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Here is a list of Complete Monsters according to their "authors" and the tropers who effort posted them in the Complete Monster cleanup thread. Do note that this list is incomplete and is being worked on. We used the word "Author" initially because we started with literature, according to the novelists who wrote them.


Authors with their own pages


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    Animation Studios 

    Comic Book Creators 

    Comic Book Publishers 
Important Note:You will see Marvel and DC listed here, the entries listed under these publishers are not necessarily part of the Marvel or DC Universe, but may be from different franchises and the comics they starred in were simply published by either Marvel or DC.


    Manga Artists 

  • Accept: Jim Jones (Koolaid)
  • Amon Amarth: The Viking (Where Silent Gods Stand Guard)
  • Anthrax: Adolf Hitler (The Enemy)
  • Barathrum: Elizabeth Nadasdy (Countess Elizabeth Nadasdy)
  • Bathory: Elizabeth Bathory (Woman of Dark Desires)
  • Battle Beast (includes Beast in Black): Griffith (Battle Beast and Berserker)
  • Bewitched: Richard Ramirez (The Night Stalker)
  • Blind Guardian: Morgoth (Nightfall in Middle-Earth)
  • Bloodbath: The Soulcollector (The Soulcollector)
  • Blue Öyster Cult: [[Music/{{Spectres Nosferatu]]
  • Carach Angren: Captain van der Decken
  • Casket Robbery: Elizabeth Bathory (Blood Bathory)
  • Celtic Frost: Gilles de Rais (Into the Crypt of Rays)
  • Creature Feature: The Narrator (Such Horrible Things)
  • DA Games: William Afton (It's Time to Die and I'm the Purple Guy)
  • Daddyphatsnaps: Carnage (Maximum Carnage and Venom vs. Spider-Man vs. Carnage Rap Battle)
  • The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets: Nyarlathotep (The Shadow Out of Time)
  • Das EFX: The Thug (Hard Like a Criminal)
  • Deathspell Omega: The Narrator
  • The Decemberists: The Rake (The Hazards of Love)
  • Demons & Wizards: Randall Flagg (Crimson King)
  • Draugûl: Dracul (Impaler Lord)
  • Dream Theater: Nyarlathotep (The Dark Eternal Night)
  • DulcetRefrain: Chara (Megalovania)
  • Edge of Sanity: The Crimson Queen (Crimson)
  • Exodus (band): Leonard Lake, Charles Ng (The Ballad of Leonard and Charles), Dennis Vader (BTK)
  • Aaron Fraser-Nash: Valak (The Nun Sings a Song)
  • Geto Boys: Bushwick Bill, Scarface (Mind of a Lunatic)
  • Ghost: Elizabeth Bathory (Elizabeth)
  • Gloryhammer: Zargothrax (Tales from the Kingdom of Fife and Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards)
  • The Great Old Ones: Nyarlathotep (Nyarlathotep)
  • Hate Eternal: The Ruler (Fury Within)
  • Hip-Hop Comics: Darkseid (Bow Before Me), Carnage (Maximum Carnage), the Joker (The Joke's on You and The Last Laugh)
  • Iced Earth: Malebolgia, Billy Kincaid (The Dark Saga), Damien (Damien), Attila the Hun (Attila)
  • Iron Maiden: Lucifer (Seventh Son of a Seventh Son)
  • Rin Kagamine: The Killer (Fear Garden)
  • Kamelot: Elizabeth Bathory (Karma)
  • Legion of the Damned: Richard Ramirez (Nocturnal Predator)
  • Glenn Leroi: SCP-106 (SCP-106 Song)
  • Ludo: King Silias (Broken Bride)
  • Macabre: Albert Fish (Mr. Albert Fish (Was Children Your Favoriterite Dish?), Nero, Gilles de Rais, Georg Großmann (Grim Scary Tales)
  • Machigerita: Pierrot (Pierrot)
  • Machine Head: Charles Manson (Night of Long Knives)
  • Madame Macabre: The Skin Taker (In the Cove), the Slender Man (Regret Game), Monika (Only Monika)
  • Malevolent Creation: Jack the Ripper (Jack the Ripper)
  • Man on the Internet: Lavos, Dimentico (It's Showtime! and The Ultimate Show), Marx (Vs. Marx), Dark Samus (Brinstar Depths), Ridley (Vs. Ridley)
  • Maximum the Hormone: Frieza (F)
  • Metallica: The Phantom Lord (Phantom Lord)
  • The Misfits: The Narrator (Last Caress), Jack the Ripper (Jack the Ripper)
  • Live Squad: Majesty (Murderahh)
  • Necro: Ill Bill (White Slavery)
  • N.W.A.: Dr. Dre (One Less Bitch)
  • Poets of the Fall: Hamartia (Daze)
  • The Protomen: Dr. Albert Wily (The Protomen)
  • Queensrÿche: Dr. X
  • Randy Newman: God (God's Song (That's Why I Love Mankind))
  • Rhapsody of Fire: Akron, the Queen of Dark Horizons (The Emerald Sword Saga), Nekron (The Dark Secret Saga)
  • The Rolling Stones: The Devil
  • Sabaton: Adolf Hitler (The Rise of Evil and The Final Solution), Radovan Karadžić (We Burn)
  • Seven Kingdoms: Aerys Targaryen (Kingslayer)
  • Mike Shinoda: The Tyrant (fine)
  • Sigh: Jack the Ripper (In the Mind of a Lunatic)
  • Slayer: Josef Mengele
  • A Sound of Thunder: Master Darque (Tales from the Deadside), Udoroth (Udoroth)
  • Steampianist: Albert Fish (Secrets of Wysteria)
  • Trans-Siberian Orchestra: Mephistopheles
  • Tyler, the Creator: The Narrator (Garbage)
  • Venom: Elizabeth Bathory (Countess Bathory)
  • Vindsvept: The Scarlet King (The Scarlet King)
  • Witchfinder General: The Witchfinder General (Witchfinder General)
  • Within Temptation: The Killer (Angels)






    Tabletop Game Developers 

    Video Game Companies (Publishers unless otherwise stated) 

    Video Game Creators 


Important Note: Some tropers have proposed so many candidates that they have their own pages to store the large number of CMs they have approved. Thus if a troper has enough approved candidates, their list on this page may be relocated to a page of their own and their approved CMs will be separated into different media for more convenient browsing. Other tropers have also posted their lists of approved CMs on their own Troper Profile Pages; thus they will have links to their profile pages on this page instead of their own lists.

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