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The Capsuleers, Gods of Resurrective Immortality
An example of a Capsuleer pilot
  • Rank: Lesser God (individually), Overdeity (collectively)
  • Symbol: The Capsuleer Pod (individual symbols vary depending on Corp or Alliance)
  • Theme Song: "Below the Asteroids"
  • Alignment: Blue and Orange Morality (each Capsuleer has their own individual motives, and they can fall on any end of the Alignment).
  • Portfolio: Resurrective Immortality, Merchants, Salesman and Business Owners, Asteroid Miners, "The Enemies of the Gods", Inventors, Ship Builders, and Arms Dealers, Extreme Learning Curves, One-Man Army, Sociopathic Hero, Weapon of Mass Destruction, Wide Open Sandbox, Cool Starship, Galactic Superpower, Our Wormholes Are Different
  • Domain: Space Combat, Exploration, Industry, Merchants
  • Enemies: Abbadon the Despoiler, The Borg Queen, Sheev Palpatine
  • Allies: House of Commerce
  • Respect: Montgomery Scott
  • Respected by: Khorne
  • Opposed by: James T. Kirk
  • Associates: (Insert Name Here)
  • The Capsuleer's home in the Pantheon is on the station that was built for them, on the grounds that it would be used by all Capsuleers, not just one alliance or Corps. CONCORD is responsible for enforcing this action, having declared Pantheon skies High-Sec. As a result, unless any Capsuleers actively sign on for either side, they are prohibited from engaging in combat.
  • Palpatine has schemed to abduct a Capsuleer's body for himself and re-engineer, attaining the immortality he so desired for himself. The Capsuleers responded by parking a flight of Titans with a support fleet within warp range of the Death Star.
  • Khorne loves them.The Bloodbath of B-R5RB is one of his most beloved battles of all time, and all over an unpaid sovereignty bill. He commonly arranges for the Alliances to go to war with one another, and has even set Abbadon the Despoiler upon them on numerous occasions, and enjoys every minute of it. Because they keep on coming back from death, and keep coming back for more, it makes it all the more enjoyable and profitable for the Blood God.
  • They hold a lot of respect for Montgomery Scott, if only because they seek to learn his secrets for jury rigging ships so they can apply them to their own fleets. On the other hand, Kirk and the other Federation captains see Capsuleers as the antithesis of what the Federation embodies.
  • The Capsuleers often hire themselves out to different sides in the Pantheonic Wars, depending on the morality of the Capsuleers and the corporations or Alliances they are part of. This has often resulted in one side hiring one alliance that is the enemy of another Capsuleer alliance in battle.
    • This often results in the Capsuleers butting heads with various other space empires, including the Galactic Empire.
  • They hate the Borg as much as they love to salvage their wrecks for materials to sell on the open market (they aren't permitted to bring anything back to their home universe). They remind Capsuleers of Sansha's Nation, a state governed through use of slave implants by Sansha Kuvakei, which they have spent years fighting against. Capsuleers shoot first and ask no questions if they encounter the Borg on the battlefield.
  • Capsuleers engage themselves in a wide range activities, from active warfare to manipulating markets for their benefit, exploration of lost ruins, abandoned sites and wormholes, mining asteroids and space ice, planetary and lunar resources (they've been advised to not try to mine the Moon), and running missions on behalf of individual parties in the Pantheon. Since they route all of the materials they procure (ill-gotten or fairly found) through the House of Commerce, business has boomed since their arrival.
    • No matter how many times Capsuleers are killed, their consciousness always returns to a backup clone installed in a station in their home universe. Some suspect that the Capsuleers are in fact related to (Insert Name Here).

    Commander Badass 
Commander Badass, God of Manliness (Rock Lobster)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Medal With a Golden Robotic Eagle
  • Allignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Action Dad, Bruiser with a Soft Center, Not So Above It All, Reasonable Authority Figure, Only Sane Employee, Time Travel, Artificial Human, Real Men Wear Pink, Parental Substitute
  • Domains: Badass, Temp Agency
  • Followers: Jared, Mr. Fish, Canadian Guy, Jonesy
  • Temp Agency Associates: Ganondorf, Kratos, King Leonidas, Pyramid Head, Raiden, Kenshiro, Dante, Albert Wesker, Captain Falcon, Solid Snake, Lobo, Duke Nukem, Goliath...Never mind, this list could go on forever.
  • Dislikes: Bishounen, Chuck Norris
  • Commander Badass runs a Temp Agency for all the Badasses and macho men of the Pantheon, be they Gods or followers. Because of this, he ends up as an associate to - sometimes even friends with - heroes, villains and anti-heroes alike.
  • Bishounen characters or "pretty boys" do not fit the requirements for entering into his Temp Agency, leading to a number of Gods being turned down by him, Dante being among them. The sole exceptions to this are Zero and the newer JoJo deities.
  • The Commander was created as a super-soldier in the future, where Marketing is as much a part of war as war itself. His DNA was sequenced out and was made as a custom soldier to the military's specifications. However, instead of the brooding anti-hero they wanted him to be (that was the look they were going for), he grew up to be an emotionally stable individual, a good father to his children, and level-headed enough to help guys like Kratos adjust to a normal society.
  • He worships Marlon Brando, and he will kick the ass of anyone who dares to bring up Chuck Norris in his presence. However, he doesn't consider Chuck Norris an enemy; he only dislikes him.
  • Surprisingly to many, Ganondorf appears much more civil in his interactions with Commander Badass than with anyone else.
  • Has the support of the Robot War Division and the Mecha Cohort.
  • One day, he decided to try out the Gurren Lagann. Nobody knows what happened then, but rumors have spread around that it actually broke down from manliness overload. He then decided to make it the mascot of his agency, despite the fact that it's owned by a couple of Bishōnen.
  • He once mentioned the hypocrisy inherent in Captain America's picture being displayed alongside ads that said "Winners don't do drugs", even calling him "Steroid Rogers". Even though he was a super-soldier, he was the chubby kid when a child, and they made him work for his muscles.

    The Entity 
The Life Entity, The Embodiment of Life
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The White Lantern
  • Allignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Back from the Dead, Light Is Not Good, Heroic Sacrifice, Life Energy, All Your Colours Combined, Chessmaster, Our Angels Are Different
  • Domains: Space, Life, Light
  • Allies: All DC comics superheroes, the Seven Lantern Corps, The Emotions
  • Opposes/Opposed by: Nekron, Great United Alliance Of Destruction
  • Representative: Kyle Rayner
  • God spoke: "Let There Be Light", and there it was. The Entity is the White Light, the one from where all life began in the DC Universe.
  • During "The Blackest Night", Nekron unearthed the Entity from within the Earth, where the Guardians found and hid it, in order to kill it and end all life in the DCU. However, Nekron was unsuccessful, as first Sinestro was its host, and then Hal Jordan and others brought back by Nekron used the White Entity to restore Black Hand to life, severing Nekron's connection to the mortal plane.
  • Because of Nekron's actions, it was left in a dying state, and it chose four of the twelve it resurrected to become elemental embodiments to create the Swamp Thing to be the new bearer of the White Light in its stead.
  • He recently sacrificed himself alongside six of the other seven emotional entities to replenish the emotional reservoir behind the Source Wall to keep the universe from ending, as the reservoir had been depleted by the seven Lantern Corps drawing their lights from the wellspring.
  • While The Entity is dead (for the moment), White Lantern Kyle Rayner acts as his representative in the DCU. The Entity currently resides within the Pantheon at the behest of Eru Ilúvatar, whom the Entity sees as a surrogate creator.
  • The Life Entity is closely guarded within the House of Life, as it is feared what will happen should Nekron succeed in capturing and attempting to kill the Entity again. The lives of all characters from the DCU are connected to the Life Entity; should the Entity die, they all die.
  • When not guarded, the Life Entity is able to use its power to restore or create life where there is none, often undoing any destruction caused by the Alliance of Destruction.
  • The Entity is often visited by the Emotions, to whom he is closely linked because of their connection to life itself. But he is curious as to how only one of them actually represents the same emotion as how they are coloured (Anger), while the rest do not.

Yhwach, God of Giving Power At a Price
  • Greater God, Potential Overdeity post-Soul King absorption
  • Symbol: Five-pointed Quincy Cross.
  • Allignment: Chaotic Evil (thinks he is Lawful something)
  • Portfolio: Adaptive Ability, Authority Equals Asskicking, Bad Bosses, Combat Pragmatists, Curb-Stomp Battle, Emperors, Knight of Cerebus, The Thirty-Six Stratagems, Your Soul Is Mine, Victorious Villains
  • Domain: Conquerors, Giving and Stealing Power,
  • Followers: Gerard Valkyrie, Lille Barro, Pernida Parnkgjas, Askin Nakk le Vaar, Haschwalth Jugram
  • Former Followers: The Stern Ritter
  • Allies: Grahf, Father
  • Rivals: En Sabah Nur
  • Enemies: Genryuusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, Kurosaki Ichigo, Zaraki Kenpachi, all Shinigami, Arrancar and Hollow, Pit, Asura, Parasoul, Alucard, All Might
  • Yhwach is a unique Quincy, born with the ability "to share power with others". When he does so, "miracles" occur such as lung disease being healed and lost limbs re-grown, as the power he shares one soul to accomplish what normally cannot be done with two souls.
    • However, his ability has a price: eventually the cultivated power will return to Yhwach, a process that usually results in the death of the person he gave power to. When he was a crippled infant, this process caused people to die within a couple years, a couple months, or even a few days in some cases. If he stops absorbing power, he'll return to his crippled state.
    • He can either impart power by touch, or by engraving a "Letter" signifying an ability onto another person's soul via them taking in his blood.
  • Yhwach is the Emperor of the Vandenreich and the "Father of the Quincy", who is determined to bring about the destruction of the Gotei 13 and the Shinigami. He attempted to replicate this success in the Pantheon by invading the House of Nature and killing Yamamoto after he killed his physical body, unaware this act was against the Pantheon's rule.
    • As a consequence of his actions after a debate in the Main House, Bittercold overthrew Yhwach for the title of Outside-Context Problem, drawing upon the vast amount of negative emotions in the Pantheon that exist in order to do so. Moreover, he was forced to watch as Yamamoto was "willed" back to existence by the Pantheon Akashic Records, and the Main House issued a warning to him against breaking the rules of the Pantheon again. Yhwach relented, realizing he could not incur the wrath of the Main House without being cast out completely, and decided to leave his feud with the Shinigami in his own realm.
  • Many in the Pantheon were shocked when Ishida Uryu was seen by Yhwach's side, leading many to question why one of Ichigo's Nakama sided with one of his enemies. None were more shocked about this than Ichigo himself. Others consider Uryu to be a clue to defeating Yhwach, as he was the only Quincy to survive Yhwach's Auswahlen of the Gemischt Quincy. Others still never believed he had truly turned, and were proven right.
    • Additionally, he has a list of five individuals from his home world he has particular interest in and as possible threats. Three of these five individuals - Ichigo, Aizen, and Zaraki - were already in the Pantheon before him. Currently, all three stand opposed to him, although one cannot be too sure about Aizen's position...
  • No other God in the Pantheon bears a greater grudge against him than Ichigo Kurosaki. From the decimation of the Soul Society, to the death of his mother, to manipulating Ichigo into killing the Soul King, Yhwach has given Ichigo nothing but reason for the young man to stand against him, and Yhwach has not done anything to dissuade Ichigo from this, even boasting about how everything Ichigo has done was to his eventual benefit. Despite this hostility, Yhwach sees Ichigo as his "son", even preferring to capture Ichigo initially rather than kill him, strongly emphasizing their connection via Yhwach's blood. Ichigo does not care, but Yhwach feels it is not up for question, since Ichigo cannot even say he'll "kill" him.
  • Rumours circulate that Yhwach is at his most vulnerable when he sleeps at night, as that is the time of day where he consolidates his power.
    • This has led to many attempts to break into the Wahrwelt, his newly formed castle, and assassinate him in his sleep, although the Schutzstaffel have been able to avert any attempts.
  • While it is not a publicly-known fact, Yhwach is the son of the Soul King, and his killing and absorption of the Soul King earned him the ire of many in the House of Family.
  • Although he is called "The Father of the Quincy" and it is believed the Quincy began with him, a certain Quincy folktale indicates he may only be this to the modern-day Quincy (beginning c. 1000 C.E), not the Quincy predating that time period:
    • Every few decades prior to 1000 C.E, Quincy were born who had no ability to absorb spirit particles or create spirit bows. These Quincy were culled when young as aberrations. The last time such a Quincy was born was over two hundred years before 1000 C.E. That Quincy was Yhwach. The next Quincy like that (Haschwalth Jugram) was born two hundred years later.
  • According to Askin, Yhwach's goal is to destroy the existing three worlds and create a new one, and it is for this reason he follows him: he is curious to see whatever will come into existence afterwards, and does not know when another man like him will come around who would attempt something of such a scale. This puts him at an impasse with the GUAD: although he wishes to destroy the world, his desire to create a new one clashes with their desires for complete destruction (or to recreate the world in their own image).
  • He is said to keep a special horse in a private stable, one which is mighty enough to withstand his reiatsu when it would bring others to their knees.
  • He used to be a frequent visitor to the House of Personal Appearance, mostly to have his mutton chops trimmed, since his facial hair has been noted to grow more voluminous within the space of even a day.
  • Aizen has rubbed it in Yhwach's face that he lost his original title and was humiliated by the Main House, but Yhwach still contents himself with the fact that he succeeded where Aizen failed.
  • His view on war has been seen as paradoxical. He claims to dislike conflict and preaches about peace, but war is one of his primary means of sustaining his life and growing in power.
  • Yhwach maintained his ties with Sinestro and Hades despite Bittercold's success, but he has yet to hear the end of it from the God of the Underworld: note 
    • Sinestro, on the other hand, has said nothing. Rather, he has observed that Yhwach seems more open in seeking alliances with other Gods of the Pantheon, something he rarely did before.
  • In battle, Yhwach is pragmatic, either taking advantage of opportunity when it presents itself, or using "The Almighty" to observe the future flow of battle and turn it against his enemies or to nullify their abilities. When it is night and he sleeps, he leaves battle to his subordinates. When he intends to move against his enemies, he takes the lead himself.

    Commander Sinclair 
Jeffrey David Sinclair, God of Trans Nature (Commander of Babylon 5; Valen; The One Who Was)
Commander of Babylon 5
Click here  to see Valen, the One Who Was
  • Rank: Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Symbol of the Rangers
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Ace Pilot, The Chosen One, Dork Knight, Survivor Guilt, Laser-Guided Amnesia, Military Brat, Rules Lawyer, Shell-Shocked Veteran, Stable Time Loop, Time Travel, The Captain, Alien Abduction, Human Who Became Minbari, Liberator From the Future
  • Domains: Time, Space Stations, Liberation
  • Heralds: Delenn, John Sheridan, Michael Garibaldi, Stephen Franklin, Marcus Cole, Londo Mollari, G'Kar, Zathras
  • Allies: Lorien, Ambassador Kosh, The Doctor, Trunks Briefs (Future), Clockwork, Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor, Susan Ivanova, Grand United Alliance Of Good
  • Enemies: Kang the Conqueror, Grand United Alliance Of Chaos, Grand United Alliance Of Destruction
  • Jeffrey Sinclair was brought into the Pantheon by the combined efforts of Lorien, Ambassador Kosh, finding his soul after it died nine hundred years in the past and bringing him to the present. Lorien told him that, if possible, they would bring others who have "Passed Beyond the Rim" into the Pantheon, which made Sinclair smile. He was looking forward to meeting old friends again.
  • He was quite pleased to see his former second, Susan Ivanova, in the Pantheon, though surprised to see that she ascended before anyone else.
  • The Doctor immediately struck up conversation with Sinclair, since Sinclair was one of those rare occasions of a benevolent time traveler whose going back into the past of his world and staying there was overall beneficial to the timeline, allowing for a better future to take place for his companions and allies. He also commented on Sinclair changing into Valen, which the Doctor likened to his own Regenerations.
  • He is directly opposed to the Grand United Alliance of Chaos, as the Alliance bears echoes of the reasons behind the Shadows staging continuous wars across the galaxy (one such war he went back in time to make sure the Army of Light won), and he knows too well how much that ideology costs people in the long run.
  • Sinclair is a veritable rules lawyer, as his lawyering of the Rush Act's terms on Babylon 5 - "using any means necessary" to quell a riot to divert millions of Credits from the military budget to the dock workers guild to hire new workers and get new equipment - proves. As he once said:
    "You should never hand someone a gun unless you're sure where they'll point it".
  • As Valen, he is a holy figure to the Minbari Castes, being the one who led them to victory against the Shadows a thousand years ago, and is known as "A Minbari Not Born of Minbari". As a Human who became Minbari, this is the cause for Minbari souls being born in Human bodies over the last thousand years. He was quite surprised to learn from Lorien that Delenn was actually one of his descendants.
    • Because he went back in time and became Minbari, it led to Minbari souls being reborn into Human bodies, effectively making his title have both a spiritual context for the Human race in his world, as well as an individual context for himself.
  • Kang the Conqueror hates Sinclair's altruistic nature, as the two are opposite counterparts to one another - Kang has always tried to conquer the past, whereas Sinclair went back in time to save the past.

The Harvesters, Unholy Race of Planet Looters

  • Rank: Greater Gods (collectively); Lesser Gods (Drones); Intermediate Gods (Queens)
  • Symbol: City Destroyer
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Alien Invasion, Planet Looting
  • Allies: , Sirius
  • Rivals: The Dalek Emperor, The Borg, Black Doom, Tyranids
  • Enemies: Primus, Optimus Prime, All Autobots and Decepticons, Luke Skywalker, Mogo the Living Planet, The Neuroi, Brainiac
  • Mogo was the first to encounter the presence of the Harvesters in the space surrounding the Pantheon, when a Mothership and its assortment of City Destroyers de-cloaked in orbit of Mogo and proceeded to assault the living planet, in an attempt to harvest Mogo's core. The Green Lantern Corps and Mogo itself engage in a pitched battle with the Harvester fleet, the rings able to punch through the alien shields, but their numbers and sheer size of the City Destroyers posing a problem, as many City Destroyers began to tunnel into Mogo's core.
    • The battle ended when Luke Skywalker flew into the heart of the Mothership, fought his way through its defense, and fired proton torpedoes into the command and control center. He took a page from Han's book and used his Hyperdrive to high-tail it out of there before the Mothership exploded with him in it. The surviving Harvesters were very annoyed that they lost another Mothership to the same strategy used on them in their world.
  • The Main House offered the surviving aliens an ultimatum: Accept their title and obey the rules of the Pantheon, or be excised forcibly. Begrudgingly, the Harvesters agreed. Then the Harvester Ship de-cloaked at the northern pole of the Pantheon, which is where their race in the Pantheon remains.
  • The Harvesters despise the Autobots and Decepticons alike with a passion. Any robotic race gets their blood boiling, but the Autobots in particular remind them too much of the Sphere, their sworn and ancient enemy. They originally intended to use the Harvester on the Pantheon proper because they learnt that the entire planet was one giant Autobot - Primus himself, and wished to strip the metal planet down to nothing.
  • While they have been compared to Black Doom and the Tyranids for their locust-like behavior and hive mentality, the Harvester Queen rejected the idea of association with them. The race harvests planets cores to fuel their technologies and build new ships; they do not harvest and devour sentient beings in their conquests, or so she claims. At best, they view them as rivals to their own ambitions, and their new-found desire for eventual revenge for the destruction of the Colony Mothership.
  • Sirius was very amused by the bold tactics of the Harvesters upon their entry into the Pantheon, and so decided to introduce them to the Neuroi, claiming that the Neuroi were much like the Harvesters in wanting to harvest the resources of the planet, albeit leaving out the small detail that they were an entire race of drones and machines. The Harvesters began blowing apart Neuroi on sight, and the Neuroi responded in kind.
  • Brainiac once hijacked the technologies of the Harvesters with a virus he uploaded into their systems, wishing to learn more about the new species before he does that he always does: destroy their home once he has all the knowledge of their race absorbed. Then the Queen retook control, and forced Brainiac out. Brainiac briefly experiences psychic episodes now as a result of the encounter.

Uraltugo Noi Nueph, Manager of Divine Ranks (Ugo)
  • Rank: Overdeity (has power over the ranking system)
  • Potential House: Magic/Main House/Court Of The Gods
  • Symbol: Rukh
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Divine Ranks, The Archmage, Beware the Nice Ones, Imagination-Based Superpower, Older Than They Look, Paralyzing Fear of Sexuality, Top God
  • Domains: The Divine Ranks, Magic
  • Allies: Aladdin the Magi, Eru Iluvatar, Aladdin the Thief, The Genie, Madoka Kaname
  • Enemies: Ren Gyokuen, Melkor, Jafar, Zamasu
  • Respects: The Truth
  • The Holy Trinity appointed Ugo to the newly-created position of "Manage of Divine Ranks" after learning he was able to exchange the hierarchy of Gods in his own Universe, and decided he was a perfect fit for regulating the ranks of entities in the Pantheon. Ugo very happily agreed with the decision, because now he had a whole range of new people he could make friends with. He is currently employed in the Court of the Gods.
    • Extra care has been taken by the Holy Trinity to ensure that Ugo's knowledge of how to switch places in the divine hierarchy does not spread to other Gods, for fear that evil-aligned Gods may use it to give themselves more power in the Pantheon, as David was able to accomplish in Ugo's world. However, Tzeentch may already know...
  • Ugo has garnered the ire of a number of evil deities, both because Ugo was able to do what so many of them failed to do (usurp their Universes's gods and become Gods themselves), and because of the apparent hypocrisy in Ugo's treatment compared to them. It is believed that Ren Gyokuen/Arba was the one who first started the complaints.
  • Ugo holds great respect for The Truth as a guardian of the Gate of Truth, and the purveyor of justice and karma. The Truth may have had a guiding hand in David and Sinbad usurping the Sacred Palace from Ugo, but the implication is that David is the one The Truth wants punished. Truth may be the only other being outside of the Holy Trinity with whom Ugo's knowledge was shared.
  • Ugo was also very happy and surprised to meet Aladdin in the Pantheon, and the two frequently talk about the other characters and worlds as Aladdin shows Ugo around the Pantheon. Aladdin is also helping Ugo readjust to being outside of the Sacred Palace, since being in there for 1x10^51 years made him a little insane, and making sure that no evil deities try to trick him into doing something by projecting an illusion of Solomon. Aizen Sousuke in particular is high on the list of people to keep Ugo away from.
  • Unlike Aladdin, Ugo is completely frightened of well-developed female physiques, much to the humor of some Goddesses, but also makes many wonder where on earth Aladdin got it from, since Ugo was the one who raised Aladdin.
  • Ugo's expertise in magic is considered to be unparalleled in his home Universe, enough so that it was his mastery of magic that created the Djinn, the Universe in which Aladdin and his friends currently live in, and the source of his ability to re-order the divine hierarchy.
    • He heard about the plight of Madoka Kaname shortly after arriving in the Pantheon, and he has promised to help Madoka in any way he can.
  • Zamasu was...not happy to hear of Ugo's exploits after the latter ascended to the Pantheon, and immediately went on a rampage against Ugo to destroy the "NINGEN!!!". Ugo quickly over-powered Zamasu and put him in a fish-tank, and was only released on instruction of the Main House after he had calmed down.

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