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Here is a list of Complete Monster incarnations for characters in the Complete Monster cleanup thread. Do note that this list is incomplete and is being worked on. Also note that only characters with 5 or more versions who qualify will be listed here.

Bolded works (if applicable) are the original appearance of the character. Some incarnations may also have other names or aliases which will be listed here.


William Afton (5) note 

Apocalypse (6)

Elizabeth Báthory (15)

Bluebeard (9)

Brainiac (19)

Carnage (6)

Cinder Fall (5)

Cobra Commander (11)

Darkseid (12)

Dormammu (5)

Dracula and/or Vlad the Impaler (26)

Frieza (6)

(King) Ghidorah (9)

Ghostface (7)

God (In the Abrahamic sense) (9)

Reinhard Heydrich (5)

Adolf Hitler (12)

Jack the Ripper (31)

The Joker (40)

King Hiss/King Hsss (5)

Krang (6)

Freddy Krueger (7)

Loki (8)

Lex Luthor (8)

Medusa (includes Medusa Gorgon) (6)

Megatron (10)

Megatronus (Prime), aka The Fallen (5)

Josef Mengele (10)

Mongul (5, not including his son)

Professor James "Jim" Moriarty (6, not including The Games of Moriarty)

Michael Myers (6)

Nyarlathotep (21)

Norman Osborn/Green Goblin (5)

Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine (9)

Red Skull (16)

Satan/Lucifer/The Devil (44)

Jonathan "The Scarecrow" Crane (6)

Sheriff of Nottingham (5)

Shredder/Oroku Saki (7)

Sister Jill (5)

  • AniManga: Cutey Honey '90; Cutie Honey Flash; Cutie Honey Universe; Re: Cutie Honey
  • Live-Action Films: Cutie Honey: Tears

Skeletor (9)

Slenderman/Slender Man (5)

Trigon (the Terrible) (5)

Ultron (9)

The Wicked Witch (9)

Dr. Albert Wily (5)

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