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Given the effect that anonymity has on some Internet users, the fact that Broken Bases would arise should come as no surprise.

General examples

  • The Internet itself has a broken base. There are those people who hate how self-absorbed and insular the Internet has become since the advent of social networking and people becoming famous for being online and wish the Internet was as it was before 2001, where it was about people from far-flung parts of the world connecting with each other over shared interests. Then there are those people who are only familiar with the Internet since it's become about self-absorption and "chatting with your friends" — these people tend to be in the demographic that would've been the original target/base for Facebook, love to spend time on Facebook, have thousands of Facebook friends consisting largely of high school and college friends, etc. — and who would HATE for the Internet to be as it was from the ARPANET days on. Then there are the people who were too young to experience the Internet as it was from 2000 and earlier, who utilize the Internet as it was meant to be (that exchange with people from throughout the world over shared interests) via Tumblr blogs and the like; they tend to disparage Facebook and similar sites. Then there are the people who were old enough to be online since before 2001 who have always been self-absorbed and uninterested in any exchange of ideas, who love to use Facebook, have thousands of Facebook friends, have always used the Internet just to chat with high school/college friends and work colleagues, etc., who prefer the Internet as it is today over the pre-2001 Internet.
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  • Web pages that use dark text on light backgrounds vs. light text on dark backgrounds. "I'm blinded!" vs "I can't see a damn thing!".

Specific examples:

  • Dead Fantasy, dear God. The internet movie series has sent Dead or Alive fans to the throats of Final Fantasy fans and vice versa. Hayate's mutilation of Tifa has sent him down the road of hate beyond measure form all fans of FF 7. On the other side DOA fans are pissed that Tifa managed to take down at least a dozen of the Ninja Clan before being stopped. DOA fans also get mad about the fact thier side seems to be the villains and FF seems to get all the attention from the creator, FF fans get mad that the Team DOA is anything more than the Designated Villain and that they're taking up screen time from the FF character of choice.
    • This doesn't even begin the touch on Kairi and Rachel showing up and the various the Flame Wars the crop up around them.
  • Basically any changes to Facebook will trigger this. For that matter, any changes to any website will cause this reaction for users.
  • Furry Fandom. See that quote on the top of the Furry Fandom page? That's in contention.
    • So bad that when Randy Milholland has a Something*Positive forum, he banned the use of the word "furry" after his memorable Story Arc that had PeeJee actually finding out just what a "furry" is.
    • The large amount of furries who have taken up an interest in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic have received a lot of flak from furries who do not like the show, as well as from people who like the show, but don't like furries.
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    • What is a furry character is a controversial matter. Are non-furred animals like reptiles (dubbed "scalies") furry or does "furry" refer exclusively to furred animals, not animals in general? Are furry characters only Funny Animal's or are "feral" (non-anthro) characters allowed? If so, what level of anthropomorphic do they need to be to be considered furry characters? How do non-human apes fit into all of this?
    • For that matter, what is a furry period? Some people insist you must have a fursona or fursuit while others simply enjoy animals as characters. Don't even get started on the people who think furries are all into yiff.
    • With Funny Animal characters there's the issue of how to draw them. Clothes or no clothes? Half-dressed or fully clothed? Breasts on females or flat chested? Human-like hair or no hair?
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    • Adam "Zaush" Wan- sexual predator, or innocent?
  • Beautifully summed up and parodied by Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures here.
  • The new interface for Stumbleupon has caused this.
  • This happened with the huge change in layout and use of the sixty one a music site. Some people absolutely hated it, making songs about bringing the old sixty one back and the version of the website is still up for use (though a lot of the old tools have been cut out) because if it was deleted so many people would leave. On the other hand other people have enjoyed the change.
  • Just about anything about Tumblr is this. Was the purchase by Yahoo! the only way to save the website from shutting down, or is it what will doom Tumblr somewhere down the road? Then there's the situation with "Social Justice Warriors" and the way they handle things. The less said about that, the better.
  • In tvtropes itself in regards to naming and renaming tropes - those who like names that name check Trope Makers, Trope Codifiers and fandom terms - even if everyone outside those fandom are left scratching their heads and wondering what the trope is - and those who think names should be as universally understandable as possible, even if sacrifices some creativity (or even accuracy) in exchange for accessibility.
    • There's heated debates over large extensive example cutting, Troper Tales, Real Life examples etc etc.
    • There's also the divide between the Fora and the Troper IRC Channel. The former thinks the latter is filled with lolicons and such, and the latter thinks the former is the TV Tropes equivalent of GameFAQs and should be against the law to visit.
  • Twitter:
    • Official clients (such as the website itself, TweetDeck, and official mobile clients) vs. third-party clients (such as Tween and its forks, Tweetbot, and the out-of-user-tokens Janetter). Those who use official clients consider them good enough for everyday use and don't have to worry about refresh limitsnote  or limited features such the lack of group messages or favorite and retweet activity. Those who prefer third-party clients prefer them for the lack of ads and addition of extra features not found in official clients such as choosing third-party image hosts, live streaming of tweets, and muting tweets by keyword or tweet source rather than just muting users.
    • Subtweets, i.e. carrying a public conversation without @-mentioning whoever you're talking to. Some get some giggles out of exchanging conversation and being sneaky about it, but others consider it timeline clutter and a nuisance especially to those who don't follow every user involved in the conversation.
    • The practice of replying to someone but putting their @-username somewhere besides the very beginning of the tweet, so that everyone following the replying user—not just those following the replying user and the recipient—sees their side of the conversation. Some don't mind it much and feel that it encourages them to discover new friends, but others argue that if they really want to see conversations involving people they don't follow, they'll just view the replying user's timeline instead.
    • The 140-character limit for tweets. Opponents don't like how it makes meaningful posts and conversations difficult to carry out, while proponents point out that Twitter began as an SMS-based service—hence the character limit—and that the character limit is here to stay as long as Twitter offers the option to send and receive tweets via SMS, as uplifting the limit would be unfair to those who can only afford texting plans.
  • Wikia's new layout was not well-received by the majority of the wiki community, especially those with bare-bones knowledge on how to customize their individual wikis.
  • Youtube:.
    • Any design change in the website in always result in a considerable amount of users complaining about it.
    • The Advertisement system on Youtube. Some users don't agree with it and say Youtube should be a ad-free website and Google is a greedy company. Many critics use web browser extensions like the adblock plus to hide all advertisement of the page either for protest against it or just for skip all ads without wasting time. In other hand, many Youtubers which produce videos for it and some users agree with the Advertisement and say it's very hypocritical to use third part extension to block ads since it's the main (and the only in most of cases) source of income for Youtubers and if more users start to watch content using adblockers, this will lead to more Youtubers quitting due the lack of money which will result in less content and eventually resulting the death of the website. They also say people who complain about the ads are paying nothing to watch videos in first place and if they don't want to watch ads they should to subscribe to Youtube Red or get out of Youtube and stop complaining.
    • Youtubers are still divided over the ratings system: the original star ratings system vs. the current likes and dislikes system.
    • As of recent years, the integration of Google Plus has caused massive outcry (though not enough apparently to change the design) seeing Google Plus' integration as a way to rejuvenate a failed social network (which caused it to fail even worse in many people's eyes).
  • YouTube Poop is split between people who take its creators' intentions to heart and make videos with increasingly higher volume, more filters and more obscure sources without thinking that something that was originally made for annoyance's sake might evolve into something you do for laughs, and people who apply the Rule of Funny to mix and match words and phrases from well-known sources to make funny stories starring the characters from these sources but think Poop started with the CD-i. Examples of both, mostly the former, can be found on Youchew Poop.


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