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Bald Woman wick check. Split between "Correct" (A woman's baldness highlights her masculinity or prowess) and "ZCE/Just a woman who is bald".


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    Examples with context beyond "bald women" (8/50, 16%) 
  • TabletopGame.Gods Of The Fall: Workers in the Iron City mint answer to Artemissa, a bald woman. Not very context-heavy, but this woman does have authority, so it seems valid.
  • Podcast.Aquisitions Incorporated: Auspicia Dran is so focused on business, she "doesn't have time for hair". Again, lacks context, but seems like it could be valid.
  • Manga.Yakitate Japan: "In manga only, Tsukino Azusagawa, after becoming head of the company shaves her head. It's not noticed until her wig falls off..." I think this is more of an example of Important Haircut.
  • Literature.Book Of Isaiah: In Isaiah chapter 3, God says He will curse the beautiful women of Israel with baldness instead of well-set hair, striking the crowns of their heads with a scab and making their foreheads bare, because of their evil doings. This does have context but I think it fits better on another trope.
  • Film.The Dark Knight Rises: It's used as a red herring to make the audience think they're seeing Bane's flashbacks when they're really Talia's.
  • Pantheon.Love Other: Listed in the profile of Imperator Furiosa, with the other tropes in her portfolio indicating "badass".
  • Music.Mechina: One of the protagonists, and main heroine, Alithea, is bald as a Titanborn. She does however have short hair in the artwork for the single version of Vanquisher. Enyo, her twin, is also bald.
  • Pantheon.Female Appearances: Jack is listed as the Godess of Bald Women: her portfolio indicates "badass".

    ZCE/"woman is bald" (42/50, 84%) 

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