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    Ragna the Bloodedge 
  • According to Word of God, Ragna drew inspiration from another wanted man in red, Vash the Stampede. Also, there's stuff like the psycho-brother, dead female companion, (Rem may not have been Vash and Knives' sister, but damn close enough) the robot arm and the wing that comes out of his arm.
  • Blonde/White-Haired Guy with big sword in red trench coat has a brother in a blue coat with katana. Sound familiar?
    • Blonde/White-Haired Guy with a giant sword that can change form, wears red, and has demonic powers. Sounds a lot like Inuyasha.
    • Spiky silver hair, red trenchcoat, giant sword... that screams Sanger Zonvolt.
  • Hilariously, Ragna's VA is Patrick Seitz. Guess which Castlevania character he did?
  • His personality in joke endings is influenced by Gintoki, with whom he shares the same voice actor. Both Ragna and Gintoki are badass white haired swordsmen whose fear of ghosts makes them scream like girls. It is implied in the materials collection that Mori asked Tomokazu Sugita to be Ragna after he watched Gintama. This inspires various Blazblue x Gintama MAD videos.
    • Bloodedge, Ragna's time-displaced alternate self who fought the Black Beast, pays further homage to Gintoki by only wearing his jacket on the left side, much like how Gintoki wears his outfit.
  • This gem from Calamity Trigger Reconstruct
    Ragna: Have you gone full retard? HE JUST ATTACKED YOU!

    Jin Kisaragi 
  • Jin's personality and powerset makes him similar to Fatima of Luminous Arc 2 fame. In Continuum Shift, Jin even gains Fatima's color palette.
  • In Continuum Shift. In Jin's Arcade Mode where he faces Ragna, and resisting Yukianesa's influence.
    Jin: Shut up, Shut up, Shut up! / Urusai, Urusai, Urusai!
  • Jin shares the same birthday (Valentine Day) with Keith Evans, who is the resident rival and ice user of Psychic Force.
  • Jin's brother may be the one who looks a bit like Archer, but in terms of what their job is...he pretty much fills in the role as a Counter-Guardian. Jin is described as the world's antibody after all. He's probably still in the Emiya Shirou phase, however.

    Noel Vermillion 
  • During one of CS's "Teach Me, Miss Litchi!" segments, Noel comments on how she had been trying to make herself smarter for her studies, and brings out the "Ludovico Brain Flex-O-Matic model 1984." She said she saw an ad for one in a magazine and ordered it from the Orwellian Industries website.
  • Noel's "Fenrir" minigun has exactly the same front grip as the one from Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
  • Noel's appearance looks similar to Melty Blood / Tsukihime's Sion Eltnam Atlasia but her personality is completely different, at least outside of battles.
  • In her CT gag reel she's forced to dress as both a Jellyfish Pirate and later Valentine's outfit.
  • Her entire fighting style is an homage to Equilibrium, from which many of her moves are explicitly taken.
  • One of Unlimited Noel's Distortion Drives in CP is a homage to Toki's Ujou Danjin Ken move from the Fist of the North Star game.

    Rachel Alucard 
  • One of the trophies in CT is called "A Spoonful of Sugar". It involves keeping Rachel aloft for an extended time.
  • A few are in Rachel's "Help Me Professor Kokonoe" episode:
    Rachel: Tea ba-
    Kokonoe: Ugh. Look, don't go there, OK? You can't even do that in this game.
    • And...
    Rachel: Shutupshutupshutup! / Uruchai! Uruchai! Uruchai!
  • A pretty large one is that Rachel Alucard being to Evangeline, possible right down to the Expy level. However, her cross shaped attacks are more reminiscent of Remilia Scarlet. Considering though that Evangeline herself may be an Expy of Remilia Scarlet, this may just be a recursive sort of thing.
  • During her gag ending/reel, Rachel tells Valkenhayn, "Explain to him (Ragna), as you would a child".
  • Considering how the Nasuverse reference spree goes, Rachel filled in for Rin Tohsaka; not only she has the same English and Japanese voice actresses, she also summons and is essentially Archer/Hakumen's master. Then again, she looks more like Arcueid Brunestud...


    Iron Tager 

    Litchi Faye-Ling 
  • A lot of Litchi's traits are similar to school nurse Kyoko Minazuki. To wit:
    • They're two Hospital Hotties with leerings to Hot Scientist (Litchi was before, Kyoko was after) with long black hair. They had an occasion wearing a lab coat too (Litchi on the back stories as her scientist days, Kyoko wears it all the time, even in combat), and both wear glasses all the time. They're also teachers (Litchi taught the Kaka clan, Kyoko is a Badass Teacher)
    • Both tangled/sided with the antagonist faction (NOL and Justice High), but their true personality seems to leer to actually good hearted people.
    • Though they seem professional/kind most of the time, when nobody's looking, they tend to be Lady Drunk (Litchi as seen in Noel's CT Joke End and Tsubaki's Gag Reel, Kyoko's All There in the Manual).
    • They're surrounded with two guys, one intellectual and so far is the one winning their affection (Arakune/Lotte Carmine and Hideo Shimazu), one Hot-Blooded guy who probably had one-sided crush on them (Bang Shishigami and Hayato Nekketsu, the latter of whom teamed up with Kyoko and Hideo in Project Justice)
    • Lastly, she plays the role of school nurse in Carl's Gag Reel.

  • Arakune's joke ending:
    Arakune: I'm in a role-playing game... Form party... I need to find the Azure, weapons, allies, Azure, final boss. Ultimate Attack is "OVER 9000...!"
  • Arakune used to be a normal being, but he is now some sort of Eldritch Abomination. He is litterally consumed by madness, he isn't aware of what he is doing, and he repeats lines and lines with the same word over and over. In Story Mode, one of his losing scenes shows him as a creepy swirl repeating "Azure" ad nauseam. The resemblance with Giygas from Earthbound is striking.
  • One of Arakune's winquotes is translated in the dub as "What is a man?"
  • In Bullet's Gag Reel in Chronophantasma Extend has Arakune at one point saying he needs to go to get "Legend of the Overfiend Redux" note . Also acts as a Fandom Nod due of how fans like to use Arakune's powers (especially regarding tentacle porn, as "Legend of the Overfiend" is one of the first of the genre).
  • He's looks visually similar to No Face, Uboa and the idle form of a Shadow (Black Goo / White Face form).
  • During Arakune's joke ending, Jin's shop has Sol's Fuuenken sitting on the table.

    Bang Shishigami 

    Carl Clover 
  • They might remind some of Tarvek and Anevka Sturmvoraus from Girl Genius. Mysterious father whose experiments have screwed up the family and who has provided a body for the Big Bad, sister transformed from human to something not...
    • He may also be a reference to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, particularly Part 3 (on which the fighting game adaptation was based). As in the JoJo fighting game, the Carl player effectively controls two characters at once. Marionette Purple even sounds like the name of a stand.
  • The plot of Carl's joke ending resembles the "six mysteries" event in Kingdom Hearts II... with added hilarity. The sound of a crying girl in the restroom? That's the school nurse Litchi trying to get into a miniskirt one size too small. It also references Detective Conan, for obvious reasons, and even Scooby Doo, since one of the group members calls them "Mystery Inc."
  • Nirvana, Carl's doll puppet, looks a bit like Dorothy Waynewright.
  • Carl looks sort of like Dorothy Albright. As for his character, he is similar to Lieselotte Achenbach, both being fairly young, having rather serious jobs (Lieselotte is an assassin, Carl is an vigilante) and both older sisters have been turned into dolls, both of which seemed to have baked cookies. Though in the case of Lieselotte, her older sister is just fine. He even has a palette base on her in Chronophantasma.

  • Kokonoe's image of a "remodelled" Hakumen resembles Dancougar.
  • This may seem like a stretch, but during Hakumen and Hazama's unique battle intro (with settings into English language), Hakumen said something along the lines of "You do not belong in this world" to Hazama. Now, who's Hakumen's VA again?
  • Hakumen's entire character fighting style is based off an older Daisuke Ishiwatari game, The Last Blade, back when he started at SNK. He plays much like a Power character from that series.
    • Unlimited Hakumen in CP even has special combos that mirrors Last Blade's Speed Mode.
  • With Jin's case, Hakumen is the Archer to Jin's Shirou in that he's a Jerk with a Heart of Gold Future Badass version of a main character, primarily seen wielding bladed weapons (Hakumen's Ookami & Archer's Kanshou and Bakuya), who acts as a somewhat antagonist to his past self (Hakumen being disgusted with Jin, and Archer wanting to commit suicide by killing Shirou), and each respective past self ends up eventually finding out the identity of their respective future selves. This is on top of them having connections with main characters who wear red, and\or are high-class Tsunderes {Ragna and Rachel being Hakumen's brother and occasional employer (whom he fights for reluctantly) respectively, and Rin being Archer's Master and, during Unlimited Blade Works as Shirou, Love Interest}.
    • One of the unlockable artwork pieces shows Hakumen standing in a Field of Blades like Archer.
  • And then, the obvious similarities to Zero. Hakumen's voice (i.e how he's a much deeper sounding Jin) is officially based off from Lelouch's Zero Persona, after all.
  • One wonders if his name and Kitsune theme might make him a shout-out to the Big Bad of Ushio and Tora, the kitsune daiyoukai Hakumen no Mono.
  • Take a look at his Astral Finish, then notice the pose he takes afterward. He must've learned a thing or two from Akuma.
  • Unlimited Hakumen can perform a more powerful version of his Enma move by way of "just frames", similar to how Electric Wind God Fist is performed in Tekken. Enma itself is already similar in how to perform and execution to EWGF.

    Nu- 13 
  • Nu's unarmoured form and attack patterns (not to mention being an artificial being) highly resemble Cinque from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Striker S.
  • Nu's armour design is reminiscent of Anubis. Specifically, the pointy ends of the legs combined with the wings. Now, if the armour had dog ears and a staff...
    • Speaking of which, go look at the palette used for Nu's Combo Six in the tutorial on the bonus disc. Consider it for a moment... Doesn't it looks like Lindy Harlaown in her admiral uniform?
  • One of Unlimited Nu's D Ds is a reference to Testament's Nightmare Circular super from Guilty Gear and Elizabeth's Mahamaon and Mamudoon supers in Persona 4 Arena.

    Lambda- 11 
  • All of Unlimited Lambda's new moves in CPEX are taken from Labrys from Persona 4: Arena.

    Tsubaki Yayoi 
  • Tsubaki seems to have similarities to Lancer Trope Codifier Kain. They're both the best friend of a more important character (story-wise), they are both more skilled fighters than said friend (Noel needs Bolverk to fight, whereas Kain deals more damage than Dark Knight!Cecil due to his Jump), and yet they are both ranked lower than their friend on account of favouritism (although, granted, Cecil was the king's adopted son while Noel is the victim of a Manipulative Bastard), and in both cases The Lancer is jealous of their friend's close proximity to their Love Interest. Also? Their respective Face Heel Turns are for the most part due to Envy.
  • One look at Tsubaki's outfit and weapons and you might end up instantly thinking "Sophitia/Cassandra/Lizardman".
    • On the other hand, her playstyle is identical to Order-Sol's.
    • Again with the Nasuverse references, she seems like the stand-in for Sakura Matou, being the most likely of Jin's love interests. She's also turned to the dark side (into a Green-Eyed Monster, precisely) due to frustration of someone (surprisingly, not the Rin counterpart Rachel) taking everything away from her.
  • Tsubaki's Astral Heat is one big homage to Lenneth.
  • One of Unlimited Tsubaki's D Ds is a reference to Chie's Agneyastra super from Persona 4 Arena.


    Mu- 12 

    Makoto Nanaya 
  • Makoto is an expy of Squirrel Girl.
  • Background-wise, Makoto resembles Nanael, being both fantastic beings with a cheerful personality, but with very screwed-up backstories, including being discriminated by their peers and both having human friends (Leina and Tomoe in Nanael's case and Noel and Tsubaki in Makoto's case).
  • Makoto's full of Street Fighter references. While her fighting style is already similar to Dudley's, her Unlimited mode pretty much gives her his entire moveset (and taunt, with acorn in place of Dudley's rose). In addition, her Astral Finish is an over-the-top version of the Seichusen Godanzuki, an attack used by her namesake Makoto. Unlimited Makoto can also perform the Abare Tosanami and the original Seichusen Godanzuki.
  • She randomly shouts "SPOOOOOON!" when performing her drive.
  • One of her Distortion Drives resembles Jin Saotome's Blodia Punch.
  • Said in a very commanding and serious tone, Makoto's victory line at the end of a match parodies Fist of the North Star.
    • Another victory quote is a shout out to FLCL.
    "He who conquers the leftnote ... CONQUERS THE WORLD!"

    Valkenhayn R. Hellsing 
  • Hellsing should be all that needs to be said in regard to Valkenhayn.
    • Not to mention that his Japanese VA also voiced Walter C. Dornez
  • The techniques he uses in his werewolf form are based off of Jon Talbain from Darkstalkers, and those of his normal form are similar to another aristocratic fellow from Arc System Works: Slayer.
  • His wolf form also resembles Zafira from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's. Zafira's master has the same voice actress as Rachel and even shares a cross motif.

    Platinum the Trinity 
  • During Ragna's story mode, Platinum accuses him of being a paedophile, before calling him 'Aqualung' in reference to the well known Jethro Tull song.
  • Platinum's Astral Heat is almost identical to Marisa Kirisame's "Surefire Spark" spellcard from Touhou Hisoutensoku. The way she did it, however, resembles Nanoha's Starlight Breaker with her staff morphing into something resembling Nanoha's Raising Heart.
  • Her move names have Shout-Out Theme Naming to various Magical Girl anime. Including, but not limited to Dream Sally, Mami Circular and Cure Dot Typhoon.
  • During Plantinum's encounter with Ragna, while insulting him Luna randomly calls him "Baldy." This is probably a shout out to Bleach's Hiyori, another bratty character who likes calling people "baldy" regardless of whether they actually are.
  • In Platinum's Arcade Mode story, she refers to Bang as a scruffy-looking nerf herder.
  • In one of the Teach Me More, Ms. Litchi! segments, Taokaka, upon being asked how vigilantes receive their payment, suggests that captured criminals turn into coins. Luna retorts "They're not RPG monsters or evil exes!"
  • Platinum has a male personality, a female personality, and a third personality which is ridiculously powerful. Hmm. What we're facing here is a loli Ryougi Shiki.
    • Funny little note, if one notices, the third personality of Platinum is Ryougi... but in reverse. Where Ryougi can, more or less, destroy anything that she comes across being the personification of Akasha, Platinum's Trinity can create... anything. The odd thing is that Ryougi can recreate... anything... however this is a power of Akasha that she doesn't use all that much.
    • Her actual character design is an over-the-top parody of Sailor Moon.

    Relius Clover 

    Amane Nishiki 

  • Take Raoh and add in Kenpachi's code of honor, use of a Power Limiter, and an obsession with fighting the spiky haired BFS wielding protagonist (Doubly so since Ragna has an Ichigo palette now). That's Azrael in a nutshell.
    • Add in his Japanese voice actor and you have Asura with his mentor's personality.
    • In terms of Guilty Gear parallels, he's pretty similar to Slayer. They share several animations, the same style of teleport dash, a general playstyle, the unique distinction of their standing medium attacks (5B and Slash respectively) having a followup and a similar 6A shoulder charge. There are several story similarities as well.
    • One of his quotes for landing the proper Drive attack on an opponent's applied weak point is "Tsuukon no ichigeki tte yatsu da!" ("This is what's known as a 'tsuukon no ichigeki'!" - literally, a "regretful blow", and also the term for Critical Hit used in the Dragon Quest series).
  • Azrael's Astral is more or less a Falcon Punch, with the addition of a scene afterward where he flashes his exposed back to the screen like Akuma.
  • Azrael also borrows a mechanic from a past Arc Systems Works game, as his Valiant Charger special incorporates Hokuto no Ken's Boost mechanic. Anyone who's familiar with the fighter probably shat bricks when they saw that, but fortunately, he can't lock you into an infinite loop with it. Well, he could originally, but they patched that out.
    • The Fist of the North Star references get kicked up a notch with his Unlimited Mode. Not only does he have a Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs move, he also has an Overdrive Distortion Drive where his Battle Aura flares up, and the number 7 appears above his super meter, which given the strong influence of Fist of the North Star in his design, it isn't much of a stretch to assume this move is a Musou Tensei homage.

  • The newcomer Bullet was immediately pegged as an Expy of Zenia Valov. While their temperaments differ, both are white-haired, pilebunker-wielding mercenaries who display a no-nonsense attitude and favour close-range combat.
    • Bullet also strongly resembles Angel in, eh... build, hair colour, dress sense and fighting style, though their personalities couldn't be further from each other.
  • Unlimited Bullet receives Pressure Buster, a Distortion Drive that combines Rugal's Gigantic Pressure and Terry's Buster Wolf, both from The King of Fighters. As well as Matchlock Dive, a reference to C. Viper's Burning Dance in Street Fighter IV.

  • She has an attack named Slaver Trans-am. It summons Attack Drones, a Gundam staple.
    • In fact, all of Izayoi's moves are named after machines or concepts from Gundam, particularly SEED, Destiny, and 00.
    • The horn-like "engines" on her skirt are also clearly GN drives

    Kagura Mutsuki 

  • Kokonoe is a pink-haired, rather egotistical Mad Scientist with a bit of an amoral streak... seems like a Darker and Edgier Washu.
  • A Star Wars shout-out occurs later in the second game during Rachel's joke ending. Kokonoe's description of Bang's reaction to Litchi declaring her love for Ragna is "as if millions of voices cried out in anguish, and were suddenly silenced."
  • CS's "Help Me! Professor Kokonoe!" segments can be seen as shout outs to the Tiger Dojo of Fate/stay night, as they're both only viewable upon attaining a bad ending, they're much more lighthearted and comedic in tone, and they both tell you how you screwed up and how you can get it right next time.
  • A Metal Gear Solid reference:
    Kokonoe: Tager? What's going on!? Report... Tageeeeer!
  • In the Japanese version of Chronophantasma, one of Kokonoe's air attacks has her doing a small flurry of punches while yelling "Atatatatata!". She also says the same thing for her Astral Heat.
  • Kokonoe does her own spin on Terry Bogard's Buster Wolf with her Assault: Broken Bunker Version 2.21 special move—complete with exploding mechanized gauntlets. While Unlimited Kokonoe has Geese Howard's Thunder Break and Sion Eltnam Atlasia's Barrel Replica for a good measure.

    Yuuki Terumi 
  • For an old school Shout-Out, Hazama/Terumi has a lot in common with Richard Wong from Psychic Force. Both lived in a Crapsack World steered to satisfy their desires (Terumi feeds on hate, Wong always seems to get the happy ends for him). They can manipulate time and highly think of themselves as in the world's most awesome person. They manipulate a 'dark, antagonistic but may be well-intentioned' group (NOL and NOA) for their own purposes... with eyes closed. They also at one point turned a good Shrinking Violet member of the good guys into psychotic evil people (Noel and Emilio). And while Hazama is on his way to screw a hot female scientist (Litchi), Wong already screwed a hot female former scientist (Chris Ryan, turned into the combat cyborg Sonia, that he canonically got killed by the second game)
  • In his true form, he looks similar to Night of Wallachia (with whom he shares a similar origin) or the Anti-Spiral (who shares his goal of inspiring despair)
  • Terumi's hoodie has already been the subject of Doctor Doom jokes.
  • Terumi has been shown to have Rugal Bernstein's Genocide Cutter as one of his Distortions.
    • Another of his Distortions, a counter super, has him perform his forward walk animation. This is taken from Freeman's counter super from Garou: Mark of the Wolves.
    • Unlimited Terumi has a DD where he slaps the opponent multiple times then kicking them away, that is a reference to Mitsuru's Myriad Arrows super from Persona 4 Arena.

    Celica A. Mercury 
  • Unlimited Celica in CPEX has new D Ds borrowed from Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Magneto's Magnetic Shockwave and Spider-Man's Maximum Spider.

    Hibiki Kohaku 
  • Hibiki is without a doubt based on Levi. They were both trained to be killers from a young age, both are Deadpan Snarkers, they have similar hairstyles, they both hold swords with a Reverse Grip (although Levi only does so for one) and they both take part in a coup against a corrupt government. In fact, Hibiki’s swords are Reverse Grip versions of the 3D Maneuver Gear’s blades, including the triggers on the hilt and the scabbards.
    • Both his fighting style and mannerisms bear a striking resemblance to Seth from Under Night In-Birth and Sho Minazuki (SHO's style, MINAZUKI's personality) from Persona 4: Arena. The way his Drive works resembles the attack style of another Kagura: Chizuru Kagura, to be exact.

    Naoto Kurogane 
  • Design-wise, Naoto resembles Yugo, more resembles to Yugo's spin-off counterpart, Fang from Bloody Roar. The fun fact is that he and Fang are originally from a spin-off book series, before debuting in the main video game counterpart. Gameplay-wise, his ability to use his own blood is similar to Carmine from Under Night In-Birth, but not counting Jedah from Dark Stalkers. Said power is also similar to the Branches of Sin from Deadman Wonderland.
    • For this franchise, he himself is an expy for Ragna.

    Non-playable Characters 
  • There is a shout-out to Star Wars in Ragna's Continuum Shift Story Mode when Jubei tells Ragna of Kagutsuchi.
    Jubei: The 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi. You will never find a more Wretched Hive of scum and villainy.
  • Izanami in Saya's overall look is possibly a reference to Himiko, an ancient Japanese shaman queen which apparently ruled in the Yayoi period. And we know somebody in this game that has Yayoi as her last name...

    General Character Shout-Outs 
  • Golden Tager's fight with Mecha-kaka in Continuum Shift contains references to the fight between Eva-01 and Zeruel.
  • Platinum's Gag Reel (a parody of the Magical Girl genre) has the following references:
  • Konoe and Celica's last names continue the Arc System Works tradition of naming characters after Freddy Mercury.
  • As of Chronophantasma, Ragna and Kagura's dynamic is eerily similar to that of Edward Elric and Roy Mustang respectively. Both parties have a very rough relationship, but eventually come to respect each other's strength. To add to it, Kagura uses a lecherous persona to cover up the fact that he wants to change the government from within to a more benevolent one, and Ragna has also lost his right arm in a childhood incident as well as being clad primarily in a red jacket. This is pretty much confirmed when in Episode 2 of Teach Me Again Ms. Litchi, Litchi accuses Kagura of wanting all female officers in the NOL to wear miniskirts if he was in charge, which is pretty much word for word of Roy's famous "Tiny-Miniskirts" line from the original series.
    • We can also add Hakumen being a reference to Alphonse Elric, being the main character's younger brother's soul in a big suit of armor that makes them taller than their big bro.
  • Rachel and Raquel’s ability Slave Red is very similar to Lelouch’s Geass. They both give the user Mind-Control Eyes that can give a person a command they must follow or make them believe what they are told. They also are limited to a single use on any one person.

    Series-wide Themes 
  • There are some shout outs to Tsukihime:
    • Arakune and the infestation of bugs can be compared to Nrvnqsr (Nero) Chaos and his chaos of 666 'black beasts'.
    • The title, main characters, and guest characters of "Teach Me, Miss Litchi!", would very well be a shout out to Tsukihime's "Teach Me Ciel-Sensei!".
      • Meat buns are mentioned often throughout the "Teach Me, Miss Litchi!". In comparison, Curry is a common food topic in "Teach Me, Ciel-Sensei!"
  • References with Fate/stay night actual plots happen a lot:
    • Fate route probably gets shouted out by... Bang, the overly idealistic 'Hero of Ikaruga', who is way too eager to follow his master's footsteps, and had a nearly impossible dream of winning Litchi's heart, same way like Shirou who is dead set to follow Kiritsugu's footsteps as a 'Hero of Justice', and never gave up loving Saber, even when she went back in time and die there. Most agree that even when Litchi joined NOL, Bang's love to her never dies out, and only time will tell if True End gets shouted out.
    • Unlimited Blade Works main shout out would come from Jin, after the discovery that he is the world's antibody and that Hakumen is his future self, resulting him losing his insanity (or traded it with a different one), similar on how Shirou starts seeing a harsher light of his ideals thanks to his future self Archer, who is the Counter Guardian of the world (similar to antibody). Hakumen himself became bound with the orders of Rachel, same way like Archer became the Servant of Rin... who has the same Japanese and English voice actresses like Rachel.
    • Heaven's Feel has elements of it running already. Tsubaki, being the lover of Jin who stays on the dark due to a jealousy with someone else (Noel) is similar to Sakura, the lover of Shirou on the route, becoming Dark Sakura as she is jealous with Rin. On the other hand, Litchi started to mirror Shirou in the case of her joining NOL to save Arakune even after knowing that they're run with bad people is the same like Shirou completely tossing his ideals aside to save Sakura; and in the same time, Litchi has become something like Rider during her tenure with Shinji, a fanservice-providing lady fighter who is deep down good, but is saddled with a cruel superior. Bang's involvement may also be seen as a reference whereas Bang is like Shirou while Litchi is like Sakura, as it is believed that Bang's Nox, Phoenix Rettenjou, is the key to save Litchi from corruption, same way as how Shirou used the Rule Breaker to separate Sakura from the Dark Grail.
  • Several characters also bear similarity to those from this game's spiritual predecessor.
    • Personality-wise, Ragna is very much like Sol. Ironically, Tomokazu Sugita voices That Man, Sol's Arch-Enemy.
      • Furthermore, take note how Tao dubs Ragna "Ii hito"/"Good Guy", thus making him an antithesis to Sol "Badguy".
      • Unlimited Ragna in CP has Sol's powered-up Volcanic Viper as one of his Distortion Drives.
    • As far as looks and position go, Jin is almost identical to Ky (though Jin also takes some design elements from Bridget). But his personality is completely different.
    • Noel is akin to Dizzy with Bridget's design, and she even spawns her own Guilty Gear counterpart in the form of Elphelt.
      • Unlimited Mu-12 in CP has moves borrowed from Dizzy, such as the Imperial Ray and Necro's Anger (renamed Kusanagi's Anger).
    • Rachel is essentially a female Slayer. In a wink from the creators, Rachel and Slayer even share one of their KO poses.
    • Arakune's backstory brings Zato-1 to mind. Gameplay-wise, he takes a lot of inspiration from Zappa.
      • One of Unlimited Arakune's Distortion Drives is a nod to Zato-1's Executor Overdrive. Another one is a direct lift of Zato-1's Dark Sentinel overdrive from the first Guilty Gear, though it functions more like the Dark Sentinel used by EX Eddie from XX onward.
    • Litchi's Anime Chinese Girl aesthetic is clearly borrowed from Jam. Story-wise, her relationship with Arakune nearly mirrors Millia Rage's relationship with Zato-1, and her siding with the NOL parallels Anji siding with That Man.
      • Unlimited Litchi in CP borrows some moves from Jam, most notably her three kick specials.
    • If Potemkin were a cyborg devil, Tager would most likely be the direct result.
    • Carl Clover fills Bridget's role as the junior bounty hunter with a mechanical companion.
    • Amane Nishiki bears Anji Mito's performance/festival design aesthetic and Bridget's tendency to cause unsettling gender reveals. He also has Zato-1's Invite Hell as one of his specials.
      • His dance troupe is made of orphans, the same way Johnny's Jellyfish Pirates is made of orphans.
    • The Murakumo Units in general take a lot of inspiration from Justice.
      • Interestingly, later the Valentine sisters take cues from the Murakumo Units themselves. Ramlethal has Lambda's color scheme and acts emotionless (most of the time), while having Nu's desire to destroy the world; her weapon (2 floating giant swords) also takes cues from MU's. Meanwhile, as stated above, Elphelt has similarities with Noel. They also come from the Backyard, probably GG's answer to the BB's Boundary. They're also clones of Aria, whom Sol tries to find and save, in the same vein of Murakumo Units being clones of Saya, whom Ragna tries to save.
    • Makoto Nanaya's fighting style, to some extent, resembles Slayer's. Her Shooting Star is also similar to Slayer's Pile Bunker. Heck, even her Planet Crusher is an extreme version of Slayer's All Dead.
      • She later gets her own expy/lookalike in form of Leo Whitefang.
    • If Justice were a Samurai, Hakumen may have been the result. Gameplay-wise, he takes a lot of inspiration from Robo-Ky.
    • Bang, being a hotheaded Highly Visible Ninja with a dead master he's sworn to avenge, could be an expy of Chipp Zanuff. C'mon, Chipp even wears a red Scarf of Asskicking sometimes! Fortunately, Bang does not share Chipp's infamously low defense.
      • Ragna, however does - in the fourth Teach Me, Ms. Litchi!!!, Ragna even complains about his low defense, and Litchi explicitly says it's "not as bad as Chipp Za-", while her thought bubble had a silhouette of Super-Deformed Chipp.
      • Unlimited Bang in CP borrows some of Chipp's moves, most notably his Zanseiroga. Even normal Bang has something similar to Zanseiroga for his new DD.
    • Considering their pink hair, grumpy personalities and revenge based motivations, Kokonoe is basically Baiken if she were a scientist and still had all her limbs. Playstyle-wise, however, her Drive Attacks borrow from Bridget's.
    • Tsubaki's playstyle bears much similarity to Order-Sol. She even asks Kokonoe to refrain from comparing her to him in her Help Me Professor Kokonoe segment.
      • Unlimited Tsubaki (and U. Izayoi) in CP borrows Millia Rage's Winger OD as one of her Distortion Drives.
    • Platinum the Trinity's general design, fighting style and precocious adoration for her mentor figure may have been inspired by May.
      • Unlimited Platinum in CP has Distortion Drives taken from Faust's falling bombs super, May's Great Yamada and Bridget's Tragedy Maintenance.
    • Yuuki Terumi/Hazama shares I-No's role as the sadistic, manipulative Troll.
    • Kagura is Johnny, both rebellious Chivalrous Perverts who sympathize with the suffering (Kagura cares more for the people than the NOL, Johnny's Jellyfish crew was made up of orphans). Funny enough, both of their voice actors are usually typecasted into villainous roles.
    • Mai Natsume of Remix Heart manga looks like Dizzy. From her big yellow ribbon, design of her shoes and being a timid Shy Blue-Haired Girl. Her hairstyle resembles more of Dizzy's alternate persona "Maiden of the Grove".
  • Aside from characters, there are plot elements and lore which bear similarity to those of Guilty Gear as well.
    • In BlazBlue, the Black Beast emerges and utterly destroys Japan, kick-starting 'The Dark War'. In Guilty Gear, Justice turns against humanity following her vaporizing most of Japan, which begins the war known as 'The Crusades'.
    • The ten Nox Nyctores are super-weapons not unlike the eight Sacred Treasures.

    Color Palettes 
Throughout all the games, the characters have alternate palettes referencing other works. They also all have Guilty Gear, Persona 4: Arena and they even exchange colors from each other.


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