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Sandbox / Broken Base Avengers Age Of Ultron

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  • Wanda and Pietro's outfits. Either Wanda (a character known for her more outlandish outfits) looks like a more realistic character, or she's now dull looking. The lack of headgear is a particular point of contention. A set photo of her wearing a red dress seems to have this quieted down. However, the full superhero costume she dons in the film's final scene seems to have been universally accepted.
  • According to different viewers, Wanda and Pietro's Eastern European accents are either nicely done and give them added characterization, or completely horrid and unconvincing.
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  • The Bruce/Natasha relationship is either a refreshing dynamic or shoehorned and improbable, depending on who you ask. The second camp is further split between shippers who prefer Natasha with Clint/Steve/Bucky, and fans indignant that the only female Avenger is written as a Love Interest at all.
  • Opinions differ on whether Ultron should have a more robotic finish to his voice, or if he should just sound like James Spader.
  • The Avengers not being aware that Phil Coulson is alive and well, with Whedon noting that he didn't treat Coulson as alive during production (Which is rumored to have pissed Marvel off). Either you don't watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or don't like it, so you have little issue with it; or you're a passionate fan who hates how none of the team were made aware in the three years since the first movie. This is especially egregious in the film's final act, with Nick Fury's Big Damn Heroes moment and a team of unknown S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Given Fury's status after Captain America: The Winter Soldier and his relationship with Coulson, many felt it was odd to not have the Agents characters in cameos. Especially since the following Agents episode reveals that Coulson was involved in providing the Helicarrier.
    • This is mitigated with the tie-in novels about Black Widow, which portray the Avengers as still working with Coulson after The Avengers, showing that they were told the truth at some point.
  • The amount of humor and one-liners, which are either welcome and funny, or breaking the tension, especially coming from Ultron.
  • Ultron's characterization. Some think he's one of the best Marvel villains with a more complicated personality than other villains in the setting or that he's just another mankind-hating robot who can't even keep why he's trying to kill humanity straight for half-an-hour. A few others preferred to have a less humanized but more serious and menacing villian.
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  • Quicksilver's Super Speed is noticeably slower here than in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Does the MCU nerf him too much, or is he just too powerful in the Fox universe? The latter camp notes that his uber-speed in the other film just raised the question as to why he did not help out more or "fix things" as much as he could, while here his limits are more clearly defined. The former camp notes that he's dead as a result.
  • Who did a better job of portraying Quicksilver: Evan Peters or Aaron Johnson?
  • Tony's "Prima Nocta" line during the Hammer lifting scene. Either it's Tony Stark being, well, Tony Stark and thus it's well within character for him to make jokes involving taboo subjects such as Black Comedy Rape, or it goes beyond the bounds of good taste for that exact same reason. And that's all we're going to say about it.
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  • As is expected when the same characters are being handled by different writers, there's naturally a lot of arguing between fans of the heroes in their solo movies and fans of the Avengers films over whether they're acting Out of Character or not, or over which version has the better portrayal of them.
  • Hawkeye's characterization as "The Heart" of the team. Thanks to being Out of Focus in the first film, many jokes appeared regarding Hawkeye being the weakest member of the team. The second film doesn't address this issue so much as it skirts around it; Hawkeye himself jokes about being not as useful in combat, but because he's supposedly the most "grounded" of the team, he believes he can keep them from being their own worst enemies. Fan reaction to this has been mixed, with some feeling this gave his character some depth while others find it dumb and cliche and makes Hawkeye an Adaptational Wimp with even more Badass Decay.
  • Wanda's complicity in the many civilian deaths that ensued throughout the film. After all, it was her Mind Rapes of Tony and Bruce Banner that resulted in the creation of Ultron and the Hulk's rampage in South Africa. Is she a Karma Houdini whose Freudian Excuse does not justify her actions and whose callous disregard for the consequences of her deeds are rewarded with a position among the Avengers? A Jerkass Woobie who pays for her crimes with the death of her brother? Or a complete Woobie who does not deserve Bruce's anger and is innocent of the death and destruction caused by Ultron and the Hulk, as she did not have any direct control over Tony and Bruce's actions post-Mind Rape?


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