone for the sake of some training.
    • One rousing swordfight later, and Genji told Kirin that he had heard that she was forced to be used as a tool by her uncle so he could climb the corporate ladder so Genji divulged to her that his clan's elders had ordered his brother to have him killed because Genji didn't want to be boss of a Yakuza clan. After Genji told Kirin about his past, they became good friends thanks to their shared swordfighting skills and strained familial relations.
  • It's not uncommon to see Kirin getting along well with Satoko Houjou and Usalia as they both had to develop courage so they could confront their uncle and tormentor respectively.
  • Kirin also became friends with Yoshino, who faced the same problems until becoming a better person through her friends. They are surprisingly comfortable with one another and enjoy noticing the similarities between Shido and Ayato. Kirin also encouraged Yoshino to be more proactive in fights, even though Yoshino still prefers to remain in a support role.
  • Let out Tears of Joy after hearing that Ayato had finally ascended. She quickly ran to him and hugged him... then she grabbed his head and rubbed it against her chest, all the while promising to stay by his side forever, much to Ayato's embarassment and the amusement of many gods nearby.

    The Prisoner 
The Prisoner, God of Defiance and Mistrust (Number 6, John Drake)
  • Lesser God.
  • Symbol: A black blazer with white lining and a badge with a penny-farthing silhouette with the numeral '6' printed in red.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good.
  • Portfolio: Eternal Defiance in the face of Near-Insurmountable Odds, the Injustly Imprisoned, Victims Of Elaborately Surreal Torture and Mind Games, Heroic Loners
  • Domains: Anger, Courage, Integrity
  • Allies: None. He doesn't trust any of them.
  • Enemies: Every Chessmaster God. Especially the ones in the House of Mentalism
  • Unlike the other Gods, the Prisoner chooses to keep his own counsel for the most part. Eternally suspicious, he believes his ascension and surroundings to be part of an elaborate scheme on part of his charming-but-sinister captors to get him to reveal his closely-guarded secrets. Unfortunately, at this point no one - not even he - can determine what's going on about that any more.
  • Some speculate that, before his ascension, the Prisoner was a secret agent by name of John Drake. The Prisoner, for his own reasons, chooses not to confirm or deny this.
  • Resents any attempt to address him as 'Number Six'. The Prisoner is not a number - he is a free man.
  • The Prisoner will not make any deals with you. He has resigned. He will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered. His life is his own.


    James Henry Trotter 
James Henry Trotter, the God who's Not Afraid Anymore
  • Demigod (Lesser God during his trip in the peach)
  • Symbol: A Giant Peach
  • Alightment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolios: Heartwarming Orphan, Being a Gender-Flipped Cinderella, Losing his parents to a rhino, and sent to live with his evil aunts, Overcoming his fears, Calling the Evil Aunts Out, Happily Adopted by the bugs, Art Shift from Live-Action to Stop-Motion
  • Domains: Orphans, Dreams, Bugs, Courage, Family
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • James lost his parents to a rhinoceros when he was very little (or so he believed), and was forced to live with his evil aunts, Spiker and Sponge. How wicked did James described them? Let's just say Lady Tremaine is a saintnote  compared to how cruel they were towards him.
    • At age seven, James accidently revived an old peach tree with some crocodile tongues he got from a mysterious man, which produced a single peach that grew into the size of a house. Some bugs were also affected by the magic of the tongues, and they recruited James to help him escape. The peach was cut free, and the group would soon fly to New York City using seagulls to carry the peach west.
    • What caused James to ascend into the pantheon is that he initially feared his wicked aunts and the rhino that (supposedly) killed his parents. He finally overcame his fears of them out of his newfound friendship towards his bug friends, whom he considers family, and defeated the rhino by telling it "I'm Not Afraid of You". But when he tried the same towards his aunts, they turned Ax-Crazy and outright tried to kill him, though his bug friends saved him. Aqua is proud of James for showing such bravery.
  • Because of their own similar backgrounds, James has shown his kindness towards N, Cinderella, Satoko, Candy, and Carrie, and tells them You Are Not Alone. The six are considering on banding together to fight against abusive guardians.
  • For this reason, James has complete hatred towards Lady Tremaine and Ghetsis for being such horrible step-parents.
  • James didn't know what to say about Jack Skellington when they met in the pantheon, considering Jack (and several undead pirates) once tried to kill Mr. Centipede because he stole a compass. Turns out that Jack was only there to recruit the pirates for that year's Halloween festivities, and while he was napping, the compass was stolen. Jack through that Mr. Centipede was hostile, explaining why they attacked the group, and if they had just asked, they would be glad to give it to them. The two are on good terms now, since the misunderstanding has been cleared.
  • James has also bonded with Madeline over their bravery through hardships, and their status as Heartwarming Orphans (though Madeline might not be an orphan). It helps that their settings are in the 1930s (or 1950s), and have family-like ties with other beings.
  • James cannot stand the evil deities of the Insects section of the House of Beasts, claiming that they give other bugs, including his adoptive family, a bad name.

    Shimazu Toyohisa 
Shimazu Toyohisa, God of Fearless Fools (The Brat of the Battlefield)
Toyohisa in his younger, more eager days 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Shimazu clan symbol
  • Theme Song: Gospel of the Throttle
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Absurdly Sharp Blade, Anti-Hero, BFS, Blood Knight, Brilliant, but Lazy, Combat Pragmatist, Covered with Scars, Fearless Fool, Honor Before Reason, Humble Hero, Idiot Hero, Japanese Language, Katanas Are Just Better, Magnetic Hero, Not Afraid to Die, Off with His Head!, Rousing Speech, Samurai, Shut Up, Hannibal!, Sword and Gun
  • Domains: Samurai, Slaughter, War, Samurai Swords
  • Allies: The Fortress Dwarves, Alucard, Seras Victoria, Joseph Joestar
  • Enemies: The Wendigos, the Left 4 Dead Zombies, Stitches, Millenium
  • Rivals: Samurai Jack
  • Ascended by managing to take over Orte, defending it from an Ends siege, and nearly defeating an End, all within the same battle no less.
  • Toyohisa is a samurai from the early 1600s that was transported to a "new world" by a mysterious stranger. In this new world exists elves, dwarves, dragons, orcs, kobolds, and every sort of fantasy race imaginable. It is later revealed that this world is plunged into a war between the Drifters, historically significant people, like Toyohisa, who appeared in this world from different timelines, and the Ends, monsters and people like the Drifters, but have been corrupted by the traumatic events of their past and turned to evil.
    • In this world, Toyohisa teams up with the famous daimyo Oda Nobunaga and the archer Nasu Yoichi to take over this new world, become the new rulers, and defeat the Ends. Well, Nobunaga wants to be the ruler. Toyohisa just wants to fight people.
    • Despite actually being a tactical genius, he's incredibly reckless and often heads into battle without much of a plan. Despite this, he's managed to take down small armies all by himself with little effort.
  • Even with his tactical strategy of a high-ranking general, he still thinks of himself as just a warrior in a battlefield, not worthy of the title of a general. Many citizens of the House of War are annoyed by Toyohisa for squandering his tactical genius for being a simple soldier.
  • Often visits the House of Combat! to fight against the other citizens. He surprisingly puts up a good fight against a few of them despite being a demigod.
  • Quite happy to see that there are dwarves in the Pantheon, and the dwarves give him a lot of respect for being able to wipe out armies with, what they consider, a flimsy sword. He often visits them to eat and share stories.
  • Good friends with Joseph Joestar. They both enjoy each other's laidback and trickster nature. Sometimes they fight for the fun of it and put up pretty good fights.
  • A few of the citizens of the House of Otherness are either afraid of him or hate him for his slaughter of many monsters when he was in the New World, and Toyohisa was just as angry when he found out that there were entire pantheons dedicated to monsters. Though he learned to accept some of them as time went on, that didn't stop the other few that still hate him.
    • The Wendigos were pretty surprised that Toyohisa was incredibly hard to instill fear into. Despite this, they still put up a fair fight for him as they nearly ended up killing each other. Toyohisa still managed to come out victorious in the end, albeit wounded. The Wendigos still try to kill him from time to time.
    • Stitches hates him. He thought that he could easily crush the little guy, but Toyohisa was able to defeat him with ease. In didn't help that the entire time they were fighting Toyohisa was ridiculing him, saying how much of an idiot he is.
    • Surprisingly became good friends with Alucard and Seras Victoria. He and Alucard appreciate how ballsy they both are when fighting and generally how they don't act like what they're supposed to be. Unfortunately, their friendship earned Toyohisa a spot on the Millenium's hit list.
  • He and Samurai Jack are not on good terms with each other. Jack thinks Toyohisa is a disgrace to samurais for not being true to their code, and Toyohisa think's he being foolish. They tend to avoid each other out of disagreement.
  • Many has wondered what Toyohisa might look like when he was at a younger age, maybe he was merely eager. Turns out, yes, he was as eager... but just as much of a Fearless Fool that he is known for that his uncle Shimazu Yoshihiro had to drag him out of trouble. When people asked what his uncle looked like, whether he used a giant-ass sword and utilizing the sword style Jigen-Ryuu, even Toyohisa was confused, recalling that he might've used a giant-ass hammer instead...


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