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Balena Productions is a channel run by aspiring voice actor Steven Page, well known for his animated Sonic videos like Sonic in Jaws, the Sonic Zombie series, the "Sonic In Scared Stupid" Trilogy, and the Christmas With Sonic series.

Tropes that apply to the Sonic Zombie and the Christmas With Sonic series go to their own pages.

Tropes that apply to Balena Productions include:

  • April Fools' Day: Has done this annually:
    • 2011: Starts out like it's his (at the time) long awaited Sonic in Jurassic Park video, until it goes to static and switches to a looping recreation of Colin's Bear Animation.
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    • 2012: Starts out as a sneak-peek to Sonic in Jaws 2, but as the Shark jumps out of the water it starts singing "Let's Make Music Together" from All Dogs Go To Heaven.
    • 2013: Like 2011, it looks like it's Sonic in Jurassic Park, but it turns out that he just green-screened Sonic into footage shot by him at Universal Studios Hollywood, and the video ends as soon as it began.
    • 2014: He announced a new format for his Sonic In Jurassic Park video, beyond what even Source Filmmaker could do: TOYS!
    • 2015: The original idea for this joke was a parody of the Sonic Boom show, but Steve felt that his viewers had already gotten that he wasn't a fan of the show, and didn't want to beat a dead horse. Instead, he decided to do a Take That! toward Minecraft Let's Players.
    • 2016: He makes a Sonic movie trailer parodying "Crossfiction" which cracks plenty of Take Thats at character shipping and crossfics.
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    • 2017: Makes a video about Robotnik as a dad called Dadbotnik very similar to his friend's video, although much more crazy.
  • Art Shift: The Christmas with Sonic videos, which instead of being animated in either Garry's Mod or Source Filmmaker, are done in a sketchy storyboard style drawn by his girlfriend.
  • Author Appeal:
  • How the Character Stole Christmas: Sonic's story in Another Christmas With Sonic is a reference to How the Grinch Stole Christmas!.
  • Let's Play: Before creating the Pixel Brains channel with his friend Ron, he did one for Jurassic Park: Trespasser on his own. Much screaming ensued. (His screaming can get pretty loud, so turn down the volume if you're sensitive to loud noises)
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  • Running Gag: During the review of Jurassic Park III in his Jurassic Park Trilogy Retrospective, he makes fun of the filmmakers turning Spinosaurus into a unstoppable villain with the joke "Duck Love... *quack*", complete with the head of Spinosaurus on a wall mount with a photoshopped duck bill.
  • Shout-Out: During The Sonic Scrambled Channel, a brief clip from Back to the Future: The Ride is shown.
  • Take That!:
    • His two videos about Frozen, both of which involve Anna and Elsa getting eaten by dinosaurs from Jurassic Park.
    • So you want to make a Gmod video!, which makes fun of things he doesn't like in most videos made using Garry's Mod, such as only using the default gm_construct map, poorly posed characters, overly-long introductions, etc. This also extends to other parts of the Machinima community, best exemplified by this line:
    Narrator: Someday, you might be able to sell your soul to Machinima, only for your creation to be buried under ten Minecraft commentaries, four trailers, and five unfunny flash cartoons!
  • Villain Sueinvoked: Complains about Spinosaurus being turned into this in his Jurassic Park III review.


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